Apple of My Eyes (2021) Movie Script

can I go to Farida's birthday party?
Dad, I want to go
to Farida's birthday party.
Okay, how about this?
I'm going to Farida's birthday party, Dad.
It's my decision!
I'm a grown-up and I can do what I want!
Forget about the birthday party.
But I don't want to travel.
I want to go to the birthday party.
If it was up to me,
I would've let you.
But I don't any trouble with your mother.
Come on, kids! Breakfast is ready!
Don't mention the party
to your grandma Aabla, at all.
Hurry up and get dressed, okay?
Good morning, darlings.
Breakfast is ready.
Good morning, Mom.
Good morning, dear.
What is this, girl?
It's Mr. Hassan's lunch box, Mrs. Dina...
wash the dishes in the sink.
Come on
Tell me, Sonson.
What do you want me
to pack for your lunch?
Mufattaqa or eggs with date paste?
Obviously not mufattaqa, Mom.
It's too heavy for Hassan's stomach.
Don't forget to take some basbousa
to eat during break time.
Don't let anyone else have it.
Look at me, Hassan!
What's wrong, dear?
I want to go
to Farida's birthday party, but
dad wants to me
to go to grandma Nagwa's place.
I get it.
You'll spend the night of course.
And tomorrow, the day after,
and the weekend too.
The request is huge this time.
Sorry, Mom, Dina is sick
and she wants to see him.
Do I get to see him enough?
He's right in front of you, Mom.
The school bus is here.
Let the driver wait a little,
or maybe pick the
other kids up and come back.
Hassan would be late for school.
Do you want to send him to her,
let him stay there tomorrow,
the day after, and all through weekend,
and only bring him back
to me for weekdays?
What? Do they want to hog him?
- Mom.
- What?
Let her listen and maybe snitch too.
- I don't do that! It's not right!
- Zip it, narc!
Why else would they send you with him?
Marwa, take Hassan.
- Take Hassan to the bus.
- Bye, Grandma.
Come on.
Why do you care about her so much?
You used to be scared
of her when you were married.
Why are you scared
now that she dumped you?
You're talking
about a woman I divorced.
I divorced her.
- What more do you want?
- What does that have to do with me?
Was I the one who divorced her?
Don't forget to put your jacket on,
and clip your nails!
- Come on, Hassan.
- Okay.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What are you playing?
I'm not playing.
I'm looking at car photos in Canada.
For when I go there.
Wow! Can you drive?
I can get a driving license right away.
I can already drive.
Are you going to Farida's birthday party?
Yes, what about you?
I don't know.
What are you going to get her?
I don't know, I'll give
her money and let her choose herself.
Isn't that inappropriate?
No. they do that in Canada.
Don't worry, sweetie.
I'll take care of it.
- Come and do your job.
- As you wish.
Ma'am, this is your fifth shot this week.
Painkillers aren't good for you.
- Hurry up, Atyatt! Come on!
- As you wish.
It's Jilan.
Give it to me, Tafi.
I miss you so much.
How are you?
Why are you still up?
What are you talking about, Mom?
It's seven in the morning.
Really? Already?
- What's wrong?
- Nothing, sweetie.
Get well soon, ma'am.
Listen, Farida is coming
to you today, okay?
- She can't come today! - -
- Just for two hours.
I have an important meeting,
then I'll pick her up right after.
Can't you get out of this meeting?
It's not a class I can skip, Mom.
I'm invited to a barbecue at Gabi's.
I'll take a short nap and go there.
Where do I leave her?
Karim's away and his mother is sick.
Do I leave her on the street?
Or leave her at school until night?
Okay! Send her.
The driver will bring her
to you at four. Bye, Mom.
Aren't we invited to a barbecue?
- Didn't you hear that?
- Hear what?
Do you even remember when
your daughter last called you?
Last Wednesday.
Last Wednesday!
It was the nanny's day off too.
Anyway, do whatever you want, sweetie.
I'm going to the barbecue.
That's enough, dear!
That's enough, sweetie!
Why did I get myself into marriage?
Do you have a problem, Teacher?
Don't you ever get married, Shadi.
Honestly, I'm not thinking about it.
Good for you.
Tell me why you're upset.
- I can't figure the household budget out.
- Let me see.
What's your monthly income?
We'll deduct the basic expenses.
The basic expenses?
For example, mine are
chocolate pastries,
juice, and toys.
Mine are utilities and rent.
Farida is here.
Can I sit next to you?
Can I sit next to you?
Yes, you can sit here,
or here, or you can sit in my place.
No, it won't work.
You have to find another job.
Stop the bus!
Stop the bus here!
Stop the bus!
Stop the bus!
Come on, Sayed.
Quit the sweet-talk.
All right, it's not enough, Go on.
What else?
Good morning.
Good morning, Mrs. Aida.
Have you seen Dr. Ounssi?
Dr. Ounssi is downstairs.
Thank you.
Just so you know,
this is a decent place,
not a place
for flirting and fooling around.
This is quite inappropriate, understand?
That's my fianc, Mrs. Aida.
Even if,
you can do that elsewhere.
At home, not here.
- Mrs. Aida.
- What's going on?
Every time you visit home and leave,
you take a piece of my heart.
Get up! Get up, I said!
Give me back my heart,
you thief of hearts.
Will you marry me, Aida?
This is inappropriate.
It's inappropriate, Captain.
We're too old for this.
Stop acting like a teenager.
There's nothing wrong with love.
Just so you know, I asked
for your hand in marriage from Mr. Ounssi.
And I said yes.
And I say no!
I'm living my life just for my daughter,
my grandchild,
and my brother.
Enough with the disrespect!
Get up.
Get up, stand on your platinum knees
that won't carry you any longer.
Shame on you!
You disgraced me!
Juju, sweetheart, we have a big problem.
Your mother is sick,
she has a fever. In the bathroom...
She's throwing up all over the place.
Tell her I don't want
anything from her.
Farida was kidnapped.
I hope she has fun at the party.
What happened?
Nothing, it all worked out.
The girl isn't coming.
- She's going to Hanaa's.
- No, she was kidnapped, sweetie.
Come on!
Move forward.
Come on.
Hurry up, Kid!
So, you're here.
Yes, we're here.
Who's this beautiful girl?
She's too young to be kidnapped.
Come here, beautiful. God bless you.
Hafez, go finish your work.
And you, Shawki.
- Bring the kids and follow me.
- Okay.
Come on, kids.
Keep moving.
This is the room you'll be staying in.
What's your name, beautiful?
My name is Farida. What's your name?
My name is Radwan.
How old are you?
I'm six years old. How old are you?
- Enough already!
- Shut up!
Listen, kids.
You'll spend two great days with us
until we make a deal with your parents.
Like we're on a trip.
Like we're on what?
On a trip.
What's wrong with you?
Until we make a deal with your parents.
It's easy, right?
Answer me.
I want to hear it from you.
- Right.
- Right.
The most important thing
here is being quiet.
We don't like noise, okay?
Because we have a very serious disease.
What is the disease?
We're short-tempered.
It's incurable.
What kind of disease is that?
I've never heard of it before.
My grandma has it.
She gets it right here.
How's it going, Bakha?
Ten minutes left.
Are you sure they can't
trace our call?
The program goes
through three encrypting stages.
It's connected to through VPN
to an international hacking phone.
And I haven't slept since yesterday.
This kid should have worked with NASA.
Education did us good.
And you wanted him to drop out.
What education, kid?
He got the smart genes from me.
With all due respect to your genes, Dad,
the computer I got him
is the reason for his intelligence.
How did you get him this computer?
- I stole it.
- From my school.
Who taught you stealing?
You, Dad.
You're the most important person
in our lives, Dad.
We're not worth squat without you, Dad.
Can we get back to work?
- What happened, Mustafa?
- I don't know but we'll figure it out now.
You brought her here too?
What do you want me to do, not tell
her her grandson was kidnapped?
What are you doing here?
Haven't we been through enough?
Come on, we don't have time.
The last signal was here.
I want to know
how close it is to this place.
- My baby...
- What are you wearing?
Excuse me, I was at a party.
I want someone to tell me how he's doing.
What is Omar going to do to me? Oh my God!
Are they only five?
The school's reputation.
What am I going to tell Omar?
That his kids were kidnapped?
Who's Omar?
- Her husband.
- Why is she so scared of him?
You'll see him now.
That's enough, Umaima, calm down.
Calm down, ma'am.
We won't get anywhere like this.
I took them to the bus myself.
How did they get kidnapped?
What am I going to tell him?
We already called and told him.
He'll be here soon.
What a disaster! You told him?
- You know what Omar might do to me.
- Umaima!
Omar is not our problem now.
Step aside! I will shut
this crappy school down.
Where are the supervisor and the driver?
- They must've planned it.
- Aabla!
What are you doing here?
They kidnapped Shadi.
- They kidnapped Shadi.
- Don't worry, he'll be back
- They'll all be back.
- Who are you?
I'm the grandmother of Hassan, who was
kidnapped from this horrible school.
I'm Dina Shihab,
Hassan's mother.
This is Mustafa, my son, Hassan's father.
Yes, I'm Hassan's father.
All right, let's not make accusations
before we are sure. Okay?
Karim is coming tomorrow,
there are no flights today.
I hope he has a safe flight.
Someone tell me where we're at,
before I leak this all over Facebook.
No one should post
anything about this online.
That's right.
Please, for the school's reputation.
Reputation? That's all you care about,
you heartless woman?
Please, Miss. Watch your language.
Be patient!
How come you're never patient
when it comes to tuition
fees we pay in USD?
Now that the kids are kidnapped
you want us to be patient?
We should think wisely.
A foul tongue won't do us any good.
Shut your mouth, you snob?
Why are you talking?
- Enough, Mom!
- No, that's not enough!
Let me handle the hag
wearing ball gown in broad daylight.
I came straight from a party.
What do you have to say for your outfit?
Are you a rabbit trainer?
Rabbit trainer?
- Let me have at her.
- Enough, Mom.
Enough Already!
Shame on you!
Isn't what we're going through enough?
Why is it always my fault?
What did I do now?
Sir, I suggest we fire shots in the air
to break this fight
before it gets out of hand.
This isn't a bar fight.
I swear...
Did you call the police?
That's them.
What measures have you taken so far?
We only got the report half an hour ago.
Did you interrogate
the driver and the supervisor?
Did you track the kids' phones?
They sent the phones
with the supervisor.
Who are you?
Omar Alhusseini.
Seif and Noura's father.
Pleasure to meet you.
And you are?
I'm Major Akram.
- Major?
- Yes.
- Major?
- Yes.
Omar Alhusseini's kids get kidnapped,
and the interior ministry sends a major!
I'm calling the ministry right away!
Me too.
- I'm calling Maj. Gen. Abdulrahim Mansour.
- How do you know him?
He is my client.
Excuse me, what is
your clinic specialized in?
Plastic surgery.
Maj. Gen. Abdulrahim had a liposuction
and made us think he is on a diet.
It must be the gang.
I'll talk to them.
- What do you think you're doing?
- I know how to negotiate.
- Let him, he's good at negotiation.
- What are you doing?
Please, I beg you.
It's really complicated.
Let her answer, please.
We'll talk later.
Stay silent.
- Who am I talking to?
- I'm Miss Nazli, Mister.
I'm the head of junior School.
Deputy head of the high school.
The BS coordinator.
Speak in Arabic.
Okay, I'm the owner's sister.
Okay, did you gather
all the parents, Miss Nazli?
Yes, Sir.
They're all here just like you asked.
Are you sure there's no anyone else?
No, Sir.
No one else is here at all.
Just the parents here.
Good for you.
First of all, good morning.
Second of all, and in brief,
I have three kids here now.
Four kids.
Nine kids.
- Five kids.
- That's right.
I have five kids.
We want a five-million-pound ransom.
It's non-negotiable.
You have two days to get the money.
We won't wait two days.
The kids must come back today.
Let us hear the kids' voices
to make sure they're okay.
Okay, that's only fair, ma'am.
Talk, dear.
- Hi, Mom.
- This is Seif!
- Seif!
- Oh, dear Seif.
Listen, Seif!
You're a man!
You're responsible for your sister!
If anyone touches her,
I'll hold you responsible!
Understood, kid?
Where's Noura?
- Hassan!
- Hassan, dear!
- Answer me, sweetie!
- Did anyone hurt you, Hassan?
I want to hear him!
I hear a lot of voices.
One person at a time.
- Yes? Hello?
- Yes?
I divorced her.
I'm Omar Alhusseini!
You'll get your money!
But I swear on my father's grave.
If you harm my kids in any way,
I won't spare you!
You're only talking
about your kids? What about ours?
This won't get you anywhere.
Don't worry,
I have kids of my own.
Get the money
and one of our men will call you.
- What do you have?
- They didn't use a direct line.
The call went through
several protection methods.
Can we trace the call or not?
It's okay, that's good. We're very lucky
because that guy gave us two days.
- We have to use this time well.
- We can't wait for two days.
I want Hassan back today.
Listen, people. Let's collect
the money and get the kids back.
That's right.
We should use this time
to locate the gang's place.
These are our grandchildren,
and it's our decision.
We'll bring them back the way we like.
We'll bring your children
back, ma'am, but give me time.
Listen, we'd like to withdraw our report.
Take your men and leave.
Pretend we never called you.
We don't want anything from you.
It's not a takeout order you can cancel.
Of course you can't do this.
Do you want to give them money
so they can kidnap more kids?
Negotiations won't work with these people.
Are you okay with what he's saying?
- I think we should let them do their job.
- How can you be so calm?
How can you go two days not knowing
where your children are?
I can never sleep without Shadi.
- Now look who's the ice queen.
- Shut up, Mom!
I only want the parents here in this room
Everyone else can kindly rest outside.
That's good.
All the women should leave
so we can focus and start working.
- I'll make some calls and come back.
- Go ahead.
I want only parents here.
I'm Shadi's guardian.
His parents are in Canada.
Okay, relax.
Everyone else, please leave.
- Thank you, go ahead.
- Okay.
We'll wait for you outside.
Meet us when you're done.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
- Come on.
It looks like they're
going to shred us with this machine.
Don't be scared.
They won't do anything.
They called our parents.
They'll take the money and let us go.
No, we have to run away.
What's this?
I want to try.
It's my turn, but you can take it.
I found a solution.
Can I use the bathroom?
You have two buckets inside.
The blue one is for drinking water
and the red one is for peeing.
The red one is for peeing
and the blue one is for drinking water.
I don't remember.
What is it, Shatta?
The kid doesn't like the bucket.
He wants to go to the bathroom, Boss.
Can't you pee in a bucket, dear?
Come, I'll take you to the bathroom.
Close the door and
go see Shawki, he needs you.
- Right away.
- You've never been to jail, kiddo?
They're coming, hurry up!
What now?
I want to wash my hands.
Because I've just peed.
Don't you wash your hands after peeing?
Yes, of course I do.
I thought you already did,
that's why I told you to walk fast.
Come on, pull.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Faster, Shadi.
- Okay.
Come on!
Now what?
I want...
I want...
Talk! I haven't slept
since yesterday!
- I want my mom.
- Your mom?
After all we went through,
you say you want your mom?
Don't cry.
- What's your name?
- Hassan.
- What? Hassan?
- Hassan.
You have a nice name, Hassan.
Why are you crying?
Are you afraid someone will cut
your face with a razor?
Or tase your armpits?
Then don't cry. Men don't cry.
Pull yourself together.
Let's go inside then.
Wait a little bit.
- Why should I wait?
- I want...
I don't want anyone to see me cry.
Okay, kid. I'll wait with you.
But get a haircut
so that no one bullies you.
Okay? Come on, dear.
Good boy.
I'll get you some cold cuts.
Do you like it?
- I'm hungry.
- I'm starving.
Honestly, we're starving.
That's for sure. I brought food.
Come on, fast.
After all these years,
we've become useless to them.
How could that happen?
It's all because of that shrew Dina.
I didn't want the kid
to go to school today.
It's the mother's intuition,
a thing that is lost on her.
What makes it worse is that officer.
"Only the parents."
"Only children's families
can stay in the room."
What are we then?
Aren't we their families?
Are we strangers?
No, I won't keep silent, I can't.
I'm sure you won't.
Because you haven't shut up
for a second since we got here.
Did I force you to listen, woman?
If you don't like it, go to another room.
My head!
Do you have an aspirin?
Of course, you gave yourself a headache.
I have something way better than aspirin.
It takes any pain away.
The last time I took it, my phone got lost
No, that stuff scares me.
We haven't been formally introduced.
I'm Kiki, Farida's grandma.
I'm Aabla.
Hassan's grandma.
Tell me, any updates?
Speak, ease our minds.
I couldn't understand
anything the officer said.
All I got was that we'll have
to wait the two days.
And that's that.
We have to do something.
God help us.
What the hell!
What's this?
It's a broken watch.
Stop acting smart, it's an old phone.
What happened, Son? Why are you running?
- The kids have escaped.
- What? How did they escape?
I don't know.
We don't have time for guessing
- We have to find the kids first.
- Hurry up! Find them!
Great! I know my grandma's number.
We can call and tell her where we are.
Where are we?
I have a great idea.
We'll make a radio announcement,
and ask the gang to negotiate with us.
And give them our phone number.
Are you dumb, Aida?
What are you even saying?
You're right.
What was I thinking?
I can't think anymore.
I feel confused.
Who's calling now?
- It's an unknown number.
- Answer maybe there is any news.
- How can you be so calm?
- Okay!
- Hi, Shadi.
- Shadi?
Yes, sweetie.
- Are you okay? Did anyone hurt you?
- Is Hassan with you?
- Is Farida with you?
- Wait a second!
- Let us listen then!
- Okay, I'll let you listen.
Write down what I'll tell you.
Talk, sweetie.
We moved from Farida's house.
The Nile was to our right.
We kept moving until we got
to a bridge and we turned left.
Go on, Shadi, what else?
We passed a house where it was
raining inside, but not outside.
Also, there was a high tower
that looked like Rapunzel's.
- Who's Rapunzel?
- It's the princess from a fairytale.
We seem to be in an old factory.
An old factory?
What kind of factory?
An old factory where they shred kids up.
Hurry up before they shred us up.
Cover me, they're in the cabin.
Hurry up and get them.
Hurry up, Grandma!
There was a big chimney
and a railway, then a lake.
There was a small red cabin
and cars look like McQueen's.
Shadi, answer me. Shadi!
- What happened?
- They must've taken the phone from them.
My poor babies! I wonder
what they're doing to them now!
Don't worry, they won't
do anything to them.
They want to exchange them for
money, right?
What are you talking about?
These are low lives.
They must be
torturing them for calling us.
- I have to tell the officer to handle it.
- Handle it?
He says we have to wait
for two days, and is trying to stall.
No! Farida is still too young!
She can't get hurt.
I haven't lived with her enough.
- I have to do something.
- Do something, I want to see Shadi.
The kids have to
come back to us tonight.
- We go to them.
- That's right.
We have a map to the kids' location.
I'll go and get all my money.
You go to bring them back.
Do want your granddaughter
delivered to you?
You're bringing Omar Alhusseini's
kids back too.
No, dear, I'll only bring my grandson.
Shut up! Stop fighting!
I know Miss Suheir, the kids' grandma.
Omar Alhusseini's mother.
Her sister was with my brother,
Ounssi, at the nursing home.
All right, let's go to her.
If she cares about her grandkids,
she'll definitely come with us.
Okay, thank you, goodbye.
The money will be deposited tomorrow.
Do you think mom left upset?
Do I call her now,
or do I wait until she calms down?
Make up with her
when Hassan is back.
Right, great idea.
Your nails are too long, clip them.
What does that mean?
- Mustafa!
- Yes, Mom.
I'm leaving. I can't do anything but pray.
- We'll go to Al-
- Sayyida Nafisa's mausoleum to pray.
We'll bring her
praying clothes, of course.
Don't worry, Sir.
I'm all on the case, step by step.
I won't leave... What's going on?
Miss Nazli, there's a parent
who insists on meeting you.
Maybe another kid was kidnapped.
What is going on?
Why am I being kept out
waiting for so long?
This is not acceptable!
This is the second jacket
my kid has lost in a week!
It's not about the jacket, of course.
I mean... I'm talking about the concept.
There are many mothers here
They can be in my shoes one day.
Did you check at the lost-and-found?
I looked there and couldn't find anything.
I asked all of his classmates,
I got nothing.
I even sent an email
to Miss Nazli and the school.
No one answered me.
What does this mean?
It's like they're saying "To hell
with you, your son, and the jacket."
What should I do?
Should I call the police?
What jacket are you talking about?
I have a whole closet,
but the kid is lost.
- What?
- Salwa.
Our kids were kidnapped from the school.
Oh my God! It's okay.
No, of course, it's not okay.
I mean, I...
I wasn't, I wasn't aware...
I didn't know that happened.
Come here, Mrs. Nazli, please.
Excuse me.
I'm at your service, I'll look
for the jacket and bring it to you.
- I'll find it for you.
- No, I don't care about the jacket now.
- I want the file.
- What file?
My son's file, we have to
jump this ship now.
Kids are getting kidnapped.
The file please.
The file.
We have to hurt
these kids so they'd behave.
I thought you were
well-behaved and obedient.
But you're not to blame.
It's your parents' fault,
who let you watch cartoons
and tacky foreign movies.
They made you forget
our stories and heritage
It stipulates that
actions have consequences,
and that if you make a mistake,
you should be punished.
Are you familiar with the concept
of rewards and punishment?
I know the punishment part.
Time out.
- Let's cut this girl's finger off.
- Leave her alone.
Cut my finger.
What a brave boy!
- What a... What is it, Dad?
- Come here! Shut up!
These kids are like a new car.
A scratch makes it cheaper.
Very brave, Boss.
- I am, aren't I!
- No, I mean the boy.
Miss Suheir! Open the door!
Miss Suheir!
Miss Suheir!
Miss Suheir! Open up already!
Miss Suheir, I've been knocking
on the door for an hour. My feet hurt!
Come on!
Stop yelling.
My boss yells at me
and deducts from my wage.
Because he thinks I'm slacking off...
He asks me where I was
and I say "I was at Miss Suheir's"
and she took forever to open up."
I end up getting paid less.
You're making me wait for nothing.
How's your mother, dear.
She passed away, ma'am.
Thank God, send my love to her.
Good evening.
- Good afternoon.
- Just a second.
- Yes?
- I'm Aida, Dr. Ounssi's the sister.
He's at the same nursing home
as your sister.
I'm Shadi's grandmother.
He goes to school with Noura and Seif.
- Pardon me, aren't you too old for school?
- No, I...
Noura and Seif go to school, she doesn't.
Noura and Seif, your grandchildren,
were kidnapped. The gang
asked for a ransom to give them back.
Both of them!
We almost got hurt
because of your stupid plan.
I said we'd better stay
and listen to what dad said.
My plan has worked.
My grandma must've called the police
and they're coming to save us.
Just so you know, had they caught us
talking, we would've been dead.
- They would've killed us
- They almost cut Farida's finger.
Yes, thank you.
You're welcome, that was nothing.
If it were me, would you have
given your finger up for me?
A toe, maybe.
Shouldn't we collect
the money to get the kids back?
We have to locate them first.
This woman is bad news.
I feel that way too,
but I'm not sure which one is.
What's the phone number
they called you from?
Here it is.
I wrote it on this paper, here you go.
I looked for it on the internet,
but I couldn't find anything.
This is the last copy of the phonebook,
printed in 1960.
Heck! What's all this dust?
You'll give us tuberculosis.
Yes, I found it.
This is a number from El Tebbin,
or Al Ma'sarah...
Or Helwan.
When my grandson Shadi called me,
he told me that the Nile
was to their right.
Supposing they moved
from Jilan's house to the corniche,
and the Nile was on their right,
then they were going towards Helwan.
- This means the kids were right.
- What about the bridge?
Locate it on the map.
This map?
This is a prehistorical map.
We won't find a bridge on it.
We can connect the map,
to the satellite, and look for it.
Are we going to see the bridge?
I found it.
This is Jilan's house.
They went this way.
By the Nile.
- By the Nile.
- Here's the bridge.
This is the colonel's car.
We're ready to go.
Is everything you own
covered with dust?
When did you say the colonel die?
- Hop in fast.
- Okay.
No! I took a painkiller shot.
I have to stretch my legs.
I'll sit in the passenger seat.
I have a bone plate,
I can't sit in the back.
I'm very sorry, I can't sit in the back.
Why? What's wrong with the back?
Were you born in the passenger seat?
Neither you nor her.
I'll sit in the front seat
to guide Suheir.
Oh dear God!
- Come on!
- How can I get on?
- Oh my God!
- Kid!
- Get on.
- Kid!
- Come here and bring the pretty girl!
- Here we go.
Just a second.
Don't move, dear.
Just don't move.
In the name of God, The Merciful.
- Sit down.
- Thank God.
Listen, don't hang out on the streets.
This isn't right, sweetie.
if you know this
girl's mother, tell her.
In the name of God. I count on God.
Here we go!
Let me get off!
Slow down, Suheir.
You're breaking our bones.
The colonel himself
taught me how to drive.
Look forward!
Keep looking forward!
- Am I supposed to keep looking forward?
- Yes, the driver looks forward.
This will take your mind off the fear.
- Yes?
- Take this, dear.
A snack.
- Is this a picnic?
- Here you go.
- Swallow!
- No, that's enough!
- Just this!
- That's enough! No!
- No! I'm good!
- That's enough!
- I'll let go of the wheel!
- No! Oh my God!
We moved from Farida's house.
The Nile was to our right.
We kept moving
until we got to a bridge,
and we turned left.
We passed a house where it was
raining inside, but not outside.
Also, there was a high tower
that looked like Rapunzel's tower.
We seem to be in an old factory.
There was a big chimney
and a railway, and then a lake,
a small red cabin,
and cars like McQueen's.
- I'm so tired.
- Me too.
Are you sure we're going
in the right direction?
There it is!
There is the red cabin!
Why is it so dark?
- What?
- What?
Just take these off!
Take it off to see, to explore.
- I see the bus there.
- Yes.
There's a closed area with a guard.
The kids must be locked inside.
How will we to get to them?
Come, we'll take you.
Sit, stop moving.
Let's talk.
What do you have to say?
We're the kidnapped kids' grandmas.
Are you a grandma like them?
You must be Farida's grandma.
She's so beautiful like you.
I know that.
What's going on? There's no time for this!
Where are the kids? Talk to me.
Where's the money?
- We want to see the kids first.
- Yes, we want to see the kids first.
Are you also
- with them?
- Sure, without a doubt.
- We see the kids first.
- Hafez, bring the kids!
Why is this woman staring at me?
She's freaking me out.
Pull yourself together.
- Shadi.
- Come here.
- Come.
- Grandma's sweetheart.
- Come here.
- What is it, sweetie?
- How are you, sweetie?
- How are you, Farida?
Sweetie, I've missed you.
- How are you, Farida? Are you okay?
- How are you, sweetie?
What else?
You got the kids. Where is the money?
Right here.
- Aida.
- Okay.
What is this?
No, this is for the kids.
- Give it to me.
- Here's 20.
This is...
Are you going to count
five million in five-pound bills?
- Yes, so you'd get all your money.
- Be patient.
- Here you go.
- Here you go.
- Here you go.
- Here.
How much is this?
This is 725 thousand and some jewelry.
Just so you know, gold prices are rising.
If you wait a little,
you'll make a fortune.
725 thousand?
We asked for five million.
No, five million!
We've come a long way,
you have to let it slide.
The ride alone is worth it.
What are you saying, you old hag?
You think you're haggling
at the flea market?
Tell him about the big surprise, Aida.
Wait, excuse me. Be patient.
Listen, there it is.
It's on the day... No, not this.
Yes, listen, you'll write your name here.
You'll sign here.
This is a contract for
a house in Alsakakini.
It's very spacious and nice.
What do you think then?
Take the kids to the workshop!
No, we won't go there.
We want to go back home.
Take the kids to the workshop.
Help me get up, Son.
Please help me get up, son.
Okay, Mom, come on.
Don't move, give the kids back!
Give me that thing, ma'am
before it blows up in your face.
Damn you!
Shoot her!
Hurry up, Grandma!
Nobody move!
Stay where you are, all of you!
- Shoot her!
- Shoot her yourself!
- There are no bullets!
- She's an old woman, Boss!
Shoot her, Man!
Shoot her, Man!
It's too late!
I told you to give it to me
before it blows up.
We respect the age difference.
We should have stuck to stealing cars.
We would steal cars then return them.
No harm, no foul.
Dad, you're worried because it's
our first time kidnapping kids.
What are you blaming us for, Dad?
For being ambitious?
Don't you want us to live in luxury?
I don't want you to go to prison.
Just so you know, Dad,
these women are an opportunity,
What else do you want me to do?
Didn't we ask for five million,
a million for each kid?
- Yes.
- Now, we have the kid and the grandmother.
The fruit and the root.
The ransom should be raised.
That's what I think too.
Don't be greedy, Son.
Let's get this over with.
- Listen to me, Dad.
- Speak.
Go on, Hafez.
Not just that.
When the families find out we took
the grandmothers on the same night,
they'll think twice
before calling the police.
What do you think
of my ideas?
Oh God! This room is so filthy!
They're making them sleep on the floor.
You filthy bastards!
That's enough, Aabla!
Enough, Aabla. We just shot at them.
There's no need to anger them even more.
I don't care.
Answer me, you bastards!
Quit it already!
That's enough! It's all your fault!
- My fault?
- Yes, wasn't this your suggestion?
I told you we'd tell the cops,
you didn't listen.
Now, we've come here
and they caught us. Happy now?
But it's enough
that we're now with the kids
instead of staying at home
with fear eating you up.
- She's right about that.
- Both of you want to be the boss.
Now you ruined everything
and got us into this mess.
We ruined everything?
You're the reason we're stuck
with James Bond over there.
Yeah, sure.
Blame it on us.
Because you're never wrong.
You do what you like, and
when things go south, you blame others.
Blame it on Miss Suheir.
Better yet, blame it on me.
Or you can blame Dina.
Why do you mention Dina now?
What do you mean, Aida?
Aabla, I'm not like your son, Mustafa,
I won't blindly follow you.
Your son may have put up you
and give up his family and wife for you,
but I'm not willing
to risk my grandson's life
or let you risk ours.
You think I ruined my son's life?
I don't mean that, Aabla.
I mean that you never rest
until things go your way.
Without considering others' feelings.
And you're being considerate
of others' feelings now?
- Who wants donuts?
- Me.
As soon as we get out of here,
I'm bringing you donuts.
Chicken or beef?
Miss Umaima?
I don't want any, thank you.
Can I take one of each for Omar?
Of course.
Take some pickles for him too.
Is it working?
Do you hear me?
Hi, Shireen. How are you? How's Magued?
He's fine.
How are you, Jilan?
Is everything okay
Is Magued next to you right now?
Why is she so silent?
The call is lagging.
The connection must be slow.
Here or in Canada?
Why aren't you answering?
Is mom okay?
- Is something wrong with mom?
- Not at all. She good, thank God.
It's just that...
This is taking forever.
Your mother is okay, sweetie,
but Shadi was kidnapped.
Magued is in Toronto.
He'll be back tomorrow.
Oh boy!
Wait. Our line will get there now.
It's there.
What happened to Shadi?
He was kidnapped?
Ready? - - - Where did you go?
Where's Shadi?
Someone answer me, people.
- Hi!
- Hi.
Yes, Sir.
Hi, good evening.
I'm Aida, Shadi's grandmother.
Aunt Aida! Were you kidnapped too?
No, we weren't.
We tracked the kids
down when they called us.
You? Who's with you?
Me, Mustafa.
- I came here with Aunt Aida.
- Mom!
Yes, sweetie.
How could you not tell us
that the kids called you?
Your voice is breaking up.
Is Hassan with you, Mom?
He's with me, dear.
Why do you always act by on your own?
Your voice is breaking up!
someone tell us
how you found the gang's location.
We took the colonel's car
with Miss Suheir.
The colonel?
My mother-in-law?
How did they get to her?
Someone explain to me what's going on!
Your mother was kidnapped, Shireen.
We're talking to her!
Was Shadi kidnapped or my mother?
Both of them!
Where's aunt Suheir, people?
Why isn't she talking?
Don't worry, sweetie.
Your mother-in-law had dinner and slept.
Did you go with them too?
How can I not go knowing
that my granddaughter is in danger?
What is this nonsense, people?
Where are the kids?
The kids are fine.
Forgive us,
our heart was in the right place.
That's enough!
- We have an ouffer.
- "Offer."
Since these women are old,
their ransom will be half of the amount.
This means that the kid's ransom
is one million pounds.
And his grandma's ransom
is half a million pounds.
You'll get the handover date.
We couldn't even collect the first ransom.
Do what you like.
If you don't want
to see them, it's up to you.
It's pronounced "offer", right?
Believe me, it's too much money, Sir.
Too much.
What just happened?
- The gang called again.
- Why didn't anyone tell me?
Why didn't you do anything?
You were in the bathroom.
- I just came back!
- Omar.
Your mother was kidnapped.
- What?
- Yes, Sir.
Your mother, Mr. Mustafa's
mother, Miss Jilan,
and Shadi's grandmother too.
You still don't want
to make a fuss on the internet?
Your mothers had information
and they didn't cooperate with us.
Seems like they were able to contact
the kids and track them down.
The grandmothers tracked kids
down and we couldn't!
- Ezzat.
- Yes, Sir.
I want you to track down
the women's' phones right away.
- Right away, Sir.
- Hurry up, Ezzat.
- We shouldn't let the kids feel anything.
- You're right.
Contain yourself, turn the drama
down a notch, and smile.
Tell her that, please.
- Shut up!
- Fine!
Come here.
- Sweetie.
- How are you, sweethearts?
Where were you?
I was telling the gang
to bring you doughnuts.
Relax, dear, we're fine.
There weren't any gunshots,
and our organs won't be stolen.
What are you talking about?
We just talked about this!
- I'm comforting them! What is it?
- Is this the way to do it?
- Yes, okay, I won't speak.
- That'd be great!
I thought you were
studying, but you're playing.
I'm not playing.
I'm making origami.
What does this mean?
Look, that's a bird.
I get it!
Just say you're playing with paper.
But this is very nice.
Is it good as a gift for Farida?
Farida? Who's Farida?
Kiki's granddaughter?
Because she's my friend
on the bus and her birthday is tomorrow.
Is she the one your mom didn't want you
going to her birthday party?
Listen, Sonson, honey.
I want you to focus
on your education and nothing else.
Forget about this nonsense.
And Farida is totally different from us.
Do you mean like my mother?
What do you mean?
I heard you once say
that mom is completely different from us.
Is that why you kicked her out?
I kicked your mother out?
Who told you so, dear?
I've missed mom so much.
Look what I have for you.
What do you think?
Wait, I'll put the hat on it.
What do you think?
What's wrong, beautiful?
That's how you answer
your future husband.
But I'm Kiki.
Open up to me.
I can't have a birthday party.
Why not?
We'll get out of here.
You'll have as many
birthday parties as you like.
Are we going to be able
to throw the party tomorrow?
- Is your birthday tomorrow?
- Didn't you know?
I know that.
I was just testing you.
And you passed.
My mother is throwing a very big party.
She didn't tell me about it.
I'm scared the party would be cancelled
and my friends would go and not find me.
You're right.
Nothing feels worse
than cancelling a party.
It's a very bad feeling.
Go and play with your friends.
I have no friends but Hassan.
We've been playing this game for ages,
but you kids like giving
things weird names.
Aren't you Farida's friend?
Why don't you play together?
You play together,
I'll talk to your grandma for a while.
Come on, come here.
Are we going to leave the kids alone?
- What's wrong with that?
- What do you mean?
I thought the kid was doing his homework.
Turns out, he's making
a present for your granddaughter.
- Why didn't he give it to her?
- I told him not to.
They're kids, it's too early
to teach them about this crap.
- Aabla is right.
- Tell her that.
What's wrong with that?
He's her colleague
and he wants to give her a present.
What, you never got any presents before?
What are you talking about?
Look at Thelma and Louise here.
They're trying to convince me they only
ever got presents from their husbands
Do you think I was born like this?
No, I was such a hottie
when I was younger.
I was the first girl
to ever wear fringe boots,
The one Soad Hosny wore
in Watch Out for Zuzu.
The colonel was still a lieutenant.
He was tall and strong.
He looked like Hussein Sedki.
The first present I got
was on my first marriage anniversary.
I put the blouse on,
and put the wide belt,
on my very tiny waist.
The colonel was not much
of a talker and he was shy.
The second one was good with women.
He was so good with words.
It was an investment
certificate from Banque Misr.
It was worth ten pounds.
He used to put about half
a tub of Vaseline in his hair.
Did you love him?
Honestly, he was a kind man.
What I liked most about
him was his obedience.
Tell us, Kiki. How many times
have you been married?
Life is too short
to worry about what people think.
Do you want to get married?
He's with my brother, Ounssi,
at the nursing home.
A former captain.
That's not the right time for this.
Let's focus on this disaster!
Do you like it here or something?
I want to sleep.
I haven't slept since yesterday.
No. Before you sleep, dear,
we have to find a way out of here.
Listen, we can grab something
and break the lock, or we...
You can't even get up,
how would you break the lock?
Shut up, you two!
I took the pill
and I need to sleep. Be quiet!
Come on, dear. It's sleeping time.
No power or strength but in God!
Eat your food, sweetie.
I'm too tired for this!
No, the food looks so bad.
Have some food, Shadi.
I don't want to eat.
The food smells so bad here.
Aren't you going to eat anything either?
No, I want coffee.
Good morning, ladies.
I overheard you say you want coffee.
Here you go.
No, thank you, I...
That's not how I take my coffee.
That's not important now.
- The kids are hungry.
- Why didn't they eat then?
The food is right in front of them.
No one is stopping them.
You call this food?
The bread is rock-hard.
Next time, we'll get them
pizza and burgers.
Are you making fun of us?
Why don't you get them that?
Of course I am, woman.
Mr. Radwan, you took 750 thousand pounds.
Please, bring better food for the kids.
And for me, I need my coffee
to be alert, please.
See? That's the right attitude.
- Hafez.
- Yes?
Come here.
Get the ladies what they want.
I want pancakes.
I want cereal.
I want peanut butter.
Do you really think now
is the time for peanut butter?
We should feed them something healthy
after all this time without food.
Bring them beef, chicken,
vegetables, onions,
tomatoes, and salad ingredients.
I want coffee and filters.
I'll tell you what,
- write down what you want.
- Give this to me.
What are they writing?
They want things from the supermarket.
I'll get out of here,
I can't stand these picnic vibes.
Put some clothes on, kid,
we have ladies here.
- Okay.
- Here you go.
- Damn you!
- Damn you!
Pick these things up
and come right back.
Choose good vegetables
or I'll make you take them back.
You're kidnapped, woman.
- Kidnapped!
- Shut up!
What's with you?
Didn't they shoot us last night?
What's wrong with being the bigger person?
They're women after all.
Now we have to bring them
coffee and filters?
Shut your mouth!
It's almost over.
Listen, Mr. Radwan.
Mrs. Kiki says
they want to take the kids outside.
Did Mrs. Kiki told you to ask me?
Did Mrs. Kiki ask you to wink at him?
Honestly, that was all me.
Should I take them outside?
Where to?
- Where to?
- Outdoors.
She says the kids are not
getting enough sunlight.
They're sick of being locked inside.
I swear that I'll lock these kids inside
and have three big mice
chase them until they behave.
Let them go out, we're in the
middle of nowhere.
Where'd they escape to?
- Taransh.
- Yes, Sir.
Go with them.
- But watch them closely.
- As you wish, Sir.
This won't end well, I'm telling you.
It won't end well.
Do you know how to play?
Of course I do.
- Good job.
- What do you want to play?
Shoot! Stay away from it, kid!
Stay away, girl!
Stay away!
- Grandma!
- No! Don't tell her, please!
- Noura!
- He's yelling at me, Grandma.
Why are you yelling at them?
They're touching the power box.
If they get electrocuted
and die, you'll yell at me.
It doesn't matter, talk to them nicely.
Come on, dears.
Come, I'll show you something better.
- It's very big!
- Yes.
- Does it work?
- Of course it does.
Driving it is amazing.
- Do you know how to drive it?
- No.
I'll try, what's the
worst that could happen?
What do you mean?
It's definitely hard to drive.
We've been through harder.
Your generation has it easy.
Your phones are wireless.
Gas comes from a pipe through the wall.
We had to work harder for things.
If anything came up, we'd take care of it.
- Can you take us for a ride?
- Wait a second.
Yes, ma'am!
Take me and the kids
for a ride in this car.
- This?
- Yes.
No, I can't. Sorry, ma'am.
No, don't give me that look, please.
I can't. Ask for anything else.
His grandma made him basbousa
With ghee, sugar and honey
He felt sleepy and lazy
He's lazy and he sleeps all the time
His grandma made him
His grandma made him
basbousa with ghee, sugar and honey
His grandma
If his grandma sees
Him upset, hell would break loose
She thinks he's genius
And a gentleman
She'd give up everything for him
Even his mom and dad
He's the apple of his grandma's eye
He's the most precious to her
His grandma made him
His grandma made him
Basbousa with ghee, sugar and honey
His grandma
Sit down.
I want to ask you a question.
Are you happy here?
Yes, I'm happy.
Even though we're kidnapped, I'm happy.
You're very brave
for coming here, Grandma.
Of course I had to come.
How could I have left you like this?
If it were me, wouldn't you
have come to save me from the gang?
I would've called the police.
The food is here! Come on, Farida!
- Come on!
- Come on! Fast!
- Miss Suheir.
- Yes.
You seem happy
to be with your grandchildren.
Of course, I'm happy.
Because I'm playing with them
rather than watching them
stare at their phones all day.
It took an armed gang
to rip their phones away from them.
You're right.
- Miss Suheir.
- Yes?
I wanted to ask you a question.
Do you know a good place
for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon?
The colonel and I used
the honeymoon money to buy a deep freezer.
A deep freezer?
I would use it to store meat
for a year without going bad.
It was a lifesaver.
The colonel?
The deep freezer.
Someone is in a good mood!
Would you help me peel the garlic,
or you're worried
about your soft hands?
Wait a second.
I'll take the pill
and help you right away.
What are these pills you're taking?
If I don't take them, I can't move.
Why? I saw you playing around with Farida.
Farida isn't always with me.
What's keeping you from her?
I'll make basbousa.
Doesn't your daughter check on you?
She does, only when
the nanny takes a day off.
They all do the same thing.
They don't check on us
unless they want something.
Jilan got that stubbornness from me.
Since her father
and I split, she can't stand me.
What am I supposed to do?
Wait for the rest of my life
for her to forgive me?
Move on with my life?
I don't know what to do.
Teach her how to behave.
Damn you!
You scared me!
- Why are you here?
- I don't know...
You made a lot of food, right?
Do you want to eat with us?
Okay, go now and we'll think about it.
Come on, move!
What? Are we going
to cook for those crooks too?
Wait, listen, give me some of your pills.
Not the day pills,
give me the night pills.
- What?
- Just give them to me, you'll see.
- Give them to me.
- What about Aida?
What about her?
She'd be like
"The gang are good people,
they won't steal our organs."
Let it go, give them to me.
Leave me one, I can't sleep without it.
You'll sleep at home tonight.
Start the signal.
What are you doing?
What do you think you're doing?
Is this a Glock G45 gun?
No, it's Glock 17.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
So, our husbands' hard-earned money
will just go to waste like this?
Here in Canada, this never happens.
Kids don't get kidnapped.
If the officer can't get
the money back, we're screwed.
I barely had Farida's ransom.
Now, I have to pay mom's too.
I can't understand
why my mother went there!
I'm telling you,
Aabla is behind this, guys.
I didn't buy it when she left to pray. - -
- That checks out.
Is Aabla the woman
with the big turban?
- Yes, that's her.
- Okay.
That woman has always
bossed the whole family around.
She's a control freak.
I wish I knew how they do it.
They say, "Your husband does
what you make him get used to."
- Don't give me that look.
- I didn't say anything.
You're being unfair to Omar.
I am?
Sorry, dear,
but he doesn't treat you very well.
That's true.
He should treat you
better in front of people.
- See? I didn't say anything.
- Yes.
He can do whatever
he wants to you at home.
But he must respect you
in front of people.
- What are you saying, Miss Nazli?
- What you heard, sweetie.
Men are different from women.
This only happens in Egypt.
It doesn't happen here in Canada at all.
So you're Canadian now?
You've only been there three weeks!
That's great.
I'll call you back.
You have to build up tension.
What do you mean? We have
to answer before they hang up.
To catch a criminal,
you have to think like one, Sir.
Let him get nervous!
- Answer, Ezzat!
- Don't answer, Ezzat! I'm coming!
- Hello.
- - - Hello.
I'm Omar Alhusseini.
- Do you have the money?
- Yes.
Have one of you deliver the money.
First Settlement,
Albustan street, at five.
- We should decide who's going.
- Definitely me!
I need a bulletproof vest,
two explosive-sniffing dogs,
and tear-gas bombs.
I need a SWAT team
at my command.
Right away, Sir. Ezzat!
- Did you hear what he wants?
- Yes, Sir.
And hurry up.
- Hurry up, Ezzat.
- Yes, Sir.
I have a question I wanted
to ask you since we met.
Go ahead.
Do you work with us
in the interior ministry?
- Drug control?
- Not at all.
What do you do then?
Haven't you recognized me yet?
Don't you watch TV?
Not really.
I'm Omar Alhusseini.
Owner of Alhusseini Biscuit factory.
Number one tea biscuits in Egypt.
Really? Okay.
Listen, sir. Sit back
and let us do our job. Please!
No one will bring my kids back but me!
- What does this mean?
- Come on.
Come on, Sir.
- Come on!
- Omar!
Don't worry, Umaima.
- Omar Alhusseini will be back.
- Come on.
Please, how long
will he stay in confinement?
I'd never let him out if it was up to me.
But unfortunately,
I can only lock him up for 24 hours.
Mr. Mustafa,
you're going.
- Taransh!
- Yes, ma'am?
Call the men, the food is ready.
I made some for them too.
Come, Mr. Radwan!
- Are they going to eat with us?
- Yes,
so that they don't envy the kids
and get food stuck in their throats.
They're deprived and envious.
Dig in!
Oh dear God, God bless you!
It looks so good!
I want a chicken leg.
Here you go, dear.
Careful with the chicken leg,
it might kick you in the throat!
Someone I know
chocked on one and died.
Oh my God!
- Kiki.
- Yes.
This mulukhiyah tastes
like your late mother's.
With all due respect,
to your late wife,
my mulukhiyah can't be topped.
Happy birthday, beautiful
Happy birthday, Farida
Happy birthday, beautiful
- Come on, girl.
- Come on.
- Come on.
- Yes!
Why have you never
thrown me a birthday party?
Shut up and eat your mulukhiyah.
No, someone will give him the phone,
stay out of it.
Yes, back off. Okay.
No, it's one of the men's birthdays.
Listen, Sonson.
Do you still have Farida's present?
Give it to her.
Go before I change my mind.
Farida, happy birthday.
Thank you.
What do we say?
- Thank you.
- Good job.
Happy birthday, guys.
Sorry, we wanted to get a clown
but he got lost in the desert.
The wolves ate him,
I hope the same happens to your kids.
Instead of joking around
all the time, go and have some food.
I'm sure you're so cranky
because of all the crap you eat here.
Have some of the mulukhiyah I made.
It'll cheer you up.
Sorry, he has errands to run.
- Where are you going, kid?
- It's none of your business!
It's none of your business!
Who asks the questions here?
You're kidnapped, people!
What's wrong with you, you old hags?
Watch your language, how vulgar!
Men like you will die alone.
Enough, Shawki! Go get things done!
Come on, Hafez!
- Shatta.
- Yes, Sir.
Lock the kids up
when they're done eating.
Your father is enjoying
the ladies' company
- Mr. Akram. They're moving, Sir. - -
- Follow them, Ezzat.
Make sure the forces
don't attack until the kids are out.
Okay, Sir.
Let's get going.
Does it make sense...
for someone to consider getting
married at this age?
How can I share my house and my
bedroom with a man?
My bed?
And the other stuff.
You know what I mean.
How old is the captain?
He's in his seventies.
Then you don't have to worry about that.
He'll just keep you company.
You'll give him his medicines.
You'll watch TV together.
He'll only keep you company.
Do you want an orange?
Did you notice how your father
is acting like a teen?
The man has been single for most longest.
- "Most longest"?
- He must be... he's probably...
He can't find anyone
to talk to but us. Can you imagine that?
Can you imagine your life
as your own brother and your father?
What a struggle!
- Are you high, Hafez?
- No, I don't get high.
Close it!
So? Did she notice anything?
No, her mind is elsewhere.
I'll give them the tea.
You brought the tea yourself!
People who come
from decent families are polite.
You know, Miss Kiki?
We were destined to meet
in very strange circumstances.
What do you mean by "we"?
You and I.
Do you know what I want now?
- What?
- I want to be sitting on a boat,
in the middle of the sea,
with you beside me,
and the seagulls flying over.
With Mohammad Tharwat
down there singing.
We take a fish,
then we toss it down.
To Mohammad Tharwat?
To the seagulls.
Throw with me.
You're tripping.
Here's the tea.
- Do you love me?
- What?
Okay, Ezzat.
Watch them closely.
Off you go, Kid!
- Are you the kid's father?
- What? Yes I am.
- Talk to him.
- Hey, you!
- Hello.
- Did you bring the money?
- Yes, I did.
- Good.
Put on what's in the bag
and bring the case
- so you make it on time.
- What do you mean?
I want my son. Where's he?
The kids will be there in an hour.
The marathon runners
are getting closer.
Put the numbered shirt on
and run with them.
We'll follow you.
Come on, champ.
Marathon! Hello!
Excuse me, sorry.
Where were you? Give me the bag.
- Give me the bag quickly.
- Where are the kids?
You'll have them in an hour.
I can barely breathe, give it.
You're doing great, champ, run.
Good Job, champ.
What do I do?
- What's wrong, man?
- The women spiked the food, Shawki.
- What?
- Save your father.
Tell me what's going on!
I don't know, but don't worry.
We know exactly where they are.
Since when?
We traced the grandmas'
phones and located them.
But we can't attack
so we don't put the kids in danger.
I loved her.
Come on, Kids.
- Where to? What are you doing?
- Are we going to run away?
I'm not going anywhere before
before you tell me what you did to them.
What a pain in the neck!
We sedated them.
We put Kiki's damned pills in the food.
- We'll take the kids and leave.
- Good job, girls.
I'm not leaving, Shadi and I will wait
for the police to get us out
No, Grandma, I want to leave.
- We shouldn't stay alone.
- Good thinking, dear.
Listen, we'll search them.
We might find car keys with them.
We'll drive it and leave.
Someone is here!
- What?
- What?
- It's all your fault!
- Stop whining and run!
- Dad!
- What?
- What's wrong, Kid?
- Hafez was arrested!
The women you let roam around sedated you.
Where are the kids?
Are you asking me?
We can't get Hafez back
without those kids!
- Get up and let's find them!
- Okay.
Screw you, Aabla!
Screw you!
Screw you, Aabla!
Run away, Shadi!
Run away with aunt Aabla!
I'm here, Radwan!
Come and get a piece of me!
If you come near the stairs, I'll jump.
Come here, dear.
Is anyone missing?
Save me, Aabla!
Help me, people!
Get me down! Help!
Everyone line up in front of me.
- Guys! Help!
- Or else I'll drop her on her head!
- Aabla!
- What a disaster!
What do we do now?
- Are we going to leave her like this?
- Help!
- Help!
- I say we run away and call the police.
- Are you serious?
- Suheir!
Where did he go?
You're very brave
for coming here, Grandma.
Of course I had to come.
Help! Aabla! - - - How could
I have left you like this?
- If it were me...
- Aabla!
Wouldn't you have come
to save me from the gang?
Here I come, let my grandma down.
Get back!
Get back, Shadi!
Don't worry, Grandma, I won't leave you.
Get back!
Get back, dear!
I won't leave you, Grandma. That's that.
How stupid of you and your grandma!
- I won't leave Shadi alone, Grandma.
- Wait, come back here.
We'll go to him.
I don't know what to do.
- Yes?
- Take the kids and get out of here.
Don't come back no matter what, okay?
- Okay.
- Go, Hassan.
Come on, sweetie.
Should I drop her or should I wait?
Wait, we're coming.
It's all your fault!
You got us into this mess!
Get out of my face!
I don't want to see you!
Good evening, Mr. Radwan.
- Look who I brought with me?
- Hi, Radwan.
It's all your fault!
I told you we should wait for the police!
Enough already!
You might die any second now!
Where are the kids then?
Leave the kids.
We're right here in front of you.
If you want to kill us, do it.
If you want to drop Aida, do it.
Don't drop Aida, No!
Have mercy on me!
- Are we going to leave them?
- What else can we do?
I have an idea.
The police is here!
The police is here!
Surrender, there's no escape.
We did everything you asked.
I want my son! I want Hafez!
These women poisoned my son!
Your son is fine.
Don't commit a worse crime.
Where's Shawki? I want my son.
God is Just. What you did
to our children will happen to yours.
I don't want to hear your voice!
- You hurt my sons!
- You're right!
You're right about that!
Bring him his sons, people!
Come on.
We'll pull the plug.
What is the situation there?
Listen, officer! I want a helicopter!
I want my sons and my men out of Egypt!
Sir, bring him a jet, not a helicopter!
Get me down, guys!
Is this the button?
Here I go!
- No!
- Grandma!
Would this save them?
Get off me!
Where are my sons?
Where are my sons?
Get off me!
- Calm down, dear.
- May God punish you, Aabla.
- You're okay now, dear.
- Where are my hands?
- You'll get married and go on a honeymoon.
- I don't want any of that!
- Calm down, dear.
- I don't want anything!
- Look at Shadi, he's here.
- Why didn't you tell us the kids called?
We took care of it all.
All of the gang members
are piled up inside.
Excuse me.
We're live, Kiki.
Miss Kiki having the time
of her life with Farida,
especially after she divorced Tafi.
She decided to take a break from partying.
Jilan now takes Farida
to her grandma's regularly.
Not just when the nanny has the day off
and she has nowhere to leave her.
Miss Aabla eased up on her son.
She decided to cut him some slack,
so he immediately patched things up
with Hassan's mother
As for Hassan, his grandma stopped
controlling his diet and his upbringing
We're not sure how long it'd last.
Do you want a ghee flake sandwich?
After we got her down from the lift,
Miss Aida decided to loosen up and
stop worrying about people think,
and start doing she wants.
Shadi refused to reunite with his parents
before making sure she's okay.
You've grown up and become a bride, Aida.
Miss Aida.
As for Mr. Omar,
he no longer mistreats
Mrs. Umaima in front of people.
But he never stopped
interfering with other people's work.
Thankfully, Mrs. Nazli was able
to maintain the school's reputation.
Not just because the kids were back,
but because she was able to return
Mrs. Salwa's son's jacket.
As for Miss Suheir, she's invincible.
I know how to drive it now.
Way to go!
Come on, hop in.
- No! I'd never...
- Let's get on it, Grandma.
- What? No way?
- Please.
His grandma made him basbousa
With ghee, sugar and honey
He felt sleepy and lazy
He is lazy and he sleeps all the time
His grandma made him basbousa
With ghee, sugar and honey
He felt sleepy and lazy
He is lazy and he sleeps all the time
His grandma made him
His grandma made him
Basbousa with ghee
Basbousa with ghee, sugar and honey
His grandma
All scales of life fall out of balance
When his grandma sees him
He's the most precious person to her
She'll solve his problems
Before he even complains
His grandma has to kiss him
Before and after eating
His grandma made him
His grandma made him
Basbousa with ghee, sugar and honey
His grandma
Basbousa with ghee, sugar and honey
His grandma
All life scales fall out of balance
When his grandma sees him
He's the most precious person to her
She'll solve his problems
Before he even complains
His grandma has to kiss him
Before and after eating
His grandma made him
His grandma made him
Basbousa with ghee, sugar and honey
His grandma
His grandma made him basbousa
With ghee, sugar and honey
He felt sleepy and lazy
He is lazy
and he sleeps all the time
His grandma made him basbousa
With ghee, sugar and honey
He felt sleepy and lazy
He is lazy and he sleeps all the time
His grandma made him
His grandma made him
Basbousa with ghee, sugar and honey
His grandma
If his grandma sees
Him upset, hell would break loose
She thinks he's smart and genius
And a good-mannered man
She'd give up everything for him
Even his mom and dad
He's the apple of his grandma's eye
He's the most precious person
To her, guys
His grandma made him
His grandma made him
Basbousa with ghee, sugar and honey
His grandma
His grandma made him basbousa
With ghee, sugar and honey
He felt sleepy and lazy
He is lazy and he sleeps all the time
His grandma made him basbousa
With ghee, sugar and honey
He felt sleepy and lazy
He is lazy and he sleeps all the time
His grandma made him
His grandma made him
Basbousa with ghee, sugar and honey
His grandma