April (2021) Movie Script

[water splashing]
[soft melodic music]
[children chattering]
[helicopter whirring]
[soft melodic music]
April, it's your Aunt
Rose, happy birthday.
I just wanted to wish
you a happy birthday.
Your mum would be so proud of you,
she'd be so proud of the
woman that you're becoming.
Anyway, just gotta keep
away from those boys.
Happy birthday.
[soft melodic music]
[phone ringing]
[man knocking]
[door clicking]
[Loan Shark] Hello, David,
I hope you've got my money.
It's my daughter's birthday today.
I-I just need a little
bit more time, that's all.
Banging on about time, time's up.
You can't barge in
here, look, excuse me.
You don't understand.
If you can't make arrangements
to make this payment,
I'm gonna rearrange your face.
[objects banging]
[David] You can't take that.
You can't take that, it's
my wife's wedding ring.
[Loan Shark] She don't need this.
[soft tense music]
That'll do for now.
There better be more.
Do yourself a favor, pay up.
[door slamming]
[car rumbling quietly]
Hey, hey, Myles.
You can't just pick and choose, Vickie.
I just-just-just need
a little, you know?
A little taster, yeah?
Just need a little hit, you know?
You made your bed, you can
fucking lie in it, can't you?
Myles, come on, I just
need a little, just, just-
- Here, I got a line for you.
Come here, babe.
Fucking state of that.
Vickie the fucking Lickie.
You got something, you
got a little something?
Yeah, I've got something.
Are you hungry?
So fucking hungry.
- Yeah?
- Hungry.
I've got some food for you.
But he's right, he's
right, you left the family.
It wasn't like that.
I'm sorry, I just-just, if
I could just, just one hit.
[soft tense music]
- [Vickie groaning]
- One more, one more, yeah?
Listen, you're gonna
get back to work, yeah?
But I want you to beg.
[Vickie] Uh, Tommy, you're hurting me.
And cluck like a chicken.
[soft tense music]
Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck,
cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck.
[Cole laughing]
- Louder.
- Cluck, cluck, cluck.
[Tommy imitating chicken]
[Cole laughing]
Cluck, cluck, cluck.
[Tommy] Cluck!
Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck.
That's enough, that's enough.
Just-just a hit.
Now look.
- Is that what you want?
- Yeah.
You're gonna go and
see your old mate, Barry
and then I'll sort you out later.
[Cole] Vickie the
fucking Lickie. [laughing]
Shut up, Cole!
Why didn't you tell me about the debt?
Didn't want you to worry.
Look, forget about
that, come and sit down.
It's your birthday.
I'm sorry it's not wrapped,
I spent all the money on the contents.
Thanks, Dad.
How did you know I wanted
these ones? [laughing]
I'm a dad, I know everything.
- Oh, thanks.
- Happy birthday, Princess.
Thanks, Dad.
Listen, you'd best get off, sweetheart.
Don't want you being late for school.
It really pisses me off how
they'll never be stopped
We're paying for this shit
And we're the ones getting robbed
It's really pissing me off
how they'll never be stopped
We're paying for this shit
And we're the ones
getting robbed, look
We're the new shit,
we're the revolution
We've all come to the conclusion
Yeah, when I say Monday,
I don't mean fucking mean
Thursday, do I, Moby, fucking-
What the fuck are you doing?
Didn't mean to bother you, mate.
No, you fucking don't.
Yeah, don't fuck about with Monday.
[men scuffling]
I'm telling you Monday,
Thursday don't fucking work for me, man,
I've got shit to be doing.
- Please, what?
- Drop the hands, come on.
That's it, smile.
Too bad.
[both laughing]
- No, stop, please.
- Yeah yeah, yeah yeah.
- Yes, you can.
- Please?
Come on.
[Sarah] Where's it going?
- It's just-
- You're just gonna keep it.
Yeah, come on.
[both laughing]
Fucking cunt! Give me that.
Myles, what-what are you doing?
[foot stamping]
- [soft tense music]
- Fucking sit down, yeah!
That cost me a fortune, mate.
[Myles] Come on, you fucking cunt.
[man thudding into wall]
What the fuck are you
doing lurking round here?
I didn't realize I was on tag.
It's not like that.
Yeah, you keep your
fucking eyes off her, yeah?
Or I'll gouge your fucking eyes out!
Understand me?
[soft tense music]
You'd better.
- You stay away from her.
- I was just passing by.
I only gave her a ciggie.
You keep your fucking hands off her.
In fact, I don't wanna see
you round here ever again.
- Understand?
- Yeah.
- Understand?
- Yeah.
Do you see your legs? Fucking use them.
You know, you don't eat the cake, Myles,
but you serve it up.
[Sarah] What's your problem?
What the fuck are you doing around here
with your tits hanging out?
Cover yourself up, fucking
naughty people about.
That's how it goes, is it?
You come back and suddenly
you call the shots, mate?
Yeah, well, I'm not your mate, am I?
You're so controlling.
You're just like him.
Fuck off, Sarah.
I'm nothing like him.
What have you been doing anyway?
Just working.
- Doing what?
- Just bits and bobs.
Fuck off, Mum.
What have you been doing anyway?
Same old.
Does it make you happy then?
What does?
Your job.
Pays the bills, don't it?
Why is it always about money with you?
It's not gonna fix anything.
Nobody does bits and bobs,
goes from doing fuck-all
in his life to getting anything he wants.
What's your secret?
Sometimes people have to do things
that they don't like, Sarah, you know.
So who's got a gun to your head?
Oh shut up, you're
giving me an headache.
I hear things.
You shouldn't believe
everything you hear, should you?
Don't worry, it's nothing bad.
I've got a party later, might be fun.
Hm, well, just be
careful, watch your drink.
What do you mean?
I mean sometimes,
boys will do anything to
get what they want, hm?
What, like sex?
Ah, yeah, yeah.
[car horn tooting]
That's my mate, I've gotta go.
[soft melodic music]
You're proper fucked up,
but I love you.
See you.
I'll be watching you.
Watch yourself.
[car rumbling quietly]
[TV broadcasting quietly]
[quiet video game music]
Pick your things up, Jake.
You know they cost a lot of
money, look at this mess.
Look, I'm trying to watch the box
and all I've got is your fat arse
going in and out of the screen.
Why don't you have a jog in the park?
Get rid of some of that flab,
make me sick looking at you.
Women, boy, they do your fucking head in.
You're gonna be like your old
dad though, aren't you, ey?
Look at me.
Look at me!
Oh, we've got a you an'all, have we, ey?
Yeah, go on, get out of my sight, go on!
Fucking fairy!
See what you influence?
Vince, he's just a baby.
That hole in your head is
for one thing, so shut it.
[children playing]
I don't raise faggots.
It's just men in this household.
- [door clicking]
- Here he is.
[door thudding]
Come here. [laughing]
Come here.
- [Jake groaning softly]
- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa what's the matter?
Nothing, I'm glad you're here.
Sorry, mate, I've er,
I've just missed you, innit?
Why aren't you out there
with your mates, anyway?
They've gone out with their family.
Family time, ey?
Look, I'm not here anymore,
so it's your job to keep the
family safe, alright, Jake?
I do, look at my muscle.
I mean, wow, yeah, have
you been working out, mate?
I wanna be like you.
Listen, Jake, you don't
need to be anyone else.
Just be yourself.
[soft tense music]
[muffled people shouting]
[laughs] It's like
looking in the mirror,
but without the stupid face.
Got a little bit more ink,
have you, make you look tough?
[Vince laughing]
Oi, the other one's here!
[TV broadcasting quietly]
[Helen] Hello, son.
Do you think we look alike?
You have the same eyes.
New rule, after today,
you are not welcome.
Tough shit.
[TV broadcasting quietly]
Are you talking back to me, boy?
Yeah, I'm talking.
One breath and you'll
feel the back of my hand.
[soft tense music]
Well, come on!
Fucking blink!
[soft tense music]
Leave it out, Vince.
Yeah, you're nothing but a pussy.
The apple hasn't got far to fall,
but [scoffs] I don't see it.
Me neither.
Well, don't stand there
looking like a fucking killer.
You've got about as much killer
in you as a fucking fart!
You're as limp as a faggot's
cock who can't fuck a whore!
Go and put the fucking dinner on!
[crowd cheering on TV]
Like the place?
Makes it more homelier, doesn't it?
You can't hide behind the color, Mum.
It's fine, I'm used to this.
Ain't it about time you got out?
That's some fat chance.
[Myles] So what are you gonna do,
just sit around for the next show?
No, I'm sticking around in my home,
bringing up my children
the best way I can.
Have you come here to have a go at me?
'Cause I get enough of
that from him in there!
You have no idea what
it's like to be trapped.
Yes, I fucking do!
Let's not forget that I
was a part of this once.
I have seen things,
seen things that a child
shouldn't fucking see, Mum.
I know.
We can't change the bad,
but we could stop doing more of it.
I'm sorry, son, I know
that doesn't take it away,
but it's a start.
I've told you, you don't
worry about my life,
worry about yours and who you are.
I'm worried about Jake.
He hasn't got a choice like you do.
Have you seen Chelsea?
What's the girl's problem?
What is it that you've done so bad?
Don't know.
[soft tense music]
You're my son, regardless
of what you've done,
I will always love you.
Here he is. Don't you
think he's got big, Myles?
Do you think he's got all grown up?
[soft melodic music]
He's just like you when you was that age,
always banging yourself.
Listen to me, Jake, go to
your room, play your computer
and put your fucking
headphones on, alright?
What the fuck?
Don't be silly, I couldn't let that-
- You let it happen before!
So why don't you shut the fuck up
about nothing gets past you, ey?
[hand slapping]
[Helen sobbing]
If it wasn't him giving me a clump,
it was fucking you, wasn't it?
I, through this, have love,
so you don't know anything
about that bastard in there.
[Helen sobbing]
You fucking won't get anymore.
All I have left
is the respect for my children.
If that's gone, I might
as well not be here.
That's why I'm asking you
to remember he's your father.
[Helen sobbing]
[traffic rumbling quietly]
You've been busy?
[traffic rumbling quietly]
[soft melodic music]
[Myles sighing]
Birthday girl, ey?
You wanna watch this one,
Myles, she might catch you out.
How's about next time, you
just give me the information
and be on your fucking way, right?
What makes you think
there's gonna be a next time?
Thinking of having a go, are you?
You fancy dipping your
toe in the other side?
I ain't like you, mate.
[laughs] That's what they all say.
Oh and you dropped this
last time I saw you.
[soft tense music]
[Myles breathing heavily]
[sirens wailing in distance]
[rain pattering]
[door clicking]
[door thudding]
Let's have a look then.
She goes to your school.
[soft tense music]
I grew up with this girl,
that's-that's my best friend.
Nice, get it done.
Myles, I-I can't do that.
Look, don't fuck with me, Chloe, yeah?
Just, just tell Grant.
[hands thudding]
Look, there's no fucking
just about it, alright?
She's been selected.
[soft tense music]
Myles, I'm begging you,
I can't do that to her.
That girl's been through hell already,
I can't do that to her, anyone,
but not her, I won't do it.
Yeah, you've got no
choice, Chloe, have you?
Otherwise he's gonna come down on someone
- that you fucking love.
- I'm not doing it.
[soft tense music]
Just tell her,
that you know someone
that has changed your life
for the better, hm,
and I'll do the rest.
[thunder rumbling]
Hm? You know this works, Chloe,
'cause if you don't, you may find yourself
back in the gutter, the choice is yours.
[car door clicking]
[thunder rumbling]
[car door thudding]
[Helen] We can't change the bad,
but we could stop doing more of it.
[soft melodic music]
[laughs] We so nearly got caught.
I did say I'd get those things, Juice.
[April] Well, if you turned
up to class more often,
maybe you would.
What have you guys
been getting up to then?
- Oh, science test.
- Oh my gosh,
don't even, yeah.
I had to go and speak
to Mr. Jones about that.
No, I don't think so. [laughing]
- Yeah, yeah, see you.
- Bye.
[door thudding]
April, is there anyone in the bathrooms?
It's not a big deal, right,
I know this guy and sometimes
he gives me jobs to do.
What jobs?
If I tell you, you can't tell anyone,
- you have to promise.
- I promise.
[soft tense music]
It's not a big deal, right,
I just, I smuggle some drugs.
- What?
- Ssh!
Do you know how dangerous that is?
But I got away with it,
I made two grand, April.
Do you know what we can do with that?
Yeah and other things sometimes.
[soft tense music]
Look, I've been doing this a while now.
[school bell ringing]
I do not lie, you read about
Got the peas and the greens in style
[car rumbling quietly]
You bet a penny in cash
Got one?
No. [laughing]
You'd better give me your why
Much better than that
[knuckles rapping]
Nevermind that, got no pizazz
Not even me with a high tale rat
It's not got the sauce
for your bangers and mash
What you doing here, ey?
Well, I've got to say,
yous two don't half look dodge, don't you?
Who's the new squeal?
Don't worry, just the
new kid on the block.
I thought I'd take him on
a little detour, you know,
show him some of the scum on the streets.
[police radio broadcasting quietly]
Yeah, well, they'd better
not be too enthusiastic,
know what I'm saying, Piggy?
[police radio broadcasting quietly]
[Piggy] It's double next time.
- Dickhead. [laughing]
- I think you'll find
you're the dickhead, you little maggot.
Now how about you get out of
this car and I make an example
out of you in front of my
new boy, ey, fancy that?
- Just chill, man, be easy.
- Yeah, I'll be easy,
when I stick this right up your rear end,
right up your black fucking box.
[police radio broadcasting quietly]
Try and be a little bit
more discreet, Myles,
your name keeps popping up.
And as for you, Cole,
don't forget to pick up your arsehole
and get out of this motor.
[hand tapping]
He'll be laughing on the
other side of his face,
when I serve him up, fucking prick.
[lighter clicking]
[car door clicking]
[police radio broadcasting quietly]
All good?
[car door thudding]
[soft melodic music]
Just some local rats.
You've got to know how
to control these animals.
[soft melodic music]
I'm really busy actually.
I can't believe I'm not
gonna see you tomorrow,
I know, I'm so sorry.
I haven't seen my cousin in ages though.
I know.
Can't get out of it again, so.
[April laughing]
Anyways, look, listen, yeah, um,
- this is for you.
- Fuck, Chloe?
Turn around.
[bag unzipping]
[bag zipping]
No, seriously though,
look, happy birthday.
Alright, I love you, I've got
to go, I'm sorry I can't come.
I've been, um, meaning to ask you
about the marks on your arm.
Oh, um, no, that's, um,
that's nothing, it's just Molly,
like she's getting like
proper vicious lately.
Right, I've gotta go, love you.
[April] Chloe.
[soft melodic music]
Oi, piece of trash!
Oi, heard it's your birthday today?
What's Daddy gonna get you, hm?
Apple and a pair of socks?
And what about Mummy? Oh, I forgot, she's-
- [April] Don't talk about my mum.
Who the fuck are you pushing?
Don't talk about my mum like that ever.
Who the fuck are you pushing?
[April grunting]
Come here.
[car doors clicking]
[car doors thudding]
[girls grunting]
Girls, oi, oi, break it up.
[soft melodic music]
You ask what's in her bag!
- Do one!
- Sod off.
You alright?
Listen, you don't have
to walk home on your own,
if you don't want to, I'll
give you a lift if you want.
It's alright, I'll walk.
Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- Because if you go home
in a little bit of a state to your dad,
how's that gonna make me feel, alright?
I just don't like seeing girls upset.
Tell you what, why don't
me and my chauffeur
drive alongside you as
you walk on your own,
that way I know that
you get home safe, yeah?
Come on then.
[soft melodic music]
[car rumbling quietly]
This your house then, yeah?
Listen, if you need
anything and I mean anything,
just give me a shout, yeah?
I got you something.
Happy birthday.
Why did you get me a card?
How did you know it's my birthday?
Just a little something my mum taught me
before she went away, a lie.
Thanks, Myles.
[Myles] See you later.
[car rumbling quietly]
[car horn tooting]
[soft melodic music]
[window thudding quietly]
Hi sweetheart.
Hey, Dad.
[door thudding]
- How was school?
- It was good.
Who was that?
Just a friend.
I told you if you need picking
up to just give me a call.
You're getting to that age now
and these boys, especially ones like that-
- What do you mean?
Dinner will be ready soon.
It's alright, Dad,
I'm around boys all day.
[soft tense music]
Pretty girl, she should do well.
So tell me, this girl, have
you done your research?
There ain't gonna be no dramas, Grant.
You know it's all in the selection.
Can't have no live wires.
That ain't gonna happen again.
She ain't got no brothers,
she lives with her dad.
They're in debt.
You know, guys fall in
love with what they see,
girls falls in love with what they hear.
Tell that girl what she want to hear,
make love to her mind
and her body will follow.
[alcohol pouring]
You stay on top of things
and one day you ll be sitting
on this side of the table.
[soft melodic music]
Did I do good?
It was too good.
[Kimmy laughing]
[soft melodic music]
You'd best get going,
you've got another session.
Myles, I-I don't feel well.
[Myles breathing deeply]
Like I said, I think
you should get going.
Better get changed out
of my uniform then, ey?
[Myles laughing]
[Myles] No, you don't,
he wants you in your uniform.
[fireworks exploding]
Okay, I'd better get
going then, alright.
[snapping fingers]
[soft melodic music]
[Kimmy sighing]
[fireworks exploding]
[hand slapping]
[Kimmy gasping]
[soft melodic music]
[fireworks exploding]
[flesh slapping]
[both grunting]
Don't come in me, Cole.
Nothing I checked,
all clear to deal with.
[soft melancholic music]
And don't contact me until the job's done.
[lighter clicking]
And if you get clocked.
[door clicking]
If she gets clocked, what?
[soft melodic music]
Look, I ain't about having
to get messy again, alright.
Well, our Chloe ain't like that, is she?
you don't fucking touch
her like that again,
do you understand me, yeah?
[Cole disdainfully
sucking air through teeth]
[door clicking]
[door thudding]
[melodic orchestral music]
Are you sure you're alright?
Collect yourself
and do your fucking
business, darling, yeah?
Yeah, good girl.
[melodic orchestral music]
[soft melancholic music]
She's been selected.
Ooh, lover
Just tell her that you know someone
that has changed your life for the better.
Ooh, lover
You know how this works, Chloe.
[hand slapping]
[soft melodic music]
[melodic orchestral music]
Ooh, lover
Ooh, lover
She loves
[soft orchestral music]
[Myles] Hey, April,
I just thought I'd give you a call,
I've been, ah, thinking
about you quite a bit.
Yeah, you seem to have, you
know, left a bit of an imprint.
I don't know, you know, we're,
ah, we're friends right,
but there's something special about you.
Yeah, you've got that light in your eyes.
But um, listen, I heard about your dad
having troubles with debt and stuff.
I just wanted to let you
know that I've sorted it,
I've sorted it for you.
I wanna be there for you, you know?
For all of you,
through the good and the bad.
So yeah, I'll meet you after school,
but you need to, ah,
you need to understand
that this needs to be really hush hush.
I'm quite a private guy, you know.
You understand, right?
Bye, chat to you later.
How's she getting on?
She's doing alright, Tommy,
she's coming on just fine.
You know, there's money in
what we do with these girls,
but there's more money in boys.
You're sick, bruv.
No, we're all the same.
Oh, liven up, Myles.
Blame yourself, mate.
I mean, it ain't my fault you
couldn't stand up your old man
when he was knocking your mum about.
That's why I'm asking you to leave it.
Remember he's your father. [sobbing]
[soft tense music]
[TV broadcasting quietly]
Go on, Myles, go and get the correcter,
'cause you're gonna need
correcting, ain't you?
[TV broadcasting quietly]
[soft tense music]
[leather strap creaking]
[train rumbling]
What do you want now? It'd
better be fucking worth it.
I just like, just come
to see how she's doing.
She ain't stopped talking about you.
Well then, you've got your answer then.
[siren wailing]
But it's a bit difficult
listening to my mate
rattle off about how into you she is,
not knowing the truth.
[soft melodic music]
So what are you saying?
Look, just keep your fucking gob shut.
I don't want to have to tell Grant,
that we've got someone
we need to worry about.
These are people's lives.
Fucking listen, listen carefully.
This job, yeah, keeps you
fed, keeps you clothed.
You want out?
Well, take a walk to
Grant, but I guarantee
you'll be floating down
the Thames by the morning.
[soft orchestral music]
[Myles knocking]
[Chelsea] I'm telling you once, go away.
- I just wanna talk.
- Look, you can throw
all the excuses that you want,
but it doesn't change what
you are or what you've done.
Look, this ain't about me and you.
[Chelsea] I'll call the police
and you really don't want that.
Oh, the good, old police?
Look, just come out from
behind the door, Chelse.
[Chelsea] No, sorry, don't trust you.
God knows what you're capable of.
I've told you, that's not me.
Do you know what?
[door unlocking]
[door clicking]
Are you fucking deluded?
You've gone, mate, you're fucking warped.
You could be a liar, a cheat, a bully,
but what you do, that is summat else,
that I don't want my son doing.
Our son.
[baby crying]
Do you see what you do?
[sighs] I just wanna see my son, Chelse.
You're not needed here anymore, go away.
[soft melancholic music]
Buying your love?
I wonder where you get that from.
Just take it.
I don't want your filthy fucking money!
[baby crying]
Your money can't dry the tears
of the people's lives
that you are destroying.
Do you not fucking get it?
It doesn't matter where you go,
this is gonna follow you everywhere.
You can't run away from it,
Myles, because it's in you,
it's infected in your blood.
And let's be honest,
what kind of dad are you gonna be anyway?
You see a pound sign in everything.
I don't know, maybe one day,
when it happens to someone that you love,
you'll feel summat, but until then,
you're numb, dumb, you're
fucking rotten to the core.
Now get the fuck out of my life!
[soft orchestral music]
Go on then.
Do it!
[soft orchestral music]
That's not me.
[Chelsea sobbing]
It's not me.
It's only a matter of time,
before it's on the list though, innit?
There is no good in you, Myles,
I feel sorry for you and
your fucked up family.
Just fuck off, please.
[door slamming]
[melodic orchestral music]
[motorcycle whirring]
[traffic rumbling quietly]
[car horns tooting]
[train brakes screeching]
Oi, you, mate?
Why are you boys running
off like that, ey, man?
They're scared.
You scared of us?
This kid's brave, yo,
we should give you a slap.
- I'll slap you back.
- What?
Yo, chill, bruv, chill, bruv.
What are you getting brave for?
My mum says, "Don't let anyone hit you,
no matter how big they are."
[both laughing]
Come here, young blood.
You know who I am then?
[Boy] Everyone knows you.
Why are you walking
round in dusty crips, yeah?
My mum can't buy me new ones.
You seen this car?
Seen my man's watch?
[traffic rumbling]
Alright, I might have a job for you.
Go to the list of these addresses, yeah?
Come back here, eight o'clock,
I'll have your brand,
spanking pair of trainers,
how does that sound?
[traffic rumbling quietly]
[soft tense music]
[car door thudding]
[soft orchestral music]
I want that all gone.
You don't come back 'til it's all shifted,
do you understand?
[crowd cheering on TV]
Do you understand?
What's funny?
[TV broadcasting quietly]
Ask him why he's laughing at me.
Ask him.
What are you...
Ask him.
Why are you laughing?
[controller buttons clicking]
[soft tense music]
Do you think I'm a joke?
Oh, come on, T, man, allow him.
Do you think I'm a joke?
[soft tense music]
Laugh now, go on.
You think, you think, you think
I'm fucking messing about right now?
Listen to me, oi, listen to me,
you're in my fucking yard, bruv, yeah,
in my yard, you do as I
say, do you understand?
Do you understand?
[Cole thudding into wall]
'Cause I swear I'll break you, man.
Get the fuck out and shift the gear now!
[soft tense music]
It's sweet, Alex, man,
yeah, it's cool, man.
Come here.
I want you to look after him, yeah?
We're family.
[soft tense music]
[hands slapping]
You know what?
I find you really
interesting, you know that?
I shouldn't really say this,
but you've been on my mind all day.
[April laughing]
Haven't you got a beautiful smile as well?
Stop it.
You know what, let
me take a photo of you,
let me have a photo of that smile.
Come on.
[April sighing]
[camera clicking]
There we go.
[phone thudding quietly]
[Myles sighing heavily]
[soft melodic music]
I need to ask a favor, I
know we're not like that,
but I...
I need to get it done tonight.
I've got to go visit my
nan in hospital, you know
and she ain't got long.
I ain't got no one else to ask.
I would ask Cole, but you know.
You know, I can't ask you
to do that, look, I'm sorry.
I'll do it.
Are you sure?
Right, yeah, I'll text
you the address, alright?
[soft melodic music]
[traffic rumbling quietly]
You're so beautiful, you know.
- You're special.
- Just shut up.
[dog barking in distance]
[doorbell ringing]
I'm here to see Tommy.
[door buzzing]
[door clicking]
[Tommy] Who is it?
A newbie.
[door thudding]
I've got a package for Tommy.
[Tommy] So you must be April then?
[lighter clicking]
[soft melodic music]
[lighter clicking]
[door clicking]
Move out of the way,
move out of the way.
Got anything on you, no?
[April] Look.
- It's alright.
- Look.
Yeah, she's fine.
[soft tense music]
[plastic bag rustling]
There you go.
[plastic bag rustling]
[bag zipping]
[Tommy's Girlfriend]
What are you doing here?
- I was just helping a friend.
- Just go,
you're too young for this, look at me.
Is this what you want to do yourself?
Do this?
[door clicking]
- Just go, just go.
- Okay, I'm going.
- Just go.
- Hang on a minute, hang on.
[soft orchestral music]
You'll go when I tell you to go.
[door thudding]
I want her.
Is she experienced?
How much is she?
Five pills.
You wanna have sex with her,
it's gonna cost you more.
She's a virgin.
Babe, look, go and, go and
make me something to eat, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
What are you still doing here?
Oh, I was leaving.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
[Tommy] I think you want something.
- No.
- Yeah.
- No?
- No.
I know what you want.
- [April groaning]
- Hey, what you doing?
Ah, argh!
[intense music]
Hold on a minute,
he did what?
I'm not having that.
For fuck's sake!
Oh, shit, shit, shit.
I'm sorry you had to
go through that, babe.
You must've been so scared.
No one does that to my girl.
My girl?
Yeah, you are my girlfriend, right?
Yeah, I mean, I don't
know what that means,
- I don't understand-
- It means
that I take care of you.
Look, I know this is gonna
sound really stupid again,
I've been with quite a
lot of women and no one,
I mean no one
has ever made me feel
the way that you
make me feel.
[soft melodic music]
I got you something.
[drawer clicking]
Now, here's the hard bit, I
always struggle with these.
[April laughing]
[soft melodic music]
And that
is for
Thank you, I love it.
[handcuffs clicking]
[police radio broadcasting quietly]
Just try and relax, yeah, stay calm.
I'm sure she'll be fine.
This isn't like her,
she would never do this.
Yeah, I know the feeling.
[soft melodic music]
She's 15, right?
[sighing] What was you doing at 15?
Think about it.
[Myles grunting]
She's probably out
there now getting knocked.
[both grunting]
She's probably round her
boyfriend's, that's all.
How dare you talk about
my daughter like that.
I'm making a complaint.
We'll process that accordingly.
It will need to be processed
down at the station now.
However, I do have some questions for you
about Myles Coleridge.
Where on earth have you
been? We've been worried sick.
My phone died and the
trains were slow, I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm-I'm sorry we wasted your time.
No, no, that's fine,
I'm glad she's safe.
Excuse me, miss, I have
some questions for you.
[both grunting]
[soft tense music]
[Helen] What is it
that you've done so bad?
[Vince] Do you think we look alike?
[Chelsea] You can't
run away from it, Myles,
because it's in you, it's
infected in your blood.
[both grunting]
[Chelsea] You're numb, dumb,
you're fucking rotten to the core.
Now get the fuck out of my life!
[tense melodic music]
[Myles breathing heavily]
What's up?
April, I don't want you
seeing that guy anymore.
That's the end of it.
Well, he's a friend.
What's a man like that doing
wooing little girls anyway?
I'm not a little girl.
- Yeah.
- You know nothing about him.
Look, sweetheart, I saw
you in the car with him.
I didn't come over, because
I didn't wanna embarrass you,
but something doesn't feel
right, April, something's off.
[soft melodic music]
You know what?
For the first time in a
long time, I feel happy.
[soft melodic music]
Why you going soft, babe?
Do you think I'm a fucking faggot?
- Ey?
- No, I was...
Do you think we're here
for a fucking chitchat?
Ey, do you? [breathing heavily]
You come here, you get fucked
and then you get paid.
That's it, understand?
[hand slapping]
Now finish off.
[soft melodic music]
[baby crying]
[Chelsea] Maybe one day, when it happens
to someone that you
love, you'll feel summat.
[soft melodic music]
[lighter clicking]
[soft orchestral music]
[child laughing]
[soft orchestral music]
[people shouting indistinctly]
- [door clicking]
- Tommy!
[Tommy] It's not
fucking all sorted, babe!
[door slamming]
[people shouting indistinctly]
[soft orchestral music]
[Tommy's girlfriend crying]
[sirens wailing in distance]
Don't start that, don't,
don't fucking start all that with me.
[Tommy's girlfriend crying]
We'll see someone go.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, like we do, yeah?
[Tommy's girlfriend screaming]
[dramatic orchestral music]
[Tommy's girlfriend crying]
Shut up crying.
Shut up!
[Tommy's girlfriend crying]
[soft orchestral music]
[traffic rumbling quietly]
[Chloe] April.
- Hey.
- Hey, Chlo.
- Are you alright?
- Yeah, I'm alright, you?
Look, I wanted to talk to you actually,
but I, I've been trying
to find the right time.
He's always there, isn't he?
Mate, what are you doing?
You and Myles.
You don't know what you're
getting yourself involved with.
What are you trying to do, Chloe?
Break me and Myles up?
Yeah, I am, I'm trying
to help my friend.
- You're not together.
- Yes, we are.
Shows how much you know,
I'm his girlfriend.
No, not in his head.
Look, you don't know him like I do.
I wish I'd never told you
about anything I was doing now.
He's my boyfriend,
you're just jealous of us,
you don't like it that
he wants to be with me.
You are so wrong.
You don't know nothing.
He's 27-years old, April
and it gets better.
[soft orchestral music]
That little bracelet he gave you,
he gave me one as well,
told me I was special and I was beautiful
and all the rest of that crap.
You ain't special to him,
- you're one of many.
- You know what?
If you're just trying to ruin my life,
- then you can't be in it.
- No.
For the first time, I feel wanted.
Well, he's been there for
me, he's been helping me.
- That's not true, is it?
- Just leave me alone.
I don't wanna hear this anymore.
- April, listen to me.
- I don't want to.
[soft orchestral music]
I'm starting to see more
and more of you, Myles.
In all my wisdom, that is not a good sign.
What can I do for you?
Tommy's being a bit
rough with the girls.
That's the process.
It's always been that way, you know this.
Sometimes the girls, they need a clump.
Tommy's got the right attitude.
Get April through her first round,
once she get hook, job done, move on.
There ain't nothing new here, Myles.
[Myles sighs heavily]
I er, I was thinking of
taking a little break, Grant.
[soft melodic music]
No problem, nice to have a holiday.
Give you some time to reflect
on that attitude of yours.
[sirens wailing in distance]
It's not like I don't
appreciate all you've done,
you know that, I just
need to sort my life out.
Your life is sorted,
it got sorted, when I sorted it.
You need to sort out your emotions,
you sound like a girl.
Don't worry, Grant, I just think-
- No, no, no, no, we both been
rocked now, park your arse.
[Chloe knocking]
[door clicking]
Hello, Chloe, April's not here.
No, um, I didn't come to
see April actually, David,
I wanted to come and talk
to you about something.
It's April, she isn't safe.
What do you mean?
Where is she?
No, I don't mean like that
and I don't know right now,
but she's not safe being with Myles.
Look, this is Myles' address, okay,
you didn't get it from me though.
He's dangerous, you're gonna
have to get her away from him,
but I don't know how you're gonna do that,
she's too far in now.
What do you mean too far in?
Chloe, Chloe, Chloe.
Get off me, David.
I've known you for years, come on,
you've known me since
you were a little girl.
Tell me please.
Please, come on.
Sex, drugs, she's doing wrong, David.
I need to go now.
[soft melodic music]
This girl, April, you
feel something toward her?
Don't be stupid, Grant.
Look at me, is she different?
She's just a job.
[soft tense music]
You know, I wasn't born
on a fucking banana boat.
You want out?
You used to be mustard.
Now you're turning into
this American, pickled,
watered down hot dog
shit, sweet, but no heat.
You grew a conscience.
I saved you, more, did you
a soft scheme into metal,
changed your tears for power
and now you wanna walk?
These are people's lives, Grant.
[hands thudding]
[soft tense music]
Tell our Myles about your life, Cindy,
before you met me.
The guy seem like him forget.
I had nothing, Myles, bouncing
around from home to home.
I'd sell sex for a score.
And now she gets
fucked and gets tenfold.
You see what I do with people's lives?
Say it!
My life's better now.
Fuck, you get me all passionate.
You can walk,
but what about your family, ey, Myles?
Your mummy,
Sarah, little Jake,
what if you find them in a bag?
Whoa, fuck me.
Someone's lit a match
under your arsehole, Grant
and there was me thinking
you'd lost it, ey? [chuckles]
[soft tense music]
Ah, oh, hello, who's this one then?
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!
Give us a little dance.
This one on the house, is it?
[hand slapping]
I'll stick it right up the back there.
You're a bit quiet, Myles.
You in the doghouse, are you? [chuckles]
that old man still throwing hands, is he?
- Hm.
- What can I do for you?
You can start by upping my lolly.
That's something we need to talk about.
That's what I'm here for.
You see, I want fucking double.
That's not how it works.
Listen, don't forget yourself.
Things are getting a bit top heavy down
the Old Bill station,
if you know what I mean.
You should know a good
thing when you have it.
I don't want fucking
good, I want better.
Seems like you want to
bite the hand that feed you.
You get a haircut and forget your place.
Yeah, well, you'd best not forget-
- I'd slow yourself down.
[soft tense music]
Yeah, well, I think it's you forgetting.
See, your world's gonna crumble.
All your dirty, little, fucking secrets
are gonna float off
like fucking boat floats
and you'll be left with fuck all.
[tense melodic music]
Am I getting it or what?
Yeah, you're gonna get it.
[gun firing]
[Cindy screaming]
Oh, what the fuck, what the fuck, Grant?
- [Cindy screaming]
- Ssh!
[intense melodic music]
There's only one way
in, Myles and one way out.
Do what you do best, you understand?
[soft orchestral music]
[birds chirping]
[children playing]
[Myles snorting cocaine]
[David knocking]
Ah! [sniffing]
[birds chirping]
[Myles sighing]
April's dad.
[lighter clicking]
What can I do for you?
Where's my daughter?
No idea, mate.
April, April!
Look, you can do whatever
it is you wanna do, alright,
but I want you to stay
away from my daughter.
Does your daughter really
wanna stay away from me, hm?
I'm not ideal, I know that,
but I ain't the worst.
We're in the jungle, mate
and I'm just one of the tigers, yeah.
I know all about you,
I'll call the police.
Oh, yeah?
[Myles blowing smoke]
And how's that working
out for you, ey, hm?
[cigarette hissing]
[Myles spitting]
[somber orchestral music]
S-stay away!
[Myles] How you doing, Alex?
Hm, scooch up.
How's your mum?
She's alright.
[Myles] How's the trainers keeping?
- Nice.
- Do you like them?
[Alex] Yeah.
So I've one more thing for you to do
and if you do this for me,
level two is completed.
[birds chirping]
Make sure you get a high score.
- Okay.
- Hm?
I'll text you in a bit, alright? Be good.
[traffic rumbling quietly]
[soft melodic music]
Ooh, lover
She loves
[Myles] Are you gonna answer that?
[April] No, it's probably my dad.
I'll just call him later, I'm with you.
[Myles] He probably just
wants to know that you're safe.
[April] Yeah, but I am safe.
[soft melodic music]
She's not answering.
[phone thudding quietly]
David, listen to me.
She's just at that age, do
you remember what I was like?
Yeah, but this is different,
I can't take this, Rose.
Come here, come here,
it's gonna be alright.
[David sobbing quietly]
It's gonna be alright.
[dog barking in distance]
[sirens wailing in distance]
[soft melodic music]
You look worried, Chlo.
I just feel so bad.
Look, she'll come round in the end.
You've got to look after number one,
just like you did.
You don't know her like that.
She ain't like me.
Just thought I'd bring you drinks up.
[April] Thanks.
Hm, hm, hm.
[glasses clinking]
[April laughing]
[glass shattering]
[dog barking]
[footsteps running]
[glass clinking]
[soft tense music]
[sighs] Chloe, get your
fucking arse in here right now!
[footsteps tapping]
Right fucking now!
Get our special girl
ready for fucking work.
What, what do you mean work, Myles?
You've got a fucking client waiting.
What does, what does that mean?
What? What are you fucking whatting?
Myles, what are you talking about?
- Myles, you're scaring me.
- You've got a fucking client.
[soft melodic music]
Do you remember your first time?
Do you remember your first time, Chloe?
- Yes, Myles, yes, yes.
- How was it, babe?
How fucking was it?
- Fine, fine.
- Yeah?
[soft melodic music]
She'll get fucking used to this, right?
- Sort her out.
- Myles.
Myles, what do you mean
client? No, get off me.
No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, I'm not doing it!
What, you fucking are!
[door slamming]
[girls speaking indistinctly]
- I can't, I can't.
- Stop, stop, you do, you do.
No, I'm not doing it!
Stop, stop, stop, it's alright,
it's alright, don't, stop.
Sit down.
It's gonna be alright.
[soft melodic music]
- It'll be alright, ssh!
- I'm not living like that.
- Ssh, ssh!
- We're meant to be-
- Ssh, you have to calm down.
[April sobbing]
- [door clicking]
- I have had e-fucking-nough!
Chloe, I fucking warned you!
[Chloe screaming]
[intense orchestral music]
Fucking bitch!
[kick thudding]
Fucking Tom!
[blow thudding]
[blow thudding]
- Shut your fucking face!
- Myles!
[Myles] Shut your fucking face!
Fucking bitch!
[Chloe screaming]
[blows thudding]
[Myles] I fucking warned you, girlie!
I fucking warned you!
I know this guy and sometimes
he gives me jobs to do.
[soft orchestral music]
Alright, I just don't
like seeing girls upset.
You're getting to that age now
and these boys, especially ones like that.
You don't know him like I do.
[soft melodic music]
[clock ticking]
[eerie melodic music]
[soft melodic music]
[Myles] Fuck's sake!
I've fucking had enough of the lot of you,
fucking cunts, you silly, fucking tart.
Stay, get out, fuck off!
[door slamming]
[soft melodic music]
[Chelsea] You can't
run away from it, Myles,
it's infected in your blood.
[Grant] What about your family?
What if you find them in a bag?
[Chelsea] What kind of
dad are you gonna be anyway?
There is no good in you, Myles.
[Myles] I fucking warned you,
didn't I, you fucking tart, ey?
[Helen] You have the same eyes.
You're just like him.
[Myles exhaling heavily]
[leather strap creaking]
[soft melodic music]
[Myles exhaling heavily]
- Myles.
- Fucking don't, Mum,
I'm gonna deal with this cunt.
[soft melodic music]
Go on then, fucking
blink. [breathing heavily]
- [blow thudding]
- Uh!
You fucking cunt, come on then!
[blows thudding]
Fucking come on!
- [blow thudding]
- Uh! [sobbing]
- Come here.
- Uh!
[Vince thudding to floor]
[kick thudding]
[kicks thudding]
[Vince groaning]
[intense melodic music]
[soft melodic music]
Now who's being corrected?
[Vince choking]
Stop, stop!
Please for Mummy!
[kicks thudding]
[Myles grunting]
[Jake] Myles, Myles, stop!
[Myles] Get off!
[kicks thudding]
[Myles grunting]
- Myles, stop!
- Stop!
[Vince groaning]
[Helen sobbing]
Jake, look at me, look at me.
That man is a fucking monster,
he is everything and I mean everything
that you don't wanna be.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
Now go to your room.
[footsteps running]
[Myles breathing heavily]
Do something, Myles,
do something. [sobbing]
[Vince groaning]
I just did.
[Helen sobbing]
[soft melodic music]
[Helen] Please do it!
[Helen knocking]
Do it!
[birds chirping]
[Myles knocking]
[door locking]
[Myles sighing]
[soft orchestral music]
Ooh, lover
[rain pattering]
Ooh, lover
[Man] You know, you
don't eat the cake, Myles,
you serve it up.
Ooh, lover
[rain pouring]
[car rumbling quietly]
Yeah, ah, bring her to me.
[car door thudding]
What's so important, you
bring me out in this weather?
[soft orchestral music]
[intense melodic music]
[thunder rumbling]
That thing better be loaded.
Think you have the guts?
What makes you think you can pop me here
and walk away alive, ey?
Yous a monster, Myles,
but you're no killer.
There's only one way in, Myles.
And one way out.
[guns firing]
[Grant thudding to ground]
[soft tense music]
[Myles gurgling]
[soft tense music]
[Myles gurgling]
[soft melodic music]
Sorry for what I've done.
I can't change the bad,
but I can stop doing more of it.
[soft melodic music]
[soft orchestral music]
Ooh, lover
Ooh, lover
Ooh, lover
Ooh, lover
She loves
Ooh, lover
Ooh, lover
She loves
Ooh, lover