Aparajito (1956) Movie Script

Presented by
Epic Films (Private) Ltd
Based on the novel by
Bibhutibhushan Banerji
Cast: Karuna Banerji, Shanti Gupta
Kanu Banerji, Smaran Ghosal,
Pinaki Sengupta
Photographed by Subrata Mitra
Sound by Durgadas Mitra
Film Editing by Dulal Dutta
Music by Ravi Shankar
Production, Script and Direction by
Satyajit Ray
Varanasi. Year 1327
(Bengali calendar)
Have you seen the monkey?
- A monkey got into the house?
- I mean your precious son
I boiled milk for him,
but he vanished
The boys in this neighbourhood...
It's so crowded; how can I
keep an eye on him here?
Isn't there a school nearby?
If he went there,
I'd have a rest from worry
You said it was for Khoka
You'll have some, too, from now on.
It's in the kitchen
- Won't you go to market?
- Of course. What should I get?
I'll tell you, but...
Thinking of money?
I don't have to pay in cash
He'll give you credit?
Do you think I supply all those
herbal medicines free?
Then bring some mustard oil,
some kerosene and some spices
See if you can get some mung dal...
mung or masoor, or whatever
Apu's been asking for khichree since
he had some at the ghat the other day
Can you get some paan masala?
- What brand?
- I don't know
The woman upstairs gave me some
Find out the name
and I'll bring it tomorrow
I met a sweet-seller I knew.
He says he has rheumatism
I'm taking him some medicine. I could
ask him for some cream from Kashi
Shall I ask him for some?
Let the medicine work first
Aren't you going to bathe
in the Ganga?
If you don't, you won't get salvation
They've just arrived.
Let them settle in first
They will bathe, pay homage
to Vishwanathji-all in good time
Art Direction by Bansi Chandragupta
Apul Wait
Aren't you hungry?
Have you eaten anything outside?
And a pedha as well
- Is Ray-mashai at home?
- No
I've a calendar for him. I came home
too late to give it to him last night
Shall I put it in his room?
We bring one out every year
You'll find all the important
holy days in it
The holy festivals are marked in red,
so they're easy to see
O Lord of the world, those who have
faith in you are the blessed ones
Those who worship you are the holy
ones, those who praise you...
Look! She weeps with her head
on Krishna's breast
I'll tell my brother
Then Jatila quietly takes her brother
Ayan to her hiding place and says:
"Look at that.
See what your wife is up to
"She weeps with her head
on Krishna's breast"
You see what has happened
Krishna tells Radha: "Lay a flower
at my feet as an offering...
"...and I'll take the form of the
goddess Kali, to please Ayan"
Want to swing a club?
Anything else?
- What's the name of the man upstairs?
- Nanda-babu
Tell him that mother has used all
the matches and father isn't home yet
Ask him for just two matches
I'll swing it, then
Khoka, come in
- What do you want?
- Matches
- What will you do with matches?
- Mother wants them
That's my medicine. I'm ill, you see.
Doctor says to take it every evening
Only two matches, mother said
Take the whole box,
I have more of them
Tell your mother that Nanda-babu
says she need not return it
You have a fine voice
It seems you are a singer, too
I used to be
Do you live nearby?
I wondered if I could have some tea.
It's chilly, my throat is sore
See how I've brought tealeaves,
tied to the end of my wrapper
Come along, I live quite near,
in Ganesh Mohalla
You don't mind? My name is
Kalicharan Banerji, from Satkhire
Lord knows whether it's all right
- I want some, too
- Later. Give them this tea first
Then come back and take the sweets
Excellent tea
Where is your son?
He is a good boy
On Tuesday I'll take you to a feast
at the palace of Teota
Will you come?
Every year they have a feast
at the palace...
Will you mind if I take your son?
My friend, I have saved about 400
rupees, starving most of the time
Another hundred or so and I can get
myself a bride from a decent family
You can't be happy without a family
of your own, can you?
- You wouldn't know of any girl...
- I'm afraid not
The Pandeys have gone to the Ramlila
performance. Can't you take Apu, too?
Would you take these?
You're burning with fever
I went to the market, then to
the sweet-seller, for the cream...
...then to the ghat
for evening prayers
Then as I was climbing the steps...
Apu has gone out to buy fireworks
Why do you need Apu?
- Shouldn't we call a doctor?
- Don't bother
I'm not going to listen to you
In that tin box there are some
herbal medicines
Give me a dose
Mix well with juice of ginger
and honey
Let me try it. If I'm not better
by tomorrow, then we'll see
Sit with your father, he's ill
Which fireworks did you buy?
They're not as good as those
in Nishchindipur, are they?
Were you watching the fireworks
from the terrace
- Who is calling you?
- Shambhu
He lives in Kukurgali,
he's not a Bengali
Is he your friend? The one
who teaches you English?
...and they send me an invitation
What is "Apu bhalechheley"
in English?
- Why not invite him in?
- He's going to set off fireworks now
- You want to go with him?
- Yes
Go, then
- How are you feeling now?
- Much better
You gave me such a fright.
You must have caught a chill
Take things easy,
you're earning enough
Sit for a while
There's work to be done.
I have to make Apu's bed
The sweet-seller told me about
a dwelling near the Man Mandir
On the first floor, two rooms, facing
south. The rent is seven rupees
There are markets and schools nearby.
Khoka won't have any problems
We'll talk about it
when you're better
- What is the boy doing?
- Can't you hear him?
But for the monkeys,
Kashi would be a good place
- Are you going out?
- Don't I have to go to the ghat?
- Can't you stay, after such a fever?
- I'm all right, the medicine worked
You'll climb all those steps...
I didn't hear anything in the night,
we came back late
from the performance
My wife was going to the ghat
when she heard he had collapsed
I hope he hasn't hurt himself
For one thing, he has a chest cold
The room is damp. Close the door
and windows, to keep the cold out
Someone come with me,
I'll prescribe medicines
I'll come with you myself
If you need anything,
don't be shy to ask
If you have mustard oil and camphor,
rub his back and chest with them
Go to the ghat, get a pot of water
and run back at once
He'll be back at any moment
Khoka is back
Pay your respects
to your great-uncle
- How old is he?
- He is ten now
- When was he given the sacred thread?
- After coming to Kashi
Will you come with me?
I can't make up my mind.
I hadn't thought of leaving here
I didn't know when you were coming
I always come at this time. I did
not know you were so badly off
- What are your employers like?
- Good people
They'll be going to Dewanpur
So I can't make up my mind
Think it over. I am here for
a few more days
If you stay at my house, it gets
lived in and you'll have no problems
Get out at once!
Bou-than, are you making paan?
No, the one next to it
There's a leather purse there
You're coming with us, aren't you?
We're going to Dewanpur next month
I told you that I would take you
if I liked your work
I hope you'll agree.
Have you any relatives here?
Nor where you come from?
So you might as well come with us
Mokshada says you've lost
your appetite. Are you well?
Go and open that drawer
Tell them in the other house
that Thakur-mashai is back
Mother! A train!
I've brought firewood.
Have you enough food?
Yes, enough until tomorrow
I'll come back tomorrow. Whenever
you need anything, just tell me
- You haven't told me your name
- Nirupama
I'm here for another week or so;
will you be settled in by then?
Apu, come with me tomorrow. You can
learn what you have to do as a priest
Place the deity on the throne
and put some tulsi leaves on him
No, wash them first
What's the matter with you?
You've been sulking since morning.
Are you ill? Are you feeling sad?
Are you missing Kashi,
or Nishchindipur?
Don't you like it here in Mansapota?
Have they been rude to you?
Have you been doing
your job properly?
They are good people here. If we keep
them happy, our livelihood is secure
Bear it for a few years. Then we may
be able to go back to Nishchindipur
Mother, I want to go to school
Which school?
Nearby, in Arboal. It's a good school
How do you know it's good?
I've seen it
- What about your work?
- That's mornings; school's afternoon
Can you do both? Don't you need
money to go to school?
Haven't you any money put away,
Are the sweets
and everything else ready?
Only half an hour left
I'll attend to it, sir
- What is the subject now?
- Bengali, sir
The Foliage of Literature.
What does foliage mean?
Foliage means...
It means green leaves, sir
The Land of Bengal
Where is the greenest land of all?
Where on tender grass
your feet must fall?
It is our Bengal, our very own Bengal,
the greenest land of all
Where do the thrush and robin sing?
In our Bengal, our very own Bengal,
the greenest land of all
In what land do they speak a tongue
that fills your soul with yearning?
Where do you hear such clear tones
of a baul whose heart is singing?
Where's the signature?
Why isn't it done?
Come and sit down.
Is your mother well?
The Inspector was very happy with you
Not that I was any less happy
I've kept an eye on your progress,
I've spoken to Abinash-babu about you
He is above average
We expect a great deal from you
On our part, we shall provide you
with every facility
But if you want to be a really good
student, work hard. Especially...
...you'll have to improve
your English
Do you like reading?
I don't mean textbooks
Books about travel,
lives of great men...
...books about science... if I give
you such books, will you read them?
Of course he will read them
I have many such books here
Where do weaverbirds nest again,
where do swallows cry for rain?
If you don't read such books,
you cannot broaden your mind
We may live in a remote corner
of Bengal...
...but that does not mean that
our outlook should be narrow
This book is about the North Pole
From this book anyone can learn about
the aurora borealis or the Eskimos
You can learn about Africa
This is the story of inventions
Here are biographies of scientists:
The sun, the earth and the moon.
The moon goes around the earth
When the shadow falls here,
that's an eclipse
Come in, Apurba
You've come second in the district
You'll study further, won't you?
You can get
a scholarship of ten rupees
You'll continue your studies?
In Calcutta? Arts or sciences?
Have you anywhere to stay there?
Any relatives?
Anyway, that's not a problem.
Have you spoken to your mother?
Not yet
- Can you get her to agree?
- I will try
I came second in the district,
there's only one above me
I might even get a scholarship,
money for doing well in examinations
- How much?
- Ten rupees a month
But only if I continue my studies
Do you think
they'll give it just like that?
I must go and study in Calcutta
What is this, mother?
You're going?
Why not?
He gave me some addresses
Who's going to pay for it?
The college will be half free
I'll get ten rupees
a month, I'll find work
If you give up your job as a priest,
will they take care of us then?
So I must stick at being a priest?
Why not? You're a priest's son.
Do you want to be a governor?
Yes! Must everything be as you wish?
There are snakes, mosquitoes
will bite you. Come back
All right, you can go to Calcutta,
but you must think things over first
- Why hit me?
- I'm sorry. I'll show you something
Whose is that?
When I worked in Kashi,
do you know how much I saved?
Thirty-two rupees
I'll give you something from this,
enough to last out a month
The headmaster gave it to me.
It's a globe, it shows our earth
See, these are the countries,
and the blue is the sea
See where Calcutta is?
- It's seven-thirty
- Come and see where I've put things
There's your tumbler, your bowl,
sweets in the bowl, some spices...
Here's some ghee
I've made from cream
Your shirts and vests...
...and the dhobi is in the bedding
Five rupees from the purse
and twenty-five from me
The key, keep it safe
Come home
at the puja festival, if you can
Have you ever tripped
and hurt yourself?
If not, you'll have
plenty of opportunities
This wonderful balm will come to
your aid like a benevolent friend
- I have a letter
- What letter?
From the headmaster of Arboal School
Paresh wrote to me about this
You've come here to study?
Any money?
I have twenty-nine rupees and six
annas after paying the train fare
Can I get a room here?
I have only the one room,
but we'll manage with it
What rent?
Can you work in the printing shop?
At night, after classes?
Go upstairs and you'll find the room;
I'll be up in a moment
Dear mother, I have arrived safely.
Akhil-babu has arranged for my stay
I won't pay rent, I'll work
in the printing shop
Couldn't you find a better place
to sleep than CCB's class?
Are you crying?
Come on, we've two free periods
after this. Let's go for a walk
Apu, don't you wish to go abroad?
Find me a job on a ship
I'm serious.
Let's go together, shall we?
No ambitions?
You'll stay like a frog in a well,
even if you get the chance?
Mother will never let me go
She didn't even want me to come here,
although it's only 3 hours by train
I have ambitions, or I'd have stayed
there. I even had a job there
- What job?
- That of a priest
The family profession? You wear the
sacred thread? No Brahman's pigtail?
We've missed two classes today
We slipped up. We should have told
Pranab to answer for us at roll call
No problem in PNG's class
Have you grown taller?
So you're thinner
Did you get my letter?
I'm not speaking to you
You said holidays were from the 7th.
What's the date today?
I had some work
Admit you didn't want
to come to your mother
Apu, you'll catch cold
- What do they give you to eat there?
- Everything
Lentils, rice, fish, vegetables
- Who does the cooking?
- There's a cook
A good cook?
Stop reading
Talk to me.
What have you seen in Calcutta?
- Everything
- Tell me, then
Victoria Memorial,
Whiteway Laidlaw...
...Hogg Market,
the zoo, Fort William...
The temple at Kalighat?
Yes, I went there the other day.
And Keoratala...
What's in Keoratala?
When will you pass your examinations
and get a job? Can I stay with you?
What if I'm seriously ill?
Such things happen
Every evening
I feel feverish and dizzy
I've no appetite at all
I've often thought of telling you,
but I haven't
When you're able to earn money,
will you arrange treatment for me?
Want paan?
Did you hear what Niru said?
You'll go, won't you?
- Why not? She's asked you many times
- I've classes on Monday
What does it matter
if you are two days late?
You have so few holidays
There are no holidays
until New Year
There's never time for packing in the
morning. I have to run for the train
Sunrise is at quarter past six
tomorrow. Wake me in good time
I'm late
- Won't you check everything?
- There's no time
I missed the train
I'll go tomorrow
Won't it upset your studies?
- Would you like something to eat?
- Later, mother
Dear Apu,
why don't you write regularly?
I worry when I don't hear from you
If you have a holiday during
the Ganesh puja, come home
I haven't seen you for two months
If you haven't enough money,
I'll send you some
There are no Ganesh puja holiday
in my college, and I have exams soon
If I don't stay in Calcutta,
my studies will suffer
Every day I think of calling,
but I never manage it
Heard from Apu?
Is he well?
Your son is a gem. You should get him
married, your worries would be over
You're alone, and every day
I think of visiting you,
but there's never time
Yesterday, my son-in-law
arrived from Kalna
They have a shop there.
He and his father look after it
But what goings-on there are
Three sons, and grandchildren, too
The mother died, and the father
soon remarried
Cremation ground
What shall I do with so much?
I can't stay now. I must go and
prepare medicine for Kumi's cough
I'll come this evening, if I can
Don't be cross, but we've written
to your great-uncle
Why? He's an old man
Have you written to Apu?
Apu has a holiday
today and tomorrow
Is he coming? Shall I write to him?
If he comes, he must come
because he wants to
His examinations are around the
corner. It's best if he stays there
You mustn't write to him
Promise me you won't
I'll come again,
and so will the others
- Shall I shut the door that's open?
- I'll do it later
All right, I'll leave these
on the veranda
I never expected to find you here
Didn't you say you were leaving town
for two days?
To your village... Mansapota?
I can't study there, I fall asleep
- Won't your mother be angry?
- No, I've fixed that
I've sent her a money order,
from the bonus Akhil-babu gave me
Aren't you nervous?
A little. I'm not quite ready
for the chemistry paper
There's a letter for you
Is it from your mother?
From Niri-di. Mother is ill
Is it serious?
Don't cry, Apu.
Parents don't stay with you forever
It's what had to happen
Now you'd better perform
the shraddha and then stay here
You'll earn enough as a priest
Where are you off to?
- Why Calcutta?
- For my examinations
And your mother's shraddha?
I'll take care of that in Calcutta,
at Kalighat