Any Day (2015) Movie Script

Stop. Please don't.
What are you doing?
When you're a pro,
you can't do that!
One-two. One-two.
One. One.
One-two. One-two.
One-two. One-two-three.
Hey, Troy.
Doc ain't here no more, man.
Where is he?
Died about three months ago.
One-two. One-two.
Oh, man. I didn't know.
I was inside.
What happened to him?
Well, I'm running the place now.
That's how it is.
Well, what happened to him?
Cancer. Look, man.
All the stuff
that went down with you,
and you just getting out
of prison, I can't have you
up in here, man.
Know what I'm saying?
Hey, come on, man.
No, you come on, sucker!
This is how it is.
Man, I really need this.
It's all I've got.
You look past your prime age.
My man, all I want
to do is train.
Yeah. If doc was here,
he'd let me train.
Doc ain't here.
No, he sure isn't.
Let's go! One-two.
One-two. One-two.
What do you want?
It's good to see you, too.
Yeah, well, there's
nothing for you here.
I need a place to stay.
Just for a couple of weeks.
I can't do it, Vian.
I just can't.
With everything that's
happened, I'm sorry.
It's just for a few weeks.
I won't be long.
They left the house
to me, you know.
It's in my name.
Jimmy, this is, uh...
this is your Uncle Vian.
Hello. Are you coming in?
No, no, no. He was just, um...
he's just coming by to say hi.
Mom, I think
he wanted to come in.
Don't you have some homework
that you should be doing?
I already did it.
Thank you, God, for this food
we are about to receive.
Amen. Amen.
Here, sweetie.
Mm, that's a really
good meatball.
You can stay here for two weeks.
If you drink, you have to leave.
I haven't had a drink
for 12 years.
Since I went in.
That's good. Glad to hear that.
It's too bad it took what it did
for you to get that.
Brought you a sleeping bag.
Oh, thanks.
So, I've got some work
to catch up on...
See you in a bit.
Hey, Uncle Vian.
Hi, Jimmy.
I looked you up on the Internet.
Yeah. It said that your
record was 2 and 7 as a pro.
Are you still going to fight,
now that you're out of prison?
I don't know.
I think you'd do
really good, Uncle vi.
Thanks, Jimmy.
I'm gonna go back
to reading my book.
You like to read?
Yeah. Yeah, sometimes.
Okay. Good night.
Yeah, good night.
How many push-ups is that?
A lot.
Well, how many is that?
Is it true what
my dad said about you?
What did he say?
That you were a pimp
and a pusher.
I did sell drugs once,
but I was never a pimp.
Is it true that
you killed a man?
What happened?
I don't want to talk about it.
Oh, hi.
Hi, hi. I was...
I was told to see you
about work.
Okay. Uh, have you
been to prison?
Okay, yeah. Um, look, man.
I'm... I'm really sorry.
We can't hire ex-cons.
It's, uh...
It's an insurance issue.
Yeah, I know.
I'm really... no.
Okay. Uh, I'm sorry.
Hey. Don't stop running.
You want to kick?
Just trust the ball
will be there.
But I have to stop
before I catch it.
Just keep running.
When you turn right,
trust that the ball will
be there in the pocket.
What? Want me
to catch it for you?
Shut up.
Hike it again.
And you should go left.
Look, just keep running, huh?
Keep running. Okay, hike.
You want me to throw for you?
Very funny. Give me the ball.
Gimme. And... hike!
Ah! Hey!
Good catch!
That was a great catch!
What's wrong?
Having a hard time
with money, that's all.
It's hard...
Being a single mom.
Hey, sorry.
It's okay.
I know that God will provide.
Yeah, and I'm gonna
win the lottery.
You're pitiful.
You know that? Pitiful.
Hey, sweetie. I'm gonna
go to the market.
Can I come, too?
Yeah? You wanna?
Can Uncle vi come?
Well, thanks.
I didn't mean what I said
about the lottery.
Mom, can we make
chocolate chip cookies?
Sure, baby.
Okay, let's see.
Why don't you guys
go ahead and get some...
Lettuce, tomatoes
and gala apple.
Here, use these.
They might be on sale.
Okay, mom.
Throw for a pass.
Come here.
Go for a touchdown.
Hey. Touchdown!
Is that your son?
That's my sister's kid.
Great example, throwing
fruit around in the market.
Well, I haven't seen him
in a long time, and...
Hey, my name's Vian.
Hi. What's your name?
Uncle vi, are you
trying to pick her up?
Yeah, Jimmy, I am.
Cool. I'm gonna go find mom.
I, uh... hey, you, uh...
you want to see a movie
some time, or...
get a coffee, maybe meet
in a park, take a walk?
What are you, in high school?
Come on. Why don't you
give me your number?
Why don't you give me yours?
The man should always call.
Well, I don't give
my number to strange men.
Ah. Hey, my act's strange?
Well, you were playing catch
with an apple
in the supermarket.
Hey, come on.
Let me give you a call.
Nice to meet you, Vian.
Hey, sure. See ya.
Did you get her phone number?
You gotta get back into practice
and get the scent back on you.
Hey, uh... could
I ask you something?
What star sign are you?
Are you serious?
No, I, uh... I want to know.
Okay, I'll give you
three guesses.
Okay, uh... capricorn?
Nope. Libra?
Taurus. Huh?
Nope. That's
your three chances.
Hey, uh, cancer.
You're a cancer.
Wrong again.
Okay, uh, what
star sign are you?
Does it matter?
No, no. I just...
you're a gemini.
Ah. God, no.
No? What other signs are there?
Well, you tell me,
Mr. astrology.
Well, I'm not...
ah, I don't know
nothing about signs.
Then why are you asking me?
Because I thought
it was a good line.
You know? I'm so stupid.
If I wasn't stupid,
maybe If I had guessed
at the first guess,
then you would've been
impressed by me.
Look, can I have your
phone number, miss?
No. No? Okay.
Come on! Is this what
It's going to be like,
with you hitting on girls
wherever we are?
Mom, can I get these?
No. Put that back, please.
Hey. I've been locked up for
12 years. What do you expect?
I expect you not
to use my kid as bait.
I was helping him out
with my own volition.
What? Yeah?
Well, I don't like it.
Give me a break, mom.
She's there.
She wants you to go after her.
What If she Says no again?
Yeah, well, I thought
you had some balls.
Uh, don't embarrass me.
Hey, can I help you with those?
Yeah? Come here.
There you go.
Thank you.
Look, could I have your number?
Oh, great.
Sorry, buddy.
How about day labor?
That's minimum wage.
I don't mind. I could
put my hands to anything.
Come back next week.
You sure you ain't got nothing?
Drop it there, guys.
Sure, I'll, uh...
come back. Yeah.
Yeah. See you next week.
Hey, little Jimmy!
Hi, Lee.
Reading some good books?
Let's have a look.
Maybe you have some
caped coroners,
or something stupid like that.
Give it back.
What are you gonna do?
Huh? Huh?
What are you gonna do?
What a loser.
What's going on here?
Run! Nothing.
Come with me.
We need to put something on that
so it doesn't get infected.
You ever sell cars before?
No, but I could learn.
Nah, I don't need
anybody right now.
Hold on a minute.
I'm gonna call you
right back in just a minute.
How about If I wash the cars?
Boy, you really want
a job, don't you?
Yes, sir.
Nah. You know,
I ain't been selling
many of these crap boxes
lately, so. You know what,
I think they're making cars
too good these days,
but I appreciate you coming by.
Check back in a week
or something like that.
Hi. Hey! Can I help you?
Yeah, I'm looking for a job.
You need any help here?
Well, you got any
restaurant experience?
Yes, sort of.
Sort of? You either do
or you don't, buddy.
Well, I can cook.
Yeah? Whereabouts?
Uh, prison.
That's a hell of a reference,
but I appreciate your honesty.
Well, I, uh,
I can do anything
you need help with.
I'm roland.
I'm Vian.
That's a different name.
It's a family name.
Yeah. Well, I run this place.
I do everything. Had a kid
quit this morning.
He was doing too much speed.
You don't do a lot
of drugs, do you?
No, no.
That's good.
I've got a feeling
about you, you know?
My instincts never lie.
If I give you a job,
you have to do everything.
You know, you'd have to
wait tables, wash dishes...
no, I'll sweep the floors,
anything you want.
I don't mind.
Okay. It's minimum wage
plus tips.
That's okay.
All right. Can you be here
tomorrow morning at 10:00 am?
All right, man.
Let's give it a shot.
Thanks a lot. All right, buddy.
So, It's good that you
got a job, huh, vi?
Yeah. Thanks.
You think I could borrow
the car tomorrow night?
Uh, what for?
What do you need to do?
I got a date.
You can't use the car.
Well, it will only be
for a couple of hours.
Okay, Jimmy, can you
go to your room,
so I can talk
to your Uncle, please?
But I can just
stay here and listen.
Go to your room. Thank you.
I'm feeding you and
giving you a place to live.
I think that's enough, Vian.
Sure. Uh...
but It's just a couple of hours.
I just said no. How many times
do I have to say it?
It's not that big a deal.
Well, obviously it is.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be
asking me over and over
and over again.
I mean, I depend on
that car, Vian, all right?
I'm about a month behind
on most of my bills.
Do you have any idea what It's like
for me to get through the day?
I kinda do.
I brought you a picture
of grandpa sherman.
This was taken by the lake
that he used to take me to.
Huh. Yeah, he used to
take me there, too.
Why do you think God had grandma
and grandpa die in a car crash?
Who told you
that God had them die?
Mom. She said that God
will never take anyone,
unless it was their time.
Good morning, beautiful.
Hello, William.
These are for you.
Thank you for
the beautiful flowers,
but you can't keep
coming by like this.
Oh, come on.
Don't you like 'em?
You've got to move on.
How could I move on
when you're the one for me?
William, we broke up
three months ago.
You've got to stop doing this.
Could I have a kiss?
Suddenly you're
too good to kiss me?
Let me guess. You're already
hooking up with some new guy, huh?
I've got to get to work.
Come on. You can tell me.
You're making a big mistake.
I could give you
a good life, sweetie.
Good-bye, William.
And that's the flour. Now,
don't get cocky about this.
Always measure the water.
This tap water is
our secret ingredient
to our great-tasting crust.
Some people say
It's the old pipes.
Might be the power plant
down the road,
I don't know. Pour it in.
Pour it in there.
Absolutely. First time.
There you go! All right!
Ah. Did you really do
a lot of cooking in prison?
What, no? What, yeah,
I was one of three guys
around the kitchen. Yeah.
Now, when you wait on customers,
you always gotta try
to have a good attitude.
I could do every job
here, obviously.
The best way for you
to learn real fast
is to shadow me, observe me,
watch me, okay?
Like, there's only us here.
Don't fool with me, man.
I'm not!
All right, It's cool.
It's cool.
It's just a lot of guys
come in here,
and they don't take
the job seriously.
But I know you will.
Yeah. Hey, listen.
Is there any way
I can get an advance?
You've got to
be shitting me, man.
Well, I'm living
with my sister, and...
I'd ask her, but It's
a little tense, and I...
you met a girl.
Yeah. How did you know?
Don't fool with the fooler!
I'm a pussy gangster
from way back, man. Come on.
All right. One time.
I'll give you an advance.
Please don't ask again. Okay?
Ah, thanks a lot, man.
All I need now
is a car. I mean,
what am I gonna do?
Catch the bus
and make up a story I...
the car broke down?
I mean, what would you do?
I'd trust my higher power.
Higher power. I heard all about
that higher power
crap in prison.
Hey, bro. We gots to roll,
or We'll be late
for the meeting.
Jack. How are you, buddy?
Hey, this is Vian.
He just started working for me.
Hey, man. Nice to meet you.
Hey, you, too.
Listen, you think
you could handle
this place on your own
for about an hour?
What? We'll be right back.
Where are you going? A meeting!
We're gonna go to a meeting,
yeah. I hate people
who are late for meetings,
you know what I'm saying?
You're good, right?
It's all right with me
If you want to tell him.
No, no, no, no. I don't care.
Serious. You know that.
Yeah, I get it.
He doesn't care.
Uh, men's group, like,
we sit around, and we
talk about things, and...
see you in an hour!
Peace, bro.
Hey, how about that?
Well, nothing's there.
No. No? Wait!
Hold on a second. That seems...
hey, I'll... I'll see you later.
Mm, hey.
Vi. Listen.
Just, um...
Where'd I put it? Here we go.
Go ahead and take, uh...
you can go and use the car.
Shame on me.
You can't pick
her up on the bus.
Wow. Thank you.
Have a good date, Uncle vi.
I hope so.
You a little nervous?
You've been locked up
for a long time.
You're something else, Jimmy.
Can you teach me how to fight?
There's this, um, great place
just around the corner.
And It's so nice out.
Why don't we just walk?
Yeah? Uh, you don't
want to drive?
No. It's just right
here, up the street.
It's a beautiful evening.
Yeah, it is.
This wine is great.
Oh, that's good.
You don't drink?
I think It's really nice
you live with your
sister and your nephew.
Yeah, It's okay.
So, what do you do?
I'm a chef.
A chef!
Yeah. Is there something
wrong with that?
No. No, I think
It's great. I just...
I don't know. I thought
you were in construction.
Mm. Now you know.
You must make
good money doing that.
Oh, yeah.
So, what school did you go to?
Oh, here and there.
You know? Local.
In culinary school?
Culinary school. Chef school.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Sorry. I, I thought
you said something different.
What about you,
what, what do you do?
Me? I am a mortgage broker.
Yeah. I kind of fell into it
and was really good at it.
Then the company I worked
for went bankrupt,
so I was devastated.
Um, I didn't think
it would be something
I loved doing, but when
the company went under
I ended up getting
a better job offer.
So, it all kind of worked out.
Did they make a mistake?
Uh, no, no. Uh, no, It's good.
Well, thank you for dinner.
Sure. You're welcome.
You have to cook for me one day.
That was a really good place.
It was, yeah.
I had a really good time.
Yeah. Me, too.
Thank you.
You are dangerous.
I could come in
for a little while.
On the first date!
Well, what kind of woman
do you think I am?
Anywhere where
we could watch some TV.
I've heard that one before.
Yeah? Well, We'll
listen to some music.
Well, I've heard that one, too.
Come on.
I won't try anything.
That's a lie.
Half a lie.
A lie's a lie.
No, I have to get up early.
There is something
different about you.
Is that good?
Good night, Vian.
Check this out.
Hey. You make this pizza?
Huh? Yeah.
It's not cooked.
We want another one that has
ham and pineapple on it.
You guys ate half of it.
You can see It's
cooked all the way.
So what? It's not cooked.
I can't do it.
You just work here.
The hell difference
does it make to you?
It's just not right.
Now you knocked it
on the ground.
What's the matter with you?
Hey! What's going on?
Chum boy you got
undercooked our pizza.
Is that true?
No. What really happened?
It fell.
It was an accident.
We want a new one
with ham and pineapple on it.
Okay. I'll make another one.
See that, dog?
The customer's always right.
Hey, how'd it go last night?
Oh, it was really good.
Huh. Get some?
No. It was a first date.
Yeah. I'll never be
able to keep a woman.
I'm serious. At first
It's always great,
but then they always
end up dumping me.
Then why don't you
dump them first?
I tried, but they can sense it,
and then they get me.
Hey! Hi!
What's going on?
Um, It's a lot worse
than I thought.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Yeah. It's okay. I didn't come
to bum you out about my dad.
No, I'm glad you came.
Oh, that's Vian.
Vian, uh, this is cherry.
Her dad is really sick.
Yeah? Sorry.
Yeah. Hey, you wanna stay
and have some lunch?
Uh, no. I was just driving by.
Gotta go sell my jewelry.
I don't have a choice, you know.
There's got to be another way.
I haven't seen you
around lately.
Is there a new girl
or something, or...
No, no. Well,
I've been working a lot,
training him, but no
other girls, you know?
So, you think we can
hang out or something?
Yeah. I'd love
to hang out with you.
It would be great.
Oh, don't cry.
Oh, my gosh.
It's going to be okay.
No, It's not. You know
my dad's sick,
and I don't have money, so...
Oh... you know what?
You know...
You know, I could...
I could give you...
Yeah, but you don't
have to do that.
I know. I want to.
I, I... It's an honor.
Are you sure?
I'm 100% sure.
What are you doing tonight?
I don't know.
Let's get together.
Oh. You and me?
Yes. 9:00. Okay.
9:00, Casey's, okay?
Me and you.
Okay. Good to see you.
Thanks. Okay, thanks.
Bye now!
Don't say a word!
Don't say a word.
I wasn't going to.
You don't understand.
We have something.
We've got something
going on here, man.
This place is pretty cool, huh?
I'm getting the club
soda. What do you want?
Yes. Club soda is good.
Two club sodas, Jimbo.
All those schoolkids,
you just...
you just let them act like that?
The after-school crowd
is a big part of our business.
What, they do that all the time?
No, It's just
a hazing thing they do
to new employees.
What's hazing?
Well, they give you shit
for a little bit
and then they back off.
That kid is out of line.
His father is the d.A.
So, you want to go
back to prison?
Ah. I see how it is.
You know, I used to be
in a band.
Yeah? What kind of band?
Rock 'n roll, obviously.
Yeah. Yeah, that was my dream.
Never thought I'd
wind up making pizzas.
What happened to the band?
Well, turns out
I'm a little tone deaf,
but we still got a lot
of amazing opportunities,
which I screwed up 'cause
I was drunk all the time.
I remember once we had
this show in Tijuana,
and a lot of big people
came to see us.
I'm out in the parking lot
taking a leak, and a cop...
and he's, like,
"what are you doing?"
I'm like,
"I'm making a cocktail.
You want one, sucker?"
So, the good cop beats
the crap out of me,
takes me to jail. So,
I do know a little bit
about life behind bars.
Six hours. But it was
a Mexican jail,
so that's like dog years.
All right. You want to break?
No, you go ahead.
Hey, It's me again.
She still doesn't pick it up.
Has she ever
stood you up before?
Well, she's a stripper.
What do you expect?
I know, but...
Yeah, I want to
believe it because...
You really think
her daddy's sick?
Probably not.
There's another time
I fell for her bullshit.
You know, I...
I have to let her go.
I keep thinking If I do
something different,
then she's going to change.
A leopard never
changes its spots.
I gotta catch my bus.
I'll give you a ride.
Sure. Let's go.
Uh, hey, we already
ate dinner, so...
hey, I'm okay.
Oh, this is roland.
I work for him.
Hey. Uh, Bethley.
Bethley. Well,
that's a cool name.
Thanks for giving
my brother a job.
Yeah, yeah.
Best guy we've had
in a long time.
I mean, I'm grateful.
Yeah? Yeah, I'm glad
It's working out.
Yeah. It's going very well.
Okay. Thanks for the lift.
Okay. Bye, and I'll
see you in the morning.
I'll see him in the morning.
Looking, looking good.
Drive safely!
Hi, Jimmy.
I brought you a book.
Ah. "Old man and the sea."
Yeah. It's one of my favorites.
Grandpa sherman gave it to me.
What's it about?
This old man and a kid in Cuba.
What happens?
They go fishing.
Grandpa sherman gave it to me
after we went fishing
at the lake.
Yeah, and what happens?
You have to read the book.
Sure, I'll read it.
If you say It's good,
I'll read it.
How's your new job?
Oh, It's not bad. Not bad.
Is your boss cool?
That's good.
You know, scientists
have just discovered
a star that orbits
around a black hole,
and that star moves it
over 6,000 Miles a second.
You're something else, Jimmy.
Hey, sweetie. How's work?
You can keep stopping by.
Why don't you come out with me?
Come on. Why not?
We'll go someplace
really, really nice,
or just easy and casual,
like a slice of pizza.
What do you say?
Come on. Come on!
Margherita, basil?
Just the way you like it.
Oh, you're so lucky
I'm starving.
Go change. A-ha. A-ha.
Hey. Still serving?
Sure. Take a seat.
All right.
What's good here, sport?
See that?
I gotta go.
What's up?
The girl I went out with
just came in
with another guy.
I've got to leave.
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Maybe
they're just friends.
Is it okay If I leave?
Just play it cool.
I gotta leave.
Okay. All right,
I get it. Okay.
Uh, go out the back.
Go straight.
Excuse me. Sorry.
No problem.
Uh, is Vian here?
No, he just had an emergency,
important appointment
he had to go to.
Can I help you?
Uh, no. No, thanks. Sorry.
Jolene called three times.
Everything okay?
So, that is what happened.
I hope you understand.
You know, we only
dated for six months,
but he just can't
seem to let go.
Sure, I get it.
So, is that the place
you're a chef at?
Yeah. Yeah, that's the place.
I don't know, It's a little...
I know It's not all
that fancy, you know.
I like it.
Oh, my God. I can't believe it!
I've never had a man
make me breakfast before.
Huh? Well, good.
And I'm very happy
you stopped by last night.
Yeah. Me, too.
Oh, shoot. I'm late.
Listen, uh...
you go back to bed,
and I'll bring you breakfast.
No, don't be silly.
If you're late, take off.
I'll see you later. Enjoy.
Thank you.
45 minutes late for work. 45!
I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm handing you the key.
Right. Yeah! Well, you won't
be using the car again.
Heard that before, Vian.
Sounds like you've got
yourself a real girlfriend.
Is that your first
poon since prison?
You've been banging
strippers for too long.
Come on, Mr. sensitive.
I really like her.
I don't want to talk
about her like some
dumb piece of ass.
Yeah. You're right. I'm sorry.
Yeah. Let me ask you
something, bro.
You ever think about
making this place
a little nicer,
maybe fixing it up?
You know, raising the prices?
Get a little
delivery service going?
Wow. Listen to the jailbird
sounding like a real
Get a little taste
of the good life,
and suddenly the world's
all shiny and bright.
Screw you.
Buddy, I love the way
you're thinking,
but you're like me.
You know you've got
to think big to be big, right?
Yeah. Sure.
Just keep doing it, man.
Give me some more ideas.
I'm going to write it down.
Hey! Who does a guy
have to know
to get some service around here?
Don't talk like that in here.
Sorry, new guy. Shall I
have a word with my father
and get the department of health
down here for a little visit?
Hey, let's try this again.
What would you like
this afternoon, huh?
Um, two chicken parm sandwiches.
Right. Why don't you
take a seat?
I'll bring it right over.
That was good.
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Hey, little Jimmy.
Got any new books for us?
Leave me alone, Lee.
Oh, that's on way
to talk to a friend.
I need to borrow some money.
Do you hear what I say, bitch?
I can't help you.
Let's take a look
at the little backpack,
should we?
What are you looking at?
I'll kick your ass, too!
That is so cool.
Uh-huh. Yeah,
that would be nice.
Just have some dinner
and just hang out.
Yeah. Makes me feel real good
that your sister
invited me, you know?
Hey, I wonder
If I could bring cherry.
You're not still seeing her.
No, but this might be a way for us
to get back together, you know?
Is this a joke?
I know. I'm very lonely.
Hey... What would you think
about becoming business
partners with me?
What do you mean?
Well, the old guy
that owns this place,
he loves me, but he's
going to be selling soon.
He said If I came up
with 30 grand
for the down payment,
he will carry the note.
I've already saved 15 grand,
so all you've got to do
is come up with 15 grand,
we're business partners.
What's so funny?
Hey, I don't even have
a car. Where the freak
am I going to get 15 large, huh?
I don't know... Jeez.
Family or friends?
I don't know.
The problem is,
whoever buys this place
is probably going to fire us.
Shoot. Maybe I should
go and stick up a bank.
Sounds like something
I would've done
back in the day.
No kidding.
Yeah. I got pretty badass
before I quit drinking.
Yeah, It's crazy.
Little methamphetamine.
Yeah. My sister was a dealer,
so I got it for free.
Hey! You two lovebirds
open for business?
Yeah. What would you like?
I'd like a large
with extra pepperoni
and extra cheese.
That's 16.67.
All right.
I forgot my wallet.
Can I get you tomorrow?
Come on, Lee.
You know we don't
do that for anybody.
Oh, no. I, I'll
take his word for it.
But If he stiffs us...
he's not going to stiff us.
Thank you.
Sure. You're welcome.
What about me? Can I play?
All right. Uh, okay.
You're the first.
You're the second.
You're gonna get me in trouble.
Mom, can I have some more cake?
Oh, honey, no, no, no. Sugar's
going to keep you up all night.
Bethley, thank you
so much for dinner.
I can't even touch dessert.
I know. I haven't been invited
to a home-cooked dinner
in a long time.
No? Then you're gonna
just have to come over
more often for dinner, roland.
Hey, you mind If
I change the music?
Sure, go ahead.
All right.
Oh, your sister's great!
How long have you
lived with her?
Oh, not long.
I live in the garage.
Oh, you converted the garage?
Huh. Sort of.
Come on, I'll show you.
Yeah. Take a seat.
You, uh, you're
quite the dancer.
Ah, yeah. I used to
dance a lot.
Not so much anymore, you know.
You know, I'm going
to have to get going.
Well, the party's just started.
I know. I know.
I've got to get up early.
It's Saturday night!
I have a cardio class
at 8:00 A.M.
Well, skip it.
Skip it once. You'll be fine.
I wish I could.
But We'll talk tomorrow, yeah?
All right.
Good night.
Uh, good night.
Good morning.
Morning, Jimmy.
Me and mom are going to church.
Do you want to come with us?
Ain't nothing for me there.
If mom will let me,
will you take me
to the lake later?
Sure, I will.
How's the lake?
Is it still the same?
Yeah, pretty much.
Grandpa Sherm used to
take me here all the time.
He said it was magic.
He put something special
under the rock here.
It sure is good
to have a friend.
Don't you have
any friends at school?
No. I don't have that
many friends at school.
That's why I'm so
glad you showed up.
It sure is good to have
a friend in life.
Yeah. I'm glad we're friends.
Did you ever think
there's something
bigger than
the whole wide world?
I don't know.
Like the universe?
Like, It's so big and amazing,
but no one can see it,
and just everywhere.
Come on.
Go for a pass.
How did you find this out?
I have people.
He was in prison?
Killed a guy.
Second-degree murder.
Beat a guy to death.
Spent 12 years in prison.
Just looking out for you, Jo.
This is an ex-con murderer.
He should at least
have the decency
to be honest with you.
I want you to go.
You don't want
to talk about this?
Just go.
Baby, listen...
don't touch me. Just go.
Hey, I think I've got
some bad news.
I think the old man found
a buyer for this place.
Yeah. Were you able to
come up with any money?
Hey, I told you, I don't
have that kind of money.
Well, he's going to sell it.
What are we going to do?
Maybe get a job at one of those
fast food places
out by the mall.
You think They'll hire me?
Hey, what's the deal
with your sister?
What do you mean?
I mean, she seems really cool.
Hey, you keep away from her.
What the f is so funny?
I assume we're adults here.
She's not for you.
A little judgmental,
coming from you.
Hey, you go out
with bimbo strippers.
She's a good woman, okay?
She has a son.
Her husband ran off
with some skankpot.
Won't even pay child support.
And you put me in that category?
We're not going to talk
about this anymore, okay?
I only brought it up
out of respect for you.
Good. So now you know.
Yeah, I do.
Keep the f away from her.
Or what, you're
gonna kick my ass?
You don't want to know.
Is that a threat, Vian? Are
you threatening me right now?
Back off, roland.
You know what?
Maybe I misjudged you.
Maybe we don't work together.
Yeah? What?
You're gonna fire me?
Just because I don't want you
to go off with my sister?
You used to be the boss
in prison, I'm sure,
but you're not
the freaking boss here!
I am!
Hey, forget you, roland.
I don't need this sham.
That's good,
because you're fired!
Yeah? Screw you!
Screw you!
Screw you!
Yeah, I'm just down the street.
I could come over and say hi.
Yeah? That's cool.
Sure. I'll be there
in ten minutes.
Yeah. Bye.
What's going on?
Nothing. I'm just
getting ready for work.
What's wrong?
I, um... I don't think
this is working.
We just started
seeing each other.
It's not you.
What is it, then?
I just can't do this anymore.
I'm messed up, and I shouldn't
be seeing anyone right now.
But what did I do?
Nothing. Nothing. I'm just...
I'm in a bad place,
and I never should've
gone out with you
in the first place,
and I'm really sorry.
There's something going on,
and you don't want
to tell me what it is.
So, I'll see you later.
Can I help you?
What do you need?
I, uh...
Ah, nothing.
You're an abacus?
I do! I have a stone
in the neck. Oh, my gosh.
Hey, vi. Hey!
What are you doing?
Having a cup of coffee.
Get out of here.
No, come on.
You know what?
I tried to talk to you,
be straight about
liking your sister...
get the hell out of her!
Hey! Hey! Vian, that's enough.
What's wrong with you?
Maybe you need to go, okay?
You get out of here, all right?
This is my house, okay?
You don't even pay rent here.
Yeah, all right? You don't
know what It's like.
You don't know
what my life is like,
what I've been through,
what It's like
to raise a kid on
my own with no help!
Shut up.
Where were you, huh?
So you don't get to say
anything about how I do
things. Do you get it?
You lost that right
a long time ago!
Yeah! Oh, yeah, that's great.
Just leave!
Don't even deal with it
'cause It's worked out
so well for you your whole life!
Uncle vi, I brought you
a cup of coffee.
Hey, Jimmy.
Mm. It's not bad.
Did you make it?
You ever read
the book I gave you?
About the old man?
Yeah, "the old man
and the sea."
No, I haven't started it yet.
I think You'll like it,
especially the end.
What's wrong?
Oh, I just want to be someone,
make something of my life.
Thought I could be
a fighter, but,
I don't know. Just...
It pretty much seems
I've amounted to nothing.
Just some...
Broken down guy
living in a garage.
But Uncle vi, you're
the best friend I ever had.
Yeah, but you're just a kid.
What the hell do you know?
Hey, go get us
a table, would ya?
What do you want?
I want a large extra cheese
with sausage and mushroom.
Hey, where's Vian?
He doesn't work here anymore.
He moved on.
He's the best guy you ever had!
Well, he doesn't work
here anymore, all right?
Sit down.
What, uh... what
do the tests say?
There's slight
hemorrhaging on the brain.
Oh, no.
This is not unusual
in brain trauma.
Um, when will he
come out of the coma?
Well, that I can't
tell you exactly.
Days? Are we talking weeks?
Only time can tell.
Our father who art in heaven
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day...
Oh, Jimmy.
Jimmy, I love you so much.
What time is it?
I don't know.
Sometime in the morning.
Oh. I've got to call work
and tell them what happened.
I'll be right back.
This is a hospital?
Hey, Jimmy.
I was dreaming and
in the special place.
Everything is perfect.
The lake... And the rock!
The rock is right there
for you and my mom!
I sure could go
for something to eat.
Do you want to eat with me?
Anything you want.
People can be so silly,
all trapped up in their minds,
and fishes just keep
swimming, and grasshoppers
are talking nice, very nice.
I kept trying to tell you
I was okay, mom.
You did. Yes, you did.
But I have to go home now.
Yes! Of course,
I'm going to take...
I'm going to take you home.
Baby, I love you.
I love you so much.
I love you, too, mom.
Love is really good.
Baby? Jimmy?
Jimmy? No, no, no, no.
Jimmy? Jimmy, come back.
Come on, honey.
Come on, sweetheart.
Come back. Vian...
go get somebody.
Get the doctor.
We need a doctor, please!
Hey. Come on, baby. Come on.
Come on, sweetheart,
wake back up.
I, I don't understand.
A surge. It's not common, but it
does happen with people in a coma.
A sudden surge of energy,
a brief moment of consciousness,
and then they lapse back
into their coma state.
But why, and why
for just a minute...
It's not fully understood.
It doesn't make any sense.
You okay?
I'm not okay.
I'm gonna go inside and...
Take a shower and then go back.
I'll go with you.
Dear God, I want to say a prayer
that you watch over Jimmy
and the rest of my family.
I know that, whatever happens,
It's your will,
and I have to trust that.
And although I feel alone,
I know that you're there, God.
I don't...
I just don't know
If I'll be able to make it.
I don't know anymore.
I don't know how.
Vian? Vian!
He's gone!
He's gone.
Oh, man. That's good.
We had a deal you could
stay here If you didn't drink.
That's okay.
You need to go, Vian.
Where am I gonna go?
I need you to leave.
It's no big deal.
It's no big deal at all.
Come on.
Don't. Don't come near me!
Why are you so uptight? Hey!
My freaking sis...
my sister, huh?
Ah, where am I gonna go, huh?
I gotta find something.
Do you have anything to drink?
I have someone coming over
in a few minutes.
You have a new guy
already? Wow.
That didn't take
but a hot second
for some other sucker to start
giving you the hard one.
You know what? You're drunk,
and I think you should get out.
I need a place to stay
for the night.
Can I stay here for the night?
Oh, come on.
Do you have any self-respect?
Hey, wha... you know,
I don't need you.
I don't need this shit.
You know, I'd come
over here thinking
maybe, maybe we had
something going.
And you know what? We don't.
We don't have anything
going, do we?
No, we don't.
I don't need you.
If you wanted
to be back with me,
I wouldn't even want
to be with you.
You, you jerk my chain
and act like you're into me.
What a joke.
You have anything to drink?
No. Get out.
Don't you call me.
You don't call me no more.
I'm done with you.
All right, we're closing at
10:00, so start wrapping it up!
What the hell?
What the freak you're doing, vi?
Leave me alone.
Leave you alone? Yes.
Are you stupid or something?
I told you not
to freaking come here,
now get your stuff and get out!
Screw you.
Hey, man! What the hell
is wrong with you?
Get off of me!
Yeah, hit him!
Hit him again!
All right. That's
enough, that's enough.
Come on! Come on!
Don't bring your foot
back in here!
Screw him, man!
Did you speak to the cops?
Charging you with felony
and assault
with a deadly weapon.
Guess I'll be going away
for a long while.
That's okay.
You guys can leave.
Jimmy's funeral is today.
I wish I could make it.
Yeah, I know You'll
be there in spirit.
Hey, Vian. You know
those meetings I go to?
Well, I'm an alcoholic.
I've been sober 18 years, and...
stuff your meetings
up your fricking ass.
I told you I didn't
want you to see my sister!
Let's go.
Hey, Uncle vi.
It's okay.
What's going on?
Is this a dream?
I came to tell you
that's It's all okay,
and everything is perfect.
But you're not alive.
I'm right here.
I talked to your mom and dad.
They say they love you.
Grandpa Sherm,
he Says he's sorry
that he beat you.
Yeah? Well, If he's so sorry,
how come he never told me?
He did. He wrote you in prison,
when you were too mad at him,
that you didn't open his letter.
How'd you know that?
I know.
I'm sorry for
what I said about you,
about you just being a kid.
It's okay. I know you love me.
What are you doing here?
I had a few things to tell you.
I'm so happy to see you...
Even If this is some
kinda weird dream.
My mom, she needs
your love right now.
I'm going back to prison.
I can't do anything.
Just trust that you can.
Trust that I can do what?
That you can do anything.
What are you talking
about, Jimmy?
What are you talking about?
Just trust that
it will be there.
Trust what will be where?
I'll see you later, Uncle vi.
You have been released.
By who?
I don't know.
The watch commander
wanted me to release you.
What's going on?
Who got me out?
Lee. Remember the little punk
that used to give you
a hard time?
He came in for a pizza
and asked about you.
I told him what happened.
He seemed upset, said
he was going to talk
to his old man, the d.A.
He got you out.
All right? Let's go!
I'll be out in the car.
Hi there.
I'm truly sorry.
I'm sorry for everything.
You don't have to say anything.
I had no right...
To tell you to stop
going out with roland.
Yeah, you didn't.
So, um...
What, what's, uh...
What's your plan?
I'm going to go to
the meetings with him.
That's good.
You know, I'm giving him
another chance.
I can leave If you want.
What are you going
to do, gonna live in...
I'll stay with...
in a shelter?
Oh, I'll stay with roland.
I can stay with him.
He asked me to marry him.
That's great.
Did you say yes?
Yeah, I didn't have an answer.
It's so soon, you know,
and this was before...
Well, he'll be lucky
to have you.
Okay, what's with you?
Why the sudden change of heart?
If I told you, you
wouldn't believe it.
I don't know If I can do this.
Do what?
I don't know If I can live...
I don't know, vi. It just...
You know, just...
It just kills me, you know?
I don't know what
to do. I don't know
how to keep going, you know?
Like roland, he drives you out,
but he doesn't know what to do.
I can't take the pain.
Feels like my skin is being
ripped off my body.
Hey, come here.
I love you,
and I will do anything for you.
Thank you.
I don't know
what's happened to you,
but I know It's good.
That may be the only light
I have right now.
The rock.
He put something special
under the rock here.
What's under the rock?
The rock, It's right there
for you and my mom.
This is bull!
One more try.
Now, will you please
take the money?
No, I don't want
your blood money.
Jimmy left it for you!
Vian, tell me where
you got the money.
I told you. Jimmy came to me,
like, in a dream but more real.
He said our father, Sherm,
Sherm left it for him.
You know dad,
he never trusted banks.
I don't know what's
going on with you,
but I don't want your money.
It's our money.
It was Jimmy's money,
and Jimmy left it for us.
I don't believe that story,
and you should be disgusted
that you made that up
about Jimmy.
I'm sorry, but It's true.
Now, will you please
take the money?
No, I won't, and I don't want
to talk about it anymore.
So, what's so important,
you couldn't tell me
over the phone?
I wanted to apologize
for coming over here drunk.
It was disrespectful,
and I'm sorry.
Is that it?
I mean...
I really like you, and...
I just wanted to
tell you this in person.
I really like you, too, Vian.
I just don't think
we should date anymore.
I think we're really different,
and I don't see
how it would work.
Well, thanks for
seeing me in person.
Yeah, of course.
We're not open yet.
This place still for sale?
I fired you.
I know, and I deserved
to be fired. I...
I want to apologize
for being a creep
about you and my sister.
It's just I really love her,
and I think she loves you,
and I think If she has you
going to church, well...
what's wrong with church?
Well, nothing. Noth...
nothing's wrong with church.
They gave out free
snow cones last Sunday.
I want to go to
a meetings with you.
We've been saving
a seat for you.
Here's my 15,000.
We're partners.
We're partners.
How was church?
It was great.
I prayed in church
about your story,
about Jimmy in the dream.
I believe you.
My name is Vian Mclean...
And I'm the man
who killed your son.
And I'm here today
to tell you that I'm sorry,
and I will do anything
that you ask of me.
I've been praying for you.