Aporia (2023) Movie Script

(logo whooshing)
(soft inspirational music)
(gentle bright music)
(waves crashing)
(suspenseful music)
(keyboard keys clacking)
(truck indicator lights beeping)
(door clanking)
(suspenseful music continues)
(cars whooshing)
- You're overthinking it.
- Okay, fine.
The Leonids meteor shower.
- What? (laughing)
What? That's not a thing.
- Oh my God. Honey.
- What is it?
- Come on.
Come on, look at this.
- Okay, well, first of
all, it's your screensaver,
which is offensive,
but also that blur
is the prettiest thing
you've ever seen.
It's the most beautiful thing.
- It's the second
most beautiful thing
that I've ever seen.
- Thank you.
That's a little better.
- Ah, okay, fine.
What's yours?
- Oh, that's easy.
Sunset over the Grand Canyon.
- Mm. I cannot believe
I've never been there.
- It's the closest thing
to heaven on earth.
- I'd love to go there with you.
- I'd like that.
(train horn blowing)
(dog barking)
(somber music)
- [Announcer] Doctor Kent, 663.
(somber music continues)
(knuckles rapping)
- Sophie, phone.
It's Riley's school again.
- [Principal] Three strikes
and a week suspension.
We can't have kids
skipping school.
- Isn't there,
(sighs) I don't know
any kind of exception
for special situations?
- [Principal] There is nothing
harder than losing a parent,
but I have given her
all the leeway I can.
- She's 11 years old.
- [Principal] It's
been nearly a year.
May I remind you
that this school
is partnered with a
grief counseling service?
- We're doing okay.
- [Principal] Well, she
has to be picked up.
- There's nothing
else you can do?
- [Principal] I am sorry.
Isn't there someone
who can help you?
(plane roaring)
- The airport is a
monument to science.
You know, 150 years ago,
it took a man six months
to travel halfway
across America.
Today we have planes that
harness compressible flow,
creating supersonic travel that
can put you in Poland hours
after leaving Los Angeles.
Isn't that interesting?
- Yeah. Yes.
(phone buzzing)
- My apology, I
have to get this.
Hello, Sophie.
- Hi, I hate, hate
asking you this,
but could you please,
is there any way you could
pick up Riley from school?
- Oh.
- She got suspended.
I would go but I have to
work and I have court.
- [Hagerty] Sophie.
- Okay, you know
what, I'll do it.
No worries.
- You're a lifesaver.
(phone line clicks)
(dramatic music)
(Sophie gasping)
(solemn music)
- [Macias] It's only
gonna be a little longer.
- That's what you said in
June. He should be in jail.
- It's a process. It takes time.
- I had my entire
life stolen from me
and this asshole, he gets
to what, just walk around
like nothing happened?
(solemn music)
(solemn music continues)
(birds chirping)
(camera shutter whirs)
You're selling
your Saturn rocket?
- Yeah. I don't want it anymore.
- But, your dad gave you that
and you built it together.
Hey, you know what happens
if you miss too many
days of school, right?
They hold you back a year.
- Gonna fail science anyway.
- Don't say that.
You've never gotten
worse than a B.
- 'Cause of Dad.
- [Jabir] Arak.
It helps to relax.
- Christ.
(coughs) Oh my God.
(Jabir chuckles)
- Mallory reacted exactly the
same when he first tried this.
- Is that what you guys
would do together, drink?
- Drink, argue, pontificate.
In my country, I
had a community.
You know, like physicists,
futurists, scientists.
But here, there's
so little of that.
When I met Mal for
the first time,
it was as if two
electrons collided.
- Picking up mushrooms
at a supermarket.
- There is a science
to everything.
- He was so excited
when he came home,
he wouldn't shut up about you.
The physicist.
- Yeah.
(dog barking)
(insects chirping)
(slow foreboding music)
(siren wailing)
(coyotes howling)
(foreboding music)
(machine whirring)
(foreboding music continues)
(metal clanks)
(slow foreboding music)
(upbeat music)
(crowd laughing)
- Pizza!
(crowd cheering)
Where's Riley?
(ball clattering)
Pizza's here.
Where should I put it?
- [Riley] Wherever.
I don't want it.
- [Sophie] You love pizza.
- [Riley] Not when
we have it every day.
(ball clattering)
- [Sophie] Let's go
be with your friends.
- You invited them. You
can go be with them.
- It's your birthday party.
- Exactly, it's my birthday.
You're the last person
I wanna spend it with.
(solemn music)
(Sophie sobbing)
- Sophie, stop being
so hard on yourself.
- Her birthday and
I fucked it up.
- Mm, we all make mistakes.
- Sometimes I get so mad I
just wanna strangle the man
that did this to us.
- Darby Brinkley.
The man who took
my family from me
was named Foad Sa'adi.
- What happened?
- This man Sa'adi was
a rival of my father's.
He reported my family as
enemies of the government
and it didn't matter that
it was bullshit and a lie,
you know, the guard
took my family anyway.
And I was lucky.
If I wasn't at school,
I would've been taken too.
- Oh my God.
I'm so sorry.
Mal never told me.
- I still dream of saving
my family every day.
- Yeah.
- You know, for you it
doesn't have to be a dream.
(gentle dramatic music)
Say hello to my little friend.
- What is that thing?
- Believe it or not, this was
supposed to be a time machine.
- What?
- Yeah, I couldn't
get it to work.
Listen, this does
something else.
This machine can kill
a person in the past.
And I was hoping
to use it on Foad
to save my family one day.
(foreboding music)
- Uh, you know, that's
impossible, right?
- I wouldn't lie to you, Sophie.
It's not powerful
enough yet to save them,
but it can save Mal.
- Jabir.
- Sophie, trust me, please.
We can save Mal.
This machine is a gun
that can fire a
bullet into the past.
All we need is a target.
There are six men
living in Los Angeles
with the name Darby Brinkley.
I just wanna know which
one is the driver, okay?
- Mal is dead. It's impossible.
- So what harm is
there in trying?
(soft slow suspenseful music)
(door clicks)
(soft slow suspenseful
music continues)
(Sophie sighs)
(soft slow suspenseful
music continues)
(Sophie sighs)
(siren wailing)
(insects chirping)
(soft slow suspenseful
music continues)
(soft slow suspenseful
music continues)
(car door thuds)
- [Darby] Have yourself
Have yourself a great night.
- [Kara] Darby? What
are you doing here?
- [Darby] It's my home.
- You're drunk.
- [Darby] I'm allowed
to see my family.
- [Kara] I will call the
police, you know that.
- [Darby] Oh yeah,
call, call them.
It's my fucking house.
- [Kara] I'm not doing
this with you tonight.
- Oh, it's my-
- Not tonight.
- [Darby] I pay the
fucking mortgage.
You hear me?
I pay the mortgage. Bitch!
- Stop.
- Kara, let me in!
Kara, for fuck's sake!
(fist banging)
Kara, come on!
(dogs barking)
(electricity buzzing)
- [Jabir] Do you know what
a particle accelerator is?
- No.
- No. Okay.
Uh, this is kind of like that.
The particle
accelerator speeds up
a subatomic particle
into almost light speed.
And this machine does that
to abstract particles.
Jabir, how?
That's a good question.
An abstract particle is
a mathematical function
that can affect the
sub-atomic world.
This machine sends (blows)
an abstract particle
into a specific point
of space-time, okay?
And that particle causes
a series of quantum reactions
resulting in a burst of energy.
And if that burst of energy
is in a person's head.
(machine whirs)
Kill them.
(machine beeps)
That thing's ready.
Would you? Thank you so much.
First we have to find him.
(lights thud)
Now we find him.
We need a photograph with a
clearly identifiable location.
- That one.
- No, that is too old.
The further back in time,
the more power the
engine requires.
This one.
So here he is at
his company retreat.
I will extract the metadata,
find the GPS coordinates,
and calculate Darby's
distance from the cabin.
Let's go over there.
(suspenseful music)
When I press enter,
the processor will run
a series of calculations
to determine his exact
location in space-time.
And then the dome,
that thing over there,
will generate waves.
- And Mal will be alive.
- And Darby will be dead.
- If it works.
- Sophie,
there is no undo button.
You're killing a person.
We cannot take that back.
- He killed Mal.
Is there a problem?
- No, no, I just put so
many years of my life
into this machine.
- Okay.
- And now we are
going to use it.
- And you never tested it?
- I never tested it
because I didn't have to,
but all my calculations
show it will work.
- Well, we're gonna find out.
(machine whirring)
(dramatic music)
(machine rattles)
What now?
- It's done.
- What do you mean it's done?
- The, the, the
engine activated.
It means it's done.
- But I don't, like, I
don't feel any different.
Do you?
- You cannot say this. It's
just like you never know.
I mean, like, uh,
let me, let me.
I may made an error while,
you know, coordinating
this, uh, uh, thing,
but there's an
explanation for this.
- Yeah. I'm an idiot.
What was I thinking?
- Wait.
I think I found the mistake.
- Stop it.
- Sophie look.
- Just stop it.
- No, no, no. Listen to me.
- Jabir, I need you to stop.
Riley is gonna be home soon.
I have to clean up. I
have to figure out dinner.
I just, I cannot waste
any more time on this.
(phone clatters)
(phone buzzing)
I just.
- [Jabir] What is it?
(phone continues buzzing)
(suspenseful music)
- It's not working.
Fuck! Gimme your phone.
- I don't have it.
- Gimme your phone!
- It's inside the house.
(phone buzzes)
(dramatic music)
(Sophie panting)
(gentle dramatic
music continues)
- You forgot the soda
again, didn't you?
I see no soda.
Honey, you had one job.
(Sophie gasps)
(solemn music)
(Sophie laughs)
- Oh my God.
- What's going on?
You okay?
- Oh my God. Oh, baby. (gasping)
- You okay?
What is happening with you?
My goodness.
What's up, Faraday?
(Sophie laughs)
- Hey, Einstein.
That smile's not gonna
get you outta trouble.
(Sophie laughs)
- Oh my God.
(solemn music)
Let's go, come on.
- Ready?
- Yes.
- [Both] Three, two, one.
(switch clicks)
(rocket hisses)
- Ah!
(Mal laughs)
- What's up!
- Yeah.
(solemn music)
Cabbage Patch Time.
- Let me see.
- Is that?
(both giggle)
- She's so happy.
- Yeah.
She really needs to
be asleep right now.
- Oh, come on, let
'em have some fun.
- Okay, who are you and what
did you do with my wife?
- I'm not that strict.
I'm not.
You know who else
deserves a little fun?
(gentle music)
(Mal panting)
(both laugh)
- I missed that.
- Me too.
We should do that more often.
- Yeah, you always say that.
- This time I mean it.
- Yeah, you always say that too.
(Sophie laughs)
- I love you.
- I love you too.
(lively punk rock music)
I lived among the dirty
I have lived among the sweet
I realize I sucked against
Your time to take the lead
I try to stay alive, baby
Take all that I can
Got to tell you something
When you get me from
the promised land
But first you try
grab your shit and run
I said, pull your lesson
From your gun
(lively punk rock
music continues)
(insects chirping)
- Okay.
- Fix the chrome.
- Ah.
- You are too damn young
to be this smart. (laughs)
(Mal and Riley laugh)
- [Sophie] Oh my God!
Honey, look at you!
Ooh, lemme see, lemme see.
- [Mal] So proud.
- Oh my gosh.
- Look at you.
- (shrieks) Amazing!
You guys celebrate without me?
Good morning!
- You're making breakfast?
- Yes, yes, you
do so much for us,
and I just, I wanna give
you the morning off,
but first I need to
find the spatula, which?
Ha, sunny-side up, right?
- You know I could
do this, right?
- No, no. No.
No, mister, you are getting
a morning off from cooking.
(ominous music)
(food sizzling)
(ominous music continues)
- I'm still with you,
I'm still with you.
There you go, there you go.
- Hey, you.
(ominous music continues)
Oh my gosh. Look at that.
- Oh, wow.
- Where?
- Over there.
- Oh.
- What's going on?
- What do you mean?
- I mean, what's
going on with you?
You're being lax on the rules.
You're making me eggs.
The Perseids.
You have been complaining
about having to come here
ever since Riley said that
this is what she wanted to do.
"Who wants to spend
their birthday
freezing on the
side of a mountain?"
Direct quote.
"Meteor shower?
That sounds so boring."
- Well, it's not that cold.
- This is not like you.
- I'm happy.
I'm just happier than
I've been in so long.
- What is the catch?
What's the catch?
- There is no catch.
You're just an
incredible husband.
You're an amazing dad
and I don't tell
you that enough.
- You're sweet.
- [Sophie] You make it easy.
(lips smacking)
- [Announcer] Doctor Kent, 33.
(knuckles rapping)
- Oh, hey.
- Hi.
- [Hagerty] Thanks
for the chess tip.
I picked it up.
Greg is already beating me.
- (laughs) That's great.
That's great. Um.
I think I got the
wrong shift notes.
- Looks right to me.
- Well, these, um.
These are for the,
the hospice unit.
And I'm in long-term care.
- Is everything okay, Sophie?
(somber music)
- Yeah.
Yeah, don't mind me. I'm sorry.
(laughs) Ignore me.
I don't know what
I was thinking.
(slow dramatic music)
(slow dramatic music continues)
- When I was a kid, I, um, I
dreamt to being an inventor.
- [Sophie] Obviously.
- I dreamt of
building flying cars
and rockets to outer space.
- I know, you promised me
a hover board, remember?
- Yeah.
- Like from "Back
To The Future."
- Exactly.
(clears throat)
After the accident,
that dream died, right?
No one would hire me.
My brain stagnated.
I just felt like I
didn't matter at all.
- You did matter.
You do matter.
You matter so much,
Mal, to me and to Riley.
- [Mal] No, I know, that's,
that's actually not
what I'm talking about.
- Okay.
Okay, what are you? What is it?
- Okay, so.
About three years ago,
Jabir approached me for an
idea for a time machine.
I know it sounds stupid as fuck.
- No, I'm listening.
- Listen.
- [Sophie] I'm listening.
- Okay, well.
It just made me feel so alive.
Just the idea.
So we started building it
and the more that we
started working on it,
the more we realized
that this thing would actually
never be a time machine,
but it could be something.
- Why are you telling me this?
- I was embarrassed.
I've been working on this
thing for three years
and you've just
been so nice to me.
And I just think that there
should be no secrets between us.
- I know about the machine.
Jabir told me.
- But why?
- I got thirty touches jugg-
- Riley, not now.
- Are you guys okay?
- Can you go play in your room
and we'll talk at dinner.
- Why would Jabir tell
you about the machine?
Why would he say
something to you?
- Because he wanted to help me.
- Help you how?
- You were killed
by a drunk driver
and we, and we killed him.
(Sophie sighs)
Please say something.
It was the longest
eight months of my life.
I didn't know what I
was gonna do. (crying)
Our daughter was unrecognizable
and, oh my God, she,
she quit everything.
She quit her rocket club
and she barely spoke to me.
I was drowning. We both were.
(Sophie sobbing)
- [Mal] You saved me.
- It just wasn't our
family without you.
(somber music)
(gentle dramatic music)
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What are you doing?
- Uh, we are, uh.
There is this man,
Yacqub Adabi, okay?
This guy drove his
car into a crowd
and he murdered three
people, maimed 17 others.
We can save them.
- We saved Mal.
Why do we have to
kill someone else?
- A radical terrorist.
- Whoever he is,
we're killing him.
- Maybe it's not
about who we kill.
Maybe it's about who we save.
- So it's one bad life
for three good ones.
- Now, of course, we don't know
if these lives are good lives.
- We do know that
Mal, there are kids.
All kids are worth saving.
- It's way more
complicated than that.
- And that's exactly why we're
having this conversation.
- No, it screws
with your memory.
- What do you mean?
- It's akin to the
quantum theory.
The observer determines
the reality, right?
So we, being in this room,
using this machine, makes
us observers to the change
to the timeline.
- We used the machine.
So we remember the world
like it was not the
new one we created.
- Are you telling me
you don't remember
the last eight months?
- No, I- I do.
I just, I remember a
different eight months.
I remember the eight
months where I lost you.
I remember coming home
and telling Riley.
I remember, when
I closed my eyes,
I could see your body.
- I'm here now and I'm
not going anywhere.
- Uh, so don't you guys
want to spare
someone that grief?
Two boys and a mother of three
were killed in this attack.
We can save them.
Sophie, save their parents,
their children, their husband,
their wives from all the
pains and the suffering,
from everything
we've been through.
We have this power. Why
shouldn't we use it?
- It's too risky.
We saved Mal and now I
work in the hospice unit
and not long-term care.
I don't remember my patients
and the ones I do know,
they don't know who I.
- That's 'cause of me.
We switched your schedule to
make picking up Riley easier.
- Okay, the small changes
to the house, the furniture.
- It's also me.
The real question is,
are there any changes that
cannot be tied back to me?
- Or Darby?
- Who's that?
- Mal, he's the drunk
driver who, who.
(doorbell buzzes)
- You guys left me.
- Oh my gosh, it's already dark.
Sorry, you must be starving.
Well, good things come
to those who wait.
What do you want?
- Hm? Chicken nuggets.
- I'll see what I can do.
Race you home?
- Sure.
Wait! No!
(Mal laughs)
- [Mal] Oh, oh, wait,
wait, you're too fast.
Slow down.
- You think I'm selfish
that I don't wanna use it,
but I'm not.
I'm scared.
- You can be both.
(gentle dramatic music)
(door thuds)
(gentle dramatic
music continues)
(siren wailing)
(gentle dramatic
music continues)
(gentle dramatic
music continues)
(birds chirping)
- I'm sorry, what did, what
did you say the name was?
- Brinkley. Kara Brinkley.
She used to live here?
- Yeah, no, I don't.
Sorry, I don't know who that is.
- Who did you buy
the house from?
- I bought the, the
house from the bank.
It was a foreclosure. So.
(drill whirring)
- Yo, you ever hear,
if it ain't broke, don't fix it?
- Yeah, there's always room
for improvement, brother.
- Come on. (grunts)
- Let me.
- No, man,
I got it, I got it.
Ow. Fuck!
- Here. Done.
You okay?
(water splashing)
Why did we build this machine
if we are not going to use it?
- I never said that
we're not gonna use it.
- Okay, we are sitting on
this incredible creation.
Something no one
has built before.
Something that-
- That has the ability
to change the world.
You don't have to
tell me, Jabir.
I know this.
It was so much easier
when it was theory,
when it was just you and
me spitballing ideas.
- Mm-hmm.
Maybe it's because we
did it over baklava.
- Maybe.
- Huh?
Everything is easier
over baklava my friend.
- There might be some
truth to that, Jabir.
We're gonna figure this out.
It's gonna take some time,
but we're gonna figure it out.
- It's our fault.
- That seems overly simplistic.
- A woman went bankrupt
because we used the machine.
- Or she may have been
going bankrupt anyway,
and all we did was
increase the speed of the-
- I don't know about
that theory, Jabir.
- Now listen, whatever
happened, if we were held.
If we were held responsible
for the byproduct
of every choice we made,
we'd all be in jail.
- You just don't care.
- I do care, Sophie.
I told you there's
no undo button.
- Well, I wanna do something.
- Hey, you saved my life.
You saved our family.
Don't forget that.
- No, I- I don't, and I
wouldn't trade you for anything,
but I can't.
We hurt an innocent woman
and I can't let it go.
(solemn music)
(gentle dramatic music)
(gentle dramatic
music continues)
(ominous music)
(ominous music continues)
- All right, guys, here we go.
- [Diner] Thanks.
- And I will be back to check
on you in just a bit, okay?
Hey, here you go.
- Kara?
- That's, uh, what it says.
- It's Sophie.
I'm an old friend of Darby's.
- Mine's a baseball nut.
- Mm.
- She's obsessed with, um.
Ah, God, what's his name?
The guy with the chin.
- Kershaw?
- Kershaw.
Yeah. You know baseball.
That's why you and
Darby were friends.
- Yeah.
- He used to take Aggie
to at least two games a month.
- Wow, that's
really sweet of him.
- She wasn't even his. My ex's.
Didn't matter.
Darby was just that kinda guy.
- How are you doing
with everything?
It must be so hard
on you and Aggie.
- When was the last
time you saw him?
- Uh, I can't remember exactly.
We were pretty drunk.
- Drunk? Wow.
- Yeah.
- Mm, Darby barely ever drank.
- But when he did.
- Maybe. High school,
you know, people change.
He wasn't a saint,
or anything. So.
(phone line ringing)
(suspenseful music)
(machine whirring)
(phone line ringing)
- So she leaps up and traps
the ball with her chest, right?
- Yeah. Yes, yes.
- Like it drops
right at her feet.
- Right.
- She cuts around the
first offender, and whoosh!
- All right, don't split the
pole. - Bread and butter.
- Butter.
(suspenseful music continues)
- The goalie charges out.
- Okay.
- She taps it with
her left foot.
- Goal!
- Goal! Come on! (laughs)
I love it. I love it, I love it.
- Oh, check it out.
(suspenseful music continues)
(dramatic music)
- Yes.
(Sophie sighs)
- Hey, Kara, it's Sophie
from the other night.
- [Announcer] But classical
physics and common sense
dictated that the energy
of the. (speaks faintly)
- Hey.
- Hey.
What did I say about using
your phone while we're eating?
- We're watching TV.
- We are watching TV.
This is a family
activity, kiddo.
- Uh, can I?
- There's chicken
in the kitchen.
- Talk to you outside first?
- Yeah.
- I invited Kara Brinkley for
dinner on Wednesday night.
- Why would, why'd you do that?
- Because I know what it's
like to lose your husband.
- It's like one of
those math problems
that you just can't
stop trying to solve.
How do we use what we created
but without the moral cost?
- [Jabir] Mm-hmm.
- So this woman that I
went to grad school with,
she's an editor at
Science Academy, but-
- It's not seriously
thinking of calling her?
- I'm just going to float some
theories out there, right?
If someone were to transmit
abstract particles through time,
that's something that they
would be interested in.
- But we are speaking
hypothetically, aren't we?
- Totally.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Nah bro, I called, dude.
- Mal, what?
- Okay.
Okay, I need you
just to listen to me.
- Mal!
- I'm not going to talk
about the machine.
- No, listen, what?
- Okay? I'm going to...
- What the hell
were you thinking.
- Talk about the science.
- No, listen to me.
- The science, dude.
- When this woman calls-
- The science!
- You cannot.
- We sent-
- Oh my God.
- An abstract
particle through time.
And we did it without CERN.
We did it without
a government grant.
We did something that no
one has ever done before
and we did it in your
spare bedroom, Jabir.
That's, that's like a miracle.
Okay? And it's huge.
And that has scientific
value beyond ki...
This is a breakthrough
that can literally redefine
our very understanding
of quantum physics.
Okay, if you wanna
change the world,
like I know you wanna
change the world.
I wanna change the world.
We do it as scientists.
- So when do we eat?
- Aggie. Uh, manners, please.
- What? I'm hungry.
- This looks amazing.
- Uh, homemade, so.
- Really?
- Yes.
- No.
- Uh, thank you. It is.
Thank you for having us.
- Oh. Hi, honey.
- Hey.
- Hi, uh, Kara Brinkley.
Nice to meet you. This
is my daughter, Aggie.
- Hey! Why didn't you tell me?
- 'Cause you wouldn't have come.
- Of course. We
killed her husband.
- I know that.
That's why I invited her.
When I lost Mal,
I felt like I- I
fell into quicksand
and I just kept getting
sucked deeper and deeper.
I couldn't have
done it without you.
- Sophie, that is
totally different.
- No.
- Mal was my best friend.
I would do anything for Mal.
- Look, Jabir, you
are our lifeline.
- I'm gonna sit next to you.
- Actually, your mom wants
you to sit next to Aggie.
- Do I have to?
- Yes.
- My mom made me sit here.
- Blackmail or bribe?
- What?
- How's she making you?
Kara bribes me.
Come here tonight, then I
can watch Dodgers tomorrow.
- [Kara] You really didn't
have to do all this.
- Oh, it was our pleasure.
- [Kara] It looks delicious.
- [Sophie] Well, Mal's
the one with the skills
in the kitchen.
- [Mal] Mm, it
was a team effort.
- Is it?
(Kara laughs)
(Sophie laughs)
- No.
- Well, thank you. I
know how hard it can be.
- So, have you always
worked in restaurants?
- Oh, well, I wouldn't call
the Star Diner a restaurant.
What were you doing there?
That was so random.
Just running into you
there, of all places.
- Hmm. I know, it was so random.
Um. I just wanted
a cup of coffee.
- What were you doing in Bell?
- Um.
- Uh, they have the
best bakeries in Bell.
- Do they?
- Yes, they do.
Never been in Del Bosque's?
No? You should.
I go every time I'm around.
- Yeah, no, I've never been.
But I- I really like to
make my own desert, so.
- Yeah, I can tell.
- You really cook with one arm?
- Agatha!
- Kara.
- I'm so sorry.
Uh, she definitely knows better.
- It's okay, really.
You get used to it.
So you wanna know how
I cook with one arm?
Very slowly and very carefully.
- My dad's the best.
- What happened to your arm?
- Riley, did you tell Aggie
about your rocket club?
They're, they're competing
in the section champion-
- I can tell her.
Uh, I used to work for Lockheed
and we were testing the engine
for the F-22 Raptor
and it was a beautiful,
sleek piece of engineering.
Everybody was very
excited about it,
including Danny
Albert, who was, uh,
bit of an idiot, (laughs)
because he forgot to tighten
the strap on the fuel tank.
And I was, uh, (clears throat)
I was underneath it when
it came crashing down.
- Oh my God.
- I was in and out
of the hospitals.
Doctors said that there wasn't
much that they could do, so.
- Well that doesn't surprise me.
- Well, the silver lining is
that Riley got to grow up
with her dad around a lot.
(Sophie chuckles)
- Wanna hear a secret?
- Is that a trick question?
(Kara and Sophie laugh)
- I'm a cripple too.
- Oh, Aggie, don't,
don't say that, sweetie.
- It's true. I have MS.
- You can still do
everything other kids do.
- For now.
- Aggie, please.
- [Aggie] We lost our
house 'cause of me.
- No, no, we lost our house
because of doctors
and hospitals.
- And we only had to go to
those doctors 'cause of me.
(Kara sighs)
(insects chirping)
- Well, thank you again
for having us over.
It was really kind
of you and I just.
- Kara!
- I'm so sorry.
Give me just one
second, babe, okay?
(footsteps thud)
- Didn't your mom ever teach
you not to sneak up on people?
- No.
- Well, don't.
- Is she still gonna let
you watch the game tomorrow?
- Why wouldn't she?
I didn't do anything wrong.
- Well, if she won't,
maybe I can stream it to you.
- Cool.
(water splashing)
(dishes clattering)
- It's, it's an awful feeling
to lose those you love.
- We owe her.
- We will find a way to help.
- Okay.
(ominous music)
(gentle dramatic music)
(suspenseful music)
(gentle dramatic music)
- Kara used to be a baker.
13 years ago she owned
a very successful cafe
until she got her money
tied up with this guy.
He's considered to be
Arizona's Bernie Madoff.
- You wanna use
the machine again?
- This guy is a
convicted embezzler.
He took her for
everything that she had.
She lost the bakery,
she went bankrupt.
We kill him, she has the money
to pay the doctor bills
and get Aggie the
medication that she needs.
- Uh, wait a moment.
Uh, we're killing
someone for stealing?
I- I don't think.
- The thing is, this
guy died in jail,
so we'd just be
shortening his life
by two, two-and-a-half years.
- That's a long time.
- You wanted to help Kara.
This can help Kara.
- Okay, but doesn't,
doesn't changing Kara's life
also change Darby's life?
I'm not losing you again.
- I will do some diggings.
Okay, I don't think
it will be a problem.
Darby has worked at
Erimos since he was 22.
- [Sophie] I don't know.
- Honestly, it might
not even be possible.
Still have to figure out a way
to extend the machine's range.
- There's the plasma idea.
- Uh-uh, our upper
limit is five years.
That maybe doubles it.
It's not enough.
- No, actually
it's eight years, the range.
- Actually it's five years.
- No, no, no.
I can assure you,
the engine can affect
eight years in the past.
- You can assure us, how?
- Do you remember the
Mirror Hill shooting?
- You used the
machine without us?
- And saved 26 children.
- That's not the point.
- We are considering killing
a person for stealing.
I stopped a mass shooting.
- Considering, not
actually killing.
- Jabir, we are partners, right?
You didn't think for one
second to consult with me
about these kinds of decisions?
- No, brother.
You know I've always been
honest about my intentions.
- You used the machine
behind our back.
How many times?
- Only once.
- How many times?
- Come on, I'm telling
you, only one time.
- Really?
- Yes.
- I wish I could believe that.
- Listen, I cannot
save my family.
No matter how powerful
we make this machine,
I cannot get them back, okay?
- You made the machine
to save your family.
- Yes, but if I save
them, everything resets.
- Everything resets.
Everything he's done is undone.
If he saves his family, he
doesn't move to America.
We don't build the machine.
You don't use it to kill Darby.
- And you're dead.
- Possibly.
(gentle dramatic music)
- Listen, I cannot
help my family,
so I help others.
If we want to use this
machine to help Kara,
we can use it to help Kara.
(solemn music)
(solemn music continues)
(school bell ringing)
- You're always missing-
- Did you hear about
David got detention?
- Yeah, that's what
we're just talking about.
It's so weird.
- I know, it's so weird.
- Mom?
- Hey.
- Shouldn't you be be at work?
- Well, um, I thought maybe
you might wanna
skip soccer practice
and we do something instead.
- [Riley] Like what?
- Whatever we want.
- If I say yes, can
we invite Aggie?
(Sophie chuckles)
(gentle upbeat music)
(Riley exclaims)
- Yay!
- I had that.
(Sophie laughing)
- Oh!
- It was so close.
It was this close.
(gentle upbeat music)
- Hey, you guys want
some milkshakes?
- I just wanna have fun.
- Yeah. Thank you.
I mean, that one made,
made me really irritated.
Oh yeah.
- Yeah.
- That one, um.
- Are you okay?
(Aggie grunts)
- What's going on?
- Aggie? Mom!
- Aggie!
(Aggie panting)
(Aggie thuds)
(machine beeping)
- [Announcer] Doctor Robert,
please head to ortho.
Doctor Robert,
please head to ortho.
- What's wrong with her?
- I dunno, sweetie. I'm
sorry, I don't know.
(sighs) Your dad's here.
(machine beeping)
- There's no guarantee
it will work.
- Well, then we will
find something that does.
(solemn music)
- So the radius times two.
So that's. I don't wanna
use my own handwriting.
I don't want you
to get in trouble.
(both faintly chattering)
(Sophie laughing)
(solemn music continues)
(gentle dramatic music)
- [Kara] All right, Aggie, time
to get something in your belly.
- Mom, I'm not hungry.
- Soup, how about soup?
- Hey.
(gentle dramatic
music continues)
(Aggie giggling)
- Aggie gets to go home today.
- That's great.
- She has to go
back in a few weeks.
Some kind of follow-up surgery.
- God, that poor girl.
- I was wondering if I
can skip my launch meeting
so I could be there.
Would that be okay?
- Yeah. I think that'd
be really sweet.
- Mom?
- Hmm?
- I'm glad you invited
her over for dinner.
- Me too.
(footsteps approaching)
(somber music)
(machine whirring)
I'll do it.
- [Jabir] You sure?
- [Sophie] I owe it to her.
- [Mal] Should we say something?
- [Jabir] Like what?
- I don't know.
My dad used to apologize
before killing a spider.
We're about to
kill a human being.
(somber music)
- For the animals and the plants
and all the good things,
we thank you, Lord.
For all things great
and all things small
and all of our good days
and all of our bad days,
for the birds in the sky
and the fish in the sea,
our family and our friends and
all the love that we share.
(announcer speaking
- Hey, Riley. What
you got today?
- Welcome home present,
peanut butter cups.
- Ah, be careful.
You're gonna spoil her.
Second floor. Room 216.
(phone ringing)
(door bell ringing)
- Okay. And here you go.
Bring it right out.
Welcome. Uh, we'll
be right with you.
- I don't see Aggie.
- There's photos.
It's her.
- Hi, guys. Sorry for the wait.
We have our new Caprice
prosciutto sandwich on ciabatta,
if you would like that.
And then we also have
our coffee menu up there.
(Sophie laughing)
- I'll take some baklava.
- Yeah.
We have to find a way
to reintroduce them.
- Well, you did it before.
You can do it again.
- Wish you were
there this morning.
Riley really likes her.
- My wife, the matchmaker.
- Matchmaker.
I hate to tell you
this, my friend,
but you have some competition.
- No, I don't.
- Yeah, you do.
I know.
- Oh my God.
- Come on.
- I swear.
- Okay, I know.
- This is incredible.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, stop exaggerating.
- [Sophie] Yeah.
- Outstanding.
- Yeah.
- It's a close second.
- A close second?
- You are a liar.
- It's 1:30, we have to go,
if we're gonna make
it to Riley's launch.
- I'll stay. You guys go.
I wanna enjoy our coffee.
- Hey, bring these for me, okay?
- Okay.
- [Sophie] Sure?
- Sure.
- Lying ass. My God.
(door rattles and rings)
- Mm.
(helicopter whirring)
- Her launch is at 3:00, right?
- On the dot.
- Can you check?
- I'm sure it's fine.
- Please?
- Probably just mixed
up the location.
- I'm gonna try her cell phone.
- She's got a launch.
She's not gonna pick it up.
- Maybe.
(phone line ringing)
(Sophie sighs)
- [Voicemail] Your call
has been forwarded.
- Went to voicemail.
I'm gonna try the house.
- Wrong location. Eldon Park.
- (sighs) Don't.
(crowd chattering)
- Maybe we should have
brought some more snacks.
- Oh my gosh,
you know the other
parents would kill us.
- Here.
Mary-Lou, we
brought some snacks.
- Hey.
Oh, uh, this is the
table for Virgil.
Rio Arroyo is over there.
- Mary-Lou, it's me.
- [Mary-Lou] Oh, pardon,
uh, who are you again?
- I'm Mal. Riley's dad?
- Uh. Who's Riley?
(suspenseful music)
- I'm here.
- Should be pulling up
to her school any minute, okay?
- Okay.
(dramatic music)
- Is she there?
- Oh my God.
- What?
(Sophie gasping)
Sophie, talk to me.
Talk, talk to me,
Sophie, please.
(dramatic music continues)
- She's in a show.
- What?
- She's in a show!
- Where?
(crowd chattering)
- [Boy] Hello?
(dramatic music continues)
- Mal?
Mal! Is she here?
- Lisa's mom had a
crown. Solid metal too.
Told you, Mom.
(ominous music)
Mom, are you okay?
- Riley?
- We don't have
time. We're late.
Terry and Leo think
it's gonna suck.
They love to be haters.
Hi, Mr. Abante!
- Hey, Riley.
When are we getting
that dinner scheduled?
(ominous music continues)
- [Parent] What's up, Mal?
- Thursday. Right?
- Okay.
- You know how you said
that I shouldn't be scared?
That people like me
and will be excited
to see what I do?
Thanks for always
having my back.
- You're welcome.
- There's Lisa. BRB!
- This just doesn't
make any sense.
Don't give me that look.
There's no way this
should've happened.
Hank Montclair should've
had nothing to do with this.
- It doesn't matter.
- Of course it matters.
- No, it doesn't.
It doesn't.
That boy is gonna walk
outta here to his parents.
Us and he's gonna
be holding a crown.
- I don't know, I just-
- And we're gonna need-
to pull our shit together Mal.
- It doesn't make any sense.
This guy's from Arizona, he's
a stockbroker from Arizona.
- I know. I know.
- We've never been
to Arizona.
- Mal?
- I don't. It- it.
There's gotta be some kind
of correlation or something.
- Honey, I don't
know, maybe we had sex
on a different day
or a different hour,
a different sperm won,
but we have a son.
- Isn't it awesome?
- It's great.
- Yeah, it's, it's perfect.
- Mom's gonna look
so good in it.
- What?
- Try it on.
Awesome. We better
get backstage.
We're first.
- Hamlet?
- Yes, mother.
- [Sophie] Do you
have the script?
- We've only practiced
this like a thousand times.
(audience applauding)
- Thank you all
for coming tonight
for our Winter Acting Showcase.
First up, a new twist
on an old classic.
Riley Rice will be performing
a scene from "Hamlet,"
and he has cast
his mother Sophie
as Hamlet's mother Gertrude.
(audience applauding)
- Now Mother, what's the matter?
Dost it regard my father?
(audience murmuring)
- I'm sorry. I.
I'm so sorry.
(door rattles)
(computer whirring)
- I'm back!
I thought we could
celebrate with my best.
(door thuds)
Hello? Sophie?
- Get out!
- Hey! Come on, stop!
What? Hey!
- Get out!
- Stop.
- Call the police!
- Stop. Stop, stop, honey.
- Put the sword down, Riley.
- Riley?
- This guy broke into our house!
- No, no, no, no, he's-
- No, this is Jabir.
He's our friend.
- He's our friend.
- You know him?
- Yes.
(door thuds)
We have to go talk to him.
- We don't even know who he is.
- He's our son.
(knuckles rapping)
Riley, it's me.
Can I come in?
(video game sounds)
Or I can stay out here.
I just wanted to.
I just wanted to say
I'm sorry about today.
I can really suck sometimes,
but I'd love to
make it up to you.
Maybe you wanna
get some ice cream?
Or go to the movies, maybe?
We could go to the arcade
or the park?
(somber music)
(somber music continues)
(somber music continues)
(somber music continues)
What if,
what if Jabir saves this family?
- You're joking, right?
- I was wrong before.
We're not his parents.
His parents are the ones
that took him to plays.
They played with him and
they laughed with him.
And his parents held
him when he cried
and they nursed him
when he was sick.
We are imposters and we will
only ever disappoint him.
- There's gotta be another way.
- Mal could die.
- I know that.
- You told me the stories.
You cried so hard you
couldn't even move.
Picking up the phone and
having nobody to call.
I'm not gonna do
that to you again.
- Maybe you don't.
Maybe without Jabir you
don't cross the street
in that exact moment.
- And maybe I still
do cross the street
at that exact same moment.
- All I know,
the only thing I know
is that whatever
life we end up with,
it will be the
same as our child.
- No. Oh no.
Is that even true?
- As long as you're
not in the room
when I use the machine,
your memories will align.
- And you're on board
with this, Jabir?
- Yeah, I am.
- But you have no idea
where you're gonna be.
You have no idea what your
life is gonna be like.
You'll have no
memories of anything.
- But my family will be alive.
- Maybe. Been 10 years, a
lot could have happened.
- Then I will have
given us more time.
- Nah. No, we have no
idea what's gonna happen.
The risk is way too high.
- Not for our child.
Riley needs a parent.
(Mal sighs)
- Okay.
Something that we
need to do first.
(gentle dramatic music)
(gentle dramatic
music continues)
- Uh, (clears throat) okay.
You should probably
go 'cause, uh,
you cannot know when I,
when I activate the engine.
- I just couldn't have, (crying)
I couldn't have gone through
all this without you.
- I doubt that.
- Hey.
- Einstein, come here.
My friend.
I'll miss you guys.
- We'll miss you.
- You'll have no idea who I am.
Okay, go.
(computer whirring)
(door thuds)
(insects chirping)
- Mal?
Whatever I say to you
could be the last thing.
- Just say it.
Say it.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry?
- I'm sorry.
- What do you have
to be sorry for?
You have absolutely
nothing to be sorry for.
- [Sophie] You are
the greatest thing
that's ever happened to me.
- Sophie.
Whatever happens,
you'll work it out.
You are the rock that
keeps this family together.
You understand that?
Me and, me and
Riley, we're just.
I don't wanna lose you.
I wanna see Riley grow up.
I wanna see her go to college.
I wanna see her get married.
- I think you will.
I know you will.
It's, hm, it's six o'clock.
I'm gonna come home
from work soon.
My feet are gonna hurt and
my arms are gonna be sore.
I'm gonna walk in the front door
and you guys are gonna
be sitting there.
With all your rocket, crap
spread all over the living room.
(Sophie laughing)
- There's gonna be glue
and pieces everywhere.
- Yeah.
I'm gonna tell her to clean
it up, 'cause we gotta eat.
- And she'll say, "One
minute, one minute.
I'm busy."
- I'm gonna sit
down on the couch
just for a little
peace and quiet.
Just for one minute.
I'm gonna sit there
with you guys. Okay?
(insects chirping)
- I love you.
- I L...
(insects continue chirping)
(train rattling)
(somber music)
(somber music continues)
(gentle dramatic music)
(gentle ominous music)
(gentle ominous music continues)
(gentle ominous music continues)
(gentle ominous music continues)
(gentle ominous music continues)
(gentle ominous music continues)
(gentle ominous music continues)
(gentle ominous music continues)