Antonia's Line (1995) Movie Script

Already at dawn Antonia knew that her days were numbered.
She also knew that her last day had come.
She was not bad, but in contrast to the most-
-Did Antonia when the measure was filled.
She would call in those she loved.
Then she would close her eyes and die.
Farmer Bass would cobble coffin.
Olga, Russian, would sweep her with great delicacy.
It would not be something to be ashamed of.
Her grandchildren would sit by her side-
-for she wanted to know exactly how Dden-
- would bring her beloved grandmother to himself.
It's time to die.
She got up to begin its final day.
Is this?
Yes. Here it is.
It does not look like much.
It did not 20 years ago when I moved, either.
It has not changed.
It is not particularly beautiful, but at least it is quiet.
Were you born here?
Shortly after the war, Antonia home to bury his mother.
But the mother was still alive.
Your useless lump! Your shameless thief!
Just to let you know that I know.
Do you think I'm blind?
I do not see that you take them in the alley behind the church?
Completely gone. But as difficult as ever.
Your hypocritical wretch! Piece of shit!
She is right. Father was a dirty old man.
He's been dead for 30 years.
I have come home now, mother.
I came as fast as I could.
This is my daughter, Danielle.
Get out of my sight! Vipers!
False and ruthless! Boozer! Your perverse lecher!
Evil! Vicious and diabolical was you!
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit ...
And, mor.
Too late, as usual.
Just like your father. Amen.
Vila i frid, mor.
Though it seems unlikely.
That's Chiel. We met some.
Hello, Chieltje!
What old he has become.
There lives Krum finger. We were good friends.
I wonder how he made it through the war?
It's Crazy Madonna. She becomes moonstruck and barks.
Then the Protestant Furious.
He stands over her, in several ways.
That's Russian Olga caf.
She is also a midwife and liksveperska.
Where men pee on Saturday nights.
Then it stinks so that the nails kroknar.
And the nuns ... They apparently have not died out yet.
It is of course nonsense. But it belongs to.
If you look at ... the black sheep's back.
Proficient observed. Are you both drunk and blind now?
Just as hot-tempered and ugly as they did before
but you've got a well-layered girl.
Look at my sons, thoroughbred stallions both. Available to marriage.
Ready for breeding. It would be something for your girl?
Olga? A gin tack.
I have a daughter to offer too.
She is certainly retarded but strong as a pregnant sow.
And bridal chest has been full time.
Deedee! Kom hit!
Are you deaf, kid? Come in, I said.
Come, so they can watch you. Come now.
A hearty bite. Here you should see.
Does anybody want?
Hello there! Where will you go?
Drink the beer and shut your dirty mouth.
Antonia and Danielle returned to Antonia's roots.
They settled in the pink house.
They lived their own life, and the villagers found themselves in it-
- that you accept crop failures, malformed children
- and the obvious, albeit unreasonable, in God's omnipresence.
There was one who was happy to Antonia had returned.
Krum Finger never went outside the door-
- as Antonia took his daughter with him on a visit.
Remember how we used to walk in the woods?
The forest got to see a lot of, it.
- How's your wife? - Good. Just great.
Come on, you idiot.
Came back! You ungrateful dog!
Your miserable swine! Came back!
Admittedly figured lip slower than others-
- but when he chose Antonia went quickly.
Farmer Bas had only lived in the village for 20 years-
- which complicated relations with other farmers, but not with Antonia.
Now the church well get drunk.
Backward Deedee lived on a large farm with parents and two brothers.
As the men yelling and screaming was noted there that the women said nothing.
Where the hell are my Sunday shoes?
Have you seen my shoes?
A voluminous woman, it was her. Coba.
She was drunk on moonshine before the fair.
Then she dung cart and pushed his way between the church visitors.
Here is Bertje. His father was in the textile industry.
Krumfinger Bertje and I were friends.
He was an insurgent and hid Jews in the attic.
Someone turned him in, and they were shot them all.
And who did not dare to give him last rites?
Anybody home?
I would like to talk to you.
About what?
About us...
If the marriage ... I was thinking ...
You are a widow, and my wife is dead.
You are a beautiful woman ...
My sons need a mother.
I do not need your sons.
- Do you not a man? - Why?
Feel free to come and help us with things we can not do themselves.
It would be nice if we could get some help.
What do I get in return?
A cup of coffee, fresh eggs, vegetables.
Everything I own.
Well then. I'll think about it.
Behave yourselves, boys.
Bass came regularly and Antonia gave him his friendship
But no more than that so far.
- I would borrow the saw. - I'll get it.
I can do that.
Holy shit!
Ta said!
Pips! Pips!
Little friend...
I'll bake a cake for you ...
S and ...
Then, you get to swim ...
And tomorrow you should get new glasses.
The village obviously knew everything.
But they were silent as the grave Pitte been close to getting into.
When the wounds were healed disappeared Pitte- no one knew where.
"Kaka flock together," said Antonia.
Deedee and lip found each other.
- Have Krum Finger seen it? - He only cares about books.
It's not good. There is so much I can not.
So Danielle started art school. She was happy.
Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into years.
Antonia sowed and Danielle painted, the fields were green and yellow.
Done? Drag.
I want to have children.
How did you get such thoughts?
A man, then? Should not you have a husband, too?
No. I do not think so.
It only becomes difficult if we take someone from the village.
Farmers are just sner-
- and they do not look further than the next korumpa.
Take a deep breath.
Through the nose! In a few months we will go to standard
- and where we find the father of your child.
What is this?
There seems to be a home for fallen women.
Will they ever be able to get up? We go.
Come in. Come and sit.
Come and sit.
For my part, I can not imagine anything better than being pregnant.
This is my second and, believe me:
It's not mating act that is important, and not the child.
It is very wearing and giving birth. That's wonderful.
We are looking for ...
- ...a man. - A man? Who is not?
A man who can ...
... impregnate me. There is a child, I want-not a man.
He does not know.
As they say: What you do not know can not hurt you.
I'll do it.
Stylish motorcycle!
What He supports himself on faith?
- Does he have good genes? - We are related.
One more time.
- Did you see the stars? - No. Should it?
- It learns to help ... - It is probably not well.
- I'm starving. - It's a good sign.
We are a fertile offspring.
Thanks. And do not hesitate if you need my help.
- Come on. - This is gonna be good.
He would do well even if he was not genuine.
A kind of corruption that infects us all.
For that warns us of Peter, the rock on which the Church is founded on:
For those who allow themselves to be guided by the carnal begren-
-and who despise authority.
Jews kingdom went under because of the accursed Jezebel and a daughter.
Even more shame is that these varelser-
- are women. They should be a fredme-
-i subjection and obedience
- and teach their daughters to live in chastity.
May they reverse the signal
- so that they avoid being thrown into hell fire on Judgment Day!
Base realized that there was only one solution: blackmail.
Jesus, Maria, Josef...
And Jesus said to them:
"He who is without sin, let him throw the first stone."
And just as they had to do, we should examine our conscience
- before we sit in judgment of others.
Let us also remember that salvation came into the world through a woman.
To her, asking no vain for help and protection.
Let us remember the text on one of our female saints days:
She opens her mouth with wisdom.
On her tongue is friendly admonitions.
She is a good Mistress
And do not eat the bread of idleness.
Danielle gave birth to a daughter and named her Lisa.
The years went by.
When Antonia and Danielle visited Krum finger followed by Thrse.
She seemed to understand him better than what Danielle had done.
If we now imagine a different tidsskala-
- so that 80 years would end on 29 days-
-or last for 80,000 years.
- Time ... - What is it? Do we have time?
We have found the time.
The ants may have their own time ...
- And the crickets ... - and the bees ...
- And the butterflies' time. - And the trees time.
- Star Time. - And the lunar time.
- You smell bad finger. - Yes ...
It's the smell of the past.
Finger and Thrse took each other to the heart.
Their churches dogmas stood in the way of their love.
Protestant had longer to Madonna than she to the moon.
The chaplain resigned his office.
His exuberance was at odds with the Church's joy at the death.
I am free! I am free!
A while ago you asked for my hand.
It you can not get, but the rest you get.
After many years of abstinence, I feel the urge again.
Shall we say once a week?
A bit more often, perhaps? At least sometimes?
If the need arises ...
If the need arises, we will definitely consider it.
And not at the home of one of us. In our age, we should be for ourselves.
The seasons came and returned. The time propagated the signal
- but to give life to something other than itself.
Is it time again? How many have there been?
I have nowhere to go.
For the future of children doing what I kan.-Come in!
Simon, my ldste.-hat!
And this is Arletta.
Is it...
- It's Lisa. My daughter. - So cute...
- Sure, I have become great? - Dad in the day.
- How's dad? - Good. He has married.
With an ugly and wise woman who has a heart of gold
- and a brewery. He is very happy.
- Who is it? - It is the priest.
- He has resigned his office. - Oh ...
- God bless you. - It is to be hoped ...
The priest made her children every year-
- and they lived happily ever after.
- When did you learn to count? - When I was three.
- Who taught you? - I taught myself.
And Krum Finger has helped me.
How much is 147 times 48?
7056, of course.
The root of it is 84th
And the square of it is 49,787,136th
It is sad to have to say it, but your daughter is not normal.
- I'm a prodigy. - Yes, I'm afraid so.
This is Lara Anderson, Thrse teacher.
She has a great first class, of course, with 30 children.
- It is a difficult task. - Very.
Thrse is far ahead of the others and needs a lot of attention.
What I suggest is that you in the family-
- take responsibility for that she gets extra tuition.
In addition, I adapt lessons to her needs.
What subjects are you good at?
All spectrum of colors. She is really good at painting.
And she can do carpentry.
Krum Finger can help us. He knows too much.
- Philosophy, poetry, religion ... - Logic. Science.
I suggest two or three hours a day.
Should the passage is?
Would it fit, do you?
Starting with.
What time was that she was coming?
Would she not come for the food? It is now.
But she might have been delayed? Or so she does not desire?
- That was the day she would come? - Yes.
Drinking her coffee or tea?
How should I know? Stand still or sit.
Stig in.
Hej, Theresa.
- Hi! - Hi!
Mother Teodora says that God created everything.
But she does not think of who created God.
It is tragic that so many let faith prevail over the intellect.
I think I see that religion often causing death and destruction.
But now it was Plato.
Is not it terrible that nothing is.
Why is there so much.
Should I tell you how to eat artichokes?
Artichokes are large, round, thick vegetables.
The leaves are fleshy and tender.
First you boil them. Then pull the leaves, and a one-
-and dip them in a FRENCH DRESSING.
Then scrape the soft flesh with his teeth until it reaches the heart.
- The heart? - Yes. Heart.
- What to do with the heart. - It enjoys one of the.
One piece at a time. With closed eyes. It's a delicacy.
- Is the whole a delicacy? - Yes it is.
Should I get someone lesson, right?
And they beat the love in full bloom.
I can not sleep.
This year Madonna died of a broken heart.
Protestant followed her soon after. "Force of habit," said the village.
They disagreed BREAD AND NOT BED
Dan fell from the combine and broke his neck.
After having been missing for 15 years appeared Pitte up-
-and demanded his share of the inheritance.
Hit with cuddling ...
Looking at ...
My ladies...
- Who is it? - Satan.
Thrse grew up with Simon, Lettas eldest son.
He was in love with her and would remain so.
Simon is in love! Simon is in love!
Thrse soon discovered that it needed more than the head.
Music and Mathematics gave birth to the heart and brain.
She concentrated on the elements and came to master both.
Your thesis is, without doubt, its merits.
But it is important that you stay within the established framework.
I had specifically said no more than two pages.
And you wrote five. Therefore, you will fail.
Within our subject is of the utmost importance ...
"Championship is found in the ability to restriction."
Since you do not differ in quantity and quality-
- I am forced to conclude that you are incompetent.
For the sake of truth.
For the revolution!
Bottoms Up!
In these enlightened days became Thrse raped.
Av Kernels.
My treat!
Beer for all!
Do you have something to celebrate?
If you have the good way?
Sleep tight.
He is not here.
Get up!
Out! Fast!
- Take reasoning ... - No.
You move, I'll shoot.
I could kill someone, it would be you.
But I curse you, and my curse will follow you for life.
If you ever return should my anger tear you to pieces.
My hatred will destroy you, your legs will krossas-
- split your teeth, your tongue be filled by each.
Will you come back, the water you drink poison you.
The food you eat will rot in your throat the air you breathe devour your lungs.
In vain will you plead for relief of your pain. This is straffet-
Because you have raped a child.
Help me.
Janne was then the owner of the farm and thrived in his new role.
The village is buzzing with rumors, but no one was singled out.
They rejoiced over the dear anfrvantens death.
My scores will be built.
Are you happy about it?
Little friend..
The world is a helvete-
- where both tormented souls and devils dwells.
The saying is wrong: Time does not heal all wounds.
But the pain is alleviated and memories fade.
The years went by. Thrse celebrated twenty years.
Assume: The singular chain complex of the empty set is zero.
Assuming 5.8 gives the nth homology group is as fellow
- nth relative homology group if we, as a subspace, take the empty set.
Now we can construct a functor from ...
From the 2-category of topological pair to the category of chain complexes.
Define functor S as follows:
S of an ordered pair (X, A) is the singular kedjekomplexet-
- the room X modulo complex of A.
She spent time with some intellectuals, but was not satisfied.
It neokapitalistiska samhllet-
- make a socialist alternative to a non-material adaptation.
If a man is a cross of rela-
- this is what it primarily to process.
All relationships are disturbed, because the system makes it impossible to healthy relationships.
Just take the relationship between man and woman.
There is no chance when the community does not guarantee a greater consensus.
Their sophistry insulted her intellekt-
- and it was weak even with the physical exchange.
What have I done?
Thrse who was used to bring the best, found himself not in it.
Simon was not intellectually the equal of Thrse-
- but their friendship turned into love, and she was satisfied.
Will you marry me?
It only leads to misery if we marry.
I would have too little time for you.
But we love so well.
Just because.
Okay then.
I think I'm pregnant.
With children?
- Oh ... - Do you want it?
- Of course she wants. - Not at all.
- Of course she wants. - That you're not?
- Of course she wants. - Not at all.
- Why not? - Why should she?
- It should not she. - It is she certain.
- And, and, and ... - Nej, nej, nej ...
This I have to think it over carefully.
Have you no compassion on the child?
Would you not spare the suffering of living?
Should you deliberately forcing a child to life?
Set aside Schopenhauer. This is important.
How can we bring more children into the world?
This vile world ...
Thrse and Simon's daughter named Sarah.
A pretty girl. Redhead course.
Just like his dad. We are redheads in our family.
What a sweet kid ...
Thrse did not fully embrace the child in the way one might have wished.
Simon could not explain what it was due.
It is sad to have to say it, but your mom is not normal.
The time went by. The seasons flowed together and succeeded varandra-
-in a future winding dance
- as to put an end to the eternal circuit time of birth and death.
- Hipp, hipp .. - hooray!
- It is for you. - Did you think we had forgotten?
We had not.
Now you start with Sarah finger.
Then we read Nietzsche together.
Why do you never go out, Finger?
The best thing is to not have been born.
Not to be. Being nothing.
- The next best thing is ... - Stop now, finger.
To die.
- Mom! Look! - Yes, honey.
- Without hands! - Yes Yes.
What happened? Have you fallen?
- Can I watch? - Come here.
There's iodine in the cabinet there.
Great grandmother!
Read what I have written.
- But Deedee is not dead yet. - How nice! Then she read it!
Deedee! I have written something to you!
Here! It is for you!
To the dead Deedee. Deedee is a beautiful, dove gray.
But she is not dead. Would she do it, I would miss her.
For after the grandmother and mum
-and Lara and Grandma
- Deedee are the finest in the whole village, the whole province, the entire nation
- in the whole universe. It's Deedee, and she is not dead.
How nice...
Now I will write more.
Sarah's poem about Dead Deedee seemed to have revived the Dden-
- for dogs suddenly it very much in the village.
Letta was simply born twelve children, but the thirteenth was her death.
Damn it!
I had wanted to continue for a while.
The priest and the twelve children moved, and he became a social worker in town.
Janne got a well-aimed kick a long beaten cow.
Lip died in an accident with traktorn-
-and Deedee was inconsolable.
And than was awful units not.
My dear, little Thrse ...
It is absurd to think that the endless pain life germanium
-is throughout random.
No. So common that the misfortune is, it seems to be the rule.
Whose debt is it that we exist?
Hardly the sun, that has happened to give us life.
It is my own guilt, because I do not believe in God or the afterlife.
Otherwise I could allow myself hoping loading
- a heavenly dessert after a main course indigestible.
I can not accept the widespread view that "everything will be better."
It never gets better.
At best, or at worst, it is only different.
I do not think more ...
I want to especially avoid thinking.
S and ...
After Krum Fingers death drew Thrse away.
Danielle responded with impotent rage at her daughter's grief.
Where is Krum finger now? Where do they go?
Krum Fingers body is fire
And the ash is utstrdd the ground.
Nothing dies forever.
There is always something quarterly
-As give life to something new.
So begins life without knowing where it comes from.
- And why it exists. - Why?
Apparently wants life to live.
- Is there no heaven either? - The dance we dance is the only one.
Who of us will die first?
If I can determine, it will be me who dies first.
But I had not thought to do that yet.
I'll tell you when it's time.
But do not worry. I feel I have many years left.
It was good.
It should levas- it may make or break.
The time overcame the time.
It was born not as many children as the Lettas time
- but enough of that life would go on.
Sometimes crawled time forward slowly as a turtle.
Sometimes stormed to the front like a vulture in search of prey.
The time took no account of death or life
- to wilting or plant, love, hate or jealousy.
The overrode everything that is important to us and that makes us forget it.
Are you not feeling well?
I'm going to die.
I had promised to tell you.
It's not easy.
Go get the others.
Little friend...
I will not die until you're back.
Already at dawn Antonia knew that her days were numbered.
She also knew that her last day had come.
She would call in those she loved.
Then she would close her eyes and die.
Bass would cobble coffin and Olga, Russian, would wrap her,
- with great delicacy. It would not be something to be ashamed of.
Crazy Madonna wants me to come out and play.
Danielle would save her tears, and then let it explode on screen.
Granddaughter Thrse would consider over-
- exactly how much air volume Antonia's last breath contained.
And I, Sarah, her barnbarnsbarn-
- would not leave my beloved gammelmormor-
because I wanted to be when Dden-
- divorced Antonia's soul from her stunning body.
And when this long chronicle has reached its end
-is nothing accomplished.