Apex (2021) Movie Script

[Beeping speeds up]
[Speaking French]
New signal.
Hi, honey.
Yeah, just tell your sister,
I'll be home in about an hour.
We're just finishing
our round of golf.
I love you, too.
Shut up and fight.
- [Crossbow fires]
- [Groans]
Fuck you, Rainsford.
See you in the next one, Mitch.
Yeah, if my luck runs out.
Hey, Rain Man, I got a question.
- Yeah?
- Who do you think you are?
- Hm.
- Think you can come here
and take my kill because you're
some big shot doctor.
I don't even want to be here.
Remember your father said to you
when he asked you
- to run his company?
- You're just too fucking slow.
You're gonna send me
back to rehab.
Too fucking slow.
That's... what?
What do you even mean by that?
- You know what, fuck you, man.
- Mm-hmm.
Congratulations on another
win, Dr. Rainsford.
The prey is already
in your trophy room.
My enthusiasm for your sport
is coming to an end.
Perhaps you might enjoy being
the prey instead of the hunter.
Don't mistake my boredom
for suicidal tendencies.
You are a most valued client.
Prove it.
Find me a real challenge.
Hey, sweetheart,
what's with the look?
You know these guys
are professionals, right?
They're going to make
your hunters see God.
They look like
gutter punk brawlers.
The last prey you sold me
didn't make it to midnight
on the first day.
Are you fucking blind?
These are the best ones
in the prison.
They're the best ones
in the whole Pacific Northwest.
See that one over there?
He's got more kills
than Shirley fucking Temple's
got curls.
The prey doesn't just need
to know how to kill.
They need to know how
to evade detection, to deceive,
to plant red herrings.
Not one of your prisoners
would pose a real threat
to the hunter.
What about this one?
Why have I never seen him?
You don't want that one.
Look, he used to be
something great.
He's at the end of his rope now.
His numbers are off the charts.
He's a fucking degenerate.
You don't know half the shit
that guy's done.
I don't trust him.
I can't trust him.
He's so dangerous
that we've kept him
in a sensory deprivation cell
since he got here.
He hasn't even talked to another
person in over seven years.
He's broken laws that
you haven't even thought of.
Escaped three prisons,
wanted in 47 states,
broken 21 bones,
in and out of jail.
Who the hell is Thomas Malone?
If you want your hunters to
have a fucking chance,
you don't want him.
[Window closes]
Hey, buddy. Are you lost?
No, I'm right where
I want to be.
I read your file.
Holy hell, sir.
How are you still alive?
Come closer and I'll show you.
I'm literally a hologram.
I have never put myself
in a room with a killer.
I'm your only hope.
This is the end of the line.
Before they put you
in this cage,
you owed money
to the North Road 88s,
the Triad, La Nostra,
two cartels that I know of,
a dozen West Coast loan sharks
and East Coast Shylocks,
the IRS, the CRA,
the FRS wants you dead.
I'm a popular guy.
How you stayed alive
this long is beyond me.
The luck of the Irish.
It was a waste of time
coming here.
Enjoy the rest of her day.
You're coming on
a little strong.
Am I? Thomas Ernest Malone,
Fuckin' cop.
What kind of cop
dresses this good?
I'm a game master.
We have a private game set
for tomorrow.
It won't be broadcast.
I'll take my chances here.
ZAROFF: Oh, whoop,
life without parole.
That's what you're facing.
Win, and I can guarantee
your freedom.
Maybe you could settle down,
visit the grandkids.
Great kids?
I don't have any grandkids.
Yes, you do. Two.
Your eldest son, Michael,
he and his wife welcomed
a pair of twins last year,
a boy and a girl.
They live up in a faraway
magical land called Vancouver.
MALONE: Okay, I'm in.
But I want them taken care of.
I'm a grandfather now.
This is an employee agreement.
You will sign
your rights to Apex,
a subsidiary of
Zaroff Megas Industries, LLC.
There's a box to write down
what you want to written
on your tombstone or a fun
anecdote a eulogy, perhaps.
Otherwise, sign and initial.
Even if you lose,
well, looking at the way
your life is headed,
death might be an upgrade.
[Electricity buzzing]
[Door clangs]
[Music playing]
Welcome to Apex.
Where all your bloody delights
can be brought to life.
Leave the laws of man at home
and come dance on the dark side.
For an unforgettable weekend.
MAN: No!
Apex, game on.
[Piano playing]
The hunters are arriving.
Their lodge will be on
the north side of the island,
so I recommend
staying away from there.
Apex is quite simple.
There are six hunters.
You are the prey.
So what if I kill
all the hunters?
That has never been done.
There have been some
accidents in the past,
but Apex has never
lost a hunter.
Some have been trained
by the best in the world
Training and experience
are very different things.
So what if I kill
all the hunters?
Then it's game over,
red rover, you win.
On Apex Island,
there are no laws,
only winning and losing.
You do these a lot?
One per month.
And we have a wait list
for hunters longer than your...
What's the price
for hunting humans?
Depends on the rating
of the prey.
10.9 to 11.
What to know how you rated?
I expect the hunters
will underestimate you.
Not exactly the smartest people.
Each of them come here
for their own reasons.
Same as you, I suppose.
If the prey wins,
I take solace in knowing
I changed their life.
You're a real saint.
I always saw myself as Gandhi.
Enlightenment through
blood sport.
Hey, these hunters,
they like each other?
Good luck, Mr. Malone.
ECKA: Lyle, my man.
What's up, playboy?
Well, well, well,
they let you out of rehab.
Yep, the old man says
he'd let me back home
if I get a kill
before his birthday.
And speaking of your dad,
I've been trying to
get a hold of him.
He hasn't gotten back to me.
Is he all right?
I got this triple-A
investment on me.
- Yeah, yeah.
- He's gonna love this.
- I'll ask him to call you.
- It's a bull market, my friend.
No time like the present.
[Door opens]
Fear not, fear God.
Fear only the women and wine.
For the Good Lord has delivered,
and I have arrived.
What's going on us, fuckos?
This fuckin' guy?
West, I want to refund, alright?
It's him or me.
Get me out of here.
Don't be such
a little wuss child.
Last time we did
an Apex together,
you almost fucking
lynched me, you nut job.
Don't blame me for you
walking into one of my traps.
What kind of monster
lynches someone, Bishop?
Probably your ancestors.
- Relax.
- Okay, easy. Whoa, whoa.
- Look at you, Bishop.
- Ooh, yeah.
What are you benching nowadays?
What does your mom weight?
Is it 220 or 240?
280. She's back on
the Ben and Jerry's.
So what, you think the Rainmaker
is going to show?
[Scoffs] I hope not.
Yeah, well, you couldn't win
even if your daddy paid for it.
Hey, man, at least
his businesses make money.
Yeah, exactly remind us,
how did you make
your fortune, Bishop?
Oh, that's right.
You inherited
2 trillion from your brother.
What do you got left,
a billion and a half?
Hm. No.
The markets, they...
they've gone...
Nobody knows.
Buy low, sell high.
Pretty easy, compadre.
ECKA: If you learned to read,
you might have had a chance of,
you know, not pissing away
your whole family's fortune.
- You got such a big mouth.
- Easy.
- Not you.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, and here I was hoping
for a much better class
of hunter on this one.
Hello, Bishop.
Well, you'll get no better
than me, little Jeza.
[Chuckles] Mr. Lyle.
And I don't believe we've met.
[Clears throat] I'm, uh...
Well, the thing is, uh...
Please excuse the boy.
He's my mentally
handicapped manservant.
I purchased him from
an orphanage out in,
oh, Brooklyn, actually.
- Seriously.
- Tap out already.
Hey, animals.
- Ah!
- Get off.
Carrion, you cunt.
I thought you got religion
or another wife
or some sort of shit like that.
You don't talk to me.
You know,
if you got something to say,
why don't you look at me?
Carrion, play nice.
Okay. We're all friends here.
All right?
We're all mates, except Ecka.
Nobody really likes that guy.
- [Laughs]
- Whoa.
Come on. Come on.
We doing this again? Guys.
- Got you.
- Hey.
Come on.
Show me what we can do.
You think you're strong,
but you're just tall.
electricity crackling]
JEZA: Is that
the best you've got?
Is that it?
[Rainsford clears throat]
Dr. Rainsford.
Let's begin.
My good hunters,
welcome to Apex.
Allow me to introduce
your toys for the weekend.
Only the best for the best.
A weapon for every weapon
in this room.
State of the art, oiled,
and maintained
by our team of armorers
Ha-ha, very funny.
Our la carte offerings
include thoroughbreds,
mongrels, and dirt bikes.
Remove them all.
- Sir?
- We don't want the prey
stealing another bike,
now do we?
Anybody got a problem with that?
Babe, time to
show us the turkey.
You have the pleasure,
the honor of hunting one
Thomas Malone.
Malone the mutilator?
Is he a special forces
or something?
A name like that
makes me think IRA or SAF.
This is going to be good.
Oh, come on now,
show us his mug.
Who the hell is that?
He'll be dead the second
he slips and breaks his hip.
A little long in the back nine,
don't you think?
Thomas Malone could be the
greatest prey any of you
have faced.
- [Snorts]
- Him. [Chuckles] Yeah.
Typically the prey
is ex-special forces,
a Green Beret, a ranger,
but Malone, he's an ex-cop,
kicked off the force
for intemperance.
So he's been moonlighting
as a hit man?
What? What's the deal?
Yeah, it looks a bit more like
a mercenary, don't you think?
No. No, he developed
a crippling gambling addiction
and lost custody
of his children.
All right. Listen.
Do we get a refund
if we kill this guy
within an hour?
What I've failed
to mention is this.
Malone has defied death more
times than most Navy SEALs.
He always happens to be in the
wrong place at the wrong time.
Broken ribs
and a compressed spine
from leaping off a building,
over 60 concussions.
Sole survivor of a train crash,
shot in the back at an airport,
drove a car through a plane.
- What?
- But five years ago,
he was convicted of murder
in a burglary gone wrong.
I could go on,
but we'd be here all night.
The man hasn't lived
an easy life.
Okay, yeah, sure,
but my third wife's shih-tzu
looks like it has a better
bite than this guy.
This feels like elderly abuse.
Am I right?
Pardon my French,
but the man is a motherfucker.
He defies every
basic testicle algorithm
used by the Apex
to select its prey.
Simply put, the universe
just can't seem to kill him.
Maybe some in this room can.
Well, he hasn't met me yet.
To the hunt?
To the hunt.
Well, fuck it.
Hey, it's my size.
At least I'll be comfortable.
Now, judging by the wind speed,
the weather, climate,
I wonder if he'll go south.
Of course you do.
JEZA: East.
He has to know daylight gives
him better visibility.
ECKA: Maybe the old man's
got cataracts.
Is that even in the file?
BISHOP: Bright red?
Is you senile?
Hey, I got a question.
ZAROFF: You're coming through
loud and clear to all.
Can hunters kill other hunters?
Technically, yes.
There are no rules against it.
that sounds like fun.
You a sadist?
ZAROFF: The hunt ends
with the chorus of bells.
Trust me, you'll know it
when you hear it.
You will have
a three-hour head start.
Good luck, Mr. Malone.
[Beeping, chimes]
Welcome to Disneyland.
You really think you're going
to need those?
Why don't you mind
your own business?
Wow. Really?
BISHOP: Can you put your finger
on here for a second for me?
- So funny.
- Just for a second.
- Just put it on for a second.
- So clever.
- Just... I'll show you.
- Don't touch me.
Ah! It's not ready yet.
The logical move is to work
together as a unit.
Let's lure them into a trap.
Jeza, Carrion.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
No teams.
Yeah, how about everyone
for themselves?
None of this team bullshit.
Fine. Let him pick you off
one at a time.
Yeah, right.
Classic story of
hunter versus prey.
And who is that hunter?
The efficient.
No, that doesn't work.
How about...
Lyle the fearless.
Fuckin' bugs.
He walks stealthily
through the forest,
checking the canopy
for something
that might be lurking.
Where are you,
you little bastard?
What the fuck?
Okay, West.
That better not leave a bruise,
or I'm suing your ass.
Prepare to die, skeleton.
[Gun clicks]
Come on.
Oh, great. Piece of shit.
Okay, West.
West, can I get a depot
out here?
Invisible Depot now, huh?
Yeah, safety issue.
That is going in my
3-star Yelp review.
Hey, West, does your
holographic ass
have anything other than water?
Now, that is
the taste of Mexico.
Only the best
for an apex predator!
I am king of the jungle
because I am afraid of sh...
Oh, holy crap, Rainy.
Pretty light in
the loafers, huh?
What a hit?
Why are you here?
I, uh... I tracked him.
I think I think I saw him
coming this way.
No, I mean, on the island.
Same as you.
No. No, not actually.
Here to hunt the prey,
you know, better myself.
Plus I read in Forbes that
all the top CEOs do this shit.
So why are you here?
[Scoffs] Because
I want to be, okay?
What about you?
I'm here because I know
I can walk through
the shadow of shadowed valley
of death and fear no evil
because I'm with me.
And through the trial
and tribulation,
I know I'll grow stronger.
[Laughs] You really...
Excuse me?
No, it's not complicated
on why you're here, bro.
All right? You're a sick fuck.
I'd stop talking if I were you.
LYLE: Just embrace it, amigo.
No more words, Lyle.
See, I'm here because
I'm a fucking warrior
and I was born to do this shit.
I would bet my entire empire
on the fact
that you wouldn't
pull the trigger on the prey
if you had the chance.
Yeah, whatever.
Excuse me?
No, feel free to speak, Lyle.
Okay, well, I say this with all
due respect and deference,
but you are fucked in the head.
We all know what you did.
So you...
You're not some... some paragon
of fuckin' excellence.
You killed your wife, bro.
So you can save me
the sanctimonious
"Oh, I'm here to better
myself" bullshit.
And you can put that down.
[Cartridge clicks]
Man, if this was the real world
and you and I got in the scrap,
I'd tear your fucking
head off, bro.
It's a good thing
we're not in the real world.
Fuck are you doing?
- [Gunshots]
- That?
Aah! Okay.
Hey, hey, hey, listen,
you win, okay?
You win.
Alright? You win.
I do win.
That's all I do.
Hello, hello, Dr. King of Kings.
He was like this
when I got here.
I told you we should've
hunted together.
BISHOP: He certainly
didn't last long.
Well, Lyle had it coming.
Huh? Survival of the fittest.
Is this your doing?
It is, isn't it,
you cheeky fuck.
Have the rules changed?
Who's the prey now?
When we get back to
the real world,
I'm gonna ask you
to do me a favor,
and you're going
to do what I ask.
Why would I ever say yes?
There's a difference between
what's right and what's legal.
You don't want a guy like me
going around telling stories
about what you did.
But don't worry,
I can keep a secret.
What secret?
BISHOP: Well, that I was created
in God's image,
the pinnacle of perfection.
If God was a deaf, dumb,
blind, racist,
misogynistic, walking
case of Dutch, then sure.
BISHOP: You need to read
the Old Testament.
Zephaniah 3:8
is all that and more.
- Hmm.
- That savage.
The prey must have store
his gun, right?
Should we worry
about this old man?
Nah, he just got cocky.
Turned his back at
the wrong moment.
ECKA: Where'd you get that?
At the depot?
Okay, just leave me alone.
I don't want to help you
do that.
- [Jeza laughs]
- What did you just say?
[Laughs] Fight.
- Fuck off already.
- Fight.
You know, any time,
any place, pal.
- Yeah, right now, huh?
- Fight.
- What are you at?
- [Laughs]
Come on.
- Shh, shh.
- Hey.
Prey's trying to get
in our head, man.
Look what he did to Lyle.
- Fuck, let's go.
- Quiet.
JEZA: Is there
something out there?
Let's find out.
[Gunfire continues]
All right. Here's what I think
we should do.
Shut up.
We're going to go northeast.
Everyone start a grid.
Don't let him get past you.
I'm going to go south
and force him out.
BISHOP: Oh, so you
can corner him? Piss off.
Yeah, all for none
and none for all, right?
That's it.
I'll have his head by sunset.
BISHOP: Yeah, you ought
to take a wager on that.
Your head for his if you don't.
This is not the best
course of attack.
We should be
coordinating our efforts.
Why don't you just let them
chase the little bastard?
And then you might get a chance
to kill another one of us.
When we get back to lodge,
why don't you and I
pour one out for Lyle?
He did kind of deserve it.
ECKA: Fuckin' hell, man.
You see what he did to Lyle?
- BISHOP: What, are you scared?
- What?
You want take a timeout?
Fuck that, man.
Lyle was one of us.
This is going
in my trophy room, alright?
Come over here. He's here.
He left a trail even your
dumb ass can find.
Uh, did you ever consider that
maybe you're walking
into a trap?
Well, you're here, too.
So what does that say?
Maybe I'm here
to look out for you.
Fuckin' liar, men.
You know, you killing the prey,
it's not going to earn
the love of your father.
Don't start.
Don't start with that shit.
You need a lot thicker skin
to survive in this world, son.
I'm dangerous, man.
I'm fucked in the head.
Broken beyond repair.
According to psych
on the East Coast.
Sure you are, boy. Sure you are.
You think you're better than me?
Well, I know I am.
I'm stronger, better looking.
I'm richer.
For now.
I live for the day you go broke,
and it's coming.
BISHOP: You live for the that
your daddy says
he's proud of you.
Guess what. That's not
going to happen any time soon.
I'll tell you what.
You can call me daddy
if you want to.
Oh, fuck.
Christ, man, get up.
Use your strength.
Well, you cocked that one up.
Oh, fuck.
Use me as a human shield.
Thank you for that.
It wasn't like that, man.
Just come down here
and help me up, man.
Beg me.
ECKA: That's it. I'm done.
I'm done with this
fucking game, man.
Just get me out of here and get
me back to the lodge, man.
You should crawl back.
It's a confidence builder.
You know?
Didn't you learn about fortitude
and perseverance in rehab?
Or I could just save you
the pain, end it for you.
Fuck... fuck off and die, man.
Be easier for everyone.
Ah! Fuck!
No, no, no. I'm not the prey.
You can't kill me.
Are you telling me
what to do now?
That's so pathetic.
You've always been
my little brother!
What are you're
doing this to me?!
I was there for you.
You always, always did things.
Driving crazy, right?
I can't stand you.
I can't stand you.
I tried to help you,
I tried to help you.
I tried to save you.
I... I couldn't.
What?! What?
Cutting them off?
[Knife plunges]
[Knife blows landing]
Why'd you let me do that?
[Twig snaps]
Watch it.
You almost took off
my fucking head.
Is that your blood?
The prey threw him
off the cliff.
Yeah, I tried to save him.
But he almost vivisected
the poor sod.
Where's the body?
His father will pay for it.
Give him a proper funeral.
That's why.
Well, it'd have to be
a closed casket,
that's for sure.
Slashed him to ribbons,
the prey did.
RAINSFORD: I do win.
That's all I do.
RAINSFORD: A little early for
a celebration, isn't it?
I tracked the prey to the
northeast corner of the island.
He's savvy,
knows how to throw his scent.
JEZA: Whatever.
We'll make him bleed for
what he did to Lyle.
A man like that never
should have come
to a place like this.
Poor Lyle.
Your wife was
a really lucky woman.
Yes, she was.
[Door opens]
Someone's going to have
to tell his family.
The prey did this?
JEZA: Why?
CARRION: For fun.
RAINSFORD: Bishop doesn't
leave the island.
This place ain't so bad.
To fuck shit up...
or not.
Oh, yeah.
This is the good stuff.
ZAROFF: I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
I would go easy on the berries.
The fruit here bites back.
This island was deemed
uninhabitable after the war.
I picked it up for the cost of
a pair of red bottomed heels.
- For real?
- For real.
The constant bombardment
of tachyon radiation
has mutated the berries,
imbued them
with a concentrated
culture of viridis,
a highly potent hallucinogenic
also known
as psilocybin ayahuasca.
You're about a trip
some serious balls.
It doesn't bother me.
Can't wait until they kick in.
Are we in open waters?
North of Japan, west of Hawaii.
Six more hours to go, friend.
Just make it until sunset,
and you're in the clear.
I thought it's fair to tell
you that Mr. Bishop
has been declared prey
by the remaining hunters.
Perhaps you want to team up
with him.
[Chuckles] Yeah.
That won't be happening.
Some hunters do like
a fair fight.
I don't think you really know
what that means.
They don't play by the rules
in the real world.
So why would it be
any different here?
Why don't you ask them
to face me one on one?
No guns, no tricks.
That would be like asking
a jackal to stop eating meat.
Did you like a gift
this morning?
I'd like my lighter back,
Well, why don't you
come and get it?
Six hours, Mr. Malone,
and then your free.
If order 90 million...
129 million in
Lyle MFG mediation stock.
Confirm order.
Thank you, Lyle.
Once word gets out
that you're dead,
share price in your company
will skyrocket.
You're going to make me a
billionaire by the time I'm 25.
Fuck, I love this game.
- [Beeping]
- Fuck.
BISHOP: Hello, there.
Didn't anyone ever tell you
you never smoke in the field.
[Chuckles] That's
so perfect there.
Deactivate the mine.
Now, Bishop.
You know, if you weren't
so caught up on
trying to make money off
Lyle's spilt blood,
you never would have been
standing there.
A girl's got to eat.
I wonder what the hell
you're even doing here?
Why'd you come to Apex?
You're hunting
hunters' pocketbooks.
Little inside trading. Hm.
JEZA: Like I said...
A girl's got to eat.
Okay, just relax,
put the gun down, please.
You know I'm a friendly.
Take one more fucking step,
and you won't be getting
friendly with anyone again.
There's no need to be mean.
It's just you and I, Jeza.
Nobody else.
Carrion? Rainsford?
Easy pickings.
You sure about that?
I haven't been so certain
in my entire life.
Well, we won't have to wait long
to find out.
You're fair game now.
JEZA: Rainsford could take you.
I'd pick him as my favorite.
You know what?
You and I, we should team up.
We could take over the place.
You, me, we could become
the next Rainsford.
It'd be easy.
We'd be like little birds.
What the fuck are you doing?
Just relax.
JEZA: What the fuck
are you doing?
Just relax.
JEZA: Is this
some kind of seizure?
What the fuck is this, Bishop?!
You dance with the devil,
you best make sure that
you put on your Sunday shoes.
'Cause if you miss
that even once,
well, I tell you,
he'll own you forever.
Now, that wasn't very nice!
Deactivate this
fucking thing, Bishop.
Only way that that fucking thing
will be deactivated
is if I do it.
Let's come to an understanding.
Like a deal?
JEZA: A bargain.
You can trust me.
It's okay.
Total control.
You can have all of it.
[Jeza grunts]
Oh, you fuckin' b...
[Chuckles] Hm.
Yikes, old man.
I don't think that's how
you start today going, huh?
We may as well
get it over us. Hm?
Let's get this show on the road.
Beg me.
Shoot me!
You're not scared?
It's impossible to be scared
when you're already dead.
If only.
BISHOP: I'm the youngest
out of six boys.
Every one of my brothers,
they all just wanted to chase
more, chase more money,
more, more, more,
more, more, more, more.
Every single one of them died
of a heart attack.
Jeza, you can't take
any money with you.
So they're dead. I'm not.
I'm standing right here.
And I'm going to live like
I'm already dead.
Actually not a bad line.
I might steal that.
It's the truth.
Hmm? We're all dead.
Even the lucky.
Even the beautiful.
Mm. That was me. [Chuckles]
Okay, dead man, when we get back
to the real world,
you're signing over your share
of your family's estate to me
to manage.
Whatever makes you happy.
- It's a bargain.
- Hmm.
Good boy.
Now stay.
BISHOP: [Coughs, laughs]
JEZA: Psychotic bastard.
- [Beeping]
- Oh, come on!
What the fuck is that, Bishop?!
Quit fucking around!
Looks like a couple
more detonators, don't it?
I... okay, okay, okay.
Let me get my head...
I need to get this clear.
I put two land mines down.
And I got two detonators
So if I... we got
a 50/50 chance.
If I hit one of
these detonators,
one of us is going to go boom.
Uh... so, yeah.
No, you wouldn't do it, Bishop.
Ah, yeah. Mm.
What do you think hell's
service for dinner tonight?
'Cause I would love
a little side of Jeza!
Bishop, you are not
that psychotic.
Okay? Don't do this.
[Groans] I what to do it!
This is not the game anymore.
We're meant to be hunting
Malone, not each other.
Please, for
the love of God, don't.
- Are you sure?
- Bishop.
Are you sure?
Because let's just find out.
Don't do it.
- Why don't we just find out?!
- Don't...
Say hello to my bloodline
for me!
- [Beeping]
- Fucking c...
Fuck this.
Where'd she go?
MALONE: Empty.
West, give me a depot.
Give me a fucking depot!
What the...
[Chamber clicking]
Come on.
I'm a little disappointed.
West said that you're special,
but this was far too easy.
You're running around the forest
with an empty gun, you old fuck.
I bet you put all the bullets
in my back,
you fucking
cock sucking bastard.
I saw it in a movie once.
Yeah, seems like you've been
around the block
a few too many times.
Motherfucker, I made the block.
Yeah, step out.
Come on. Come on.
I don't want to be chasing
you around the forest.
Couldn't be bothered.
You didn't have to kill the kid.
Maybe, maybe not.
How do you like being hunted?
It's all about perspective. Hm?
I'm as dangerous now
as I've ever been.
And maybe an alliance.
We could be even more
dangerous together than ever.
Even the odds.
I always bet on myself.
That's the kind of bullshit
that the Rainmaker would say.
That's the guy
that killed the blonde?
You sly fuck.
You were hiding
in the bushes, weren't you?
He doesn't look like
he's all that.
Don't underestimate Rainsford.
We want big game
hunting in Africa
with nothing but steel machetes
and our gold balls.
And we killed a dozen rhinos,
and I'm not ashamed to say
that he got most of them.
And what makes you think
that you could take out a man
who kills just as easily
as he breathes?
He sounds like
he's a force of nature.
I don't know if I can beat him.
And I wouldn't want him to know
that I know his secrets.
Now, what about you?
You think you could take him?
Kill me...
that's game over.
He goes back to his ivory tower,
and you go back to that cave
that you crawled out of.
But if it was me
and I thought I could beat him,
I'd take my shot.
About to go find out.
Yeah, you go do that.
You change your mind,
you know where to find me.
Choose wisely.
[Chuckles softly]
Well, look at you.
Sitting here at dark
all by yourself.
Sippin' tea,
tinkering with his toys.
You know, I'm really not
interested in learning
if you can talk me to death.
BISHOP: Well, before this gets
all primeval....
...I propose a parlay.
All right.
First, Ecka.
- [Rifle clicks]
- Lyle, why?
Because I wanted to.
No, no.
No, I want it to.
You had to.
You ready?
For a spot of dinner? Sure.
What are you thinking?
You're on the menu tonight,
old sport.
Well, what am I going to do?
Well, first, I think you'd
reach for that hunting knife
that you just took over there.
Maybe you can close the distance
before I get a shot off
with this rifle.
You'll miss.
I never do.
Not from this range.
But now that I've said that,
maybe you'll reach
for that pistol because
you know that West always
keeps them loaded.
You're a good aim.
Maybe you'll get a shot off
before I do.
I'm just extrapolating
potential outcomes
based on what I know about you.
Well, then you should know
that consequentialism
isn't my style.
You see, you fancy yourself
some kind of agent of chaos.
I find you're
rather predictable.
Says the most vanilla man
in the world.
You know,
maybe I won't even use my rifle.
It's too easy.
You're a strange bird, Rainy.
You remember
that bullshit fundraiser
that we did a while back?
I remember your wife.
She took me out back.
When I was doing up
my zipper, she...
she warned me.
She warned me about you.
She said she was scared of you,
said she was scared
of what you're capable of.
She had every right to be scared
of you, didn't she?
I do regret
what happened to her.
BISHOP: Oh, yeah,
because you lost your temper.
Or it was an accident?
No, I just want to see
if I had it in me.
[Footsteps approaching]
You called for backup?
Hello, Carrion.
Are you ready to have
a little bit of fun?
One versus two?
All right.
I love a good threesome.
Blades and fists only.
Uh, no.
No, I think we should give him
a little bit of a chance.
RAINSFORD: You can do
what you want.
I'm not going to fight him.
I'm going to kill him.
You want to kill me.
Then why did to bring...
- [Grunts]
- Ooh.
RAINSFORD: Jeza would love this.
Yeah, Jeza won't be loving
anything right now.
CARRION: Where'd you get that?
Where did you get that?!
BISHOP: Jeza gave it to me.
Pain is what I was
giving her, huh?
You get what I mean?
son of a bitch.
What the hell did you do?
Let's just say that
she had a date with
one of my land mines.
It ended with a bang!
CARRION: Where is she?!
Where is she?!
She's a little bit everywhere.
Come on, motherfucker! Come on!
Here you go.
Who you calling vanilla?
I'll see you real soon.
My kill, ergo, my trophy.
You got a problem with that?
[Electricity crackles]
A lion in the savanna
catches a zebra.
Do know what they call that?
A hunt.
A real hunt is when both hunter
and prey can reason to do this,
and most crucially,
have the means and desire
to want to draw blood.
CARRION: What's your point?
My point is...
my heart is at ease
in a place like this.
My senses are at 11.
Each second is life and death.
Out there, they have
a drug for everything,
but none of that can make me
feel the way that I do in here,
at complete peace.
Well, there's something
more to it.
We can both agree she deserved
a better death.
What do you say
you and I go hunt down Malone.
Yeah, I'm not going anywhere
with you.
You're sick.
So are you, Mr. Carrion.
So are you.
In the real world,
they would call us monsters
for what we do in here,
but we're not interested
in the real world, now, are we?
CARRION: I just came here
to hunt a guy.
You're hoping in that moment
of death that you
will feel alive again.
Yeah, no disrespect, but you're
more fucked in the head
than anyone I've ever met.
Oh, we both are, Mr. Carrion,
but we build empires.
We cure cancer.
We put feet on Mars.
But yet, we're still human,
and to be human,
you have to reckon
with the Quixotic ideal
that we are good people.
That the evil illness isn't
always gnawing
at the edges of our mind.
No, Mr. Carrion, we're not sick.
We are aware.
We're hunters.
It's the parade that is sick.
It's the Thomas Malones
of the world that are sick.
Look what he's doing to us.
Pitting us against each other,
brother against brother.
No, Mr. Carrion,
we must destroy Malone,
or he will destroy us.
How about this?
One dollar to the man
who takes Malone's head.
[Exhales deeply]
I hate forests.
Fuck nature.
Fuck dirt, hills.
Especially fuck trees.
ZAROFF: I would go easy
on the berries.
You're about your trip
some serious balls.
[Thunder rumbles]
Come out of hiding!
Let's finish the game!
[Gun cocks]
[Groans, gunfire]
No mas. Say it!
I want to hear you say it.
No mas.
No mas.
Oh, yeah, fuck. Yeah.
You're good.
I'm better than good.
I'm bacon and eggs
on Sunday morning.
I never want to see you again.
I can live with that.
If I live.
MALONE: Why the fuck
would you come here?
You get off on this?
[Sighs] I mean...
being this close to death
makes you feel...
What about you?
You're fighting pretty hard
to live, for a guy who doesn't
seem to really give a fuck.
I got a reason to live.
Oh, yeah. What's that?
Two of them.
I wasn't a good father.
But maybe...
Maybe I can make good on this.
I got a kid. I got a kid.
How old?
He's 4.
He's 4 years old.
MALONE: This gun's too heavy.
What else you got?
Carrion, check in.
Carrion, check in.
- [Beeps]
- West.
I'd like to buy
five mongrels, please.
Let's remind Malone who is
the hunter and who is the prey.
[Electricity crackles]
A life of luxury to the legend
who kills him.
I want my trophy.
I want him to know who he is.
Seal his destiny and bring me
the head of Thomas Malone!
Hey, you got anything real
that I can eat?
I'm starving.
Yeah, there's plenty.
MALONE: Great. Where?
Back at the lodge.
There nothing in...
MALONE: It's over?
I win?
What the fuck is a mongrel?
Hey! You hear me?
Sometimes hunters,
they use them to flush out prey.
And congratulations.
Rainsford's never use them
on a person before.
So, hey, that's something.
Yeah, I feel really honored.
[Gun cocks]
[Gun cocks]
RAINSFORD: This man, he's...
He's perfect.
West, I want more mongrels.
I don't give a shit.
Make them find them.
I don't care.
Just get me more mongrels.
[Footsteps approaching]
Mr. Malone.
[Chuckles] Well...
Where's Carrion?
We came to an understanding.
How unpredictable.
You truly are a specimen,
Mr. Malone.
MALONE: Don't sell
yourself short.
You're a real piece of work.
Oh, you have no idea.
No, I think
I got you figured out.
Do you?
Your some kind of joy killer.
I'm the pinnacle
of civilized man.
Civilized? [Laughs]
RAINSFORD: See, I hunt to learn
about myself,
to reflect on why I am who I am.
All this time, I, uh, thought
that you were a super villain.
Even better.
I'm an apex warrior.
You're an idiot.
Well, I control the largest
pharmaceutical company
this world has ever known.
I'm a trillionaire,
self-made, thrice over.
You're a rich idiot.
And an asshole.
I'm not going to lower myself
to argue with you.
Your destiny...
My destiny is to make sure
that you fuck off.
RAINSFORD: How crass.
You are my ultimate trophy.
You always have been.
I don't even think West knows
what you mean to me.
I got a question
for you, though.
How'd that tomb feel?
What about those cages?
Little claustrophobic
at times, tight?
I am going to hang your head
in my trophy case, forever mine.
My prey.
One of us is not
leaving this island.
If you say so.
But remember,
I am Dr. Samuel Rainsford.
I am the future of my species.
I am an apex warrior!
Did you rehearse that?
That? No. Well, maybe.
The point is,
I've got you dead to rights.
It is a statistical
impossibility that you survive
and I don't.
So you're only logical choice
is to beg.
Beg me to let you live.
Well, that's not
how I do things.
This ain't that kind of fight.
RAINSFORD: I do win.
That's all I do.
[Fire crackling]
[Fire crackling]
[Electricity crackles,
machine whirrs]