Anwar (2007) Movie Script

Brother. Brother, stop the bus.
Do you have to go?
No, i want to alight here.
Brother, have you gone mad.
If you will alight here,
then you will not...
...get any bus till the morning.
And there is no place to
stay around here too.
You will get a bus only
in the morning.
You don't worry about me.
No, who is worried.
Here, i will stop it.
Allah ho akbar...
...Allah ho akbar...
...hey where are you going?
I will just talk to them.
I request you all to
maintain the peace.
All of us have been surrounded
by a grave problem.
We have to wait for this terrorist.
We have to wait for him to come out.
If we want, then we can
easily break the doors...
...of the temple and barge inside!
But no! We cannot make
this ancient temple...
...of ours impure with the
blood of this terrorist!
Long live!
- Mother india!
And that's why i request you all...
...that we all peacefully wait
for this terrorist to come out.
And anyway, we don't know that... many terrorists are
hiding inside the temple.
Long live!
- Mother india!
Long live!
- Mother india!
I will tell you all that what is...
...there in the bag of the terrorist.
There is a drawing book.
In which there are drawings of our...
...famous temples gods and goddesses.
Like meera krishna.
Etcetera, etcetera.
That we have sent to the
laboratory for examining.
Keep quiet, keep quiet you all.
We also found a pencil and a rubber.
That i gave to this boy
here as a memento.
Clap! How wonderful!
Some days ago the district
magistrate sir said to me.
He and i used to study
together in school.
And we are good friends too.
And his wife is such a nice woman.
Please excuse me, i am
being a bit emotional.
Forget it. The district
magistrate sir told me...
...about the foreign countries
and powers...
...that are conspiring against us.
That want to destroy the
heritage of our country...
...our ancient temple!
And this terrorist has barged into...
...this temple with this intention.
And i am sure, mehru, meera, krishna...
...are all code words of his mission.
It is the name of the mission.
Now you would like to know that...
...why did the terrorist
choose this temple.
Then i will tell you,
that the people...
...of dholpur are so fortunate.
This temple, thousands of years ago...
...was the dwelling place
of our gods and goddess.
You don't know this, but i knew it.
I was only waiting for
a special occasion.
And today that occasion has come.
I have demanded 2 crore
rupees for this temple.
So that the honour and pride of
this temple can be returned.
Brothers! Welcome this brave
boy with a round of applause.
Come on boy, come.
You have done a very
big thing. Come on...
How nice! Very good.
Salute everyone son, come on.
Clap! Yes very good. Salute
everyone son. Clap!
This small boy has proved that
we hindus are very patriotic.
This small boy, without
caring for his life...
...brought the bag and gave it
in dholpur police station.
And informed us about
this fierce terrorist.
Well done boy!
Long live!
- Mother india!
Long live!
- Mother india!
Friends, i will soon talk
to president sir.
And this boy will get the national
bravery award of this year.
Sir, your phone is ringing sir.
Move the mike away from your mouth.
Son, come here.
You don't worry.
Hello paltu, please talk to him. Try.
Come, come.
Come here.
Will you tell me one thing?
Osama bin laden, the terrorist
how does he look.
Does he have a beard? Is he tall?
And could he not be osama bin
laden, could he be saddam.
Saddam has been caught.
These americans are very big liars.
They must have caught a fake saddam.
You say son. Say, say
what you exactly saw.
You scoundrel, are you drunk
early in the morning.
I swear by goddesses saraswati...
...i will kill you if you will
interfere in between.
You do your own work.
You are telling me!
You dare catch my collar!
I'll show you.
I will talk to you later.
I will kill you! I will ruin you!
He hit me first!
I have called reporters from
all over the country...
...and you are fighting like dogs.
Manner less!
I was just doing my job.
What is your name?
- Gopinath.
Your name is gopinath.
When did you wash your face last?
I was just doing my job...
...why don't you understand?
Listen to me, listen.
Go home and wash your face.
I have called reporters from
all over the country...
...not to look at your face.
Come on move from here. Move!
I know that the terrorist osama
bin laden is hiding in there.
But they all want to bank on it.
I will break your spectacles.
I will kill you.
Don't be afraid, don't
be afraid you all.
Look we have to find
the terrorist group...
...through this terrorist.
This terrorist will be killed,
that is for sure.
But finding his group
is much more important.
We will find out his group
and eradicate it.
And that is why i request to you
all to maintain the peace.
And not kill this terrorist
inside the temple.
Keep in mind the
purity of the temple.
The temple should not be made impure.
That is all i want to say to you all.
I am leaving right now,
i will return soon.
Thank you, thank you.
Hail india.
Hail india!
National unity party.
- Hail!
I am just leaving, i will return...
...after meeting the magistrate sir.
You just take care
of everything here.
Okay sir.
Clap for the minister, clap loudly.
Long live.
- Revolution!
Yes we are still at s. P sir's house.
We have still not left.
Yes we have sent all the constables.
My strongest child, sonu.
Now, papa has to go dear.
He has to go to work, okay.
Look, in a little while mummy
will be perfectly alright.
Then once mummy will be alright...
...then we all will go to
watch a film, together.
Then, when we will go
to see the film then...
...we will eat our most favourite film.
You know which one?
Vanilla ice cream.
- Vanilla ice cream.
And then, what will papa get?
S. P, do i have to call the
president to get you here.
Will i have to fax him?
The entire world has gathered here.
And what are you doing there?
And listen, bring priest along.
Don't waste our time.
Discipline is discipline.
- Okay, i am coming.
Okay dear, if there is anything
then call papa.
Well done, don't be afraid okay.
Papa, please don't leave us.
I feel like crying.
Okay tell me one thing,
how do our tears taste.
Taste. Salty.
And how does the sea water taste.
Then if you will cry then the
entire sea will be empty.
And if the entire sea empties up...
...then all the fishes will die.
And our nimmi will also die.
That's why, don't cry.
My strong child, my strong child.
What is this monkey doing here?
Nimmi, nimmi, nimmi.
I cannot find peace without you.
I cannot find peace without you.
I cannot find peace without you.
I cannot find peace without you.
As you are my only hope, i... you are my only hope, i...
...cannot find peace without you.
Did you find out how
many men are there?
Yes sir, according to us there
are at least 2 terrorists.
What is this crowd?
They are from the rashtriya
ekta party. - Okay.
Whether it is any party.
- Yes sir.
Any party, they should not
come ahead of the bridge.
Yes sir.
Place three people there.
Four here.
- Okay sir. - And two here.
Okay sir.
And call priest, he is in the car.
- Yes.
Bring him out.
Come priest sir, come.
Don't try to act too smart.
Do as much has been told to you.
Make them surrender any way.
National unity party!
- Long live!
National unity party!
- Long live!
National unity party!
- Long live!
National unity party!
- Long live!
Brother, i live in
the nearby village.
I am the priest in the mosque there.
Come near close to me,
my eyesight is weak.
I cannot see you clearly.
I want to see you... are just a child.
Son, i want to tell you something.
The muslims nearby have hid
themselves inside their houses.
And any mistake from you,
can be deadly for them.
I know that they will not
break down the door now.
They will at least wait for the
higher officials to arrive.
But son, they will surely
break down the doors...
...son, please shoot yourself as soon
as they break down the doors.
Don't be caught alive son.
Son, for allah's sake.
Don't harm anyone.
You know what will be the result.
They want you to surrender.
But do you know what will
happen when you surrender.
The crowd that is standing
outside here.
They will kill you.
They are all thirsty for your blood.
I don't know son that who are you...
...where have you come from
and what do you want.
But i know that you
will not survive.
People from all over the country
are gathering here.
A very big conspiracy
is being hatched.
Son, when these people...
...when these people cannot
fight hunger and poverty.
Then they fight us.
So that they forget their
other grave problems.
This crowd will forget all their
problems watching you die.
Even though just for a moment.
But they will feel happy
seeing you die.
Even if for a few moments.
Son, allah will help you son.
How many men are there?
Take him.
Come priest sir.
There is no need to worry sir.
No, minister sir is
just too excited.
There is only one terrorist inside...
...and i think that he
is not even armed.
No, no... There is no need
for more force sir.
I will inform you if i will need it.
Yes sir, yes.
Okay sir, thank you.
- Yes sir.
Who informed the media?
Move, move, move.
Ms. Anita, come.
Mr. Pandey.
- Yeah, yeah myself.
Thank you, you know why
i called you here.
Here is my card.
This is for you.
This is for office, this for
house and this is personal.
Quite a crowd.
- Sorry.
Quite a big crowd.
Yea, yeah, yeah like
a kumbh carnival.
I created it, all this.
Yea, yeah, yeah.
Move back!
Can i speak to the police in charge?
- Sorry.
Chief police.
- Chief police.
Yes, yes.
- Tiwari.
You want to talk to tiwari?
- Yes. - Ladies first.
Come, come, come.
Come, come with me.
I know doctor sir, i
know the situation.
But my daughter, for her happiness...
...tiwari, what are you doing?
Listen, listen to me.
Please visit once.
Thank you doctor sir.
Listen to me.
Madam has come, talk to her properly.
Madam this is tiwari,
and this is anita-ji.
Who is this man? What is his name?
Which organization does he belong
to? What are his demands?
Have you talked to him?
Look madam, this is a
very delicate matter...
...i won't be able to tell
you much about it.
But all this operation is under you.
What arrangements have you done?
You can see the arrangements.
The police are situated everywhere.
And we are always in contact
with the centre.
And everything is under control.
And there is no need to panic at all.
So, is this an official
government statement?
Madam i have told you that i cannot...
...tell you anything more
than that. That's all.
The priest had first met the
terrorist. Isn't that your work?
I mean the police should
have contacted him first.
Did you send the priest
because he is muslim?
Switch off the camera.
Madam, now you will teach
the police their duty.
This is the problem of
you channel people.
You always spice up the matter.
But you never tell
the fact to anyone.
If there is no problem,
then you will...
...make the hindus and
the muslims fight.
If you dare switch on the
camera then i will... does not matter if you have come
in the beginning or the end.
What matters is what
you are telling.
Keep the camera off.
- Yes sir.
Switch on the camera.
As you can see the s. P is here...
...yes sir.
If there is a call from home then...
...tell them that i will call back.
Okay, fine sir.
Where are you going sir?
We are relaying from dholpur
exclusively on channel 5 news.
Shoot there.
Shoot only when he does.
- Okay sir.
Take position.
Follow him, follow him.
- Yeah, i am.
Stand here.
Close, close closer.
Yeah, i'm trying to.
Getting the right frame?
- Yeah. - Zoom it on him.
I am the s. P here tiwari.
Don't be afraid i will not shoot you.
Look... iook both my hands are empty.
What is your name?
What difference does my name make?
Being a muslim is enough for you all.
Tell me your name.
- Anwar.
What do you want?
Who else is there with you?
No one.
Then why are you hiding here?
I am not hiding here, i am just...
...where have you come from?
- Lucknow.
Where do you want to go?
- I don't know.
Where do you live in lucknow?
What difference does that make?
That sketchbook is yours.
- Yes.
You have made those designs.
- Yes.
Which weapons do you have?
Where have you hidden the rdx?
Which other temples do you
plan to destroy tell me.
I don't know anything.
And if you will try to
break down the door...
...then i will shoot myself.
I will surely shoot myself.
And like your minister sir said.
I will make your temple
impure with my blood.
What do you get from all this?
And what do you think?
How long can you hide here?
Surrender yourself, okay.
This meera, krishna, mehru
are they your code words.
Who is the leader of
your organization?
Master pasha.
Who is meera? Who is krishna? Mehru.
Who are all of them master pasha?
Master pasha, who are all of them?
True love.
Love some one anwar, then you
will know the truth of life.
Love, that has truth,
sacrifice and trust.
Like... Meera's love for krishna.
And krishna's love for meera.
Meera immersed herself
in krishna's love.
And krishna in meera's love.
When two people unite in love.
Or shall we say, that they both
cross all the boundaries.
That is love.
Rest all are love stories anwar.
Heer ranjha, romeo and juliet.
Only love stories.
Love, that's all.
This life is so colorless
without love anwar.
Where did you get lost?
Did you love anyone, like
meera loved krishna?
I loved her a lot.
A lot of love.
You know, i could not
sleep at nights.
How could anyone sleep with
so much love inside him?
It felt as if, my chest
will burst open.
But, after her death
everything changed.
My meera's death made me insane.
Me... Do i look mad.
Three months, three months
i stayed in the sanatorium.
When there is so much
love inside you.
You feel like sharing it.
But when there is no one to share... with then one will turn mad.
It is a very unusual
thing anwar, love.
It can even make you mad.
Okay, i am leaving right
now i have to go to work.
Yesterday i posed as a blind...
...person today i will
pose as a cripple.
This is the only thing that
i don't like about you.
You are such a talented actor.
Why don't you join the
theatre again sir?
You are very talented sir.
I was never talented anwar.
Not even today.
It was love that
taught us everything.
I am again in search of love.
If i find it, then i will
become talented again.
Now let me go, we will
meet in the evening.
'Love someone anwar, then you...
...will know the real
meaning of life.'
'Like... Meera's love for krishna.'
'And krishna's love for meera.'
'Meera immersed herself
in krishna's love.'
'And krishna in meera's love.'
I know who you are.
You are meera.
Don't leave me. I don't
want to lose you.
There is a lot of love in my heart.
So much love that i feel
that i will go crazy.
Don't leave me. Don't leave
me. Don't leave me.
My allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
My allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
Your eyes.
Your eyes are so beautiful...
...that i have fallen
in love with it.
Please immerse me in it.
I am in love.
My allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
My allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
I am in love... allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
My allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
I am in love... allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
My allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
That i have fallen
in love with it.
Please immerse me in it.
My heart says to me each time.
That you are its desire.
My lips tell me each time.
That i should talk
only about you.
Your speech is so beautiful.
That whenever i remember it... smells like the fragrance
of flowers.
I will hide you somewhere.
And not even share your
shadow with anyone.
I will make a house for somewhere.
And only i live with you.
Your tresses are so dense.
Whenever i see it, i feel that...
...i should live in its shelter.
I am in love... allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
My allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
I am in love... allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
My allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
I am in love... allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
My allah, my allah,
my allah, my allah.
My heart said this,
my heart said this.
This secret he told me.
The heart that has love and
affection, my allah loves him.
My heart said this,
my heart said this.
This secret he told me.
The heart that has love and
affection, my allah loves him.
Brother. Brother.
Brother, your hindu friend has come.
He even has a name, udit.
Brother udit.
- Greetings anwar.
Come in.
- No, lets go outside somewhere.
Who was that girl?
- Who? My sister suraiya.
I am not talking about suraiya.
I just saw a girl in the balcony.
Our new tenants.
Shall we go?
- Yes come on.
No matter where you see, there
are people everywhere.
And everyday there are
thousands more born.
To live like dogs.
Look 3... 2.
I don't know why are they living?
Eating crap. Living like crap.
Dying like crap.
You take your community
for instance.
Thousands are scattered
here and there.
You live in your houses.
There are many born everyday
and many die everyday.
Thank god, soon enough
i will leave india.
Far from all this crap.
Can i ask you one thing anwar?
Why did you all go to pakistan
during freedom?
The muslims were
told during freedom...
...that whether you go to pakistan
or stay in india.
You will get equal rights.
But that did not happen.
Good one.
I still could not understand,
that why did they lie to us?
You are right friend.
They should not have lied.
Mummy says, no matter what
you say but don't lie.
Shall we go to see a film,
'jhooth bole kawwa kaate'?
What ravi? You just keep joking.
By the way the scores are 6-5.
No, no 6-5.
6-5 i am winning.
Look crow.
Come anwar, shahjahan made
taj mahal for mumtaz.
Even i will make a small
taj mahal for my meera.
Look at this, isn't it wonderful.
I will make it.
Before i die.
In the name of my love.
In the name of my meera.
And tell me, how is mehru?
Fine. Her mother is always asleep
after taking sleeping pills.
And mehru hates india.
She wants to go to america.
She thinks that mtv is america.
She considers britney
spears as her idol.
What is so bad in it?
If someone wants to make someone...
...her idol then what
is so bad in it?
Look anwar, if you
really love mehru...
...then you will have to
respect her thoughts.
By the way, who is britney spears?
Hail bhole.
She is the one.
She is good.
- Come.
I will not be able to come.
And in this guise not at all.
It is so that the today's
world cannot recognise god.
They might throw both of us out.
Now you go, and buy all the
cassettes of britney aunty.
Okay i will go, i will
just go and come back.
Do come back but.
No master pasha.
Keep it, look you
don't earn but i do.
Go now.
And yes, don't start dancing here.
I won't, i swear on britney aunty.
Now you are making me swear too.
Hail bhole, go.
After 11th of september, america
could not wait anymore.
But the attacks that
are happening on us.
What is the government
doing for that?
This is our question.
I agree, that we don't
have big buildings... the world trade centre
that are in america.
But we have temples, shrines,
and pilgrimages.
What is the government
doing to protect them?
Our party says that,
we are fighting to... the hindu tradition.
To save the hindu customs
and traditions.
To save the marathi customs
and traditions.
And i call out to the people.
I call out to all the people.
I call out to all
the people of india.
That they help us in this fight.
'Lndia's old customs
and traditions.'
'To save the hindu customs
and traditions.'
'That is all i wanted to say.'
Jai hind!
- Yes.
When i say cut, only then ask
the people to clap. - Okay.
Go, go, go.
Keeps sitting.
Is everything okay, come on.
What is this?
- Sir, the shots.
Movies are not made on papers.
You see through the camera.
Tell the crowd to move from there.
Okay sir.
- Tell them to move there.
It looks empty there.
The eyes are like spears.
The eyelids are like lances.
These eyebrows are like swords.
This is the place where you
will find all the weapons.
Open, open.
Open, open.
Take it, take it.
Take it, take it.
Breath in the fresh air, the
bungalow is open, open.
The bungalow is open, open.
The bungalow is open, open.
My bungalow is very special.
There are no locks in it.
My bungalow is very special.
There are no locks in it.
There are no locks in it.
No matter, no matter.
No matter how much you
steal from it sir.
The bungalow is open, open.
The bungalow is open, open.
The bungalow is open, open.
Pappu, is there some
festival today?
Yes brother, it is some
american festival.
What is it called,
yes valentine day.
Valentine day.
Really, what happens in it?
The boy and girl that
love each other.
To entice each other, they
send flowers and cards.
Yes, they entice each other.
Brother, are you getting interested?
Stop the car.
Is it?
It is a very interesting festival.
Everything so openly.
These americans are very naughty.
Okay go and get a card for me.
And no one should find out that
you are buying it for me.
But i don't know english.
How will i know what is
written on the card.
You are a fool.
The card that has a big
heart on it buy that one.
There is nothing to it.
I understood what this valentine is.
Go, go, go.
Have patience, be brave.
Everything will be fine.
Hello madam, very, very good morning
to you and your family.
This is gopinath, senior
journalist speaking.
We will see whatever happens.
Come on now do it.
I came with something
hidden in my lips...
...connect, connect, connect.
Something that has love,
but poison too...
...hello! Hello.
Very, very good morning
to you and your family.
Good morning, how may i help you?
Madam, this is senior journalist
gopinath speaking from dholpur.
Sorry from where?
- Dholpur madam-ji dholpur.
We make the best sweet
called 'cham cham'.
For visa information you can
only call between 10 and 5.
No madam-ji, i don't want any visa.
I want to talk to your boss.
I mean to say the inspector
No, no, no i mean the
consulate general-ji.
Do you have an appointment?
No, no, no madam-ji you
cannot understand.
Then what?
Madam-ji can you help me a bit.
Can you talk in hindi, a little?
Yeah a little bit.
Thank you, goddesses saraswati...
...will give you a nice husband
and a nicer son.
Madam-ji, bless you.
Can i have george bush's number?
Mobile number.
- Who george bush.
George bush, george bush.
You don't know, you should know.
He is the president of united
states of america.
Madam-ji, you know i
have to tell him...
...something very important.
It is very important for me.
George bush will be very happy.
Hello, hello, hello.
Brother come.
If bhabhi calls from home then tell
her that i am in a meeting.
Greetings brother.
Magistrate sir is not at home.
Madam is there, in her room.
Listen, i will send
you to jail for ever.
You will come out as an old man.
I have come to... Say happy
valentine day to you.
Happy valentine day.
Happy valentine day,
have you gone mad?
I should not even meet you now.
You are married.
Even i am married.
If people find out, then
they will laugh on us.
I don't want to lose you.
I don't want to.
Don't go.
I won't be able to live without you.
I will die without you.
Then die.
I... i loved you.
But i never loved you.
You never loved me.
You never loved me.
You never loved me.
You did not love me.
You never loved me!
You never loved me!
You never loved me.
You never loved me.
You never loved me.
You never loved me!
So much...
- what are you saying?
Brother has come. Come on.
Brother, bhabhi-ji and
pandey had called.
Call pandey.
- Yes.
Yes pandey, tell me.
Some film people have
come from mumbai.
And everyone have gone
to see the shooting.
And everything is going
out of control.
And they are saying that they
have your permission.
So what should i do? Everything
is going out of control.
Tell them to pack up everything
and leave for mumbai.
Otherwise we will break the camera
and bring the heroine home.
And pandey, what do you
know about valentine day?
Valentine day, don't get entrapped
in these things sir.
These are the same people
that spread aids.
Why sir?
What is this happening?
A foreign festival is
ruining out customs.
Are you listening to me or not.
Your voice is breaking up,
but i can hear you.
Confiscate all the cards.
And if you see any boy or girl
together then beat them up.
You don't worry sir, i
will send some people.
I will send someone, you don't worry.
And listen pandey, i will meet the...
...chief minister and then come there.
There should be a crowd there.
Give the journalist
whatever they want.
Do whatever necessary, but
keep the people happy.
Okay sir, you don't worry sir.
Okay sir.
- Okay.
Turn the car.
'But i never loved you.'
Then why did you choose
this location?
Why are you roaming
around with a mike?
Why don't you try acting in films?
Really i mean it.
Thank you very much, but i am...
...really happy with my profession.
- Really.
So why did you choose this location?
I have come here for the same
reason you have come here.
No actually i was joking.
In my childhood we used to play
a lot here in this temple.
My friend and me.
It was the same at that time to...
...and today also it is just like that.
Nothing has changed.
Nowadays most of the films are
copies of hollywood films.
What do you think about that?
What did you say your name was?
- Anita.
Anita look, there is nothing
called as originality.
There is only one thing original.
Lord, allah, god.
Wow, that's very philosophical.
I was very philosophical
from my childhood.
From my heart.
Ok - The industry changed
me a bit, otherwise.
What is the story of your movie?
The story is about love, it
conveys a story of love.
A human being's desire is love.
I mean you, me...
i mean whatever love is... talks only about love.
Everyone needs love in this world.
You rat, leave from here.
I am telling you, leave from here.
Who are you?
Shall i tell you, who i am?
Pack up from here.
Someone tell him, that
we have permission.
I have all your permissions.
What do you say in english,
say it in this.
Come on say.
Pack up.
- Yes come on pack up.
Come anita-ji, get up.
Come on pack up.
Wait, wait.
Goddess saraswati please bless me.
Take a right, right!
Billu, reduce the commotion.
Sorry uncle.
Yes tell me.
Write, to eat on time.
Aunty i have written
twice to eat on time.
He lives abroad, they don't
have so much time there.
He is my son, so what if
he has gone to america.
Will he not read my letter?
Moti, moti.
- Gopi, just wait.
And not to fall in love with anyone.
It is only waste of money.
To take care of his health,
your poor and ill mother.
Your poor and ill mother,
i wrote that.
When will this letter reach him?
Isn't it there?
Here i press the button...
...moti, moti, moti... And
there goes the letter.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Wait for 2 minutes.
Here is the money.
Is it okay?
- Yes, i will send the change later.
Bless you.
- Moti.
Are you crazy, how many
times have i told you...
...not to see adult sites
on the computer.
Don't you understand?
My father had seen it yesterday...
...he had almost killed me.
He was about to break the computer.
Brother you will close down my shop.
You please forgive me.
Brother, i swear i have changed.
I swear on your mother
that i have reformed.
I have found a way to live life.
You are my friend right?
Just do one thing for me.
I have to send an email,
hundred percent urgent.
You want to email, to
whom george bush.
Hey how do you know?
Listen, go there and tell sharma.
Yes dear say?
Papa please come back home
soon, i am very scared.
No dear no, don't be scared at all.
You are my brave boy.
Be with mummy, and if mummy
is in any trouble.
Then call papa.
Doctor uncle will come in a while.
Remember the doctor uncle that
had come the last time...
...that had cured you so fast
when you had fallen ill.
He will cure mummy also soon, okay.
Okay dear, now papa
has to go to work.
Don't cry dear, disconnect the phone...
- Okay papa.
Okay papa, i will not cry at all.
I love you.
I love you to dear.
S. P, i am almost going mad here.
And you are stuck up with your wife.
And what happened
about the valentine?
My people are doing your work.
And you are doing i love
you, i love you here.
Please maintain the discipline.
What happened? Move from
there all of you!
Sir, this pandey has
troubled us a lot.
If you say then
should we lock him up?
There... There my wife is fighting
for her life and death.
Only my 6-year-old daughter
is there with her.
She has cancer, she can...
...and i here... Am confiscating
valentine day cards.
And this terrorist, who knows
if he is a terrorist or not!
Maybe he is a student of
the dholpur university.
And i am watching over his crowd.
So you are not completely sure...
...that he is a terrorist or not.
You know, that the elections
are close by.
And the people have not seen your
face for the last five years.
Do you think that the
people are fools?
No, no cm sir you don't worry at all.
That boy looks like a terrorist.
I talked to the s. P and the priest.
They told me that boy is a terrorist.
And who knows, that may
be it is bin laden.
Bin laden.
Are you drunk early in the morning?
Bin laden, that terrorist could
find only dholpur to hide.
Try to use your brains.
And listen to me carefully.
Now that boy should die.
Whether he is a terrorist or not.
If not, then catch him and make...
...him confess that he is a terrorist.
Without hurting anyone's sentiments.
And remember, the police should
not enter the temple.
Do you understand what i am saying?
If you even make a small mistake...
...then the central will
catch my throat.
Because of your foolishness
we all will be punished.
You want to win the election,
don't you?
And that magistrate's wife.
What is her name?
Is she the reason
of your foolishness?
What are you saying sir?
I don't even know her.
Forget about all this love,
and concentrate on your work.
Yes if this terrorist issue...
...if we will be able to
bank on it properly.
Then victory is surely ours.
Otherwise they will
beat you up so badly.
That you will not be able
to recognise yourself.
Go from here, get up.
- Okay.
- Yes kavita-ji.
You did not call since morning.
I was thinking about you.
How are you?
Okay, happy valentine day.
Then what happened, elder brother?
What will happen? The girl refused.
What are you saying?
Come on come on.
National unity party.
- Hail.
Come on, come on, come on.
National unity party.
- Hail.
National unity party.
- Hail.
National unity party.
- Hail.
They are going.
- Get tow bottles and come.
National unity party.
- Hail.
National unity party.
- Hail.
Ladies and gentlemen, a 9 year old...
...child whose name bharat... lost in this holy
place of the village.
He had worn a tri colour shirt.
He had come with his
mother and father... this holy place of the village.
If anyone finds this boy,
then please come...
...and report to the lost
and found department.
Get rid of the valentine.
You are trying to make
this another america.
What are you saying?
Get down, get down.
What happened?
Who is this?
You are getting us wrong,
she is my sister.
Please, let us go. Let us go.
Catch your ears.
Catch your ears.
Aishwarya-ji, even you
catch your ears.
Osama bin laden is here.
And the people are at the temple.
Catch him, catch him.
Come on, come on.
Goddess saraswati you are great.
Osama you wait, i am coming.
Whoever leaves national unity party.
- He will lose!
Whoever leaves national unity party.
- He will lose!
Whoever leaves national unity party.
- He will lose!
Whoever leaves national unity party.
- He will lose!
Siddharth what the
hell are you doing?
Why can't you give me a steady shot?
What? - He has gone.
We went and sat there.
Give me a minute.
You know what they said? Sit here.
After sitting for a while...
- Come on.
My heart cannot rest without you...
...yes tell me, now what else
do you want from me.
Anita i...
...look i am working.
I am busy, don't call me.
In fact don't ever
call me ever again.
Its over between us.
Do you understand?
I just called to wish you
happy valentines day.
Happy valentines day, my foot!
Anita, please don't leave me.
Yeah sure, you have a
lot of love inside you.
Anita, please don't leave me.
Whoever will leave national
unity party!
He will be beaten up fiercely,
fiercely, fiercely.
I swear on this tri colour flag,
we will never let it bow.
We will never leave our
motherland in despair.
We will give up our lives
for our motherland.
Not only on land, we will hoist...
...the tri colour flag
even in the sky.
Brothers and sisters, at
these troubled times...
...come together and sing along.
And take away cold drinks,
cool and sweet.
All traitors! Beware!
Brothers, another man
is lost in this crowd.
His name is gopinath.
He is lost in this carnival.
Wheatish complexion, height
4 feet 5 inches.
And he is a bit insane.
He used to call himself the
reporter of dholpur express.
He was last seen in this carnival.
If anyone has any information
about him.
Then come and inform
us at the centre.
Thank you.
Patriots, love each
other my patriots.
Patriots, love each
other my patriots.
India at its colorful best. There
is actually a singing competition...
...happening at this
controversial site.
This is suzan, reporting from
dholpur live for club news.
Yes pandey, is everything
going on fine?
Yes sir, i organised a funfair here.
Keep the people happy.
They should not be bored
for even a minute.
No one will be bored at all sir.
Listen, a team is
arriving from delhi.
They have to do some investigation.
Take care of them too.
They are from delhi, there
should not be any problem.
Even if they come from america,
i will handle them sir.
Don't you have faith on me, sir?
Do you understand what i am saying?
- Absolutely.
And you will not drink alcohol.
If you will drink even a drop,
then i will shoot you.
What are you saying sir?
Today is saturday, i don't even...
...think about alcohol on saturdays.
Don't you have faith on me, sir?
Sorry sir, sorry, sorry, sorry.
Okay i am arriving at the temple...
i am on my way.
Yes sir.
- You don't move from there.
Remember what i explained to you.
- Yes sir.
Okay sir.
If there is any problem
then call me. - Okay.
Okay i am disconnecting now.
Sorry brother.
Concentrate on this side.
What are you doing?
But sir, you spat there.
I told you not to touch it.
I told you not to touch it. No.
I told you not to touch it. No.
Good looking.
You should have told me earlier.
I thought just like that... i the most ugly looking
person in the world?
Why do girls keep away from me?
Yes, i... Have put on some weight,
so i will start jogging.
I will start it from tomorrow.
I will get up early from tomorrow.
And then no more spots
below the eyes.
There is no problem
about the stomach.
It will go, it will go, time
it will go, it will go.
The thing is that i am a very
nice person from the heart.
My friend says that
you have a illness.
You fall in love with
any girl you see.
So what shall i do? I only love her.
If i do love her, then i do love her.
You are crying?
Any problem? Tell me.
Are you well?
Yes. I am fine.
Sir, i was just going to
call you. What telepathy!
I am... Not feeling well.
Sir, what happened?
Sir, its very hot.
Look, you have lime juice. Sir,
by what time you will be back?
I will see when i come. Take care
of the people from delhi.
Sir, you don't worry. Sir, take care.
Sir, take care. I will
call you. Okay, sir.
Fine. Fine.
'Then die! But i never loved you.'
Hail india!
Indians are the best!
Indians are the best!
Hail india!
Indians are the best!
He will make me mad!
Anita, what the hell is going on!
Lts been 2 hours since we have...
...received any footage from you.
But nothing is happening here.
Ringing competition is going on.
So people are singing
patriotic songs.
Now do you want me to cut into that?
I don't particularly care.
Just try and get an interview
of the terrorist guy.
Yeah. But frankly speaking
i don't think...
...anybody is inside the temple.
I think these people of
dholpur are insane.
I have not yet met a
man who is not drunk.
Please keep your voice down.
You are not in delhi anymore,
you know.
Nobody is listening. Nobody
is listening to me.
Okay, listen. Try and get an
interview of the terrorist. Okay.
Try and make some contact
with him. All right. Anita!
Okay. I will get back to you.
Forget about the past.
The past is no more.
I don't know who made you the
creative head of the channel.
Now you fall in love with some
girl's finger. It happens.
You fall... in love with
some girl's hair.
You fall in love with her face mole.
With eyes... it happens.
I mean you can fall in
love with anything.
What to do? You just fall in love.
Its only love. It's nothing wrong.
Once. Just once.
Some girl... Should say
to me... Just for me...
...for my happiness that i love you.
That's it. That's it. The end.
Anita-ji. You look very
tense. Any problem?
I want an interview
with the terrorist.
I can do anything for you.
Seriously. Yeah. Come.
We will talk to him.
We will talk to him.
Tiwari! Tiwari, i am talking
to you. Tiwari!
Ma'am wants an interview
with the terrorist.
So make the arrangement.
I am not your father's servant!
I will pump so many bullets
in your skull...
...that even your mother won't
be able to recognise your face!
Understood! Move!
Have you gone mad? Tiwari,
have you gone made?
Ma'am, he has gone mad.
You wait here. I will make
some arrangement for you.
I will get you transferred
to kala handi.
You have lost your senses. Idiot,
you hit me on my lips!
And i will clean my house
with your uniform!
Listen to me, tiwari!
You don't know me.
Where is my phone! Give my phone.
My... My wife... is breathing her last.
Zoom! Zoom on him!
How can i live without her?
My child called me just now.
Only half an hour or
one hour, that's it.
Ma'am... So what if i
am a police officer.
My heart is filled with love.
I loved only once in my
life. With my wife.
And she is dying. And i can't go.
And this... Terrorist anwar...
...till the time he
doesn't surrender...
...i won't be able to go.
He is not a terrorist! I know it!
I don't know why he is hiding here.
And these idiots... wife is dying and... And i
can't go to meet my beloved.
Don't shoot.
Anita... what...
I know... You are not a terrorist.
By the way i am anita.
My heart says that you
are not a terrorist.
Then these people... and a terrorist?
Please explain to...
...them that i am not a terrorist.
And i didn't kill anybody.
Please tell them.
Will you tell them?
I will tell them that you
are not a terrorist.
But you will have to surrender.
I promise you that nothing
will happen to you.
I will help you.
Mehru must have sent you.
No? Then...
...if you met mehru in this
crowd then tell her...
...that i didn't kill her.
I didn't kill her. I love her.
I love her immensely.
I am waiting here for mehru.
If she can't come to meet
me here, then fine.
I will go to meet her
in her new house.
Mehru? Who is mehru?
If you want i will talk to
her and bring her here.
Anwar, are you listening to me?
You don't know mehru?
You don't know mehru.
You don't know mehru.
You don't know mehru.
- Yes.
Even if i worked round
the clock all my life...
...still i can't take you to america.
As it is america is a
city of destruction.
There they always drop bomb.
And your britney spears...
i think she is mad.
You are much more talented than
her. And much prettier.
Look, anwar. Don't mind.
But your thinking is
very narrow-minded.
And america... it is the dream
country of millions of people.
Only when you venture out
of lucknow will you...
...come to know how much
the world has progressed.
And anwar, i hate this country.
Everywhere there is dust, dirt,
filth, people, heat.
You have to venture out of your
house in a frightened state.
I don't want to live
in this country.
But i love you, mehru.
Anwar, love is fine. But
love doesn't make life.
Your research on temples is futile.
You have to be practical in life.
Your friend... what's his name... Udit.
Look at udit. He has done
computer engineering.
And he has got a job in america.
Now you should be like him.
And people with whom you socialize
like master pasha...
...they are useless.
Even they couldn't achieve anything.
They are just losers.
Losers? Losers mean what?
Anwar, look. You should not feel bad.
But i only wish you well. And...
...anwar, we should move from here.
These constables are mad.
Let them come. We won't go.
- What!
I want to talk to you.
- Don't act childishly.
Hey! Hey! Lovers! Get up! Get up!
I will talk to them.
What are you both doing here alone?
And why have you held her hands?
Forgive us. We will leave right now.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
And what is in your pocket?
What is in your pocket?
Look, mind your language.
I see! So you will teach me manners!
You will teach me manners!
Come on! Hold your ears! Hold
your ears and do sit ups.
And you... Aren't you a muslim lady?
Why didn't you wear 'burkha'?
You are roaming around like a heroine.
You won't find customers.
You dare to raise your hands
on a police officer!
You dare to raise your hands
on a police officer!
No, anwar!
Call somebody from the
police station! Go!
He is mad! He is mad!
Anwar, please leave him!
Anwar! Anwar, give me your hand!
Give me your hand!
Let's go.
I hate this country.
Master pasha, you are here.
Since when i was searching for you.
Come, anwar.
What has happened to you?
Lts nothing. The lane which
i visited as a leper...
...i went there as a blind man.
So people bashed me up.
I wanted to talk to you urgently.
I have fallen in love.
Yes. We will talk about
the rest at home.
You quickly turn around the cycle.
We can't say anything
about the public.
They thrashed me black and blue.
Let's go quickly.
When i thought.
My eyes brimmed with tears.
When i thought.
Dipti... it took you
1 year to find me.
You say that... i am the only
one in the entire india...
...who can build such a temple set.
Anwar... She searched for
me for an entire year.
You have told me this 99 times
in the past one-hour.
Say it once more and you will
complete the century.
You don't understand.
Are you sure that she too...
...there is so much love
in her eyes, anwar.
The way she looks at me... Smiles...
...i am sure... That she loves me.
You don't tell her about this injury.
Clean this place. She
is about to come.
Where have you removed your slippers?
You don't understand at all.
Clean this. Remove this from here.
Remove this slipper from here.
What are you doing?
You don't understand.
Remove the liquor bottles from here.
You see, girls prefer things
kept neatly and tidily.
Otherwise what happens is that...
...yes. How are you? Greetings.
You... Please sit. Come.
He is anwar, my friend.
- Okay.
He is doing his hindi honours.
And he is researching
on temples. Dipti-ji.
- Yes.
And he is doing research on temples.
- Yes.
Very interesting.
What happened to you?
- He fell down.
He fell on the street.
You know the plight of lucknow
streets, don't you?
What are you doing?
Are you badly hurt?
- No. Its nothing.
I have got a copy of the play
i told you about. - Okay.
There are 3 characters.
3 characters.
But only one actor will play
all the 3 characters.
This is what i have thought
about the play. - Okay.
But the main part about
the play is its set.
And i am sure that only
you can make the set.
I have got some papers...
and some pencil too.
'Dipti... There is so much
love in your eyes.'
'I feel that you should
go on saying something...
...and i should go on
listening to you.'
By the way there are other
things about the play too.
'I should go on looking at you.'
But maybe it's enough for today.
I will leave now, sir.
No, no.
You... You... At least have tea.
- I will make tea.
Go and get the tea from
the confectioner shop.
I will get it but..., sir. Not today... - Bring snacks
from the confectioner shop.
No, sir. I will have it the
next time i come. - Listen...
...everybody is waiting for
me for the rehearsals.
I will get it but...
...i can't wait today.
Take care. I will leave now. Goodbye.
She didn't even have tea.
Anwar... How do we look together?
Good. But i think you both should
spend some time together.
To know each other better.
Maybe she just likes your work.
But i love her.
And that is sufficient for me.
To love somebody... is
a great thing, anwar.
Do you know... Countless people in
the world die without loving.
One moment spent in love...
is much more than...
...a life spanning across
thousands of years.
You think that i am making a...
...mockery of myself
by falling in love.
Then i would like to remain
a fool forever.
Foolish... And mad.
Mad and foolish.
I don't know why.
One moment didn't pass
the whole night.
One moment didn't pass...! Brother! Your hindu...
udit has come.
Feeling nice?
Yes. Dear, on my knees.
He is not outside.
I saw him outside.
I thought he is coming to meet
you. So i informed you.
Are you sure he was udit, suraiyya?
Yes, brother. He was udit.
If it was his ghost, then
it is a different matter.
- Yes, mother.
I am feeling a bit worried.
Mother, you don't worry. You
will get well by this week.
The medicine that mehru's uncle
has send from kakori...
...that is really good, mother.
What are you doing? Are you mad?
- Its nothing.
What if mother wakes up?
Actually i was searching
for something.
I am sorry. I am fine.
Where are you nowadays?
I am making arrangement for us.
Paperwork and the rest.
And these american embassy
people are fools.
If they had a fight with
their wife at night...
...then the next day
the visa is rejected.
I got my visa. And i am out of here.
4 people were in front of me.
Just seeing them, they
rejected their visa.
They were khans.
Tell me one thing, anwar.
Why do you guys want to look
different from the rest?
Darwin has said that separating...
...from your species is the
beginning of an end.
Darwin was not a muslim.
And that too in an independent
country like ours.
If he had been, he would
have understood.
As to why a 15 years old boy
is taught to make a bomb.
And why he is taught to
start hating the world...
...before the world
starts hating him.
After september 11, muslims
all over the world...
...are been considered as terrorists.
By the way, i can go
on and on and on.
Had you come to my house
day before yesterday?
Day before yesterday? No.
4-3. Last time's score. Come.
How long will you lose from me?
At least win once before
i leave for america.
Yes. Look.
- Good shot.
Look, i know that you are very busy.
So i won't take much time.
I want to say something.
But many times you want
to say something...
...but in haste you don't say
what you want to say...
...and you end up saying all
that you didn't want to say.
I love you.
I am not a beggar!
I am an artist!
At times i am blind,
at times crippled... times dumb and at times deaf.
The whole world trusts me!
The whole world is my stage!
Only you didn't trust me.
Why do you think that
i am just a beggar?
A mad beggar.
Dipti said that... i
am mentally crippled.
You... what do you think?
I don't want to trouble you.
These are some temple sketches...
...that i had drawn for dipti.
Maybe... You will meet her.
If you get the chance
then give it to her.
I want to stay alone for
a while, anwar. Please.
I am not a beggar!
I am not a beggar!
So welcome master pasha!
Master pasha! Master pasha!
Master pasha! Master pasha!
He has loads of love in his heart.
Love! Love! Love! Love!
He is not a beggar. He is an artist.
He is an artist! He is an artist!
He is an artist!
And i am sure that only you
can make the temple's set.
And i am sure that only you
can make the temple's set.
We are from lucknow.
So the embassy people
can reject our visa.
It's not easy to get a visa.
I couldn't believe it.
The passport was in my hand. And
us visa. Very less people... beloved went far away from me.
She stole the solace of my heart.
She left behind the
shadow of sorrow.
Now nothing is left
besides this sorrow.
My beloved went far away from me.
She stole the solace of my heart.
She left behind the
shadow of sorrow.
Now nothing is left
besides this sorrow.
There were only tears.
Now tears too have
been washed away.
My heartbeats say that i should
stop somewhere here.
Before leaving i have decided
to marry... Mehru.
You are a hindu. You
know that, don't you?
If you think that she has nobody
in this world besides...
...her mother then let me tell
you... That you are wrong.
If her relatives got an
inkling of this then...
...your body parts will be found
in the ditches of lucknow.
And as far as mehru is concerned,
she will disappear.
And all this will happen just
because i am a hindu?
And you think all this should happen.
No, all this shouldn't happen.
But i know that all this will happen.
What if i eloped with mehru?
You think that the world is vast.
But bigger than that
is that you are a...
...hindu and mehru is a muslim.
Her relatives will set
the world ablaze.
What century are you
talking about, anwar?
This century. The century in
which you and i are living.
The century that is surrounding it.
It will be better if you
stopped meeting mehru.
And stop visiting our houses too.
I don't want to lose you.
I don't want to lose you.
Don't leave me and go.
Anwar, mother will wake up.
- Let her.
Don't act like a child.
I won't be able to live
without you. I will die.
Anwar, forgive me. But i don't
want to say anything right now.
Mehru, i love you.
But i never loved you.
Hit me! Hit me!
- What are you doing?
Hit me! Hit me!
- Leave me!
Because i have loved you!
My heartbeats say that i should
stop somewhere here.
My heartbeats say that i should
stop somewhere here.
My soul detached away with me.
My dream shattered.
I lost my beloved.
Why did i receive this punishment?
My soul detached away with me.
My dream shattered.
I lost my beloved.
Why did i receive this punishment?
There were only tears.
Now tears too have
been washed away.
My heartbeats say that i should
stop somewhere here.
Those moments dispersed far away.
There is only loneliness
in this heart.
I am lonely. I have no hope left.
There is only painful ambiance.
I am alive. But i am
not in my senses.
When my beloved is not with me.
There is only love
and no zest left.
I am in a trance. Now there
is only doomsday.
My beloved went far away from me.
She stole the solace of my heart.
She left behind the
shadow of sorrow.
Now nothing is left
besides this sorrow.
My beloved went far away from me.
She stole the solace of my heart.
She left behind the
shadow of sorrow.
Now nothing is left
besides this sorrow.
Dear, you have come.
- Don't worry, aunty.
Listen... Have you seen her anywhere?
Aunty, i have searched the
entire lucknow city.
But she is nowhere to be found.
I think she is not in this city.
I know where is mehru.
And then she changed her mind.
You have grown old.
But there is no dearth in
your derogatory nature.
And then she changed her mind.
The culture of lucknow is being
divided into two parts.
You are right, brother.
Yesterday i had gone to saharaganj.
One girl had worn clinging
pants and short top.
Brother, everything was visible.
And nowadays youngsters are
in the trance of love.
You are right, brother.
Up 32 z 4474.
Brother, the bus has arrived.
Stop. Stop it.
Brother, the gun.
- No.
Stop! Stop!
Don't start!
Mehru. Mehru. Greetings.
Brother is waiting for you outside.
Udit-bhai, please come outside.
We want to talk urgently
with you. Come.
Mehru, don't worry.
Hey, don't go!
Mehru is my aunt's daughter.
She is like my sister.
If you loved her so much, then
what was the need to elope?
You should have told me. I would
have got both of you married.
Let it be. You tend to
make mistakes in youth.
Will you eat mango? It
is from mallihabad.
What fire have you started?
What fire have you started?
What fire have you started?
What fire have you started?
Idiot! You had to do all this!
You have tarnished
the family's image.
I can't face anybody in the
whole city of luckbow.
Why did you do this? Shut
her in the upstairs room.
Allah! Why didn't i die
before seeing this day!
Why did you create love?
Why did you create pain?
Why did you create pain?
Why did you create pain?
Very good! May allah bestow
you with a long life!
There is a limit of shameful deeds!
This girl has tarnished
our image! Characterless!
Lock her here itself!
Stop her supply of food and
water for a week. - Yes.
I don't know now who
will marry this girl!
This idiot will now trouble us...
...i feel like strangulating her!
Come on, the bus is about to leave.
Rae bareilly, barabanki,
sultanpur, dholpur...
...will the bus go to rishikesh?
- No.
From where can i catch the bus?
- From benaras.
Brother and sisters! No
need to fear the rains!
A bus has departed from the city.
You all remain calm. And
take shelter somewhere.
And i request all the
parents not to worry.
Keep your children with you.
And yes a boy who is 9 years old...
...and he has worn tricolour shirt.
If anybody finds him, then
please inform us. Thanks.
Leave! Leave! Nobody will leave.
The current is very strong.
Quickly inform sp sir.
He might do anything.
He might be carrying anything.
He might be a human bomb!
Move! Move! Move!
Anything can happen! He is playing
the charade of dying!
He is playing the charade of dying!
Can't you guys understand?
You think i am jesting!
Nobody should come ahead.
He is not dead! He is not dead!
Move back! Move back!
Where are you coming! Move back!
I know who are you. Anwar.
Once when you were a kid,
you had cried a lot...
...seeing the broken
wings of a butterfly.
I also know that your heart
is filled with love.
And you want to immerse
yourself in me.
So why are you waiting?
Respect to self and respect
to your nation.
I have locked eyes with you.
I have locked eyes with you.
I have locked eyes with
you, my beloved.
My heart is not in my control,
my beloved.
I have locked eyes with
you, my beloved.
My heart is not in my control,
my beloved.
Love is a life in itself.
Love is a life in itself.
I have locked eyes with you.
And i found light.
My heart united with yours.
And i found life.
I have locked eyes with you.
And i found light.
My heart united with yours.
And i found life.
Love is a life in itself.
Love is a life in itself.