Anushka (1942) Movie Script

"The golden corn...
...was standing...
...was burning...
...comes and joy...
"Just as a...
I didn't gaze into the sky,
lying in a field for a long time.
Mmh.. I told you to look
after yourself many times.
And after me too.
But you never have any time.
Tell me...
did you really,
in all those four years...
only think about me?
What do you mean?
I mean, there are many
nice-looking young men in Vienna.
Who have more time
and are less austere as I am.
You are charming,
you are often alone.
Are you jealous all of a sudden?
Tell me, of whom?
Nonsense Eva.
I know for sure that you don't think
of such things.
Sometimes our mind keeps wandering off...
gazing into the sky.
I'd like to be a a peasant girl
from this vale.
You... why?
I could lie in a field more often...
with someone I am fond of.
what are you thinking of?
Leave me alone Jaro.
Why are we torturing each other.
It simply does not make any sense.
Your mother will say no.
And you have to do what she says.
My mother...
My father and I are simply
not good enough for her.
And as long as she is alive, you are
nothing more than a labourer on your farm.
What shall I do
You don't want to leave with me.
To leave both farms behind?
And be without a home?
I can't leave the vale.
I don't want to meet you in secret
in a cornfield!
You belong to me.
And I want to straighten this out.
This will never happen!
Anuschka, come!
Your barn is burning!
Your father plunged from the barn floor!
He fell on the plowshare.
Are you the daughter?
Come, come...
Is my father dying?
An emergency operation might safe him.
Might, safe him...
You have to try everything!
- I cannot make it alone!
A transport is out of the question.
What should we do, doctor?
Who has a good cart and fast horses?
I have to go to the city
and get help.
I can't do it with my old bicycle.
Jaro's mother could help!
Maria Nowarek is the only one,
who has good horses.
Ask your mother if she is going
to lend those nags,
to save Mirko, Jaro!
Why not?
My mother is in a
legal dispute with Mirko.
There is a cart with fast horses
at the inn!
It's a shame, we have to ask
strangers for help.
You have a fine groom, Anuschka!
Shut up, woman!
Don't go inside Anuschka, come...
How could that happen?
It seems that it was Mirkos own fault.
Was he..
drunk again?
...and he went with a burning pipe
to the hayloft.
When the flames came,
he lost his mind
and fell through the hatch.
On the plowshare!
No felix, I can't..
You have to, you little sparrow.
Pardon me, my name is Dr. Jelinek.
Is this your coach outside?
Yes, why?
I have to ask for your support,
it's a matter of life and death!
Of course, what is it about?
An urgent surgery,
a skull fracture!
I have to bring a surgeon
from the neighboring town.
The person injured is not transportable.
Basilar skull fracture?
We are colleagues.
My name is Hartberg.
Edward professor von Hartberg,
from Vienna?
My wife.
I know you very well, of course.
That is, I mean...
Only by your name!
I consider myself very fortunate!
Is there any hope
to safe the man?
It is a wonder that he is still alive...
But maybe,
if we act fast...
Do you have instruments on you?
Not everything,
but we can try it.
Let's go, there is no time to loose.
One moment, please.
Go ahead and prepare
everything that is necessary.
And... how can I find the house?
It is the last on the hillside.
You will recognize it by the
burnt down barn.
I am very grateful professor!
Is this really necessary Felix?
Weren't these two days supposed
to be mine?
But darling, it's a matter
of life and death.
Even the man says
that there is no hope.
You don't question that as a doctor.
As long as you can help.
I think I have to lie
on an operating table for you,
to find some time for me.
You know very well,
that I don't discuss things,
that I take for granted.
Please wait here for me.
How long will this... issue take?
I don't know.
But if it gets late,
please take a room.
You know perfectly well
how sorry I am.
Don't you want to eat Anuschka?
Leave me alone.
You better go home.
Your mother can't stand it anyway,
when you're here with me.
I'll show her,
you can rely on that.
What do you want... ?
She is the master on your farm.
And will be here soon, too.
I will go and let the poor girl know.
You have to be very strong now.
Wait a couple of minutes.
He didn't feel any pain.
Is there any way I can help?
Now I am all on my own.
And this is bad.
But your groom is with you?
His mother will chase me away.
How can i pay off
the 8000 krones i own her?
Oh, I see...
your father had...
But it is not as simple as that.
She will wait!
And now listen Ms. Anuschka,
if you should come to the point,
where you don't know what to do next,
write to me.
Here is my adress.
if you should come to Vienna,
Just come to me.
And now take heart...
and be very strong!
Thank you very much,
Cheer up!
Is my wife upstairs?
There is no woman upstairs!
I had to bring your wife to the city
last night.
Is this your name?
Do you want a breakfeast Sir?
No, thanks.
Hitch up the horses.
Now you know the score.
Either you pay, or the farm is mine!
Give me some time!
At least a couple of months!
It's winter then!
Where will you get the then?
You would do the same thing
if you were in my position.
I can't give away my money!
I can only wait one more month,
for my sake.
But then you have to surrender
in due form.
But this is impossible Maria!
If you don't believe me,
he can testify that I am
speaking the truth.
It is like Mrs. Maria Nowarek says.
You can see here...
the accidentally deceased signed over
his farm in due form,
for use as collateral,
for good money.
For 8000 krones, paid in cash.
Here you are!
Due first of october.
And today it's the fourth!
He was a bit reckless,
the Mirko Hordak.
Takes his burning pipe to the hayloft...
Be quiet!
You can't chase me away like that.
Of course you can stay if you want.
As a maid!
Maybe Jaro will forget about
marrying you this way
I wont mind if he comes to your
bedroom at night, but...
I think he will marry someone else,
with a better dowry then debts.
Did you ever see something like this?
I will leave today!
All the better for us!
Shut up Prawidel.
I beg you,
please don't run away!
I will talk with my mother!
That's what you've said
all the time.
Maybe you want me to stay
as your maid, too?
As a maid, Jaro!
Temporarily, to gain time!
Should I warm your bed,
until your mother brings a
new wife into the house?
Anuschka, I am coming with you.
I will go on my own!
It is enough if one of us
leaves everything behind!
Please, Mitzi, be calm!
My good reputation...
Oh, your good reputation?
Come one, Mitzi.
I feel so inhibited ...
Money knows how to live!
You are a director?
No darling, I am an advocate.
I think, I am a bit tipsy!
Make yourself comfortable Mitzi.
I will chill some champagne
in the meantime.
I prefer some coffee, please!
Excuse me, please.
Put the picture away,
that's none of your business!
What's the matter?
Are you married, or what?
Is this your wife?
Please be kind and tell me
who she is!
I am so curious!
What's the matter?
You're starting to creep me out!
Please, go home.
Go home?
You've been horny just now...
Please, Mitzi.
Don't make a fuss
and go home!
If only we...
had such tempers...
Will you give me some krones
for a cart, at least?
Gosh! What a gentleman!
Are you unhappily in love
with that women?
Don't be sad, dear doctor
Eventually, every woman says yes.
No matter how decent she is!
Please Miss,
put me through to the number 1019.
Yes, yes...
Good day professor!
Dr. Wendt is speaking.
Good day doctor Wendt!
I am working on the list with your
liquidations and wanted to ask...
I don't have time at the moment,
dear doctor.
Apropos, since you are
in the surgery,
do you have any cure for my
morning headaches?
An excellent one,
less alcohol, less women,
more sleep.
Medical science is still very imperfect.
If it has no answers,
it resorts back to morality.
Fits perfectly doctor, au revoir!
Please let me say hello to your wife,
I... uh...
I haven't seen her for what
seems like an eternity!
Yes, of course!
I will put you through.
Connect him with my wife.
Hello, yes?
Oh, I asked you not to call.
Your husband connected us in person,
our telephone call is "sanctioned",
so to speak.
Ironic, ironic,
what else can I do
but seek refuge in irony?
You know very well, Mrs. Eva...
Sascha, be quiet.
No, I am not angry.
I am only in a bad mood, yes.
I dismissed my maid.
What an idea!
Why waste time on such
unimportant things.
Eva, when will we meet again?
Please, we didn't see each other
for two whole days!
Beeing seen...
this is inconvenient for me as well.
And the gossip that
could result from that.
But there is a solution...
Sascha, I can't come to your place,
you know that.
Even under these circumstances.
Please be quiet.
If anybody should hear you...
Nobody thinks that we are talking
with each other.
How is your relationship
with Felix going by the way?
Oh, dear. Since this failed honeymoon trip
everything became worse.
He has no time left for me anymore.
Maybe on purpose.
How come you have so much time for me?
You have a profession too, after all?
Feelings are most important in my life!
More than my job,
more than my everyday life.
Is it the clinic?
The telephone is still busy.
Oh dear, who is on the phone
for so long?
Call the hospital and tell them
to prepare everything for the operation.
I will be there in ten minutes.
Let's go, Leopold!
Get ready!
Professor, there is...
What is it, my dear?
The consultation-hour is over...
Didn't I tell you Mrs.?
She claims that the professor
asked her to come.
I... why?
Oh, I see, this is...
Of course, this is our little friend
from the Waagtal!
Mrs... er...
Anushka, right?
Good afternoon, professor.
I hope, everything is well with you.
You told me that...
I could come anytime.
Yes, and...
now I am here.
That's very kind of you
to visit me,
but I am very busy today.
I have to go to the hospital.
Good bye!
No, no!
I am looking for a place to work,
here in Vienna.
A place to work?
Maybe you are lucky my dear!
I think my wife is looking for someone
at the moment!
Come, fast.
I am back in a moment Leopold!
All right, then.
At five.
Sascha, I think we are
terribly irresponsible.
Oh, you were on the phone so long
that I couldn't talk with the hospital.
Yes, you know, I had to call
Mrs. Schnetzler.
Because of my evening gown,
for the opera ball.
Opera ball?
Oh, ok.
I want to introduce you to your new
I engaged her just this minute.
Mrs. Anuschka Hordak.
You know, this terrible accident
during our...
Yes, I remember...
I want to help her.
Ma.. Madame can believe me,
I will give my best.
Very well.
You can talk about the rest
with my wife.
Good bye Eve.
-Good bye.
Well, what can you do?
Everything, Madame!
Where was your last
I never worked as a maid before.
But, in the last months...
I was on a farm, near Bratislava.
And before that...
at home.
- Ha!
I am not sure, if this is an
appropiate qualification.
Oh, please...
I can do everything
that was explained to me.
Well, all right.
You are my husbands protge.
Let's give it a try.
Thank you, Madame!
The professor was so kind to me.
Well, he was?
Let's go to the kitchen and see Lina.
She is the cook and will
show you everything.
Good morning, Madame.
This is the new maid,
you have to take her
under your wings.
Would you be so kind...
of course, Madame!
So, you are the new girl?
Were you sent by the agency?
No, the professor hired me.
Well, well...
Now then, welcome!
My name is Lina Hoyerl.
And yours?
Hordak Anna is my name.
I am called Anuschka.
No, Anuschka!
Go and change your clothes and
tidy up a bit.
Anuschka. Come along!
Oh God, my strudel!
So, this is your little room.
And now unpack all your stuff.
Do you have a black dress?
There is one in the cupboard
from your precursor.
It could fit.
By the way...
Your precursor,
I could tell you some stories...!
Oh my God, my strudel!
Pardon, I took the wrong door
by mistake!
This used to be my room, you know.
And now I always think...
Please, leave immediately!
But I am not even looking...
What are you doing in
her room?
Hello Lina!
Don't you have to
look after your strudel?
It seems that it is more important
to look after you, Mr. Leopold!
And you, hurry up!
Come on, Lina.
Don't be angry with me!
Skirt chaser.
I warn you!
If you fool around
with her like with the last,
you'll have a surprise!
Nah! I am not interested
in that bumpkin.
That bumpkin?
That bumpkin is a protge
of our professor.
Hah, that's a good piece of news.
Come on...
Let's make peace.
It's high time for you,
Madame is waiting.
Oh, apple strudel.
I can make this, too.
The kitchen is none of your business!
For your information!
Well then...
please tell me, what I should do.
Prepare the dishes for lunch.
Can you do this, at all?
Yes, I think so...
So you can't?
But you can flutter
your eyes at some guy!
What do you mean?
I like that!
Leaving the door open,
so anyone can see how your shaped.
Listen, this is perfidious,
suspecting someone for no reason.
I know how it is with you maids.
I am not a maid.
This is my first employment
in the city.
I had my own farm at home.
I only came because
I was really desolate.
And because I wanted to be
far away from home.
I am not interested in any guy.
I am not looking at anyone.
I have someone I love.
That is no reason to cry!
My little one, come.
Sit down with me .
Why do you cry,
when you have a man?
Please serve the tea!
Yes, Sir.
Madame Eva!
Almost on time.
i am very short on time.
Don't you want to take off
your coat, Madame?
No, thank you.
I wont stay very long.
- Hm.
Tell me, am I the first?
The first and the last.
Why is that?
You are the only one.
All of the others unfortunately
No, Sascha.
You promised to invite
a small group of people.
Or else...
Isn't this group small enough?
You're impossible.
Hit me, but that's the way I am.
Yes, and that's how
I have lost everything.
And had to get away from home.
Such a sad story!
I am sorry for you, An-usch-ka.
But, I wouldn't put up with this.
Jesus, there must be some
villainy behind it!
Good Lord, what should I've done?
Fight back!
Talk with an advocate.
But I don't have any money.
There are also decent advocates,
who don't take money straightaway.
No, no...
Please stop with those pettifoggers.
I've had it with this guy from Marina.
Don't be stupid.
I know someone who also helped me.
Shall I ask him?
What, a real advocate?
And you would ask him to come?
Umm, well...
He isn't a real doctor...
But... a doctors right hand!
You know what?
We will call him immediately,
after Madame has left.
Maybe he will come in the afternoon,
for a cup of coffee.
So, where is the little girl,
She will be back soon.
She just went for a walk
with the dog.
There she is.
This is Mr. Virak.
My name is Hordak Anna.
He knows more about law,
then the most famous and clever
advocates in Vienna!
Please don't exaggerate, Miss Lina.
After 30 years of practice,
one gathers some experience naturally.
Miss Lina already told me
about your case.
But I need more details from you.
If I understood correctly,
you relinqished the farm voluntarily?
Yes, but I had to!
But the Lord will help me
to gain my rights.
In my experience,
you have to tackle something
on your own,
and God will help you.
But what can I do?
First of all, tell me everything -
one after the other.
Will you come to the opera ball?
I don't know, maybe...
Your dear husband,
will have no time, unfortunately?
But, you will come, won't you?
Without my husband?
Are you always so self-dependent?
I became...
May I see your cigarette lighter?
Lovely work.
A peteterl or a peschurl?
Excuse me?
There are two kinds of lighters.
Some work sometimes,
those are the peteterls.
And others work everytime,
those are the peschurls!
Where did you buy it?
This is a present from my husband.
Sister Agnes, do you have an idea,
what happened
to the picture of my wife?
It was always on your desk?
I put it here after our small trip.
I cannot find it.
Maybe you took it home.
Look Eva,
you think I am a nice,
but adrift fellow.
A rogue, a beau.
Is this bad?
It is my own fault.
I should have evaded you.
But why?
Because I felt very clearly,
that you will mean more to me,
then you should.
I struggled against it, I...
tried to leave it at that.
Until I noticed,
how lonely you are.
That you are missing
all this tenderness,
and yes, the love.
I could give to you.
And that you might wish...
Sascha, you are wrong.
I love my husband.
But does your husband love you?
How can someone live with
a woman, like he does?
A women like you?
How did my picture come here?
I took it from your husbands surgery.
Weeks ago.
Didn't he tell you
that he is missing it?
Pardon me, Eva.
I like to leave Sascha,
please let me go.
See, now I made you feel sad.
But I wanted you to be happy!
Come with me to the opera ball!
Without him.
Maybe we will accomplish,
to be as careless,
as we would like to be!
And afterwards, maybe we will go to...
Sascha, I beg you!
I take the golden lighter in pawn,
for you to come.
Will you come to the opera ball?
Without him?
This is certainly not an easy case.
First of all, we will take a look
into the cadastre.
And then we have to make a plea!
Will it be a lawsuit?
It happens quite often,
that a lawyer sends a letter,
and everything
looks much different afterwards.
I will draw up such a letter,
present it to my director,
Dr. Moosbauer,
and will let him sign it.
Do you think such a letter
will be enough?
Mr Virak's letters make
people tremble!
Oh dear, you look beautiful Madame!
Ouch, that hurts!
Oh, please pardon me!
Well, give me the orchid.
And when the professor
comes from the clinic,
make sure, he will get a hot tea.
Yes, Madame.
Ah, that's too much.
And Lina shall prepare
some sandwiches for him.
The mirror, please.
And put the evening paper
on the right place.
The professor likes to read it
before going to bed.
I think there's something wrong
with a curl, isn't it?
Wait, I will go.
Yes, hello?
Oh, it's you?
Yes, of course.
Maybe, yes...
Well, it's a shame in a way.
That the poor professor has to work
so much all the time.
He can't even go to the opera ball!
Yes, it's a shame.
It would do him good,
to have some fun and dance,
He is always looking so serious!
My goodness, there he is!
Pardon me, the professor!
There he is,
in the flesh.
If Madame allows me,
I would like to accompany Madame
to the opera ball.
But Felix, you wanted to...
I had to postpone two operations
and decided,
that I could grant ourselves
this evening.
My God, Madame turned pale with joy!
Yes, the surprise was a success.
How did you change
your clothes so fast?
Leopold had to bring the suit
to the clinic.
Are you ready?
In a moment.
Well, our little Anuschka is already
with all the secrets
of the upper crust.
As I can see.
She is really quite smart.
Well, I am really pleased
my dear child.
Oh, excuse me,
this is all a little bit...
new to me.
It will be ok.
I am ready.
The horses are saddled and girthed.
Good evening!
And have a good time.
Are they gone?
And the professor will join her!
Jesus, Madame will be happy.
He surprised her with that.
I have a surprise for you too!
For me?
Come on, put on your pretty dress,
you know the one
with lots of colours!
We will also go to a ball.
To the opera?
Of course not, darling.
Move a bit.
It is always boring,
where the gentlefolk amuse themsleves.
We'll go to the Stalenher.
I can't go to a ball.
But why not?
My father died only half a year ago.
Do you think it would make him happy,
when you sit in your room all day?
On the contrary,
when he looks down and sees
you dancing at the Stalenher,
he will laugh and think bravo,
she's a smart girl, my Anuschka!
Perhaps you 're right.
He didn't waste any opportunity, too!
Oh dear, but it won't be possible
anyway, Miss Lina.
My Jaro...
Do you think he won't go dancing?
He surely will.
He will dance with the
ugliest, cheekiest girls,
because of his mother.
No, my Jaro won't do that!
He is faithful to me.
Even if it's not easy for him.
Because of his fiery temper.
Is he fiery?
Look! Dr. Sascha Wendt!
Also at the opera ball?
As you can see, dear Ferdy.
Standing around and waiting...
Who are you waiting for?
Ah, I know!
So you are waiting for Theresa?
No, I don't even know her.
You are waiting the little chubby girl
with the curls?
Not a bit, I am waiting for no one!
Look, I don't mind who
you are waiting for!
A little silly today my friend,
a little silly.
Ms. Eva.
Hello, dear doctor!
Haven't seen you in a while!
How is the evening so far?
Many people, right?
And mostly acquaintances.
It's four or even five years ago,
since I was here last time.
But it hasn't changed a lot.
Still the same faces.
Well, you're all alone doctor?
Uh... yes, yes. I am alone.
Then do us the favour and join us
for a glass of champagne.
If Madame permits?
Mr. Leopold yanks the horses around!
There is more to come!
Wait for the waltz, Miss Anuschka.
I will yank around the girls!
But the first waltz is mine,
Leopold Frank!
Let's make that clear
right away.
Why certainly my dearest!
Here we are!
I never dreamed that I would
be taken to a ball
with a horse-drawn carriage!
Well, no way my ladies have to
take the horse tramway!
All right.
I'll be right there!
Hello Ms. Huber!
Miss Lina!
Good to see you again.
You look marvelous!
I almost didn't recognize you.
How are you doing?
I take my colleague out today.
Ms An-usch-ka.
Hello Ms Anuschka!
You will surely cause a stir
with your dress!
Don't you want to hand in your scarf?
No thank you, that's not necessary!
Ah, Mr. Leopold.
Here again?
Also here, Huber...
That's right, I'm also here..
Miss Huber is a very nice woman!
She's renting rooms
to unemployed maids.
Always good to know!
Fat baron Schott.
Six weeks ago he was under my knife.
And now he is happy as a king again.
It gives me pleasure
to see that.
Since when are you greeted
by strange ladies?
That's how she finds me out.
She is also a patient of mine, darling.
She looks quite miserable.
Despite the heavy make-up.
It was not an easy case.
Not for medical reasons,
but she didn't want to get well.
There's something wrong
with her marriage.
And that's her only disease.
But you surely know this just as well
from your own work!
You need a tuschurl!
Just like mine.
You know, there are
two kinds of lighters.
The peteterls...
Yes, yes I know...
this classification.
I once gave one to my wife.
A golden lighter.
A tuschurl.
Lets keep the fire of love burning
for ever.
Do you remember, Eva?
Yes, yes.
Show it to me!
I don't have it with me,
it's at home.
May I have this dance?
What? You want to dance?
Yes, sure.
If a thing's worth doing,
it's worth doing well.
Don't be angry with me doctor,
but today I am primarily
available for my little wife.
That goes without saying professor.
Excuse us, please.
May I have this dance?
One moment please!
Oh, I see, ahem...
Even an old leopard like you
cannot change its spots!
I almost forgot what a wonderful dancer
my husband is.
You see, Eva, husbands should be
,legally bound
to dance with their wives once a week.
Oh, this would be terrible!
Because for you men,
every feeling stops,
when it becomes an obligation.
I think I have to belittle my
sense of duty a bit,
in the near future!
Ah, doctor! Still here poor old chap?
As you can see...
We really appreciate your company,
but you should really find
yourself a partner!
You are right, professor.
Don't get carried away.
It's only for your own good.
I understand, Madame.
Good bye.
A little boring,
this good old Wendt,
a little boring.
I am so glad that he left.
Oh well, maybe it is because
he can't find the right woman.
do you think he is
crossed in love?
I don't know...
I haven't seen him in a long time!
Never mind.
What, again?
You became a different person!
And do you like this person?
It is that easy to bring you down?
I didn't know,
that a country girl
could be such a good dancer!
We had a ball every weekend
at the tavern!
Guess what, Mrs. Anuschka,
we have to come back for
a dance contest!
No, no... not at any price,
Mr. Leopold.
You don't seem to have a good time!
No, you were totally right.
It's incredibly boring here!
Come with me!
Where to?
To the Stalehner.
I don't know that place.
You don't know the Stalehner?
The ball of the domestics?
This is literally a gap
in education.
Watch out, you will have
a heck of a time!
My admiration,
Mr. baron!
Good evening Ms. Huber,
how is it going?
Thanks for asking,
I can't complain.
And how are you, Mr. baron?
my stomach is a bit weak.
My head too...
The heart is a bit worn out.
And the rest also a bit uneasy.
It seems, you have quite
a reputation here, dear baron.
Look, I am a regular here.
I was dancing waltzer
with Ms. Huber,
25 years ago.
Those were the days.
Today, the world looks rather different.
Good evening, baron.
Hello Peppi!
Please reserve a loge for us.
Will do!
On the first floor?
Yes, yes.. and prepare
some champagne!
Will be done, Mr baron.
What do you think of that?
I didn't promise too much!
That's a very nice lighter
you have there.
A present.
You must be well beloved,
to receive such a precious present.
Who gave it to you?
it's a secret!
Look at her!
She is sweet!
Oh yes, that's right.
Well, let's get cracking!
Are you infantry or cavalry?
Then stay behind!
Mrs. Anuschka is having a good time.
She doesn't sit out any dance!
But you already skip the third!
Je-sus, it is high time!
The professor ordered me to the opera
at half past twelve!
Wait, I will escort
you to the cloakroom!
All alone, Madame?
I am not alone, no...
And I am not a "Madame" as well.
Too bad.
because I am not a "Madame"?
No, no...
because you're not alone.
I am alone and don't know
anybody here!
Oh dear, poor fellow!
Well, then please stay...
at our table.
Don't you want to dance a bit?
May I have the pleasure?
Yes, please.
Do you want to leave already?
I will only fetch the professor
and Madame.
They are bored at the opera ball.
Seems to be some sort of floozie,
this Anuschka.
Shame on you!
First you make eyes at her
and now you run her down,
because she's not interested in you.
You rogue.
Come on.
I will be back in one hour
at the latest.
Why do you make yourself so scarce
lately, Mrs. Lina?
I am very busy!
There is always trouble
with the maid.
Doesn't leave me any
space to breath.
Such a shrew?
Frustrated, that's all!
My God...
where on earth are they?
They can't be far away.
Nobody leaves that early
in the evening.
But I'd have to look for them.
Maybe we can find them upstairs.
Come with me.
They are surely not up here.
Doesn't matter.
They will surely pass by!
Don't you want to take a seat?
Champagne, and don't disturb.
Why didn't we stay downstairs?
Look, i don't like to have
all those people around me.
You know, I am not as cheerful as
you might think.
Did you have any sad experience?
See, it is exactly the same...
with me.
It's also that I only look merry
on the outside.
We can comfort each other, then!
Let's have a glass.
What's that?
So this is... champagne?
Is this the first time
you have some?
I had imagined it
completely different.
It tastes like...
wine from Tschernosek!
Like our wine at home,
when it's still young.
It goes straight to your head!
No, not the champagne.
It is very tame.
Well, I don't know.
Hello, dear friend!
How is it going?
We haven't seen each other
for a long time.
Is it possible to
get to know Madame?
Hordak Anuschka, my name.
But I am not a Madame.
Don't you want to take a seat,
dear baron?
I would like to...
but my Madame doesn't
want to...
Please, take a seat.
He is a baron?
Yes, in fact a very characteristic
I wouldn't like to be a baron.
Cheers, Madame Anuschka.
I think I have to look for Lina now.
But I will take you to her afterwards!
Tell me, who is this Lina anyway?
Our cook.
You know what, just bring her up.
No, this is impossible.
Leopold wouldn't like it.
Ah... there's a Leopold, too?
We don't need any Leopold,
of course.
You won't leave me all alone?
I don't want to be alone
just today.
Stay, or I will get angry.
You can't get angry at all...
If you would know how
angry I'd like to be.
I want to be really mad!
Mad at me?
Oh dear, not at you.
Mad at someone very particular.
You are also totally different today.
No, I am not.
You just don't know me!
But I would like to know you.
Shame on you.
I am your husband.
I think, Eva...
I fell in love with my own wife
And now it's serious.
Our honeymoon.
We are planning, discussing and
for three years.
But now I won't wait even
eight days more.
I will take at least one month off.
Dear Professor...
unfortunately this
won't be possible.
What would the clinic
and your office say?
My assistants will
represent me excellently.
I have to make up for
what I've missed in all those years.
When do you want to leave, Madame?
Where to?
Shame on you...
I am your wife!
I am not drinking any more.
My head is spinning.
You can be very resolute.
See, this impresses me.
Yes, yes...
At least you know what you want,
don't you?
You're a thousand times better
than this...
so called "Madame".
doesn't have a will of her own,
because of her moods.
You have no idea about
these girls!
First they turn your head,
and then, when you're on fire,
they say...
And disappear in the arms
of their husband.
Leave me alone.
I have to go.
My friends are surely looking
for me already.
So you don't like me at all?
I think you are very sweet.
But you're always so sad.
I have to go!
You know, if you leave...
I will become even sadder.
And you wouldn't want that,
don't you?
I have to go.
Thank you very much for
the entertainment.
And the champagne.
Lovely lady...
Lovely lady.
Excuse me, did you see Lina?
Well, well.
Of course I saw her.
She's gone already!
And Leopold?
That's terrible!
Where have you been all the time?
Up there.
With a gentleman.
In a tailcoat.
Oh, I see!
In a spare...
It's always the same!
Can you believe it?
They left without me!
Let's do the same!
Leave without them!
Mariahilfer Street, "Goulash Hut".
"The golden...
...was standing ripe".
"The sun...
...was burning...".
...metes and bounds".
...I saw...
...your heart".
...the fields are...
"I have...
...a heavy...
"Joy comes...
...and joy...
"Just as a...
Bravo, Anuschka.
You sang...
very nicely.
How useful.
You don't say!
That's a...
I'll give it to you.
I'll give it to you!
But I don't want any present!
Flowers for the lady.
Flowers neither?
I never...
got flowers from anyone.
Give me all of them!
Thank you mister.
But they are not as beautiful
as they are at home.
Where is your home at all?
In the Waagtal.
What's wrong with you?
It will be over soon.
You're homesick, right?
I don't want to be homesick.
Or your sweetheart left you?
This stupid guy.
Always does, what his mother
wants him to do.
He can go and get stuffed!
They should play something happy!
Where are we?
At my place.
You girls are all the same.
Here you go.
Thank you, Sir.
Far and wide -
I told you, didn't I!
A floozy.
I blame myself for everything.
Nonsense, you're not her watchdog!
I know those maids.
By the way...
The light in Madames bedroom
is still on.
She probably forgot
to turn it off.
This would be a miracle.
Let's go to bed, Lina.
I would also like to...
Hey you, Mrs.
No, no.
Don't be afraid, I wont bite.
What are you doing here?
This bench is not a hotel.
I've lost my way.
I don't know how to get home.
Where do you live?
On Wattmannstr.
What, in Hietzing?
What are you doing here in the Prater?
At the other end of Vienna?
You got lost so far away
from your home?
You were roaming around probably!
Roaming around?
Don't act the innocent, Mrs.
Can you identify yourself?
I want to go home.
One thing after the other.
First you come with me,
to the police station.
We have to determine your identity.
No, please, don't!
Please don't!
Let's go!
Doesn't hurt, that identity.
you have to go to the clinic.
Jesus, now you start to exhort me?
One of us has to be reasonable.
I've been reasonable far too long.
Do you want another bun?
Oh, excuse me.
If you prepare it for me?
With honey!
Yes, honey...
I am afraid there is no honey,
she forgot it.
These girls are always miles away.
I thought you are
very happy with Anuschka?
Yes, at the moment.
Yes, please.
You forgot the honey, Anuschka.
Oh, it's you?
Where is Anuschka?
Um.. she is walking the dog.
She went to buy something!
But she should be back
at any moment.
Well, honey... yes.
Foolish kid.
Don't cause a stir!
How can you lock me up?
I didn't do anything!
But you aren't even jailed!
You were brought here,
so that we can determine
your particulars.
You've already told us, no?
Now you only have to allow us,
to have a look...
Um, Havlicek, does she have
a 'pompadour'?
Not existing.
Into your pockets, for good order sake.
Don't touch me!
Come on.
Behave yourself.
For the sake of good order.
I wont go into that box!
Don't make a scene.
Well, then.
Leave me alone!
Be quiet!
Calm down.
A purse.
60... 80 heller.
So, what is that?
I really don't know this.
It probably didn't fly into your pocket!
This is... 18-carat gold!
Ha, how did you get such a
luxury good?
I don't know.
He put it into my pockets!
A gentleman.
A gentleman?
At the Stalehner.
I don't know.
It is also possible that it happened
at the "Goulash Hut".
What's the name of this...
I don't know.
But how did he look like?
He wore a tailcoat.
Well, then.
Hacvlicek, telephone.
Yes, Sir.
You work for professor Hartberg?
Yes, at Wattmannstr.
Yes, professor von Hartberg.
Yes, she works here.
One moment, please.
Tell me Leopold, where is Anuschka?
Come on, come on!
Something is wrong here.
She didn't come home last night,
She didn't come home
all night?
Yes, that's correct.
Please arrange that she will come
as fast as possible.
Yes, with a fiaker.
Yes, I will bear the costs!
Eva, please call for Lina.
That's beyond belief.
You don't want to
talk me into believing,
that the girl left on her own
last night?
Without any knowledge
of this place?
She didn't have any permission to leave!
Well, well.
Come here.
I am not interested in kitchen chit-chat
as a matter of principle.
But in this case
i want to know,
what happened to Anuschka.
Nothing happened.
For sure!
But the police probably won't arrest
the girl just like that!
Professor, yesterday...
It was Fat Tuesday yesterday.
And we also wanted...
- We wanted to go to a ball.
It is an incredible carelessness
in any case,
to lose the girl
amidst all these people.
You knew that she is totally helpless
in a foreign city.
It won't happen again, professor!
Well, there we have our
little sinner.
Please forgive me Madame,
Never mind Anuschka,
it's alright.
The issue seems to be all right,
thus far.
But professor...
- Yes
One question please.
One moment.
Do you...
this object?
Could you come for a moment,
What do you say to that?
It almost looks like my lighter.
But Eva,
this is your lighter.
No, no...
- mine is totally different!
Then bring it please.
Yes, I, uhm...
At the moment I don't know
where it is...
I, uhm...
think i've locked it up somewhere.
But I think this is not interesting
for the policeman.
You are sure, this is not your lighter,
Without fail.
I've already testified at the
police station,
that a man with a tailcoat
put it into my pocket.
A man in a tailcoat?
Put it into your pocket?
I've met the gentleman yesterday
at the Stalehner.
And then we went to the
"Goulash Hut"...
What are Anuschka's ball affairs
to us?
Here, take your thing.
Take it.
It is cerainly not mine.
It's not that easy, Madame.
Maybe the girl has the lighter...
from somewhere else.
Do you think I've stolen it?
Wait a minute, Ms. Hordak.
Well, this is impossible.
I can vouch for that.
But Eva, you don't know...
Yes, I do.
You can leave it at that.
If you should receive a notice of loss,
you have the girls adress.
Well, Madame.
The case is temporarily closed.
Sorry for the disturbance.
Farewell, professor.
Good day!
You owe me 1,80 krones.
About 2 krones for the fiaker.
The driver will give it
to you.
This was very decent of you,
To stand up for Anuschka.
What do mean, professor?
My wife knows as well as I do,
how you came to that lighter.
She just didn't want to
make things worse for you.
Or you would have to go to jail
for theft.
And now pack your things.
I want you out of my house
in one hour.
You think...
I am a...
I didn't steal.
Look Felix,
the girl only was only stupid...
Most of the bad things happen
merely because of stupidity.
I didn't do anything stupid.
Nothing has happened.
This man...
Stop fantasizing
about this strange man.
You only make matters worse
with these lies.
I don't lie.
I have never lied in
my whole life.
Look Felix,
you take these things
much to seriously.
Look, the girl surely
won't do it again.
I won't tolerate any
deception in my house.
Please pay her off.
You go pack your things,
and that's that!
Maybe for you.
But not for me!
Do you think that
I can't fight back?
I've lost everything!
House and farm.
I have nothing left but my good name.
And I won't allow anyone to
take it away from me.
Even if you are professor von Hartberg!
I don't care!
I will go now and pack up.
And I won't take any salary!
And let me tell you,
you will receive Anuschka's response!
Well, my dear.
We don't have great luck
with our maids.
But we will go on holiday
and forget the whole thing soon.
But I have to leave now and
go the clinic.
Good bye!
I think it would be good
if you keep your eyes open.
Or some things will disappear
when she leaves!
You idiot!
Do you really think the girl
has stolen something?
Never in a million years!
Who knows what's behind this story.
Listen Anuschka.
Anuschka, talk with Madame again!
She wasn't very angry.
There is nothing to talk about.
I will not submit to this insult!
And now give me the adress
of this advocate, please.
You can see it here.
Just here.
It now appears that
it is beyond question,
that the farm
will pass into your ownership.
Because a reallocation
of your cadastre
was not carried out until today.
Let this gentleman from Vienna
send his letters.
Our advocate will find out,
how we can keep the farm.
But I don't want to keep it!
And I won't stay anylonger, too!
On this stolen farm.
This whole story
has to come to an end.
I will go to Vienna as soon
as the last field is harvested.
To Vienna?
What do you want to do there?
I want to talk with Dr. Moosbauer.
I know what you
want in Vienna!
You want to meet Anuschka!
And what if I want to meet her?
I forbid you to go to Vienna!
This time I will do what I want to!
I will go to Vienna!
That takes the cake!
Such a beast.
This Anuschka.
She wants to sue us for defamation.
Good bye.
That's the height of impudence!
First, you take care of the girl.
And then she sues you.
How could I be so mistaken in her?
By the way, Eva.
Please call Dr. Wendt and...
tell him about the whole story.
It would be even better
if you go by yourself, ok?
Is this really necessary, Felix?
Jesus, please do me this favour.
Leave it to him -
and forget it.
Good bye.
Ms. Weghuber,
please take a note...
Here we are, sir.
- What is it?
A bit later please, ok?
Please, bring her in.
Yes, sir.
To what do I owe
this unexpected honor?
Do you know this?
Of course.
What have you dont with this thing,
that I gave you
in a foolish mood?
To overcome this "foolish mood",
I gave it away.
To a girl.
At the Stalehner.
And this girl was my maid.
For God's sake!
Yes, take a look...
what you caused with your
tasteless negligence.
Moosbauer of all things.
You know, what happens...
if my husband...
Well, what do you intend to do now?
First of all, I cannot represent
you as your lawyer, of course.
I was explicitly sent to you.
He will become suspicious immediately,
if you refuse.
Besides, matters will take their course.
Take a seat Madame, please.
No, thanks.
We have to try,
to find a way out of this...
very disastrous situation.
I don't see a way.
There is one.
What would that be?
The trial must not take place.
Anuschka, I mean this girl has...
Ms. Hordak has to withdraw
the lawsuit.
Do you want to go to her and ask?
You know her quite well anyway...
But this is impossible!
If she sees me again,
her prime witness,
she has a hold on us!
You have to talk with her, Madame.
No one can expect me to do that.
Please Madame,
you have to convince the girl,
to suspend the case.
I don't think it will be very difficult,
by the way.
Such matters can be settled
with money normally.
I am...
at your disposal, of course.
Where does she live?
What's the fire?
A fine lady wants to talk with you.
Probably because of the advertisment.
Anuschka, I have to talk with you.
I don't know what you could tell me,
dear Mrs. Anuschka.
It is very important.
Isn't it possible to...
Well, actually ...
if Madame absolutely whishes to...
I wrote an excellent
letter of reference for you.
Here, read it Anuschka.
That's not much help to me.
I was called a thief in front of
Lina and Leopold.
And this has to be...
revoked in public!
That's what the doctor said.
Jesus, isn't it possible to come
to a compromise without this advocate?
Here, I am willing to pay
you 200 krones.
I want my unpaid salary.
And nothing else!
I have 500 krones...
You can put your money back, Madame.
Please, don't let me leave like this.
Or something bad will happen.
I want to tell you everything.
You have to listen to me.
Only a few more minutes.
Hey you!
What are you looking for?
Mrs. Anna Hordak, please.
She doesn't live here anymore.
But she works for Professor Hartberg?
She was, please!
Is she sick?
We have...
thrown her out!
Thrown out?
Because of mischief.
Anuschka is not a mischief-maker.
Well, she was here.
A bit like this.
Don't dare say that again!
Hey, you!
Where does she live now?
I don't care!
Where people like that live...
Maybe you can ask Dr. Moosbauer,
in the Florianilane.
Maybe he knows where she is!
But why didn't you tell the professor
the truth?
Because even the truth would have
made my husband miserable.
And maybe he wouldn't believe me.
That nothing has happened.
Between me and this man.
I don't understand that.
If such a thing
would happen to me,
and I would tell my Jaro
the truth.
He would believe me for sure.
can you forgive me,
that I kept silent?
My marriage would have been ruined.
Yeah, right.
So you rather ruined me, right?
It wouldn't have come to that,
if my husband wouldn't be occupied
with his work all the time!
And I was so lonely.
Oh no...
It's also our fault.
And how!
But just now...
everything has changed.
Now I am finally happy
with my husband.
And now everything
is going to be destroyed.
Calm down, Madame.
will take the blame.
And the professor
won't be miserable.
I don't know how to thank you.
When people like me
run into trouble...
we lose everything.
Our employment, our honour...
and we can't
sort things out.
Nobody will care.
You will get your reference, your salary.
And everything will be alright.
Well, my Jaro won't hear about it.
And that's most important
to me.
Now then.
I will withdraw the accusation.
Never mind, Madame.
Yes, Yes...
I am on my way!
What a turbulent day.
Is Mrs. Anuschka at home?
Yes, yes...
Who was this posh lady?
The lady who dismissed Anuschka.
What are you doing in Vienna?
I am here because of your farm.
Dr. Moosbauer sent a letter to mother...
And because I took matters
into my hand,
he said, that I should go
and visit my client!
Mother was doing you wrong.
But everything will be alright now.
Tell me Anuschka, what was going
at professor Hartbergs house?
Nothing was going on!
Did you tell him about the story?
Of course, because Mr. Jaro is your
But I didn't allow you to do that,
Mr. Virak.
Hold on!
You were suspected to be a thief,
and it shouldn't concern me?
Mind your own business, Jaro!
Everything is settled and done anyway.
What do you mean with settled?
Just as I told you!
There will be no lawsuit.
I will withdraw the accusation.
What utter nonsense!
Did you let yourself be wrapped up
by this Ms. Hartberg?
I have to protest strongly
against that,
as your advocate!
Please leave me alone Mr. Virak.
You are absolutely right doctor.
She promised Ms. Hartberg,
that she will
withdraw the accusation.
Although she got this lighter
indeed as a present
from this posh gentleman
at the Stalehner ball.
With the gypsies.
Be quiet, Ms. Huber!
Ah, come on.
That's how it was!
Because the lighter belongs
to Ms. Hartberg.
And she offered Anuschka 500 krones,
if she renounces the accusation
and gives it a miss.
What does that mean?
You've been on a ball?
And accepted a present
from a strange chiseler?
In the middle of the night?
This is not true!
I accepted nothing!
Well Anuschka, come out with it!
What did Ms. Hartberg want from you?
Leave me alone!
Ms. Hartberg is not involved
in the whole story.
I have to sort this out
for myself.
But you don't want to accuse yourself
suddenly, Anuschka?
I can't believe the things you say.
You're lying because you feel ashamed
after you got involved with someone else!
And who says
that I didn't steal anything?
I will find out the truth!
Take my word for it!
What have you...
Look what you've done!
Can't you keep your mouth shut?
That's all the thanks one gets!
After housing such a girl.
What kind of nonsense is this?
You didn't steal anything!
If I stole something, or not -
is only my concern!
The lawsuit will be dropped!
Just so you know.
I knew it.
Madame doesn't whish to see you.
But I have to speak with her.
Don't cause any trouble!
I will cause trouble until I can speak
What do you want from my wife?
My name is Nowarek.
I am Anuschkas fianc.
Well, yes...
I can imagine why you came.
Please come in.
Dear Nowarek,
your Anuschka was a big
disappointment for us,
Professor, the girl didn't steal anything.
You already know the story?
And now I would like to ask Madame
Please keep my wife out of the story.
She has nothing to do with it.
I thought the lighter belongs to her?
Of course, but...
So it has to be her who gave
the lighter to the gentleman,
who gave it to Anuschka.
Please don't give me this stupid story.
About this "unknown gentleman".
As matters stand,
it is better anyway,
to let the lawyers settle the case.
I don't whish to hear anything
from Mrs. Hordak again.
Goody bye.
Don't wish to hear anything again...
And why does your wife
come running to Anuschka then?
She has absolutely no intention.
On the contrary.
She was there only
one hour ago.
She offered her money.
To withdraw the lawsuit
and stand for the insult.
She offered her money?
And Anuschka, the stupid girl,
really wants to do it.
There must be something behind it!
My wife offered Anuschka money?
500 krones.
I've had enough!
Get out!
I swear it professor!
Why should I lie?
One moment.
Aren't you feeling well?
Yes, I have a bit of a headache.
Have you been downtown?
What have you done there?
Jesus, Felix...
I had to run some errands.
I went to the travel agency
for the tickets.
And then I went to the tailor.
Felix please let me take a rest.
What did you want from Anuschka?
From Anuschka, why?
you've been with her?
May I ask...
why you offered her money?
My God, Felix...
this is a a real interrogation!
Yes, I went to the girls place.
I felt sorry for her and uh...
I wanted to clear up this silly affair
for good.
With credentials and a bit of money.
Please forgive me this arbitrary act.
Since when are 500 krones
"a bit of money"?
Since when do you have such a large
amount of money at your disposal,
without my knowledge?
Felix, I...
So Anuschka...
didn't steal.
She got the lighter from a man?
I don't know how to...
So this man got...
the lighter...
from you.
This is why you...
intervened for her then.
And abandoned her atfter all.
I just realized,
how much I wronged Anuschka.
I deeply regret,
that I accused her of theft,
without any reason.
May I ask you,
to tell her that?
Because I know,
how much value
Anuschka attaches...
on her reputation.
Thank you.
The professor whishes to let you know,
that he regrets his mistake
and asks to accept his apologies.
Everything is settled now
for you at least.
Please, come....
take a seat with me,
I want to explain everything.
I don't need a explanation!
And I don't have time for that.
My train is leaving in one hour.
You already want to leave?
Anyway, I am sorry,
that I came at all!
How dare you!
What have I done?
How can you ask?
No more than eight days in Vienna,
the father less than half a year dead,
and already going to a ball!
And gets a golden lighter
from some gentleman.
I can well imagine what for!
This is not true.
What do I know,
what is true.
You learned how to lie.
Mother is right.
We are a bad match.
you don't know what you are saying!
I know very well!
And now I will leave.
Otherwise I will say more,
than I prefer.
And what if I went with him?
Wouldn't I have every right to?
The way you were behaving?
Why haven't you been with me.
He will think about it.
And the apology from the professor
is also worth something!
One thing is for sure.
The gentleman from the Stalehner,
who got me into all this trouble,
has to appear!
Even if I have to search him
in every house in Vienna!
here again?
Excuse me?
We know each other,
most certainly.
Not that I remember.
Come on,
on Fat Tuesday!
But there was this
friend of mine,
who put me to inconvenience.
This must be a mistake.
There's no way to take you
for somebody else!
Especially with this outfit.
It was up there,
in the loge!
Fancy going up there later?
Who is this friend of yours?
Seems that he didn't leave
much of an impression,
my friend the advocate.
If he only knew!
He takes himself for
a don juan, I think!
I only know a doctor Moosbauer...
I meant doctor Sascha Wendt!
The young, good-looking!
So his name is Sascha Wendt!
- Yes.
And he is an advocate?
- Yes.
Thank you.
Good bye, baron!
I have to talk with him!
Yes, please?
Mrs. Anuschka?
Yes, surprise!
It's me.
You didn't expect that, what?
Yes, please...
No, no... I am not going to sit down,
we have to leave now anyway.
Well, dear girl would you be so kind
and tell me what you want?
Can't you work that out for yourself?
You put me into a terrible situation!
I put you?
Did I ask you,
to give me this stupid lighter,
doctor Wendt?
That's the height of impudence,
to shift the blame on me!
I beg your pardon, but without...
- Yes, please!
discussing the question of fault,
we can't put an end to this dispute.
Oh yes, we can.
You bet!
Come on, get dressed.
- What do you mean?
Put on your hat,
let's go!
Yes, but...
If you could really find a solution...
Don't talk so much.
Come on.
Come on.
The fiaker is on you!
Sister Agnes!
For Christ's sake,
what am I doing here?
I want to speak with the professor.
But this is impossible.
Just tell him, Anuschka is here.
This is out of question,
I can't... here with the professor!
Ah, you don't have the guts
to tell the truth!
I beg your pardon!
It is strange that gentlefolk
are always afraid of the truth.
Please excuse me, gentlemen.
Hello Mrs. Anuschka!
I can imagine why you came.
You can't imagine!
Here is the man...
who caused all this devastation.
Doctor Wendt.
Professor, I am at your disposal.
You're talking so pompously again.
Just tell the truth, finally!
Professor, you're doing Madame wrong.
The doctor will explain everything.
I can give you my word,
with a clear conscience, that I, uh...
that between us...
Some men can barely speak up.
And you want to be an advocate?
He had just as little going on
with your wife,
as with me.
And you even
gave me a golden lighter!
Well, that's really nice of you
but I think your attempt to mediate
is misplaced.
You should be ashamed!
Sorry, it just slipped out somehow.
Is it really necessary,
to always expect the worst
from someone you love?
Are all men the same?
You and Jaro?
Thank you, doctor.
Come in.
Please, Madame.
Anuschka, it's you?
Yes, I only came to
announce something.
There is a gentleman
waiting outside,
who would like to talk with you.
I think, he has
something very important to say.
I will never forget that!
Yes Anuschka,
how can we thank you?
You could thank me.
If you would talk with Jaro,
Because he is as stupid, as you...
Excuse me.
It just slipped out somehow.
May I give this to Anuschka?
Oh, to keep the fire of love burning
for ever?