Apartment 407 (2018) Movie Script

What you're about to see
is not just based
on a true story,
it's based on my true story,
a story I lived through
and memories I live
with every day.
There are millions of
people out there right now
being bought and sold.
I want to share this
film for awareness
and not as a victim,
as a survivor.
[ominous electronic music]
[syringe clicks]
[liquid squirts]
[gentle instrumental music]
[water falling]
Happy anniversary.
Happy anniversary.
You gonna make me
a nice breakfast?
Huh, I think you should be
making me a nice breakfast.
How do you know I didn't?
Because in three years,
when did you ever make
me a nice breakfast?
Go on then, now's
your chance, eh?
It's not gonna make itself.
Well, we could make
breakfast together.
We'll make
something else entirely.
Um, I'd rather
just have breakfast,
-but thanks for the offer.
-No, no, no, no, no.
Mommy, I'm hungry.
Oh no, too bad, sweetie.
No breakfast today.
His majesty here would rather
sleep than feed his girls.
But I'm hungry.
Okay, let's see
what we can scrape up.
His majesty?
Look what he's done.
Apology accepted.
[horn honking]
[keys jingling]
-[lock clicks]
-[uptempo dance music]
WOMAN: Yeah, that's good,
keep it goin', keep it goin'.
Chest relaxed.
Keep your chest open.
Lengthen your arms.
Protect your backs.
How's your back, Maria?
You have 10 more
seconds, 10, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one, hold it.
Is it burning yet?
-CLASS: Yes.
Hey Maria, you looked
really good out there today.
Eh, I looked okay.
You feeling stronger?
Yes, yes.
So you're coming tomorrow?
Uh, no.
-No. The insurance company,
they, you know, they stopped
paying for the classes,
so I'm going to take
a break, I guess.
That sounds to me like
you're not gonna come back.
I want to, [speaks
in foreign language],
it's expensive, so.
You sure this is
your last class?
Yes, yes, today is the last.
'Cause it looks to me that
you have five more classes
in your account.
No, no, I looked, it's
definitely the last one today.
Well, I'm looking right now,
and you definitely have five
more classes in your account.
But I looked this
morning, it say--
We're gonna get
you better, okay?
We're gonna get you stronger.
-Well, thank you.
-Come here.
Spare a dollar?
[patrons chatter]
Spare a dollar?
[register beeping]
Spare a dollar?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.
-Just one?
-MAN: Yeah, just one, sorry.
BEGGAR: Thanks.
Spare a dollar?
Um, I don't know
if I have any change.
Let me s--
let me look.
Lady, it's just a dollar.
I don't have any change.
-BEGGAR: Really?
-I'm, I'm sorry.
I don't smoke.
Great, we got a
healthy one here, yay.
What are you looking at?
You gonna eat all this?
Come on, dude.
-MAN: Yeah.
It's just a sandwich.
She paid for it.
You know what, have
it, it's fine, have it.
[sandwich crunches]
Fuck you.
Nice to meet you.
[register beeps]
Excuse me, miss?
Can I--
can I have the other half?
[laughs] Sure.
No one eats.
Um, check please?
Seriously, that was nice,
not even a thank you,
you're-- you're a good person.
Um, I'm sorry to
bother you again.
First you get your
sandwich taken,
and then,
now you gotta deal with me.
I swear, I don't
normally just, I mean,
I don't ever just go up
to some girl I don't know
and yap her ear off, I just
thought we sorta had a moment.
Yeah, um, I have a
boyfriend, if that's--
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Well, of course you
do, look at you.
MAN: I'm n-- I swear, I'm-
- I'm totally not,
absolutely not tryin'
to pick you up.
I'm married, happily.
It's just that my day went to
crap because of this client
that I'm tryin' to please,
and um, now they don't
just want a model,
they want an everyday girl.
See where this is going?
Uh, no.
I'm just hoping,
maybe, maybe consider,
if you could come
over to the studio,
just try out for it.
Uh, that's, you know, it's
really nice of you to ask me,
but, um, I don't think so.
Bring someone along, a
friend, neighbor, FBI agent.
[laughs] Um, thank you
very much for asking me,
but no, I'm gonna have to
turn it down, I'm sorry.
No, no, please don't apologize.
[stammering] I'm sorry, I came
over here, your poor sandwich,
and then I...
badgering you.
Check out the website, it's
totally legit, I swear.
That's, uh, thank you,
but I don't think so.
Seven grand.
Pays seven grand for
half a day's work.
-That's a lot of money.
-For half a day?
-They have deep pockets.
I'll um, I just, I don't,
I mean, I don't know you, so.
[chuckles] Okay,
I can feel you.
Look, just keep the card,
no worries,
please don't apologize.
And, either way, it was
nice talkin' to you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was
nice, nice to meet you.
[giggles] Yep.
Thank you, bye.
[door opens, closes]
-[register beeps]
-[patrons chatter]
BOYFRIEND: I looked at the site,
and I think you should try it.
Oh, but I'm just a
mom, I'm not a model.
Yeah, but you're a hot mom.
[laughs] It is a lot of money.
Look, call him back
and check it out, okay?
What have you got to lose?
I tell you what, call Brittany,
call Brittany and tell
her to come with you,
or somebody just in case
he's a total whack job, okay?
She's working all
day, but I'll call her.
Look, I gotta go.
Okay, kick some ass, okay,
and call me afterwards.
Just so I know that
everything's okay, all right?
-[sirens wail]
-[woman yelling]
-[people chatter]
-[line ringing]
-[sirens continue wailing]
-[horn honking]
-Hey, it's Isobel again.
Um, I'm outside, I think,
but I'm not sure this
is your building.
I, um, uh,
it doesn't look like--
Hey, I was just
leaving you a message.
Aw, sorry about that.
Is this where you live?
We have a lot of
creatives who work here,
photographers, internet
startups, writers.
I've been here five years now,
um, uh, my neighbor,
builds websites.
-Nice guy.
-[dog barks]
I don't know what to say.
You know, I might,
I'm just gonna go home.
Okay, uh, hold on
one second, one second.
[phone beeps, rings]
Chloe, can you come out front?
Uh, oh, oh, no, no, no,
carry on, my assistant.
Uh, yeah, it's just she's, she's
kinda having second thoughts.
-Okay, okay.
Look, I know how this looks,
but maybe you could call
somebody and have 'em come over.
Well, um, my boyfriend
knows where I am.
-And he said he might even
-stop by, though.
-Okay, great, cool, yeah.
-How long is it gonna be?
Oh, you'll be outta
here in 15 minutes.
Um, what are the shots for?
Caribbean Waterways, it's
the biggest cruise line
in the tourism industry.
Maybe you've heard of them?
Well, they're huge.
Hence the money.
-[sirens chirp]
[traffic hums]
I don't mean to make
you uncomfortable. Uh...
okay, [stammering] if you
don't want to, it's cool.
I mean, I'm here
now, I feel kind of--
No, no, no, no,
please, come in.
You're more than welcome,
Chloe's upstairs.
-Shall we?
-Chloe, Chloe?
Yeah, yeah, she's
sweet, intern.
[suspenseful electronic music]
[elevator dings]
[elevator dings]
[door clicks]
Hey, I'm Chloe,
you must be Isobel.
-So nice to meet you.
Wow, she's gorgeous.
You can see her in
the pictures, right?
-I feel really weird now.
No, no, no, no, no. No, I--
look, I totally get it.
Seriously, you're being
really smart about this.
Thank you.
Why don't you
guys come inside?
After you.
So, how long have
you been modeling?
Oh, I'm not, I--
I teach Pilates.
Oh, do you have
your own studio, or?
No, I wish.
Someday, hopefully.
You never know, this
might open up opportunities.
So, um, we have
water, we have fruit,
we have a betta fish
in the back. [laughs]
Um, anything you need,
I'm your man, okay?
Let's, let's
put some music on,
keep things nice
and relaxed, okay?
-Yeah, something sexy.
-[women laugh]
[midtempo electronic music]
Are you sure there's
nothing I can do for you?
You know, do you
have a bathroom?
I just need a bathroom.
Yeah, we have a bathroom,
it's just through there.
Thank you.
CHLOE: Let me know if
you need anything.
ISOBEL: Thank you.
Oh, what am I doing?
Um, okay, why don't you
come and stand on the X here
so we can get a good frame.
-And uh, let me take her bag.
-MAN: There you go, good.
-[shutter clicks]
Okay, beautiful, nice.
Very natural, good, beautiful.
Over here.
Mm, I have no
idea what I'm doing.
No, no, no, no, you're doing
great, put your hands down.
Oh yeah, let's
lose the jacket.
Okay, um, mm.
You have a really
great skin tone.
-And a great smile.
You want a 50?
Um, no, I'm good.
Okay, now, imagine you're on
the top deck of a cruise liner,
Caribbean Waterways, and
you're surrounded by water.
You feel free, you
feel excited, okay?
[shutter clicking]
Great, relax, relax.
This feels really weird.
Look right, right
here, just off camera.
Can we lose the jacket?
Yeah, let's lose the jacket.
-Uh, this one?
-Yeah, yeah.
Oh. [chuckles]
Where's the last
scenic place you visited?
-Grand Canyon.
-What, where?
-ISOBEL: Grand Canyon.
Okay. Now, imagine you're
there, right now, okay?
All right, you look lovely.
Great hair, one more, good.
Wow, gorgeous.
Goodbye Pilates, welcome
to your new career.
Thank you, Isobel.
I will let you know
when the client has a
cardiac over your pictures.
You're funny.
Well, whatever happens, it was
really nice to meet you both.
Yes, nice to meet you, too,
thank you so much again.
[door shuts]
[phone beeps]
Isobel, congratulations,
it's Chloe from the
photo shoot.
Peter was right, the
clients booked you.
If you wanna do the shoot,
we start tomorrow
at noon, same place.
Uh, please call this
number to confirm.
I am so sorry.
The reservation.
All taken care of.
I changed it until tomorrow.
And Luigi's on the way.
Your finest pepperoni,
that disgusting cheese
crust that you like.
-You're awesome.
Now, what do you think?
I think that all you
need is a halo.
Come on.
What was he like, then?
He was, he was
actually really cool.
-He was, yeah,
very professional,
there was an assistant,
and she was very very
nice and helpful,
and yeah, it was kinda fun.
And did you see any
of the pictures he took?
Yeah, I saw them, and I was
surprised, they were good.
I mean, I had no idea
what I was doing.
Babe, sometimes you
just gotta go for it.
Oh, I don't know,
I don't know if,
I mean, I have no
idea what I'm doing.
And I'll have to rearrange
the whole studio tomorrow,
and your mom would have to
take care of Olivia all day,
I just don't know.
Well, she's a 60-year-old
divorced woman with a blind dog,
what else is she gonna do, huh?
You know?
You can't turn down
this opportunity.
[soft music playing]
All right, you win.
I can't be eating these, 'cause
I gotta be thin tomorrow.
So, question.
Is Olivia asleep?
She is.
-Okay then.
[gentle electronic music]
Oh, where is Olivia?
You have to count to 10.
We don't have time
to count to one.
Okay, I guess I'll just have
to sell these wings on eBay.
Do you like 'em?
Why do angels need glitter?
Well, I guess they
need it to light our way,
'cause when they walk around,
the glitter falls off,
and then we know
where they went.
It's like fairy dust.
What happened to George?
His eye fell off.
He is kinda old.
Should we get a new one?
No, I'm saving him for Lisa.
Who's Lisa?
Mark said he was gonna
get me a sister called Lisa.
Did he now?
Hi, can I take those for you?
Um, I was just looking
for a price tag, actually.
Yeah, sorry, this
one just came in.
Um, I can do 98.
Um, you know, I'll
just, I'll take this one.
She'll love it.
I'll just put this one back.
Is it for a special occasion?
It's for, it's an
anniversary dinner.
It's just a dating anniversary.
Um, what do you
say, just for you,
it's your special night,
we'll do $80 even.
That's really nice of you.
Does that work?
Yeah, I'll take it.
-Thank you.
And if you end up with
a ring on your finger,
I expect an invite.
-You got it.
-[sirens wail]
-[people chatter]
[footsteps click]
-Hi. [chuckles]
Wow, that's old school.
Yeah, I still get
some use out of 'em.
-Come in.
[door thuds]
Huh, am I early?
-[locks click]
-ISOBEL: Where is everybody?
-[lock clicks]
-[keys jingle]
[shutter clicks, camera hums]
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
[ominous music]
[chair creaking]
[metal scraping]
Do you want me to
come back later
when everybody's here and
they're all setting up, and...
Would you like
a piece of fruit?
My boyfriend is on his way.
And he's--he's coming here,
he's gonna be here soon.
I look forward to meeting him.
[ring clatters]
Have you ever been
stabbed, Isobel?
It's like a wasp sting.
Only, it never cools down.
Just gets hotter.
At first, you
don't feel a thing.
But then, that warm trickle
of blood on your skin,
it gives it away.
[knife taps]
I got lucky. But you...
You could get nerve damage,
you could get organ damage,
you might get crippled,
in a wheelchair,
septicemia could set in,
and then you'd need an
amputation, you understand?
You smell good.
-[sobbing continues]
I want you to be very clear.
If you scream,
-there'll be no more Pilates.
Are we clear?
[apple crunches]
[phone vibrating]
[shuddering breath]
I need to use the bathroom.
Of course.
You know where it is.
Just leave your
phone on the table.
I don't see why
I have to do that.
Leave your phone on the table.
[door squeaks]
[door slams]
[objects clatter]
I feel s--
It'll pass.
I think the blue one should fit.
Go ahead.
I can't do that.
You can, and you will.
There you go.
Okay, let's see.
Please don't make me do this.
You don't have a choice.
The blue ones.
-I can't.
-Let's see it.
I can't do it, please.
[punch thuds]
[coughing and gasping]
Come on, come on.
Come on.
-Now, look.
That's gonna swell, so...
Better get you some ibuprofen.
Maybe a little makeup.
Come on, breathe, breathe.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, breathe.
[wheezing and coughing]
You're all right.
I know.
Now, are we clear?
You gotta nod.
There, good girl.
The blue ones, hurry up.
[gasping and wheezing]
PETER: Put 'em on,
meet me in the other room.
Let's go.
[door closes]
[rapid breathing]
[card clatters on floor]
Lose the robe.
please don't make me do this.
I'm just gonna
take a few photos.
Just like yesterday.
You didn't seem so shy then.
The robe.
The quicker we start, the
quicker it'll be over.
I'll do it.
It's okay.
-[hand slaps]
Very firm.
You're an angel.
Hands apart.
C-scar, hm?
So, this one's yours?
That's my little girl.
Yeah, she's beautiful.
Motherhood can be such a gift.
I'm just a mom.
I don't do this kind of thing.
I'm sorry if I gave you
the wrong impression.
-[phone splashes]
PETER: That fish, it's
called a betta fish.
He's happy on his own.
In fact, you try
and add someone,
turns him into a fighter,
maybe even a killer.
Now, they've been known
to tolerate tank mates,
but if they can't be friends,
the situation turns nasty fast.
And without any plants or rocks,
that means there's
nowhere to hide.
The only hope for survival
for any new addition
is to keep its head down
and do whatever it can
to make sure that the
betta remains content.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
Are you gonna kill me?
Are you gonna kill me?
No, I would never kill you.
You're far too beautiful.
We're just gonna
take some pictures.
That's it, just like before.
Then what, you
gonna let me go home?
'Cause I have a little daughter.
I know.
-I need to go home.
-I know.
I'm gonna let you go.
Please don't hurt me.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Please don't hurt me.
I won't hurt you.
As long...
...as you drink...
...this milk.
Right now.
-[knife clangs]
Drink. More, more.
Okay, okay, okay.
[knife scraping floor]
PETER: We have to take some
proper photographs.
Just like yesterday.
-[shutter clicks]
-[shutter clicks]
-No. [giggles]
-No tramp stamp.
-[shutter continues clicking]
A virgin body is a
rare body these days.
Arms at your sides.
[shutter clicking]
I wanna go home now.
[shutter continues clicking]
Just, I want you excited,
I want you relaxed.
Remember, Grand Canyon.
-[shutter clicking]
-Good, yeah.
-[ominous music]
-[shutter clicking]
I need you more relaxed.
Have some more milk.
Feel better, in your stomach?
[shutter clicking]
[shutter pounds]
[milk sloshes]
[glass shatters]
No, no.
No, no!
No, no!
No, no!
No, no!
[door thuds]
It's okay.
The first one is
always the hardest.
The bathroom is right
there, you can go clean up.
This is where you
live now, okay?
So, make yourself at home.
-[somber instrumental music]
-[door closing, locking]
[doorknob rattling]
[hand thuds]
[chain rattling]
[hand taps]
Help, help, help,
[sobs] help, help, help.
[water splashes]
[somber instrumental music]
PETER: Good.
Glad you got that
out of your system.
But now you know, this is it.
No one's gonna hear you.
congratulations are in order.
Your client is coming
back in a few days.
Very well done, Isobel.
-A few days?
-PETER: Yeah.
So now you wait.
And clean up.
And I'll get you
something to eat.
No, I'm not gonna clean up,
because I want the cops
to see what happened
when they get here.
The cops?
The cops aren't
gonna come here.
And where, exactly,
is here, Isobel?
How do you know you're
even in the same building?
The same city?
The same country?
You don't know anything.
[somber instrumental music]
I thought you
deserved some soup.
Solid food might be a little
hard for you to swallow.
You said I could go
home after the photos.
And you will.
We just need to do a
few more things here.
If I don't come home tonight,
someone is gonna
call the police,
and they're gonna
come looking for me.
I don't care about
the police, I told you.
No one's coming here.
No one knows where you are.
What about my little girl?
Hey, um, I'll
take care of Olivia.
No. What are you gonna do?
Please don't hurt her, please--
-Relax, relax.
I'm not gonna hurt her.
In fact, I'll get
a message to her.
I'm gonna call
Grancy. [chuckles]
Now, I don't need to tell
you what's gonna happen
if you so much as breathe when
I'm on the phone, understand?
[buttons beep]
Hello, is this Grancy?
Uh, it's Jim Wilson, I'm
working with Isobel--
Nancy, Nancy, call the police!
I've been kidnapped, call the--
-[punch lands]
-[phone clatters]
[buttons beep]
Hello, is this Nancy?
It's Jim Wilson. I'm
working with Isobel today,
and she wanted me to call you.
Yeah, well, it's just,
we're gonna run late.
-She wanted you to know.
Uh, [chuckles] all
right, I'll tell her.
Yeah, thank you so much.
-Bye bye.
-[phone beeps]
Why are you doing this to me?
PETER: For money.
It's the same reason
that you came here for
in the first place.
If it's just money,
I'll get you money.
I'll get a loan,
I'll ask my friends,
I'll get you money,
I'll get you money.
I've been down that road.
It's cleaner this way, trust me.
I'll make you agree,
you can't, you can't
treat me like this.
It seems someone is ready
for some more milk.
You think you have a choice?
Come on.
-[water trickles]
-[haunting electronic music]
Hello, Isobel.
no, no, no, no, no, no! No!
Get away from me!
Isobel, come here.
Get that.
Yeah, good, there
you go, good girl.
I've changed it this time,
but I'd like you to
get used to changing it
every three or four clients.
People come here to
be safe and clean.
I'm pregnant.
Of course you are.
They always say this.
No, I really am pregnant.
If it's about the milk,
take these.
Those'll help relax you.
My boyfriend dropped
me off yesterday,
so he knows where the studio is.
It's a good thing you
didn't bring him in.
What would you've
done if I did?
Taken a few shots and then...
let you go on your way.
You can't just keep me here.
Let's see.
Ooh, classy girl.
Please put that on.
[haunting electronic music]
I'll make you feel so good.
[violent grunting]
[grunting continues]
-For you.
Why do you care?
Why would you
mistake me for caring?
You're nothing special.
I just want to
prove that you lied.
Just like the others.
Come on.
I'll wait.
[urine trickling]
You know, they're
not always accurate.
Sometimes, sometimes you
have to have a blood test
to show the real results.
Well, uh...
this one's accurate.
I, I apologize, it's just...
they usually lie.
With your glow, I--
I should've known.
How far along are you?
Um, about three weeks.
This is the most
important period.
Have you been taking vitamins?
Can I get you a, a sandwich?
I'll make sure that you
have everything you need.
[knob rattling]
Never again!
-[objects clattering]
[suspenseful music]
[fabric ripping]
[breathes heavily]
[suspenseful electronic music]
Isobel, I--I--
I've been thinking.
You awake?
-[weapon thuds]
-[siren wailing]
[traffic hums]
[suspenseful electronic music]
[knife clatters]
Help, somebody!
Come on!
Somebody help me!
-Come on!
-[pounding on doors]
Please, come on!
Somebody help me.
-[pounding continues]
[door thuds, locks]
Come here.
[pounding on door]
Let's play hide and seek.
-PETER: Open the door.
-Okay? Come on.
-Open up.
-[pounding continues]
Don't open the door!
[door clicks]
PETER: Okay, okay.
Open the chain, open the chain.
[keys clacking]
-[locks rattle]
-There you go, good girl.
-Go to your room.
-[keys clatter]
[cord whips]
No, no, no, no, n--!
What now?
Have a seat.
Have a seat.
-Sit. No.
-[elbow thuds]
[objects clattering]
We're just playing, honey.
I'll look at your
drawing later, okay?
[gentle electronic music]
[wings flapping]
[birds cawing]
[muted thudding]
[muffled yelling]
-[sirens wailing]
-[traffic hums]
Hi, I'm looking for
my girlfriend, Isobel.
I'm sorry, I don't
know who that is.
She said that she was
taking pictures here
with Peter Blatt, and I've
knocked on a lot of doors,
and I'm pretty sure
this is the place.
Well, uh, my
name's Patrick Sharp.
So that's this address,
I don't know anybody
else in the building.
Are there any photographers
in this building at all?
Not that I know of,
but I can ask around.
Must be some sort
of mistake. Um...
how did you get up here?
Look, uh...
if you, uh...
if you see her, ple--
please, please don't
hesitate to call.
Yeah, absolutely, my God.
Beside myself.
[object clatters]
What was that?
[muffled speaking]
What was what?
You know, they're kinda
thin walls. I think--
I think somebody's doing
something upstairs.
So maybe you wanna
check up there.
Hey, hey!
[muffled yelling]
Okay, let's go.
[ball taps]
Who are you?
[stammering] I'm sorry,
I thought I heard something.
[muffled yelling]
Well, let's go.
[door creaks]
[muffled yelling]
-[muffled yelling]
-[traffic hums]
-[helicopter whirring]
[door opens]
Do you like your new home?
I'm the building
manager, Isobel.
Nobody knows this
place better than I do.
I can get onto any floor
or into any apartment
faster than anyone.
I'm sorry you had to
spend the night in there,
it's just that, I thought
we had an understanding.
If I let you out, will
you be a good girl?
-[door thuds open]
-Look at me.
I'd like it if I don't have
to do this again. Okay?
-[lock clicks]
-Go ahead.
Slow, slow, slow, slow.
Okay, okay.
Okay, there you go.
Take a breath, take a breath.
Let's eat.
PETER: According to your profile page,
breakfast is your
favorite meal, no?
[birds chirp]
You met my daughter.
I have her on weekends.
There's nothing in it.
Mm, so good.
Come on.
Olivia has her first
school play tonight.
PETER: Well,
kids are resilient.
She won't even remember this.
Yes, she will.
She'll never forget it.
PETER: She'll forgive you.
You're a good mom.
You know,
no one ever got out before.
You're smart.
I like you.
How did you know
Nancy's number?
I told you, I know everything.
I know where you
went to high school,
when you had your last vacation,
I have your Pilates schedule.
Everything in your phone
is in my computer, so...
it really does not matter
that you know where I live
or that my real name's Patrick.
Because the people I work with,
they also have your
information, you understand?
It's what we call insurance,
for when I let you go.
750 North King's Road.
Olivia's school, right?
You don't want her next play
date to be with me, do you?
Can I trust you, Isobel?
You stay away
from my daughter.
Do we have a deal?
[eerie electronic music]
[distorted] Do you
have it, a condom, too?
Do you?
I, I have AIDS.
Don't worry.
I have AIDS, too.
No, no.
ISOBEL: No, no.
No, no.
[heartbeat pounding]
[man growling]
[somber orchestral music]
[angelic vocal music]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Come and eat something--
[dish shattering]
[fabric ripping]
You okay?
Come back, come back.
Come on.
There you go.
-You all right?
Why did you cut me down?
Why did you cut me down,
why did you cut me down?
Come on.
Don't be selfish, Isobel.
You have other people
to think about.
Think about your baby.
How's Olivia gonna feel if
you give up on her sibling?
I can't go home like this.
I can't go home like this.
You have to be strong.
You have to be a survivor.
[crickets chirp]
[kitten meowing]
My daughter found
this kitty in a box.
My daughter went home.
Why don't you take care of her?
You can have her when
you're off the clock.
Who is Chloe, when
we took the pictures?
Just some girl.
She didn't have
a clue, did she?
Even made her call me.
You need some rest.
Drink your water.
Why didn't you just take her?
Why me?
You walked in,
you sat down nearby.
And I knew I could sell you.
-[kitten meows]
-Shh, it's fine.
It's fine.
It's okay.
It's okay.
-[kitten meows]
-Shh, shh, shh.
-[knife clangs]
It's time to wake up.
I need you to get ready.
-Don't take it, don't.
It's time to go to work.
-I can't do it.
-PETER: Yes, you can.
I need a doctor.
I'll take care of it.
I need one to come here
and take a look at me.
I nearly died in there.
I can do one better.
Look at me.
Isobel, this one is
the last one, forever.
Then you can go home, you
can be with your family.
Why should I believe you?
Because I don't wanna
have to cut you down
from the ceiling again.
He's not a violent one.
He won't hurt you.
He's on his way.
So, you've got about,
ooh, you got about
15 minutes, okay?
I saw your photo collection
upstairs of the girls.
What happened to them?
What happened to them?
The good ones went home.
-[ominous electronic music]
-And... and the bad ones?
PETER: And who's
coming, very important.
So I need you
to look your best.
There's some makeup and
something to wear in the bag.
Why is he so important?
Big spender, huh?
PETER: What you do now
affects the rest of your life.
You satisfy him...
or else.
No wrinkles.
You must be Isobel.
Your reputation,
most certainly precedes you.
What do you think?
Think I look pretty?
Tell me how pretty I look.
I wanna hear it.
You're an important
man, aren't you?
I love important men.
[zipper unzipping]
Should I feel special?
Yes, I feel so special.
Yes, you like that?
Don't worry, I've been
looking forward to this
more than you have.
Mm, look at that.
Look at this handsome chest, mm.
You enjoying this?
Tell me you're enjoying this.
[weapon thuds]
[punch lands]
[man panting]
[zipper zips]
Did you forget the rules?
No sharp objects.
I thought I could let
her do her own makeup.
On your knees.
I said no fuckin' wrinkles.
[pistol cocking]
What kind of a man gets on
his knees for another man?
You mean nothing to me.
Look at me when I'm
speaking to you.
She's worth more to me than you.
Open your fuckin' mouth.
Next week, you pay
double, and if you don't,
your daughter's gonna replace
this whore. Understood?
Good. Now, I need to go change
my shirt for the opera.
That way.
Now, why would you do that?
How could you possibly
think this would help you?
-Ow. [whimpering]
-Come here.
Stay still.
Stay still.
You are never gonna
let me go, you sick fuck!
Hey, hey!
I was never going home.
-Sit still.
-Did all the other girls
fall for the same stupid
website shit I fell for, huh?
-20 years experience
of shooting
fashion and models.
Distinguished eye for...
I'm done. I am done.
No, you're not.
No, you're not.
Do you hear me?
Yes, I'm done!
Mark will take care of Olivia
and you can drink
your fucking milk!
I'd rather be dead
than fuck for you!
-Stay still.
All right, you wanna be dead?
[headbutt landing]
Oh, you.
Stubborn, stupid girl.
I'm not the sick one.
My daughter is.
We had a good thing.
[ominous music]
Spare a dollar?
-[chains clattering]
-[muffled yelling]
Hello, Isobel.
You're looking well.
Though they're
treating your harshly.
[clicks tongue]
Such a pity.
-[chains clattering]
-You have lovely toes.
Always keep the needle
with the eye point upwards
so that it will penetrate
with the sharpest end.
[phone rings]
Excuse me.
-[phone beeps]
Yes, I'm in the
process of doing it now.
I--I don't understand.
Yes, but I've always
done this myself.
Yes, of course.
-You are in charge.
-[phone beeps]
Well, my love.
You must be very special.
It seems your friend wants to
give the last shot himself.
Goodbye, Isobel.
[breathes heavily]
[handcuffs clatter]
[handcuffs pounding]
[somber electronic music]
[handcuffs clatter]
I gave you every opportunity.
You could be in
Eastern Europe...
or Moscow.
Instead, they're
gonna find your corpse
in some back alley.
You cost me, Isobel, and
this is the price you pay.
You know why you haven't set
up your Pilates studio yet?
Because you're not
smart enough.
You lack the intellect.
My daughter's smarter than you.
She'd never come to some
stranger's apartment. Twice.
People like you end up here.
Rightfully so.
You were made to serve
others. That's who you are.
So, why not serve me?
I didn't trap you here, Isobel.
You trapped yourself.
But now, it's time
to say goodbye.
[punches land]
[kick lands]
[punches landing]
[punches landing]
[gentle instrumental music]
[footsteps pattering]
[footsteps pattering]
[indistinct chatter
over radio]
-Ma'am, back up.
-Open the door!
-Step away from the car.
-Open it!
-Step away from the car.
-[radio chatter]
-Ma'am, are you all right?
Are you hurt?
There's, there's
a guy in a...
Just breathe, breathe,
can you tell us what happened?
[stammering] There's
some guy, he's in the building.
Okay, one guy?
How many guys?
what did he do?
[sobbing] He locked
the door, he locked the door!
OFFICER 2: It's okay, just
calm down, calm down.
OFFICER: Hey, hey, hey,
hey. We're here. Okay?
I need you to tell me
what's going on, all right?
Hey, it's okay.
[dramatic electronic music]
["You Can't Hurt Me No
More" by Frida Farrell]
You took my body
Can't touch my soul
Every day I greet
heals the hole
You left behind
as you walked away
With me on the
floor lost and dazed
Try to share
but I, I can't bear
It's unfair and
I wanna disappear
Try to share but
I, I can't bear
It's unfair but
I wanna disappear
You can't hurt me no more
I've grown too
big and strong
I can conquer the world
With my own bare hands
I can walk any land
You can't hurt me no more
You can't, you can't
You can't hurt me no more
You can't, you can't
You can't hurt me no more
What did I know of love
At 14 it should
be pink and pretty
Written in ink all over skin
But you left me small
Fighting to breathe
Not able to speak
broken to the bone
Try to share but
I, I can't bear
It's unfair and I
wanna disappear
Try to share but
I, I can't bear
It's unfair, I,
I wanna disappear
You can't hurt me no more
I've grown too
big and strong
I can conquer the world
With my own bare hands
I can walk any land
You can't hurt me no more
You can't hurt me no more
I've grown too
big and strong
I can conquer the world
With my own bare hands
I can walk any land
You can't hurt me no more
You can't, you can't
You can't hurt me no more
You can't, you can't
You can't hurt me no more
You can't hurt me no more
You can't hurt me no more
You can't hurt me no more
You can't hurt me no more