Aponi (2016) Movie Script

Everybody's fighting for some cause
Some belief system.
The kids on occupy wall street.
The religious Jews fighting against
against the draft in Israel.
The Muslims against the
It all keeps us separate,
distant from ourselves.
We're all wearing
masks, and don't even realize it.
It's a natural defense
of our subconscious.
What a sad veil we all wear...
Will we ever wake up?
Take off the mask's and
realize who we really are?
Is it possible one day decades from now,
that we could share a common belief?
A purpose
for the greater
good of the people in this city.
In this world?
What a difference that would make.
Maybe one day?
- I'm Sorry miss, I didn't
mean that, are you ok?
- Yeah I'm fine sorry
it's my fault, bad habit
I was rushing not paying
attention, but you know
It's not a good
idea to read and walk.
I probably just
saved your life Miss!
Yes maybe you did,
maybe you saved my life.
- Well maybe I did?
- Yeah well Maybe you did?
You sound like
a Cop or something?
I'm actually a Detective.
- Really? Your joking?
- No
Well you know if you bump
into a Woman and she's in a bad mood
she might have you sued
for sexual harassment.
Now your sounding like a Lawyer?
Your joking your a
Lawyer that's too funny!
- Whats your name?
- I'm Aponi.
What a beautiful name.
I'm Jack, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you Jack,
- So Where you going to on this lovely day?
Actually headed that way
I'm going to the Actor's Studio.
- Taking classes
- That's incredible I'm going there too!
- Oh -Listen I'm going to grab a quick
coffee and I'll meet you there.
- Alright
- can I get you something coffee, tea?
- Ah... coffee?
- Regular? -Sure!
- Well I want to go don't want to be late!
It's my first class. -alright..
- Sorry what was your name again?
- Jack...
- Jack... ok alright bye bye.
- Bye
Ok... now for the
entire class
we're gonna work
on an intimate moment.
Every year my Aunt, my Uncle
would take us to a book store...
One day we were out swimming
and the riptide was really strong...
um and, for the first
time I felt like I saw my
Dad who was my hero the
bravest man in the world
I saw him get really scared.
It was a fantastic Lemonade
stand we had every summer.
We would set this up and we made
the absolute worst lemonade!
It was mostly water a little bit of
lemon and a lot of Sugar!
Great Job! We could all get some strong
visuals from the story that she told.
We could all see the
Lemonade stand and taste
it from her description,
excellent job!
Ok, who would like to be next?
Can you go back and recall some
of your earliest memories as a child?
Im not sure I follow? I mean what
do you mean like high school,
girlfriends football? I don't
know what you mean really?
Try to tap into your emotions,
try and remember what
moved you or even inspired
you or even hurt you?
I had an ok childhood I
guess like any other kid.
We had ups and downs
and some struggles too.
What do you mean by struggles?
You were only a child?
We were pretty poor, Greg and me
we didn't give it much thought.
I mean, we had each other,
and our dog, Penny.
Our German Shepherd she was so
beautiful she went everywhere with us.
I remember one walking back one
afternoon and Mom picked us up
Which was unusual
she never picked us up.
Get in the car boys!
I said get in the car!
She said she wanted to go for
a ride in the Country.
We drove for about an hour
and a half.
She pulled over,
I thought we broke down.
Jack I'm just gonna take her out
ok Penny's go to do her business.
Ok boy's just ah, wait in the car,
and mommy and penny will be right back, ok.
- Penny! Penny! Penny! -It's not
a big deal Jack! Calm down!
She gave us some bullshit story
that Penny would be ok and find a new Home.
I knew that was a lie.
- Go! Go!
I said get in the car!
You forgot Penny?
Ma you forgot Penny!
Please go back and get her!
Penny is going to be just fine!
Penny! Penny! Penny!
I ran away the next day
looking for that dog.
But I never found her.
Years later my brother became ah,
Quit school
he started doing drugs.
That dog was
unconditional love for us.
That's all we had, something our
mother couldn't give us.
Jack, I don't know what to say?
One someone opens up such a personal side
of their life, you can only thank them.
As actors we have to be able to tap
into these emotions from our own life.
And intertwine them with
the character that we
might be playing, we must
be this transparent.
- Nice work Jack.
Are you Ok?
Yeah I'm alright.
Gosh it was such an awful story
I'm sorry you had to go through that.
- Thanks
- You'll be alright.
You know that intimate scene
took a lot out of me in class.
The teacher wants us
to tap into our emotion,
so we can better understand everything.
I think you right about that,
I really love this class,
and I always want to be
an actor what about you?
I've always wanted
to be a Lawyer.
I went to Law school studied criminal
defense and..
But to say, I do like this class it's
giving me confidence in the court room.
- Trials and things, I love what I do it's
different from day to day a real challenge!
- That's great I wish I could say
that about my career. -Why?
Well I just followed in
my Uncle's footsteps. You know being a cop.
Why don't you give me one?
Alright I'll have
a dry Martini shaken not stirred.
Wow that was great! it's James Bond!
- Yes!
- Sean Connery He's the best one!
- He's totally the Best! Absolutely!
- You know your quick! Let
me give you one more. -Ok!
Im an excellent driver, I'm
definitely an excellent driver.
AhTim Allen?
No I'm just kidding! Just Kidding!
Alright I know this Ah, um, don't tell me!
Don't tell me -I got to have pancakes
- Oh! -Pancakes Dustin Hoffman!
- Yes! Um, UmRain Man! -Yes!
Good Job! Awesome!
Do you mind if I
ask you something?
You can ask me
anything you want.
Um, Gosh, I don't know how to say
this? Alright I'll just ask you.
Have you ever had to use your weapon?
Like, discharge it?
Yeah, I pulled my weapon out a
couple of times but,
About two months ago...
- Ended up shooting this young black kid.
- Why?
He was driving this old beat up car
it was 2am he was swerving.
It was a bad neighborhood, with drugs!
I went to the window asked for his license
and registration.
- And he wouldn't
role down the window.
So I asked him again
License, registration?
He didn't do it.
He reaches underneath his legs,
with the glare, what it looked like
- You thought it was a gun?
- I thought it was a gun, so I fired.
Did he live? -Oh yeah nothing
happen to him thank God!
He was in the hospital for a
couple of weeks.
Doctor's said he was lucky.
I felt terrible
So ah, why did you want to become a lawyer?
Well I think your case is a
a perfect example.
There was a kid on the block his
name was Freddy and
He was a great kid, he was a dork
he wasn't one of the cool kids.
He was chasing after the girls
and none of them wanted him.
But he was harmless. They always say that.
he's harmless he would never hurt anyone.
He wouldn't he was
a really good kid.
This woman she got assaulted a
couple of blocks from where we were.
Freddy matched the description
So the cops just hauled him off.
He had no attorney, he had no
he ended up coping a plea even though he didn't
do it even after hours of interrogation
Which is another thing, I know
you have to do that..
But imagine your a sixteen year old,
Freddy was younger than that he was 13.
Imagine being 13 and a bunch of dudes
just grab you and say, you did this
they stared him right in the face,
and he coped to it and went down
No-one was his voice no-one
was there for him!
Well you can be that voice.
We can make
difference you and me.
- We can try.
- Yeah we can try.
We have to do our lines we have to
practice our scenes.
- Yes where can we rehearse?
Well I live with
my Grandma she's real sweet.
She wouldn't mind a guest over.
Sound ok?
- Yeah that sounds great!
Take my cell.
Ok put your number in right there.
- I wont call to late.
- No Grandma wouldn't like that!
- Ok I'll see you later.
- Alright bye.
- Bye
- Roll down your window!
Roll down the window
Put your hands up! Role it down!
License Registration!
License registration-
What are you doing!
We got a sixteen
year old suspect 10-10 in progress
Yeah I'm gonna call it a night.
Going down to
the bar to see Deluca.
Of course he's there again.
- Ok Car 1134. -Roger that,
I'll see you guys in the morning.
Lets do it!
You know what your
problem is? That you're biased!
You love the Mets!
Hey look who it is!
Hey Jack! how's the Detecting going?
He's doing a real good job look
at him he's the best look at him!
- You want a drink?
- No I'm Good Thanks!
We need to talk in private.
Oh shit I think I'm getting
in trouble guys on the Job!
By the book Mike!
That's what it is! He's doing it
by the book guys!
Cheers by the book everybody!
Alright Jack! See what happens
when you get promoted.
You gotta follow protocol no matter what!
Do your job and police the fucking area!
Do you understand?
I don't like what you did this morning,
we could have been written up!
A drug dealing Punk gets
shot by another dealer!
What evidence is there?
The guy that shot him is probably dead
Let me do the job and collect the evidence,
We're not partners anymore get it!
I do things by the book!
You sound like a fucking rookie!
Your the big shot detective
do you work over there!
Mike stop with the
big shot shit alright!
You could have made detective too!
I'm here to have a drink
I'm going back to the bar!
Yeah! You don't want to hear that!
How you doing today ladies?
You see that stop sign back there?
You didn't see it, well your
supposed to stop at it.
License and registration?
- Registration please.
That's none of your business! we're
not giving you that information!
You be quiet.
Get out of the car.
- Why you getting out of the car?
- Why are you asking me out of the car?
- This is freaking unbelievable!
- Hey I'll get to you in a minute!
Put your arms up!
I'll bet you
like that don't you?
- Your an asshole! -Put
your arms up don't move!
What the fuck are you doing?
Give me that!
Give me my Camera!
What is wrong with you!
I'm tired of you! I will deal with
you in a minute! Put your hands up!
Hey Hipp whats going on?
Did you call that girl back? from the
other night? The one you met for drinks?
No I didn't there was no connection
at all.
You just can't get over the divorce
can you?
I'm over that chapter.
You know woman they don't need men
these days.
Look at the pot calling the kettle black
you with all your one night stands.
Well you know what that's all their
good for anyway!
Try making a connection, a
real connection Mike.
Jacqueline, I'm gonna
email you my notes for
tonight and I'd like
them typed for tomorrow.
Sure I'll do it first thing in the morning.
Great Thanks! I've got that
Deluca Deposition tomorrow.
The judge did not grant a continuance.
That's good means my client has a shot.
She was able to record some of the assault
on her phone, so add to the fact that
She did not consent to the search
there was no probable cause.
Hopefully in light of all this evidence,
His attorney will make him cop to a plea.
He thinks he can hide behind
the color of law.
He can't!
So what's up bro!
Nothing, but you
have some high opinions!
You've been seen all over town
with that shine broad!
I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that!
Yeah, well I'm gonna pretend your not
going out with a bitch!
You should hear yourself Mike,
you sound like a racist punk!
I'm disappointed in you!
I'm just trying to save you time
in the future and you know that Im right!
And that hurt!
Good is was supposed to!
- I'll see you next week!
- Whatever!
- Wow you look really nice!
- Thank You.
Are you hungry, I made a snack?
Yes a little bit I'm tired.
- I caught a cop civilian case.
- This time its an assault.
- I don't know Im worried, that cop Deluca
he might be get off.
Because my client has a lot of priors and
- Is that Mike Deluca?
Yes, do you know him? He works for
the 19th precinct?
Yeah I know him he's a jerk!
Of course someone video taped it, it's gone
viral everywhere here take a look at this.
- I bet you like this huh? -You Asshole!
- What the hell you doing?
- Give me that, give me that camera!
I'll deal with you later,
put your hands up!
I see him here smashing the phone?
How did you get the video?
Someone had already uploaded it, so
all we had to do is just click on the link.
He's a jokeI'm sorry, listen Lets forget
about all that and have some wine.
Its from upstate.
I smell berries.
- Yeah maybe a little Raspberry too?
- Like strawberries?
Yeah maybe a little blackberry too!
So Jack Hipp do you have any other
siblings besides your brother?
- Yes I have 3 sisters
- Really, Oh my god!
Gosh Christmas must of
been crazy at your house?
Yea, especially dinner time we use to
fight for the food - I believe it
- how bout you?
- Oh, I don't have siblings.
But um a lot of cousins around same age,
you know Aunts and Uncles we were busy.
So do you want a big family,
do you wanna have children?
I don't know? How bout you?
Yes I would definitely
like to have children.
I don't know if I can have kids?
That's ok
As long as I have you, that's enough.
Tell me how old is Jack?
Well he's 44 a little older than me
but, you know just like you and Grandpa.
I know but times were different then.
Ok but it's just the same it's only
15 years not much of a difference.
Im always gonna worry about you
I don't want to see you get hurt.
I'm a big girl and, Jack's not gonna
hurt me.
I know that he loves me and
I love him.
I love you to sweetheart.
I just want you to be happy
But I'm always gonna worry about you.
I know, I know but
Jack's different he's caring.
You should see him he goes ever weekend
and volunteers at this youth center
The way he connects with these kids
he's dedicated.
Well no that sounds special but
you still need to be careful..
Cops do not have a good reputation
with woman.
Jack's not like that he's not
like those other cops.
When I'm with him
it's like being on cloud nine.
You know like the sun is always shining.
You sound like me when
I use to speak about your Grandfather.
I miss him so much not a day goes by I
don't think about him, what we shared..
When he past away a big part of me died
too, we have a love that will never end.
I pray you will find someone that will take
care of you like that.
Now if the universe has brought you two
together cherish every moment.
How much money does the man make?
Grandma! That's got nothing
to do with anything.
- Yes it does -Oh my God
don't give me that face
- Come on -Alright I have to go
But I will say I think Jack's the one.
I'm happy for you baby!
- I'll see you later
- Ok, bye.
- So good to see you
- Gosh it's been a while right?
Your so busy!
My job is stressful,
You have no idea
- Fancy Lawyer.
- Thank you
- Not as fancy as you think it is.
- Really? -Really?
- So tell me about your trip?
- It was so nice!
- Green port is so beautiful
- Yeah.
We went to the winery
and walked around on the beach!
- Its was really nice to get away.
- That's good.
I know your crazy about
this restaurant,
and the brussel sprouts are
your favorite dish
You haven't taken a bite.
I know I'm my heads
in La La Land.
Im thinking bout Jack where
everything is heading.
Well I have a good feeling about Jack.
Me too, We've been talking
a lot about our families
- Like where we come from, things like
that got me thinking about my dad
Well that makes sense, starting a
new relationship that's intense.
Do you have his correct information?
Do you know someone who does?
I do actually.
You do?
- Yeah I have all his information -Ok
- Haven't brought myself to do anything?
Its been so long I'm so much older now
- What difference will it make?
- Aponi, It would make a difference to you.
I guess your right.
Ok I'll reach out.
- Who is it?
- Jack -Jack who?
Jack the Ripper
cop by day, menace by night.
- JackSo glad you could make it
- aw thank you
- here come in
Jack this is my
Grandma, Grandma this is Jack.
- We finally meet Mrs. Rhodes.
- Aw it's a pleasure Jack.
- My pleasure.
- Would you like ah
water, or coffee, tea?
- Bottle water would be great.
- Sure..
Aponi tells me You are in
acting class together?
- Yes we are that's that's where we met.
- Oh?
Actually we met outside the coffee shop.
Yeah we literally bumped into each other.
Yeah we did but I'm not complaining
now we have a scene together.
Street Car Named Desire.
- Oh excellent!
Speaking ofwe actually should get started!
Because we don't want to run late.
- Ok -Yeah -Alright..
Well don't mind
me I going to do some internet surfing,
you two kids do what you do.
It was a pleasure Jack to meet you.
It was a pleasure
to meet you too!
- Have fun Grandma
- She's adorable..
- Oh she's my world
- Hey that's a beautiful cross.
- Oh thank you
my Dad gave it to me as a kid
I rarely take it off.
You know what I totally forgot
my script, do you have yours?
Yeah but why don't we try to
do it off book? To see how we do?
- Ok -Ok -Alright
So how you gonna play Blanch?
She's such a strong character,
she is quite vulnerable.
Can you play vulnerable?
Yes, but stop it, be serious
I wanna do well in this class..
I'm sorry I couldn't resist..
Well I think she's a gutsy woman.
But really it's more nuance than that.
She's still a little
bit helpless.
She's has to be more, more like her.
That's my mom.
- That's your mom?
- Yeah
- I can see the resemblance.
Yeah, she's probably the strongest woman
that ever lived.
I'm sorry what was I saying..
- Blanch
- Blanch that's right
Blanch needs to be that way.
Wanna know why?
Because Stanley is not a push over..
No Stanley is the king of the castle.
Until Blanch shows up.
- Like a wrecking ball.
But I think they're
attracted to one another.
- Oh you think.. -Yes
I do -are you sure?
- Are you kids rehearsing?
- Everything is ok Grandma..it's fine.
Jazz music films the room
- Oh Thank you
- Thank you, that piano guy is good!
- Yeah isn't he great -He's amazing!
- Definitely -Here
Let me taste yours
- Here go ahead
I guess that's what I like about you
you're sensitive, nice honest.
My Grandma sees those things in you too.
Your Grandma's a wonderful woman.
I know what you mean
one simple stare speaks volumes!
- Oh I know I know
- You mind if I ask you something?
- Sure go for it.
What ever happen to your parents?
Well my Mom died during childbirth.
- Oh I'm Sorry bout that
- No it's ok don't worry about it.
But my Dad he didn't do very
well at all with it,
he blames me for the whole thing
and took off when I was 4
That's alright my Grandma she came in
got custody and adopted me so
Did you ever try to find the guy?
At first no, I was so angry how could you
do that to someone
Now Im a little older, and making steps,
yeahmaking step to contact him.
- That's cool yeah you're
a very special woman so
special, I'm lucky to be with
you -That makes two of us!
Hi I phoned earlier and
Im antiquing in the area.
Im so thirsty.
Whats your poison dear?
How about a Cosmo?
- Cosmo? -ah whats your name?
- Kyle
- Just call you Kyle
- alright Kyle, no worries
- Thanks -Its not an import but on me.
- Ok Kyle
Im looking for a friend
could you help me?
Is this friend in any trouble?
No, No, It's been a while
since we've spoken
His name is Joseph.
Joseph, you talking about ah,
Well maybe old man Joe?
I heard he likes his Jack Daniels?
Oh that's him! you're sitting in his seat.
Ok could you tell me where he lives?
Well are you sure he's not in any trouble?
I promise it's nothing like that.
I actually got a photo of us here.
See that's me, and him right there..
It's been such a long time I'm
just trying to reconnect.
Well, well, well that's old Joe
handsome as ever
Ok do you think you could tell me where
he lives?
Ok let me tell you, Go out this road.
Make a right go down the road you'll see an
old mail box painted with stars and stripes
- make a right head down
towards the lake,
You can't miss him he's
the only house there.
So I have it clear I'm making a right
the mailbox, then towards the lake?
- Yes and head toward the lake
- Thank you Kyle
Good luck, finish your drink.
"I'm the One"
who will always believe...
wear my heart on my sleeve for you...
I'm the one...
he's learned how to wait...
for a time when you say you want me too...
"I'm your sure thing!"
I'll do anything"
you want me to do...
"I'm your sure thing!"
- Aponi Alright, ok what surprise?
And it don't bother me...
- Jack I rented this movie from the 20s
if it don't mean anything to you
I'm the one...
who knows how to lie...
friends ask me why...?
I'm always alone...
I'm the one...
who knows how to hide...
my feelings inside...
like I've always done...
"I'm your sure thing!"
I'll do anything...
you want me to do...
Im your sure thing
- Aponi...
and it don't bother me...
if it don't mean anything...
I dream of a day you take my hand...
we walk away together...
I find the way to let you know...
I only want to love you forever...
hi Jack Aponi's not here.
I know I came to see you.
- Oh ok..
- Can I come up?
- Sure come on up.
Oh hey Jack
- This is a surprise.
- Yeah
- You look well.
- So do you! Thank you
Let's go sit down, have a seat.
Jack what brings you up here to see me?
Is everything ok?
Yeah everything is really good, Aponi
and me, we've been dating for a while.
She's really special woman.
She's a very special woman Jack.
And I'm very protective of her.
I mean I never made a connection before
like this in my life.
I wanna ask her to marry me.
You've been married
before isn't that right?
What Aponi and I have, doesn't
come along that often in life.
You sure this is what you want?
I can't picture myself without her.
How does Aponi feel about this?
Have you spoken to her about this at all?
Yeah we have and we both want
the same things in life and
To have your blessing would
mean the world to me.
I trust you
And I believe you love my granddaughter.
But you gotta make me a promise that
you will love and take care of her
That's my little girl!
I love her very much.
I wanna share something with you.
- Alright..
This has been in my husbands family for
generations. His grandmother, his momma.
He gave it to me on my wedding day.
And when the time is right
I want you to give it to her.
- Are you sure about this?
- Oh yes!
This is incredible its beautiful.
I promise to love her and take care of her.
I know you will you have my blessing!
Just take care of her and love her.
- Oh Jack she loves you!
- And I love her!
Hey Mike I want to talk to you about
Yeah what's up, what do
you want to talk about?
I know there's a lot of shit going on
with this case and all but
We're getting serious I think I'm going
to ask her to marry me.
You gotta be kidding me?
You wanna marry this chick?
She tried to ruin my
career, my entire life!
She was doing her job,
don't take it personal.
What happen to you, your not the same guy
I knew?
I have my reasons.
Yeah you have your reasons well make
me understand? you make no sense?
Your upset because I
don't like black people.
Oh black people, thanks
that's the answer huh?
What happen to you I don't even
know who are you anymore?
Imagine someone you love, Imagine they
get beating up real bad
now imagine that person is your mother!
You get it, she didn't even press charges!
I'm sorry about that,
but I get it they were black,
this hatred has
festered inside of you.
Remember that kid I shot, that black kid?
Well his Mom came to the hospital and she
forgave me, she understood
but these are people man,
you understand people?
Just like you and me Im in love with Aponi!
Why is that so hard to understand?
8 million people in this city and you
have to pick that girl?
The universe picked us ok!
Leave me alone, You, your girlfriend
and your righteous bullshit!
- I'm gonna wish you luck! -Yeah,
alright -I've had enough!
Grandma are you still asleep?
Grandma? I made you some coffee
I can make tea if you want?
Grandma, I probably gonna be late tonight.
One of the attorney's
called in sick.
I'm gonna have to do a couple of more
hours at the office if that's ok?
I can pick something up for us later,
what about Chinese?
Ok time to get up, time for breakfast
I got some coffee I know you
like that, what about some tea?
I can make you tea if you want?
OrI can make you
an omelette, you like that
Grandma? Its Hot.
I wont disturb you.
I can make you those eggs? Do you remember?
Do you remember when I was little
You would teach me how to cook, the first
thing you taught me was how to me eggs
First you should crack them
you should always use a fork,
cause if you use the side of the
pan the shell might get in.
Get a little bit of milk, then add the
basil in
But only in the end so it infuses.
Do you remember?
Maybe you want a bagel, remember we use
to go down to that bagel shop?
The one on twelfth, with Sal,
you remember that?
He always had that
stupid grin on his face
You don't have to get up Grandma
She was such a Joy and inspiration
in all of our lives.
And I remember once it must have been
early spring?
And we were walking to school and walking
through the park, that gnats were out
It was slightly humid, and something
just flew by me really quickly
and I asked Grammy what's that, she's says
She says it's a Rhopalocera
and I said, what's a Rhopalocera?
She said it means Butterfly
She said it was her favorite
because it reminded her of me.
Because in Native American my name
means Butterfly.
She told me you can learn
a lot from a butterfly,
you can watch them
they're so graceful
their beauty and ever changing ways
you should try to be like them.
As I got older I finally
realized what she meant.
I mean first butterflies
don't live that long.
Really it's the fact that in order to be
happy in life you've got to be graceful,
you got to always adapt cause you don't
what life is gonna give you.
She's very wise my Grammy
She'll always be in my heart.
Ok, why don't we sit down
and eat, let's rejoice,
celebrate her life that's
the way she would want it.
- So how long were they married?
- I guess
about forty five years
- forty five yearswow
- You can see the love - Yeah he was
devoted to her, and she to him as well
- You look so much like her -You think so?
- Yeah I do look
- She ah, went to walk the dog
in the snow, -two dogs -She loved that dog.
- The thing about Grammy is she's kind of
a Grammy to everyone around her. -Yeah
- Remember the time we went to the Theatre?
- Yeah
She was worried I was really
cold, she gave me her blanket
Actually you know
what she loved doing.
She loved ah showing pictures to
everybody, It didn't matter who you were
Show you pictures and pictures,
she had all the albums
Oh you know what there's a good one good I
had it blown up.
Actually there's one on the
desk in the other room.
Would you mind getting it for me?
I'd like to show every one.
It's just right there when you walk in,
Oh she had them everywhere remember the old
albums the one's when you stick them on.
Aponi it's the room
right on the right here?
- Yeah ah right there on the right?
- Ok
Who's this boy in the picture?
She's a very special woman Jack.
And I'm very protective of her!
I don't know if I can have kids?
I'm not sure about this Jack?
Is the patient ready for
the reassignment surgery?
She's prepped and ready to go!
You sure this is this what you want?
I'm the one
Who will always believe
Wear my heart on my sleeve for you
I'm the one who's learn how to wait.
For the time when you say you want me too
I'm your sure thing...
I'll do anything you want me to do
I'm your sure thing I'll do anything
And it don't bother me
If it don't mean anything to you.