App War (2018) Movie Script

Nowadays we have heard this word
...which becomes trendy
in the past few years.
Thats Startup.
This word attracts young people
...who want to be their own boss me.
But this career is one
of the riskiest ones.
90% fail,
...8% struggling.
However, its still a dream job for us.
Because the 2% that survive
...are filthy rich.
I know that money is
not the only reason.
And I know that you all
...shares the same belief.
You believe that your idea awesome!
The idea to solve problems for others.
The idea to change the world.
The idea to make the
world a better place.
And that's the reason
people quit their job
...without a guarantee that
...they will be the 2% that survive.
This is a startup.
Where there is will,
...there is not always a way.
It needs more.
So its easy to confuse
with what were doing.
All I want to tell the
startup founders is...
Keep asking yourself
At the start point,
"What is the reason
" do this from the beginning?
Apart from New Generation
Startup contest,
...we also host a special match
organized by Mr. Tanthai.
Its the competition for
a fund between 2 apps
...that are incredibly similar.
Dear all programmers...
(1 year earlier)
I want to ask
Are you bored there is
always a bug in your app?
Are you bored that you
cant fix all of them?
Do you agree that they are so annoying?
How good will that be...
...if we can fix these
bugs once and for all?
Here comes a new efficient app
Got it!
You're a Eureka guy?
Last time we met... Startup Thailand League.
Our team presented after you.
Did you present after me?
Little Unicorn?
Yeah, little.
Is that your team?
Oh, why didnt you present it yourself?
My friend is better.
This is E-Bug! Superb bugs fixing app!
You cant picture it, right?
Its like this bug spray.
And here is the winner
...of the third New Generation
Startup Challenge 2017.
Congratulations to Wash Me.
Awarded with 200,000 baht.
Hows your E-Bug?
Loser, huh?
You were over-acting, werent you?
Thanks to our referees...
...and all the participants.
Until we meet again next year.
Lets get something to eat.
Your Indian food?
No, I dont wanna be
bombarded by Indians.
Damn. There are Thais too.
You go ahead. Im not hungry.
Who would go to eat Indian food alone?
Too indie.
One Thali set, please.
Hey, you!
Wow, like a copy & paste.
Your favorite menu?
No, it's for taking photo.
Piss off.
Hey, just kidding. Relax.
I get to try different things.
So this is mine, and thats yours.
Wrong side.
Have you ever tried Indian
food in Charoen Nakorn?
Its so good there.
But I think Sukhumvit one is better.
In Sukhumvit?
That fancy restaurant?
I havent tried. Is it good?
Its good, but just once in a while.
On special occasion.
I have to find that special occasion.
Laser Tag, right?
Love it! Quite a few
people play this game.
I know. I ask my friends,
...and you know what they say? Shit!
Not only shit,
...they also call me nerdy.
Its like in this entire world,
...theres only me who plays Laser Tag.
Well, it might be only
you in your world.
Yeah, there could be
only me in my world.
Its just me, plays Laser Tag
...and eats Indian food. So pathetic.
Step out of your own world, might find someone
who is just like you.
Have you ever found someone like that?
I dont know.
It's great to meet someone
who likes the same things.
Why do you like to join contests?
It's not me.
My friend dragged me into it.
He said, I want to change the world.
And you dont want to?
Nah, its overrated, I guess.
But I've seen you in
every startup contests.
Im tired of office life.
I want to quit and do my own thing.
If I write my own app
and people like it.
Only a few, Id be happy.
Give me your Line ID.
Im looking for a programmer.
It might work when we do it together.
Whats your name?
Right, we forgot to introduce ourselves.
Im June. And you?
Im Bom.
Whats your ID?
junechangetheworld, all in one word.
Whats funny?
Arent you shy when people ask?
Im here.
Hey, gotta go.
My boyfriend is here.
Add me, all right?
(Add friend)
I was about to add her,
...she said gotta go,
my boyfriend is here.
I felt like I got bugged.
Im telling you, Bom.
She was flirting... lure you to her team.
Thats true.
It's not easy to find someone like me.
She is taken!
What a shame, really.
It's rare to find someone like Bom.
I know.
And there's no app for that.
No app! That's it!
Calm down. Calm down.
Think about it.
Most people when they... sorry.
Most people when they...
...and no one joins. Got to do it alone.
For example like yesterday,
...I wanted to eat Indian food.
I asked him and he refused.
So I went alone.
Actually, I didnt want to.
And some activities, they
cant be done alone.
Imagine if there is some
platform or application
...that let people post what they desire details, what they want
to do, where and how.
And in one click, give an opportunity
for them to meet.
Like dating app?
Dating app my ass. No!
It's for bringing people who
like the same things together.
Why not a dating app then?
I dont want a girlfriend.
If I do, I would write a dating app.
This is an app for people who are alike share common interests. Get it?
Hey, it sounds cool.
Want a date, you can use Tinder, right?
You've got a point!
Not too loud.
I think I can design it.
This time Tai is stepping up,
he usually stays still,
never says a word.
Your apps usually suck.
If you're serious about it,
...make it happen and then
we ask for a fund.
So you are all in?
Im always easy.
Let's make a pact.
Let's say I want to play badminton
...but I dont have a partner.
I open the app,
...put what I want and invite.
And anyone wants to do it will join.
Thats all, Mr. Sompob.
And we're ready to have fun.
Why dont you create a dating app?
We believe in differences, sir.
Actually, our app's slogan is
...Non-Romantic relationship.
We believe that there are many people to find friends
with similar interests
...rather than a romantic partner.
Two millions, is it?
Yes, Mr. Sompob.
I'll have my secretary
make an appointment
...for signing the contract tomorrow.
That's cool.
By the way,
when do you plan to go to Series A?
In 2 years.
2 years. / 2 years.
You have been in many contests,
...and you dont know Serie A?
Never heard of it.
Serie A is a fund raising
of a group of investors.
A hit app creator could ask for a fund.
If we are lucky, we may get...
...100 millions.
That much?
Why wait 2 years?
Lets go in one year!
(Tai Build Bom.)
Bom, look at my new design.
Change background?
Use the previous one.
(Jobs that Bom rejected.)
Are you ready?
(New apps & Update)
"(Inviter brings like-minded
people together
(...and join activities. For example)
(App downloading)
(Trending Apps)
(Similar Apps)
(Amjoin gathers like-minded)
(...people to join activities.)
(More fun and easier, just
identify your interest.)
(Join activity)
Trending Apps.
That shitty apps idea
is exactly like ours.
Their download count is twice as much.
At this rate, surely, well lose.
Our capital fund is running out.
Can you ask for more?
Who would dare?
Our users are way less than expected.
Estimated vs. Actual Users
We can't afford to hire a beautiful PR.
I came back late one night,
...something scared the shit out of me.
I thought they were burglars.
Look at them.
So depressing.
Build, you are overreacting.
Their UI is more attractive.
Better change the design
in the next version.
This one is better.
We could have written dating app.
Why are you paranoid?
I downloaded their app and tried.
The UI looks good, but
app structure sucks.
Like an amateur programmer.
A lot of bugs.
Screen freezes again.
Like a low-quality copy.
Cant compete with us.
...about the money,
just bite your tongue and
...we might get it.
Is that all?
Let me check up on our users.
You are dead!
How did I miss?
How could you? I have +10 armors.
Did you top up the credit?
Im rich, so what?
I'm gonna shoot you up.
Theres something more important.
We have a newbie.
This girl is so cute.
She was here a moment ago.
Where is she now?
Hey, you!
Tom, is it?
Kidding, I remember.
So, you know each other?
Not really, that day I...
Of course we do.
Good. You stay on the same team.
This guy has got skills.
Help the newbie, okay?
I know you can do it.
Gate open.
Blue squad, come here!
Yellow Ranger.
Green Three.
Blue Wave.
Red Machine.
Hey, To.
Only two of us in my team?
You are good at it.
Give them some advantage.
Take care of the newbie. Period.
Come on, guys!
Please guide me.
Dont worry. Just chill out.
Take the left wing!
I came out like John Wick.
You didn't show respect
to my magic move.
Can you feel it?
We cant beat them.
Yeah. / Yeah.
Let's go plan B.
Hey. / Hey.
Red Team wins.
Have they really just met?
They are shooting us all up.
My armor is blinking
like a spirit house.
Hey. / Huh?
Going home?
Yes, sure.
Get a cab.
And your boyfriend?
Nah, we broke up.
I don't know if I'm gonna
get Pokemon cards.
His face was hilarious.
Thank you.
This restaurant is cool.
But I still prefer the other one.
Yeah, the vibe is right.
It's a special occasion, isnt it?
We were superb, you think?
They were all charging us but we won.
Its because Im good.
Speaking of this,
...I havent had a great time
for a long, long time...
Can I have your Line ID?
So I can take you to have a great time,
...playing Laser Tag again.
I gave it to you.
My phone broke then.
You can invite me to
play Laser Tag via app,
...dont need Line ID.
Don't you remember my ID?
You still change the world?
Add friend.
Have you been with this group for long?
Yeah, long time.
So you use this app a long time then?
Yeah, since they set group.
I write this app.
How was it?
Got anything?
This app is exactly like yours.
Look, find a badminton partner,
...find someone to try new food with.
And also have a plan to go to Serie A.
This team asked for a fund as well.
But their business plan is much better.
If you were coming in
together, I'd choose them.
And the fund you ask...
...if the actual users are still this low,
I wont give you more money.
Gotta go.
Because of that copycat app.
What should we do?
I have no idea. Shit.
Wow, a full stack, he can handle it all.
JavaScript, React.js
MongoDB, Nodejs
Bloody Kick-Ass
Bom, she becomes close to you
...for spying on our app?
You are overreacting.
Now that you know him...
Just spy on his app.
No. No way!
You like him, don't you?
No! How could we? We just met once.
You wrote the app because of her?
My apps slogan is Non-Romantic.
Really? / Really?
Seriously, is this about work at all?
Right, back to work!
So what do we do?
Shit! That's a massacre.
We have to find a solution.
You go sneak into their base.
See what they are doing.
Shit. Send a spy?
Send someone to apply for a job there.
Well know their movement.
What a shitty idea.
You got a better idea?
Never ever.
June, listen to us.
We come later, so we
are one step behind.
But if we know their movement...
...we have a chance to overtake.
But its too risky.
Ill take it if it makes us win.
Our apps are like twins.
One mistake, you lose.
So who are we sending in?
Look, they are recruiting a PR.
If we have a naughty doll. Sexy chick.
Boy magnet. It should be easy.
Look around.
Naughty doll.
All the photocopies are done.
Sexy chick.
Boy magnet.
If you succeed,
...It'll double.
Are you joking?
You're the only one
that they haven't seen.
How do you know?
Have you ever presented with us?
Ever been on the press conference?
Im the owner.
How could the owner do this shit?
Bom doesnt agree either.
Right. No...
Nobody else but you.
Dont forget that
your work experience... in our hands.
Think carefully.
Im sorry.
I really cant do this.
No position for me anyway.
They have their own designer.
And I cant do anything else.
You set me up.
I hate you two.
You guys...
I change my mind.
I have one more request.
Take a seat.
Nice portfolio.
Thank you.
Why do you want to work here?
Its good to be an intern
in a startup company.
I get to improve my skill
and learn new things.
I think Ill be more useful here
...than in the big company.
Before you left your previous job,
you were unemployed for a year?
What did you do?
Private business. / What business?
Private. / Good money?
Yes. / Why quit?
Actually, I havent left yet.
Do you have a few hours tomorrow we can join the seminar.
Might come back as one family.
No, thanks.
Dont want to be your downline.
Can you analyze the pros
and cons of this app?
Isnt that too difficult?
She is just an intern.
Shut up.
Remember the script?
Not really.
Answer it. Why so long?
All right, take a breath...
...and listen to me.
Inviter is created for fun.
But it looks dull a boring man.
If its more approachable and gentle,
...itll reach more women.
What more do you want?
Last question.
Can you start tomorrow?
Of course.
Lets celebrate. Our friend has a job.
Come on.
Ill try to update the design for you.
Dont worry. Thats taken care of.
Damn you.
After youve worked there,
...dont you betray us, Tai.
I heard they are girls.
Any hot stuff for me?
Let me see. Thats your girl.
Does she still pretend playing with you?
What will you do?
Dont ruin our plan.
On the same team, okay?
Well, well, well.
That doesnt sound right.
June baby,
...I have something for you. Here.
Welcome to the dark side.
And you Obi-Wan, to blue squad.
I wont hold back, dude!
Fine, out of my league anyway.
Whats funny? Are you even real?
Red Team wins.
Red team, Ill buy you supper.
How about my team?
Im so happy, buy for both teams!
Come on!
Oh, man!
Out of my league, really.
Can I talk to you in private?
I know you're from Amjoin.
Just don't come back here.
Because this is my group.
I used my app to build it.
But Im a part of this group.
Use your app then.
Although your app sucks
...lots of bugs and logging out
...but UI looks good.
That should fool many users.
I wont leave.
Why should I?
Your app is sexual discrimination?
I told you it's my group.
So what? Ill come every weekend.
What are you gonna do about it?/
Anyway, your shitty app will never win.
Our mission is to take down Inviter.
We have a chance to win.
Look at the growth rate of users.
Clearly, we look much better.
But their users are
still more than ours.
We gotta accept the truth.
Though people download our app,
...theyll delete later.
You know why?
Its slow and has lots of bugs
...and keep logging out.
Our updated version,
...have to be as good as Inviter.
Fai, Amjoin search rate
is more than 2.4 secs.
Fai. Search faster. Fix
bugs at search box.
But inviter uses only 1.5 secs.
Easy for you to say.
1.5 sec.
Bun, you have to find it
...which bug makes screen logging out,
...and find out the solution asap.
There is no more excuse
...cause you don't have
designing work, got it?
Tai, I want you design the whole new version.
You can add in any details or tricks,
...just make it wow.
Wow, how?
Less is more, plain but elegant.
Love at first sight,
whoosh into your brain.
Got it?
I believe in you. Dont disappoint us.
What a blue-ribbon brief.
I hope everybody understands.
This is not only good but fast.
Now we have to work harder take down Inviter.
The app is nothing,
...but the team leader is so passionate.
Like she is being Wonder Woman.
Seriously, Bom,
...did you piss her off?
What are you looking at?
Tai, about the updated version...
Updated version?
I think theres not much in it.
Just got the assignment.
Still a lot of problems,
...and these programmers
are not that great.
I heard they are just friends
and working together.
They did counterfeit games or something.
See? I told you.
Now you know all, can I come back?
No, no. Not yet.
You just hang out with girls for now.
What are we looking at?
Here, two of three Inviters partners.
This is Build from marketing.
Bom, a programmer.
The other one is on a
long holiday abroad.
Dont mind him.
Just focus on the programmer.
The active user numbers three months ago.
Come on. Ive got in a few days.
Thats all I can find.
I said dont mind him.
Just focus on the programmer.
Hey, bitch.
What with you and the programmer?
The programmer is difficult to reach.
Marketing guy should be easier.
He seems to be flirting with me.
What will you do? Seduce him?
Nah, I dont know how to seduce.
What is this program?
This? Its Slack, nothing.
What does it do?
Just for chatting.
Miss you guys.
Oh, is this the partner
that goes abroad?
When will he come back?
A while, he is busy now.
And when will I get to join Slack?
You want to join a chat?
Build! Bom wants to see you.
Yeah. Im coming now.
This is sort of nerdy, Mild.
Lets talk about PR plan later.
Of course. /
I should go to the meeting.
All right.
What the hell are you doing?
How about the new investor?
Got an appointment.
All is in my phone.
Where is my phone, Bom?
Shit. How should I know?
Wrong again.
Hey! Wait.
Whos this girl?
Just a sec.
Thank you, Pun.
Build, can you check my design?
Is it okay?
Good. Can you make it better?
Go. Get lost. Go fix your work.
Damn, thats it.
Give me some time.
Its left behind.
I was about to bring it to you.
How nice. Thank you.
So cute with eyeglasses. Cute. Cute.
Cute my ass.
Make it wow.
Design UI.
Add app mascot.
Change font.
Let me see your design.
All right.
Jobs that Bom rejected.
Here, its not quite complete.
Just see it for now.
Why isnt it based on
the previous version?
But it wows.
But we didn't have smart
search like Inviter.
Well, at the meeting... want to make it as good as Inviter I design based on Inviter.
Good. Shouldnt it be
more round at the edge
...or increase some space?
because new look apps
should have space.
So users can rest their eyes.
June. June.
Here should be...
Revise a bit. The color is too bold.
Using pastel could be more Amjoin-like.
But this wows. I love it.
Something from Mild?
Yeah. She reached the target.
Got so much information.
Its like we think too high of Inviter.
Look, its not just us who is in red.
Their upgrade plan is just a draft.
It may be an easy win for us.
Hey, guys.
Look at this.
What? They requested for
the fund from this guy?
Yeah, and if they have the fund,
...the chance to go to
Series A is rocket high.
You are looking at Mr.
Tanthai Visutthichoke,
...the owner of Library,
...the app that gathers books
from around the world
...and change to any languages.
Freaking awesome.
His startup company is a Unicorn level.
After a huge success,
...he became a new gen startup investor.
Tanthai Visutthichoke.
I think we should cut in.
Are you crazy? From the same guy?
So what?
If they get his fund first, theyll fly.
Will you crawl after them?
I agree with Fai.
You dont want to go back
and work for your dad.
Its in time. Yes. Can you please...
Please give it to Mr. Tanthai.
Hold on.
If you want to present,
...should you email us
...for screening first?
And we'll contact you later.
Audio Book Fair 10.00 AM.
Just follow the procedure.
Yeah, I cant speed it up.
Yes. Ill tell Mr. Tanthai.
Our reading charity organized in short notice.
We dont have enough time to promote.
I think we should move...
I told you many times.
Time and responsibility are important.
I wont postpone.
Excuse me. Excuse me. You there.
Just come closer. All right?
Hey! You can take photos right here.
But dont take wide angles. Thank you.
Excuse me.
Is this the same event?
Amjoin invites volunteers
to create audiobooks.
Looking for friends to
join audiobooks fair.
Please go inside.
Thank you.
Excuse me, is this the event?
Thank you.
We have many interesting items.
Excuse me, is this the event?
Yes, yes. Go ahead.
Excuse me, reporters.
Now take wide angle we see the event
atmosphere, no close range.
You in pink, go take photos over there.
You did it, didn't you?
Tanthai sets schedule for us.
Tomorrow, 2 PM.
Yes. Thank you.
Hey, they let us cut in.
Tomorrow, 1.30 PM.
Yes! Whoo!
Presentation day.
Come on!
Show time, baby.
Build, look.
Amjoin will present at 1.30 PM.
Holy shit!
Where are you?
What now? They are almost there.
Leave it to me.
Why do you call now?
Hello, Mild.
Hello. Bom.
Im at TMO building.
Dont let Amjoin Team in.
What? Amjoin Team?
Dont let them go in the
building, just stall them.
All right, yes, yes.
Hello? How is it going?
They know that you are presenting today!
Oh, shit! They know.
Speed up!
Step on it!
Build, its almost a hundred.
Why freak out now?
Hey, hey, hey. Turn
left next intersection.
Were gonna miss it. Turn left!
Whats that?
Ill handle it.
Hey, do you know how to drive?
I was just on my way./
Did you look when you came out?
Do you think he looks familiar?
I was just on my way.
You didn't look where you were going.
Its you that didnt look.
How can we have a meeting?
Oh, what are you doing here?
Quick, you're going to be late.
Where to?
TMO Building.
Come here!
Can you go faster?
Okay, darling.
Can we talk?
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Mild, stall Bom.
Mild, stop her.
I have an appointment
with Tanthai from Amjoin.
Excuse me...
Amjoin Team is here for presentation.
Sir, Amjoin Team is already here.
How is it?
Your time is up.
Please, we had an accident on the way.
Please call him again.
Please. I beg you.
Sorry. After Amjoins schedule,
...its time for another team.
Is it Inviter?
Yes. / Yes. Mild, hurry up.
Mr. Tanthai's office is this way.
Floor 24.
Yes. Yes.
Mild. Come on.
Come on.
Hey. Stop. Stop.
What? You are so childish.
Cant help. You started it.
Hey, you!
You cheated.
Don't push yourself too hard.
I wont wait any longer.
Is it slower than usual?
Mr. Tanthai.
Im here for a presentation.
It's over. He gotta go now.
Please. It wont be long.
No, if you give them a chance, should give us too.
Move aside.
Its all right, Anne.
Call them Ill be a bit late.
How was the result?
I saw the presentation you sent earlier.
Actually, both apps have pros and cons.
But we have many pros, right?
Yes, Inviter has many pros.
What I like the most your Smart Search design.
You show what I like and my lifestyle my feed only shows
interesting activities.
But I might only look not so many times
...because its so dull.
Your app should have gone much further
...but you have to make it easier to use.
Let alone your business model,
...they can be tweaked in many ways.
Do you want me to go on?
No...its all right.
They got served.
How about ours?
And Amjoin,
...your UI is designed really well.
Beautiful app, just like you.
Attractive and mysterious,
...but its disappointing when I search.
Your app makes my phone go crazy.
Im surprised they let
your app on the app store.
You have to design UX and
database more thoroughly
...or find outstanding core
features like Inviter.
In this case,
...I propose both teams to collaborate.
But I understand passed that point.
Ill let both teams present on the stage
.at the upcoming Startup
Thailand contest.
A special event and Ill be the judge.
We should change it into dating app.
We have a disadvantage here.
Our program has bugs
...and if we want to fix,
We have to hire more programmers.
For real?
How many do we need?
Right now, our app is too complicated.
People dont understand what our app is.
So if we change the concept reach mass users.
That's an advantage in both marketing
...and the system.
Is it too risky?
If you say so.
But think about it,
...between a hundred thousand
and a million users,
...isnt that worth?
Come on, June. We cant beat them.
Build, I got your point.
But let me try it this way.
And there is only one app
...that gets the fund from me.
We won't lose!
Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Lets go.
Red Win.
Next game, well win.
Blue Win.
We have to win this game.
No Winner.
Come on, guys. One more time.
Enough, moron.
Whoever continues will be killed.
Just another round so we have a winner.
This is an unsolved ending.
Its unfinished.
Are you crazy?
Itll be overnight if we continue.
Besides, its my birthday.
Everyone must go to the party.
That includes both of you.
Ill pass.
Me too.
Hey, we usually don't have a party.
Come on.
I have an early job.
Mine is earlier.
I do too, and Im going.
But its your birthday.
I have a period. No. No.
No. No. No. No.
I spent a fortune in
the past years for pretty girls swim around the pool.
Do you think I was happy?
But its not like this.
Because now I have you,, you, and you.
And you, Jay.
And me?
Yeah, you too.
But this person I want
to thank specially.
Without him,
...we wouldnt have met.
Cheers for Bom.
Take it.
Sorry, bro. I dont drink.
You bearded wimp.
There is no too strong alcohol.
There is only a weak heart.
June. June. June.
All gone! Cool!
Bom. Bom. Bom.
Bottoms up!
Plain water.
Are you too much?
Only three glasses.
What do you know?
Body systems are different.
We take alcohol differently.
Like my body, I might
take three glasses.
And yours, you might take three bottles.
Three bottles?
Are you insane?
All right, just dont drown in the pool.
Im leaving.
Whats wrong?
I know you join our
group because you know
...that I write Inviter program.
And you become close to me order to steal my app ideas, right?
Oh gosh.
You are drunk and talking nonsense.
How would I know you wrote it?
And why did you join our group?
I know that you dont like Laser Tag.
Right? Right?
Come on.
I was surveying users of the rival apps.
Ive joined every other group.
Like board games or running in the park.
I just happen to meet you in this group.
A coincidence?
But I dont care anyway.
I wrote this app before you.
Nah, you only finished it first.
But I thought about it first.
Where did you think about it?
When we first met at
the Indian restaurant.
How could I remember
several months ago?
Heres what I remember
I said "It's great to meet
...someone who likes the same things.
You remember from that sentence?
You have a good memory.
Dont you remember?
It's great to meet someone
...who likes the same things.
I do.
As you remember, I said it, didnt I?
What's it?
You said but its me who felt.
No, I felt it too.
Anyway, I better go now.
What now?
I asked you.
But you didnt want to join me.
I didnt know what you wanted me to do.
That's right.
But you know,
...I never want to compete with you.
Me neither.
So many troubles competing with you.
We have gone too far.
What can we do?
I cant lose this time.
If I lose,
...I'll have to work at my dads factory.
You have to do that?
Can't you say no?
How could I?
The first investment is my dads.
Parents might not understand
what we are doing.
Are you tricking me to give up?
Im joking.
I also have a goal of
growing my business.
Lets make it fair.
We must separate
...between work and private life.
So when we meet,
...we dont have a fight.
Is it good?
That means...
We wont be mad at each other?
I guess.
Here... rival.
Here comes a taxi.
Are you home?
Wait. Its less than five minutes.
Just ask. Let me know when you're home.
Hey, I've seen the updated design.
and will forward it to the programmers.
Are you listening?
I want to discuss about Mild.
When do we call her back?
Oh, he is not here?
Why do they like
difficult password here?
Why dont they tidy things up?
Bom, I bought this for you.
Thank you.
Put it over there.
All right.
Be careful. My computer.
You are so smart.
Your app has come this
far in less than a year.
So smart.
It hasnt come that far.
Something that is not stable yet.
Im here for you.
Thank you. / I like Inviter a lot.
I used other apps to
find friends before.
But they were looking for hooking up.
After I use Inviter,
Ive never seen...
You mean hooking up?
Never seen any users.
Where do you get the idea?
Well, I prefer standing
while explaining.
I have an idea from some person...
We met by chance and I realized
...we like similar things.
We seem to get along well.
You like her, huh?
...just an attraction.
Yes, it means you like her.
Anyway, we didnt...
...didnt meet again.
So I wrote this app let her know that
...there are people who
like similar things.
and there is this person
...who likes similar things.
...I have an idea.
Stay still.
Yes. Its done.
Thank you. / Thank you.
Bom. / Yes.
Sit with a straight back.
Look at the interviewer.
Dont look down.
And more importantly, slowly. Dont rush.
Smile. Come on. Smile.
Come on, Bom.
You can do it. / Mild.
Yes? / This way, please.
Oh, all right.
Thank you.
Cheer up!
Whats up?
I think we should call Tai back.
My inspiration to write this app from this girl.
We happened to meet several times.
The more we talk, the more I realize
...that we are very much alike.
And then I feel like...
Falling in love?
No, no, no, not love.
We didn't go through that stage.
But its the feeling that...
I watched your interview.
You look good on camera.
What are we doing here?
We don't have any.
Thank you.
Is it all right with you
if we cant find it?
Not really.
How about other horses?
I saw many, some green,
Hey, you / Some...
I want Unimaru.
Its like how you want
to write your app.
If it's just any apps, wouldnt leave your
company to write your own.
Are you really in marketing?
Such an artist.
and talking nonsene.
Is it funny?
Talk to the hand.
I found the unicorn you like.
You really try!
Let me go wash up. Im cold.
Where are you off to?
Come back here. Come back.
No. Itll fall on my face.
Let me take a picture.
No. / Come on.
Not on social media. /
One, two, three.
Whats wrong, Bom?
Here is Home page.
Yes! This really wows. Look.
This is what I want.
But hey.
Whats this? Its cute.
Oh, I did this just in case.
Heard you like unicorn.
But this is not an unicorn.
It is Pegasus.
Unicorns have a horn like this.
Shouldnt there be two horns?
No, thats a buffalo.
No problem.
Ill fix it
so can be used in app.
Right, please do.
Thank you very much.
So we can't lose to Inviter.
This is too good.
You do it damn well for
... dont you think?
You dont remember this one?
Remember what?
When will they launch it?
After a while.
I heard they recruited
three more programmers.
This version is changed a lot they have to rewrite the codes.
Lucky us, we have 'Bom da Boss'.
When will I come back?
Bom actually wants you back,
...but just stay for a little while.
Till after pitching phase.
It's all right. Ill take care of this.
After trying Inviter app out,
...does anyone recommend it
.to others?
Raise your hand.
Is there anyone here use Amjoin?
Lets share the reason
you dont use Inviter.
Its ugly, the color is bad.
Difficult to use.
I read the manual and still confused.
You said the color is ugly...
...if you can change it,
what color do you want?
I like pink.
How was the focus group?
It was good.
Thats awesome.
Let me know if you want anything fixed.
What did you get from Tai?
What is it?
This version looks much better.
He offered this design before
...but I rejected because
it wasnt as good.
After adjusting, its much better.
...if you want this version,
I totally agree.
...I told him to.
Its still in time for the presentation.
Ill go check up on work.
See ya. Excellent.
Im gonna test the app.
Go ahead, do it.
I have something funny to tell you.
When I was a kid...
Shit. Logging out!
What should we do?
Tell the kids to find food.
Baby chickens looking for food.
Chirp, chirp, chirp.
The python looking for food.
Hiss, hiss, hiss.
Hiss, hiss, hiss.
Is there more?
Yes. But Itll be long.
Whos that?
My friend.
Where's June?
Just went out. What did you get?
Their latest version is 50% complete.
Bom has finished the algorithm.
And get the latest design from Build.
Let me see their design.
Come on.
Bun, Fai.
I dont want to do this anymore.
It wont be long.
Fai. Fai.
That's what I'm thinking.
Something wrong? Call me so early.
We have been infiltrated by Inviter.
We never had our information exposed
...we accepted three of you here.
We have no choice.
But get you fired.
Wait a minute. It's not us.
We havent done wrong.
Weve worked 4 days, 4 nights.
You are going out of business...
...and put the blame on us.
Easy win. / Bring it on.
And then the game was turned around.
Whats next? Who is
Navys next opponent?
Probably Liquid.
Hey, June.
Here to play?
Can I talk to you?
What is it? / What is it? Can I join?
Right. You two just talk,
...Ill go downstairs.
What is it?
Why did you do this?
What did I do?
You copied Amjoin's new version design.
Copied what?
Seriously, you want to win that bad?
Do you really have to do this?
You said well make it fair.
Why did you do it?
Wait. How can you have
my apps new version?
The same way you did.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
Lets talk.
We cant anymore.
About us, its not possible.
We have to admit it.
You do your work.
I do mine.
And we wont meet again.
You said you can separate
work and private life.
If I could, I wouldnt come to see you.
I just cant.
Are you okay?
Whats wrong with you?
And whats wrong with you?
You tricked me to copy
their work, shithead.
Where did you get this?
From their team leader, right?
What were you two thinking?
Copy their work?
Its your fault.
You said you like it.
I didnt know it was their work.
If I knew, I wouldnt have done it.
Why didnt you tell me?
Dont touch me.
Here is the thing, Bom.
I gave you this design once,
...why are you using it now?
While I am still with them.
Dont you think Ill be compromised?
I did this because I want to win.
Dont you want to?
Yes, but not with a dirty trick.
They started it and cut
us in on the fund.
You can only talk, jackass.
I, for one, wont release this version.
Me neither.
Fine, up yours! Dont update it.
You think this company is a joke?
We sent Tai there. Do
you think he's clean?
You forced me to go.
If I work here and have be a dirty asshole...
I quit.
Damn it!
Hey, Bom.
Im sorry about what I said.
Say something.
Not now.
What about her?
She took my laptop.
Is there something important?
Everything. Back off.
Oh shit.
Mild. Mild. Mild.
Mild. Mild. My computer.
Bom. Get in.
Here, as you requested.
The Faculty of Communication Arts.
Internship Evaluation
I change my mind.
I have a final task for you.
Mild. Where are you?
Heavy traffic. On my way.
Why didnt you discuss it with me?
If I did, would you let me?
June, all of our programmers left.
If we see the structure of their coding,
...there is a chance for us
to finish it in time.
But isnt this stealing?
Whats the difference
from what they did to us?
Stop here.
Keep the change.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Mild. Mild.
Mild. Mild. Mild. Mild.
Hey, you!
Hey, why are you too rush?
Im sorry. Sorry.
Bom is following you. How come?
I told her to save it
on the flash drive.
She had no password, so
she took his laptop.
Im sorry but I can't give it to you.
Thank you.
Lets go.
Hey, Tai. This is our chance to win.
Turn it on. / Yeah.
Got to hack it. / Move.
Hurry up.
Let me. Come on.
You can't do it. Give me.
Hurry up.
...I want to resign.
Im the co-founder of Inviter.
The design I presented to you,
...I presented it to Inviter before
...but it wasnt approved.
Its my fault, that...
...I brought it to you.
When I saw that you like it,
so I...
I feel delighted.
So much that I did this.
Now it becomes a serious problem.
Im sorry.
I dont know if this design
is Inviters or Amjoins.
I don't think I should
be with either of you.
Im sorry
...for what I did.
thank you that you dont penalize me.
Actually, its not only your fault.
...please dont be mad at June.
...she demanded me to go back for a while.
But I didnt want to.
I think maybe I want to
...really work for you.
What a shame.
I should have been an intern here.
Seems like I wont graduate this year.
when you graduate, can apply for a job here.
I think you are good for
being a PR
...than a spy.
Thank you.
Before this...
...I've never thought about
...what I want to do in the future.
When I see you guys own
your company at young age.
It got me thinking of many things.
But both teams are really good.
You shouldnt have fought.
You're the last person, Mild.
Thank you for making Inviter lively.
Good luck for the future.
Bom, you have a parcel.
Tai Build Bom
You set me up again.
Tai, Im sorry I
wasnt honest with you.
I didnt think it through.
Yeah, forget it.
I gotta go, can't be late
...for a job interview.
Dont be difficult. I dont
become an Uber driver
...just to apologize to you.
Why then? You need money?
No. We want you back.
We want you to come back to work how three of us started.
Your app is not about the design.
Anyone can design.
Dont be sulking like a baby.
Yes, anyone can design,
...but I just want to do it with friend.
Dude, it too bromance?
Its almost gay.
All right.
Should I be pleased or sorry?
Startup is one of the riskiest careers.
90% fail,
...8% struggling.
But its still a dream job for us.
Because we share the same belief
...and thats the reason
people leave their job
...without guarantee that
...they will be the 2% that survive.
So keep asking yourself.
At the start point,
whats the reason you do
this from the beginning?
We have to thank Mr. Tanthai
...for great thoughts.
And next, I welcome you Startup Thailand 2018.
You said you use GPS to
track the stolen bike.
Did you add the cost of
going after the bikes?
Does Meal Share rhyme with wheelchair?
Dont you think the meaning
is negative?
Yes, HelloMonday
An app for senior citizen.
We can add pictures or words like
...Good morning or Hello
Monday and send it...
...Is this some kind of joke?
No, we mean it.
Apart from New Gen Startup contest,
...we have a special match
...that organized by Mr. Tanthai.
The presentation for the
fund between two apps
...that are incredibly similar.
Please welcome Inviter on the stage.
Hey, Bom.
Come on.
It is said that each day,
...we meet 47 strangers on average.
That means we meet new faces
...17,155 times per year.
Have you ever wondered
...whats the probability
...that those people like similar things?
It seems impossible, isnt it?
But during these past eight months,
...Inviter has brought
these people together
...under the concept of
Non-Romantic relationship.
And we found out that
...Love is unstoppable.
So from Non-Romantic relationship, has become the most Romantic app.
And this is the new look of Inviter.
The app that brings
like-minded people together,
...get in touch, and understand each other.
And finally, to fall in love.
But its up to you if love will happen.
Now, please welcome Mr. Saran Sangsilp,
...the talented programmer
who creates Inviter.
He'll show you how to
use the latest version.
From now on you dont have
to do anything alone.
I will show you.
Suppose I was a keen runner.
I just put some information.
And in Inviter, you can add more
...about gender or age.
So I put in running info.
And female.
Age 20-25.
Then search.
If we lose, are you gonna be mad at me?
The system will invite your
match and arrange the activity
Do your best.
Dont worry.
At worst, Bun and I just return
to making knockoff games.
To be honest,
...its a bit exaggerating.
You went around the bush,
didnt get to the point.
Change direction this much,
...aren't you concern the old
users would be disappointed?
Basically, we might lose some old users.
But here,
...we are going to gain new groups of user
...from the other dating apps.
But whatever you say,
...theres no guarantee
...that your app will attract new users.
Do you know how much
risk it's gonna take?
We know.
We always know the risk.
But we made a decision.
Taking a risk with this direction.
...Startup is risky from the beginning.
Up to this time,
...At least your app is more user-friendly.
Have you ever had bad days?
For me
It was the day I failed at startup
contest for the twelfth time.
And it was the day I met this person
...whom I always admire.
He told me the dream
of changing the world nonsense and far from our lives.
I didnt challenge him then
...because I started to lose confidence.
And we didnt stay in touch.
But there are some words we said
...that gave me a simpler thought.
It's great to meet
...someone who likes the same things.
And that was the beginning.
It inspires me to create Amjoin.
The slogan of Amjoin is
...Relationship is a miracle.
Its like I met him,
...although short,
...were not friends,
...were not in love.
We never met again,
...but he is still my inspiration.
Amjoin believes that every relationship
...always bring us a miracle.
No concept, no definition.
Amjoin opens for all miracles.
And this is the new version of Amjoin.
We keep everything the
same, but it works faster.
Shit, this is the old version.
You can choose activities...
...and people to join. / Excuse me.
Let me interrupt your presentation.
If Im not mistaken,
...this is the same
... I saw before.
We have just fixed the bugs.
Are you saying that the time I gave you,
...there is nothing new
apart from bug fixing?
What did you spend your time on?
Are you the one that stopped
me at the elevator?
Your app is as beautiful as
you, I remember I said it.
But there is nothing
new, Im disappointed.
Do you think building a startup is easy?
I dont think you have
enough dedication.
Im sorry.
Does anyone have a question?
Thank you for your time.
And the winner is
Go ahead.
Id like to invite Mr. Tanthai
to present the award.
Thank you.
Next, please say
something to
... the winner.
Actually, I have nothing to say,
...only one last question.
The question I always
...tell all startup creators ask themselves.
'Why did you start creating this app?'
Find June.
Going to the subway.
Excuse me.
Still at the event.
No! At the ticket line.
June! June!
Anything I can help?
1 year later
Have you ever heard of Sun Tzus phrase?
Know the enemy and know yourself, a hundred battles,
you never be in peril.
As well as love.
Have you ever wanted to spy
on someone?
But you dont know how.
And afraid that he
might catch you at it.
Just download SPYYOU will know all of his movement.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Line,
...SPYYOU provides you the access everything!
Miss you, man! /
Why did you pinch me?
Miss you, long time no see.
Moron. /
Why did you?
Hey, come say hi.
Come here.
Which hand? /
This one is okay.
Moron. /
What brings you here?
Im here to see you guys.
Which apps are interesting this year?
There is one. Very interesting.
You can hide from movies
and series spoilers.
For real?
So tempting.
Have you downloaded it?
No, hasnt launched yet.
Yeah, yeah. Been there, done that.
Hows your life after quitting?
Same old, same old.
I just take freelance jobs.
Everything is the same.
Come on!
Is Pleng here? / Not yet.
Yeah? She said she would.
Lets go.
Hello, Mai.
I have to apologize, boss is very serious. Very neat.
If she wants to fix
anything, just let me know.
Actually she wants to make it wow.
You know, wow?
I dont understand.
When you see it, it's kind of...
...whoosh into your brain.
Like whoosh! / I see.
You can, right? You can do it. I know.
Come on.
Everybody, this is Bom.
Hi, handsome! Take a seat.
We were giving comments.
Come on.
A bit revise.
State your opinion.
All right, on the welcome page
...move Choice logo away from
the model she looks outstanding.
About the menu on the top
...switch best seller tab
up to the first line.
Is that brilliant?
Can you do it, Bom?
Can you do what Ive explained?
Right. Thats it. Everybody takes notes.
All done.
Lets get to work. Lets go.
You take freelance jobs now?
Just to pass the time.
And Inviter?
Not anymore.
No surprising.
Since you didnt want it that way.
Don't you go back to
work with your family?
I sent you messages on
Line, you didnt read.
Did you block me?
My phone was broken.
I see.
My phone used to be broken too.
I better get going.
June. June.
I found the unicorn you like.
Can we meet sometimes?
So I can give you the unicorn.
Never mind. You can keep it.
I think it suits you better.
I have an idea for a new app.
I can tell you
I stop building a startup.
When we give it all in,
...and become disappointed.
It hurts so much.
Actually, its not about startup.
I dont want to lose you again.
When I worked on Inviter,
...I thought that I would feel great
...if I met someone that
likes similar things when we first met.
But now I understand matter how many apps I have
...or how many people I met, never be like you.
I was embarrassed to admit
I neither want someone who
likes similar things,
...someone to have Indian food with,
...nor a partner to play Laser Tag.
I don't even know what I want.
I just want to do what I like with you.
Can we start all over again?
I used other apps to
find friends before.
But when I know Inviter
Bom, isn't it?
Tom? / Yeah.
I know you're from Inviter.
The day has finally come!
The day that Ball is taken down!
Bom, not Ball.
No! We just met once.
Want some water?
I feel hatred walking
with Inviters executive.
Feel hatred? Hatred?
What the hell?
What a shitty idea.
Hire a PR
Hello, you can come in now.
Hello, come in for the interview.
You havent learned from Orn? /
Again... Orn.
Hey, wait. One last take.
to bring people to
join activities, Rang.
Seriously, Rang, Rang
I keep saying wrong, sorry.
Thank you, Pun.
Oh, so hard!
Just download SPYYOU.
When can you start?
Gotta get my degree in Czech first
...and come back for PhD at
Pradoonaisongdham Temple.
The app structure is terrible.
A lot of bugs, like a amateur
Screen freezes.
Cant compete with us.
Sell them the E-Bug then.
Arent you too close?
I love you.