Apele tac (2011) Movie Script

Come on.
On the other side.
Tell me, have you think about it?
The two of us or neither of us.
I don't want anyone else.
This means no?
What do you mean yes?
Yes means no.
Just the two of us or
I'm not interested anymore.
Since you are the boss,
why do you need me?
Why don't you go alone?
Just try and pass alone.
You don't know anything.
If I were you I would calm
down for your own sake.
Oh, yea?
Aren't my people on the other side?
Aren't my people risking
to carry you to the Germans?
Instead of me who would carry
you over the border? Tell me!
3 means 1 extra.
You help me and I help you,
afterwards everyone is on it's own.
The discussion is over.
You have the connection, please.
Thank you!
Hey you there!
What are you doing here?
I've just worked here,
but now mother nature calls.
You can't be here! Border area!
I know, I know...
The ID!
Sure, there you go!
You're from Caransebes?
Do you have an authorisation?
Yes I do!
Let me see it.
The attempt to cross over the state border
it's punished with up to 3 years in jail.
Yes but...
Listen here, if we catch you on the Danube
you are convicted with 10 years in jail.
Yes, but I wasn't on the Danube...
Open the trunk!
Yes... I'm working with the mail service
and.. a lightning struk the telephone cable.
The storm two days ago.
We'll see where you work!
I told you...
Next time, we find another place
to piss then in the Republic's border!
Got it!?
Yes comrade colonel!
I understand!
Have a good day!
Into the cowl you'll find
the paper with your task.
You have mistaken my name.
Totock it's written
with CK not with a K.
Eh, you think anyone will notice?
I can't believe you lied to me!
Stop the car!
Calm down!
Stop I've said!
Calm down, she's my wife,
she's all I've got..
Stop the car I've said!
What? Do you want
to ruin everything now?
Why do you jeopardy my life?
It's stupid to take it with you.
Maybe, but I won't go without her!
Then I'm not going! Stop!
Hey listen to me!
Stop the car! Maybe,
but I'm not going without her!
Then I'm not going! Stop it I said!
You don't know what you're doing!
Hey! Hey! You know everything
that you do with your life?
Maybe I do! Maybe like you I've done
the mistake to take someone with me!
What do you think the soldiers will do with a woman?
What do you think the soldiers will do with a woman?
What do you think it will happend to us?
Stop it! Stop it! It's the checkpoint!
Are you crazy? That's it!
Let's pray to God that
it will shoot us on sight!
That's it that's it! I'm talking!
What is the reason on which
you pass the border?
Hi, Nicu!
Oh hello mr Cable, I didn't
recognized you on this darkness.
But where are you heading so late?
Again the amplyfying station broke.
My colleague must
messure the amplyfyer.
And why are you going there so late?
High orders... Tomorrow it will
be a transmission from Bucharest.
Until 6 AM the station must work.
You want to risk it for
the speech not to be heard?
Can I see the papers?
Yes, sure.
Look these are the papers.
And this is the ID.
Hey, want a cigarrete?
Oh, yes.
Thank you very much.
Come on, take two.
No problem.
And his ID?
But what's wrong with your hand?
Eh, they say it's an allergy.
Into the ID its Totock with CK
and on the paper only with K.
Really? Let me see!
Oh.. the boss got
his name wrong... again.
Open the trunk.
You are so in a bad mood today.
Oh, wait... Let me take the keys.
Last week 3 stupid guys tried to pass over the water.
They catch them when they were into the water.
Can I see your hand?
Your hand.
To see what's wrong.
What? There.
Come into the light. Here.
This is scabies.
Look, it's scabies.
Be carefull it could be nasty.
Look, he tells me I've got scabies.
Hell knows..
But how do you know this?
From my cousin.
When he came back from
the army he got the same.
Come on. Get it up.
Lift the wheel.
You know everything.
Let him, at least
he speaks Romanian.
Last week those Hungarian pricks
pretended that they can't speak Romanian.
Only when they had no teeth left they started
to cry. Everyone suddenly spoke Romainan.
There's one... stop it... stop it...
Better that his mother to cry than mine.
Yea, ok.
Do you really think this is scabies?
Im positive!
And where did you said
you are heading?
To Pescani, I told you.
Oh yes,
Ok, you may go. I go report that I have
scabies, maybe this time I'll get a leave.
Whats wrong?
Hey! Whats wrong?
We had a party last night.
And he drunk!
Come on...
At least you got something...
Scabies, eh?
Good man!
You're sharp!
Havent you studied
med school before...?
Yes or no?
What? Now you don't talk to me?
Hey! Are you upset?
Come on, tell me!
What dude... you really...?
Take it easy dude!
Look ahead! Just look ahead!
We are very close and we're done!
Stupid dog, go away.
Look here, bro...
It's gona be ok, listen to me,
it's gona be ok..
Cables! Hi!
Tell me, what do you see ahead?
Tell me!
Let me tell you. It's the Danube.
You could get this far without me?
You could reach this far alone?
Tell me.
Listen to me,
one must forget sometimes.
Come on, get busy. Get busy.
Tomorrow you are on the other side
and you have forgotten everything.
Got it!
It's a good sign!
Easy... easy...
Go to hell with your driving!
She's angry..
Are you insane? She's pregnant!
Take a look at me and tell me that you
wold leave your pregnant wife alone here!
Shes all I got I told you,
if she wont go I wont!
If the Serbians catch us on the other side,
she will save us, pregnant women are not sent back.
I'm her husban. They will send us
together into the shelter to Padinska.
So they will send you to Padinska?
And me?
And you what??
May God keep you in his care
because I won't!
Will you take my back?
Do you love me?
Cut this, we dont have
time for this now.
Yes or no?
Yes what?
Yes, I love you!
Come on!
Take it easy..
This way.
God damn it!
Where the hell are you?
Im caught in a fishing net!
Let's help him!
Keep swimming!
Jesus Maria?
Come on!
And Vali?
Let's go! He will catch behind!
Come on! Swim!
Vali! Vali!!
Come on!
Come on! Move!
Yes, Romanians!
Padinska Skela!
Padinska Skela! Please!
Your husband? The child's father?