Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made (2018) Movie Script

Man: Since the dawn of cinema
we've been making movies
about hell and the devil.
And they've been just films,
so they've been
safe. Antrum is not safe.
Narrator: In 1988
a small movie theatre in
Budapest, Hungary
burnt to the ground.
Bystanders that had witnessed
the event described it as if the
building had spontaneously
erupted into a monument of fire.
Killing the 56 people who
were watching the film.
The film that was screening
was called "Antrum".
AJ Bond: It was released in
one theatre and it burnt down.
It's kind of the holy grail
of underground cult films that
no-one has seen, except for
a handful of film festival
programmers who are now dead.
And the rumor is that the
film is cursed
and anyone who
watches it will die.
Nathan Fleet: You know
of Nakata's "Ringu",
Verbinski's "The Ring",
Carpenter's TV movie "Cigarette
all about movies
that kill people.
But Antrum is that movie.
Nathan Fleet: From
what I've heard,
because I haven't
seen it, a young boy,
a young girl in a forest,
digging a hole to hell.
Narrator: In 1983 the film was
submitted to film festivals
across the United States.
It is known that it was
submitted to at least
7 festivals, from which it was
rejected and never received
a public screening.
AJ Bond: It was like
the work of the devil.
It's like the devil
started submitting
a film to film festivals.
Narrator: Several of the
festival programmers had
suffered a fatal or near fatal
incident shortly
after watching the film.
This list includes Janet Hilberg
of the Jones Park Festival
who died of a seizure 24 hours
after screening Antrum.
She was said to be discussing
her rejection of
the film with a colleague,
moments before collapsing
in a local coffee shop.
Asen Gadjalov: And is that
possible for an art form to
change the physical
being of a human?
This is since day one, since
Greek times when we had theaters
and hospitals next
to each other,
and people go to hospitals
watching shows to actually heal.
So is that possible for an art
to have the opposite effect?
Absolutely yes.
Narrator: Tom Stylum of the
Colorado Film Festival suffered
a fatal electrocution
the following
morning in his kitchen.
Robert Kayle: No, I am not one
of those people that are
"I'm afraid because its spooky",
And maybe some people died
between this time and that time.
But it hasn't anything to do
with the film.
Nathan Fleet: I believe that
could mess you up, forever.
Narrator: And most
bizarrely Joe Barringer of
the La Jolla Film Festival
while at the beach
had fallen on a stonefish
and incurred a venomous sting
close to his abdomen.
Among the most
venomous fish alive,
they are very seldom found on
the coastal shore
of the United States.
Joe's accident occurred in the
afternoon mere
hours after his screening.
AJ Bond: Seeing even the
small portion that I did,
It's not a super scary, like you
don't jump out of your
seat with scares.
It just...
gets under your skin.
Narrator: The final deadly event
that transpired before the films
mysterious disappearance
occurred in San Francisco
in November of 1993.
The film's growing notoriety as
'the movie that kills' enticed a
local movie theatre to screen
the film.
The audience was well aware of
the film's alleged curse,
before they entered their seats.
Shortly after Antrum began the
mood in the audience turned from
playful amusement to
a palpable anxiety.
This growing anxiety amongst the
crowd escalated into a stampede
towards the theatre exits.
Which had all
unexpectedly been locked.
This had created an all-out
panic where a large number of
people started rioting and
viciously fighting one another.
Resulting in over 30 injuries
and the trampling
and death of a pregnant woman.
Narrator: Later toxicity tests
revealed that the majority of
the audience had ingested
lysergic acid diethylamide.
Or LSD. Yet every patron
they did not take the drug.
Upon further investigation,
Richard Samy,
an employee confessed to
slipping large portions of the
drug into popcorn
butter that night.
Every present for that screening
of Antrum has declined an
interview for this film.
AJ Bond: And as a result
it's been lost for years.
Some people don't
think it exists,
some people claim to
have seen it and lived,
and now apparently...
You guys have found it.
Narrator: The producers of this
film have successfully tracked
down a sole copy of Antrum at an
estate auction in Connecticut.
The print revealed itself to be
typical of a film shot in the
late 1970s on 35mm stock,
with the exception of notable
peculiarities found both in
the film's sound and picture.
Analysis suggests that these
peculiarities are deliberate and
designed to provoke both a
physical and psychological
effect in the viewer.
There are
reasons to suggest that since
this print has been
in circulation,
some unknown third parties have
manipulated it as there are
multiple occurrence of what
appears to be un-related and
graphic footage
spliced into the film.
Since the producers of
this film are unsure about
the origins of this material.
They feel the audience should
be specifically warned
about its illicit nature.
For the first time publicly
screened in over 20 years
we present to you Antrum, The
Deadliest Film Ever Made.
Nathan: Mom?
Where is she?
Nathan: Mom?
Nathan: Mom?
Maxine, is she in heaven now?
Mom: No, Maxine isn't in
heaven, Because she was bad.
Oralee: Another nightmare?
Oralee: Soon.
We'll see her again.
Oralee: Do you still
want to go down there?
Oralee: Ok.
Oralee: Remember there's
no bringing her back.
Nathan: I know.
Just her soul.
Nathan: What is it?
Oralee: Let's see.
Hand me the book please.
Oralee: Oh.
Nathan: What is it?
Oralee: They're offerings.
They protect this place.
Nathan: To keep bad
things from getting in?
Oralee: To keep bad
things from getting out.
Oralee: Ike says, Everything
here is something
that somebody once loved.
To enter the forest, you
must make an offering.
Something very special to you.
Oralee: Feel braver?
Nathan: I have to pee.
Nathan: Oralee!?
Oralee: Nate.
I'm right here.
Nathan: I was...
I was looking for
you, where were you?
Oralee: I was just,
right over there.
C'mon bud.
Nathan: But...
Oralee: It's fine. C'mon...
Nathan: Where are we going?
Oralee: First, do you
remember the verse?
Nathan: Yes, ' In the abundance
of your trade you
were filled with violence in
your midst.
And you sinned.
So I cast you out as a profane
thing from the Mountain of God.
And I destroyed you o guardian
cherub from the midst of the
stones of fire.'
Oralee: Good.
This is the forest where the
devil landed when
he was cast out of heaven.
And at the very spot, we'll
find the entrance to hell.
The Antrum.
Oralee: Come.
Let's see.
Go all the way up And
all the way back down.
Nathan: Here?
Oralee: Yeah.
Oralee: Ready?
Oralee: With this prayer,
nothing bad shall come of us.
Oralee: One by one
we pray to thee.
Nathan: One by one
we pray to thee.
Oralee: Protect us
from all we'll see.
Nathan: Protect us
from all we'll see.
Oralee: From all we'll
hear and touch and smell.
Nathan: From all we'll
hear and touch and smell.
Oralee: From all the
unknown dark in hell.
Nathan: From all the
unknown dark in hell.
Oralee: Together now.
Oralee & Nathan: One
by one we pray to thee.
Protect us from all we'll see.
From all we'll hear
and touch and smell.
From all the unknown
dark in hell.
Oralee & Nathan: One
by one we pray to thee.
Protect us from all we'll see.
From all we'll hear
and touch and smell.
From all the unknown
dark in hell.
Oralee & Nathan: One
by one we pray to thee.
Protect us from all we'll see.
From all we'll hear
and touch and smell.
From all the unknown
dark in hell.
Oralee & Nathan:
One by one we pray to thee.
Protect us from all we'll see.
From all we'll hear
and touch and smell.
From all the unknown
dark in hell.
Oralee: Ike said,
The deeper we dig,
the more the forest
around us becomes darker.
And with each
layer that we pass,
the deeper in hell we'll be.
Nathan: Ike said that?
Are you sure?
Oralee: Cross my heart.
Nathan: And hope to die?
Oralee: And hope to die.
Nathan: We're in
the first layer.
Oralee: Yeah? Wow.
Nathan: I don't hear anything.
Oralee: What are we
supposed to hear?
Nathan: Trumpets.
Oralee: Nate?
Oralee: Nathan?
Oralee: Nathan, it's a demon!
Come here, come here, come here.
Be very still.
You see that?
Nathan: That's just a squirrel.
Oralee: That's a disguise.
They're trying to disguise
themselves so you don't know
that their demons.
They're tricking you okay?
They're lying.
Oralee: Stay right
here, don't move.
Oralee: Use this
wand to cast it out.
All sticks here will
channel your energy.
You need to run after it
and we have to cast it out.
Cast him out!
Oralee: Just a stone.
Oralee: Hey Are you hungry?
Nathan: Is that a demon?
Oralee: No. It's a man.
Nathan: What's he doing?
Nathan: No!
Man: I'm sorry.
Nathan: I found something.
Oralee: Looks like a...
Pill bottle.
Oralee: Nathan?
Can you hand me that?
Oralee: You scared me!
Nathan: I saw something.
Oralee: It's okay.
Oralee: Let's get
ready for bed Nate.
Nathan: Your feet stink.
Oralee: Come on.
Nathan: One by one
we pray to thee.
Protect us from all we'll see.
From all we'll hear
and touch and smell.
From all the unknown
dark in hell.
Oralee: Did you
brush your teeth?
Nathan: No.
Oralee: Go brush your teeth.
Nathan: I don't want to.
Oralee: Your breath reeks.
Nathan: You need to wash
your feet So, only if...
Oralee: Nathan you need
to brush your teeth.
Nathan: I won't brush my teeth
until you wash your feet.
Oralee: Oh.
Nathan: What?
Oralee: Oh no!
Nathan: What?!
Oralee: Cerberus.
Nathan: What is Cerberus?
Oralee: Shhh.
Oralee: The gates of the
underworld are guarded
by the ferocious Cerberus.
A 3 headed dog with razored
teeth and piercing eyes
who can tear up not just your
body, but also your soul.
He is charged with keeping
devilish beings from leaving
hell And most importantly,
keeps living mortals out.
Nathan: Will Cerberus come
after us for coming here?
Oralee: Cerberus is chained
to the gates of hell,
which are in the 5th layer.
So we're safe.
Besides, he'd have
to smell us coming,
so as long as we
don't smell foul.
Nathan: I'm going to
go brush my teeth.
Oralee: Okay.
Nathan: You should
wash your feet.
Oralee: Everything okay?
Nathan: Yeah.
Nathan: One by one
we pray to thee,
Protect us from all we'll see.
Oralee: What?
Nathan: I have to pee.
Oralee: Well then go pee.
Nate, what are you doing?
Nathan: We're in
the second layer.
Oralee: How do you know?
Nathan: Because
they scratched me.
Oralee: What?
Oralee: Who scratched you?
Nathan: They scratched me.
Oralee: Where did
they scratch you?
Oralee: Nathan.
Did you do this?
Oralee: Holy water.
Oralee: Let's see them
get us through this.
Oralee: You Okay?
Oralee: Let's go find Maxine.
Nathan: Let's go find Maxine.
Nathan: Maxine! Maxine!
Oralee: Maxine!
Oralee: Which way?
Nathan: Maxine!
Oralee: You know you are the
bravest kid I have ever met.
Nathan: Maxine!
Oralee: Now remember we have
to find something of hers,
that's how we'll know
that we've redeemed her.
Oralee: What is it?
Oralee: If we find her soon
we can be home by sundown.
Oralee: Nate Come on, let's go.
Nathan: We're in the 3rd layer.
Oralee: No, we're not.
Let's go this way, come on.
Nathan: Its more dangerous now.
Oralee: No, it's not.
Okay? I promise.
Nathan: Maxine.
Oralee: Nathan!
Oralee: Quick, grab your bag!
Nathan: But what about Maxine?
Oralee: No! We're leaving now!
Oralee: NATHAN!
Nathan: No!
We can't leave without her!
We can't leave without her!
We can't leave without!
Oralee: We'll come back!
We'll come back!
We will come...
Oralee: Now
Nathan, now!
Oralee: Get in!
Nathan, get in! Nathan!
Oralee: Nathan?
Oralee: Nathan!
Oralee: Nathan?!
Oralee: NATHAN!
Oralee: Come On!
Oralee: Are you okay?
Nathan: One by one
we pray to thee,
Protect us from all we'll see.
From all we'll hear
and touch and smell,
From all the unknown
dark in hell.
Oralee: You can do it.
Hand, hand, hand.
Nathan: Cerberus!
It's Cerberus!
Oralee: The Hunters!
The Hunters will see us!
Nathan: Cerberus!
Nathan: Cerberus!
Nathan: I saw him.
I did see him.
Oralee: Drink this.
Nathan: The chains that keep
him tied to the gates of hell...
He must have broken them.
Nathan: Why won't
you listen to me?
He, Cerberus, I saw him.
Oralee: Nathan!
Nathan: I saw him!
Oralee: I lied to you.
Digging the hole to hell,
saving Maxine, I made it up.
I made it all up!
I was trying to help you.
I don't know how you got it into
your head that Maxine went to
hell, but your nightmares...
I thought, If I could make you
believe that we saved her soul,
maybe they'd stop.
Cerberus, he isn't real.
Because I made him up.
Nathan: But, Ike's Book says...
Oralee: No, I made Ike's Book.
I drew all those pictures,
I made the stories.
Ike didn't give it to me.
Because he isn't real.
Nathan: But...
Nathan: I met him.
Nathan: Behind Erin's
Diner, just like you said.
Oralee: You must
have dreamt it Nate.
Nathan: He showed me things.
Oralee: What did he show you?
Nathan: That you
would try to trick me.
Oralee: How was I
going to trick you?
Nathan: With her collar.
Oralee: Go! Go! Go!
Oralee: Nathan!
Oralee: Please! Help! HELP!
Oralee: Nathan!
Oralee: No! No no no!
Oralee: Nathan!
Please no!
Nathan: No! NO! NO!
Oralee: Run!
Oralee: Nathan!
Oralee: Nathan!
Oralee: Nathan!
Go to the light!
Oralee: Go away!
Oralee: Nathan!?
Oralee: Nathan?
Nathan: Oralee
Oralee: One by one
we pray to thee,
Protect us from all we'll see.
From all we'll hear
and touch and smell,
From all the unknown
dark in hell.
Oralee: One by one
we pray to thee,
Protect us from all we'll see.
From all we'll hear
and touch and smell,
From all the unknown
dark in hell.
Oralee: One by one
we pray to thee,
Protect us from all we'll see.
From all we'll hear
and touch and smell,
From all the unknown
dark in hell.
Narrator: The Producers have
commissioned an investigation
into the physical print of the
to see if there is any
scientific basis for the strange
phenomena surrounding Antrum.
The film contains distinct
peculiarities speculated to
provoke a physical and
psychological effect
in the viewer.
The first was the presence
of binaural beats.
Auditory illusions that
stimulate specific frequencies
within the brain.
Brock Fricker: Well
binaural beats,
a lot of people over the
years have studied
sub-sonic frequencies.
What you hear is
maybe 500 cycles.
But if one's at 500 cycles, the
frequency on the left side And
the frequency on the right side
is maybe 504 cycles,
your brain would
pick up on 4 cycles.
And 4 cycles could induce
some kind of a state.
They can make you enter into a
state of euphoria like a high.
Others can cause you
to feel very anxious.
And supposedly
certain frequencies,
if they're loud enough, can
even cause you to
have nervous breakdown.
Narrator: A more puzzling
peculiarity was that over the
original print there was an
invisible layer of some type of
thin plastic, Cut and fitted
precisely over frames.
Tabitha Zhu: Those are sigils.
So sigils and symbols
are said to hold an
emotional power over people.
You don't have to be consciously
aware of these associations to
be influenced by it.
These associations, they
are deeply embedded in the
collective unconscious
of human culture.
For example, something as simple
and commonplace as a triangle
carries with it powers with
special associations.
For example, in the western
world the triangle
is associated with trinity - the
father, the son and holy ghost.
In the Eastern cultures the
triangle means
manifestation and illumination.
And for the occult, the
triangle is a summoning symbol.
Interviewer: A summoning symbol?
Tabitha Zhu: Exactly,
a summoning symbol.
Interviewer: To summon...?
Tabitha Zhu: To summon,
The devil or whomever...
Dr. Ivan Gaston: You know I'm
familiar with the particular
sigil of symbol that
is used in Antrum.
Basically it's an evocation
to call upon one of 72 demons.
In this case the particular
sigil that's in the film belongs
to the demon Astaroth.
It's from a grimoire,
a spell book.
It acts as an invitation to
whoever is exposed to the sigil.
Basically its saying
'do you want to play?'
Dr. Ivan Gaston: In the village
of Laon in France back
in the mid 17th century.
A group of magicians believed
that the children of the village
were more in league with
The Devil than with God.
So, they decided
to evoke Astaroth.
Now nothing was heard from
the village for about 2 weeks.
They found every man,
woman and child in church,
sitting in church, with their
mouths open
as if beatifically singing.
Only thing was that
they were all dead,
they had been murdered.
Now in the main square, they
found the magicians walking
in a circle, holding onto their
They had gouged
out their own eyes.
That is the power of Astaroth.
Tabitha Zhu: I don't think a
sigil or a symbol or in this
case a movie can
physically harm someone.
But it is widely known that
beliefs can
strongly influence people.
For example, the Kurdaitcha, who
is a ritual executioner
of an aboriginal tribe in
All he has to do is point a bone
at a victim
and the person
quickly becomes apathetic,
unresponsive and death occurs
within days
of being "cursed" so to speak.
But it is a psycho-somatic
response to what the medical
community refers to as
a self-willed death.
Asen Gadjalov: I believe
in the power of the fear.
And the way the fear
works with people.
I do believe that people can
make themselves believe so much
in things, that they can turn
those things into truth and
that imagined truth, or
this imagined feeling,
which could be fear,
Can end their life.