Apache Junction (2021) Movie Script

[footsteps approaching]
Miss Angel?
Camp's packed up
and ready to hit the trail.
We should reach the outpost
by dusk, ma'am.
Thank you, Mr. Foliet.
[Annabelle] I've traveled
hundreds of miles from my home
to a place some
has referred to as hell.
A beautiful hell,
if you will.
And tucked away
into this corner of the world
that few have ever been
is a world that might
only be fit
for the devil himself.
This is a land full of violence
where outlaws,
deserters and murderers
have been calling home
for the past few years.
But now that the great war
has ended,
the east has vowed
to end terror
and lawlessness
across the land.
And so the capture
and the execution
of evil men begins
as bounty hunters,
scalpers and even the Army
move in to exact their view
of law and order
upon these expansive
yet bloody lands.
We close?
The outpost is just
right up ahead.
All right.
[Annabelle] Man's idea of
civilization has arrived.
Arizona is what they call it.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, of course.
All right.
Captain's up ahead here.
[footsteps thumping]
- Captain.
- More lambs to the slaughter?
This here is Annabelle Angel.
I know who she is, Ebb.
You arrived a bit earlier
than we originally expected.
Apologies, sir,
but I had a wonderful guide.
I do hope
I'm not intruding.
But I have a question to ask,
Miss Angel.
Do thoughts of death
visit you often,
or are you just
simple minded?
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
Simple minded would be
the answer, then.
The reason I ask is because
no respectable woman
in her right mind
ventures to these parts.
In fact, the only women
who ever come around here
are looking to spread their legs
for a few pennies.
You understand
my meaning now?
I do, and my response
is quite simple, indeed.
You are here to do a job,
if I'm not mistaken?
Get to the point.
I am as well, sir.
It's the job that's made me
travel all these miles.
Writing an article for,
what is it?
The San Francisco Examiner.
Right. And this stupid article
is worth possibly being raped
and murdered,
shot, cut,
or otherwise maimed
in this godforsaken desert?
It is.
And this article,
it's gonna be on the men
we're chasing down out here,
and the good job
that my men are doing?
Well, I don't have time
to dig deeper into your logic,
Miss Angel,
but please know
that I cannot afford
any type of protection
for you while you're here,
so you'll be on your own.
I understand.
And if any harm should
come to you while you're here,
it will not be the fault
of the United States Army,
and I better not read that
in any newspaper.
The responsibility
of some crazy woman
that wants to immortalize
herself in print
will not be on my head.
I'm not trying
to immortalize myself.
You say "sir"
when you address me.
I've earned it.
Ebb, show her
the lay of the land.
You write your article true,
Miss Angel.
You write about the cutthroats
and savages
that we're trying to exterminate
from this land.
Well, sir,
I guarantee you that's exactly
what I'll be doing.
Then I expect to see you soon,
I should think.
- Sir.
- Ebb.
Crazy woman.
Well, I'm sure that could've
gone a bit better.
Is he always
that inviting?
Miss Angel,
listen here now.
Hensley ain't one to go
crossing around here.
He's the whole show.
He's just as dangerous as any
Joe, John and Harry out here,
if not more so.
The man has eyes and ears
all over.
So walk lightly in his presence
if you want to avoid trouble.
Are those words sticking
with you, Miss Angel?
Right then.
We should go
get you outfitted.
Get you a place to stay.
Hell, we leave now, we can get
to the Junction by nightfall.
What's Junction?
Just the place you wanted
to write about.
See, those of us
who call this place home
refer to it as a neutral
patch of land, if you will.
Now, come on.
Well, this here's
the only supply stop.
There's nothing north of us
but Injun territory.
Now, most people around here
call this place home.
Mostly because everywhere else,
there's a price on their head.
Well, right over there,
that's a saloon.
Or what we call one,
It's a rough place.
You want some answers
or to find someone,
that'd be your best bet.
Right next to it
is Churtle B's Bathhouse.
Nice hot mineral water comes
straight from the hot springs.
Also plays home to most
of the whores in town.
Right around,
trading post.
Lanterns, wood, sheets,
you name it.
Man who runs its name
is Deacon Sparry.
Been here since
the camp's inception.
Also one you might
want to talk to.
there's one thing to remember
here, Miss Angel,
is that this place don't
quite like the Army much.
They make a lot of coin
off them soldiers.
Interesting sight, seeing some
of these boys in blue
wandering around with the
likes of men you see here.
Were it anywhere else, would be
at the other end of a rope.
But they can't touch them
here in the Junction.
You mean this place
is considered
a safe haven for criminals,
Mr. Foliet?
Well, Miss Angel,
you catch on quick.
Why hasn't the Army
raided it?
Listening to Captain Hensley
back there,
you'd think this place
would be in ashes.
The Army needs this
place just as much
as everyone else does.
It's an interesting arrangement.
Which is why anywhere else
outside this place is dangerous.
Army's been putting
bounties out.
Attracting folk
from all over the country.
They show up
looking to shoot the man
whose face is printed
on that piece of paper.
And the others?
Ha! They're looking to shoot
the new faces that show up,
'cause they figure they're
only here for one reason.
Those bounties.
Sounds like a very
violent type of life.
Yup, yup.
No truer statement's
ever been made, ma'am.
Right over there,
that's your lodging.
Go on in and talk to Vern.
He's got a room arranged
for your stay.
I suggest you get your
essentials in the morning,
seeing it's getting to
be dark now and, uh, well,
this town can get
a bit rowdy at night.
You be real careful now,
Miss Angel.
I'd hate to see
anything happen to you.
Oh, no.
All right.
Thank you.
Good night, ma'am.
- Good night.
- Night.
[no audio]
[rowdy chatter outside]
[rowdy chatter continuous]
[indistinct chatter]
That's it now.
Who do you want?
What you got in there?
You got going...
Jericho Ford.
I don't think we'd had the
pleasure of meeting, good sir.
All right, gentlemen.
Looks like we're
in time for a tussle.
Who's taking bets?
We got Gorn and Jericho.
Who's got what? What do you got?
[coins clink]
Oh, more to Jericho.
Who do you want? You got Gorn?
Speak up, kid.
I think you're going for Gorn.
I believe you want Gorn.
You, sir, are an idiot
going for Jericho.
You want Gorn or Jericho?
We got one for Gorn
and Jericho.
How about you pour me
a little shot there, baby?
One for Jericho.
That's a bad bet, son.
What do you got?
All right. All right, gentlemen.
Good luck.
You know I'm good for it.
What are you looking at me for?
- [sighs]
- [Mary] Come on, Jericho.
I've heard
a lot about you.
I'm gonna enjoy this.
Come on now, Gorn!
[clears throat]
Come on, Jericho.
All hot air.
No brass balls.
[clears throat]
Come on, Jericho!
Get him! Come on!
[both grunt]
Take him down!
That's it!
[all shouting]
Come on!
[bell clangs]
Not a bad little fight.
Looks like we got
ourselves a round two!
Thanks for that.
Well, that could've been
a bit more graceful.
Graceful? I'm trying not to get
my head knocked off in there.
You know, big things
fall hard, Jericho.
Didn't you were in
for dinner and a show.
- [pouring]
- All right.
All right, here we go.
Round two.
- [grunts]
- Let's go!
[bell rings]
[clears throat]
[both grunt]
[all whoop and laugh]
That's what I'm talking about.
Finish him off!
Get in there, Gorn!
- [bottles shatter]
- [patrons shout and cheer]
[man] Get up there!
Come on, get up!
[groaning and panting]
Ain't no one
ring the bell yet?
Come on!
[piano notes reverberate]
[man 1]
Use your head!
[man 2]
Come on!
[man 3]
What are you doing?
Ante's on you, Jericho!
[overlapped shouting]
[man 1]
He's on the ground!
Finish him off!
[man 2]
Don't let him get up! Come on!
- [grunts]
- [all] Oh!
[man 3]
I felt that.
[breathing heavily]
That is, as they say, that.
You gonna be
at the Longfellow?
I'll see you.
All right, good.
[spurs jingling]
You best be careful
around here, lady.
You might make a man
awful nervous,
following him around
like you're doing.
She ain't following you, Ford.
Don't flatter yourself.
She got better taste
in men than that.
I do.
I mean, I don't...
I mean, I wasn't...
Wait, let me get
my words about me.
I wasn't following you.
I just heard
the commotion outside.
Hey. How'd we do?
Good, boss.
Better than most nights.
And it's all here?
No skimming.
- Mm.
- No, sir.
Here's what I want you to do.
I want you to find us a couple
of bruisers for next week.
- All right? Keep it coming.
- Yes, sir.
And here, put this
in the till.
Yes, sir.
No skimming.
You did good, Ford.
I ought to give
you more free booze.
Now, don't let
Jericho here fool you.
He's just spent a little
too much time in the sand
with the snakes,
and he's forgotten how to treat
a respectable woman.
- [Jericho] Says who?
- Says me.
Now, um...
I don't seem
to remember you around,
and I know pretty much
every face in town.
Yours is not a face
I'd forget.
My name's Annabelle Angel, sir.
Ah. The reporter lady.
That's correct.
Mm-hm. Yeah,
Ebb told me about you.
Said, uh...
...he says some fair-haired
light-skinned woman
might come in here with a set
of legs and ask for stories.
Is that what you're doing?
Looking for stories?
What can I get you?
You want some water
or tea or milk?
Whiskey it is.
Forgive me if I am mistaken,
but you're who this
establishment belongs?
Well, that's an interesting way
to put it, but...
I am who this
establishment belongs.
Yes, ma'am.
The name's
Albert Longfellow.
This is indeed my spot,
and you can call me Al.
[clears throat]
Please, Mr. Longfellow,
join me for another.
Certainly. Yes, ma'am.
So how long you been here?
Oh, since the beginning.
Since the beginning.
The beginning of time.
Since Eve gave Adam
the apple.
You know, it wasn't long after
that that the Army moved in,
and then they started poking
their nose around these parts.
You're a reporter lady.
You might maybe
look into that.
- [sighs]
- Cheers.
Well, what are we cheersin'?
To you being my first
friend in this place.
Annabelle Angel.
Is that a pseudonym?
So, what kind of paper
would bring you around here,
check out us forgotten souls
here in the
most desolate part
of the new
United States of America?
- San Francisco Examiner.
- Oh.
George Hearst's Publication?
You know your press.
They sent a lady reporter?
They actually weren't
going to send anybody.
I volunteered.
That's the fifth hand
in a row, Pike.
Ain't nobody that goddamn lucky.
[Christine sighs]
No need for all
the commotion, boys.
Everybody here, just let's
have an honest game
and a nice stiff drink.
I'm sure Al would appreciate it
if you took this outside
before it escalates
any further.
Fewer words, Buck.
What are you implying?
I'm calling you a two-bit
hack of a gambler
who cheats at cards.
Now, then...
What do you suggest we do?
I assume you have
some sort of plan,
being that you're
calling me a cheat.
Or am I wrong,
and you are just a man
with loose lips
who cannot hold
their liquor?
You are really a scurvy bastard,
ain't you, Pike?
What kind of a name
is Oslo Pike anyway?
Jesus. Al!
I don't believe this is
any of your concern, woman.
Y'all know the rules, boys.
That sign ain't up
there for decoration.
Well, would you
like me to walk him
all the way to the river
before I shoot him there?
Would that make it
so your night
is no more interrupted,
You ain't shooting nobody.
"Dost thou seal our souls
to heaven or hell?"
asked the reaper.
"To hell," responds God.
And hell was filled with
a thousand screaming voices.
You're quite the poet.
I think you've done
enough here tonight.
You can just take
your money and go.
Now, you saw that.
They drew first.
- [grunts]
- I'd consider that justified.
Wouldn't you, Al?
For the mess.
Hello, Ford.
Heard you were
scrapping outside.
How'd that turn out for you?
Well, I'm still here,
ain't I?
No bite marks
or bullet holes.
Yeah. Yet.
Well, uh...
what are you
carrying there?
Oh, I got $5 says I could put
all six rounds in you
before you can even pull that
out of your holster.
Want to make a wager?
Gee, that sounds like
an awfully good time, but, uh,
I'm gonna have to decline
your generous offer.
Too much of a yellow belly, huh?
You know, I'd call it...
smart, tired and drunk.
And I can only assume that you'd
want me at my best, Pike.
Or would I be mistaken?
All right.
You've had your pound
of flesh for the night, Oslo.
And my hospitality for you
has run out for the night,
so why don't you go
slither away?
You're the boss, Al.
Be seeing you, Ford.
Sometimes you need
two shotguns.
[Hensley clears throat
and speaking indistinctly]
Well, well, well.
What we got here, boy?
Good morning.
And good morning to you too.
What's a pretty little
thing like you
doing all the way out here
by yourself, Miss...?
Annabelle Angel.
I was just taking
a walk, is all.
Trying to find
the river, actually.
Is that so? Angel?
That's a last name,
ain't it?
Well, the riverbed's
just over yonder there.
Kind of dry this
time of season, though.
- Thank you.
- [Hensley] You're welcome.
I'll be on my way.
What's you in
such a hurry for?
I'm writing this story
for the newspaper.
On how well the Army's doing
to keep this place safe.
We are doing a good job,
ain't we, boys?
- We are.
- For sure.
You know, it's nice to be
rewarded every once in a while.
You know, for providing
our services.
Wouldn't you agree?
I'm sure you could find
plenty of reward
in this place
you call a town.
Gets a little boring,
seeing the same faces
over and over
and over again.
You know, I asked
the good Lord...
I did, I asked him.
...if he would send me a real
little angel, just like you.
Fair to say you think my prayers
have been answered?
Come on over here, darling.
- [Annabelle gasps and whimpers]
- It's all right, darling.
Lower that damn gun and we'll be
gentle with you now.
Get back! Get back!
Get back, I said.
Look at you.
By the looks of it,
you trembling with that gun.
You ain't never shot a gun
a day in your life.
Ain't that right?
Oh, Jesus!
She shot me in the ear!
Does anybody else not want
to listen to a lady?
Whichever way this ends,
you die today.
Are you boys lost?
Can't you tell you interrupting
something here, mister?
Mr. Ford, thank God.
Stay back.
Drop the gun.
I'm gonna take the girl
and we're gonna be on our way.
Go on, keep moving.
I got a tickle telling me
I'm gonna smoke
your friend here.
And I'm gonna take
your ear with me.
Look, there's no need
for violence here.
Let the lady go and we'll all
be the better for it.
You ain't in no position
to be giving me orders.
It wasn't an order.
It was a suggestion.
Well, what's the damn
difference, then?
Well, if it was an order,
it would sound like this.
Let the girl go and you can walk
out of here alive.
You're him.
He's on the captain's wall.
Well, then what the hell
are y'all waiting for?
Stay there. Stay there.
Stay back, goddamn it.
I'll cut her from one ear
to the other.
I swear, I will.
Then I'm gonna
ask you again.
Please, let the nice woman go.
If I let her go,
you're gonna kill me.
And if you's really
on the captain's wall,
that makes you a murderer,
you no-good...
Mr. Ford.
[body collapses]
Oh, the wanderer awakes.
You are safe here.
No harm will come to you.
Good thing we came along
when we did.
The White soldiers care not
for anything here.
You were the one
firing at the soldiers.
Thank you.
Thanks are no good here.
Anybody who values life
and has compassion
would've done
the same thing.
I'm not sure I believe that.
Why does a White woman walk
alone in a place such as this?
Well, I was looking
for the river.
The river runs dry.
So I was told.
Where is Mr. Ford?
He's outside indulging himself
in some fire water.
What the hell
are you still doing here?
Thought you'd be on your way
back to the Junction by now.
This ain't no place
for you out here, lady.
Well, I do want
to say thank you.
You both live here?
Yes, this White buffalo
and I share company together
when he's not living
in the bottom of a bottle.
Who are you calling
a White buffalo?
Well, now that
you've met Wasco here
and he's seen you to wake,
you can be on your way now.
Leave us to our rather
simple life.
Hosting company
is not a strength of yours.
Well, I like
my peace and quiet.
Mr. Ford, if it's okay,
I'd love to ask you
a few questions.
For what?
Oh, that fancy article
you're writing, huh?
The one where you paint us out
to be all murderous thieves
living in caves,
slaughtering women and children?
That's a lot of assumptions
as to what I might write.
I've seen quite the opposite,
have I not?
He will answer questions.
I swear,
if we weren't friends...
Then you'd have been dead
a long time ago.
Come, sit by the fire.
Warm we must keep,
for the snow will be here soon.
Fire, fire, fire.
Fire makes the world go around.
White man made fire,
you know.
He did not.
[knock on door]
What is it?
We, uh...
Spit it out.
What happened, Private?
We was ambushed, sir.
Ambushed by who?
Speak, son,
and be detailed.
We was escorting that reporter
lady through the Junction,
down by the barn...
and a man jumped us.
And how many of you
were there?
Three, sir.
So one man took on three
military-trained individuals
and came out the victor?
No, sir.
I'm certain
that he had help.
Rifle fire came
from somewhere else.
So two men
did this, then?
That'd be my guess, sir.
Well, what about the girl?
They, uh...
They absconded with her, sir.
Stay away from
big words, Private.
They don't agree with you.
Did you get a look
at these men?
I got a real good
up-close look at one, sir.
And what did he look like?
It was him.
This man?
Muster an escort for me.
I'm going to Apache Junction.
- Sir.
- What is it?
He killed your boy, sir.
John's dead?
Yes, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Boy never was
too bright anyway.
Go on.
But he was a soldier.
And justice will roll
like a river,
righteousness like
a never-ending stream.
How'd you both find this place?
How'd you come to meet?
One question at a time, lady.
I was born here,
me and my people.
And where are they now?
I came out
from the plains.
Drove cattle out there
for a while until the war hit.
And then?
You're just a mighty bit nosy,
ain't you?
That's my job.
Well, I'd be looking for
a more respectable occupation,
if you ask me.
Says the outlaw.
Who said I'm a wanted man?
Alas, what would
a respectable occupation be
for me anyways,
Mr. Ford?
Gander a guess
that you come here
because you've done
something awful bad.
Unlike your compatriot Wasco,
who was born in this land,
you had to migrate here.
And from my understanding,
the men that learned
to call this place home are...
Murderers and thieves.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Like I said, lady,
you is nosy,
and exactly why no one
respects a person
of your occupation.
Jericho came out west
because he did not want
to fight the great war.
So you left
before it started?
Well, it didn't make sense
to go fighting
other people's battles.
The White man's drink
does funny things to the mind.
All right, that's enough.
No, it's important
that she knows
how this relationship
was forged.
Jericho took a bad fall
hunting one day.
Me and my people took him in,
saw that he was healed.
The Army offered a reward
for any Indian brought in,
dead or alive.
You know, I know I got a bottle
around here somewhere.
Army men arrived one day.
Began to do what they do best.
[Jericho] I know I have a
bottle around here somewhere.
Jericho decided
to respond back with lead.
[Jericho] And that was
the end of the story.
[Wasco] These lands
have seen enough bloodshed
to last a lifetime,
Miss Annabelle.
It's never in our
best interest to spill more.
We all have a history
that brought us here.
But like my people before,
we've all been written
to be the devil
in a land that's
not theirs to give.
would appear to be quite
the party, then.
Mary what the hell are you doing
out here all by yourself?
I am a grown woman.
I think I can handle myself.
Oh, yeah, that's what this one
thought earlier today,
till Hensley's troops tried
to raise her skirt.
Are you okay, darling?
They didn't hurt you,
did they?
No, they didn't...
thanks to Mr. Ford
and Mr. Wasco here.
What happened?
Well, I might've had
to shoot one of them.
Yeah, that does sound
more accurate.
Those military boys
will be up in arms, Jericho.
You know it as well
as anyone.
I'm afraid we haven't
had the chance to meet yet.
Yeah, this here
is the newspaper lady.
Annabelle Angel.
I brought some
fresh vegetables...
and something to drink.
Mwah! Sweet Jesus.
What about you, Annabelle?
- What you like?
- Some bread, please.
- I got you covered.
- Thank you.
It's horrible, you know?
All those women and children,
just defenseless.
Slaughtered in
the middle of the night.
No badge could help that.
They'd have needed
their own army.
I guess you can't change
the past, now can you?
Evening, Al.
What the hell did we do for him
to grace us with his presence?
Should I fetch the scattergun,
Miss Williams?
No, Al's got it behind the bar.
Just go about your business.
Place looks good.
Business looks better.
What the hell
are you doing here?
Is that any way
to greet an old friend?
We got rules.
You're breaking them.
Oh, yeah.
We don't come looking for wanted
men here at the Junction,
and our outpost continues
to receive goods and services.
An honorable agreement.
Yet, beyond counterproductive
to my work, Al.
It's kept you fed.
Kept you clothed.
You hear to balk
at that agreement?
Miss Williams,
the mouth that never closes.
Don't you have
a brothel to run?
You don't have a dog
in this fight.
Well, it's worked so far,
so I'm gonna ask you
one more time.
What are you doing here?
Well, it appears...
And, of course,
I'm just guessing here.
That one of your customers
dispatched some of
my soldiers this morning.
Well, that's unfortunate.
However, it did not happen
within the confines of my walls,
so it doesn't make it
my problem, does it?
So I'm guessing
it's out of the question
to ask you if
you've seen this man.
Out of the question.
- Out of the question.
- Christine...
let me to my business.
Al, if I wanted to,
I could gather all the men
at my disposal and march them in
this shitty little town of yours
and burn it to the ground.
Meat and grain and women,
all those things
are replaceable.
So all these many years
that I've let you
keep these walls standing
and keep me from the one step
that I need to make
to completely
obliterate the lawlessness
in this territory,
I'm asking you to do
one thing for me now.
You tell me the next time
you see this man.
And for the rest of you...
I know there's many men in here
that I'd love
to show the noose
and see them ride the pine
straight to the devil.
But I lost soldiers today,
and an innocent civilian
in the form of that reporter
from San Francisco
got kidnapped.
So I'm offering a bonus
of up to $200
for the man or men
that bring me Jericho Ford.
I want him dead or alive.
Dead would be preferable.
What about that girl
you were talking about?
Extra $50 if you find her.
If not, I'll consider
her a casualty of war.
It's been fun, Al.
I know I'll be hearing
from you very soon.
Let's go.
No way Ford done
what he said, Al.
He's not that kind of man.
You know it, I know it.
Yeah? Are you sure
about that, Christine?
With all the trash and hooligans
running around this town?
I know a good man
when I see him.
You certainly do.
I'll tell what's more
important than innocence.
- Hmm.
- The way I look at it,
we got a lot more outlaws than
Army boys around these parts.
So if you're
starting to think
that you might want
to turn Ford in, well...
You don't think these hooligans
might start thinking
the honorable Al Longfellow
might do the same thing to them
if the opportunity
presented itself?
If it was me, I'd start
sleeping with one eye open
and my hand clutched
around my pistol,
if I was gonna
head down that road.
You're a smart woman.
Hmm. That I am.
Thank you.
It's different, right?
What's that?
It's different from what you
thought you'd find here?
I wasn't exactly sure
what to expect.
Society has this
place pegged as
a ruthless land
full of criminals.
And Captain Hensley and his
agenda clearing out the rabble
to make way for
a proper civilization.
At least, I am assuming
that is how the rest
of our newfound
United States
views our little corner
of the world
that we've carved out
for ourselves.
They never had a chance
to think any different.
You can be that chance.
There are people here that are
just trying to live their lives.
They like having
a small piece of earth
where they aren't
judged every day.
We all may be misfits,
but it helps it go
down a bit smoother,
you know, when society
ain't inflicting its view
of law and order upon us.
What about the ones
that actually have done
the unspeakable
in their past?
How does one justify
the continued freedom
to the loved ones who have
had someone or something
taken from them?
I have learned that bad people
get what they deserve
in some form or another.
Whether that be now
or ten years from now,
Lord and the devil alike
see that justice be done.
You can't let bad people
go unpunished.
There has to be some sort
of law and order, Mary.
Yeah, I suppose there does.
Don't let
the view fool you.
This place has
its disadvantages.
Like what, exactly?
Look at me, Annabelle.
I'm a whore.
As long as I stay here,
I'll always be a whore.
But that's your decision,
is it not?
There's nothing else here.
Not for women.
I'm not sure I believe
that to be true.
You've seen it.
The looks you get.
No one can believe
someone like you is here.
They haven't seen a woman
with freedom of expression.
You could leave.
Not without him.
You love him?
I think I do.
I'm gonna put
that in my story.
- What's that?
- That this place isn't lost.
That there's warmth here.
Kindness and love exist.
Have you told him yet?
Why not?
A man like Jericho Ford
doesn't want to spend
the rest of his life
with a whore.
Well, my observations tell
quite a different story, Mary.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Don't burn the camp down
while I'm away.
Stay away from the drink,
my friend.
It's okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
Goodbye, Mary.
Oh, I'm sure I'll be seeing
you soon enough, Annabelle.
I'm gonna walk Miss Primm
back to her residence.
If you like, you're welcome
to follow me back when I leave.
Wasco likes the company, is all.
She's educated.
He likes that sort of thing.
- Gives him someone to talk to.
- [laughs]
I would love to,
Mr. Ford.
I'll just grab a couple things
from my room?
Yeah, take your time.
I got to go to Al's
and get me a bottle or two.
Go to the store.
Wasco needs spices.
Since when did you get a heart?
Woman, I've always
had one.
It's been sitting right here,
beating away each and every day.
Is that so?
That's a fact.
You're a good man,
Jericho Ford.
I'm a lucky girl to have
someone like you in my life.
No, you ain't, Mary. I...
I should be doing a hell
of a lot better by you, Mary.
Someday, we'll leave
this place.
We'll leave this place,
and all the baggage
that comes with it.
I guess we all got to stop
running sometime, right?
[Annabelle] The blood-soaked
lawless sands of Arizona
are not what they would appear.
I have found the
beginnings of friendship
in a few of the residents here.
Upper-class society will
condemn them as criminals,
traitors, savages, even.
But I have now witnessed
the blossoming buds
of love and hope
in a place that before,
I never would've
thought possible.
This place still has many faces
that it has not yet shown,
but if the hospitality
I have received so far
is any indication of
this place and its people,
it is not what the modern world
would have everyone believe.
The only real monsters
I have encountered
were the ones that were put
here to protect people like me.
Irony weaves a winding road.
It's a little empty
in here, ain't it?
We closed today.
Five years I've been
coming to this joint,
and I never seen you close.
The Captain came
and paid us a visit.
He said you shot
some of his boys...
and you kidnapped
that reporter lady.
Yeah, those boys
were gonna rape her.
But she's here right now
in her hotel room.
By her own free will.
If I don't do something,
they're gonna burn it
all down, Ford.
I known you a long time, friend.
And I said to myself,
"No, I don't think Jericho
kidnapped no woman."
But I had to give him something,
you understand?
Not really, Al.
I had to break
my own rules, Jericho.
That's the best
I can do for you, Ford.
You have to shoot your own way
out of this one. Go on.
Give 'em hell, Ford.
For all of us.
Come on.
All right,
I think we lost them.
We got to get back to Wasco.
Mr. Ford?
We'll go out the back.
I think I've been shot.
Okay. It's okay,
We just need to get you
back to camp, all right?
Wasco's gonna fix you up.
He's gonna fix you up.
It's okay, it's okay.
Hello, Mary.
Wasco! Wasco!
- [whimpers]
- Wasco!
- What happened?
- They were waiting for me.
- Who?
- The soldiers. Higgins' boys.
They attacked you
while you were in camp?
That's not part
of the agreement.
There's no more agreements.
The bullet went through.
We'll need some clean water,
some cotton,
either from your shirt
or from your pillow.
I do not care which.
Well, is she gonna be okay?
Is she gonna live?
As long as you move quickly,
we can save her life.
You'll be okay, my dear.
I promise you.
This man claims to have
information about Jericho Ford.
Information, huh?
Oh, I never claimed
to have the information.
What good are you to me?
She is the one
with the information.
I say again, what good
are you to me, then?
I am the hilt in which the hand
holds to do its bidding, sir.
I don't have time
for riddles.
Speak plainly.
I just watched Jericho
fend off an infamous gang
known as the
Higgins Boys, now...
I am confident
that I am the only one
who can kill Jericho Ford.
Otherwise, you can keep sending
your men to do the job,
but your bill to the undertaker?
Well, that's gonna keep
getting more expensive
as the days wane on.
The men out there
are speaking as if this
Ford cannot be killed.
But I say,
"If a man can bleed,
he can surely die."
Who are you in all of this?
I'm no one.
Well, clearly you're
somebody of importance
in this situation.
If I may.
I do believe I can extract
the information out of her,
given my methods.
Who are you?
Won't matter somewhere.
The name's Oslo Pike.
And what do you want
out of all this?
The money?
Two things
and two things only.
First, I want my name
free and clear.
I believe you can do that
with a simple letter
over to a Mr. Wells
in Nebraska,
explaining how my
services were exemplary
in the catching and killing
of a notorious criminal
in these parts.
And the second thing?
I want the honor
of killing Jericho Ford.
How do you plan
on doing that?
I am faster than he is.
You make this sound like
a dime novel, Mr. Pike.
Oh, there have been plenty
of them written about me, sir.
Oslo Pike.
Bellevue, Nebraska.
And you don't want
any of the money?
Fame and fear will
buy you the world, Captain.
I have tasted both,
and clearly the
killing of Mr. Ford
is surely gonna
bring me more, therefore,
I do not require
your physical currency.
You're an interesting
character, Mr. Pike.
Do we have a deal?
[gasping softly]
Have you ever seen
an eyeball pop?
It is a most
interesting sight.
You see...
when a sharp object
punctures it,
it just deflates
like a balloon.
Some say that there is no pain.
You see, but the fear
is not losing the eyes.
It's more complex.
When you're plunged
into complete darkness...
there's no telling
where the blade might cut next.
- Hmm.
- [sobbing softly]
They say a person can
withstand a thousand cuts.
Surely that would be painful.
Close your eyes.
Uh-huh. Close them.
Go on. Close them.
- I said close them!
- [crying]
Now I'm gonna give you
one chance to tell me
where Jericho's camp is,
and if you do not,
not only will
I take your eyes
and shroud you
into eternal darkness,
but I will make sure
you are so disfigured
that even dogs will walk away
at the very sight of you.
Open your eyes.
You look at me.
Where is he?
She will live.
I've seen that look in
your eye many times before.
Jericho, where are
you going?
Jericho, where are you going?
- What do you think?
- [Wasco] To kill someone?
Is it so obvious?
That will solve nothing.
I don't need any
of your preaching today.
Just let me get it done.
You know, you start
coming into these odd
sort of bivouac
Sometimes you want a break.
I was gonna take a vacation.
Take some days off
for myself.
I got a kid at home.
A man's still
gotta make a living,
and I am just well within
my lawful rights
to pursue the type of
living that I'm doing.
Pour that drink, Jose.
[spurs jingle]
You know,
you took the lives...
of a few folk who were
quite dear to me.
Turn around.
I don't like to shoot
a man in the back.
Well, I wouldn't give you
the satisfaction.
Be a shame to waste it.
This seems familiar.
Is it bad?
You'll live to
fight another day.
Where's Mr. Ford?
Returning soon.
Try to get some rest.
[fire crackling]
Where are you, boy?
Come home now. Come home.
Where is he?
I do not know.
Suppose you don't have any idea
when he'll be back, then?
Do you?
You know, I've killed
a lot of people before.
But I've never killed
no Injun before.
It's no more pleasurable
than taking any life.
Oh, I doubt that very much.
You see,
I think your death
is gonna contribute
greatly to my cause.
Evil men live only long enough
to see their end.
Well, I guess we must
all die sometime.
[blade slices]
- [wet tearing sounds]
- [body thuds]
[blade slicing]
You tell Ford to meet me
at the thoroughfare.
- [footsteps approaching]
- [Jericho] Wasco.
[sobbing softly]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
[exhales sharply]
It ain't your fault.
It ain't your fault.
I should've been here.
I should've been here.
It was that man.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna see
if the devil can bleed.
You take up refuge
near Al's.
Now, once Mary's free,
you two stay by each other's
sides, all right?
You know how to use one?
Okay, then.
Off you go.
Good to see you, Ford.
I'm very glad
you could join us.
You see, Mary here...
She was getting a bit lonely.
And I thought
I was eventually
gonna have to put her
out of her misery.
Glad you showed up
when you did.
I see you brought you own
personal autobiographer.
You talk too much.
Been accused of that, yes.
Let her go, Pike.
Go on, Mary.
Go give one last goodbye
to your love.
Are you okay?
Annabelle's over there.
You go join her.
Anything happens,
you both take
the horses and get.
I love you,
Jericho Ford.
Go on now.
I've been waiting
a long time for this.
It's often hard
you find someone
you think is worthy
of something like this.
Goes back hundreds
of years, you know.
Dueling, that is.
Oh, I'm familiar
with my history.
What do you propose?
Simple, really.
Each round, we draw.
Each round,
we get one shot.
First man to fall
is the loser.
He'll win.
He has to win.
Nothing is certain
in this life, honey.
All we can do is pray
that Jericho's faster.
[sighs and laughs]
[both gasp]
[no audio]
[coughing and gasping]
That's for my friend.
[Annabelle] It was exactly
like I had read about.
A showdown between two men
to see who was the fastest.
But as most would seek fame,
I found one who was seeking
salvation and love.
A different type of gunslinger
than one would think.
A different kind
of an outlaw altogether.
Goodbye, my old friend.
[Annabelle] Just any
other place in the world,
loss was a factor of life here.
A consequence of
violence by violent men.
But still, life goes on.
And like Mary Primm
once told me,
"Bad people do get
what they deserve."
What is it?
Leave me.
[Annabelle] Some men aren't
made for the wild,
and those that believe
that they can tame it
might lose more than
they can ever possibly gain.
Hello, Miss Angel.
Do you know who I am?
Yes, Mr. Hearst.
Quite the extraordinary story.
But then, you're quite
the extraordinary journalist,
aren't you?
Can you give me
more of that?
I can certainly try, sir.
What this country needs
is more stories like that.
Stories that our children's
children can recite
and remember
for years to come.
Someday, outlaws such as this
will be remembered as heroes.
They may even become something
of myth and legend.
And it will be up
to people like you
to catalog and chronicle
and express their stories,
regardless of public opinion.
For that is true
journalism, my dear.
The West is wild.
And her name is Freedom.
[theme music playing]