Appendage (2023) Movie Script

Ominous music playing

STACY: on getting a
new piece. STEVE: Hmm.
STACY: I think
it's gonna happen,
so I'm very excited.
I can't wait for you to see it.
STEVE: Is this that one
coming out of Amsterdam?
STACY: Mm-hmm.
Gorgeous, gorgeous sculpture.
Oh, my God.
STEVE: Congratulations,
STACY: [chuckles] Don't
embarrass yourself, sweetie.
[clock ticking]
[chuckles softly]
STEVE [muffled]: Oh,
um, we need to remember
to go through the shed
before the movers get here.
STACY: Oh, yeah, right.
[Steve speaking
indistinctly] [heart thumping]

[heavy breathing]
[Stacy chuckles]
[thumping continues]
[loud thud]

[muffled chatter]
[heavy breathing]
STEVE: Pass the taters, Han.
- Uh, yeah.
They're really great, Mom.
[Stacy chuckles]

Eerie music playing

[siren wailing]

[sighs] You fuck-up.
KAELIN: Come on, babe.
It's getting late.
Let's go to bed.
- I'm coming, just two minutes.
- Okay.

[alarm ringing, buzzing]
Oh, it's so early.
- [chuckles] No.
- Just stay.
- I have to start my day.
- No, you don't.
- I do.

KAELIN: Good morning.
- It's early.
- Oh, now you say it's early.
[Hannah chuckles]

[both moaning softly]

Pop music playing
over speakers
- Oh, my God, pancakes?
- Mm-hmm. Maybe you'll get
some bacon, too, if you're lucky.
- If I'm lucky? KAELIN: Yeah.
HANNAH: Hey, you got a little...
- Wh... Oh, shit.
Saving some for later.
[blender whirring]
[cell phone chimes]

[loud thud]
[Hannah exhales sharply]
- Babe, you okay?
- Yeah.
- You actually need to get
some rest tonight, alright?
- I will.

- Hey, what...
Where you going?
Pancakes, bacon?
Cristen moved
crits to 8:00 a.m.
pop song playing
over speakers

Hey, will you, uh, lock
up on your way out?
You know, with the keys I
gave you to my apartment?
KAELIN: Yeah, I can do that.
Ah, shit.
[train chugging]
[horn honking]
[cell phone buzzing]


- 'Sup, bitch?
- 'Sup, baby doll?
- I was on the
subway this morning
and I saw this woman
violently threading her chin hair
without a mirror.
I need to get on that level,
and I'm gonna practice on you.
It'll be way better than when I
tweezed your eyebrows, I swear.
- No way, Esther.
ESTHER: How am I
gonna be a professional
without you helping me?
Um, okay, this
button is gorgeous.
HANNAH: I can't
track his taste though.
It's, like, up to the narcissistic
personality disorder gods.
I just want it to be perfect.
Oh, shit!
- What?
- I bled on this.
[door opens]
- Blood? Maybe he won't notice?
- He will, he's a droid.
- Okay, he's a droid, but
just like make it fashion.
[snaps fingers]

- Gather your things.

[Hannah sighs]
- [whispering] It'll be fine.

- Now... what I
lovingly call my Season
Picks are at this month's end.
I will select a few of you
to work on my spring
collection officially,
pending your work.
Now, I will not
hesitate to let you go.
Now is the time to
apply... pressure.

From this point forward,
consider your off hours, on hours.
I think we could
make the frame work,
but the stitching is horrendous.
Hello? Hello?
Is that thing on?

Let's keep it.
Rework the stitching.
- Stitch it up.

CRISTEN: Hannah banana.
Hmm. Pasta sauce?
- Oh, wow, um, I must have
pricked my stupid finger and...
- Never mind that.
D'Armitage did a...
wrap dress last season.
- Oh, I know, but this,
um, it actually buttons.
It doesn't tie.
- You know what
you have? It's, um...
Oh, what's it called?
It-it-It's, it's a very,
very good word.
- Finesse or...
- No. Um...
- Panache?
- [laughs] No, no.
It's-it's, um, um, um,
it's-it's like when you
think that you came up
with a totally original
idea, like now,
but in actuality,
you fuckin' stole it
from someone else.


[door closes]
[heavy breathing]
- Oh, my God. What the fuck?
[knock on door]
[Hannah gasps]
ESTHER: Han? You okay, babe?
- Uh...
Yeah, yeah, it just
feels like a morning star
is being dragged
through my uterus.
ESTHER: God, that sounds awful.
- Yeah, do you have,
um, Ibuprofen or...
ESTHER: Yeah, I got you.
Our cycles are synced, bitch.
HANNAH: [sighs] Thanks, angel.
- Here you go.
Of course. I gotta pee.
- Okay.
ESTHER: Also for the record,
you buttoned your wrap dress?
It is absolutely
fucking different.
- It's fine, at least
he liked yours.
ESTHER: Cristen is a sadist.
Full-on, goddamn sadist.
[toilet flushes]
Let's get drunk.
- Shots.
- Shots. [laughs]
- I'm down.
ESTHER: Oh, and
more importantly,
I have a really fun
idea to pitch you.
HANNAH: A pitch?
I'm on board.
- Okay, tonight?
Oh, I can't tonight, I'm
going to Kaelin's place.
- Oh.
- Yeah, he wants to show
me something special.
ESTHER: Special, what the fuck?
Like his dick? Like, "Oh yeah!"
[knock on door]
- Shh!
- Whoa, whoa. [chuckles]
- Shh.
[Esther giggles]
- Oh, my God, though,
I knew you two would
hit off when I intro'd you
because Kaelin and
I are very connected.
He tells me everything...
[muffled voice] and he
is very happy with you.
[in normal voice] I'm like
matchmaking auntie times ten.
[both chuckle]
- Yeah.
- Special. Yeah!
- Oh, my God. I'm leaving.
- You're a rump roast.
- No. You just said rump roast.
- I did say rump roast.
[laughs] Okay,
we'll start again.
Let's go.
Oh. [laughter]
[Kaelin sighs]
- So it's not exactly what I was
expecting when you said, "Special."
What's the deal?
- Um, well, my mom
came up with this game
when I was a kid...
right before she died,
when she was, uh, still sick.
It was fun. It, um, it helped
us process stuff, you know.
Let us open up, I guess.
So, yeah, I just
wanted to share it.
- I know she meant a lot to
you. She seemed really cool.
- Whoa! You okay?

[cell phone dings]
HANNAH [softly]: Ugh.
Um, I have to go. I'm sorry.
- Right now? Uh,
did I do something?
HANNAH: No, no, it's just...
Um, Cristen, he said
that he would fire us today
if we didn't step up, so, um...
I'm sorry, Kaelin.
[door opens, closes]

[pencil scratching]
[sighs, grunts]
[loud thud] [gasps]
[heavy breathing]

[groans sharply]
[creature gagging]
[gagging continues]
- D'Armitage did
a wrap last season.
You're an unoriginal
piece of shit.

- What did you say?
- You heard me.
- This isn't real.
This isn't real.
[gasps] Oh, God.
- It's real, bitch.
[creature laughs]
What are you looking for?
An idea? You have no good ideas.
You're a talentless fuck-up.
- Shut up, that's not true.
can't even sew a button
without pricking
your stupid finger.
You're fuckin' stupid.
Dig deeper.
Dig into your fucked-up head.
[creature laughing]
- Ow!
[laughing continues] [groaning]
CREATURE: Oh, that feels good.
[Hannah panting]
Boo, bitch.
[creature groaning]
HANNAH: It can't be real.
It's not real.
It's not real.




[creature groans]
CREATURE: It's dark in here.
[grunts] Let me out.
[creature grunts]

- Somebody got laid last night.
- Ah. The pitter-patter
of Hannah banana.
Better not be a wrap dress.
HANNAH: It's original this time.

CRISTEN: A red dye.
It's... twisted,
sexy, eccentric.
Whatever you're tapping into...
it's clearly working.
Keep it going.
- Thank you, I will.
- Ari, put it with the yeses.

- [softly] Yes!
- [squeals] Oh, my God!
Oh, yes, yes, yes,
yes, yes, bitch!
Let's fuckin' go! [laughs]
- [sighs] I just have to
push for a few more weeks,
then I'll be fine.
- Oh, my God. Hannah,
what the fuck? Are you okay?
- Oh, yeah. No, that's
just this allergy thing.
Um, It's so gross, I know,
but I'm going to the
dermatologist at lunch.
ESTHER: That looks
like a fuckin' jelly donut.
What the fuck?
- Um, do you wanna
do drinks later?
Sounds good, right?
- Yeah, we'll do... drinks.
see. Can you just move...
Um, move like a little bit...
There we go, there we go.
Oof. Hmm. Any allergies?
- Not that I'm aware of, no.
- Well, it could be eczema,
but it's quite severe.
It's painful?
- Mm-hmm.
Did you eat any new food,
use any new soap, shampoo,
conditioner, moisturizer?
Well, I'm gonna run a blood panel
to test for allergies just to be safe.
- Have you ever seen
anything like this before, or...
- Oh, I've seen plenty
of severe skin reactions,
but you're saying you
haven't changed your routine.
- Could it be anything else?
Centralized on the birthmark.
I don't love speculation,
but there's some likelihood
you are a human chimera.
- I'm a monster.
- [chuckles] No, it's a
reductive way to say
you likely have dual DNA
from vanishing twin syndrome.
That's probably why
you got this birthmark.
I mean, it's inconsequential,
but it could cause extra
sensitivity on your birthmark.
- I'm sorry, I'm-I'm
not following.
- Oh, dual DNA is usually caused
from absorbing your twin in the womb.
It's not so uncommon.
I mean, we see it with
birthmarks like yours.
So I'm gonna prescribe
you cortisone ointment
and an antihistamine,
so avoid sunlight.
- This is a crazy question.
But can your twin grow back?
- [chuckles] No.
Um, let me know if it does.
- Yeah.
[indistinct chatter]
[cell phone chimes]
pop music playing
over speakers

Eerie music playing
[Hannah laughs]
ESTHER: Get it, get it, get
it, get it, get it. Get it, get it.
HANNAH: Thank you.
- Oh, my God!
I don't wanna.
- Yeah, you have to.
BOTH: One, two, three.
[exhales] [groans]
- Swallow. Swallow
it. Swallow it.
Oh, my God, I just
like spit on myself.
- You just have to not think
about it and pretend it's water.
- This is not water. [groans]
- You want another? ESTHER:
Are you fucking kidding me?
I will projectile
vomit onto your face.
Have you seen The Exorcist?
Oh, my God,
speaking of gross shit,
that like skin allergy
jelly donut thing,
you should get that fixed.
I honestly think you
should let me check it out.
- Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey!
The pitch thing. [gasps]
The pitch, tell me your pitch.
- Yes, the pitch, bitch.
Okay, yes, give me like...
Okay, a fuckin' drum roll.
[pounding table rhythmically]
What if you and I
start our own fashion line?
- You mean like quit?
HANNAH: What about Season Picks?
ESTHER: Fuck Cristen's
Season Pick bullshit.
And we just do us.
We could live in the burbs
and rent would be cheaper,
we could work out
of our own home.
Have like a little countryside cottage
where we drink tea every morning.
Oh, my gosh. We can
wear what the fuck we want.
It could be like G-strings.
You know what I mean?
Like, bring the G-string back.
It'll be so much fun, you know.
Okay, okay, but like,
ugh, shut up, phone.
[muffled] So, alright,
I'm thinking robes,
I'm thinking dresses.
[chiming] I'm thinking lingerie.
Fuckin' fly and fresh.
We could have like, like...
We'll be hustling all
the time, and then like...
speaking indistinctly]
[creature growling]
speaking indistinctly]

- Uh, I have a headache.
Just... I think I'm
gonna head out.
- Wait, no. Wait,
what? Where you g...
What? Han?

[horn blares]
[labored breathing]
[creature laughs menacingly]
[grunting sharply]

- Uh-oh, Kaelin
is texting Esther
and ignoring you.
Makes sense.
You left him alone when he
opened up about his dead mom.
What kind of shitty
girlfriend are you?
Of course, he'd
rather talk to Esther.
They're connected,
like she said.
You can't connect with anyone.
You're a self-obsessed,
pathetic freak.
I know you very well.
I'll protect you.
I inspired the dress, didn't I?
Keep an eye on them.
Something is going
on between them.
[cell phone buzzing]
[buzzing continues] [groans]
[groaning weakly]
[keys jangle]
[lock clicks]
[door hinges creak]

[muffled groaning]
[groaning weakly]

You can't get rid of me.
No matter how hard you try.

[door closes]
[siren wailing in distance]
- Hello.
- Oh, my God, you
picked up the phone.
What is this not
calling me back thing?
I've had knots in my stomach.
- Uh, sorry.
Yeah, things have just been
crazy busy with, uh, work.
It's actually going really
well right now, Mom.
[keyboard keys clacking]
STACY: Oh. Okay.
Uh, well, Dad is on call busy
and I finally acquired that
sculpture for the gallery.
- Was I a twin?
STACY: [laughs] Why?
What is this about?
That's such a strange
question to ask me.
What is wrong with you?
- Never mind, it's nothing.
- Are you PMSing?
- Probably.
STACY: [sighs]
Well, I'm really calling
because we're gonna do a big
goodbye dinner before our move.
The Goldblums, the Kowalskis,
everyone will be there.
- Goodbye dinner? You're
practically moving down the street.
- Well... yeah.
I-I know it won't be far.
I'm not as much of an
idiot as you think I am.
Anyway, 15 people are coming
and it's next month on the 4th.
You really should be there.
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
STACY: Great and, um,
maybe while you're here, you
could go through your things.
It's all high school stuff.
Let's get rid of it all so we
can focus on happier memories.
- You know what? Uh,
sorry, Mom, I gotta go.
STACY: Um, okay.
Well, uh, pick up
the phone when I call.
[knock on door]
ESTHER: Hey, hey, hey!
We're here to sweep you up
and take you on a picnic brunch.
KAELIN: Yes, yes, yes.
ESTHER: Fire. Fire snacks.
KAELIN: Fire snacks.
[Esther laughs]
ominous music playing

ESTHER [muffled]: You okay,
babe? You look kinda sick.
[in normal voice] We drank
way too much last night.
I threw up like five times.
- No, I think it's
just a stomach thing.
Um, it's really nice though.
You two should
go, you should go.
ESTHER: Wait, what?
No, not without you.
- [whispering]
Come on, let's go.
- You know what? I just need
some sleep, that's, that's all. Yeah.
KAELIN: Okay, do you want us
to bring you anything?
ESTHER: Like soup,
electrolytes, anything?
- Uh, no, that's cool.
Um, yeah, I'm-I'm fine.
I'll call you later
though. I'm sorry.
[door closes]
Uh, what the fuck? Okay.

- Thank you.

[birds cawing]

- Oh!
I'm sorry, I-I didn't
mean to scare you.
- Oh, it's okay.
- I'm Florence. D-don't
worry, I don't bite.
This is why you're here, right?
You're not alone,
I promise you that.
We can help.
Come, dear.

We have a new
guest with us today.
- Oh.
Hello. [chuckles]
This is a rare treat.
I'm Fred.
Have a seat.
Sorry for the location,
I'm sure that was odd.
But we have to
stay pretty removed.
Uh, coffee, croissants,
make yourself at home.
Uh, quick intro?
- Um... I'm Hannah.
ALL: Hi, Hannah.
- Um,
something happened to me.
Fuck, I don't know what
to say. It sounds insane.
- You're here because we
all have the same problem.
We all have an appendage,
a creature whose goal
is to make us miserable
and benefit from it.
- Wait. Wait, wait.
You all have that-that
thing growing out of you?
The whatever the fuck that...
- Yes. They grow
out of our birthmarks.
We think it's an
undiscovered genetic illness
caused by dual DNA.
- Holy shit! Holy shit.
Okay, wow, I literally
thought I was losing my mind.
- No, not at all.
HANNAH: Wait, we
should all do something.
We should go to a
hospital or something.
I mean, if we go together,
then they'll all believe it.
- No. [scoffs]
One of our members informed his
position and he is now institutionalized
and part of an
inhumane clinical trial.
I'm a practicing
Take my medical knowledge
as an advantage here.
To start...
WOMAN: [whispering]
This is his favorite part.
An appendage is?
- A parasite.
- Feeds off you,
its host, to survive
using some form of hypnosis to
make your mind and body vulnerable.
[labored breathing]

We dont know what
happens medically,
but it makes you weaker
and them stronger.
Like a hot ball transferring
heat to a cold ball.
- How do we get rid of it?
- You've obviously
noticed by now,
there's an inexplicable
link between you.
Mental, physical.
What do you think would happen
if you killed your appendage?
MAN: We've had losses.
- Why is this happening to me?
- We think appendages grow
from something deep inside us,
unknowable and painful.
It's a combination of
unpredictable factors.
This period in your life, this
particular thing happening,
your inability to deal with
it in that moment in time...

Your unique chemistry.
I lost my daughter 15
years ago in a car accident.
Didn't appear then,
during the most
painful period of my life.
Years later, I spilled a
glass of water at my desk,
and that was it.
I don't know how
else to explain it.
Does that make sense to you?
- So, we hide it,
and sedate it.
- The appendage? FRED: Yes.
The sedatives will have an
effect on you since you are linked.
A bit of brain fog,
but you adjust.
If you keep your appendage
a secret and shut it up,
you can live a
fairly normal life.
It'll cost $150 a week for the
materials, but I offer a plan.
- Okay.
You okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
- Yeah, I almost passed
out my first time, so.
It's quite the news flash.
- Yeah. [chuckles]
- I'm Claudia.
- I'm Hannah.
- Do you wanna get
coffee or something?
I live just around the corner.
- Uh, yeah.
- Okay.
- [chuckles] Okay.
CLAUDIA: I mean, it can't
get weirder than this, so...
HANNAH: [chuckles] I know.
Oh, wow, do you have kids?
- No, those are my,
um, students' drawings.
I teach second grade.
- Oh, wow.
CLAUDIA: Those kind of
remind me to keep doing it
because I love my students,
but, holy shit, it's hard.
Do you... Oh, do you want cream?
- Um, uh, no. Black
is okay, thank you.
So do you live here
with a partner or...
- Divorced lone wolf.
We can thank my ex-husband
for the fancy apartment,
perks to being married
to a finance bro.
[chuckles softly]
- You and a finance bro, really?
- What? Seem weird?
HANNAH: I mean, I just don't
really peg you as the finance bro type.
- Hmm, interesting, I'm not.
[Hannah chuckles]
I met him in high school
and, you know, he was
older, so I thought he was it.
He's the only person
I had ever been with
until we got
divorced a year ago.
And then I slept
with everybody, so...
- Well, I mean,
cheers to your sex life.
- Oh, thank you. No one's
ever acknowledged to that.
Hmm. So what about you?
Any loves?
- Uh, yeah, yeah.
My, uh, boyfriend, Kaelin.
- Ah.
[Hannah chuckles]
HANNAH: We've been
together for six months now
and it feels really
special, you know.
- It sounds like
there's a "but" there.
- Um...
My best friend Esther and him...
I just don't know.
I feel like I've-I've
seen signs.
You know, they went
to college together
and they've known
each other longer.
She introduced us, actually.
- Oof, I know that feeling.
I really hope they wouldn't
do something like that.
[pounding on door]
[Claudia sighs]
It doesn't like the restraints.
I mean, don't blame it.
- Yeah, mine's tied up,
too. It's in my basement.
- Oh, you're the first
person from the meetup
that I can actually talk to.
I mean, you saw them.
I don't know, you can't
really have people over
when you have something
in your basement.
This just feels like
less lonely, I guess.
I don't know. It's nice.
- Yeah, it is nice.
[pounding on door] Ugh.
- Shouldn't you sedate it?
- I don't know.
Sometimes I feel like...
I... I feel bad.
It feels like it's
inhumane or something.
- Yeah, but it's better than
hearing all that vile stuff.
It's like it validates
the negative beliefs
you hold about yourself.
- Oh, that's very shrink-like.
HANNAH: Yeah, had
one of those in high school.
I, uh, did some stupid shit.
- Yeah?
- You did?
- Are we the same person?
Okay, sorry.
I'm, uh, procrastinating.
I'm gonna go sedate it.

[door closes]
[appendage yells]

[door closes]

[groaning weakly]

APPENDAGE: Wait, stop.
I can help you.
- You wanna help me?
- Yes, I'm here for you.
If you silence
me, you will suffer.

[gasps] No. Bitch...
[groaning weakly]

- Whoa.
It's me, babe. I let myself in.
- What are you doing here?
- It's Sunday. We had plans?
I just texted you?
- Oh, yeah.
Shit, sorry, I spaced.
I'm glad you're here.
- Why are you
looking at me like that?
- Uh, let's talk for
a second. Please?
[Kaelin sighs]
Listen, I-I know you've
been stressed lately.
Not sleeping, working late,
but I'm worried about you, Han.
- I'm dealing with it.
KAELIN: Dealing with it? How?
- Um, you wouldn't believe me.
- Uh, d-did something happen?
I mean, you can
tell me anything.
- Okay.
This is gonna sound crazy,
but something grew out of me.
Okay, it's called an appendage.
It's because I have dual DNA
and there are other people
too who have the ex...
- Oth-other, other people?
What-what other people?
What-what are you talking about?
- Here. I can, I can show
you, we can go downstairs.
- Han, Han, Han, please.
Did you do that to your stomach?
I mean, we're
just, we're worried.
We just don't want you...
- We?
KAELIN: Me and Esther,
we've been trying to
figure out how to talk to you
or-or help you
and it's just hard.
- You and Esther
talk behind my back?
- No, we don't wanna upset you.
We're trying to be
understanding, you know.
- You could try listening.
- Uh...
- I just wanna be alone.
- What? Alone?
HANNAH: I wanna be alone, okay?
Please just go, okay?

[door closes]

- Hey, Han.
Kaelin told me what
happened last night.
- Oh, yeah, told you what?
ESTHER: Just that you were upset
and you got into a fight.
- Did someone foolishly inform
you I was doing a goth collection?
Careful now.
Season Picks are
coming up, people.
- Ignore him.
- Don't touch me!
You have no idea what
I'm going through, okay?
I mean, you don't
get pain. You...
You're just like a happy
person, so go be happy.

[groaning weakly]

[groaning weakly]
[indistinct chatter]
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- He likes you.

[inaudible dialogue]
[groaning weakly]

[thunder rumbling]
[cell phone buzzing]

[inaudible dialogue]

- Where'd you learn
to drink like that?
- Guess I've been
doing it for a while.
CLAUDIA: Oh, yeah?
- Well, I started in high school
and I guess I just
liked the taste.
You know, it sort of
numbed some stuff.
I was pretty mad all the time.
Yeah, and then
I took it a little
too far my senior year.
I, uh,
crashed my car into
a, uh, freeway median.
- What?
- Yeah.
My parents had to
leave one of their, um,
fancy dinners to
come to the hospital.
The doctors were watching me
like 24/7 'cause...
I don't know, they were
worried that I would, um...
Uh, yeah, yeah, and then
we just never talked about it.
- Were they right?
Did you crash your
car on purpose?
You know, I... I
feel like I'm, um,
defective or like there's
something wrong with me.
- You're not defective.
If you are, I am.
You're sensitive.
Welcome to the sad
girls club. Water is warm.
[pounding on door]
[appendage screams]
- Mine doesn't sound
like that, Claudia.
- I figured something out.
- What?
- The dual DNAers
can't know, okay?
- Okay.
Everything your
appendage tells you,
all those vile
things, they're true.
- What are you saying?
- No, it's not a
bad thing. It's...
If you let your
appendage speak to you,
if you don't sedate
it right away,
it's like a personal psychic.
- I don't get it.
CLAUDIA: Okay, you know,
when you asked me if I had kids?
Well, it's more like I can't.
I did like three rounds IVF
and took the supplements,
everything, nothing worked.
And then Sam, my ex, we
stopped sleeping together,
we started to fight
about, like, toilet paper.
And then he started going to
California all the time on business,
but like all the time,
and, uh, I had that feeling.
You know, that feeling.
You know that feeling.
Anyways, I went one night
to sedate my appendage
and I was, I dont know, I
was like crying or something
and I fumbled with the syringe
and my appendage told me
that Sam was
going to be a daddy.
That he had fallen in
love with this other woman
whose uterus wasn't
filled with tumbleweed
and they were pregnant.
And it was true.
- That's... horrible.
- Yeah.
But honestly, it was the best
thing that ever happened to me.
If I didn't know the truth, I
would've never moved on.
I would've been sad, barren
Claudia with a finance bro.
[pounding on door]
[whispering] Okay. Listen, it's
dangerous. [appendage whimpers]
And if you do it,
it gets stronger,
but as long as you don't
let it fully hypnotize you
before you blackout,
then you'll be okay.
It's hard.
It changed my life.

[groaning weakly]
- [weakly] I can't feel my ass.
[heavy breathing]
Ah, that feels nice.
Why do you keep
me here like this?
Like a shameful
secret left to rot?
- I wanna listen now.
Come closer.


Ominous music playing
You've seen the
signs, the secret texting,
the way they talk about
you behind your back.
The way Kaelin smiles at her.
They seem to have a
closeness you can't achieve.
Kaelin isn't cheating on
you with Esther, not yet.
It's worse. They're in love.
Now, this is the hardest part.
I'm sorry you have to hear this.
No one will ever love you.
Not Kaelin, not Esther,
not Cristen or Claudia,
not even your parents.
You are unlovable.

[gasps] Empty.
My lucky day.

[groans weakly]
[labored breathing]
[appendage grunting softly]

HANNAH: Where are
you, you fucking fuck?
[cell phone buzzing]
Oh, shit. Shit.
- Oh, great, you answered.
[Hannah coughs]
Are you sick?
- What? No, allergies I think.
STACY: Ugh, this
time of year is crazy.
Listen, I really hate to bother
you, but I need your help.
There was a problem
with the restaurant.
They transferred the order
to the Manhattan location.
So, I need you to pick it up now
or this dinner will be a total bust.
- What?
goodbye dinner tonight.
Did you forget?
I need you to pick up the food.
- Oh, no, no, no.
You need me to, um...
- [sighs] Are you drunk?
- No, I'm fine.
- Well, then why are
you creating this drama?
- I'm not, I'm sorry.
What did I do? I'm sorry.
- No, no, it's okay.
I just don't understand
why you're acting like this.
HANNAH: Okay, I'll
pick up the food right now.
You don't have to worry.
STACY: Thank you, sweetheart.
Oh, and we'll cover your ride.

- Claudia, my-my
appendage, it's gone.
I, uh, I-I don't know
what it did to me,
but I feel sick and my
guts are like inside out.
CLAUDIA [over phone]:
Okay, slow down.
- I-I tried to inject it, but
the syringe was empty.
Maybe Fred forgot to
fill one? I don't know.
CLAUDIA: Okay, this is bad.
I'm gonna be right there...
- No, I can't. I'm going
to my parents' tonight.
CLAUDIA: Okay, call me after.
It's gonna be okay. We're
gonna figure this out, okay?

- It's prepaid, you're good to go.
- Thank you.


STACY: There you are.
Why didn't you say anything?
- Sorry, hi. I did.
- Okay.
- Uh, so much is
packed up already.
- Oh, well, we are moving.
Your room next. HANNAH: Mm-hmm.
[low rumbling]
STACY: Everyone's
gonna be here in an hour.
[laughs] Will you
help me reheat?
- Yeah, yeah. I thought the, um,
the rice could go in the big
blue platter thing that you have.
[rumbling continues]
STACY: Is Cristen Ulman okay?
I know you've been working
really hard, you know.
I hope you're taking
some time for yourself.
[retches, coughs]
[coughing] Uh... [groans]
Some of this will be just fine.
- Mom, I'm not doing well.
Something is happening,
and I know it sounds crazy,
but you just have
to listen to me, okay?
STACY: It's so hard with you.
I don't know how to help you.
Your car crash in
high school scarred me.
- It scarred you?
- Do you have any
idea what it feels like
to get a call that your
daughter is in the hospital
on suicide watch?
To not know how beautiful
and special and loved you are?
My baby girl.
- Did you ever think
about what it feels like
to wanna do something
like that to yourself?
- No.
No, because I'm not fucked up.
- I'm sorry I'm so
fucked up, Mom.
I'm really sorry.
- Hannah. What's
going on, ladies?
HANNAH: I threw up in the food,
but I'll pay you
for the damages.
I'm so sorry, Dad.
- You'll pay for the damages?
What is this, Judge Judy?
You don't have to
pay for the damages.
[sighs] You look terrible.
You're burning up,
Han. Go lie down.
- My friend's gonna help me.
- Hannah!
[door closes]
phone]: Talk to me.
- Can you meet me at my
apartment? CLAUDIA: Yes.
- I'll leave a key
under the mat.
CLAUDIA: On my way.

[Hannah coughing]
[footsteps approaching]
- Claudia?
- Shh. It's okay.
I know how you feel.
To them you'll always be
the disappointing daughter...
[inhales sharply] who
crashed her car on purpose.
[labored breathing]
Maybe... if you'd
been a better daughter,
they'd have noticed
what was happening.
Oh, yes.
Maybe if you had
been a different kid.
Maybe if it wasn't
you that came out.
You should do it again.
Oh. It wasn't so hard last time.
No one would even notice.
- Oh, my God.
Mom? Mom?
- Shh. It's just me.
[inhales] She's not here.


[Hannah groans]

[shower running]
[Hannah moans]
CLAUDIA: Feeling okay?
HANNAH: Yeah, much better.
- Try this, it's comfy.
HANNAH: Thanks. Do I
just put, put it over my head?
- Yeah, it's cashmere.
HANNAH: Oh, my God. [mouthing]
- Yes, yes. [gasps] HANNAH: Wow.
[Hannah chuckles softly]
Wait, how do we blend in though?
Hello, blue eyes.
[Hannah coughs]
Oh, someone's awake.
Good morning.
You hosts are too sensitive.
Okay, that's why you
can't come out with us.
Mine was like this.
Mine wanted to literally die
when I told her Sam
was gonna be a daddy.
I made that part
up. That was me.
I mean, she couldn't
have kids, that was true,
but I upped the stakes, you
know, added a little drama.
Kinda like I emptied
your syringe.
You're welcome.
You get it now, right?
I'm Claudia's appendage.
Oh, but call me Claudia.
Keep it simple. [gasps]
Oh, see?
Ugh! You couldn't
handle all this anyways.
Your life and all.
can't wait to replace this bitch.
I'm gonna make a
splash at Cristen Ulman
and not to mention getting
back in Kaelin's pants.

So proud of you.
[Hannah's appendage squeals]
Just have to do this once.
- No, no, no, you go. You go.
[retches] Oh, my God.
She's leaking everywhere.
For now, you have to feed
it every night to keep it alive.
You're still linked, it's
a drag, but not for long.
We're gonna help find you
someone else and you'll be free.
- Thanks for the
phone, pathetic bitch.
- Bye!
[door closes]
[lock clicks]
[cell phone chimes]
ESTHER: Oh, my God, it's Hannah.
KAELIN: Are you serious?
Hold on, what...
what is she saying?
- She's apologizing.
"The way I acted was out of line.
"It wasn't personal, it's all
me and I'm working through it.
"Hope you can forgive me but
understand if you need time to process.
See you at work
tomorrow. Heart emoji."
- Oh, that's good. I'd buy that. Yeah.
- Isn't that good?
- Wow. She's texting me this?
- I mean, it's good. You know,
maybe she's come out of it.
Whatever it was.

- Oh, my God, this
stuff is so nasty.
- I know.
It's totally disgusting,
but you gotta assimilate.
[cell phone chiming rapidly]
- Oh, shit.
- It's her.
- Put an eggplant emoji.
- Eggplant.
- And then the
water squirting emoji.
- Water squirting emoji
on the princess' face.
- Water squirt.
Oh, my God.
- Right there.
- Are you sure?
- Positive.
[cell phone chiming rapidly]
- Oh. Oh, wow.
- What?
- Uh, nothing.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- It's private shit,
okay? Don't be looking.
- Gross.
You don't find
this a little weird,
just like her texting
everyone out of the blue?
I'm her best friend, she should
apologize to me in person.
- I mean, I-I-I don't know, E.
I've been doing a
lot of reading online
and it says that sometimes
it happens like this.
The person retreats,
then comes back.
We have to be understanding,
but it doesn't make it okay.
I agree. I agree about that.
- Okay, well, the fuckin'
Internet's bullshit, okay?
I know Hannah.
She better fuckin' talk to me in
person if she wants to stay friends.
- E.

I brought dinner.
Mm, so delicious.

- You need to force it.
[groans softly]

[dog barks]
[Hannah coughing]

ESTHER [whispering]: Okay...
[door hinges creak]
[door hinges creak]
[gasps sharply]
I wasn't expecting you.
- Hey.
- Hey. Um... your text.
I... I-I wanted
to talk in person.
Uh, I'm sorry, is
everything okay in there?
I thought I heard
somebody yelling.
- Oh, yeah, I just
stubbed my stupid toe.
- Your toe is so stupid.
I'm Claudia, by the way.
- Esther.
Uh, I would love to talk in person.
Uh, I'm seeing Kaelin on Sunday,
but maybe the day after we can
go get some dinner or something.
- Yeah, I would, I
would really love that.
Um... okay.
So great to meet you.
Heard so much about you. Bye.
- Have a good night.

[line ringing]
- Please tell me
you didn't scare her.
ESTHER [over phone]:
Something's wrong.
I-I showed up and she
was in the fucking basement
and then there was this
random-ass woman there,
and I heard crying, like
straight-up fucking crying.
And she said stubbed her toe,
but that's like absolute
fucking bullshit.
- Wait, what?
W-w-w-what do you mean?
- What if she's hiding
something down there?
KAELIN: What? Like,
what, you think she has a,
a monster in-in the basement
or maybe she's into human
trafficking now, E? Like, what-what's up?
- K, what about
believing what she said?
- Someone we both love just
went through a mental health crisis.
Let's not jump to
conclusions. Let's be patient.
Maybe the best thing to
do is just... take a breath.


I see you did the whole
goth thing and then some.
- This will add variety.
Help you stand out.
- Excuse me?
- When you were my age,
you designed the Ophelia Lilly
2012 fall collection
breakout dress
that wowed everybody.
It was eccentric and sexy.
I want this to be that for you.
[chuckles softly]
- I, um... I haven't thought
about that design in ages.
[chuckles softly]
Uh, to believe irrationally
in your own ability,
in your own vision, to
ignore opposing opinions,
to push through self-doubt
and... to trust yourself
because no one out there will.
That is the heart of success.
Welcome to my Season Picks.

[indistinct conversation]
- the darkness is
enveloping the light.

[conversation continues]

- I've been working
on this process
for about nine weeks
and I'm really excited...
- Everyone, meet Hannah.
The better version.
- Hello, Hannah.

[Esther grunts]
[door rattling]
Your host's name,
their life, their memories,
they're yours now.
Like ours.
You are Hannah.

[groaning weakly]

- This is Emmett.
I've been studying
Emmett for weeks.
Today, I'll show you
a new way of feeding
I've developed off
regular people, like him.
This will change
everything for us.
- Okay. Alright.
same process we used on our hosts.
We study the subject deeply,
understand their weaknesses.
And grind them down
mentally until they submit.
The best part,
when you feed once,
it severs your link
with your host forever.
My host is dead.
You'll feed on civilians now.
They don't deserve to live.
They're disgusting,
weak, filled with errors.
You won't need
your hosts anymore.
- [gasps] Hannah?
Hannah! [groaning weakly]
[pounding on window]
- I was saving this one for
you all as a demo to learn.
[whispering] Your
brother is gone
and he is never,
ever coming back.
[sobbing and groaning]

- Hannah! Hannah!

this a homework assignment.
Happy hunting.


- Hannah?
Han? Han?
Oh, my God. Hannah, it's Esther.
Hey? Hey? Hey?
Hannah. I'm gonna
call the police, okay?
- No.
- We gotta call the police.
ESTHER: Hannah? Hannah?


- Hey.
- Hey.
[beeping continues]
- I'm so sorry, Esther.
- It's okay.
- Look, she-she
made me not trust you
and she said that you
and Kaelin were in love.
- What?
- Because I ruin everything,
because I'm fucked up.
I don't know.
I'm so sorry.
- What?
No. No, no fucking way.
That would never happen.
You are my number
one bitch, bitch.
[sniffles, chuckles]
I climbed into a
basement for you.
- You did.
You fucking did.
ESTHER: You have a twin?
- No, no.
It's complicated.

[knock on door]
[lock clicks, hinges creak]
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Whoa.
Uh, come in.

You look different.
- Oh, in a good way?
- Just different.
- I'm so sorry for
how I acted, Kaelin.
I wasn't myself. I was
going through something.
- Yeah. I know.
- I missed you.

- It had like fingers and shit?
What in the actual ass fuck?
DOCTOR: Hannah.
Hi. How are you feeling?
- Good. DOCTOR: Good.
It presents severely,
but oddly it doesn't
appear to be contagious.
Blood counts are fairly normal.
- It?
- Um, we've taken a
sample of the dark discharge.
Um, we're running
a few genetic tests.
- Is she gonna be okay, though?
- I'd-I'd recommend
another night here.
For now, don't exert yourself.
- Okay, thank you.
- And, Hannah, we
should discuss further.
Once you're feeling better,
I'd like to ask a few questions.
- Thank you.

- What?
- That was nice.
- Your, um, your birthmark is,
is different, like, uh, faded.
Looks different.
- Oh, yeah, a little cream
from the derm did the trick.
- Huh.
You think maybe
we can talk in a bit?
I'm gonna go take
a-a quick shower.
- Yeah, of course.
- Okay.
- Maybe I'll join you.
- Um, okay. Uh, sure.


[line ringing]
- Claudia? Something's wrong.

[Hannah's appendage groans]
[heavy breathing]
- Okay, don't freak out,
but... your host is gone.
- And what the fuck
does that mean?
host is getting better somehow,
your energy is draining
because she's gaining
and we can't find her.
So, that's, that's the recap.
- What, so I'm gonna be
ugly and shriveled again?
Okay, listen, sexy times are over.
You need to feed now.
Did Kaelin ever speak to your
host about anything sensitive?
- His mom died of
cancer when he was a kid.
- Perfect.

- Ready to talk.
ESTHER: Kaelin, pick up.
What the fuck?
- -It keeps going to voice mail.
- Something's wrong.
- What the fuck?
HANNAH: Kaelin.
- He's not picking up.
- When they left
me in the basement,
Claudia told the appendage
that we wouldn't be linked for long,
that they'd find somebody else.
- No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no!
Keep that, keep that
shit in. Not happening.
- Look, they're gonna
hurt him and me.
ESTHER: Are you sure?
- I just feel it.
- Let's fucking do this.

[groans sharply]
- Oh, fuck.
[Kaelin groans]

- Okay. Come on, lets go.
ESTHER: Han, you
okay? HANNAH: Yeah.
Fuck, I don't have the keys.
- No, bitch.
HANNAH: Alright, alright.
- Okay, okay, we're
good, we're good.
- M-m-move it.
- I'll let you in
through the front door.
- Wait, what?
No, no, no, no, no.
That's not happening.
- Just let me do this, okay?
- Hannah, you look so hot.

[Kaelin groaning]

HANNAH: Help! [knock on door]
- Han? Fuck!
- Why are you hitting yourself?
Stop hitting yourself.
Ohh. Okay. Alright.
Kaelin's almost dead!
And then Hannah's free
from you, you disgusting shit.
- [grunts] Come on.
- Come on. Oh, fuck.
HANNAH: I trusted you.
- Boo-fuckin'-hoo.
[groans mockingly]
- [grunts] You can't!
- We can. Boo.
You don't wanna get a needle in the eye.
Oh, fuck.

- Cold bitch.
[Hannah panting]
ESTHER: Come on, Han.

[groaning continues]

[gasps sharply]
ESTHER: It's over. Are you okay?
Oh, my God. Oh.
You weak shit.
I'm only here because
of you. I fucking hate you.
You're a piece of shit
and I hope fucking
you die, you ugly bitch.
- Yeah, the feeling's mutual,
but that's not gonna happen
so it's time we get
used to each other.

I know what you're gonna say
but I can't trust you.
And I'm just so tired.
I'm gonna take
care of you, okay?
[exhales softly]

[Esther sighs]
- That thing could
never be you, Han.

[groaning weakly]

[groaning continues]
- Quitting like this is very
erratic, Hannah banana.
Have you, uh, have-have
you tried therapy?
There's no shame in it. Plenty
of us are doing it these days.
Perhaps they can
help you with your, uh,
your-your-your mood shifts
throughout the future, Hannah.
HANNAH: I am in therapy.
[Hannah and Esther laugh]
[Esther cheers] CRISTEN: Fuck!
STACY: [exhales] Man.
STEVE: Well,
this is the last of it.
[Stacy chuckles]
Oh, we forgot to
pack the wine glasses.
- Oh, yeah, of course.
STEVE: Hang on, I think I saw
some packing paper over here.
Or should we use bubble
wrap? Is this gonna be okay?
STACY: Yeah, okay.
[Steve speaking indistinctly]
- You know what? I'm
sorry, I can't do this.
I feel completely
invisible here.
I mean, I was really
sad here, Mom.
I was really sad here and
I still get sad sometimes
and that has to be okay.
That has to be okay with you.

- Okay.
[inhales and exhales]
- Okay.
ESTHER: Yeah. We can
definitely put that order in for you.
Yeah. Oh, you wanna
come in for measurements?
Okay, yeah, we love that.
Um, how is 2:00 p.m. tomorrow?
Okay, fantastic.
Uh, did you decide on a
plunge neck, or-or a boat neck?
[button clangs]
eerie music playing
HANNAH: [sighs] You fuck-up.

- Right.
Do you...

[Hannah's appendage whimpering]
HANNAH: It's okay.

[humming continues]

[exhales deeply]