Anton Chekhov's The Duel (2010) Movie Script

Come on.
Let wild.
Come, come.
Ivan Drech... roles for assignment.
- Leave them there.
And this came for you yesterday.
Something wrong sir?
- No, I think not.
You must be new. Do you you brought it?
- Yes sir. Then we are tonight.
...And progress is progress.
Samoylenko, Samoylenko. Come.
- Oh there is. Come.
Need your help friend.
Answer me one question.
Assuming you love a woman.
You have been there for 2 or 3 years...
...and stop worrying about it.
No doubt, how would you behave?
Well is painful but just
say good luck girl soon.
But what if she did not have
where to go, no friends or relatives?
Worse penniless.
Well I think would see him humanely. Sure.
8 years ago...
- I for a bit.
Things have been bad for a while, it is.
I realize that I've never felt love like.
I fell in love with a married woman.
Beginning with kisses, calls at night.
Plans and more. I began to feel the body.
I wore the uniform of
government and joined the service.
We stoped choose a land
and fully with this.
We had one trillion... and a field.
O God, that such a disappointment.
Maybe your friend you have 3000 acres in
position as bank from day one here.
Here is an unbearable heat, no society.
Hairy poisonous spiders under every rock.
They have sent you a
beautiful young woman... a gift.
If God ever send me a woman
how grateful was horrible.
For the type of condition.
Please tell me what is the
meaning of suffering brain.
Is a disease that comes when you
the brain becomes softer.
Tell me she loved you?
I just ran.
- When, where?
North. A pineapples and
mushrooms and people and ideas.
No problem and just between us.
I have to tell you that
your letting husband... dying, there is
something about suffering.
Oh, the kingdom does not have this.
Why is it hidden?
- Because if you come to me shows.
First I have to find the relationship when
understand we can not go in together.
Now show me the letter.
- Marry her dear boy.
Her husband is dead, probably
is suffering and not know what to do.
How delightful to see Ms. Nadia.
Course I can not compare.
Good morning sir.
Have one to sun in the window.
This place is French right?
- Yes ma'am.
This design is charming. I can??
Good morning Miss.
I'm just seeing the merchandise.
Do not distant from what?
- Has a fine eye Miss.
I'm afraid that we can not run
new designs until you cancel your account.
I'm sure find ways to pay the bill.
Oh the heat is unbearable.
- Yes, my mind, my mind can not imagine.
I feel that long heat for a picnic on Monday.
I can get more.
- I already invited other.
The more the merrier, so they say. Come.
Oh police captain wanted to come.
List, list.
So we do?... What should we do?
Hello. We leave.
No, I have to work today.
- Not today.
Well may occur the day is reached.
Good morning Miss Fiodora.
I missed the meeting.
If I state something right.
I checked what the money has seen caught,
what a pleasure to see her at the top.
Forgive sir. I do later.
This is not vinegar,
this is oil with salt.
Vanelesky I told a few days ago,
has had a hard time with this.
Well, this is someone who
maybe you have a little sympathy.
This is dangerous for
companies that may color it.
Why so much hate your neighbors?
No hate, just I know him well.
Even since before I got here every
day came and gossiped about her mistress.
I can not let you talk to
and a splendid friend.
Once Already?
Now it is who sleeps all day.
Ago like you do in the great service
live here in the coccyx.
No I think must see, here and now.
Cataloguemos complaints. First, has told
the people of this town to play cards.
Second it for drinking beer.
Third in the past people did... the wives of other men in secret.
4th... it works.
- Fieda.
A woman, women play a feigned hand
She's all. At the same time just a lover.
Why she is doing dessert?
- She is experiencing wanted.
So why eat the same thing every day
? Soup with this.
Is good.
- Are like pickled.
Is always constant soup this
time I do not want this.
Well you can, if you're not
busy we can find after cooking.
Said you had not had to do?
Look for something we can do.
This soup is like liquor.
We can crush them further.
If we can not destroy at least
aislmoslo let him helpless.
Send him to work hard.
- What are you saying, are you nuts?
When Leskis multiply. The
humanity will generally isolated.
Civilization will perish.
Hear my words.
You are a man you will not be
complete unless take your humanity.
Your education is forcing
you. The Germans...
...have taken advantage, if the Germans.
Enough, enough...
Enough for now.
Moscow does not.
The Pitesburg girl has arrived.
- Would you do a presentation for me?
Silly do not know.
I have to find a cure for her type.
Her husband is a hard
worker and is useless...
...give comfort being the first in months.
More She is good beyond words.
This, this is within
which every man, that God created.
With the whole body or that
philosophers invented.
No, this is not invented.
Always existed. And always will.
But humanity, the natural man for
conscience provides this reasonable.
Good morning Mr.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
- Sorry I can ask you something.
Did you read the pamphlets where
are instructions used?
Did you do it?
Close the door behind you.
New Clothes.
I'm sure you have fun using it.
Take it off.
Take it off.
I think you should come with
me for a couple of months.
The study, and cut this all
the direct path. I can use you.
We have something here.
- Bebmoslo.
Andrech Ivan describes this view.
Printing is better than any description.
You continue with the...
...extasindote nature
meets your imagination?
What about Romeo and Juliet? Pushed
at 19 to this.
Crap, What about Romeo and Juliet?
Romeo makes us look like animals.
Why not calm everything?
Then what?
- Well certainly will...
The best thing this is.
And you say yes but... is ugly a chewable
digestive and stomach.
Why do you say this?
In a minute mom.
Oh look.
Do you think that land is good?
Go. I'm willing to do that,
they remain for centuries well.
Two centuries,
we expected, maybe a vineyard...
With this.
- No, dear, I must tell you something.
Not because it's terribly important here.
- What have they done?
Come tell me...
Very cool, I will say that this is good.
Trained with the man, go to another.
Glorious, things the good Lord has
provided us with such an advantage.
Only days to do its damage.
- Oh yeah. Someone pay.
How's that?
- The Book.
Good is an idea different
from where it comes.
But has guts, even as did.
So it seems that this will be
before you miss. As we speak.
How want to understand?
Do this at your party?
It was a mistake, leave me alone.
Well defined night.
Wait till you're in a better mood.
But I assure you I'm a gentleman.
I do not allow anyone to hesitate.
The picnic ended, great success.
Yes Try to show that this will be paying
the 300 or do not know exactly how...
Well I have 300 for you.
Now you can set the account.
Superb picnic.
But I prefer the good winter.
Is vibrant and comes with frozen powder.
I'm testing.
Am passionate with nature
do not regret this.
I envy you.
- Well I do not.
Do not understand how anyone can
be interested in any...
...that may be interested in Miss
when people are suffering.
Well not Miss but... The talk.
I want to get the wine to the lady.
'Re Heavy behave.
Lee this interests you.
Why did not you tell me he was dead?
Lord. Lord.
Who is who?
- It's me sir.
Save me please.
- Wait I'll open the door.
Excuse me. But I could not stay like
with her, I felt myself like a dog.
My God, my God, I was falling asleep then I
're My best friend, my only friend,
I leave here, give me the money.
As expected Oh...
- With 200 I think I do.
Oh I had to lend...
- Yes, prstelo, prstelo.
Thank you.
I'll tell you, I'll wait for some wine.
I do not...
What about Fladerosa?
- I'll send the money.
Then things go.
For Health.
You really are a wonderful, wonderful man.
Yeah, well, you have to
compensate. Both are well.
Friends outstanding if you saw like wolves.
Yes, it is... is very talented. And I'm
the most useless, stupid and poor man.
But I begin to see my fault and I
should swear be a different man.
Nadia, actually I have to go to bed.
Yeah right, I'm sorry. I'm leaving.
Thank you sir.
- If.
I can stay tonight?
Please wait.
Came to see her.
Dear, I am deeply moved.
Oh dear when the doctor told me
your husband was dead.
But tell me dear, tell me. Is it true?
Yes, it's true.
It's awful, just awful dear.
But now you are free and God and man
can bless your union with Ivan Andr.
O I can not describe my relief.
It's exciting.
Honey, I can not wait,
Now when you think you'll marry?
I have not thought of.
I give you my word not.
But that's impossible.
Why should I care?
Continue living as we did.
What are you saying, ported
heaven, what are you saying?
You must settle.
- Settle? What do you mean?
I have not yet gone. And you
tell me I have to settle.
Farewell my dear, forgive me
if I have given problems.
It is my duty to tell you that from
this day onwards all over between us.
And my door must be closed for you.
My dear girl. I'll tell you without
hesitation that it is true.
Remember that all
ladies here I was the only one you got?
You sanctified me from day one. But I'm
not hard to treat you like everyone else.
- You are a terrible sinner.
Broke the vow that
did your husband at the altar.
You seduced a fine young man.
I have fear that a light from heaven destroy
my house when you're sitting with us.
- No, do not talk, do not talk.
And your house is horrible, just horrible.
These separated by a few hours and flies...
Ivan Andr had to tell you
that no one touches it.
Every morning wake up before it's too late
and I wash my face with cold water.
But Nicole and Alexandre
not appear to be sleepy.
That makes no sense.
- God marks great sinners.
And you've been marked. Just think.
And your costume has always been so.
But look what happened. I'm unhappy.
Yes, you are unhappy. And there is a
terrible time for you in the future.
A lonely old age that is.
And then the red of the trial,
marry, marry you and your judgment.
I go. Ivan Andr maybe stay but I will go.
Go where?... How is that possibly
live there? - A Moscow.
Translations or I will live in the library.
Dear calm down.
Must have money for a library.
and get over it and come to me first day.
Dimitri's Day, will be well pleased.
But I will have a word with Ivan Andr.
Did I say something?
- No.
Wanted a drink.
I have to send it later, good night.
There was a rumor at the picnic
that someone wrote.
Forgive me, I'm sick.
That's, that's...
Do not worry is usual fever.
- I do not think I have the money.
Oh no, excuse me, not to despair
be patient.
How I can see a Dr. without money?
- Look I have since 7000 and I am indebted.
For all the heavens have to find it.
- I'll try.
It is believed that for Saturday. If no
escape for Saturday, all will be useless.
- A cream of this.
Need hundreds... for my patients...
Your little beast only destroyed
the weak and looked at that.
Only those with defects
do not fit naturally to reach posterity.
What you must understand is that just
as most perfect discoveries survive.
Yes I see. Let me Rs.100.
Know the mole, the mole has an
extraordinarily strong mouth.
Know the mole, the mole has an
extraordinarily strong mouth.
One reason for this is that when 2 moles
known underground.
They fight, it's all right, have a platform and
they enter into a fierce struggle for survival.
They fight until the weaker fall.
100 rupees on one condition.
They do not ask to borrow Laevsky.
No man has the right to tell me how
it is that I spend my own money.
Course, to show the money
Andre sense as wings.
Tell me honestly.
What is it you're looking for?
Well he wants to go to
Pittsburgh on Saturday.
Does she go with him?
No, he arranged the meeting in Pittsburg
send the money and then leave.
Can not you see the simple things?
He?? wants to leave.
No, no, all of that is guesswork.
He is so unhappy.
You can have the money.
You have to take a promise by
his honor that the ship in a week.
Why your honor?
- Your honor.
Did you hear that word?
Take on all heavens,
you're too old for that.
You let her condition.
If the lady takes him...
I can give my word...
go to his office and beat you.
Y break all my dealings with you.
My honor is worth more.
Is a good man?
Not a good man, has to be
constantly monitoring.
Good men still in sight but only
fall if someone if someone has a weak... imagine themselves in the same state.
- A liar can not be a bishop.
Why not?
A Bishop is a man, just like you and me.
Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Good afternoon gentlemen.
- Good afternoon.
Have Lighter?
Persero Soroco told me there tomorrow.
Soroco or rises, the wind is blowing
on the wind.
Provided may be a short trial with.
And its meaning is...
But if you, like me
go in my studio, can you?
Do not.
Do not go.
Fix your hair.
What do you want?
What? Why have not you
poured water this plant?
- Is dying of thirst, Do not you see?
But it was you that said
was going to do it yourself.
Where's my hat? If someone does not work
how I do things.
Katia, Dimitri
please do not run in the house.
Okay. Can you show 21?
In a minute, I must
attend to some business.
Was to see that?
- No, go to 200, I guess it is today.
I swear to God, for my happiness,
for everything in this..., I will send the
money as soon as you arrive.
If I send myself.
Listen Why do not you take your lovely lady
Impossible one has to stay to see things.
I see, why not send it first?
- I could not, she is a woman.
What I would do it alone?
I disagree with you.
'll Go with it and send fast.
Otherwise I will not give the money.
Those are my final words.
'Il See that and service is bad.
Come cheer.
Ivan Andr
I would like to talk to you if I may.
Sure Mrs. just hope I do not seek to arrest.
Yes good is a serious problem, yes.
What I have to say is that God gives us
greatest gift to give us children.
Well with it are the
adorable girls in the village.
I'm not talking about my daughter Ivan
Andr, talk time in a woman's life.
When it is more...
Arranged the gift that God gives us.
You and your husband have
protected her purity.
Mama I'm big enough to cut tell. - No.
Mother understand what it says.
Please tell her that he did well.
There is a season for all things.
Come on boy, you're ready
for an adventure now.
Ivan Andr, talk again.
Lika, why not have sauces?
Lady thanks. Many times.
I beg, this night. A full moon.
Can any of you gentlemen if
so this is a dance or ladies?
We are dying of thirst here.
I feel the love, can we talk?
- Yeah, yeah.
Why has not paid the visit?
We have good eyesight.
I'll be delighted, and I Laevsky are
preparing to secure the account.
Is very hot.
I have 21.
It's nothing, it happens.
Do not worry, it's nothing.
Here I am.
- Oh dear.
Unimaginable things happen to me.
He sat alone and suddenly.
You know all this...
...terrible disease and
is a pain not terminable.
Silly thoughts.
Is the time of the nerves. No nonsense.
Captain Goodnight.
Are we the youth will join Dimitri?
Be a great pleasure.
The younger the better.
To find love I'll play.
When once the fluorescence in
the water that's because...
I want to go to Madagascar.
- What?
Katia see.
We have to follow sometimes.
This time wait will be waiting.
See you guys.
Tomas my guide. Do you have anything?
- Nothing, we're still investigating.
Would be nice if we saw in the funeral.
- Good evening.
Do not need to have an explanation.
Many boys.
Some with this bit. That is so.
And man is furious...
You'll go far in the game with me. And now
're playing with the rich kid.
But me, I'm a gentleman. And
claim to be treated as a gentleman.
I am miserable.
- I.
For what I've done, I repeat not Ms. If
'll see tonight scandal.
In fact, I insist on 2
interviews. Today then tomorrow.
Me go.
Today and tomorrow. After tomorrow
can leave.
E go wherever you want. With the choice.
You're right, I'm a horrible woman so.
But let me go, let me see.
Federona Goodnight. Goodnight Federona.
Who's there?
- Is Federona at home?
She still is not.
Good morning.
- Morning.
Is it just as they are?
- Yes indeed, they are there.
How did you feel after yesterday?
- Very good indeed.
It was not much.
Until yesterday I thought earlier that
get hysterical ladies.
That's so cute.
Slaves had to know before it
but so what makes our civilization.
I must admit there were reasons for it
my house to be wrong.
Course I do not have the
absence of any interest in general.
My position is also at least this.
- If your position is a helper.
Well doubt that Pittsburgh was better.
Thanks mate.
Have you heard of my proposal?
- Just talking about yourself.
Also your friend was keen.
I'm here all day listening.
- What friend?
That Kasper.
- He.
Well proposition asking
my friend has lost this.
Oh good morning Mr. Here you go.
Do not stand sad.
- I aparecindome But you...
Properly to help me because I do not follow
obligations to respect the privacy of others.
Sorry, what's this?
- I have no money, not give it.
Rehsalo, nobody gives you the
right to chismees of my stuff.
I begged you not to say anything about me,
Who owns the business and how they live?
Yes wanna go away.
Yes I'm dead, I drink.
Live with another man's wife, 'm hysterical,
I'm so, desecrating some people.
With that businesses are these.
Excuse me...
- Respect the individuality of people.
Just continue gossiping about
other people's adventures.
Is appointed and well, never rest, this
is simple, fuck all, I want nothing.
I am a school boy. I'm not crazy.
I'm praying that are facing me.
May we take this as volunteers as well.
Good night.
What is this...?
- Enough.
I'ma known Dr. Russian and battle the...
...government official,
I have never been a spy.
Not let anyone insult me
Watch your language., Retract.
I have not asked for anything, let me just
take you or letters, I will fight with you.
I understand.
Andr wants surprised himself with jewel
they go.
Well I can give you that pleasure.
I accept that challenge.
What challenge? - A challenge...
...what you mean by that
when the 2nd meeting?
Okay, tomorrow morning I'll
give you the details go now.
I've hated for so long. Yes.
Now please get rid of him
Alexander. I'm afraid I will bite.
Lost your... Come, let, alocaste you.
- In my mind.
Thoughts I had in altitude. In silence
memories and thoughts.
Fall before my eyes.
Swiftly and curse so vitally
frame of mind to me...
Come with me tomorrow.
- No.
- No, I am not allowed, but you must go.
I think everything is fixed.
Copenasky and Volcon will follow.
Do you come tomorrow?
- Oh no, comprising not much.
What am I on my own?
Oh no, I was looking for
this is very replaceable.
Tell me please why attack me?
I go there with the least obligation
spy and that's a bad thing.
How it started,
what I said?
I told him that my position is hopeless
if I have reason.
I have to decide to be while being
honest, this is the healthiest position.
Oh I will not sleep tonight.
- Do not say that.
Definitely come to nothing.
How can you be so sure?
Laevsky magnanimous find a way to end.
And it can not be anything else.
And you sir?
I'm on my own.
I suppose that should not fire me.
I deserve it not rain.
- Probably. Please come with me.
I've been looking Ivan
Andr. You need to come quick.
I'm busy.
- Someone wants to talk.
Someone who does not know,
is very important.
How can you?
If you come, something bad will happen.
What is that?
- Over here.
Adentro. Do not be afraid.
This place is amazing.
I have never seen anything like this.
I take some?
Guess with this
no need to go further with this.
This place will be fine.
Still have not told my price.
Each side should pay me 50.
And eventually the death of the survivor
someone has to pay me 30.
- Sure.
I come like that, but last night was...
...complaining that Nadia
was found with another.
Do know that. So?
His hands are shaking.
For that kind of thing.
The fight him is to send
to fight a man who is drunk or something.
With a bullet?
- I do not know the formalities of dueling.
I have to say sir is confidential.
I urge you to look carefully at
Andre Ivan is not in a normal state.
The last night found his
wife with another gentleman.
That disgusting.
Knight, what are we waiting for?
Well gentlemen, I propose
should reconsider.
What is the formality?
Make an end to his knights misunderstood.
Shake hands, let
go home and drink for peace.
I have nothing against that.
If you feel guilt'm ready to apologize.
No need, I got up early, drove
8 miles from the city.
For just drink for peace. The
me says that grief is out of formality.
Oh I get it. Andr He wants to come
home and figure magnanimously.
But a duel is a duel.
I want to fight.
I want to fight.
Who remembers the
inscriptions by the laws?
To get them clear, yes. Pass it, pass it
I have a duel with someone.
Just keep your distance that is all.
Docha, please do not be walking
like a penguin tides me.
My friend, so good.
Beautiful Nadia.
You are here.
The boat goes, why do not you come?
- I'm coming, wait.
Then goodbye.
- Do not forget this either.
Yeah, at the end of the Earth.
- Goodbye and think about the issue.
If, at the end of the Earth.