Apartment 41 (2015) Movie Script

Knocks at the door!
I moved into my new apartment
today away from all the judges and indiscreet
whispers, I'm determined to start my new
life. Determine to forget about it all,
Apartment itself is beautiful,
she hears some sound!
Hello Ellen!
Get out of my house, what are you doing here?
God! heavy breathing!
Oh God, please, please, Oh no.. I am
not crazy..I am not crazy... she sobs
You can't get away from me .
leave me alone ,
you took my life,
it was an accident, let me move on
I am sorry, what more do you want ?
I want you to right this wrong
how? tell me?
lie down!
do you really want to be free?
ya, ya...I do
heart beat!