Appetite for Love (2016) Movie Script

Yup, absolutely. Corporate
thinks everything looks good.
The restaurant's only been
open a month...
...and the new double-decker pizza
is a hit.
Not to worry,
I'll talk to marketing...
...about the new
Midas Pizza signage. Yeah.
Great. How's the new
pretzel crust tracking?
Thank you!
Hey, Zoe.
Chai tea latte.
Thanks, I'll get you
back after work.
Everyone just went into
the update meeting.
Do me a favor,
put this on my desk?
Sure. Loving the new shoes.
Franc Hills?
Thank you, and yes,
and gotta go.
Glad to see that everyone
could make it this morning.
All right, let's start.
Q4 was excellent for
International Corporate Brands.
We are projecting one of our most
profitable years...
All right, let's focus,
people, please.
Let's start with Jungle Juicery.
Now, the chain grew to 50 stores...
...last year, which in anyone's
book is quite the accomplishment.
I got reservations
for us at Erimea tonight at 7:30.
Wilhelmina Jones, my office.
Full name, not good.
If this is about me being late,
sir, I really want to apologize.
Sit down.
ICB recently purchased
a small regional chain...
...that corporate wants
to re- brand and expand.
Now, they want to jump
on this ASAP.
So we need to make sure all the
restaurants are compliant...
...with corporate standards,
the new logos, signage...
...and, obviously, the menus.
- Exactly.
We think it has the potential
to go national.
- And how many stores currently?
- Six, in two states.
And who's the compliance director?
You've been working your tail off
on the Midas Pizza account...
...and I think it's time you took
the lead on your own project.
- Larry, thank you.
- Now, all the stores...
...are transitioning
smoothly to ICB standards...
- Well, that makes my job easier.
- Except for one.
They're not returning
our calls or e- mails.
And it's not just any store.
It's the original
flagship restaurant...
...and the founding family
still runs it.
Okay, so a little
more complicated.
Yeah, and we need you
to un- complicate it.
- Copy that.
- Now, this is a chance...
...for you to show us
what you've got, Ms. Jones.
You get it handled quickly,
you're looking at a promotion.
So, get packed.
I need you up there...
...and all over this brand
first thing in the morning.
Yes, thank you. Thank you.
I almost forgot.
What is the brand?
- And the problem store?
- Some fly- over town in Tennessee.
Sycamore something.
- Springs?
Yeah, that's it.
Sycamore Springs.
You're from Sycamore Springs?
But you're, like, cool.
- Thank you.
- When's the last time... were there?
- 15 years ago.
And your parents
still live there?
- No, they moved to Florida.
- Oh, natch.
But my crazy Aunt Tali still
lives there, married to her art.
And I sort of know the owner
of the restaurant.
- That's good, right?
- No.
He's the father of the guy
I used to date in high school.
Yikes. And now it's supes awkward
'cause he dumped you?
No. I broke up with him when
I finally got outta that place.
How'd he take it?
Not well.
But, I mean,
what was I supposed to do?
Stay in Sycamore Springs
for the rest of my life...
...when my high school
boyfriend's goals were... and drinking beer?
I made it very clear that
I wanted more out of my life...
...and just because he chose
to stay in that sleepy cow town...
...doesn't mean that
I have to throw away...
...the rest of my life.
Sounds like you
have some unresolved issues.
They're the ones with issues.
Maybe you could turn it
into a little vacay?
Is Reed going with you?
- Reed!
He's supposed to pick me up in
an hour. I have to get ready.
- Where's he taking you?
- Erimea.
You think he might...
...put a ring on it?
You think he's going to...
I have something for you.
It's our new condo.
- Our condo?
- Mina, we've been together...
...for two years, one month,
and five days.
I think it's time we take our
relationship to the next level.
Will you move in with me?
I'm just shocked.
Right? It was on the cover of
Modern Interiors last month.
What do you say?
Part of me wants to say yes,
move in tomorrow...
...and throw parties on that
ridiculously huge balcony.
Then just say yes.
But a bigger part of me always
imagined I'd be married first.
I know, I know, it's old- fashioned
but it's how I was raised.
Sweetie, a lifelong partnership
is about mindful transitioning...
...from one phase of life
to the next. Moving in together... just the first step.
It's all part of my five- year plan.
Five- year plan?
We date for two years,
live together for about a year... we can get used to
each other's life rhythms.
Both of us get promotions and then,
once we're financially secure...
...we get married. And a year
after that, you can quit...
...and raise our one baby.
- One baby?
You know it's not responsible or
globally sustainable to have more.
Right, sure, I guess I just thought
I might have a say in that.
I'm overwhelming you.
I can see it. I do this.
I get so excited about something,
and then I just...
Look, Reed. It's a beautiful
condo, it's just...
...I'm about to leave out
of town for this job, and...
...I'm just not in the best place
to make such a big decision.
Let me think about it.
I guess that's fair.
Come on!
My Franc Hills?
Hey, guys. Hey.
Really? Today?
Shoo! Take your friends.
Get along. Giddy up. Go!
Look what I got here.
Right this way. Yeah.
Okay, one down.
Who's next?
Go on!
Go on, get! Get!
Really? Now you move?
Thanks so much!
- Willy?
- Hi!
- I can't believe this.
And I go by Mina now.
And you're...
- Still Clay.
- No, right, yeah.
No, I meant, and you're all good?
- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?
- I live here.
- No, right, I know, I just...
...wasn't expecting
to run into you.
What's that smell?
White Platinum?
No, I think it's coming
from your shoe.
You know what,
thanks for the cows, and...
...I really gotta get going. I've
got a thing I have to work on...
...for an appointment...
- Are you okay to drive?
Yup. Totally fine.
All good. I just really, really
need to get into town, so...
Are you staying
in Sycamore Springs?
Yeah, I am, so...
I'll just see you around town.
- I'm sure you will.
- Great.
- Welcome home.
- What?
It's just something we like to say.
May I get your name?
Jones. Wilhelmina.
Willy Jones?
From high school?
- It's Mina now.
- This is amazing.
My horoscope said that my past
was going to catch up to me.
I thought that meant that I was
going to get back together...
...with Deacon, my ex.
But this is way better.
Well, it's me, Penny.
Penny Laterner?
Hi, Penny.
Yes, it's so good to see you.
It's okay, you don't remember me.
I was a year behind you in school.
And you were, well,
super popular, and I wasn't.
I'm so sorry, but is there
any way I could get my room?
Of course.
- What do you mean, "Uh- oh"?
- It looks like we are overbooked.
I can't believe I did this again.
Well, that's okay, just give me
whatever room's available.
It doesn't have to be a suite.
- Well, that's the problem...
...there aren't any rooms left.
It's a busy time of year up here.
How is that possible?
The Sweetheart Festival's
this weekend?
They still do that?
Three whole days of fun,
food and romance.
And now, there's a really
awesome dance on the last night.
Are you sure
there's nothing available?
- I'm so sorry, Willy.
- Mina.
Mina. I feel awful.
Let me see if I can get you a room
over at the Squirrel's Nest Inn.
Sissy owes me a favor
and sometimes...
...they can squeeze a roll- away
into the basement. On us.
Never mind.
I know another place
with an actual bedroom.
Well, well. Look who finally
showed up on my doorstep.
Hi, Aunt Tali.
Willy Mae, get in here right now,
give me some sugar!
Look at you.
I really appreciate this.
I know it's last minute.
Now, you stay as long
as you want.
I'm just going to make us some tea,
build us a nice fire...
...then we can stay up all night,
and you can tell me...
...what you've been up to since
who knows when.
That's super sweet, Aunt Tali,
but I'm actually really tired.
You mind if I just call it a night?
- No, of course.
I gotta get up early
and do some errands anyway.
But I'm going to get you
something to eat...
...'cause you look skinnier
than a poor man's wallet.
That's okay,
I have an energy bar.
Willy, you are in the home
of a Southern woman.
We do not eat energy bars
for supper.
Really, Aunt Tali,
I'm not even hungry.
And actually, I go by Mina now.
- What on earth?
Mina's just more professional.
Well, you do whatever
you need to do.
- Thank you.
- Good night, Nina.
It's Mina, with an "M."
It just ain't you, honey.
Just grab a seat anywhere, hon'.
Can you let Mr. Hart know
Ms. Jones is here?
And can I grab one
of the new menus?
I've heard a lot about
Hart's new Pecan Tsunami.
Honey, we only got one menu,
and you're holding it.
And I don't know anything
about a Pecan Spumante.
"Tsunami." It's the new promotional
dessert this month.
Lucien! You ever heard
of a Pecan Tsunami?
I love that band.
Order up!
- Thank you.
Sure I can't get you
anything while you wait?
Lucien makes a mean
chicken and waffles.
Trust me, these birds are
as fresh as you can get.
Free- range from Leanne's farm
across the highway.
No, thank you, but could you
check with Mr. Hart again?
Well, he always comes
in a little late on Tuesday.
- Why is that?
- Trout Tuesday.
Let's hope those fish are biting,
otherwise he's gonna be in a mood.
Good catch today, Gracie.
Trout Tuesday is a go.
Glad to hear it.
Let me have a look.
Nice catch.
You've got company here.
Well, you're everywhere I go.
Should I be worried?
Is this some kind of weird
ex- girlfriend stalking thing?
- I am not stalking you.
- I'm kidding.
I'm looking for your dad.
I've e- mailed him about...
...a thousand times
and I have not...
My dad?
Yeah. Any idea how much longer
he's going to keep ignoring me?
I'd say it's gonna be a while.
Unfortunately, my dad...
...passed away three months ago.
I'm so sorry. I had no idea.
So, who's running Hart's?
You're looking at him.
Is no one reading the company
e- mails or checking voice messages?
I'm more of an old- school
fax kinda guy. But, no...
...I haven't received a phone
call from you in, I don't know...
...15 years?
What do you want now?
Well, as you know,
Hart's was recently purchased... International
Corporate Brands and...
I'm not sure if I agree
with that decision, but...
...nothing I can do
about it now, right?
And I work for ICB.
They sent me here
to make sure you... talk you through
some re- branding changes.
Well, what do you know.
Little Willy Mae is now a big wig,
sent back here to help me.
I don't like it
any more than you do.
But we really need to talk about...
- You know... was lovely seeing you.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I've got some fish to clean.
- How did we not know this?
- I don't know. Isn't there...
...some paperwork he should
have filled out or something?
We're not dealing
with a paperwork kind of guy.
So, get me the
contract details ASAP.
And have marketing send me
posters menus, everything.
This is more than complicated,
it's a disaster.
Gotta go. Call you later.
- Willy Jones?
- Hi, Paisley.
What are you doing back in
Sycamore Springs?
Are you here to open a bank,
or men's clothing store...
...or something?
- Ha, no.
And, actually it's not
Willy anymore, it's Mina.
- Well, good to know.
- Yeah, the corporation...
...I work for just bought
the Hart's chain, so I'm here...
- You're here to see Clay?
- Well, not intentionally, but...
- And what crazy timing.
- What? What do you mean?
I mean, it's so weird that you
just show up, out of the blue... that Clay and I are dating.
Wow, I didn't know that
you two were...
Yeah, well, we will definitely
have to get together...
...while you're in town,
and you can tell me...
...all about your glamorous
big city life.
There you are.
I've been looking all over for you.
- Afternoon, Tallulah.
- Paisley.
Is that a new hat?
It is so interesting.
Well, thank you.
It is a new hat.
You know, we'd love to stay and
chat, but we've got to get going.
Love your dress.
I never liked that girl,
or that dress.
- Thank you.
- Now, how come you...
...didn't tell me that you
came here to take over Hart's?
This is a small town, Willy Mae.
I have spies everywhere...
...and people here
do not take kindly to change.
Well, things have changed,
including my name...
...which again,
is Mina, not Willy.
Yeah, well, it just doesn't
roll off the tongue.
It will with a little practice.
When you're ready...
Well, look who's back.
I think we should start
things over.
Hello, my name is Clay, I run
the place. What can I get you?
- A diet coke, please.
- Coming up.
Clay, I forgot my wallet, son.
Just put it on my tab.
You bet, Mayor.
I didn't order pie.
That's not pie, it's apple galette,
one of our seasonal specialties.
Lucien only makes it this time
of year when the Fujis are perfect.
- So, this is our new boss?
- No, no, no.
She's not our boss.
Well, whoever you are,
you're sitting in Trucker's seat...
...and I'm going to have
to ask you to move.
I get what you're doing.
But making this adversarial
is not going to solve anything.
Besides, asking me to move
falls under discrimination...
...which ICB does not condone,
and numerous federal...
...and state laws prohibit.
Yeah, that's fine. You can
tell Trucker yourself then.
- Thanks, Clay.
- You bet.
- You guys still serving breakfast?
- Breakfast ends at 10:30, so...
Not true. No, you can have
anything you want, Trucker.
Okay, thanks.
How about an egg- white omelet
and three sides of hash browns.
Coming up.
This looks good.
Give me a couple of these.
I think if we just sit down
and communicate...
...we can figure this out.
It's really just a couple
minor adjustments.
Willy, my family's been running
this restaurant for 50 years.
I think I got it. Thanks though.
- It's Mina, for the record...
...and here's the thing. Before ICB
launches the brand nationally...
...corporate wants to give
the place a little makeover.
Freshen it up and
retool the menu a bit.
- Absolutely not.
- Okay, well...
...I don't think you're quite
understanding the situation.
I don't think you understand.
There is no situation.
I'm on my way.
You're right, there is a situation.
- What's going on?
Lucien, cover for me,
I got a 10- 84.
- Yes, sir.
- What's a 10- 84?
Assisting a citizen.
It's usually something stuck up
in a tree like a kite or a cat.
I'll see you when I see you.
You've got to be joking.
What, he works for the
fire department now?
He is the fire department.
Where is everyone?
- I'm closing early.
Got a town council meeting
in here tonight...
...and I'm off to coach
the youth basketball team.
But you can't just do
all this other stuff.
The restaurant needs your
undivided attention.
You know, I'm sick of you
telling me what I can...
...and can't do in my restaurant.
- That's what I've been...
...trying to tell you.
It's not your restaurant anymore.
The deal your dad made requires
you to comply with any...
...and all changes
ICB deems necessary.
They own and operate Hart's now,
and they can do whatever...
...they want with the chain.
The look, the menu, everything.
I'm sorry, but you don't have
a choice, Clay.
And if you don't comply
with the rebranding...
...they will get rid of you.
- Hey, man.
- Hey, buddy!
Can I get a whiskey?
You know what, make it a double.
- I take it you heard Willy's back?
- Oh, yeah. I heard.
Paisley's not gonna be
too happy about that.
What are you talking about?
We broke up last week.
Well, thanks for telling me.
You know, Clay...'s not good to hold all
those strong emotions stuck inside.
- What are you doing?
- I'm helping you process.
You know, it's the whole
empathetic bartender thing.
The deal was that you were supposed
to be my partner, not my therapist.
Right, which reminds me,
that, as the new co- owner...
...of this fine establishment... get to choose a drink
named after yourself.
Deacon, this is serious.
She's going to take away
my restaurant.
Willy works for the company
that bought Hart's.
She was sent here to change
- What are you talking about?
- She's gonna turn it into... of those generic diners,
like Grayson's.
But Hart's has been
in your family for 50 years.
What am I going to do?
Well, you and this Claytini...
...will figure something out.
Hey, how's it going?
You have no idea how happy
I am to hear your voice.
Well, you have no idea
how desperately I miss you.
- What are you doing tonight?
- Well, first...
...I'm schmoozing clients,
followed by crossfit at 9:00...
...and then Chloe and Kenline
are taking me to some...
...after- hours lounge in the
back of a butcher shop.
I miss my life in the city.
How's it going?
I texted you, but...
I know, Sorry.
It's been a rough day.
Well, how does it feel
to be back?
Like a high- school
reunion from hell.
It can't be that bad.
Let's see, no hotel room,
forced to stay with my artsy aunt.
Ran into my high- school nemesis
and the owner of Hart's...
...died three months ago.
So, pretty bad.
I'm sure you'll get it all
smoothed out.
They don't call you
"the fixer" for nothing.
- People call me that?
- They will after you nail this job.
I just want to finish
and come home.
Home to a condo with a steam
room and a clawfoot tub.
A hot bath does sound nice.
Gotta go, clients are coming.
Keep thinking about it, okay?
Well, I think we've waited
for him long enough... why don't we just
get started. We think...
...Hart's has become synonymous
with all things American.
Hence, our re- branding
starts with the...
..."Americana Extreme" menu.
- Americana Extreme?
- It's a twist on everyone's...
...favorite comfort foods,
hamburgers, hot dogs...
...chicken, barbecue, ribs.
All of which our vendors
are set up to provide.
- What's the twist?
- It's not actual food.
Why don't we just
watch the presentation...
...and I'll take questions
after, okay? Thanks.
International Corporate Brands
is a global brand... firm that
oversees 50 businesses worldwide.
You always used to come here
when you were avoiding something...
...or someone.
Yeah, well, now I'm just trying
to get a catch of the day.
And as admirable as that is,
I don't think corporate...
...would appreciate you undermining
their commercial fishing suppliers.
I can't believe you discovered my
plot to destroy the world economy.
I need you to come back
to the restaurant...
...and help motivate the employees.
I need you to be the manager.
So, now you need my help?
We want you to stay
and run the restaurant.
It's best for everyone.
- Okay.
We'll just keep things
the way they are then.
I don't know how you thought
this would play out...
...or what your dad told you, but
this is what happens in a takeover.
Changes are made. And besides,
the other stores...
...have already started
re- branding. Charlotte, Knox...
You know what?
I might not be able to stop them
from destroying the other...
...five restaurants, but I can
sure do something about this one.
A property deed?
I inherited the Sycamore Springs
restaurant when my dad passed away.
The title to the restaurant
is in my name.
- What?
- ICB may own the name Hart's...
...but the restaurant is mine.
I'm not sure your father
was authorized to do that.
Yeah, maybe, maybe not.
But if ICB wants... fight me on it,
I'll see them in court.
I've seen the numbers.
You're in the red... matter whose name
is on the deed.
- We'll make it up in the summer.
- No, you won't.
All this local,
organic produce is perishable.
Using our vendors
will cut your costs in half.
And with our marketing,
you'll get more tourists.
It'll boost business for everyone
in Sycamore Springs.
Since when did you care
about Sycamore Springs?
You left and never looked back.
- I know, but that's me, not you.
You're established
in this community.
So let me get this straight.
You want to turn a small... to- table family
business into a factory?
A factory that serves pre- packaged,
frozen food disguised... old- fashioned home cooking?
- It's Americana Extreme.
- It's wrong.
- It's profitable.
- What's wrong with you?
- I'm not the enemy here, Clay.
I'm here to help.
And if you don't do something...'ll be out of business
in months, no matter what.
You know, this is state history
you want to get rid of.
- It's a small town ritual.
- It's a ritual...
...we take very seriously.
I guess that explains why you
had to cheat and use a horse... win that year?
- The rules state... can use any means necessary
to get across the finish line.
- Yeah.
- Wait a minute.
Are you still upset
that I won that year?
Don't be ridiculous.
Just take them down.
We can't have personal items
cluttering up the display area.
"We can't have personal items
cluttering up the display area."
What's wrong with the microwave?
You mean besides using it
to warm up pre- cooked food?
- One Maisie- burger.
- What's a Maisie- burger?
It's a rare hamburger
with Swiss cheese, heirloom...
...tomatoes, avocado,
and fresh basil.
Okay, well, there are so many
things wrong with this picture.
First of all, there's
no ordering off- menu.
It takes extra time to prepare.
...per corporate regulations, all
meat must be cooked medium- well.
You've got to be kidding me?
You might as well suck all...
...the flavor out of the beef.
I'm not cooking up hockey pucks.
- That's what she always orders.
- Then politely tell her...
...we're unable to accommodate
her request and ask...
...if she'd like the Super- Slam
cheeseburger with good...
...old American cheese
and pickles.
I told you, you can't
use your own produce.
We have corporate- approved vendors.
- Your vendors are awful.
I've seen those frozen sticks
you call fries.
Bulk produce will save you
significantly. Besides...'ll soon see most customers
can't even tell the difference.
That's insane.
Here, try this.
Tell me you can't notice
a difference.
That's really not necessary.
How can you work for a company
that manages restaurants...
...and not care about the food?
- I'm a brand manager...
...not a food manager.
Well, my customers can tell
the difference. Take a bite.
You've obviously forgotten
what fresh fruit tastes like.
Then can we get
back to work inside?
That's good.
But all apples taste the same.
Come on. Tell executive
Willy to take the day off.
Close your eyes
and actually experience it.
Close my eyes?
That's ridiculous.
Well, I can stay here all day.
It's sweet...
...and crisp.
- Not just the taste.
How does it make you feel?
What does it remind you of?
I don't know...
...being a kid,
walking home from school...
...through the wildflowers,
down by...
The river?
We used to steal them
from Mr. McClane's yard.
Correction, you used to steal them.
I was just your lookout.
Maisie's leaving!
Maybe we should have offered her
the Chili Cheese Wings instead.
I'll be there in a minute.
Maisie. Maisie, wait.
Clay, you know I love you.
We all do.
And we'd do anything for you
and Hart's.
- Thank you very much.
- But your father...
...would be rolling in his grave
if he saw what you and that girl...
...are doing to this place.
There's only so much change people
are willing to take and...
...then they'll just stop coming
around altogether. Okay?
- Look what just arrived.
- My dignity?
- New uniforms.
- You've got to be kidding.
I even got name tags.
Great. Now everyone in town
will know my name.
Now, let's make sure everyone
wears these to work tomorrow.
- We'll be closed.
- What? No one told me that.
The Sweetheart Festival
starts tomorrow.
Yeah, we sponsor the opening day.
Lucien will be up...
...all night prepping.
- But I haven't seen a menu.
I'm thinking, warm pulled pork
sandwiches with sweet potatoes...
...and thyme.
What do you say, boss?
Yeah, that sounds
like perfect festival food.
Absolutely not. We still have to
represent the new Hart's brand...
...even if we cater outside
the restaurant.
Hold on, now.
If you're telling me...
...we can't sponsor the festival,
then I'm sorry...
No, in fact,
we'll up our presence.
We'll use the festival
as a platform to promote...
...the new corporate menu.
- I think that's a really bad idea.
Trust me,
this is what I do.
Trick people into eating bad food?
Get people to see an old brand
in a new light.
Would you like to try?
Here you go. Enjoy. For you?
Some good old- fashioned
home- cooking.
Well, I never thought I'd say this,
but thank goodness...
...for all those preservatives.
Whatever we don't use this year...
...we can always use next year
and the year after that.
If I remember correctly,
your sarcasm...
...was one of the reasons
we broke up in the first place.
You didn't actually break up
with me. You just left.
Can we pretend to get along
for publicity purposes?
- Fine.
- Great.
Everything set up for the race?
- Yeah, there's...
...a new Hart's menu item
at every station.
Let's just hope
we don't kill someone...
...before they reach
the finish line.
R&D says over 80% of our customers
are satisfied with this menu.
- You're satisfied with this?
- Hi, guys.
This looks beautiful.
Just one of the many new changes
happening at Hart's.
Here, try a chicken dipper
with our new tangy barbecue sauce.
Yeah, that's really good.
My compliments to the chemist.
So, are y'all ready to defend
your title in the...
...great stuff- your- face race?
- Absolutely.
- Are you entering?
- What? Me? No.
She's just upset that
I beat her in high school.
No, I'm not upset.
And I'm not racing.
Good day, fine people of Tennessee.
And Penny.
He's still not over me.
Bless his heart.
- So the rumors are true.
- Hi, Deacon.
And yes, I really am back.
- Well, it sure is great... see you again, Ms. Willy.
- It's Mina.
Oh, yeah?
Well, I like it.
It's very chic. It really
fits with your new aesthetic.
- Do you need something?
- Yeah.
I need you to cover for me
over at the kissing booth.
- Why? They fire you already?
- No! Penny...
...they need me
over at the pony rides.
Wilfred's youngest kid is
trying to milk one of them.
- I'll be over there in a second.
- B- T- Dub, loving the new costume.
Well, you've been here almost
a week, and we still haven't...
...had a chance to hang out.
- I know, just so much to do.
Lots to do, right,
I understand.
Take care.
- Take care, Penny.
Here ya go.
Like us on Facebook.
Follow us on Instagram,
Yik Yak, and Snapchat.
You could be a little friendlier
to Penny, you know.
She's one of the few people in town
who actually seems to like you.
Well, I'm not here to win
a popularity contest.
Yeah, that's pretty clear.
I'm not trying to be mean, I just
don't have time to be anyone's BFF.
The sooner I get the restaurant
on track, the sooner...
...we can return to our lives. I
just need to stay focused and be...
...the fixer.
- "The fixer?"
Yeah, it's a work thing.
You wouldn't understand.
You're just, you're stuck
in this small- town mentality.
You need to think bigger picture.
Beyond Sycamore Springs.
Okay, Miss Fixer.
I'll make you a deal.
Enter the race, and if you win,
I'll sell ICB the property.
- You're serious?
- You want that land...'ve gotta put your menu
where your mouth is.
- You're on.
- Yeah. You're on.
Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls... Mayor of Sycamore Springs,
it is my great honor... welcome you
to the 25th annual...
...stuff- your- face race,
sponsored by Hart's!
Now, each contestant has to
complete the course through...
...the Springs, and get back here
by any means necessary.
But you must stop at every station
and finish eating...
...each portion of food
or be disqualified.
First one across the finish line
is the winner.
Is everybody ready?
- Excuse me!
Hold on folks, looks like
we have a last- minute entry here.
Well, I'll be!
It's Willy Jones, everyone!
- Yes!
- It's Mina.
Even wrote it down on the card.
- Okay then.
Racers, on your marks.
- Good luck.
Get set...
There's nothing
like farm- fresh cheese.
I thought you said the food was
supposed to be good at this thing?
I need to lie down.
Okay, good luck.
Just admit it.
Nobody likes the food...
...and they're quitting
the race as a result.
Are you trying to get out
of your bet?
- No.
- Good.
I'll save you a spot for you
at the finish line.
I'm a machine.
Come on!
I'm so sorry to do this
but I really need your scooter.
- What?
- I'll bring it back, I promise!
Honey, honey, you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
So, you think everyone stopped
coming because of the race?
And because you make me
serve this inedible food.
Our customers have high standards.
Half of them are farmers.
What's the point of making all
these changes if nobody comes?
Don't worry. There's
always a slight transition...
...when we re- brand.
- Slight transition?
This is a mass exodus.
- We've tried it your way...
...and it's obviously
not working.
Why don't we put some of Lucien's
ideas back on the menu?
Unless ICB wants to lose
its entire customer base... its flagship restaurant?
- Maisie's back.
She wants her burger,
the real one.
Sometimes the rules
need to be broken.
This is not supposed
to happen like this.
Not all of them.
You can keep your posters...
...and your tablecloths,
and your uniforms...
...but give Maisie
her burger back.
There's nothing Americana
about frozen beef patties.
We'll go with fresh ground beef.
I love it!
Hey, how's it going?
Hi, yeah, everything's
going great here.
Are you sure? Because
it doesn't sound that way.
No, we're still redecorating.
Listen, Larry says upstairs
is breathing down his neck.
They've already acquired
new locations...
...and they're moving up
the national launch.
They wanna see the numbers, Mina.
I just need a little more time
to iron things out.
- What things?
- Well, for one thing the food.
I don't know who signed off
on this menu, but we should...
...really talk to Larry about...
- People don't go to these...
...restaurants for good food,
they'll go for...
..."Americana Extreme,
a fun, familiar menu."
- I know, I just thought...
- Don't over- think it.
Just do what you were
sent there to do.
Your future at the company
depends on this.
Our future depends on it, Mina.
- I know. Okay.
I should go.
I'll talk to you soon. Bye.
Okay, bye.
What do you say
we get outta here?
I can't, I have to
finish up this report.
Says the girl that used to skip
Mr. Chisholm's class...
...every Friday
to go to the lake?
Well, that girl
has responsibilities now.
That girl
needs to come with me now.
You know, it's hard to believe
you actually grew up here.
I've been saying that
my whole life.
You ever think about moving back?
Starting a family?
Atlanta is my home now.
My whole life is there.
My job, my friends... boyfriend.
He asked me to move in.
Well, that's a big step.
I'm still thinking about it.
And you and Paisley?
We broke up.
She just hasn't accepted it yet.
Seems like it worked out for you,
getting outta here.
I knew if I didn't leave
to pursue a career...
...I would have regretted it
my whole life.
And seeing Sycamore Springs now,
everything is the same.
Well, not everything.
You're different.
Always helping everyone.
Yeah, maybe I just grew up.
- I got one.
- Okay.
- I got one!
- All right, just set the hook.
Yeah, yeah, I got it, I got it.
Come on!
- Here we are.
Oh, man! What happened?
He wasn't gonna let a city girl
just reel him in without...
...a fight, now, was he?
Come on.
I got something
that'll cheer you up.
Is that it?
- Are you ready?
- Oh, yeah.
My Corvette!
Check it out.
- You buried my doll?
- She had it coming.
I've been looking for that.
My very first mix tape.
I recorded it from the radio.
What's on it?
"Wannabe." You remember?
We used to go crazy!
The Cranberries...
...and The Waterfalls.
Thank you.
I can't believe I forgot
about our time capsule.
Not me.
I walk by that spot every day
before I come fishing.
I can't believe
I didn't dig it up sooner.
Why didn't you ask me to stay?
What do you mean?
Back then, after high school,
you just let me leave.
What was I supposed to do?
You'd already made up your mind.
I don't know,
I wanted you to fight for me.
Tell me not to go.
It felt like you didn't care.
- That's crazy.
Yeah, well, I'm a girl.
We're complex.
Tell me about it.
How could you think I didn't care?
You were everything to me.
I'm sorry.
My life's just too complicated
right now. I can't do this.
Can you take me back?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Think we should talk about this?
- About what?
About how we have customers again?
I think giving Maisie her burger
back really did the trick.
You think all these people
are back because of Maisie?
Have you seen her Twitter feed?
What if people start requesting
items from the old menu?
Listen, Mina, try this.
That's fantastic.
As per the menu,
this is Hart's new...
..."Spaghetti Americana",
but it's really homemade linguine.
I used our heirloom tomatoes
to make the Bolognese...
...fresh Romano and
a pinch of basil. Here.
The "Super Veggie Explosion Salad"!
From the menu,
but all organic from the garden.
A lot better than a big bag
of brown lettuce, huh?
Technically, these items are
listed on the new Hart's menu.
I don't know about this.
And why did you install
another commercial water fixture?
Yeah, I wanted to talk
to you about that.
- What is that?
- I just wanted to see if it works.
It's a pump.
- A pump for what?
Water. I'm channeling the pure
Sycamore Springs water...
...on the property.
- Into the restaurant?
- Yes.
- No, no, no.
You want to know
why everything tastes so good?
It's the minerals in the water.
We use it to boil the pasta... the soups,
the bread Lucien makes.
You have to admit,
it's pretty impressive.
It's more than impressive.
But you have to take it down.
Wait, is this because of
what happened at the lake?
No. It's because of food
safety regulations.
So this has nothing to do
with you kissing me last night?
ICB would fire me
if they found out I approved this.
And for the record,
you kissed me.
For the record,
you seemed pretty into it.
- Willy?
- Oh, for crying out loud!
How many times do I have
to tell you people? It's Mina!
There's someone
here to see you, Mina.
- Reed.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here?
- Everything okay?
No, I mean, yes. I mean...
I've been thinking
a lot about us.
In fact, I can't seem to stop
thinking about us...
...which is why I drove
all the way up here.
Reed, this really isn't
a good time...
Mina, you are everything to me.
And if that means I have to adjust
the five- year plan...
...then I'll adjust.
A successful relationship...
...just like a successful business,
has to be fluid.
I don't want to lose you.
- Reed, please.
- Mina...
...will you marry me?
I can't believe that
you just ran off.
I know. I feel awful.
I just panicked.
I didn't know what else to do.
He sounded bold, and romantic.
He was. It's just, there's so much
happening right now, and I am...
And this wouldn't have
anything to do with Clay?
No. I'm just,
I'm not good with surprises.
Well, you sure have gotten
yourself in a pickle.
A nice, good- looking man isn't
going to wait around forever.
I know, I know. I have to give
Reed an answer soon.
Honey, I was talking about Clay.
I had to drag her to see
the Volunteers.
I know, I tried taking
her to a Braves game.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Well, look who's back.
- Can you give us a second?
- Yeah.
Wait, you have to tell me
the secret to your coffee.
I wish I could.
I'm so sorry I just ran off.
It was really sweet of you
to propose, but...
...I just don't want to make
such a big decision...
...when I'm so stressed out
and distracted.
So how long until you're
less distracted?
I don't know. As soon
as I wrap this up, I hope?
Maybe I'll just stay
till you're done.
You really don't need
to stay here for me.
Not a problem.
I already got a room at the Inn.
- But, how did...
- They had a last- minute...
Don't worry about me, okay?
All I need is a Wall Street Journal
and a decent caramel macchiato.
Or you could soak in the
small town, maybe go fishing?
- Fishing?
- Yeah.
For fish?
That's hilarious.
Direct from Leanne's farm...'s the new chicken and baby
back ribs "Turf and Turf combo."
I tweaked my mom's
BBQ sauce recipe.
You're right.
It needed more honey.
Reed, this is Lucien,
chef de cuisine.
Chef de cuisine? Really?
- You have to try this.
- No, thanks.
He's making his own sauce?
This clearly isn't ICB approved.
Are we 100% compliant? No.
But it was either that
or lose the local clientele.
You want to know the secret
to that coffee you love?
The water.
- The water?
Clay came up with a way
to pump it in from the spring.
I was going to shut it down, but...
- Mina, what is happening here?
The free- range chickens,
off- menu recipes?
This is all against
corporate policy.
Don't worry,
I've got this handled.
You're up here for one week,
and this apple pie country... seems to be turning you
into another person.
Thanks for changing the menu back.
It's so much better...
...than the food from the race.
- I hear you, man.
- Thank you.
I just want to be clear, I'm only
letting Lucien serve his recipes... get the local customers back,
so we can hit our revenue targets.
Plus, you think
they're pretty great.
I don't know what I think anymore.
- We still talking about the food?
- Yes, we are.
But I hope it's not too awkward
with Reed here.
It's awkward,
but he seems like a nice guy...
...and I'm sure he's going to give
you the life you've always wanted.
I hope you said yes and apologized
for embarrassing him... front of the entire town.
Well, not that it's
any of your business, but...
...I haven't given him
an answer yet.
- Your reservations are all set.
- Perfect.
We'll see you next weekend.
How's everything with your stay?
I know you had a rough start
with that whole proposal situation.
Yes, other than that,
it's fine, thank you.
You don't happen to know
the owner of Hart's, do you?
Sure, we go way back.
- And Mina?
- Yes. Everybody knows everybody.
She never told you any stories
about growing up here?
How they were homecoming
king and queen?
- So they were friendly?
- Friendly?
They were in love.
You don't think it's a little odd
that you didn't tell me...
...the owner is your ex- boyfriend?
- No, because it's not an issue.
Well, it is to me.
Please don't get worked up
over this.
It was such a long time ago.
- I'm not getting worked up.
I just think it's interesting.
And what is with that ridiculous
name everyone keeps calling you?
- There they are. Willy!
- That. Exactly.
Okay, he's just everywhere.
I thought you were working
on the lighting install?
- All done.
- And the new signage?
Put it all up.
Who's your fancy- clothes friend?
Deacon, this is Reed.
Right, you're the guy.
Yeah, sorry about that, brother.
- Great.
Thank you, Deacon.
Hey, the least we could do is take
our visitor on a tour around town?
- Yeah.
- That's really not necessary.
You know what, that sounds great.
Mina hasn't told me...
...anything about this place.
- Well, follow us.
You're gonna love this.
Due to all the contained gases,
Sycamore Springs' mineral water... actually effervescent,
a.k.a. sparkling, and finally...
...on this side of the lake,
the blue house...
...right there is George Clooney's
second cousin's summer cottage.
Thank you, Deacon, for that
random tour filled with fun facts.
You know, I found it
very interesting.
Who knew that s'mores were invented
right here in Sycamore Springs?
Well, storyteller's
just one of my many skills.
Who wants a beer?
- That's me.
- You want one, Chief?
- Yeah.
Once we get the boats fixed,
I've got a whole business plan...
...on how we're going to reboot
the hot springs tours.
How many businesses
do you own again?
Well, I got two up and running.
I've got five more in my head.
I wanna go on Shark Tank with
a whole new macrobrew idea I got.
Macro- brew?
Bigger better beer, buddy.
Can we go now?
We've still got one more stop
on the tour.
This is where you grew up?
Yup. I haven't seen it
since I left.
- Home sweet home.
- What happened?
The people that bought it from
your parents lost their jobs.
The bank repossessed it in 2007.
It's been like this ever since.
Remember how we used to
climb up on the roof...
...throw water balloons
into Mr. Patterson's yard?
Come on, let's go.
What are you...
You don't even know the structural
integrity of this house.
I'm just gonna look,
I'll be right back.
You'll break your neck!
- You got it.
- Oh, yeah.
You can still smell
the flowers and the hay.
- They're coming back.
- What?
Your senses.
The country'll do that to you.
I miss this view.
So do I.
So how come you didn't invite
that boy for supper tonight?
That isn't very southern of you.
- I did.
He said he had some work
to finish up.
You look as confused
as a pine tree in a parking lot.
The more I think about it,
the more confused I get.
I thought I knew exactly
what I wanted. And then...
And then you came back
to Sycamore Springs.
Well, moaning about it with me
isn't gonna do you any good.
Talk to Reed.
Tell him what's really going on
inside that thick skull of yours.
Yeah, maybe.
Yeah, I know. It's a little more
complicated than we thought.
But I think I've found something.
Hang on, Larry.
Sorry, I'm back.
Yeah, I'll be working on this
all day tomorrow.
I'll call you soon with a detailed
report but don't worry, I got this.
Okay, bye.
Happy Valentine's Day.
They're enormous.
Antique French roses.
- Wow, how did you...
- I special ordered them.
Overnight. From Paris.
That is super sweet, Reed.
Thank you.
How come you didn't call me
back last night?
Too much work.
I'm sorry, my bad.
Speaking of bad, the fashion
in this town is dubious at best.
I know, but the people
kinda grow on you.
That's exactly what I'm
concerned about, Mina.
You're letting your sentiment
cloud your judgement.
I'm doing what I think is best
for everyone.
ICB is all that matters.
Look, I've had to do things
that I'm not proud of, but... the end of the day,
you have to get the job done.
And I told you,
I've got this handled.
I'm sorry, okay?
You're right.
I just really want you
back home with me.
The Sweetheart Dance
starts in two hours.
I've got a ton of work,
and you know...
...I'm not really
the festival type.
But if we're going to get married,
I think it's good to know...
...where we both come from. Right?
- Are you sure?
Absolutely. It'll be fun
and I'll meet you there, okay?
- It's so...
- Romantic.
I know.
It's too bad I'm single.
Yeah, what's the deal
with you and Deacon, anyway?
Sweetie, we don't even
have the time.
Wasn't your man supposed
to meet you here?
That was him. Doesn't look like
he's gonna make it anymore.
Well, don't worry,
we'll just make it a girls' night.
Penny, I want to apologize
for being such a pain in the neck.
I think I was just a little nervous
about coming back home.
Well, I'm glad you did.
I mean, you've really shaken
things up around here.
Happy Valentine's Day, ladies.
Well, don't you look
pretty tonight, Ms. Laterner.
Nice try, Deacon, but I've told you
a million times, we're over.
Well, your body language
is telling me something else.
Besides, can't you see
we're having a girls' night?
I was just wondering
if you wanted to accompany me...
...on the dance floor?
I probably shouldn't
if I know what's best for me.
Since when did you start
doing that?
Well, he does have a point.
- Go, have fun. I'll be fine.
- Are you sure?
Happy Valentine's Day.
Where's your fianc?
Boyfriend, okay?
And he's...
Well, he's not here.
Well, I guess you're free
for a friendly little game.
You first, Champ.
Show us how it's done.
Don't mind if I do.
A little space, please.
That's obviously
not how it's done.
Move aside.
Is this part of your diabolical
plan to beat me at everything?
Come on, don't be a sore loser.
Thank you.
At least your humiliation
didn't end up on Buzzfeed.
Maybe this guy will cheer you up.
You know, I've been thinking about
what you said at the lake.
How things might have been
different if I had said...
...something before you left.
You know what?
Let's dance.
There we are.
I don't remember
you having those dance moves.
- I'm full of surprises.
- Yes, you are.
Aunt Tali. Lewis.
Don't get your socks in a knot.
I still have a pulse.
Lewis, you old devil.
So nice to see you
two kids together again.
And, Clay, so glad you've come
to your senses bringing back...
...the old Hart's menu.
- It's actually a new menu.
With the same fresh ingredients
that we've always used.
A perfect blend
of the old and the new.
Well, whatever you call it,
it's just nice to have... back again.
- Family?
Willy, this town
is just one big family.
Sure, people go to Hart's to eat,
but most of us go there... see folks we know,
say "Hi" and catch up.
You have been away for too long.
- You okay?
- She's right.
I forgot about all of this.
But not just because
I've been away.
I wanted to.
- Why?
Because if I forgot,
I wouldn't have to think about...
...what I left behind.
- To old times.
- To good old times.
Having fun?
- Reed.
- So sorry to interrupt.
- No, we were just...
- Yeah, you can drop the whole...
...naive cowboy thing, okay?
- Reed, stop.
- Excuse me?
- It's desperate...
...and it's obvious
what you're doing.
What is it that I'm doing,
Trying to recreate some sad,
high school fantasy...
...with your homecoming queen,
who dumped you 15 years ago.
It's really quite pathetic.
- Reed, I mean it. Stop.
You know what's pathetic?
Proposing to your girlfriend
when she's obviously not into you.
Okay. Think what you want,
farm boy...
...but you are done holding
an entire corporation hostage.
It's over, my friend.
- What?
For starters, your father's
contract with ICB, clearly...
...prohibits transferring ownership
of the property to anyone.
Clay, I'm sorry,
I should have told you about...
On top of that, the local bank
told me about your loan...
...of $100,000
taken out against your business...
...apparently to invest
in Deacon's bar.
Such action,
and this is my favorite part...
...will result in the mortgage
and entire property...
...being turned over to ICB.
- Willy, how does he know all this?
- Because you're not the only one...
...with a workplace
romance, cowboy.
You two work together?
I can't believe you did this.
And behind my back?
Larry was worried
you weren't handling things.
So, he sent you here
to spy on me?
To help you
and I'm glad he did.
The whole deal
might have fallen apart.
You could have been fired.
- And you proposing to me...
...was that Larry's idea, too?
- Of course not. I want us... make a life together...
- And this is how you show me?
I'm just trying to help.
Now the deal's done...
...and ICB will be thrilled.
You'll get your promotion...
...and we can get out of this town
and back to our lives.
I thought that's what you wanted?
- Not anymore.
- Please don't tell me...'ve actually fallen
for his country boy act?
Go home, Reed.
It's over.
- Mina, wait!
- And my name's not Mina.
It's Willy.
Has anyone seen Clay?
Grace, it's not what you think.
You have some nerve,
little lady.
First, you take away his
restaurant and then his heart.
I don't know
how you can sleep at night.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to talk to you.
I know what you're thinking
but it's not what it looks like.
Well, it looks like you've been
lying to me this whole time...
...working with Reed
to shut me down.
Yes, we work together,
but that was not the plan.
Well, I don't think there's
any doubt in your mind whether...
...or not you should marry him.
You two are perfect for each other.
Looks like
you and Paisley are, too.
- What does that mean?
- I saw you, kissing her.
- That's not what...
- Not what?
What it looks like?
- She kissed me.
I promise you,
it's over between us.
You know what,
it doesn't matter.
All these years, I've been
trying to prove to myself that...
...even in this small town,
I could make something of my life.
- You have.
- You know what the worst part is?
Is I actually thought that you
might fall back in love with me.
- Clay...
- But you're right.
Nothing changes.
I'm still a small town guy,
and you're still the same girl...
...that'll run over anyone
to get what she wants.
At least this time,
I'm the one walking away.
Hi, honey.
- Clay was going to propose to me.
- What?
I found a letter and a ring.
I always thought
he didn't want to be with me...
...that he just wanted to stay here
and do nothing with his whole life.
Well, what did it say?
It said he didn't
want me to leave.
That he'd be lost without me.
That he knew we were young...
...but that his heart knew
we were supposed to be together.
It said he wanted me to meet him
on the dock the next day.
He had something important
he wanted to ask me.
The day you left.
Oh, baby!
I messed everything up.
That new motor's
looking real good.
You know it. Darrell
was practically givin' it away.
We've gotta fix those
vinyl seats, too.
Hey, listen, man. I'm really sorry
about this whole thing.
- Deacon, don't.
- No, if you hadn't have...
...given me that loan...
- And I'd do it again.
You're my best friend.
That's the way I roll.
Well, I really appreciate it.
Will you clock the wheel for me?
I want to see if she turns.
It's perfect.
So, what are you gonna do now?
Not about the restaurant
about Willy.
She went back to Atlanta
to marry that guy, Reed.
She may be goin' back to Atlanta,
but she's not goin' back... that jerk. They broke up.
- Who told you that?
Lewis saw the whole thing at the
festival last night. He told me.
- Are you sure?
- No. His eyesight is goin'.
But what does it matter?
You love her.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself
and go fight for her.
Go get that girl back.
Thanks, bud.
And finally
a big thank you to Phil...
...our Executive Vice President,
who's joined us today.
And now, let me turn things over
to our brand manager...
...for the national launch
of Hart's Americana Restaurants...
...Mina Jones.
- Thank you, sir.
- Congratulations.
Thank you, Larry.
I think we're making a mistake.
In fact, I know we're
making a huge mistake.
I think that, what Mina's
trying to say is that...
I've got this, Larry.
We shouldn't be launching Hart's as
just another cookie- cutter chain...
...but as a completely new,
organic, farm- to- table concept...
...providing quality food
at small- town prices.
Ms. Jones, as much
as I appreciate your input here...
...this is not the place or time
to be making significant changes... the brand.
- Then when is?
"Fresh- casual"
is the new fast food.
ICB needs to be a company
that listens... what the American
people want.
Larry, I just want to say, that
I have nothing to do with this.
I wasn't consulted at all...
- That's true... why don't you just sit down
and zip it, Reed.
What if we actually put the food
before the fanfare?
What if we went back to
a simpler time...
...when people ate at restaurants
where the food is fresh...
...not frozen?
And grown locally...
...not trucked across country
in big bags and cans?
Where locals, like Lucien...
...are as creative
as the top chefs in Atlanta...
...where Clay, the owner
has come up with a way... use the
mineral-rich spring water...
...something no one else
is doing... cook in the kitchen
and irrigate the garden.
He's a forward- thinker,
who's been coming up with...
...environmentally sustainable
concepts for years now.
What if we went back to a time...
...where people actually talked
while they ate?
Where pictures of Little League
teams were on the wall...
...instead of relentless
advertising and 60-inch TVs.
The old Hart's is the new idea
you're missing out on.
We don't need
to re- brand Hart's, sir.
We should be using Hart's
to re-brand ICB.
It's Clay, you know what to do.
Hi, Clay. It's Willy.
I'm sure you don't want to ever
talk to me again... I'll make this short.
Somehow, I managed to convince
ICB to change the entire concept...
...back to what you and Lucien
were doing before I showed up...
...and made a mess of everything.
And I understand
if it doesn't change...
...what you think of me.
Honestly, I don't even know...
...what to think of me anymore,
but I'm sorry. I just...
- Hi.
- I was just leaving you a message.
- What were you saying?
You should probably
just listen to it yourself.
- Why don't you tell me in person?
- What?
Turn around.
What are you doing here?
I guess I just wanted to see
what it was you left me for.
And you're right,
this city, it's beautiful.
Clay, I know it doesn't make up for
all the pain I've caused you but...
...there's good news. You're
going to get your business back.
I love you.
I've loved you
ever since I can remember.
Go or stay, it doesn't matter.
I just want to be with you.
I'm tired of wondering what
my life would have looked like...
...if I had done this
15 years ago.
Willy Jones...
...will you marry me?
Bon appetit.
We're back to officially
being a mom and pop restaurant.
Well, it's gonna take at least
nine months to make it official.
Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Hart.
Happy Valentine's Day, Mrs. Hart.