Appatha (2023) Movie Script

Why are you so late?
Why are you waking
up the entire town?
Come and take it quickly.
-Appatha, where will you be in the evening?
I need to get my ration list written.
Come to the warehouse.
-Where? Your pickle kitchen?
I should be blamed
for asking her!
Appatha! Appatha!
-Come here.
-What is it, dear?
That aeroplane is so small!
How do people travel in it?
Good question!
Here I come.
Look through Appatha's hand.
-Can you see that coconut tree far away?
-Isn't it fitting inside my palm now?
-Appatha is aware of everything.
During our childhood,
we wouldn't get money to watch
every movie that releases.
After watching them, she'll
narrate their stories.
We studied together
till fourth grade.
-Why so?
-You want to know why?
I crossed fourth grade and
went up to tenth grade.
She remained in fourth grade,
still trying to learn the alphabet.
Manimegalai Madam...
I realized why Gomathi Akka left
school in third grade itself, only now.
Appatha, the water is cool now.
Hey! Hey!
How many times do I
have to tell all of you,
not to leave the mangoes for
the pickle to ripen in the sun,
and to dry it in the shade.
Doing your work half-heartedly!
It will dry quickly only
if you shake it often.
Come with me.
Instead of teaching you cooking,
I can teach a donkey how to sing!
It would have done
many concerts by now.
Mayilkannan and Marthandam haven't paid
any money for the past three months.
Don't be so kind to them, Appatha.
Hey! They wouldn't have
been able to sell it.
Check out their shops.
Not a single packet is remaining there.
Are you saying that they
ate all of it on their own?
You don't know the value
of Appatha pickles!
Okay, okay.
Forget Mayilkannan.
We should give Marthandam
some more time.
He had to spend a lot
of money last month,
When I ask you for 100 Rupees,
you ask thousand questions to me.
But you don't pay heed to the
people who're cheating you.
Oh no!
Hey! Hey!
-Stop! Stop! Stop!
-Why? What happened?
Can't you hear it?
-What happened?
-What is it?
The street dog is barking, right?
-The dog is barking!
-That's what I'm telling you!
How many times have I told you,
that there's a whole bunch of street
dogs there, and not to take that route.
Turn around!
Yeah, right! Is he your close
relative to know him so well?
Only when you get bitten,
will you realize its agony.
The pain due to the bite
is not a problem.
They'll give 14 injections around your
navel. That's what scares me most!
I have suffered that pain!
Appatha, I thought
you know everything.
You dimwit!
Son of a madman!
Injections are not a problem.
Imagine if it's a rabid dog!
You'll have to die
barking like a dog.
Even your loved ones
won't come near you.
It scares me to even talk about it.
Turn it around!
Oh no!
I'll tie coconut-husks
around my legs from tomorrow.
Oh Lord Bhairava!
My hip is broken!
That's why I told you that
we'll take the other route.
Blame your lousy bike,
not the route.
Appatha! Appatha! Appatha!
My husband has sent me a letter.
Please read it for me.
That can wait.
Please write this for me.
They will close the counter
at that office at 11:00 a.m.
Who typed this?
It's him, Madam.
-What's the spelling of 'decide'?
It's D-E-C-I-D-E.
Write it hundred times
when you come tomorrow.
What did you even
learn in college?
-Please write it for me, Madam.
-I have only two hands.
Welcome, welcome.
On the coming 23rd,
that is Monday,
it's my son's birthday.
What's the date?
-It's the 23rd.
-Yes, 23rd.
His name is Pavadaisamy.
His star sign is 'Bharani'.
-What's his star sign?
-Don't forget to offer a prayer for him.
Oh dear God!
What is it, dear?
It's been a long time since
your son came home, right?
He has been travelling all around
America and England for work.
-He's never in Madras.
But wherever he is,
he calls me everyday.
That's good.
Dear Lord!
Protect all of us.
-You remember his star sign, right?
-Yes, I do.
Name - Swamykkannu,
Star sign - Rohini.
Asking if Lord Rama is Sita's uncle
after listening to Ramayana all night?
His name is Pavadaisamy
and his star sign is Bharani.
Aren't you Kuchidurai's son?
Yes. How did you find out?
Why are you lying
in front of God?
-That he calls you everyday?
I'm with you all day.
-I've never seen him calling you.
He calls me at night, after
finishing all his work.
You won't be at my
house then, right?
He can call you during the day,
at least on Sunday, right?
Should my son ask you when
he should be calling me?
Mind the potholes on the road!
He hasn't come here
in eight years.
He can come here once in a while at
least during the festivals, right?
He doesn't come even then.
Listen! Don't keep blabbering!
Ride the bike properly!
I'll tell you something, Appatha.
As far as I know,
he doesn't have any
affection towards you.
You're lying to everyone in town
that he calls you daily!
Stop the bike!
-Stop the bike.
-Why, Appatha?
Don't ask me for reasons.
When I ask you to stop, you stop!
-Stop! Stop, I say!
-Wait! Let me brake!
Stop! I'll tell you.
Who are you to question
me about my son?
Are you haughty that you
take me around on your bike?
I'll walk.
My legs are fine.
Do you think I don't
know the routes here?
What are you looking at?
There's no point in telling you.
It all falls on deaf ears!
But there's nothing wrong
in what Shakti asked.
It's been eight years
since my son came here.
But... can I abandon
my son because of that?
If someone talks ill of him, what
impression will it have on you?
He'll be referred as teacher
Ganesan's son, right?
People will say that Kannamma
didn't raise him well.
Whatever I say,
you always have a grumpy face.
I'm going to sleep.
I have to do all the talking, always!
Oh no!
Give it to me, my dear.
Look! It got torn again!
No! How many times have I
asked you for a new bag?
I'll get one for you next month.
Okay, my dear?
Just go!
It will be soft only if you
chop it into small pieces.
After adding mustard
and dry red chilli,
and frying all the
powders separately,
chilli powder should be added
only after mixing everything else.
My sister asked me for
the recipe of the pickle.
That's why I'm
sending her a video.
So you're shooting this
cookery show for that?
What are you shooting?
I'm shooting the recipe, Appatha.
Don't shoot my face.
Turn it around.
Hey! Enough with your shooting!
What is it, dear? What were
you doing all this while?
I went to buy chillies. He said
he'll give it by evening, Appatha.
She stays near my house.
She came to me,
asking if she could get a job.
She used to go for tailoring
work earlier, Appatha.
They are suffering a lot, Appatha.
And on top of that,
her husband gets drunk...
and beats her up everyday.
Oh no!
What do I do?
There's no vacancy here now.
-Okay, Madam.
-See you later.
Hey Rasathi!
Keep this.
-No, Appatha.
-Keep it!
-Hey Rasathi!
What's your husband's name?
All the pending cases
should be closed by today.
-Bring the files.
-Okay, sir.
Come, Appatha.
-Please sit down.
It's him!
Hey! Sit down!
I brought him here,
since you asked me to.
He confessed that
he beat her up.
But his wife...
says that she slipped
and fell down.
The women of our country
will never learn.
They will keep getting
beaten until they die,
but they won't come out and
live their life bravely.
Let her keep getting beaten.
What do I do now?
I can't charge a case.
Shall I teach him a lesson so that he
doesn't dare to raise his hands again?
Oh no!
Don't hit him.
He has a job.
Just give him a serious warning
so that he's really scared.
Appatha, your phone is ringing.
-It's your phone!
My phone?
Who calls me at this hour?
I can't hear anything.
-Just pull over.
-Why are you still going? Stop!
-I'll stop, Appatha.
Hey! Hey!
Look! Look!
It's my son!
Crows will fly upside down today.
-Yes, they will fly.
-Answer the call!
You shut up!
It's God who made
my son call now.
-My dear...
-Hello, Mom!
How are you doing?
I'm doing good.
Just a minute, son.
Tell me, my dear.
Mom, have you made a decision
about selling our house?
No, my dear.
That house was given to your father
by his father.
We can't do what
we please with it.
We need to ask your uncle
in Meenakshipuram too.
He hasn't been
keeping well, right?
So, I couldn't talk to him.
Why should we ask
permission to him?
It's our house, right?
Well... it's not that.
-For many years...
-Just listen to me, Mom.
Tell me, my dear.
I've taken a loan
to buy a new flat.
It's quite difficult for
me to repay the loan.
That's why I'm asking.
Though you have all the inherited gold,
you're not willing to give it,
Why do you need
such a huge property?
You keep complaining about
damages all around the house too.
All you need is a small room.
There's one at the
warehouse, right?
Why don't you stay there?
You're just citing random reasons.
You have a point.
But we've been living
in that house for ages.
Your father keeps
coming back there.
It always reminds me of him.
-Stop it! Stop it!
These are all your excuses to avoid
selling the house. That's all.
You have decided that
your son should suffer.
Let it be like that.
-Hang up!
It's not like that, my dear.
Yes, yes.
Call me at night after
finishing all your work.
I'll be going to bed late.
Okay, my dear.
Seems like he gave
you a mouthful?
You wastrel!
There will be hundreds of
issues between me and my son.
Hop on!
Get lost! I don't need
your bike or your ride!
Wait, Appatha!
Stop! Stop there!
Stop there.
Give it to me.
-I'll serve it for you, my dear.
-What's there to serve?
-It's the same curd rice, right?
-Wait! It got overcooked.
No, no! Am I a child for you
to feed me with your hands?
You don't have to
bring it here yourself.
-I'll bring it back in the evening.
-Wait, my dear.
Manimegalai, Seetha...
It's time to celebrate.
What is it?
Mr. Pavadai called her
yesterday and said something.
Appatha is extremely happy!
Is that so?
Why do you look so grumpy then?
He called me.
My grandson wants to
meet me, it seems.
He's going to school, right?
So, they can't come here.
You can go there, right?
Then who will make
the pickles here?
I can sell my house...
and stay at the warehouse, right?
Why do I need such a
huge house to stay alone?
A small space would suffice, right?
The warehouse is perfect, right?
It's not good if such a big
house is not maintained properly.
Appatha, boiled water is ready.
I'm coming.
Lord Muruga!
Go and bring those
cleaned gooseberries.
Why is she planning
to sell her house now?
-Who knows!
-Something is happening!
So, is that why Mr. Pavadai
called her yesterday?
What do you girls even know?
Do you know how much she
suffered after her husband died?
-What happened to him?
-He was bitten by a snake.
Oh no!
And then?
Then, what!
He was taking care of everything.
They had a huge house and property.
But... they didn't
have cash in hand.
She sold all the land they owned,
to send her son for
higher education.
What if he has asked her to sell
the house and stay with him?
She went to Madras for
her son's wedding, right?
The wedding was over even
before she got there.
His wife was working with him.
She's a north Indian,
and he married her.
She won't understand
what Appatha says,
and Appatha won't
understand what she says.
And you expect her to
go and stay with them?
Hey! Hey!
-Yes, Appatha.
-What's happening there?
-I'm coming!
I'm coming!
Please tell him, Madam.
Our school's reputation
will get spoilt.
I'm going to the Police, Madam.
Is it fair to tie up a small
boy in front of a shop?
It's your son's fault.
Your son had been eating
from his shop, daily.
He hasn't paid him any
money for three months,
and he has been hiding from him.
As soon as he spotted him,
he tied him up.
We don't need such
students here.
But he's the most brilliant
student in the school.
That's the only reason why...
we haven't dismissed
him from this school.
Pay the money you owe him,
and solve this issue.
How much do I owe you?
345 Rupees.
I'll pay it at the earliest.
I'll leave now.
What is all this?
It's all because of you!
It's either Sambar rice
or curd rice, daily.
And along with that,
pickle, pickle, pickle!
You know the nickname my
friends have given me?
Pickle Swamy!
My books smell of pickle,
my bag smells of pickle.
I can't stand it anymore.
Just give me money hereafter.
Let's go home and talk, my dear.
Shall I leave?
-I'll see you at home.
-Is that your mother?
Didn't you say that she was
your house-maid, the other day?
The home minister has
insisted the police force...
to behave sympathetically
towards the public.
The newspaper report is fine.
But if we get caught by
people like Inspector Pandian,
he starts talking only
after beating us up.
He's not going to
listen to all this.
Hey! Newspapers are meant
for educated people.
Take this to pack
stuff at your shop.
What is it, son?
What is it, Pavadai?
I'm here at the junction.
'Frog' Marthandan is here,
'Pori' Mani, 'Egg' Ganesan...
and our boy Shakti..
All of them are here.
It's my son,
Tell me.
How come you've called
all of a sudden?
To Chennai?
Why, son?
It's not that, my dear.
I came there when he was born.
He is ten years old now.
And suddenly...
That's why I asked.
Which date are you
buying the ticket for?
My son asked me to convey
his regards to all of you.
I need to change my pension address.
What should I do for that?
My son has asked me to stay
with him in Chennai. That's why.
You can't do anything
here, for that.
This is a post office.
You should write a request
to the revenue office.
Hey Pachaiyamma!
Come and take all this.
I'm coming.
-You're going to the city, right?
The entire village is eating the
snacks and pickles made by Appatha.
Are you crazy or what?
Come early in the morning.
Don't give me excuses.
-Get going.
-Okay, I'll see you.
Seems like you have
given him good advice.
So, you do hear
everything I say.
Are you really going, Appatha?
Why would I lie about it?
By the way, what did he say?
How many times will you
ask the same question?
Tell me, Appatha.
He has been yearning
to see me, it seems.
That's why he's
going on calling me.
Appatha, why are you
taking so many snacks?
My daughter-in-law doesn't
like what my son likes.
What she likes, he won't.
He likes only sweets.
He's my one and only heir.
He was all alone until now, and
now he wants to be with his mother.
There's nothing wrong in it.
So, if you're leaving,
will that be the end
of Appatha pickles?
Why? Even after working
with me for so long,
haven't you learned anything?
Yeah, yeah!
We know all that.
But where will we go for
that secret powder of yours?
You have a point there, my dear.
My great grandmother taught
it to my grandmother,
my grandmother taught
it to my mother,
Dream on, you crazy girl.
So, our livelihood will
end with you leaving, huh?
Hasty female!
From this...
just add one pinch to the mix.
Got it?
Do it at the very end,
after finishing everything else.
And then, you need to let it dry.
After that, you should open the lid,
and stir it gently.
Don't keep poking it.
It will get spoilt.
Keep it safe.
There's only very little, Appatha.
What if this gets over?
Just give me a call.
I'll send it from Madras.
For the kind attention of passengers...
Train no. 542...
You'll meet many
big shots in Madras.
Please don't forget us.
Stop it! Wherever I go, all
of you will be in my thoughts.
But if you do a sloppy
job with my pickle,
you'll be done for!
Just give me a call
whenever you have a doubt.
Okay, Appatha.
Come what may,
you should come for
our village festival,
and stay with us for a
couple of days, Appatha.
How can the festival
happen without me?
But you should all work very hard.
If you do a bad job,
I'll come running to hit you on your head!
Let's see if you come
back, at least like that.
Get lost.
Don't forget! Name - Pavadaisamy.
Star sign - Bharani.
-Okay, okay.
-I mean, Bharani.
The first pickle to be served
during the festival should be ours.
-Okay, Appatha.
Lord Muruga!
Lord Muruga!
Get in, my dear.
Keep it.
Keep the suitcase in there.
-Have a safe journey, Appatha.
-Bye, Appatha!
Am I a young girl to be worried
about having a safe journey?
Bye, my sweetheart.
Study really well.
-Have a safe journey!
-Come back soon!
Here you go, son.
What is this?
Rs. 16,000 in cash.
Keep it safe.
How did you get so much cash?
I sold our land, my dear.
We haven't been doing
agriculture, right?
I'll be waiting at
the post office daily.
Don't forget to call me.
So, once in two days?
I'll call you on Sunday mornings.
The post office won't
be open on Sundays.
Okay. Make the call to Frog
Marthandam's shop. I'll be there.
Okay, Mom.
Also, don't forget to
send money every month.
No, my dear.
Mom will handle that.
Okay, see you.
Madam, the exit is this way.
-What is it, Madam?
-Wait for a minute.
-Let me call my son.
-Okay, Madam.
Sam, wake up!
I slept really late.
You do one thing.
I'll message my address to you.
Show it to some auto
rickshaw driver over there.
Do you know this address?
Akshaya apartments?
Come, let's go.
Sit down, Madam.
Keep it.
Hold it.
Here you go.
I carried it so far, and
you're giving me just 50 Rupees?
As if you carried a mountain!
Just get going, man!
-Shucks! It's a rotten day today!
-He talks too much!
I hope the snacks didn't
crumple when he threw it.
Ask him, Madam.
Sir, please come here.
Where is Pavadaisamy's house here?
-Yes. He is my son.
There's no such person here.
-The D-block?
There are hundreds of
people living there.
-Which flat?
-This one.
Oh! Is it Sam sir's house?
The one who lives in 8-B.
8-B is Pavadaisamy's house.
He works in the company
called Jio, right?
-Yes, that's the one.
-And his wife is a Gujarati?
-Yes, yes.
-His name is Sam.
Why did he swallow the 'y'?
-It's Pavadaisamy!
-Okay, okay.
Hey! You go straight
and turn left.
Okay, good. I'm his mother.
I will be here.
It is this block.
Wait, Madam.
I'll help you.
Keep this.
Oh wow!
So many houses!
It's like a whole town out here!
No. I've come here
around eight years back.
I stayed here for
two days and left.
-All this wasn't here then.
-Is it?
Call me if you need any help.
Note down my number.
Do it yourself.
What's your name?
Nice, nice.
Do it.
-Are you married?
-Yes, Madam.
I have a daughter too.
Is this the house?
No, Madam.
What's this then?
-It's a lift.
-Oh, yeah.
I know.
-Which floor is it?
Eighth floor.
-Why did you drop it?
-Sorry, Madam.
It's alright.
Take your time.
What's that red cloth?
It's not mine.
Madam, it fell
down from this box.
Oh no! Those girls must have
packed something extra. It's okay.
-Keep it inside.
This is the house.
Ring the bell.
Oh no!
Zeus, stop!
Zeus! Zeus!
-Oh no!
-Stop, Zeus!
Appu, catch hold of Zeus.
-Are you okay, Mom?
-Who is this?
This is your Appatha.
Take Zeus inside.
Are you okay?
Give it.
Zeus, sit!
-Come, Mom.
Where is my Pavadai?
-My son!
He is in the shower.
You still haven't learned
Tamil after all these years?
-I know very little.
-You needn't take the trouble.
I'll try to understand.
-But she can understand it.
-Good. That itself is a big deal.
Come, Mom.
Let's go to your room.
Swaru, coffee.
Haven't you told her
why you've called her here?
It doesn't matter.
Poor woman!
She's so paranoid of dogs!
She got bitten by a dog
during her childhood.
That's why she's a bit paranoid.
She'll get used to
him in a few days.
Appu, my dear!
Come here.
What is it, Appatha?
Come quickly.
Where is that dog?
He'll be around here somewhere.
Why are you shouting now?
He won't bite, Appatha.
Why are you letting the
dog inside the house?
Throw it out!
Go quickly!
Zeus, come!
Good boy!
Come, come!
Shut up!
Do you want to get beaten up?
Hey! Why is he outside?
Appatha is scared of him, Dad.
Swaru, give him his food now.
Only then he'll be silent.
-Yes, yes.
What is this, Mom?
You've brought a whole shop here!
No one is going to eat all this.
Yeah, I like it!
I made it all specially for you.
Eat well.
You made all this?
-Speak to her in Tamil, no?
She's asking if
you made all this.
Hey! You needn't explain that to me.
Shut up!
I made it myself.
Last time I sent the 'Murukku'
snack with Frog Marthandam right?
Since you said it was good,
-I've brought all this.
Oh no!
You've brought it here too?
Mom, keep it inside.
Keep it inside, I said!
Keep it inside first.
Are you going to keep that
damn thing inside or not?
Tell me what's the matter.
How many times do I tell you
not to bring this crap here?
I left our village to forget
the smell of this pickle.
I beg you!
Don't open it inside my house.
Got it?
I've brought the documents of
our house and my old jewellery.
We can do all that later, Mom.
Flies will gather. Keep all this
aside first, and have your food.
What is that, my dear?
Coloured snacks?
-Give some to me.
-No, no, no! Don't eat.
-It's for the dog.
Yes, Appatha.
It's not a snack.
So, it's the snacks for the dog!
-Give it to him, dear.
-Yes, Appatha.
Zeus eats and sleeps with us.
So he urinates and takes
a dump inside this house?
No, Appatha.
There's training
for all that too?
Well, well!
I don't understand
you city folks at all.
Hey! Take the pots away.
Cars have to pass.
They will shout at me.
You want to get me in trouble?
Take it away, quickly.
Come on, do it quickly.
-Good morning, sir.
What's happening here?
Just a minute, sir.
Hey! Take it away.
The car has to pass!
Is your name Pavadaisamy?
Your full name is
Pavadaisamy, right?
Who told this to you?
Who all were here then?
Just me, sir.
Don't spread it
all over the town.
Here you go.
Okay, sir.
Seems like the old lady won't
leave, until she disgraces me.
You may go, sir.
Mom, just turn it around.
No need for a lighter.
I got it.
There's no need for a lighter, right?
The fridge is totally stocked.
And there's a supermarket
here if anything gets over.
-Come, come.
In case you need something,
there's a shop outside.
Even in my village, shops
are outside the house.
Now, this is a shelf for
your extra towels, okay?
Malathy will wash
whatever you put in there.
You remember how to
use the geyser, right?
-I taught you how to switch it on.
Appu, just teach her
how to use the TV.
Okay, Mom.
Mom, if there's any other doubt, you
ask him. He'll clarify it for you.
I have to go to the shop.
-Bye, Mom.
-Bye, Appu.
Did you understand everything?
I understood, but I didn't understand
why she said all this to me.
Once we leave, you are going
to be alone here, right?
Once you leave?
Where are you going?
So, you don't know
the whole matter?
We're going for a
vacation tomorrow.
You were called here to
take care of Zeus, right?
It's a free trip provided by
the company for the two of us.
He doesn't have school either.
To spend some time
together as a family,
I don't think we'd
get a better chance.
That's why...
Did you tell her everything?
Yeah, yeah.
She knows everything.
Are you done with the packing?
The flight is at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.
We have to leave by 7:00 a.m.
Dad, is your name Pavadai?
Mom, I'll tell you something.
Don't tell the entire town
that my name is Pavadai.
The people here know me
only by the name Sam.
What does Pavadai mean?
Pavadaisamy is our
family deity, dear.
Oh! So, Appatha is also
our family deity, huh?
Hey! Finish your dinner
quickly and go to sleep.
You have to wake
up early tomorrow.
-Tell me, Mom.
You know very well that your
mother is petrified of dogs.
You're leaving me
alone with that dog.
-Don't worry about Zeus, Mom.
Malathy will take care
of everything he needs.
If required, she will take
him to the doctor too.
Not for you, Mom!
For Zeus!
He's a veterinary doctor.
Oh! Like the cow
doctor in our village?
Does he give
injections to dogs too?
If you need anything,
call Malathy.
She will come here.
Look! I have saved her
contact as Malathy.
Appu, come.
- Bye!
- Bye, aunty!
Hey! Have you given her
any money for expenses?
Oh, I forgot.
Just give it to her, no?
Mom, keep this...
... for any expenses, okay?
- Okay.
- Darling!
- Bye, Appatha!
I can't do that.
As long as I am the secretary here,
this entire apartment
must listen to me.
I can pay the maintenance
fee only after three months.
- Oh! Is that so?
- Yes!
Hey, Mr. Security Guard!
Disconnect the water connection
to his flat for three months.
- Okay, sir.
- Will you disconnect it?
I will, definitely!
You have no idea how far I can go!
I am really evil.
- Don't forget that.
- That can be seen on your face.
- Can't find it anywhere, Dad.
- Check properly.
You're telling me only now
after losing it yesterday?
How can you be so careless?
I haven't seen a more
irresponsible girl, Avanti.
It was in that bag, Dad.
It's jewellery worth Rs. 1 million!
This is why I told you,
It was with me until I got
down from the car, Dad.
I remember very clearly.
Will anyone return the jewellery
they found on the road?
What happened, dear?
She misplaced the jewellery she
brought from the bank, somewhere.
One sovereign is worth
Rs. 40,000 today.
Was it something like a red
bag covered in a paper potlum?
Yes. How do you know that?
Can't waste time narrating all that.
Come with me.
Isn't it this one?
Where was it?
I didn't know whose bag it was.
So, I kept it safely with me.
- Thanks, madam.
- Aunty!
I don't know how to
thank you, Aunty.
When you're carrying such jewellery with
you, you should be extra cautious.
Hey! Don't worry!
She is a nice girl.
That's why God
made me spot it.
Our hard earned assets
will never leave us.
What are you looking at?
Has he called me here
to look after the dog?
No, no.
If the house remains locked for
10-15 days, it brings bad luck.
That's why.
And can they expect servants
to come for fifteen days?
They won't.
That's why.
But there's one thing.
He's just like you.
He has organized
everything so properly.
Everything is great,
the way that dog looks at me,
is not right.
It keeps giving me scary looks.
I'll be right back.
You don't have to be scared, Madam.
He'll stay put at one place, peacefully.
I'll feed him and leave.
Sit down!
Sit down!
I know that you're hungry.
Oh, my God!
Wait, wait!
Did he bite you?
Did he bite you?
Oh, no!
You said he won't bite you
if you feed him, right?
And he has bitten you immediately!
What did it do to you?
What is it?
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
What? What? What?
What is it?
My mother left without
telling me, Madam.
That's not what I meant, Madam!
My mother has left this world!
Please give me Rs. 1000 in cash
if you have any.
I'll give you.
Come with me.
Please don't cry.
Once people cross a certain age,
they will have to leave this world.
Here you go.
Keep it.
- I'll see you later, Madam.
- Go quickly.
Stop crying!
Safe journey!
Oh, no! Oh, no!
What will I do now?
Hey Malathy!
Looks like it will be
the end of me today.
Oh God!
Oh Lord Muruga!
Oh no!
Oh, my God!
God, please save me!
Oh, no!
I won't spare you!
I won't spare you!
Oh, dear Goddess!
Oh no!
Get lost!
Get lost! Get lost!
Get lost, you son of a gun!
Go away!
Oh no!
Someone, help me!
Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Oh my God!
Let go!
This is what happens if
you keep trying to bite others!
Look how you got trapped now!
What did you think of this Kannamma?
Oh no!
Is this a house or a battlefield?
Oh, God!
What will I do now?
- Hello?
- Malathy, it's me!
- Madam, my mother!
- I know.. but just listen to me.
When are you coming back?
- My mother left without telling me.
- I didn't ask that. When are you coming?
Living with that dog is
better than this. Hang up!
Oh dear!
- Madam!
- What is it?
Your son had told me that the
pipe in your bathroom is damaged.
- Did the plumber come to your flat?
- No one came there.
Okay, let that be.
I'm going for some shopping.
I'll take some time to get back. If someone
comes, take him and get it repaired.
Oh no! That dog is in your flat, right?
I won't go there.
My grandson said that
it doesn't bite anyone.
Yeah, right!
Only the one who got bitten
knows the truth!
Did it bite you?
What a question!
That bloody wretch
ripped me apart!
Did you take injections?
No, Madam.
You know Dr. Ranganathan
from E-block, right?
He told me that since the
dog is vaccinated every year,
I don't need any injections.
They will say that it won't bite.
But don't believe them.
- I'll come back soon.
- Okay, Madam.
Bring the coconut!
She's good for nothing!
I think I'll have to
go and get it myself.
Don't come near me!
Don't come near me!
Get out!
Go away!
Yeah! Stay in there!
- What is this?
- There's a dog inside!
How did the dog
get inside the car?
Sir, she's the one who did it.
- This lady?
- Yes, sir.
What happened here?
- Who is this?
- What happened?
I'm staying in 8-B.
- What is it? What happened?
- Madam!
Are you acting innocent
after doing all this?
I haven't even gotten
the car blessed.
Why do I care if it's old or new?
Tell me what's the matter.
- Where did this hag come from?
- Hey!
Whom are you addressing as hag?
- Watch your words! You buffalo!
- Madam!
If you call me "buffalo",
I'll stop considering your age.
- What will you do? Tell me!
- Madam!
- Calm down.
- He's saying that he'll do something to me.
Did you find only my car to play
the lock and key game with your dog?
- I haven't done anything.
- Yeah, right!
Everyone has seen everything.
What's that?
- Come quickly.
- Look at this!
Look at the atrocity
committed by your dog!
Your car must have been
delivered like this.
Yeah, right! As if they'd
sell cars with torn seats!
It's all because of you!
Did I bite it? It was the dog, right?
Go and ask that dog then!
Why is she speaking like this?
Tell me quickly.
The milk will get spoilt.
There are so many dogs in
this apartment complex.
I haven't seen such a
troublesome dog ever!
- Madam! That dog..
- Sir! Sir!
Please calm down, sir.
What you've done is wrong, Madam.
That's not my dog!
It's my son's pet.
I can't take responsibility for it.
The car must be insured, right?
- Exactly.
- It is insured, sir.
But they're say they can't
pay me for a dog-bite.
Where do I go for the money?
Listen, Madam! Will you
give me my money or not?
How will I have money?
I can't give you any money!
She's refusing to pay, sir!
If I complain to the police,
corporation workers will come
and take the dog away. Watch out!
- Is that so?
- Yes!
So, please do that noble deed.
I can sleep peacefully then.
Whom are you calling crazy?
Hey! Don't you dare touch me!
- Sir! Sir!
- She's raising her hands on me!
Please calm down, sir.
Madam, please stay
calm for some time.
Don't worry, sir. Let her son come back.
We'll get a settlement from him.
What are you looking at?
She's not even letting me look!
Just go, sir.
We'll see!
- Please.
- Yeah. Thank you very much!
By the way, where is that dog now?
We've left the dog safely
in your house, Madam.
Please go.
Phew! It's tied up.
Okay! Okay!
Listen to me!
Don't play your tricks on me.
Keep barking there, until they come back.
Sigh! I haven't eaten
anything since yesterday.
My stomach is full of gas.
On one side, there's this dog, and on
the other side, there's that motor-mouth.
I just want some coffee.
It's spilling! Fine!
Listen! There's no enmity between us.
If you bite me,
I'll slit your bloody throat!
Go! Go away!
Go away!
Oh no!
Get lost!
Go away!
Let go!
My hands are hurting!
Let go!
Let go!
Let go of it!
Oh my God!
Oh God!
He will kill me!
You wretch!
Don't move! Don't move!
If you move,
I'll make mincemeat out of you.
Go! Go!
Messing with me, huh?
Messing with me?
Oh God!
- M... M... Malathy?
- My mother is gone, Madam!
Please forgive me, dear.
I called you out of stress!
I called you out of stress!
She's reacting as if no
one else has mothers.
Looks she will howl and bring back
the ones who died of old age.
It's screaming like a wild animal!
Let this be there.
Did I come all the way from my village
to get bitten by this dog?
That's great!
Is that a dog?
It's a bloody monster!
What should I do?
I can't keep being answerable for
this wretched fellow's atrocities.
I'm scared whether he'll
kill me any moment.
I'm holding on to
my life somehow.
Let it stay there until its
owners come back. Bloody wretch!
- Son..
- Why are you creating a ruckus there, Mom?
It's your bloody dog that's
doing all these atrocities.
Isn't Malathy there?
When I call her, she's
still crying on the phone.
What is this, Mom?
I've been getting so many calls.
Listen, son.
I'll tell you just one thing.
It's either your mom or your dog.
You should decide who among us
should remain in this house.
Do you understand...
Son? Hey!
What the hell.
This damn thing won't
work when it's urgent.
Why has the power gone now?
Hey Security Guard!
Are you sleeping, you ass?
Switch on the generator!
There's no diesel?
What is this?
Oh no!
How come there's water all around?
Where has it come from?
Where did it...
- Yes, I am coming.
- Open the door, Madam.
I'm coming, man!
Don't break the door.
I am coming.
How long will you take?
- What is it?
- What is this, Madam?
You are such a nuisance!
You are doing so many random things.
We don't understand what's happening.
What did I do?
What did you do?
Water leaked from your flat,
and flooded the entire apartment.
Our secretary slipped
on that water...
and fell into the tank.
He didn't die, thankfully.
It's all because of you!
Is it my fault that he didn't die?
That pipe was already broken.
This coir-head kept promising..
that someone will come and repair it.
Nobody came and nothing happened!
- What?
- Listen!
There's no point
in talking to her.
Call the plumber immediately.
Let's see what we
can do by then.
- Let's see what happened first.
- Let's go inside and check.
- So much water?
- Just go!
Go and check what happened.
Oh God!
Doesn't look like the water
came from the wash basin.
What happened here?
I just woke up to find that
there's water all around.
They are checking, right?
Let them check.
Lord Muruga!
Oh no!
How did the dog get
inside the bathroom?
Must have gone there for a bath.
Does your dog brush his
teeth and bathe on his own?
This lady opens her
mouth only to lie.
She must have locked
the dog in there.
- It must have broken the pipe.
- How do you know that?
And so many problems already?
There's no point
in talking to her.
Let Sam come back.
We'll settle this then.
Ask someone to close the
main gate valve first.
Let's see how we can
clear this water.
Where did it go?
Oh no!
It has been barking like
this for the past two days,
and turned the
house upside down.
I'm risking my life here.
Don't be scared, Madam.
It's innocent.
It has never bitten
anyone till date.
Who told you that?
That coir-head told me...
that it had bitten and
ripped his leg apart.
He deserves it!
After getting sloshed,
Will anyone stay calm
if their body is hurt?
Is that so?
That devil!
Look! Look!
Why is it always
barking like this?
Well, when did
you feed him last?
Malathy was supposed to feed him.
But she ran away saying
that her mother died!
He has been barking like it's
the end of the world since then!
Oh no! So you haven't fed him
anything for the past two days?
That's the matter.
Where is his food?
The plate was lying there.
- Over there?
- Watch out!
Is that all?
Where is its container?
Well, I had thrown it that side...
... or not.
He created all this ruckus because
he couldn't bear his hunger.
- There's only very little food.
This won't be enough for him.
What do I do? Does it
eat only this dog food?
- Have you raised a dog earlier, dear?
- Yes.
At my grandfather's
plantation in Madurai,
there were four or five dogs.
We used to feed them
non-veg food twice a week,
and curd-rice on all other days.
Aha! I can prepare that in a jiffy!
It's been two days since I
ate something tasty too.
The two of us can't
do this by ourselves.
I'll go downstairs
and bring someone.
Stop the work, wash your
hands and come, have some food.
Let's eat first.
I'm hungry too.
Let it be, Madam.
We'll go home and eat.
Okay, okay.
Wash your hands and come quickly.
Let's eat.
Come, dear.
Please feed that poor animal first.
It might start barking again!
You should get used
to feeding him.
Don't be scared.
There's a saying in my village.
is a dog.
Yeah, right! They can say all
this, staying at a distance.
Hey! Watch me, okay?
My dear...
Appatha has brought
food for you.
Eat it.
Don't bite me, okay?
You were so hungry, huh?
Poor thing.
What should I call you?
My name is Kannamma.
- Appatha!
- Yes!
The food is amazing!
I know only this
village cuisine, dear.
I don't know whether
city folks would like it.
Ever since I came
here from Madurai,
I've never eaten
such delicious food.
More than the food,
this pickle...
- It's superb!
- Aha!
I'm totally relishing it!
There's more.
Do you want it?
Will you give me some,
to take home?
Of course!
He used to work as a
Customs Commissioner.
He's retired now.
Every evening,
he'll have a couple of drinks
along with his friends.
If I give him some pickle
as an accompaniment,
he'll be thrilled!
I'll give separate packs
for your father and you.
Eat it.
Oh no!
Hey dear!
Don't be scared, Appatha.
He has come to say thanks
to you for feeding him.
Is it?
Just slowly caress his head.
He'll behave just
like a child with you.
We can't expect that
even from humans.
My precious!
Don't bite me.
My darling!
Appatha will never let you
stay hungry hereafter, okay?
Caution deposit for a dog?
What is this?
Yes, sir.
Just like the annual
maintenance deposit,
we need a dog deposit too.
All those who have dogs as pets,
For what, sir?
If a dog creates a mess around the flat,
that has to be cleaned.
And these dogs are
given baths, right?
The money for that water.
And we have to give treatment to people
who're bitten by the dogs, right?
It's including all that.
This is not possible.
There are no such rules
anywhere in this world.
We will implement it, sir.
Sir, animals have all the rights to
live in this world, just like humans.
I took a loan of Rs. 10 Lakhs,
and bought a brand new car.
And that dog...
... ripped all my car seats apart.
All of you saw it, right?
So, if there was a deposit fund,
I could've used it, right?
Tell me, sir.
No dog owner is going
to agree to this.
If you have to make
specific rules like this,
This committee meeting is to...
decide what each person's
contribution should be...
Stop talking about dogs,
crows, cats and rats,
and discuss that first.
- It's not like what you said, sir.
- No! It's him!
I'm telling you, right?
- We went to catch him, right?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Look.
Over there.
Madam, are you Appatha?
Where did you buy
that pickle from?
It was so delicious!
You can't buy it, sir.
I made it myself.
Why? Is there a new problem?
- It's you in this video, right?
- Yes.
Where did you get this from?
Someone has uploaded
this on Facebook.
It's not a random someone.
There's a boy called Shakti
who's with me, in my village.
He shot it for his sister, but looks
like he spread it all over town.
Is it?
We tried to prepare
this at home.
But it wasn't as tasty
as the pickle you sent.
Cooking and music can't
be learned by watching.
One needs to be born
with that skill.
When you prepare something
for others to enjoy,
if you make it with some
affection and love,
even chutney would
turn out to be delicious!
When you make it next time,
send some extra pickle for me.
All of us finished the packet
you sent earlier, in seconds.
Why not!
I have some more with me.
I'll send it.
Thanks, Madam.
See you later.
- Appatha!
- Hi Shakti!
How are you?
I'm doing great, Appatha!
- Who all are with you now?
- Everyone is here with me, Appatha.
What all did you see over there?
What all I saw?
There's so much to see here!
There's the beach,
the Kaalikambal temple,
... and our very own Rajinikanth!
- Oh wow!
Then, there's the metro rail...
Why does this hag need a phone?
If she shouts so much,
he can hear it from there!
It's been only 2-3 days
since I got here, right?
So, he will take me to
more places, one by one.
Yeah, he will.
By the way, what's
happening in the village?
Nothing much, Appatha.
We're all missing you here.
Has Manikyam's cow given birth?
Okay, okay. My son is calling.
I'll talk to you later.
- Okay, Appatha.
Whom are you talking to?
My boys and girls from the village,
were asking me how I am.
- Oh no!
- Hey! Zeus!
- Hey Soos!
- Zeus!
You bloody dog!
Just die!
Oh my God!
Oh no!
Hey, listen!
Please sit down.
He hit my dad with a bucket.
That's why I hit him back.
I was late in paying
the maintenance fee.
So, he hit me on purpose!
- No, sir.
- Then?
How many times do I tell you?
I threw it at that
old lady's dog!
Who asked him to
come in between?
Just a minute.
I've been listening
for a long time now.
You shouldn't address
my dog as a dog.
What do I call it then?
A monkey?
Stand in front of a mirror and
call that. It will be correct.
Listen! Don't insult me
in front of everyone.
Why are you stuttering?
It has a name.
That's for drinking.
This one will bite!
It will bite?
Listen! I'll tell you all something.
no one can live
peacefully in this flat.
My limbs have become like this,
because of this hag's atrocities.
Are you saying that I jumped?
Hey! Are you mocking me?
I'll bury you and your
dog in the same pit!
As if I'll be plucking flowers
until you bury me!
And on top of that, that unruly
dog broke my car's wind-shield!
What can I do if the kids burst
crackers at the poor dog's backside?
Dogs will get shocked when the hear
the sound of firecrackers and thunder.
We can't say whether it would run,
jump or go wild at that point.
People will burst
crackers during Diwali.
You should lock your
dog in the house then!
Instead of that, you can decide
not to burst firecrackers, right?
What's Diwali without firecrackers?
Hey! Hey! What is Diwali?
Okay, forget that.
Who is Narakasura?
Which flat is he in?
- He is in 32-B.
- Who?
- That one-eyed fellow?
-Oh no!
You just want to burst firecrackers
and eat mutton curry on Diwali.
But you don't know
who Narakasura is.
You fool!
A day to be celebrated with
lights and prayers all around.
Instead, you keep
bursting firecrackers,
I didn't ask you not to burst them.
one can't even breathe properly.
75% of the houses here have old people.
And that too, ailing people.
If you keep bursting
crackers till dawn,
This is all part of our tradition.
And this old lady is trying
to teach us new things?
Listen, sir.
Back in those days, there was
a lot of space for everyone.
The population was low, as well.
People have started cramming up
and living at the same place.
They don't have the required
space to do all this.
Instead of being rigid
about all these things,
we need to change our lives and
lifestyle according to the times, sir.
Are you saying that none of
us should celebrate Diwali?
I didn't mean that, sir.
A festival should be celebrated
by everyone, together and happily.
We should not trouble anyone.
We can celebrate Diwali even
without bursting crackers.
How's that possible?
That's a good question!
Like that!
Just like that!
Shall I tell you the story
of Kaathayi from my village?
Shall I tell you the story of how
she trapped people with her eyes?
Grazing the goats and
sleeping by the fence
Shall I tell you the story
of Kaathayi from my village?
-Who is this Kaathayi?
Who is this Kaathaayi, Appatha?
She must be Appatha's mother!
Licking the citron
pickle with his tongue
The one who eats four
servings of rice, Narayanan
Thinking of his aunt's daughter,
pounding the mortar
He kept lying idle
until the girl came
The lad who used to eat
loads of mango pickle
Found a tasty tomato dish
He found a girl
as lean as peas
The girl had the colour of a tomato
The guy was as dark as coal
The girl had the colour of a tomato
The guy was as dark as coal
What is the secret?
Tell me, o' lil' birdie
Kaathaayi said,
What if the chicken is
blind or has a hunchback?
She is now mother to
five or six children!
The boy who dried turkey berries,
with hands as thin as the tamarind
Kaathaayi is indeed an angel
This village bumpkin
survived because of her
After drinking
everyday like a loser
He went to his wife
He broke her heart
She tried talking to him
She tried threatening him
He's not the kind who would listen, right?
She tried talking to him
She tried threatening him
She came to me and said,
Kannamma, save me
With two unnamed fruits,
and two slanders from the village
Everyone uses pickle as an
accompaniment while drinking.
But Narayanan,
ate my pickle,
The lady of Kayilampatti made
a pickle and sang a sweet song
The lady of Kayilampatti sang
the story of the pickle as a song
The lady of Kayilampatti
served hot dynamite for Diwali
Appatha's sweetheart!
Are you hungry, my dear?
I had left only after keeping
the food ready for you.
They were going on singing
and dancing out there.
Come, come!
Come quickly, my dear.
Let's eat.
It's a special meal
for you tonight,
mixed with Appatha's pickle.
Oh God!
Oh no!
Lord Muruga!
Oh dear Goddess!
Hey! Avantika!
Open the door!
Open the door!
- Come!
- What happened?
Soos is not waking up.
He has vomited a lot of blood.
- I don't know what to do.
- Come, let's check.
Oh no!
Oh Lord Bhairavamoorthy!
Oh Lord Bhairavamoorthy!
Nothing should happen
to my precious!
- Give him to me, Madam.
- Come on, quick!
Start your vehicle first.
- Shall we go?
- Oh dear!
Oh dear!
- You go ahead, Appatha. I'll join you.
- Okay.
Dr. Rangananthan
asked us to come.
- Shall I keep him here?
- Please.
Nothing will happen
to you, my dear.
Oh Lord Ganesha!
Please save my precious!
I'll offer coconuts for you!
Doctor Ranganathan!
What's the issue?
- Appatha.
- Oh dear God!
- Appatha!
- Come, dear.
What did the doctor say?
Doctor didn't say anything.
He has taken him inside.
Who's the owner of Zeus?
It's me, sir.
He's the dog of our house.
When was the last
time he ate something?
Last night.
He ate really well. I fed curd
rice and pickle to him myself.
What? Pickle?
Yes, sir.
Dogs should not be fed
salty and spicy food.
It acts like poison on them.
But the dogs in my
village eat all this.
That's true.
Our local dogs are capable
of eating any kind of food.
But this one is a foreign dog.
The kind of food they eat
is completely different.
You should feed them only that.
- Please save him, sir.
- There's nothing to worry.
I've given him an injection.
Let him get better.
Eat well, my dear.
By the way,
erase whatever I told you about
our Soos so far, from your mind.
Poor thing.
I've never seen such
a sweetheart like him.
I narrate the stories from
our village to him often.
This shrewd rascal understands
everything very well.
I'll tell you something.
I haven't seen such
a loving soul...
even among humans,
including you!
That's gone!
Why are you looking like that?
Don't be angry. I just said the truth.
That's all.
Oh Lord Ganesha!
Thank you so much
for saving my Soos!
You should always protect him.
Because he's such a grateful soul.
Oh Lord Ganesha!
Bless all the good people.
Curse all the bad people,
dear God!
- You're dead meat today, you hag!
- Oh God!
- It's really nice, but..
- Appatha is here.
There she is.
What's the matter? How come
all of you have come together?
We need to tell you
something very important.
What is it?
Madam, there's a company
called Reliance Fresh.
They are conducting a food
festival called Amma's Kitchen
in all the states in India.
For what?
It is to promote our
traditional recipes,
and local cuisines.
Oh! That's really nice.
One more thing.
Our secretary, Azhagusundaram...
Did he jump again?
No, no!
It's not that.
This festival is being conducted
by the company he's working in.
He is in charge of it.
Oh no!
That's really sad.
From our apartment complex alone,
24 people have registered
for it, so far.
What will they do over there?
They are going to prepare
different kinds of food,
using recipes passed on
by their mothers.
You should definitely
participate in this.
Oh no! What can I do over there?
That's not necessary.
There's a competition as well.
The prize is Rs. 5 Lakhs.
You just have to
make your pickle.
You needn't do anything else.
It will be a superhit!
They'll be giving
prizes for pickles too?
You're the only one who doesn't
know the value of your pickle.
You can do wonders with it.
Well, I don't have any money with me.
It's an expensive affair.
Don't worry about the money.
Just say that you agree,
and we'll handle the rest.
Is this necessary?
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
Why are you so late, sir?
There's no problem, sir.
All stalls are full,
just as we wished.
Thank God!
I just visited all the temples in town.
By the way,
when is the General
Manager coming?
By the morning flight tomorrow, sir.
He'll land at 7:30 a.m.
It shouldn't be a flop
show like last time.
We must do a fantastic
job this time.
- Understood?
- We will do it, sir.
- Okay, sir.
- I know!
you will lose your job.
GM has said that already.
- Take good care of the media.
- Okay, sir.
Ask the cleaning staff... keep all areas absolutely clean.
- Okay, sir.
We shouldn't receive any
complaints from the guests.
You should work non-stop.
- Understood?
- Yes, sir.
Even if you make a small mistake,
it's my head that's going to roll.
- Yes, sir.
I've taken loans to
buy my house and car.
If I lose my job,
I'll have to drown in the sea
with my entire family!
How many stalls
are there in total?
How many are occupied?
Around 230 stalls are occupied, sir.
Who let that old lady in here?
Which old lady, sir?
That old lady with spectacles!
Don't know, sir.
She has come with the
residents of your apartment.
What is this lady doing here?
What is she doing here?
Tell me that first.
What is this dog doing here?
- What is this lady doing here?
- Sir! Sir!
Our entire apartment
loves Appatha's pickles.
So, we thought we'll
put up a stall here.
No, no!
That's not possible!
Who gave you
permission for that?
Sir, please listen...
Has this lady's name
been registered?
No, right?
Have you informed our office that
you're going to sell these pickles here?
- Let me explain.
- No, right?
Sir, there are certain
rules and regulations here.
And you must follow them strictly.
This stall is
registered in my name.
I've paid the full amount for it.
I will decide what has to be kept
here, and what shall be sold here.
I'm telling you,
that's not possible.
- Why?
-According to the rules of this festival,
only the person under whose
name the stall is registered,
The judges will ask you,
"How did you prepare it?
How much time did it take?
What are the ingredients?"
And thousand such questions!
- How will you answer all that?
- Appatha will answer.
But her name is not registered!
So, please ask her to take
everything and vacate this place.
Don't take out your personal
grudge against her, over here.
Sir, she's not going anywhere.
She did all this, because
we requested her to.
I don't want to extend
this conversation.
I've said what I had to say.
I've asked you to leave decently.
I'll give you fifteen minutes.
By the time I come back,
this lady, her dog
and these pickles,
Sir! Sir! Sir!
- Please listen to us.
- No way!
Absolutely not!
- Why is he talking like this?
- What do we do then?
Such a shame!
- Sorry, Madam.
- It's alright, sir.
I had told you...
... not to make me
do all this, right?
You didn't listen to me.
How many days am I going
to be here for, after all?
But you all have to live
in harmony for so long.
Please send me away.
- What is this? We feel really bad.
- If I leave,
he will feel peaceful, and this
festival will happen happily.
- What is this, sir?
- I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
By the way, you bought all
this spending so much money.
Take it away before he
throws everything out.
Just a minute, Madam.
I was the first one to call you.
Now, if you are leaving,
Insulting her is like
insulting each one of us.
- Correct.
- We compelled her to come, right?
And if he asks her to leave,
it's like asking us to leave.
Aunty, all the residents of
our apartment are leaving.
- Sir! Sir! Sir!
- Twenty two.
- Huh?
- There's a problem, sir.
Around 30 stalls near the entrance are
by the residents of your apartment.
If they leave,
That will be enough to irk him.
Consider your job gone!
Oh no! That old hag has come here,
just to torture me!
Come on!
Major sir...
Major sir, come here.
Come here, sir.
Give it quickly.
Come on, give it.
What's all this?
Have you all joined that
lady to trap me?
We're not trapping anyone.
- Okay. Just come with me, sir.
- What is it?
Let go of my hand, sir.
- Let go of my hand, sir.
- Come, sir.
Let go!
Major sir...
You're being so mean.
Don't do this to me!
I don't care!
I'll forgive you this one time.
That damn devil with
those thick glasses?
Pickle or whatever!
Let her sell whatever
she wants and be damned!
May she be damned!
Everyone who eats her pickle,
will have loose motion!
Go! Go place that old hag on
your head and dance around!
Be happy!
- Serve two plates of chilli fritters.
- Grandma!
- What is this, dear?
- Try it first.
It's very nice.
- Where did you buy it from?
- Everyone is buying it from a stall there.
- Did you buy just one bottle?
- Yes.
Buy a couple more bottles, dear.
Oh God!
Daddy, look!
The fan has been broken!
Welcome, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
What's up, Azhagu?
How's everything going?
It's going great, sir.
Have you done an awful
job again like last year?
You are an expert at that, right?
No, sir.
There are great
reports in the media.
Oh, really? How much
did you spend?
I've done it within the
budget you allotted, sir.
I mean, how much did you spend to
make them write good things about you.
- Why are you talking like this?
- Azhagu...
Don't I know you well?
I've known you for the
past three years, right?
Let the judges give their report.
I'll know how badly you have
ruined this festival only then.
Okay, sir.
Let's go, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
How's it going?
Brilliant, sir.
Are you sure?
Not only that.
We found an outstanding product.
What's that?
It's a pickle, sir.
- Did you make it?
- No, sir.
It was prepared by a
lady called Kannamma.
The entire state will love the
varieties of pickles she makes.
All of us feel that,
no one would have eaten
such products, so far.
If we market this product,
it will become really successful, sir.
- Really?
- Yes.
Hey! Mr. Flopshow Sundaram!
Come here.
How come you've done something well
for the first time in your life?
You're someone who puts everyone
in a pickle, including me.
Where did you find her?
Hey! Listen, Sam!
Sam, listen!
- Listen! Stop!
- Just get in!
In any country,
be it the birds,
animals or humans...
They eat the food based on the
environmental conditions of that place.
Other than humans,
all the other beings,
choose the food and
medicines they require,
Back in the day, even
humans used to be like that.
Our ancestors...
chose the food for us,
based on the condition and climate
of the place they were living in.
The place where we live,
and our lifestyle...
Our taste depends
upon these factors.
In any country,
a person used to eat only
to satiate his hunger...
and to nurture his health.
Later, as technology developed,
the word became a
much smaller place.
As the pace of life
kept getting faster,
people started eating
only for their survival.
Just for survival!
What does the medical practitioners
all over the world say?
Keep your stomach clean,
and you won't be
affected by any disease.
If you look at eastern countries,
they added chemical components
to their food ingredients.
For what?
To make their cuisines
famous and popular.
Gorgeous advertisements,
attractive packaging,
and instant availability.
All these made us humans
slaves to that kind of food.
our tongues are still yearning for
the taste of our traditional food.
We decided to conduct this
Amma's kitchen festival,
for the sole reason that
we need that traditional taste
of ours to be easily available.
Wherever we may go,
however we may be living,
we will always miss our
mother's culinary skills.
That was passed on
through generations.
- All over the world...
- Please move.
there is a unity when it
comes to eating habits.
Whenever we eat, we look for
something as finger food.
People abroad call it sauce,
So, you'll ask me whether a
pickle can be considered as a meal.
It can't be!
it's the pickle that adds taste,
and makes a meal complete.
So... one of our contestants
has prepared such a pickle...
that would enhance our meals.
And it's called 'Appatha Pickles'.
Do you know who prepared it?
You see that lady sitting there?
It's her!
Her name is Kannamma.
- What is it?
- Kannamma!
Congratulations, Appatha.
The unanimous decision taken
by all members of the jury...
is that 'Appatha Pickles' has the
traditional taste of our state.
So, here's the result
of this competition.
Kannamma gets the title,
'Mother of Indian Kitchen'
And she will be presented a
prize money of Rs. 5 Lakhs.
Madam, please come
on to the stage.
Please come.
We are proud to present
this prize to you.
Please come.
Give her a big hand!
The mother of Indian kitchen!
Along with that,
I invite the person who discovered
this wonder woman for us,
Give him a big hand!
We present this prize to Kannamma,
with your blessings.
Congrats! Congrats!
Hold it.
Come on, hold it.
The one who introduced you to
all of us, Mr. Azhagusundaram.
Please speak a few
words about him.
Yes, sir.
Hold this, brother.
Here you go.
Shall I speak, brother?
I will speak only the truth.
I need to tell all of you...
... certain facts about
this gentleman here.
Some people give strange
names to unplanned children.
Do you think his parents named
him Azhagusundaram like that?
They named him Azhagusundaram,
seeing his kind and
beautiful heart.
Only good people can
identify other good people.
He found this old lady
from a remote village,
realized that she had a talent within
her and gave her an opportunity.
God bless you for that.
Thank you so much, Madam!
I thank all the competitors.
I express my sincere gratitude
to all the competitors
who participated in
this competition.
- And...
- What's happening here?
What's happening here?
I have won a prize
for my pickle, son.
What nonsense are
you doing here?
Throw that prize
into the garbage!
Damn it!
I didn't call you to my house...
to ruin my life and
receive a prize here.
Ever since I can remember,
have always humiliated me.
The house I bought with
my hard-earned money...
You have destroyed it!
Go and see!
From where did you get the
money to romp around like this?
Did you sell all your jewelry
you brought from your village?
Sam, don't create a scene here.
Hey! Why are you supporting her?
- This is between me and my mother.
- Sam!
- Sir, this is a public function.
- Keep quiet, sir.
I'm not talking to you.
I should be slippered for
letting this woman into my house.
And this damn prize?
- Hey! Hey!
- What crap!
- Let's just go! Let's go!
- Are you even a mother?
Are you a mother?
- Let's just go from here.
- Let go of me.
Madam, please.
It's alright.
Forgive me, sir.
Please forgive me.
Come, let's go.
Have a safe journey, Madam.
Oh no!
Come, my dear.
Come to me. It's really crowded here.
Come on.
Come, come.
Sit down.
Come, come.
Sit down.
Sit here.
Are you supposed to
come running like this?
I wanted to leave
without telling anyone.
That's why I didn't
tell you.
That's why I couldn't bid
goodbye to you, my dear.
Go back home.
Appatha is going
back to her village.
Why are you looking like that?
It's not because I
don't love you, my dear.
Can this Appatha ever forget you?
Okay, go!
Be a good boy!
Be smart, okay?
You should obey them.
Go back home.
Your owners will get angry.
Just go!
- Namaste, Madam.
- Yes?
Is Appatha home?
I need to give this cover to her.
What is this?
The pickle she made has
become the talk of the town!
My company would like to do
business with her, on a big scale.
This is the permission letter for that.
[in Hindi] She is sleeping.
She's sleeping.
When she wakes up, I'll
let her know, okay?
Okay, Madam.
Thank you.
See you.
What is this?
I have left behind
everything I had with me.
I have nothing more to give you.
There's a village and a
few people waiting for me.
I'm going back to that place.
Without any regret or remorse,
your mother.
Write down the time.
You may go.
Sign here.
- Give that one to me.
- Give it.
Keep this one there.
Where is Appatha?
Hey! Go and bring her!
What is it?
Appatha, come out quickly.
Wait! Don't be hasty.
This powder...
Oh no! Forget the powder!
The cops are here!
Hold this.
Appatha, the Collector is here.
- Namaste, Madam.
- Welcome, sir.
Madam, the Indian Government has announced
that you shall be awarded the Padma Shri,
for your contribution
towards women empowerment.
You are the first person to be awarded
with this honour, in this district.
That's why I have come here in
person, to inform you about this.
- Thank you, sir.
- Congratulations.
Thank you, sir.
Appatha, I heard the Collector came
here and gave you something huge?
Show it to me!
Yes. I've kept it at the corner,
since it was too heavy to carry! Look!
Hey! It has become
the talk of the town!
It's not an object, Shakti.
It's an award!
- Aeroplane?
- Yes!
I'll wave at you from the warehouse.
You should wave back at
me from the sky, okay?
Sure, my dear. I'll wave at you.
Appatha, check out
who all are here!
- So good to see you all.
- Hi Appatha! Congratulations!
- Everyone is talking about you here.
- Is it?
- You're going to Delhi?
- Congratulations!
We're all so happy!
Okay, okay.
Even if you don't forgive me,
it's fine, Mom.
But... please don't curse me.
How can you say that, my dear?
You have kicked me when
you were in my womb.
I felt really happy then.
Even after you grew up,
you have kicked me.
I have kept your two legs on my head,
and bowed to you as my God.
Every time you kicked me
after you grew up,
I may have twitched in pain,
but I've never cursed you.
The one who curses is not a mother.
I feel so proud that I
was born as your son, Mom.
Forget all that.
You should stay blessed.
The day you understood your mother,
God has forgiven you!
- Tell me.
- Oh, yeah!
Where is Zeus?
He was here, somewhere.
Hey Soos!
Come on, run!