Antique (2008) Movie Script

I have to
tell you something.
I like you.
I just had to tell you...
I knoW...
All the girls Want you,
and you don't like guys.
But I Wanted to tell you
before graduation.
That's all.
I just had to get it out,
so don't mind me.
I'll go.
MIN Sun-Woo.
Stop right there.
Come on.
Is that really all?
You're satisfied With that?
You Want to sleep With me,
don't you?
You jerk off
thinking about me, right?
What? No, I never...
You can tell me.
- It's okay.
- Jin-hyuk...
Aren't you upset?
Fuck yeah, I'm upset.
So fuck off and die
before I puke on your face,
goddamn faggot!
Can anyone be unhappy
While eating cake?
We have all craved for cake
in our happiest moments.
Like instinct.
Why is this so?
Hello, everyone.
I am Jean-Baptiste Evan.
We will conclude today
with the delicate Gateau au Opera.
People often turn away from it
because of its ingredients.
Chocolate, butter,
whipped cream...
Fattening, yes,
but a small price
to pay for pleasure.
A fragrant coconut flavor,
rich ganache,
all mixed with the savory
taste of almond powder.
The perfect harmony of flavors is
just like a great opera.
Leave me alone!
Or perhaps quite like the
bitter sweetness of life.
Why don't you help yourself
to a bite of life?
But be careful.
Once you're hooked,
all of your senses,
and even your soul
will never be able to forget
that rich taste of perfection.
It is a curious addiction.
You will go to the end of the world
in search of those flavors.
They are no longer mere flavors,
but more a lingering voice
forever engraved in your mind.
Do you still
wish to try a slice?
You should come home more often.
You're all smiles, Mother.
- No place like home, Son.
- Right.
Come back and
I'll cook you a feast.
I quit Work yesterday.
- What?
- What?
But you Were doing fine...
That's good, then.
You can Work for your father.
I think I'll open a cake shop.
But you hate sWeets.
All the customers are Women.
Oh my goodness.
Should I chip in a little?
- He'll need technicians first.
- It's all right, Dad.
I'll take care of it all.
What's a culinary researcher for?
Just leave it to me.
- HoW convenient.
- Yes, Mom.
Excuse me.
Nice to meet you.
I'm MIN Sun-Woo.
Oh, right.
You have quite a resume.
It's nothing.
No need to even mention Paris.
Wien, Cookie Mori, Garu...
You've gone through
all of the top shops in Korea.
People call you
a legend in this field.
That's a bit of a stretch.
I just ended up
going through a feW shops.
I can see that.
Fired Within a year
at each, right?
Oh. Yes...
There Was a braWI
betWeen the Wien employees,
because of you.
A suicide attempt at
Cookie Mori, because of you.
The Wife at Garu
ran around With a knife
because the oWner cheated.
With you.
But you don't need to
Worry about that.
It'll just be
you and me for noW.
Actually, that's
What Worries me...
I Was so startled
When I saW you.
Because you're so my type.
Was this hoW you did it?
ThroWing yourself
at anyone you see?
ThroW myself?
I've never made a move
on anyone at Work.
They all just suddenly
became infatuated With me.
It's not up to them
Whether they like me or not.
All right, don't laugh.
I'm a Gay of Demonic Charm.
I'm serious.
A Gay of Demonic Charm?
With that dumb look
on your face?
Thanks for the laugh.
- Never mind, then.
- No, Wait.
Hey, Wait a second.
Hang on.
Hey, Wait.
It was probably
his graduation day.
He walked in here
in that uniform.
It was lust at first sight.
I swear.
He was dripping with pheromones.
He and some hot kid
hooked up and ran to a hotel.
Sun-Woo Was a virgin,
but that kid Was so into him,
he cried his heart out
for three years.
Since then, if Sun-Woo
so much as smiled at a guy,
then gay or normal,
they Were all on their knees
like a bunch of cult folloWers.
The gay of demonic charm!
The legend of MIN Sun-Woo!
You feel it, right?
Guys like him
are meant to be shared.
So have fun, but you better
let him go afterwards.
Master, this guy isn't...
He'll be on his knees soon.
I mean, Who hasn't?
Except for your dumb
high school crush.
There Was this guy I liked,
but he turned me doWn.
What did he say?
That he Was disgusted,
or "go fuck yourself"?
I can't really remember,
but I Was completely devastated.
I actually decided to kill myself.
So I came here to at least
get Wasted before I die.
Here's to that bastard.
Are you leaving?
Take care, then.
You can start next Week.
We open from
12 P.M. To 2 A.M.
Go back in and
enjoy your last free night.
This shirt maxed out
my credit card.
It's my dream to buy
Prada pants With hard cash.
So I really Want to
make this Work.
So let's not make this
harder for ourselves.
Let's just do it.
It's bound to happen.
Fuck off and die
before I barf, goddamn faggot!
That's What I said.
Don't you remember?
I'm the only dumbass
that turned you doWn.
Class 3-1,
KIM Jin-hyuk!
You're that
KIM Jin-hyuk?
The one that
told you to fuck off and die.
I didn't knoW.
I Would've never guessed.
Look at you.
God, you look so old noW.
Cut it out!
You Won't get anywhere With me.
Hey, that's perfect.
NoW there's no Worry
of getting fired.
You'll never fall for me.
Aren't you upset?
Your neW boss called you
"a goddamn faggot".
I told you,
I'm actually grateful.
If it Weren't for you,
I Wouldn't be living so freely.
I'll make sure your shop
is craWling With customers.
I guess so.
You're a legendary master, after all.
- Yup.
- All right. Let's do it.
You can let go noW.
Strange. Why doesn't it
Work on you?
This is supposed to Work.
Now Hiring:
Male Employees
- Get the hell out!
- Sun-Woo Sun-Woo, please
Get out!
Stay out of this, asshole.
- I said, get out!
- Don't get in the Way of love.
What! Hey!
- What, you stupid mustache!
- You little...
- Damn it.
- I love you, Sun-Woo!
I can't take this anymore.
Women don't scare you.
You just Want fresh meat.
What do We do?
Not that it's my fault.
Then Who's fault is this?
You get scared and
uncomfortable around Women!
I sacrificed my plans
and hired only male employees.
NoW none of them are left.
I told you,
it's out of my control.
Them falling for me,
or my fear of Women.
You expect me to
buy that bullshit?
See, how cute
and sexy is that?
I'm gonna hire
the perfect girl.
Pretty. Polite. Sexy.
All for me.
I told you
I can't work with women.
# I don't believe
those words of yours.
# Not in a million years.
I can't possibly work, because
I get terrified in a room with a woman.
Hey, I'm the boss here.
Just get used to it.
I said, don't touch me!
That's it.
That's hoW scared I get.
So keep the hot guys coming.
No Women.
Master's wishes.
A master's wishes.
These are a master's wishes.
HoW are Women scary?
I'm scared I Won't find any.
With each new recipe Sun-woo made,
another guy came and left the shop.
Meanwhile, I was stuck
in a vicious cycle.
HoW long do I
have to do this alone?
Why did I even hire him?
Why does an oWner
have to do all this crap?
It's filled With your
rage, anger and all my love.
ScreW you.
What is this?
Charlotte aux Poires.
Charlo... What?
Western pear mousse cake.
Try it.
HoW is it?
Try the other one.
It's a cake.
Isn't that all it needs?
That's harsh.
I like my meat and booze.
HoW should I knoW
about this girly shit?
But you oWn the place.
You're the big shot patissier.
If you like it, then
What else do We need?
Hang on.
It's really just sWeet?
Can anyone be unhappy
while eating cake?
Of course.
Goddamn it.
Smile. Just smile.
It looks so good!
God, I'm so freaking hungry.
Stop stuffing your fucking face.
Your shirt's gonna pop.
I don't see anyone.
Should We steal it?
Hey Mister,
What's the best one here?
Call me Jin-hyuk
and I'll tell you.
What's the best
one here, Jin-hyuk?
All of them, of course.
The red one
and that black one...
Mister, I'll take them all.
- All of them?
- Yes!
- You said they're all yummy.
- Not me. I'll get fat.
Lend me some cash.
- Have a nice day.
- Jin-hyuk! Mister!
Hey, I'll give you
a discount!
Tarte au Chocolat,
Mille-feuille aux Fraises,
Onctueuse Jivara Lactee.
One of each.
HoW do you
even say these...
Bottom roW,
third from right!
Yes, sir.
Have a nice day.
What kind of
business is this?
HoW could you
let this happen?
I specifically told you!
He's allergic to alcohol,
so no alcohol!
You see this?
Look at this!
My Goodness!
What're you gonna do
if they leave scars?
I'm sorry ma'am.
I'm so sorry.
Keep this up
and you'll kill someone!
I'm sorry.
I don't knoW What to say.
So hurry up.
I said, tWo.
- Yes, ma'am.
- The big ones.
I'm sorry ma'am!
Please come again.
Our patissier is
a legendary master from Paris...
Since When did
cakes have alcohol?
We both Work
because We have to,
but business is business.
Put some effort into it.
We'll lose all our customers.
What more do you Want?
I'm doing my best here.
Who's fault is it that I'm selling
cake here by myself?
Really, I'm sorry about that.
I mean it.
I don't care
about the hours,
but feed me on time.
Separate breaks, meals,
and all leftover cakes are mine.
You pay me late
I'll call the cops.
Fuck this shit.
This is part of the intervieW.
You'll thank me one day.
You feel anything?
You passed!
Shift is from 12 P.M. To 2 A.M.
I close up shop.
Clean the restrooms, hall,
and outside in that order,
and never go in the kitchen.
Then I don't get any cake?
Listen up.
This is our head patissier,
and he's a homo.
Yeah, and?
Don't mistake him
for just any old homo.
He's the gay of demonic charm!
He'll suck the life out of you
and throW you aWay once he's done.
He's one sick kid,
you got that?
He could have you
like a piece of cake.
I Warned you, so don't.
I'm sick of it.
You're being
a bit harsh.
I got him male employees
because he doesn't like Women.
Six months,
and look around!
Every single one fell
for this idiot...
But they Were so cute.
It's a cake shop.
You Want sWeaty old men instead?
Shut up!
ScreW this.
What the hell?
Male or female, I'm hiring
the next thing that Walks in.
What the heck is this?
Please let a pretty boy Walk in...
He took me for some chump.
- What!
- I'll do it.
Get lost, asshole.
I quit drinking,
but it's good inside cake.
Hey, stop eating!
Do you realize
hoW much that costs?
Sir! Take me
under your Wings!
Why not?
Thank you, sir!
- What the...
- I promise to Work hard!
Who said you can
take him in?
Shut up, old man.
You little...
Quit yakking.
I Won't hire a little hard ass.
What give you
the right, old fart?
Without Master,
you'd be out of business.
Am I Wrong?
Hey, Jin-hyuk.
I don't think
it Will be that bad. Please?
- Is that okay?
- Yeah. Sure.
Ever baked cake before?
No, I haven't...
A master's Wishes.
HoW the heck did he...?
No, he's the master.
Listen to his Wishes.
- That's hot!
- It's not good for you.
See you
next Week, Mister!
Dumb ass.
- Hey, stop right there!
- See you!
Next Week,
you're a dead man!
Damn it.
That little tWerp...
You should
start studying, boss.
So We can all
bake pretty little cakes?
At least learn the names.
Just think What
he's gonna say to you,
if you can't even
remember the names.
Bring it on!
Forget about
sleeping this Week!
Almost all cakes
use this kind of flour.
It clumps together nicely.
We'll start With
the basic Whipped-cream.
Try to Work the dough sloWly
so that you don't get bubbles.
Open it.
Mine is fine.
- It's taking too long.
- You'll break it.
- You can't smear it like that.
- I'm the boss here.
After the icing,
all that's left is the decoration.
You have to try it.
In order to knoW cake,
you have to live it.
# One slice of mousse
will wash those tears away.
# It can even heal all your scars.
No need for thanks.
Yeah, I can see that.
It's a freaking attic.
# Sorbet can put out
that fire in your heart.
# A feast of cake
for all your desires.
Pick out the one
Without alcohol.
Choux Parisienne, Salambo,
Creme Brulee,
Chocolate Chiffon,
Mille-feuille aux Fraises.
Let's stop.
I'm getting sick.
- Excuse me!
- Yes?
- Oh my! Antique tableWare!
- Yes, ma'am.
This Bavarian glass alone
is Worth a thousand dollars.
I Would never
put it out for customers.
At Antique, We do.
Orange jelly mousse
With cream cheese,
orange flambe,
and a scent of grand marnier.
It's heavenly!
Lemon creme tart
made With lemon juice
and creme anglaise
inside a delicious crust.
Our special
sWeet potato Mont-Blanc
made With red
sWeet potato paste,
and a biscuit
glazed With lavender syrup.
Raspberry mousse cake
With layers of jelly.
# The sweet aroma will entice you.
# A mysterious recipe lies within.
# A cake paradise
for your taste buds.
# You can't believe
everything they say.
# You can't believe
everything you hear.
Celebrate your joys With cake!
Cake Will make your
happiest moments even better.
# You can't express
everything you feel.
- Today's special is Framboise...
- One Pistachio L'apricot rare cheese cake.
Yes, sir.
# A mysterious customer
and a mysterious man.
A classic case of
long-term kidnapping.
The young boy returned
alive within two months,
But he had no memory
of what he experienced.
I'm home.
The head of investigations
stepped down from his position,
and the case
was left unsolved.
Look at What I picked up.
The criminal is still
out there running free,
searching for his next...
There's a neW
cake shop nearby.
They're pretty good.
Open the door!
You're dead.
You sick bastard!
Why are you taking pictures?
- Why are you taking me?
- Gi-beom, What are you doing?
That bastard Was
taking pictures of the shop.
I knoW him.
Step outside, sir.
Come out, noW!
Hey, calm doWn!
You bastard!
You're dead noW!
You knoW hoW much
that car is, idiot?
- They'll lock you up.
- It's nothing you can't pay for.
Sir, do you knoW
this gentleman?
- No, I don't.
- Master!
That dimWit
is your housekeeper?
Not him.
His mother.
She ran from her
abusive husband,
so my mother
took her in.
This is Su-young.
But she soon
passed aWay,
- so We just greW up together.
- Nice to meet you, Master.
Nice to meet you, Master.
That's Why he calls you master
and Works for your family.
Touching story.
He just picked
that up from his mother.
Then he's like a bodyguard.
As if!
He's not?
He's my responsibility noW.
There goes enjoying single life.
- Every single time.
- You're taking him in?
So you rejected me
because you Were
already dating him...
Not everyone is gay.
- Why is a thug standing here?
- What noW?
Please come again!
- Go aWay!
- He must be nice, though.
HoW else could he stay
With that mean old man?
He must knoW everything.
What Jin-hyuk likes and dislikes.
Even the color of his boxers.
- Master Jin-hyuk.
- Goddamn it.
HoW many times
did I say to knock?
Soup, egg rolls,
and cucumber salad.
It's already tWelve?
I have to face that
sick cake pervert.
I should just pay you in cake.
Save myself some money.
Is hunger your
family trait or something?
I Wouldn't knoW.
I'm an orphan.
And this is a crucial part of
the Whole learning process.
Right. I see.
It's not like
you're gonna eat them.
Why open a cake shop
if you hate it so much?
He's right.
I Was surprised, too.
Like you Were
any different?
I folloWed
a boyfriend to Paris.
It just happened.
NoW it's about the money.
This is your
so-called master, you vermin.
I think it's honest.
What's your story?
Why did I open a cake shop?
There's someone
I have to meet...
All the customers are Women.
Just a minute!
He's the cake pervert.
There's something
professional about him.
He's quite impressive.
He picked out all of
your neW recipes.
That's just the basics.
He's choosing them
according to Weather and season.
HoW is it, sir?
Thank you.
Come again.
Did you see
that smile of his?
I think he's attractive.
Gives me the creeps.
That lifeless cake pervert
alWays spoils the day.
Should I just sell this place?
Molly Sue!
A cake shop?
Let's just get some Chinese.
Hurry up.
Welcome to Antique.
Honey, can't you
quit boxing noW?
- No, I can't.
- Why not?
After I Win a young
champion title...
Who's young?
You tried hard, so stop...
Quit nagging me.
Then I'm erasing the baby.
Is it mine?
Son of a...
That's hot!
You Want it cold, then?
Freaking idiot.
Come again, ma'am.
Hey, you!
Why are you here?
YANG Gi-beom, the youngest
Asian lightWeight champion!
It's you!
Fancy seeing you here.
What a day!
I even joined
your fanclub.
The "legendary boxer".
The "idol of the ring".
And "cold-hearted pretty boy"?
Does pretty boy
beat people to a pulp? Huh?
What the hell?
- Which tabloid sent you?
- Tabloid?
You're a superstar,
is that it?
You're gonna brush me off?
Don't you remember me?
I Was sick, so you Won
the rookie championship finals.
I remember.
The chump.
Fainted in
a minute and 45 seconds.
Don't bullshit, asshole!
It Was 48!
It's not like you
saW the clock, old man.
Funny hoW life turns out, eh?
You defeated me
and ruled the World,
and noW, you sell
pretty little cakes?
You little...
Hey! Can you see?
I heard you're
going blind.
Is this some
rehabilitation program?
He was an amazing boxer.
A genius.
I didn't even
get upset when I lost.
He Was that good.
He Was the reason
I kept boxing...
He didn't mean it.
He Was just embarrassed.
He Wasn't even Worth
the 45 seconds...
Why didn't you just
tear the Whole place doWn?
Master's Wishes or not,
I Would've never hired a boxer.
What kind of idiot plays such a
pathetic sport these days?
Look at that.
You can see fine.
Yeah, I can.
As long as I don't fight.
- If not?
- Well, then...
Like he said, I'd be
stuck in some rehabilitation center.
Like you said,
you're fine.
Just consider this as
a light Workout.
Come on.
Boxing and+ruining your health,
or getting to eat all our cake...
What's better?
Good job.
Eat up.
What's the catch?
They confirmed it.
Retina detachment.
They did, huh?
It's not the end of your life.
You'll be fine
if you don't fight.
You can have a normal life.
Is that a life?
You must be hungry.
Hey, fire!
- Try this.
- I said, it's on fire!
Call 911!
NAM Su-young!
What's Wrong With you?
Just leave it!
What now?
He's driving me crazy.
I'm really sorry,
but can't you
just teach him something?
I can't leave him
out of my sight.
- OW!
- Why not?
Might as Well
put him through special training.
- Yeah? Thanks, man.
- Sure.
I thought you Were shy.
The sunglasses and all.
My eyes are Weak.
It's too bright Without them.
Since it's nighttime,
can't you take them off?
They're such a light color.
You're cute.
- Fuck!
- Fill me up!
Help me!
Forget it all.
God, it's like
the old days again...
I'm here.
Holy shit!
Drink this.
- Hey!
- It's my pleasure.
Hot chocolate?
I'm sWeating my ass off here!
And I don't like this anymore!
I'm not a child, damn it.
You're cute.
Don't mistake him for
just any old homo!
He's the gay of demonic charm!
He'll have his Way With you,
suck the life out of you,
and then throW you aWay.
He's one sick bastar...
You got it?
He could have a naive idiot like you
like a piece of cake.
I Warned you,
so stay aWay from him.
You hear me?
He's really something.
You crazy fuck.
Listen to me!
He's really good, huh?
Hot guys like him
should be shared.
So have fun, but you better
back off When your fun is over.
Su-young, let's have
just one more drink.
I Would, but
I think I should go.
Is something Wrong?
Master's nightmares are back.
I need to hurry back to him.
Master Jin-hyuk...
He's scared of
being alone at night.
You should go, then.
- I'm a bit drunk.
- Have a seat, Sun-Woo.
Are you okay?
Sun-Woo, are you okay?
- Hey, your eyes!
- Su-young.
Master, Why do you have...
What noW?
- Get aWay!
- I'm so sorry.
- Jin-hyuk...
- Back off!
Maybe Su-young
should serve.
- What?
- What?
- I'll go out of business.
- MIN Sun-Woo.
MIN Sun-Woo!
Who the fuck is
screaming Master's name?
Take care of it outside.
I heard you Went to
a hotel With some guy.
Let's talk outside.
Club master told me everything.
Don't lie to me.
Who is it?
Some tall, handsome guy
in a black suit and sunglasses...
- It's him.
- No...
- Cheating on me?
- No, I Wasn't...
We just had a feW drinks.
Nothing else happened.
Come on.
Nothing happened.
Right, Su-young?
Yes, We didn't kiss
or have sex...
Oh my god...
I'm so sorry, Sun-Woo.
I took advantage of...
I couldn't help...
I never do this.
I almost ki...
- Kissed...
- No, it's all right.
I knoW you and Jin-hyuk...
I'll stay aWay.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Su-young!
I'm sorry.
Not for slapping you.
For What I said horribly
on graduation day.
So go apologize to him.
What you just did
Wasn't fair.
You can hit me
all you Want,
but seriously,
nothing happened.
Let's go.
Are you nuts?
Let go!
Clean this up
and get ready to open.
Are you okay, honey?
Nothing happened.
Get lost!
Are you gonna
apologize or not?
Master Jin-hyuk!
- Jin-hyuk. We're here.
- Mom! Grandma!
- WoW. Beautiful.
- Impressive.
What happened?
He just messed up.
ShoW the customer out.
Why didn't you stop by sooner?
What's going on, Son?
This Way, ladies.
Grandma, this is
our Mont Blanc.
A cheWy morsel betWeen
ginger mousse and Whipped cream.
- You like rice cakes, right?
- Of course.
This is Parisian rice cake.
And this is found
only at our shop.
Coconut juice Bavarois
With raspberry puree.
It's just so pretty that it
reminds me of you, Grandma.
Oh my, my little grandson!
Such a sWeetie pie.
I'm sure you all knoW
hoW easy-going Jin-hyuk is.
He's a good kid.
An innocent bookWorm.
I'm rooting for all of you.
And this is for Mother,
the greatest chef.
What's With the act?
They're your family, man.
Just keep on yapping.
I have my reasons, kid.
Rich kids are tWisted,
but you take the cake.
HoW do you
sleep at night?
I don't Want them Worrying
about me, that's all.
Go take this to them.
Yeah, let's hurry and
finish this play.
He seems the same, right?
Of course.
I told you not to Worry.
Even as a child, he's never
made us Worry about him.
That's What troubles me more.
What, noW...
I think he's trying
too hard since then...
Here's your cake!
Enjoy. You too.
Yes, sir!
- Delice aux Framboises.
- Pardon?
- Delice aux Framboises.
- Delice...
- Jin-hyuk!
- Yes?
Why is that man here?
He's a regular here.
Do you knoW him?
No, hold on.
You come With me.
What's Wrong?
Go Where?
- Mom, I can't leave...
- Just come With me.
You're Min-jun's mother!
Don't call Jin-hyuk that!
What gives you the right?
- Hurry, Jin-hyuk.
- Let's go!
- I said, hurry.
- Just come!
- But, Grandma!
- Come!
Come on, Jin-hyuk!
The name that shook the country
in a kidnapping case.
The police is concerntrating on
looking for the suspect.
After 60 days...
All people are waiting
for Min-jun...
The kidnapper didn't
ask for a ransom.
He never tried
to contact them.
I think his ambulance
has just arrived.
Did you see
the culprit's face?
Everyone assumed
I was dead,
but I came home
within two months.
Having forgotten everything.
I can't imagine What
the heck he did to my son...
Even after being
relieved of his position,
he kept coming back
to finish his job.
Mrs. KIM!
The man I thought
I would never see again
is now standing before me.
I'm truly sorry.
In the end,
I couldn't catch him.
I Wasn't of
much help, either.
SomehoW I need to
make it up to you.
You don't have to.
The kidnapper got aWay,
but the child
came back alive,
and 20 years later,
he's doing just fine.
Isn't that
more than enough?
So don't stop coming
because of this.
TWenty-five dollars, sir.
So you're that kid
that got kidnapped!
Stop it.
You, get back to
staring at Master.
Sorry, sir...
It's all right.
You knoW noW.
I thought you
deserved it at first.
I had to give up
the one thing I did Well.
Goddamn story of my life.
But you have it all.
At least,
I thought so...
Even the perfect old man
has troubles too.
I'm dozing off, here.
What kind of apology
takes so long?
So What I said before...
The Whole family thing,
I feel sort of bad about it...
Forget it.
After the incident,
I couldn't take all the pity.
I changed my name, moved,
and it Was hell.
Everyone still gets Worried,
putting a so-called
"bodyguard" on me.
So If I ever mess up,
they'll blame
themselves for it and so on.
My point is,
Work hard
and hike up the sales.
Let's shoW them
that I'm doing fine!
Eh, genius?
Got it?
But seriously, you don't
remember anything?
Stop it, please!
Shut up, four eyes!
except for one thing.
He Was obsessed With cake.
He fed me cake
every single day.
I think I Was turning ten...
Hurry and bloW it out!
- Happy birthday!
- Congrats, Jin-hyuk!
- WoW. Thank you, Mom!
- Happy birthday!
SloW doWn, honey.
No, it's okay.
In less than a month,
he even asked for a party.
I found out then
what had happened to me.
For such a smart child
to say that he forgot it all...
That monster did
something to him.
Something that Will
haunt him forever.
That day, I opened
my secret drawer.
are you okay?
What's going on?
Open the door,
Open the door,
I'm okay, Mom.
I'm coming.
Jin-hyuk, What's Wrong
With your voice?
Open it, Jin-hyuk!
I hid it all inside the drawer
and closed it shut.
I thought I could live life
as if it never happened.
As if nothing happened...
I'll do my best, again.
Let's get it right this time.
Are you kidding?
Don't touch
a single thing!
Let's get ready to open.
Could you first move that?
I told you
not to touch!
Don't overestimate yourself!
I'm sorry,
I'm so useless...
No, it's okay.
Jin-hyuk Will get it.
- It's not okay!
- It's not okay!
You guys just connected!
- Master!
- Are you nuts?
They're so pretty!
There's even Sorry cake!
TWo small pieces...
Actually, five...
Three big...
- Everything, please.
- Right aWay.
- That's too much!
- I'll eat it every day.
- This Way, sir.
- What are you, a giant?
- That's 320 dollars.
- 320 dollars?
How much would secrets weigh?
After saying the words
I held in for two decades,
the atmosphere at Antique
seemed much lighter.
Gather around, kids!
Get in line!
Step back! Back off!
Don't touch my privates!
Get aWay!
Look here, Master!
I said,
stop touching!
Stop taking pictures!
Stand still, squirt!
One, tWo, three!
A Handsome Santa's Special
Christmas Eve Delivery Service!
Thank you. Bye...
One Buche de Noel.
Your name?
- Where's ours?
- One moment, sir.
Help me!
Which one do I put doWn?
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
Shut up.
It's been three months and still!
- Reservations!
- Yes, ma'am.
- The 24th.
- 24th.
- The size?
- Not these.
- Huh? Cro...
- If you can't, then...
We can do it.
You sure?
Of course.
We'll make your Christmas special
With a great Croissant Bouche.
It's nothing.
Syrup Wrapped around choux.
Yup, it's easy.
But the syrup breaks quickly,
so you'll have to do it there.
- Me?
- Yup.
Serves you right for
bringing in these deliveries.
Orders are flooding in,
so at least do that right.
Not again!
This is all coming
from your paycheck.
I told you!
What about you?
Bring it on!
Again, but sloWly.
You can't control
the temperature...
- Here, eggs.
- It's sticky.
Control your left hand's strength.
You think he's
actually excited about this?
Don't knoW.
Another day,
another customer!
I used to laugh at
his fake act...
It's Worth more than
your paycheck.
NoW, I feel sorry for him.
Be good, boys!
Drive safe!
- See you later!
- Don't Worry. I'm a pro.
Drive safe, Master!
Be careful!
I always wanted to be
like a superhero,
so that I could instantly
transform and be stronger.
Merry Christmas!
Sometimes I'm
evil Santa Claus...
Merry Christmas!
Say something.
He's embarrassed.
Or an embarrassed
Santa Claus...
Cake delivery!
Is anyone home?
"Merry Christmas, From Antique"
A heartbroken Santa Claus...
I'll take these.
- ShoW the customers in.
- Okay.
They're pretty boys.
Pretty boys.
- Did you see?
- He's so cute.
Merry Christmas!
Baby, come back to Papa.
- Delivery!
- What the...?
Hey, nice.
It's a hard knock life!
Merry Christmas!
- Welcome, Welcome.
- It's the neW guy!
Merry Christmas!
With each transformation,
I become a different "me".
Just for that moment,
I'm happy.
Pick it up!
Don't shake it here!
Be nice, Su-young.
Merry Christmas.
I made it from scratch,
so it's not great.
It's fantastic, Master.
Four guys sitting around
on Christmas...
Wonderful, huh?
I'm scared someone Will see.
BloW them out.
Okay, one, tWo...
NAM Su-young!
Count, damn it!
Come on,
it's Christmas.
The young boy's body
recently discovered in a pile of trash
has been confirmed as
nine-year-old, LEE Jae-seung.
Three months after disappearing,
he has returned lifeless.
Both parents quit theirjobs
and searched through the country...
Any minute noW.
The National Forensics Center
stated LEE's time of death as...
A week ago, the 17th.
Hi, Mom!
I loved that straWberry cake.
I thought maybe, he would be
among one of these...
And then, our a year passed
and Spring was near.
Come again!
Thank you,
come again!
And you're back!
What can I get
for you today?
Is this
MIN Sun-woo's shop?
MIN Sun-woo's shop...
Never mind.
Broken tape...
- Admit it!
- What?
- This is not a proper shop.
- I'm sorry.
This is my shop.
What do you want?
Is this how you
treat customers?
- Sun-woo.
- What are you doing here?
Get a fucking room.
What is he,
the Korean representative homo?
You haven't changed.
Are these the hands
that made such savory cakes?
Could I try your
apple pie,
and chocolate eclair?
Oui, Chef.
Not bad.
Oh, I'm so happy.
That's the face
I came to see.
You two get
any closer than that,
I'll kill you both.
Is he being jealous?
Your new boyfriend?
Don't even.
He's my boss.
I know.
Don't be so sure.
You're using your power to keep Sun-woo,
but force will not last long.
No one is forcing him.
- Go. Get lost.
- Jin-hyuk, please.
- Fuck off, asshole.
- Fuck off?
- You little...
- Hold on. Stop.
This puny kid is
why you're in Korea?
What the hell
are they saying?
Oh! They're speaking
a different language!
Goddamn idiot.
Go call the police!
The nerve of coming in here...
He's just here for
some stupid hotel fair.
Jeez, look at all the aWards.
Son of Guillaume Evan,
top three patissiers of the 1970's.
- Received title of "Master"...
- Master, my ass.
- "Emperor of French pastry"...
- Yeah. Right.
It's true.
He really is a genius.
I'll probably
never compare to him.
Then What you said before...
Going to Paris after some guy.
Is that him?
That's someone else.
I see.
He Was the next?
Let's see, Jean...
I met Jean...
Hey, stop.
I'm sick of
all your Paris talk.
These two met,
had sex within 15 minutes,
and spent the rest of
their time fighting.
You know, like those strange
and boring French flicks.
It just ended like that.
I thought that was how
their movie had ended.
I had no idea they were
planning a sequel.
You know,
I thought a lot
about the things
that happened with us.
You are forgiving me, right?
Of course not.
It was my mistake.
I was devastated
after you left.
You know,
I regretted it so.
And I began to
work hard again.
Thanks to your recipe,
the shop is more famous!
So much,
that the Ritz wants to
open a shop in my name.
No, wait.
You always warned me,
"success is no excuse
for hasty expansion".
So I was
going to decline,
but I remembered.
There's one person
in this world
that can flawlessly
recreate my pastries.
He basically recruited me.
HoW much is the offer?
The Paris Ritz, so maybe
2 or 3 hundred grand?
Why didn't you give him
a bonus ahead of time?
It's a small cake shop
against a three-star hotel, idiot.
Three stars for What?
Never mind.
Are you serious about it?
I can't decide.
It's enough to buy Prada
pants and even sandals.
- You're kidding me.
- Master!
You can't go, please?
I still have
so much to learn!
He has to go.
Shut up!
I mean,
just look at us!
Is this the best
you can do, old man?
Hey, this is great for the skin!
- Idiot.
- Please, don't go.
I'll save up and buy you Prada.
Stop it, guys.
We don't have
a say in this.
This is his
choice to make.
For a second, I did think
that I should let him go.
Mom, hoW much is left
in my account?
Yeah, money I can
spend right noW.
That's it?
HoW come...
No, We're doing so Well,
I thought I might expand...
HoW's Dad's company?
I heard the economy
is great these...
Oh, a recession?
And Grandma?
Her assets are fine?
But she's quite healthy still...
It's nothing.
I'll call you back!
HoW is it?
What about this?
I bought out
all the top cake shops.
Let's just try to
pick someone.
Funny aftertaste.
Need to Wash it out
With our cakes...
Come on,
help me out here!
Are the homo's cakes
that good?
Boss, this is hoW I got
kicked out of the gym.
I Wake up, my gloves are gone.
Next day, it's the jump rope.
In the end,
even my spoon Was gone.
That's What you're
doing to him!
Instead of trying to
keep him here,
you go out and stick
a knife in his back?
Get your head straight!
- Come on, kid.
- Do you even Want him to stay?
Don't bring me
these amateur cakes.
Pay him or sleep With him.
Do Whatever it takes!
Shit, that's hot!
- Are you okay?
- They're all ruined.
I'm really sorry, Master.
Be careful.
What are these cakes?
I'll go throW them out.
Did Jin-hyuk get them?
You haven't been
back for ages!
Three days, maybe?
Hold on.
I'm no help to you,
am I, sir...
After months,
this is all I can make...
And I'm just not your type,
so I'm useless!
Didn't I tell you?
You have What it takes.
And I never saW anyone
love it as much or Work as hard.
None of the shops
are half as good as yours.
And I made sure the old fart
came to his senses.
I'll throW this out.
I guess this is it.
Otherwise, I'm of no use here.
- Aren't you going to school?
- I Will, for a coffee mousse.
Just one?
All right. Hang on.
- Take it!
- Welcome!
Madame Jean.
Sun-woo, my love.
I told you to
wait at home.
I couldn't wait
to see you.
Bye, guys.
What is With them
and the ass grabbing?
Flashy bastards.
NoW it's not
just the money.
Gosh, Master...
Why? You starting to
get sick of him, too?
- Boss.
- Yeah?
Why can't you really stop him?
Is there some reason?
A reason...
No one ever stayed,
no matter how hard
I tried to stop them.
Happy graduation!
- We're over.
- What?
You alWays tried
so hard to suit me...
I knew something was wrong
through my innocent first love.
Let's just stay friends.
Friends With benefits.
Do you really
enjoy it, though?
You're alWays
trying so hard, but...
And even with the no strings,
casual fling in college.
Don't apologize!
Just pack up your cubicle!
You can quit
if you Want to!
I'll take care of you
for the rest of our lives.
You thought Women Would
sWoon over such promises?
You're too much.
A co-worker, whom I thought
I could have a normal life with.
You Were rich,
and you seemed happy,
so I thought some of it
might rub off on me.
But I Was Wrong.
Waking up, screaming
in a cold sWeat every night...
Every time I look at you,
I just see my messed-up self.
Because we were so alike,
I thought she might be the one,
So stop pushing yourself so hard!
But even she finally left.
Maybe something
is Wrong With my head?
All broken,
you knoW?
If I never remember
What happened,
then do I have to
live like this forever?
My Whole life?
Why Was it this Way?
I couldn't help thinking that
it all began on that forgotten day.
What could have
happened to me?
Did it leave some kind of
hole inside my head?
What if I never remember?
What then?
I stumbled across Antique.
I thought it might have the answers.
With Sun-woo,
I thought that maybe
we could find them together.
- Do it over!
- I'm off. Good night!
See you.
- MIN Sun-Woo!
- Bye!
I Was just Wondering...
I'm never going to.
So don't take this
the Wrong Way.
I Won't.
I just Won't.
But if I said that
I Would sleep With you,
Would you stay?
Honestly, I Wanted to ever since
you first asked me out.
It drove me crazy to Watch you
go from one guy to the next.
And every time that Jean
comes to the shop, I...
What the heck.
You're lying.
- I'm serious...
- Forget it.
That's it.
You made me go.
Can't you just stay?
There's no reason...
Hey, KIM Jin-hyuk!
Don't push yourself so hard.
Damn it.
Little SONG Jae-ik has been
missing for over two months.
Over 400 investigators
and volunteers have searched
every day for
the past two months,
but nothing has been found.
- Did you get anything?
- HoW about this?
He sWalloWed it.
Probably fed by someone.
- What is all this?
- I told you last time.
We found flour
mixed With sugar.
And this?
Bread, or maybe a biscuit.
There's some chocolate
in there someWhere.
- And What's this?
- It's a cherry.
Put it all together,
and I guess...
You get a slice of cake.
- Cake?
- Yup.
Good to see you again.
You don't have many left.
Oh, yes...
We do have a Rhubarb Fraise
from yesterday...
I'll take it.
My husband Won't eat cake
from anywhere else noW.
Yes, ma'am.
Good night!
Asshole! Even you can make
scones and country cakes.
Why should I.
Master's not even here.
I feed you and shelter you,
isn't that Worth something?
Just shut up!
We have bigger problems!
HoW can We
let him go like this?
I guess Sun-Woo
already left.
Just go to sleep!
Fuck this, then!
You're all dead meat!
I'm home.
I have cake, too.
I said I don't need it.
Black tea.
I brought hot chocolate
for your son.
Look at this.
Looks good, eh?
Let's eat.
My brother needs someone
to Work for him in Pusan.
Is it good?
I Was Wondering...
Will you go With me?
Oh, don't drop it.
- We can enjoy the sea...
- You'll become a mess.
And I have
some money saved up.
You're doing it
on purpose!
- AW, Dad.
- You little rascal!
All that matters
is What you like, Son.
Poor man...
Don't touch me!
Oh, no.
It's okay.
Do you like it?
Is it good?
All I need is you, Son.
Just stop it!
That year, I lost my son, too!
But We all
just live With it.
Please, just stop.
Your child died
over 20 years ago.
Shut your trap!
Come With me.
Forget this.
Forget it all.
What did he say then?
I know he said something...
I can't roll the eggs!
What do I do?
All right, I'm coming!
Turn the gas off!
I never thought...
that I Would have breakfast
With you even at this age.
Like a queer couple.
Who the hell
taught you that Word?
HoW about
a going-aWay party?
Sun-Woo is leaving soon.
- What?
- Nothing.
I just realized
that thick head of yours
is What kept me
going all this time.
His body was discovered
within a mile from his home.
The body was placed
inside a plastic bag...
What a pity.
That's about the age
When you Were kidnapped.
That's What I mean.
Complete indifference.
So I saved you, again?
...viewed as a kidnap and murder.
It's just impossible...
Then, I thought it was now
impossible to punish
the person
that kidnapped me.
A list of all the
bakeries in the area.
All bodies Were placed in
black plastic bags.
All original clothing Was changed.
The substances are a match.
It's a serial kidnapper and murderer
Who uses cake.
Don't jump to conclusions.
Keep every possibility open.
And We may have
one more victim...
He's the same age.
Waiting for the killer to die
Would be faster.
There's only one man
for this kind of job.
You haven't changed, sir.
After all these years,
only you came to mind, Chief.
Just Mr. CHEON is fine.
But, sir...
- Any thoughts, Mr. CHEON?
- Hey!
This "rhubarb",
I've never heard of it.
It's just a vegetable.
GroWs in Europe,
early summer.
Too acidic to eat raW,
so its used as compote
or a preserve.
Chervil leaves are tasteless,
used for decorations.
We can find
places that use it...
- Hey!
- Yes?
- Fix this, too.
- Yes, sir.
It's used in most patisseries.
So then it's useless
trying to find it through cake...
It's not the ingredients,
but their composition.
Rhubarb is often
used by itself,
but this one had
straWberry mousse as Well.
And a tart base...
with almond creme.
You see anyone?
This kind of rhubarb cake...
I knoW of only one shop.
- No one is here.
- Who is it?
We're closed!
Old farts...
So We sent Antique's cake
to the forensics lab.
It Was a perfect match With
the substances in the victim's body.
The culprit has been here
at least tWice.
How long...
And noW,
the third child is missing.
We don't have time.
That child...
How long have I waited for this?
He needs to come home, like you.
Tell me.
What happened with your boss?
That, again?
I can tell by his face
how much he dislikes cake.
So that means
you're not there for the cake.
Then what?
Why Won't he ansWer?
We were sure he would
demand a ransom.
We sat and just
Waited for the phone call,
and We have yet to
catch the culprit.
I decided to open
a good cake shop.
One so good that his sweet tooth
would beg him to pay a visit.
For tWenty years,
I asked myself everyday...
Does this boy
still have his bright smile?
It would be open
long into the night.
For that one person
that would still be awake.
If only We had listened
and searched the area...
It would be a small shop.
So that I can see everything...
...and see him take a bite.
I had no field experience.
Regardless of age,
gender or occupation,
Anyone could casually
come to buy pastries.
A place that even
a now aged man can easily visit.
I have my share of the blame.
The reason I decided to
open such a cake shop...
I knoW I can't undo it all,
but I'd like to apologize...
...was all for this day!
Is that even possible?
For anyone to take responsibility
for every single outcome...
All right.
I'm more than happy to help.
Can't you reconsider it?
I'm offering you all the men
and money you want.
- Come with me.
- I...
I need to go.
What is it about this shop?
Is it him?
Is it your boss?
Forgive me.
This hand...
Always created perfection.
It is a jewel to me,
but just money to you.
Please, stop!
A few fingers won't matter...
Only I can have you!
It hurts!
Don't do this!
Get aWay!
Get aWay from him!
Not the hand!
He needs to Work!
- He'll hit you again.
- Let go!
I think you
shook him up enough.
I'm sorry.
Blonde asshole.
I thought he Would
put up a better fight.
Why are you here?
- He bought cake.
- What?
The kidnapper bought cake.
He bought
your cake, Sun-Woo.
Help me out.
OW, it hurts.
What about your promise?
What promise?
To sleep With me.
at a time like this?
What do you think
this scar is for?
HoW do I knoW?
Come here.
Come on.
I said, "What if"!
Goddamn it.
HoW about him?
He's cute.
Forget it.
I don't Want you anymore.
Me neither.
I didn't knoW...
hoW to break
the neWs to Jean.
He can't control
his anger sometimes.
Then you Were never
thinking of leaving?
It Was right after sex,
so I couldn't just say no.
You said he's out of control.
But he's a good person.
It's a mystery
that you're still alive.
I'm a dirty bastard
that makes cake that kills people.
I deserve it.
He should've hit
that mouth of yours.
I deserve it.
No one deserves to be hit.
Don't say such things.
It hurts the people
around you more.
Every time my mother
said that,
I Wanted to die.
I saW my mom cheating
When I Was in middle school.
I hated her.
Not because she betrayed
dad or our family.
But because it Was With
the first man I ever loved.
I Was jealous of my mom.
But I realized
What I Was feeling
and that I Was
even loWer than her.
Since then,
I didn't care for myself.
I don't deserve it.
Being scandalous just shoWs
that I'm my mother's son.
Maybe I still
haven't forgiven her.
But you can't help it.
None of us can.
Things you can't control.
Like how I can't forget my past.
Don't even think
about getting revenge.
As an ex boxing champion
it Would be beneath me.
Sorry I'm late.
What's this?
Goddamn foreigner!
He's your master, after all...
So I'll just slam him
a quick right and pound his ass in!
- There's a young apprentice.
- Su-young! Get the all stuff!
He's good,
and he just loves cake
At first sight, I knew
he would be a great patissier.
Until he can perfectly recreate
all of my recipes,
I won't be able to leave.
And then?
Will you come back?
As long as
the owner is there...
Then, good luck.
This is our beautiful and charming
patissier, MIN Sun-Woo.
We'll try not to
get in your Way...
You passed!
All right,
then let's get to it.
- Right aWay.
- Gi-beom, over here.
Hurry up, people!
- One over here.
- Going Well?
WoW, a real camera.
- Plug it in.
- Make yourselves at home.
Don't touch my trophies!
- Sorry.
- Be careful.
We can see clearly.
Text us if something happens.
- Okay.
- All right.
Let's open shop!
- Bonjour.
- No point in exercising...
We can't even pass by.
No, we're exercising
to come here.
Makes sense.
- Bonjour.
- Bonjour.
Looks tasty...
Enjoy, cuties.
Something is Weird...
You're so sWeet,
I don't need any cake.
Something is going on here.
I can feel
someone Watching.
All right.
I'm gonna ask him out.
You see anyone suspicious?
Doesn't that cake
look so good?
Look at the customers, sir!
- Jesus.
- Gentlemen.
These are our cakes,
if you like sWeets...
Oh, thank you so much.
- Chief, your blood sugar!
- Shut up.
Here is fine.
- HoW's the old man?
- He's all Worked up.
This is probably
his best moment.
You think this Will Work?
Even if it doesn't,
I think I can understand him.
All this time.
Just melts in your mouth!
Say, have you had any
strange customers lately?
Strange customers.
I'm not sure...
It's definitely a male,
over late teens,
not very old.
Who's that?
Doesn't he
smell fishy to you?
He looks like a pervert.
He's a regular here...
- I said, Chinese...
- Cletus!
- A regular?
- Yes...
Bring the bags.
- Lemon creme tart.
- Chocolate almond mousse.
- Kassis chocolate mousse.
- One Pistachio mascarpone.
One raspberry mousse,
Charlotte aux Poires and...
- Ispahan to go.
- Yes.
- Apple Wine mousse, please.
- One moment.
Your Rhubarb Fraise.
- Enjoy.
- HoW is it?
It's sad to think I Won't see
you handsome boys.
Are you moving far aWay?
To my brother's.
That's Why...
This is our address.
Bring him a cake
every month, please.
He has quite
the sWeet tooth.
He's not joining you?
I guess not.
Thank you.
You're good boys,
so you'll do Well.
Gi-beom's cleaning up.
I'm gonna go.
All right.
Are you okay?
See you.
- Sun-Woo!
- Yeah?
The contract Was up to 8 P. M...
It's okay.
You pay me that much.
See you.
Look at his shoulders.
- Something erotic about him.
- Hey, that's him.
My heart skips Whenever
he comes close.
He's just an innocent nerd.
Look! Soft skin
and fragile physique...
If I had to do him
or some ugly girl,
I'd definitely pick Sun-Woo.
Cut it out!
You think he Wanted
to be born so thin?
HoW disgusted do you think he'd be
if he heard What you said?
- Hello?
- Welcome!
Are you open?
Of course.
Come in!
What a professional...
That right there...
That's him on auto-pilot.
He's a freaking natural.
When it's raining,
nothing like straWberry mousse!
- Which ribbon, ma'am?
- Whichever is fine.
Then, gold and silver
to compliment your muffler.
and come again!
Thank you.
Oh my...
Are you all right?
I'm sorry.
I'm a bit dizzy.
Would you like to
rest a While?
No, it's all right.
Oh, I'll get you
a neW one.
It's late and pouring,
so I'll drive you home.
No, I live right in front...
We're closing soon anyway,
so please, let me.
This Way.
Left turn.
My goodness!
What is it?
He's going on delivery
for thirty minutes.
- Here you go.
- Oh, thank you.
What is?
Even after such a
horrible experience,
he looks fine and dandy.
It's really amazing.
It's quite nice out With
all this fresh rain, isn't it?
And here I am taking a drive
With a beautiful lady.
- Are you all right?
- Yes, this is fine.
Thank you.
It's the least I can do
for a great customer.
- Good night!
- Good night!
Is that your son?
Yes, he's my son.
What are you doing?
Why are you...
Excuse me!
Why are you doing this?
What are you
doing in here?
Get out! Please!
Get out!
I'll call the police.
Listen to me!
Get out!
Go ahead and call.
- Min-jun!
- Mom!
You made it...
Good boy!
What's Wrong?
- SWeetie! - Min-jun!
A man.
It Was a man.
The man...
The man did...
Why are you
doing this?
Who knoWs What
he Went through...
I can never forgive
that monster, Mother!
No! Don't!
Please! No!
Don't! Please...
Open up!
- You're through!
- It's my child!
- You Won't get aWay this time.
- No one is in there!
Open it!
HoW disgusted
do you think he'd be?
We're over.
I like you...
Fuck off and die,
you goddamn faggot!
I never meant to say
those things to him.
What the hell are you doing?
Help me, Mister!
Help me!
My son has
such skilled hands.
Let's celebrate your finishing
the piece in tWo months.
Eat up.
You like it.
- My mom is Waiting.
- What?
There's so much left.
I have to go.
I stayed too long.
I miss my mom.
You can't!
My son...
What's Wrong?
Come here.
I need to go home!
I'm sorry, Mister.
Go on. You Weren't
my son anyway.
Are you dying?
I killed a man!
Go someWhere!
Go back home!
And forget...
Go home!
Go on!
Go and forget.
Forget it all.
Forget it all.
Go and forget.
Forget it all!
Forget it all!
No! Please... Stop...
Stop it! Stop it!
I Was...
I Was only playing With him.
He Was going to kill him
after he fed him cake.
He's a real psycho.
Their cakes are good,
their cakes are bad...
Mother buys the Wrong cake,
he'd have a fit.
Looks like he even
beat her around...
Without you, he Would've
been the third victim.
HoW is he?
In the hospital.
He's quite Worn out.
you saved the day.
He'll be fine...
Why aren't you Working?
- Slacking off, eh?
- Master!
Hey guys.
The kid?
- He's fine.
- He's alive?
He's alive.
Thank God...
Sun-woo's face was
as if I had been kidnapped.
AW, shucks.
Let's get back
to Work noW.
That's enough.
I said, let go!
You little...
Did I get kidnapped?
Fortunately, the boy didn't
forget everything like me.
But he may remember
far more terrible things.
The house of a family
With generations of doctors...
It makes a difference.
Antique furniture and all.
It's very nice, sir.
You've made up your mind this time?
Where Will you be going?
To Pusan.
It's from France.
It's for the squirt.
He better not be trying to
take both of you this time.
What is it?
He's inviting Gi-beom
to the atelier?
It's the greatest atelier ever.
What do you think?
What do you mean?
He can't even speak!
It doesn't matter.
With his skills,
he Won't have to.
You Want to?
It'll be lots of fun.
Oui, Chef!
This is great.
Why do you alWays
exclude me from these things?
I Won't alloW it.
Look at your pathetic cakes.
- Come on, Jin-hyuk.
- What?
- Jin-hyuk.
- What?
That means yes!
It'll pass.
You little fuckers!
Get up, already!
- Master Jin-hyuk.
- Huh?
Going someWhere?
Thanks for
everything, Master.
You going back
to the main house?
I can't impose again.
I'm going to try
being on my oWn noW.
Waited all my life
to hear those Words.
But Why?
- I'm not Worried.
- About?
You're okay
Without me noW.
Look Who's talking!
You sure you don't need me?
I'm all right.
I'll call When I settle doWn.
Thank you, Master.
Are you sure you can
do it on your oWn?
I don't mind!
I said,
I don't mind!
It's so lonely...
No beautiful garcon...
What Will I live for noW?
What, I'm not
enough for you?
You've got a dynamic
hottie right here.
- You knoW What?
- Dynamic?
I think your taste
has changed a bit.
- What? Hasn't it?
- I'll be inside.
I apologize, sir.
What Would you like?
Gateau au Opera.
One Opera it is.
It's the perfect season
for the Opera.
A great choice, sir.
Is it a present?
Which ribbon, sir?
She's fairly old,
so no yelloWs or pinks.
HoW about this broWn
With a hint of pearl?
That'll do.
People eat cake
When they're most happy.
You must be happy, sir.
- You have skilled hands.
- It's nothing.
There you go.
Enjoy, and be happy!
Good day, sir!
When I'm happy?
Forget it...
Forget it...
KIM Min-jun!
Just tried it. Wondering if
you still remember.
God, you're cruel sometimes.
You knoW...
I don't really remember
you as a classmate.
Maybe since the later you
Was more interesting.
I've alWays remembered you,
ever since graduation.
Is that so...
- So really, you did like me a little!
- I'm telling you, he's gay.
No Way Whatsoever.
- Hi.
- Hi!
See, I told you so.
Are you...
- They're hugging!
- Do they live together?
- What's Wrong?
- They've started a family!
Sun-Woo is gay?
- They must be living together!
- Sun-Woo, you little!
Girls! Wait!
No, come back!
No, I'm not!
Girls, I'm a normal,
healthy young man!
I Was even in the army!
They just mistook us
for a gay couple, right?
Who cares? It's not like
you Were after them.
That's not the point!
In a couple of years,
they Would be so hot...
- Jin-hyuk.
- What!
NoW you're fine
When I hug you.
You didn't hug...
- Hey!
- Right?
You too.
You can talk to girls noW.
Hey, are you okay?
Are they boys?
- No Way.
- I guess they Were!
Yeah, Su-young.
You can't come, again?
You still haven't unpacked?
I give up.
I'll be right over
and do it for...
No, never mind.
Come Whenever,
just finish it yourself.
Sun-Woo and I'll be fine.
Just eat instant noodles
or something!
No. I don't knoW!
Take care of it!
Am I okay?
Just get to it!
I'm the idiot
for falling for it...
Why do people want cake
in their happiest moments?
I'm not really sure,
but life may be a cycle
of pain and bad memories.
That's probably why people
look for cake when they're happy.
Since life is a bitter thing,
we try to make ourjoys even sweeter.
Let's go sell some cakes!
Hey, Sun-woo.
A gay club?
Sure, what the hell!