Anyone But You (2023) Movie Script

Hi, uh, where's your bathroom?
For customers only.
Oh, okay, I'll-I'll buy something.
You gotta pay up there.
Can I just go now? I really have to pee.
We've got a large
cappuccino for Skylar! Thanks.
Um, I also can't-
Oh, no, I-I know.
The, uh, establishments that
serve food or drink must be
open to the public regardless
of their purchasing class.
Sorry, it's on policy.
Store policy can't really
super-scene state law.
Can you get us an emergency
caramel latte from Miranda?
Uh, honey?
About to order, do you want your usual?
Uh, my wife would like a
double Espresso, although
you've had trouble
sleeping lately, right babe?
Maybe we should
back it off to a single you
kept the light on till
like midnight last night.
I did, didn't I?
Yeah, so maybe I'll just have a
peppermint tea with two sugars.
Thanks, husband.
Oh, and the bread.
It's grilled cheese night.
And she is part of the purchasing class, so
can we get the bathroom key? Thank you.
Thank you.
That was really nice.
You too.
You knew a lot about bathroom law.
That was a short chapter.
Thank you.
I'll have your tea waiting for you.
I can't leave my wife.
Okay, that's great.
I will...
see you on the other side of...
I just met this guy, and I
don't know what's happening.
Well, I know it's been a
while, but I'm pretty sure he
bought me a tea, and I
might have just stole my coat.
But what do I do?
I don't know, because it's the time
that I'm just meeting people, doing things.
Hallie, I gotta look back.
Go ahead. Get on my desk.
Are you okay? Big time.
And I don't want to ask him
what his bathroom was, because I
don't want him to think I was a
weak and not a problem solver.
And by the way, it is not
me to ask who's bathroom is.
I think he went down
to this very, very normal.
Peppermint tea, two sugars.
Thank you.
And thanks for stealing the coat.
I... I can't.
Oh, hey.
Like, um, you... So, are you
gonna ask me out now? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
I'm back.
I'm being.
You're right, you're right, you're right.
That's, like, five years.
I feel like this place will be...
Six place.
Gotta ruin it.
I'm impressed.
I can really get to ruin it.
All right, we have to cool down. You
just saw me take it off the burning stove.
Oh, my God.
If you're gonna be a
lawyer, you gotta understand
negligence and breach and McDonald's
versus that lady's... hideous corpus.
Use none of those terms properly.
How do you know? You're not a lawyer yet.
It's not too late to choose
a more noble profession.
Oh, like you? You're right.
Just take away that I'm gonna
need a lawyer at some point.
I don't even know if I'm gonna be a lawyer.
I cannot believe I
just said I don't have...
I'm sorry my life is a disaster right now.
Mike, you turned in the corner.
You just met me.
All right, I might end up in a suitcase.
I mean, look at this place.
Looks like every serial killer
reenactment documentary.
Why do you have a giant wrench?
Okay, it wouldn't be a suitcase.
It'd be a carry-on.
Because you're zero feet tall.
And my mom gave me that.
She said, no matter how broken something
is, there's always a way to fix it.
I'm sorry, I don't know why I'm
talking to you about my mom right now.
All right. And tell me about that.
That is a long story.
Everybody survived.
Holly, I don't know.
This guy is fucking great.
No, let's go, Minnie. Come on, cupcake.
We don't need light.
Stop it.
No way. You could.
Why couldn't you pull me up or stay over?
He asked me out, and
then I kind of asked him out.
And then we just walked around
the city and we felt sick talking.
And I left before you could wake up.
I don't know why.
Why did I?
What the fuck am I doing?
Okay, I love you.
I'm so sorry I woke you up.
This whole thing is so new to me.
You got cheese and bread.
You didn't miss one ingredient.
What you doing with that?
Why you got the giant wrench?
You tell her about your mom, bro.
You don't tell nobody about your mom.
Fuck, dawg.
You in love, man.
About fucking time, man.
My boys in love.
Fuck that.
I couldn't get her out of here fast enough.
This girl's a disaster.
She said nothing.
She said nothing.
I told her, I'll let your girlfriend
scream and I'll come home.
I'll let her go home.
There we go.
Halle, my new girlfriend.
What are we saying?
Yeah, is that cool?
Yeah, I mean, I don't really like
labels, but I like you a whole bunch.
I like your friend a whole
bunch, and if she wants to put
a label on me, then she can
sew it on wherever she wants.
That was weird. That was weird.
I'm not into S&M or anything like that.
Unless you are, which would be
totally cool, you know? You do you.
Well, she really likes you, too.
And that is very rare for her.
Oh, look who's talking.
How's the crowd here tonight?
Over there, big boy.
You ladies like dumplings?
We just had the greatest dumplings.
Pete, my sister.
This is Pete, Claudia's brother.
Nice to meet you.
And Ben. Ben.
This is Ben. We all grew up together.
Ready? Yeah.
Did you know each
other? Yeah, we met.
Wow, that's so random.
I'm gonna go grab a drink.
Doors that way if you're
looking to sneak out.
I know that's your thing.
Well, I am a disaster.
Let's go away from this.
So you a lawyer yet?
Why? Do we need a defense attorney?
I'm just curious how you passed the
class on ethics and I'm bailing on people.
I think that's the jerk who we got
when she was on a break from Jonathan.
No way.
So he's the coffee girl who ghosted him?
I thought she looked familiar, but
I don't see faces. I just see souls.
At least you made her realize
that Jonathan was the one.
I'm engaged now.
Good for you.
We're registered all the time.
I'll buy you a broomstick.
I'll send you an invite.
You still live at the 28 Buck Boy Lane?
You do remember.
See, it did mean something to you.
You'll always be my rock bottom.
The night I spent with a bitch.
Is she just calling a bitch?
You think they're gonna
physically fight? We're back.
It's a fine line.
Let's just get through
tonight for them, okay?
Elle, she's your sister.
I'm sure the relationship won't last long.
She's your friend.
I question why they're even together.
Then I'm gonna get a drink and
toast to never seeing you again.
Cheers to that, bro.
So before I pronounce this newlywed couple,
if anyone has an issue
with these two wonderful
people joining together
in holy matrimony,
speak now or forever hold your peace.
I have an objection.
Liam, don't do this.
I have to, honey. It's just not right.
There's no way I can bless this union.
without their friends and family
joining us to celebrate in Australia!
We're getting married in Fiji!
Welcome aboard, 2K, to the front.
Thank you, Charlotte.
51E, how long's
the flight? 16 hours.
51F, thank you.
73F, all the way to the back.
Hey, to the wedding.
From my sister, your slam.
How crazy is it that
we're on the same plane?
Don't think there's thousands of
flights flying to Sydney every day.
Well, there's quite a few, actually.
Qantas, American, Qantas through Dubai,
some co-chairs,
serendipity, I guess.
I don't think that word means
what you think it means.
So where's your fianc?
Who is this at? Hey, I'm Ben.
I was her hall
pass on your break.
What? Oh, my God.
I forgot.
Claude told me you dumped him.
Did you sneak out on your wedding day?
Wow, you are a child.
It's a pretty long flight. Do you want
anything from the front of the boat?
Hot cookie, eye mask, pajamas, last
10 years of your life? No, thank you.
I'm all good on creatine
and smell thick insecurity.
Nothing small about me.
What the fuck? A good flight.
See you there.
Why do so many of us feel stuck?
How is it even though it's successful?
Often feel like there is
something missing from their life.
One answer to that problem,
many of us are needed
lives that are misaligned.
with our own deepest
values and preferences.
Thank you so much for joining
me today on Heaven Break.
What psychology can teach us
about living our most authentic lives?
What the fuck?
Hey, Vinnie!
Okay, man, looking good.
Thanks for picking me up, dude.
Not just you, my guy.
Smell it, Vinnie!
Our sisters are getting married.
How dope is that?
I know, I'm so excited.
Oh, great. Alright, let's hit it.
See you soon.
You can't wait for y'all to
see when we stay in the flat.
It's so dope.
We're all staying in the same place.
My stepdad's super important for
them to keep the wedding party together.
Seems like a piece of information that
could have been shared a little earlier.
Well, that's because
they think you guys hate
each other, so they don't
want to poke the beard.
Hey, come on, let me go.
Come on, let me go.
Come on, let me go.
Hey, look at all of you.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
you're right this place is insane all
right let's get some stand under your.
feet you guys made up oh god if you
just stay away from me don't need an
imitation for that I think you do feel
like you can't leave me alone same
reason I slowed down in a car crash
okay so you guys buried the hatchet water
under the bridge to adults adult in
my fucking adult oh we did have a little
bit of a last-minute snack food though
you guys are gonna have to share a room
there's only one bed
but we hung a shower
curtain in the middle
you're funny I can't wait.
how these such a good she's good for
you could use responding hey this weekend
perfect I hope so I have a million
contingencies and scenarios for everything
and honestly I just want this wedding
to be beautiful because I love the shit out
of her and I just want to marry the
bitch you know I'm saying there's such a
romantic hey don't be mad
at me but Margaret's here.
why would I be mad she lives here I was
100% expecting to see her Margaret Margaret
here there she is 100%
go rip off the band-aid.
stranger I was hoping you'd come when
it's message you but I didn't know how
you feel about hearing from me.
they're good you know mom now thinks
she's Australian and dad's not at all
pointing out every tiny little detail
that's different they're also a little
worried how you're gonna react to all
this you know everybody thought that
you'd be the one getting married first
you always get such stuff about your
wedding growing up you used to join
the paper as a wedding dress when I
just used it to dress like a money
stop it's not me anymore I'm free now
I'm deprogrammed that does not mean
I don't support you and your risk any of
you that's so me that's me you and
Claudia the exception I'm really happy.
come on over there that's Claudia's
cousin she visited the states of years
back they dated no biggie
broke up with him precious heart.
no way that man does not have a heart
feels like forever ago we will make it
I'm really happy you're here we can reconnect
is maybe not babies I would love that
I mean I make them this is my partner
but I like tennis partner sometimes after.
how do you two dogs know each other
we had a bit of a go back when didn't we
did you know you're doing yeah I yeah
we're gonna go short by this weekend
get up the terms out of your eye it's gonna
be a crack at you know it great guy yeah.
how's our future lawyer the Australians
are all wonderful and excuse me but good
looking why they so weird about
their plugs I mean this place is basically
America they speak English they
eat regular food they've a complicated
relationship with their past how are
you doing honey you doing okay I'm doing
great my big sister's getting married
you could still be you someday.
Jonathan call or anything well
that didn't take long we're just torn up
that he's not part of her family I
mean he works at our house every night
from like 11 years old he was basically
family was up to the actual family if
I never asked you for anything ever
again he pleases lay off of me this
weekend we just want both of our
daughters to be happy I'm very happy but
not when you guys do that
not you in the right direction.
okay so we're gonna make this short
because you've all traveled a bloody
long distance and Carol and I are
so appreciative the biggest thing we've
missed since coming back from the
states is not seen our kids and you are.
our extended family so we're just over
the move to have a full house before the
where we will celebrate Halle and
Claudia setting off on this crazy thing
called life and of course any and
Leo our new family well we're just so
grateful not only for your incredible
hospitality but for bringing into the
world your beautiful daughter so as
they say in our country up on dancer.
class action is really where it's our
friend just Jonathan say you know she
pretty well because he think you should
do mom okay I can't even remember why we
put you in the truck again we didn't
put her in the trunk she stowed away in
the truck yeah I wanted to go with you
guys to see Cinderella we were going to
Coachella let's just have a moment
to calm ourselves I am NOT looking at
anybody in particular but I am looking
at you be and you've been from chakra.
let's hit that cobra.
word first word a liar five words the
Bible a woman who uses her sexuality to
take advantage of other people mom
right here right here is a white people
yeah I'll spend so much
time trying to trick each
other I got so much
time with us say the word.
here you go.
no props don't care no one can see us
cheaters shocking says the woman who
cheated on our fiance we're on a break
asshole you're either broken up for good
or you're cheating either way someone's
lying to someone hasn't really gotten Oh God.
Oh god!
What's going on?
Get back!
I caught you! I caught this.
Hey, that's some gangster shit right there.
They're going to ruin our wedding.
All the matters is that we're together.
It's true.
Look, baby, I love you
to the moon and back,
but those two fuckwads are
going to destroy our weekend
and our memories, which
we are going to have for
a very long time are
headed straight over a cliff.
It's going to be fine, baby. We just
have to stand there and profess our love.
It seems to me they're animists only
surfaced after they spent a night together.
Am I accurate?
Let's use the how it goes, honey.
We crumble our feelings into a
ball and shove them deep down
so we can enjoy a better frisk.
The solution appears to be simple there.
We return them to the
night they were spent.
Like we trick them into
falling in love with each other?
We didn't say anything about love, honey.
We just need to get them
to jump each other's thumbs.
She clearly has eyes for Ben.
Who does, Father?
Halley Spence, the sister.
The pump-chested one with the sad eyes.
You can't say that, Halley.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That was rude.
I apologize to anyone that was
listening, which can only be you, Pete,
because you're the only
person who was listening.
I apologize.
I accept your apology and will now move on.
Do you know B's been in love with
Ben since the first night they met?
Well, why didn't she tell him?
You know, when I was a
young bloke and I liked a girl,
I would sneak up behind
her and I'd cut a lot of her hair
and then I'd smack her on the bum.
What the hell?
I'm not good at this, sorry.
He was just too scared to tell him.
But I talked to her and she said
she regrets walking out that morning.
Tell me more, son.
Why me?
Because you're really good
at it, right? You can do it.
Why you put this hat on me?
No one can see me as a
radio player, motherfucker.
He wants us to tell him
how much she likes him.
So he lets his guard down and goes to her.
Some tube is killed with
arrows and some with traps.
That was good. I liked that.
That's good. I just made it up.
So he needs to go to him, drop his drawers,
and say come to Papa.
What are you doing?
Right from a different generation.
If your generation sucks, you
fuck at the whole world for us.
And I'm full of shame.
But the bottom line, he likes Ben.
But Ben feels awful that
he called her a disaster.
I mean, he said it was
his fragile male ego.
Then why is he fighting with her?
Well, because he likes her.
And I know that B likes Ben.
He's just denying herself
because she's got in
her head somehow that
she'll never love again.
Whoa, I'm not talking about love, baby.
I'm talking about dick.
Oh, it's Ben.
Hey, you.
Oh, God, they got to you, too.
Did you just overhear Holly and
Claudia say how much I like you?
It was Pete and Roger.
Fantastic. It's a team effort.
They're trying to get us together.
No way.
Come here.
Oh, maybe they want us
to stop acting like assholes
so we don't ruin the
biggest event of their lives.
There's no us and assholes.
You're the one who
destroyed the living room.
Would you two mind
helping me with something?
I hate to ask, but I really appreciate it.
So Roger left his
sunglasses on the sailboat.
I swear, if his head wasn't screwed
on, we'd use it as a bowling ball.
Do me a favor and smile and get them.
It's the one on the right.
Both of us.
Is that really a two-person job?
It doesn't seem like it.
You do say that.
All right, so everyone's involved in this.
I know.
I feel bad.
Me, too.
I don't want to blame
Holly and Claudia at all.
Can you not swim?
Excellent swim.
Why are you so
out of bed? I'm fine.
How much further do you think?
Are your eyes
closed? Please start.
You're so out of shape.
You have like a 10 pop.
I'm not out of shape.
I've been to 295, 300 once.
I just don't do cardio.
Oh, my God.
You're a pop girl fit.
I'm not pop girl fit.
My bad.
We'll see you at the boat.
I could have done it myself, but whatever.
No fucking way.
Honey, look who's here.
I cannot believe they did this.
Who is this?
That is my ex, Jonathan.
What is he doing here?
My Black Hawk helicopter
parents have been trying
to get us back together
for the past four months.
They blew him halfway across
the world to your sister's wedding?
That's a deep up shit.
They came to play.
That's my parents.
They think I'm throwing my life away.
Honey, we're just gonna take
him back and get him all settled in.
I'll see you later.
You know, maybe we should do it.
Just tell everyone we're together.
It was so that problem for
me and that problem for you.
I don't have a problem.
You clearly won't Mark it.
No, I don't.
Yes, you do.
I saw the way you looked at her last
night and I know she broke your heart.
She sees you with me.
She wants what she can't have
and then bye-bye crocodile Jack.
He's fast.
Making her jealous is not gonna work.
We're on seventh grade.
Trust me, bro.
We're all on seventh grade
when it comes to this stuff.
They've already gone
through all of the bullshit
trying to trick us into
each other's arms.
Let's just embrace it.
There's no way we can convince
anyone we actually like each other.
Yeah, you're right.
I know.
You know, I still think about
that night we spent together.
Shut up.
No, I'm serious.
Yeah, this could be kind of fun.
We're at a wedding a
million miles away from home.
Who knows what could happen
under the cover of a masquerade.
That night at your place.
It's no matter how it ended.
It was still pretty amazing.
Convincing enough? Fuck it.
Let's do it.
The hike we need to leave now.
We're running behind schedule.
I'm coming.
Babe, the mountains have
been there for millions of years.
A few more minutes isn't gonna hurt them.
Baby, I know you are trying to
calm me down and I love you for it.
Thank you.
But I am hurting cats
right now and I need some
help instead of this easy
breezy month for CZ.
Remember our wedding?
Only that you're the most
beautiful bride on God's green earth.
Right there.
We're coming.
We're coming.
We're coming.
Jeez, you owe me a cup.
Oh, we can roll something in here too.
Oh, no, wait, get it.
Get it.
Oh, it's right there.
I gotta get it.
Get it.
Here he is.
Tell me.
So nice to see you.
I have no idea you're coming.
So your parents didn't tell you.
Yeah, you know, the first task
they invited me was just be known.
Because otherwise, this
would be really fucking awkward.
And now it is fucking awkward.
No, no, no, no, no.
I have an alarm.
No, you're like family.
That'd be awkward if you weren't here.
I'm so glad you're here.
So happy for you too.
Hey, congratulations.
Yeah, thanks.
It's great to see you.
It's great to see you too.
We're all going on a hike, so whoever
wants to come with, we gotta move out.
Let's move out.
Ben? Meet Jonathan.
Oh, hey, man.
I'm Ben.
Hey, oh, Pete and
Claudia's friend, right? Yeah.
Also friends with B, among other things.
Yeah, it's nice to meet you.
Okay, plenty of enough time in the
car to do whatever the fuck this is.
Come on.
Let's go.
You need to come up with a game plan.
Yeah, you are so careful with this.
We're doing this thing!
Honey, I'm sorry.
I know we should've asked you,
but we had to make fun of him.
Oh, it's totally fine.
I'm glad he's here.
I love him and Holly loves him.
Really? Yeah.
Okay, so we're spending
a little time together
away from your world
and see if you're rekindled.
You spot a green ball.
Oh, no.
Mom, guys, no.
I totally forgot to tell
you, but I'm with Ben.
Do you want to come?
Think I'm going to hang
back and know your parents.
Have fun.
Alright, so is it like
we just got together
or we've been sneaking
around? Oh, I got it.
What if we ran into each other at
Chipotle, bleeding the tramp and burrito?
This can't be that hard.
It's harder than you think.
My parents didn't even believe it yet.
You told them five seconds ago.
They know I would never
go out with a guy like you.
You've only been with
one guy your entire life.
Jonathan's a better
man than you'll ever be.
And yet you left him.
Which is why exactly?
Because he seems like
he checks all your boxes.
Okay, you don't know my
boxes and you never will.
Just figure this out, please.
We just suck face in front of everybody.
Half of them think they set us up anyway.
No, that's too much.
We need to do something
that's more hidden so it
feels more real, not some
fuckboy wedding I got.
You keep calling me a fuckboy
like it's an asshole, I own that shit.
Let's just be affectionate.
I know it's a foreign concept, too.
Yeah, I can be affectionate.
I'll affectionate the shit out of you.
I can't believe your
parents invited Jonathan.
Now I have to find a table to sit in her.
What about me?
No, no, she's fine.
She's sitting with us at our table.
No, I'm talking about
how she's already at a
low point but she's
going through a breakup
and I don't even know
what's happening with school.
She never even talks about it anymore.
I guess I have to put on with her cousins.
Why? Oh, shit.
Check it out, guys.
It's beautiful.
I'll tell you it's going to be good.
Man, that's nice.
It's so beautiful.
Here it is.
Pretty spectacular,
hey? It's amazing.
You're done.
This is just so romantic.
Now's with my neck.
Get in there.
You're short.
You're not tall enough to say that.
Oh, are you ticklish?
No, I'm happy.
Like a toddler? No, no, no.
Okay, I can't stop.
Why don't we... Stop.
Just let me do it.
Permission to put my left
hand on your right back.
Too hard.
Yes, sir.
You're not in circles.
It's not a magic lamp.
All right, now you're
just playing ball pit.
I've never rubbed a bumper show.
Clearly, each one.
Are you not wearing underwear?
This is one suit.
I'm on holiday.
Okay, just mind the gap.
How's that? That's good.
Just like.
You know what the harbor just
kind of... You all man wounds.
I'm sorry.
Okay, just take it out.
You try.
If you want to stick my
finger in my own ass,
how's that going to
come in? Oh, on you.
Jesus Christ, it's like
back and back down here.
How'd you get in
this thing? That's tight.
See, it's like holding a baby bird.
God damn it.
Were they not watching this whole time?
Like a mole or something out of it?
Really? Because I feel something.
I'm the mole.
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
Are there any more?
Are we?
Do we have any more?
Jack, spiders on Paris.
They hunt Paris.
No pictures.
The camera's down.
We're not going to take his spirit.
Are there any more?
Where are they? I feel it.
I feel it.
I think I see something.
What do you see?
What do you see? I don't know.
That's just part of you.
You're fine.
Look, if I have one of those little
fuckers in me, they might be in you.
I'm good.
It's probably a better way
to check than what I did.
All right, little.
We joined your journey.
We do not inherit the earth.
We just borrow it from our creatures.
Hey, guys.
What did we miss?
Why can't I get this?
Because you're meant to
learn to dive when you're six.
You got this one.
You ever try focusing on your toes?
My mom taught me this trick.
If you pretend like there's
a strain from your nose
to your toes, you just kind
of maintain that position.
You mind doing it again?
This time I'm going to
shout out a trivia question.
At least this can help clear your mind.
Just make sure it's a
question about airplanes
or the assassination of
Archduke friend Ferdinand.
What company created the convoy?
The collaboration between British
Airways and the French government.
Get in there.
Maybe your mom can teach him how to dive.
She passed away.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
All right, I'm going to go again,
but this time give me your
one with a little shorter answer.
I have a better idea.
Now, you just let me do everything.
I'll guide you in.
Don't think.
Be careful of his shoulder.
Yeah, I'm going to wreck you
chomping off a moving train in Paris.
Wouldn't let me see the Eiffel Tower alone.
I had to tell her I love her.
When you know she's the
one, nothing else matters.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
Here you go.
Do it.
Good job, babe.
Oh, your dad's a natural.
I'm so glad you guys got to
spend some time with Ben.
You two, really?
Getting to know each other
in a very respectful manner.
One befitting such a kind and
intelligent woman as your daughter.
Yes, we are in the early stages.
Not too early.
But also not so advanced.
Just that magical moment
when two people come
together in this crazy
journey we call life.
That's why I was so worried
when Jonathan showed up.
I don't want to hurt his feelings.
I even suggested we hide
our light in a bushel for his sake.
But our love is just so strong.
And I know what you guys are thinking.
He's much older.
They were, right?
Probably thinking I'm 27, early 28s.
Yes, we are very happy.
You know, you looked
like that back in the day.
No, I didn't.
That guy's made out of cobblestone.
They're holding hands.
I think it's working.
I can't believe the lessons
were so easily fooled.
Was that bullshit about your mother?
The story about the giant wrench.
I thought it might have been a
lining to all your one-night-nothings.
You overheard that too.
I didn't mean...
I'm sorry.
It wasn't a line.
Seems to be nice to my dad.
You should probably rinse off.
You have his SPF a billion on you now.
Geez, man, I'll just grab a cookie.
So, Australia, what do you reckon, eh?
How are you binding it?
I know, it's great.
Matt's goes on about you all the time.
A ripper cunt, she calls you.
Matt's is more of it.
A ripper cunt is... Good friend.
You know, you had a proper surf
when the sand gets all up your clacker.
And you gobble it too.
Gobbler is... You
know, you hog bon it.
You know, your bean
cap? Come on, mate.
You know, the ante's up.
Anyway, good to have you.
You got any left? Hey, mate.
Into your game.
You're going down.
How have you been
doing? Pretty good.
Okay, I got you.
How's school going?
What kind of law do you want
to practice yet? You know me.
I've never been one for practicing.
Still having second thoughts?
Straight to therapy.
I know it's weird, me being here, but
believe me, I had nothing to do with it.
Your parents do me,
give it a freak of fire, Miles.
That's weird.
You're part of the family.
I'd be lying if I said I hadn't
been thinking about you.
And me too.
How long have you and that dad been?
It's kind of new.
Not like new-new, but new-ish.
Well, I think he seems great.
No, you don't.
I really don't.
Thanks for being so cool about all of this.
Not just this, but this too.
It's really good to see you, V.
I'm glad you're here.
Now let's have a party.
Let's do it.
Me? That's me.
You want coffee?
It's the best in the world.
You guys are really
proud of your coffee here.
It's the best in the fucking world.
Fuck, that is good.
I was thinking of going
for a bit of a run later.
Do you want to join?
I'm actually going on a bike
ride with B, so I don't think I can.
She's a little sweet on you, hey?
Oh, you caught that.
How long have you and Bo been together?
Nah, we're just banging about.
He's nice, but I think I'm
looking for someone less casual.
More romantic.
Why didn't you have a break up anyway?
I don't really remember,
but I think you said something
like I was an immature drongo
smothered in X body spray.
Smells like you're not that guy anymore.
Be the lucky girl.
What's wrong?
Margaret thinks we're together.
That's great.
Margaret needs to think
we're the right type of together.
Not together together, but
like situationally together.
Because if she thinks we're together
together, she's not going to break girl code.
So we need to finesse our
togetherness so that we're together.
But there's an opening
for our togetherness so that
you can just slide right in
so that we can be together.
Are you on coke?
There's lots of coffee here.
It's like meth.
I'm guessing.
No, I'm not.
I worked at Goldman.
Partner's wedding.
Do what you do.
Jesus, dude, who are you?
I'm a man trying to figure this out.
Look at your room.
It's so much bigger.
You got a painting?
Wow, that's so red.
We have to kick it up a notch.
Make it feel like we're on the Gaga stage.
What do you want to do?
Take me in the hallway?
That is not Gaga.
Actually, that could be considered as Gaga.
Tonight's the rehearsal
dinner, so we have to do
something that makes it look like
you're into me, but you're not into me.
And I'm into you, but you can tell by
my face that it's never going to mount.
Get it together, man.
You hit me so much.
Okay, come on.
Let me now pretend this is a
real box that messed up our car.
Fuck it up.
You see that? He did it.
Oh, hey, they're here.
All right, everybody.
We'll go.
Up below.
Thank you.
Nice touch.
Nice dress.
What would you like to drink?
What's a traditional
drink for a hustle dinner?
Reese got just neat and
a champagne for ladies.
Thank you.
You remembered.
That you can't handle
hard liquor? Yeah.
It smells still not on my car.
No, I feel really bad about that.
That was a fun night.
That was a fun summer.
Marks, captain says
that we can steer the ship.
Look how lucky we are.
On a boat, sailing back and forth
with no real transportation or anything.
Spoiler alert.
But look at you, body bargain.
We're the belt of all.
He's remembering.
Oh, hey, look, is that
Tasmania? No, honey.
That's, uh, yes, I think it might be.
Holly, Tasmania.
Oh, yep.
At least that was so.
Was it?
This oddly reminds me of Prague.
The first or second time.
Jonathan is just the most perfect guy.
He's like a Saint to us.
Well, that might be a problem, mate.
We might not want to shag a brother.
He's going to look his favorite song.
So how's it going?
Turns back off a little.
Game on.
Can you even dance?
You just love me, please.
Let's go.
It's a little hard to tell if
Bitch Hemsworth in my way.
Everybody's in the top deck.
We're about to do a champagne toast.
Come on, mate.
What's in the deal? Titanic me.
Oh, y'all hear something so trippy.
Oh, cute.
Titanic me.
No, but it's so lame.
The only people who would do something this
lame are the ones who know how lame it is,
but are in the first stages
of liking each other, so
they're totally comfortable
in their mutual lameness.
Toss my hands.
Oh my god.
Come on.
This is so cringe.
So it's saying cringe, old man.
Oh my god.
Look at my arms.
I've seen a movie.
Have you?
This is never gonna work.
Oh, this is the cutest
thing I've ever seen.
Are they doing Titanic?
are they watching yep are they buying it.
it's real we did it we're good we're
really bloody good Jonathan if you see.
I'm gonna do the line.
it's key the world you're gonna stop there.
they're gone shows over.
save you we are terrible swimmer I'm
a great swimmer just short distances.
we're gonna die we're not gonna die the
water's 90 degrees we're gonna be fine.
I would spend 10 hours shredding
water off the coast of the Cayman Islands.
it looks like they're going full-time
today I love the commitment.
well we should in the bubble around we
are in to show the water will run aground.
I'll jump in and do it that's for sure
your parents out the clock that's sure.
why do you keep defending this guy why
do you break up with him in the first place
it's complicated it's never complicated
what he cheated on you drug problem you
catch him measuring a stick with the
ruler out we never fought is that a good
thing he's just comfortable and he's a
great guy which means there's no one
out there for me because I have
the best one I couldn't even tell my
possible and I have no idea what I'm
gonna do with my life we're gonna get
eaten by sharks I had it on somebody
no one else knows I don't think this is the
weekend to drop that bomb you finally
did what you know one night you said you
didn't want to be a lawyer anyways
remember that I was memorable night.
so you snuck out of course why did you.
have you scared the shit out of me.
it was the first time in my life that I
felt fire and I had a blowout I know a
little bit about that I was really
hurt when you left so I said all that
terrible stuff about you
to pee it's not how it felt.
look at us.
a couple of fucked up people in the
middle of the harbor promise me if we
make it out alive go see that from dry
land it's a pretty killer day from here.
it's dumb but I want to see the
people landmarks like those are full of
people in love marriage proposals
when a new nurse romantics jumping off of
moving trains just to
see the building with the
person they love I like
your dad in the Eiffel Tower.
they told you not nothing else
matters when it comes to love.
it could be as if I love right now.
it's not dumb.
you me in the Opera House it's a date.
I promise.
a little afraid of flying
I have a very specific
routine I'm as headphones
build my bubble.
that's my Serenity song how
do you know my Serenity song.
you open up but it's not
the words that you give out by
reaching for something in the distance
so close you can almost taste it release
your innovation feel the rain on your skin
no one else can feel it for
you only you can breathe in
no one else no one else can
speak the words of your lips
touch yourself in words of your
soul live your life we lost while old
today is where you'll begin so
race into time races can you all clap?
turn the record now
release your innovation.
feel the rain on your skin no one else
can feel it for you only you can breathe in
no one else no one else can
speak the words of your lips
touch yourself in words unspoken
live your life we lost while old
today is where your book
begins feel the rain on your skin
no one else can feel
it for you only you can.
no one else no one else.
thanks again that's all yeah.
want some coffee?
i love the stuff from
here I'll be up all night.
thanks for kind of saving
me though it was fun.
stupid but fun
oh that's the best guy.
no no no it's hot.
when are you ever gonna learn.
like what are you blowing?
is it still hot?
I'm cold anyone
but you could get it
You're gonna back up all fit bold.
you'll only piece my mind
just take your time
just take your time.
you got me so proud.
I've got nothing left.
And I can't go back.
And you feel so right.
This could be every night
When I'm holding you so tight.
We're getting pretty good at faking it
I don't even know what's real anymore.
Everything I do just feels like a mistake.
Kelly, what are they?
Is that the handprint?
Everything I do just feels like
a mistake Everything I do just
feels like a mistake Everything
I do just feels like a mistake.
Ben, are you ready? We've got
one step to go I'm coming, I'm coming
Man, I hope you're scrubbing
top to bottom Because who
knows what was in that
harbor I also show our last name
Two showers at eight dollars
Go off, can't get clean.
It's Mary!
Are you excited?
Yes, I'm so excited to marry Claudia
But, you know, I'm also hosting a party
Where it feels like we're
all playing parts in a play
And I'm not really into the pageantry
And I kind of just want to do a weirdo
All that matters is that you and Claudia
Are the rest of your lives together.
I love you.
I love you too.
Hey, you're still good
too Get the cake, right?
Yes, ma'am Awesome I put Margaret
on it with you just to be safe Margaret.
All right, talk to me,
baby Who's it gonna be?
Margaret Orby
Come on, man, don't get me
there There's two girls talking
I'll get it though It's tough
Mary Pie's your dream girl
She's confident, beautiful
And she knows how to put
out a fire when they retire
Now, B's waxing out the head.
She's smart, funny, quick
And she's got an ass you're
about to put her off of What?
I'm not objectifying Margaret, man I'm
gonna be inappropriate That's because
It's inappropriate with B, too
This is deeper than I thought
Hey, Sydney, my boy is in
love Stop, dude, stop What?
I know what you're doing I
know what you've all been doing.
You set us up and we went
along with it But it's fake.
That was my stepdad, right?
You can't act for shit.
You suck too, bro
That's foul, dog
It's definitely gotta be B, man I
don't know, man I don't fucking know
She doesn't know what she wants She's single
For basically the first time in her life
She just quit law school
Or fucking fianc's here.
Stop with all those white boys
Hey, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa Cheers
Anytime something gets real
You run away
Call yourself a fuckboy
Make an excuse And you
just move on to the next.
It's B.
You jumped off a boat for her.
Oh, that's perfect They're
gonna love it Thank you so much
Let me get these boxes
up for you Thank you.
Can I get all the pageantry of weddings?
If you like someone, give
them a snog Give it to yourself
And we're a wedding dress for
Halloween Five years in a row
Stop it No, I know,
it's so pathetic.
But I am with you now
This is not for me
So you haven't been on series?
What? No, no, I just.
We're just situationally together.
When I saw you last night
in the harbor, I thought
I might be more with
you two Just situationally
Is an American bear?
I don't even know.
So you're right, if I have a goat in me.
I feel like I might have made
a mistake letting him loose.
If that's not okay,
just tell me For real.
I know he really makes you.
How do you think I
should play this with Ben?
Should I wait until after the wedding?
Um, I don't know.
Have you guys looked up?
Beatrice You quit school
You're just gonna work assily
on everything you've worked for?
Is there still time to re-enroll?
As soon as you broke up with
Jonas, then everything turned to potty
You want drugs because at
least then I don't understand
Who told you I quit law school?
Was it Ben?
You quit school?
When were you gonna tell us?
Is this to get back at us?
I'm sorry if we pushed you to succeed your
whole life We're such awful parents Yeah
Mom, this isn't about you Yes
it is It is about us Yes and no
We're not gonna let you throw away your
life Because you're going through something
Everyone is always going
through something It's called life
I can't believe you
You told him I quit school?
No, I didn't
You told Pete, Pete told us
I told you what?
Yeah, no, I told Pete, but I didn't
mean it like that Told you what?
That we're gonna find out at some
point That's not for you to decide
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to It doesn't
matter how we found out Found out what?
She quit law school
Oh yeah, I knew
that You're a real shit
I made a mistake, I'm sorry
There's a reason why you're
alone No one can trust you.
Yeah, what's your
reason? Guys like you.
Keep telling yourself that
Fuck off
Oh, I'm gonna do this right here right
now I messed this song up It's all on me
Why not not wheel guy for a swim, right?
Cool off before the wedding That's
a great idea Maybe early drinks
Guys, I am so sorry
But your plan is all ruined We are not
together We are faking it the whole time
You knew?
What are they even talking about?
Well, we may have orchestrated
a union between the pair of them
In order for peace to
prevail across the land
You lied to us?
What have you been honest about lately?
You lied to me too.
You're not together?
I could never be with someone like him.
Yeah, cause I'm the one who fucked it up.
You did fuck it
up I fucked it up?
Yeah, you fucked it up I
fucked it up You fucked it up.
Oh, bad dog, a lot of you
I mean, good dog, you killed that shit
But let's not leave the room,
okay, buddy? I am so sorry.
You're perfect And you've
been more worried about going.
Well, if that's how you feel, then why
are we even doing this? I don't know.
There's one last thing we need to fake.
Claudia, Ally.
We're assholes We're really sorry I'm a
terrible sister and he's a terrible friend
It's your guys' big day.
We're not gonna mess
it up, we promise Uh-huh
But just so you both know
If you fuck up today,
that's something I borrowed
It's a knife and a shiny onion.
It's not here, it's mine
It's not your option.
It's not your option
It's not your option
Love is intoxicating
It envelops you, it tickles you It
makes you feel like you can walk on air.
It's like this wind It's in
your bones, it's in your breath
It's in every beat of your heart
You can't look for it, you can't
describe it And you gotta Skype.
Hallie, I love you so much.
And I don't think I say it enough.
You are a yin to my Yang.
Peanut butter to my chili
And I will love you forever and always.
Claudia, I love you with
so much of my heart.
But none is left to protest
That's very good.
Just made it up.
A lot of it.
I now pronounce you
Oh hey parents
Is that Taz mania?
How are you doing honey?
I am so sorry I lied to
you guys about school
I didn't want to
disappoint you guys again
You just told us maybe we could
have Should I talk me out of it?
No, maybe we could have supported
you I know this is scary for you guys
This is scary for me too And I
have to figure it out on my own.
I know that every now and then We
might come off as a little Controlling?
No Fresh and crazy?
That's it And only because
we love you so much.
Yay! I love you.
So nice.
I think we have to
keep it on somewhere in
here Hang on Yes
Do you mind if I still in?
Uh, cut it off Go ahead.
Where's Beau?
We bugged it off.
We said he saw her wave
He could morally not serve.
I'm sorry.
It was never really anything.
And you and Bee.
She said you were just situational.
She said that?
Are you good?
Yeah, we know it's been
a tough weekend for you.
I don't know.
And these last few days.
Really made me realize how much I miss you.
Why don't you just go for a walk Feel your
head Yeah, we'll go with you No we won't No
I love you, but
It's our wedding.
Are you sure?
I might go and do some
people watching Just not.
These people.
Thank you.
I wanted this for so long.
But I think I'm just holding onto a memory.
And also I.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Who was the first person to say that, Ben?
I know it sounds crazy,
but even when they were
yapping at each other It
never seemed to be happy.
Same thing.
Hey Stepfather, may I have a word?
Yes, but make it quick, son
I promised my lady a dance
But don't tell your mother.
You're so clever You know
who's also clever? Ben.
You know who else would be perfect for Ben?
That mumbly girl who always
looks like she's got a secret
You know her name is Bee
That's a callback
Will you stop? Stop.
How you doing? How you doing, Ben?
What are you doing?
What? Just enough.
With the loud talking and
people over here Just stop
Bro, we literally didn't know you
were something, man Yeah, it's true
We didn't know you
were listening We didn't
It's greatly a performance for one And
we nailed it, too What is with you people?
This is an entire weekend I've been
lied to and manipulated and puppeteered.
I don't know what is real and what is
not Might I know you're a little blurry?
Well, I meant what I
said up there about loud.
It's too precious a resource to be wasted.
I haven't seen her
She went on a walk a while ago.
After she saw you kissing Margaret.
No, I didn't kiss Margaret
Margaret kissed me I backed up
I don't want to be
with Margaret Stop it
You gorgeous idiot Run Don't
wait on the box What are you doing?
Did I worry about the
eye difference? I'm 29.
Honey, no one's 29.
Do you know where she went?
She said she wanted to walk
around And do some people watching
That's what she said.
People watching
I think it was more of a
euphemism for crying alone.
No, it's not.
I think I know where she might be
Thank God, man, go get her Scour
the city Block by block Scan the grid
First north, south, then east,
west Liam, I know exactly
where she is No, well,
that makes it a lot easier.
What's going on here?
Is that coffee? Uh, yeah.
No, it's a joke
No, it's a joke No.
That's crazy.
Why do you just treat people on my boat?
You said get the girl.
Thank you.
Kiss Margaret, she kissed me I know
that's a bullshit excuse, but it's true.
I couldn't find a move in training.
Sorry, it's the best I could do.
Are you out of your mind? Yeah.
Because it's been two years since we met
And I haven't spent every single day
with you That's the side of a crazy person.
I hated you
I didn't really give you a choice
And I definitely didn't hate you
Even though you called me a bitch
I said you were acting like
a bitch No, I was a bitch.
The way I handled
everything The way I handled
the first night The way
I handled last night.
Yeah, that was really awesome.
Why did you leave?
I thought you were gonna regret it
And I couldn't fix the idea of
losing someone else that I...
I really loved.
Last night was the first thing I
haven't regretted in a long time.
I love the way we fight
I love how smart you are I love the weird
way you stick your hands down my pants
And I love how you
know what you don't want.
But if it's not me.
If I don't check all your
boxes If I'm not the one I get it.
That would really, really fucking suck.
So you got a kiss for
me now? Yeah, I am.
I'm running for Mr.
Lucario Yeah, I'm dying
It's a mirror I love you.
I love you too I love you too I'm
just beginning Hands in my hand.
And bring some friends.
Staring at the place where you've
been for you Open up the dirty window
Where's the sun and the wind
Ain't the world that you can't find
I didn't know my Swellity song
How did I know my Swellity song?
It's been so close You almost faced
it With each other In the vision of steel
And a rain on God's skin No one else
can be before you Only you can imagine
No one else, no one else Can
speak no words Only one lives
Let yourself count words as home
Leave your life with us wide open
Today is where you'll both
begin The rest is still on record.
We've been conditioned Sometimes
my tries Are outside the line Of my yes
We've been conditioned
To not make mistakes
That I can live that way Staring at
the place where you've been for you
Open up the dirty window
Where's the sun and the wind
Ain't the world that you
can't find I didn't know
my Swellity song So
close, you almost faced it.
With each other In the vision
of steel And a rain on God's skin
No one else can be before you Only
you can imagine No one else, no one else
Can speak no words Only one
lives Leave your life with us wide open
Today is where you'll both
begin The rest is still on record
I'm sorry you almost called
off your wedding We can
call over bullshit What? I
saw you arguing on the porch
Oh no no no, we staged a fake fight
So you guys would feel bad and make up
Are you marrying your
precious itinerary or me?
Well if that's how you feel, I don't
know why we're doing this anymore.
Thank you very much Puppets.
Or just puppets.
Staring at the blank page before
you Open up the dirty window
Where's the sun and the wind
Name the words that you cannot find
Reaching for something
in the distance Of course
you can almost face it
Release your inhibition.
Fill the rain on God's skin No one else
can be before you Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else Can
speak no words Only one lives
Leave your life with
us wide open Today is
where we'll begin The
rest is still our intent.
The rest is still our intent.