Apple of My Eye (2017) Movie Script

Bra, Bailey.
Hold the reins before the next.
So yes. Good job, Bails.
Are you okay?
I feel good. Rein broke.
I know. I saw it.
There was nothing you could do.
Are you sure you feel good?
Rise and shine.
I'll take care of him. -No it is OK. I do it.
Are you sure?
-Bailey? I'm fine, really.
I lost my breath only, but I feel good.
-It smells good. -
Is there anything wrong horse smell?
No, but it does not match with the chicken.
How are you darling?
-Good. And you? -Good.
-How Was solved that thing with Keating? -Oh my God.
I'm counting down the days until he moved to headquarters.
Are you taking over his place then?
I think I have a good chance.
I have to work more hours, but it will be good for us.
And then you can hire dad?
I do not know if it's a good idea. It is probably a human disaster.
One can not fraternize with the bosses.
I have good news. I have a private interview.
Really? How nice. Why did not you say something?
I just did it.
I do not want to take the victory in advance,
but if it dissolves, it will all be fine.
As soon as we sell the house, everything will feel much better.
How are you Bails? Ari called and said you fell off.
What? She did not ...
You said nothing about it. How is it?
It was nothing.
It was nothing important. I mean ... Okay.
Wait. I want to ask grace.
-On The right, Mom? Yes, for real.
Today is a great day,
and I feel grateful and I want to do this.
-It sounds good. -Are you ready?
Come on. So yes.
It's nothing.
-Come in. -Do You have a minute?
Ari said you broke up sharply today. I just want to make you feel good.
Yes, Mom, everything is fine.
-Are you sure? -Yes.
As if you have not fallen off a horse before.
You're right about that.
I fell off many times.
I used to have a real horror horse.
I spent more time trying to fall off than to ride it.
I did.
It took several years to get a handle on it but once it happened,
he was the best jumper I had.
Maybe it's from there you get it.
Lacks you? -Sometimes.
I will miss seeing you ride.
Would not it have been nice if we could go to the stables?
Yes, but I understand.
You have your hands full right now. It is quiet.
I know. I just want to...
I want so much for you, Bails.
-Mother. -You have no idea.
Sometimes the little things me emotional.
The wind changes direction makes you emotional.
If all goes as planned, I will cheer you on at the national competition.
-Do you promise? -I promise.
You should continue with your homework,
and that I ought to.
-Good night mom. -I love you.
Good morning, sweetheart.
Saw the kitchen counter a little thirsty?
Here you are. Is everything okay?
Sorry, it was not supposed to screw down.
Are you almost ready?
I changed a bit on the track this morning.
If you want to win a rosette, you must be prepared for everything.
-Are you okay? Yeah, I'm just not on top today.
It happened yesterday does not matter.
You just have to back into the saddle.
It's not that. I've had a headache all day.
It does not sound good. Do you need medicine?
No, I really want to ride. Especially given yesterday.
Maybe we should take a break today.
You can take a day off. I worry about you.
You hit on tight.
I can not. Do not worry, I'm fine.
I know how important this competition is for you, but you're prepared.
Yesterday was a one-time event.
But I do not want that happening at the competition.
But there is nothing you can control. There are too many factors.
I know. I just want to do everything in my power to be on top.
You are on top. I would not say it if I did not believe it.
Why we ride not only a turn?
Give me a second. I prepare the peanut.
Take a break. It's time for ice cream.
-Is There anything you want to tell? -What do you mean?
You just gave me a bullet?
I promise, I would not do so.
And you gave me no sprinkles!
Hey, sorry I'm late, again.
Just in time for dessert.
Can I get a ball? -Absolutely.
I have lot of homework so we'll see later.
Okay. Goodnight darling.
-Good night. She was in a hurry.
I wonder why that is.
Something is not right.
You think?
Yes, did you notice anything strange?
That's on top of your ice cream, what is it?
- -Right.
She did not see it.
Do you think she did not see the bedding ripped?
She looked straight at it, but could not see it.
Maybe she joked.
We should go to the doctor.
Have you noticed anything different? Blurred vision or spots?
No, not really. I feel good.
But you hit your head?
Yes, but I have fallen off hundreds of times. You get used to it.
We take a proper look and assures us that everything is fine.
Can you read the fourth line?
It's too dark. Can you turn up the lights?
Let me look a little closer here.
If we would take and check on the charts?
Can you talk about what number you see in the circle?
Let's talk outside for a while.
Wait here a little, okay?
I am a bit concerned.
I think she may have indirect trauma to the optic nerve
based on her asymmetrical light reflectors.
What does that mean?
Will she need surgery or?
This is too fast.
She needs imaged as soon as possible
to exclude surgery.
What do ... Sorry, but I do not really understand.
Is it permanent or temporary?
There's not much we can do to improve the outcome.
Sometimes patients partially or completely restored.
But usually worsens the condition gradually.
Are you saying that she can become blind? Permanent blind?
I'm sorry, Mrs. Andrews, but I do not know.
There is a great risk that she loses sight and will not get it back.
Oh my God.
I just can not ...
I can not imagine that she will not be able to drive a car.
Or see her boyfriend,
or go to the movies with her friends.
She can not lose everything.
She is young, she is only ...
-I Know, but ... She's not even 16!
I understand, but we need to be strong for her.
She will cope if we are strong. Do you understand?
She'll be so lonely.
-No. -Yes.
It will probably not even be so bad. And if it gets it, so can handle herself.
To become blind does not mean
you can not make friends.
Blindness is not an obstacle.
No, blindness will prevent many things, Jason.
She will need us more now than ever,
and I will not be here because I work so much.
Honey, I know. I'm sorry.
No, but it's sad. She is so miserable right now.
Yes, it's new. It is new for all of us.
But she is a child, and she will cope.
She adapts and I do not want to brag, but she has us.
She has you, so she will be fine.
I guess it feels as if she needs anything.
We can not just sit back and let it happen.
We have to do something. -No I know. You are right.
We'll think of something. You're family genius.
You'll think of something, okay?
I can not believe we did not think of it. -On what?
-I Can not believe you did not think of it. Yes, it can.
A guide dog.
If she becomes entitled to the dog free.
You know what, we have no choice.
For it makes it easier to deal with the news that she can not ride more.
What? My God, you're right. I had not thought of.
Ari knows about this?
No, I have not talked to Ari. I wanted to talk to Bailey first.
About what?
Hello, Bails. Come and sit.
Let me help you. -It is quiet.
I have to learn sometime. -Yes.
What is the verdict?
We hope it is temporary. -Yes.
But we think it would be best if you ended up riding.
Wait, what do you mean?
It's tough right now,
with all that you go through and you have to adapt.
Dad, I'm not going to stop riding.
Just listen to us.
It's not fair.
I know it's not fair.
Me and your mother are trying as best we can.
We want you to be happy.
So we thought, how about a dog?
-A dog? Yes, a guide dog.
I do not want a dog. I want to ride!
I know ... Honey, are you all right?
Are you okay?
-Mar You fine, honey? -Sorry.
It's my fault, all my fault.
-Sorry. No, do not say so.
I do not want to hear you say that again.
This just happens. It was an accident.
Things happen, okay?
The weather and.
Get some rest, sweetheart.
It has become much worse,
in just a few days.
-I notice it. Yeah, well ...
Dr. Grant said it could go fast.
I'm afraid.
I know, honey.
I know.
Soak it. Nature, the last frontier. Right, honey?
How good is this?
-Now ... -Not So bad.
Well, I have ...
I have one thing that will change your life.
Get out on the road again. Do you know how? With this.
Do you know what it is? It is a stick.
I bought it online. Pretty cool.
Look at it. Good, is not it?
The best that could be bought with money, or too little money.
It is yours. I'll teach you to use it.
Pretty cheeky, right? Hold on here.
I'll help you up.
Ta it on a testrunda.
Come here. Beware ...
It is an obstacle, which is why I bought it.
It will avoid them in future.
What it does is to let you know what to expect.
It's all about rhythm.
I want you to begin to swing back and forth
while you go ahead and you should keep it above ground.
It's like a clock. Tick tock. So yes, you got it.
You should go to the left when you swipe to the right.
So swipe left, go left.
Swipe left, go right. You got it already.
Yeah, I think I get it. -Yes you do.
Sydstras guide dogs
Synnedsatt receptionist. Announce your arrival.
Hi, I was wondering if you happen to know where I can find Charlie?
Yes, he should be here somewhere. Are you new to the Sydstras?
Yes, Bailey here it is.
Hello, Bailey. Nice to meet you. My name is Kai.
This is my dog Daisy.
I'll go and find him.
Do you wear glasses? No, you have not.
How can you know that?
Most of us see little.
Let me just ... Here.
They are old, but they are great if you are outdoors.
It gets a little disgusting with all dust and insects flying around.
-I will be back. -Thanks.
She's so young.
Yes, but it's good, right? Maybe you can be a friend.
-Hello. You must be Charlie. -That's right.
Jason. You talked to my wife on the phone.
This must be Bailey. Hello, Bailey.
Not much of a handshake.
-Handen Is stretched forward. -So Yeah.
Nice to meet you.
Honey, I'll get you later, okay?
I do not want to stay here ... -It will not.
You may be able to resist my charm, but no one can resist puppy DEVICES.
I'm not ready for it.
You can well meet them first
and see if you like any of them?
I assume that puppies are not for everyone.
I'm more of a horseman. -So?
I worked on a large horse farm for several years before I came here.
I used to train with the Olympic team.
-What happened? -Life.
I had to take care of my mother. She lost her sight.
Was it an accident? -No. Nothing so glamorous.
When some get older is something called glaucoma.
- -More or less.
I wanted her to be someone she could rely on
when I was not there, so I got a dog.
I saw the difference it made in her life.
Keith G Hirst
Who leads who?
I said I wanted a challenge.
You got one.
Lamb there?
Scare her, okay?
Bailey, this is Sebastian. Sebastian Bailey.
You can call me Thor.
Is that what people call you?
No, but that's what you can call me.
It was worth a try.
Are you...
Am I what?
-Blind? -Blind? No.
I just like to wear sunglasses indoors, you know, like a rock star.
-I am blind.
Overall, in fact.
She is really new.
The total is someone who is totally blind in both eyes.
Most are not.
Sebastian and his sister has helped us to learn
how to train dogs for younger people.
Have you met Kai?
A welcome committee.
Wait. Was it your sister?
-So You both ... It's complicated.
My ride's here, Charlie, so I stand now.
Do you bring Rocco? To train him a bit?
Is that how it works? -Yes.
Usually parents seeing the dogs until they are ready for training,
Rocco but this is a bit wild so we need to work a little extra to him.
P tu man hand.
But it is not tonight. Mammas guy comes over, so ...
-Okay. -Bailey.
It was nice to meet you, and we will probably not be seen again.
Come on, Rocco.
He's just happy to meet someone new who have not heard all his jokes.
Can not he have a dog?
No, Sebastian's home situation, how he expressed it, complicated.
To come here and work with the dogs, it's therapy for him.
Makes him feel that he has a purpose, even if he is not allowed to bring one home.
The good news is that she has brain damage,
or orbital fracture requiring surgery,
but we have to draw up an action plan for her deteriorating eyesight.
Will I be able to ride again?
Unfortunately, as it is now would not it be great if you rode.
It would only exacerbate the problem and cause worse damage.
The school then?
There are options we can discuss.
Most public schools have programs for children with special needs.
And Florida's Department for the Blind
can also help teach parents how difficult the transition can be made easier.
It is enough.
His. Let's go.
Download your leash.
You're a natural.
I would like to see you do better.
Hey, Princess.
Are you ready to face any new dogs?
Now we go and shop.
See if you click with someone.
The first rule is to spend time with blind, you have to verbalize.
Charlie is not blind, you are, and I did not answer you.
Are you ready to meet some other dogs?
Only Hane
Does it matter if it is a female or a male?
No, okay.
Personality then? What are your preferences?
I know that maybe when I see it.
Remember that they are just puppies.
They still have to train a lot.
Buddy, hey!
He likes you.
Down, mate, down.
Now we start with the basic commands.
Are you right or left handed?
-Right. -Perfect.
Then lift your right hand like this.
And move it outward to get him to move forward.
Should I say something?
It can, but he is trained to obey hand signals.
This is Indigo. She is one of our best and kindest.
Would you introduce yourself?
We can test. My name is Bailey. It's nice to meet you.
I will not let you go from here
with someone who does not suit you.
We will keep looking until we find one you really like.
In order to catch his attention, tapping the side of the leg.
With little effort, so that he hears.
Just like that.
What do you think?
She's nice, I guess.
You are not the most enthusiastic person I trained.
Pointing forward.
Sorry. I guess it was fate.
I will not give up.
Seriously, you do not owe me anything.
No I am not. But you owe it to yourself to try.
And if it means I have to work harder, then I do it.
It's not important. I'll figure it out on their own.
Do you know what the biggest advantage
of a guide dog is?
- -No.
Improved mobility and independence.
Think of how slowly you have to move now,
when you are constantly afraid to miss a step
or hit in the foot in something.
Imagine living your whole life that way.
For that is how it will be.
It is extremely challenging, but it happens.
You have to accept it and move on.
But the positive is that I'm here.
I am here for you and I will make sure that you get the followers you need.
We looked at about a hundred dogs today.
We saw nine, not hundreds.
You know what? I have an idea.
You are not ready for a guide dog than,
but came back the next week. Then I think I will have the perfect one for you.
Okay, but then it's over. You have to stand on my side.
I will.
I stretch out my hand.
We are already making progress.
I do not know. It feels the same for me.
It is okay. You have just got it wrong.
Feel here. The fourth point is empty, there is an "H".
The third point is empty, it is a "J".
-So It says "haha" not "oh well". -Okay.
Look, sweetie, what I have for you.
-What? It's a brailleskrivare.
Cool, right?
I do not think you can plug it in.
Not directly, but it is retro.
I thought it might help you learn braille.
I've been looking everywhere for one.
Do you use one?
I can see, so ...
No, with your clients and ...
I guess I do not have so many clients.
-Most Not learn braille. -Most Are not blind.
There are many who have a visual impairment.
Nearly 300 million around the world.
But most do not learn braille.
-Really? -Yes.
Wait. The toilets then?
You know, toilets, signs. They have braille. Why?
Have you ever seen someone walk up to the signs?
No but...
Most just ask the first time they go to a new place
and then they remember which side.
Yes, it seems logical.
It seems that you can do well for themselves.
I put this in the garage,
and one day it will probably be worth several million.
I have learned a lesson.
-The Fourth point is empty. -There Is an H.
What happened, honey?
You lie on the floor.
I wanted to go to the bathroom ...
-Here On the floor? -Mother.
What disgusting. I'm kidding.
You spilled a little water. We dry it up with your jeans.
I do not want help. I want everything to be normal again.
It's not fair.
I know, darling, but we can not go back.
It will not happen.
You just have to handle it.
What did I do to deserve this?
What did I do?
I do not know. Things just happen.
But you're a strong girl. We will get through this.
Okay, sweetie? I love you.
You did nothing. It was an accident. It just happened.
You still need to go to the bathroom?
Would you do this?
-No. -Are you sure?
Okay, come on.
Here are your clothes, from dark to bright.
It makes it easier to match.
-Thank you mom. -It was nothing.
-I love you. -I love you.
How is it going for you?
It could be better.
Do you want to talk about it?
I just...
It feels like I can not do it.
I just...
It feels like I can not do anything anymore.
I spent all my life to grow up, to try to become an adult,
and now I'm back to square one.
It is part of the process.
I went through the same thing. Everyone does.
I can not even go to the bathroom by yourself.
We all begin at a certain point,
and finally we get used to using our other senses.
I guess my spider senses have not kicked in again yet.
A joke. She pulled a joke.
I knew I could break you in the end.
It was my merit, thanks so much.
My hand is stretched out. Let's go and shop.
-Let's go. -Okay.
I have never heard anyone say so.
Where are we going?
I have worked on a project for you.
And I must ask you to keep a low profile
because I do not want the others to be jealous.
You will need these.
I do not think they will help my sight now.
Maybe they do.
Bailey, health at Apple.
Apple, the health of Bailey.
Is that a horse?
She is so small.
A little rough,
but that we will fix. She learns commands quickly.
Have you taught her leadership commands?
Yes, she's smart.
She will be a good companion to you.
-Me? Is she to me? -Yes.
You said you were more of a horse person than a dog person.
-My Parents will not allow a horse. She's a pony.
My parents will not let me have a pony.
-Well ... Where I would want her?
Where you would have had the dog.
Inside the house?
She would not do any good if she was there when you were inside.
I appreciate the gesture, but ...
She is really cute, but ...
Maybe I can train with her here
but it does not think in the long run.
My parents will not let me have her, so I do not draw me.
I think she is already attached to you.
There ...
Look at her.
- I then say it.
- -Type.
You know,
she must really like you usually she's pissed.
I think she likes me.
I have a gift for you.
SYDSTRAS guide dogs
You must not keep both. Take one if you want.
I like both. She's not a real leader.
Like both?
Bye, sweetheart. Bye, Apple.
Hey, Sebastian.
Rocco, sit.
Rocco, sit.
How is the training?
Better than yours, apparently.
May I?
It is okay.
That's not a dog.
Very astute.
That was not nice.
If you could see how pretty she is, would not you be just as disgusted.
So you blame me? Is it my fault that I'm blind?
In mostly, yes.
-What is it? It's a she.
And she's a horse.
You are sweet.
Have never heard of a lead pony.
She's not a real leader. She's a companion.
I wish you could see her now.
We can take a picture.
It does not feel right. We go over there.
Why are you taking a picture?
I like to shoot.
You can not see it.
But it does not stop me from liking things.
Little face. The face in the middle.
"Ta form" -knapp.
-Let me see. -I Sending it.
It does me no good.
What do you mean? Of course it does.
Do you get my number?
No, send it.
Describe it to me.
As far as I can see, it looks good.
It is a poor description.
What do you want me to say?
Not that.
How would you like someone described it to you if you could not see?
So that you can form a single image.
Is that how you think when you take pictures?
No, I think with the other senses.
I think of how it smells, how I feel, what I think of.
I guess it makes sense.
And then I write it down in Braille.
Can you Braille?
Yes I can.
Yes, bustle may Braille.
It is a dying art, but what can I say? I'm a little hipster.
I saw a photographer who has done something similar
and I liked the idea of creating images that vision can see
but still requires a blind man to understand the whole picture.
It's really cool.
Thinking not of composition, light or stuff like that?
No. Most photographers let their views get in the way.
It does not happen when you can not see.
You irks Apple with your art talk.
I must ask the miniature knight apologized.
She did not accept your apology, but I'm sure that she changes her mind.
They always do.
Just so you know, I roll their eyes now.
"Y", s ...
You have handled yourself well today. -Thanks.
I'm starting to understand it now. It's not that bad.
How is it that you changed your mind?
Last time I was here, I thought you'd give up.
I do not know. I guess it's cool.
Why did you learn it if nobody uses it?
When I was in ninth grade did I know that I have RP.
Retinitis pigmentosa.
I do not know when, but eventually I will not be able to see.
Can they decide it in advance? -Yes.
I do not know what's worse,
it happened suddenly that for me,
or to have it hanging over him,
and know that it will happen, just not when.
Yeah, come in. -Hi.
Hi. I have to go, but keep them and continue to practice.
Okay, see you in a few days. -Okay.
-Bye. -Bye.
How is it, honey?
Better. Much better.
-So? It was good to hear. -Yes.
And what about Charlie? Has he matched up with a dog yet?
What does "type"?
As you know, I can not get a guide dog yet.
I thought they said they would make an exception.
Charlie thinks it is a great responsibility for me to take me now.
He thinks I should wait to be matched with their own guide dog
and I agree.
Okay sure.
Do you have fun there?
Yes, everyone is very nice.
I spoke with Ari today.
Where she was angry that I did not call? -No not at all.
She said that if you wanted to come to the stables at the weekend
so you can be with the horses.
For real? It would have been amazing. I would love to.
Okay, I have to take this, but go nowhere.
I'll come back and we'll book a date with her.
Suddenly, she's a different kid.
I guess she adapts.
I did not think it would go so fast only.
No, me neither. Maybe it's Charlie and the dogs?
Do you really think it's a good idea to bring her to the stables?
She has made so much progress.
I see nothing wrong with it.
She was very peppery when I mentioned it.
Certainly. I worry just because she'll start missing something again.
Jason, she will always miss her horses.
But to keep her away from them will not make it easier
and she will dismiss us for it.
Yes you are right.
Sebastian car
Come on, girl.
Stop being such a small pig.
-Take a picture.
Your hearing is better.
Maybe it is you who are clumsier. -Tvivlar On it.
Hey, Apple. I texted you yesterday.
I can not read text anymore.
-Have You not voice reading? -What is it?
-Come here. Give me your phone. -No.
I can not pry into it without you noticing.
-Okay. I will help you, come here.
Sorry, Apple.
You dropped my phone. -Sorry.
You have the latest model.
It has a selfiekamera with five megapixels. The focus will be unbelievable.
That was exactly why I bought it. Four mega-something was not enough.
Pixels, it's not brain physics.
Check this out.
Please turn on voice speaking.
-Okay. Now then? -Now Read it all up for you.
This is not a death sentence.
I know. I'm just trying to get used to everything.
I get it. It will be easier, just use ...
Hello, Bailey. Are you ready to go?
I must go.
Come here, girl. See you later.
Probably not.
I rolls his eyes again. Come on, Apple.
-Apple. -Hey sweetie. Let's go.
Dad, wait. Apple! -Okay.
Apple, no.
Come on, we're going to be late.
This is not happening.
Put some dandy! What are you doing?
The front seat, you know.
Yeah, sorry, dad. -Come on.
Okay, good. Ready?
-Yes. Okay, strap on. Then we'll go.
-How did it go today? -Good.
Good to hear.
Honey, I do not know about me and your mom says it enough
but we are very proud of you.
It's not easy to go through what you do and continue to smile.
So clearly, there is a horse. Why is there a horse in my car?
She is my companion.
And she does not follow us home.
It was your idea to give me a guide dog.
Technically, it was your mother, and she said guide dog does not lead horse.
What is the difference?
Try to keep up, one is a dog and the other a horse.
I do not see the problem.
Do not start with me, miss. I can not today.
You missed my blind joke.
No. It is no laughing matter.
Your mom will not like this is okay, understand?
I am home. Oh my God!
What did I say.
I just want you to know,
this was Bail idea.
-Nothing ... Why is there a horse in the house?
-I do not know. It's a miniature horse.
Why watch a mini horse on tv at home with us?
We'll talk about it. She called Apple and my companions.
For real? Is there? Can you have a lead horse?
Yes! Or not really. But Charlie has trained her for me.
So? It is fantastic.
Wait. Caroline, are you okay with this?
I guess it is, she's cute.
We will have a horse at home. You're okay with that?
-Are not you? -Nice to meet you.
I have never heard of a horse in a house, but ...
-Just. -Charlie Has trained her, so ...
Hey, Apple. Should you be my new daughter?
Having a horse in the house?
Caroline, we should probably talk in the kitchen for a while.
Why? What do you want to talk about?
Do not you want to have a horse at home?
I'm not saying I do not want the horse.
-Look at you. Hey, Apple. I voted for her to stay.
I am also voting for it.
Two against one. Then it was decided.
-Good. -Apple, Welcome to the family.
I guess she stops.
I love you already.
Do you have an evening routine?
But this stuff is expensive.
I almost got it.
I know they're here somewhere.
Found them. Come here, Apple!
Good choice. You can not walk around naked.
Are not you two just wearing?
She copied me. And patterns hide stains better.
What we get for breakfast? -Blir Good with porridge?
I do not know. What do you say about the bush, Apple?
-It sounds good. -Okay. Porridge.
To you and the horse.
Here you are.
And you can eat your here.
-Dad! -What?
She's not a dog. You said she was like a dog.
It was when I persuaded you to let me keep her.
I understand what you're doing. I put it on the table.
Good girl, Apple.
She eats a lot.
Do not listen to him. You are perfect.
Is this normal?
Eat like a horse.
She eats enough for two horses.
She grows.
Yes, on the banks.
Mom, what's wrong with her?
Just because I do not see does not mean that I do not hear.
-Can I pat the pony? -Me too?
She is currently working.
Nevermind. Clearly you can pet her.
Cute. How old is she?
She is three. She's adorable.
Hello, Bails. How is it?
Sorry I did not call. It's been a bit much.
You do not have to apologize. I understand.
Who's your little friend?
-This Is Apple. Hey, Apple.
She's not a jumper, but I got in anyway a horse.
Yes, she has a very important job.
And she can certainly learn to jump. -So?
Yes. Not high jumps or so,
but if she can learn the commands, she can learn to jump.
Over types of logs?
Yes, in mostly.
Which horse is this?
The Cole. Your favorite.
Do you think I can sit on him again?
Bailey, I do not think it's a good idea.
Only once. Please?
It's different, to be up here without being able to see.
It's as if I see other things.
What do you mean?
I see the other senses.
As with Sebastian and his photos.
Imagine that I thought it was okay that others saw me ride past.
But now it feels as if everyone staring at me.
I guess the difference is that now when people look
it is because they feel sorry for me.
Time to sit by, Bails.
Are you going to tell me what is wrong?
Maybe I'll start with what is right, there is a shorter list.
It can not be that bad.
It just would not be like this.
In a week, I would have gone to the national competition,
and I can not even sit on a horse, let alone jump.
Did you have to sell your horse?
No. We rented one of the stables.
Cole, but he was not my real.
Now you have your own horse.
That's good. It's a step up.
Okay, not literally of course. But...
Yes, Apple is great, but ...
And you have parents who support you.
Yes, but ... That's more than most have.
I understand that, but it's still the bottom.
You got at least look 15 years.
Yes, but it makes it harder. You do not know what you're missing.
You think not that I miss to see? -I guess so.
If you really think I have it easier
then you are not as smart as I thought.
Think about it.
When someone says "horse", you know at least how it looks.
I have no idea. I need to find it.
And I have most probably completely wrong.
When someone says: "The sunset is beautiful"
then you know what a sunset looks.
I will never know.
And it's not easy.
-Are you mad at me? -Yes.
Yes it's me. I would kill to be in your shoes.
To have experienced vision for 15 years.
To have a family that cares about what I'm going through.
To them I'm just a burden.
Do not even take home a guide dog,
because my mother is stressed out by having a dog at home.
I have come here for that.
I do not carry that weight on my shoulders.
I handle it.
So which one do when things happen.
Grow up, Bailey.
Come on, Rocco. Hold on, Sebastian. Sorry.
I did not think of that. I did not know that.
-Rocco, Come here. -What is this?
Sebastian, what is it?
Margaret & Isaac Barpol
Can you call my parents? The battery died and I need to go home.
Yes. Is everything okay?
Can I ask something?
I'm guessing it's about Seb?
He's tough, Bailey.
I do not know him so well.
We did not grow up together. There is probably no one who knows him well.
-What do you mean? He is not open to other.
I mean...
The humor. I think it's a defense mechanism.
No, I mean that if you did not grow up together.
He has not talked to you about it?
I'll take your silence as a no.
Yes, this is exactly what I meant. He says nothing for others.
He and Mom left when we were little, before I lost my sight,
and I moved in with my dad.
We first began to know each other
a couple of years ago when they moved back.
Now I understand better.
It affected our relationship strong,
because he believes that I am the lucky.
He has been through a lot.
Yes, he has.
He is stubborn, so he does not let go.
It is good.
Hi, it's me. I'm going to bed
but I called to say I'm sorry about what happened today.
I was fussy.
I actually learned what it means today.
This means that you are unnecessarily sensitive or irritated about something unimportant.
And that was what I was, I was fussy. Really fussy.
It is not what I am. I'm not a fussy person.
You have shown that this need not be a life sentence.
Technically, it is there,
but it does not mean that I can not fully enjoy life.
You are an inspiration.
It sounds like a clich, but it's true.
And since I have svamlat on about this,
and you probably have not listened,
I just want to say that I really need you in my life.
Weather, and.
Good night.
How much did you hear? -Almost everything.
What happened?
It's a long story.
Longer than the voice message?
Probably not.
Who was it?
Excuse me what did you say?
Who is Sebastian?
He's a guy.
He's a guy. Yeah, Mom, a guy.
Okay, we can talk about guys. And?
I met him on Sydstras guide dogs.
And he is amazing,
but I think I messed up everything.
Which does not come as a surprise, because I've fucked everything lately.
Bails, you're too hard on yourself.
I'm sure he forgives you.
Your friends then? Have you thought about contacting them?
Yes I will.
It's just that when I go somewhere or do something
it feels as if everyone staring at me.
And if I mess up, we see everyone and it's scary.
I understand. It is certainly scary.
It will take some time.
And fortunately, you have the little monster to keep you in a good mood.
Yes, I do not know what I would do without her.
-You Would be a nuisance. -Mother!
I'm kidding.
A little.
You want to know something cool? -Yes what?
I still dream in color.
That's nice, right? -It is so cool.
What should we dream about last night?
- -
Rainbows and ...
Let us dream of Sebastian.
He is cute.
-What on earth? -This Is Apple. My companions.
There was indeed something new.
How is it going? Have you noticed anything different?
Reduced vision or defects in the visual field?
Sometimes I wake up and everything is blurred,
so that it is almost black and white.
I can no longer decide what color things are.
Everything looks the same.
There are common symptoms. Would you say it gets worse?
How much can you see now?
Not so much.
Can you see how many fingers I hold up?
All? Five, I mean.
What can we do, doctor?
There are not many options left.
Some doctors have tried to deal with strong corticosteroids,
which are synthetic drugs that are used for a variety of ailments,
but with mixed results.
And it is not a proven treatment.
We can try, right? Is it a good idea?
Do you think it's worth it?
Personally I do not think it's worth the side effects,
but I'm willing to do what you want.
Bailey, what do you think?
-I do not care. -Gumman, This is important.
Honestly, I do as you wish.
Come again.
What are you doing?
You scared me!
You should not do that. You could have hurt you.
You can not be mad at me when I'm mad at you.
Are you still upset? -No.
I can not ask you to accept your problems
and then refuse to accept my own problems.
I should not have mentioned it.
Unless this catastrophic accident had taken over your life.
Was that all?
I was about to drive all the "to be or not to be".
You have read Hamlet?
I take verbal responses for 1000 dollars, thank you.
No I have not.
You should.
It's not the same to listen to when an actor speaks on tape.
People at that time had no lsexemplar.
They used to watch or listen.
And do not start with "Buhu, I can not see" thing.
Okay, I'll listen to it.
You better hope you do. Seriously.
-I will. We compromise on it.
I do not know where your thumb is.
-Just In front of you. Probably. -Okay.
Where are you?
Where is your nose. I'm completely gone, where is your face.
Do you see what I mean?
You do not need to see to be able to read people.
You can not just go ahead and take the people on the face.
Now you're back in naysayers.
Okay but...
-Sebastian? -Yes?
What was it in your photo?
I'll tell you sometime.
Will not you tell me?
-It's not fair. -Life is not fair.
And you should focus more on training your little beast.
You are so lazy.
Come on. Report.
She did it.
Good girl, Apple.
She always wanted a sister.
They are so cute together. -Yes.
-I love it. Who could have imagined?
Who knew? I love you too.
I will shortly.
Hello, Sara Beth.
Hello, Mrs. Andrews. Is Bailey at home?
I do not think it fits so well right now.
Hello, Sara Beth.
I did not know what happened to you!
Then I saw the "for sale" sign and thought ...
I do not know, you would move without saying goodbye.
Come on, let's sit down.
I have one thing to tell.
Oh my God.
Do you have cancer?
Everyone says it's cancer, but I ...
No, no, I do not have cancer.
I looked at Sooner or later I explode
and I thought of you.
I do not have cancer.
Is that a horse?
Why do you have a horse in the house?
This is Apple, she is my companion.
I'm becoming blind.
Technically, I already blind, according to the law.
So you can not see me now?
Not really. Just the silhouette.
It's more like a shadow, but with very few details.
Why did not you?
I do not know. I was scared.
I knew you would start treating me differently
and it's not quite the same to go shopping.
We must not go shopping. We can go to the movies or ...
You are my best friend.
Nothing will change that,
except if you continue to ignore my sms.
Do you get my text?
Yes, I have an app that reads them.
Can we change to a brazen voice?
I do not know. I have not tested. Probably.
- Tell me.
- I'll tell you when it's time.
- I ask my teacher.
- No, you do not.
- I'm doing it.
- I'm doing it.
I will learn braille to end.
And then I will have already told you.
You got to at least see the picture first.
True, even if it were blurred.
We embody the saying about the blind leading the blind.
Who is the leader?
I, obviously.
- No, it's not you.
What? I'm clearly the leader.
Okay, but I do not follow after.
Okay, I have to go to bed.
My teacher will come tomorrow,
and I have to get her to learn faster.
Okay. Good night.
Good night.
You're a tired little pony, right?
Good night.
Apple! Are you okay?
-Bailey, Where are you? Where are you, honey?
My God, Bailey, are you all right?
-Are you okay? -What is this?
My God, you're bleeding!
No, are you okay? -
No, it's not my blood, it is Apple! You sure?
It's not my blood, it is Apple! -Calm down.
I can not calm myself. I do not know what's happening.
-Apple! I have her.
Stay here.
Jump in.
Okay, come on.
-Do You want me to call? -No.
Something is wrong with Apple. Can you meet us at the vet?
Jump in. So yes.
Please, please, was okay.
I need you.
Add her here.
Do you know if she has eaten something unusual?
Has she been under the sink or in the laundry or so?
I saw nothing.
Was she in the house?
Yes, Apple is my daughter's companion.
She stays inside. It's a long story.
Can you save her?
We must first find out what the problem is.
What is happening? Why is she so down there?
I'm more used to working with dogs.
So you do not know?
Bailey, together we can solve this.
It sounds like she was having contractions.
Could she be pregnant?
That explains why she was so lazy and hungry.
She is about to foal.
We missed that she was pregnant.
-I know. What should we do with the colt?
I can take her.
Or you can train her to become companions to someone else.
No, I do not think we should separate them.
We can barely take care of one of them.
We have not tried, right? No!
Okay okay.
Bails, I think it's time for your lesson.
But when Apple is feeling better, so I think I want to go back to school.
Okay, if that's what you want. I think it is a good idea.
But just when Apple is back on his feet and foal are doing well.
Speaking foal, what should we call her?
What does she look like?
She is spotted, as her mother.
What say that finishing touch?
-Dad. -
-Point. -Point?
-Not that? He's too cool for us.
I'll think of something. -Okay. You'll think of something.
What about Picasso? For she is a paint, sharks you?
For it is her race, sharks you? Not?
Voicemail from Sebastian.
Hello, Bails, what's up?
In case you have not figured it out yet,
this is what is in the picture:
"She opened my eyes to the feelings
I had not previously known
"And my heart to the image of the light."
I think I'll call her light, and I intend to train her for my friend.
-Light. It's a good name. -It is good.
You have a lot of work ahead of you
if you are going to teach her to be a companion.
Fortunately, I learned from the best.
Four months later
Are you ready for this?
Let's go.
Look at the camera.
I can still hear you talking.
All right, quiet, everybody.
Just take the picture, Seb.
One two Three.
Come on, Apple, up. -Okay.
One, two, three, four, thirteen.
-Take Image. -Take Image.
This will be fine.
Merry Christmas! Wish family Andrews