Apaharan (2005) Movie Script

The police had raided
Patel area in Delhi...
...and freed Mohit from the
grasp of the abductors.
It has been 40 days.
The Government has still not
replied to our allegations.
Through the press I've exposed...
...the list of fake co-operative
Shastri-ji, what will
your next step?
I have decided to give Chief
Minister Brijnath Mishra...
...and Co-operatives Minister
Daya Shankar a week's notice.
And if that fails then Satyagraha.
It's futile to send the government
one notice after another.
Here my child's breakfast
is not ready.
Will this daily lecturing
fill anyone's stomach?
Stop racing around. First eat the
puri. - No! I'll get late Buchhi kaka.
Have at least 2, dear.
How will you carry this load
with an empty stomach?
I'm late! Kashi is waiting outside.
Oh God!
With the policies, this coalition
government is adopting...
...there is more likelihood of
destruction than development.
Here's your late fine.
Drop me at Kalyani chowk.
I've to go to City Medical.
What's the point of
wandering on foot?
I'll drop you to City Medical.
This Vishnu Sharma is acting like
we've come to loot his shop.
Forget it. You go. See
you in the evening.
Hello, Mr. Sharma.
- Greetings.
You again?
How many times I've told you.
That indigenous medicine
doesn't sell.
What are you saying, Mr. Sharma?
These Ayurvedic medicines have
become a rage in London and America.
The company has come out
with new tablets...
...for hypertension
and blood pressure.
Oh! In that case give me
a pill for hypertension.
The very sight of you
stresses me out!
Come on, Mr. Sharma.
- Hi. - Hi.
How are you?
- Fine.
Give me these medicines
except the two on top.
El-thro-cin... five hundred.
Two strips.
So Mr. Sharma, what should I book?
I told you. I don't want anything.
- Okay, I'll come tomorrow.
But sir, at least clear
the old payment.
What payment?
Can't you see all your stocks
are still lying on the shelves!
Please! The company
is pressurizing me!
They're giving me reminder
after reminder.
So take away all your
stock from here!
It's just eating up the space
for nothing. Lallan.
Yes, sir.
Remove the Vindhyachal stock.
Sharma-ji, there's no need for
this! Let it be, friend.
I'll come back next week.
Till then please let me
put up this publicity.
Which company do you work for?
- Vindhyachal Ayurvedic.
He's working for part time.
We're trying at the Ranchi
Medical College for Megha.
She will do her post-graduation
Even Ajay has given the State
Police Service competitive exam.
He has done well in the interview
and the physical.
The merit list will
be out any day now.
Done, Mr. Sharma?
Help! Hey! Run!
BRE-7931. That's the number.
- Have you gone mad?
They've gone that way!
- They were firing!
Yes, sir... I'm at the crime scene.
I'm coming. What's
the situation like?
There is tension. But things
are under control now.
Find out where they've gone.
- Sir!
Alert everyone at the police
station. - Right, sir.
Sir, I tried to stop them.
They've gone towards Phulpur Chowki!
Who are you?
My name is Ajay Shastri.
Professor Rahguvansh Shastri
is his father.
Sir, his uncle was
also in the force.
Inspector Balwant Shastri.
He was a very bold officer.
He was martyred at the Lalsingh
gang encounter.
This is the total failure
of law and order, brothers.
In broad daylight, a trader
is kidnapped from the market!
Down with the police department!
Calm down. This is not
the time for a strike.
Down with SP Khan!
Move back!
Down with SP Khan!
SP Mr. Anwar Khan, what
is happening here?
How long will this continue?
Please, we'll talk
to you in a moment.
Taken any statements?
- Sir...
Who made the phone call? - I did
sir, from the City Medical stores.
Sir, there were 4 people.
It was a red Maruti van. B.R. E
- 7931.
Did you see them?
I caught a glimpse of the man
sitting in the front seat.
Mr. SP Khan, how many kidnappings...
...have you taken the onus for?
Mr. Soorajmal, you're making
an unfair allegation.
And what you all are doing is fair?
The SP before you, IPS Balbir Singh
controlled everything brilliantly.
He even had MLA Tabrez
Alam's gang cornered.
But as soon as you've come!
13 cases in 3 months!
This government cannot
protect anyone.
Shut down the market till Seth
Nandlal is not released.
Total strike!
- Yes. Strike! Strike!
Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!
Get them away.
Seth Nandlal, who was kidnapped
today, was a textile merchant.
The last 3 months he was
receiving threat calls.
But the police did not
provide any security.
Due to the increasing incidents
of kidnapping...
...the people here are quite enraged.
Akash Ranjan, Kalyani Chowk,
Salampur, Aaj Tak.
This will not do! We
will not allow this!
Meaningless dramas, rascals.
The poor, underprivileged,
...all have become second
class citizens.
Since the new government
has come to power.
We've been targeted.
The entire welfare fund for
our district is held up.
For education, employment, roads,
electricity, nothing is done.
There is outrage all over!
Sir, Seth Nandlal is kidnapped.
- Brothers, if this continues...
...then before long this government...
That's why you've started
this industry.
Brothers, Seth Nandlal have
just been kidnapped.
Everyone knows who is behind this.
Hey! So you mean to say even
this is Tabrez Alam's doing?
Hey, quiet!
Quiet! Then why don't you arrest me?
Tell me.
Long live Tabrez Alam!
This government is incompetent!
Dismiss it!
Kidnappings must stop!
Or this government must fall!
This government is incompetent!
This government is incompetent!
Dismiss it!
Don't forget Mr. Chief Minister.
You have brought the chair that
you're sitting on with our donations!
Brothers, why are you opening
the old chapter again?
I've given the orders.
Our government will not spare
any of the criminals.
We don't want assurances.
We want Nandlal back.
Till you don't rescue Nandlal,
the total market...
...in Salampur will remain close.
We've had enough!
Just hear me out! Look at this.
We've put the CID Special branch...
...the police force, all
on emergency duty.
Very soon our brother Nandlal
will be brought back safely.
Mr. Home Minister, when the
whole world knows that...
...Tabrez Alam is responsible then
why don't you arrest his people?
And immediately transfer
SP Khan from Salampur.
Apart from kidnapping
there are several...
...other crimes happing
under your nose.
Who all will you transfer?
Look, we've put forward our demands.
Nandlal has to be released within
48 hours. That's all.
Has Ajay eaten?
He just had a glass of milk.
How badly he is hurt!
Did he take any medicine?
I gave him a massage too. - Don't
wake him up early. Let him sleep.
Deep down you love him so much.
Why don't you do something for him?
You won't understand.
He'll succeed on his own merit.
Now he comes! Rascal! Hey, get up!
Look at the time Murli-bhai.
We waited all the night.
We're bloody well fed up.
Traffic jam, Salim.
- You're too much.
Hold him tight.
Sorry, I've ruined your whole
night. Shall I get you tea?
No. I'm fine.
You'll obviously be fine!
Get ready. You've to come with me.
Your wife's house. How should
I know? I'm just a middleman.
I take deliveries and drop them
off wherever the boss orders.
Let's get going now. Pull him up.
Get him out properly.
We've accomplished such a major job.
It took 8 men... bullets were fired.
And you're giving peanuts.
Look at these accounts.
You had presented a budget of Rs.
75,000/- and we've spend...
Tea, snacks, lunch,
dinner Rs. 12,500/-
Bus, train, car, travel, Rs. 3,250.
Cost of stealing 2 Maruti
vans Rs. 37,000/-.
Pistols, ammunitions
of Rs. 29,500/-.
Pocket money of 8 men, 500
each daily, Rs. 32,000/-
Total Rs. 1,14,150/-.
You've already got the cash.
Now this is bonus.
How can we manage with this?
We are 8 of us.
Okay, return the advance and all
expenses and take your cash back.
Whining unnecessarily.
Then take your bonus back!
Forget it. Let's get out of here.
We'll make our claims later.
Come, let's go.
Are you getting nervous, sir?
Salim, just give him an injection
and put him in the backseat.
Otherwise he'll disturb
us all the way!
No, no.
Bhai, its Murli.
Yes, what?
Good morning, boss.
The delivery is made.
Okay, now do him some hospitality.
Keep him in Pannalal's factory.
Natua is there.
I'll send him but how long
will this charity last?
You've not paid me for
the last 2 jobs.
If this goes on, I'll
be on the streets.
Stop this nonsense. I'm
in trouble right now.
What can trouble you with
the police in your pocket?
And Tabrez Alam's power on top.
Be patient till the collection.
I'll clear everything.
The total is more than 20 lakhs.
Now don't be a glutton! I
told you it will be done!
Since childhood I fancied
a police job.
I've tried for the IPS exams
thrice but without success.
His father never let
him take coaching.
I've fared well in the
State Police exam too.
But no news yet.
This is my last chance. Or I'll
cross the age requirement.
I am indebted to your uncle.
I'll do something for you.
Pandey here. Give the
phone to Tabrez Alam.
Mr. Pandey on the line.
Hello, Home Minister. What
made you remember me?
What's happening to that
Hajipur trader Nandlal?
Come on. You're the Home Minister.
The state police are in your hands.
You should know better.
Stop this drama, Tabrez Alam.
In this confession, you've
gobbled up my...
...share of Vaishali
and Sitamarhi ransom.
Where will you stock all the money?
You want to churn butter
even out of sandal.
I've news you all
are minting money...
...out of the police
recruitment process.
Don't get taken in by rumors,
Tabrez Alam.
Please sort out the Nandlal matter.
It is creating havoc.
There were protests today too.
- Greetings.
Please wrap it up soon.
Don't feast alone. My share
must be delivered on time.
Don't try to eat the sugarcane
from the root.
You will end up eating
the mud as well.
Such a dog.
Here, call Gaya Singh.
12.5... 26... 75... and 13...
Tabrez-bhai's call.
Yes... yes... yes, Tabrez-bhai. Fine.
I'll go there right away.
Tell the doctor. I'm going out.
- Yes.
Pass the scarf.
- Yes.
What happened?
- Doctor is in the bathroom.
Greetings, sir.
What a pain!
They keep calling Tabrez-bhai
for such trivial matters.
What's the matter?
Times are bad, jailor. How
can one do business?
What happened to the doctor?
He's still in the bathroom.
I'll have to set him right.
How much time do you take, doctor?
Living in the bathroom these days?
I'll be back by lunch.
- Fine, sir.
Let's go, Mishra-ji.
Greetings. Come. Jail hospital.
Come, brothers. Make
yourselves home.
This is Nandlal's younger
brother, Srilal.
Oh, I was sorry to hear.
But don't worry.
I'll go all out to release
your brother. Okay?
They made a demand of 50 lakhs.
From where will I get so much?
I've already got it
reduced to 50 lakhs.
The men who picked up your brother...
...have risked their lives to do so.
They've no insurance
like your brother.
I can't get the ransom reduced
any further, that's all.
Mandal uncle has come.
Wait here. I'll get
Mr. Brij Kishore.
Come on, Mandal, the list
has not been finalized yet.
The file is moving in and out of
the Home Minister's office everyday.
Hey, Ramjatan.
What is it?
This is Mr. Mandal.
Show him the merit list file.
What's the roll number?
Sir... B 200777.
Which quota have you applied under?
Didn't I tell you?
Whose candidate is he?
I'm a Shastri Brahmin.
And I don't have any
other recommendation.
Why are you wasting time?
Where's the merit to have
his name on the list?
Ma'am, hand over that file.
- That file has still not come.
Ajay... the name was
on the first list.
But it was removed later.
Hang on.
Yes, we'll send it to you.
Isn't there some solution,
Brij Kishore?
Don't you know the rate
of an inspector?
Can't the rate be reduced a bit?
No one will bother will
less than 5 lakhs.
Who do we have to give it to?
Brijkishore. He will get it done.
From the minister to the peon,
everyone has a share.
What progress, DGP?
It's been 7 days.
There is a public outcry.
Is the State Police sleeping?
I want results.
Raids and searches are
on day and night.
Very soon we'll...
- Sir.
What is this?
Mr. Khan?
Sir, investigation report.
I'm working with many sources.
We've detained 7 people.
Tonight we're planning to
raid several locations.
This is the list, sir.
Tabrez Alam's name is
also on your list.
He's suspected too, sir. We're
keeping an eye on his hideouts.
I want results within 24 hours.
Right, sir.
I want a report.
Yes, sir.
So according to you, Tabrez Alam's
hiding the trader in his house?
Yes, sir.
Before taking any step investigate
and get solid evidence.
It's your responsibility.
- Sir.
Tabrez Alam's call.
Yes, bhai. Nandlal's brother
is a fraud, bhai.
He has failed to pay thrice.
But he'll straighten out.
Given him time till morning.
Where's he kept?
In our Lalganj godown.
Usman-bhai's son, our
Naseem's there too.
Shift him to another location.
Khan's snooping around a lot.
Yes bhai, right away.
Hey, run! Police!
Run! Run!
Grab him! Surround him!
Hold that one too!
Why are you hitting us, sir?
We've just come from Motihari.
You can't touch us. Show
me the arrest warrant.
You're hitting me! MLA Tabrez
Alam is my uncle.
Pull him out!
Why are you hitting me?
- Shut up!
Get up.
No! No!
This is the arrest warrant.
- Don't shoot me.
Then talk!
You're a good kid.
Co-operate with us.
We'll let you off... as
a government witness.
Where is SP sir?
Please come.
Professor Shastri's son is
here to do identification.
We're letting them off
after signing the bond.
We were beaten badly, Bade Abba.
- Yes, bhai.
Take these two and go.
Make them sit in the office.
I'll sit in the office and
have tea with you later.
Right now let's talk here.
You're working very hard.
What to do? Some people continue
on the wrong path.
These are your own people.
They may be your own men.
For me they all are criminals.
Whatever, we must acknowledge
our own community.
Don't insult my community by
identifying it with criminals.
So they are criminals? You've
already made the judgment.
And they're being punished.
These poor people are the
parents of these criminals.
Tell them, here law and order
ceases to exist behind the bars.
You all go now.
Come and collect your children's
corpses in the morning.
Right, Mr. Khan?
I'd got you transferred
here with a lot of hope.
I regret that I couldn't
live up to your hope.
Do the identification carefully.
These eyes are often mistaken.
Pardon us, Bade Appa.
I'm Madho washer man's son, Ramnath.
I'll never make such
a mistake again.
Scared, aren't you?
Lost your nerve in
front of the cops.
Couldn't bear the torture.
You were scared shitless.
You don't trust me.
You've let me down.
So many people are trying
to scare me...
...to annihilate our community.
Can I afford to be scared?
Won't happen again, Bade Appa.
Hey, don't be afraid, kiddo.
You're still traumatized.
This fear inside you can
destroy our community.
We are working for Him. There
can be no compromise.
Never mind, bhai. He didn't
deserve to live.
But he was our child.
I can sacrifice a hundred
Naseems to your principles.
Madho washer man's son...
Just see that his family
has no problem.
You don't worry at all, bhai.
Congrats, Mr. Pandey! Your
police freed Nandlal.
Yes, yes.
CM's leaving.
- Regards, sir.
Yes, sir. The car is ready.
When Tabrez Alam has come himself,
then the matter's serious.
Tell us, is everything well?
I'd send you a request.
That wasn't passed, bhai.
I'd brought it up
in the cabinet too.
It's not even 3 months yet.
Besides, you got Anwar Khan posted
to the district yourself.
That's why I'm demanding
his transfer immediately.
It can't be done, bhai. The
minority will get the wrong signal.
But I'm the minority community.
You're not running this
country, are you?
SP Khan will remain in Salampur.
95... 96... 97... 98... 99... 100.
We've got Rs. 25,000
/- here.
My account has 27.5.
Again an engineer was picked up...
- They've come.
Don't worry. Arrangements are made.
Hang on.
This is Mr. Verma.
But from where did you
get so much money?
He's given 5 lakhs for a month.
We'll have 4.5 after deducting
the interest.
Once you get admitted,
we'll repay it all.
How'll we repay it? It's absurd.
Stop worrying about
that, Mr. Honest.
Once you start parading
in your uniform...
...we can handle the collections.
So you've definitely decided
that you'll bribe them?
What else?
Consider it my misfortune
and bang my head?
My name was there on the first list.
I cleared the written, physical
and interview on my own merit.
But it was struck off. What do I do?
Protest or shoot them?
Tell me, what do I do?
You'll pay a bribe.
Lady, my life is at stake.
And when this is the
only path, fine.
I must have this job at any cost.
Till yesterday you believed
this was wrong.
I believed, I'll continue
to believe.
But perhaps this is today's reality.
Your result was good. But tell me.
Would you get a seat in
the medical college...
...if your father hadn't paid?
Forget about me. Will
your father agree?
I'm not dragging him into this.
Once I get recruited,
then we'll see.
Fill the application form properly.
If you don't understand, ask.
- Fine.
Greetings. - Is this the time to
come? It's been over 3 hours.
If it wasn't for Mr. Mandal...
Got delayed in the collection,
Hey, move!
One minute.
One minute. One minute.
Mr. Mandal's candidate,
Bada Babu. Ajay Shastri.
Take that out.
See this.
- Yes, sir.
Take it upstairs to Banka babu.
- Yes, sir.
Okay, thanks you.
It's done. Let's move.
Bada Babu, where's my
name on the list?
When your sweetheart is a
policeman, what's there to fear?
When your sweetheart is a
policeman, what's there to fear?
Hey, no.
Today you can't say no.
Yuck! You're drinking alcohol.
He's lying.
- They forced me to drink.
Haven't done a robbery or theft.
- Just a peg if drink.
You've gone mad. What are you doing?
Yes. I've gone mad.
The list will be out in
2 days, my name's on it.
Mr. Mishra from Dainik Jagaran.
- Greetings.
Hello, Mr. Mishra.
Sir, this is very unfair.
What's the matter?
You'd promised I'd be the first one
to publish the police recruitment.
So am I refusing? You are...
Then how did Mr. Shastri get it?
He's called a press conference
in the morning at home.
Congratulations. Aren't you the one?
Yes, sir. I'm Ajay.
Sir. Give me your blessings.
Why are you standing here?
Bring out the box. Offer
everyone sweets.
It's such a happy occasion
that I've come myself.
Your son's name is
on the merit list.
See it in tomorrow's paper.
I've seen the list. My statement
is also appearing tomorrow.
You're my teacher, greater than God.
I'll lay down my life for you.
I request, don't punish me
publicly through the press.
You mean I shouldn't talk about
the crores of rupees...
...your ministry has taken
for the police recruitment?
Yes, that is the request.
What if I expose you
and your government?
You can only levy allegations
not prove them.
But your son's job is definitely
in your hands.
You've come to strike a deal?
I'll always regret that
you were ever my student.
But what I'll regret even
more is that you thought...
...me capable of this dirty deed.
Forget my son's job, Dhinkar.
Even if his life is at stake,
I'll not make this deal.
You may leave.
I know, no one can
influence Guru-ji.
Still your work can be done.
Just ask him to wait for
a while, a month or two.
I'll take care of it later.
Can't you hold on for a few days?
What do you mean?
The Minister wants you to keep
quiet for a couple of months.
Then I'll get the job, father.
You know that is impossible.
I've already called
a press conference.
Please, father. It's
a matter of my life.
I've never asked you for anything.
I've done everything myself.
Please delay your statement
by a few days.
I know how important this
job is for you, Ajay.
But I hope you'll give
due importance to...
...your father's lifelong struggle
against corruption.
I've been doing that
all my life, father.
But I can't bear the burden
of your principles any more.
Your principles, struggle, path of
truth is all really great, father.
But it can't do anything.
You'll give your statement,
a commission will sit...
...Pandey will not quit.
But my life will be ruined.
This is my last chance.
Even after the humiliation, Pandey
is ready to give me the job.
Please, father. For the
sake of your son...
My own child thinks like
this? It's shameful!
Just one blow of failure
crushed you?
I never had high hopes of
any major success from you.
But today I'm disappointed.
Dinkar Pandey attracted you
with the bait of a job...
...and you switched loyalties?
You didn't think what would the
world say if Raghuvansh Shastri...
...compromised his principles
for his son's selfish ends?
I don't know about
the world, father.
But I will say, I didn't
get a job because of you.
I'm sorry you think that way.
But I'll bear it.
So you don't care about me?
Actually you never have.
That is not true. You don't
care about my principles.
Yes. I don't care. Your
greatness is a sham.
You call my need for a job selfish...
...but did you ever think...
...even your desire to
be great is selfish?
Sorry, father.
You only wanted me to personify
your big ideals.
I could never become your son.
Do you want to die? Lunatic bastard!
What happened, Ajay?
Life doesn't end with one defeat.
One defeat? I think
you're losing count.
I understand your pain but please...
...don't harbor this
bitterness, Ajay.
Your father has only done what
he has been doing all his life.
You're right.
By sacrificing my future
he has definitely...
...become greater in people's eyes.
Whether anyone's punished
by his allegations or not...
...l'm already punished... for life.
It makes no difference, Ajay.
Try something else.
Please, Megha. Don't talk
about something else.
Nothing will work out for me.
And don't try to heal my
wounds with your pity.
You're fast becoming
a different person.
I'm going. It's getting late.
Why are you worrying
when we are there?
Ajay's our child. When will
everything come to use?
No sugar for me.
- Bucchi, bring biscuits.
Ajay, son.
How are you?
I'm fine.
Why are you so upset?
Forget about the police job.
From tomorrow you come to
our wholesale godown.
What do I have to do there?
You can do anything.
We have an entire staff
there. You can just...
Then why am I required?
You should be grateful to
him for offering you a job.
You can at least write
their accounts.
Thanks, uncle. But perhaps
father doesn't know...
...I was always weak at math's.
I can't work for you.
That's him.
If I'd known he's Mr.
Shastri's son...
...then why would I have lent
him your money, Murli-bhai.
So now you know.
We'll retrieve it from his dad.
Hang on. But one month's
interest is cut.
There's still 20 days left
to return the money.
I can't give you 20 minutes.
God knows what is your
father's next hit.
Everyday he bloody sits
making statements.
Look, you're concerned
with your money.
Don't talk rubbish about my father.
I'll return your money in 3 days.
Touchy about your father?
Okay, 3 days.
After that you won't get a
single moment, understand.
Keep it in mind.
Come on.
Where is your motorcycle?
- Forget it.
He has come.
- What's the matter?
I want the money back.
What money? Get out of the way.
Look, we'd borrowed the 5 lakhs.
We've to return it, please.
Whatever. How do I return it?
- We're in trouble.
What do I do? Did you give to me?
Yes, you'd taken it. You'd
given it inside.
Once inside, the money
doesn't come out again.
This is a government well.
It has to come back.
I'd paid for the job.
It didn't materialize.
You have to return it.
Let go of me!
Hey! Leave his collar!
What money? I'd put your name
on the list with my own hand.
It was struck off because
of your esteemed father.
Go, hold his collar to
retrieve your money.
Whatever happened to you is
because of your father.
All the results are bloody jammed.
He has started the enquiry routine...
...and 213 candidates are in a limbo.
They should in fact retrieve
their money from him.
That's right. We should.
Before pointing fingers at
ministers and government one...
...should consider a thousand
people's future would be ruined.
Who are you to get aggressive,
Go to your father and tell
him to stop being a Gandhi.
It creates immense disturbances.
Hasn't Ajay come yet?
No. He is never this late.
You have your dinner.
Come on, fast!
What's the matter?
Good we got him here.
We'll save money on the phone call.
Now get me my payment and
take your father back.
Hurry up, pick up the professor.
Hang on.
Don't you dare touch my father!
You had said 3 days.
I've time till the evening.
Yes, but you can't be trusted.
You didn't go home for 2 nights.
What if you run away today?
I'm not going anywhere, bhai.
I'll do anything to
get your money back.
Remember, we're watching you and
your father round the clock.
If I do not get my money,
then buy a garland...
...and incense stick for
your father's last rites.
Understand. Come on.
They're no other way left for us.
We've tried everything, but
we can't arrange the money.
I've talked to Sukhi uncle.
He has all kinds of deal.
We just have to kidnap a guy and
take him to the middleman.
That's it.
This will be the first
and the last time.
After all, your father's
security is at stake.
I just pity the professor.
Because Murli will not
spare your father.
This is the party from Hajipur,
Sales tax inspector, Banka Lal.
He has property worth crores in
Patna, bank balance, cash and all.
All the information is here.
When will you deliver?
This is Naga-bhai. He'll finance
your car, guns everything.
Tell him what you want.
First tell me, when
will the delivery be?
We'll try today itself.
The goods must reach me understand.
You're first timers, if you get
nervous there will be blunders.
Where do we drop off Banka Lal?
As soon as the work
is done, call me.
You'll get the address.
But remember, be punctual.
And if there is any defect,
I'll cancel the delivery.
There should be no deep
wound on the man.
If he dies on the way, no payment.
The rest on delivery. I
should get my phone back.
Come tomorrow. Your
work will be done.
He's leaving in a silver
esteem, 1226.
Who's with him?
- The driver.
Okay, you follow him.
Hello. I'm coming after
buying fruits.
I've already got some, you just
come soon. It's time for the movie.
Is your brother ready?
- Long back.
Don't stop here, Yadav.
Let's go home.
Hey Bunty! What are you doing?
What a mess! Can't you see?
What's happening? Who
are these people?
What are you doing?
I am being kidnapped.
What? He's being kidnapped.
The car isn't starting.
The car is not starting.
Stop that rickshaw.
Come on. Catch it.
Put him in! Hurry!
Calm down. Get his diary.
Look for Gaya Singh's number.
He's the one who must have
kidnapped my husband.
Call the police, brother.
Are you mad? Why will
Gaya kidnap him?
Gaya takes protection
money from him.
His security is Gaya's
I'm Banka Lal's brother-in-law
It's Banka Lal's brother-in-law.
What is it?
My brother-in-law
has been kidnapped.
Don't crack jokes.
With Gaya Singh around, no one has
the guts to touch Banka Lal.
I'm dying here and you
think it's a joke?
God will punish the culprit!
- He called himself!
Call everyone from
Nepal to Begusurai.
Get the phone from my shoe.
- Yes. - Call Murli.
Amazing! Who's this new player?
Don't play a double game with
me, Murli. I'm furious.
My life is dear to me.
I'll not make such a mistake
even in my dreams.
Why only me? No one will dare.
It must be an outside party.
Find out, Murli. Ask each
and everyone and tell me.
Banka Lal is my client.
Whoever it is will
die a dog's death.
The phone is ringing.
The damn phone is ringing! Stop!
Have you stuffed shit in your ears?
I'm ringing for the third time.
- What happened?
The car had an accident. We're
bringing him in a rickshaw.
In a rickshaw! Why
didn't you call me?
Please tell me quickly,
where to deliver?
Leave him at the highway before
the Pipra turn. Understood.
Hello, Murli-bhai.
Cut out the greetings. Gaya
Singh's looking out for you.
Gaya Singh?
Who did you give the contract to?
That's the problem with a new party.
Hurry up and check the stuff.
If you could settle with us...
Such a dangerous slip! I
almost changed my mind.
Left the car at the crime scene.
Murli here, Naga-bhai. How are you?
I'm busy now, Murli-bhai, later.
Picking up stuff in double
shits at the bypass.
Is it the State tax inspector
from Hajipur?
Don't talk nonsense, Murli.
I don't pick up stuff worth
small changes. Understood.
Whatever you do, think about it.
Banka Lal is Gaya Singh's client.
He's in a frenzy searching
for the kidnappers.
Leave him. Cancel it.
We don't want the delivery.
Let's go.
What's the matter?
Don't want the delivery.
We've picked him up with great
difficulty, Naga-bhai.
We've risked our lives...
I can't risk my life.
Leave the door.
First come out. Make our payment.
You! Want your payment!
Beat up the rascals!
Leave my hand. - Naga sir, there
is no point in fighting.
It's a matter of life and death.
Please. Because of me, my friends...
- Shut up!
Full 5 lakhs, Naga sir.
Run! Run! Come on!
Quick! Brother-in-law!
Untie him fast! The police
is here. Don't worry.
Naga-bhai. Naga is on the line.
You're becoming very daring, Naga.
There's no question about it, Gaya.
As soon as I found out he is your
man, I canceled the delivery.
Who were they?
It's a gang from Salmapur itself.
Some Ajay Shastri.
Ajay Shastri!
What Mr. DSP! I plough the land,
sow the seeds, nurture them...
...and the Professor Shastri's
son will take away the harvest?
The case is in Hajipur.
It's not in my district.
But the criminals are
from your district.
I'm sending 1 lakh. I want
all 4 by the morning.
Why so much rancor, they
all are new kids.
And they've failed.
It's not about passing or failing.
In my area, they had the guts
to pick up my client.
It's a very serious matter.
It's another district
and needs 4 warrants.
It's too much work, Gaya.
After the magistrate and police
station, I won't have anything left.
When it comes to money,
you become shameless.
Get the work done first.
We'll see later.
Double the payment.
It's so bloody unfair. Everyone
wants to rob you.
Surround the house! Move!
Check there!
Where are you barging!
Where are you going?
Listen, what's the matter?
What's going on? Stop these people!
Will you tell us on what charges
are you arresting him?
The charges are section 365, 384,
120B and 302, professor.
What was the police saying?
Kidnapping, ransom,
conspiracy to murder.
Come on! Move!
Sir, this is Professor Shastri's...
- Of course, I know him.
He has chosen the right field.
He'll make his father proud.
Who else have you all kidnapped?
Sir, should we make his report?
That we'll do. But first
let's get him to confess.
Ajay. What happened?
Could I talk to him for a moment?
Yes, yes, but first
let us speak to him.
You sure have guts!
Who gave you the contract? Speak up!
Who are your other 2 gang members?
What are you staring at?
Shall I call that madam inside?
Sir has come. He has called you.
Let's go.
Professor Shastri has also come.
- Bring him along.
Father, these people
have arrested Ajay.
So what are you doing here?
Let's go from here.
This is a place for criminals
not for you.
Father, let me just speak to Ajay.
Ajay please, say something.
Come on, move.
- You go home.
Ajay... Ajay...
Let's go.
Look, Professor we
really respect you.
But the charges are very serious.
They have planned and kidnapped
a government officer.
Even then, Mr. SP.
The boy wasn't caught
at the crime scene.
If you want the matter could...
No. There would be obstruction
in the process of the law.
If the allegations are not proven,
he will be declared innocent.
Otherwise, for the kind of
crime he has committed...
...he should be punished severely.
Move! Come on!
Boss's word is completely ready.
These guys will have
a grand welcome.
Come on!
Hey! Move!
Who is Ajay Shastri? Tell me!
Come on!
- I'm Ajay Shastri.
Hold that rascal!
Hot blooded rascal, speak!
Speak up!
How did you have the bloody
guts to lay a hand on my man!
Come on, talk! I'll ruin you!
You dare to stare at me?
Lick this!
And swear that you'll never
do this again. Lick!
Remember this.
How did all this happen, Ajay?
Please say something.
Why have you come here?
I don't understand what to do.
Admission at Ranchi
has been confirmed.
I met your father. He...
Please don't talk about Pundit
Raghuvanshi Shastri.
Don't say that, Ajay. It's
a bad dream, it will pass.
Your whole life lies ahead.
Your life. Don't associate with
a man like me and ruin it.
- I'm a criminal.
Meeting me is not appropriate for
you. Please don't come here again.
Pick up the party from Nepal.
Gaya Singh never fails to pay.
DSP Shukla.
Police department dogs
can smell money.
Come. Get some beer. Boss has come.
Major conference going on? Did I
disturb you at the wrong time?
When do you ever come at the
right time, Shukla-ji?
Tell me, what can I do for you?
Leave the hosting to me. You
just give me the money.
I've already given you 1 lakh.
Now should I gift you the Taj Mahal?
Double of that was the deal.
I've given you so much till now.
But your habit of begging remains.
Look, I'm working for you.
That you will do for money.
You will even sell yourself.
How much do you have in hand?
- Rs. 50,000/-.
Spare me, DSP sir. Even a
prostitute doesn't haggle so much.
Sorry, if you felt bad.
It's 50 less. But it will do.
Hello. Sudhakar from the DGP office.
Boss has called you to the
headquarters urgently at 4 o'clock.
Lots of complaints against you.
Have to take action now.
Complaints? Against me?
Tabrez Alam's people are
very angry with you.
They're pressurizing
for your transfer.
Gaya Singh!
What you want is impossible.
Let me meet him once.
I'll talk to him.
Okay, I'll try.
Sir, he wants to talk to you.
DSP sir, give me a minute.
- Quick! I don't have time.
Help me, sir. Please
arrange for my bail.
You help all kinds of people.
Give me a chance too.
I will be very useful to you.
What are you saying?
If sir gets angry then you'll
rust forever in jail.
Once chance! I'll do anything
for this favor.
- Anything.
Get me released. You'll
not be disappointed.
I can't come inside.
I'll wait for you here. Do the
identification properly.
How much time will it take?
- That depends on you.
If you like it inside let
me know we'll book you.
Mr. Shukla, you're joking.
The court magistrate.
Sir, Banka Lal. He has to
do the identification.
Sir none of them was there.
Look at them properly.
What's there to see?
I was blindfolded.
Come on, take them inside.
Sir, may I leave too?
- Okay.
What are you saying!
I won't go back to my
old life of failure.
I've chosen my goal and
I'm going to get it.
Tomorrow we'll be bailed out.
Then you all decide what you'll do.
I will be successful at any cost.
I'll take the bag.
- No, let's go.
Here's my seat.
Megha dear, eat on time.
- Yes.
Do call as soon as you reach
Ranchi. - Yes, father.
Okay, dear.
- Bye.
You are lucky.
3 cases of the sales tax offices
are with me. He agreed.
Thank you, sir. Thanks
to you I'm free today.
So what are your plans now?
Mr. Shukla, just tell me,
which person in town...
...is Tabrez desperate to kidnap?
The accounts will reach by evening.
- Alright.
Spotted 13 guards outside
and 8 inside.
Seems like military security.
We'll need a whole army
to penetrate this place.
There is vigilance at
the main gate too.
Arrange for a car.
What calculation is this!
Our tender is right on top.
Hello. - Sir, the chartered
accountant on line.
Yes, put him on line.
Vibhuti Bhushan here. Just received
a call from income tax office.
They're coming for a raid.
- What?
There was a raid just 6 months ago.
It's a new director.
A greedy rascal.
Tell the security to welcome
them properly.
Look after him.
All set? Go and manage.
- Okay, sir.
Good morning, sir. Please, come.
Mr. Subhramanyam, you stay at
the gate. Nobody in or out.
Yes, sir. No entry, no exit.
Start checking the office.
- Yes, sir.
Are there dacoits here?
- No, sir. No, dacoits.
Such tight security? Problem?
- No problem, sir.
Security, wait outside.
Interrogate the security, quick.
Show them the photo in the file
and get a complete record.
Who comes when and goes when.
Why have you kept such huge
guards, Mr. Sooraj?
I'm Devanand.
I know, sir. Please come. This
security is not for you.
Then get them out.
- Go.
Have to start investigation.
Time is money.
That's what I'm saying,
sir. Why waste time?
Take this money and save time.
- Offering bribe? How much?
Boss, locked up all guards.
Thank you.
Time is money. Come.
You've no clue who you're
messing with.
I've already taken
the risk. Now come.
Where are you taking me?
How much do you want?
I'll pay you here.
- Come along now.
Make the demand draft later.
- What are you doing?
- Where are you taking me?
Open it! Put it in
the car! Hurry up!
Keep quiet! Come on! Move!
What are you doing?
Come on. Sit.
What? Soorajmal has been kidnapped?
Tabrez-bhai's call.
Tabrez-bhai's on the line.
Bhai, Tabrez-bhai.
What's wrong? In the
bathroom too long?
- Bhai...
Amazing! Your clothes are stripped
off right under the nose...
...and you didn't even realize.
My people are looking all over.
He can't escape. No
matter who he is.
You'd taken the challenge to
kidnap Soorajmal, Gaya Singh.
And I had faith in you.
I won't let you down, Tabrez-bhai.
Just give me 24 hours.
Why can't you get Shukla on line?
It's ringing. He isn't picking up...
Try again, rascal! Can't show
my back to Tabrez-bhai!
I won't spare that dog!
Quickly! Hurry up!
Sir. Excuse me, sir. Sir.
Sir, one minute.
Any news of the kidnappers?
Any demand for ransom?
Which gang is suspected?
We're investigating. We'll
soon come to a conclusion.
Sir, what about the ransom amount?
Within a month another
sensational kidnapping.
At 3 in the afternoon
in broad daylight.
The owner of Sooraj Group of
Companies, Mr. Soorajmal...
...was kidnapped by unidentified
We have with us Soorajmal's younger
brother, Mr. Chandmal.
Mr. Chandmal, there were rumors...
...because of your brother's
political aspirations...
...there was rising tension between
him and MLA Tabrez Alam.
It is difficult for me to
say anything right now.
My brother's life is at risk.
Any phone call demanding ransom?
A few days ago someone named
Gaya Singh had threatened us.
Shut up, rascal! Gaya Singh
will make hollow threats?
Mr. Gaya Singh.
- Where had you vanished, Shukla-ji?
I'm tired of trying your number.
I was busy with your
work, Gaya Singh.
Your prey is in my custody already.
I'm just coming. Hold on to him.
Never harbored as strong a desire
to kill a person as now, Shukla-ji.
Who is he? - Go see for yourself.
And there is no need for this.
I've taken so much from you.
This time it's for free.
You? Despite having licked my
spilt you haven't improved.
This will cost you dearly.
Spare my life. I'd
underestimated you.
I'll give you whatever you want.
I'll give you as much money as
you want. I swear on my kids.
Forgive me, bhai.
Look, I'll lick your spit if
you say. I swear. Forgive me.
Lick! Lick!
Lick! Lick!
Everything is finished.
Usman, see that his kids
have no problems.
Get the last rites done properly.
- Yes, bhai.
- Yes.
Which kid had Gaya beaten up
in the jail? - Who, bhai?
The one Khan had called
to identify our men.
He? Yes. His name is Ajay Shastri.
Find him.
- Yes, bhai.
Stop! Stop!
Who is it? Come out.
Usman, shoot him!
- Put him in the car and take him.
Tabrez-bhai! Tabrez-bhai!
Please listen to me once.
You may kill me if you
wish after that.
Why? Why should I listen to you?
How dare you think of
challenging Tabrez!
I have certainly dared but
not to challenge you.
Rather I had come to surrender...
Why did you do all this?
I just wanted to meet
you, Tabrez-bhai.
Meet me? Is this the
way to meet anyone?
What do you think of yourself?
You will kill Gaya?
What if I shoot you?
I settled my scores with Gaya.
I killed him after he licked my spit.
But the person who couldn't
kidnap Soorajmal despite...
...having your support then
he is not worthy of you.
And do you consider yourself worthy?
Have a good look at me.
You won't be betrayed.
I can give my life for you.
You can give your life for me...
how much is your life worth?
I don't want men who
give their lives.
I can take lives too!
Where is Soorajmal?
He is outside in the car dickey.
Hey! Open the gate.
He will come to his
senses in a while.
Bhai, what shall we do with him?
Call the doctor and
inform his relatives.
Give me one chance, Tabrez-bhai.
I will work only for you.
Soorajmal is conscious now.
Feel at ease.
This is like your home.
Your family will be
arriving shortly.
Is everything fine?
Stay calm!
Don't worry, sir. He is our man.
You suffered due to
a misunderstanding.
Oh God!
You are fine, right? - Come.
- We were worried about you.
Chandmal, there is no need for this.
You're one of our own.
Take it as an offering, Tabrez-bhai.
It's because of you that I
am seeing my brother alive.
Well then, I'm building the
district medical college.
You can add a few bricks there.
And listen, you may give this
man whatever you feel like.
He has brought your brother here.
I'm fine.
Bhai, what do we do with this guy?
He is educated.
He first proved his talent
and then asked for work.
But bhai, he is professor
Shastri's son.
He's hardly anybody's son now.
Come on! Easy! Easy!
What is the matter?
Doctor sir, it is an emergency.
- You all move out.
Catch his leg! Hold it properly!
Sir, we've just received a call.
- Where's it from?
Sir, it is an international call.
Check the location of the mobile.
They must be using foreign sim cards
SP sir! SP sir! We've heard that
they've demanded for 2 crores.
Stop here. You can't go ahead.
Everything will be fine. Nothing
will happen to Doctor sir.
What's the matter?
I need information on the
call that had just come.
Information? You should
have the information.
Without information... - For God's
sake, why don't you all cooperate?
We are doing our best. And look,
doctor's life is at risk.
Then let us save his life.
Look, please don't lose hope.
If you pay the ransom today, then...
A new toy has come.
One will cost 12.5 lakhs.
You may anywhere but the
result is the same.
Good weapon! Gentlemen,
I am interested.
Thank you very much!
- Thank you.
Listen, this doctor issue
is going to heat up.
You go to Central Jail for a while.
You'll be arrested for that
old Sales Tax Inspector case.
We'll issue a warrant due
to some new evidence.
Gaya Singh's ward is also
vacant there. - Usman-bhai!
I've told the jailer to clean it up.
It'll be painted according
to your choice.
That'll be fine.
You operate from there...
without worrying.
Fine, bhai!
Jailor sir is inside.
Greetings, sir!
- Greetings. - Come, this way.
Come sir!
- Greetings Ajay! Greetings sir!
Greeting Ajay!
- Forgive me, brother!
I made a mistake. Forgive me.
- Come on go out! Come on, quick!
Ask the jail doctor to meet me.
- Okay!
I'll go out in the evening.
Hello, control room?
- Yes sir.
Tell the DSP to send another
Patrolling party to Shri Rampur Road.
Quick move!
It's sir!
- Have you checked the print out?
There have been 7 calls
from that number.
Who is the registered user?
- Sir, some Ashiq Ali Khan.
The address is fake. Sir, We have
arrested the sim card dealer.
Good! Keep tracking.
Tell the mobile operators to track...
...the location along
with the call time.
- Yes sir!
What is inside this? Sir!
What is it, sir?
What is in this? Open it!
- There is nothing.
It is stuff related to electricity.
You all must be careful.
- Okay sir!
If there's any suspicious activity...
...then inform us immediately.
- Yes sir! - Yes.
What's the matter Mr. Shukla?
Usman, how many times I have told...
...you not to call me on mobile.
You will get me killed someday.
It's urgent, Mr. Shukla. Have to
take a parcel out. We need cover.
Khan's turned all of
Salampur into a fort.
I can't get your parcel out.
Hurry up! Quick!
Okay. Let's go.
Close the gate.
Bhai, the money has come.
We have to deliver to the doctor.
Khan's checking every car.
Call up DSP.
- Yes bhai.
Prepare the report fast.
- Yes sir.
Okay gentlemen.
- Sir!
- Greetings.
Tabrez-bhai will speak.
In half an hour my car will
pass Kalambagh Chowki.
I'll be obliged if you come
there yourself. - Yes.
Where is he headed?
- Sir, towards Kalambagh Chowki.
Okay! Move!
Show us what is in it?
It seems the D.G. P
hasn't reached yet.
See, who's there?
- Yes, bhai.
Who's in the car?
Each and every car
should be checked!
Why are you listening
to All India Radio?
Lift the barrier. MLA himself
is sitting in the car.
- Check all the vehicles. - Yes.
Also check their arms licenses now.
- Right sir!
What's the matter? I am there.
Get the dickey opened, the
car will be checked.
Whose order is this?
I don't need orders
to check your car.
Yes you do!
You certainly do!
DGP sir tell him, he is a servant...
...of the people and
I am their protector.
He'll check my car, is it?
MLA! MLA sir, please go ahead.
Pardon the mistake.
I'll take care of him.
Sorry, I arrived late.
Check my car!
I'll plead for forgiveness for this.
Please go ahead.
Oh my God! Anwar!
Anwar, tell me what happened?
- Nothing.
Give me a moment.
- No! Anwar, please say something!
What can I say?
Everything got ruined.
Shame on me! He hit me
and I could do nothing.
What kind of a police do I serve
when I can't protect myself?
I'm tired of paying the dual
price of being a Muslim.
One has to pay a price
for the truth.
You are a true Muslim!
And I've always been proud
to be your wife.
You can't shutter my pride!
I won't let you lose!
Please don't bother about
your son's life or mine.
Your prestige comes first.
And if you lose your self-respect,
then how will I live?
Don't spare the man who's
raised a hand on you!
No matter what... no matter
how long it takes.
Don't spare!
Where are you building the hall?
Here! It will be 70' by 50'.
Home Minister Pandey?
Why don't you take
my call these days?
What to do, sir? You keep returning...
...to single point
programme of money.
I too have limits.
You plan to hog the
doctor's case amount.
Sir, in the agreement
of give and take, if...
...you intend to just take then
the accounts will go haywire!
It's not right if outsiders get all
the contracts of any district.
I understood.
It seems as if the accounts with
you need to be properly settled.
With the blessings of God even...
...the building should turn out good.
Photocopy these papers, fast!
- Yes sir.
- Mr. Mishra! Come. Sit!
Hand it over to Shastri-ji only.
The court hearing is at 4.
Shastri-ji, this time you have
got hold of strong evidence.
But how did you get these papers?
- Forget it, why worry?
You've many well-wishers.
Today at the High court professor
Raghuvan Shastri...
...mocked the non-bailable
warrants issued by the...
...government and files a case
against the government's...
...carelessness in several
criminal cases.
On the basis of my evidence
the court has given strict...
...instructions to the government
to execute all...
...delayed and non-bailable
warrant within 24 hours.
And to inform the court after
arresting the concerned criminals.
All that is fine. But please answer
one question, Shastri-ji.
You are crusading here.
And your son is enjoying
the protection...
...of jail and working wonders!
What's the connection?
Excuse me, I don't have a son
by the name Ajay Shastri.
So will leaders like Tabrez Alam...
...Shamsher, Kali Jha be behind bars?
Long live Tabrez Alam!
Long live Tabrez Alam!
Long live Tabrez Alam!
Long live Tabrez Alam!
What's the matter?
There's an arrest warrant in
the name of MLA Tabrez Alam.
So arrest me, I am Tabrez Alam.
- Yes, I am Tabrez Alam!
Arrest me! Arrest me!
Long live Tabrez Alam!
Long live Tabrez Alam!
Long live Tabrez Alam! -
Look we have the court order.
Till there is even
a drop of blood...
...in my body no one
can touch our leader.
Long live Tabrez Alam!
Long live Tabrez Alam!
There is nothing to worry about.
Let the police in.
I now belong to the people,
so this is inevitable.
Even Lord Ram had to suffer exile.
It's evident that our hopeless,
failed government has...
...become so scared of me that
it cannot bear to see me free.
Move behind! Move behind!
Massive protests have accompanied...
...the arrest of Tabrez Alam.
Another police van has just
gone through the gates.
But the media has been kept
away from the gates.
Akash Ranjan, Salampur, Aaj Tak.
Come... I was waiting for you.
With your permission.
My child has come home.
Can I talk to him for 2 minutes?
- Yes.
You had to suffer this
because of my father.
Oh come on! This is not
the work of your father.
There are others behind it.
That home minister Dinkar Pandey.
He is the one behind this.
- One minute!
Doctor Agarwal's report has
been filed in the court.
And even the hospital's jail
ward needs to be refurnished.
Bhai, Munna will stay with you.
See, I have no problem.
And since you're there
I am not even worried.
Usman. - Yes. - Ajay
will handle everything.
Let him work.
'Tabrez Alam set up
his headquarters...
...in jail and outside
Ajay took charge.'
'He exceeded
Tabrez's expectations.'
'The 27 big and small gangs
which were working from...
...within the security
of Salampur Jail were...
...either crippled or taken
over by Ajay Shastri.'
'According to police and other
statistics, within a year, in...
...places like Bettiah, Bagha,
Motihari, Rohtas, Kaimur...
...Baksar, Natanda, Samastipur,
Siwan, Munger...
...Begusarai, Lakhisarai, Purnia,
Shekhpura and...
...Patna there were over
2400 kidnapping cases...
...and hundreds of
murders for ransom.'
'And dozens of criminal files were...
...opened in the name
of Ajay Shastri.'
'He even established connections
with hundreds of...
...gangs of Bengal, Uttar Pradesh
and Madhya Pradesh.'
Good evening.
- Good evening sir!
Have a seat, sir
Come and have a seat, sir.
Come and have a seat, sir.
Let's talk something.
If we click then we'll enjoy
a dazzling night together...
Come and have a seat, sir.
Come! Waiter!
What will you have?
- Your money.
You are very direct. I liked it.
Baby, walk towards me.
Nice and slowly.
Baby! Baby!
Your work will be done.
- I trust you.
I am ripe and juicy.
I am full of love.
I am ripe and juicy.
I am full of love.
You will go mad.
If my blouse opened up.
The fire inside me
is blazing bright.
It's impossible to
quench my thirst.
Come to me, my beloved.
'Ajay gave a new direction to
the kidnapping enterprise.'
'Lt wasn't a problem if the ransom...
...money could not be paid in full.'
'With Ajay Shastri there was
the facility of installments.'
'Businessmen, doctors, officers,
contractors, teachers... '
'People from all professions and...
...their families lived
in constant fear.'
'Ajay Shastri had become a hero...
...for millions of unemployed youth.'
'Every day new criminal gangs
started mushrooming! '
'As Ajay's power grew,
so did his enemies.'
'Some outside and some within.'
So, didn't you get the
railway contract?
I had warned you not to
mess with Ramdhani Singh.
Usman, don't give pointless
Speak as much your
wit permits. Come.
That's true! Ajay Shastri
pounces like a dog.
Boss, he won't come after we
have thrashed his people.
We should've killed him.
It seems the beating wasn't enough.
So you too have come to
light your own pyre?
He wants to be a contractor!
Shoot them both!
You are mistaken Ramdhani Singh!
I've brought him to apologize.
He made a mistake by
eyeing your business.
Come on, apologize.
Come on, apologize!
Come on! Come on!
From now on be it railways
or highways...
...no contract in North
Bihar will be passed...
...without Ajay Shastri's approval!
'Success and power had
got to Ajay's head.'
'Murders, extortion, kidnappings.'
'The list of Ajay's crimes
kept increasing.'
Salim has brought
the Kolkatta party.
He says that you'd asked him
to pick up the outside goods?
We'll have to. Our business
is growing.
We're also operating in UP & Nepal.
How's the party?
He's the son of a millionaire
business family.
He got married recently.
The middleman's demand is 25.
Understood, he's the son of that
building company's owner.
That Surati gang of Dhanbad
had picked him up.
Usman bhai, the party's okay.
You get the payment done.
Our 50 lakhs is safe. - It'll
be your responsibility.
It is always so.
Get the payment done.
Rascal! He overdoes things!
It was a grand wedding. He must...
...have got a good amount of dowry.
They are government contractors.
Hey! In which other banks
do you have accounts?
He is just pulling an act.
He was pretending
over the phone too.
Nobody's coming to release him.
Kill the rascal.
Let's not waste time.
Please don't talk of killing me!
I called up Kolkatta in front of you.
The money will come. Trust me.
Ajay bhai, the party's arrived.
See, they've come.
I told you that the money would come.
Bhai, it's a lady.
Darling, I have come.
- Megha! - Are you fine?
How are you? - I'm all right!
The money... - I have got it.
Your life is most precious.
We'll just leave.
I'll just be back.
- Megha!
Don't leave me, Megha!
Sorry, I got late.
The flight got delayed
in Kolkatta itself.
You could've called. Why
did you bother to come?
From the past 16 days
I have got calls...
...from Kolkata, Dhanbad
& everywhere else.
I lost all faith.
I'm fortunate that you
all kidnapped him.
I'll at least be able
to retrieve him.
I've brought the entire amount.
Get it counted.
I didn't know he...
- How would you know?
We got married on the
22nd of last month.
I had called home and
I spoke to your father.
Megha! Megha, where are you?
Coming! Let me give them the money.
If you'll let us go soon then
we've an afternoon flight...
Megha, I'd never... - Please!
It's better if we don't
talk about ourselves.
Any way you are not
the Ajay I once knew.
And the way you are now, I don't
want to know about it.
Get this money counted.
There's no need for this.
Take the money back.
Kashi, let him go.
I can't do that.
If I get my husband without paying,
people will speculate.
Ajay Shastri released
him without payment.
What'll I say?
You'll have to take the money!
I don't want to be shamed
by your charity.
Let's go, beloved! Come on.
Thank you. You have been very kind.
You are God for us. Let's go.
Go and put this in her car. Go!
As if I've not earned anything
for you till now, Usman bhai.
It doesn't mean that you can
squander away the money.
50 lakhs don't come easy!
Deduct it from my share.
Don't brag about your share.
We give you that.
Don't forget, without Bhai's support
you are worth nothing.
Fine, bhai. The deed is done.
I'll make amends somehow.
What amends will you make?
You'd already lost the girl,
now you've lost the money.
Why do we do all this?
Because we've to do Allah's work.
If I compromise here, how
will I answer there?
Usman's not wrong.
The ethics of our
business is strict.
Ask him, he's lost a
son over one mistake.
You are my own. I trust you.
I'll suffer definitely
if I lose you.
Grandpa, I have a
music class today.
Have you taken everything,
books and all?
Come on. You are late.
So what happened? Then drop
us to school in your car.
Okay now come.
You've left your water bottle
again. Where is it?
- Leave them! What are you doing?
Stop them! Someone stop them!
Police, they've taken my children.
Stop them!
I've got ruined, Mr. Raghuvansh.
Oh God!
What happened, Dwarka? You...
They snatched my Munni
and Bablu from me!
What? When?
Just now. I was dropping
them to the bus stop.
So let's go to the police.
Nothing will happen. You know
what the police will do.
Now you only can do something?
Me? Okay, tell me, whom,
shall I speak to?
Talk to Ajay.
What're you saying
Dwarka? How can I?
Please talk to Ajay once.
He'll know the kidnappers.
They can't say no to him.
Raghuvansh, sitting in jail he can...
...save my children
at one phone call.
Please talk to him.
Dwarka, you know
that I can't do that.
Mr. Shastri, why don't you want
to talk to Ajay Shastri?
Would you speak to him
if he wasn't your son?
Would you like to make an appeal
to Ajay through our channel?
What do people have to do? My
innocent children have gone.
Now people will just
watch the drama?
Why should anyone bother?
Nobody's going to help. Let's
go. Nobody's going to help!
Since last week the increase
in kidnappings in Salampur...
...and neighboring areas has
rattled the entire state!
Early this morning, near
Gangapur, Madanlal...
...Saxeriya and his family were
Salim has kidnapped.
Find out the ransom demanded.
I have found out. It'd 50 lakhs.
Call him up.
Usman bhai, Ajay's calling.
After so many years, a baby
boy has taken birth here.
It's truly his blessing.
Tabrez bhai has come.
- Greetings!
I'm so lucky you have come!
I'd almost lost hope.
You've had a son at this age.
How can I not participate
in this happiness?
What jail can stop me from
meeting my people? Come.
He's called again! Disconnect it!
What happened?
- He is disconnecting.
Let it be. I know whom he's with.
Sir, you name my son.
Your phone is ringing. - Sorry Ajay
bhai, I was a little busy.
So are you free now?
Want to talk here or...
- What behaviour is this!
That's what I am asking him?
Whose weight is he throwing around?
You are speaking beyond
your stature.
Usman, what stature are
you talking about?
The one that you have built
through these impotent fools!
- Don't shout!
If I raise my voice then
everyone will tremble.
Seems your status and height have
really increased young man!
What's this commotion about?
Tabrez bhai, I never
bother about myself.
But it's about my father's honour.
That I'll not tolerate.
Go! We'll talk later. Go!
Bhai, it's enough! I can't
bear it anymore!
Let's finish Ajay off!
- Usman!
Don't be a fool to put
out fire with fire!
Don't provoke him.
Everything has a right time.
One minute.
Home Minister Pandey's
people have come.
He'd called me too.
He wants to meet you.
What's the harm in meeting?
Nobody will crucify you.
Let's go. Come.
Greetings! Come.
These are the two kids, right?
Tabrez got it done, purposely, he...
...dragged you in and
defamed your father.
I'll rescue the kids.
Have some tea.
Tabrez is making you weak.
He can't bear to see your strength.
You may earn the world for
him but you'll get nothing.
I know your worth. Not the Muslim
who is just filling...
...his coffers and stacking criminal
files in your name.
So you want me to work for you?
You are not getting any
income from Tabrez...
...bhai so you want a
direct share from me?
Your views are so limited.
I want you to join my party.
There's a by-election for the
Motipur Vidhan Sabha seat.
I want you to fight from there.
I will get you elected, then
the sky is the limit.
You'll be in the government.
You don't have to give
me an answer right now.
Think about it.
You are my mentor's son. I'll
always be your well-wisher.
One thing is for sure!
Under Tabrez you'll only be
exploited and humiliated.
Get him to hear this. You'll
earn good money. - Yes.
So you want me to work for you?
You are not getting any
income from Tabrez...
...bhai so you want a
direct share from me?
Your views are so limited.
I want you to join my party.
There's a by-election for the
Motipur Vidhan Sabha seat.
I want you to fight from there.
Thank you! Meet Usman bhai.
- Yes sir.
Home Minister must resign!
What other photos are out?
- Not mine
For the secret sting operation going
on for the last 3 months...
...our camera has captured
many ministers and...
...senior Government officers
taking bribes.
You know the rules of the world!
Don't worry.
- Our work must be done.
Mr. Sharma's been taken care of.
The CM... - What'll the Chief Minister
do? We're there, we'll do it.
This is peanuts!
- Give!
So many people filled the tender
and only yours got passed.
The 3rd of last month at his house,
minister Dayashankar.
In the role of supply contractors
of the police...
...department, Home Minister's
wife Sarla...
...Pandey is seen taking
bribe worth 20 lakhs.
But he'd said double.
Hope the work will be done fast.
You don't worry!
Assume your work is done.
Our camera has captured every other
instances of open bribery.
They will be made public on Tuesday.
In a press conference
at Media Centre.
There will be an open
debate on corruption.
Is your government taking moral...
...responsibility for this
scam and resigning?
It is the Chief Minister's decision.
As for this scandal, let
the enquiry be completed.
Everything will be clarified.
But your wife was on camera...
- Totally baseless allegation!
This tape will be examined and
the results will be clear.
We'll get to the root
of this conspiracy.
The person or organization
...the public will not be spared.
Sir, journalist Akash Ranjan's
called a pres conference.
Where the entire video...
- Our lawyers...
If the press conference is still
held, we won't sit idle.
Mr. Minister!
No matter what it costs, get me bail.
It's important to get out of here.
- Okay bhai.
A man lying ill in the hospital
jail ward for the past 3...
...months, no charge sheet
filed, no proof...
...found, not even a single witness.
Till when will the
police torture him?
My client, Tabrez Alam, has
been released on bail.
Long live Tabrez bhai!
Long live Tabrez bhai!
Long live Tabrez bhai!
Long live Tabrez bhai!
- Enough! Enough!
Long live Tabrez bhai!
Long live Tabrez bhai!
A dark government of dark deeds!
The ministers of this government...
...have achieved major degrees...
...in corruption, bribery, cheating.
The people have
witnessed everything.
The poor is being exploited as
the unscrupulous garner notes.
I raised my voice, I was
arrested to be silenced.
But the court of
justice is not blind.
No one can silence me.
All allegations levied against me...
...are totally false and baseless.
Now what'll become of
ministers like Dinkar...
...Pandey in the court of people,
that is yet to be seen.
The public has lost faith
in this government.
We'll pull it down!
Long live Tabrez bhai!
Long live Tabrez bhai!
Sir, what will be your next step?
I'll demand an
emergency meeting in...
...the Vidhan Sabha and
a no confidence motion.
Long live Tabrez Alam!
Long live Tabrez Alam!
The impossible happened
but as pointless.
Do what you want but you can
never become a Minister.
Mr. Pandey, everyone abandons
a sinking ship.
Face reality, your ship has sunk!
That ship doesn't even exist.
To pull down the government
you need 122 MLA's!
You've forgotten how to count.
Go back to the cabinet meeting...
...from which you've
excused yourself.
Every minute the strings of
your coalition are breaking.
Mr. Pandey, your chair has
slipped away from you,
Forget about my chair.
Now just see how the ground
slips under your feet.
I'm with him. Talk to him.
It's Mr. Pandey. Wants
to meet you urgently.
Hello. - This is the time
to support us openly.
This is all Tabrez's conspiracy.
He'll take full advantage of it.
What do you think?
- Mr. Pandey the time is not right.
We should not meet now.
- Ajay! - We'll talk later.
The problem is that we have 17
MLA's and Dayashankar's 13.
A total of 55 but we still
can't form the Government.
Tomorrow is Akash Ranjan's
press conference.
He'll do an amazing expose!
Nothing will happen.
Some resignations will
save the government.
Don't worry! The government
will fall by tomorrow.
- Hello Mr. Superintendent.
The MLA himself is coming
for a jail visit. - Okay!
Please sit in the office.
I will send for him.
No! I have a special work
and it is a special day.
If you permit, I'll go myself.
You may proceed, sir!
Hello sir!
Keep it on. I'm coming.
Happy Birthday!
How do you know?
Dear, I know you better than myself.
See what I've got. Get it!
Why? What happened?
After mother died, I never
got a birthday gift!
What is the matter, sir?
Nothing! You must've heard of
the brewing political storm!
It wants to pull down the government.
W may miss the opportunity again.
Can nothing be done, bhai?
There's something only you can do.
Command me, I will do anything.
Sir! This is the list of Tabrez
Alam's phone calls today.
2289703 is the jail number.
- Sir.
Get the details. Do you have
a man there? - Yes sir.
Greetings sir. - Greetings Ajay bhai!
There wasn't any plan to go
out. Where are you going?
Tabrez bhai's work came up suddenly.
Ajay that...
What is the matter?
Aren't you coming?
Mr. Pandey had called. It's urgent.
He's asking about you.
If you say then...
- No!
You work for Pandey. I can't
refuse Tabrez bhai.
I will fix your meeting whenever...
- Go!
Hello Mr. Khan!
- Hello.
Ajay Shastri's replacement.
How long will you take
to return, Ajay bhai?
If I return it'll be 3-4 hours.
We will wait for
you at the hospital.
Reach there directly.
You? - Tabrez bhai has asked
me to go with you.
He knows I always work alone.
Bhai, he has left alone.
- Keep an eye on him. - Yes bhai!
Sit in the car!
Hello. - Usman had called.
- Bhai, don't you trust me?
I do trust you.
I'm worried about your life
not the assignment.
After you are done with the job as...
...you come out you'll find
a red van at the rear gate.
Slip out in that.
Understood? Do as I say.
Sir, from Tabrez Alam's phone there
is a call to a new number?
What's the number?
- 09563799880
I'll call that new number now.
Track the area in which
the phone is. - Yes sir.
Sir, it'll take some time to locate.
Hurry up! Urgent!
- Okay sir.
Sign here.
- Your card. - Thanks
Is the Education Minister involved?
Everyone's involved.
It'll expose everyone!
I think the Government will fall.
- No one can save it.
Mister, your phone's ringing.
Don't disconnect.
Please hear me out.
I am Khan... Anwar Khan.
I was the SP at Salampur.
What you're doing is not only wrong
but also dangerous for you.
We've our entire record.
Tabrez Alam's planned to kill Akash...
...Ranjan and blame the government.
Because of which there'll be an...
...outcry and the
government will fall.
But just think will you be saved?
You don't know Tabrez Alam.
He lacks humanity.
He incites and misleads people
in the name of God.
You've fallen prey to his barbarism.
Ajay, only I can save you.
Don't disconnect.
Talk to me. I'll...
Where is Mr. Akash Ranjan?
He'll come to the hall in a sometime.
Where is Akash Ranjan?
Why? Akash Ranjan. This
press conference...
Oh! You want to kill Akash Ranjan...
...and stop this press conference?
But you will never succeed
in this despicable mission!
I'm not here to listen
to your lecture.
That's obvious!
I can see your motive.
What else can losers like you, who...
...can't face the truths of life, do?
Sir, does this seem like
the sign of failure?
You can't imagine the extent
of our success and power.
We can even topple the Government!
You know your acclaim and
achievements are hollow.
You've chosen the path
of terror and violence.
The end will be terrifying.
Thanks for your well
wishes from my end.
I am a blot on your struggle,
principles, saintly stature.
It's written on my forehead.
'My father is ashamed of me! '
You blame me... - Yes, you're
responsible for all this.
What have you done for me?
Mother passed away. You
were never there for me.
I've done everything on my own.
But you purposely obstructed my path.
Because you hated me!
I regret that because of me you
have experienced only failure.
Today you have an opportunity.
Akash Ranjan is not behind this
corruption expose, I am.
This was to be revealed in
today's press conference.
Kill me and your mission
will definitely succeed.
Which father won't rejoice
at his son's success?
Professor Shastri!
- Mr. Shastri!
Please open the door!
Professor Shastri!
- Mr. Shastri!
Please open the door!
Let's break the door!
Did Ajay come here?
He was here, but he's gone.
Bhai! Ajay has left the Media Centre.
He didn't come into our car.
Is the work done?
No bhai! The reporter
is in front of me.
Khan and Ajay's father
are with him too.
All of you leave from there.
Are all the gates locked?
- Yes sir.
What to do Ajay bhai?
You know the game.
Hey, keep your hand up!
Start the car!
- Where do you want to meet?
I, Ajay Shastri, son of Raghuvansh
Shastri, district Salampur.
In my senses, without
being pressurized...
...willingly confess to the police.
There are 47 kidnapping, murder...
...and extortion cases against me.
I don't remember the date but
after kidnapping Soorjamal I...
...took him in the dickey of my
car to Tabrez Alam's house.
He was angry that I had
murdered Gaya Singh.
After I justified my deed,
I joined the gang.
On his orders on 12th October we...
...kidnapped Dr. Ved Prakash
from the hospital.
Tabrez Alam's brother, Usman,
collected the ransom.
I got one lakh for this job.
From where you used to get
the money and manpower?
There's a storeroom of weapons
at Tabrez Alam's house.
Usman also keeps weapons with...
...a lot of people around Salampur.
I know those people and places well.
You are signing your death warrant.
If you want, you can still withdraw.
Wish I could!
After this confession, you'll
be in our custody.
Trust us. Till you're here,
you'll be safe.
You're getting late. Carry on.
Tabrez Alam will be arrested
but it's a sensitive matter.
I'll speak to the Minister.
We may lose this opportunity. Please!
Fine! You keep an eye on Tabrez's...
...house and wait for my call.
I'll go to the Ministry myself.
- Please sir!
Good work, Khan!
Long live Tabrez Alam!
Long live Tabrez Alam!
Dinkar it is late now.
I am willing to leave the Home
Ministry. - That won't be enough.
Your supporting
party's deserting you.
You can't blackmail
me with just 35 MLAs.
What about the CBI inquiry?
Take the moral responsibility
and resign.
I'll think about you.
Write I, Dinkar Pandey, am
hereby resigning from...
Hello sir.
- Hello.
Sir, Ajay Shastri is in our custody.
He's made a statement
against Tabrez Alam.
We can arrest him now.
According to your CID' report how...
...many MLA's are supporting Tabrez?
Including Daya Shankar's
group, it is 55.
55, and mine is 35.
You've done a great job.
Leave this file here.
It's a sensitive matter.
I'll speak to the Chief Minister.
Sir... - Don't worry. You'll
get your reward soon. - Sir
Bhai, Pandey's called!
Yes, Mr. Pandey!
Your boy's in our custody.
And he's exposed you totally
in his confession.
So you want to make a deal!
The conspiracy to
murder a reporter...
...and pull down the Government.
You won't be able to prove anything.
I know! But at least I
can put you in jail.
Tabrez bhai, no one will
benefit from this battle.
What is the price of saving
you from this political mess?
We'll make you a minister.
Name the chair and it's yours!
What's the matter? Isn't sir back?
- Sir is sitting inside.
Sir, he left right in front of me
I kept calling you.
Relax Khan! Nothing can be done now.
The political turmoil in the
state has taken a new turn.
MLA Tabrez Alam came with
his 55 supporters.
And he has withdrawn the no
confidence motion conditions.
He's now supporting Dinkar Pandey.
So the Home Minister who was...
...resigning now has around
100 supporters.
We've heard that Tabrez Alam's
joining the government.
He's sure to be a Minister now.
Long live Dinkar Pandey!
Long live Tabrez Alam!
Sorry! In spite of your huge
sacrifice, we lost.
Your life is in danger!
You can escape if you want.
I've run enough! No more!
Anyway in my business you can't run.
How shall I help you?
Just do one thing for me.
By five thirty in the morning
I'll pick you up.
Son! - Father, you? - Son,
I was missing you.
You took so long father.
Never before...
I made a mistake son.
I am still suffering.
But what should I do father?
What punishment will undo
all that I've done?
And start with a clean state, father.
If you had made me realize once...
...then I wouldn't have gone so far.
Now what can I do?
I've caused you such pain!
I've become an unworthy son!
No, I wasn't worthy of you!
I look too long to understand you.
I thought, one day I'd succeed
and do you proud.
But I kept sinking deeper into hell!
It doesn't matter. I am
proud of who you are.
And listen son, don't repent.
Instead do something to
atone for what you did.
I will. I'll atone for my deeds.
Father, you please forgive me!
It's a little cold.
I hereby solemnly pledge
that I will have full...
...respect for and faith in
the Indian Constitution.
I will protect the greatness
and solidarity of my country.
I shall respectfully fulfil
all the duties...
...of the post I am accepting.
Good morning sir! What
a pleasant surprise!
How did the media know
that I was coming?
Did you invite them?
- No sir!
Get them out!
People like you don't learn.
Where have you kept him?
Open the door. - Sir.
It really hurts me to
see tears in your eyes.
Are you scared?
But you were very brave!
What did you say the first
time you met me?
'Tabrez bhai, I can give my life
for you and take lives too.'
And I, trusted you like a son,
opened all doors for you.
I treated you like an equal but you!
Not only did you betray your father
and me but also yourself.
How will face your self?
Take. Have some sweets.
I've become a minister,
thanks to you.
If you hadn't betrayed
me, I wouldn't...
...support that scheming Pandey.
You've given me the Home
Minister's chair. Eat!
You took a fancy to Pandey!
What could he do for
you that I couldn't?
He'd make you win the
Motipur election?
And all I'd give you was
humiliation and insults?
How will you understand?
My brother Usman, whose son
we sacrificed for our ideals.
I gave you a place higher than him!
What answer shall I give Him?
I made a mistake. I'll rectify it.
It's your good fortune
and my misfortune...
...that I am the Home Minister.
And I cannot kill you today.
But tomorrow, you will have to go!
You just have time till tomorrow.
Tabrez bhai!
I didn't have time till tomorrow!
Bhai! Bhai!
Sign here.