Appetites (2015) Movie Script

What have I told you
about leaving good meat to rot?
Let this be a reminder.
Finn, stop it!
Help me.
You was trespassing.
That makes you fair game.
My brother and me's been taking
care of each other
since we was kids.
On my salary.
He's just an awful lot to feed.
Sure, we hunt.
But beggars can't be choosers.
You sure are cute.
A damn shame.
What took you so long, Bubba?
Oh, jeez.
You gotta keep up the pace.
This little piggy
nearly got away!
Come on!
Get that purty little
face back to the house.
I'm starvin'.
Jeez, Bubba!
You're eatin' us
outta house and home!
No wonder you're gettin' slow.
I'm gonna have to
put you on a diet.
All right.
One more piece,
'cause you been good.
Here it comes!
Where's your napkin? You
need to wipe your face.
Tastes dreamy.
You play real nice.
Mind paying me, first?
Take what you need.
Don't worry, I'm
worth every penny.
I don't have
my wallet with me
And I left my phone at home
But I'll be damned
at the end of the night
If I go home alone
I keep my money
inside a little pocket
In the case of my saxophone
And if somebody
comes to get me
Watch it, boy,
you're on your own
Dead girls don't cry
'Cause they're awfully
dead, that's fucking why
Dead girls don't cry
Do it, baby
All right
Oh, fuck.
Dead girls don't cry, huh?
Yeah, you like it, baby?
Yeah, I think it makes
you look like my momma,
the dirty little fucking
whore that she was.
Yeah, you want to fuck me
like you fucked
your fucking whore?
- Dirty little fucking whore...
- Shut up!
Right, like that, yes, harder...
You shouldn't have
done this to your body.
You shouldn't have desecrated
your body like this.
Now you're gonna
have to pay for it.
Oh, make me fucking pay, baby.
Make me fucking pay.
I absolve you.
I'm sorry for killing you
I'm sorry for killing you
I'm sorry for killing you
I'm sorry
Now that's real love, you know?
Straight up love, no nonsense.
Why is every guy I've
dated a complete scumbag?
I wish somebody
would run all the way
across New York City
just to kiss me.
Maybe some day.
You want to watch it again?
Yeah? Press rewind.
When the music's over
I, I, I
Will take my hat and
take my pain, and slide
Now a whisper
on your eyelash
A kiss upon your chin
There's something
I haven't told you
And I don't know
where to begin
It's the end, my baby angel
How could they love and find
A victim this
kind of stuff before
We're getting it every time
I said, you might be right
But I what I did
and I placed the call
You better run when
darkness falls tonight
It's the night of the zombie
Tonight's the
night of the zombie
Tonight's the
night of the zombie
My, my, my.
SUV driver: What the fuck
are you doing, asshole?
Welcome to Pines Motel,
my name is Charlie,
can I help you?
Yeah, I need a room.
Sure thing.
Single? Double?
Are you seeing double?
Single, then?
Just fill this card out
for me, if you would, please.
And I'm gonna need a credit
card from you, of course.
Or cash is fine.
So are the rooms clean?
- Very clean, yes.
- Very clean.
Clean towels, clean
sheets every day.
- Yeah?
- Yes.
You clean the rooms?
No, I don't, I don't.
Do you get under the
bed and run around?
No, no, Lupita does that.
Every day, comes in, clean
towels, clean sheets.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
She's from Latin America?
Uh, yeah, I'm sure.
I don't know.
- Is she legal?
- Uh, I, well...
- She's illegal.
- That's not really...
- Yeah.
- I don't know...
Well, does she know
how to clean the fucking thing?
She cleans 'em every week.
And um...
- Every week?
- Well...
Not every day?
Depends on, we're
not a real busy hotel,
so it just kind of depends
on the clientele.
Could you do me a favor
and just try to keep my
room very clean, okay?
I appreciate that, sir,
and if you have any problems,
feel free to contact me
here at the front desk
and we'll get it
squared away for you, okay?
Place any good?
Oh, yeah.
Best burgers in town!
Nice selection of
eye candy, too.
Is that so?
Well, I might check it out
later, with my sweet tooth.
Sounds good. All right.
There you are,
and rest easy Mister...
I always do.
it's slow, tonight.
Tips suck, too.
Yeah, well the worst part is
I have to deal with Margo
for the next six hours.
You ever have one of those days
when your tits just
won't cooperate?
Oh yeah, girl.
How about you and
your man boobs, Walt?
What? I don't have man boobs.
- By the way,
- Shut up.
I need those drinks.
Chop chop, handsome.
What drinks?
You're kidding, right?
No, not unless you
just printed it up.
You sure you put the order in?
Sure as shit.
Hey, now.
I got tables to tend.
Hey there, what can I get ya?
Whiskey and Coke, hold the Coke.
That's funny.
$4.25, please.
Hey, uh...
Who's the honey running drinks?
Oh, uh, which one?
You a chubby chaser?
- No.
- You like the big girls?
No, I don't like big girls.
- No?
- No.
Well, then I think
you know which one.
Well, her name is Daisy, why?
Oh, it's a pretty name.
Kind of sounds wholesome
and pure.
What are you, psychic?
You just know people?
Hey, buddy, am I treading
on your turf, stud?
No, no, no.
'Cause if I am, you
know, like, let me know.
- No, it's not...
- I'll back off, you know.
No, I, we have a
platonic, professional,
working relationship,
we're co-workers.
If you say so.
Can I get you anything else,
or are we good here, for now?
I don't know, you got a menu?
- You got a menu, like takeout?
- No, we don't.
We don't do menu
stuff, here, at all.
But I got chips, you want chips?
Uh, maybe later.
Okay, we're good.
Yeah. I'm crazy about
this, uh... The tank top.
Excuse me.
This sections for
wait service only.
Oh, uh...
I'm sorry, I'll get
outta your way, then.
Nah, nah, you can stay here.
Just when you need another one,
let me know and I'll
get it for you, okay?
Mm. I'm ready.
That's what she said.
I bet she did.
Whiskey and Coke.
Hold the Coke.
Be right up.
Here you go, handsome.
Straight whiskey.
What happened to Daisy?
Her shift ended, so you've
been transferred over to me.
My name's Margo.
Don't worry, doll. I'll
take real good care of you.
You just let me know if
you need anything else.
Just give me some
noise pollution
I'm talking about
the constitution
I'm trying to feel
these good vibrations
Satisfaction all
across the nation
I bring the pain
Let it rain
America, home of the bra...
Fuck me!
Forgot about that one.
Damn near put my eye out.
Whoo! Feeling strong!
Look at that.
Oh, no, smell that.
Oh, yeah!
- Like you, sometimes!
- Yeesh!
Get these bitches off.
I'm sorry. Jeez.
I forgot we switched
up the traps.
Damn near got an
arrow through my head,
you know what I'm talkin' about?
Oh, I'm sorry, Bubba.
I'm not really
hungry this morning.
Oh, why don't you just
put it in the fridge
and I'll heat it up later, okay?
I love you, Bubba. Gimme a hug.
Oh, I might hit Nealies
for a beer, later.
I won't be late, I promise.
Damn, Daisy.
Let's you and me have
a drink, or something.
Daisy Do, Daisy Do,
I love you.
It's okay, Bubba,
I'll be right out!
Welcome to Pines Motel,
my name is Charlie,
can I help you?
Hope so.
I'm looking for someone who
might've checked in recently.
White male, mid-30s,
may have signed in
under the name John Doe.
Sorry, can't give out
personal info on guests.
- Company policy.
- Really?
How about now? Detective Frye.
Not without a warrant.
Now, listen here, you
fucking little midget.
I can make your
life more miserable
than it already is,
and this goes for
the shithole of a hotel
you got here, too.
Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.
Listen, man, I'm...
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be taking my
frustrations out on you.
It's just this guy
that I'm trying to find
brings the kind of trouble
you don't want in this town.
And certainly not in your hotel.
It's just there's a
lot of innocent victims
out there who deserve justice.
One of which is my daughter.
Checked in a few days ago.
Is he still here?
As far
as I know, yeah.
Was he with anyone
when he checked in?
Nope, all by himself.
Suppose you couldn't
tell me his room number?
- That, I can't do.
- Understood.
But, I can give you
the room next to his.
Now, you're a good
man, Charlie Brent.
All right, watch
out for that guy.
Thank you.
Rest easy, detective Frye.
Thank you.
you're so handsome.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Are you trashed?
I can taste your bubble gum.
What's her problem?
- I don't know.
- WoShe's so weird.
Sorry to interrupt, but,
you guys are just
such a cute couple.
Thank you.
She's so creepy.
Who cares?
You must not be
from around here.
Just passing through.
- Do you think she's cute?
- No.
Are you kidding me?
WoShe's still staring.
Fuck off!
She's fucking annoying.
I'm tired of being alone.
Sure, there's Bubba.
But a girl has needs, you know?
A brother can only do so much.
Not like we're a couple
a inbred, or anything,
'cause we're not,
that's just plain sick.
Fucking your brother,
or your sister.
Or your daughter.
I mean...
I'm cute, right?
I'm in good shape.
Why wouldn't a guy
want a girl like me?
What do you care?
Little Miss Happy?
You found your Mister Right.
Oh, well!
Nothing lasts forever.
Calm down, now, shh.
Come here, come here.
Get a little lower.
Stop, hey!
I know.
You can come home with me!
I'm sure Bubba wouldn't mind.
In fact, he'd love the company.
Maybe he'll even let you stay
with him in the basement!
May I help you, man?
you uh, got any pointy ends?
Sorry, what?
Pointy ends, you got 'em?
You're asking me if
I have "pointy ends"?
Yeah. Yeah.
I don't underst... Um...
I'm gonna make this
simple for you, okay?
Ever use a toothpick on
those yellow teeth of yours?
Were they round or flat?
Uh, I don't know.
Wood, or plastic?
Both, I guess.
Did you ever notice
how those plastic ones
are so god damn sharp when
you stick 'em in your mouth?
If you're not careful, they
cram you right in the gums
and the tongue, and they just...
They're like someone
stabbing you in the face
with a hypodermic
needle, it's like...
You ever notice that?
But, at the same time,
that pain feels good,
in a weird way.
You know?
And uh...
Gives you a kind of
crazy little rush,
so you just keep, you just keep
poking your gums and
tongue, your cheek, and...
You just...
Ah, fucking the pain is
just so fucking good, man,
you just can't get enough!
Those, my friend,
are called pointy ends.
You got 'em?
Sorry, man, we don't have
plastic toothpicks, here.
All right.
All right, just gimme
a pack of the...
The red death, the red
one, the red, the red pack.
Oh, shit.
All right, this'll be $7.90.
That's too, that's too much.
This is too mu...
That's too much.
Keep it. Keep it.
You gave me 10.
Keep it. No, thank you.
Thank you for your help.
- That's too much.
- Keep it.
- WoOh, God!
- Ah!
WoI'm so sorry.
I'm sorry. Thanks.
I'm so sorry.
This day has been
a total disaster,
let me buy you a new pack.
Buy me a drink, instead.
I mean...
I mean, it's already
beer 30, honey, let's go.
Hurt me three times.
It's not about
the drinks, though.
You wear too much makeup.
I don't need advice from
you on my attire, all right?
Just make my drinks,
- for God's sake...
- Just the eye shadow.
Take it down, a little bit.
You know, like, you're
scaring the customers.
Take it down?
Yeah, a little bit. It's a
little whorish, a little bit.
Excuse me.
Hey, what can I get ya?
Yeah, I was
wondering if you recall
seeing a guy in here, recently.
Uh, dark hair, kind of
intense-looking fellow,
likes his whiskey.
No, I don't know, why?
You a cop, or something?
That makes a difference?
Yeah, I'm a cop.
Oh, that's cool.
Yeah, there was a guy like that
in here a couple nights ago.
Uh, I don't know, he had
a drink and then split.
That it?
I don't know, it
was a busy night.
He was in here, he had a drink,
and then he split, I
didn't talk to him at all.
Yes you did!
- When?
- You had an entire
conversation with him.
I did not.
When he asked you about Daisy?
Oh, yeah.
- He...
- Who's Daisy?
The other cocktail waitress.
Cute. Real sweet.
The guy was eyeballing her
like nobody's business.
- Is Daisy here?
- No, she's off, tonight.
Well, when's her next shift?
Oh, day after tomorrow.
Why all the questions?
What's this all about?
No particular reason.
Nice talking to you.
Yeah, well nice
talking to you, too.
I think that
customer needs you...
Oh, yeah, all right.
Thank you for your help, Miss.
You have a good evening.
You too.
Not exactly how I thought
I'd be spending the night.
Nice little surprise, for me.
Oh, I'm full
of surprises, babe.
Is that so?
Yeah, that's right.
Hang on.
Hold on, right there.
Ooh, whatcha
got there, big boy?
It's uh...
It's a surprise.
Oh, really?
Roll over.
I like surprises.
That is freezing!
Oh, are these chickens?
Oh, no, those are roosters.
I have two cocks
fighting over my ass.
Well, right now three.
I've got two cocks
Fighting over my ass
I've got two cocks fighting
Over my ass
My name's Caroline
I drink too much wine
- And now I got two
- Three.
Fighting over my ass
Here we go.
Here we go, fucking...
That's beautiful.
I absolve you, baby.
Hey, Bubba, can I
ask you something?
Do you ever get bored, alone?
Aside from Dad.
I mean,
someone else to call your own.
To hold on to. Laugh with.
To take care of.
Never mind!
You're right, it's silly.
Better go get ready for work.
Thanks for the
pep talk, brother.
If you were a good
cop, then you'd know
that breaking and entering
is against the law.
I know what you are, John Doe.
You're a fucking pussy.
Don't want to get too close to
the flame, Detective Frye.
You're standing in my room
with your fucking shoes on!
You're going down.
- Oh, yeah?
- Oh, yeah.
No, no, it's for real.
You like tattoos, John?
My daughter had a bunch of 'em.
Didn't understand it,
or her much at the time.
'Cause she was taken from me
before I had a chance to realize
what a great kid she was.
She was a great kid, John.
Her name was Dora.
Means "God's Gift" in Spanish.
That's deep, Frye.
Yeah, real deep, huh?
But you wouldn't know anything
about God, would you, John?
I am God.
In your fucking dreams!
Finishing up for the night?
After I wipe down these
last few, I'm headed home.
Oh, okay.
Why don't you have a
drink with me, instead?
No, thanks.
- No, thanks?
- Mm-hm.
No, thanks.
I mean, you look like you
could use a stiff one.
You've been working all night,
now here we are, and...
What kind of stiff one?
I, any kind.
You know, I would love to.
You know, the night is
young, and we are beautiful.
Like, what is...
Just one drink, please.
- Just come.
- You're kinda creepy.
Have a drink with me!
I totally appreciate the offer,
but I said no, thanks,
I can't, buzz off.
Yes, you can. You can.
I mean, just one, please.
I mean, we'll have one drink.
One, and we're done.
Otherwise it's two,
and we're through.
Okay, two. But
no more than that.
Got it, Bob?
Name's John.
As in John the Baptist?
Something like that, yeah.
Something tells me
you ain't no saint.
Well something's telling
you the wrong shit.
Fuck you!
It's true, scout's honor.
Like you were ever a scout.
As a matter of fact,
- There's no way.
- I wa...
- Don't even try it!
- I was!
You're looking at
the bona fide scout's scout.
I'm the most highly
decorated member of my troop.
You drop me off in the
forest with a Band-Aid
and a pack of matches, thank
you, I'll make it home.
I'm a nature boy to the core.
Such a liar.
And what possible
reason would I have to lie?
To get in my pants.
Excuse me.
All men lie to get laid,
it's common knowledge.
I never lie.
You got a penis, right?
Let me check.
Yeah, I got a penis.
Then you lie.
Okay, okay, so if we're
gonna go judging each other
based on gross generalizations,
then I guess it's fair to assume
that because you've
got these amazing tits
I'm supposed to buy all
the drinks, tonight.
That's not fair, I got a round!
What round?
The next one.
Another couple drinks over here
when you get the chance, please.
Thank you, honey.
Those drinks are on me.
You cheated on me.
You're a cheater.
It was your idea, implying
I have tits, and all.
Which I do.
But you'll never know.
Hm, hm, hm.
I'll drink to that.
Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm.
I'm gonna go piss.
Thank you.
My name's Crash,
I'm gonna take a 15 minute shit,
and go check that
nobody's fucking my wife.
Thank you.
Hey, uh, can I?
Can I play? Yeah?
Hey, everybody, how
you doing, tonight?
This next song goes out
to my new friend, Daisy.
At the bar.
When she was
small, she had it all
Chasing boyfriends
around in the mall
But her Daddy
wouldn't have that
No, no, my dear
You might meet your maker
My dear, is that clear?
Why can't I just
have a simple love
One that's sent to
me from the God above
Why can't I just
have a simple love
It was a dark day
For Daisy
It was a dark day
For Daisy
But she is now
She's wondering how
Can she find love
Love from above
She's suffocating
Eyes dilating
She cries out
And she cries out
And she cries out
It was a dark day
For Daisy
It was a dark day
For Daisy
It was a dark day
For Daisy
Nice, man.
That was good.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.
Come on
down some time.
All right, thank you, thank you.
- Hey, uh...
- That was really good.
Let's get outta here.
Huh? Wanna?
I'm starving!
Look at you, taking
me out to dinner, huh?
It's the nicest
place in town, honey.
Hey, kid!
You got those pointy ends, yet?
Nah, man.
All right, here we go.
Dinner, dinner, all right.
What is this? Dinner here?
That baby, all right.
Obviously we need this.
How much?
Well, the pig is seven...
Don't mind him.
He's just fucking with ya.
Grab me that bottle of whiskey.
- You heard the lady.
- Stop it.
You don't want your change?
Keep it.
I'll take you to
my favorite spot.
Turn here.
Jeez. What the...
- Hey, come back here!
- Hey!
- Hey, asshole patrol.
- No.
You come back
here, you little punks.
Easy there, cowboy.
They dissed my car.
Nothing a little wiper
fluid can't handle.
They're just a couple
a kids out havin' fun.
Yeah, but did you
see what they did
to my little Sweet Sally?
At least they're out
enjoying their childhood.
This has given me a better idea.
Miss Daisy, yeah!
Yeah, baby,
you know how to drive.
Pull over!
Come on.
Hey, where you going?
Hey. Where you...
Daisy, where you going?
This way!
Hey, I don't...
I don't run.
Over here!
Hold the Coke, right?
Oh, I taught you well.
I really had a
wonderful time, tonight.
Yeah, me too.
I don't usually let myself...
Don't let yourself...?
Ah, so beautiful.
I know, I love this place.
Ever since I was a kid.
Things would get too
intense, I'd run away.
Never know exactly
where I was going, but,
I'd always end up here.
Why's that?
Just feels so peaceful.
I felt safe.
Safe? From what?
Or maybe I just felt
like Princess Buttercup,
and this is my fairytale world.
Well, I guess that would make me
Andre the Giant.
Oh, you brag!
Look, I'm just going
off what they tell me.
Then you should stop
talking to yourself.
Well, what's that
supposed to mean?
It means my opinion is
the only one that matters.
Oh, yeah?
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah?
Is that all you got?
Want some of that?
Andre the Giant?
Or should I call
you Stuart Little?
I love it, I love it.
I can't. I can't, I gotta go.
What time is it?
Who cares what time it is?
I have to go home.
Aren't you a little
old for a curfew, honey?
I mean...
What, is your daddy gonna
spank you, or something?
Fuck you!
Whoa, easy.
Relax, Daisy Do, I was...
I was just joking.
We're just kids out enjoying
our childhood, right?
Thank you.
Tonight was perfect.
Yeah, yeah.
But I gotta go, now.
- No, no, wait...
- John, please.
Listen, just, okay...
Promise me you'll
see me tomorrow.
Let me go.
Promise... Wait!
Promise me you will
see me tomorrow.
All right, all right, I promise.
Promise? Promise!
You'll meet me tomorrow
at 10 am at the coffee shop.
I'll be the guy
that looks like me.
All right?
Jesus fucking...
What the fuck?
All right.
Before you get upset,
I can explain.
I know, I know, I
shoulda called, but...
I lost track of time.
Oh, my God, movie night.
I completely forgot,
Bubba, I am so sorry.
All right?
We're really tired,
let's just talk about
this in the morning, okay?
Bubba! Okay, I'm sorry!
You're acting just like Dad.
You take him and
you go to your room.
I want sweet
cake, to eat it too
And then I fall
in love with you
And when I fall
in love with you
I'll do the things
I never would do
Like walk the
dog, feed the cat
Chase around the
spider web with a bat
I want sweet
cake, to eat it, too
And then I fall
in love with you
And we can make love
on the kitchen floor
In a house in Spain
with a broken door
And paint the walls
diego blue
And move in all your
stuff and some of mine, too
I want sweet
cake, to eat it, too
And then I fall in
love with you, yeah
I want sweet cake
To eat it, too
And then I fall
in love with you
And when I fall
in love with you
I do the things I'm
not supposed to do
Like spend the
night, candle light
Wish all day, Marvin Gaye
Miss my do, try pocka too
Tie me up,
you know what to do
I want sweet cake
To eat it, too
And then I fall
in love with you
And we can make love
You mind if I chain smoke?
On the kitchen floor
Not at all
When you're 66 and I'm 74
I want sweet
cake, to eat it, too
And then I fall
in love with you
Come on, come on,
come on get it.
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Let's go!
- To where?
- Right here.
See that sign?
What? Oh, not a chance!
I've always wanted
to know my future.
Now, more than ever.
Yeah, those psychics
are all the same, honey,
they tell you what
you already know,
and they pretend like they're
telling you something new.
It's a waste of money, honey.
Ah, Jesus.
Ah, God.
WoPlease, sit.
Put your tribute
in the jar, please.
Shuffle them.
When the cards begin
to resist, stop.
Well, is it good?
Patience, Daisy.
We'll see, soon enough.
Did I tell you my name?
WoSudden change.
Unexpected, like a bolt
of lightning from the sky.
Brought forth by
a man, a warrior.
Strong, virile.
One whose presence heralds
the arrival of love.
An impassioned forging
of soul and flesh.
Fucking psychic
mumbo jumbo bullshit.
That's exactly what I need.
That ultimately
results in demise.
That's it?
WoFor now.
What does it mean?
If you'd like to know more,
a full life line reading
normally costs 50.
- But today, for you, 40.
- Yeah, right.
What a con.
You got what you paid for.
The cards never lie,
and neither do I.
You'll see.
I'm taking my damn money back.
Little girls with
big secrets should be
very careful where
they put their hands.
Very, very careful.
Freaky witch.
Didn't go so good, huh?
You ever think about
hitting the road?
Seeing what's out there?
Used to.
And why not now?
- Your what?
- It's my brother.
He's got special needs.
I don't think he'd
make it on his own.
Must be hard.
Taking care of your
brother all the time.
The constant responsibility,
always have to put
yourself second, you know.
Nobody comes second,
we take care of each other
equally, Bubba and me.
Sounds nice.
What does?
Having someone
to look after
who looks after you.
Why, nobody's ever
looked after you, before?
No, no, not the right way.
I mean, girl as gorgeous as you,
I'm sure you've got guys
running all over town
chasing you around
trying to catch you.
Oh, they run, all right.
Away from me.
I find that hard to believe.
Believe what you want.
Okay, then I'll believe that
the hottest
piece of ass I have
ever seen.
Ever. Ever.
It's insane.
- That was a compliment.
- Keep it.
What's so wrong with
telling an attractive woman
how attractive she is?
It's cheap, John, just
another pickup line at the bar.
I thought you were
better than that.
Why? I mean...
Don't be so sensitive.
If I wasn't pretty,
would you still be here?
Would you?
You know, I thought you were
different, but you're not.
You're just another tool
looking for a quick fix.
Hey, I don't know what's got you
so fucked up in your head, okay?
But I was just being honest.
That's all, all right?
Don't take it so personal.
I didn't mean to hurt your...
Your feelings, all right?
Well, you did.
Well then I'm...
I'm sorry.
That's a start.
This is hard, you know?
All right.
Let's uh...
- Let's walk it off.
- Yeah, yeah.
Let's just
pretend that you're...
you're really fat
and really ugly,
and smell like a
barnyard animal.
Then what would you
do, Mister Shallow?
Oh, God.
You like it?
I love it.
Oh, fuck.
What are you doing?
I'm showing
you how much I...
- Stop it.
- Love you.
I said stop, motherfucker!
Oh! Ah!
You're a fucking,
you're a cherry, I...
I had no idea, I'm sorry.
You ain't never been
popped yet, I get that.
It's cute. Oh!
Fuck you!
Come on, come on!
Where are you...
Where you going, John?
Dinner time.
Oh, my God, I am so sorry.
I didn't see you!
Texting and driving
like an idiot.
No worries.
You know, for a minute there
I thought you were
trying to kill me?
Oh, I got that, I'll
give you a hand.
Come on, I'll give you a lift.
I like the sound of that.
Oh, you little tatted
hussy tramp.
Thank you for the ride.
Been walking all day.
Not a problem.
Where you headed?
Next town over.
I know it well.
Oh, man, perfect!
If you don't mind giving me
a ride that way, that is.
Don't mind at all.
Just have to stop at home
real quick, if that's okay.
It's on the way.
Hey, no hurries here.
You do what you gotta do.
I'm just grateful for a ride.
My feet are killing me.
This is my
place, right here.
Just take a couple minutes.
You know, uh, I don't
have to be anywhere.
I'll keep that in mind.
Be right back.
Damn, she's smokin'.
Let go, Bubba!
I'm in no mood
for your attitude.
You want to know what this is?
This is fucking shit,
that's what this is.
Fucking shit!
Now you better get
your ass in gear
if you want to eat.
I just went shoppin'.
Grease him up for me, baby.
Looks like it's
your lucky day, Paul.
Lucky day.
What the hell, man?
Shit, really, sir?
Fuck, please, I
didn't do anything!
Please, sir, wait, I
didn't do anything!
You greased that little
piggy up for me real good,
didn't you, Bubba?
Holy shit.
Come on, Bubba! Whoo!
Big boy, Jesus.
I am a taxi driver
I roam the streets at night
I am a taxi driver
Through the streets
Don't forget my love
the passion
The passion
The passion
Crazy bitch!
I'm sorry, but I
got a brother to feed.
Aren't you full of surprises?
I got him!
I sure do like that belt.
Bubba, you gotta carry him home!
Now this is a fine piece
of fashion, don't
you think, Bubba?
I think I could get
used to this one.
You know I love you.
I'm sorry I haven't
been myself, lately.
It's a...
A girl thing.
This blood's so sweet.
All right, I'm gonna go dance
around the yard in this, now.
Pines Motel, this is
Charlie, can I help you?
Uh, yeah, seems to
be checking out.
John Doe?
Hey, excuse me, hey.
Excuse me, sir,
checking out today?
- But, uh, you are.
- What?
No. Hey, what are you doing?
- Put me down!
- Hut!
- Put me down!
- Hut!
What are you doing?
Don't do this.
Get me out of here!
Rest easy, you little fuck.
get me out of here!
- Help!
- Oh, yeah!
- Shut up!
- You can't do this!
Charlie! Charlie!
Get the movie,
I'll be right back!
Hey, big fella.
I brought you a
little fresh meat.
There we go.
Hey, hey whoa, relax.
I come in peace, my name's
John, I'm a friend of Daisy's.
Good friend, actually.
Maybe she mentioned me?
Maybe not.
Big guy. Okay.
Hey, I think we're getting
off on the wrong foot, here.
You know, Daisy tells me
you're an amazing chef,
and I, uh...
If that's true, then that's
another thing we got in common,
because I love, gotta tell ya,
I love some baby back ribs.
And if that's true, in fact,
then I think you
know, maybe you could
teach me a culinary
thing, or two, you know?
Like, what I would
do with this big
motherfucking pan!
Hm, why not?
You fat fucker.
Oh, you guys,
you guys are little fuck
buddies, aren't you?
There we go.
Don't eat this.
Bubba, I'm telling you, man,
you gotta go on a fucking diet.
You would've eaten him!
Little fucker.
Rest easy, Charlie.
How you doing,
Detective Handsome?
It's Margo, right?
You remember!
Hey, did you hear
about the murder?
I did.
I didn't know her personally,
but she came in here
every once in awhile.
Seemed nice.
What's up with that
hairdo, though?
I know, right?
I heard she was stabbed
like a gazillion times.
Do you know who did it?
No, who?
Well, there was a...
You're fucking
with me, Detective.
I am, just a little bit.
- Is Walt working tonight?
- No.
Why, you think he did it?
What about Daisy?
They don't work on Sundays.
Walt always gives 'em
the same days off.
Because he has a crush on her.
Would you happen to
know where she lives?
- No one does, not even Walt.
- Hm.
She's real private
about that kinda thing.
I heard her daddy left
her a bunch of land
somewhere out in the
middle of nowhere.
Supposedly, she commutes
30 minutes each way.
So, no idea at all?
Do you think she did it?
Thanks, Margo, gotta go.
Daisy? Is that you?
Hey, Daisy, my name
is Detective Frye.
I need to speak with
you about John Doe.
What about him?
I think you may be in danger.
Oh, fuck.
I'm sorry about that.
But you shouldn't be
trespassing on private property!
Here's the deal.
Now this arrow's gone
and found its way
straight through your jugular.
You're gonna bleed out
and there's nothing
we can do about that,
you understand me?
Now, I don't know what you got
against our boy John, here,
but I can tell you he's
on my shit list, too.
But right now,
it's movie night.
So we're gonna have to deal
with you in the mornin'.
Surprise, surprise!
What the hell
are you doing here?
Uh, aren't you glad to see me?
How do you know where I live?
And who let you inside?
Where's my brother? Where's...
I gave him the night off.
That is
not funny, John.
Where the hell is Bubba?
Just relax, relax, okay?
I was just joking.
He's out back in the work shed.
I brought him a little person...
I brought him a little present.
Just calm down, all right?
I thought
this was more
appropriate than whiskey?
I'll take that.
All right.
Here we go.
Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm.
You know, I gotta say,
Bubba was a pretty
hard sell, at first.
He's very protective of you.
But, then when I told him
that you meant the world to me,
and I would never do
anything to hurt him, or you,
and one day we
could be brothers,
I guess you could say that's
when he spared my life.
Really. Really.
And I mean, besides,
look at me, right?
I mean, I'm no match for Bubba.
He's got me by like 500 pounds!
- That's true.
- Right?
But still...
Still what?
Come here, come here.
It's beautiful.
Here, have a seat, have a seat.
You know, Bubba
helped me so much.
I could not have done
this without him.
I mean, I've been slaving
over a hot stove all day,
Daisy Do.
And listen.
This is my way of apologizing.
I was a real jerk today,
and I'm sorry.
And mine.
All right.
Oh. Ladies first.
Like it?
You prefer it rare, right?
Oh, yeah.
Oh, you don't like it, do you?
Yes, I do.
No, it's all right.
You don't like it, I can tell.
- Here, I'll...
- I do, John.
It's just...
Guys never made
me dinner, before.
Usually I make them dinner.
This is a first for me.
You're the first, for me.
Same here.
And to think that you're
almost the girl that got away?
I don't think I coulda
lived with that.
I've never met anybody like you.
You know, I mean,
we're so much alike
it's downright scary.
What do you mean, "alike"?
individual peculiarities.
Our particular appetites.
What are you talking about?
You know, your little
fetish, running around,
chasing the guys
around the woods.
I'm curious, is it the hunt?
The kill?
Or eating them
afterwards that gets you?
You know, because for me...
For me it's...
It's not fucking every
woman that I'm with.
It's killing them afterwards.
Slow, painful-like.
You know, I like to see that
last moment of their life
just seep away from
their desecrated bodies.
But I digress.
I mean, that's me,
I like to kill.
But you like to eat
them afterwards.
And you know, I'm not
judging, I'm just saying.
But eat up, darlin',
there's lots more
where that came from.
Lots more.
I know this is a lot to digest.
You sick fuck!
I'm the sick fuck?
I'm the sick fuck?
The cannibal girl next door's
calling me a sick fuck?
I mean, you just ate
your own fucking brother!
I'm afraid so.
Yeah. Oh, Bubba, Bubba, Bubba.
And he did turn out
pretty damn tasty,
if I do say so, myself.
Let me hold your hair back.
Oh, get it out.
That's better.
That's better, honey.
You bastard!
All right, well save
your energy, honey,
'cause we're just
getting started.
Why are you doing this to me?
Because I thought
you were different.
I thought you were the one.
But it turns out that...
You're just like everyone else.
What are you talking about?
Who do you think you are,
desecrating a beautiful
gift from God, like that?
What do you mean?
You know what I'm talking about!
That god damn, fucking
tattoo on your other side.
I can't even fucking look at it.
It's driving me fucking crazy.
What were you thinking?
Please, John.
I'll do whatever you want.
I'll get the tattoo removed!
It's too late.
What's done is done.
And besides,
do you know what
tattoos lead to?
Tattoos lead to more tattoos.
And I can't allow that.
Don't kill me.
Oh, don't worry, Daisy Do.
I'm not gonna kill
ya any time soon.
After all, I'm a gentleman.
And god damn it, I
believe in foreplay.
When she's gone
I'll carry on
And if my heart longs
I'll still have this song
She's suffocating
Eyes dilating
Love and dating
Is so frustrating
She cries out
And she cries out
She cries out
This is a dark day
For Daisy
This is a dark day
For Daisy
This is a dark day
For Daisy
I loved you so much.
You're alive!
Bubba, look at me. Calm down.
Look, I got stabbed in the
back, for crying out loud.
I'm no match for John Doe.
I need you, Bubba.
But Daisy needs you more.
Bubba, you can do it.
Break those chains, come on!
Come on, break them.
Break those chains!
Find it in your
heart to forgive me.
What are you doing?
I absolve you.
Rip his head off!
Come on, get him!
Rip it off!
Rest easy, Mister Doe.
I always do.
Get me out of here!
Little fucker.
Hey, let me
out, you can't do this.
Oh, is it?
What are you doing?
My first choice.
Get me out of here!
Is it the wrong one?
- Somebody help me!
- Fuck!
Oh, hello.
You're supposed to say, "arrow"!
I'm sorry.
Get me out of here!
Somebody please help me!
Fucking someone
help me out, please.
I mean Jesus.
All right, so let's just
pretend that you're a...
300 pound hermaphrodite
with a small, little weird penis
and a vagina, too?
For crying out loud,
somebody get a damn locksmith?
'Cause on the same days off,
'cause he has a crush on her.
I fucked that up, didn't I?
It might' a been me fucking up.
- I think I fucked it up.
- I don't know.
Why don't we start over?
- Great.
- Sounds good.
I'm like so, over dead by now.
Boob, side boob! Ah!
I need you, Bubba.
Daisy needs you more.
Break those chains!
We just have one.
Oh, sorry.
Do this!
My lawyer's gonna
hear about this.