Any Body Can Dance 2 (2015) Movie Script

Good evening India!
From Mumbai to Manipur...
Delhi to Dimapur...
roads wear a deserted look
all over the country.
People have taken
the day off from work.
Everyone has eagerly
tuned their TV sets
to this amazing dance show
Hum Kisise Kum Nahin!
And everyone is waiting to watch
their favourite team
from Mumbai's Nalasopara -
Mumbai Stunners!
Cockroach! Cockroach! Cockroach!
Is the tea hot?
Quiet! Lizards...
I am Raghav's uncle... Raghavji.
He is my 'original',
'full time' nephew.
When he was little, he used to
lie down and dance.
I would ask him,
'Son, what are you doing?'
He would say, 'Uncle, I am dancing
like a fish.'
'Fish dance!'
Vernon! What can I say about him?
He makes everyone laugh.
He says,
'anybody can deliver a pizza.'
'But a smile...
if you can deliver that...
it's an accomplishment.'
Vernon, keep up the good work!
Vernon, we love you!
All the best!
- Keep it up!
Vinnie! She is very cool...
Not only is her style cool...
she is a cool person too.
She is coming on television,
which is why
she hasn't come to work.
But her clients are
waiting only for her.
Suru! We call him Suru here.
It's his nickname.
The boys call him that.
So I told him that he should do
whatever his heart is set on.
'Move ahead in life.
I will support you.
I will give you as much money
as you want.'
Hey, Suru! You aren't ready as yet?
Pass me that.
Here. Now hurry up.
And is there anything to eat?
I am starving.
Yes, there is an apple inside.
Has everyone reached?
Everyone is there.
Vinnie is waiting for you downstairs.
Get dressed quickly.
Before we begin the biggest
dance celebration...
Let me introduce ourjudges.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Please welcome...
Mrs. Sita Devi ji...
Terrence Lewis...
And Remo D'Souza!
Welcome to the biggest
dance show in India
'Acficflon Dee' presents...
'Hum Kisise Kum Nahin'
powered by Reliance Trends.
That is being watched since 12 weeks
in 180 countries by millions.
Let's start this programme
with a breathtaking and
mind blowing performance...
from Team Illuminati
And the next group is...
Where were you guys!
Sorry... Come on boys!
We have to win this!
Let's go for it!!
We have a team here...
and every time they
performs on this stage...
they makes us realize that Indian
dancers are no less than anyone!
And we have here your favourite team
- Mumbai Stunners!
Wow! What a performance!!
The audience has already given
them a standing ovation.
But, let's see
what the judges have to say.
So, let's hear it for
Mumbai Stunners.
Yes. The audience has given you
a standing ovation
Yes, absolutely!
But for this amazing act...
I have to congratulate...
that awesome team whose name is...
Philippine All Stars!
Why Suresh,
will you say it or should I?
I think I will say it.
This entire act, its every step...
from the formation to the flip...
has been copied!
What do you have to say, Suresh?
No, sir. We have not copied the act.
Shut up!
Not just copy, but your team
has also cheated.
You have written that the act is
choreographed by Suresh and Vernon.
But it's not even your choreography!
The problem with people like you
is that you pick someone else's ideas
and creativity from the internet...
copy it and perform the act on stage.
And the poor souls who do not know...
that you have copied the act...
applaud and vote for you.
Very sad!
- Suresh, aren't you
Padmashri Durgadevi's son?
Yes, madam.
- Whether anyone else
knows this or not...
but we believe that you understand
very clearly that dance is no joke.
It is worship. It is a discipline...
A discipline your mother lived by.
I cannot believe that you
can do something like this.
Your mother, who died with
her anklets on...
for whom dance was everything.
Shame on you!
I think you cannot continue
in the competition.
You guys can leave.
- Tell them we didn't cheat.
Think original next time.
You may go.
In summery breeze, flows the colour
Fluttering in your
warmth and affection
In summery breeze, flows the colour
Fluttering in your
warmth and affection
The colour of your tradition
The colour of your love
It has brought the
colour of your success
The colour of your tradition
The colour of your love
Fluttering in your
warmth and affection
Hi! Vinnie, I need a new haircut.
Will you manage a Katrina Kaif?
An exact copy.
Who am I asking?
You are an expert at copying,
isn't it?
Oh Mother...
My Mother...
Did your father build this place
so that you could dance?
No more dancing from today.
From now on, you will
concentrate on work.
We've had to face the music as well.
What happened?
- We are also answerable to our families...
What's wrong?
I won't be a part
of this group anymore!
Tell me, what happened?
What is it?
No more, Suru.
I'm sorry...
Why don't you tell us what happened?
WhY are you going out?
Where are you going?
What's the problem, boys?
Pizza, sir.
Good evening, sir.
- Good evening...
Ah, so the pizza is free today?
Why would it be free, sir?
Because it's late.
No sir, it's just 25 minutes
by my watch.
But according to my watch
it's 35 minutes.
But sir, the delivery time...
This is wrong, sir.
Yes, yes! Go.
Sir, this is cheating.
And now you will teach me
what cheating is!
You guys are the biggest cheaters.
Listen, I will order pizza everyday.
And if YOU deliver it...
I will not pay a penny. Got it?
You can do whatever you want.
Get out.
Did you deliver late again?
Sorry, sir.
I explained it to you earlier.
What do you mean by sorry?
Does money grow on trees? Does it?
- No, sir.
This is a last warning.
Next time I will cut it
from your salary.
Oh Mother
Dear Mother
Hey, cheater.
Sorry... waiter!
Come here.
Vinnie, it's your client.
Come in.
- Coming.
My shadow dithers away from me
Please get me another one.
- Okay.
My shadow is your illusion
Fluttering in your
warmth and affection
In summery breeze, flows the colour
Fluttering in your
warmth and affection
The colour of your tradition
The colour of your love
It has brought the
colour of your success
The colour of your tradition
The colour of your love
Fluttering in your
warmth and affection
In summery breeze, flows the colour
Fluttering in your warmth and affection
"This entire act, its every step..."
"from the formation to the flip..."
"has been copied!"
"- Your mother, who died with
her anklets on..."
"for whom dance was everything.
Shame on you!"
I have shamed you
I agree I have tarnished
your reputation
My mother
I have shamed you
My mother
You are in my soul,
In my every word
My stubbornness, my life
You are my deepest pain,
My ultimate consequence
You are my holy recitation
You are in my soul,
In my every word
My stubbornness, my life
You are my deepest pain,
My ultimate consequence
You are my holy recitation
You are in my prayer,
You are my hope
You are my path
You are my honour,
The blood in my veins
You are my all, my life
Fluttering in your
warmth and affection
In summery breeze, flows the colour
Fluttering in your
warmth and affection
Thank you!
Welcome to Comedy Nights.
Let me tell you...
if cheating was
included in the Olympics
Mumbai Stunners would surely win Gold.
Bigger cheaters than us!
I gave him an 80-rupee note
and requested for change.
He gave me two 40-rupee notes.
Stop! Senses transformed
Sights varied
And the boat changed
Altering the coast.
If you want to change this world,
You need to change your perspective.
What you want is neither
in your retreat Nor in your exile.
Everything is in your belief.
A stone faced hardship
And shattered to pebbles.
While another stone bore adversity
To become the seat of the Lord.
Hello Vinnie...
Let's prepare a super performance.
We will rock the stage next year.
Why are you worrying?
Next year is very far.
I have a solution right now.
What is it?
What is this?
The biggest hip-hop competition
is going to be held in Vegas.
You mean in America?
How will we go there?
What did the judges say?
That we copied those guys!
I say let's go there and
take them head on.
What rubbish!
We haven't managed
to do anything here.
What can we achieve there?
Suru is fully prepared.
The competition is in three months.
We will start a new team.
India's first dance team.
What are you saying, Suru!
In three months! Are you crazy?
You are being unrealistic!
In three months we'll make a team...
Go to America...
Look, if you guys support me...
I am sure we can get there.
And if you don't support me...
I will take some time
but I will surely make a team.
Let's go.
Vishnu! Vishnu! Vishnu!...
Get lost, you fool!
Dude, who are you?
He is asking me who I am?
Should I tell him or show him?
Show him!
I have spent
The whole day waiting
Every happiness is borrowed
Even my sorrows
Are one on one free
I was here yesterday
Am here today too
And will meet you tomorrow, too
Right here
O Q O At happy hour!
O Q O At happy hour!
All the worries will drown
In the first go!
O Q O At happy hour!
O Q O At happy hour!
The heart jumps with Joy!
The glass is empty
The heart is stubborn
It doesn't listen to me
No boundaries to its stubbornness
It doesn't listen to me
There is no one like me
There's one and only me!
There is a lightening in my veins
Like a current passes through wire
One, two, three, four
At happy hour!
O Q O At happy hour!
All the worries will drown
In the first go!
O Q O At happy hour!
O Q O At happy hour!
Bring out the naughtiness
Knock on the locks and doors
You are a bird, but break the cage
With the fury of your wings.
Smashed your slippers on the rug
The needle was lost in the haystack
But why did you run?
Don't let fear hold you!
O Mr. Naidu!
The Lord is inside you!
Be thick-skinned
Live life on the rocks
Gulp down La-la-life!
O Q O At happy hour!
O Q O At happy hour!
This is the last one. Please.
Sir, you are superb!
Outstanding! Hats off to you, sir!
I know, man.
Shut up and get lost!
Sorry, sir.
Here, hold this.
Wait and watch...
One day we will go to America
for the hip-hop competition
and people like him will salute us.
What will they do?
I know, man. Get lost.
Don't ever meet me again.
Go away, hippopotamus.
All my money is over.
Sir, excuse me...
Excuse me.
I have won the bottle.
I don't want a bill.
Yes, you have won the bottle.
Yes, so let me drink.
Yes, sir. Drink up.
But you mentioned
the hip-hop competition in America.
Ah, yes. In Las Vegas.
Yes, sir.
Have you gone there?
I wanted to.
But right now I will go home.
I can drop you.
I have a bike.
Take me.
Yes, sir.
Take me.
By the way, sir, we've met
like in the movies.
I mean you dance like Michael Jackson
and have adopted
Indian superstar Rajni's style.
Do YOU agree?
I didn't tell you earlier
but I have an entire team ready.
Right from here?
Actually, sir, even I am a dancer.
You may have seen me on television.
Do you watch television, sir?
- You left TV?
Anyway, I really feel
that we met by fate.
I mean, we needed a choreographer
and you, a team. You know like...
Okay, sir.
Yes, sir. I was saying...
will you teach us, sir?
Yes, sir, right.
So, will you take us to Vegas?
Tell me, sir.
Sir. Vegas.
Vishnu sir! Vishnu sir...
At happy hour...
How was my dance?
Sir, superb!
I know, man. Shut up!
He must be sleeping, isn't it?
Try again.
How can you trust someone
when they are drunk?
How do you know
if he was saying the truth?
He knows.
He said that this is an annual
international event since years
Suru, it has been years
since we have been knocking.
When will he open the door?
Shut up!
It is the door of fortune.
it will not open easily.
This door isn't leading to luck,
but a tippler.
Hey, the door opened!
Come... come...
Be careful... inside.
Come... come...
Vishnu sir.
- Vernon, check these sticky notes.
- Not notes, but a whole project.
International hip-hop competition.
He's mapped out everything
about the competition.
Looks like he's all set to conquer...
The entire mission is ready.
From travel details
to the hotel rental.
I told you. He may be a loony tippler
but he is every0ne's guru.
But where is this guru?
Come on.
Come on.
Vishnu sir.
Sir. Sir.
Shake him.
Who is it?
Hi, sir.
Who are you, man?
Sir, this is Vernon, Raghav, Jack...
I am Vinnie and he's Suresh.
Sir, you were tipsy last night.
Then I paid your bill.
Then on the bike -
right, left, right, left...
- Yes, you told me to stop like that.
Have you come here to get the money?
Sir, not money.
You spoke about the international
hip-hop competition.
Sir, you told me you would show me
the road to Vegas.
The road to Vegas!
Get out of here, go straight,
then take a left.
Take a taxi from the main road
to the airport.
Go... get lost!
What do you mean?
Get lost!
Sir, you promised.
Sir, you said that you need a group
and that group is here today.
I swear he said it.
Vinnie, say something.
Sir, we all need a choreographer...
a mentor like you.
Sir, please.
I told you to leave.
Forget being a mentor.
Look at the bottle he's picked up.
I do not want a team.
- Sir!
Sir, you are kidding, aren't you?
- Maybe.
Look at my face...
Do you think I'm joking?
No more teaching...
Sir, have you stopped teaching dance?
Sir, didn't you mention
the other day...
You had prepared for the competition.
And that you didn't have a team
You wanted to go to Vegas.
Are you crazy?
Whatever you may say...
he's a genius.
Did you see that board?
He is completely prepared.
Suru, is this tippler
a dancer as well?
He's the king of dancers.
He is excellent.
I cannot tell you...
He's outstanding...
I mean... he s... he's just...
He's praising someone else
for the first time!
This is unbelievable.
It will be unbelievable when our feet
dance to his steps.
If anyone can get
back our lost honour...
it is Vishnu sir!
What sort of a loony guy is he?
He drinks shampoo.
He must be downing conditioner.
And honour...
We will get it back when he agrees.
He will agree.
Leave that to me.
- Yes?
You always make some grand plan,
everyone gets excited and
leave their work and come to you.
But you...
- But what, Vinnie?
I am scared.
What if there is a problem
like the last time?
There won't be.
Do you trust me?
Do you?
Come on guys...
Are you angry?
- Yes, sir.
How was my dance that day?
Sir, superb.
Shut up! I know, man.
Sir. Have it.
Sir, Vegas. Come on, sir.
What kind of guy is this?
What are you doing?
Oh, no!
What are you doing? No!
No... no!
Sir, the pizza is free.
- Get lost.
Wow! Wow! Wow!
Turn now.
What are you doing, sir?
I'm trying to ride the bike.
Sir, please.
"Get us a beverage."
Please give us one chance.
We have a good team.
No chance!
Please agree, sir.
Sir, we want to represent India.
Give us one chance.
Get lost!
Sir, Vegas.
- Get lost!
We love dancing. Please sir...
give us one chance.
Get lost!
Sir, I have a plan.
I have told you so many times.
I can't teach you to dance. Get lost!
You Okay?
Sir, what is this?
We are pleading so much.
Can you not see our hard work?
Can't you see Suru's efforts?
Vinnie, let's go.
- No please let me...
Suru has only one dream...
And he is waiting for the moment
you will agree.
And you are pushing him away?
Why are you behaving this way, sir?
Because you are all cheaters.
All of you.
You stole the Philippine All Stars'
entire routine...
in Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin.
Step by Step!
The entire country saw it.
I recognized you immediately.
I didn't tell you though. Out!
Come on boys.
Sir, the world gave up on us...
but I thought you would
give us a chance.
Fine. We are cheaters.
But do you know who
the biggest cheater is here?
Sir, it is you.
We are only tricking the world.
But you are cheating yourself.
Your entire wall is covered
with these posters...
Have your dreams come true yet?
I thought that like us...
you too love dance.
But you are only...
Come on. Let's go.
It is not so easy to go to Vegas.
First, there will be
auditions in Bangalore.
Sir, we know the details.
The travel,
food and competition fee...
adds up to about
24-25 thousand rupees...
Sir, everything is arranged for.
Even the team is very good.
At least check us out once.
24, 25 thousand rupees
will not suffice.
Do you know the cost
of going to Vegas?
Twenty two lakhs sixty thousand.
Sir, if we win the
Bangalore competition...
even that amount will be arranged.
My boss, Shetty Anna...
who owns Desi Cocktail Bar...
will sponsor us.
He promised us.
- Yes, sir.
Please sir.
- Please.
Only you need to agree.
Say yes, sir...
Say yes...
Sir... sir...
Please sir.
Move aside. Our guru has come!
- Chotu get us tea.
- On Raghav's account.
You guys practice here?
Yes, sir. Since we were kids.
It's Crocks' place.
Half of it.
Father and uncle were partners.
After father's death,
I became the owner.
Crooks has cut a super deal
with his uncle.
Uncle continues his business outside
while we rehearse here every day.
Sir, my deal.
Yes. His deal.
Alright. Call the rest.
Sir... We are only so many.
Sir... Please sit.
The championship's main event
is the group event.
Our team is small.
It's not enough.
We will need more people.
Sir... don't even go there.
We have been completely defamed.
Sir, after the HK2N competition we...
Sir... It is because of him...
that half of them left...
Because of me...
Guys, please stop it!
- Sorry, sir.
We don't need a fight.
We need a solution to this problem.
Tell me one by one.
The one holding the flag will talk.
Right, sir.
- Talk.
The old dancers will not come back
so we will need new dancers.
And sir, there is one...
He has the flag.
We will have to hold an audition
for new dancers.
And for that we will have to
post it to Facebook.
And also make posters.
And, Orkut.
Sir, I know Bhogi.
Oh, sorry. I know Bhogi.
He is the best guy for posters.
- I have...
The posters won't be a concern.
You have a lot to say, buddy. Talk.
And, sir...
Yes, talk.
- Talk.
Victory to India, sir.
Sir, he's weird like this.
Sorry, sir...
Sorry, sir...
What's up boys?
Suru, sit.
Listen up. I am starting a new team
for the international
hip-hop challenge.
That means a team for India.
Our team!
I have reserved a spot for you guys.
Come on, boys. Let's go.
Take him. He anyway loves to cheat.
Bhogi's poster isn't working.
I don't think anyone
else is going to come.
He's going to drive us nuts.
The poster is jinxed.
Hey... sorry!
Where do you think you are going?
Is the audition happening here?
- Yes...
And who are you?
From Baroda to Naroda,
I'm very famous.
Here's another weirdo.
'D' stands for Dharmesh.
Sir. Vishnu sir. How are you?
I saw on Facebook that sir is
putting together a new team...
Which is why I am here.
Do you know Vishnu sir?
Of course.
He danced so well in Baroda.
That's when I started dancing.
Show us your moves.
Let me tell you.
My father is in the police force.
He asked me to join the police.
30. g0 join!
I don't know anything
else besides dance.
So, I am here. As a patriot.
Hey, patriot.
Will keep talking
or show us your moves?
I will. I am here for that.
- She'll come.
- Hurry up.
Come on! Hit it!
Oh! Goggles.
Thanks guys.
- It was superb buddy!
What a mind blowing performance.
He is a very good dancer.
He will add to the group, sir.
Sir. He is too good.
- Yes, sir!
Good dancer!
- Thank you, sir.
We need more like him.
Do you need another dancer?
- I have a fantastic dancer.
I will bring him if you say so.
Yes of course.
Sir, am I in the team?
Isn't this a great place, Vinod?
What's up, D?
Sir, this is Vinod.
He's the other dancer
that I mentioned.
He's the guy.
Hi, Vinod. I am Vishnu.
Sir, he is mute and hearing impaired.
- Hi!
D, what are you saying?
Yes... it's true.
Sir, he is mute and hearing impaired.
In our words,
he doesn't speaker nor a mike.
If he cannot hear...
how will he dance to the beat?
One chance.
Sorry, but we need a dancer.
All this will not do.
Sir, just watch him once.
He will manage.
Sir, he is saying
that he wants to dance.
I can dance... what if I cannot hear the music.
But, sir.
He says that he can...
feel the music.
If you can...
feel the music...
Any Body Can Dance.
- Sir, he's very good.
- We could take him.
- We maybe be in trouble if we take him.
- Boys!
Are you still discussing Vinod?
He dances better than all of us.
We will have to take him, sir.
What say?
We will have to take him.
Guys! Don't mind but he is
like a live version of a silent film.
He is a film without a soundtrack.
How long will we tolerate it?
Look, it is fine till this point.
If anything gets messed up
in the big competition...
then he will not
take any responsibility.
What will we do then?
Why are you being negative?
- Why are you saying that?
Then who will take responsibility?
I will.
In that case so will I.
Me, too.
I am in, boss.
That's it, Jacky boy.
Sir, give us your final decision.
He is already in.
Five... six... seven... eight.
One... two...
three... four...
five... six... seven... eight.
- What were you saying?
- This one...
- Vernon, let's try that step.
- No, this one.
Is this the one?
Is there place in the team?
There was always place for you guys.
It's good you guys are back.
Thank you, lord!
Get me the deodorant.
Get him out of here.
What's wrong?
- What a shameless guy!
Well done, boys!
Sir, let's do it once more.
Take rest.
Sir, please...
Hey, Vinnie!
Come on guys...
Once more...
- No more... enough...
What's wrong with you guys?
I'm not coming.
How much will we practice?
- Relax.
Or I'm going to dance on my own.
You go dance with her.
Go on.
Listen, my love
Pour the ink of love on me
I will take on the colour
I will rain on you
I am only yours
Your touch makes me come alive
Come alive
- It's not over yet.
I'm not practicing...
- You are going nowhere!
Hold on, D.
Suru, watch this.
I am like sand
You are the source for water
You complete me
I am like sand
You are the source for water
You complete me
I will cross the ocean
With this love of yours
I will blossom
I am only yours
Your touch makes me come alive
Come alive
Listen, my love
Pour the ink of love on me
The Bangalore audition money?
Wait. I will also give you.
You have my share?
Who gave it to you?
Who is my boyfriend?
Who told you?
I am mute and hearing impaired.
I am not blind.
You are seeing a bit too much.
Five... six... seven... eight...
Turn around!
There are just two more days
to the Bangalore Competition.
Come on.
Vinnie, you go!
Strong... hold firm!
Back straight.
Suru, follow me.
Well done, boys!
Keep it strong.
It's becoming loose.
Five... six... seven... eight...
Is this what you are going
to do at the competition?
Make some space for me.
We don't dance this much
in my hometown.
We danced a lot.
Pass the water.
Where's the deodorant?
Why don't you wash your socks?
What happened?
Hey listen, everyone is waiting.
Why are you standing alone
and getting sentimental?
What are you thinking about?
I'm thinking about
the Bangalore competition.
Who knows what will happen tomorrow.
Once more... once more.
Come on, boys.
The next round, D-Maniacs...
Look at them... cheaters!
Wonder who they will copy next.
We just have a small problem.
I'll be back.
Excuse me, guys.
Mumbai Stunners!
- Yes.
You are quite famous.
Take your group and go back.
You guys are disqualified.
Why are we disqualified, sir?
- Excuse me!
Even before the performance?
On what grounds?
The organisers can disqualify any team
before their performance.
Yes. But there should be
a valid reason.
Who are you?
Mr. Vishnu...
This is not a reality show for TRPs.
This is a serious,
very serious dance competition.
The audience here has some of
India's best hip-hop dancers...
who do not want to see your team.
The team that wins here
will represent India in Vegas.
And cheaters can't represent India.
Sir, we are not cheaters...
We will refund your entry fee.
You guys can leave.
Sir, give us one chance.
Vishnu sir...
- Please tell them.
Nothing's wrong.
The team that wins today
will go to Vegas!
The teams that made
it to the finals are...
Desi Tigers, Dancing Parrots,
Red Hustle...
and Frequency.
Now let's get them on stage.
Cheaters! Cheaters! Cheaters!
Excuse me. Please.
Give us a minute.
Just one minute, please.
I am Vishnu.
I have got a team here from Mumbai.
Whose name is...
Cheaters, go home!
You were saying this outside as well.
You are right.
I am happy that the audience...
sitting here is honest.
Yes, some of the dancers in our team
have cheated earlier.
They must be punished for it.
And they have been.
They were disqualified.
You only saw that
they had copied the steps.
But no one saw...
how brilliant their performance was.
Everyone makes mistakes.
But life is all about...
a second chance.
I request you, that if you have ever
given yourself a second chance...
please do so with
the Stunners as well.
Because they are
the Indian Stunners...
not Mumbai Stunners.
My team.
Give them one chance.
After that, if you like,
you can show them the door.
But please...
give them a chance.
Know this, fate has strewn
Thorns in my path
But I am stubborn
I will race ahead of my fate
You cannot stop me
Knock me down, I will get up
Break the cage and spread my wings
Give it all your might but
I will bear it with a smile,
won't bow down my head
Know this, fate has strewn
Thorns in my path
Knock me down, I will get up
As much fire as the deserts hold
Furious is the blood
In my veins, but still
Ashes suffice for the faithful
My silence is enough for me.
I have been silenced for so long
innocently, I have been bearing it.
I have been silenced for so long
innocently, I have been bearing it.
Know this, fate has strewn
Thorns in my path
There are a hundred questions
There are a hundred insults
My name bears the burden of stains
With the ashes
Burnt by a million dreams
These tearless eyes
Bear the last string of hope
We were not given another chance
Or forgiveness
How much more do we need to suffer?
I have been silenced for so long
innocently, I have been bearing it.
I have been silenced for so long
innocently, I have been bearing it.
Know this, fate has strewn
Thorns in my path
But I am stubborn
I will race ahead of my fate
You cannot stop me
Knock me down, I will get up
Break the cage and spread my wings
Give it all your might but
I will bear it with a smile,
won't bow down my head
Vegas! Vegas!
See what the bill is.
What do you think?
I look like a fool?
I am asking them...
whether I look like a fool that...
he is asking for twenty five lakhs?
What should I do?
Anna, are you joking?
I trusted you...
Am I joking? Or are you?
I agree that you are like family.
You come and party here with your
friends after you finish your duty.
I have never said anything.
- No... I...
Whenever you have wanted an advance
twenty - fifty thousand...
I have given it to you...
So that you can go have fun.
But today you asked me...
'Uncle Harish,
I want twenty five lakhs!'
Is that a piece of cake?
Anna, you had promised.
In trusting you, I told everyone...
Then you should break the promise.
It's that simple.
It's not the word of someone great.
It's waiter Suresh's promise.
Break it with a crack.
Anna, we have worked very hard.
We won in Bangalore.
And even if we come third in Vegas...
I will give back your money
upon my return...
Anna, I promise.
Anna, this is wrong.
I trusted you and told everyone...
This word 'trust' is irritating me.
It is firing me up.
What trust?
You've become very sad.
Listen, I will explain to you.
If you are going to
Vegas for this girl...
Don't you say anything about Vinnie...
Listen to me... it's not worth it.
It's better to go
to our local Madh Island...
Twenty five hundred will suffice. Yes?
I told you not to talk
about Vinnie like that.
Suru, let him be.
Suru, leave him. Come on.
Let it go...
Let's go...
You are my own.
Take him away.
- Cheater!
Go home!
Going to Vegas?
- Get out of here.
Suru. Let it be.
He has gone mad.
If you don't want to give
the money, then don't.
Don't you talk rubbish about the girl.
Come on, Suru.
I will break apart the entire place.
- I will send you to the police station.
- Call them.
Stop it! Please.
They will take you.
You can dance there.
Now the money won't come
from there at all.
What shall we do?
It's over.
After all this effort...
we've been reduced from
a passport to a ration card.
Don't get started again, Raghav.
- Okay.
Let's go to Vegas.
It is important for me
to go to go to Vegas, too.
But not at the cost of her honour.
- Suru, look...
ls Vegas cancelled?
Sorry, sir.
Give me an answer...
You said that you would
get the money.
I did.
- Yes?
Yes, I did.
- Tell me...
Sir, it is not Suru's fault.
Shetty Anna didn't keep his word...
- Sir...
You idiot!
You wasted so much of my time.
Sir, please.
Please, sir.
Sir, sorry. Please, sir.
- I am sorry.
It is my fault. Vishnu sir.
We have managed only three lakhs
twenty thousand.
Shall I take a loan from aunt Ashima.
Or should I sell my bike.
Hey guys!
Where do you want to take the ferry
to Vegas from?
From Versova or from Madh?
What are you saying?
Why are you upset?
Don't you want to go?
where did you get this money?
Yes. Vishnu sir.
Vishnu sir has given it?
Vishnu sir hasn't given it.
I took an idea from Vishnu sir...
thought about it and
took the money from my uncle.
What is the need to sell this place?
You sold your land for us?
Do I need the place for my burial?
We will win and come back.
Thank you.
What did you think?
That I could not think
because I was angry?
Guys, get ready for Vegas?
Yes, sir!
Yes, it is done.
The visas are done and
we have the money
for the ticket as well.
I am coming to America.
Today is the best day of my life.
Best. Best. Best. Yes!
America. Vegas. Happy.
Happy, happy-
Vinod, I have been trying
since eight years.
It has come true now.
I will make my dream come true.
You think Suresh and
Vernon found me?
I found them.
Come, sit. I will tell you everything.
Who will you tell anyway...
I don't care what you guys do
once you get to Vegas.
But I have my plans laid out.
I was there when Suresh
was planning Vegas.
I met him.
I impressed him.
I impressed all of you
and became your guru.
And now finally, my plan
is about to take off!
Vegas, I'm on my way!
Stop! Stop!
You, you, you! Step aside.
A hip-hop show.
Is this yours?
Oh, what do we have here?
Do you have a prescription
for this, sir?
Hold on.
No prescription. No medicine.
I need you 9UY$---
to take off your jackets
and your shoes.
Yes, shoes.
Guys, come on.
India... Indian Stunners.
Control yourself, Vinnie.
Alright! Here are your badges...
You guys go straight and left.
Boys, there are a lot of teams...
therefore, we have got a few rooms.
Of course, there is one for me...
one for Vinnie and
one for all the boys...
Check that out!
This is mind blowing!
Sorry sorry sorry...
Will you punish me for it?
Yes, Vegas!
Boys, is there a place
like this in the whole world?
- It's fun like none other.
Sir... sir.
Sir! It's only apple juice.
Vinnie, go out.
Sit in the water.
Hey, GUYS-.
Juniors and Varsity compete
in the next two days.
There is still some time
for the main event.
Sir, what will we do for two days?
We will rehearse.
Be quiet. Are you crazy! No.
Guys, you are in Vegas.
Everyone knows what
an amazing place this is.
So, whatever you want to do, do it.
I don't ask you and
you don't ask me where I was.
You are our God!
This heart has been saved
A hundred times
The heart has escaped
A hundred times
We forgot the world
After finding love!
There is me and you, the way
To the heart is through itself
But this feeling is a little new
Know this!
There is me and you
Why do you ask, 'What to do?'
The fun starts now
Dance away!
O O O Listen...
Dance, my love, dance!
Hey! O O O
Dance, my love, dance!
O O O Listen...
Dance, my love, dance!
Hey! O O O
Dance, my love, dance!
No worries
Dance, my love, dance!
Listen! O O O
Dance, my love, dance!
Do as I do,
Then why feel shy?
Forget about the morning
The game is on for tonight
I have seen, I have heard
Deeds of this day
It is a secret
Know this!
There is me and you, the way
To the heart is through itself
But this feeling is a little new
Know this!
O O O Listen...
Dance, my love, dance!
Hey! O O O
Dance, my love, dance!
Listen! O O O
Dance, my love, dance!
Are you Indian?
Mobile number?
- Thanks.
I'll call you.
O O O Listen...
Dance, my love, dance!
O O O Listen...
Dance, my love, dance!
Hey! O O O
Dance, my love, dance!
Five... six... seven... eight...
You should drink in moderation.
That's enough.
Come on. Let's practice again.
Chotu, give us the count. Come on...
I've seen many enthusiastic dancers...
but not one more
enthusiastic than her.
What does she eat?
Don't you guys want to rehearse?
- No...
Vinnie, we have practiced
nearly fifteen times.
The boys are very tired.
Please. And Vishnu sir had said
that we do not have to
rehearse so many times.
But why are rehearsals a problem?
Rehearsing too much
could cause injuries.
Exactly, sir.
The number one reason for injuries
during competitions, is fatigue.
In the excitement of
being in a new place...
you have forgotten
that your body needs rest.
That is why I told you, no rehearsals.
Someone take control of Vinnie!
Got that?
We had carried so much
money from Mumbai.
Now, there's barely anything.
If luck was on our side,
it would have doubled.
This is the team's money, idiots!
Vishnu sir is here.
Please keep the money with you.
The boys are up to a lot of mischief
since yesterday.
They will spend it all.
It is your responsibility from now on.
Come on. Let's go!
I think we will have to
practice in that area.
Oh! Philippines...
Boys, Philippine All Stars.
Let's go meet them.
Sir, I love you...
I love your dance!
What's wrong with you?
Guys, what happened?
Okay. Hold it. Guys...
I am sorry.
- Go.
Yes, I have the money.
They have moved to
the qualifying round.
Such great teams from all over
the world have come here.
I am worried.
If they don't qualify...
then along with them...
even I will have to go back to India.
Ladies and Gentlemen...
Welcome to Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I also want to thank our friends at...
Ponds Men's Face Wash.
Ladies and Gentlemen...
I proudly bring to you...
the Ponds Men's Face Wash
World Starz Hip Hop Challenge.
The Philippine All Stars!
Victory to Mother India.
Viva, Brazil!
Super Hoods!
That was superb!
Very nice... superb, boys!
Oh, look at you...
Go home... No qualify!
What's his problem?
Come on, boys.
Let's go, boys!
My oh my! Bringing a little curry
in a Hip Hop flavor...
there is also a team from India!
- Can you feel all that energy
in the atmosphere?
The Indian Stunners,
all the way from India...
have entered the contest.
Vishnu sir, we have qualified!
Sir, we made it.
Here we are at the
World Starz Hip Hop Competition
Here we have the team from India...
win here for the first time ever.
It's your first time here ever...
and you have stormed
into the qualifiers.
How does it feel?
Yes... yes, we are all very happy.
We have reached the qualifier round
for the first time.
- Speak to her in English.
Yes! Yes!
And... first time.
It's history.
In the first attempt, a country
has reached the qualifying round.
And that's why all the boys
are happy and even the girl.
Victory to India.
There is so much excitement there...
you can feel it. That's great!
This is our guru, our choreographer.
This is the guru.
Let's ask him - how do you feel?
What do you want to say?
I am happY-
He is happy-
Come on...
five... six... seven... eight.
Lift her, hold. Superb!
Very good, guys.
Get her down.
Super, boys!
Very good Vinnie, Vernon.
Let's do it once more.
- Please, no...
- One more time.
You have irritated us by rehearsing
fifty times already.
The boys are tired, Vinnie...
- Tell her...
I want to do the lift once more.
Come on, boys.
Come on, boys.
Yes. Last one, please.
Suru, last one, please.
Five... six... seven... go...
Hope... hold.
Guys, hold her firmly.
I told you not to practice
so many times.
Didn't I?
She insisted.
Go to her.
What happened? Are you okay'?
- Sum...
Is it hurting?
Call Vishnu sir.
Tell him that Vinnie is hurt
and to come to the hospital quickly.
I've run out credits,
can I use your phone?
Nevada Hills Hospital.
Hurry UP-
Hi, Vinnie.
- Hi!
Sir, is she okay?
Yes. Well,
I have checked Vinnie's scan.
She has a stretched deltoid...
and an out of line femur.
Doctor, has she broken a bone?
No. No. The bone has not broken.
Thank God!
So can we take her home?
By all means. But she needs rice...
Rice. I told you to eat rice.
She was not eating rice.
Sir, she doesn't eat rice,
only flatbreads.
No. Not that rice.
Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.
You understand?
Can she dance?
No. I am afraid not.
She needs rest for at least a week.
One week!
Here is her file.
Don't worry, she will be fine.
Don't worry, my dear.
You'll be fine.
Thank you, sir.
- That's okay.
I'm sorry, Suru...
No need to apologize.
There's nothing wrong with you.
You'll be alright...
It's my fault...
Vishnu sir told us
not to rehearse so much
and I got over-excited...
I'm really sorry!
I'm in the centre of our next act...
Now what will we do?
Listen... don't get worked up... we'll
make some changes in the routine...
We'll do something...
- Have you lost it?
We'll lose a lot of time doing this...
Suru, we'll need to
find a replacement for her.
And how do we do that?
We are in Vegas!
We need an Indian dancer...
here and now...
Where will we find someone now?
We'll get...
- From where?
We will surely...
Who knew Vernon is this clever...
Vernon, where are you taking us?
Come! Say where pal?
Tell me how it's gonna be?
You will want to!
Dance buddy Do you wanna be with me?
Do you wanna You wanna wanna be the
one Take whatever you wish from me?
Do you wanna You wanna wanna see
the thing That no one else sees?
How you make your girl feel!
Baby, let me reveal - No one
should else should see it You see it!
It's in English
I have tattoed your name, my love!
It's in English
I have tattoed your name, my love!
My love,
I have tattooed your name!
Love is insane, You know!
It is pure and plain, You know!
It is a pain, you know!
Bearing the pain, too
Love, I have tattooed your name.
Looking at me from afar Love,
don't take me for a foreigner
Come close and see
The colors of this native girl
Won't go with a mere touch
Love is insane, You know!
It is pure and plain, You know!
It is a pain, you know!
Again, my love!
I have tattooed your name
Bearing the pain, too
Love, I have tattooed your name.
My love,
I have tattooed your name!
It's in English
I have tattoed your name, my love!
My love,
I have tattooed your name!
I have tattooed your name!
She has come...
Is she Indian?
- Yes... come on.
Hi, Olive!
- Hi Vernon, how are you?
I'm good.
Hey, sorry to call you so fast...
but you said it was urgent.
Yes it's urgent...
this is my team.
Hey guys!
Let me tell her...
He says that you dance very well.
Very well.
- I have to speak to her in English?
You dance very...
- Goodly. Good...
Ah! Thank you very much.
You dance very well, too.
Oh, thank you.
And Vinnie? Where is Vinnie?
You know Vinnie as well?
Come on. Everyone knows you guys.
You guys are the
Indian Stunners, right?
I know.
Did you hear that, buddy?
Yes. But maybe you don't know that
Vinnie has recently injured herself.
We need your help, Olive.
So, this is where we kind of rehearse.
Wow! It's huge.
Boys, this is Olive.
We've got the permissions.
And now she's in our team.
Any questions?
This is Vinnie... That's Jack.
This is Pawan
- How are you?
Everyone say 'hi'!
This is so bad.
You are hurt so badly.
Guys, this is great!
What are you saying, Vinnie?
Look at your leg.
Vernon, it is great.
If she hadn't hurt herself
how would a great dancer
like Olive have joined our group?
I guess
- Really!
That's so mean.
Olive, don't listen to him.
He is talking rubbish.
- Seriously.
Anyway. Where is Vishnu sir?
I haven't seen him after
the qualifiers. I will look for him.
Vernon, you will have to teach Olive.
You wait.
Yes. The choreography.
I need to learn this.
Yes, we will. D, you go.
Raghav, you too.
Tell him we are at rehearsals
and to come quickly.
Go quickly.
Boys, hurry up.
Raghav, that way.
Five and six...
- Boys!
Guys, guys, guys.
We are doomed.
Vishnu sir is nowhere to be seen.
He has even checked out of the hotel.
All the money is also with him.
What do you mean?
I mean he is a thief.
You took the money
from me to give to him.
I told you, don't trust this man.
Did you guy check properly
near the bed and...
He just told you,
he has checked out...
He is nowhere. There is nothing.
All the money, everything is gone.
My uncle will kill me.
He had given the money
with a lot of difficulty.
The competition is
still to come, Suru.
Think of something.
- He took a bag...
He left with the money.
The entire competition
is still ahead of us.
We have nothing in our pockets.
What will we do now?
We cannot do anything.
- What should we do?
Now what? Pick up your bags
and let's go.
- Nothing can be done now.
We are done with the competition.
- What will we do?
Yes, let's go... Let's go.
Hurry up. Pack your bags.
- Suru...
Vinnie, pack up. Let's go.
Why did you come here? Why?
For the competition.
- "For the competition... competition..."
And why did you come?
Why did we come, Vernon?
You have been a background dancer
for the last ten years in India.
And you?
You cannot speak...
why did you come here?
To Vegas... Why?
And you, D?
Why did you come here?
You were so popular in Gujarat.
Young kids used to learn from you,
isn't it?
Why are you teaching kids hip-hop?
Why are you wasting their time?
Just so that we can show everyone...
back home that we are thieves?
Previously when we were
the Mumbai Stunners...
They told us that we had copied...
But now we are the Indian Stunners.
Indian Stunners... We represent India.
If the choreographer leaves if
one person leaves, is the group over?
Is Indian Stunners over?
Let everyone hear it.
Let them all know too,
the Philippines...
and English team see that
Indians are thieves...
Is that what you want to show?
Say it. Let me hear it.
I am here in front of you, right?
Vernon is here, too.
Each one of us is here to dance.
We want to dance.
We dance to express, not to impress.
We've not come here for money.
So just dance.
Don't worry about the money.
We will deal with everything later.
We came here to dance
and dance, we will.
- Come on, boys.
Let's take it from the top, Vernon.
- Come on.
Five... six... seven... eight...
One and two... three and four...
Five and six... seven and eight...
Bring her down carefully.
Very good. Good job!
Very good, Olive!
- Vernon, it is good.
Can you give me some water.
Vernon, that can be bettered.
- Sum...
Sit here for a minute please.
- What is it?
I hope you realize that
you have persuaded them again.
I know.
But if I wouldn't
have said all that...
our team wouldn't have reached here.
But money is so
important at this point.
If we don't have the money
after the performance...
what will we do?
Hi, Swati.
Have a seat.
Did you come to America
for some work?
Swati, it has taken me
eight years to get here.
You have no idea what all I have gone
through in these eight years, Swati.
I have only come...
to meet my son Manu.
What will you accomplish
by meeting Manu now?
Isn't it a little too late?
I am married now.
Manu has a father
who loves him a lot.
He is a normal man...
who has a normal job.
He goes to the office.
He has the weekends off
and takes his family out.
He is a normal guy.
He looks after us...
He is not a struggling choreographer
who is always on the
lookout for his next job.
You understand?
Vishnu, relationships
are made and broken.
I have moved on.
So should you.
I know... but...
Our relationship can break.
But not Manu's and mine.
You live your life.
Be happy. No problem.
But please let me meet Manu once.
I don't think it is a good idea.
I think you should leave now.
Please Swati.
I am sorry.
Hey, mom.
Hey, you are Vishnu. Aren't you?
Oh, hello, Vishnu sir.
Mom, you know him?
You know him?
Of course I know him.
He is Vishnu. Vishnu sir.
Where is your phone?
Yes. Here...
Hey... This is you, right?
Yes! I knew it.
You like hip-hop?
Of course. I love hip-hop.
I even saw your
Bangalore act on YouTube.
It was fab!
Mom, do you know that
Vishnu sir's team...
is the first Indian team...
that has qualified for the
semi finals in Las Vegas?
Yes, it's been all over.
Can I please have a picture with you?
My friends are gonna burn!
- Morn, click fast.
Thank you.
Manu, Vishnu sir is getting late.
Thank you, Vishnu sir. Bye.
Mom, you know him?
- Yes, he's an old friend.
Vishnu sir...
India will win, won't it?
India has already won.
Take care.
Thank you, Gopi,
for helping me out.
Don't mention it.
You have been waiting to meet Manu
since the last eight years.
You met him.
Are you happy now?
Vishnu, our team...
Who is she?
Looks like there's been a problem.
Boys, wake up.
Oh sacred waters!
You guys will drown in there.
- Raghav, what are you doing?
How much fun is this!
What happened?
Did this happen in the night?
There's a hot water spring
that feels like this in Haridwar...
We just need some more time.
No, you got to listen.
You got to get the money together.
But do you know how
they've come from India?
I understand that.
-And I am so...
I know all that, but listen...
what I'm trying to tell you
is that it's the rule.
I got to follow them.
You got to follow them. Okay?
Look... You have till 12 o'clock
to get the money.
If you don't...
you just got to go home.
Sir, but we just need one chance.
Stop it.
You just got to pay up or go home.
- I'm sorry.
- Sir, please...
What happened?
We need to pay the money.
What did you say?
"What have we come here to do?
We have come to dance."
What have we achieved with all this
dancing? We are broke.
Plus, we are in a fix with Vishnu sir.
We trusted him with the money.
We came here from there...
only to sit like this?
Here also...
Guys, we are popular.
People know we dance well.
If we get a couple of days,
we can raise the money.
That means even after working so hard
we still have to beg?
Beggars? We are not... that.
That's not true... jeez...
Of course you guys are beggars.
That's why you have no
employment problems.
If you run out of jobs,
there's always begging.
- Suru...
- What?
Please leave us alone.
I'm requesting you to leave us alone.
Guys we are here to dance
not to fight.
Don't touch me...
- Don't you touch her...
You want to talk...
talk to me.
Suru... Suru!
Please guys...
Move. Sorry.
I was selfish.
I came here...
with a vested interest.
For my son Manu.
But because of you,
I not only got my son...
but also respect.
Which I could have
never gained by myself.
I can't do anything
about the family that left...
but the family...
that we have made now...
I don't want to lose it.
Sir, no. Please don't apologize.
You are our guru.
So girls... what's up?
God, I love Bollywood.
- Bollywood dance? I will teach you...
Hi, guys. Hi, Indian Stunners.
Hi, Vishnu sir. I am Pooja.
- Hi!
A big fan of yours
and Indian Stunners.
Get up.
Thank you. Thank you.
Actually, you don't need to
introduce yourselves...
I know all of you.
I have been staying in America
since many years.
I am so happy
to see you guys here.
I feel so proud to be an Indian.
Thank you,
- Thank you.
Actually, I have an Indian restaurant
called Nirvana
and that has the best
Indian food in Vegas.
I know you guys must be
dying to have Indian food.
Will we get Gujarati snacks there?
Of course.
So, why don't you come?
Next time.
Next time.
- Yes.
Oh, please let's go.
Come on. Please.
You like Indian food?
I love Indian...
Food. She likes Indian food.
Sir, let's go.
Please, sir. Let's go. Sir...
- They might have South Indian food too.
- Come on. There's never a next time.
' Yes!
- Vernon, go on have some chicken.
Pass it here. Looks yummy!
- Enjoy, it is a party.
- I know.
Hi D! Hi, guys.
- How's it going?
Hi, Jack!
- Hi!
We are going to be over there.
You guys sit here...
We understand...
- Hi!
- Hi.
Do you work out?
Work out?
- Yes?
Where is the time?
We rehearse from the morning
until the evening... dancing...
Okay. Like the saying goes...
work is worship and
'Pooja' means worship.
Are you okay?
- Yes.
- Dancing...
Excuse me...
Excuse me, you say you are Indian?
Is your mother Indian or your father?
Father... why do you ask?
That is why...
What do you mean, Suru?
That is why you do
not know how to eat.
If your mother were Indian,
she would have fed you with her hands.
You are meant to eat with your hands.
And the lentils and rice
are to be mixed and eaten.
You want me to put
my hands in the curry?
You mean, I actually need to
dip my hands in the curry?
Yes, put your hands in the curry.
No, let me show you.
If you eat with your hands, you will
be able to make right sized...
You know...
I mean... what's the w0rd...?
You are smart. Bite.
No, I am not doing that.
Take it.
- No. I am sorry.
Open your mouth. Olive.
Olive, just try it.
If she doesn't want it,
why are you forcing her?
I am only feeding her.
If she doesn't want it,
why are you forcing her?
I am not forcing her.
She is a friend.
What Sum'?
What will you do?
- What will I do?
Tell me, what will you do?
She bites!
She's biting me!
As the wind touches you
I want to touch it
I don't wanna go on
And make castles in the sand
If you walk with me
The paths won't be lonely
I am gonna love you
Like no one ever can...
How long will I be alone?
You know I need you by my side!
Yes! How long will I live alone?
One thing I have realized...
If you hold my hand
My world will change
If you hold my hand
I will have all the joy
If you hold my hand
My world will blossom
If you hold my hand
Oh Baby!
I'll never let you go.
O O O You calling out for me
O O O You got me on my knees
If I get you
I will treat you very dear
Baby, I'll be there for you forever
I have been saying this
Time and again
If I get you
I will treat you very dearly
Baby, I'll be there for you forever
I have been saying this
Time and again
You don't know
How I need you
Like a bird that's looking for the sky
I know what I am without
Oh Baby!
I'm just another guy!
If you hold my hand
My world will change
If you hold my hand
I will have all the joy
If you hold my hand
My world will blossom
If you hold my hand
Oh Baby!
I'll never let you go.
O O O You calling out for me
O O O You got me on my knees
O O O You calling out for me
O O O You got me on my knees,
for life!
If you hold my hand
What a super hit move.
Come closer, let me see.
- It's really funny.
- Oh my God!
Raghav has lost it.
Look at this.
I have shown you twice.
Two... two minutes.
One second.
Come on, Suru.
What is happening?
What is happening?
What are both of you doing?
Who two?
You and Olive.
Vinnie is feeling bad.
Look at her face.
Vinnie is feeling bad?
Don't do all this.
Where are you taking me?
Let's clear things right away.
Vinnie, are you feeling
bad about anything?
Vernon is saying that...
You aren't feeling bad about anything?
When she feeds him, touches him
then your face falls.
Now that he is in front of you,
tell him.
Tell me, Vinnie.
Tell him.
He is just talking rubbish.
What is wrong with you!
Listen... you go to Olive.
I am going to Olive.
- Just a minute. Wait.
You go.
Now I should go?
What are you showing her?
Wait two minutes. Let me show her.
Who are you showing it to?
- What happened?
Something personal between them.
I don't know.
Yes! I am feeling bad...
that you two are getting close,
Why are you feeding her?
Feeding her...
We are rehearsing, so there is
bound to be contact.
Is this how rehearsals are done?
What are you doing?
Everyone's watching.
Let them see!
I am not in love with her.
Why didn't you tell me if
you have feelings for me?
It is obvious to everyone.
Even Vinod can see it.
Why can't you?
No I can't. I'm blind!
Why don't you tell me?
Say it.
Do I...
Do I need to tell you?
Why are you getting worked up?
You know that...
You'll make her cry!
Hey, Suru...
Hold up!
For the first time in the history of
the World Starz hip-hop challenge...
two teams have the same points
but there's only
one spot in the finals.
This means they will be battling
it out tonight in a dance off.
This is huge for India as the
Philippine All Stars are their idols.
So, here we are finally
at the face off in Las Vegas.
And everybody is asking me
who my favorite is.
You know what...
both teams are my favourite.
First up, let's see what
the Philippine All Stars got for us.
That was amazing!
Come on boys... come on.
What happened?
Sir, they are very good.
Sir... how will we...
They are like our Gods.
I mean...
- They are not real Gods.
Now you dance for the real One.
You won't dance for them but
only for those, who look out for you.
Come on, Suru!
Do it!
Let's go for it!!
O Supreme Being!
Without you...
O Divinity
I am lost
O Supreme Being!
Without you...
O Divinity
I am lost
My dreams started taking shape
Shattered before it came true
My tasks are incomplete.
Please guide me.
Hail and salute you
Supreme Lord
The Lord known by many names
The one in many forms
Who wears the moon on his forehead
Supreme Lord
The Lord known by many names
The one in many forms
Who wears the moon on his forehead
The creators of the universe
All sing your praises
Superior Lord, the sky echoes
With the melodies of the percussion
Oh Lord!
This life is transient
It burns and melts in an instant
Oh Lord!
I am like a flickering lamp
My morale has started dwindling
Hope my steps don't halt
What will happen if the head
that has never bowed down
Hail and salute you
Hail and salute you
Oh Lord
Hail the enlightened one!
A potent mantra
I chant this mantra
I respect your power
Everything starts with you
And ends with you
Truth, Life and Virtue
Hail the enlightened one!
Oh valorous Lord
Brave one
Nurturer of the helpless
Remover of hurdles
Creator as well as the destroyer
Provider of clear vision
The strongest being in the Universe
A potent mantra
I chant this mantra
I respect your power
Hey, we have made it to the finals.
We made it to the finals!
We won. We won. Won...
I had gone for two minutes.
They beat me again. Look.
Look at them. Come on. No.
What are you doing, D?
They are hitting me.
What are you doing?
You know how to slap, don't you?
Then why did you wait
to be slapped four times?
Why didn't you hit me back
on the first one? Come.
Stop. Stop. Calm down.
What happened?
- He slapped me.
He did?
- Yes.
Then hit him back!
Stop! Stop! Get up!
Now! Stop... Stop it!
Come on. Separate. Separate.
Get over there. Stop!
Take your breath.
I won't have this violence
in my competition.
You get it?
I spent ten years getting this garbage
out of hip-hop.
We won't go back.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Say, 'yes'.
Your team! Your team!
You have one more chance.
You do it again,
you are out of the competition.
You boys want to show your muscle?
You show it out there.
Not here.
Now get out of here.
- Yes, sir!
Now, go!
look our Suresh and Vernon.
Indian Stunners deserve it better.
This is their first time
but they did super duper great.
They deserve this because
I know it is from their heart.
- They know what they want to do.
To actually show the love for dance
and hip-hop in the whole wide world.
It is their first time.
But... respect.
Indian Stunners!
Victory to India!
One... two...
Guys, hold on.
Jack, come.
- Wait, where are you going?
Thank you.
How are you doing now?
How is your foot?
- Okay.
It is better than before.
It is better now. Thanks.
Listen, Vinnie...
I just didn't know...
I mean, that you and Suru...
I mean...
were childhood friends.
And I unnecessarily came in between.
I am sorry I got carried away.
I am the one who should apologize.
Suru is like that.
Everyone falls in love with him.
Thanks, Vinnie.
I just wanted to clear this.
I was your replacement here.
And now, when you get okay...
before I go,
I wanted to tell you everything.
Before you go?
Where are you going to go?
We have reached here because of you.
And when we move ahead in
the competition, you will be with us.
You are a part of Indian Stunners now.
- Yes... Yes!
From the disgraced copycats...
to the meek underdogs.
For the first time India takes part
in such an international arena...
and is now at the top!
Making us so proud of them.
I would always tell him...
that he's a winner!
Just do it! Move ahead!!
Look at him now.
Blessings to Team Indian Stunners.
They defeated the same team
they had copied from.
Amazing! They made us proud.
So, Indian Stunners... go for it!
Well done Indian Stunners...
All the very best...
make India proud.
We are the youth of Punjab...
Wherever we live... India or America
If we dance the Hip-Hop
or the Bangra...
We'll will win every battle!
We are right in the middle
of the Grand Finale...
of the World Starz Hip Hop Challenge.
Let me hear you make some noise!
Are we ready for the next performance?
Right next... we got Team Recycle.
Defending champions...
Let me see you...
All the way from Germany!
No contest is complete
without an underdog story...
And in this contest...
I think we got one of the finest
underdog stories we ever had.
These guys coming up next are
in this contest for the first time!
Putting their country
on the hip hop map!
First time in the contest
they go through the qualifiers...
Go through the quarters...
go through the semis where
they had to face their inspiration...
- The Philippine All Stars in a dance off!
- Let's do this!
And now... raring to go...
Hey you! Indian Stunners, right?
Go! Go! Go!
Come on, boys!
Come on, Suru!
Come on, boys!
Come on, everyone!
What happened?
Only your name stands for the truth
Only your name is the truth
And calls out your name dear Mother!
You are my identity
My world, my Mother!
I will put my life on the line
For you a hundred times
I will put my life on the line
For you a hundred times
I can sacrifice anything
for you, Mother!
Mother, I salute thee!
Mother, I salute thee!
Mother, I salute thee!
The biggest moment of my life
Yes! Just a few steps away
Yes! I have been waiting for so long
For this evening
Now, watch what he will do
Who bows down to none
Sit and enjoy
Even if I walk straight
I am a sure shot winner
I am indebted to my motherland
I will defeat and win over you
Whatever I have promised
I am from India
Hold on tight I am coming
with my might To fight and conquer
Wherever you have come from,
Whomever you may be
My conquest will take place right here
I will put our flag of victory there.
Whether I win or lose
I will show you
Mother is my Lord
There is no other shrine
I will dance,
I am crazed
I will dance,
My heart is helpless
This evening
My Mother will watch
Whether I win or lose
My Mother will be watching
I have to dance
I have to dance
I have to dance
My Mother will be watching
Saffron like the valour
Green like tender blossoms
White like clean intentions
These three colours are
Dearer than life itself
These three colours are
Dearer than life itself
My Mother's colour
Of every good
Mother, Mother, Mother
Colour of your tradition
Colour of your beloved
Colour of your victory
How can I repay
Your debt
Fluttering in your
warmth and affection
Until my last breath
Fluttering in your
warmth and affection
Only your name stands for the truth
Mother, I salute thee!
Rich with thy hurrying streams
Bright with orchard gleams
Rich with thy hurrying streams
Bright with orchard gleams
Rich with thy hurrying streams
Bright with orchard gleams
Rich with thy hurrying streams
Bright with orchard gleams
Rich with thy hurrying streams
Bright with orchard gleams
O Mother
O Mother
Only your name stands for the truth
Let's go for it!!
Glory of moonlight dreams
Over thy branches and lordly streams
Clad in thy blossoming trees
Laughing low and sweet
Rich with thy hurrying streams
Bright with orchard gleams
Rich with thy hurrying streams
Bright with orchard gleams
O Victory to thee!
Whenever I would hurt
myself as a child...
my mother would say...
take your next step carefully.
You should always focus
on the next step.
We couldn't win the
competition at Vegas...
but we definitely learned...
that every effort made in truth...
is greater than winning or losing.
And every step in
the right direction...
is a goal in itself.
After all...
life is all about the next step.