Apaches (2023) Movie Script

As far back as I can remember,
it has always been there,
buried deep, deep inside of me,
lurking in the shadows,
ready to strike.
They thought locking me up
would destroy it
but the burning rage within me
is uncontrollable.
And it will become
their worst nightmare.
As a child,
I'd made myself a promise:
to never accept my lot
like the poor,
back bent,
belly empty.
I had a plan.
A plan that would change everything.
That kid there is Paulie.
Go on, Paulie.
His mother abandoned him
one winter's night.
We found him the next day,
all blue but gurgling away.
Paulie wasn't the type to complain.
So we took advantage.
Here's the woman we were waiting for.
The great Sarah Bernhardt.
It was said that she collected
wild animals and lovers.
Rumor had it she slept in a coffin.
And she always wore her jewelry.
That's what Paulie had to check.
- Here she is!
- Sarah, please!
- A word for the press?
- Did you enjoy the tour?
Should we be giving
the statue to America?
Sarah Bernhardt,
do you like the statue?
You're known for your excesses
and independence.
Is that why the world loves you?
Everyone needs to dream.
So you make people dream?
Clear off, you!
Nice work, Paulie!
- Let me through.
- One last question!
The boy getting an eyeful is Tricky,
my darling big brother.
The idiot was the bravest of us all.
He'd do anything to prove his courage.
Stand back!
What do you want?
My necklace?
The press was right for once.
I wouldn't if I were you.
Sarah Bernhardt had class.
Stop that child!
What's that?
I should have just accepted my lot?
And remained an invisible street urchin?
You know what they say, eh?
Better to die standing
than live on your knees.
It's me.
You get it?
We could be rich.
You know I'm right.
Don't say stuff like that!
You're afraid of him, huh?
I'm afraid of no one.
Not even you!
I dunno what you're planning,
but wait for me here.
Wait for me?
This old dive was Widow Raquin's.
The widow had been dead so long
no one remembered her.
It was the gangs' hangout.
The fella bragging about
not touching water...
Not a drop since I turned 18!
Is Soak.
The bent copper, with the lady,
is Blind Eye.
Lucky in love, unlucky at cards.
The fool was in debt to the Apaches.
The big bruiser is Bear.
The friendliest fella,
the sort who says...
I'm a nice boy,
but it doesn't stop me killing folk.
And this is Nadja.
Rumor had it she'd spent years
in Paris's human zoo
entertaining the bourgeoisie.
It had driven her half-mad.
These nice folk worked for Jesus.
Stop, Jesus.
Leader of the Wolves of Montmartre.
Off you go, I'll deal with this.
The rumor was he had toiled
in a textile mill as a kid
then set it alight and vanished.
It had given him a sense of style
and a hatred of the system.
Come here.
I hope you're joking.
The city's coppers are looking for it.
No one will risk buying it.
Take your money, and beat it.
You're lucky I don't turn you in.
Tricky wanted to treat himself
to a good time with Big Bertha.
We didn't object.
He'd longed to for years.
This is Marius.
Hello, old man!
Don't run in church!
- Dinner's ready.
- Coming!
This old alcoholic priest
took care of us.
I never knew my parents.
Cholera had dealt with my mother
and my father was long gone.
Tricky used to tell me
about his adventures in America.
He said he'd bring us so much gold
we'd never have to work again.
There's just enough left.
I knew you had a plan.
You pretend to believe, right?
You're pretending.
I made up all those tales
about gold diggers and cowboys.
Pa isn't in America.
Pa is a loser who boozes
to drown his shame.
He's drunk so much he's forgotten us.
You know what?
You're right.
We're going to get
those tickets to America.
Let's go first thing tomorrow.
We'll start a new life.
We could even change names.
I'll call myself Jesse.
And you...
Billie, like Billy the Kid.
Children, did you throw
a dead pigeon out of the window?
No. Why?
It landed in the neighbor's stew.
The look on her face!
Get into bed.
We are.
That's mine!
Goodbye, old man.
Hurry up, or we'll miss it.
Hey there!
Well, well, well, kiddies.
Where are you off to?
Come with us.
Jesus wants a word.
In you go!
Soak, deal with them!
Stay here, kids.
Stick around. What's the hurry?
Drink it.
What's your name again?
Do you know Tricky?
He's an inventor.
- Really?
- A true inventor.
He's going to get rich.
Isn't that right?
Explain your sausage thing again.
- A sausage invention?
- Give him one.
Sounds interesting. Catch!
It's simple.
You take a hunk of bread,
stick the sausage in it, then close it.
Someone had to think of it!
What do you call it?
A hot dog. It's American.
A hot dog?
Never heard of it! Have you?
Why a hot dog?
I dunno.
That's what they call it in America.
- You invented it, right?
- Yes.
But it already existed in America.
What an idiot!
An out-and-out idiot.
You know what I think?
I sometimes think...
you take me for an idiot.
I hope you don't.
- Are you sure?
- I swear, Jesus.
I know you're a gentleman.
You're a gentleman, ain't you?
You're a gentleman, ain't you?
I think so.
- You think so? Aren't you sure?
- Yes.
You don't sound too sure.
I'm really sorry, Jesus.
Let's vote.
Vote on what?
- Can't you stop them?
- Stay out of it.
Come on.
Don't look so glum.
You can prove you're trustworthy.
Like this.
Stay here, you!
Come on!
To settle his debt with the Apaches,
Blind Eye made sure I disappeared.
Did you hear the news?
I was charged with Tricky's murder.
You are guilty of murdering
your own brother...
The word of an urchin
against the word of the police.
And the law won.
Sentenced to 15 years.
15 years.
Old Marius said when the sheep
takes revenge on the wolf,
it becomes the wolf.
How the City of Light has changed
in a few short years!
This is truly the age of invention.
Thousands of automobiles
fill the city's streets,
the Metropolitan Railway
emerges from its bowels,
the miracle of electricity,
the telephone,
Nothing can stand
in the way of progress!
Man may soon be able
to take to the skies.
Ferocious beast escapes
from Universal Exhibition!
Get out of my way!
Sorry, I'm shutting up for the night.
Did you hear me? We're closed.
I'm looking for someone.
I heard he often comes here.
That'd surprise me.
Customer loyalty ain't my thing!
Ring any bells?
Come closer.
Come here. I won't bite you.
The Apaches ain't been here in years.
With the politicians' clean-up drive,
they're having to lie low.
The good times are over.
What do you want with Jesus?
Where can I find him?
You can't.
He'll find you if he wants to talk.
You got a taste for it, eh?
Rue de la Joie.
That's where they work the girls.
You'll get yourself noticed all right,
if you see what I mean.
You think I'm a poor old bugger, eh?
Maybe you could perk me up.
How about it, my lovely?
You seem big-hearted.
You're big-hearted, ain't you?
The bitch bit my finger!
My finger!
Look, I found you this.
You must be hungry.
Have I aged much?
You were already old.
It's no better, your eyesight.
Don't worry about me,
I've made the most of life.
As a priest?
A bit of slap and tickle
now and then...
he'll forgive me that!
What's become of Paulie?
You should go.
Far away from here.
And never come back.
There's nothing for you here.
Rue de la Joie.
Soak said I was bound
to cross the Apaches' path.
Excuse me.
Good day.
How much is it?
How much is what?
For a below job.
What you doin' here?
This is my spot.
It ain't for sharing.
Be a dear,
go pinch another girl's spot.
Oi! Come here a second.
Haven't I seen you before?
No. I just arrived in the city.
Let me guess.
You come up here
and don't know a soul.
You've got big dreams
and you're broke.
With a bit of dough,
you think the good life will be yours.
You're a skinny thing,
but some of 'em like that.
If you have a knack,
you can turn 10 or so tricks a day.
That's 30 francs.
Better than the factory, ain't it?
It's 10 minutes per client.
Always congratulate them after.
Good luck, ducky.
Girls, time to go!
Our men will be itching.
Can I come with you?
You're too green
to play with the big girls.
Sorry, ducky!
Let's go.
Don't forget to smile, girls!
I'm here for...
Lovely titties!
Look what we caught today!
Is that you?
It is you!
How can it be?
I thought you were...
I mean...
Hey fellas, look!
Hey, Paulie!
- The jar's empty.
- So what?
It needs filling and it ain't my job!
Thick Head, I'm busy!
Leave that cunny be
and do as you're told.
We can't serve sweet nothings all night!
Stay there, I won't be long.
Pour us a drink.
Go fetch the casks first!
What's the little cunny doing there?
Playing the wallflower?
What can I get you?
My name's Thick Head.
What kind of name is that?
I like you.
You remind me of a girl I met in Africa.
She and her tribe took me
for the God of gods.
Thick Head.
Look at this.
You'll love this, listen.
"The new Paris police chief vows
to rid the city of its vermin."
- Who's the vermin?
- That'd be you!
It's us and it's him too.
He said, "No one is above the law."
The idiot ain't got a clue!
We should do him in.
Know what'll happen if you do?
- We won't do a thing.
- Oh no?
- What?
- We're gonna pay tribute to him.
That's more like it!
I raise my glass to the good old police.
To the flatfoots!
They do their best.
Credit where credit's due.
Yeah, they try.
And I'll raise my glass
to the press. They deserve it.
- For talking about us.
- Lying!
But it thrills the bourgeoisie.
Hey fellas,
I raise my glass to the bourgeoisie!
They stick to their posh areas
and flock to church on Sundays
to be saved. But saved by who?
There are no saviors.
If anyone should know, it's me.
That's why they seek thrills with you!
I raise my glass to everyone
who dies for them too.
To the workers rotting
in their crummy factories,
who daren't move
without the boss's say-so.
And of course,
I raise my glass to you.
To the vermin
who have no place in society.
You lot deserve the guillotine.
You will not kneel down,
you refuse to let others decide.
Because you know life is too short.
Go wash your hand.
She stabbed me!
Who do you whore for?
No one.
I'm not here for that.
I want to become an Apache.
An Apache?
What's your name?
Let's liven things up!
Yankee, music!
What the hell got into you?
You can talk.
Why are you here?
Have you forgotten about Tricky?
No, I haven't forgotten.
When I found myself alone,
he took me in.
And he took good care of me too.
I owe him my life.
Him and the others.
You pulled it off, ducky.
Jesus has taken a shine to you.
You're to go to his hideout tomorrow.
Want me to see you home?
- Are you sure?
- Yes. I'll be fine.
As you like.
Forget it, I can't get it up.
What a waste of time!
You were here?
See you Sunday!
I was just receiving confession.
You've been drinking.
You have! You're drunk.
I've a little pick-me-up here for you.
By the way, Old Mother Marcelle
needs help at the laundry.
Tell her I sent you.
The pay is rotten though.
Quieten down, kids.
- And me?
- Wait...
Here. And one for you.
Dry sausages!
Take this and scram, kids.
Come here.
Funny, I've not seen you around.
I thought I knew all the girls.
I just arrived in Paris.
Where from?
With my father.
What were you doing there?
Same as everyone else.
Digging for gold.
There was no more to be found.
So now you want to become an Apache.
Do you know how we got our name?
Because to them, we're savages.
They believe
we're no better than the Indians
who they murder
in the name of progress.
They're forced to take up arms.
As they've nothing left to lose.
Count to three.
Why did you ask to see me?
Dunno about you, kiddo,
but we're not keen on coppers.
Especially when they meddle
in our affairs.
The new police chief
intends to clean up.
Hello, fellas!
Sorry I'm late.
As I was saying,
the new police chief...
So, this new police chief,
look who it isn't!
Blind Eye.
Blind Eye, like I said.
No need for introductions,
you all know him.
And he knows all of us.
Still want to be an Apache?
Then it's your lucky day.
Help us get near him,
then we can talk.
Nothing too hard,
just get him away from the crowd.
And you, Paulie...
You'll bump him off.
- Me?
- Yes, you.
Don't you wanna join
the big boys' club?
Thanks. I won't disappoint you.
We'll see about that.
Blind Eye knows he's playing with fire,
so his guard is up.
The lookouts say
we have only one chance:
when he goes to the cinema
with his old lady.
But Blind Eye's forgetting
that we know him better than her.
One thing's certain:
he can't say no to a lady.
You asleep?
- Why, do you wanna sleep?
- No.
Then cut that out.
Don't I know you?
Here's to Billie!
And to Blind Eye!
Well, of course!
The gang obeyed no laws.
And though you'd never guess,
the Apaches had principles.
Always stick together.
Never grow old.
Never work.
And most importantly,
make the filthy bourgeoisie pay!
Paris is a battlefield!
Apaches' reign of terror!
Go on, grab a copy!
I had to bide my time.
They had to get used to me.
Grab a copy, ladies and gents!
I needed to gain their trust.
To laugh with them.
And wait for the right moment to strike.
Stand back or I shoot!
Stand back!
All right, that's enough.
Hello, old man.
Can I make a confession?
I no longer believe in God.
I don't know how long,
but it's been a while.
It's a bit like an old married couple.
The wife wakes up one day
and realizes
she no longer loves her hubby.
He's done nothing wrong,
it's not even his fault, but...
his missus has stopped loving him.
I know what I'm talking about.
I've heard enough confessions.
"I can't stand him anymore, Father."
"He disgusts me when he eats."
"I don't want his jack
in my box anymore."
You're wondering why I'm still here.
I'm still here,
not because I'm a good priest,
I'm here
because I help people.
- How?
- I listen to them.
I hear their prayers.
I know how to spot someone
who has taken a wrong turn.
All these years,
I prayed I'd find you again.
But if you go down that path,
you're no longer welcome here.
I often felt his eyes on me.
I got the feeling
he could see into my soul,
that he knew exactly who I was.
And that he let me come close
as if flirting with death.
What do you think?
Kiddo scrubs up well.
What do you think?
Not bad.
The photo's good, it's just...
I thought we only used the papers
to wipe our asses.
It's spreading our message.
Our message?
I didn't know we had one to spread.
Bear, in your opinion,
why do they want shot of us?
Well it has to be said,
we do upset the apple cart.
- No.
- No?
They want shot of us
because we scare them.
We show people another path.
Another path? Is that so?
I see.
Come on, Jesus, take a look at us.
We pilfer from shoddy traders,
fuck a few tarts, nothing more.
What more do we do?
You don't get it.
I don't get it?
Jesus, you're no prophet.
You're an Apache.
Forget it.
Show Billie your latest tattoo.
What is it?
It's Bertha!
- What did she do to deserve that?
- It's still red but...
She did a lot to deserve it.
Only last week she swallowed my cock.
I didn't know it was possible!
Bertha's an artist.
- How do you know?
- She's had a few cocks!
Not yours, I hope.
Everyone's done Bertha.
Yankee, have you done Bertha?
Chief, Bertha?
I've stopped counting.
Even Tinker.
Don't be like that,
we're having a laugh.
Don't take it badly.
Here's to Bertha!
Jesus knew that the survival
of the Apaches was fragile.
If his gang began to doubt him,
his whole world would collapse.
I've got a surprise for you, follow me.
Remember when Tricky drank
a whole bottle of absinthe?
He ran around the church stark naked.
Yeah, I remember.
Not a day goes by
that I don't think about him.
Or about you.
What is it?
A new start.
For you and me. America!
Like you and Tricky wanted.
Is he the reason you want to stay?
He's not telling you everything.
Nadja isn't dead.
Be careful.
You're playing with fire, Billie.
Where are they?
Just me, Billie.
Bad night?
Something wrong?
Good night, Yankee.
Fucking tears!
No clients?
Wait a second.
We're done here, sonny boy.
Nice work.
- You're sublime.
- Yes.
See you soon.
Come in.
- You really don't mind?
- No.
But I haven't changed the sheets
in ages.
Here, this will help.
what's the matter?
Man trouble?
We love 'em,
but they don't make life easy, eh?
I think he's soft on you, too.
- Paulie?
- Paulie?
He'd kill for you.
But he doesn't stand a chance,
or I'll eat my hat.
I meant Jesus.
I saw how he looked at you.
A man's eyes are like his cock,
they never lie.
But watch out, ducky.
If you fly too close to Jesus,
your wings will burn.
Come on, let's hit the sack.
I'm sleeping.
What happened to Nadja?
He truly loved her.
And she him.
But it cost her dearly.
Is she dead?
She's shut away in a convent.
Last time I saw, she was a sorry sight.
I told you,
don't get too close to Jesus.
Good night.
Lord, there's a dark shadow in my heart
that won't stop growing.
This consuming shadow
plunges me into darkness
and taints my soul.
in your infinite wisdom,
punish my erring,
my excesses and my vice
but forgive her her anger.
from the depths of my inebriation,
hear the prayer
of a poor madman
consumed by alcohol and flesh.
Give her the courage
to confront the shadows.
Wash her of sin
and may your holy mercy
lighten the darkness that consumes her.
make me be light.
Give me the strength
to guide her on her path
and if she errs
in the valleys of darkness,
have mercy and grant
the salvation of her soul.
I'm surprised
she didn't top herself earlier.
The gang believed it was suicide.
And to pay our last respects,
we got high on opium.
For the first time,
I saw through their eyes.
I felt the strength of their bond.
And that's when I understood
the cost of vengeance.
I had found the only family
I had ever had.
And I had to make a decision.
Join it
or destroy it.
Stop it!
Your turn, Jesus.
One, two, three!
Holy shit!
I know why you're here.
And your place is by my side.
You're an Apache, Billie.
Come pay a visit
to the great Universal Exhibition
where the future of our world is shaped.
Like thousands of awestruck visitors,
catch a ride on the incredible
moving sidewalk.
For the more adventurous,
pose with our guileless
civilized tribes.
Join us, Mother-in-law!
Scram, you bunch of savages!
On yer knees!
Bloodbath at the Universal Exhibition!
The Apaches strike again!
Gang member arrested!
Read all about it!
You're finally surfacing?
What time is it?
Have a good night?
Did you play Cowboys and Indians?
No clients?
Don't worry, nobody will come today.
I'm done with turning tricks.
From now on, I belong to Bear.
You said, "No feelings allowed."
Well my heart had other plans,
know what I mean?
- You should settle down too.
- Me?
You won't be young and pretty forever.
Find yourself a decent fella.
A decent fella?
Anyone, as long as he's not an Apache.
- That's rich coming from you!
- It's different.
I'm branded for life:
once a whore, always a whore.
You have a chance to escape.
I don't believe it.
Follow me.
What the hell is going on?
What's going on...
- What's he saying?
- Someone snitched.
What? Who?
Shut your trap, Yankee!
Who snitched?
We don't know it was him.
I said shut your trap!
What's your problem?
Hey? What you gonna do?
Stop! What're you playing at?
What do we do?
What can we do?
We've no choice.
- With no proof? Nothing?
- The kid's right.
We knock off one of our own
without hearing his side?
What do you expect
when you shoot toffs?
None of you get it.
The good life is over.
The Apaches too.
So the kid fucked up,
but even he doesn't deserve that.
You take care of him.
I know I can trust you.
You go with her.
Sling yer hook!
Why're you here?
Hello, Paulie.
Just look at this:
"Perfect women use our soap."
Have you seen it?
What'll they think of next
to flog their rubbish?
Want some?
- I'm not hungry, thanks.
- Have some!
Ouch. You're in love.
Don't look so sad, pal.
I saw you with Bertha. It's sweet.
I swear, it's touching.
You know what I mean.
I'm done with that bosh.
Don't you agree?
I dunno. What are you talking about?
Love and all that, it's bullshit.
If you say so.
I believe in it.
Dunno what Big Bertha did to you,
but you gotta wake up.
Only a mother's love counts.
I've only ever loved my mother.
I didn't really know her, not for long.
She danced at the Moulin Rouge.
How about that!
A gem!
If she weren't my mother,
I'd have tried my luck.
What the hell?
It isn't personal.
What the hell is this?
Stop! I haven't done anything.
What you waiting for, kiddo?
Go on!
Go on!
I'm sorry.
Why did you do that, kiddo?
For Tricky.
I knew I'd seen you before.
Am I gonna die?
I'm gonna die.
Our baby...
I won't see our baby.
You have to disappear.
- I swear I didn't squeal to the pigs.
- I mean it, Paulie!
You must leave now
and never come back!
Vanish, damn it!
Won't you come with me?
Stop, Paulie.
Come, I promise I'll take care of you.
I won't force you into anything.
In time, you might learn to love me.
Stop talking rubbish.
Hurry or I'll change my mind.
Ferocious beast escaped
from Universal Exhibition is killed!
Read all about it!
Where's your ticket?
Hurry or you'll miss it. Here.
And take this too.
Are you sure you won't come?
You're sweet, but these old bones
have no place in the New World.
And I still have
a few confessions to see to.
- I'll miss you, old man.
- So will I.
Our friend Bear has just died.
Do you have a prayer for Bertha?
I know your pain is great,
but you must forgive.
Even though you've been parted
from your beloved, forgive.
Thank you, Father.
Let's go.
One more thing...
- Have you seen her?
- I know nobody of that name.
- Are you sure?
- I've nothing more to say to you.
Where is she?
Where is she?
- Where is she?
- Get out of my church!
Let him go!
Do you know what happens to traitors?
Let's get this over with.
I said stop.
- Let me go!
- Stop.
Lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
Jesus, please.
Farewell, kiddo.
Go on, do it, shoot!