Antlers (2021) Movie Script

(Woman speaking native language)
(Metal clanging)
(Faint screeching)
(Breathing deeply)
(Car door beeping)
Daddy, I heard something.
- Oh, yeah? What'd you hear?
- A noise.
Oh, it's just us working.
Why can't I come in with you?
'Cause I said so.
Ain't a place for kids.
We're almost done now.
Do not leave this truck.
Or drive off with it.
You hear me?
Go and put that
in the glove box.
I'll be right back, bud.
Love you!
I'll finish up and we'll go
get your brother, Lucas.
(Low growl)
All right, let's get outta here.
Hey, frank,
we still got plenty to do
one more batch if you want.
(Screeching in distance)
The fuck was that?
(Screeching continues)
You said they weren't
gonna reopen this place
for another few weeks.
(Soft growl)
The fuck is that, frank?
That's gotta be an animal.
(Soft growl)
Fuck me.
- The fuck you going, frank?
- Come on.
The fuck is going on?
Where you going?
(Creature roaring)
Frank, let's get the fuck
outta here, all right?
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Something's on
fucking fire, man.
(Roaring continues)
Let's get the fuck
outta here, buddy.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
This is fucked up, man.
- Where you going?
- (Creature growls)
Let's get the fuck outta here.
- Frank!
- (Gunshot)
Run, frank, run!
- (Creature growls)
- Oh, my god!
Frank: Kenny!
- (Creature roars)
- (Screaming)
(Car door beeping)
(Ominous music playing)
(Music intensifies)
(Knock on door)
I'll be right out.
(Exhales heavily)
Julia: It's obviously
much more than just that.
Would anyone like
to help him elaborate?
So, storytelling is a way for
people to explain their world...
Their culture...
Passing on customs and beliefs
from one generation to the next.
In america, and especially
here in Oregon...
Storytelling started with
our indigenous people.
Native Americans who were
teaching the younger people...
In their communities about
their culture and identities.
Can anyone give me an example
of a fable or a myth?
Or a fairy tale even.
Brody, give it a shot.
Evie, do you have any stories
you wanna share?
Give me an example of, um...
A fable or a myth.
Come on.
Anyone? Anyone?
Okay. Go ahead, Jasmine.
"goldilocks" is a fairy tale.
That's very good.
What's the story
of "goldilocks"?
(Whispers) Lucas.
Jasmine: While a family
of bears are away...
Goldilocks enters their house
and eats their porridge.
Then the bears come home
and get angry with her.
Julia: That's right. Very good.
So, is there a moral
or a lesson in that story?
Jasmine: Yes.
Don't eat bears' food
without permission.
Julia: That's right.
Don't take something
that's not yours.
- (Bell rings)
- Hey, everyone,
be prepared to discuss
and write about...
A fairy tale or a myth
when you come back.
(Boys snickering)
Guys, let's go.
(Melancholy music playing)
(Car drives away)
Cashier: Here you go, ma'am.
Nice to see ya.
That'll be $3.
Is that everything?
That'll be $4.50, please.
Reporter: (On radio) ...Have
already begun rolling back
environmental regulations.
Today, an epa spokesman
a comprehensive plan...
To revive the coal industry
by promoting
what is known
as mountaintop mining.
In remote
cispus falls, Oregon...
The greymouth mine
is one of a handful
his administration
is reopening...
Ending what they say
is a war on American energy.
(Discordant notes strike)
(Door shuts)
Hey, sis.
How was school?
It's about the same.
Just give it time.
They'll warm to you.
I'm not sure it's about warming.
(Chuckles humorlessly)
It's just not...
What I hoped it would be.
You want me to move that
out of here?
All right, I'm gonna try and
get some sleep. Good night.
Good night.
(Footsteps thudding)
Man: Boy.
(Banging on door)
Reporter: (On radio)
Opioid epidemic persists
in rural Oregon.
The basket by the phone.
Can you not
move my stuff, please?
I have it all where it is,
so I know where it is.
(Metal clangs)
Sorry. Yeah.
I was just trying to
give us more space.
I'm gonna move out
as soon as I can.
Jules, I didn't say anything
about moving out.
I'm sorry. I'm just getting
ready to go evict...
Another family with kids.
Give 'em 10, 15 minutes...
To grab what they can carry,
throw it in their car...
If they have a car, and then...
I wish you wouldn't
have run, Paul.
You didn't have to.
There weren't exactly
too many people...
Banging down the doors
for the position
after Warren Stokes retired.
I barely recognize
this place anymore.
Yeah, well, a lot
can change in 20 years.
It's our own little
slice of paradise here.
Julia: Who's next?
You wanna read us your story?
He can't read, Ms. Meadows.
- Clint.
- Girl: Yes, he can.
Julia: I know you've been
working on a story.
Will you read us a little bit?
Once, there were three bears...
That lived in
a dark and wet cave...
Up above a small town.
Big bear, little bear,
and baby bear.
Big bear used to take care
of the little bears.
But big bear got sick.
Lost his job.
And his insides turned black.
One day,
little bear came home...
And big bear and baby bear
were different.
Big bear's sickness
had gotten worse.
Big bear has become
more angrier and meaner...
Because they had no food.
No meat.
It's very good, Lucas.
But they had each other.
(Chatting indistinctly)
Harrison: You know
he belongs there, right?
Clint: Mmm-hmm.
Oh, my god! Is that dog shit?
God, dude.
That smells like ass. God.
(Harrison laughs)
Arlo: What kind of a person
would put that in there?
You motherfucker! You think
this is funny? Eat it!
Kids: Fight! Fight! Fight!
- Julia: Clint!
- Eat it!
Julia: Hey! Clint, stop!
Nurse byrd: Does that hurt?
Okay, you put
your shirt back on.
I'll be right out.
(Telephone ringing)
(Footsteps thumping)
(Banging on door)
(Man grunts)
- (Banging on door)
- (Man grunting)
(Telephone continues ringing)
(Man grunting savagely)
(Line ringing)
Julia: Hey. I was
just about to go in there.
You wanna join me?
That's not why I invited you in.
I invited you in
to have ice cream...
Because I wanted to know
if ice cream
is your favorite vegetable.
Because it's mine.
Ice cream isn't a vegetable.
Yeah, it is.
It's a dessert.
To most people, yeah. But to me?
Totally a vegetable.
(Lucas sighs)
So, if ice cream is a vegetable,
what's your favorite fruit?
Come on.
Mine too. Chocolate, obviously.
I also like cheeseburgers
as a fruit.
What about your brother?
Does he like ice cream?
How do you know
I have a brother?
Teachers know everything.
So where is he?
At home.
With your mom?
If you knew everything, then
you would know my mom's dead.
I'm sorry to hear that.
But that's something
we have in common.
My mom died too.
When I was 12.
I'm 12.
I know.
So tell me about your brother.
What's his name?
Julia: Hmm.
How old's Aiden?
Oh, so he's...
Is he in our school?
Not anymore.
He's always with my dad.
Julia: Hmm.
Does your dad teach him at home?
What's your dad do?
I gotta go.
And don't follow me this time.
(Door bell jingles)
(Door shuts)
Lucas: Move!
(Knocking on door)
(Footsteps thudding)
- (Loud thump)
- (Frank grunts)
- What... what?
- Jesus! Jesus!
(Julia exhales)
I thought you heard me.
The fuck is this?
Is that the kind of thing
you taught in California?
(Julia clears throat)
'Cause I don't think
that's gonna fly here.
(Exhales heavily)
You have every right
to resent me.
I don't blame you for that.
I know you couldn't have
understood then...
But I couldn't stay
in this house anymore.
Just know that
I have spent my life...
Trying to deal with leaving you.
And resolve my issues.
And it has not been easy.
Yeah, and I've
spent my entire life
praying you'd come back.
(Distant thumping)
(Distant grunting)
(Door opens)
(Exhales heavily)
(Flies buzzing)
(Savage grunting)
I got this for you.
I'll come back after
he's eaten. He'll be tired.
(Frank grunts savagely)
(Playing melancholy tune)
(Plays off tune notes)
Julia: Daddy, no.
No. Daddy.
Please. You're hurting me.
- Hey, Jules. What? What?
- (Julia exclaims)
- Jesus!
- Sorry.
You okay?
(Clears throat)
- Jesus.
- Sorry.
Paul: I was just...
I wanted to
clear the air and talk.
- You sure you're okay?
- Yeah.
(Chuckles nervously)
Well, no. I'm...
So many... (Laughs nervously)
Hey... Do you know frank Weaver?
Of course.
I've cited him...
And revived him with narcan
more times than I can count.
His son, uh,
is a student of mine.
That was his drawing.
I pulled it from the trash.
That makes sense, yeah.
Every time I see him...
I expect to find frank dead
with a needle in his arm.
So why isn't he in jail?
I don't know.
I've tried many times...
But he goes away,
who takes care of the boys?
After their mother died...
Protective services felt
he was somehow
fit enough to be their guardian.
And what can I say to that?
Something is going on there.
First of all, it looks like
no one even lives there.
And when I got close...
You went to his house?
I thought I heard something
that did not sound normal.
You can't do that.
You can't go to
frank Weaver's house...
- Without telling me.
- I heard something,
and it was not normal.
Do you understand?
You can't do that.
Everyone thinks these problems
are just gonna go away...
And we know that they don't.
(Footsteps thudding)
Aiden: Lucas?
- Lucas... I'm hungry.
- (Knocks on door)
(Aiden sobbing)
(Twig snaps)
(Flies buzzing)
- Where did you get this?
- Julia: His desk.
It's textbook, Ellen.
Emotional, physical...
Ellen: Hold on.
Neither of us are experts
in diagnosing abuse,
but I hear you.
This is very disturbing.
But sadly,
Lucas is not the only one
not getting the attention
he needs.
But he's here. In a safe space.
What is that supposed to mean?
His younger brother,
why isn't he enrolled?
We've had plenty of students
that are homeschooled.
And they're kept out
so they can move product
for their parents.
Or so we don't
smell methamphetamine
on their clothes,
and turn their parents in.
Okay, but regardless,
that is a cry for help.
Take it from someone
who can diagnose abuse.
I tell you what,
next chance I get,
I will reach out to his father.
Cashier: Here you go.
What can I do for ya?
Warren: I don't know, Paul.
It was just...
The bottom half
was all chewed to hell.
Damnedest thing I ever saw.
Paul: All right, well...
We'll go take a look.
Thank you, Warren.
Warren: Thanks, sheriff.
What's going on?
He, uh, found a part of a man
in the woods today.
Part of a man?
Who is that?
You don't remember
sheriff Stokes?
- When we were kids?
- Yeah, I do.
Yeah, he said he was, uh,
hiking up near greymouth...
When a stench led him...
To a man half buried
in the woods.
I guess the other half
was found in the mine,
near a meth lab.
It was probably
a bear or a cougar, something.
Well, from what
he just told me...
I don't think Jesus was
anywhere to be found.
All right. We gotta get out
there and meet the coroner.
Julia: Hmm.
See you later.
(Ominous music playing)
- Lucas: Hi.
- Hi.
Are you okay?
Is god really dead?
Daddy said god is dead.
(Frank groans softly)
Lucas: Just remember
what mama told us.
Me and you... we was born
under the lucky star.
(Plastic wrapper rustling)
Here. I brought you these.
(Aiden coughs)
(Coughing and retching)
(Frank growls)
(Aiden continues coughing)
Dr. Gerald: Determining cause
was virtually impossible.
Paul: This has got to be
an animal, right?
Dr. Gerald:
No animal that I've ever seen.
What's more troubling
are the teeth marks...
On the radial bone.
They seem human.
I don't quite know
what to tell you, Paul.
(Sighs) I'm sorry.
(Door opens)
(Door shuts)
(Doomy music playing)
(Shaky breathing)
(Birds cawing)
(Knocking on door)
Woman: (On video)
She false with cassio!
Did you say with cassio?
Man: With cassio, mistress.
Go to, charm your tongue.
I will not charm my tongue,
I am bound to speak.
My mistress here lies
murdered in her bed.
Heavens forfend!
Man: Nay, stare not, masters,
it is true, indeed.
Woman: Nay,
lay thee down and roar.
For thou hast killed
the sweetest innocent
that e'er did lift up eye.
Man: Oh, she was foul!
Iago knows that she with cassio
hath the act of shame...
A thousand times committed.
Woman: Oh, heavens!
Man: Cassio confessed it.
And she did gratify
his amorous works
with that same handkerchief.
- Woman: Handkerchief.
- Alas!
Woman: 'Twill out, 'twill out.
- Man: Hold your peace.
- I peace?
No, I will speak
as liberal as the north.
Man: Be wise.
Woman: Let heaven
and men and devils...
Let them all, all, all...
(Door creaks)
Mr. Weaver,
it's Ellen booth, from school.
(Flies buzzing)
- (Aiden whimpering)
- (Footsteps thudding)
Man 1: (On video)
Will you, I pray,
demand that Demi-devil.
Why he hath thus ensnared
my soul and body?
Man 2: Demand me nothing.
What you know, you know.
Man 1: Are there no stones
in heaven...
But what serve for the thunder?
(Aiden crying)
(Thumping on floorboard)
(Aiden continues crying)
Mr. Weaver!
(Flies buzzing)
Ellen: Oh! (Coughs)
Oh, my god.
You must be starving.
What has he done to you?
(Frank snarls)
(Ellen screaming)
(Ellen grunting)
- (Bones crunching)
- (Screaming)
(Frank grunting)
(Police radio chatter)
Daniel: Here's where we found
the other half of Kenny glass,
right here.
What are these?
Medicine bags.
Wards, for defense.
But why would these
be hanging in here?
What about this?
Is that from a buck?
Nothing like anything
I've seen before.
How far back does this go?
Far. But I wouldn't
go any further.
(Radio static)
Go for Paul.
(Radio static)
Say again.
- (Radio static)
- (Indistinct radio chatter)
Dispatcher: Missing person.
All right. Let's go.
(Animal shrieks)
Headed to your house
full of drugged-out freaks?
Teacher can't step in to save
your ass out here, faggot.
I said I was sorry.
I don't take apologies
from pussies.
Hey! Don't walk away from me
when I'm talking to you.
(Low growl)
Clint: Lucas!
(Clint screaming)
(Continues panting)
Paul: When was the last time
you heard from Ellen?
Ellen booth?
Yesterday. Why?
Paul: Her husband called in
a missing person's report.
Said she hadn't
returned his calls...
Or been home all day.
Julia: Really?
What are you doing about it?
Paul: Filed a report.
Issued an apb,
searched the hospitals...
But aside from that, just hope
it's all a misunderstanding.
I asked her to
talk to frank Weaver.
About Lucas.
Paul: You smell that?
Daniel: Yeah.
(Knocking on door)
Frank, it's sheriff meadows.
Fucking place smells like death.
Yeah, there's
something wrong here.
Let's get outta here.
We'll get a warrant tomorrow.
(Car engine starts)
(Car doors shut)
(Car drives away)
Reporter 1: Small town of
cispus falls, Oregon.
Rumors of another round
of gruesome attacks...
Reporter 2: Processing evidence
and provide forensic expertise.
Our attempts to contact
local law enforcement
have gone unanswered...
Paul: Have you spoken with
Clint's parents this morning?
Yes. They wanted to know if he
had been in school yesterday.
And he was here till
the end of the day, right?
Look, I know this has...
Been difficult on all of us.
But right now, we have to work
under the assumption...
That this is just some
kind of a coincidence.
We'll find him.
We'll find him.
Excuse me.
- What?
- (Whispers) A coincidence?
That my student
is now missing, too?
What the fuck, Paul?
What else would you
like me to do, Jules? Hmm?
The warrant is being processed
right now. It takes time.
It doesn't just
happen overnight.
This is all related.
What would you
like me to fucking do?
You cannot tell me
that it isn't.
(Camera shutter clicking)
Paul: God almighty.
(Flies buzzing)
(Police radio chatter)
These frank Weaver's footprints?
Daniel: Some.
There's also a child's.
Paul: What the fuck is this?
Daniel: Jesus Christ.
Paul: It's charred.
It's burnt.
And flayed.
Paul: It's gotta be
frank Weaver.
Yeah, the teeth will tell us.
Looks like something
just burst out of him.
Lucas. Lucas, listen to me.
Listen, I don't want
you to go in there.
- No. No. Let me go!
- Listen, I know. It's okay.
What's going on here?
Well, needless to say,
I'm concerned.
He's severely dehydrated,
suffers from
chronic malnourishment.
I recommend keeping him
overnight, possibly longer...
But I don't have to tell you
that he is a deeply damaged boy.
Could be the circumstances
or his genetic disposition...
But there are definite signs
of a psychiatric crisis here.
Anti-anxiety, anti-psychotics
will be our friend...
But given what
he's just experienced...
Paul: When do you think
I'll be able to interview him?
Dr. Francis:
Well, not tonight, certainly.
What do you plan
on doing with him?
Well, we're discussing that.
But it's complicated.
Dr. Francis: Oh, I'm sure.
The little fella's
got a long road ahead of him.
I'd be remiss
if I didn't mention...
But it's clear that he has
been subjected to abuse.
And for some time.
Thank you, Alan.
We can't. No.
He has no one.
We don't know
where the brother is.
So where's he gonna go?
I have no idea right now, but
he is not your responsibility.
He doesn't have a family.
And he's my student.
So he is my responsibility.
This is not about you.
This is about him,
and getting him the help...
What did you just say to me?
What did you just say to me?
Don't put our past on him.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Did he snap your arm in two?
Did he force you to hide under
the floor of that kitchen...
Praying he would
never come home?
You have no idea what he...
Did you have to meet
his every fucking need?
Because I don't remember that.
You have no idea
what he did to me.
(Banging on door)
Aiden: Let us in!
- Daddy!
- (Gagging)
Lucas: Dad, please!
Aiden: Open the door, daddy!
Guys, you have to
give me a second.
Daddy's just sick.
Aiden: Daddy! Daddy, please!
Lucas: Daddy, what's
happening to you?
- Aiden: Open the door!
- No!
- (Cries out)
- Aiden: Daddy!
(Frank grunting)
Look at me.
Daddy is very, very sick.
You lock that fucking door.
No matter what I do,
you don't open that door.
You hear me?
Lock it!
Lock the door!
Lucas: Daddy, Aiden's very sick.
(Frank grunting, growling)
(Grunts in pain)
(Banging on door)
(Lucas continues screaming)
Paul: If you wouldn't mind,
just telling me
what you make of these.
Warren: Hmm.
(Breathes sharply)
Where did you find this?
Belongs to a student.
Is the student native?
How can that be?
Julia: I don't know. He isn't.
This is what was in the mine.
This... is what was in the mine.
It's the wendigo.
Translates to...
A diabolical wickedness
that devours mankind.
According to legend, during
a brutally cold winter...
A lost hunter's severe hunger
drove him to cannibalism.
And after feasting on
human flesh...
He became crazed...
And transformed into
an amorphous spirit
that could take many forms.
And roamed the forest
for fresh victims.
His insatiable appetite
was never satisfied.
(Paul chuckles)
Excuse me. This is a myth
you're talking about.
For you, yeah.
But a cautionary tale
to the indigenous people
who believe in it.
They're elusive.
And known to
be eternally starving,
but feasting only
makes them hungrier.
And weaker.
Those who are unfortunate
enough to encounter one...
Can only kill it when it's
in its weakened state.
And only by extinguishing
its beating heart...
Forcing it to search
for another host.
But it all makes sense, you see.
I mean, our ancestral spirits
never died.
They were here
long before we were...
And they'll be here
long after we are gone.
But now, they're angry.
Man: (Over radio) Paul.
Go for Paul.
Man: Pumphouse road.
You gotta come by the tracks.
What? What happened?
Man: We got a body out here.
It's bad, Paul. It's real bad.
(Police radio chatter)
(Paul exhales deeply)
Yeah. It's Clint Owens.
I don't know
where to start, Paul.
Let me see it.
Tell me this was a train, Jake.
That boy was eaten in half.
The fuck is going on here?
Paul: I don't know, Dan.
Let's get back to the station...
And we'll figure it out.
I'll call the mayor...
And we'll get out
in front of it.
I'm sorry. I'm not inclined
to believe anybody...
About some mythological
nature beast.
Things like that
don't exist, Jules.
Regardless of what Stokes said.
There's a logical, reasonable
explanation for this.
So Ellen booth...
And that... husk that you
pulled out of the weavers'.
And what about Lucas's
brother, where is he?
I don't know.
Take me to the hospital.
I'm outside your house.
Paul: (Over radio) Good.
I'm wrapping up with
the mayor, then headed over.
Just take a look around.
Can I get you anything else?
No, thank you.
Julia: Lucas, do you remember
when we were talking
about our moms?
And how they died?
Well, what I didn't tell you...
Was that my dad died, too.
How did he die?
Well, he kind of
did it to himself.
When did he die?
Not too long ago.
Were you here when he died?
Didn't you love your father?
Well, I moved back here
to be with my brother.
We actually,
we grew up in this house.
And I missed him.
(Antlered man screeching)
Lucas, did they tell you
at the hospital?
Tell me what?
Your dad died.
He's not dead.
Yeah, he is, Lucas.
My brother, Paul...
He found him in your house.
No. That was my old dad.
The one who was sick and mean.
My new dad is with Aiden,
but Aiden doesn't understand.
And he needs me.
I just have to feed him,
and he'll love me.
(Screeching continues)
See? I told you.
He'll come for me, and take me
to the mine to be with Aiden.
- (Ghastly screeching)
- (Gasps)
(Screeching continues)
He's here.
Hey, Paul?
Yeah, Dan, what is it?
There's something here.
I think it's in the shed.
(Siren wailing)
(Telephone rings)
Come on. Let's go.
(Siren blaring)
Lucas: Where are you taking me?
- I wanna see my brother.
- Shh!
Paul: (Over radio) Dan?
Dan, do you read me?
There's a little kid in here.
Paul: What, Lucas?
Lucas is at the house.
- (Antlered man growls)
- Dan!
Dan, come in!
Oh, shit.
They all have locks.
Paul: Goddamn it.
Lucas, stay. Don't move.
(Shudders) Paul, no.
No. Lucas!
Paul: Dan.
It's okay.
(Antlered man growls)
(Antlered man screeching)
(Paul screaming)
(Antlered man screeches)
Julia: Paul?
Oh, my god!
Paul! Oh, my god. Paul!
Oh, god. (Sobs)
(Antlered man screeches
at a distance)
(Paul moans)
Paul, I have to move you. Paul.
I'm gonna move you.
Paul: To where?
Come on.
(Julia shushing)
Is Lucas dead?
Be still. Be still.
He went to the mine.
I'm gonna go after him.
He thinks that's where Aiden is.
No, you can't do that.
You can't...
I have to.
I have to go find him.
Not by yourself.
You need a doctor.
I'm coming with you.
Get my gun.
You're not leaving me.
(Thunder rumbling)
Julia: This is Julia meadows.
Paul and I are
at greymouth mine.
He needs an ambulance.
(Dispatcher speaks
indistinctly over radio)
Julia: Lucas?
(Julia breathing shakily)
(Antlered man growls)
(Julia gasps)
(Bottle clatters)
Lucas: He's...
Lucas: Go back.
(Antlered man growls softly)
(Julia screams)
(Antlered man growls)
(Julia grunting)
(Antlered man screeching)
- (Yells)
- (Screeches)
- (Grunts)
- (Screeches)
(Both panting)
(Iron clanks)
(Lucas grunts)
(Antlered man screeching)
(Antlered man groans softly)
(Julia grunting)
(Julia grunts)
(Aiden screaming)
(Aiden continues screaming)
(Breathing heavily)
(Aiden screams)
(Gasping for air)
He's gonna be okay.
He's just sick.
Lucas, listen to me.
He is never gonna get better.
Yes, he is.
Lucas, he's not.
It's too late for him.
He's sick...
But he'll be better, I promise.
Lucas, listen to me.
You know he's not
gonna get any better.
I need to know that
you understand.
(Aiden screeching)
Look away. Look away, Lucas!
(Softly) It's okay.
(Aiden screeches softly)
I'm so sorry.
(Aiden screaming)
(Knife continues stabbing)
(Aiden continues screaming)
What are we gonna do with him?
Keep him. For now.
We have no choice.
It's like living
with a tiger cub.
You know what
he's going to grow into.
Do you think you could kill
something you love?
(Paul coughing)
Come on, let's go.
(Paul continues coughing)
- Julia: You okay?
- Yeah, I'll catch up to you.
(Continues coughing)
(Solemn music playing)