Anuraga Karikkin Vellam (2016) Movie Script

But still, why would've she
slapped me the other day?
At times we never ever can understand
what these girls are up to.
''Everyday thousands of people wake up
early in the morning and come''
''The sweet city of dreams
has woken up''
''Everyday thousands of people wake up
early in the morning and come''
''The sweet city of dreams
has woken up''
''You or me, me or you''
''Aterrific festival''
''You or me, me or you''
''Aterrific festival''
''At dawn, they are rushing to fight''
''Fate is playing''
''Getting no refuge,
they are running back''
''At dawn, they are rushing to fight''
''Fate is playing''
''Getting no refuge,
they are running back''
''This is a world which dreams,
a world of imagination''
''This city is dancing in happiness''
''This is a world of freedom,''
''Aworld of music, this city
wakes up in frolic''
''You or me, me or you''
''Aterrific festival''
''You or me, me or you''
''Aterrific festival''
''Stars, stars, stars of the sky''
''Are coming down to earth,
and going back''
''The clouds rumbling
in a new rhythm''
''Won't ever shatter
in the vast world''
''Taking an auto in the first junction
and getting down at the fourth,''
''And roaming the Mall, their eyes tired
seeing the sights,''
''They played and returned from fight''
''Looking like spears
stuck on the ground''
''This is a world which dreams,''
''A world of imagination''
''This city is dancing in happiness''
''This is a world of freedom,''
''A world of music''
''This city wakes up in frolic''
''You or me, me or you''
''Aterrific festival''
''You or me, me or you''
''Aterrific festival''
We'll come a bit late. Okay, then.
What did FATHER say?
Oh!! Busy fidgeting with your phone!
Didn't you hear me?
What did FATHER say?
Oh Oh!! Then what were You
doing until now, mummy?
What did Vicar, say?
What will he say!!? Copied and
pasted every line of whatever you said.
And l started playing Candy Crush
when l got bored of his lecture.
Oh my Jesus! Listening to Sermons
is good! Do you know that?
Let it be! l don't deny!
Even otherwise, you don't
need family or Church!
Get married and then you'll learn
through experience!
Well, mummy, shall l ask you a doubt?
What is it?
Mummy, when you saw your mother-in-law
for the 1st time before marriage,
what did you call her?
Don't provoke me!
-Oh my sweety! - Get lost!
Hot chilly!
Ask sirto consume little
or else he may get ulcer.
As if he obeys my words!
Without this, he'll not take his dinner!
Never listens!
There is a guest for you in the morning.
Aunty, is Abi there?
Sleeping! You?
l'm Elizabeth. You don't know me?
She is my mummy. Mummy.. She's
Abi's mom. Suma Aunty
Something stinks here!
This is waste, right. You get inside.
Please come!
Come mom!
Hi, Anu!
Wow! Here is Molecule!
Mom, hold this.
Aunty is B.Sc Chemistry!
That's why she's named it Molecule!
Am l right, aunty? -Yes!!
Shahrukh Khan, ah!! Hey, you!!
-Dude! - Hey, Dude!
Your fees?
Hasn't he paid it still?
-Me? - As if he will pay!!
What is the problem?
She has come to my house..
Who? Priya?
-No, Eli! - Shucks!
What then? l came out of the house.
See this!
Do you know how to build this?
Don't know, is it? Come, l'll show you.
Dude, why did she call you last night?
What is it, dude, tell, please tell!
l knew that day itself when discussing
about marriage it was all your decision!
-Come on touch and see! Easy...Easy..
-Please leave it there!
l simply lied to herthat mom saw the photo
and rejected her because she was short!
Just to avoid her l said so.
How do l know she will come home directly?
Will she ask mom about that?
Hey, easy..
He's not picking up the call.
May be he's gone forjogging.
During some particular situations,
my bro goes forjogging!
Couldn't you inform and come?
Needlessly troubled everybody!
Well, we'll move, then.
What aunty, you told that l am short.
lf l put on the heels,
l'd look taller by 2 inches! See!
l'll move, aunty. Bye!
Call up Abi!
Looks like trouble has gone away!
-Aunty, what is for breakfast? - Sprouts!
Oh sprouts!! l'll move, then.
-Where were you? - l went forjogging.
Wait! l need to ask you something.
Some girl came home looking for you.
l dealt that
-Not going to work? -
Let me think upon.
Have you ever turned up
at that Comfort Station?
lf work is not completed on time, those
Club people will grab me by my throat!
Do you think this is a child's play?
Whatever l do, l do it differently!
Plan will reach you when it's ready.
Just a Comfort Station on the Bus stand!
Not a Taj Mahal, right?
O Cherian! Getting Old and Old! l should
wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.
Good morning, Cherian! How are you?
Good morning, sir.
-Good morning, Abhi! - Good morning, sir.
We got this new offer,
1 .5 crore housing project
l know you are not
interested in small projects
But maybe this project will
give you chance to prove yourself.
Thank you, sir.
By doing such low cost bathroom projects,
Will there be any growth
in an architect's career?
l'm confident. l can do it.
l can definitely do it, sir.
-Are you sure? - Yes, sir.
Very good.
Cherian, what do you think?
- Hello! - Eat!
When l came home, where were you, Abi?
You know how upset l was?
What for?
Why did you come home?
Come Abi, Come..
Don't get angry, let me talk.
See, Abi, Suttu says Abi.Abi..Suttu, say Abi!
l shall call you back.
- Come on..Come on. - Sir.
Don't hang the phone.
What project? What are you doing?
Tell me and go, Abi!
Colony Housing project!
Are you doing it, Abi? All the best!
l will call you back later.
Come on...Come on.
Don't harm him...No..Fed up of him!
50 houses for 1 .5 crore!
Over there. Got it?
Shucks! Do l need to build a dog house
with this mere 3 lakhs?
Don't we need at least
10 - 15 lakhs forthis Workshop?
That Englishman deliberately put
me into this trouble. l'm sure.
Valentine's day?
-Eh... - Valentine's day?!
Hello, what happened?
What if we bash him up?
Hey no..
- Why are you getting scared?
- Not necessary.
Let nobody dare learn driving
on your bike! Come!
-Come l say! - Abi, no..
-Whatever we have to ask, ask them
then and there! -Abi, no.
Buddy, don't needlessly..
Abi, no.. lt's a case that l already dumped!
l'm not interested.
Wait...Question him.
-l don't wish to hit him - Come silently.
What's up?
Ask her to say sorry.
What's the problem, Kichu?
Ask her what does he have which you lack in?
Ask me if you got anything to ask.
Hit him.
Take him and go.
Got whatever he is destined to get. Let's go.
l still love you Tessy.
Go to hell, bloody!
-Shall l remove it? - Yes.
-Shall l take off everything?- What?
l didn't receive, sir!
l'd sent that through whatsapp!
Hello Central Station!
Where's Raghu Sir?
Stuffing in what!
Not letting her to breathe also!
Give a sharp punch on his face!
Come on, kiss her now.
Moving around with his lover
at this night to have ice-cream!
Having only ice-creams at night daily?
Why don't we ban this ice cream?
Have you ever got one for your mom?
He never even allow to sleep her mom properly
Who is the rowdy here?
Who harmed you?
For doing nuisance at Public place..
this whore should be..
Talking ill of a woman!!
ls this enough, dear? Who else harmed you?
l'm in the hospital! Shall l call you back?
l'm alright. Kichu is only hurt.
Okay, l will call you back.
ls it still not over?
Get up! No major injuries, isn't it?
-See you then!
-Hey, get up...
Get up l say.
Go and sleep at home if you want to.
Even after getting bashed up, you
shamelessly said ''l love you Tessy''
No, l didn't say so. l hate her.
Anyway, l want a drink tonight.
l'm afraid he might file a case against us.
Be careful!
We shall exit through another way. My dad
may probably come through this entrance.
My Hans (tobacco)
-What happened to your hand- Not my hand
Raghu, one second, please.
l never expected you will come so late.
l got a guest for dinner.
-Do you take wine? -No
How many whistles needed for
chicken to get boiled?
You don't know, isn't it?
What is the situation of the
culprits in your custody?
Nothing to worry.
All of them are hospitalised.
One is in lCU!
What is this Raghu?
ls it right for us to do such atrocities?
Do you know the consequences if the video
of the assaulted culprits appear in Youtube??
Come to the point, sir!
Transfer or Suspension?
Report to Babu in the Traffic!
Conventjunction is quite busy
in the morning hours!
lsn't that good?
Sir, chicken..!
See you, sir.
What happened?
Switched overto Traffic!
What is our next programme?
-Take a couple of gulps and go home.- l see!
His wife, l guess!
Who knows whose wife!
Dude, you have some
severe mental depression
What a weird Character!
You were also transferred resorting
to such atrocities, right?
l only deliver dialogues
No barbaric act like you.
l know a Pscyologist! A smart lady!
l shall take an appointment.
Go and consult her.
Just counseling. Everything will be fine!
Obviously things will go fine!
MAD is your DAD!
Hey, Raghu! Don't go.
Hell with him.
Auspicious time is about to lapse.
Begin the rituals.
Mayawati, let them reach.
Auspicious time will not elapse.
Mom, why can't you
turn down the volume?
Why do you want to make
the whole villagers cry?
Can't you inform if you are getting late?
Needlessly upsetting others!
Did l know that l will get late?
Still not over?
Come closer.
-Had drinks? - No.
-Just check. - Come on, mom!
Yes, mom! He's drunk.
Can't you mend your ways?
Get off you, silly!
Get lost you alcoholic!
Shall l serve dinner?
Not necessary. l already had.
Keep hanging around with bad friends!!
What is your intention, Abi?
Let your dad come home, l'll show you.
Mom, talk ill of dad but not my friends.
They are very good.
l very well know about your friends!
Some girl came home asking for you.
What is her name?
-Do you owe her anything?
- Don't be silly, mom!
Let me remind you one thing.
A woman's curse will
devastate your life, Mind you.
Telling such dialogues after
watching serials!!
Must be your Raghu Police! Open the door.
Just tell your dad, whatever you told me now.
Keep standing here, don't go anywhere.
Stand away from the TV
Will come to know immediately.
Underthe control of Kerala Police,
l'm going upstairs.
Still in state, have third degree
centers controlled by Police.
Such ''Torturing Room''
is there near Trivandrum
Actually this was not
the statement given yesterday.
Manorama News captured the news
by taking offender in the torture room
This is an olden AR Camp building
behind the Taluk hospital.
lt's been 6 years since
this camp was shifted to Polinkudi!
Dad is also in full booze l guess!
Don't provoke dad and get shoutings.
Shall detain the Goons and kiss them.
Polices' Operation black
cat trapped the culprits!
Police discovered another
caseagainst the same
gang throwing crude bomb
against commuters
Manorama news, Kottayam.
-Greetings sir. - Hmm!
-Bus still not come? - Will come shortly.
l told you many times not to
leave footwears here.
lf you attend this interview, then
Colony project will not materialise!
What will happen to them then?
l will handle them.
Better hang down the phone! Let me get ready.
Oh no. Let me think whether you forgot
And wear white coloured shirt forthe interview.
Shucks! Won't iron the clothes properly also!
Mom, why didn't you iron this shirt?
l got an interview today.
l don't have 10 hands.
Why 10 hands for?
You go marry someone and bring her here!
Then, you neither have to pay nor complain.
Let it be anything!
You never had your breakfast?
Don't want!
l 've kept the money in the Almirah
for paying grocery shop,
-Did you take your medicine? - Hmm.
Drop me at Kakkanad.
-Are you not having breakfast? - No.
AmarAkbar! A very good film!
Sir, didn't even mind turning
and see your smiling face.
So what? l 'm watching them.
Education loan needs to be settled within
a year afterthe completion of the course.
Or else Bankers will..
l know.
Anything likely to happen
other than going up and down?
and what about the meet with Englishman?
lt seems okay.
Only God knows!
Or will l have to teach you any manual work?
Drop me here.
Why here?
l have to submit a presentation here.
Tell mother that, today onwards
l am on traffic duty
Abi, have you reached?
yes, l am
l don't know why, but this time
l've severe stomach ache.
What do you want me to do for that?
-l want to see you right now, Abi.
-Get lost!
Please don't hang the phone,
Abi. Miss you, Abhi.
Will you give me a kiss before you go?
What Abhi? l'm not well,
please, that's why!
Bloody stomach ache!!
-Sir, you will slip down-lt's okay.
You are alright, aren't you?
Abilash, we are waiting.
l'm sorry; actually l forgot
to take my presentation draft.
-What's it?-ls it over, Abhi?
Too many typical people!
They don't entertain new ideas!
Do you know what their real problem is?
They've too many conventional rules.
They won't like to break them.
Why are you breaking them?
Just a try, buddy!
Oh! Try?
Amidst these - the 'irritations' from her!
Will be very fond at the beginning.
The moment we fall into their track,
they will start annoying us.
They'll take even our remotes!
Exactly, buddy!
Even in the bathroom, l have no freedom.
One second.
Don't you see...A REBEL!
Even afraid to go to the toilet!
Girls are too bad! lrritating Creatures!
l will come tomorrow, then.
What is your real problem now?
He was going behind a girl in the College!
But now, he is unable to move around freely!
-Can't you see!!-Really?
Being such a fraud, are you finding
it difficult to wash your hand off her?.
To keep her away, Take off this
nut slowly like this..
Too simple!
Keep in mind that we are trying to take it off
Smilingly tell herthat you don't love her.
Call her up right away.
By the time we take a black tea,
we could take a glass of wine!
Break up!
Call her. Don't waste time.
Hello Elle! l wish to meet you tomorrow.
Around 3 '0 clock.
l'm offering Prayers.
Shall l call you back later?
No problem. Meet me tomorrow.
-Don't get angry, Abhi, please.-Okay.
Sprinkle some water.
-That mad one!-Yeah, l saw.
l guess he is looking for us.
What do you want?
Get away.
Don't go. Stand here.
l missed you so much.
At least now you had the
mind to wear this shirt!
l love your mom so much! She is so sweet.
Not at all like you!
Who asked you to come home?
Can't you inform me before coming?
Even otherwise you keep calling me 24 hrs.
You know what all problems it triggered!
Can't you be a little more mature?
When l came back from the Church...
No..l'm totally fed up!
After giving you a call yesterday,
l spoke to all of ourfriends.
Everybody knows!
You are the only one who hasn't realized it!
l can't continue this, Elle.
Let's break up. Break up.
Come again!
Why are you getting angry, Abi?
You need a break up, is it?
l will give you a break up.
Take a break up until the
time we leave from here.
Do you feel l'm joking?
l'm serious.This is it!
Since how many days, l've been..
Hey...Public is watching.
Burglar broke into the Museum!
How did you learn about it?
Hey, do you have a sixth sense?
Get into the Jeep
Heard that they stole even
queen's waist ornament
Start the jeep!
l can't, Abi! l'm not able to
understand what you trying to say.
l can't live without you. No break up!
lt's because you take it emotionally.
Be practical! Elle!
lt happens in each and every one's life!
There are too many problems.
For whom?
My Parents! They will not
approve of this marriage.
Our religion will be an issue.
We didn't have any such
issues till yesterday
Now from where did all
these appear suddenly?
Didn't l tell you... when all
my friends also think the same..
Shouldn't we realize it then?
''My life...l...l...''
Why are you so selfish?
Why don't you think from my side, Abhi?
At least listen to my words sometimes.
Oh God! Why are you raising your voice?
-Public is watching us.
-Phone is more important to you than me!
-What's that?-Snatching!! Snatching!
-lt's okayed. - Yeah!
Elle! Wait..Let me talk.
Hello brother. Long time no see!
Who the hell are you?
l am living in that housing colony!
Let him go!
Keep quiet, grandpa! lssue
really concerns us and not him.
l'll go only after telling him this.
Hey, don't go.
-You get away!-Listen!
l need to go.
l promised to take her for the second show
l don't go, then she will get angry.
That is the biggest problem.
Go then!
No..don't go.
Let me tell you something, Please..
lt's raining!
Please come.
You still haven't told me anything.
l don't know how to tell!
Who is Anuradha?
She was my lover.
We were residing in Adoor.
Beside the school, my dad's
friend Kurupettan was residing.
He was also a Policeman!
After playing, we used to assemble and
have fun in front of Kurupettan's house.
That time, she happily played around
there wearing a skirt. Cute girl!
But such thoughts were not lingering
in my mind those days.
l only intended to play football,
hang around, have fun and drink
Once , l happened to fight with
the local people on a temple occasion
We never knew that Policemen had come.
Then what happened?
Sankarettan lost his two teeth.
lt triggered a big problem.
My dad threw me out of the house
During those days, once thrown out of the
house, going to Bombay was the fashion!
When l was waiting to check
the train timings at the station,
Her sister and she came
running towards me.
She said so many things.
But l wasn't able to
concentrate on anything.
My mind was totally on Dharavi
While leaving, she hugged me
and gave me a kiss.
Till now l couldn't understand
the reason behind it.
Was it for breaking
Kurupettan's teeth or...?
l realized the seriousness of her love,
l approached her home
asking for her hand.
But they chased me away
saying l've no job.
ln a fit of anger,
l told him that l would marry his daughter
only after becoming a Police!
That was the period of CV Pappachan
(footballer) who turned to policeman.
That was my confidence!
But, were you a sportsman for that?
Let me talk, you idiot!
Four years later, l came to
understand the seriousness of it.
But during that time, she applied for
some tests etc for my sake.
More than me, she was enthusiastic
that l get a job
And the rest depends on my ability, right?
Later when nothing worked out,
l became totally upset
And made her also upset.
lt was the period when Antony Sir
didn't ban arrack!
Make it fast. My boat is likely to arrive.
When l am sharing my heartrending feelings,
you're talking about boat heartlessly!
Your wife will wait for you.
Where did l stop?
Where did l stop, ah?
-Antony sir.. - Hmm..
Eventually when realization
dawned on me...
l wrote the test and got the job
And ran aspiring to get her hand...
Only to see this scene - There she was
at her grandma's tomb,
Hugging her husband and sobbing!
l was almost dead, buddy.
While leaving, she glanced at me
with tearful eyes.
l still didn't understand
the reason behind that.
l wish to talk to her.
At least once.
Once more..
''Once more where my memories
wander...'' ls that way?
You go ahead and talk!
lf l go late, then my
Fabby will not let me in.
Who the hell are you?
Leave him. l need a decision in this.
Good story!
Very thrilling to hear.
lf l delay more, l would miss my boat.
Hey, stop, let me finish.
What is your problem?
l wish to talk to her.
l don't have her number with me.
Let's go home and abduct hertomorrow.
You are talking like a policeman.
We shall discuss in the station tomorrow.
You idiot!
Listen to me.
Try to go home.
Shucks! Nothing will be at its place!
Nobody is responsible here.
Why is he shouting? l will be back now.
What happened?
Where is my old photo album?
lt's my School photo!
Then, where is my photo?
Nothing will be at its place!
Where is my old briefcase?
lt may be in that.
Will you switch off that crap!
O my Ellie! lf it's to talk about Abilash,
then l will not attend your call.
This will be the last.
l wish to see him now.
Shall l call his home now?
Or you do something! l'm
not able to tolerate.
Please try to sleep! Good night!
Elli, are you not coming?
Oh God! l'LL COME MUMMY!!!
Do you need a fag?
Hell with his beard and hair!
lt was her! ln that green car.
That's Red car, isn't it?
Leave that! Did you see?
Yeah, but lrfan sir was attending to her.
l got a bit late.
Don't get tensed. Her address may
be found on the register. Note it down.
She is really a Charming lady!
Look at the smile of a retired lover!!
Did you sign this?
Raghu, didn't you go
to the Control room?
l came up to the store.
Complaint on walkie-talkie
-lsn't Babu there? - Yes, sir.
Didn't a lady come now to pay
the petty charges for parking offense
Yeah! That fair and beautiful lady!
Do you know her?
No...l stuck the Penalty Charge
notice on her car.
Too bad, Raghu!
We are People-friendly Policemen
Firstly, she's a lady whose husband
is in the Gulf...Has no one to help her...
Aren't we the ones who should help her?.
l have taken her number.
We can call when needed, right?
Okay, sir.
Stand away.
Got it so soon?
lf that rascal tries to contact her,
l'll break his legs!
You can do that later, come to the matter!
He has taken her number and let her go
Keep this inside!
Keep quiet!
Don't shout...come!
Hey, l wish to talk to her.
Her number is there in his phone.
You can surely talk to her, come.
lt didn't happen all of a sudden.
To marry Anu only, l became a Police!
Otherwise, will any human being
become a Police?
Before Anu's arrival, l'd always
wanted to kick and kill the Policemen!
Here's lies one!
And that me now in Khaki!!!
l desperately want to talk to her.
Talking to her is a big crime?
Not at all.
But past is past! Just forget it.
As if you!
lf you were in my place, won't you
take the assistance of Cyber?
Do you know what
the nickname of my ex-lover is?
Spit Rani! When she talks, there'll
be a spit shower!
When you talk, nectar showers, is it?
-Come again! - Nothing.
As you know, Anuradha is
in a rich set up now.
And you, same old low class!
You always talk unfair!
What you told is only unfair!
You want to talk to Anuradha, right?
We'll find a way, come.
Where is your son?
Don't ever ask me about him.
Takes away my life!
Tracing out the address
and finding her is filthy
Why don't we ask lrfan?
lf it was somebody else,
it would've worked out.
But not with him!
You eat! You only need her number, right?
Without lrfan sir's knowledge.
Not only lrfan...Nobody
should know this.
And the number has to be
deleted from his phone!
We'll find a way.
Why don't we seek Mahesh's help?
That lrfan's tail!
lmpossible! l've grabbed his collar once.
This is your problem.
Do something buddy.
Hey, move your leg.
Some of my important data...
few photos are in it...
lf you try, you can bring her out!
Will you please try?
Will you stop this?
Okay, sir.
Will this work?
How Selfish is she!
Neither responds nor calls back!
Besides, my phone is also switched off.
-Shall l take it off?. - What?
lf this boy is going to repair, then
l will take away my bike.
Boss my..
l already warned you...Be careful
That your underpants are not taken off.
You also joined for that
lnstead of being sentimental here,
go there and show your emotions
lt might work!
No need of sentiment! l just
need my phone back.
-You only need your phone back? - Yes.
Can't you ask then?
You think it's a comedy!
You are solely responsible
for this plight of mine.
-Me? - Yes!
-Where would she be found now?
- What for?
Where can we find her now?
Let's search.
What are you guys planning to do?
Let's go and try. Come!
Where are you going?
Will check the mileage and be back.
-Let me see your helmet
.- He will be back, buddy.
Stinking so bad!!
Let me see your helmet.
Boss...Will you give me
back the y bike today?
Will set it right now.
-Will you come back now?
-We will back soon
Fill Petrol , okay.
ls that really Anuradha?
Don't needlessly ask for trouble.
There is a mole on her neck.
l very well remember.
Oh, is that so.
Jasoo, l'm leaving.
Give back my phone. Don't prank me
Were you playing the fool
with me yesterday, Abhi?
Don't waste time. He broke up!
Give back his phone.
You are Fakroo, right?
You will rot to death! You betrayer!
Lucky that you broke! What a big mouth,
she has got!
Jasoo...tell her.
lt's between you and her.
Don't drag me in this.
Looks like birds of the same feather!
Did you know how your words hurt me, Abhi?
l was awake the whole night crying.
Did you bother to ask if l'm okay?
Now l understand why you require the phone!
Won't give it back. Get away.
Who asked you to check my phone?
That's why l got to know everything.
- Hey girl! - Get away you dog.
She called me a dog! Follow me..
Get away.
Hey, give back my phone.
l know how to take it back from you.
Come and sit.
-Where are you going?
-l'll set her right now.
Calling me a dog, you lass!
What are you up to?
She will definitely not return the phone.
You dog! My phone.
Looks like chain snatching!
Oh God! She hurls stones.
Kick fast!!
Speed limit is only up to this.
OMG! Police!!
Uses cosy bikes for snatching now!
He's my dad!
Hey, stop.
lf dad catches us, he will thrash us to pulp.
Will punch right on your nose.
Any idea?
Can we fill petrol?
Fill Petrol?
Can't you execute this idea
after discussing with me?
Quick...Move fast!
Oh my God!!
Gosh!! Unable to lift up this bloody bike also.
You rogue!
Don't...Put him into the jeep.
Phone snatching!!
Just for fun...for the sake of my friend.
Snatching phone forfun!!
Will you rob the Bank if you are serious?
Why the hell did you snatch the phone?
What is your name?
Do you carry any drugs?
Oh no...sir.
Can't you stop when called? Bloody rascal!
Wait! l will take you to task.
Gone away!
-Hey, Raghu! One minute - What's it?
Oh God! Blood!!
-An idea! - What?
Don't pounce on me before listening!
Come to the point!
Do you need lrfan's Phone?
We'll make him steal it.
But we don't know this Rascal!
Yeah, that is what we want!
Look how graceful he looks!
What's it?
-What is your name? - Fakruddin!
Come again!
What a lovely name!
-Will you steal phone hereafter? - No.
- No?-Won't you steal again?
No, sir.
Will he come today?
l don't know.
Eat alone!!!
- Boss, my bike?
- l will give it back
Get away from here.
Betrayer! This is absolutely unfair!
As it was his father..
You could've told your father
that l'm yourfriend, right?
Had l been with you there,
he would've ripped my backbones!.
Did l ask you to snatch the phone?
Oh!! So that is the issue now!
l alone got all the beatings.
Became a bike thief, Chain snatcher etc.
And now your dad has
entrusted me anotherjob also.
Actually, what happened?
Didn't he tell you anything?
Go and get me a Biryani!
Boss, my bike?
Ask his dad. His dad took it away.
- l want to go home now.
- Get away, you lad!
See how badly l'm hurt!
How will l go home with this now?
Stealing C.l's phone is quite risky.
Will get more thrashings.
Why are you crying forthat?
l'm not crying.
Water is rolling down from my eyes.
That's what l asked -
why are you crying?
l don't understand one thing.
Can't he himself ask him?
Yeah, even l felt the same.
Being a colleague, he can ask himself.
Don't think l am complaining
because he is your dad.
Even if l talk or not talk,
he'll thrash to the core!
Why some creatures are like this??
We need to think and decide about this!
Definitely we need to think.
l've some pending drawing work for
2-3 days. l'll go and come back!
Are you coming?
Yes! l also..
Very Happy!!
May all my friends follow suit!
-Hey, helper!
- l got few things to unbolt!!
Oh really? Unbolt...all of you unbolt!
But l can't unbolt as
l'm the scapegoat.
Okay...Zoom that.
ls he a mad fellow?
- Go and check. - Okay, sir.
Abi, what do you think?
Do you think the moment you say no,
l'll leave you and go?!!
l will not go!
Abi, l want to know your decision right now.
Yes or No?
- Shall we move? - Yes
These policemen...are you listening..?
Now Policemen are unlike olden times! New
Policemen are able to watch everything.
When l barged into the building,
they started circling me.
l'm really serious!
They are able to monitor everything.
Where are the guys who drew this picture?
Those guys are...
They are here also.
Didn't l say,
they are always near our surroundings!
- Have they gone? -No!
What do they want?
Looking out for Graffiti guys for wiping it off.
- Where are those guys?
- They are missing since 2 days.
That's it! Getting everything in one go!
l'm fed up!
What a headache because of your dad!
Give me the phone.
Hello bro! Got the phone.
Pick out Anuradha's
name from the list.
Ah!! No...there isn't such
a name in this Contact.
Don''t act smart! l know her number
is stored in it. Check properly!
-Tell me! - Come on, soon!
Yes, the number is there!
Tell me!
- 9037.. - 90
- Carry on.. - 9037252426
Ask for book and paper!
Sir, my book and paper?
Get it from that tea shop!
Try to mend your ways henceforth, you rascal!
-He's telling you only.. - No...You!
Why did you give my number?
Oh!! Was it yours?
That's what l was wondering..
lf it's your'll be okay.
When my dad calls you, don't attend it.
Come on, call her!
- No, let the parade get over.
- Come again..!
Get off you!
What's it?
Why didn't you call me?
Abi, l can't!! l tried a lot.
Please try to understand.
What did you try?
lt's not ajoke! Quite serious, Abhi!
At home, they've already started
looking for marriage proposals.
Get married then!
After leading a family life with a couple of
children, you will become okay.
Take it!
l understood that you cheated me.
But don't take me to be a fool.
Anuradha? Will give the phone to her.
lt's Abi's dad! Please
respond to his call.
lf asks that you're Anuradha, say yes.
And tell him '' Don't call
this number again, Rascal''
Hey, no!! What's wrong with you?
-We shall deal this!
- No, you just keep quiet!
l'm not ready to get any beatings.
Needlessly don't trigger any trouble.
Hello! l'm Raghu!
Do you remember...Puthammurikal
The other day, l'd seen you on
but l wasn't able to talk to you.
l wish to tell you certain things.
lf it's not a problem for you,
l can talk, right?
Tell him you are engaged.
Don't ever call me in this number.
Sorry! Are you angry?
l only told not to call in this number.
But l will give you another number.
- Fantastic! - Hey no.
Okay, Anu.
Why did you give your numberto my dad?
l will give my number to anybody l want.
What bothers you, Abi?
Moreover, your dad wants to
tell me something. Let me also listen!
Don't show your wrath on my dad..
Jasoo, start the car!
You deserve it.
-Hey, you! - Get off!
You've been sobbing since a long time.
Come out, you lass!
- l will not come. - l say come.
l won't come.
Don't sob...Come out.
Why did he break up, Jasoo?
l wish to see Abhi now.
Come out..l will sort out everything.
-Will you sort out if l come out?
- Yes...come.
Oh God! Go and lie down there, my dear!
What's it?
Tell me.
l'd also got you drinks when you asked.
l told you several times
not to hang around with him.
What can l do if he ditches you?
Needlessly don't make me go crazy.
Please look at me.
What am l lacking in, Jasoo?
Didn't l take care of him so dearly?
Can anybody love him more intensely
than me? You say.
Hello, Anuradha?
Abi's dad!
lt's Abi's dad!
Why did you cut the phone then?
Why the hell did you cut the call?
What am l to do then?
Just to avenge Abi, l gave him my number.
l never expected he would call me again.
Ah! To avenge him, respond to his call.
He's a Policeman!
So what? Pick up the call.
Uh no! Policeman!
Put it on the loudspeaker and attend the call.
-Hello - Hello!
-Anuradha? - Hmm!
Am l disturbing you at this hour?
Good that l'm able to talk to you now.
Since many years, l'm thinking
of saying Sorry to you.
Even now, l can talk to you, can't l?
Say Yes!
Can l call you back?
Yes, enough!
Oh God!! What a Voice!
Hell with him!
lf give a missed call, he will call back.
-ls there any provision for making
free calls to only one number? - Yes, sir!!
Sir, see how red my face has become!
He slapped on my face!
You again?
l stopped beating others now.
lsn't that too bad?
There is no work-life balance in this job.
Hardly there is any interaction with wife.
lt will become alright, don't worry.
How? l'm in day shift and
she is in night shift.
Shouldn't there be some
interaction with the family?
lt almost took 20 mins to reach here!
Due to Metro work!
Would like to have some tea?
Ah...calling for tea?
-We shall have it from here
- Yeah, of course.
How is the work in the Call centre?
Going fine!
Would the salary be around Rs.25000?
Not at the Start! Probably Rs.15000!
ls there any suitable job for me?
Yeah! l will get you a good job.
Not necessary.
Keep that here...that overthere.
Can you guess how many pillars
are there in the metro here? 876!
No way.
There are around 876 Pillars in Kochi Metro.
How did you come to know this?
l know everything! Buddy, Pillars...
lt's getting late! Shall l move?
You pay the bill and leave.
l feel Eli is a bit mood off!
Sort it out if there is any issue
between both of you.
Did she come and complain to you?
No...Not at all. l felt so.
l broke up with her! You don't
needlessly poke your nose in it.
Okay then...! l'll move, thanks.
lf it's so, let's count
the pillars and see.
Pay the bill and go.
How much is the bill?
We shall go tomorrow morning and count.
Hello, good morning!
- O my darling!
- Coaxing me in the morning itself!
Don't we have go for counting?
Do you like to have tea?
lt's been many years! Will
appear too odd at this age!
-After Tessy, lt's all only waste
of time, Abi! - Shut up you!
- Just a part of in - lf l give now..
-What's it? - Nothing!
Got nothing to do?
Yeah, James...l was shouting at the boys.
Hey, Shut up!
Fakroo's Umma(Mom) Seems he is sick.
l'll go and see him!
Kichu, l'm also coming.
Hello, where are you?
Speed up.
Abi...My buddy!
l came along with Eli! When called her,
she said she felt bored.
So l brought herto Church.
Aren't you ashamed?
Jaseline is also with her.
Move around catching girls' tails!
What rubbish were you telling my dad?
lt's Church, Abi! Talk softly.
Tell me what rubbish you told
my dad and then leave!
You also told everybody you dumped me
as l'm not worthy
lt hurts, Abi! You should understand.
Forget that. What about the rubbish you told
my dad over phone?
Phew! Only to this extent
have you understood me?
For these long years...Forget our love...
Were you not able to understand me?
Do you know who's Anuradha?
What incited your dad to join Police?
She was your dad's girlfriend.
Because of her desire, he became a Police.
Do you know how friendly
your dad talks to me?
Leave all you know
what is happening in your home?
You are so selfish!
You don't wish to know anything.
Only concerned about you alone!
Has your dad ever been
soft towards your mom, till now.
When he told me that Anuradha
gave him a kiss once earlier,
l just asked him why can't he also
give a kiss to Suma aunty in the same way.
This is what l told him!
As if my dad will immediately kiss
my mom on your behest.
lf l say, your dad will surely kiss your mom.
Would you like to see?
We will move.
''We should never part !''
l need a glass of Cold water.
lt's in the Fridge.
No..You bring it.
Just take a sip for me.
Thank you!
This mole only made me crazy
'Are there more such moles?'
- Yes a lot. - Where?
Find it out by yourself.
-Where is mom? - She is inside.
- Yes, hubby - That is..
Wash the vessels, my dear.
-What do you want? - Water!
l will get it for you.
Take it.
-ls Coriander powder over?.
- No...There is stock!
Needn't buy, right?
What happened?
- Dad kissed mom! - What?
Good night.
Thank you.
Good night.
Buddy, come out.
Do you have money with you?
Me? Money?
Attend the customers. Can't
you see a customer standing there?
l'll repair the clutch
l don't have a penny with me...
Miserable life!
Put it back there.
What if l look out for Call centre job?
Bestjob! lf you go on night shift,
you will get chicks also.
Take Sony with you!
My dog will do that.
- Hi! - Hi!
Oh, yeah!
So, you are an architect!
Our process here is time bound.
And moreover we have targets as well.
So, are you up for that?
Yeah! l'm cool.
- Hi, guys! Good evening.
- Good evening, sir.
Sure, Certainly, No problem.
Even if you don't know anything else
this is sufficient to work here.
Sure, Certainly, No problem.
Sure, Certainly, No problem.
Okay, all the best!
Hi, this is Eby, how can l help you?
What the hell is going on?
l've been waiting here for so long,
for somebody to attend the fucking call.
lf you put me on hold,
l am going to make sure
that you are fucking your goals, man!
One second . Hold on...hold on!
Yeah, ma'am, please.
On the occasion of the transfer of the well
known, people-loving Circle lnspector lrfan Sir,
l can't find words to express my gratitude.
Sunitha, Come and garland him.
l'm glad.
Sir, photo!
Few words please
Love doesn't know its depth
until the moment of separation.
l never expected we would be parting so soon.
Don't worry. l'm not going far away.
l will be present in the nearby station.
lf there is any need,
please feel free to call me any time.
l got only one thing to say.
Capture the world through love.
lf possible, try to donate blood also.
Thank you.
Sunanda, please...Just a few lines
lt's me.
- lt's me, Suma!! - Yes, hubby.
Reduce the volume.
What if l come home for lunch?
Come then. Food is ready.
Or else, no need!
We've a send-off party here.
l will come home in the evening.
Do l've to buy anything?
Anything in particular?
-Won't you come early? - Hmm, okay
-What shall l get for her - For whom?
My wife! l wish to buy a gift for my wife.
She isn't telling anything.
lf it was me, l would get her rosary
and also take herfor a movie.
Fabby prefers that the most.
And for you,
gift her a traditional lamp and
take her for a movie.
Then, do as you please.
Fabby will get angry if l delay more.
Raghu, what is your programme this evening?
--What about a get together?. - Yeah.
lsn't it good?
Sir, l can'tjoin the party.
l have to go to Church.
Have it!
Shall l order one more Masala Dosa?
Are you not washing your hands?
-Have juice - Okay!
lt's me. Busy?
No..Tell me!
l told Suma that l'll get
her something this evening.
Don't know what to buy!
-Something small.. - Yeah...small.
What to gift her?
Why don't you get her a Masala Dosa?
Please move, mom.
Wait, lt'll get over now.
l need to clear some doubts.
Teacher told me to browse in the Google
What shall l do then?
Then, don't you want
chidi-chakka tomorrow?
You can make it later, mom!
What is that?
lt's for you.
Masala Dosa!!?
You like to have Masala dosa?
l don't want. You have it.
You don't want, is it?
Would he listen to only such mad songs?
Since morning he is sitting inside,
shutting the doors.
He hasn't eaten anything.
Always keeps watching out
from the balcony!
Something has happened!
How will it not happen when he is
listening to such type of songs!
l think he gone crazy
Children say their dad has no music sense.
Go and check out in my school and college.
You will come to know that l know to sing.
Shall l go?
Sit down. Don't want to listen to my song?
''On that day the water was
waist-level''in the lily pond''
''Didn't we row together
a coconut-spodix boat?''
''Our hearts were full of love...''
lt was exactly like Yesudas singing!
Didn't l say?
l will sing some other song.
l got second prize for it.
''Blue flowers bloom in your eyes''
''You knew my longing''
''The day dawned auspiciously''
''This lovely ocean of love''
''ls overflowing near you''
''My heart is fulfilled''
''My mind is the abode of cupid''
''You knew my longing''
''The day dawned auspiciously''
''Very tenderly, the breeze
showered flowers''
''The clouds above smiled
by raining snow''
''Will new feelings bloom and
the long silence break''
''l know forthe first time
thisjoyful love''
''l knew your longing''
''The day dawned auspiciously''
''l knew your longing''
''The day dawned auspiciously''
- No, l quit my job! - Don't cry!
Looks like you are in tension!
Shall l get you a cup of tea?
Hey, you!! You are a filthy creep!
Why do you go and tell
her whatever l tell you?
Why can't you show
a charcher in your life?
Just for a joke, words tumbled out
accidentally when she asked.
Don't take it so seriously.
Forget it, buddy.
How are you able to tolerate this?
What all did you tell me!
lt's just a start! After a month,
you will get used to it.
Buddy, l'm flying to Texas!
l got a job as JuniorArchitect
Need to join next month.
Which Texas?
ln U.S!!
What the hell will you do there?
Will make money, buddy!
l would like to share something with you.
l'm planning to go to Eli's house
and propose to her!
l'm aware of your relationship and past.
But now, when she's beside me,
l get confidence, dude!
l hope you are able to understand.
Please don't mistake me.
l wish her to be with me forthe whole life.
l really love her, buddy.
Please help me, dude Bye!
''Melodious is the song of life''
''Melodious is the song of life''
''Melodious is the song of life''
''The joy of a finger's touch''
''Now this Ganga of love
flows with a new rhythm''
''Even this memory
is sweet and soulful''
''Your laughter is a
sweet experience''
''You knew my longing''
''The day dawned auspiciously''
You are mad!
She left you and you broke your hands...
Then, why are you still
hanging behind her?
Realize the happenings around you.
Be practical.
She is not destined for you.
l neither want Tessy northis bike.
l'm fed up, dude! l need to booze.
Get it! We shall booze!
Here is yourtea, boss!
lsn't Abilash here? -Who are you?
l'm Prakash Kopara!
l'm Elizabeth's daddy.
Abilash's classmate.
Dude! Elizabeth's APPAN(Father)
Not Appan but Daddy!
Sorry, Eli's daddy!
May be to threaten you!
-Abilash? - Yeah.
l wanted to meet you.
l like you a lot
Though all fall in love at this age,
You correctly scooted at
the time of marriage.
l congratulate you forthat. Take it.
A small gift for all you friends to celebrate!
Take it! Best drink!
lt's likely to rain. Get inside, daddy.
Don't stand out.
-lnside? - Please come, daddy.
-Boss.. - Hey..
Keep it there. l'll be back now.
Full setup is ready.
No comments!
This is the best hight class
We belong to a notable elite family!
We are prohibited to marry
outside our religion.
Suppose he had married my daughter,
Then it would have become
a shame for the family!
But, you are really great!
Just to know l'm asking! What is
the real problem between both of you?
Daddy, not only Eli,
he had many girlfriends.
What's the name of the girl
who wore teeth braces?
You know what all he did to her!!
But not misbehaved with Eli!
l've no confidence in him! l doubt him.
lt was your daughter who loved
me and came behind me.
At some point, l said Yes
Afterthat she went on giving me gifts.
And l didn't even open
and see most of them.
l thought she would leave me
after completing college.
But she didn't. ls it my mistake?
No...Not at all..
ln fact, this alcohol and girls
are one and the same.
lf intoxicates, we will lose our composure!
lf that is gone, then there is nothing.
Very true!
Daddy! Come on booze.
ls there drinks?
Yes...a little! Do you want?
No..? No! We'll go.
There's coolness in my heart now!
As though a big burden has been relieved.
All are human beings
We should've been friends long ago.
Haven't we already become friends?
Even now, she's quite upset!
Doesn't matter! As she is my daughter,
she will forget it soon.
So l can look out for another guy for her, right?
You may confidently go ahead!
But on one condition!
We'll party together a day before marriage
and on the day of marriage.
l won't bid good bye after
having drinks at night!
Daddy, please keep it there
Oh, sorry, l forgot.
Good night all of you!
-You ask- Better you ask
Are you working in Call Centre?
Tell me...Why the hell
you are going for that work?
Don't l need to pay back
the educational loan?
How many installments you have paid?
lf there is any complication
in the English man's project,
You should talk it out directly
to him like a MAN...
and not hide here and spoil
your dad's name!!
Answer your dad and go.
Mom, l'm doing a convincing job now.
Go and rob someone.
Hanging around irresponsibly
and giving back-answer!
For working in a Call Centre,
Plus Two would've been enough!
Any need to have spent
my hard-earned money to do Architecture?
lsn't it enough if l repay that amount?
l'll give you a blow...You rascal!
l will talk to him... Go Abhi.
Why being harsh to children? l will tell him!
What is the problem?
Problem? l've no problems.
Even otherwise, you never
share anything with me.
Can't you take things a bit seriously?
What is the need for you
to back-answer your dad?
Both of you are spoiling the mental peace!
Oh, mom! Will you please stop it?
-What l'm trying.. - Mom, please.
You have a friend Elizabeth, right?
Don't you have friendship with her now?
She's a good girl.
-What happened?-She came!
-Who? - Tessy!
Tessy's handwriting... Tessy's Kiss.
He's a shameless flirt!
lt's good that we thrashed
him the other day.
She! Coming to your this hour?
lt's 2 p.m now.
You also advised me last night.
- Even l thought over. But she read my mind!
She is an innocent girl!
She said sorry and you again fell for her!?
-Are you not ashamed?-Get lost!
A bike ride for North lndia...
-Do you have an aux cable?
-Do you want to take home?
No, l want to hear the song now.
That maybe in the underneath
Why he is not showing interest in music?
These people will not listen if told decently.
He is the concerned person.
-Hey, you! -Come here.
What is the matter?
-Why is he scorning?
-Let him go and come back
Needn't worry.
Abi has come. Let me speak to him.
Ok then.
Come, Abi...come!
Will anything materialize?
So l heard that you are planning to move on.
Yes, sir! l can't do that colony
project for the proposed budget.
l can't do it in 3 lakhs.
l wish to resign.. l want to move on.
Well, change is a very good thing,
but.. where are you planning to go?
Abi, can l ask you a question?
What is the most important thing in your life?
My happiness, sir.
And, are you happy now?
You have time, Abi. Think about it.
Think about it well.
When Anu had called, she said that
she has kept ready what you'd asked.
Mom, Eli chechi!
Abhi, isn't she the one who came home?
Here comes feeding bottle!
Hi, Abhi!
Why are you here?
A get together with Eli's family.
Shall l go? Thanks dude!
Abi, come, let's eat!
Hello, Sony! Please sit.
What are you staring at? Not eating?
Shall we go there and come?
-l just now noticed you, aunty.
-We just came a few minutes back!
A family function - that's why we came!
You neverturned up at our place again?
My parents are very adamant
to marry off me at any cost.
l am trying to evade from that somehow!
Now l am helping my daddy also!
Don't get married so early, okay
No aunty..l'm trying my maximum.
And, what are you doing, boy?
As JuniorArchitect, l got a job in Texas
Will fly next month!
-Both of you studied together, right?- Yes.
Shall l take a boiled egg?
Hello, what is your programme?
Nothing in particular.
After gym, l'm waiting for Sony.
So l've a little time.
Just like that l called you.
Your dad would've scolded a lot, right?
So, it was all your actions.
You deserve it, Abi.
What a cheat you're!... Leave alone
talking bad about me to my daddy, but...
Why trouble the colony people also?
You aren't incapable of doing it, right?
l know what to do.
You always intend to hurt others.
Prove it and then talk.
Don't needlessly talk dialogues to me
which you do it to my dad.
Whether dad or son...Matter does matter!
Here comes Sony, l'm leaving, bye.
Hmm... Abi's Eli, you know...
Seems she's marrying Sony!
What a pity!
Just shut up!
l'll call you back.
What rubbish...
lf she asked to mend your ways, do it, dude!
Good for your betterment.
l have to be responsible, right?
Yeah, l'll become responsible hereafter.
Since a long time, l've been
asking you to go home.
Needlessly, mom will get
tensed and keep calling me.
Get going.
Get going...Go towards the side.
lt's likely to rain. Go quickly.
Where is Kichu?
Didn't he invite you?
He's hosting a grand party at home!
-Party! - Hmm..Let's go.
See l wore a new shirt...
Hello, will you take us also with you?
-You have nothing left for dinner?.
- No then, join us.
Which of the bike is in working condition?
None of them.
Keep all the bikes inside.
We shall go by walk, ok?
lt's drizzling. Come, let's walk quickly
Come on, move..
Can't you change this into a Museum then?
Kichu's sister!
-Lassi, ah? - Yeah
l don't want lassi.No Beer?
What rubbish is this!
What rubbish is this!
Doesn't it look awesome!
What rubbish is this!
See...Grandma...Birthday. Colorful, right?
Sisters are also colorful
Thank you!
How old is your grandma?
Actually it's not her birthday today.
Fearing that she may pass away next year,
l planned to celebrate it today.
How is my idea?
That's fantastic!
lnstead of gathering together and
mourning for the death,
lt's better to celebrate while living.
Hey, Tessy!
No, Elli! See Elli!
Look, she is gazing at you.
Hi! Take the Lassi!
Despite going to gym, your weight
does not seem to have reduced!
One lassi please. Come again, please.
How is your colony project going?
You evaded those people
also cleverly, right?
-l tried..l mean..l'm trying.-You?!
Only now, l feel like respecting Kichu!
Look how happy granny is!
50 units of Container homes
are in my mind now.
But how to break these verticals.
l feel, if you can work out
a design using both sunset and sunrise,
lt may work.
-Elle, shall we move? - Yeah.
Why don't you help me then?
-Will you give me your number? - 100!
Please call me now and then.
When l called you the other day,
you never picked up.
Suma wants to meet you!
Please come home if free.
We shall go there.
Or, l will come home with Suma.
l will let you know.
Was he waiting for your presence?
Mark it..963.11
-What is your name?- Elizabeth!
Bro, what can we see, when
we look through this?
Can see the distant objects closer!
Do you want to see?
No, l want to go for work.
-That's my grandson,
standing beside him. - Oh!
Who is that sister? Looks very stylish
He is smart! -Go!
-Grandpa, don't cheat that sister,
you better go home
l'm known as Band Mani! Now l've no
strength to beat bands. Time has changed!
You mark, l will be back now.
-What happened to your hands?
-Tremble badly!
Can you give me Rs.50?
l hope you will be here tomorrow!
-See you, then. - Okay.
Hello! Yes, da!
l had food! Okay, l will call you later.
Haven't you stopped calling my dad yet?
Not your dad, but Sony.
-He called to check whether
l had my food.-Then, did you?
Ask him to get something for you!
You are the same as before!
You don't want anybody,
no concern for others...
What a creature you are!
Yeah, l admit! l don't know anything.
You teach me from the beginning.
These things can't be taught!
Must realize and learn.
But still, l didn't go to that extent,
like you cheating my dad!
Listen, l have not cheated anybody!
Your dad listens to me as he
knows the worth of Anuradha.
Like dad, like son!
You will also realize it gradually!
Give me the map.
-How is it?-Okay!
-Eh!! - Okay.
Do you have anything better than this?
Well, what'll you do for
the heat in the interior?
We are going to dig a well, right
Take that sand and plant grass.
Started using brains!
Now l'm alone, right?
-Shall l ask you something, Abi? - Hmm!
Why did you say no to me?
That's..Better you yourself think..
When l'm engaged with something,
you call me and ask
''Where am l, what am l doing?''
l...l'm not a kid, you see!
Sometimes it annoys me!
l...ln a relationship...
Don't l need some freedom..
...a space?
Certainly you need a freedom.
Even otherwise, all blame is on my head.
Actually, there was a time when you
enjoyed my treating you as a kid.
Just because l love you intensely
l called you frequently!
Nothing else.
Whenever you didn't attend my call,
you know how hurt l'd been.
Have you ever thought from my side?
You are a fool!
lf l didn't attend your call,
why didn't you understand
that your call was a disturbance for me!
We'll meet tomorrow in the match.
Light is not working in the Kitchen.
Take a tester and check.
-What happened?-Fuse has gone!
May be loose contact! Turn towards right.
What are they resorting to?
Hold the corner.
Go to some other work
than roaming around
Neither work nor let others work!
Stand away.
Get lost!
This is super bro
Can't you do this earlier, bro?
Where is that sis?
She will be coming now.
lf you want a job go along with them
My job is enough for me!
Get my stuff when you're back. - Okay.
lf you need any mental help, please say.
We're great workers.
Hi! One minute.
Hello, l've reached.
Hmm, l will call you. Okay, bye.
Well! Your dad wishes to see me
You needn't get shocked.
l already dealt with it.
l told him l'm flying
to America next Sunday.
So l would meet him next time
and he's okay with it.
l said ok for the marriage with Sony!
Oh really
He has great concern for me.
He' s very genuine, sincere..
Besides, l also had a love affair
Then, how can l hurt someone knowingly?
My dad also said ok!
Sony is flying abroad next week.
Everything happened in a jiffy!
Next Sunday is the date, so..
l've to do plenty of shopping,
shall l go?
One thing Abhi, Most of the things
which you feel it as disturbance now...
there was a time both of us enjoyed a lot.
And..all the good moments we had..
l will miss you.
l will miss you.
l was very happy with you.
Then,, thank you.
Thank you for everything and..
Take care of yourself.
l just lied that you're selfish.
Shall l go?
Nice shirt by the way!
''A thousand dreams will
remain in it unfading''
''Will those colourful pictures come
back again? Will they come back?''
''They will disappear'',
''Those colours dissolved
in darkness''
''This moment will come back''
''They will disappear,
they will disappear''
''This moment will come back''
''They will disappear,
they will disappear''
''This moment will come back''
''They will disappear,
those colours dissolved in darkness''
When she informed about her leaving,
Couldn't you've asked her
why she was leaving?
And what did you tell her?.
What am l to say?
-When is she leaving?
Well, American flights
leave in the morning.
Go to the Airport and give
her a surprise visit.
Only such things will make one happy.
l must go, right?
Get lost, you old hag!
Slandering my name!
Don't hit my daughter
Stand there. Don't run.
Stand there, you rascal.
You bastard! What are you trying to do?
Come here. Move...Move l say.
l say move.
You shut up.
Get away...Get away l say.
Better shut up and sit quietly.
Hey, Shut up, you rascal!
-Stop the Jeep. - What the
hell are you going to do now?
This rascal will not understand
if told by words.
Get nicely from him!.
l've already warned you
not to harm women.
Bloody Rascal! Shut up.
You've been giving trouble since a
long time. l'll sever your hands, rascal!
lt's not locked.
Why late?
Some work were pending!
Henceforth l'll be coming late.
Like to have snacks!
Which shirt shall l wear?.
-Green will be better. - Green? Okay!
Do you know the happenings here?
One of your dad's friends is
flying to America tomorrow.
Packing all these snacks for her only.
Only because it's me,
things go smooth.
Oh God!
No belt to tuck in the shirt.
Do you need my school belt?
Did you get your maths paper?
Give a little place and
see how
they climb on my head!
Things are not as you imagine.
lt's getting serious!
Anyhow l am not going to the Airport!
Even if dad goes, he will not
be able to see me, right?
You must disclose it to him.
lf l contact him now, it
will trigger more problems.
l will come tomorrow
morning to pick you up.
Disclose everything to dad, okay?
l'm really sorry!
Don't cry, dear.
How do you go back home?
By Car!
See you!
Abi, shall l tell you something?
Your dad has great concern for you.
Has too many hopes on you.
He didn't tell me.
He told all this to Anuradha.
You've the ability to do it.
That is why l'm telling you.
Don't shatter his hopes also, please
Bye, dude! See you!
Dad still hasn't returned!
And not picking my calls either.
Did he call you?
l'm afraid, Abhi! Please call him.
Dad will come!
How can you say that?
You know how long l've been waiting!
You have a mobile, right? Call him.
Don't get tensed, mom!
Where will he go at this
late hour without coming home?
You will not understand my tension.
He told me he's taken leave today.
Don't know where he's gone...
and doesn't pick up my calls either.
Putting me in a despair!
Don't you have Jamesettan's
number? Call him
Call him l say.
He is back.
Why didn't you pick up my call?
l was terribly scared! Can't
you inform me?
What happened?
That was Abi's prank!
Didn't you see her?
lt's not as we thought.
Nothing happened as l imagined!
Needlessly become a joker!!
Doesn't matter! Go and have a bath!
Will get the dinner ready.
You sit.
ln one way, whatever happened
was for good, isn't it?
Go and have a bath.
-Hello Abi! - Hello, Eli!
Where were you? And Kichu?
-Actually l.. - Take sweets!
My mom is pregnant again.
My dad has done his work again!
Few days later, we'll have
one more member in our house.
-l wish to see her. - Who?
lt's her wedding, right?
l want to say sorry. Mistake is on my part.
Patching up again, ah!
No, dude! l want to see her and talk to her.
Don't mess, it's her wedding!
lt's me, dude! l would like to talk to her.
Then, call the person..Call her fianc e!
Call that Sony.
You are the most beautiful girl
l've ever seen in my entire life.
l love you Eli!
Collapsed! Say it from your heart!
Be a little romantic!
How many times l've told you
to hold back your stomach?
Don't worry, it will become alright.
Here is yourAbi's call.
Abi?! Hello!
Hello, Sony!
Dude! Where are you?
Come here soon.
Here is no enjoyment without you!
Don't forget. Come in white shirt
and blue jeans tomorrow, okay.
Do not bring any gifts.
But you must come.
Okay, bye. l'm a little busy here.
Nothing more to wait. Let's go!
Not this. Get me that spanner.
Come on, throw.
Hello, Abilash! Please come.
Nobody should know that
l was behind all this.
Sofia doesn't like this.
Let her not know this.
She was somewhere around...Eli!
Go there...Go there l say.
Please go.
Okay, daddy.
-Daddy! - Take it, buddy.
Please take.
Don't forget elders have gathered
overthere... be careful.
Manage the things here until l go
and come back from the Airport.
l'm damn sure feeding bottle
will rock in the first night.
Get lost!
Hell with first night!
Are you not ashamed?
Coming with the bottles!!
Shall l go and bring her?.
Would she come?
Why not? lt's me,
who is calling her.
Go ahead and call her.
She will surely come.
-Shall l call her? - Call her.
Go and call her.
Come, dude!
-Oh my God my beer! - Come.
Dude, l shall wait here.
You go and bring her.
Suppose someone notices us...
you go and bring her.
-l like Vanilla.
- Then, you don't like Chocobar?
Come here.
Don't laugh too much and
mess up the makeup.
Appears good, isn't it?
Where are the diamond bangles?
Haven't you worn?
Why did you run away
when l called you?
l didn't run...l only walked!
The other day also you ran
away on seeing me.
No, sir.
You come to steal, right?
Who are you?
-l came along with him..- ls it?
Police!! Take both of them to the station.
Don't send them until l come.
What for? What is our crime?
Get into the jeep...l say.
-What is our crime? -
Get into the jeep l say.
-Take off your hands.
- Get into the jeep.
Sir, bathroom..
Me also, dude!
Let me ask.
Why didn't he say earlier itself
that he's your son?
l'll come and meet C.l sir later.
Shall l take him?
Okay, sir.
Sir, please leave him also.
Can't send him until C.l sir comes.
You go.
How mean he is!
Drinking and creating a ruckus
in a girl's house? You dog!
-Go home, have food and come!
- Shut up!
l never did any wrong, dad!
She loved me deeply.
l too.
But l ...without minding her...
l've hurt her a lot, dad.
l want to say sorry to her.
Just once...
Only for once.
But today is her wedding.
lf l don't tell it today..
Then, l will also become like you, dad.
Then, why didn't you tell this earlier?.
Mom also asked this.
Don't waste time, let's move.
-Raghu sir, where are you going?
-For a wedding.
Shall l ride? lf we go like this,
we won't reach there!
l know what to do.
Haven't l brought you till here!
Saree suits you pretty well, dear!
Only l know how uncomfortable l feel.
Wedding over!
l told you, dad, that l will ride.
Now see, the wedding is over.
l came to know the happenings
only after l returned from the Airport.
Had l been here,
no such thing would have happened!
Your father?
l'm Elizabeth's daddy,
Prakash Kopara!
They have gone to the Cemetry.
You can meet her there.
All of you can get into the Vehicle.
-Shouldn't they come?
- You get in. They will come.
The right place!
To realize how important
you are in my life... became so late!
l hurt you for no reasons, Eli!
And also annoyed you needlessly!
but...l didn't understand
your value, then, Eli!
My life, without you, is incomplete...
Stop it, Abi please! People are watching.
Let them talk.
When my parents were
happy because of you,
l wished that l also get the
same happiness in my life.
When l heard your voice last night...
That's why l came running
over there, Eli, just to see you.'s me, right? This is my nature,
isn't it? Don't you know me..
l will not be able to understand
whatever you say, Abi.
Moreover, this is not
the right time to express it.
At least when you'd come home last
night, couldn't you have told me?
Now my marriage is over, Abi!
What am l to do now?
Yeah, Suma! l gave him an idea.
Hope it will work if he does it perfectly.
l know you are helpless.
l'm not sure whether you'll
be present in my life hereafter.
But l'll miss you.
Miss your calls...
...l'll miss the way you irritate me!
Eli, l love you.
lt might work out!
Plan failed! Will call you later!
Shall l go?
Then, Abi, as l couldn't reach Suma
aunty over phone, yesterday, l called you.
lt was to invite Suma aunty and Anu
for my marriage and nothing else.
Shall l go?
Let's go..
Let's go, yeah.
-Okay, one minute, please. - Okay.
Wait, l will be back now.
Shall we go?
You ride the bike
-Here goes Anuradha! - Eh!
ln that car!
Where are you going?
My love didn't work out.
- Let's go behind this. - ls it?
Then, come.
-Are you sure, dad? - Certainly.
Can't you see, the glass is shut!
Oh God! Where did she disappear?
-You move, l'll ride - Shucks!
Dash up, son.
-Hello..can you stop for a second, please?
- Stop..Stop.
No..Not me..You go.
Madam. One minute.
Sorry, you are mistaken l guess.
Oh, sorry!
-Who is that? - l don't know.
No chance!
How many years of love?
-.She had a mole over here. - l see!!
Let's go, dad!