Apostasy (2017) Movie Script

[Alex praying]
I'm sorry, Jehovah.
I'm ashamed really.
The doctor went on
about my condition.
She didn't care before.
It's a big deal to her
now I'm turning 18,
'cause it's my decision now,
you see.
She even said...
She was convinced
that the hospital saved my life
when I was born
and that my congregation
tried to stop it.
But you do realize
that the reason you're alive
is because the hospital gave you
blood when you were first born,
when the priests tried
to stop it from happening.
Elders, not priests.
[Alex praying]
She don't understand.
I mean, can you believe
she tried to do a deal with me?
She was willing to give me another
transfusion if I ever needed one again,
but without telling anyone.
She said it'd be private like,
between me and her.
No one needed to know.
And I wouldn't tell your mum
or anyone in the community.
She did it well.
You could tell she cared,
in a way.
So, you didn't give it to her?
[door opens]
That should do it.
Can you put it
on Alex's records?
It's up to date, and we've
had two witnesses sign it.
[Doctor] Do you really
know what this means?
She understands.
Some of these alternatives might
not work if you get really anemic,
which would
put your life at risk.
[Ivanna scoffs]
That's just your opinion.
Come on. You can't
be too careful now.
I'm sorry, Mum.
You're all right.
How do you know, Mum...
if you'll make it
into the New System?
You do your best.
Some elders wonder
if they'll make it.
What I mean is...
no one knows
how God will judge them.
So, you can't ever
be sure, then?
[clock ticking]
Look at this, Alex.
It was the first time I'd seen
all these boys and girls
who had died for Jehovah.
I was such a coward
compared to these lot.
This one girl, Emma,
she was amazing.
She told the judge that
they were abusing her body,
and that she'd rip the needle out
if they tried to give her blood.
So, the hospital
let her go home.
She died in peace,
in her mum's arms.
I wish I'd talked
to my doctor like that,
so brave like.
[Ivanna] It just goes to show,
blood is the life force.
It was so clear now.
[Ivanna] There's no such
thing as "the soul."
Mum made it clearer than ever.
That's for false religions,
like airy-fairy Catholics.
There's the body, and blood,
and it's Jehovah's design.
And to mess with it
is the worst sin.
Not to mention worldly diseases,
like AIDS and... HIV.
Before we knew
what these diseases even were,
God had warned us
about them in the scriptures.
[clock ticking]
I ask for your forgiveness,
Jehovah, for my doubts.
I pray you give me
strength and guidance.
In Jesus' name.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- How you feeling?
- I feel okay.
Let me look at you.
What's that?
- The bank sent it you?
- Mm.
You should send it them back.
I'm gonna squeeze an hour in
on the trollies at lunch.
Can you...?
Thank you.
I've made you some eggs,
they're in the microwave.
- You two take care today, okay?
- Yes.
[Luisa scoffs]
You're gonna get car sick.
So, how you feeling, anyway?
I'm okay.
I can't believe you're 18 today.
The time's flying.
I remember when Mum and Aunty
Linda went to one of those.
[laughs] Yeah. They didn't know
at the time,
and then when they got there, they
were told it was a Buddhist practice.
[both laugh]
Imagine Mum's face.
I know.
She was fuming at Aunty Linda.
She swore the Devil
had tricked her into it.
[Brother Jatin]
Good pronunciation.
So, what might be the usual
response to that, in our territory?
[Brother Jatin] Yeah.
So, you could follow up with...
Isaiah 65:22 would be
the best example here.
[pages rustling]
Alex, would you like
to give that a go?
[clears throat]
[Brother Jatin]
Look, it's not easy
learning to teach the Bible
in another language,
but what you're doing
is worth it.
So, let's try enjoy it today,
and keep in mind
the words of Matthew 24:14,
"It's only once everyone has
heard the name Jehovah,
that's when the New System
will arrive."
[knocking on door]
[door creaks open]
- Salaam.
- Salaam.
[Man] Salaam.
[clears throat]
He made that clear
in your book as well as ours.
It don't really matter
which book.
But, uh...
And according to the Bible, you can
choose where you will spend eternity.
And it tells you everything in this
leaflet. So, you can have a look.
[silverware clatters]
[rhythmic chopping]
[cabinet creaks]
My art class has been changed this term.
It's on a Thursday night now.
Is there not another module you
could take on a different day?
Well, you can't miss meetings
just because of college.
I know, I just need to do this one
class, so I can finish the course.
The problem with this world is that
people let things like art or music
take over their lives, and it
becomes a religion to them.
Imagine when Jesus comes back at
Armageddon to destroy this world.
How is he gonna feel
when you're at college
instead of with his
organization at the meetings?
[Michelle] And then, we went
through the main factory
where all the magazines
get printed.
And from there, they go out
all around the world.
Never been to Bethel,
never been to London.
Oh, you must go.
It's so inspiring like...
to see all those brothers and
sisters living and working there.
How amazing would it be
to dedicate your life like that,
and not have to do secular work?
Have, um...
Have you guys ever heard
of demons tormenting people?
Because I... I think
there's one in the attic.
- Are you being daft?
- No.
No, I'm being serious. I can hear it
up there making noises all night.
It's just house noise.
No. No. Look,
demons do it.
I mean, look, they mess...
They mess with brothers and
sisters, right, that...
- That happens.
- [Alex] Right.
And there's not much time left, and
you might think this is a joke,
but I can...
it's like I can physically feel them
trying to pull me away from the truth.
- It's probably just house noise.
- No!
No. 'Cause like, it's...
It's there.
It's just... [growling]
- And then I pray, and it just stops!
- [snaps fingers]
And then the next night,
it's there again.
[Michelle] Are you sure
you're not up to no good?
Yeah. Why would a demon
be in your house?
Don't you have
to summon one first?
I don't know.
I don't...
A previous owner, maybe?
You think I should
call an elder?
They'll think you've gone
mental if you do that.
[chuckles nervously]
Could you pass me the bag?
[leaves rustling]
[shovel scraping dirt]
[indistinct chattering]
[muffled music thumping
over stereo]
Guys, this is my sister.
Alex, this is Chloe,
and this is Umar.
- [Alex] Hey.
- You all right?
I'm just dropping
these off, okay.
So, what do you do?
- Uh, I've got... I've got a gardening job.
- Ah.
But we also pioneer.
Oh, what's that?
It's what some
Jehovah's Witnesses do.
You guys are Jehovah's Witnesses?
No way!
You never said.
That's cool. One of my
neighbors is a Jehovah.
[Alex] You know, the
Greek word "stauros"
is what they used
when writing the Bible.
But the word "stauros"
doesn't actually mean "cross,"
it means "upright stake"
or "pole."
It was only in the fourth
century, when Christianity came,
that the word changed meaning.
So, you see, Jesus wasn't
actually nailed to a cross,
he was nailed
to an upright stake.
The cross is a pagan symbol
used by false religions.
She don't wanna know all that.
- I just thought you should know.
- Well, it's a bit disrespectful.
It's okay.
[Umar] So, what do you
guys believe in then?
Going to heaven or what?
Come on, I'm serious.
I wanna know.
God is gonna restore Earth
back to paradise,
how he intended it to be.
Like in Genesis,
that's where we'll live.
[scoffs] Right. So, what about
everyone who ain't a Jehovah's?
God'll decide
what's in their hearts,
but if they refuse to listen,
then they'll be removed.
Well, so what's so wrong
with this world?
It says in the Bible,
that this whole world
is in the power
of the wicked one, Satan.
- I don't know about all that. It's mad.
- [Chloe] Yeah.
[Luisa] Yeah, well, you have to admit,
things happen that aren't right.
You know,
all these wars all the time.
And cruelty
to animals and that.
Do you know, in Africa, they
kill thousands of rhinos a year,
and they'll become extinct soon just because
of how greedy mankind is at the moment.
Sad, isn't it?
I love rhinos.
- [bell rings]
- Uh-oh.
Get yourself wrapped up.
[birds chirping]
[paper rustling]
I haven't told anyone else.
- Mum...
- Shush.
Who's the father?
Is he a brother?
It's a guy from college.
Were you even going to tell us
if this didn't happen
that you were messing
with a worldly boy?
You should have told us.
Look what's happened. You've
let college go to your head.
I need you to start
bringing him to meetings.
You have to start
bringing him to meetings.
It's not gonna happen.
Do you love him?
Then you need to marry him and
start bringing him to meetings.
I can't, Mum.
It's the only way.
Have you even talked to him
about the truth?
He don't care.
So, you've just decided
to forget everything?
[Alex praying] I know she still
has you in her heart, Jehovah.
Maybe just not as strong.
I did pray the elders
would see that.
[Elder Brian]
I'm sorry, Ivanna.
How could they
disfellowship her?
[Ivanna] But she still wants
to be in God's organization.
She's shown
little sign of repentance.
I don't understand.
[Elder Alan]
Maybe you haven't noticed,
but we can see, at this point, she's
really lost her relationship with Jehovah.
[Elder Brian] We hope she works
on that, really builds it back.
If you'd told us she was falling
away, maybe we could have helped.
- What should I do?
- Jehovah's direction
is clear about avoiding
any contact with wrongdoers.
[Ivanna] But she needs
help and support now.
[Elder Brian]
We realize it's tough.
You must keep any necessary
contact to a bare minimum.
[Brother Jatin]
It's true, Ivanna.
The less contact, the more it'll help
Luisa realize her error quicker.
- [footsteps shuffle]
- [zipper rasps]
[water running]
[sighing deeply]
[engine starts]
[car leaving]
She'll be back.
[Elder Alan] Sixty pounds
for gas and electricity.
Water was twenty pounds.
And the hall cleaning
will be handled
by the Drakefield street group
this month.
One more announcement this week.
Luisa Whitling is no longer
one of Jehovah's Witnesses.
Thank you.
[indistinct murmuring]
[Alex] Sorry.
- What's that about?
- It was probably fornication.
Who'd have thought?
[clock ticking]
[car approaching]
[rain pattering]
I've just come
to get some bits, okay.
[rain pattering]
[Umar and Luisa
speaking indistinctly]
[footsteps descending]
[footsteps ascending]
[footsteps descending]
[rain pattering]
You're not gonna say anything?
Do you think
this is easy for me?
[Alex praying]
Maybe I...
Maybe I did think
it was easy for her.
She always just did
as she pleased.
If it's hard for her,
then maybe...
maybe she'll come back.
Maybe she does need
your guidance.
[car door slams]
Let's go.
Come on.
You got everything?
[Luisa sighs]
[door slams]
Mum asked me what I said,
but I told her don't worry.
I knew I hadn't broke any rules.
[clock ticking]
[engine starts]
[car leaving]
[clock ticking]
[indistinct chattering]
[pop music playing quietly]
What do you think?
Is it too revealing?
I can see your knicker line.
With an underskirt,
it will be all right.
[meditative music
playing softly]
[indistinct chattering]
- Hello there.
- Hello.
- I'm Steven.
- Oh.
I'm a new elder here.
I transferred here this week.
Nice to meet you.
- What's your names?
- I'm Ivanna. This is Alex.
Alex is a member
of our Urdu congregation.
I can speak myself, Mum.
Urdu? That's fantastic.
Serving where the need is great.
Thank you.
Well, I just wanted
to say hi, so... hi.
[all chuckle]
I'll see you around, Sisters.
Hi. Steve.
[clock ticking]
- [Ivanna] Alex.
- [Steven] I don't want to disturb.
I thought Steven was doing a shepherding
call, but he's just here to...
- Do you want a brew?
- No, thanks.
I'll wait in the sitting room.
I didn't mean
to just drop in uninvited.
No, that's okay.
I live close by.
Are you sure you don't want
a drink or something?
- Maybe just a water.
- Yeah, sure.
- I'll just, um...
- Yeah, of course.
[Alex] Where abouts do you live?
Just up the road.
Near the precinct.
The flats there, they're
not as bad as they look.
[both chuckle]
Do you live on your own?
Yeah, my parents are down south.
I just go wherever
I need to go, really.
Your parents are in the truth?
Mm. Yeah, they...
They both grew up in it.
I like your accent.
[clears throat]
I wanted to speak with you...
'cause I'd like
to get to know you.
- Sorry. Was that too on the nose?
- No, it's all right.
I just, I don't...
I don't know if you'd like me
if you really got to know me.
- What... What do you mean?
- Nothing, sorry.
You've got a nice house.
So just you
and your mum live here?
Uh, yeah. Well, I've
got my sister as well,
but she was disfellowshipped.
Yeah, I heard actually.
Will she come back,
do you think?
[Steven] I'll pray for her.
Mum's keeping guard.
[paper rustles]
Thank you for calling, Steven.
- Yeah, see you.
- Bye-bye.
- [telephone ringing]
- Oh.
- Bye.
- Don't work too hard.
[both chuckle]
You know how I feel.
You can either continue to play
house with this boy or you repent.
[clock ticking]
Your sister's having a girl.
[indistinct chattering]
- Hi.
- Sorry, I know you gotta go in.
[clears throat]
I just, uh...
I just wondered
if you and your mum
wanted to come
to mine for dinner?
Uh... Yeah, I'd need
to check with her, but yeah.
- All right, see you in a bit.
- See you.
[indistinct conversation]
- [Man] Alex.
- Hi.
[indistinct conversation
It's serious, you know,
if you're gonna court Steven.
Marriage is still one of the
few things that are sacred.
It's not like in this world, where
vows are thrown about like rubbish
and all brides are loose women.
I know, Mum.
I think Steven's really nice.
He is.
He's very suitable.
[traffic whooshing distantly]
[dishes clattering]
[taps window]
- You don't need to do that, Ivanna.
- I don't mind.
No. No, it's fine.
Honestly. I can do it.
- Okay.
- All right. Cheers.
I had a nice time.
We could do all right, us.
You know, I've got my window cleaning
job, and you've got your gardening.
I think, between the two of us, I
think we'd do all right, I reckon.
Anyway, I'm working towards
becoming a circuit overseer,
as soon as possible.
Then we won't have to worry
about money.
The Society'll take care of us
until the New System.
I need to tell you, I have a...
I have a condition.
Like, I get anemic.
When I was born,
I had to have a transfusion.
Mum and the elders couldn't do anything
about it, the hospital forced it into me.
We don't talk about it, really.
Are you... Are you okay now?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I mean, they say it might, you know,
get worse, but, you know, I'm fine.
I'm okay.
Have I freaked you out?
[Steven chuckles]
I was reading the literature,
just before,
about the differences
between infatuation and love.
It said one of the first signs of love
is that it can overcome obstacles
where infatuation
would just run a mile.
I know the brothers on
the Hospital Liaison Committee
if you... if you need assistance
with medical stuff.
[Alex praying]
I'm sorry, Jehovah,
if I doubted the kindness
of my brothers and sisters.
[Elder Brian]
Morning, Alex. How are you?
- Steven.
- Hiya. Good to see you.
[Alex praying] It is special to
be part of your organization.
Alex. Take one, love.
[Alex] They look delicious.
Steven has a kind heart.
I just pray now that my sister will remember
what it's like to be part of your love.
What's going on?
I've just come
to sort things out.
I've left Umar.
You know we miss you.
We could help you with the baby.
You should come back here.
And, you know, come to meetings
with us, then it'll all be okay.
You still believe, don't you?
I read things online.
Like what?
People say things about us.
People out there are bitter, and they
want to put evil ideas into your head.
You know, we believed Armageddon
was supposed to come in 1975?
Some Brothers even
sold their houses that year,
and they took
their kids out of school.
- What are you talking about?
- They're old truths, Luisa.
Anyway, some brothers misunderstood the
message back then and got carried away.
It's okay to have doubts,
but we have to be humble.
If you don't
understand something,
talk to the elders,
pray to Jehovah.
Deep down,
you know we're God's people.
There's no other religion out there
that is as true to His word.
I just came here
to see if we could...
be normal.
Without this.
It don't work like that.
So, this goes on forever then?
- [Ivanna] Where you gonna go now?
- [Luisa] Piss off!
[door slams]
[chopping continues]
[rain pattering]
[hail pattering]
[pattering grows louder]
[loud knocking]
[muffled music playing]
- Hiya!
- Hiya!
Hi, Alex.
- You must be Steven.
- Yeah.
- I'm Linda.
- Hiya.
Come in.
What you doing?
No, put that down, love.
- I want a drink.
- Go wait in the other room. Go on.
Go on. Go on.
Now, we've got spag bol or chili.
What do you fancy?
Chili, please.
[Linda] Oh, for drinks,
we've got cider.
Put your coats over there.
There you go.
All right?
Gonna introduce us?
This is Steven.
- Hi, Steven. Barry.
- Oh, yeah.
- You all right?
- Nice to meet you.
I hear you're a Bethelite?
What's that like, working there?
Yeah, it's good.
[Michelle] Come on, Alex.
We've been waiting for you.
Oh, I'm Michelle, by the way.
- Yeah, hi.
- Do you want to come dance with us?
- Wash it down with some Scrumpy's.
- Yeah.
- Hot?
- Yeah.
It was the week of the school,
and it was my turn to say the dinnertime
prayer, and the Elder Steve says,
"Would you say
the prayer for us?"
And immediately, as I finished,
he says, "That was a bit short."
Quick as a flash, I said to him,
"Jehovah listens to our prayers, it
doesn't matter," and everyone laughed.
[Linda] Okay now, shh.
You'll love this.
- [Man] Yes.
- [Woman] Hi.
Okay, and...
This baby is mine!
I warned her not to roll over in the night.
I said be careful.
Her baby died,
but now she's took mine!
Lies! I told her the same.
What proof do you have?
I know my child.
Jehovah, help me!
I will cut the baby
in two pieces!
But, Solomon,
you can't cut the baby in half.
Let her have him.
But don't kill her! Please!
Yeah, go ahead. Chop it in half.
Am I bothered?
[Solomon] A true mother doesn't
want to see her baby die.
- Well done!
- [applauding, cheering]
[dance music playing]
I got the rhythm to move
I got the rhythm to move
For all we know
the pain has gone away
I got the rhythm to move
I got the rhythm
to move across the world
Gonna move the world
Alone in the dark
I take a chance on you
Better look me up
and check up on my move
Don't matter the lie
I take a chance on you
When the light goes out
and we'll be on the move
I took a chance on you
Oh! I got the rhythm to move
I got the rhythm to move
For all we know
the pain has gone away
I got the rhythm to move
[music continuing]
Alex, love!
- Alex?
- What's going on?
[muffled voices chattering]
[Ivanna] Steven, can you
get some water for her?
[vehicles passing]
[water running]
If you can
just sign there, love,
it takes about a week
for it to be assessed.
Thank you.
You okay?
[clock ticking]
[Elder Brian] It's been a while
since I've had to do one of these.
Will her father be coming?
Ivanna, I'm happy to help.
Is it okay if Luisa comes?
[clock ticking]
[Elder Brian]
It's okay...
Of course.
If she wants.
[line ringing]
[quiet chattering]
I should sit there.
My glasses aren't steaming up
because I'm crying.
It's because it's warm in here.
And that's how you felt
whenever you were with Alex.
She was shy...
but she radiated Jehovah's love.
Ivanna told me recently
that Alex would sometimes worry
about how Jehovah
would judge her.
When I heard that,
I was knocked back.
Here's this sister who has dedicated
her whole youth to Jehovah...
and yet even she worried about
how Jehovah felt about her.
How humble she was.
let's see how Jehovah
feels about Alex.
Job 14, verse 15.
"They will call...
and I myself shall answer."
I think about that,
and how Jehovah
is really looking forward
to bringing this amazing sister
back to life again.
Now we all know
the New System is near.
We all share a hope that
we will survive this system,
and go right through the Great
Tribulation into paradise.
But for Alex,
she knew the difficult decision
that she had to make,
but she accepted that.
She mustered up
incredible courage,
because she knew that God
was looking after her.
Brian's speech was
very good, wasn't it?
[Luisa sniffling]
You don't need to do that.
The last thing
I said to her was "piss off."
She was just trying to help.
You'll see her again.
[Luisa crying]
[sobbing loudly]
You know what you need to do?
[Male Narrator] It hurts so
much when we lose a loved one.
The thought of living without
them makes our hearts ache.
But let's not forget the promise
that Jehovah God has made.
"I am the resurrection
and the life.
"He that exercises faith in me,
even though he dies,
will come to life."
However, when a loved one
passes away,
it still creates immense sorrow
and anguish deep inside us.
That's because it isn't
supposed to be this way.
[through TV]
Death is the result of sin.
Our first parents
rebelled against Jehovah,
passing down years
of suffering and grief
that was never designed
for mankind.
Jehovah wanted us to live
forever in an earthly paradise.
And he still does!
Soon enough, we will see
our loved ones again.
[water sloshing gently]
[ducks quacking]
[indistinct conversation]
[Steven] You know, you plan
to continue your life,
but it could
all just be pointless...
if Armageddon comes early.
Do you think it's possible that Alex
will be able to marry in the New System?
We can't be sure, can we?
Jesus said, the resurrected ones
won't be able to marry.
I know, but...
we don't know if he was
talking about those in Heaven,
or the resurrected ones
on Earth.
We just don't know...
Who's to say? Marriage might
not even be in the New System.
You can move on with your life.
I say that because
I care about you.
[Rory] It was in the paper today...
about your kid.
Did you see it, in the paper?
I thought it was quite tragic.
[meditative music playing]
[Ivanna praying]
Alex was part of me, Jehovah.
I'll never forget what she did.
How foolish Satan must look now
in face of such a faith.
I used to feel like
Luisa was sending me mad.
I was so crazy with worry
all the time.
I even thought about getting
some sort of counseling.
I'm so pleased now,
O Jehovah...
And so, we ask this through your son
and our redeemer, Jesus Christ.
We now welcome Brother Alan
to the platform.
- [whispering] Dad!
- Shh.
Dad, why didn't she pray
with us?
Shh. She's not allowed.
Had a good chat with her,
and she said that
she's been praying.
Hmm. Alex's influence
has brought her back.
[Elder Brian]
She's finally on the right path.
But there's a way to go. We'll
start her guidance meetings.
Is it okay
if I start to help her now,
just with a few
practical things?
The rules still apply until
she's ready for reinstatement.
How long...
How long will that take?
[Elder Brian]
That's up to Luisa.
There's no set time.
Reinstatement can take from a
couple of months to a few years.
We'll do our best.
She's all alone now,
and in her condition...
she could do
with a bit of support.
Ivanna, we can't stop you.
And we understand
there maybe a need
for some contact with her
to care for her.
But... be careful.
Of course.
I wouldn't risk
Luisa's faith now.
Contact must be kept
to a minimum.
First Corinthians five
explains to us
how we must avoid socializing
or eating with the wrongdoer.
Only necessary business is okay.
Luisa's in
a delicate position now.
[Luisa] Hey.
I know I can't
offer you anything.
[Luisa sighs]
I was a bit sick this morning.
Do you wanna sit down?
I'll get to work.
Thanks, Mum.
Ring me if you need owt,
and I'll see you at the hall.
- Mum...
- Just listen to the elders.
It... It'll be fine.
I just...
I just can't...
I just can't believe it.
I just never imagined that...
you know, she would do it.
She did because Jehovah is real.
She was so certain, wasn't she?
We'll all be together again
soon, in the New System.
In a few hundred years,
we probably won't
even remember any of this.
I best go.
[door opens]
[door closes]
In Russia,
it's hard for the brothers.
They still persecute us there.
Well, it's a good thing really.
- Who wants another?
- I'm good, thanks.
What Jews did to Jesus.
They banned us in Moscow,
made bible studies illegal.
Well, if they do liquidate us,
then that means we're no
longer considered a faith.
How's it going with Luisa?
Her guidance meetings?
She, uh...
She understands the truth,
um, we're just trying to make
sure that it's in her heart.
She's responding well, but...
she's just not quite there yet.
What's the problem?
Her... Her answers
just aren't right sometimes.
She likes to voice
her own opinions too much,
but then she gets it eventually.
It's very important to me
that she gets reinstated.
She's on the right path.
You should be more careful.
You shouldn't look
for an excuse to associate.
- I wasn't.
- It doesn't help.
It just...
It just undermines
what we're trying to do.
You know, by supporting us,
that would be the best help.
Look, I know this is not
what you're trying to do, but...
if there's no real reason
for the contact,
then it could be classed
as a disfellowshipping offense.
[Man] We leave this
meeting in your care
and ask that
your blessing be upon it.
Through the name of your
son Jesus Christ. Amen.
So, we look forward to special
week of activity this week
whilst we have our circuit
overseer Brother Stevenson
and his wife with us.
And we'd like to welcome him
to the platform to present
the first in a series of talks
that he's prepared for us.
"God's Word, A Light to your
Roadway." Brother Stevenson.
We've got the meeting with
the circuit overseer on Friday.
Oh, and one of the other
congregations is using the hall...
Can I have a word?
Do you know
why Luisa's not here?
we tried to call in on her...
but she said
she wasn't feeling too well.
I tried to call you.
Are you okay?
Steven said you weren't well.
The midwife said
she wasn't growing.
I had a scan.
Is everything okay?
I've gotta have
another one in two weeks.
You need
to take care of yourself.
Have you been eating properly
and staying hydrated?
I brought you
some food and bits.
I'll make you something healthy.
I'll eat in there.
So, tell us what you've
done to show repentance?
I've been going to all the
meetings that I could possibly.
[Elder Brian] Right.
I've respected not associating
with family and others.
[Elder Brian] Right.
I've been able to pray about it.
[Elder Brian] That's good.
We'd hoped you'd have
asked for Jehovah's guidance.
Now, we've still got an issue with
the relationship with your family.
- Yeah, well...
- It's just that we know
that your mother continues
to go around to your house.
Yeah, but after all
that's happened...
You're not policemen of my life.
[Elder Brian]
That's not what we're doing.
[Luisa, muffled]
Please be human.
I have been on my own
for seven months,
and my mum helps me
with house work sometimes.
I haven't been to eat with her,
we haven't been out together.
So, please show me where it says
that my mum can't help me.
I have done the best that I can,
but my mum cleans my fridge!
[Elder Alan] Personally, I don't think
that's "necessary family business."
[Luisa] You know what? I...
I cannot do this. I can't!
- I can't do it!
- [footsteps approach]
[sobbing, sniffling]
I'm sorry, Mum.
I'm sorry.
But the elders, honest,
it's no good.
They just want to see
how you feel.
They think they have
a right over my whole life.
Just calm down a bit.
Steven, Luisa's just...
She's feeling a bit tired
and emotional at the moment.
Look, Luisa,
it's no one's fault.
We just feel that you need time.
It's nothing to worry about.
We can still continue
our guidance meetings.
Do you wanna... Do you wanna
go back in and sort it out?
[keys jangling]
No. Luisa, it's okay. We can...
We can sort out another meeting.
Do you know how it feels...
to think Jehovah the Almighty
is punishing you directly,
all the time?
Why, when I'm sorry?
I've tried, Mum.
But the elders,
they've got it in for me.
- No, don't be daft.
- Yes, they do.
Do you think it's right
how they make you treat me?
It's not God's way.
You need to earn His love.
It's conditional.
It takes strength
to live up to His standards.
Strength, I pray,
you will find soon.
I'm not doing it, Mum.
You can visit us if you want.
In secret.
None of this anymore, okay?
Excuse me.
[engine starts]
[clock ticking]
[clock ticking]
- [voices murmuring]
- [throat clears]
[clears throat]
Let's turn to Luke 12:49.
"I came to start
a fire on the Earth.
"Do you think I came
to bring peace?
but rather division."
Now, unfortunately, there might come a
time when this division of Jehovah's
can happen to us,
and it can cause pain
and distress for a long time.
And that is when
someone close to our hearts...
is disfellowshipped.
In a moment of doubt,
you might beg Jehovah,
why do this to me and my family?
Jesus clearly stated in Luke 12
that his work could cause
conflict in the household.
But we must put Jehovah first,
even before our family members
if they are disfellowshipped.
And be prepared, we might end up
facing criticism from outsiders
who question our loyalty to God.
Even your unrepentant child
might say...
"My own mum shuns me."
But remember, it was a choice.
They chose
to cut themselves off from God.
In a situation like this,
it's important to stay hopeful.
Even if...
Even if your loved one
seems unrepentant.
It might take them many years
before they truly want to return.
We just don't know.
So please don't try
and bend the rules.
How bad would it be
if we disobeyed and associated,
and then one day your
daughter comes back and says,
"Why did you break
Jehovah's command?"
Imagine that.
But what if instead,
she said, "Thank you."
Your actions brought me
back to the truth.
Even if we could get involved
in the life of the disfellowshipped
one, which we can't,
our help would never match up
to that of Jehovah's.
He understands what they
need more than anyone,
even the most caring mother.
[continuing, muffled]
Trust in Him.
The right path
isn't an easy one.
[Steven through speaker]
But we have resources
of God's wisdom that excels
our feeble, human logic.
If God was to say that this book
is green when it's actually red,
then maybe it is green.
What do I really know?
Such is His guidance.
[knocking on door]
[whispers] Hello.
This is Leanne.
She's a good weight.
Yeah, she's feeding well.
[Leanne cooing]
Why now, Mum?
I wanted to see
my granddaughter.
I love you both very much.
Why don't you come back?
[Leanne fussing]
[Leanne crying]
[softly] It's okay.
There you go.
Why don't you sit down, Mum?
I don't get it.
What about the New System?
Do you not want to see
your sister again?
[Luisa] You know,
all that stuff about blood...
in the Bible,
the governing body,
they just make it up,
and then change it
whenever they want.
But people die because of it.
It wasn't her fault.
I know every single day
of Alex's life, she felt shame
because she had somebody
else's blood inside her.
She... She tried very hard
to prove herself,
but in the end,
she made a stand.
She stayed loyal to Jehovah,
right to the end.
I don't feel guilty
about you anymore.
You let the Devil tempt you,
and you'll let yourself die
because of it.
I could've been there for Alex.
But they stopped me
with their stupid rules.
You know, I just...
I just don't get
how you could...
sit there and watch her die.
I still want to see
my granddaughter.
How do you see that working?
I could pick her up.
Me and you won't socialize.
I could take her to meetings.
- There's no way, Mum.
- She needs to know about God.
Leanne's not gonna have
anything to do with that!
[sighs] Mum...
I don't blame you, really.
And I get it.
I get you won't want
to talk to us again.
But I will be here
if you ever need me.
Could I have some water?
[Leanne fusses]
[softly] It's okay.
- [Leanne fussing]
- It's okay.
[Luisa] Mum!
Mum, what are you doing?
[Leanne crying]
Oh, um...
I'll pick her up from nursery
and I'll take her to meetings.
I'll save her.
[voices chattering, laughing]
[chatter, laughter continuing]
- [bird squawking]
- [children shouting playfully]
[chatter, laughter continuing]