Anything Is Possible (2013) Movie Script

Okay, okay, okay.
Okay. Okay, fine.
My favorite... What?
Mom, this isn't funny.
Okay, my favorite thing
about your father is...
Ow! That hurt.
Oh, that he likes to do his own laundry.
That's pretty much it.
NATHAN: Oh, uh, well.
I don't like to do
my own laundry.
Seriously, Mom, please answer the question.
Come on!
Well, that's all I've got.
That's it.
That's all she...
See how she treats me?
Yeah. That's all I get is,
"I like to do my own laundry"? Really?
Yeah, what else?
Don't tickle, you know I don't like that.
Just like I love doing my own laundry.
Okay! Okay, fine!
My favorite thing,
my favorite thing is that he never forgets,
uh, birthdays, or anniversaries.
Or anniversaries!
Okay fine, I will be more profound.
Uh, my favorite thing
about your father
is that he loves you
as much as I do.
Oh, and, uh, don't forget
the caterpillar eyebrows.
Oh, well, I mean,
how could you forget about those?
First of all, I do not have
caterpillar eyebrows!
Second of all, I am going...
You better run!
You better run!
You better run! Run!
I love you guys.
Aw! We love you.
I love you too much!
I love you more than that!
Look at our kid.
This is Joyce Miner,
WKRC in Detroit,
reporting on the devastan
that has hit Japan.
The level of damage over such a
vast area is hard to comprehend
Soldiers from all over the world,
including our own troops,
poke their way through the
wreckage of entire towns
hoping for a noise or cr.
In truth, it's remarkable
that more people didn't.
In the most
difficult-to-reach places,
the most badly hit
by the tsunami,
they're still looking
for survivors.
The United States military has deployed
units to help with the rescue
and to bring supplies
to the victims.
It's pretty hopeless in these
freezing and miserable conditions.
They have no food,
water, electricity or gas.
The loss is breathtaking.
Thousands have died
over there
but 300,000 are left
holding on to there
as authorities struggle to deal with
the magnitude of this situation.
Our local troops,
from all over the Detroit area,
have been arriving daily to
help with this grave disaster.
This is Joyce Miner
from WKRC, Detroit.
Whoo! Aw,
that was great, sweetie!
I know, I keep telling him
practice makes perfect. Right?
I miss you, Mom.
I miss you too but before you know
it I'll be back to tuck you in.
Nobody tucks me in
like you do.
Hey! Thanks a lot, buddy.
No offense, Dad, but, uh, "Lights outs,
soldier!" isn't exactly Mom's style.
(LAUGHS) Okay, well, you know what?
I'll tell you what.
Tonight, after lights out,
I want you to look up
at the sky.
You look up at the sky and you know that
we are both looking at the same moon.
I'll do that, Mom.
Can I go play now?
Hey! I saw that!
Let him go, he's a kid.
I think one recital
is enough for the night.
Mom, you're the best!
Okay, you can go but I want
you back by 6:00, okay?
I'm making you
an extra special dinner.
NATHAN: You got it, Dad.
GEORGE: No soldier left behind!
I love you, Mom.
I love you to.
You spoil him too much.
It's 'cause I love him
too much.
Hey, so what's this
special dinner?
I am making
frozen chicken enchiladas.
Oh, so you've mastered
the microwave oven?
Hey, nobody can nuke it
like I can, huh?
How's it going over there?
Oh, it's just been non-stop
since we got to Tokyo.
There's thousands of tsunami victims
relocating to higher ground.
What about the aftershocks?
It's nature's best
wake-up call.
I woke up three times
last night.
Uh, we're on our way up to Iwaki
City to set up refugee camps.
It's just been crazy,
I mean really crazy, non-stop
but we're doing a really good thing
for the Japanese people, so...
I'm really sorry.
For what?
I should be the one
over there, not you.
If I wasn't
on medical leave...
No, don't, don't, don't beat yourself up.
It's not your fault.
Nathan needs you here,
I know.
But he's lucky to have you.
I don't really know about that.
I mean, if we're not careful
the kid's going to turn into the
poster child for frozen dinners.
(LAUGHS) No, I'm sure he'll be fine.
He's got a great dad.
Now, the frozen foods,
I would do just about anything
for a delicious frozen meal
right now.
Okay, well, I'll keep that
in mind when you get back.
Don't try to be a hero.
Just be safe over there.
I know.
No man left behind.
All right, here's the house.
This would be us.
We'll throw the rocks here. Got it?
Hey, guys,
can I play?
I don't know, you guys,
you think Nathan has what it
takes to run around with us?
ALL: No!
I have what it takes
to run around with anyone.
Oh, yeah?
This is your ticket
to become one of us.
Come on.
You wanna be one of us
or what?
Come on, let's go.
He's in the house,
let's go.
One, two, three.
MAN: What the hell?
It's those damn kids again!
Get up, you wimp!
What were you thinking, kid?
Why did you do that?
I don't know.
You broke my window.
I'm sorry.
Sorry is not going to pay
for my window. Now, is it?
No, sir.
Do the right thing, kid.
Now get out of here
and go home.
Hey, buddy! What's up?
You're just in time for dinner.
I'm not hungry.
But I made your favorite,
Chicken a la Georgie!
Hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down.
What's wrong? Park it.
Okay, somehow I feel there's a little
something behind that "nothing."
Spill it.
Why aren't I big
and strong like you?
Um, because you're 10.
Jimmy's ten
and he's big and strong.
Well, Jimmy doesn't have
what you have.
A heart?
Duh, everyone has one
of those, Dad.
Yeah, I know
everyone has a heart.
But a heart is so much more
than just that. Okay?
And yours...
Yours is very special.
How is that?
Remember when you had
heart surgery?
Dad, please, I was three.
Yeah, okay, well,
when the doctors fixed you up
they said that your recovery
was going to depend
on the strength of your character
and that is when I knew.
Knew what?
That you were going to be okay.
See, these days,
science, you can
put a new heart in someone
and make them get real big
and strong
but what they can't give you is the
character that comes along with that heart.
What's character?
Character is something that everyone
possesses but very few put to good use.
A lot like common sense?
Exactly like common sense.
the value of a human being is not based
on their bones or how big and strong
they are or how tall they are,
it's based on the conviction
of their character.
And you,
you have enough
for an entire brigade, buddy.
So you hungry now?
Yes, but I gotta do
something first.
This character thing
is gonna leave me broke.
SOLDIER 1: Lieutenant Peters?
Come on in.
Well, we're not sure
how to say this but, uh...
Your wife, she was on her way
to a refugee camp in Iwaki City
as they crossed
the Takahama Bridge...
We just talked to her
this morning.
But we're sending a search
and rescue as we speak.
They're doing their best.
You can be sure we'll do everything
in our power to find her.
Please don't hesitate
to contact the base.
I just wanna thank everyone
for coming out tonight.
We all know that Maggie
was a great neighbor.
We're just hoping
and praying for the best.
Now we'd like to ask Nathan
to see if he'd like to play something
on the piano for his mother.
May I sit?
Hi, I'm Jesse,
short for Jessica.
And you are Nathan.
Good guess.
Nice to meet you.
I'm sorry to hear
about your mom.
There's nothing
to be sorry about.
I thought she died.
She's missing, not dead.
Missing? Where?
In Japan.
In Japan?
She was on
a tsunami rescue mission.
She was very brave.
She still is.
I didn't mean it that way.
I'm Evelyn Strausser,
I'm with the orphanage on Spring Street,
and I just wanted to let you
know if you need anything,
we provide free counseling to
the families of fallen soldiers.
Thank you.
Do you play the piano?
I used to.
You should keep playing.
I'm not very good.
I wish I could play
the piano.
Why don't you?
I'm musically challenged.
Not if you put
your heart into it.
Then you should
continue to play.
Wait, you tricked me
into saying that.
Whatever it takes.
EVELYN: Jesse?
That's my mom.
It's nice meeting you, Nathan.
You know what?
I believe
anything is possible.
Me too.
Keep the faith, buddy.
This isn't funny.
Answer the question.
Okay, I... I love
that your father...
My favorite thing about your father is
that he loves to do his own laundry.
Well, that's all I've got.
That's it. Seriously, Mom.
GEORGE: You see
how you treat me?
Yeah. That's all I get is,
"I like to do my own laundry"? Real?
of vets in the area
suffering from PTSD?
The number of vets
suffering from PTSD
is probably a lot larger
number than we really know.
Here we have
over 200 patients.
Even though these veterans have
integrated back into society,
it's really not uncommon
for them to relapse.
PTSD is a very hard thing
to understand.
A lot of people have no idea what
these vets have seen and been through.
And what we want to do is we
just want to raise awareness...
...and we need families and friends to know
that they need to be there for those vets.
MAN: IED! IED! Victor One is do.
Victor One is do.
thank you so much, Doctor,
I know it's really important
for this society to understand
DOCTOR: Really, all we want to
do is make the public aware...
Can I help you?
Mr. Peters?
Hi, I'm Mrs. Jones and this is Mr. Cruz.
MR. CRUZ: We're with
Child Care Services.
According to our records, Nathan doesn't
have a father or a guardian listed.
He has me.
His birth certificate
doesn't list a father.
And there aren't
any adoption papers filed,
which makes Nathan the
responsibility of the state.
Please get out of my house.
MR. CRUZ: Mr. Peters.
MS. JONES: Please, Mr. Peters.
Our concern
is Nathan's welfare.
It appears as if
the child is on his own.
Well, he's not, okay?
And you're not taking him away
to some institution.
With his mother missing in action we
have to make sure things are in order.
Everything is in order.
He is my son and that is that.
Mr. Peters, we're trying to protect you
and him from further legal misconduct.
Legal misconduct? Are you...
Are you kidding me?
Doesn't being married
to his mother give me
some right
of legal guardianship?
You would think so
but that's not the case here.
You have to fill out
proper documentation.
GEORGE: She got shipped off so quickly
because she speaks Japanese, okay.
We never had time
to do the paperwork.
The sooner we take care of this,
the sooner you two can be reunited again.
GEORGE: Nathan
doesn't even know.
He doesn't know?
She and I met
when she was a single mom.
And right after we got married,
I got deployed to Iraq.
A year later when I came back,
we just kind of...
Just kind of picked up
where we left off.
We have to make this right.
I don't care what those papers
say or don't say,
I am the only father
he's ever known.
He is my son,
and I'm not going to let you
take him away from me.
We're not the enemy here,
Mr. Peters, but we have a duty,
and it's to protect
the child.
If I...
If I agree to this,
where would you take him?
He'd just be placed into foster
care until we clear all this up.
Look, Mr. Peters,
this is the only legal way.
Hey, Nathan.
Buddy, time to get up.
Hey, buddy?
Now that's what I'm talking about, Kenny.
I heard
about this place, Luis.
You sure this food
is good here?
Yeah, they got the best lunch
in all of Detroit.
I thought you said your wife
made the best lunch in Detroit.
Was she there when I said it?
Well there you go!
You can have her lunch if you want.
No, I don't want it.
You like lamb chops?
Yeah, I love 'em, man.
Hey, what's going on?
I'm Frankie Darcel.
And I wanted to interrupt
the broadcast to bring you
a very urgent
missing person's report.
In danger of being a runaway,
his name is Nathan Peters.
He's ten years old.
He went missing on August 14th,
at about 3:00
in the afternoon.
He stands at about four
feet two inches tall
and weighs about 65 lbs.
He was last seen
in the Plymouth area.
Now anyone with any information
please call 1-800-MISSING.
That's the number to the Detroit Police
Department. That's 1-800-MISSING.
Now back to our regularly
scheduled broadcast.
Thank you.
Thank you for the music.
Thank you, young man.
We need
a lot more flyers.
Yeah, we're printing
them right now.
Could you grab me
some more paper?
Sure. Where's it at?
They're right there.
Any word?
We sent out an all-points bulletin.
With the help of the community
I'm sure we're gonna find him.
I hope so.
Hey, kid!
Identify yourself,
little soldier.
I see you're a soldier.
Lieutenant Peters.
Oh. Yeah.
At ease, soldier.
Sit down.
For a little kid like you
to be walking around here?
Where are your parents?
Missing in action, sir.
It looks like we're gonna
have to set up camp then.
What's your name?
Nathan, I'm Miles.
You mean, Captain Miles.
the bars on your jacket gave you away.
(CHUCKLES) Like every good soldier
I see you know your ranks.
It's a little nippy
out here.
Wait here.
Yes, sir.
Take that.
What about you?
Uh, my jacket will
keep me warm.
My mom's jacket
does pretty good too.
Where is she?
Well, I told you,
missing in action.
Missing where?
Well, if we knew then she wouldn't
be missing in action, would she?
George, everything's gonna
be all right. You'll see.
Shouldn't have been so careless
with the adoption thing.
It's okay,
you just didn't know.
Ignorance is no excuse though.
Don't worry, we're going
to make this right.
You play?
A little.
Why don't you go on
and play some?
I'll play for you,
but first,
you have to help me
with this.
I hear it's the best
in all of Detroit.
Thank you, little soldier.
You gonna play something?
Nice, kid!
Good job, kid, good job.
That was pretty good.
We should call it a night,
all right, little soldier?
This is your bunk right here.
Good night.
Good night, Captain.
I love you guys.
I love you.
Good night, Mom.
Rise and shine,
little soldier.
Why did they take
everything down?
We need to break camp
every day,
you never know
when you've got to relocate.
I know what you mean.
Okay, soldier,
what's your mission?
I'm not really
a soldier, Captain.
I ran away
for a very good reason.
There's never a good reason to run
away from home where people love you.
That is unacceptable, soldier.
Then what's your excuse,
I don't have a family.
And besides,
I'm not eight years old.
I'm 10.
Oh, 10, got it.
I can't go back.
Not now, sir.
Well, you can't
stay out here.
I like the people here
just fine.
Yeah, most of them are okay
but there's some danger
out here too.
What's wrong?
I just feel like...
Like I'm missing
but in the inside.
Have you ever felt
that way, Captain?
I'm not gonna
force you home.
But I am gonna ask you to help me
out with a very important mission.
You name it.
Come with me.
We'll put this in here
for now.
You ready, little soldier?
Let's go.
Captain, I don't mean to be rude but
regarding this mission, remember,
I'm not really a soldier.
You know what the true
definition of a soldier is?
The true definition
of a soldier
is an active
and loyal member of a group.
You commit to that, you're a soldier
no matter what the cause is.
Now Captain Miles' been
thinking about your cause.
You know what
your cause is?
Your cause
is to find yourself.
And when you find yourself you'll
be able to find your family.
Why are we here?
We need life back there.
You mean batteries.
That's right, batteries.
And they've got plenty of them
in there.
They've got so many of them
they throw them away,
even if there's life
left in them.
Why would they do that?
Don't know, I never asked.
I just go up to that container
right there and take what I need.
So you want me to go
over there and just take them?
There's nothing wrong
with that, Nathan,
they're gonna
throw them away anyway.
So what about you?
Me? Captain Miles?
Captain Miles
is your lookout.
Captain Miles
got you covered.
Captain Miles,
Captain Miles.
May I help you?
I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to scare you.
It's... It's you.
Yep, and this is my home.
What are you doing
in our recycling bin?
Oh, I was just looking
for batteries.
Everyone knows you don't
recycle batteries.
Apparently not.
why are you here?
Just, uh, passing by.
You're really far
from home.
Are you with your dad?
No, I'm with...
EVELYN: Jesse, lunch is ready!
I'm coming!
I gotta go.
Where to?
Come to lunch with us.
You can tell me there.
No, I can't.
EVELYN: Jesse!
I'm coming!
Come on, I can tell
something's wrong.
but you have to promise not to tell anyone.
But... You have to promise
or you won't see me again.
(SIGHS) Okay, I promise.
Okay, I'll tell you later.
Where can I hide?
There's a door on the side of the
house that leads down to the basement,
no one ever goes there. It's safe.
I'll check on you later.
I'm coming!
Kim, there's got to be
something we can do.
I mean, what are we going to
do with all those children?
We can't let this happen.
Okay, yeah, all right.
Call me later.
Is everything okay, Mom?
Everything's fine,
just eat your lunch.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
It's just the funding to keep the
orphanage open, it wasn't approved.
We don't know what to do.
Can I take the rest of
my lunch up to my room?
Okay, but just this one time.
Yes, Jared, what's going on?
I see you're not very good
at hide and seek.
For your information I'm
very good at hide and seek.
It's just that no one counted
to 20 and I had to think fast.
Here, you must be starving.
(SIGHS) So what's going on?
Your mom isn't gonna come
down here, right?
She's very busy right now.
What's going on?
How do you know
where I live?
I didn't.
So then why are you here?
I came with a friend.
And where is this friend?
He's out there.
And is this an old friend?
Met him yesterday.
That doesn't qualify
as a friend.
Captain Miles does.
We knew a Captain Miles.
We haven't seen him in months.
He moves a lot.
So are you going
to come clean
and tell me what's going on
with your father?
I ran away.
Something must have happened.
They were gonna
take me away.
I'm not sure.
This man and this lady came,
and they said that something about
my dad not being my real dad.
And what did your dad say?
After arguing for a while he
finally agreed, so I ran away.
I didn't want to go
to some institution.
That's for crazy people.
Not all are for crazy people.
My mom works for different
institutions and they do good things.
I'm not taking any chances.
So you prefer the streets?
At least there I'm free.
It's very dangerous.
Come to think of it,
I had fun last night.
You're just lucky
you ran into Captain Miles.
How do you know him?
He worked for my mom until one day
he just stopped showing up to work.
Never came back.
What kind of work?
He did everything,
best handyman in the world.
He's a fine soldier too.
Nathan, if you let me tell my mom
she can clear all of this up.
Please, don't tell her.
I have to.
If you do I'll run away again.
All right, I won't, for now,
but eventually you're going to
have to go back to your dad.
You mean the dad
that's not my real dad?
He never told you anything?
Sometimes parents don't say anything
because they don't want to hurt their kids.
What if they take me to another dad?
They can't do that, could they?
That could be a problem.
Okay, you can't tell anyone
until we know for sure.
All right.
I'll tell you what,
my mom and I are leaving town for two days.
Just promise me you won't
go to the streets.
Then where will I go?
You can stay here.
You can sleep...
You can sleep in,
oh, that thing.
And there's plenty of food in the fridge,
but the one upstairs, not this one.
Okay, thanks.
EVELYN: Jesse!
I gotta go.
Yes, Mother!
Nothing? Okay.
Mr. Peters?
Yeah, Jimmy.
My friends and I were thinking
that maybe we could help.
You guys have any idea
where Nathan could be?
I thought you guys
were good friends.
Not lately.
You've been pushing him
around pretty hard, huh?
Go get those flyers
and pass them around, okay?
WOMAN: Mr. Peters.
Sorry I broke your window.
Actually, his rock
didn't fly too far.
It was my rock that broke
your window. I'm sorry.
Me too.
That was a foolish thing
that you did.
But you know what?
It takes a real man
to admit when he's wrong.
And thanks for apologizing.
Now, let's grab some flyers,
and go find Nathan.
Let's go.
Good, we're running late.
I already locked the back door.
Oh, thank you, sweetie.
I'll get the alarm.
Hey Jared.
Everything all right?
Yeah, did you talk to Kim?
I called her twice
but I got her voice mail.
Hi Jared.
Hey Jess.
Oh, I forgot my sunglasses.
You have to wait for it to beep
twice to make sure it's on.
Yes, 10:00 to 3:00,
just like you asked.
Great, thank you.
MAGGIE: You look up at the sky and you know
that we are both looking at the same moon.
I love you, too much.
MAN: (OVER RADIO) That's right,
it's at 9401 Washington Road.
This is car 51.
We're at the Strausser home.
We're gonna check it out, over.
MAN: It's a zone two
interior sensor.
It might be a false alarm.
Copy that.
This house again,
second time this week.
There doesn't really seem
to be anything here.
Just like last time.
Must be the cat again.
Trips the alarm all the time.
MAN: (OVER RADIO) There's a five
zone alarm at 451 Spring Street.
Any cars in the area
respond immediately.
This is car 51, we're on it.
Let's get outta here.
You have made your way
back to the park.
Son, soldiers, and I mean every soldier,
have three things in common.
Courage, honor,
and character.
As I am sure you have learned these
lessons from your mom and dad.
So when I asked you to help
with a very important mission,
I was leading you to the people
that could make you whole again.
And remember,
anything missing can be found.
Captain Miles.
When she plunged into the
river 100 feet below.
NATHAN: I love you, Mom.
I love you.
MS. JONES: He doesn't know?
He never told you anything?
How did you learn how to
play the piano like that?
I don't know, I just kept having
thoughts of my mom and dad and then,
and then my fingers
took over.
Are you holding out on me?
No, I'm serious.
I, I...
I was just thinking of my mom and then,
the music
took over my fingers.
I don't know how to explain it.
But, just like that?
You were the one
who said anything's possible.
I did say that, didn't I?
Thank you for letting me
use your house.
You're very welcome.
I hope I didn't get you
in trouble with your mom.
We'll see about that once
your dad gets here.
My dad?
What is it?
You know, my dad, that's not really my dad.
I heard once
that anyone can be a father
but not everybody
can be a dad.
He sounds
like a real dad to me.
You know,
you scared me.
You should never
run away like that.
I didn't know what to do.
Hi, Mr. Peters.
Hi, I'm Kimberly Jordan
and I'm the chief administrator
for this orphanage
and this is
my assistant Lysandra.
I clearly told Ms. Strausser
that my son is not an orphan.
Well, I'm not
here to dispute that.
We just want to find the best
resolution for your situation.
Mr. Peters,
this may be a good thing.
This orphanage
is registered with the state
and your son can stay here while
we process your documentation.
They treat the kids
very well here.
And I'll be around to keep
an eye on him.
You all want to meet me
in my office?
EVELYN: We'll be right there.
Can I stick around too?
Why don't you show
Nathan to the rec room?
Come on, I'll show you
the rest of the gang.
It's okay, little buddy.
I'll be right back, okay?
I love you.
Love you too.
She's very fond
of your son.
Yeah, I can see that.
I really appreciate everything
you've done for him.
It was all Jess and Captain Miles.
Captain Miles?
Your son lucked out
while he was in the streets
and ran into a friend
of ours.
Where is he?
I want to thank him.
We don't know where he is.
He suffers from PTSD.
We think he might
have had a relapse.
Gather around, guys.
I want you all
to meet Nathan.
Hi, Nathan.
I'm Charlie.
So, are you moving
in with us?
Looks like I might
be around for a while.
Well, I have an extra bed in
my room if you ever need it.
That's very nice of you,
we need to talk.
What's wrong, Jesse?
The funding to keep the
center open has been denied.
We have to raise
Is that it?
We should go walk
to the bank.
I should have that much
money in my saving account.
This isn't funny, Scooter.
Oh, I see you guys
have met Nathan.
He's gonna be staying
with us for a little while.
is that okay, buddy?
It's fine, Dad.
I'm sorry about
this whole mess.
I'm gonna make it right though, okay?
I know you will.
Have you heard
anything about Mom?
Nope, no new news.
I'm gonna go with
Ms. Jones and Ms. Kim.
We're gonna fill
out a bunch of paperwork
and I brought you
some clean clothes.
And in the meantime,
we have our scheduled visit to
Children's Hospital to visit Jasmine!
She's one of our kids
who's taken ill and we like to
see her at least once a week.
All right, you go with them and I'll
see you back here tomorrow night.
And don't worry,
everything's gonna be okay.
Hey, hey, hey,
you know if you need anything,
Lysandra's here to help
you, okay?
I'll take good care of him.
Okay, everyone,
we have one hour,
so behave yourselves.
Anyone else?
Okay, let's go.
WOMAN: (OVER PA) Dr. Forest,
dial 182, please.
Hi, Jasmine.
Hi, bubblies.
Hey, Becky.
How are you feeling?
Good, I feel good.
Who's this?
This is Nathan.
He'll be staying at the center.
I don't know,
he's pretty cute.
He might get snatched
up pretty fast.
He's not up for adoption.
He has a father.
Lucky you, Nathan.
when are you coming home?
Soon, really, really soon.
That's what
you said the last time.
Can we go to the garden?
we can go to the garden.
Let's go.
Look at all
the TVs in here.
Do you see what I see?
Come on, you got this.
That was good, buddy.
How did you do that?
I'm not sure.
Kids, let's wrap it up,
we'll be leaving soon.
Jasmine, we have a problem.
What is it?
Looks like they're going to
be shutting down the center.
They can't do that.
I'm afraid they can.
The owner of the building
is selling out to a company
that wants to build a parking
lot on that location.
Where are we going to go?
They'll probably send us
to different foster homes.
You don't have
to go anywhere.
What did you have
in mind, Becky?
BECKY: Fundraising.
Well, how do you think
we can stay here
without paying any money
and getting treated?
They raise money through the
Children's Miracle Network.
But we're not the
Children's Miracle Network.
The only thing that we have in
common is that we're all children.
How are we going
to raise $40,000
without a miracle
or a network?
Well, I can't do everything
for you, but...
What are you looking at?
Forty thousand dollars.
How many 10 year olds do you know that
can play the piano like you just did?
I don't know any.
Exactly, none.
Which means that you'd
be a great attraction.
Yeah, like the panda
exhibit at the Detroit Zoo.
And how many people
came to see that panda?
Thousands and thousands.
And why did thousands and
thousands come to see that panda?
Because pandas are very rare
in this part of the world.
You get it?
I'm a rare panda?
But you forgot one thing,
I would have to perform and
I've never done that before.
Kid, where have
you been for the past hour?
But this doesn't count.
Well, I think it
counts just fine.
Me too.
Me three.
Me four.
Okay, how many of you would
go to see Nathan in concert?
I guess that settles it.
Okay, time to go.
Bye, Becky.
Bye, Jess.
Bye, Becky.
Nice to meet you, Nathan.
Come on, guys.
Do you mind
getting the door?
Nope, I don't mind.
Looking for someone?
At ease, Captain.
Good infiltration maneuver
there, little soldier.
We call it "sneaky"
in the civilian world.
I'm sure they would
like to see you.
I just came by to see if you were okay.
I think they would like to see
that you are doing okay as well.
Look at me, little soldier.
Well, you could
use a shower,
but they don't really
care about that.
Come on, Captain,
go say hello.
I'd rather not.
You know someone
once told me
that it's not cool to run
away from those who love you.
They do?
It's time to face
the music, Captain.
Captain Miles.
Where have you been?
Here and there.
Well, oh, well,
look who we have here.
If it isn't good
ol' Captain Miles.
I hope you're here
to stick around
because we could use all the help we
can get in keeping this place open.
What do you mean?
We were turned down
for next year's grant.
What about the kids?
We don't know.
They may end up living on the streets if
we don't think of something very soon.
if you plan to stick around,
I suggest you shower first.
And we'll fill you in.
Yes, ma'am.
I contacted the mayor's
office but no answer yet.
Okay, well, try again,
this time ask for Mark Robinson.
Isn't that your
Well, desperate times
call for desperate measures.
He still suffers from fatal attraction.
Well, Captain Miles!
Well, don't you clean up well.
Thank you, Ms. Kim.
And thank you for the shower
and the new clothes.
Well, you're welcome.
We're just glad
you're back on your feet.
Let's save an orphanage.
Okay, first,
we need to get organized.
We have to figure out
who does what.
I can draw.
Okay, Jenny will be drawing.
How about you, Scooter?
I can spell.
Great! We are going
to need designers
for the posters
and the flyers.
Well, I can help with that.
In fact, we all can.
Right guys?
ALL: Yeah!
I think I like
this one the best.
Yep, that's the best one.
I like the picture there.
That's one nice pic.
Now what?
So, I see you guys have
been a little busy lately.
Would you mind explaining this?
It was her idea.
You know, that thing that you do
to raise money for needy people.
Don't patronize me,
young lady.
I know what
fundraising is.
I just got a call
from the theater
asking if I wanted to book
the concert that night.
You can't just assume that because
they have nothing scheduled
that I can just go ahead
and book something.
Why not?
Yeah, why not?
You said this was
an emergency.
We did say that.
But, we can't, I mean...
Nathan has
a very special talent
but I don't think
he's ever performed anywhere.
That's what I told them.
He played in the hospital and
he was awesome. Right, guys?
Yeah, amazing.
ALL: Yeah.
Well, he was quite
Well, well, we've got
a bigger problem,
that was the theater and they
have received over 300 requests
for tickets for this concert!
Looks like we're going
to a concert.
Oh, no!
ALL: Wow!
Dad, she's no longer here.
This moon,
I don't feel her anymore.
(SIGHS) As long
as we don't let her go,
she's always
gonna be here.
I want her here with us.
I know, buddy, me too.
We gotta keep
the faith though.
I'm running out of it.
No, you can't say that,
Not now.
Dad, are we ever gonna
see Mom again?
I knew it.
Is everything all right?
I, uh...
I don't think
he's up for it tonight.
Besides, all this,
I mean...
Have you heard him play?
Yes, he's a sensation.
May I have a word
with your son, Sergeant?
Go ahead.
You okay, little soldier?
Anything I can do?
You can find my mom.
I wish I could.
There's nothing
you can do for me.
Lot of people out there
depending on you.
I don't care.
Your mother would be quite
disappointed to hear that.
Well, she's not gonna hear
because she's dead.
Never underestimate
the heart of a soldier.
Especially that
of your mother.
Quite some years ago,
I was badly wounded
when my Humvee
hit a roadside bomb.
I was the only survivor.
I laid there for hours,
unable to move.
Then something got ahold of
me and I began to crawl.
I crawled for four days.
No water, no food.
Allied forces found me,
brought me to base and here I am.
Never underestimate
the heart of a soldier.
She's got a lot to live for
and sometimes
that's the difference
between life and death.
Me. I didn't want to
face life at all.
But then,
I came across a little soldier
who told me it's time
to face the music.
That's very clever, Captain.
You've got an orphanage
to save.
Time to face the music.
Good evening, everybody.
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you so much for comi.
I have the honor of introducing
to you for the first time
a young man who
will rock your world.
Please give it up for
Hi, my name is Nathan Peters and,
I'm very thankful for everyone who is
coming here to save the orphanage.
I have really gotten to know
a lot of great people there.
And, um,
I'm making great friends
so I would like
to thank everyone for
coming here
to save the orphanage.
Thank you.
This song reminds
me of my mom.
Fur Elise by Beethoven.
Hey, Gene,
I got your message.
David, you made it!
Listen, this is going on right now.
This is the benefit for the orphanage.
Oh, okay.
You've gotta wink
And shadows find you
Cold winds blow
Against your back
The valley's wide
Stretch out forever
And loneliness
Is all you have
Believe in yourself
And anything is possible
Believe in yourself
Don't worry about a thing
Believe in yourself
And suddenly everything
is magical
Believe in yourself
And anything
Anything is possible
When your heart breaks
And no one hears it
When clouds roll in
And times get hard
When you wanna fly
But you're scared
your wings won't hold you
If you just jump
You might catch a star
Believe in yourself
And anything is possible
Believe in yourself
Don't worry about a thing
Believe in yourself
And suddenly everything
is magical
Believe in yourself
When your sun won't rie
And your fire's
just an ember
Just close your eyes
And remember
Anything is possible
Believe in yourself
Believe in yourself
And anything is possible
Believe in yourself
Don't worry about a thing
Believe in yourself
And suddenly everything
is magical
Believe in yourself
And anything is possible
It's really you?
Yeah, buddy.