Apocalypse Pompeii (2014) Movie Script

Come on mama, you're too slow.
You're too young, give me a
My little girl, so pretty and so
Let's go home and I will make you
something delicious. You'll see.
What's happening?
I don't know.
Isabella! Are you ok?
Yes! Yes, but we are very
Get in!
Go left!
Go faster!
We need to go faster!
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!
Come on guys keep up.
Nobody metioned about 3 flights
of stairs.
Oh it adds to it's charm honey.
Is this what you call packing
Sorry, I forgot what to leave
I mean a whole week in Italy.
Can you imagine.
What did you pack in here?
Books mostly.
You couldn't leave some of them
Now way! We're gonna be seeing
Pompeii dad.
There's so much to study up on.
The geological composition of
the area,
the history of devistation-
Ok! I got it.
Couldn't you just given her a
You ever thought about raising
my allowence?
She's your daughter.
You are too smart for your own
good young lady.
Awesome! There's a loft.
Oh awesome. More charm.
Yeah. More stairs.
Wait a minute. How many bedrooms
is this?
- Oh...
- Oh no..
- It's gonna be fun.
- Yeah.
I am so excited how everything's
turning out.
Dad, say hi.
Hi. Hi.
Mykaela and I are getting to tag
along on your business trip.
And get a week's vacation in
Seeing all the places she's
dreamed about.
- You're about to get your dream job.
- Oh yeah.
Yeah I know.
It's working out perfectly.
Hey. What is it?
Nothing. I'm just a little
jet lagged.
I can read you like a book.
Spill it.
Well this job. It's a big deal
for me... for us.
Yeah. It's a great opportunity.
You're about to run your own
international security company.
And you're going to be great.
Ok listen.
You'll be here for 3 months.
Then you get to come home.
And will never have to worry
about money again.
I'm just worried about this presentation.
It needs more work.
No. You've been working on it
for weeks.
This is what you do.
This is who you are.
It's good. It's really good.
They're gonna love you.
What would I do without you,
Hey kiddo, you're ready?
You bet.
Benvenuto e ben benvenuta.
Ladies and Gentelmen please form
one line.
Sorry I can't go with you guys.
Well we wish you could go too but,
somebody's gotta bring home the bacon.
Come on mom.
Hey hold on. Pompeii is not
going anywhere.
We'll see you tonight?
Good luck.
Thanks baby.
I love you.
I love you too.
Uh princess.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Bye dad.
Good Luck.
See yeah tonight.
Be good.
I will.
Only a small tremor. It's
perfectly normal here in Naple.
All over now. I promise.
Uh, I'm sure it is. Excuse me a
Uh look, you guys don't have to go.
Why don't you just stay around the hotel?
Stay close. See Naple.
You still wanna go baby?
Yeah. I mean how many chances am
I gonna get to see pompeii?
Right. Ok don't worry. I'll keep
us safe.
Hmm. I sure you will baby. All
- All right, Tickets?
- Yeah.
You look after your mother.
Yeah dad.
And before I forget...
You might want
to take these just in case.
Sat Phones?
Yeah Sat. phones.
With GPS Tracking.
Satellite phones with GPS
Really Jeff?
I got clearance on them.
Dad, you do this everytime. You
freak out, get over protective
and do your whole soldier thing.
Smart phones can actually loose
battery or you could be in an area-
- Dad come
on are you serious? Mom: Ok ok ok ok!
We'll take the phones.
At ease soldier.
Come on mom we're gonna miss the
worry too much.
Easy with that finger.
Look it's Italy. I was looking
forward to carnet and cappuccino.
We shouldn't have over slept
this morning.
Hey! Glad you could join us. You're just in
time to be herded aboard the cattle express.
Yeah come in. Ok Welcome.
Be nice. I'm sorry he's grumpy
without his morning coffee.
Oh that's ok. The hearding is
our favorite part.
God mom.
I'm Christine. This is Paul.
I am Lynne and this is my
embarraced daughter Mykaela.
I guess we are all on the same
boat today.
Or bus I suppose.
Yeah, from a dump to a ruin.
- Eey!
- I think I'm a like this guy.
Oh. Ok.
Come come inside. Ok. Welcome.
Come come.
Welcome, to pompeii.
We all know
what cause pompeii to fall to ruin, yes?
Tour Guide: The erruption. The
Tour Guide: And there she is.
Mount vesuvius.
Yes of course.
Mount vesuvius explode and
covered the city in ash.
But can anyone tell me when the volcano
exploded and destroyed our beautiful pompeii?
Tour Guide: Yes miss?
79 A.D.?
Tour Guide: Pefecto Miss.
Can you tell us more about
Uh ok. It's probably the most
dangerous volcano in the world.
Because 3 million people live
near by,
All though there is some despute
about the name, it's likely a
hybridized Greek and Latin word
meaning "unquenchable".
Perfecto. feel free to explore.
Tour Guide: Mount Vesuvius has
erupted more than 50 times.
Tour Guide: The eruption in 79 A.D.
was the most famous, of course.
Tour Guide: The dust "Poured
across the land" like a flood,
Tour Guide: one witness wrote,
and shrounded the city in " a darkness...
Tour Guide: liked the black of
closed and unlighted room.
Tour Guide: Two thousand people died, and the
city was abandoned for almost as many years.
Tour Guide: It wasn't until 1748 that a
group of explorers rediscovered the site,
Tour Guide: surprised to find
that underneath a thick layer of
Tour Guide: dust and debris
pompeii was perfectly intact.
Follow me. Throughfare!
Watch out!
Hey honey.
Did you feel that?
Yes we felt it.
Everything ok?
Some of the ruins collapsed.
I think even some of the people are hurt.
Are you and Mykaela ok?
Yeah we're fine. We're fine.
Mykalea and I are fine.
I don't want you to worry about
that baby.
Look, I'm going to reschedule.
I'm gonna come get you guys.
No honey. Really, we're fine.
We're just shooken up a bit,
that's all.
I'm sure we're gonna be back on the bus
and back in town any minute now, ok?
You sure?
I'm positive.
I do not want you to miss that
meeting baby.
Mykaela wants to talk to you.
We'll see you tonight.
How are you guys? Ok?
Is there any place to get a
coffee dude?
Love you.
Hi dad.
Hey princess.
You ok?
Yeah I'm fine.
What is it?
This morning at the news stand
I saw tha there had been an
eruption in the Galapagos.
They said there's been seismic
activity everywhere.
But then...
I have read so many times that there's
always activity near an active volcano.
What are you saying? Do you think
you and your mom are in danger?
No. No. Everything's fine. I'm
just being paranoid dad.
No no no princess. That's all
I'll call you when I'm done, ok?
Dad seriously, everything is
fine. Don't panic.
Really, me and mom have it under
Good luck.
Ok thanks. You and mom be safe.
Bye dad.
Bye princess.
And make sure you keep those
sat. phones-
Everything ok?
Mr. Pierce.
Very pleased to meet you.
I'm Victtore Fabricio, Senior
Vice President of operations.
Please call me Jeff, sir.
Wonderful. Uh this way.
Mr. Rosso and the others are waiting.
How do we get out of this place?
We'll try the enterence first. If
that doesn't work we try Porta Sarno.
The gate by the-
By the amphitheater.
Hey, on the other side of the
Here, this way.
I must confess. I am amazed at your daughter's
knowledge of the city and our fearsome volcano.
Yeah she does her best to keep
us amazed. That's for sure.
Tell me, how is it you are so
drawn to volcanoes?
My dad was away a lot when I was
a kid. Marines.
Whenever he went away somewhere I'd read
everything I could about the place he was
stationed. Everything from local customs,
to the way the land was formed.
Knowing about where he was,
ready did make me feel closer to him.
The more I read, the more I realized how
much I loved learning about the earth.
While other girls were playing with dolls,
I was playing with rocks.
There is much to study in Italy.
Perhaps one day you can come
live with us when you are a
famous geologist.
I would die to live in Italy.
That's another small one right?
Perhaps we should...
Go! Quickly.
I of course could Implement it and
have it up and running in 3 months.
- Seems like a plan.
- Ok
Mio dio!
Do you have a helicopter?
Excuse me?
Does this company have a
Mr. Pierce.
I need to use it.
Mr. Rosso my family is in
I'm sorry but I cannot. Not for
If you try to fight Vesuvius you
will die. I promise you.
Jeff, please you have to listen to
Mr. Rosso. You cannot go to Pompeii.
That's bad.
Honey, you there?
Jeff. We're ok but the volcano
I know. You gotta find shelter.
Somewhere sturdy with cover.
Find it. I'll be there soon.
- Are you guys alright?
- Is everything ok?
I don't think you should.
No. Stay there. I'm coming for
I love you Jeff but-
Stay away Jeff.
Come on. come on. Move move
move. Thank you.
Excuse me sir?
No I have to get through here.
Get back. No one gets through.
My wife and daughter are in
Pompeii. I have yo get through.
Pompeii? Pompeii is ground zero.
No one is going there. Get back
in your car.
No you don't understand, I have
to get there.
Back in car now.
Easy buddy.
Back in car or I arrest you.
You play nintendo.
Hello Carlo, Yeah I'll be right
Dammit! Come on!
Ok Yeah.
God no one's called me that in a
few years.
- My dear friend it's good to see you.
- You too.
- Despite the cercumstances.
- Tell me something good.
As soon as I got your call, I sent out a
request to the top of the Italian Government.
There's no go I'm afraid.
This is a-
Pompeii is strickly off limits.
The whole area is off limits.
We are on stand by to eveacuate
No no no no, you don't
understand this is my wife and
daughter we're
talking about here.
You think I don't understand that?
You think I don't remember that debt
I owe you from Canada. I tell you
this is a major international crisis.
I would help you if there was
There is a way. there's always a way.
You know that. You're special ops.
I was special ops in the days when
I was carlo. Now I'm cornel Dylard.
NATO liazon. I'm a pen pusher.
You're the same guys.
Come on Carlo. Come on man.
There's also something else you
don't know...
How bad?
I just spoke to the head of
science at Sapienza di Roma.
Pompeii will be under sixty feet
of lava within four hours.
Come on. Get in.
Where am I going?
Where are you going?
There's nothing we can do.
You can't stop the bloody volcano man.
Come on.
Get down!
Don't touch it! Go!
Come on!
Is that safe?
It's safer then out here.
Over there.
That's it. You're gonna be
I'll be fine.
It looks readlly bad.
Oh my god.
You realize these guys will give you the
same answer as the Italian Goverment?
Still gotta try.
Right. B ut if you get the answer that
I think they're going to give you,
I'll wait outside for you. and
meet you in an hour.
What are you planning?
Plan B. Just in case your plan A
doesn't plan out.
I'm not the only person in Italy
that owes you a favor.
Good luck old boy.
Next time I say "Let's go get
coffee". Let's go get coffee.
Here let me help you.
Thank you.
Hey. Here.
You saved my life out there.
We were just in the
I'm Naveen. And that's Rashida.
I'm Lynne.
Thank you.
It's a hell of a day huh?
Tell me about it.
This morning Naveen said that he
felt something important
was gonna happen to us today.
Me and my big mouth huh?
There ya go.
Thanks man.
Next time I won't visit a
natural disaster.
If there's even a next time.
I can't be the only one thinking
You ok?
I guess.
It was really lucky that you
founde this place, ok?
It's exactly what your dad said
to find.
You did really good. You did
really good baby.
In theory we should be ok here.
It withstood the last eruption
after all.
Unless it's worse this time.
Can it really get any worse?
Mr. Pierce please believe me.
We'd like nothing better then to
assist you in locating your wife
and your daughter.
All I'm asking for is transport
Believe me Captain, I don't
doubt your ability
but as I said, it's not that
It is. That easy.
It is not that easy. You heard
what your friend said CO said.
Word from the Italian goverment,
is that everybody is coming out.
Nobody is going in. Certainly
no civilians. God only knows
how they feel about some black
ops commando-
Exactly. I'm black ops. I can
make this a cougar operation.
Sir please, believe me we're
trying to keep you safe.
This is my wife and daughter.
Mr. Pierce I get it.
We're talking about a volcanic
Jeff: I've done it before. Many
times. That's my job!
Look I want to help you. Really I do.
Neither you or I can stop a volcano.
... we are now receiving
reports from Niihau Hawaii,
where a ring of volcanoes have
risen from the ocean,
endangering air traffic and
local population...
In a little over 3 hour Pompeii
will be gone.
Right now the only thing I can
do is try and keep you safe.
That's it. I'm sorry.
That's what we're dealing with.
So you are not gonna help me.
No Mr. Pierce I can't.
We're heading out of Naples in an hour.
I f you're you'll be coming with us.
If not...
God help you man.
You guys have everything in
those packs.
Our whole lives are in there.
We've been backpacking through
Europe for the past 3 months.
Naveen is hard to persuade when
he gets an idea in his head.
Like you were putting up a
Are you two married?
Uh Not quite yet. No.
It's complicated.
Are you getting a signal with
Then you might want to conserve your
battery when we get signal at some point.
What's your deal dude?
Oh sorry. I work for a travel blog back home.
Just fly around the world, take photos
of tourist traps. My first trip
to Italy. It's exciting.
Did you hear that?
I don't hear anything?
I think it stopped.
I don't think so.
Looks like I'm on my own.
Oh no you're not.
You work fast.
Good guys have friends.
We are not much.
You're all the paper pushers you
could dig up.
Yeah the best I could do at
short notice.
Good to see you soldier.
Captain Pierce.
Look what the cat dragged in.
Always looking for work.
I'm glad I'm not doing this on
my own. Cane.
Never leave you hanging boss. The old band's
officially back together for one night only.
We hear you got a problem?
Yeah. The size of a mountain.
Your family?
They're at ground zero. We're
getting them out.
Come on. Let's go.
I can't thank you enough.
It was the least I could do.
There is much I still owe you.
Thank. Oh um,
There is one thing.
Anything. Anything at all.
Could you get me a chopper?
Military grade?
Are you out of your mind? I'm Nato leazon.
This isn't even my country.
I will get me court Martial.
Alright alright. You're right.
You're absolutly right.
I'll figure it out.
Yes I'm sure you will.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Dinner when you come home.
If you come home.
We got gear?
Locked and loaded. The whole kit, but lacking
the kaboodle. We don't have conveyance.
Yeah. We're gonna get a chopper.
We need something large enough
to hold cargo for transport and
Plus we need to land on a dime. basically
means we need something fast and agile
to ge us out of trouble.
It's gonna be a war zone out
I could call us a favor to the
British Army.
No we don't have time. Ah! Damn!
Back it up. Back it up!
So we need to secure a chopper
here in Naples, and fast.
I'm guessing, civilian option is
out of the question.
Any ideas?
I know that look.
What are you planning?
Something Carlo is not gonna
If there are many more of that size, I
don't know wether this villa is gonna hold.
Ok were else can we go Mykaela?
Sweetie you have been reading books about
volcanos as long as I can remember.
Can you think of some place
So place that's safer?
Crap. Wait.
Christine, do you still have
that map of pompeii?
Yes. Yes I do.
Right. So...
We are here.
We need to get to here.
We should get ready to move like
We need to get there before what
happens next.
Why? What happens next?
You don't want to know.
Tell us.
The heat surge.
How much heat are we talking?
Mom! Run!
What's that?
Just take it.
Come on. Go. Go Go.
Where are we headed?
The only place that has the ride
me need.
JFC Naples?
Isn't that a NATO base?
Yeah it's an Italian Post. It's
the hard way.
As usual.
Just the way I like it.
Oh come on.
Take a right here.
Come on!
How much time do we have?
According to Carlo, only a couple of hours.
Hold on hold on.
Let's have a look.
Let's help him with that car.
Come on.
Jeff stop.
You hear that?
Looks like we should have
actually stayed home.
We need to move.
Move! Move! Move! Move!
So the rocks have stopped.
That's good right?
It's good if you don't want to
be hit by flamming rocks but,
It's not good if you don't like
We need to keep moving.
How much further?
Not far.
The roof is intact.
Come on. Everyone inside.
This looks like a death trap to
We can see the entrance from
Why can't we just keep going?
We don't have time.
When the heat surge hits, there
is no way we could out run it.
What? Are we just suppose to
believe you?
You will do well to listen to
Alright. Listen to the girl that almost
got us killed inside a collaping ruin.
There's nothing falling from the
This is our chance to get out of
Please come with us.
Wait guys, seriously.
Please. Come on.
I mean, they're kinda right.
It's really small in here.
Better then I expected.
We need to shut this door.
It will help to block the heat
wave, when it hits.
Ok Mykaela, are you sure that
this is alright?
In 1902 a volcano erupted on
There was only one survivor: a
man in a jail cell.
Everybody unpack or take off the
close you don't need.
I need your water too.
Thanks. Thanks mom.
Wait. What are you doing with
the water? We may need this.
I need to soak the clothes to
plug the cracks on the door.
That's what the survivor or
Martinique did to stay alive.
Except he had to use his own
What do you think cap.?
We're not gonna catch them with their
pants down. But there are gaps.
What do you think? Distruction
or evasion?
A little of both.
So give us the run down.
Targets one o'clock.
Those choppers are exactly what we need.
They're gunships not rescue vehicles.
They won't be used for ANY
civilian rescue operation.
We're not hurting the rescue
We're just adding some fire power.
Once we get into the air and over Pompeii,
It'll be just like being back in the
sand box... only a little worse.
It's why we have to be in the
How do we get in?
We find a whole in the
Then we stealth in, but we'll need
a distraction on the outside.
I'll cover that part.
Saved me from asking.
You know me, I just like blowing
things up.
Game on. When do we move?
How about now? Times a ticking.
and uh, minimal force.
Keep your heads down.
This is why I listen to you.
I expect that to be tattooed on
your forehead when we get home.
This is it.
The surge.
Yeah mom.
I am so-so proud of you. baby.
You are the best - best child
anyone could have
ever asked for.
I love you so much.
I'm sorry Rashida.
It's not your fault.
Look, if we make it out of this,
I promise...
I know.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
We made it.
That was it?
I mean...
This doesn't seem real.
None of this makes any sense.
It's over now, right?
We can rest up here for a few
That's the worst of it, right?
Come on!
This is far from over.
I feel naked doing this in broad
You're loosing youe nerve
Hell no.
Sorry Carlo. Do it.
I know, he's late.
Any minute now.
It should be about time now.
That our cue. Come on.
Come on baby.
Start off for me.
We gotta go!
I know I knmow, I'm on it.
Hold on.
Alright here we go.
Oh my god.
So. Tell us who's the volcano
Who we gonna die next.
Our main concern is the surfuric gas.
For the time being at least.
Deadly in high doses, we'd have to be near
alot of ash to pose an emidiate threat.
How much ash?
A lot of ash, like 10 feet of
We have to go now.
What is it? I aould telll it's
something else?
Nothing anyone else has to worry
Mykalea if there is more danger there
isn probaly we need to know about it ok?
It's just if Vesuvius decides to erupt again,
it's gonna get worse with every eruption.
How much worse?
Ever heard of crackatoa?
Alright, where is he?
Let's pick him up.
Alita, open up.
Come on. Come on. Come on
Hey hey hey hey.
You ok soldier?
Are come on. Hold on hold on.
We're off.
This is more fun the taking
kabul from the taliban.
He's gonna bleed out.
You alright cane?
Thanks Cade.
Just don't pass out till we get
Actually don't pass out till we
get back.
That's why you call me
Cause I'm unstopple baby.
No they call you hurricane
because you are full of hot air.
Alright guys come on. Let's
Cane, I need you up here.
Come on.
Alita you're on coms.
Copy that.
You good?
Five by five. Good ahead and had
her to me captain.
She's all yours.
I've got it.
What's our ETA?
We should be there in 35
Keep her floored.
Well I'll be dammed.
Well alright.
Come on everybody.
Having any luck?
You never know.
Mom, the sat phones.
Yeah, well...
I think I lost mine back at the
It's ok, I still go...
Must have fall out when I fell.
Well we're quite a pair,
aren't we?
What do you think?
I don't know.
Seems right.
I think we should go in.
Are you ok?
Yeah yeah I'm fine. Don't worry.
Are you sure?
It's ok.
Come on.
What now?
Mud slide!
Go go go!
Just go!
Come on!
Just go! Go!
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
The mud slide brought in a lot
of ash.
That means there's gonna be a-
Vocanic ash that you were
talking about earlier?
And there's a lot of dirt in
there too, right?
Maybe there isn't enough ash to
make it a problem?
Like - Like you were saying.
I'm no expert.
I could get us all killed.
Dude, we'd be dead already if it
wasn't for you.
None of us know jack about
We're following you.
It's gonna be ok.
What's our next move boss?
I'm not sure.
Hey guys.
We've got company.
How the hell are they gaining on us.
They're all the same helicopter, right?
What's our speed?
I'm cracking and banking.
I don't know what the hell is going on.
Maybe they have jettisoned ballast.
or maybe they're more outfitted
for attack instead of transport.
Or maybe we stole the slowest god
damn helicopter in the Italian army.
Cade! Secure that door.
What? I was just gonna take a few shots.
get them off our back.
A lot can happen with a granade launcher.
I'm not killing innocent soldiers.
Please be advised we have instructions
to return you to base at once.
Please be advised that we are under
orders shoot if you will not comply.
Do you understand. We will shoot you out
of the sky, unless you turn around now.
Jeff, please don't do this.
Return to base with us
I'm sorry Carlo I have too.
Sir, we are almost within firing
distance, sir.
Fire a couple warning shots.
Fire now.
Cane, how far are we?
I could get us to that cloud
with in 3 minutes.
But they are gonna be within
firing range in 1.
I think they're in fising range
When I said warning shots I
didn't mean hit him!
Do you understand?
Yes sir.
Will not happen again sir.
It will not happen again sir.
Other wise they can get court
Should I persue though sir?
Pursue pursue.
You are instructed to pursue.
You use every trick you got.
But you get us into that cloud, got it?
You guys might wanna buckle up
for this part.
Good job. 2 left.
Almost within firing range sir.
Wait wait wait wait. Thinks
about this. If you fire
now, any shots that you miss
could hit the civilian population
trying to leave a volcanic
eruption down below.
My advise would be close up.
Yes sir.
I got this.
No no no no, when I say pull up,
I don't mean fly up his ass.
Ok. Let's see who's got the
biggest cajones.
You really have to do this?
Yeah he does.
If he jigs left, let him go. Too
many civilians are out there.
If he jigs right, you could
Uh sir, the microphone is on
Mic was-
My apologies.
Hey it happens sir.
2 to 3 hotel, be advised we have
a firing solution on you.
They got a lock.
Oh no they don't.
- Whoa! Did you see that?
Did you see that. - Yes sir.
That's a commuter aircraft. That
is a civilian in the area.
Whatever you do, abort abort
Aborting sir. Abordng 1-0-6
Take us there.
We've got company.
How's your ankle?
It will be alright.
This reminds me of the night raids
on Baghdad during the Gulf War.
Only this is much worse.
That's weird. This remins me of
We should be over Pompeii in 15.
Uh so when we get there, how the
hell are we gonna find them?
They are not likely to be out in
the open.
And ruins. There is a lot of ground
to cover in the little time we have.
Before Mykaela and Lynne left I made
them take Sat. phones with them.
So we can just call.
No good. have been trying snce
we left Naples.
All the phones have GPS
They tether to one another.
Provided that they are all
One of them is still up.
The coordinates.
Are you down here?
Hey mom.
You ok?
I just got a bit of a headache.
The Pompeii Museum.
Cane. When we get to Pompeii look for
a free standing 4 story building.
It shouldn't be too hard to
Roger that.
We have 45 minutes left for
Don't worry Cap. We'll find
Where's Christine?
We have to go!
Everyone! We have to go!
- Breathe. Kai Help me.
- Come on.
Where's Christine?
Follow me.
This way!
Does anyone have any clothes that I
can use. I need clothes and water!
Help me tear this coth into
Keep the baking soda over your
mouth and breath through that, ok?
It should obsorb that gas which
is in the air.
In theory.
What the hell was that?
Mom it's your phone!
This is yours?
I thought it was one of those electronic
tour guide things or something-
I think dad's been trying to
track us.
Come on. We need to get to
higher ground.
What is it? Do you still have
Negative. The connection is
Doesn't change anything. We
still start at the museum.
Same plan. Eye on the prize.
You guys get strapped in. We're
gonna be coming in really hot.
Double time. Come on.
Come on!
This thing is solid.
At least it's keeping the gas
Another earthquake?
Not this time.
You don't happen to have any
dynimite in that bag, do you?
Not even a firecracker.
Ok, well we've gotta do
Dad was certainly searching us on
the sat phone before it got smashed.
It had to be him.
He knows where we are.
Do you think that the signal
went through?
It's possible.
if there's a way, Jeff will find
And the way you keep talking
about this dude, makes him sound
like some sort of super
hero or something.
Yeah well, he kinda is.
Hey I'm the first to get in line
to get rescued by super dad.
He'll be here.
I know it.
It's too dangerous.
She's right. There's even the
slightest chance in hell
that he can get to us, he will.
That's what he did for a living
for god sakes.
How we doing Cane?
Touchdown 90 seconds boss.
Let's do this.
Look, even if he is coming the bad news
is that we can't stay here much longer.
That second eruption a few
minutes ago, That means that
there is a chance of a
pyroclastic flow.
A what?
When a volcano erupts, it can heat up
a rock so hot that it turns into gas.
That creates a flow that washes
over the ground kind of like
Like a tidal wave.
It's probably dangerous, right?
According to the books, it can
travel 450 miles per hour.
And reach temperature of 4,000
degrees celcius so, kinda.
Still no contact?
Alright, we gotta asume they are
still at the museum.
We have less then 30 minutes to get in
there, find them, and get the hell out.
I want it done in 10. Copy?
- Yeah.
- Copy.
Alright. Visibility is less them
zero, so I need the flashlights.
You better hit the ground
Cane, do you have enough room to
land on the roof?
The structure seems sound enough
but I'm not risking a touchdown.
I'm gonna keep it right above and
keep the engine running for ya.
Alright copy. Let's go.
10 minutes.We search every inch
and then we're gone, copy?
Alright. Let's go.
It's dad.
It's gotta be!
It has to be.
Lynne! Mykaela!
Let's do this already.
They will find us and they will
get us out of here.
But how can you know that?
I know my husband.
5 more minutes please.
5 more minutes.
Check those rooms over there.
Mrs. Pierce?
Lynne! Mykaela!
Are you in there?
Hey! Hey we're right here!
You guys in there?
We're here!
We're in here!
Alright what happened?
The roof caved in, we can't get
Alright, everyone stay calm.
We'll have you outta there in a
couple of minutes.
Alita! Cade! On my 20 everyone!
I found them!
Let's go.
We gotta go. We don't sit here any longer.
This is-we got to go! We gotta go.
So behind this wall. Roof caved
in, we gotta make a hole.
Tell me we have something for
Always come prepared, right Cap?
25 seconds.
Could be dead for all I know. We
got to get out of here.
Alright, I need you all to move away
from the door as far away as possible.
Take cover.
We got it dad.
Good. Look, we are going to try
to make an exit for you.
You need to move away from the
door. Move fast!
As far away as you can. You got
25 seconds.
Go go go!
Kai! What are you doing?
Help me!
- What are you doing?
- Help me.
You heard the man, take cover.
Get down!
Any minute. They gotta get here.
Lynne! Mykaela!
Ok. Everybody ok?
Alright come on. We gotta go.
Come on. Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come. Guys.
Ok. Hurricane! Hurricane!
Bring her in! Bring her in!
That's what I'm talking about.
Let's go baby. Let's go.
I can't believe you guys are
still alive.
It was all Mykaela.
She kept us going.
Hurricane! Come on!
Ah man!
Come on.
You straight?
- We straight?
- Good good good!
What now?
There's alway another way. Let's
find it.
Looks like we need another ride,
She ain't kidding bro!
The pyroclastic flow.
It has to be.
We need to take cover, NOW!
How far does this museum go?
There's a basement, I saw it
Alright. All the way down. Move
move move!
Move come on! Let's go!
Go go go go!
It's gonna be ok.
Ok? Ok go!
Come on.
Go go go come on!
Go go go come on!
Go go go!
Here. You're alright sweetie. Is
everyone alright?
So what do we do now man?
Just chill out down here?
Is this place even safe?
I hope so.
Good thing about being in a tomb,
hopefully nothing will get in.
Straighten up soldier. You know
the risks.
Give me that you jerk.
Easy alright? Easy.
Come on. Let's take a look at
that leg.
Here we go. What have you done.
What have you done? Are you alright?
Can you put any weight on it?
Just a little.
So volcano experts what do we do
now? Any way outta here?
Just the way we came in.
So how long before this thing is
I don't know.
Days. Maybe.
can't wait days.
We'll sufficate in here.
There must be a way to get word
out. To get someone to help us.
I'll find way out of here.
Hey. Stairwell! Everyone out
Come on!
Come on we gotta get out!
No Alita No!
Come on Come on!
Go cane go!
Dad, what do we do?
Climb. Everyone Climb! Go!
Come on!
Help me!
Give me your hand!
It's alright! Come on!
Come on! Move!
Dad, I'm so sorry.
For what?
For making you come here.
You have nothing to be sorry
about. Ok? I'm proud of you.
What's happening?
I don't know.
I haven't read about this in my
That sounds like a...
Yeah. Cane.
Come on. Come on.
Come on come on! Move move move!
Go go go go!
You're crazy you know that?
Yes. Hurry up I'm late for a
Come on.
Go go go!
Everyone strap in.
I didn't think you'd come for
us. You maniac.
The only reason why I'm
here is because 25 years ago I was
stuck in a dessert and extracted by another
maniac. And I didn't even know him!
Our debt s over. Now it's paid.
Paid? ha!
You owe me.
Of course I do.
I didn't see all your team.
We lost Alita and Cade.
Let's get the rest of them home.
Alright. It's got gonna be easy.
If only I could find some soup.
God dammit.
These air filters keep clogging.
Come on. You can do it. Come on!
Is that it?
Yes. Yes! Once we're there.
Carlo: Fly fly fly.
Jeff: I'm trying. I'm trying.
I can't control this thing.
Hold on! Hold on!
Doing alright back there?
You ok?
Captain? I'm a bloody cornel.
You damn civilian.
This bloody rock has gone right
through my shoulder.
Cane, front and center.
Bring Cornel Dylard some first
Right way sir.
And break up a morphen.
This is can all over again. You
are whinning like a chicken.
Try flying the plane a little
bit to the left-
I seem to remember fluid back in
kata ara.
And you were still complaining
weren't you?
Give me some morphen before
I don't want to live in Italy
Reports are coming in,
the erruptions from Mt. Vesuvious
are dying down, and the series
of earthquakes are disipating.
While badly damaged from this disaster,
Pompeii is still standing.