Any Bullet Will Do (2018) Movie Script

HOLLIS: War, it changes men.
It ain't no secret.
It's nothin' you can
hide or keep concealed.
Pits you against those you love,
turns 'em into
somethin' ya hate.
And when it does that,
the killin' starts.
Oh Susannah
Oh don't you cry for me
From Alabama
with a banjo on my knee
Oh, the camptown ladies
sing this song
Doo-da, Doo-da
Yanks, Yanks!
Cap'n. [GRUNTS]
Captain, we got Yanks!
Cap'n, we got Yanks!
Cap'n. Cap'n sir,
we got about 20 Federals
comin' up that hillside
and they're mighty pissed, sir.
- Thank you, Sergeant Major.
- Sir.
Look sharp, men!
Eyes forward now.
We did not come
here today to lose.
We came here to run
these Johnny-red sap
all the way back
to the muddy waters of the Gulf.
Let it not be fear
that compels you today.
No, let it be the calm thoughts
of returnin' home to your wives.
Holdin' your sons
and your daughters.
All right boys, we got us
a bunch of feeble-minded Yanks
just lyin' across from us.
They're outnumbered,
cold and scared.
Let it not be the thought
of sleepin' in the cold mud,
but in a warm bed,
clean sheets instead.
It is your job to take
their lives from them this day.
This forest becomes a graveyard
for those northern heathens
that would take your
God-given right from you.
But most importantly,
remember the fresh feelin'
of victory!
Take to mind all that
and we will crush
our enemies on this day.
dyin' time is here.
Let's go!
Come on!
- LONNIE: One in Virginia, one in South Carolina [CHUCKLES]
One in the Dakotas,
I just don't remember which one.
I must... There must've been,
I don't even know,
six bottles
of whiskey that night.
Oh, yes.
Kentucky, there was
one in Kentucky.
I tell you what, you wanna
find yourself some trouble,
trouble will find
you in Kentucky.
That is just how it is.
I swear, you don't even
got to go lookin' for it.
Hmm, you're awful quiet Karl.
Somethin' botherin' you?
You wanna know what
I heard all mornin'?
Well, what did ya hear, Karl?
Your goddamn jaw floppin'.
Sound like somebody forgot
to grease the wheel.
Just when I thought you couldn't
possibly be more useless,
turns out you can't
aim for shit either.
You couldn't hit a bear's ass
with a bag of banjos.
You can't hunt for shit,
you can't talk for shit,
and you ain't got the looks
to pucker a pig's butt, boy.
Yet here you are,
jackass-eatin' cactus.
An imbecile of immoral repute.
I'm sorry, Karl.
Yeah, I know you are.
Just like you sorry
'bout all them whores
in this town or the other.
Jesus, it's Foggy.
- Foggy!
- Dale's over here.
Hell, we ain't been
gone but half a day.
They must've just left here.
Got two eyes and a brain,
ain't I?
What's that brain tellin' you?
We got Blackfoot
to thank for this.
And to the victor go the spoils.
Goddamn heathens.
That's why us scallywags
gotta stick together, Lonnie.
See, you've got a penchant
for havin' your way with whores.
And me, I like takin' things
that don't rightly belong to me.
Isn't it odd they
didn't take no gold?
What kinda Injuns
don't take no gold, Karl?
- Karl?
- What is it?
They left a bag of scalps.
Blackfoot don't leave
no scalps in bags.
What is it, Lonnie?
You look like you seen a ghost.
Please, please don't kill me.
"Associate yourself
with men of good quality
if you esteem your reputation.
For it is far better to be alone
than in bad company."
And I do believe
George Washington said that
and I do not think
he would've approved
of what you done to that
whore back at 14 Mile.
Have mercy.
Mercy is somethin' you beg for
at the Pearly Gates, son.
- No!
Just my job
to make sure you there on time.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
By the time I read
these damn things,
they're over a month old.
I'm readin' about the past,
not the present.
I still send for 'em.
You know what they called me
in, uh, St Louis
when I told 'em I
was gonna come out here
and start a minin' operation
in the midst all this
hostile Indian territory, and...
bandits and road agents
roamin' around like elk
and bears,
more monsters than animals.
They said I...
I had a death wish.
Suicidal was the exact term,
I believe.
And now look at me.
I got one of the largest
gold operations in the world.
Risk, Mr. Ransom,
always take it.
No matter what the cost may be.
Never have been much of
a risk taker, Mr. Carrington.
Oh, sure you have.
Who else would come
in here drippin'
man's biology all over
my saloon's floor?
Anyone else I'd have 'em
cut with a straight razor
till they was
unrecognizable to God himself.
Men, sir.
- Pardon?
- Men's biology.
Plural, as in more than one.
Yes, I know the meaning
of plural.
What is your meaning with it?
Four men's biology, to be exact.
Don't drip on my desk, please.
I found 'em out on a trail
runnin' away from town,
like most thieves will do in
these kinds of situations.
Well, I thought
you'd bring back one,
maybe two,
but not without wound.
Not wounded, are you?
I reckon I gave
enough blood durin' the war.
I do try to avoid lead
when and where I can, sir.
More particularly, I'd rather
just snatch a man's life from him
before his trigger finger
can get to itchin'.
Makes things go
a whole lot easier.
Bag looks a bit light for
there bein' heads in it.
What's a head weigh,
eight pounds?
I brung you their scalps, sir.
And I reckon the correct weight
on a human head,
brain included,
is roughly about ten pounds.
And I do parlay that figure
on good authority.
You're a head hunter, Hollis.
You're supposed to
bring back the heads.
See, that's how I'm supposed
to know you're an honest man
and not killin' some poor
soul for a bit of silver.
How else am I supposed to know
who it is you brought back?
Them there scalps
belong to the three boys
that done wrote your
gold haul, few days back.
Fourth belongs to
a kid named Lonnie Bixby.
He was ridin' with them
and he's the one responsible
for the cuttin'
of Ma Whitman's girl
'bout the same time
the gold haul got took.
Now, in total that
is 500 dollars a piece
for the three and 1,000
for the Bixby kid.
Now he's worth
twice that back east
but I will just settle out
on 1,000 for him.
Now listen here.
As far as me being
trustworthy and all...
I do believe that
that should satisfy
your questionability.
Well, you never do disappoint
do you, Hollis? [CHUCKLES]
All right... all right I will
pay you for the three,
but you better take up the kid
with Ma,
seeing it was her...
property that was damaged.
Here you go.
Whoa! Hey,
what's this interruption here?
I'm tryin' to conduct
some business.
- Goddamn it.
- Pardon me, sir, Gentry here,
thought he could
pocket from you.
- shut the door.
Everybody thinks they can
steal from me nowadays.
Explain yourself.
Gots no excuse, sir,
but please Mr. Carrington.
I have a wife and child
- and I have to care for them.
- Yeah.
- [STAMMERS] Mr. Gentry, is it?
- Yes, sir.
How do you think stealing
from me is a service to them?
I suppose it isn't, sir.
You think I'm a forgiving man?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir,
generous and forgivin'.
No man like you,
none in the whole gulch.
Well, you're lucky.
You see this tall drink of
water standin' over here?
If my men hadn't
caught you in the act,
I would be obliged to send
him out to collect you
and I might have to pay him
to make an example outta you
and bring your head back
in a bag.
Now how would that be
for your wife and child?
They would be broke and homeless
and your wife would probably
have to take up whorin'.
You wouldn't want that,
would you, Mr. Gentry?
Man after man runnin' themselves
through your poor innocent wife.
Some of them even
like children, I hear.
Which is your writin' hand?
- My right, sir.
- Hold his left.
- No, no, no, no!
Oh, Jesus!
Oh, Jesus, no!
Jesus no! [SCREAMS]
- Jesus!
- All right, all right.
Put him back on the line.
Man can still pan for gold
with one hand.
Oh, and by the way, good man,
you ever try stealin'
from me again,
the consequences
will be unbearable.
Close the door!
God damn, born in a barn.
Well, I do not know
whether the nature
of these barbaric affairs
has distracted me,
but I certainly
forgot my manners.
Have a seat, Mr. Ransom.
My curiosity runs rampant.
[SIGHS] Color me intrigued
as to why you would stray
from your occupational title?
My hands were cold
and my knife was dull.
All right.
Brutality calls for creativity
in times of duress.
That is one way
you can put it, sir.
Like I said, I was just
vulnerable to the elements.
- Yeah, there it is.
- Job is a job, Mr. Carrington.
I will keep sending
men to meet their maker
if you keep the silver flowing.
Although a golden eagle or two
would not go
unnoticed by myself.
You see,
therein lies the problem.
You do the same job
for my wonderfully
annoying competitors
who rest just a stone's throw
out that door.
See, I've... I've heard a lot
about you, Mr. Ransom.
Many a tale.
More than a man should
for havin' known you for
such a short period of time.
Stories about men in my trade
are abundant, Mr. Carrington.
Don't go puttin' too
much stock in tales
that get told around a fire.
Well normally I wouldn't,
but, um, something tells me
that most of what is told
about you is truth.
Such as the story during the war
when one brother fought
to defend freedom
and the other, slavery,
and one brother felt
so betrayed in absolute form
that he killed
his brother's negro wife.
We gotta get you outta here,
- Come on, sir. Come on.
And then after the war,
that widowed brother
hunted his sibling west,
devoted to ferrying
his kin's soul to hell himself.
How's that for a story?
Story's a story, sir.
And most of the time
the details get muddied.
Like I said,
don't go puttin' too much stock
on what you hear.
How much would it cost me to have you and
your services all to myself, Mr. Ransom?
You said it yourself, sir.
Now this here town is
stretched out
across 14 miles on the richest
river the West has ever seen.
Now it just so happens that
you two greedy sons of bitches
planted stakes at
the very same time.
Now, with all this wealth
comes men
that don't wanna earn it.
No, they'd rather just take it.
Now please,
tell me something I do not know.
Well then, sir, like you,
I am a businessman.
My business is tracking down
the folks that do you wrong.
The only difference
between me and you
is that I deal in pound
for pound in flesh and blood.
Silver and gold.
Now I give them across that there
thoroughfare the very same service.
For if I did not,
it would be bad business.
Yes, well, I can respect that.
Much obliged, sir.
Do you wanna take one
of these singulars over
so you can settle up with Ma?
I reckon I do not.
She trusts my word.
- Eventually you will too.
- Yes, now, off you go.
Sure we'll see each
other soon enough
at my own expense.
Give my regards to thy
lowly competitors will you?
You got bad eyes, mister.
Damn near almost
ran a lady over.
Not sure I'd call you a lady
with the way you're flappin'
your mouth like that.
Sure looks to me like
you could use a bath.
How's that for man eyes?
Well my eyes tell me
you could use a doctor.
Lady, my ass.
Well, look what the cat
just drug in. [CHUCKLES]
Oh, no new holes in you
this time I see.
Out of the fire,
into the frying pan, eh?
It's the opposite
way as you said.
It's frying pan into the fire.
Jesus, Walter, where does
that brain of yours come from?
Devil woman.
Now listen here.
Carrington's got a bag
of scalps over there.
I got me that Bixby kid
while I was out.
I do believe a thousand
was on him here.
Whatcha say to that?
That kid cost me a good penny.
He cut up Betty so bad
they had to send her
back to Kansas City.
Poor girl'll be pushin'
a broom for the rest of her life
and catchin' stink eye from
every swingin' dick in the room.
Pay the man his money,
Walter, 1,000 even.
And you take a free room
and a fuck for the night
along with that payment, Hollis.
Yup, you lay yourself down,
put that head on a nice pillow
and rest those damn eyes.
You're the only reliable man
in my life at the moment.
What am I, chopped liver?
You're a gold sniffin'
son of a bitch, Walter,
and I love you for it.
Here you are.
How long you in town for?
A few days I reckon.
You ought to try out some of our
new sheets from San Francisco.
- Goddammit!
Looks like ol' Bill
is at it again.
Gimme a bottle
of the good stuff, Ma.
You're takin' money
off of fools, Bill?
Ain't my fault. None...
That them are no good cards.
Can I help you with something?
He's good people, Bill.
Don't you worry none.
I know exactly what he is,
and I'm none too fond
of his kind.
We want our money back,
you dirty old cheat.
- Is that a fact?
- Yeah.
They all callin' me cheats too?
No, no, they're my words.
Everyone here knows no one can
win much as you do in here.
Boys, I don't want no troubles
in here tonight.
Listen son,
I'm sorry for your loss.
But if you can't hack the game,
don't play.
Well, I'm obliged.
I'll be havin' my money back...
BILL: No you won't.
Listen here, you ol' cuss.
Don't be expectin'
no thank you from me.
Ma, Walter.
See ya tomorrow, Bill.
Excuse me, sir.
Ma said you might be wantin'
some company tonight.
You maybe wantin' a tussle?
It's been slow,
I ain't sore yet.
I'm clean, mister, I promise.
You know any songs?
Sure, I know a few.
Sing me somethin'.
Something that rivals
your prettiness.
Go on now.
He's gone away
For to stay a little while
But he's comin' back
If he goes 10,000 miles
Oh, who will tie my shoes?
And who will glove my hand?
And who will kiss
my ruby lips?
When he is gone
Gone away
Look away
"To where do you rats scurry?"
asks the cat.
Now we don't want any trouble.
Best you be movin' on, mister.
Trouble was thrust upon you
the moment you
were born, nigger.
That sumbitch done shot me,
I'd expect the same
outta any of you
if that was me layin' there
with lead in my belly.
We got gold here, Cap'n.
I told you if you came west
with me, you'd all be rich men.
And since your God-given right
to hold slaves was taken away,
I promised you'd get to kill
all that you could weather.
And I have not faltered
on that promise.
We headin' south, Cap'n?
East over the Bear Tooth
and into Big Sky.
We'll hole up there
for a breath.
Looks like one of Carrington's
outfits been attacked by bandits.
Where you goin', mister?
Got work to attend to now.
If you ever wanna come
back again, please do.
There ain't many men like ya,
nice an' all.
Whole shift of panners
slaughtered in the night
and a day's load of gold stolen.
- I told 'em who you was, sir.
- What'd they say?
They didn't care none;
they just shot us up.
Just like they did
back in Kansas City.
What'd he look like?
Tell me, what did he look like?
He was Confederate, mister.
- How many?
- About a baker's dozen.
They said they were
headin' up to Big Sky.
Get this man a doctor.
No wait, wait, wait.
I'm still talkin' to him here.
I can tell ya everythin'
you need to know
about the man and his posse
that done killed your boys.
So the stories are true.
The man outside's got a mark,
a mark that one Everett Ransom
would brand on his boys
that served under his
regiment during the war.
If I'm not mistaken, you rode
a desk during that time.
So I'm goin' to assume you
have heard of my dear brother.
Yes I have.
The acts that he has been
accused of or have committed,
I thought only a monster
was capable of such things.
That feeling is mutual, sir.
Five thousand. I'll give you
5,000 dollars to kill 'em all.
I reckon that they gained
some distance on me by now.
If I'm gon' catch 'em
and bring you their heads,
I'mma need someone
that knows that terrain.
All right, you go to the end of the
thoroughfare, make a left, end of the street.
It's the best tracker in town.
And the ground will be stained
with the blood of heathens.
Lord have mercy on their souls.
Well then.
Come to apologize for
the rudeness, have you?
No, I'm here
lookin' for a tracker
and you surely cannot be him.
And what if I am?
BILL: Rose.
Get back to making that stew.
There is only one reason headhunter
comes knockin' on my door.
May I come in?
Only 'cause
you're quick with a knife.
And these bones are old and cold
with this here door open.
Next time you decide
to help a stranger,
stab the guy in his
drawin' hand, will you?
That little bastard is gonna
be lookin' to pull on me
every time I turn my back
on him in town.
Get your business done.
I need to hire
someone to take me up
and over the Bear Tooth
up into Big Sky.
It could be day, week...
I cannot promise
a day of return.
I can see it in your eyes.
What might that be?
Huntin' a man is not the same
as huntin' an animal
and you have no intention
of returnin' from said hunt.
If you were goin' after
a mountain lion or a buffalo,
or shit, even a grizzly,
I would take you.
But as I said last night,
I'm just not fond of your kind.
It just don't seem... honorable.
But you see, I...
I have a daughter here
to care for
and, uh, it's one thing for me
to get mauled by a buffalo
up there in the snow. [CHUCKLES]
But to get shot helpin'
a headhunter earn a few coins
up in them there mountains,
leaving her on her lonesome.
Well that I just
could not abide.
My good wife would
drag me to Hades
if I was to do
a thing like that.
[SNIFFLES] So, I will not be
the man to take you, sir.
I haven't even told you
what the pay is yet.
Doesn't make any difference.
No amount of money
is gonna get me to take you.
Not even 1,000 dollars?
I will not be the man
to take you, mister.
Understood. [SNIFFLES]
I thank you for your time.
You could have tried to
be a bit more convincin'.
Your pa had his mind made up.
you coulda tried harder.
It would've been
a waste of breath.
So you're still goin' then?
As I said, I got a job to do.
Just gotta make do is all.
You ain't gonna last
but three days out there.
You're either gonna get shot
to hell or turn up wolf bait.
A thousand dollars, right?
That is what I told him.
I'll take you then.
Now what in Sam Hell makes you
think that I would hire you?
I've been goin' up that pass
and into them there mountains
since I was six years young.
Tracked and shot my first
grizzly when I was 10
and packed it outta there
all by my lonesome.
Ain't got anyone else
crazy enough to take you
seein' as how you got
a death wish an' all.
No sir,
I'm the only bet you got
and you'd be dumb as a turkey
not to take me up on it.
Can you shoot?
[CHUCKLES] Does a dog bark?
Can hit a rabbit
runnin' at 50 yards.
I'll give ya 500 dollars.
On account that I'm a woman?
My worth
ain't the same as a man?
No sir!
A thousand as you say
or off you go to be ripped apart
by the wolves.
Well all right then.
But where we're goin'
we can't take no horses,
so you might wanna
unpack all that.
ROSE: They were on foot
through here, but...
maybe they had horses
waitin' down there somewhere?
Wouldn't have gone
on foot too long
bein' so many men and all.
I reckon not.
Ain't like my brother
to use horses.
They was infantry in the war.
Move fast as lightnin'.
Besides, horses are loud.
Your brother.
That makes things
interesting then don't it?
God, y'all must have glorious
Thanksgivings and Christmases.
What the hell did y'all give
each other for presents anyway?
A new scar each year?
Anyhow, horses or not, I bet
they ain't got no snow shoes.
They ain't got no snow shoes,
they're gonna be
slow as molasses
in some of the areas
we'll be crossin'.
- That so?
- Yes, sir.
In fact, in might be faster
for us to go up
and over this way.
Right and we are only two.
They're a dozen.
They gon' need to stop,
hunt, cook.
I'm guessin' we're gainin'
half a day on 'em.
Especially with them, uh,
what did you call 'em?
Snow shoes.
them things.
Hey, you see that?
That's gonna be
falling down on us soon.
Lucky we caught their trail
in the woods,
worked our way through it.
If the snow had fell
while we're in the pines,
we'd be havin' a tough
time trackin' 'em.
I got a good idea about which
route they'll be taking though.
I suppose we'll fill
up while we're here.
Yes, sir.
We might as well just make camp.
In the open?
Well, yeah.
Sun's going down. You wanna be
wandering around in the dark?
You afraid of something?
[SCOFFS] Ain't me who's afraid.
Well I'll let you in
on a little something.
No bandits be
operating around here
for another 20 miles or so.
Unless they ain't right
in the head.
Really, and why would that be?
'Cause any one with half a brain
knows not to go and disrupt Jonathan
Carrington's business endeavors,
which means one of two things.
Either your brother
is dumber than an ox
or he's got balls bigger
than an eagle's eggs.
ROSE: G'night, sir.
HOLLIS: Goodnight.
Why were you so
eager to be my guide?
I mean, usually a
woman meets a man
and she cooks him dinner,
washes his clothes.
Shoot, bares his children.
You couldn't get
wait to get out here
and be anythin' but ladylike.
Am I required to dignify
that question with a reply?
Is that what a lady
is supposed to do?
Will that finally qualify me
to be "ladylike"?
[CHUCKLES] A regular
firecracker you are.
Attitude from here
to San Francisco.
You got a funny habit of
reiteratin' everything you say.
- Pardon?
- Reiteratin'.
As a man thing, y'all are born
with limited brain capacity,
so I don't actually
expect you to understand
all that much of what I say.
Well, you know what?
You... you women are born
with nothin' but...
[PANTS] breasts and attitude.
[CHUCKLES] There ya go,
statin' the obvious once again.
Where does all that sass
manifest from anyhow?
Big word.
Where ya hidin' the dictionary?
Now you really do take me for a
dimly lit lantern, now don't ya?
I'm not even sure I'd say
the lantern's lit.
my original question.
Why are you out here?
I woulda thought that be obvious
even to you.
I'm set on leavin' 14 Mile, sir.
That ain't the place
for me no more.
So, just where you dreamin'
of headin'?
It ain't no dream.
I got 919 dollars to go before I
can finally leave for good.
This here job
gives me what I need...
and Chicago's where
that money'll take me.
- Chicago.
- Mm-hmm.
Huh. I never woulda figured.
I wanna walk underneath the tall
buildin's I hear they be erectin'.
I wanna...
stare across the great lake
and see a sunset just beyond it.
I wanna shop on that street
they call Michigan Avenue
for a fine dress.
Then that same night,
wear that dress
to one of the fine eateries
that serves Italian food.
Hell, I even heard they've got
a beautiful bronze war memorial.
That'd be somethin'
fancy to look at.
You fought in the war?
I did.
Did you do bad things, sir?
That's a real pretty
vision you got there, Rose.
I hope you get to see
every bit of it.
Well that's some more
of that deflection.
What are you hidin'?
I ain't hidin' nothin'.
I can see it, you know?
Just what do you think
you can see?
All that hate.
Well, well...
if it ain't my little brother.
What a pity he's got the scent.
He'll be comin' for us
with a vengeance, Tommy.
TOMMY: Ain't nothin'
we can't handle.
Dirty union cocksucker.
Don't you underestimate him.
He will up and steal your shadow
if given the chance.
We'll deal with him
when the time is right.
Let's keep movin'
through the night.
Snow will cover our tracks
and buy us some distance.
Ain't no worries,
Cap'n, I'll tell the boys.
This was
the Garner family's wagon.
This happened last night.
This wasn't Everett.
ROSE: Looks like it was
a Blackfoot war party.
Tellin' me we gotta worry
about Indians out here now?
Whites on horseback
draw the Blackfoot's attention.
See, they want the horses.
No horses, less attention.
Could be a Blackfoot party
passes you right on by,
got nothin' of value.
What'd you find?
You stay on over there now.
Do not tell me
where I can stand.
If I want to...
That's Median Garner.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Dear Lord,
please watch over
this little one
as she makes her way
home now up to you.
Let her be with her mother
and her father.
Make them find the happiness
they could not find
here on Earth.
Thank you...
for stealin' them away from the
violence that plagues our surroundings.
In your name, Lord, we pray.
You finished now?
You're a mighty insensitive ass,
you know that?
We got company.
I know you got
that smarts and sass,
but you are entering
my territory now.
Stay behind me.
Keep your trap shut. Understood?
What y'all want?
We was, uh,
just settin' up camp
down past this creek.
Seen the fire,
just tryna be friendly is all.
Well shit, we always love
company out here on the trail.
Come on, get you by the fire.
Get you warm.
Leave whatever troubles
you've been carryin' behind ya.
Come on now.
Come on in now.
Have a seat.
Set you down.
Get warm.
How y'all like this
weather we're havin'?
What'd y'all say
you were doin' out here?
I'm just escortin'
the little lady here
up over the Bear Tooth,
visit her father.
Couldn't wait 'til Spring?
Mighty nasty this time of year
with the Injuns all up in arms.
Girl wanted to be
there for Christmas.
She is a stubborn one, she is.
'Bout you fellas?
What business ya have
out here in the cold?
We're just lookin'
for some folks is all.
Figured they might
be around here.
- Got lost, did they?
- Yeah.
You could say that.
You serve?
Oh Jesus, boys, now... let's
not bring politics into this.
Don't make for
civil conversation now, does it?
Always ends in a goddamn
shootout in my experience.
It's okay, I do believe
we are of the civil sort here.
Flown the color blue;
Union. And proud to be.
Hmm. Fought for all them goddamn
niggers' rights then, huh?
Nasty sort of business that was.
What brought ya out here
to buffalo country?
[SCOFFS] Same as everyone
else, I suppose.
Went from flyin' the color blue,
seekin' out the color gold.
Wish I had the sack to jump
out here when it first hit.
I got stuck
back in Yorktown, I did.
Met these two out there, though.
What 'bout y'all?
War boys?
Confederates tried to get
their hooks in Yoke over there.
Run a Lieutenant through though,
so that didn't last long.
Managed to avoid
the noose, he did.
Still tryna figure that one out.
We all started runnin' around
together durin' the war.
Makin' kind of a business
out of it.
What do you mean?
Union and Confederate upper
management needed things done.
Things of a... a violent nature,
so we helped out when we could.
Union officer needed
a town ransacked,
but couldn't have his soldiers
be the ones did it.
We did it for him.
Same with the Confederates.
Business is business in wartime,
you know what I mean?
I remember this one time,
we just got down
in this small town
in South Carolina.
Residents were holin' up
supplies for the graybacks.
Union officer
wanted us to go in,
shake 'em up a bit,
make 'em know
not to do it no more.
They were hidin'
guns in hay bales,
buryin' ammo,
storin' food in barns.
No one of consequence
in the whole town.
Women, children, old folks.
This woman come up to me,
pretty little thing.
She had a baby in her arms.
Baby just wouldn't stop cryin'.
Kept yellin' and hollerin'.
Maybe it wanted food,
hell if I know.
woman just kept starin' at me
lookin' deep like she was...
starin' into my soul
or somethin'.
Made me awful uncomfortable.
I couldn't tell if she wanted us
to take her and the baby away,
or if she wanted us to leave.
My mind just couldn't
make no sense of it.
Couldn't wrap my head around it.
Well, a few days earlier,
I found this real neat pike
lyin' among a pile of bodies.
I pulled it out
and it got me real curious.
someone had made it all special.
Instead of one blade
like a normal bayonet,
this one had two.
Just seemed like
the right thing to do.
Pulled it outta my belt,
ran it forward,
pushed it through the little one
and right on into its mama.
Damn pike was the best thing
I ever found during the war.
Does funny things to a man,
war and such.
How 'bout you, Yankee?
Got any good memories
from your service?
I reckon I got a few memories.
Wouldn't call 'em good though.
What do ya think?
Ain't this the finest thing
you ever did see?
It's still got the blood stains
on it and all.
Hey Yankee, I'm talkin' to you.
What's the matter?
Cold shiver
runnin' down your spine, sir?
- Fig will you look at this?
- I got that old Yankee soldier pissin' his britches.
[WHIMPERING] Son of a bitch!
What you did back there
to that little girl
and her family,
ain't no room
on God's green earth
for the likes of you.
MAN: No, no, please...
Please, mister.
You done already taken
my manhood, let me keep my life.
Please mister, we was just
tryin' to make a livin'...
You ever kill anyone before?
Well, first time for everything
I suppose.
This is the way they come.
I just...
I can't find the trail.
How do you know
they come that way then?
- 'Cause it's what I do.
Well there's the problem.
What problem?
My brother don't think like you
is the problem.
You wanna talk about it?
Talk about what?
Killin' a man.
It ain't no easy thing.
I'm fine.
Sure you are.
You just ain't no killer is all.
I killed a man last night,
didn't I?
Now that... That is a fact.
But that...
was a seat-of-your-pants moment.
Now, you let your emotions
take over
when you heard the story about
that woman and her child.
Another situation arises
where you can kill
with no emotions involved,
I bet every time...
you do not pull that trigger.
You see...
you, you got a conscience.
Ain't no killer in you, girl.
And that ain't such a bad thing.
Trail. Trail!
[LAUGHS] I told ya
they woulda come this way.
what the hell ya waitin' for?
Your brother and that money
ain't gettin' any closer
to either one of us
just standin' around here.
Lord, I don't shoot her
by the end of all this,
it'll be a goddamn miracle.
ROSE: Beautiful, ain't it?
I used to play back here
behind the town.
Love the first snow.
Watch out for that rock
right there, mister.
Here we are, town of Big Sky.
- HOLLIS: Wait up.
- ROSE: Well hurry on up then.
ROSE: Stables are empty,
houses are empty.
I love it.
This is my favorite street
I do think this weather's
gonna lighten up soon.
Looks to be that way.
It'll be nice.
We can go home and start a fire.
Warm ourselves by the fire.
Maybe wash off a bit.
Get some dinner.
Lighten our packs
I don't know,
maybe we can get some sleep.
Oh hey, there's still
firewood out front.
That's lucky, we don't even
have to go chop it yet.
[SIGHS] Home sweet home.
Well, come on, mister.
Didn't you wanna get warm?
Tomorrow mornin',
I'll head yonder
to the elk flats.
Get us a fat bull for dinner.
Flank steak sounds mighty nice,
don't it?
Sounds about
damn near perfect.
Same time, you can go about a
mile and a quarter down the road,
there's a creek
you can wash up at.
Get the stink off ya.
Travel don't do you good,
Are ya gonna stand there,
or ya gonna close the door?
ROSE: Thank you.
Thank you.
- []
Oh, please move Lincoln lover,
I do so implore you.
I will gut you like a trout.
Get up.
Easy now.
Now you be civil and drop
them hog's legs you hear?
Come on, now.
Some of yer kin wants
to pay his respects.
Don't look so surprised
to see me.
You know I've always been good
at seein' you comin'
from a mile off.
Let's cut through the small talk
and get right to business.
That is what we're here
to accomplish, am I right?
I spent the mornin' ponderin' our little...
predicament here.
You see, I could just
keep lettin' you chase me
all across these mountains here
until you grow tired and...
settle down
into some sorta normal life.
But then I remember, Hollis.
Hollis Ransom.
Naw, you don't tire.
It was that last... thought
that led me
to the conclusion that, uh,
perhaps I oughta just...
chase you down,
put a bullet in ya,
end all this nonsense.
But, at the end of the day,
you are still family
and shootin' you just...
It don't seem nice now, does it?
You see the pickle
you got me in here?
I thought you was gonna
cut through the small talk.
All right then,
my mind's made up.
World don't need
your sadness no more.
Just lay there and die,
little brother.
- []
Oh Jesus, get up.
Come on.
- Oh, God.
Okay. Oh, I gotta get you...
I gotta get you back to town.
Oh, God.
Oh Christ,
it's getting infected. [GROANS]
I gotta get you outta
this valley, Hollis.
[MUMBLING] That's... that's the
first time you've said my name.
Come on, you gotta help me.
Come on.
Come on.
- Come on. I got you.
Come on, come on.
Don't die on me, ya hear?
Come on.
- ROSE: Okay, come on.
Okay, come on.
All right. Right here, Hollis.
One, two, three.
Okay, just hold on one minute,
- Okay.
- Hey.
You're gonna wanna
bite down on this.
Okay, okay. [SIGHS]
Here we go.
I gotta hurt you
one more time, Hollis.
And I'm real sorry about it.
- Okay.
Dirty sumbitch doesn't have
a scratch on his head
Boss, I'm afraid I got some news
you ain't gon'
appreciate very much.
EVERETT: What is it?
I just come on down
from where's we was earlier.
Two sets of tracks
and a blood trail.
It would appear your
dear-old family tie
done cheated the reaper.
Perambulated himself on down
into Big Sky.
Where do you reckon
they be hidin'?
BUCKSHOT: I've got a dollar
says that he's holed up
in the trapper's
cabin by the livery.
you boys go finish the job then.
HOLLIS: Hey, there.
How you feelin', gunslinger?
[GROANS] Like I've been shot.
Well that's mighty aware of ya.
My brother.
All my hate...
It's for my brother.
Check your pocket.
One of my slaves, Rufus,
he had a daughter.
She was just
a few years younger than me.
I never looked at 'em
any different.
Probably on account
of my mother,
she was always treatin'
him like they were just...
regular white folk.
Used to make Dad so angry.
One day Adeline and I
went out to the orchard
to pick some apples.
They was...
damn sweet apples.
Adeline leaned in and kissed me.
We started makin'
frequent visits to the orchard.
Kept it secret
for quite some time.
Till one day...
that war come callin'.
Oh, Daddy was so proud
of Everett when he decided
he was gonna sign
up with the Confederates.
Adeline and I
went up to that orchard.
I asked what she
think we should do.
She said...
"Just run away, head West,
and get clear away
from that war and all.
All the hate."
I told her she was right.
We'd leave that night.
So I kissed her.
I went to go
put our things together.
I left her in that orchard.
But I did not know my brother
Everett was up in that tree.
I come back just before sunset.
I found her hung.
Buried her right there
under that tree.
I mounted my horse.
I rode straight
through the night...
to the first Union camp
I could find.
I signed my papers, I had a
gun in my hand ever since.
After the war,
I followed Everett out West.
Right here to Montana.
Had to do somethin'
to make a livin',
support my efforts in...
tryna find him.
I think I just settled
in the occupation,
forgot what it was
I was doin' out here.
That is so sad.
I hope you make it to Chicago,
I hope you get
everything you want.
I would not have made it
this far if it wasn't for you.
Just so's you know that.
You've taken a fever.
It's gonna be a long night,
but hopefully by morning
it'll be broke.
I'm gonna get
some more wood for the fire.
You try and get some rest.
Go back to sleep now.
MAN: Here kitty, kitty,
kitty, kitty. [HOWLS]
Well hello there, Miss.
What might you be doin'
out here all alone
on a cold dark
night such as this?
What's it look like I'm doin'?
Hoo! She got a mouth on her,
this one does.
Where's that crusty headhunter
you've been leadin' around?
He ain't here.
He got injured
and headed back to town.
I stayed to see if I could
bag me an elk.
Didn't want the trip
to go to waste and all.
- Is that so?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, now...
guess that means
you wouldn't mind if we...
come in and take
a little look around then.
BUCKSHOT: Go on now.
Give us a look see then,
will ya?
You boys want me
to put some coffee on?
Where the hell's he at?
Sumbitch has to
be in the environ somewhere.
I told you he got injured
and headed back to town.
I also told you
I went a-huntin'.
That's elk's blood
outside is all.
Hellfire! Looks like
you done killed yourself a door!
Shut your damn mouth,
ya ignorant wretch!
Now I hate to inform you,
girly girl...
but I did in fact
see the gentleman
with whom you've been
gallivantin' get shot today.
What I did not see
was a second blood trail
comin' down out them hills
leadin' me to believe that
you killed yourself an elk.
So, I'm only gonna pose
this question one more time
and I killed girls plenty...
plenty prettier than you.
Where's he at?
Well that was unexpected.
Who the hell were they?
- Everett's boys.
- Goddamn.
First light comes
and they ain't back,
Everett's gonna send everything
he can muster at this place.
Then we'll be ready.
We won't be doin' anything.
You need to get yourself home, Rose.
It's too dangerous.
- I will not have another woman's life hangin' over my head.
That is not an option.
Now you listen here, Rose.
No you listen here,
Hollis Ransom!
Two will always be
better than one.
And when the shooting
does start,
I reckon you're gonna
need another set of hands.
And lest we not forget,
you still owe me 1,000 dollars
and there ain't no way I'm lettin'
ya outta my sight unpaid.
Are we clear on all that?
- Fine!
- Fine!
The shootin' starts,
you best make yourself small.
Are we clear on that?
Yes, mister.
Go on, take the bed.
I'll keep watch.
Ya need rest.
I need my vengeance.
Now go on.
Cap'n, Pickett and Tommy
never come back last night.
What do you mean
they didn't come back?
- I reckon we may've lost two more men.
Wake up the rest of the boys,
tell 'em to shake
the lead outta their bones.
We got murderin' to do.
Yes, sir.
Mornin' old timer.
Lookin' for a grizzly bear
of a man
with a pretty little Philly
taggin' along behind him.
Much obliged.
All right, boys.
Knowin' my brother,
he ain't gone far.
Let's turn this shithole
inside out and find him.
Come with me.
Get your eyes on that eye patch.
Wait. Wait.
How ya doin', old timer?
Where's your Hollis Ransom now?
My brother never could
keep a woman alive.
Go on die now, go to sleep.
Come on!
This is where we
say goodbye, Rose.
Every man here is
worth somethin'.
Far more than I was plannin'
on paying you.
More than enough
to get you to Chicago
and live out
that dream of yours.
I can't leave you, you're hurt.
Ain't no negotiatin'
on this, Rose.
Now you head back now.
You leave me to do
what I gotta do.
Just promise me.
You promise me
that you'll go live your life
and you live it how you wanna.
Promise me.
I promise. [SOBS]
I got him real good.
All ya have to do
is follow his trail.
Thank you, Rose,
for everything.
Fittin' a place as any I suppose
for God
and all his angels to witness.
She never did fight, you know.
She knew it was comin'.
Nothin' she could do about it.
When that noose
slipped around her neck
and those tears,
those tears just kept fallin'.
And you,
you were nowhere to be found.
Her eyes were searchin',
hopin' you would come out
from among those apple trees,
waitin' for you to save her.
I still remember
your face that day.
You were so goddamn happy.
I just couldn't shake
the feelin' that some nigger
was gonna steal
my little brother away from me.
It didn't have to be like this,
We're supposed to
stick together.
We're kin.
Went around her neck
just as easily.
Lay with a nigger,
die like a nigger.
Goodbye, brother.
Who the hell are you?
My name is Rose Gage
and I'm here
to collect my money, sir.
And who is this gentleman?
You know who he is,
Mr. Carrington.
There's supposed to be
a few more, aren't there?
Well pardon me
for not bein' able
to carry 'em all
back here for ya.
But if you'd like to take
a gander out there in the snow,
I can show you
where I hid the others.
I've learned that
at this particular occupation
trust goes a long way.
I will pay you 1,000 dollars
for a job well done,
even though it was supposed
to be Hollis Ransom
- walkin' through that door.
- ROSE: Five.
You will give me 5,000 dollars,
ROSE: I learned everything
I could from Hollis Ransom.
Most importantly
that hate will devour a man
faster than a grizzly can.
Hollis knew that,
but chose to hold it close,
never regrettin'
the choices he made.
He gave me a new life
and for that,
I wish I could thank him.
Maybe someday I will get to.
I went down
To the river to pray
Blood and guilt pave my way
It's I who'll bear
This heavy cross
Oh, dear Lord
Show me the way
Father, let's go down
Come on down
Let's go down
Down to the river to pray
I went down
To the river to pray
The gunpowder
Won't wash away
Where can my redemption be?
Oh dear Lord
I lost my way
Sinners, let's go down
Come on down
Let's go down
Down to the river to pray
Sinners, let's go down
Come on down
Let's go down
Down to the river
Down to the river
Down to the river