Apartment 1303 3D (2012) Movie Script

Lara, the agent showed me pictures
of the lake view.
Ah, they looked amazing, I'm telling you,
it's a great apartment.
There's even a convenience store
on the ground floor.
And he said the station is five
minutes away, walking distance.
I can get to my office in less
20 minutes. Yeah!
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Janet, slow down.
How many did you see?
I signed the lease.
I said look for an apartment, not sign
the lease on the first one they showed you.
- Well, how much is it?
- It's only $750 month.
The guy said it was gonna be gone
with the hour.
You never sign the lease on the first one
they show you.
Oh, god.
You're stressing me out.
It really looked beautiful in the brochure.
Is it in an safe place at least?
Come on, Lara...
It's sure better there than at home.
- Let me talkt to Janet.
- It's mom. I got to go.
It's done already, okay?
It's done. Bye.
I want to talk her!
What is going on?
Is she movng out?
And why am I the last to find out
about this?
- Why? Because you nearly killed her.
- Oh my god.
She said that?
What a drama quenn.
I was standing,
playing my guitar, and I turned.
I didn't hear her walk in, and I hit her.
Blame the guitar.
Why not?
Oh, you rellly think that I would,
on purpose, try to hit janet?
- Mom, you and I bouth know you were drunk.
- Oh yeah. And what's your point?
My best songs were written drunk anyway.
Look, obviously, you were in cahoots with
her on this whole whatever this is.
I want you just... Get out of that whatever
it is and bring her back here.
Because that just is ridiculous.
She's 24 years old. She's got a life.
She has a job.
She has a boyfriend.
- Why can't you just be happy for her?
- Oh, be happy for her and her dead end job.
When she has a real voice and could
have a career just likeI have.
Yaeh, well. She doesn't want to
follow in your footsteps?
Because it's so terrible to have success at
something you love doing...
...that you're good at?
Success. Right, well.
Drugs, drinking, rehab,
failed marriages. Worth it for you
maybe happy, not so much for us.
You have a lot of nerve.
Summing up my life like that.
I had a number-one hit,
when I was younger that you are now.
And what have you ever done?
Either one of you? Tell me,
what are your big achievements?
Have a little respect.
- You two had it good.
- Yeah, great.
And I'm not paying for any apartment!
Hey, hey little girl.
How did you get here before me?
Oh my god. This is great.
What a fabulous view.
This is perfect!
This is so cool!
Hey. I brought you some green tea.
I don't like green tea, Lara.
You know the movers just
left with Janet's boxes?
I sacrafise.
The biggest chunk of my life, the major,
major golden years of my career.
And this is the thanks I get.
Mom, stop it.
She leaves without even saying goodbye.
It's not about you.
How could it not be?
Give her time, she'll forgive you.
"Give her time, she'll forgive you. "
Do you know how stupid you sound?
Honestly, you have a little pea brain.
A chance to be on tour as a backup
singer with maddie slate.
My new home.
You can't beat that.
And the bedroom stuff...
I love this picture.
So nice. I'm gonna put it here.
What's this?
Here too.
Oh, I knew puffylump would come along.
Hello, did anybody hear that?
Is there somebody in there?
"Moron killed by ironing
boad! News at 11.00"
Oh shit.
Oh my god.
Oh, this apartment is freaking me out!
All right...
- What's your name?
- Emily.
Emily!? Is your mom home?
- What do you want?
- What do I want?
I just came by to say hi to you
and your mom.
I'm your new neighbor.
And, also I was hoping to borrow a
corkscrew. Mine is broken.
A girl in 1303 jumped off
the balcony and died.
Her name was Jennifer.
It's a bad place.
Building superintendent.
Open the door.
May I help you, sir with something?
Yeah, the power's out.
I need to check your apartment.
It's all good here.
What do you want?
You are a...
You are a pretty girl.
Show me yout tits.
- What? Are you insane?
- No, no, no, no.
Listen, listen. If you need any help at
all in paying the rent. You know.
We can make an arrangement, okay?
Get out of here, you pervert!
You fraking pervert.
Oh, god.
All right, stop this.
I'm gonna get a drink.
Help me.
Ohh. This is such a beatiful apartment.
This is what I always wanted.
Lara, I wish you could see this.
And be with me here.
I'm scared.
Just stop it, Janet.
Stop, stop, Janet! Come on.
I'm so stupid.
I'm so stupid. Oh, my god.
Can you believe this?
The crazy people.
Oh, my god.
Everything will be just fine, just fine.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Who are you?
Who's here?
I've got a gun, you know!
Who the hell are you?
Come out!
Do you want a sleeping pill?
Why would I want a sleeping pill?
I don't want to sleep.
I really am verry... worried
about my daughters.
Hey, I don't do clinghy, huh?
I know.
But I thought you were coming
over here.
I'm sort of in the middle of something right
now. And, no, I can't comve over tonight.
Mark... This place is truly spooky.
You don't understand.
The super tried to force my door
open and I got his foot stuck in it.
And then, there's this horrible stench,
like something rotting,
dead meat.
What are you talking about?
My neighbor said somebody
died in here.
I can feel it. I can feel it.
Someone is dead in here.
Janet, talk to me.
What's going on?
- Insane! Are you stoned?
- I'm fine.
I'm okay. I'm okay now.
Everything's fine.
I don't now what got into me.
I think this whole place is freaking me out.
I... I just don't like it, you know.
And I signed a one year lease.
The first decision I made on my own,
and I think I made a mistake.
It's all good. No worries, okay?
But I got to go.
All right. Bye.
Who's there?
Who did this to me? What happened?
"Side effects may include sleewwalking. "
Oh, god.
I should always read the labels.
Oh. Hi Emily.
Hey, um. Were you playing in my
apartment last night?
Were you playing ball in my apartment?
- Come on. Let's go see your mom.
- Don't touch me.
Go away.
I can't think of anything interesting
to say about headphones.
I hope I survive next round o lay off.
If I had known they were coming,
I would have
never signed the lease
on my stupid apartment.
Don't worry, it's not like they pay us
any real money anyway.
What is that?
- What happened?
- Oh, this?
I couldn't sleep last night.
Maybe I took too many sleeping pills.
I don't know. I think I sleepwalked into
a wall or something.
- You got punched, didn't you?
- What? Is that what it looks like?
If my boyfriend slapped me,
I would go straight to the police.
I would beat the motherfucker senseless
first and then I would go to the police.
Look, okay?
Joyce, I swear Mark had nothing to
do with this. Nothing at all.
And if he did, you think that
I would put up with that?
If you say so.
I really don't know what happened.
I really don't know, and
it's freaking me out.
All I remember is that
I went to bed last night,
and I had horrible nightmares.
And when I got up this morning,
I was covered in bruises.
When you're ready to talk
about it truthfully,
- I'm here.
- Joyce, you're my best friend.
I just told the truth.
Mom, we need food.
Do you want to go get it together?
Jesus fucking christ. why?
Mom! Watch your...
Oh, hi Lara, sweety
- Hey.
- Oh baby.
- What happened?
- Nobody is tweeting me.
- I worked so hard.
- What?
Do you know how insane this sounds?
Come on, get up. Up!
No, it's not insane at all.
Oh, god, jesus.
We need food. Just come on.
Let's go get some food.
Oh my Lara, my Lara.
Mom, come on. We need food.
Come on. Get up.
I'm not hungry. And anyway,
I have the D.U.I.
So you just go get some, sweetheart.
I can't keep spending all my money.
I already make so little already.
That's what this is...
That's what this is about, isn't it?
That's all you care about is my money!
You were pretending that you cared.
You don't, do you?
Look at me!
You don't really love me.
- Do you?
- You're insane!
You're scaring me!
You probably wish I was dead.
She's driving me crazy.
Hey sweetie.
How was your first night?
Not good.
Not good. It was really bad.
I don't want to go back there.
- I want to come home.
- Tonight? Really?
Yes, tonight. I can't go back.
You don't want to come back here tonight.
Mom's on one of her drunk,
pyscho, rants again.
No, please. I can't go back there.
Lara, please.
- Maybe I could stay in a hotel.
- What hotel? No.
I don't have enough money to
put it on my card.
That apartment is very strange.
I can't go back there, Lara.
I want to come home, okay?
I want to come home.
And I don't need your permission.
You're right, mom.
I do wish you were dead.
Hey, Mark. It's me.
I haven't heard from you all day.
Uh, call me when you get this, okay?
I'm still at the office.
- Hey, Janet. Can you hold on a sec?
- Hey, Mark. It's you.
Hey, baby.
I just got back in town.
Oh, thank god.
I mean, you're back.
- So, are you coming over now?
- No, I don't have the time.
What? Oh, come on. Please be nice
to me. My sister was a shit.
Come on, please.
Okay, what was the address?
Lake View Residence, right?
- Yes, meet you in the lobby.
- Okay.
- Wow. You weren't kidding about the view.
- No, the view's grat.
What's going on?
This is great.
Yeah, it's a nice apartment.
Wow. I like this room.
I've benn an naughty girl? Oh yeah?
- What are you gonna do to punish me?
- I'll think of something.
"Where the hell are you?"
What's that terrible smell?
Do you smell that?
I don't want to die.
I am not alone!
What did I do to you? Why?
Why are you doing this to me?
What happened?
I don't know.
- It's true then.
- What?
Well, Janet's friend said she was beaten
by her boyfriend the night before.
You should know better than to make an
accusation like that.
I liked your sister.
You liked her?
- What the fuck does that mean?
- I didn't hit your sister.
- I don't do that.
- You sure as hell didn't look after her.
Detroit Storage.
Hi, I'm at the lake view residence on
Jefferson, apartment 1303.
I need to move some boxes
as soon as possible.
Hold on.
Didn't we just move you in there?
- That was my sister.
- Oh. What happened?
She died.
- Can you pay cash?
- Can I call you back?
- Don't come back.
- What did you just say?
Hey, my sister died in that apartment.
Do you know what happened there?
I told her to leave.
But she didn't.
- Do you have a name?
- Emily.
Okay Emily. Why would you say that to her?
A girl and her mother live in
apartment 1303. They dont want her.
How can that be?
I mean, Janet signed a lease.
The place was for rent.
Look. Do you have a sister?
I loved my sister...
...more than anything.
If you know something about what
happened in there, you can tell me.
I'll keep your secrets.
- Jennifer is upset with you, too.
- Who?
Hey, who are you talking about?
Come back here.
Mark? It's Lara Slate.
I've just left Janet's place and,
well, yeah.
It's pretty unnerving. I don't even know
what I mean by that.
Yeah. I understand that.
Did you know a Jennifer?
I don't know, maybe a friend of Janet's.
No... Name doesn't ring a bell.
Well. The place smelled really bad at
one point. Did you notice that?
Yeah, I did. It came and went.
Maybe old pipes.
Yeah, maybe.
Well, anyway. I'm going back in the
morning to meet the movers and be done.
Can we meet there?
Sure. Just tell me when.
Two hours.
Yeah, that should work for me.
- If traffic's not too bad, I...
- Mark?
Hello? Shit.
- Sorry, Lara.
- It's all right.
I'm not in a rush today, anyway.
Do you think you could cover
for me on sunday, too?
Uh, yeah, probably.
I sure could use the money.
Okay, see you.
You want to get out of here?
Go see a movie?
We just buried your sister.
You're talking about going to a movie?
How fucking in sensitive can you get?
I wrote a song for Janet.
- I'm gonna play it for you.
- No don't.
You've been jealous of her
since the day she was born.
She was always so good at everything
better than you.
Did I not say get her out of that lease
and bring her home?
But no, you had to encourage her.
Did you encourage her to jump?
I can't talk to you.
I wish I could, but I can't.
Have you been taking your medication.
Cause you can do sick things.
When you're not on your medication.
Janet's calling.
Who is this?
Hi, Lara.
I miss you.
I don't want to live here alone.
Janet, is it really you?
Can you come and get me?Please.
Where are you?
Oh, my god!
Wake up! Wake up!
- Mother was.
- What?
- I'm so glad you killed her.
- Janet?
What's the matter Lara?
What's the matter?
- God! No!
- I'm your sister, Janet.
Everything for Lara.
I'm in an apartment on Jefferson avenue.
- I've just been atacked.
- Is the perpetrator still there?
I don't know.
A police car is on its way.
Do you want to stay on the line
until they get there?
Yes. I'm sorry. I'm really
scared for my life.
Just stay calm. Are you hurt?
I don't know.
Someone was in the apartment and
attacked me in the bedroom.
Male or female?
Look, I didn't see anybody.
- It was like... A force...
- A force? What do you mean?
I don't know.
I got thrown against the wall.
For whatever it's worth.
Let me give a little history on this place.
In the past three years, four people,
including your sister,
have died here.
All women in their 20s.
May 15th of last year.
Shawn Williams, age 27, jumped
or fell from the balcony four
days after moving in.
Two years ago, november 30th,
Dana Bauer, age 28, fell or jumped
from balcony after
three days of being there.
I don't know what happened to ypur sister,
but it was the same thing.
Two days after moving in,
she died falling from the balcony.
Now, as far as we can figure out,
these women never met.
They didn't know each other.
They had nothing common,
except for this apartment.
And apartments don't kill people.
People kill people.
Why didn't anybody tell us
this after Janet died?
I suppose we should have done that.
There are no more active cases going on
with any of these suicides.
My sister wouldn't commit suicide.
- Ms. Slate, are you taking drugs?
- What?
- Any kind of drugs?
- No, why would you say that?
- Didn't ypu say there was a fourth person?
- Yes. She was the first one.
And it was a clear case of homicide-suicide.
There we go. Mary Logan,
respect school teacher,
because of some parent-teacher dispute,
lost her job and soon thereafter
lost her house in a bitter divorce.
So Mary moved here with her daughter,
Jennifer, who was then 12 years old.
Mary became a drunk and a prostitute,
and Jennifer must have suffered
untold abuse for years.
And then on september 17th,
almost 20 years ago...
...neighbors reported a foul, awful
smell coming from this apartment.
And when the health department
came to investigate,
Jennifer jumped off the balcony
to her death.
The police found...
the decomposed body of
her mother...
hidden in a built in closet.
Now, are any of these names
familiar to you?
Are you kidding me?
Do you think I would have let my sister
move in here if I knew any of this?
No, I guess not.
I'll report your call as a home invasion.
But you didn't see anyone.
You're looking better now.
I should get back to the station
and end my shift.
Though 'd be glad to give
you a ride home.
No, that's okay.
Last thing I need is to be coming
home in a cop car at 5:00 a. m.
I live with my mother.
Take care, Ms. Slate.
"Suicide investigation. "
I though I might find you here.
Hey, look, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to accuse you of...
The police keep saying it was a suicide, and
I just... I can't wrap my head around that.
My mom drove us nuts,
but not to that extent.
I don't think it was a suicide, either.
You don't?
That night, when I was leaving
the building, I heard a scream.
And I swear I saw someone wrestling
with Janet on the balcony.
I could have ben wrong.
I mean, it was just for a second,
and it was dark.
- Did you tell the police?
- YEah, of course I did.
They told me not to tell anyone.
And I just did.
Why did you leave her in
the middle of the night?
I'd rather wake up in my own bed.
That's what men say when
they're married. Are you?
I have a boy.
- Did you care for her at all?
- Yeah, I did.
Look, our relationship was new.
We were just getting to know each other,
but I cared about her.
Janet was convinced that someone
had access to that apartment.
She told me she heard things.
She saw someone in there.
So I took a look around, and there
was nothing. Nobody, and...
There's no way to get into that apartment
unless you go in though the front door.
Yeah, well. I'm thinking of
keeping the place.
That's brave.
There was something weird
about that apartment.
It's not a good idea for you to
be there alone.
Look, I got to go.
Why don't you come by tonight?
We'll talk about it then.
Take off.
- Did Janet slate know you were a cop?
- No.
Did anypne know you were gonna
spend the night at apartment 1303.
No. What's with the questions?
Am I under investigation now?
Well, that judge on the fifth circuit
did give us access to your cellphone.
One of your text messages
the night Ms. Slate died was,
and I quote "Where the fuck are you?"
that was your wife, right?
Jesus christ.
Is it possible she followed you and
confortend Ms. Slate after you left?
No, she doesn't give a shit
what I do as long as
I get money for my son
every month, all right?
Are we done here?
Why'd you go see Lara Slate?
Were you following me?
- She's a person of interest.
- And why is that?
Why is that?
You said you saw two women
on the balcony right?
It's in your report.
You're gonna move in to
where your sister died?
Are you sick?
I've made up my mind.
- I'm moving out.
- All right.
Well, good luck with that.
You've mismanaged your life so far.
I cannot wait to see what happens next.
I won't come back tonight.
All right, all right.
What is it you want, Lara?
You want me to pay for that college
whatever the fuck it is.
I'll pay for it all right? You can stay
here till term starts, all right?
It's not gonna happen, mom.
I cannot be alone, all right?
I don't have anybody...
in between boyfriends, besides which.
You know, who's gonna drive me?
Want me to spend more money on drivers?
You probably should have thought
of that before you got a D.U.I.
I love you.
You're my baby.
And I don't want you to go.
You leave now!
Don't you ever fucking come back... Ever!
You think you've had enough?
It's cold in here.
I keep trying to close those doors,
and they don't shut.
You know, the little girl from.
Next door... She told me that a mother
and daughter lived in here
And they didn't want this place rented.
She said she told Janet to leave.
- Doesn't make any sense.
- Yeah, I know.
In 1993, a mother and daughter
lived in here.
The daughter went crazy and killed
the mother, put her in
the closet, lived with the body
for six months, and the she
finally jumped off the balcony.
Why dou you have a gun?
Ex plain the gun.
I'm an undercover cop, pkay?
- What the fuck?! What's going on here?!
- Nothing is going on.
My sister died in this apartment!
Don't fight me!
Look, sit down. Relax, okay?
Janet didn't know I was an undercover cop,
and I had nothing to do with
what happened here.
But I want to find out what happened
just as much as you do.
- You okay?
- No, I'm not okay.
You want me to leave?
No, I don't want you to leave now.
You owe me.
You can spend the night on the couch
and guard me.
Cindy, yeah, it's Mark.
Yeah, I know.
I... I... Yeah, I couldn't make it.
Just tell him I'm sorry, and...
I'll be there this afternoon to pick
him up from school, okay?
I got to go.
Are you staying, or
can I take you somewhere?
- I'm okay. I'll stay here.
- All right. I'll see you tonight.
But you got to dump this place.
Staying here isn't gonna help us figure out
what happened to Janet.
You got to pay rent.
I'm the super.
Yo need to sign the lease.
- You want to stay, you got to pay.
- How did you get in here?
Don't you know it's illegal to enter
atenant's apartment while they're in it?
You shouldn't be here without a lease.
My sister Janet already signed a lease
and paid first month's rent.
I'll pay for a new lease,
but I need you to leave.
I'm here now.
Write me a check.
I need a glass of water.
If you need help to pay,
we can make an arangement.
I don't need any help.
I need you to leave.
Hi, Lara.
I need to talk to you.
Your mother filed a temporary
restraining order against you.
And her sworn statement is very troubling.
Did you ever keep her locked up in her room?
Is that what she says?
She stated that you hit her on
several occasions.
My mother is a complusive liar. She'll say
whatever it takes to get what she wants.
What does she want now?
Besides a slave, for me to
not move in to apartment 1303.
I can't say I disagree with her.
Well, you fit the profile of the women
that jumped off the balcony there.
You're driving me crazy.
First you said, "Apartments don't
kill people, people kill people. "
And now you're saying that apartment
has something to do with it?
Lara, where were you
the night Janet died?
I can't believe you're asking me that.
My sister did not commit suicide.
I'm gonna prove it.
Won't you be my...
...cemetery valentine?
Till the end of time.
Till the end of time.
Till the end of time.
My cemetary valentine.
Oh, baby. That's a hit, though.
I think that's a hit.
Janet told me your mother's handful.
Put it this way.
My father remarried recently.
When I called him to tell him Janet died,
He said he couldn't come to the funeral
on the off chance he might run in to her.
Speak of the devil.
What do you want, mom?
I need you to come home, baby.
I can't sleep with you in that apartment.
You should have thought of that
before you diled a restraining order.
No, that was completely misinterpreted.
Just come home. I want to talk.
I can't just come home. If you
want to talk to me, you know where I am.
Mothers, huh?
- Do you smell that?
- No.
Do you think ghosts can interact with us?
I'll tell you...
I don't know.
Hey, look, I'm drunk and tired.
It's time for me to go to bed.
- Thanks for guarding me.
- My pleasure. Sleep well.
You must leave now before
she kills you, too.
Lara? Hey.
What's wrong?
There's someone in the closet.
There's someone in there.
Lara, there's no one in the closet.
I saw them!
Oh, god!
- It's okay, all right.
- I'm going crazy!
- Oh, my god!
- You're gonna be fine.
My mom is right! What if I do see
things that aren't there?!
Oh, god!
Lara, listen to me.
You need some rest, okay?
And tomorrow, We're getting out of here.
- I'm gonne be right out there.
- I saw it.
Yes, I got your message.
And, no, I can't come home.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Yes, I'm on the job.
I will take him to school.
Okay? It's done.
Can you hook me up with John?
John, it's Mark.
What's going on?
Yeah, she's asleep.
Think you can book her tomorrow or not?
That's not gonna help you, honey.
Emily, help me!
I tell people to leave,
but nobody ever listens.
This isn't happening!
1303... 1304...
This is...
What are you doing here?
Get out of here!
You need to leave!
Get out of here now!
What did you do?
I didn't do it.
It wasn't me.
Did he attack you?
You! It was you!
You killed Janet!
- You did it!
- Sweetheart, sweetheart.
Give me that knife.
It's okay. I'm here.
You did it!
Oh, god!
Oh, god!
No! Mom!
No! Mom!
I know you don't believe me.
I didn't kill anybody.
Jennifer Logan and her mother still
live here, and they kill people.
Everyone on this floor is dead.
Apartment's don't kill people, Lara.
People kill people.
It's time to go here.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
One, two, three.
You have the right to remain silent.
Everything you say may and will be used
against you in a court of law.