Apur Sansar (1959) Movie Script

Thank you, sir
I wish you had stayed on
to take your degree
I couldn't afford to
But don't give up your writing
I remember your stories in the
college magazine about village life
They were very good. You know,
one can earn a living by writing
Satyajit Ray Productions presents
APUR SANSAR (The World of Apu)
Original story by
Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhyay
Apu: Soumitra Chatterji.
Aparna: Sharmila Tagore
Kajal: Aloke Chakravarty.
Pulu: Swapan Mukerji
Photography: Subrata Mitra
Art direction: Bansi Chandragupta
Sound recording: Durgadas Mitra
Film editing: Dulal Dutta
Production manager: Anil Chowdhury
Music: Ravi Shankar
Production, script and direction:
Satyajit Ray
Good morning. Sit down
What use will that be?
It will rest your legs
I haven't come up to rest my legs
You know very well why I'm here
I'm going to ask a straight question,
and I'd like a straight answer
- What is the date?
- The tenth
- How many months rent do you owe me?
- Three
That makes twenty-one rupees
Will you pay me now,
or shall I return this evening?
That makes three questions, not one
It's not fair
Many things are not fair
Is it fair
that I should house you for nothing?
That you should use electricity
all day without paying for it?
You have had education.
You have pictures
of great men on the wall
Is it fair
that you don't pay the rent?
It's a sign of greatness, you know
I, too, could turn a pretty phrase...
...but it would not be fit
for your young ears
Anyway, either I get my money
this evening...
...or I'll look for a new lodger
This letter is for you, not me
We're both Rays
We are pleased to accept your short
story "A Man of the Soil"...
...for publication in the next
issue of Sahityik
Not bad news, I hope
Why do you get so few letters?
Does nobody write to you?
I'd like to open a love letter
by mistake
Perhaps it's as well
I've experienced
matrimonial complications
You advertised for a teacher
- Intermediate Science
- No good, we want Matriculation
But I got that before Intermediate
What did the advertisement say?
It did specify Matriculation
Then why harp on Intermediate?
What's the point?
Would you work
for ten rupees a month?
I understand
you want someone in your factory.
I have Matriculation
Any experience of labelling?
No, but I can learn
Go through that door
and down the passage.
Take a look first
You're a fine friend.
Why didn't you tell me
you'd left the student hostel?
I've been searching north Calcutta
for you since four o'clock
I finally got your address from the
people you give private lessons to
What's so funny?
You've put on weight
I had.
I lost it these last three hours
Would you like tea at the cafe
around the corner?
All right.
But I've two tickets for
us to see Sadhabar Ekadashi
Is this a hideout? Are you
forging banknotes or something?
I wish I could
And you cook for yourself?
I'll cook you a meal one day:
Rice and potatoes
What about the railway job?
I thought you'd got it
There was a strike on, and they
wanted people as strike-breakers
So you've been unemployed?
I give some private lessons
- How much do you make?
- Fifteen rupees a month
Didn't you learn to type?
Yes, I thought it might be useful
Good. I'll get you a job
as soon as we return
Where are we going?
You'll come with me to my cousin
Aparna's wedding on Monday
- Where?
- Just for a few days
- But where?
- Khulna.
It's a hundred miles away
You'll love it there
An old-world village,
a lovely river with boats on it
Fields of grass and paddy.
Bamboo groves, mango orchards
Doesn't it tempt you?
Trees full of birds:
Magpies, thrushes, nightingales
And in the evening,
fireflies and oil lamps aglow
No electricity
Doesn't it sound tempting?
You'll come, won't you?
Take me back to thy lap,
O Mother Earth
Take back thy son and wrap him
in thine ample robe.
Let me be one with the soil,
and spread myself
Far and wide,
like the joys of spring,
let me burst the heart's narrow cage
reak down the stonewalls of self
and the cheerless prison of the mind
To rush forth in a rapture of delight
And flow to the far ends of the earth,
surging, billowing, rolling on
A policeman
Who's there?
I Am Mainaak,
son of the Himalayas,
hiding my wings in the sea
What's come over you?
You sound
as if you've had too much to drink
I don't think I'll take that job
Don't be absurd
Why should I become a clerk?
There is no reason why I should
I'm a free man, without ties,
no one to worry about
Why should I become a clerk?
But you can't keep pawning books
to pay the rent
- Things will change
- Not without a job
Listen, those with real talent...
Needn't eat?
Apurba Kumar Ray
Make fun of me, but just wait and see
Something up your sleeve?
Some new poems?
You're too prosaic
You'll go abroad,
become an engineer,
get a fat job and settle down
So I'm prosaic? That's gratitude!
Who took you in hand in Calcutta?
Country bumpkin scared of the traffic
Who read your first short story,
and what did he say about it?
Don't get so worked up
Do you know why I feel so elated?
I've had my first good meal
for months, thanks to you
Well, are you writing anything?
A wonderful novel
Why didn't you tell me?
- Do you know a good publisher?
- No problem
A boy
A village boy.
Poor, but sensitive
Father, a priest. He dies
The boy doesn't want to be a priest.
He wants to study, he's ambitious
He studies
In the process, I see him struggle
He sheds superstition and prejudice
He takes nothing on trust
He tries to be rational
He has imagination,
he's intrigued by little things
He has greatness in him, perhaps.
He has the ability to create
But he doesn't
Right, but that's not a tragedy
He remains poor, in want
But he doesn't turn from life,
he doesn't want to escape
He is fulfilled, he wants to live
This is autobiography
Partly, but there are imaginary
characters, plot, love...
What do you know of love?
You've never been
within ten paces of a girl
It's not that easy,
you have no experience
- Is imagination worth nothing?
- Not where love is concerned
- You're quite wrong
- I'm absolutely right
How much further wilt thou lead me,
O Fair One?
Tell me what shore thy golden boat
will touch
Whatever I ask thee, O thou
from distant lands
Thou smilest in thine own sweet way
And I can never know
what is in thy mind
Silently, thou liftest a finger
pointing to the trackless, wild sea
As, far to the west,
the sun goes down in the sky
What lies there?
What do we go to seek?
Tell me, I pray thee,
O stranger fair
Where, at the edge of evening,
glows the day...
Give me your hand
Wonderful. Really wonderful
Look who is here!
It's Pulu, and not alone
I hope the journey was not
too unpleasant for city people
My youngest son, Murari.
He's studying at Daulatpur College
Take his luggage
My aunt
It's a pity you didn't think of him
as a possible son-in-law
Where have I seen him before?
Lmpossible. He's never been here
But I know his face so well
Yes, I saw a picture of Lord Krishna
looking just like him
Lord Krishna...
...complete with his flute
Binu, my son, come out now
What's wrong? Isn't he well?
It's nothing. The sun was so hot
The long journey and the fasting
must have upset him
Bring water, and a fan
This is a fine wedding
That boy is insane
Who says so? He is perfectly sane.
The journey and the heat...
If you don't stop the wedding, I will
But the auspicious hour is passing
Leave this room!
It's you who is mad
When the hour has passed,
my daughter will never marry
Isn't there another auspicious hour,
at ten?
Don't ask me. This means ruin for me
Have I missed the ceremony?
There's no wedding
The bridegroom is mad
Apu, everything depends on you now
Are you joking?
What is all this?
If the wedding does not take place
at the auspicious times...
...the bride is cursed
But what can I do?
We have to find another husband for
her and you are the obvious choice
You want me
to be a substitute bridegroom?
Is this a play or a novel?
What do you take me for?
Are you still living
in the Dark Ages?
Calm down and listen to me
No, I won't listen
to a pack of lunatics
Everything depends on you
It's no use, let's go
Come here a moment
Can you really get me that job?
You'll have to lend me a shirt,
and I must have a shave
Your daughter
didn't worship Shiva in vain.
A curse became a blessing
The moment I saw him,
I knew he was nearer to me
than my own kin
Pulu has brought many
of his friends here...
...but I've never felt so drawn
to anyone
There are a few things
that I must tell you
I've had no opportunity before
How much do you know about me?
Has Pulu told you anything?
What did he say?
You're an orphan
I lost my father when I was ten
Mother died seven years later
I had a sister, too
What else did he tell you?
You write well
He told you that, did he?
Can you read?
Yes. Bengali
I'm writing my novel in Bengali
I know
What else did he say?
Nothing else
That's not very much
You know little
of the man you married
I have no means, no job...
...and almost no future
What kind of home
shall I take you to?
You've been brought up
in these surroundings
A spacious house, servants,
fine rooms
This marriage was forced on me.
I was against it, but...
Something changed my mind,
I felt I would be doing a noble thing
Everything became confused
Why don't you say something?
I can't decide
until I know your mind
Aparna, will you be able
to endure poverty?
Can you live with a poor husband?
Can you really?
Why not?
Then I'll take you with me.
If your father objects,
I'll ignore him
- Will you object?
- I don't know
- I wonder what they'll say
- Who?
My neighbours.
I went to a wedding,
but I shall return with the bride
I'll come back for the luggage
This is my room
Sit down. I won't be long
You must be very sad
Really not?
They want to see us downstairs
Make way. Let's see the bride
What a lovely bride!
Why gawp? Am I new?
Only after meals. You promised
Do you lament your decision?
I don't know such difficult words
Will "regret" do?
- Do you regret it?
- Regret what?
- Do I have to explain that too?
- Yes
You missed out on a rich husband
- You're laughing!
- No, I'm crying
You must feel sorry
Of course.
I could have had an easy life
- I'm going.
- Where?
To look for a maid servant
Don't be silly. Come back, please
Who will pay for the servant?
I'll get more private lessons
Then send me back to my parents
One lesson is bad enough
after a hard day's work
What should I do, then?
I'll tell you:
Give up the lesson you have
And then what?
Then my poor husband
will come home early
Then I shall lament no more
God of Fire!
Destroy his meditation!
Are you cross with me?
Yes. Why do we always take a cab?
Buses are crowded. We're alone here
But it costs much more
Does it matter?
Soon you're going to your parents,
my expenses will be halved
Only for two months
Isn't that a long time?
What about the extra expenses
when we come back?
Ah, yes...
I wouldn't have let you go,
but your mother was so insistent
And I felt you'd rather be with her
at such a time
A relief for you, too.
No one to bother you for two months
One job will be done
I'll have time to work on my novel.
I haven't touched it since we married
Is that my fault?
No, it's your virtue. You know how
much my novel means to me, don't you?
- Well, you mean much more
- Really?
I shall dedicate it to you
You'll what?
I know what "wife" means
You don't. I do
I do, too
- What?
- The matches
What is there in your eyes?
We'll expect you in the holidays
I'll do my best. Send a telegram
when you arrive; letters take so long
- Promise you'll come
- Haven't I given my word?
You must write twice a week
- You must write, too
- Not unless you do
Write to my office address,
or Mr. Ray will open your letters
I had so many things to tell you
Yes, I asked Pintu's mother
to make you some cakes
There's a bill to pay at the grocer's
I've left some jewellery behind
Please take care of yourself
You'll see her in a week,
so cheer up
I wish I knew your secret
How to be married and happy
on forty-five rupees a month
How do you know I'm happy?
I can guess
I don't know what your wife is like,
but mine...
I like them to be a little pert...
...a little saucy, a little naughty
It adds spice to a marriage,
don't you think?
My wife is just the opposite
Never quarrels, never complains,
never answers back...
...always meek and obedient
Utterly bland, tasteless
Plus this
You've promised to come on the 8th
If you don't,never spea
to you again, never, ever
You should have sent me
eight letters last month...
...and I only got seven
I should never trust you
And I feel jealous of that girl
next door
She sees you morning and evening,
and I don't
Do keep the window shut
What else is there to tell?
The more I write, the more
you will laugh at my mistakes
ut I don't care.
You are the writer, not me
Please take good care of yourself
I am well, but my heart is sick.
IT will heal when you come.
If you don't, I'll never speak
to you again, never, ever
What is it?
In childbirth...
She said: "I'm leaving him
in your care, Mrs. Ganguly
"He's so absent-minded,
he forgets to eat sometimes"
Such sweet words
and such gentle ways
Well, it's a good thing
the baby was saved.
Fate works in strange ways
But a young fellow like you
shouldn't give up
"While Krishna has
his knot of hair and flute
there'll be women to serve him"
Why, you could marry ten times over
if you wanted
Dear Pulu. You must have heard
the news by now
I hear you're going abroad.
I Wish you success.
I'm going away, too
I don't know where I'm going,
But I do know why:
I want to be free
I'm taking my novel with me.
I'll send it to you if I finish it
You may publish it
if you like it enough.
Yours, Apu
What have you thrown in my food?
I'll teach you a lesson, my lad!
He's bitten me
Wait and see
what your grandfather will do
You'll tell grandfather?
Just wait. You need a good hiding
He'll bash you if you do
Who will bash me?
My father. He lives in Calcutta
Father! That's a good one!
We haven't seen his pigtail
these last five years
Do fathers have pigtails?
He's not shown up once,
even to see his own son
He's sent three money orders.
Perhaps he calls that doing his duty
Where is Apu?
I was dead against the marriage
It was you and your aunt
who took my daughter...
Do you know where Apu is?
I'd just like to know
Somewhere in Central India, working
in some coal mine, the vagabond
And the boy takes after him
Always running around
and getting up to mischief
When your aunt was alive
she could manage him,
but it's too much for me
Do you know Apu's address?
Whatever is on his letter
Do you think he'll come back?
Not that heartless brute
When did you get back?
I went to my uncle, looking for you
- What are you doing here?
- Working
- Since when?
- About a year
So far from home?
I didn't come here for a job
I arrived here in my wanderings
I had to fill my stomach
- Has it been filled now?
- More or less
How is the novel getting along?
I threw it away
Why throw it away?
What's the use?
Come along
Are you going to stay here?
- I'm thinking of going away
- Where?
Anywhere. Perhaps abroad.
I'm saving up
Going alone?
- Who else is there?
- Kajal
Your son
So that's what they called him
- Go back home
- Why?
The boy needs someone
to look after him
There's such a thing
as a father's duty,
or did you throw duty away, too?
Who says I don't do my duty?
I've sent money
- Is that all you can do?
- I can't do any more
Don't you love your son?
How can I love him?
I've never seen him,
to me he is unreal, untrue
For me he doesn't exist
You must have lost your senses
Anyway, I've done my duty.
The rest is up to you
Come here for a moment
My train leaves at seven
Come here
Please do something for the boy,
put him in a home or something
- Do that yourself
- No, I can't
- It's not possible for me
- I can't understand why not
There is something
which I can't forget
Because Kajal exists...
Aparna does not
I've sent money
and I'll send more if necessary
More than that, I cannot do
I have no love for him.
He is like a stranger
If you think
he is not being looked after...
...make some arrangement for him
Shall I give you money now?
I've no time. I have to start
a new job on Monday
Who is it?
Who do you want?
I'm Apurba
Have you come to fetch him?
I've arranged to leave him
with friends in my home village
I'm going away
He's upstairs
He's been feverish,
but he's better now
I'm your father
What are you doing?
You might have killed the boy
Won't you make friends with me?
I know lots of good stories
Ghost stories,
stories about demons...
...kings, queens, princes
and winged horses
Want to hear them?
I'll leave this jewellery with you...
...in case you want to send him
to boarding school
It seems to be the only way
to be relieved of his burden
Can't you take him with you by force?
As his father
you have the right to do that
No, I couldn't do that
I knew it. I knew all along
that you could do nothing
What do you want to say, Kajal?
Where are you going?
Will you come with me?
Are you going to Calcutta?
If I did, would you come with me?
Would you take me to my father?
Will he be cross with me?
Why should he be?
He'll never leave me?
Who are you?
I'm your friend
Will you come with me?
Grandpa will be angry
Grandpa won't know, I won't tell him