Apne (2007) Movie Script

'Life is just like
these snow flakes.'
'It's there for a moment.'
'And then it melts.'
'But for the time it is with us..'
'..it appears so beautiful!'
'However, it's a
certainty that it'll go.'
'I don't have any complaints
against the life I've lived.'
'But instead of dying
slowly and painfully..'
'..it'd be better if I could die
an instant death.'
'That is why, I,
Baldev Singh Chaudhary..'
'..in full consciousness,
have decided today..'
'..to give up my life!'
Thank God!
I tried calling you many times.
I searched for you everywhere. I..
Have you been
sitting here all night?
I was scared.
I thought..
- I would commit suicide?
Is that all you know
about your friend?
I know my friend.
He faces every problem of..
..life courageously.
He always says that
you should fight..
..this life with your gloves on.
Yeah! Hit it before it hits you back.
Hit back at your life.
Otherwise it will beat you up.
However, I also know that..
..my friend is after all a human.
At this time, the situation and..
..circumstances he
is going through..
What? What am I going through?
Don't worry.
I'll make everything alright.
I am going today.
I'm going to pay
a visit to my Lord.
Today, I'll make peace with Him.
So that everything goes right here.
And everything goes
well in heaven too.
Don't misunderstand me now.
I'm going to a 'Gurudwara'
You'll go to the mosque, wont you?
Pray to Allah.
He will make everything right.
Everything will be alright!
"Life has got erased
with desires."
"Destiny didn't support me."
If I had known of
Baldev's intentions..
..I would not have let
him go anywhere that day.
I would have stopped him.
This thing called luck,
destiny is strange.
Despite winning a
silver medal for India..
..in the Olympics..
..Baldev remained
unsuccessful in life!
But.. but he
still didn't stop living life!
'Moving with the pace
of life was his nature.'
'If he had earned
anything in life..'
'..it was only his dear ones!'
"Kin belong to us."
"Kin belong to us."
"Walk ahead with courage."
"Move ahead fearless."
"If you have courage,
you will gain victory."
"You will reach your destination."
Mr. Baldev, greetings!
Greetings to you! How are you?
I want to come and meet you.
Come along. You may
come whenever you want to.
Oh my! Come here. Very good!
Excellent! Excellent!
Where is your grandma?
You mean aunty?
Don't say 'aunty'.
Call her grandma.
She has become old.
My grandma isn't old!
Really? Then where is
that young 17-year -old?
You are too much!
Even in the Gurudwara..
What can I do, Joginder?
You are so beautiful and lovely.
I can't take my eyes off you.
Forget all that.
How did you come here today?
Did you forget your way?
I don't have
a grudge against Him.
Yes, I'm a little miffed with Him.
Today I came to Him
to ask for something.
That Raavi should be
mine in every life.
He listens to your prayers,
doesn't he?
Pray for the same.
- No. I won't.
Yes. I haven't given you much joy.
Enough! You say anything.
I've got so much joy that I wish..
..this life itself
shouldn't come to an end.
I should continue to be
with you just like this.
I'm leaving. I'll meet you at home.
Friend, you can greet
me softly, can't you?
I certainly can. Here.. Greetings.
Say it again.
- Greetings.
Say it again.
- Greetings.
Keep saying it. Come along, dear.
Let's have a race. - Greetings.
Shut up! They've left.
Yes! I have won!
Grandpa, now let's see..
..who reaches home first.
Ma'am! Leave all your work.
Your program, 'Top Ten' has begun.
"She stole my heart."
"She killed me."
I'm coming.
"She stole my heart."
Move aside.
- "She killed me."
"She has stunning eyes."
"Her dazzling earrings."
"She talks very sweetly."
"She stole my heart."
"She killed me."
"She stole my heart."
Hey! Hold this.
What old-school dance is this?
It's hip-hop!
Bangra, hip hop.
"She is in front of me.
This world asks for my heart."
"She is in front of me.
This world asks for my heart."
"She writes letters
to me every day."
You've been caught!
Good. Good.
Bless me, Father.
Daughters don't need to
touch their elder's feet.
Daughters-in-law should.
You're not my daughter-in-law.
You are my darling daughter.
Oh! I forgot.
Mr. Bhullar has come.
He is waiting for
you on the terrace.
- Yes.
Now I don't know what
he doesn't remember.
And what I need to remind him.
"You dance in your style."
"You dance."
Mr. Bhullar, tell me.
How did you come by?
You had called me, right?
I did?
- Bless me, Uncle.
I didn't call you.
If you didn't then we
must have called you.
Please sit.
Go and arrange for some breakfast.
Go quickly! - Mr. Bhullar, this is
like your own house.
But actually,
you've come to my house.
I have come to your house?
- Yes!
That's strange!
I have come to your house.
But why have I come to your house?
You're holding something.
- Yes. Yes.
Yes, we've come to invite you.
- For what?
My son is getting married.
You have to come for that.
He's getting married again?
- No.
Father, I have
a six year-old son.
You always forget.
We had come here because your son..
My son Angad I mean his son
Angad will be honored..
Oh! Yes. Take it easy.
Well, forgive me. I've become old.
I tend to forget things.
- It's alright.
But at least for this..
..my son has left all his
work and is with me now.
Otherwise, you know it.
Children of this age don't
have time for their parents.
That's true.
- So, it's decided.
You have to come
for Angad's honoring.
Look, Mr. Bhullar.
I am not a learned man.
As it is, I have to
go to Delhi that day.
He will come, Brother.
He certainly will.
The function that
you have organized..
..to honor Angad, he
will come for that.
Thank you, Sister-in-law.
You are not going to Delhi.
Thank you. Thank you so much!
Mr. Bhullar,
you haven't taken anything.
Did I come here to take anything?
No. You'd got
breakfast made at your place..
..and had brought some
for me. I had to eat, so..
It's alright. Eat it.
Have breakfast.
We have to go to other places too.
- Yes. Yes.
Young woman.
- Yes?
You too have to come in
his wedding procession.
- Father!
Have I forgotten something again?
You didn't forget anything.
Let's go.
We have to go and
talk to the dancers too.
Come on.
- Son, be with your father.
Why did you give your assent..
..even though I
won't be going there?
Dear, go on. Go get tea.
- Yes.
What do you want?
Do you want the
whole world to know..
..that you don't get
along with your son?
Raavi, you are
unnecessarily making it an issue.
And what difference will it make..
..if I don't go for that function?
Look, because you told me I've
been staying in Angad's house.
I am doing what you want.
Leave all that!
Why don't you forget
the entire matter?
Come and see how much
your son is respected.
Why would he not be respected?
Your son has brought about such a..
..big revolution in agriculture!
He has to have respect.
He is your son too.
Raavi, you always win over me.
Okay, if you so wish, then I'll go.
You're wonderful!
- It's my turn.
Come here. You're great.
- Be careful!
She put a garland on me once.
You can see my state!
Quiet! You keep blabbering.
- Really? Here you are.
Are you happy now?
'We've gathered today in
Chandigarh's Rock Garden.'
'The Indian Agriculture Association..'
- Papa!
Look at me, Papa! - '..has honored
Angad Singh Chaudhary..'
'..with an award for best
exporter in agriculture.'
"Kin belong to us."
"Kin belong to us."
'Best Exporter in Agriculture
award will be conferred..'
'..upon Angad Singh Chaudhary
by politician Amar Singh.'
I wish to call upon
the village head..
..of Kiratpur, Mr. Bhullar..
Father, have you taken that note?
- Yes.
..to say something in
honor of Mr. Angad Singh.
Father, to your left. Left.
I hereby welcome
respected Mr. Amar Singh.
Amar Singh has come here for..
This wedding ceremony..
..to bless a 1000 couples.
Father! Father!
The Indian agricultural leader.
A leader! A leader.
- Yes.
India is a nation
known for its weddings.
It's the duty of every
farmer to get married.
Father, agriculture!
- Agriculture! Agriculture!
Agriculture of marriage.
- Father!
Its harvest too.
India can't develop
without agriculture. - Go on.
We will get more crops
if we farm our land well.
Mr. Bhullar, what are you doing?
If you keep forgetting like this..
..India's population will
increase from 100 to 200 crores.
If you continue to merge
agriculture with marriage this way.
Have I forgotten something?
No, sir.
You didn't forget anything.
We're the ones
who've forgotten our way.
I've come here after taking some
time out with great difficulty.
Please give me a chance to speak.
We have with us today
Mr. Angad and Mr. Baldev.
This Angad reminds us of
that Angad from Ramayan.
The way that Angad was successful..
..Angad of Kirapur
has been as successful.
- I don't want Angad, to be honored..
..by Amar Singh the politician,
or any politician for that matter..
..for his success
and his achievement.
His respected
parents should come ahead.
And welcome their son. Thank you.
"Kin belong to us."
We are proud of you, son.
Today, papa touched
me after many years.
I am very happy!
Father spoke so well too.
Father spoke? What did he say?
He said that a son's victory is..
..like his father's victory too.
I am proud of my Angad.
- Yes?
Have you brought money for Karan?
- Yes.
Here's one lakh.
- A lakh?
Did Karan ask for
50,000 or one lakh?
He had asked for 50,000.
However, he is getting
ready for his first music tour.
He'll need some money, right?
The thing is in life we may have..
..more money than we need.
But there should
never be a deficit.
'Did you get the payment?
- Yes.'
'What is this?
Why did you get Rs.5 less?'
'What could I do?'
'The man said that
this is what is due.'
'He even scolded me.
- I knew it.'
'He is a thief! Come with me.'
'Come! Come with me.'
'Are you crazy?'
'For five rupees
you came walking five miles?'
'Five miles? For these five rupees,
I could even walk 50 miles!'
'This amount may be
small for you.'
'But this will get
my children a glass of milk.'
'There! Her husband
has gone to America.'
'And you've come
here to harass me!'
'Mukandi, why didn't
you tell her..'
'..that our
commission has increased?'
'Why has your
commission increased?'
'We powder the red chilly.
We work hard.'
'Should we suffer losses too?'
'I won't leave even a
penny that is rightfully mine!'
'Listen to me.'
'I will take my share of
commission as I wish.'
'Do you get me?'
'If you want to,
you may work here.'
'Otherwise get lost!
Go away! Go!'
'If you say
anything to my mother..'
'..I'll hit you!
- Okay. Okay.'
'Take this fool away from here.'
'Take her!'
'God has been grateful to you.'
'This boy has been saved.'
'But Doctor, why is his
left hand not working?'
'Look, his head's
been injured badly.'
'This has compressed
many nerves in his hand.'
'Will he be alright, Doctor?'
'Look, I've given him medicines.'
'It will work as it should.'
'If you want,..'
'..you may take him to
the city and get him operated.'
'However, that will be expensive.'
'How much would it cost, Doctor?'
'Nearly Rs.10,000-15,000.'
I wish we had money then.
Why do you feel bad
thinking about this every time?
You and father have
done as much as you could.
You didn't leave
any stone unturned.
Yes, but at that time I..
Look, Angad.
No one can change destiny.
And if you look at Karan you can't
even make out that his hand..
You'll see.
Karan is tomorrow's rock star.
Give me a smile now, darling!
I just love your smile!
"Let's rock, dude!"
"On the floor."
"On the floor."
"On the floor."
"On the floor."
"On the floor."
"I keep it safe in my heart."
"I keep it safe in my heart."
"The story of your love."
"I keep it safe in my heart."
"The story of your love."
"No, I can't bear it."
"If you belong to someone else."
"I keep it safe in my heart."
"The story of your love."
"I can't bear it."
"If you belong to someone else."
"I keep it safe in my heart."
"The story of your love."
"The cherished memories
and the time spent together..
..you are the
world of my dreams."
"From my passion
and my desires..
..your heartbeat
is my destination."
"My life is because
of your love."
"You are my life."
"I keep it safe in my heart."
"The story of your love."
"I can't bear it."
"If you belong to someone else."
"Complaint and
get angry with me."
"But don't go away from me."
"Other than me..
..you don't go close to anyone."
"My peace is in your desires."
"I will love you unconditionally."
"I keep it safe in my heart."
"The story of your love."
"I can't bear it."
"If you belong to someone else."
"I keep it safe in my heart."
"The story of your love."
Great dancing, Brother.
My song's going to be a hit now!
Hit, hit, hit!
I've been trying to make
him dance for many years.
He has never danced.
- Really?
Who makes me dance at home?
- Did father come?
Did father give you this award?
Not only an award.
Father even blessed me.
He touched me.
I am very happy today!
But.. did I make such a big mistake?
That papa was angry
with me for so many years.
Brother, father isn't angry.
He loves you.
You know he's over sensitive.
He just can't forget that thing.
But he still loves you, Brother.
I know that he loves me.
I love him a lot too.
For him, I learnt boxing.
I became a national champion.
A family can't be
raised through boxing.
In our nation,
boxing isn't a profession.
Even today, does boxing
have a future in our country?
Excuse me, sir.
- Gaurav, you came again?
Sir, who else can I go
to other than you?
Look, sir. No matter
how good a boxer is..
..until he gets a good coach..
..nothing can be
done about him, sir.
I have given up coaching.
Why don't you understand?
Sir, guide me this time.
I will be blessed.
I will achieve something.
If you want to be famous
play cricket or tennis.
You'll get fame.
In India, boxing is worth nothing.
Its players are unknown too!
Now the game of boxing won't be..
..unknown nor its players.
Mr. Ehsan Ali.
Head of Punjab Boxing Association.
Where were you all these days?
Didn't you remember me?
I was trapped. Come with me!
- Where do we have to go?
It's important. I have to
introduce you to someone. Come on!
There he comes.
- Mr. Baldev, greetings.
Tell me, what problem do you have?
Problem? Mr. Baldev Singh,
you know this.
All problems combined are
equal to a brother-in-law.
This is my brother-in-law..
Your respected brother-in-law!
- Yes, the same.
He is a comedian.
However, he wants to
learn boxing from you.
What difficulty do
you have, Brother?
Sir, I have to get married.
You want to learn
boxing to get married?
Come along, Baldev. Come on.
My fiance is a big fan of WWF.
My dear, if you want to
learn boxing tell me a joke.
Will it be done if I tell you a joke?
- Of course, it'll be done.
A man from Canada
wrote a letter to his wife.
He said that for
once he would send a..
..100 kisses instead of money.
- Kisses!
Not sweets?
- They are sweeter than sweets.
Order a few for me too.
They are too good.
How would I know?
I don't know. Continue now!
After two months, his wife said
that I am sending you sweets..
I mean, sending you an
account of kisses spent.
The milkman took 10.
I gave 20 to the grocer and..
..the electrician agreed for 15.
The owner of our house
is such a man!
He wouldn't just take 70!
He says that
he wants something more.
He was too greedy.
What happened then?
The husband bought a flight ticket.
The next day he came from
Toronto to Alwara, to his wife.
Very good!
- Listen, do something.
Start running from today.
- Stamina! Stamina!
It's a matter of love.
That's why he agreed!
Come on, run.
Till he doesn't stop you,
keep on running!
Run along! Come on!
Ehsan, why did you get me here?
Come with me.
'Ladies and gentlemen.'
'Baldev Singh has come!'
He won the silver medal
for boxing in Olympics.
He made India proud.
Ehsan, am I dreaming?
Come on! Come on!
Give him! Give him! Hit him!
My God! Come on!
Hit. Come on, hook. Come on, hook.
Roy! My darling!
When did you come from America?
Wow! Very good!
Baldev Singh Chaudhary.
The tiger of Punjab.
I have not forgotten
our last meeting.
I still remember
how you were years ago.
Strong willed,
you had promised me..
..that someday
you will make an Indian..
..a world champion!
I am not king Harishchandra.
Everything changes with time.
What promise are
you talking about?
Is it Baldev
who is saying these things?
It has been a while since..
..I have forgotten that Baldev.
Why do you still remember him?
Forget... forget that Baldev.
Tell me, how are you?
Come on, let's have
a drink and enjoy!
Roy, this Ehsan
always does me favors.
I have everything.
I don't have a dearth of anything.
My son is earning.
I've got what was in my fate,
Shut up!
No one knows you better than I do.
I know the fire
that's burning inside you.
Listen, Baldev.
Listen to me, friend.
This is an opportunity
of a lifetime for us.
Mr. Roy isn't
the same old journalist.
Today, he is the
owner of a channel.
He is a media mogul!
- Ehsan!
Let me explain it.
Baldev, I am doing
an extraordinary event called..
..World Boxing Giant!
Look here.
Six boxers will be chosen..
..from six continents.
The boxer who becomes
the champion..
..will fight none other than
the heavyweight champion..
..Luca Gracia.
Baldev, look.
time was not on our side.
Today the time has
changed in your favor!
Think about it.
This is the time
to get back your honor!
'Now, I can't waste my life
for boxing.'
'Baldev has just asked
for two years from you.'
'Something that couldn't happen
in six years,..'
'..can't happen in two!'
'I am getting an
opportunity in export.'
'I won't let it go.'
'I won't put my family
on the line.'
'Unlike papa, I won't waste
my life in boxing!'
'Boxing is a worthless game!'
It's not a worthless game!
It's not a worthless game, my son.
It's not a worthless game.
What happened, Baldev?
I'm sorry.
Where were you lost?
Where my very own deserted me.
Where my very own deserted me!
Mr. Roy, if you want to
have a world championship..
..in my age category you may
have it organized for sure!
Baldev Singh is still ready!
I challenge to win.
"Our kin turned stranger."
"Let's go."
"You never find a better time."
"To make a stand.
You'll be fine."
"You know the game.."
"Watch it now.."
Stop here.
Here you are.
- That's a lot more.
It's alright, keep it.
Keep this too.
Don't drink and drive.
- Boxing would be..
Boxing! It's a worthless game.
"To make a stand.
You'll be fine."
"You know the game.."
Stop the music.
Wow! This is great!
Why did you turn it off?
Turn it on. I'll dance too. Yes!
Papa, sit down. I'll show you.
No, son. Show it later.
He's very tired. Take rest.
I'm tired?
- Wait a minute, Grandpa!
What's this!
You keep moving
around with this all the time!
I have to mail this to
aunty Pooja in New York.
One minute. Let me sit.
- Do you have a message for aunty?
Pooja, how are you, dear?
I remember you a lot.
Everyone here remembers you.
Karan has recorded
some very good songs.
He is going abroad
for the musical tour.
I'll come with him too.
Missing you a lot.
I love you, dear!
I'll come with him.
Love you, child!
I love you.
So? Are you happy?
I'm very happy.
You came to the function.
Great, at least someone is happy.
'Cheater! Cheater!'
'Mr. Baldev, you've been
found with drugs in your blood.'
'Please trust me.
I have not taken any drugs!'
'Somebody must have
mixed something..'
'..in my drinking water, sir!'
'Because of Mr. Roy,
you got such a big fight..'
'..and you cheated the sport!'
'Roy, why don't you
explain it to him?'
'You've been found
with drugs in your blood.'
'You have brought
the game of boxing..'
'..into disrespect.'
'The mafia told me to
lose the match, but..'
'You have been
banned for 15 years.'
'Mr. Roy, please
explain it to them.'
'Cheater! Cheater!'
'They found traces of
drug in your blood.'
'You have been
banned for 15 years.'
You can ban me..
..but you can't
ban the spirit in me.
My son Angad will come.
He will bring my pride back.
I challenge you.
I challenge you! I challenge!
Grandma, get me a
Playstation from Germany.
Okay, dear.
- Okay, get it.
Get off now.
Aryan, let dad go.
Have a safe flight.
Son, don't worry
about your father.
You may leave.
I'll explain it to him.
He will be normal by morning.
Bless you.
Go happy and return joyous.
Why were you standing in the dark?
Angad left as it was time
for his flight.
He has gone to Germany.
He came to meet you
but was afraid..
..because of your mood.
Why do you people get
worried about my mood?
I have a bothersome mood.
It remains bad
without any reason.
Later, as morning comes
it becomes normal again.
Sometimes it is bad.
Then it becomes alright again.
Have some food.
My life has become a burden.
I've never felt myself to be
so helpless and lost.
I was sent away from America..
..and was called a cheater
and a wretched Indian.
I didn't consider
myself to be a loser then.
But today, I think
that I am a big loser.
Why are you saying that?
It is because the challenge
that I had made in America..
..I couldn't fulfill it.
I had just asked
Angad for two more years.
What would he have lost if he had
given me two more years?
This house could have been
made two years later.
Pooja would be
married two years later.
No Indian has been able to..
..become a heavyweight
champion till today.
I had an ambition
to make an Indian..
..a heavyweight champion and..
..create history!
But no one can create
history alone.
For creating history we need
the ones who are close to us.
But my dear ones... my own..
"Kin belong to us."
- Yes, Mother.
Dear, he says
anything when he is angry.
Don't feel bad about what he says.
Dear, during those times
our family's condition wasn't good.
Angad's father used
to work all night..
..in a steel factory.
After that he would teach Angad
boxing the whole day.
He could barely
sleep for two-four hours.
This harmed his health too.
At that time, a good marriage
alliance came to us for Pooja.
It was slipping out of our hands.
Then again,
boxing couldn't get us anything.
That is why poor Angad..
..faced his father's wrath
for the good of the family.
He gave up boxing.
Don't cry. I'm his mother. I know.
Angad is a very good boy.
Don't think about small things
and feel bad, child.
He hasn't made any mistake.
Don't cry, dear. Don't cry.
No, Mother.
I am not crying for Angad.
I just can't bear to see
father so sad.
I didn't feel bad
about what he said.
It's just that none of us...
could understand his sorrow.
You are a very good person,
You are a very good person.
Mr. Baldev Singh
hasn't come today.
I couldn't sleep
the entire night too.
I kept thinking about you.
The more I thought..
..I realized that none of us..
..could estimate your sorrow.
Even I couldn't realize..
..that you are so deeply hurt
by this event.
Forgive me!
Brother Ehsan had come.
He told me everything.
Don't let this chance slip away.
If you say, I'll talk to Angad.
He won't refuse me.
Really? Do you have
so much faith in Angad?
It is because you are his mother.
Why do you..
Don't feel sad.
May I say something?
I was thinking...
Look at you,
look at your hand.
It is bigger than
Muhammad Ali Kiler.
Your wrist is stronger than Tyson.
You could defeat anyone
in the first bout.
I'll make you a boxer.
- What are you saying?
I am not joking.
Give me a blow on my face.
I'll really hit you!
- Oh my lovely wrestler.
This is my friend's trait.
He smiles even
in times of adversity.
Come, Ehsan.
Listen, friend.
Why don't you train Gaurav?
He is a good boy.
He is... he is dedicated too.
'Baldev could face everything.'
'But he couldn't bear
to see Raavi crying. '
'Long ago, due to these tears
he quit boxing.'
'Today, for these tears he was..'
'..returning to
the world of boxing.'
'It was as if he had got back
his life in its entirety.'
'He had learned to live again.'
'Even at this age,
he felt young again!'
'The entire family had joined
in Baldev's happiness.'
'It is said that
when happiness comes..'
'..it comes from everywhere.'
- Thank you.
Yes.. Just hold on.
Do you have a girlfriend too?
'Karan's Nandini
was returning from..'
'..America after
completing her medical studies.'
"When I see you, I fall in love.
My heart skips a beat."
"When I see you, I fall in love.
My heart skips a beat."
"Before you come and when
you go away. I always miss you."
"Your memories torment me."
"When I see you, I fall in love.
My heart skips a beat."
"Your face is in my eyes."
"You guard my memories."
"Your dreams are in my sleep."
"Your song is on my lips."
"Oh darling."
"My story begins with you."
"You are my destination."
"You are my world."
"You are my world."
"Before you come and when
you go away."
"I always miss you."
"Your memories torment me."
"When I see you, I fall in love.
My heart skips a beat."
"You are ruling over my heart."
"You are my restlessness
and my peace."
"Your love is over me..
..I can't see anyone
other than you."
"My heart has deepened."
"I don't wish to stay alone now."
"Stay alone now."
"Before you come and when
you go away. I always miss you."
"Your memories torment me."
"When I see you, I fall in love.
My heart skips a beat."
"When I see you, I fall in love.
My heart skips a beat."
"When I see you, I fall in love.
My heart skips a beat."
Jab! Jab! Hit him! Hit..
Shame on you!
When you get hurt here,
I feel the pain.
One single blow can be lethal.
Ehsan! Get my gloves
and wear yours too.
I'll show him
how to defend himself.
Have you gone crazy?
Did you find only me
to get your work done?
Get lost!
- Go and wear them.
You have broken
my nose four times!
Go away! Not me!
He is too silly.
- Sir, I am really sorry.
And sir, I am the one to blame.
Actually, I wasn't concentrating.
- Where?
Sir, my father is ill.
- Oh.
Don't worry.
Get your father shown
to a good doctor. - Yes, sir.
Don't worry about this place.
We'll catch up with the time, okay?
- Yes, sir.
One minute.
Do you have some money?
- Yes. I have 500.
Take this.
- No, sir!
Keep it! I know you'll need it.
If you need more, call me.
And don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
Bless me, sir.
- Okay? Bye.
Alright. Thank you.
- Go on.
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Are you still running?
Yes. Now teach me some boxing.
Tell me a joke.
- A joke?
Should I tell you a joke
on politicians or in-laws?
Politicians are a
joke by themselves.
Tell us one on in-laws.
I want to narrate a joke on a
mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.
I too have the same problem.
I want a
mother-in-law and her daughter.
You want your mother-in-law too?
No, sir. Someone has
to be my mother-in-law.
A mother-in-law decided to
test her daughter-in-law..
..to check how much
she respected her.
She asked her daughter-in-law..
"Where will you sit
if I sit on a bed?"
The daughter-in-law said this.
"I can't sit at the same level
as you. I'll sit on a chair."
She asked, "What if
I sit on a chair?"
She said, "I'll sit on the floor."
The mother-in-law asked,
"What if I sit on the floor?"
She said, "I'll dig a
hole and sit inside."
The mother-in-law said..
"What if I sit in that hole?"
She said, "I'll cover
you with mud from above."
Dig a hole for him.
- A hole?
After all, marriage is a hole too.
- Marriage is a hole?
Come on. Come, punch! That's it.
Back, back. Forward!
Mr. Whitmore!
Meet Mr. Gaurav. From north zone.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Gaurav.
My pleasure, sir. It's my pleasure.
I have seen the tapes
you gave Mr. Shetty.
I'm very impressed.
Very impressed!
Thank you, sir.
Whoever has been training you..
..is extremely good.
Yes, sir.
But I don't want good, sir.
I want the best.
You made Gaurav meet me
and did me a real favor.
I feel as though
I've got a third son.
There is a strange
power surging inside me.
Now I feel as though before I die..
..I'll be able to clear
the blemish from my name.
I'll die with a clean slate.
Gaurav! You'll live long, son.
I was just thinking about you.
How are you? Are you well?
How is your father?
Sir, I had to talk
to you in private.
If you don't mind, sir. May I?
- What happened?
Is your father alright?
Sir, I had gone to Mumbai.
I went to the West Zone
Boxing Association, sir.
We are so weak
compared to them, sir.
They are so hi-tech and we are..
Ehsan, did you hear that?
Even though his
father was ill he went..
..to watch some
boxing in the West Zone.
That is the spirit.
I'm proud of you, boy!
But sir.. how will
we match up to them?
For the technology bit
I'm taking you to Delhi.
But dear, a fight is won by
intensity, passion and courage.
Sir, I'll come
straight to the point, sir.
I lied to you...
about my father's health.
Actually sir, I...
I went to Mumbai to meet..
..the Australian
coach Mr. Whitmore.
And he's agreed to coach me.
So, I'll have to leave you, sir.
What? What are you saying?
I'm going to West Zone, sir.
You.. Ehsan.
Come. Come inside.
Dear, I was just saying
that I've got a third son.
I'll be able to clear my name now.
Sir, that.. - And you're
talking about leaving me!
I had given up boxing, son.
You came and said that
you wanted to learn boxing.
Now that I have that fervor
inside me, you want to leave me?
I'm really sorry, sir.
Don't do this to me.
Here..here is your money, sir.
Gaurav, please.
Don't do this to me.
For God's sake,
don't do this to me.
I'm sorry.
- Come on, Gaurav.
Why the hell are you leaving me?
What don't I have?
Why do you want to leave me?
Because he's a better coach
than you, sir.
The truth is that Mr. Whitmore has
created three world champions.
How many did you create, sir?
You've even been
accused of doping, sir!
No hard feelings, sir.
But I can't get
emotional about my career.
- Sir..
Stop it now, you betrayer!
If there are more like you in this
world, there'll be no faith left!
Get lost! Get out of here!
- Papa.
Go away! Baldev is a
great coach for boxing!
Go away and never return!
'How many champions
have you created?'
'You have even been
accused of doping!'
'You have even been
accused of doping!'
'You have been
banned for 15 years.'
'Loser! Loser!'
'You have even been
accused of doping!'
You ditched me!
I hate you!
I hate you!
- Papa!
I hate you!
No, Papa! Stop it, Papa! Stop it!
Stop it, Papa! Please stop it!
- How could you ditch me?
How could you do that to me?
How could you?
- Papa, stop it, Papa!
No, Papa! No!
Papa, please stop it!
I considered you
to be my third son.
I hate you!
Hate you!
How can someone ditch
like this?
I hate you!
- Papa!
No, papa! No!
- Get out!
Don't do this, Papa!
- Leave me.
Please, Papa!
Uncle Ehsan! Come quickly.
Stop, Papa! Stop!
- Leave me, Karan.
Oh Lord!
See, this is a case of motor and..
..psychological dissociation.
You mean, his hand
will move, right?
I think a miracle has happened.
All our prayers have
finally been answered.
When I studied
medicine in America..
..I used to always think,
what could I do to help you?
Do you know what had happened?
The brain injury you suffered..
..in your childhood had
almost been healed with time.
But psychologically
you were not aware of it.
All you needed was a trigger.
Now, the other side of
your brain has taken control.
Now, I'll fulfill
my father's dream.
"Kin belong to us."
"Kin belong to us."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to hit that high."
"There's no turning back,
it is do or die."
"Don't let it go.
Don't look by."
"You got to do with
all your mind."
"You chose to way,
you chose the road."
"Put your foot forward now,
follow the code."
"You want to reach there,
your destiny."
"Will be right in your face,
come on fight with me."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"Give it all you have.
Now don't stop."
"Don't look back,
just give it all you have."
"You got the fire,
that desire."
"Burning vengence to
get much higher."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"Our kin belongs to us."
"Our kin belongs to us."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
- Oh you!
Dad, hands up.
- "You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
Is there too much pain?
I think you shouldn't box
for a few days.
No, Nandini.
I don't have much time.
Anyway, my father's pain
is much more than mine.
What a son he is!
He realizes my pain well.
I wish Angad would feel the same.
My dear!
What are you doing?
I am meeting you
after so many days!
Can't I even embrace you?
I missed you so much!
- Missed you too.
Where is Karan?
Come on, come on,
come on! Use some force!
Grip it!
- Yes!
You've done it! Well done.
It's become strong, Brother.
- Strong!
Come on.
You sure?
- Yeah.
Come on, Karan.
- I'm with you.
Beat him!
- Come on.
Karan, you can do it. Come on!
Show your strength!
Come on. Come on!
You can do it, son.
That's cheating!
- Papa.
You have come?
You could have taken
my blessing when you left, son.
Papa, I..
- How was your business trip?
Was it good? Fine? Must be fine.
Come on.
What are you staring at?
Don't waste your time.
Actually, father is very tense.
The date for the match
has been finalized today.
Do you know who he has
the first match against?
Against whom?
- Excuse me, sir. Sir, excuse me.
Sir, you have your first match
against Karan Singh Chaudhary.
His father was your previous coach.
What do you have to say about him?
You have got wrong information.
Excuse me, please.
I did stay with him but
he was never my coach.
Please! Please move aside.
His training methods
are very old fashioned.
In today's times, boxing
is a very competitive sport.
It's an international sport.
I needed
an international coach for it.
People think that
because of the miracle that..
..has happened with
your opponent Karan..
..you've gotten scared.
That is why you're
saying such things.
Otherwise, his father is
the best coach in India.
I am not scared.
I feel pity for him.
Now, look. Poor boy!
His left hand has just been
healed with such difficulty.
His father's greed
shouldn't cause him..
..to be handicapped again.
Mr. Karan,
what do you have to say?
It's not about greed,
but my father's honor.
Even if it was a matter of greed..
..I can give or take
a life for my father.
But a person who
doesn't know how to respect..
..his teacher won't understand this.
Australian coach?
Don't let him down.
'Ladies and gentlemen.'
'I welcome you all
to today's contest.'
This is the first time
in the history of India..
..we are going to present..
..the World
Heavyweight Boxing Giant!
Today, we are happy to announce..
..that the boxing championship
has been organized by..
Come on! The match is about to begin.
I don't see Sachin Tendulkar.
I don't see Sehwag too.
- Did I forget something?
Mr. Bhullar,
this isn't a cricket match.
It's a boxing match.
So that is
why there are ropes tied.
Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.
As you know, today
is the first day of..
..the qualifying round
for the World Heavyweight..
..Boxing Giant contender series.
In the next six months there will be
72 matches around the world.
From six continents,
six champions will be chosen.
Their last fight
will be in America.
The best among them will fight..
..the current heavyweight champion
Luca Gracia.
As I am an Indian I wish that..
..that boxing champion
should be an Indian.
An Indian!
'In the blue corner
we have Gaurav Ghera.'
'Against him, in the red corner
is Karan Singh Chaudhary.'
Kill him!
'With that both the contestants..'
- Shake your hands.
Gaurav! Gaurav! Gaurav!
Gaurav! Gaurav! Gaurav!
'The first round has begun.'
'Both contestants are
assessing each other and..'
Left! Left!
'The competition looks good.'
The two coaches are..'
'..exhorting their
respective players.'
'Good moves from
Karan Singh Chaudhary.'
Hit him! Hit him harder! Yeah!
Come in the centre.
'Gaurav Ghera looks
like he's in trouble.'
'Gaurav is in trouble.'
'Good hit by Karan Singh Chaudhary.'
'Both are like
immovable mountains..'
Go to your corner.
What are you doing out there?
Don't be overconfident.
Hit him hard.
Punish him, punish him. Alright?
Come on, Karan!
Cheating! Cheating!
'This is a foul in boxing!'
'Everybody is shocked!'
Step back. Don't do the foul.
Are you okay?
Karan, are you okay?
Very good, Gaurav. Well done.
You did right.
His left hand is
still weak, Gaurav.
Hit him more on his
left hand, Gaurav.
Once his left hand is broken..
..the game will be in our hands.
Protect your left hand from him.
Don't worry.
- Hit him hard.
Hit him hard!
Karan, listen to me.
You've got to protect
your left hand, okay?
I'm okay.
Are you listening to me?
- I will.
Stop. Go back.
Get up, my son. Come on, Karan!
Come on, Karan!
Get up.
Get up, my son.
- One, two..
Come on, Karan.
- ..three, four..
..five, six..
Go hit him!
- In the middle of the ring..
Hit him!
What a match..
Break.. I said break it.
Stop him! No!
Father, it's cheating.
- My son will be disqualified.
You can't go in.
- It's cheating, Papa!
Try to understand.
He will be disqualified.
Boxers, stop!
I will disqualify you.
Come on! Hit me! Hit me!
Come on!
He is telling Gaurav to hit him.
Hit me!
Come on! Hit me!
Hit me!
Hit him!
Hit him!
Hit the son of a..
One, two,..
..three, four, five.. - ..with that
the referee has started counting..
four, five, six..
..seven, eight.. - but Gaurav
looks like he is going to faint..
My father is the
best coach in the world.
With this refree gestures
at the winner.
This is a miracle!
This is a miracle
from the miracle boy!
People have..
I promise you that if
we continue to get..
..your blessings in this way..
..then my son, Karan,
will be the first Indian..
..to win the world
heavyweight championship..
..and bring the belt for India.
"Kin belong to us."
- Big hug to you!
Did you get my courier?
Yes, Pooja. I got the courier.
- Okay, tell me, how are you?
You are coming, aren't you?
How is Saket?
He's having fun.
What else will he do under my rule?
Alright, don't ditch me.
Do come!
I surely will come.
Come soon, Brother.
Listen, I have come home.
There is a crowd outside the house.
I will talk to you later.
'We are in Tiratpur now,
and there is..'
'..an ambience of
happiness all around.'
'Karan Singh Chaudhary, who
is known as a miracle boy..'
'..has not only defeated
Gaurav Ghera but he has also..'
'..defeated Asian Kane and has
become Asia's number one contender!'
'He along with his father,
who is also his coach..
..is going to America.'
Excuse me, sir. Sir..
- Talk to him.
I'm feeling very good.
But I'll talk later.
just listen to me.
Come on! Come on now!
Mother, Pooja has sent
various newspapers from USA.
They all have Karan's and
papa's photographs. Look here.
Oh my God!
Karan, show these
newspapers to papa.
Brother, you show it to him.
I'm here.
- No! Why should I take them?
Tell him, Mother.
Go and show it to him.
- Come on.
He is waiting for you.
- Go right away!
Hello, Shetty. How are you?
Yes, hand the phone to Gaurav.
Sorry for what?
You gave me a good gift.
If you hadn't left me..
Everyone wants to join
me now. You are welcome.
Success has many fathers.
Failure has none.
Everyone salutes a rising sun.
Ehsan Ali, do you
see that my son Angad..
..is spending a lot of time
with us these days.
- How come you are so excited today?
Papa, look.
Karan and you have been..
..mentioned and
there are pictures too.
Take this.
'An Indian coach made his
handicapped son a boxer.'
'Miracle boy does a miracle.'
This miracle could have
happened 10 years ago too.
Anyway, something
that has to happen does.
And something that isn't
meant to happen doesn't.
So, my dear son.
Is it still a worthless game?
Today is such a joyous day.
I don't know.
Whenever papa sees me..
..why does he become like this?
Why do I become like this?
I wish you'd know why I do it.
Whenever I see you,
I'm reminded of all my wounds.
You ruined 10 years of my life.
I wish you'd know
how I spent those 10 years!
Papa, I have done
everything for you.
I became a boxer as you told me to.
I became a national champion.
But Papa, there weren't such
opportunities at that time.
There were!
There were opportunities!
I was taking you
to Singapore, right?
Papa, before that we went
to Hong Kong and Manila.
Nothing could be accomplished.
If I hadn't accepted my
friend's opportunity..
..and not joined business..
If I had gone with you
we wouldn't have had all this, Papa.
We wouldn't have this, right?
Would we be living on the streets?
We would be hungry
and living in a hut.
I could have still given you
two meals in a day.
There are thousands
and crores of people in India..
..who are living in poverty.
They don't die.
But it is difficult to live
a dishonored life, my son.
They accused me of doping
and sent me away from America.
I trusted you and challenged them.
That I would make my
Angad such a boxer..
..that he'd be able to
clear my dishonored name.
Forget all that, Baldev.
- What have you done for me?
What have you done?
What have you done
for this sad father?
You are nothing. You're nothing!
You're just.. just a
simply useless son to me!
That's enough, Baldev!
- A useless son to me!
Yes, Papa. I'm useless, Papa.
I am your worthless son, Papa.
Why did you do this, Baldev?
What do I do, Ehsan?
What should I do?
- No, son.
No, son. Don't feel hurt.
No, son.
Come, my friend. It is time.
Isn't Angad coming?
I never want to
say anything to Angad.
But when he comes
before me,..
..I don't know what happens to me.
I say just anything to him.
But I love him.
I don't know why
I can't control myself.
- Yes, Father.
Where is Angad, dear?
He is upstairs. I'll call him.
No, dear. I'll go.
"Others are dreams."
"Just dreams."
"Our kin belong to us."
"Our kin belong to us."
"I can't stop loving you."
"My heart made many excuses."
- Angad.
"Who else will know you?"
"The one who is hurt,
only he knows."
Angad, where are you?
"Only memory remains on the walls."
"Others are just dreams."
"Our kin belong to us."
"Our kin belong to us."
"O friend, you are leaving..
..your lane is calling you."
"Your lane will call out for you."
"I love you."
"I will fulfill
my duty towards you."
My dear,
return victorious this time.
"I love you."
"I will fulfill
my duty towards you."
"I wouldn't have told you..
..but I haven't stayed
a moment without you."
"I've known this by
searching my heart."
"Love can never be hidden."
"I love you."
"I will fulfill
my duty towards you."
"All the memories
make me restless."
"Only memory remains on the walls."
"Others are dreams."
"Kin belongs to us."
"There may be distances
in our path."
"There is closeness
in this distance."
"You clear
all the misunderstanding."
"Come and embrace me."
"I love you."
"I will fulfill
my duty towards you."
"All the memories
make me restless."
"Only memory remains on the walls."
"Others are dreams."
"Kin belongs to us."
"Kin belongs to us."
"Kin belongs to us."
"Kin belongs to us."
"Kin belongs to us."
Roy, my dear! You have come.
- Baldev!
How are you, Ehsan?
Baldev! I am happier
about you coming..
..here than you are.
This is all because of you.
All because of you.
- Pooja!
Oh, my darling!
- Karan!
I missed you. How are you?
- I am fantastic.
Do you want to punch me?
- Yes, I want to fight you.
- Hi.
This is my Nandini.
- Thank you.
Great! Superb!
Where is brother Angad?
"You have to fight and prove..
..and you have to teach the world."
"You have to attain victory."
"It is my aim."
Pooja, why are you quiet today?
Aren't you happy?
I am happy.
Why wouldn't I be happy?
I am very happy!
Everyone loves me so much.
Saket loves me so much.
You love me a lot.
You came here.
Karan has come too.
Everyone has come.
There is no one who hasn't come.
Angad hasn't come, right?
Do you think I didn't get Angad?
He didn't come.
The day we were leaving
he didn't come to meet us.
No one knows how I feel.
Let it be, Papa.
You aren't any less either.
You called brother Angad..
Leave it.
Pooja, let me focus, dear.
Let me focus!
It took me 30 years to come
from there to here.
Before I go,
God has given me
another chance.
My heart says that
now the story that will..
..be written will
make everything alright.
Everything will be alright.
Everything will be alright, dear.
In our third fight..
A great fight has begun
between six contenders.
In the first two matches..
..India's Karan Singh Chaudhary
has won..
..and moved onto the third match.
In the third match he is facing
Australia's Chris Anderson!
He has completely
taken away the match.
Brother Angad, we miss you!
Brother Angad, come.
The Australian Jackard took a stand
and he took Prince Abassi and..
Forward, back, left, right..
'He just didn't want to become
contender number one.'
'He had to defeat Luca Garcia
and become a world champion.'
'So that he could
erase the chasm between..'
'..his papa and brother Angad.'
Ladies and gentlemen.
We welcome you here tonight..
..to witness the semi-final
of the contenders.
Both these fighters
have reached here..
..by knockout and knockout only!
They are the best of the best.
And now my friends
let me introduce you..
..to the prince of Egypt,
Sam Abassi.
Let's not forget
the Indian from Jalander.
The miracle boy.
The child of destiny.
Karan Singh!
Look, our hero.
But Roy, let's not forget
the reason of this event.
It's because of you and the man..
..the God of boxing. Luca Gracia.
Undefeated 48 times.
Thirty-four by way of knockouts.
He has never been knocked out
in his professional career.
Two of his fighters
have died in the ring.
Put your hands together.
Hear the lion roar!
The world champion, Luca Gracia.
The killing machine.
I am extremely excited
to be here tonight.
To win over this young guns
ready to fire!
With all, I have been waiting
for this moment!
So now, I officially announce..
..the beginning of the final round.
Of the World Boxing Giant.
Here we go, ladies and gentlemen.
This is going to be a great fight.
Our semi-final underway.
And early on Abassi,
the aggressor,..
..he comes to the right
and the left.
A correct counter.
Abassi working back to the body.
A solid jab.
A right-left combo. To the ribs.
And you will feel
those body shots...
Fighting, a left and a right.
Right, come on.
He is turning on!
- Yes.
Go, Karan!
Give me a high-five.
A right. And then a left.
Protecting himself..
Break through right!
Go, Karan!
This man has become very popular.
We could make a lot of money
out of him.
Yes, definitely.
Nandini's uncle is something else.
Sarabhai, you should
have been in a laughter show.
How did you become a doctor?
Baldev, you are absolutely right.
I run a laughter show
in my hospital.
I treat my patients
by making them laugh..
..and they don't even realize this.
But when a long bill comes..
..am sure it makes everyone cry!
Well, Brother. A Gujrati
will first do business, right?
Mr. Roy has kept a
big party for Sport 6.
Why don't we use that to get..
..Nandini and Karan engaged.
The entire cost will
be borne by Roy and..
..Karan-Nandini will be together.
Well. A Gujrati will first..
- ..do business, right?
You are right. That's true.
Another thing related to business.
Why did you call for an orchestra
and add to the expense of the party?
We have a talented singer Karan
in our family.
We should make him sing
for us and save money.
You are too miserly!
I am not a miser,
it's just business.
Rest is fine.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Karan will sing a song.
I.. I can't sing.
No, I'm not going to sing.
- No, no! Nandini!
Karan, I am reminded of Gujrat.
Let's have 'Garba'
Yes, Karan. If not 'Garba'
let's have a Punjabi song.
No not today. Not today. No.
Come on, Karan. Sing a song.
If you tell me to, I'll call Angad.
You never refuse him, do you?
Come on. Sing.
"I don't have peace even for a minute.
Your memories torment me."
"O beloved, I can't
stay away from you."
"I don't have peace even for a minute.
Your memories torment me."
"O beloved, I can't
stay away from you."
"Our kin belong to us."
Come on.
"My beloved's face in my eyes
and love in my heart."
"My beloved's face in my eyes
and love in my heart."
"I don't feel relaxed,
your memories torment me."
"I can't stay away from you.
O beloved."
"My beloved's face in my eyes
and love in my heart."
"My beloved's face in my eyes
and love in my heart."
"Loneliness is my heart."
"It is in moments, dreams,
and emotions."
"Loneliness is my heart."
"It is in moments, dreams,
and emotions."
"I don't feel relaxed,
your memories torment me."
"I can't stay away from you.
O beloved."
"My beloved's face in my eyes
and love in my heart."
"My beloved's face in my eyes
and love in my heart."
"You are the one for me.
O darling."
"You are the one for me.
O darling."
"Your love is my life."
"It is my life."
"You know my pain..
..you are my desire."
"Companion shouldn't separate..
..once they unite."
"The thread of love
shouldn't tear..
..once if it is bound together."
"I don't feel relaxed,
your memories torment me."
"I can't stay away from you.
O beloved."
"My beloved's face in my eyes
and love in my heart."
"You are the one for me.
O darling."
"You are the one for me.
O darling."
"Loneliness is my heart."
"It is in moments, dreams,
and emotions."
"Loneliness is my heart."
"It is in moments, dreams,
and emotions."
- Karan?
Yes, Brother.
Why are you crying?
We are not far from you.
We are close to you.
Look, turn this emotion
of yours into your strength.
Our destination is
just a step ahead.
You'll have to win!
I love you, Brother.
I love you too, Karan.
Take care.
- Okay.
Luca wants to have
the match fixed?
I didn't expect this, Baldev.
The same old dirt.
Nothing has changed.
The humiliation that has
hurt me for the last 30 years...
They want to repeat that again!
No! Never!
Everyone, calm down.
You know, Coach.
I don't know
why you are so bent out of shape.
After 30 years, I thought you
would have learnt your lesson.
To cheat?
To disgrace the sport?
- Luca.
I told you earlier also.
Don't disgrace the game.
Look, man. Whatever you are today..
..it is because of millions of
sports lovers and don't..
Cut the rubbish, alright?
We're no moralistic
Gods here. Okay?
I mean, you guys are taking
this sport way too seriously.
I mean, boxing is a game.
People come, watch,
drink and then go.
It doesn't matter
who wins or loses.
The only thing that
matters is the money.
Because no one
would put ourselves..
..through what we go through
if it wasn't for the money.
That is why we fight.
I fight for the pride
of my country.
I fight for the pride
of my country.
He got scared of my son.
What did he say?
- Don't know.
Understand an Indian first.
You will learn Hindi
I mean to say that
you are scared of my son!
I'm scared of your son.
They call me Luca,
the killing machine.
They call my son the miracle boy.
Only a fool believes in miracles.
Just pray to
your crores of Gods..
..that the anger
that I feel right now..
..doesn't meet your
son in the ring.
Because after all,
I can afford to lose money.
But you may lose everything.
'Ladies and gentlemen,
the wait is over.'
'The time has arrived.'
'After two years,
a boxer will fight..'
Keep a cool head.
Stretch. Like this..
'But let's not
forget the miracle boy.'
- Yes?
What's going on?
- Why? What happened?
I told you to fill water
in the bottle yourself.
But he is our man.
- No one here is our own.
Oh, man..
Just leave that alone, please.
Have you forgotten
what happened to me years ago?
They mixed drugs in my water
and blamed me for doping.
You want the same thing
to happen to Karan.
I'm sorry, friend. I'll fill it.
I don't trust anyone
other than you.
If you can't do it, I will.
No, sit, sit down!
What is it, Baldev?
What happened?
What's your problem?
I feel as though
I've made a mistake, Ehsan.
If I had said yes to Luca and..
..we'd do what he had
asked us to in the ring.
I provoked him unnecessarily.
I gave him a reason to fight.
Papa, I have a
bigger reason to fight.
Well done!
I love you, my son!
And here he is, the miracle boy.
Just do it!
Karan Singh Chaudhary!
And now, the man!
The current world
heavyweight champion.
The killing machine.
Luca Gracia!
Undefeated in 48 fights.
Thirty-four by way of knockouts.
He has never been knocked down.
The one and only
heavyweight champion of the world.
Luca Gracia!
The killing machine.
Luca! Luca!
Luca, we want blood!
We want blood, Luca!
We want blood.
Tonight you guys are going to
witness a hell of a fight!
I'm going to take this kid's blood.
And mop the floor with it!
I'm talking to you, boy.
You hear me?
Luca! Luca!
- Luca!
All the people here, Indian..
Bangladesh, Chinese..
..people from all over Asia..
..have turned into their
television sets,
..cheering for Karan.
It truly is east
against west tonight.
You forget. Luca's got the world.
In the last two bouts
he has killed two opponents.
Who would dare challenge him?
The champion of the world,
Luca Garcia, the killer machine!
And here we go, in the middle,
the champ comes out.
Misses with a wild left.
Then a right!
Bobbing and weaving.
Pushes to a corner.
Puts on the pressure.
A right and a left. He misses.
Good job of dancing out of the way.
But he takes him at the jaw.
Another right. Another right.
A little left! Yeah!
Once more.. He is not pleased.
Show me what your father
taught you.
Come on!
I remember
you didn't have a left hand.
Now I don't have a left hand.
Hit me!
Come on, hit me!
Look everybody! One arm!
I got one arm.
Come on, hit me!
Singh is down, could be out!
He is bleeding from the left eye.
He's not off yet,
guys, this miracle boy.
Looks like he is going to get up,
he has got something. - One,..
I'll tell you that..
- ..two,..
Get up!
- ..three, four..
..five, six, seven..
What did I tell you?
What did I tell you
about this boy?
He is back up.
I'm watching...
What does he do to the champ?
- The two are hitting.
As this round ends..
No, Garcia looks very confident.
What are you doing?
You are playing with him
like cat and mouse.
You don't need to play
with him like that. Alright?
He is a very shrewd man.
He is making you
use up your stamina.
Don't get provoked. Fight!
Let's box.
Dance to the right.
Escaping punches.
The champ not intimidated.
This kid's got to fight.
And a hard right to the jaw!
He hurt the champ.
This kid's got to fight.
Watch it.
Back to the body goes the champ..
..another right.
That's the end of the round.
Guys, am going to tell you..
Come on!
The champ with a
devastating left and a right..
Karan! Karan!
Are you alright, my son?
Are you fine?
Give me the water.
Have some.
Be strong, my son!
Be strong, we have to win!
What are you doing?
The fact that he's
still over there..
..and standing is an insult to you.
What are you doing?
The kid is good.
- What the hell!
Do you want to join his fan club?
Do you want to make sweet
love to him?
You have to win this match.
Come what may,
you have to win this match.
For me, for your mother,
your country.
For everybody.
- Don't let up Champ look up..
Eleventh round with the world's
heavyweight champion and..
..still coming out bravely.
- Box.
Ladies and gentleman,
Luca down. Luca down.
Miracle boy
has done a miracle.
I've never seen a fight like this.
I've never seen a fight like this.
The kid put him down.
One, two, three,...
..four, five, six..
You okay?
Come on!
Break it up!
Go to your corner. Go.
Go to your corner.
Calm down. Luca, calm down.
You're a miracle boy, my son.
Karan Singh Chaudhary.
Few mothers get
sons like you, my son.
You have done it!
Only the last round is left.
You have to win
in the last round too.
My son, you are going to create..
..such a history that hasn't
been made in India before.
Give me that.
- What?
Give me that!
Champ, you don't need that to win.
I don't want to win.
I want to kill him.
The twelfth and final round.
Never has anyone gone
this far in the fight.
And here we go!
Hit him!
Move, Karan!
One, two, three, four..
..five, six, seven..
..eight, nine, ten!
And that's it.
The Champion. The Champion.
The killing machine.
Remains undefeated
as he successfully defends his
World Heavyweight Championship.
A fantastic fight.
The crowd enjoyed
every minute of it.
'This boxing match has become
intriguing like a riddle.'
How can you say that?
Uncle, it has
happened in many cases..
..that even if the liver
is completely damaged..
..patients have survived.
Doctor Neil's case in New Jersey.
There the patient's liver
was 85 percent damaged.
Still, the patient survived.
I mean, there must be something..
..we can do to help Karan.
You are the specialists.
The best doctors in the world.
That's it?
- Be realistic.
You are familiar with
the complications of this case.
The broken rib has
pierced into the liver.
Nandini, you know very well.
His internal bleeding
won't stop at all.
And a bigger complication is this..
..that Karan is still in a coma.
Till Karan doesn't
come out of the coma..
..how can we predict a prognosis?
What do you want to say?
My brother won't live?
Nandini, Karan will survive.
He'll live.
He is sleeping.
He is sleeping.
He is sleeping.
..you will survive.
You will survive. You will.
'Karan was not
completely ready for the fight.'
'So did Karan's coach father,
just to fulfill his dreams..'
Yes, Mother.
- Son, how is Karan?
He's alright, Mother.
Why then is the media
reporting such news?
What are they saying?
They always lie, Mother.
Let me talk to Karan.
Why don't you let me talk to him?
Mother, he's sleeping.
He has.. been
injected with a sedative.
As soon as he gets up,
he'll talk, Mother.
You're lying.
No, Mother. I'm not lying.
- You're lying.
Let me talk to your father.
Give the phone to papa.
For the last two days
he hasn't moved from here.
Ehsan, where's Baldev?
Oh Lord!
'This is the last round, son.
You have to win this round too.'
'My son, you are going to create..'
'..such a history that
hasn't been made in India before.'
'Fight it as if
there is no tomorrow.'
'Come on, Karan, hit him.'
'Hit him back.'
My dear child!
Why did I ever bring you here?
Angad, you have come!
You've come for me, right?
Come, come close to me.
Everything was going right.
Karan was dominant at that time.
Suddenly, in the last round
I don't know what happened.
He couldn't punch him.
I thought he would fall
any moment.
If I wanted to, I could have
thrown in a towel and stopped it.
For my greed, I didn't do so.
Save Karan, son.
Save Karan.
- Papa, Karan will be alright.
Save Karan, son. Save him!
- Nothing will happen to him.
If something happens
to Karan, I will die.
Nothing will happen
to him. Nothing.
Save Karan, son. Save him!
Just because I refused,..
..they must have done
foul play with him.
Why did I bring him here?
Papa.. - I will never mention
this game again, son.
Just save Karan! Save Karan!
Karan will be fine, Papa.
Will he be alright?
- He will be fine.
Will he be alright?
- He will be fine.
Karan... Karan!
Quickly, call the doctor.
It's an emergency.
Karan is regaining consciousness.
Karan, my son?
I'm sorry, Papa. Sorry..
Sorry for what? Don't be mad.
You are my brave son.
I love you, son.
There are too many people here.
Let me handle this, George.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
We have to conduct
some urgent tests,..
..all of you please go out.
Okay Doctor, okay.
Luca.. He..
He put something into my eyes.
I couldn't see anything.
He cheated.
Thank you,
thank you for your support.
Very well! Very well!
I'll see you guys
in the next fight..
Luca, have you cheated
in the match?
Who said that?
- I said it!
You are a cheat!
Are you crazy?
You put grease in my son's eyes.
What proof do you have?
Where's your proof?
If I had the proof,
you would have been behind bars.
Look who's talking.
You're calling me a cheater.
You people don't even know
how to lace up the gloves.
I'm not the cheater,
you're the cheater!
This man is accusing me
of cheating.
This guy has a 15-year ban on a..
..doping charge and
he calls me a.. - You wretch..
You came to fix the match with me.
Have dare you touch my father!
Have dare you touch my father!
How dare you touch him!
Have dare you touch my father!
Have dare you touch him!
I'll kill you!
I'll rip you to pieces right here.
I'll kill you! Leave me!
You're dead! You are dead!
Leave me!
I'll bury you right here!
Here itself!
I'll kill you.
- I could kill you right here!
But I'm no emotional fool
like you!
I won't take the law
into my own hands.
But I'll kill you in the ring
and I'll make it official!
Good. Good!
You have said something so right.
I'll kill you in the ring!
I have to win my brother's right,
his belt!
My dad's honor!
I will be satisfied
only when you die!
When I kill you!
And that will be official!
Official! Official death, yes!
What are you doing, son?
Will you have a
boxing match with him?
No, son.
We won't indulge in boxing.
We will fight him.
I'll drag him to the court.
Are you saying that, Papa?
Did you get justice?
Angad, we can't
defeat him in boxing.
He's a world champion.
It has been a long time
since you quit boxing.
This isn't a street fight.
I know it's boxing, Papa!
Boxing needs stamina.
I have stamina.
- Oh! You have stamina?
Come on! Come, show me.
Let me see,
how much stamina you have.
That's it? Have you given up?
In 12 punches
you have become like this.
How will you fight
12 rounds with him?
Papa, I have one month.
I'll practice.
In a month you can't practice
for a world championship!
I will do it, Papa. I will do it!
- Don't talk like a child.
In your age boxers retire.
- It might be, Papa.
All I know is that man cheated
my brother and defeated him.
That's all!
Angad, have you decided
to always go against me?
One of my sons is
battling against death.
How can I send
my second son to face death?
You won't fight, son.
For God's sake,
don't fight! Don't fight.
I will fight, Papa.
You won't!
I will fight, Papa!
- You won't!
I will fight!
- You won't!
I will fight!
Shut up!
I will fight.
Go ahead. Die!
I don't want anything from you.
Die! Die!
Simran, I've become very helpless.
I don't want to lose him.
Save your husband if you can.
Enough, Angad. That's enough!
You are not going to fight.
You are bound by Aryan's promise.
Anything else?
Do you want to say anything else?
- Yes.
Can anyone beat your father?
- No.
Then how can anyone
beat my father?
"Kin belong to us."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
Papa, only 20 more.
Please get up.
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
This boy is so stubborn!
- He is your son.
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
First, we will have to
improve your stamina.
Can you see that tower?
You'll have to get there.. non-stop.
Come on, Papa! Come on!
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
Not bad!
You got here in
two hours and 10 minutes.
If you can do it in 30 minutes
you'll match Luca's stamina.
"Give it all you have.
Now don't stop."
"Don't look back,
just give it all you have."
"You got the fire,
that desire."
"Burning vengence to
get much higher."
One hour and 40 minutes.
"You got to survive."
Light on your feet. Dance.
- Hit me. Hit me.
"So get in blaze. Run the race."
"See it now in your face."
Yes! Come on! Come on, Papa!
"You got to survive."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"You got to hit the bull's eye."
"Our kin belong to us."
'No matter how much
courage you have..'
'..the body takes time
to come back in shape.'
'Baldev was right in saying that..'
'..preparation for the
world championship..'
'..can't happen in one month.'
There have been many
fights in the history of boxing.
However, this much excitement
is seen, perhaps for the first time.
At this time, the whole
world is focused on this fight.
This isn't just a boxing match.
It's a fight a brother
is fighting to avenge..
..the injustice done
to his brother.
This is a fight a son is fighting
to get justice for his father.
It's strange..
We have to do some
tests immediately.
In your blood, some traces
of jaundice have been found.
We have to do some
scans right away.
Can't we wait for two hours?
Let me watch the match.
The minister won't
understand that..
..they want to have my son killed.
It's not a match.
It's a killing game.
Mr. Chaudhary, you have never
supported Angad in any matter.
Today, your son needs you
the most, Mr. Chaudhary.
Only you can save him.
Alright then! Keep sitting here!
Wait for the same thing
to happen to your elder son..
..as it happened
with your younger son.
God forbid it.
- Raavi!
- Come, Pooja, let's go.
Ladies and gentlemen..
Please welcome to centre ring..
..brother of the miracle boy,
Angad Chaudhary Singh.
Many people are hoping and praying.
Weight of the world
on this man's shoulders.
Pride, honor,
determination, revenge..
..all are a factor here.
It feels like a
funeral in here tonight.
You can hear a pin drop.
I feel I am at a funeral,
not a fight, Dave.
Yes. Well there are a lot of people
who are very concerned..
..about the welfare
and safety of Angad.
Angad, 85 percent
of people polled..
..believe that
tonight you are either..
..going to be killed
or maimed badly.
Everybody is
scared to death for you.
What have you got to say to them?
Means, 85 percent
people are praying for me.
So, how can I die?
We are with you! Go for it!
"We have to fight and prove."
"We have to attain victory."
- A grand welcome.
"This is my aim."
All set, Luca. Good luck.
Move aside, move back,
back a bit.
You heard.
That's it. I will knock him out
in 30 seconds.
Luca. Listen to me, baby.
Tonight, all eyes are on you.
You're a champion.
Fight with honor.
Everyone knows
what that man is fighting for.
So now, ask yourself
what are you fighting for, Luca.
You will see the Luca you know.
I love you.
- I love you.
And now let me introduce
you to the undisputed..
..heavyweight champion
of the world Luca Garcia.
No one wants to see blood
from Luca?
Well, Luca doesn't
want blood either!
The media,
they call me the killing machine.
What I have always been,
is a boxer who works harder
than any other fighter.
Is it my fault that these men
enter the ring with me?
Unprepared, untrained?
Yet, I am the one who pays.
Because I am not
a killing machine.
I am a champion!
You still have one more chance..
..to save your life.
Leave the arena.
I have not come to save my life.
I have come to take yours.
I have come here to kill you.
Let's fight.
Ten seconds!
Oh Lord!
My praise belongs to God.
My victory is dedicated to Him.
There is the ring now,
we are on our way.
The champ meets the..
Champ fell down!
O God!
For the most part of
his career,..
..the champ was against
Angad's brother, the miracle boy.
He's down.
What's going to happen?
Is he going to get up?
- Did you see that?
I've never seen anything
like this in his entire career.
Get up!
One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven,..
..eight.. You okay?
Move ahead! Go!
- Come on.
This is cheating! Cheating!
Go to your corner.
Go to your corner.
That was a clear foul.
Remember you can't do that.
His credibility questioned.
And it will be again.
He will not be beaten on this day.
You have created history..
..by knocking out Luca
in the first round.
Alright, compose yourself.
Are you composed?
- I'm fine, man.
Are you okay?
- Yes, son.
Papa, one more punch and he's gone.
- Yeah.
Don't come to the corner, okay?
Break it up. Break it.
Go to your corner.
- He's cheating, man!
Stay there.
- Cheater.
And when you cheat, that's right!
I killed your brother.
Now I'll kill you!
Come you, scoundrel.
I'm standing here.
I'm the champ. - What are
you screaming? Come here!
I'll rip you right here.
- Luca! Luca!
Luca! Luca!
- Luca! Luca!
Come fight.
- Intense fighting..
Come on, come on.
Where are you going?
Stay in your corner.
that's my husband in the ring.
Your husband?
- Yes.
You can go. Good luck.
Hey! You come again,
I told you not to come here.
- Stay cool!
Papa! Papa, listen.
Leave me.
- Dad!
Please put him down.
I said don't go near the ring,
you understand me.
No. He won't go. I'm sorry. Sorry.
Aryan, do you want papa
to win this match? - Yes.
Then don't go
to the ring corner, son.
But I want to go!
- No, son. They'll disqualify him.
Please, sweetheart! -
- And here we go again.
One, two, three, four..
- I am okay.
Are you okay?
- I am okay.
Come on.
- Box.
I don't believe it!
The referee has been hit.
You stay in the corner.
You okay?
What happened have
not have happened.
These two have battled..
As you can see, the left eye of the
challenger is almost closed shut.
The champion's working that eye!
They're looking tired,
Dave, really tired.
Over-hand right
after over-hand right..
..connecting the eye
of the challenger..
He's bleeding
on both sides of his face.
That's it?
That's it?
Go to your corner.
Go to your corner.
..and can you believe it?
I think Angad is looking
particularly bad.
I think the experience of Luca
might come to the forefront.
"Kin belong to us."
Mother. It's grandpa.
"Kin belong to us."
Bust him! Hit the scoundrel!
"Kin belong to us."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bulls eye."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bulls eye."
Hit the wretch!
"You got to hit the bulls eye."
"You got to survive."
"You got to hit the bulls eye."
I've never seen individuals
take punches,..
..take punishment
like these guys here tonight.
- Yes, son.
Cut me, cut me, Papa.
Come on, champ! Get back in there.
- You are bleeding.
Alright? You got one more round.
- Let's go.
You can put him down, no problem.
- Ready, champ?
Cut me, cut me.
Give it to me.
Seconds out!
Give me a second, please. Please.
Let me have a look.
He cannot fight like this.
He will fight.
- He cannot.. he cannot see.
Champ, you are going to win, man!
I will give this fight to Luca..
He cannot.
I will fight.
He won't give up. He won't give in.
Looks good.
Okay! You can fight.
You've got to get back in there.
Champ, do you want it?
Winner takes all!
No. I have another way.
- Alright.
Stop this fight!
- No!
He is on the ropes,
he's on the ground.
Get up, my son!
- Leave him!
He has to get up in order to
win this fight he has to get up.
It's so close.
What's going to happen?
They got to get up.
Get up.
- Get up, Angad.
He's going to do it.
I know he'll do it.
Get up! Get up, Brother.
Get up, Brother! Get up!
Get up, Brother!
Get up.
Come on!
Get up, my son!
Angad! Get up!
You have to knock him out to win.
You know..
What's going on?
It doesn't look like..
Karan! Karan, we did it, Karan!
Karan! Karan, we did it, Karan!
'This day was a very
happy day for Baldev.'
And on the other hand..
- Doctor!
'During blood transfusion..'
'..he contracted Hepatitis B,
and Karan's liver collapsed.'
'Now to stay alive, he
needed a new liver.'
So, take a part of my liver.
Come on, Doctor.
Your blood group doesn't
make a match with Karan.
Then how can we use
a part of your liver?
Doctor, I have the
same blood group as Karan.
Take a part of my liver.
Mr. Baldev, I'm extremely sorry.
How can we operate
on you at this age?
We can't risk your life.
'With every passing day, Baldev's
restlessness was increasing.'
'For many days,
a liver couldn't be found.'
'To see his son everyday in this..'
'..condition was very
distressing for him.'
'That's why Baldev
decided to give up his life..'
'..and donate his liver.'
"Kin belong to us."
'Baldev came to
meet his son Karan..'
'..for the last
time at the hospital.'
Where were you?
Here, take it.
You went to the Gurdwara?
Yes, child.
Don't worry.
Karan will be alright.
Yes. Karan will be alright.
He will surely be alright.
He will laugh, play and run around.
He will live a complete life!
I love you.
Everything will be alright.
I will make everything right.
Karan! What happened to Karan?
Where are you taking him?
Where are you taking my son?
Doctor, where are you taking him?
- Sir, wait. You can't go in there.
- Is my son alright?
Please tell me!
- Tell me!
Is Karan alright?
Is Karan fine, son?
Yes, Papa. We got a donor, Papa.
We got a donor.
We got a donor.
'God had heard Baldev's prayer.'
'Everyone all over the world..'
'..prayed to save
their hero's life..'
'..and many people expressed
a desire to donate their liver.'
'It's was by Allah's grace
that a liver was received.'
The greatest writer
in the world is God.
Only he knows how and..
..when our life will
experience a turn.
If there had been
even a slight delay..
..Baldev wouldn't be with us today.
How could God separate people..
..who love each other so much?
So you decided to leave mid-way..
..after promising to be
with me forever.
Shall I punch you?
- Here, hit me. Hit me.
Raavi, if you had been
in my place..
..you would have
done the same thing.
- Son...
Son, parents have been doing this
for their children since ages.
Son, children doing something..
..like what you have done,
for their parents..
..in today's world you
don't get to see it much.
I am proud of you.
I am proud of you my sons.
I am proud of you.
Smile. Smile.