Antony (2023) Movie Script

No! Please don't kill me!
I have a family!
The second round of
the semi finals
of the Holy Cross College Mixed Kickboxing
Championship is in progress now.
Meet Ann Maria, the girl of
confidence, of this college.
Also meet Robin Mathew, the champion
from this college last year.
It's a fierce battle
between the two of them.
Sir, it's a foul!
Ann, get up!
Robin, come on!
Come on!
- Minus 1.
- Hey! Come on!
Come on!
- No!
- Ann, get up!
Ann, come on!
Come on, Ann!
Come on!
Yes! Come on! Come on!
Come on, Ann! Come on!
Ann, come on!
- Yes!
- Hey, Robin!
- Turn around!
- Robin, look back!
Come on!
It's a foul!
Ask her to stop it!
I'll tell her now.
Sir! Sir!
They are from Ann Maria's home-town.
Her father passed away.
Oh my God!
Get her down.
- Okay, sir.
- Yeah.
Ann Maria!
[Rest in Peace
Xavier (45)]
[prayer song]
I couldn't believe that it was
'Scoundrel' Xavier initially, Father.
He was lying at the
bank of the river.
He died before we could
get him to the hospital.
- Is it done?
- Yes, sir.
Praise be to the Lord!
Praise be, now and forever!
Simon, Lawrence sir is here.
Lawrence etta!
Yes, Simon!
Namaste, sir.
What's the update on Tarzan?
They are such heartless people.
They didn't grant him parole.
- Shucks!
- Yeah, right!
Heartless, it seems!
As if he was sent to jail
for plucking roses.
Sir, who is this Tarzan?
- This dead guy, Xavier?
- Yes.
His younger brother.
For shooting a Tamilian
cop's wife to death,
he is in jail now,
at Coimbatore.
- Oh.
You're new here, right?
That's why.
You'll realize everything gradually.
Sir, from what I've heard so far,
this Avaran city is full of criminals!
Aren't we the ones who
create these criminals?
And... the guy who killed Xavier,
is much more dangerous than all of them.
Antony Anthrapper.
The Circle Inspector
arrested him yesterday.
The court remanded him as well.
He is in jail now.
From what I know, the first person
Antony killed was a Sub Inspector.
He torched him to death!
Then, a contractor
named Narayanan.
In both these cases,
there were no witnesses
or any kind of evidence.
He was acquitted easily!
This guy is his latest victim.
[After six months]
This place is covered
with dry leaves, Ichaya!
Isn't that why I asked
you to leave early?
- Chedathi!
- Selena!
Clean the entire house
before Boss comes home.
How many times will
you say this to me?
I'll handle it.
Here's the key.
Chedathi, please come.
We need to clean the entire house!
You must finish all
the work by noon.
- Got it?
- Yes, sir.
Yes, dear.
Don't squander time by gawking.
- Tell them as well.
- Yes, sir.
Come, Chedathi.
- Selena!
- Yes!
Come, help me with this.
You carry on, Ichaya.
I'll fold it.
- Shah Rukh!
- Yes!
- Where's Johnykkutty?
- He is upstairs.
Jamesettan is here.
Send Saji to get some Sole Fish.
- Don't forget!
- Hey!
Are the husband and wife
planning a grand treat for Boss?
Oh, nothing special.
Chicken, duck, anchovies
and sole fish with mangoes.
Where's Rathish?
Isn't he with you?
He has gone to make an offering,
since Boss is being released.
An offering of fireworks.
Has the load to Mavoor
been dispatched?
- It was dispatched yesterday.
- And to Kallayi?
It's being loaded.
Send the load to Perumbavoor
only after I call you.
- Rathish!
- Yes!
Was the offering made to
to help Boss get bail?
No, James etta. Our Boss should
be acquitted from this case.
I made the offering for that.
- Very good!
- Hamza!
- Coming!
- This will be done today.
You asked for next month's salary
upfront, right? You can have it.
I'll tell him.
It's Manojettan.
He wants to come to meet Boss.
He's really adamant.
What should we do?
You guys bring Manoj then.
We will be at the double cutting.
Get in, Hamzakka.
Boss is here!
Give me a cigarette.
How is Manoj doing?
Hey! Aren't you done yet?
Why does Mother Mary
need so many candles?
It's my main exams, Dad.
It's good to remind her.
Okay. So be it.
Hit him!
Dad! Dad!
- Get up, Dad!
- Move her away!
Are you hurt, Dad?
Come on!
- Let go of my daughter!
- Let go of me!
Let go of me!
- Let go of her!
- Dad!
Xavier, no!
Xavier, my daughter!
Did you think that if you and
your daughter testify against me,
- I'll rot in jail forever?
- Xavier, no!
My daughter!
No! Please!
Why did you have to come here
with that injured leg of yours?
He won't listen to us!
Manojettan was adamant
on welcoming you.
Yeah, right! As if I'd gone to receive an
Asiad medal, to give me a grand welcome!
How is your daughter doing?
She's going for counselling now.
- Boss!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
Stop it!
Get into the car.
Don't create a scene.
Get in, all of you.
Come on.
Get in.
You fixed such a
huge drink, man!
He was definitely
slashed out of revenge.
But none of us thought that
'Scoundrel' Xavier would die.
Isn't that why our Boss...
So what now?
If Boss had agreed then,
- I would've admitted to the crime.
- Hey! Hey!
- Stop it!
- Boss, I ...
Get lost!
James, take these guys away.
Come on!
- He wants to admit to the crime!
- Boss!
Forget it.
Come, let's go.
Manojetta, aren't you coming?
No. You guys carry on.
I'll be with Boss today.
Get going, man!
Your daughter will be
waiting, right? Go.
The priest had called
from the church.
He wants to meet you tomorrow.
[Vintage Malayalam upbeat song]
Come on in!
You guys continue.
Why did you call me here?
Well, I wanted to talk about...
a mother and a girl who lost
her father because of you.
Holy Mother Mary!
Everyone knows the reason why
you killed 'Scoundrel' Xavier.
Don't bother about that.
I only wanted to injure him in
retaliation for what he did to Manoj's leg.
I never expected that rascal to die.
Well, he deserved to die.
But I'm just worried that it
happened through your hands.
And... Xavier's wife Jessy...
is an eye-witness in this case.
The Circle Inspector
had told me about it.
But there was nobody over there.
No, dude.
She had seen it.
She told me personally.
If Jessy stands firm
on her statement...
Oh! Advocate Madhavan will
take care of all that.
He will take care of you.
- What about them?
- Huh?
I didn't get you.
Tell me what the matter is.
Well, I had spoken to Jessy.
If you transfer 10 cents of land
and a house into her name,
she's willing to
alter her statement.
You can easily get out
of this case as well.
That's not necessary, Paul.
Let the case take
its normal course.
You idiot!
Don't pick the wrong time to
be self-righteous, Antose!
Despite earning her livelihood from
selling crushed meat and pickles,
she's putting her daughter
through the best college here
and has her staying in a hostel.
So, considering the house rent,
educational fees, and hostel
charges, among other expenses,
they're finding it hard
to cope financially.
What do you suggest that I do?
It's not a suggestion, Antose.
I have made the decision.
You just have to obey it.
Isn't it wiser to
transfer the property
after she changes the
statement during the trial?
I mean...
what if she takes the
house and property
and then doesn't
alter her testimony?
We never know how human
minds work, right?
It's alright.
If she wants to
betray me, so be it.
I'll give it.
Come to the registrar
office tomorrow morning.
We'll complete the remaining
procedures over there.
don't forget any of
the required documents.
Reach there by 10 a.m.
in the morning.
Okay, Advocate.
I didn't intend to kill him.
For Manoj's sake...
It just happened by accident.
Good riddance!
Did we hit her?
My mistake!
Where were you looking?
Hey! Stop it!
Didn't she say sorry?
Where is Mr. Avaran's house?
- Avaran sir's house?
- Yes.
- Hey, Biju!
- Yes.
She wants to go to
Avaran sir's house.
Okay. Come, Chechi.
[International News playing on TV]
Hey, Varkey!
- Who is it?
- Avaran City! It's me, Biju!
What's the matter?
I've brought the home nurse.
Is she a fairy?
Not a fairy!
But an angel!
You're impressive, girl!
Come on in!
All of you arrive as angels,
but it doesn't take long before you
become witches and vampiresses.
- Hey, Biju!
- Yes!
Drop by every now and then and take
the car out to keep it running smoothly.
Okay, Avaran City!
What's your name?
- Maya.
- Maya, the illusion!
So, I don't have to see you, right?
You must be around 32 years old, right?
Huh? How did you know that?
Play songs sung by Yesudas from
various stages of his life.
And I'll tell you,
at which age he sang
each of those songs.
What are you doing?
I was laughing, hearing
what you said, sir.
When you laugh,
laugh loudly.
Only then can I see you!
- Come.
- Here you go.
Why do I need this stick?
Just hold my hand and take me.
But don't think that
I've become an old man.
Do you know?
Nobody would dare to laugh at
me like this, back in the day.
They were all afraid of me!
Avaran was the king of this city!
The king!
Well, forget laughing.
Nobody would even dare to
raise their voice at me.
This city is named after me.
Avaran City!
Mocking laughter needs no sound.
Answer it.
Who is it?
- Antony Anthrapper.
- Ah! Ah! Ah!
What's up, Anthrapper?
I haven't heard from you
since your release from jail.
I was just about to
come there, Avaracha.
That's when Circle Inspector
Pramod sir called me.
- He wants to meet me.
- Is it a new case now?
I don't know!
Don't get into unnecessary hassles.
He is here.
I'll talk to him,
and call you later.
- Okay.
Come out.
Come on.
What's up, sir?
Have you found a new
witness for Xavier's case?
I'll tell you.
Come inside.
I need to get rid of someone.
What's your deal?
Antony will disclose the deal only
after knowing what the job is.
Tell me what the matter is, sir.
Kalambukattu Lawrence.
I bought some land at Thankamani
and built a resort over there.
When did that happen?
I never knew all this!
It's not in my name.
It's in his name.
He is my proxy.
Lawrence had his eyes on that land.
That's why he did this to him.
Don't you understand?
- Chetta, we've made a reservation here.
- Doesn't matter.
This resort is banned.
You can't enter this place.
Bro, please don't stop them.
Please don't create an issue, bro.
Didn't Lawrence ettan tell
you not to run this resort?
Forget the resort.
You won't run even a small shop here.
If you create trouble,
we'll have to call the police.
- What are you doing?
- No!
- Simon!
- Yes, Ichaya!
Not over here.
Bring him to our factory.
No! No!
- Push him inside!
- Get in!
I've invested Crores in
this project, Antony.
Isn't it thuggish for him to
say he won't let me run it?
Do you expect thugs to advocate
for communism instead?
Lawrence shouldn't
trouble me hereafter.
Antony, you can tell
me what you need.
Don't you have three
house-boats at Kumarakom?
The operations and income from one
of them will be mine to control.
Only if you agree!
You can think about
it and tell me.
There's nothing to think about.
As you say, Antony.
I agree.
Leave without any worries, sir.
Thank you.
Where is Lawrence?
He's at the pool bar.
Get him out.
Come on.
- Lawrence etta!
- Yes?
The resort employee we attacked?
Antony is bringing him here.
Will it be an issue?
- What's up?
- The usual...
I bought the resort owned by
Jomon, whose hand you fractured.
The inauguration is on next Monday.
The Chief Guest is CI Pramod sir.
You know him, right?
The inauguration will be done
by Kalambukattu Lawrence.
How's that possible?
That is possible.
It's my decision.
Just obey it.
What if I don't?
I'll demolish you and this sham
of yours with an explosion.
Do you have any doubt?
Antony, no!
So, Monday.
10 a.m.
Welcome to Orange Valley Hills Resort,
To present a brand new
experience to tourists,
we're kickstarting
a new venture today.
First, we have the inauguration,
by Mr. Kalambukattu Lawrence.
To light the sacred lamp
and inaugurate the resort,
I respectfully invite
him on to the stage.
Welcome, sir.
Next, to the light the lamp,
I invite Pramod sir's children,
Arathi and Ashwathy.
I'm leaving.
I have another programme to attend.
Thank you.
To everyone who accepted our
invitation and came here,
Lawrence, don't go!
Let's share some sweets now.
There's a minor debt remaining.
Us, Christians...
don't have a God who specializes
in removing obstacles.
Poor Christ manages
everything all alone.
So, during emergencies,
there's nothing wrong in
depending upon Lord Ganesha.
So, praying that there won't be any
hindrances from you or your boys
in this resort's operations,
go ahead and break this coconut.
Break it!
What is this?
You're sitting here, Ichaya?
Don't you know that your sister and her son
are waiting downstairs to cut the cake?
Get up and come.
Come on!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Noel!
Happy Birthday to you!
Not for Mom.
Give it to your Uncle first.
- Happy Birthday!
- Wow! Sweet.
It's tasty.
- Hey, Varkey!
- Yes!
- Get me two glasses.
- Okay.
No, Chetta.
I'll take it.
Here are the glasses.
Give it to me.
Isn't this illegal hooch?
It's not hooch.
This is the 'Thunderbolt'.
The Idukki locals, who have
conquered mountains and forests,
created this medicine.
Hold it.
Fix a drink for her as well.
It heals...
all kinds of wounds,
both internal and external.
How is Manoj doing now?
Rather than losing his leg,
being attacked in front of his
child has affected him more.
She was really studious.
She will become alright
through counselling.
I spoke to the CI
about the boat.
But it wasn't for me.
It's for Manoj.
That's good, Anthrapper.
That will ensure his financial stability.
Poor fellow.
I had met Father Paul yesterday.
He asked me to invite only the
neighbours for the house-warming.
We'll invite your friends another day.
Oh! I don't have any friends, Jessy.
We'll be getting the keys
to the new house tomorrow.
You come along with me.
I've got a pile of
assignments to complete.
You go alone, Jessy.
- Mom!
- Yes!
If I ask you something,
you shouldn't pounce at me.
Once we shift to the new house,
shall I vacate the hostel?
No, no, no!
You'll have to keep
travelling up and down then.
You won't have
any time to study.
I'm fed up of staying
in the hostel, Mom.
It's full of ultra rich kids.
Our filthy life pales in
comparison with theirs.
Like a lone herbal oil bottle
in a sea of perfume bottles.
Don't make me sad, dear.
Once we shift to the new house,
you don't have to
stay at the hostel.
Here you go, dear.
Accept this, auspiciously.
Father Paul instructed you to enter
the house with prayers to Christ.
Only good things
will happen to you.
Is the picture slanted, Chedathi?
No. You feel so, because
Christ has slanted his head.
Looks like it's about
to rain, Chechi.
I need to buy certain things.
- Drop me at the shop.
- Okay.
Okay then, Chechi.
- Lazar!
- Yes!
I've kept everything ready, Chechi.
I need four duck eggs, as well.
- Your daughter has come home, right?
- Yes.
Add this to my tab.
Hey! Park the vehicle elsewhere.
I'll join you guys later. No one
should notice you guys hiding here.
- Got it?
- Okay.
Get going!
Will you be late, Mom?
- Will you be late?
- I'm on my way.
It's raining heavily over here.
- You've taken the umbrella, right?
- Yes, I have.
Boil some water to make tea.
I'll be there in a moment.
It's me, Simon.
Chechi! Chechi!
I'll hold the umbrella for you.
Or I'll drop you till home.
- Give it to me.
- Move away.
Why, Chechi?
Even I have some responsibility over
Xavier's wife and daughter, right?
I've repeatedly told you not to
approach me with such sweet talk.
Take your hand off me.
You hag!
Stop there!
So you took a house and property
for free from Xavier's killer
and are thinking of changing your
You and your daughter
don't need that luxury now!
Move away!
Hey! Stop there!
I will....
- Move away!
- I've been tolerating this for long!
- Don't quiver!
- Let go of me!
Stay calm!
[phone ringing]
We'll take Xavier's daughter
to our family home, Father.
Isn't that the tradition?
You didn't say anything, Father.
Let her stay with Chedathi here at the
orphanage for two days, for the time being.
You get going, Simon.
Take her with you, Chedathi.
Okay, Father.
My Lord,
"I will never leave you...
nor forsake you."
Merely stating that is
not enough, my Lord.
Please guide me on what to do
regarding Jessy's daughter.
You're really impressive, girl!
I no longer need to ask any
scoundrel to drive my car.
From today, you will be
Avaran's driver-cum-nurse.
- Hey, girl!
- Yes!
You'll find a pair of my old Ray Ban
sunglasses in the dashboard.
Take it out.
Yes, got it.
- Here are the glasses.
- Hey!
I am blind!
Why do I need Ray Ban glasses?
You wear it!
- Huh?
- Come on, wear it!
Have you worn it?
- Yes, I did.
- Have you worn it?
Then, flash a super stylish smile,
and drive at top speed!
Let the people of Avaran City
relish that sight!
- Have we entered the city?
- Yes.
Are people gaping at us
with their mouths wide open?
Yes, yes! They are watching.
Damn! If I'd brought
the double-barrelled gun,
I could've shot a few
rounds into the sky too.
- Step on it!
- Okay!
I wonder why Father Paul
asked me to come.
Avarachayan, it's dangerous to send
that girl along with Keecheri Simon,
the son of Scoundrel Xavier's uncle.
So what's your plan for that girl
who has lost both her parents?
Simon is adamant that...
she should be sent to some relative's
house in Iritty, Kannur, for her studies.
We don't know whether he
plans to let her study,
or do something else with her.
Anyway, she is in
the hostel now, right?
Let her continue there.
Keecheri Simon and his gang
are lurking around outside.
I can think of only one way, Avarachaya.
What's the sudden
meeting for, Father Paul?
What's the matter?
Antose, regarding
Jessy's daughter,
we need to take a decision.
That's why I asked you to come.
That's not possible, Father Paul.
No way!
we've been best
friends since school.
So, I'm saying this
as I trust you.
What are you thinking, Paul?
What are you saying?
This is like...
Her father died by my hand, right?
It's not possible.
Did you bring poor Avarachan
here knowing that I won't agree?
No, Antose.
- Avarachan.
- Yes.
Don't say anything.
This is not possible!
But we're not asking you to
make her stay in your house!
Till she completes her
studies and gets a job,
you just have to
take care of her.
Hey, it's just a protection.
Just like a caretaker.
That's all.
I can't take up
anyone's protection.
Hey, hey!
When facing death, it's comforting
to have untainted memories
that don't carry
the scent of blood.
If you stand in front,
Simon and his gang
will be intimidated.
That's the real deal.
Do you need to be told about the
pain of becoming an orphan overnight?
you were orphaned at a
certain point in life.
That girl is currently
the age you were then.
You must understand it
that way too.
I have a doubt.
From what all of you have
been saying, I feel...
Antony is both a
Satan and a Saint!
Which of it is true?
Long ago,
Antony's father, Chacko Anthrapper...
initially came to this town...
as the partner of
a timber contractor.
Kandankeri Narayanan.
That was his partner's name.
O' Goddess!
One fine day,
without Chacko's knowledge,
Narayanan smuggled Sandalwood
along with the timber from the mill.
And the forest officials
found that out.
They arrested Chacko, the licensee.
Get him inside the vehicle.
After getting released from jail,
Chacko sold his house and property
and got settled near Angamaly.
Antony was 19 years old then.
He had two younger sisters.
Oh! Stop it, Mom!
Sit there properly!
He's scared that his
hair-style will get ruined.
- Get lost!
- You get lost!
Don't fight!
Do it slowly, Mom.
His head is full of lice.
How come Dad is back from
the company early today?
- Dad!
- Yes.
- I think I'm going blind,Tessa.
- What happened?
I am starving!
- Come.
- Look at this, Dad.
- Apply the oil properly.
- Okay, Mom.
- I'll serve lunch now.
- Get lost!
Get lost!
- Shucks!
- Oh no!
Get lost!
Though Chacko had left the town,
he didn't forget what happened.
Chacko snitched about Narayanan's
sandalwood smuggling to the cops.
- Sir.
- Okay.
I will appear in any court
to testify against him.
You betrayed me, right?
After getting
released from Jail,
Narayan played a filthy game along with
Martin, a Sub Inspector from Angamaly.
You can have this.
Hey! Don't do it so openly!
- This is my own place.
- Okay.
Bring them out.
What is all this, sir?
Oh no!
Poor lady!
She doesn't know anything!
Bring those guys out as well!
Let everyone see them.
Along with the goons planted
by SI Martin himself,
police arrested Chacko,
his wife and his daughters.
Here comes the Boss!
What is it?
What's the matter, Sir?
So, this is how you
became wealthy, huh?
Chacko Sir does his business
using his wife and daughters.
Shut up!
Get everyone in the vehicle!
Leave my daughters, Sir.
Antony was not in the house
on that day.
Chacko had sent him to meet me
regarding the old sandalwood case.
Yes, Anthrapper!
Dad said that we should give
this to the lawyer tomorrow.
- Come inside.
- Okay.
The news appeared in the
next day's newspapers.
'Immoral trafficking'
'Businessman's wife and
daughters arrested!'
Where is it, Shaji?
The night the news
appeared in the newspapers,
Chacko and his family
committed suicide.
The moment I heard
about their death,
I went to Angamaly along with
Antony to receive the corpses.
On the first anniversary
of losing his family,
Antony went to meet SI Martin
for the first time.
Close the door, Chechi.
Soon after that,
he returned to Avaran City...
to meet Kandankeri Narayanan.
- Gracy!
- Yes.
- You may leave.
- Okay.
And yeah!
Just because you came here today,
don't be late for work
at the quarry tomorrow.
- I won't pay your wages.
- Oh!
After committing those murders,
he came running to this front-yard again.
He erred in a way that any son
might, after losing his family.
That's why I'm on his side.
Antony can be a Satan.
But he is a good man!
During this period, he bought back
the house, property and the factory...
that his Dad had
sold when he left.
the entire Avaran city
is under his control.
Come, dear.
Carry only what's necessary
for your college and hostel.
I will send the rest
to the orphanage.
Don't think that you are alone.
Antony will take care of
all your requirements.
- What?
- Hey, Father!
You focus on the
diocese's affairs.
You don't have to take decisions
for our family.
Stop talking nonsense
and move aside!
If she was raised on
what our Xavichayan provided,
we can take care of her too.
I am her uncle.
Come on, girl.
- Let go of her hand!
- Come, girl!
- Come!
- Leave her!
Don't use force, Simon.
Listen to me.
Get her inside the vehicle!
This is their family matter.
You needn't interfere in it.
I brought them here to
solve this family matter.
Get her inside the vehicle!
Stop it, Antose!
- Did you see it, Father?
- No, Father didn't see it.
Father focuses only on the
affairs of the diocese.
Was this really necessary, Simon?
How many times have I...
From now on, Father will make
decisions regarding the girl.
And I will execute it.
And don't you dare to intervene,
talking about your relation...
Get lost!
Be careful, lads.
He has been thrashed badly.
Maintain a smooth ride;
avoid causing any shakes.
His body is quite damaged!
Start the vehicle!
Get in here.
- Go on, dear.
- Okay.
Get in.
go to the hostel first.
From there, go directly
to the college. Okay?
Hey, girl!
I'm not familiar with
the requirements of students.
Just tell me if you need anything.
Don't hesitate.
Father Paul has asked me to take
care of all your needs.
I'll inform Father Paul
if I need anything.
You may leave, Antony.
How dare she call me by my name?
Hey, don't go.
You're Antony, right?
Ann Maria's local guardian?
Principal had told me.
I'm Priyamvadha.
I'm Ann Maria's department head.
- Come.
- Where to?
Principal wants to
meet you. Please come.
By the way,
Principal is a very
tough disciplinarian.
You have to be like...
Be cautious when you
interact with him.
I can only interact in
this manner, Teacher.
What's your name?
It was only because of
Father Paul's compulsion,
that we gave admission
to her, three years ago.
You know, her interest
is more on violence...
than academics.
During the last championship,
she brutally attacked a boy.
The boy was hospitalized.
- That day, he...
- Shut up!
Don't use sports as a
means for your vengeance.
I'm well aware of the issues you've
been causing at the hostel as well.
This institution is home to
students from esteemed families.
If you display your lowbrow culture
here again, I will not tolerate it.
Hey, local guardian!
It's not enough to just
drop her off and leave.
You should come here once in
a while and inquire about her.
Yes, Antose.
What happened at the college?
What's that item?
What item?
That Principal!
If he wasn't your relative,
I would have smashed his skull.
Bloody rascal!
Well, once she finishes her
studies, punch him in his gut!
It's completely alright!
Well, I think that hothead
herself might do it.
How can you build a wall
across our road overnight?
- Don't we have to go for work?
- Shouldn't we send our kids to school?
This is atrocious, Basheer Moplah.
Listen! This is my property
and my road!
Ill decide whether a wall
should be here or not.
not only did you
usurp the poor's land,
but you also erected your
home on government wasteland.
Now, if you block
their road as well,
we will demolish it.
Will you demolish it?
Let me see how you do that!
Hey, Moplah!
Stop shouting!
Listen to me.
- What do you have to say now?
- Hello. Antony?
- Yes.
Please come to the college.
Ann Maria....
What is it, Teacher? Did
anything happen to her?
There is a small issue.
You must come.
Don't say anything.
As long as I am alive,
neither will I demolish this
wall nor allow anyone to.
- Is that your final word?
- Yes, it is!
- Ratheesh.
- Yes, Boss.
Start the vehicle!
Who wants to demolish it?
Who wants to?
Who wants to demolish the wall?
You can demolish the wall
only over my dead body!
We're not demolishing your wall.
Boss has ordered us to
demolish your house!
Start the vehicle!
Stop it!
- Stop it!
- Move aside!
Stop it!
- Demolish it!
- Stop it!
Oh no!
- Stop it!
- Come on up!
Please don't demolish
the house, James!
Demolish that wall, if you want to.
Stop it, Ratheesh.
- That's enough!
- Okay.
Come quickly!
I won't tolerate such
atrocities of yours!
I told you I will
not tolerate it.
What's the problem, sir?
What is it, girl?
I got into a fight while
playing basketball.
Have you called me here
for this trivial matter?
Look at this girl!
Don't let her go!
Go, block her!
Block her!
Get lost, you scoundrel!
- What did you call me?
- Scoundrel!
I hit her because she
called me 'Scoundrel'.
Did you see that?
Look at her arrogance.
I don't like people
calling me that.
Hey! Please...
If someone calls me 'Scoundrel',
I'll hit them again!
Please keep quiet, girl.
Anna won't repeat it.
I'll ensure that.
Please forgive her this time.
What has happened has happened.
She will not repeat it.
On her behalf,
I'm saying 'sorry'.
She is the limit.
Sir... Please.
She won't repeat it.
I will take care of her.
Why did you apologize, Antony?
Now, she's the decent one,
and I am the scoundrel!
Wasn't she at fault?
Aren't you supposed to study
here for some more time?
Be patient.
Calm down!
She really is a scoundrel!
- Isn't it?
- Hmm.
It's funny for you!
I was in the middle
of such a big issue,
and I get this call saying she
pinched and scratched someone!
Is it tapioca and meat?
- Yes.
- Yes!
- Father Paul!
- Yes.
- Come. Let's eat.
- Okay.
Doesn't Anna have any relatives
on her mother's side?
No. Xavier was not in
this town for a while.
And when he came back,
he came with this wife and daughter.
I saw Jessy for the first time then.
If she had someone
to take care of her,
would they marry her off to
such an international wastrel?
Anyway, you've burdened
Boss with this hassle, right?
Yes, that's my speciality.
It's a big deal if you
guys get into a fight.
And it's a big issue if she
starts a fight at college!
We don't start
fights unnecessarily.
She won't do it
unnecessarily either.
- What is this?
- Why are you driving like this?
It's not me! I hit the brakes when
Antony's Jeep landed in front of us.
Are you going to kill me?
- Yes.
- What?
Not just you!
- Father Paul as well.
- Why?
I'm off to that college
for the eighth time
to deal with that
rascal girl's antics.
But is she grateful about it?
Each time I resolve an issue and
return home, I get another call!
See! They are calling again!
Yes, Teacher.
Are you about to
reach here, Antony?
I'm not coming in an air-plane.
It's a Jeep.
I will come.
Don't laugh!
I'll get back at you for this!
- Start the vehicle!
- Okay.
Are you sitting here
and staring at him?
How did you realize that I was
staring at him, Avaran City?
Well, Anthrapper is a
fiery and bold man, right?
Yeah, right!
- Noel!
- Ann!
Come here.
- Are you okay, Noel?
- What are you doing, Ann?
I told you she is
dangerous and notorious.
She is an in-born criminal.
She would have killed him if those
students hadn't pulled them apart.
She can't remain here
for another second!
Go, dump her at some
detention centre.
I'm going to terminate you.
One minute.
What's the issue, girl?
Can't you get that
by looking at him?
Wait, sir.
Let me ask her.
Tell me, girl.
What's the issue?
He told me that he loves me.
Is that the issue?
I had told him that
I don't like him.
Was that the issue?
Then, he started stalking me.
He follows me around and
says nasty things.
He shoots videos of me
without my knowledge.
I put up with it
for quite a while.
When he blocked my way,
I asked him to move aside.
Then, this scoundrel said...
What did he say?
'Aren't you the one who sleeps with
the guy who killed your father?'
Hit him.
Hit him.
Hit him!
- Son!
- What nonsense!
Have you called us here
to tolerate his thuggery?
- Yes, consider that so!
- Hey!
Call security. Ask them
to throw him outside!
Please, Sir.
You've been messing around
with her for a while, sir.
No matter who creates the issue,
she's always the culprit for you.
And you want to dismiss her too.
Isn't that so?
I didn't intervene so far, thinking
that it might disrupt her studies.
Who do you think you are?
I've been wanting to slap you,
since the day I saw you!
Will you dismiss her?
Will you?
If you ever interfere
in her matters again,
I will break your ribs, you pig!
Bloody scoundrel!
You might want to ask
about me outside.
My name is Antony.
Anna's local guardian.
Did you hear me?
Come, girl.
Your bail application...
has been rejected.
Do you think you can go scot-free after
shooting the Police Superintendent's wife?
It's Tamil Nadu police.
You can't go anywhere.
You won't leave this jail alive.
They came home with him
straight from the hospital.
I was the one who informed
them that you'd be here.
He committed this atrocity clearly knowing
that he's Kalambukattu Lawrence's nephew.
Take him home.
- I know what to do.
- Okay.
Okay, Ichaya.
Come, son.
Sir, Lawrence calling.
Tell me, Lawrence.
What's the update on Tarzan's
case, Dhandapani sir?
Next week, there is
a High Court hearing.
He will definitely get bail.
No matter what you do,
he should get bail, Sir.
You don't worry.
Manojetta, the boy who got
beaten up is Lawrence's nephew.
- Boss.
- Yes.
Did that girl really
thrash that boy?
He wouldn't have seen this many
stars even during Christmas.
Her punch was so powerful!
When I threatened him,
you should have seen
the glow on her face.
It wasn't because she
triumphed over him.
It was because someone
stood by her for the first time.
I can understand that.
- Poor girl!
- What happened to you, Boss?
You weren't this way with
that girl in the past.
She is a child, right?
Her only companion, her
mother, also passed away.
When everyone mocks
and isolates her,
should she act like an angel?
You carry on, James.
I have to go to the
church for a prayer.
- Father.
- Yes.
Please hand over the responsibility
of that girl to someone else.
She has been creating
issues constantly.
Boss should have time
for all this, right?
Did Antose say so?
Call him.
Don't make us wait.
It will be ready soon.
- Hello.
- Boss.
- Yes.
- Father Paul wants to talk to you.
- I'll pass the phone.
- Okay.
- Hey, it's me.
- What is it, Father Paul?
- Is that girl really a burden for you?
She is a kid, right?
If you want me to make some
other arrangement, I'll do that.
No, no.
Let it go on like this.
I called James because...
next week marks the death anniversary
of your parents and sisters.
We will take care of
what's required here.
You should be in the
church during the mass.
Let's distribute biriyani to the
children at the orphanage and the poor.
- Isn't that enough?
- Okay.
That's good.
Do that.
- Okay. I'm hanging up.
- Okay.
O Lord, please bless this society,
this house and all of us with prosperity.
Now, always and forever.
[indistinct prayers]
The Holy Shrine,
the wellspring of mercy's grace
Emerges now
within my mind's sacred space
Your sympathy,
a gentle rain upon my soul
Silently seeps within,
making my eyes whole
Who else but you,
the unwavering flame
Can offer refuge,
dispel the darkest claim?
With a heart perplexed,
I seek your guiding light
As the sacred Lord proclaims,
our souls unite
A single heart's sacrifice,
bathed in holy light
In remembrance of Calvary,
with voices whole
We sing praises to the humble soul,
a harmonious role
The Holy Shrine,
the wellspring of mercy's grace
Emerges now
within my mind's sacred space
Your sympathy,
a gentle rain upon my soul
Silently seeps within,
making my eyes whole
Chechi, give it.
- Make it fast.
- I'll give it.
- Okay. Now serve the food.
- Okay.
Keep it there and
bring the chicken.
Serve it over there.
Shall I serve some for you, dear?
Want some more?
O' Lord of love,
grant your sacred decree
Permission to dwell
eternally with thee
O' Lord of Justice,
with reverence I plea
A fleeting moment
to bow in your sanctity
The Holy Shrine,
the wellspring of mercy's grace
Emerges now
within my mind's sacred space
Your sympathy,
a gentle rain upon my soul
You can sit there.
Yes, Teacher.
You should come to the
college immediately.
Today is my family's
death anniversary.
- I'm there...
- A strike is happening here.
Ann Maria is leading the strike.
What strike?
She is planning to
dig her own grave.
You must come quickly, Antony.
Right at this time...
Education is our right.
It's not anyone's charity.
We shouldn't accept this fee hike about
which no prior information was given.
80% of students in this campus
are from wealthy families.
Then what about us?
This strike is for us.
It is our right to protest...
than to accept injustice.
Until the management
gives us an answer,
we will continue this strike.
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
- Roll back...
- Tell the students
that if anyone
supports this strike,
they will be terminated from this college.
This is the management's decision.
Sir, please.
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
- Roll back...
- Fee hike!
Get up and give it to
someone else, girl.
We are on strike, Antony.
Let them do it.
You go back to your class.
This strike is for
the poor students.
Why should I stay away from it?
I came here from my family's
death anniversary prayer.
So, stop justifying
and do what I say.
Give that to me.
Give it!
We are doing a peaceful strike.
Please do not create
an issue unnecessarily.
- Move aside!
- Stop it, Antony!
This is our problem.
What right do you have
to intervene in this?
Go outside, Antony.
What right do I have?
Don't you know my right?
It's not the townsfolk...
but Antony who pays your fees,
attends to your needs,
rushes to your aid
when you create issues,
and bow down in front
of the people here.
It's not for me.
It's for you.
And you're questioning
me about my right?
Hey, Teacher!
Don't call me again,
to tell me about her.
Don't waste my time.
Heartless, arrogant girl!
Don't create a scene here, Antony.
There is no scene.
Girls like her should be
sent to the orphanage.
Hey, Antony!
Let her go and rot somewhere.
- Shucks!
- Wasting my time!
That was so cheap.
Yes, it was cheap!
It was very cheap.
- She ...
- I'm not talking about her.
I was talking about you.
You've become smaller
than her now, right?
So shameful!
You shouldn't be allowed
inside the church.
Don't talk rubbish, Paul!
It was all of you who placed
this cross on my head.
And you want to enjoy
whipping me, right?
It's not a problem for
you if I get insulted, right?
Wait. It will be ready soon.
Eat it and go.
Get lost!
You're solely responsible
for the situation I'm in now.
Then what about that girl's situation?
if your sisters were
in that girl's place,
will you say this?
Why is he calling me at midnight?
What is it?
Should I say 'sorry'...
or say 'pardon me'?
Which is the better word?
- What?
That girl is not leaving my mind.
What should I do?
What should I tell her?
Hang up,
you little lamb!
Hey, Teacher!
I'm on the way there...
to meet Anna.
- A fight?
- Yes, Antony.
A big fight is going on here.
Management brought goons
from Theni to end the strike.
The students ran inside the
college, followed by the goons.
Come fast, Antony!
- Hey! Stop there!
- Come here!
Come on!
Leave him.
Hey, stop! Stop!
All of you have jobs because
there are students here to study.
Who gave you the license to
beat them up and detract them?
Are you playing games?
You better stop this, you pig!
I didn't beat you outside
because I respect this chair.
This will be my last visit!
Did you hear me?
I will do whatever you want.
Don't hit me again.
The issue regarding
the fee is solved.
Tell the students.
The management has
accepted your demand.
The fees won't be increased.
- Official declaration will come now.
- Yay!
Please forget about
yesterday's events.
That's not a problem.
- Where is Anna, Teacher?
I bragged about everything
I've done for her....
I don't know anything
about that girl.
She is a girl, right?
Just like all other girls,
she will also have her
own desires, right?
I don't know anything.
Don't be sentimental like this.
Antony is a sentimental guy.
That's why I became a criminal.
Hello, Anna!
- I want to see you, Antony.
Of course!
- Tomorrow is Sunday.
- Come to the hostel, Antony.
Anna wants to see me!
Phew! I'm relieved.
Okay then.
You have forged
several relationships.
But the relationship between
two complete strangers?
Oh my Jesus!
Its beauty is incomparable!
I'm not sure if it'll fit you.
I bought it on a hunch.
I asked you to come,
to inform you of a
decision I've made.
I'm relinquishing your protection, Antony.
Well, I made a mistake due to
a sudden burst of anger, girl.
No, Antony.
The mistake was mine.
I shouldn't be studying
at someone else's expense.
I'm quitting college.
And... my stay...
You were right, Antony.
I truly belong...
in the orphanage.
Hey! Don't get hung up
on one word I used.
I've been without a home and
family for many years now.
I don't know how to
deal with all this.
I never wanted to hurt you.
Why not view this as
a simple disagreement
between people who
care about each other?
What should I do now?
Should I ask Father Paul
to give you a call?
Should I fall at your feet?
What should I do?
This is too big for me.
Come, Antony.
Ann Maria!
What's the time now?
Don't you know that the outing
time is only till 6.30 p.m.?
But I went out with Antony, Madam.
So what?
He's not your father, right?
Do you have a doubt, Madam?
Do you?
Anna, shall I thulp her?
That's not necessary.
Hold this.
I'll be right back.
Here's the key.
I'm not staying here any more.
That's awesome.
We'll find another hostel.
Come on!
That's not necessary.
Let's go to your house, Antony.
Come, Antony.
I'll get that!
Come in.
You can keep that bag here.
I'll bring the rest of the luggage.
I shield you,
cherished as my sight's dear core
Safeguarding like a cloud,
with you to soar
O' feather so soft,
so gentle in hue,
I thought they would
keep each other company.
A cradle of joy
Come, I'll show you your room.
In this nest I craft for you
Arriving in jest,
she's the mischief in my days
A droplet in life's stream,
shimmering with sun's rays
Burn bright,
like an earthen lamp's steady flame
Dream wide as the moon,
let each night exclaim
Thank you.
Be my shadow in the sun,
my lantern in the night
In every moment, by my side,
holding fast and tight
In my heart's hearth
A hut so warm,
for the cuckoo's gentle rest
A bower of jasmine blooms
to cradle the firefly's zest
I called Father Paul in the morning
and brought Chedathi here.
Prepare all her favourite dishes.
A bower of jasmine blooms
to cradle the firefly's zest
- That's not right.
- Just do that.
- That's all!
- But Boss...
Are you trying to teach me
what to do?
- Antony!
- Yes!
What's up?
I'm late for college.
Unlock the secrets held so tight,
Awaken to the dawn's soft light
Water's deep will don a snow-white glow
If your smile persists to show
In the splendour of a drizzling twilight
Let dreams once veiled meet the sight
With the day's first sun
in your gaze so bright
Adorn the paths with morning's light
Ascend the heavens, oh so far,
On rainbird's wings, be your own star
In my heart's hearth, a hut so warm,
for the cuckoo's gentle rest
A bower of jasmine blooms
to cradle the firefly's zest
In my heart's hearth, a hut so warm,
for the cuckoo's gentle rest
A bower of jasmine blooms
to cradle the firefly's zest
Burn bright,
like an earthen lamp's steady flame
Dream wide as the moon,
let each night exclaim
Be my shadow in the sun,
my lantern in the night
In every moment, by my side,
holding fast and tight
In my heart's hearth, a hut so warm,
for the cuckoo's gentle rest
A bower of jasmine blooms
to cradle the firefly's zest
In my heart's hearth, a hut so warm,
for the cuckoo's gentle rest
A bower of jasmine blooms
to cradle the firefly's zest
What is it?
You must get the bags, Antony.
Didn't you go to
sleep yet, Chedathi?
Father Paul is here.
He has been waiting
here for a while now.
Why are you sitting in the dark?
I'd have come there
if you had called me.
Give me a cigarette.
Light it up for me.
What's the problem?
You should come to the church in
the morning itself, along with her.
What's the matter?
Someone has sent a letter to the Bishop
House, regarding the two of you.
So, the Bishop is coming tomorrow.
Who's so itchy here?
Why is Lawrence so
pissed with you?
Not just him.
He has quite a few supporters too.
Along with that,
there's Keecheri Simon too.
They won't let me live peacefully.
Anyway, you guys come
to the church tomorrow.
Come, have a drink and go.
No, dude.
Let all this settle down first.
Sending a daughter away with
the man who killed her father,
and now they've started
living together, as well.
What the hell is going on, Father?
I didn't know that you were in so much
pain thinking about this, Lawrence.
If an unmarried fellow like him,
lets an innocent girl
like her stay in his house,
don't you know what
will happen, Father?
Father, this issue pertains to
the morality of our Parish.
What message is the Vicar trying to
impart to the believers through this?
- This girl's future...
- Even when Xavier was killed,
or even when her
mother Jessy died,
where did your morality go?
Had it gone on tour to Ooty?
Father, let them talk.
What's wrong if two people
who are not relatives
stay together in one house?
But this girl has a relative here.
Didn't he promise
to look after her?
But for that, she also
has to agree, right?
How can you say that, Father?
When her father's relatives
are calling her...
Can you please stop this?
In case you're referring
to my paternal relatives,
know that 'Scoundrel' Xavier
isn't my father.
I have never seen my real father.
He deserted us and went away,
when I was just three months old.
I had a step-father after that.
Ever since I can remember, the
way he held me, touched me...
I knew it wasn't
affection driving him.
My mother used to carry me around
like a kangaroo would protect its child.
It was not to make me a champion,
but to keep me safe from him,
that my mother put me in boxing
classes at the age of eight.
And she sent me to live in a
hostel, all out of her fear for him.
My mother used to draw a cross and
pray for Xavier's death, daily.
And the Lord heeded
her prayers too.
And, Antony...
Even though I address him as Antony,
in my heart, I'm really
calling him 'Dad'.
I'd like to make this
clear to everyone here.
I'm old enough to make
decisions regarding my life.
So, there's no need for anyone
to gather the community and
express concern on my behalf.
Come, Antony.
One minute, dear.
- I thought your itch was cured.
- What is he doing, Father?
Who do you think
you're messing with?
- Antose, leave him!
- Don't mess with me, you pig!
Let go of him!
Listen to me!
Don't do all this in the church.
Go on!
- You sit there.
- Come, dear.
Sit down, man!
How do you feel now?
Has the pain subsided?
It's okay.
I am feeling better after
taking the tablets from Maya Chechi.
These are the only times I ever wish...
I was a guy.
That's nice!
But I like girls.
Girls tend to have a stronger
bond with their fathers.
- This man is your father.
Your father, who
deserted both you and me.
Ravi Varma.
Do you want to see him?
The man who's supposed
to be my father...
I want to see him once, someday.
- And?
- Lawrence owned the quarry,
but when the townspeople
united in protest,
he sold it to a contractor
from Kochi named Arjunan.
The contractor is merely a proxy.
Its Lawrence whos
really calling the shots.
Those who stand against them
are assaulted and forced to flee,
while protesters' homes are
invaded and vandalized.
That's what they've been doing.
The geology department and the party
workers are all on their side, Boss.
Let me think about it, Thomas.
- Go.
- Okay.
Shall we go there, Boss?
We're not taking up
this case, James.
But Boss...
They are innocent people.
It's a genuine case.
However genuine it is,
we're not intervening in this.
This decision is final.
What happened to him?
Ever since that girl came into his life,
he has changed completely.
James and the boys are angry
because I left them behind.
No, dude. It's good that
you left them behind.
Throughout my solitude,
all I could see were enemies before me.
Now, all that has begun to change.
That's the problem.
- Contractor Arjunan?
- Yes.
I am Father Paul Kattakkayam.
I'm the Vicar of this parish.
- Praise be to the Lord, Father.
- Now and always.
- Contractor, we've come--
- I know!
If you've come here to
appeal for all these people,
I had already told
them my stand.
Our company is ready
to pay the compensation
for their rehabilitation, Father.
These poor people have been
staying here for a while.
For them, homes are more
than just bricks and stones;
and can't be
displaced with ease.
- Who is this?
- He is my friend.
Antony Anthrapper.
So, that's Antony
without the cassock.
And this is Antony
in the cassock!
The area surrounding this quarry is
inhabited by people of limited means.
So, from youngsters like you,
we hope to see more liberal
and informed choices.
- So...
- So?
Will the church repay the funds
I've invested in this property?
Is it okay if I repay it?
I'll pay enough to prevent
any losses for you,
and buy this property.
I didn't buy this quarry to simply
sell it off to random goons!
Throw everyone out
and lock the gate!
Move aside!
Thomas, get up!
Hey, Antose!
Should you or Lawrence, your mastermind,
decide to return here to claim the quarry,
I'll blast you to pieces!
Get lost!
Wait! Wait!
You received your share from Antony
without the cassock, didn't you?
Now, would you like another round
from this cassock-wearing Antony?
Get lost!
Hey! Shouldn't we go that way?
No! Let's take this route.
I don't want her to see me.
Here you go!
Where are you going?
I forgot to water the plants.
If I don't do it now...
Just come in, man!
Half for you, always, whether
it's a thrashing or a Biriyani. Come!
But, dude... will she
fall for this Biriyani?
I had promised her that I
won't get into fights.
Don't know what will happen.
Anna, dear.
Anna's favourite Biriyani.
Give it to her.
- Father!
- Hello.
She is resting.
What happened?
It's nothing, Antony.
She fell down.
What happened?
Any issue at the college?
No, nothing.
A vehicle zoomed by me as I was crossing
the road after getting off the college bus.
I didn't notice it.
I'm alright.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
What is it, James?
- Johnykkutty!
- Where is he?
In the ICU.
Over there.
- Did the doctor say anything, James?
- He hasn't said anything yet.
- Here, right?
- Yes.
I'll just meet the doctor.
It happened at our motor garage.
He has lost a lot of blood.
It was Lawrence, Boss.
He has regained consciousness.
He wants to see you.
Was it Lawrence?
Hey! Let go of me!
Xavier was my brother!
My own blood!
What is it?
Something absent from my
life for the past 25 years...
Feels like it has made a return.
To die and to kill.
Anyway, let's meet
CI Pramod tomorrow.
Last Wednesday, the Coimbatore Court
granted bail to Tarzan.
Based on the information
I've gathered from my contacts
it was Lawrence who
arranged for the bail.
To be frank,
since it's Tarzan,
I don't think the police
would be of any help to you.
Pramod sir!
Please talk like a police officer!
Instead of targeting
his enemies directly,
he targets the people who
mean the most to them.
You killed his brother Xavier.
And he sought vengeance...
by stabbing Johnykkutty.
He has a secret name,
used by the Tamil Nadu Police.
If there's any chance
for a compromise,
I would say that will be better.
the only people I
have in this world,
are two daughters,
whose mother passed away.
You can leave, sir.
I'm helpless.
That's why.
Tell me, Avaracha.
Hey, Anthrapper!
Don't say anything back.
I am going to meet Tarzan.
- No!
Let me talk!
Tarzan's father was my driver
for around 20 years.
Won't he give me that consideration?
You don't have to
do that, Avaracha.
Hey! Had your father
Chacko been alive today,
what would he have done?
I'm doing the same!
Hang up!
Why did you want to meet me, sir?
Whatever happened was not right.
But you shouldn't cause
any trouble hereafter.
Instead, Antony will do
whatever you deem is necessary.
What has he offered me, in return for
slashing my brother to death?
He had no intention of killing
Xavier when he slashed him.
Each and every one
who's part of his gang
will be found dead and rotting away at
obscure corners of this Avaran city.
Tarzan, vengeance won't
bring back what's lost.
I'll make sure Antony
departs this town for good.
He will obey me.
That would be better for both of you.
Say another word,
and I'll forget the gratitude
my father had towards you.
You'll be sliced up
and sold by the pound.
Shut up, you scoundrel!
It's good that your brother died.
Antony did what the fathers of all the girls
in Avaran city have always wanted to do.
Take that old hog away from here.
Get up.
Get me my sunglasses.
Did everyone see it?
No! No one saw it.
Hey! If your blood pressure shoots
up due to your over-thinking,
I will have to take
you to the hospital.
Come on. Let's have the medicines,
and drink some soup.
Oh no!
"Remember you are dust
and to dust you shall return"
May the Lord Almighty who said so,
place you on His right
on your last day.
I'm not sure who's next, you or her.
I'm going to meet him.
- To meet Tarzan!
- Buddy...
I'm not sure whether I'd come back,
You gave Anna to me,
and I'm returning her back to you.
Anna, dear...
Avarachan used to say that the five of us
were as integral to him, as his body parts.
Now, the one who was our head,
is buried beneath this ground.
What about me then?
You are my lifeline!
Hey, girl!
You must give this to him.
To Anthrapper.
He needs God on his side now.
Shall we come along?
You guys should be with them.
Something has been trapped, sir.
I think it's a wild pig.
Go and bring it.
I'll be at the bar.
Come on.
Got it?
Is it an elk or a pig?
No, man!
It's Antony!
Come on up here, boys!
They won't come!
I came to meet you,
after finishing them off.
It's a hunting gun.
If you move,
I'll shoot you!
If I kill you,
I'll be paid your weight in money.
That's Lawrence ettan's offer.
Stop blabbering
and shoot him!
If you're brave enough,
stab me from the front!
I'm tired of bowing down to you!
What are you doing here?
I asked James for the location.
I came to give you this gun.
Don't take me to a hospital.
It will be a police case.
So, how will you
escape from this case?
Pramod sir will handle all that.
Do you have the
'Thunderbolt' at home?
Let's go home.
Your treatment will be enough for me.
Will I die, girl?
Those who wish to die,
will live long.
And those who wish to live?
I died once when I
was 17 years old,
when I lost my
parents and sisters.
To die again, I'd need
someone to kill me.
- Knock-Out.
- Yes, and it's a knock-out!
The winner of this year's
Mixed Kick-boxing Championship
of Holy Cross College,
Ann Maria!
- Hello!
- Hello?
- Antose!
- Yes, Father Paul.
I have done what you
had asked me to do.
Bring her to the church.
- Congrats.
- Thank you.
Well done!
Antony, come!
- Father Paul had called.
- What for?
He wants to meet us.
Shall we go there?
Let this be in our house now.
Stop, stop!
Just a minute, Antony.
Special prayer meet.
Lawrence, 56.
41st Day of Remembrance.
Father is waiting for you inside.
You wanted to meet me, Father?
Mr. Varma!
Ann Maria.
This man...
is your father,
who deserted both of us.
Ann Maria!
Where was I all this while...
and why did I do that--
I just wanted to see you once.
I've seen you now.
That's all.
What are you looking at?
Can't you see that it's raining?
Thank you, Lord!