Apocalypse Rising (2018) Movie Script

- [clatter]
- [sword unsheathes]
[distant laughter]
[distorted battle sounds]
- [battle sounds continue]
- [horses whinny]
[swords clashing]
[missiles screech through air]
- [automatic gunfire]
- [explosions]
[Major Lee]
Get to the ship!
- Your people lied to us!
- And yours, us.
But who was right?
The Ariels?
The Nepilates?
It's irrelevant now.
There's no world left
to destroy with our hate.
Go to hell, Major.
What's wrong, Father?
I won't.
You must.
Save me from eternal death.
[Major Lee]
I love you.
I love you, Father.
[electrical beeping]
Twenty seconds until takeoff.
[engines powering up]
Fifteen seconds.
Ten seconds.
Five, four, three,
- two, one.
- Buckle up, guys.
We're takin' off.
[engines power down]
All right, guys.
Looks like we're in the clear.
Mia, Magnum?
Get into your stasis suits.
- [clicks tongue]
- Yes, Commander.
[door whooshes]
All right, everyone.
Commitment oaths.
Because of my religion?
So it's just a coincidence
that all the rest of you
worship He Who Watches,
while I don't?
Your hatred for us
destroyed this world.
And believe me,
you make it so easy
to hate you.
That's enough!
We'll need to put aside
our differences
and live in peace on the new
world Zohar has selected for us.
We may as well start now.
Mia, stasis injection.
Sleep well, my friends.
Redirecting trajectory course.
[electronic beeping]
[distorted voices, growling]
[Major Lee]
Do you feel it?
[Mia] Yes, Father.
I hear it, too.
He is born.
It's coming!
Please... help.
Thank you, Father!
Mary, where are you?!
Mary! Mary!
[baby crying in distance]
Don't hurt my wife and baby!
Mary. Mary.
[baby crying]
Come see.
The Savior is born.
[demonic growling]
[screaming] No! No-o-o-o!
- [man continues screaming]
- [zombies growling]
[flesh tearing]
[inhuman sobbing]
[deep growling]
[crying continues]
[zombies moaning]
Okay, guys.
Everybody up.
We are here.
You know what that means?
Commitment oaths.
Directive alpha.
Time to procreate.
[joints cracking]
Holy crap.
Is that a Zed?
- It's my father.
- Not anymore, kid.
Let me guess.
He tried to eat you,
so you...
Live... in peace...
on new world.
Directive alpha.
I'm not going
to mate with you,
You're no man.
You don't have a choice.
- Commander?
- Mia, those are the rules.
Necessary to rebuild
our civilization.
But... if you guys
didn't take commitment oaths,
well, the rule is nullified.
Detecting planet's atmosphere.
Initiating entry burn.
What the hell?!
This wasn't our destination.
Too late now, guys.
Buckle up.
[seatbelts click]
[objects thudding
on spaceship exterior]
We're coming into
the atmosphere, guys.
It's gonna be rough.
[instruments beep]
[instruments beeping]
[Mia] Thank you for bringing us
to this world safely.
We pray that you continue
to watch over us.
We promise to live in peace
with the inhabitants.
Inhabitants? We couldn't even
live in peace back at home.
We come from the same god.
We're all made
in his image.
Say it!
[all] We promise
to live in peace
with the inhabitants.
Igniting center engine
for landing burn.
Thank you, Zohar.
Landing complete.
Rathean passengers,
you get a second chance.
Please don't fuck it up
this time.
[Phoenix] It's odd Zohar
changed our course.
Taking us out of stasis
six months early.
Let us make our new world
commitment oath.
Thank you for bringing us
to this world safely.
Whether it's He Who Watches,
He Who Listens,
or She Who Guides.
Or he who got fed up
with our bullshit
and when to find
a new world.
To a fresh start,
free of religious divisions.
We're here, Father,
I promise to live by the sword
and die by the sword.
[Mia] I sense this emblem
to be a symbol of goodness
and protection.
But sadly, it's also been used
to justify evil.
An emerging power will soon
threaten this world.
Could it be the same force
that destroyed Rathe?
A good or a bad vision?
[Mia] Someone very good
and kind was born in this land.
But he was a Zed.
There are no good Zeds.
[Mia] Not on Rathe, anyway.
By Zohar's estimation,
we have arrived
in this planet's year 2074.
Many wars have
transpired here
leaving the inhabitants
in a state of despair
and futility, and unaware
of the apocalyptic threat
that is about to be
unleashed upon them.
[distant voices]
[girl laughing]
- Do we all understand?
- Such a crude,
rudimentary language.
What does "like, whatever" mean?
It's a dismissive response
to a question.
I hope they don't
have tentacles.
Mm, none as big as your
tentacle, I'm sure.
No, three minutes more.
And I was like, "Whatever."
I thought it might be a wolf.
When have you heard
a wolf cluck?
[laughs, scoffs]
Who the fuck are you?
I'm Thora.
This is my committed, Magnum.
This is Phoenix and Beset,
who are committed.
- [Girl #1] Committed for what?
- To procreate.
Hold that for me,
would ya, sweetheart?
- Hello, Wolfie.
- Hello.
Procreate often?
In two minutes
I'm about to.
Ya see, Noa?
The direct approach
works every time.
He's mine.
Jealous much?
Are you committed?
- Not yet.
- Well, you came to the right place.
Bunch of horny guys, drunk,
ready to pounce.
Ready to mount
anything that moves.
Try, and I'll toss them
in their tribe's
designated fire pit myself.
Bye-bye, weirdos.
Come on, Noa.
Did you believe one word
from those freaks?
Let go of me!
Well, hello, sexy.
Up for procreating?
Come on.
Excuse me. ls there somewhere
we can go and mate?
Uh, just behind
the tent there.
[Magnum, Beset laugh]
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah
For our Lord omnipotent
[Magnum, Beset moaning]
[both moaning]
- Yeah!
- That's what I'm talkin' about!
Nothing like
getting your hands dirty
to bring out
other primordial urges.
- Aunt India!
- What?
- Why do you always have to be so...
- Blunt? Factual?
Scientific? Direct? Truthful?
To the point?
An archeologist
never beats around the bush.
Unless he's a hot archeologist,
in which that case,
he could beat around mine.
Stop! ls sex all
anyone wants to do tonight?
[All] Yes!
[Magnum, Beset
continue moaning]
How is it that an aunt
is less uptight than her niece?
We humans wouldn't exist if it
weren't for sex. You know that.
Yeah, but you don't
have to broadcast it.
Of course we do. Look at every
male in the animal kingdom,
prancing about
to entice a female.
I meant humans.
Guys revving motorcycles,
girls in high-heeled shoes,
tattoos, stylish clothing,
fancy cars, hairstyles,
jewelry, muscles...
boob jobs?
You know, everything we do
is an attention-seeking means
to attract a partner.
Hello. I'm India Jones.
I'm Beset. This is Mia, Phoenix,
and that is Magnum
mating with his Thora.
[moans continue]
"Mating." You see, Noa,
that is a much better word
for sex.
It aligns us with animals,
right where we belong.
Are you from a local kibbutz?
Uh, is there any room
at the inn?
[softly] Why did I say that.
[Magnum exhales]
Oh, my God.
Excuse me, ma'am.
You know where
I can rest my wife?
[gunfire on TV]
This broadcast video format
is like
the crude information
dissemination device
we had on Rathe
before evolving to telepathy.
This place is a mess.
And all over
religious differences...
the same as Rathe.
Why did we end up here?
Maybe to warn them.
We find more
at lower elevations,
near ancient streams
and watering holes
where animals are killed
while drinking.
Animals, yes, but Zeds
are more commonly found
where they were buried
or burned.
Right above the water line.
- What are Zeds?
- Tortured souls of the human dead.
What the hell.
Lead the way.
Don't be scared, Mia. An
animal probably found the body
and damaged it
before it was even buried.
It's not an animal...
and they don't get scared.
Attention, please!
We're gonna be moving
the dig over this way.
Mia just found something
that appears to be
Neanderthal remains.
What are you sensing?
The god of this planet,
the same as ours.
But he takes a more active role
in affairs here.
I'll be gone about an hour
depending on how many questions
our financing source asks.
Thanks to you,
we have the skulls to show
that we're making progress.
You're welcome.
But I wouldn't call it progress.
More of a warning
you should heed.
Are you always this ominous?
Only before
a planet's destruction.
I'll give them a tour.
Okay. Good.
Well, have fun.
Or be ominous.
Whatever turns you on.
[boys speaking Hebrew]
No, no, no, no, no!
Pay! Pay! No, no!
Don't you guys have money
where you come from?
[man] Give it up, old lady!
Give it up!
- My parcel... Ohhh!
- Hey!
[woman shouting]
Th-There is a God.
Thank you, human.
You can call me Magnum.
[music, no audible dialogue]
[no audible dialogue]
[Mia] Within this wall
is the force of a god's power.
An energy stronger
than I've ever felt,
and festering like a cosmic
storm ready to escape its cage.
It is the source of all that is
good and evil in this world.
And if my visions are true,
then this force is about
to be harnessed by evil
for evil's sake.
Unless we can stop it.
[distant shouting]
[crowd whistling, cheering]
- Aunt India, it's creepy as hell.
- I know.
Any thoughts?
You wouldn't believe us.
Try me. I always keep
an open mind.
should we tell her?
We found the same type of
skeleton where we came from...
as part of our pre-history,
as well.
- They were dead.
- Yes. They're dead.
They were already dead
when they were killed.
Well, yes, there have
been instances of warring tribes
who dug up and mutilated
dead bodies of other tribes,
purely for disrespect
and humiliation.
They didn't mutilate dead bodies...
they killed the dead.
Do you understand
the difference?
Not in the slightest.
Dead people rose from the dead
and had to be killed again.
You're good. I actually thought
you might know something.
In fifth grade,
kids would make fun of me
because of my interest
in archeology and paleontology.
I mean,
who could blame them?
My parents did name me
India Jones.
One time,
even a teacher joined in.
In the site where he knew
I was digging,
he buried some KFC chicken
setting them
in the shape of a bird.
I dug them up, and he joked
that they might be prehistoric
and suggested that I send them
to the Natural History Museum
for analysis.
A week later,
while watching the news,
I saw the museum curator
holding my set of chicken bones
and the letter with
my name and address on it.
He called them "extra-crispy
Jurassic bones."
India, we can reminisce
about your life
when you're lying
in your coffin.
I guess I won't be fantasizing
about you anymore.
Mia has something
important to say.
She was too polite
to interrupt your boring
and excruciatingly long story.
There's something buried
at the bottom of the Dead Sea.
And it's not those KFD bones.
She probably doesn't even know
what KFC is,
or McDonald's, I suspect.
She has a gift.
Mia did find the skull
that got us additional funding.
I owe you. As long as you don't
tell me that the chicken bones
were dead when they were killed.
Of course not.
Bird bones don't return
from the dead.
At least I understand that much.
Unless the chickens' brains
and ligaments
were still intact;
then they might.
- If this is a joke...
- There's nothing funny about the living dead.
Remember way back when
before the first Reawakening?
When only five emerged?
That was pretty interesting...
and darkly humorous.
A few dead were
scientific curiosities
and we could joke about it.
When there are millions of them
and they outnumber the living
not so funny anymore.
We'll just say
they had the last laugh.
You're an odd bunch.
What planet
did you say you're from?
[Thora] I already
confided in India
that we're extraterrestrials.
She laughed and made
a reference to "phoning home."
[Magnum] I very much like her,
but if India Jones
is considered among
the most open-minded
of the Earth humans,
as she attests...
[Mia] It doesn't bode well
for the rest of the people
on this planet.
I swear they're communicating.
Maybe these people are
not from Earth after all.
That's what I told you.
[India] Where are you guys
from, exactly?
We're from Rathe.
It's a planet in what you guys
call the "habitable zone."
Rathe is in Kepler 186-F
of the Cygnus constellation.
I knew there was life there.
Was. Now only the dead
inhabit it.
Well, at this point,
I can handle anything.
You can?
Okay. I'd like you
to meet my father.
Good day, Ms. Jones.
I've heard so much about you.
[India sighs]
It's just sunstroke, Noa.
Can you please go fetch
Dr. Coleman?
Tell him we need to conduct
a few DNA tests...
most likely several.
- Sure, Aunt India.
- Thanks.
[man] The Stone of Rhodesia,
as I promised.
I pray you can return it safely
back to your people.
[woman] The eyes of God
will be upon me.
- He will guide me.
- I pray so.
Agents from the Vatican
are on the hunt.
You must move quickly.
How much time do we have left?
The morning star
returns tomorrow night.
If the stone falls back
into the hands of the Vatican,
evil forces will be unleashed
onto the world.
Your assertion that the Pope may
be the anti-Christ,
as unthinkable as it is,
may be true.
I beg you, use the power
of the Stone to vanquish
the satanic evils of this world
once and for all.
It will be done.
Or we will die trying.
On behalf of the Order
of the Enlightened,
you have our eternal thanks,
May God be with you, my child.
The fate of humanity
is now in your hands.
You are a chosen one.
You're so kind, Father.
But your knowledge of who
now possesses the Stone
poses a risk to us all.
If caught,
we could be exposed.
I'm sure you understand.
Understand what?
Why I have to do this.
- [knife puncturing]
what have you done?
The serpent has been released
from its prison.
[zipper unzips]
Now, where did you say
this head came from?
- Up?
- Way, way, way, way up.
There's no true up or down
in the universe.
India already knows that,
my sire. She's a scientist.
"Sire"? Do you keep him
around for breeding?
Never mind where it came from.
What did you find, David?
This must be a joke, right?
They don't joke around much.
If you say so.
Human beings have
23 pairs of chromosomes.
Two X chromosomes, female;
or one X and one Y, male.
India already knows that.
She's a scientist.
Thanks, Thora. At this point,
I feel like there's more
I don't know than I do know.
It's all right, I think
all scientists think like that.
But wouldn't it be boring
if we already knew everything?
Good point.
Continue, Doc.
Can somebody just
get it out of here?
Come here, Father.
"Father." So it is a man?
Good, 'cause I can see
the X and Y chromosomes.
Okay, let me explain.
Now, that's a gross
The X and Y chromosomes do
actually resemble the letters,
hence the names,
except in this sample.
The X and Y chromosome pair
isn't a pair at all.
It appears there's another line
linking the two together.
Like that.
I've been thinking of it
as the N chromosome triplet,
based on the shape it makes.
It's not an N chromosome.
It's a Zed,
Our people have found
the Zed chromosome triplet
in every zombie sample
we've ever looked at.
Arrrgh. India...
I'm coming for your brains!
Brains! Brains!
[smacks table]
This is ridiculous.
They don't walk around with
their arms out and shuffle.
They're fast.
And they rarely speak.
What they do do is chase you
down and eat your limbic system.
Eh... sorry.
Don't... apologize...
She wants to procreate with you.
Everybody can see that.
Phoenix and I...
are... procreating...
right now.
Well, don't you?
she's very intuitive.
She's got the ability
to see...
when those are ready to
before they even know.
It's what you call...
a special talent.
[Beset gasps]
Don't be embarrassed.
It's... perfectly normal.
You two better hurry.
Neither of you
are getting any younger.
And your mating vestibule
will dry up soon.
[sighs deeply]
Well, thank you, Beset.
We will take that
under consideration.
- Uh, we will.
- Oh! My God.
I meant to say... Forget it.
What do we do
about the zombies?
You really think
there's zombies?
Well, of course not.
But there's so much
we don't understand.
- [Beset sighs]
- What are you grinning at?
The two of you... mmm...
it makes me remember
the first time Phoenix...
and I mated.
You two should commit
to each other
and procreate...
right now. Ahhh...
Stop saying that, okay?
There won't be any procreating
going on here.
Except for that.
Okay. We asked you
to run some tests
on some people in this area
that recently died.
Did you do that?
I did. I mean, it was
a bureaucratic nightmare
to get the permission,
but, yeah.
- What did you find?
- Well, I haven't looked
at the results yet.
You see, it takes time to isolate
chromosomes and pair 'em up.
But I knew these people.
They were all patients of mine.
Well, this is...
was my father.
Please check the results
so you know
this is not a joke.
You had a chance to get ahead
of this thing, unlike we did.
I'm a physician.
What are you?
What am I?
I'm the best fighter
on the a base
staffed with men and women
trained to save
this civilization.
All the Ratheans
you see before you
are the only survivors
of that effort.
We're trying to save
your civilization.
Pull your head
out of your ass.
Give him time.
He hasn't seen
what we've seen.
We don't even know
if it will happen on Earth.
It's already started.
Faulty test results.
[laughs] I am not impressed
with the intelligence
of beings on this planet.
[chuckles] No wonder.
They only use
10% of their brains.
Nine point six.
Twelve point eight.
[David groans]
They all show
the same thing.
The 23rd chromosome pairs
haven't quite joined up
to form the Z triplet yet.
But in each case,
there are thin strands
connecting the chromosomes,
indicating the process
is already underway.
You got to tell people
about this.
There still may be time
to save your people.
Are you insane?
Do you even hear
what you're saying?
Even if I can convince them to listen to your
ridiculous story, what good is that gonna do?
All you have to do is get people to
stop hurting and killing each other.
Then they can focus
on stopping this.
Oh, yeah. Let me just
tell everyone that.
I'm sure they'll stop
being mean to each other.
I'll bet that's why
we were drawn here.
We were... supposed to give you
that could... save you.
He Who Watches
works in mysterious ways.
You need to dig up all the
non-skeletonized human remains
and burn 'em.
Cremation is the only way
to be safe.
- Yeah.
- Yes?
Yeah. Sure, let me just
get right on that.
- No problem.
- [laughing]
[Beset moans, sighs]
So what shall we do?
[Beset moans]
Ahhh... ahhh...
[India] Lights out.
Good night, everyone.
[all] Shokai.
There was a messiah
on this planet.
- What is that?
- Like a god.
Well, He Who Watches,
or part of him, apparently.
He was born right here
in this region of the world.
Of all the places
we could have landed,
we landed at almost
the very same spot he lived.
Do you think
that's a coincidence?
You know I don't
believe in coincidence,
and neither do you.
I feel like I'm supposed
to do something.
You are. Sleep.
They killed him.
Some of the same people
who followed him.
One of his friends
betrayed him for money.
It's such a tragic story.
They tortured him.
Humiliated him.
And nailed him to a tree
on top of a hill called Calvary.
Calvary means "Skull" here.
And you know the part
that scares me the most?
Three days after he died,
he came back from the dead.
Like a Zed?
Did he eat their brains?
He should have, after they
betrayed him and killed him.
I don't know. I didn't
get that far in the book.
Let us read it tomorrow.
I'd like that.
Good night, friends.
Shokai, babe.
[water roaring]
[distorted, cacophonous sounds]
[no audible dialogue]
Why did they
do this to you?
Why did you let them?
My father asked me to.
Your father?
He must be cruel.
Never. But he can be tough.
Can I help you?
My father
will help me.
What you can do
is help out humanity
which teeters on the verge
of Armageddon today.
That is why I brought you here.
If you think I can,
I will.
Hurry. The dead
are preparing to rise.
[shouts in agony]
[panting, whimpering]
- Sister.
- [crying]
He died to save
this planet's people.
And now he's asking
for our help to do it again.
- The dead!
- The dead have risen?
No, the Dead Sea.
It's disappearing.
What sort of apocalyptic cult
have we got ourselves
wrapped up in here?
One that can drain the sea...
from outer space, David.
Okay, well, if you say
they're aliens, then...
I guess they're aliens.
You know, I've never seen you
interested in anything
that wasn't buried underground
for the last 50,000 years.
You've brushed off my advances
for so long now.
You've made advances?
[sighs] I mean, a man can only
get shot down so many times
before he gives up.
David, I'm so sorry
for not noticing.
I wanted to discover
something important first.
Maybe we can discover
something together.
You, uh, know what
they want us to do now, right?
What the hell.
Maybe we will procreate
after all.
[rings clack]
[India] So, these are
a bunch of heavy minerals
that have settled to the bottom
over the years.
It's perfectly normal.
There's something inside.
I highly doubt it.
But if there is,
I'm certain they're dead.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Mia. Mia!
It's the same sign
from up top.
Except I've never heard
of a department designating
- an underwater site.
- Hmm.
Our archeological dig site
is the Dead Sea site.
This is just the Dead site.
Maybe an intern
left a word off?
[rocks clattering]
[India] "On the third day
Christ rose again."
Book of Luke,
chapter 24, verse 46.
That's a quote
from the Christian bible.
- But why is it here?
- [David] A cult?
A secret attraction
for scuba divers.
I don't know.
This could mean anything.
There's a passageway here.
[Mia] I don't know
how to gain entrance.
[Major Lee] Only the dead
can open it, Mia.
Yes, Father.
Only the dead can open it.
[slams shut]
Oh, shit!
Great. We're trapped.
Feels like a coffin in here.
[Mia] They emerge
from coffins and crypts.
Sarcophagi and mausoleums.
They suffer for millennia
in cramped spaces,
waiting to rise again.
Just like their savior.
Their savior?
The man you call Jesus.
This is the most incredible
archeological discovery
in the history of the world.
Why are we whispering?
[India] I don't know
what else is down here,
but, if anything,
I don't want to become a part
of this skull collection. Ugh.
It's not a word,
it's what you call a...
an acronym.
"The dead shall inherit
the Earth."
[man] He rose from
the dead to save us!
Soon we will rise up
to eat their bodies...
and drink their blood.
It will give us
everlasting life.
- [priest laughing]
- Let's get the fuck outta here!
[zombies wheezing, moaning]
[growling, moaning]
Arrgh! Aarrgh...
[Mia screaming]
[zombie growling]
My father.
Father, I need your help.
I need your help now.
[Major Lee]
Leave me. I belong.
[Major Lee]
I love you.
I love you too.
[Thora] The Zeds here
don't move as fast.
We have an advantage.
Oh, shit!
We fucking did this.
He Who Watches got tired
of watching us ruin his world.
He drove humans off of Rathe,
and now Earth.
And likely every other world
he's ever created.
Girls, let's go. Let's go.
[moaning, growling]
Why do your people hate you?
They're not my people.
On my planet, Rathe,
we had two tribes.
The Epilates, and my tribe.
We were at war with one another
for resources,
and our differences
and beliefs of our creator.
At one point,
there was peace,
but someone broke the truce.
No one really knows
who started it.
But on the first night
of the attack,
I lost my mother...
my father...
four sisters,
a twin brother,
and most of my friends.
What happened?
They were murdered
in their sleep.
I managed to survive,
but then the dead arose
to consume us all.
I only survived for one reason.
And what reason was that?
[Shira, moaning]
Harder. Harder!
Oh, yeah.
Karl will be back
any second.
Okay. Yeah, I'm trying.
[Karl, in distance]
We gotta go!
- Oh, is that him?
- Yeah.
Pathetic choices
around here.
Except for that Magnum.
- [zombie roars]
- [flesh tears]
Was that good?
Hell, yeah.
Now we're talkin'.
I'm gonna fuck you
six feet to hell.
[gurgling, rasping]
- We gotta go.
- No! Let me finish!
Come on!
Let go of me,
you interstellar cunt!
[Shira grunting, yelling]
You just fucked a Zed?
Is there no limit
to your sluttiness?
Come on, we gotta go.
Just as on Rathe.
A new war between Earth's
inhabitants has begun.
A war founded on religious
and a struggle for power.
A war that is only a prelude
to the true devastation
that is about to sweep
this doomed world.
- [Magnum] Hey.
- [all panting]
A war has begun.
- We have to get to the city.
- Why? What's in the city?
A great evil is about
to be unleashed.
We have to go now.
Ah. Well, would you
look at that?
Thy kingdom come...
[India] So, Thora,
what was your world like?
You know, before.
Rathe? Sorta like this.
Dry and dusty.
My father did say that before
the wars it was a paradise.
So you had wars too?
[Thora] The Ariels
and the Nepilates,
they fought over everything...
land, water, holy grounds.
I remember when I was younger,
the children of each tribe
would get together,
of course,
without the adults,
and they created
a Children's Peace Treaty
in which we decided to share.
[India] Yes, let the children
negotiate peace.
I mean,
they're the only ones left
that are not blinded by hatred.
[Thora] Well, the adults
laughed at us
and burned the treaty.
And the fighting
intensified after that.
[soldiers shouting]
[India] Guns.
Come on, guys, they got it.
[zombies howling]
Oh, no! Oh, no!
What is it, Mia?
We must get
to the Prayer Wall.
A great evil
is about to be unleashed.
[zombies moaning]
We must hurry.
Crazy, isn't it?
The religious people
were right.
Death isn't the end after all.
But this probably
wasn't what they meant.
I mean, I'm just curious
if when the humans are gone,
you think the zombies will
make horror movies about us?
[India laughs]
I guess we'll either
live or die together.
I'm good with that.
I'm sorry I got you involved
in this, Dr. Coleman.
It's okay. You know,
India Jones
and the Temple of Death
is quite exciting.
But in case
there's not a second date...
Guys! Zombies.
Let's fuck up some Zeds!
- Let's ride!
- Let's do this.
It's go time.
You ready?
[chambers round]
Born ready.
[zombies growling]
[war cries]
Noa, stay close.
Come on, Noa.
Mia, show us the way.
The Prayer Wall.
Through here.
Where do you rank
compared to the others?
I want to know
who's in charge.
They can't boss me around
So they were your bosses?
I could take
any one of those guys.
[scoffs] I doubt you could
even take the girls.
Why, you motherfucker!
We're. Wasting. Time.
[zombies roaring, howling]
[Noa shrieking]
[zombies moaning]
Once you've had dead dick,
you'll never do the trick.
[woman laughing]
Dead dick. It's always hard.
I know, right?
[laughing hysterically]
- [laughing continues]
- [zombies moaning]
Something's not right here.
We need to keep moving.
[Mia] The Prayer Wall.
Smart Zeds?
We're not doomed
as long as we stay together.
- Round three?
- Woman...
I'm gonna mate with you
so hard after this.
I'll leave the blood on for ya.
'[War cry]
- [gunshots]
Why did you bother to make us?!
You had to know
we'd be fucked up!
Take your clothes off.
A one-track mind?
[Squishy sounds]
Oh, fuck me!
Not now. Later.
Not that kind of fuck me.
What the fuck
are you doing?
Do you want to live
or not...
with the alpha male?
You'll be the king?
[zombies moaning]
You are He Who Watches,
aren't you?
On Earth, that is my name.
You sacrificed yourself
to save mankind
from eternal death.
My father asked me to.
- [Phoenix groaning]
- [Beset] Phoenix!
Phoenix! [sobbing]
And you thought
I was stupid.
When you and the others
are dead, I'll still be here.
Owner of this land
and king of the dead.
And queen of the dead.
[Shira laughing]
I can't roam alone
on this planet forever.
You won't.
We'll be together.
Like we promised.
Beset, what are you doing?
[heavy breathing]
- Let's resurrect.
- What?
- [Beset grunts]
- [Phoenix] No!
- [growling]
- [Shira grunts]
Get this waste of flesh
off my altar.
You don't talk to me
like that, little girl.
Karl, do what the fuck I say!
My father once asked me
to save him.
It was the hardest thing
I've ever had to do.
Until now.
[Shira] Nostrus stella.
[Karl] Nostrus stella.
[Shira] Benede canos.
[Karl] Benede canos.
[Shira] We summon thee
on this night.
[Karl] We summon thee
on this night.
To give
a sacrifice of blood.
[Karl] To give
a sacrifice of blood.
- For thy light.
- For thy light.
[Shira] Nostrus stella.
Benede Canos.
[Karl] Nostrus stella.
Benede Canos.
[Shira] We summon thee
on this night.
[Karl] We summon thee
on this night.
To give a sacrifice of blood.
[Karl] To give
a sacrifice of blood.
- For thy light.
- For thy light.
I failed.
I can't do anything now.
I tell you the truth.
Before Abraham.
[heavy breathing]
I remember father.
Before Abraham was born. I am.
As you say it, it is so.
Save my children.
If not, I died in vain.
You saved mankind,
and so can I.
[heavy breathing, coughing]
- What did you do?
- [stammering]
Oh Mia. Mia, no.
Oh no. No, no.
It is done.
Oh, sister.
Karl... Karl...
Oh shit!
Kill me, stud!
Fuck me to death!
You killed my father
and you killed
my precious sister.
I'm gonna kill you
with my bare fucking hands.
And my wife here,
is gonna kill your bitch.
You can try.
You Ratheans
are all fucking cowards.
Why don't you drop your weapons
and fight me like a real woman?
Or are you even a real woman?
I'm gonna fuck you
and then I'm gonna kill you.
Then I'm gonna
fuck your boyfriend
and then I'm gonna
kill him too.
And out of those options...
The only one I would allow
is the first one.
- [gurgles]
- [sighs]
[Mia] The evil was impeded.
But a new battle has begun.
Help them. Watch them.
And if you must, punish them.
And if I don't?
My father will.
In your name,
He Who Watches.
And in your name,
She Who Watches.
[Mia] Earth has become
a world of decay and wickedness.
The sinful sweep the land,
drawing innocent blood
to feed their selfish needs.
Where is it?
Where is it, bitch?
No. Please.
Please, please.
I'm sorry. Please.
I'm sorry.
Please. Please!
I'm sorry! Please!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry...
Whatsoever a man soweth,
that shall also reap.
[Mia] Humanity struggles
to do better.
For those who don't,
punish them.
My faithful Zed Watchers
now patrol the lands.
I know, Father.
It's possible that the dead
shall inherit the Earth.
But not if I have anything
to do with it.