Apocalyptic 2077 (2019) Movie Script

rioting today in a repeat of what happened just three weeks ago
tensions are still rising with nuclear threats now coming from both sides.
if it's okay with your mum you play with
this if you like
Oh thank you that's very nice of you
you're very welcome
Jack Chyser it is you
What are you doing here?
Well, never mind that, how are you?
it's been such a long time like
ten years as I saw you lost
must be about that
must be about that you haven't changed a bit
The last time I saw you, you were in a band, what was it called?
Death Pit
That's the one. You were really good.
We were terrible
Our best song was called suck on my sewage pipe
Is that the one that you played at the charity show,
Where all the the grannies have to be a ushered out and all the kiddies started crying?
That's the one.
So what are you doing with yourself now? Did you ever go to med school?
I did indeed
I'm now Dr. Claire Stevens
That's awesome
how about you you silly the
music biz?
not exactly although it's still pretty
rock and roll
I'm an IT technician
So where you headed?
Just took a job at weather
The EKAF research centre?
Yeah, that's it
that's where I work
how long you gonna be with this for then?
I'm just temping for six weeks
Oh to think in last six weeks it is in
the middle of nowhere and you do realize
there's no pubs there
You what?
excuse me sir I have an anomaly here
I've told you before don't call me sir I'm
not your boss
sorry sir, Jack
looks like a sensor drop out we usually
send this to tech but they left on the
first transport this morning send it to
Colville let them deal with it
Christmas bonus
oh just in time so do
you have any plans for Christmas I bet
you can't wait to get home
Jack Chyser
to the medical Bay
- Jack Chyser - the medical bed
He won't be going anywhere
he'll be here for Christmas
oh no has he
been chosen for maintenance duty?
volunteered for the past four years
breathe in
breathe out
well Jack I think you'll survive till I
get back
so how you doing
yeah I'm good I'm ready
why don't you come back with me
for the holidays, it would do the world of good
I'm sure Carter can get someone to cover
No I told you I'm fine honestly
Jack I'm not a psychologist but I think
yeah acrophobic we need to get you some support
I'm not agraphobic, agraphobia is a
fear of the outside I don't fear it I
just don't like it and besides I've got
everything I need right here
well let's talk about this when I get back you should be getting yourself back upstairs
now okay
okay you come in
I'm just gonna finish up here
and I'll jump on the next transport
Well say hello to Mike and kids me you
You look after yourself
them I'll see you in the new year
the final transport is
for departure all remaining personnel
please exit the building now
We're off now Jack you're gonna be all right
on your own?
don't worry about me go and
enjoy yourselves I'll see you in the new
See you Jack
right is that the last of them Jim?
yes I have locked down the facility
Well let's get this party started
hit the music
sorry to spoil your fun jack but we have
an error with one of the server
is that it Jim?
no it's still not active
Hold on, I think I see the problem.
Are you okay jack?
no I've cut myself
should I call the
medical assistance?
No I'll get some
plasters from downstairs
Do you know what Jim I've been thinking
in our family we used to have a
tradition. Christmas Eve we always open
one present and you know what today is Jim
it's Christmas Eve
that's right Jim Bob
I'm afraid I don't have a present for you Jack
that's all right this is more of a
reciprocal gift 33 beretta I'm ready
Sub level 3
Are you ready?
I'm ready
I'm afraid my sensors cannot determine
what that is
it's an Ethernet cable and
what it means is I can plug you into our
games console Hey
Hey, do you reckon we should leave a note for Santa
upon the surface level you know just to
let him know we're down there
I'm not
sure what you mean
do you require psychiatric help?
hilarious Jim I see that humor upgrade
it ain't been wasted
knock knock
who's there?
Sub level 6
Madam who?
madam fingers are stuck in
the door can you open it please
now that is humor
no Jim that is sad and
pathetic and who heard me tell it to Tony last week.
What the hell's going on?
was it an earthquake?
Take me to the surface
I'm afraid that
is impossible sub levels three to six
have been compromised
compromised what the hell do you mean compromised?
Large amounts of radiation have been detected
Oh I see. Hilarious, I bet Tony's put you up to this one, I bet you're all having a right laugh
Jack I think you should look at
the monitor on this floor
okay I'll play along, open
the doors
ground floor level 1 contaminated, sublevel
one contaminated
Sub level 2 contaminated, where the hell's our smoke
coming from
I'm not sure but the console
should show you
electrical fire in the audio suite
[ coughing ]
I think the fire's completely out Jim
what's the damage Jim
ground floor down
to sublevel six have large amounts of
radiation enough to kill a human within
10 minutes by my estimation
well at least the fires out what's the food
situation like?
luckily for you jack this
floor houses the entire food store
enough for the entire crew for 18 months
well we should be alright for a few days
what day we are now Jim
well they'll be back Monday so I'll only be down here three days come on get the music on
I'm afraid we don't have any music I cannot
access the mainframe what
well pick us a film out to watch then make it something good
we have no films
well what about
the old console games there still on the
server right?
we have no access to the
so we've got no entertainment at
all for three days?
hey the CCTVs back up and running but there's still
no sign of anybody
They should have been back by now Jim you detecting anything outside?
nothing detected
it's been two months
now I don't think anybody's coming back
how long have we got to stay down here?
the radiation levels will remain fatal
for approximately eight years
how long's the food gonna last?
for an average male
of your age the food should last eight
years and 13 days but at your current
consumption rate it will only last five
Hey Jim
Look what I've found here
what is all this stuff?
this facility was
opened in 1976 they are some of the
belongings left behind by the staff over
the years
give me some sugar baby
Look what I've found.
might be
a game let's get this bad boy set up
it's bowling Jim now the name of the
game is you have to knock down all the
pins here I'll go first and show you how
it's done
but you will only knock down
three pins
I know Jim but you get
another go to knock down the rest
your go Jim now take it side and try to
line it up in the middle
beginner's luck come on let's have
another game
we have a signal from the
International Space Station it shows an
area unaffected by radiation
What, no
radiation at all?
you know what
that means Jim this information could
save the world
no Jim
Schwarzenegger it was an action star you
must have heard of him
come on give me a
six and nine. 69
a Royal Flush?
wait a minute
are you see in this monkey balls?
He's been cheating
we took you in off the
streets and we gave you a home and
you're cheating on Christmas Day you
need to take a serious look at yourself
you think I've heard you and
monkey balls talking about me and I
wouldn't be surprised if Jim's in on it as
well well listen up I'm Captain Jack
Chyser and this is my operation
you will not sabotage it all right
Jack we have a radio signal coming through
don't wind me up Jim
seriously there is a
radio signal
so there's survivors?
it's hard
to tell from the recording
well let's hear it then
[ distorted audio ]
it then send it through to the audio
patch it through Jim
yeah I've got it
right that's it and clean this up a
little bit
[ distorted audio ]
Somethings coming through
Salvation...... [ unintelligible ] ...City
Can you hear that Jim?
salvation...governm...salvation City
Salvation City
Salvation City
We've got a destination but we just don't know where
it is
and we can't stay here much longer
we need to start planning
I hate punks worse than anything
You better give up I'm a master and you're
going to lose this game
This is the one Jim
well we know we need to go south but we
don't know where the radiation is
Well I can detect the radiation up to a 50-mile
radius of the base
so that puts us here
but there's still a long way to go this
is going to be a problem
in your face Jim Bob
oh you're the
meanest guy in the world
Come on!
can you hear me Jim I just have to take
you offline for a moment
yes I can hear you Jack
now open your eyes
I don't
understand how do I open my eyes?
there's a new program on your file system
execute it
and that is not even the best
bit move your wheels
you didn't think I
was gonna leave you behind
did you Jim?
you just need me to come
along to detect the radiation
yeah now
come on we've got work to do
food check, water check, tent check
devilish good looks
Ah Horny
I'm not very good
these long goodbyes but you're the man
of the house now
it's time for us to leave we don't know
what's out there or if you can ever come
back goodbye my old friend
which way South Jim?
straight ahead jack
we must be getting close how far have we
128 kilometres
what's that in real
money? it's a figure of speech Jim what
is it in miles?
seventy nine point five
three five five miles approximately
I reckon we should reach civilization
tomorrow well what's left of it
do you ever have dreams Jim?
I aspire to be as
efficient as possible
I don't mean that
kind of dream Jim I mean the kind you
have when you sleep
please explain
it's like a vision a memory that plays in your
head while you're asleep
an involuntary
what do you dream about
doesn't matter we really need to
get you some better aspirations Jim
because efficiency, It just ain't a
cool dream you were a robot now not just
any run of the mill computer system
maybe we should find you a lady Robot
I would very much like to interface with
another system
now you talk in Jim go on
what would you say to her?
I would request access to their database
yeah I
think we need to work on your chat up
where the hell is everybody?
dr. Stevens so they might actually go
out of here alive
not everyone got out
alive jack
nothing much of use in there but at
least we know that the compasses working
now we know the plane was heading to
London assuming it was taking a direct
course that means were traveling due
South as planned how many miles are we
traveled Jim?
84 miles
so that means
approximately 70 miles to the nearest
town maybe that's where the survivors
are maybe that's where Claire is
I'm sorry to tell you jack but it is
highly unlikely that anyone could have
survived outside for any prolonged
well you never know the area
obviously wasn't affected that badly I
mean there's tons of vegetation
don't let appearances fool you we may even see
fruit growing but don't eat it jack
it will be contaminated and deadly for
come on Jim let's get a move on
this place gives me the creeps
Can you hear that Jim?
sounds like a music
It's coming from over there
you see that Jim? It was a zombie.
it wasn't a
zombie Jack
It was a bloody zombie if it
wern't for my kung-fu skills probably
eating me alive
kung fu?
yeah kung fu Jim
I could see
through the door Jack she slipped and
banged her head
yeah but I pushed her
oh well done jack you
killed an infirm malnourished old lady
grow up Jim
hey where you heading I was worried there
wasn't any survivors or at least anyone
that wasn't a zombie you're not a zombie
are you?
what's that?
that's Jim he's sort
of a robot
so where have you come from?
about 60 miles
we've been underground for the last
eight years
you've not been outside for
12 years Jack,
let's not bore the man
with the details we've heard a
broadcasts about salvation City is that
where the survivors are how many
You have any water?
yeah of
Hey wait up
So salvation city there is it far?
no not too far I'm heading there myself
welcome to tag along
come on Jim
there's no government at all?
no it's all just kind of messed up
there's two main gangs there's the
sylus gang in havenport they have the
water and there it's a Drayfus gang the
Electric City they at the power plant
well what about salvation city?
you can see
it for yourself
well almost there we've just got to
make one quick stop first
Who's this Slater?
this is Jack he's
got a bag full of food and water it's
gonna give us
you what?
sorry jack
just business
what we're gonna do now we
got no map we've got no water
all we got is this poxy sachet of ketchup
it doesn't look like there's anybody
there are you picking anything up Jim
We're gonna have to take a look
after you Jim
Jack I'm in my kitchen, it looks like I
have found the farmer
poor bastard he must have starved to death
I have analyzed the fibers in the clothing
this man died of prolonged exposure to
radiation around three years ago
so if
has been dead for three years that means
he survived out here for five years in
the middle of nowhere
what the hell was he been living on
I'm not sure but he was certainly not
Come on Jim let's take a look
yeah baby
hey up Jim cop a load of this
realistically Jim how many survivors do you think there is out there?
I estimate a reduction of 98
percent of the human population in the
past ten years
the chances are nobody I
knew is still alive
did you have a family?
I just need to get away for a while
Is everything okay at home sorry I don't mean
to pry
that's okay something happened
if you
ever need to talk I'm here
no pressure but sometimes it's really
good just to talk about these things
anytime you want to come see me at EKAF
you do that that's what I'm there for
Hostess, can I grab a whiskey
there were so many people they came out
nowhere we got swamped. I tried to hold
their hands but the current of the crowd
it was too strong my wife and son they
were killed in the riots
I did have a
family once upon a time
looks like we're here Jim
I don't think we're gonna find much here
There's somebody out there
what you doing?
whoa I'm well-versed in the art of kung fu
why didn't you use your kung fu Jack?
Shut up Jim
I'll take these two
My best two?
Want me to get Sylus down here Ten Bolt?
I thought you was dead I've seen the plane
Jack listen Jack we havn't got much time
you need to get a message
to salvation
I don't know how we're gonna get out of this one mate
Luckily I made a few adjustments to my infrared
get of here Jim
oh hello sir table for one is it?
I just
want to ask you a couple of questions
yeah there's a table over here sir would
you like a menu
Do you know where salvation
city is?
never heard of it shall I give
you a couple of minutes to decide
today's special?
today's special is the
what a real cheeseburger?
well the cheese is out of a tube but the meat's
I'll take the special then please
would you like a wine or a beer with
is it red or white?
it's brown it's
a bit like the beer actually it's the
same drink but some people like to be
offered a choice
I'll take a beer then please
Good choice I'll go
get you a special
One special
one beer
everything okay Jack I
can't really
talk right now Jim just try and stay out of sight
and let me know if you see that ten bolt
that'll be 50 credits mate
I've only got
these to trade
we don't trade 50 credits
I haven't got any credits
what is it Bernie?
This dick head can't pay
what did the order?
He had the special
oh dear lucky for you it was
just a leg if it had been the liver
you'd have been fucked now follow me to
the kitchen
what the hell are you
talking about
you had the meat, you can't
pay so we're gonna take it back
no fucking way
how the hell do we get out of here?
get me down
You? Why the hell should I help you?
you robbed me
you ate my leg
fair enough
I love this part
pedal faster you bastard
Oh for fuck's
who is it?
this better be
these two tried to escape from the cafe
so send them back
Ten Bolt says this ones his
He's mine
He escaped for the slave docks and
Bernie says he owes him for meat
and who's the other one?
he's the meat
and who told you that stop pedaling?
oh for Christ's sake
there's more this one's been talking
about salvation says he has information that
can save the world
salvation? Drayfus sent you didn't he
motherfucker well if he wants another
war you can have one
I found this some
kind of computer
I don't know anybody
called Drayfus I'm looking for salvation
city to deliver a message
you'll deliver a message alright, you're gonna
send a message to that bastard in
Electric City you tell him for me this
is a breach of our agreement one more
incident and there will be consequences
now take that thing down to the lab
about this one
get on the bike
look I think there's
been a bit of a misunderstanding here
get on the fucking bike
I've only got
one leg
okay fine take him back to the
cafe and bring me back a burger
no no wait
you don't want one of those dirty skinpods, man like you deserves a nice cyber
girl take one of these tell them Eddie sent
you. Ten percent discount
I'm looking for some information I've
got these to trade
we sell noodles here
but the conversation is free
I'm looking
for a place salvation city
I can't say I've ever heard of such a place
I think it's a place where there's scientists
I really need to speak to them I have
some information that could save the
wow that's very dramatic
talk like
that will get you killed in a hurry some
people they don't want to be saved some
people just like things well just the
way they are
And you like living like
I didn't say that
I'm serious I found evidence of a place
unaffected by radiation a place where
we can start over we can grow crops we'll even have fresh air
you just don't get
it do you? okay let's just suppose you're
not another lunatic let's suppose this
place exists they wouldn't let us have
it they'd take you for themselves it
wasn't that long ago that you still had
hope Devon
oh I still have hope some
things have to change that's all
salvation city must exist I heard it on
a radio broadcast
Ah, the radio salvation is not
City you're talking about project
salvation it was a scheme that was brought
in to bring all the great minds together
to build a brighter future it was here at
Electric City
I'm afraid you're too late
most of them were killed during the
revolution any that survived fled you
might want to think twice before asking
around after them they are an outlawed
group in Electric City
so where did they all go?
I'm sorry and really don't know
do you know where this is?
club Barbarella just go down the bottom of
the street turn left and keep going
what serving?
credit or trade?
what is it?
that was brilliant
I haven't seen you
around here before
I'm from somewhere else but I do believe
we've got a mutual friend Claire Stevens
one more drink before work
bartender two more of
whatever that was
how do you know Claire?
I worked with her
at EKAF research but I've seen her
more recently at Haven port now she told
me to find salvation and she drew me
this symbol
where is she now?
I think they killed her
she must have been a messenger the last
messenger was executed I haven't heard
from salvation for three months now
there have been rumors Drayfus has been
sending out search parties to find them
not kill them but to bring them back to
electric city the generators in the city
are failing and no one knows how to
repair them without them electric city
will be finished
Sylas and those beasts
from havenport would make light work of
slaughtering us all.
Who's Drayfus?
you're really not from around here are you?
Drayfus is the boss of electric city
you think he knows where to find them?
maybe but no one sees Drayfus without
being invited
what can I find him?
you get killed
that's my concern
Santa's grotto
just tell me
Winter wonderland Lime Street
whoa kids
only no paedos
I'm here to see Drayfus
nobody sees Drayfus
listen it's really
important I speak to him
you a player?
a player yeah yeah I'm a
you're a player
listen mate I'm
the player
it's me boss
idiot I know it's you who
else would it be
there's a player
a player?
hello I'm Jack
I've just come here to
What is this Sharon? some kind of sick joke I thought
he was a player
look you play the game
and win you get a thousand credits you
play the game and lose you die you don't
play the game you die just play the game
I ain't here to play no games
ok listen let
me tell you what I'm gonna do if you win
I'll give you a thousand credits, you can
ask you question and I even let you pick
the game otherwise Sharon here is gonna
have to blow your brains out and ruin
this nice ambience nobody wants that
well when you put it like that sounds
like a great deal
any game?
any game
this one
sudden-death player one
player two
Player One
player two
oK you've won so you get to ask your
I need to know where salvation is
draw you a map, it's the other side of
radiation lake but you're gonna need
I'm gonna need one more thing I need to
pay an old friend a visit I'm gonna need
some firepower
in havenport?
Come on
Stand back
Jim can you hear me
I can hear you
What the hell have they done to you? come on let's get you out of here
the salvation boys back causing havoc, he's killed Bernie and the butcher
and he's released the slaves
I think we've lost them don't worry Jim
we'll get you all fixed up we just need to find
well the good news is that I
still have the information they took my
hard drive but I made a backup in my ram
the bad news is that my battery is dying
as soon as it does the information will
be lost forever
We'll soon be coming up on radiation lake
Jack radiation levels are rising
I estimate that you will only have three
hours to reach the other side
let's do this
battery at 3%
radiation levels are still rising
you cannot sustain this dosage for much
longer Jack maybe we should turn back
battery at 1%
radiation levels are dangerously high
Sir, I think he's coming round
ah nice of you
to join us Mr Chyser
so tell me this do you still want to
save the world
don't I know you from somewhere
to salvation