Apurva (2023) Movie Script

I had to be at Jhansi before 8:00.
Are you out of your mind?
That can be dangerous.
If I spit out of the window,
it leaves a mark on the car's body.
My boss likes his car spic and span.
You are worried about
the blasted car.
Don't be afraid, sir.
I've been living on four wheels
for the last 10 years.
I'll get you there.
I shouldn't have come with you.
I could have waited
and hired a different driver tomorrow.
We wouldn't have been
in this mess.
Watch out!
-What happened?
Back. Back. Go back.
-Go back.
-Thakur-ji. Thakur-ji.
Come out.
Come out.
Found this on the tiny fucker.
Out! Out!
Do you need an invitation
to come out?
Come on.
Get him away from the car.
I don't want any bloodstains
on the car.
Take that.
Why are you beating me?
I am just the driver.
Take that.
You think you are a fucking oldy!
Have you lost it?
You could have shot me.
It's a Mauser. '90's model.
It's always accurate.
Don't kill me.
Let you go, huh?
Take that.
And that.
Kicking is an art, Chhota.
Look at him.
Crying like a baby.
-Go, get him.
-Get who?
Wait, uncle.
Oh, God.
Walk slowly.
You will hurt yourself.
Try to understand.
-Wait up.
You will hurt yourself.
Should I shoot?
Run, my P.T. Usha. Run!
Should I shoot?
Accuracy lies in the eye,
not the gun.
Right, Jugnu bhaiyya?
The driver must have escaped.
-Let's go.
I had to chase him so much.
There is a lot to learn from you.
Good shot.
Shat in his pants while dying.
The tip was accurate.
It's filled with wedding stuff.
This is incredible, man.
How am I looking?
Like a dog wearing his collar.
You are the last guy
to know about fashion.
Total bumpkin.
How old is this model?
It's not older than you,
Jugnu bhaiyya.
Look. Look.
He's trying to run.
Can't stop thinking
About you ever
The closeness...
Tiwari bhaiyya.
How are you doing?
The tip you gave was impressive.
Where is Jugnu?
One necklace is missing.
I have another job for you.
Let's go.
She is so simple and domestic,
isn't she?
Whenever I look at her,
I want to...
marry her.
Come here, Rehman bhai.
I don't get any hugs
from you these days.
Oh, please, Sukkha.
Last time, two bullets turned out
to be duds.
Are you serious?
Hey... watch out.
Here. Take this.
Tiwari has given another tip.
Two trucks will leave from Morena
with polyester worth 3.5 million.
We have to rob it.
Here you go.
We will stop at the dhaba today.
Order some Champaran mutton.
I heard you quit
eating non-veg food.
On the auspicious full moon night,
Prakash bhaiyya said,
"If you quit eating chicken,
you won't get acidity."
So I quit.
Hello, Supriya.
Hear me out.
I am on the way to Agra.
It's Sid's birthday.
I want to surprise him.
Pass me the lighter.
-There we go.
Also, I told my family
I'll be coming over to your place
from the clinic.
So, just informing.
If anyone calls,
just make some excuse.
I'll be back by tomorrow.
We Indians lack patience.
Hold up.
Absolutely not.
He doesn't have the slightest clue
that I am coming over.
Wait a second.
Let me call you back.
Sid is on the other line.
He must have received
my first surprise.
Okay, bye.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
Thank you?
Why? What for?
For the surprise,
you sent to my office.
But I didn't send you anything.
You have six ex-girlfriends.
Maybe it's one
of your old flames missing you.
Happy birthday, sir.
I had to follow every instruction.
Apurva-ji's orders.
Only you could have come up
with this "poochie" plan.
Has the driver lost his mind?
He is driving like a madman.
Are your feet too short
to reach the accelerator,
Jugnu bhaiyya?
Should I take the wheel?
Oh! That was a burn.
Get lost. Fucker.
Who are these fuckers.
Don't know who they are.
They think they own the road.
Who are you?
What are you doing?
Get him down.
What are you doing?
Wait. I'll call you back.
Let him go.
Do you know who you are talking to?
Leave me. Leave me.
Have you lost your mind?
Why wouldn't you let us pass?
How dare you slap me?
How dare you, bloody fucker,
slap me?
Sit, sit, sit!
Come on.
I am sorry.
Let me go.
Agra! Agra! Agra!
Everyone will put their belongings
in this bag.
Anyone who tries to be a wise guy
will be responsible
for the consequences.
Come on.
Jugnu bhaiyya
still has that fire.
I thought the fire in him was dead.
Come on.
Take it off.
Do you think this is funny?
-Do you think this is funny?
-Come on.
Hurry up.
Take his jacket.
-Ram, Ram, Ram...
-Come on. Hurry up.
-Come on.
-Hello, son.
Hurry up.
Thank you.
Hurry up.
-In here. Quickly.
Hurry up, heroine.
Come on.
Hurry up, son.
-Balli. Hold this.
-Give it.
Come on. Hurry up.
Hurry. Hurry. Hurry.
Okay, child. Bye.
See you.
Look, she has been
hiding a treasure.
How many more surprises are left
for my birthday?
-Is it his birthday?
Hello. Apurva.
Happy birthday.
Who is this?
Where is Apurva?
-Can you give me the phone, please?
-Who are you?
Can you give me the phone, please?
So impatient.
Come on. You need some fire.
Can you give me the phone, please?
We will. We will.
What is it, "Sid Poochie"?
You again?
Who are you?
And where is Apurva?
She is busy.
Sitting on my lap.
Who the hell are you?
Give her the phone.
I said she is busy.
Call back later.
You are asking for it, rascal.
I'll beat you to an inch
of your life.
You don't know who I am.
-Give her the phone!
-I see.
Are you deaf? Give her the phone.
Trying to be a hero on the phone,
aren't you?
I will show you. Give her the phone.
-Are you listening to me?
-I'm taking your baby away.
Talk to me.
Come and get her.
-Come on.
-Who are you?
-Come on.
-Who are you?
-Come on!
-Please. No. No.
-Come on!
-Please. No. No.
Leave me.
-Come on.
-Please. No.
Leave me.
-Please let me go. Let me go.
-Come on.
No, please.
Let me go.
Leave me.
Let me go, please.
No, leave me.
Please leave me.
Please leave me.
Please leave me.
Leave me.
-Leave me.
-Let's go. Let's go.
Leave me. Let me go.
-Please let me go.
-Come on.
She is so feisty.
We are going to have a ball.
-Come on.
-Leave me. Leave me.
Come on.
Pick her up.
Pick her up.
Come on, come on...
Leave me. Leave me.
Put her in. Put her in.
-They took her.
Who took her?
Leave me.
Please help me!
Please help me!
Sir, tell her to drive slowly.
Madam, release the clutch slowly.
Again, you are releasing
both pedals together.
I was releasing it slowly.
Let's go.
Bravo. Let's go.
Very good. Very good.
Too good. Too good.
Very good.
Swing the car.
Madam, swing the car.
-Swing now! Swing it!
-What are you doing?
Madam, I kept telling you
to swing right.
But you don't listen.
What is "swing"?
Say "turn."
Okay. Now, let's switch seats.
Your time is up.
It's been only 15 minutes.
I still have five minutes.
Sir, can I reverse it?
It will be good practice for me.
Of course, come in the front.
Even I could have done it.
Practising to reverse the car!
Apurva-ji, first learn
to drive straight.
Even after 10 days,
you still cannot drive straight.
You can learn how to reverse later.
Come on, in the back seat.
You're back.
Here you go, Mom.
-What is this?
-Driving school money.
What are you making?
Quit again?
He says,
"First, learn to drive straight,
"then I'll teach you
how to back it up."
I wanted to twist his neck.
"Learn to drive straight."
By the way, I still don't get it.
Why are we meeting up with that boy?
His mother hasn't been keeping well.
It's not that, Mom.
I mean, I'll be moving to Delhi
in two months anyway.
We can go through
the entire process later.
Like, after a year,
when I finish my course.
These things take time, child.
If we start the process now, it will
take a year for things to materialise.
Am I right?
That's the one.
That's his house.
-Hurry up.
-Come in.
Come, dear.
Hope you had no trouble
finding the place.
Not at all.
You said 26/69.
Please take a seat.
-Welcome. Hello.
-How are you?
-Come. Sit.
Lovely house.
Take a seat, please. Come.
-Eat, son.
-Please come.
Come, child.
Give it here, please.
-So glad you came.
Keep it here, child.
You didn't have to take the trouble.
It's no trouble at all.
Help yourselves.
How are you feeling now?
Much better.
how long have you been working
at the bank?
Three years.
In Agra.
I see.
Must be weird for you.
Because a girl has come
to see you.
No. It's not weird at all.
It's normal these days.
A boy goes to meet a girl
or a girl can come to meet a boy.
Even boys meet boys.
Do boys come to meet you too?
Hasn't come to that yet.
Have some samosas.
Did you make these samosas?
No. They have been bought
from the store.
I see.
Since girls normally make them
at home
when the boy comes over to meet her.
So I presumed you made these.
Your love is my celebration
It's my entire world
Without you, it's unacceptable
It's worthless... my saga
You light up my world
Shining like
A million lamps together
The colourful evenings
The starry nights
I am so in love
There are fireworks in the air
Words delicate as flowers
The heart overwhelmed
I am so in love
There are fireworks in the air
Every moment now feels like
Two hearts madly in love
With your breath
You have entwined my heart
I was so lonely all this while
Every moment felt worthless.
All that has changed
Since you came into my life
There is nothing much left to say
Nothing left to reveal
Why can't we get married
after a year?
After I complete my post-graduation.
A year?
You can finish this course in Agra.
Yes, but...
it's the best PG institute in India.
I cannot take that risk.
What if you fall
for some Punjabi guy in Delhi?
I'll get screwed.
I am so in love
There are fireworks in the air
Since you entered my life
There are fireworks in the air
I am so in love
I am so in love
There are fireworks in the air
What are you doing?
I am going to Agra tomorrow.
Come with me.
Not before marriage.
Then, after marriage...
we will be moving to Delhi.
What do you mean?
What are you saying?
The Delhi course...
What about your job?
I applied for a transfer.
Should get it before the wedding.
I said I cannot take a risk.
These bloody Punjabi guys
are quite good-looking.
Someone's coming.
Watch this. Watch this.
Watch the fun.
What happened?
Please. Please.
What happened?
With a girl, a boy initiated a touch
There will be fun, way too much
This girl is going
to get us all killed.
The police will come
after us like dogs.
Jugnu bhaiyya,
why are you always so shit-scared?
There is no need
to get the police involved.
You should have done
with her back there.
We have so much work to do.
Arrangements, planning...
You just don't get it.
I brought her along
for everyone's entertainment.
Doesn't sit well with you.
What about the two men
you killed back there?
Won't the police come
after us for that?
Spare me the speech.
What speech?
He wasn't letting me pass.
He deserved what he got.
And I deserve her.
Fine. Do what you want.
-But be done with her tonight.
Hello. Anybody there?
This way. Look here.
Is anybody there?
Do you have a photo of her?
Here, sir.
-Yes, sir.
Send these
to all the check posts immediately.
Yes, sir.
So you have no information
about her yet?
There is a police check post
at 10 kilometres.
They haven't crossed it yet.
Nor did they head for Morena.
You only have
a 10-kilometre radius to scan.
Why are we wasting time here?
That's 10 kilometres
in all directions.
And there are dozens of villages.
But it's been more than two hours.
Please do something, sir.
probably, they are locals.
If our vehicles are spotted
in any of the villages,
it won't take them long to find out.
And that can be dangerous
for Apurva-ji.
We are tapping our networks.
We will soon find out something.
-Yes, sir.
Get someone to move the bus.
Right, sir. I'll get it done.
Doesn't seem like he's going
to do anything.
We found some belongings.
Come on. Come on.
No, no, please.
Please let me go.
Come on. Come on.
Watch it.
I want her in one piece.
One piece for you,
one piece for me.
We'll kill her and dump her
on the road.
The truck will stop
when he sees a girl's dead body.
Good idea.
This deaf fucker's brain
is working overtime these days.
Come on.
The mention of sex makes his ears
and his mind sharper.
Come on.
Come on.
We'll make an entire film today.
No. No.
We'll make her viral
on Eetube and Ootube...
Found you!
Kabaddi, kabaddi...
Look at her run.
No... no... no...
My dear.
Hold her properly.
Be gentle.
Please, please, please.
Please let me go. Please.
Let me go.
Her body is so tight.
Balli, what are you pressing?
Catch her.
Got you. Got you.
Balli, be gentle.
-Don't hit her. Don't hit her.
-How dare you?
How dare you?
When will you grow brains?
She forced...
She forced me.
We brought her here for fun.
Leave me. Leave me.
Where is the fun
if she doesn't yell and scream?
-Where is the fun without that?
-Shut up!
-Why are you getting so angry?
-Let me go!
She is unconscious.
Can she scream now?
Damn, when I was just getting
in the mood.
Come on.
Don't feel bad.
I'll get you a beer.
Jugnu bhaiyya,
what's keeping you?
Come out.
Let's settle the accounts.
Come on.
Come here.
Who are you?
I am Tara.
What brought you here?
I am an astrologer.
I can predict the future.
Says he can predict the future.
Whose future are you predicting
in this wasteland?
I... I... I am from this village.
-It gets pretty stormy at nights.
-I see.
So we had to move from here.
Did you understand anything?
What brings you here today?
This is a very sacred land.
So I came back.
Bro, another dead body.
-One plus one free.
-Please... I have a family.
-No crying.
Please let me go.
Tell me about his future.
And be quick.
Tell us. Tell us.
He...had an injury as a child.
So, a part of his body
doesn't work.
It doesn't work
or has become smaller?
You are absolutely right.
So... who goes first?
Me, of course. Who else?
Of course. Are you Rohit Sharma
that you will open the innings?
Who got the ball to play?
I brought her here.
I took the risk,
so I will go first.
We all took the risk equally.
Did you?
Jugnu bhaiyya!
-Don't pee yet.
We are going to have a competition.
Whoever pees the longest
goes first.
Hurry up.
But I don't feel like peeing.
Ready, one, two, three!
I said I don't feel like peeing.
Take that. Take that.
Was that peeing or squeezing?
There goes Balli's wicket.
Who makes so many sounds?
I do.
Jugnu bhaiyya,
don't apply too much pressure.
Or you'll shit in your pants.
Out of the question.
How long are you going to pee?
We'll have to swim till the highway.
This is your share.
First Sukkha, then me.
Balli and then Chhota.
If you are too horny,
-you can screw the astrologer.
-Get lost!
You too.
Jugnu bhaiyya, such a player
you turned out to be.
First you said no.
Now you're competing with me.
Don't be shy, Chote.
Jugnu bhaiyya.
Go, get water from the well.
We need to wake her up.
You are going on number one.
So you go and get it.
Who made her unconscious?
Don't get too over-smart.
Hey, you. Is your hearing aid
not working?
How can he hear?
Please let me go.
-Leave me. Let go.
-Please let me go.
We pick up the goods tonight.
And also make some arrangements.
And kill these two tomorrow.
If we kill them today,
their bodies will start to rot.
You can screw whenever you like.
But I'll screw her today.
I'll go change my pants.
Did you shit in your pants?
What happened, Jugnu bhaiyya?
Did you shit in your pants?
Are you done?
Trying to escape, huh?
No, no!
-Please, no!
-Come on.
-Come on.
-Leave me. Let me go, please.
-Come on.
-Leave me. Let me go.
Come on.
Leave me.
Stop. Stop.
Wait. Wait. I will show you.
Wait just a minute.
Is it still hot?
Still fuming.
Stuff it up your ass.
-Always dictating me.
-Stop fighting like dogs.
Hurry up.
Doesn't that sound like Chhota?
Chhota, where are you?
Where are you?
Bro, he's dead.
Both the astrologer
and the girl are missing.
That bloody astrologer
must have killed him.
Find them.
We'll bury them alive.
Come, Sukkha.
Won't you foretell my future?
Come on, come out of the hole.
Come on.
I found the astrologer!
Come out.
Where do you think you were going?
Come out.
-Beat him.
-Where is the girl?
I don't know.
You don't know where she is?
I don't know.
You don't know.
You killed Chhota.
You killed Chhota.
I didn't kill him, she killed him.
If you didn't kill him,
did she?
Is she Phoolan Devi?
Tell me.
-Speak up!
-Don't know?
-What is her name?
-I don't know.
Tell me.
Where are you hiding?
Hey, heroine.
What is her name?
I don't know.
Use your astrology
and tell me her name.
You could figure out
Chhota's internal injury.
Why did you kill him?
Now who will tell us
where the girl is hiding?
He didn't know anything.
She must be hiding somewhere around.
-How far can she run?
Aren't you the miraculous one?
You know it all.
She must have made a run
for it after hearing the gunshot.
Where do you think she will go?
-Chhota is dead.
-I know.
Don't try
to be Ranga all the time.
I am not Ranga.
I am Jugnu.
If you're done introducing yourselves,
can we look for the girl?
Let's go.
She took his phone.
He had a phone.
Didn't you check?
Why didn't you check?
And he wants to be a dacoit.
Don't you guys get it?
She has a phone.
Find her.
The inspector is here.
Let's go down to the station.
We've found some leads.
We'll find out
their names eventually.
I think they are the same guys
who murdered three men
on the highway yesterday.
Don't be nervous.
We're doing our job.
We'll soon find out.
Come with me.
-Happy birthday, sir.
Apurva-ji sent a cake for you.
I am at the bank.
But you are not here.
Can I leave it at the reception?
Yes, please do.
Good day, sir.
You won't come
to Agra before the wedding.
So let's bring the wedding forward.
Why? Only a few days are left.
My birthday is on the 15th.
Please come over.
This is your last bachelor birthday.
Celebrate it the way you want.
You won't get this chance again.
Please pick up.
What's wrong?
Pick up the phone. Who is it?
No one.
Your wedding's been fixed, right?
Your wife's name...
starts with an A.
How do you know?
It's written on your face.
-What about my kids?
Take a better look.
-Maybe it's there on the side.
You will embark on
a challenging journey.
You are coming along too.
No. A really challenging journey.
We have reached Dhaulpur!
Dhaulpur is here!
-Alight here if you want.
Yes, yes.
I've to catch another bus
to my hometown.
Take my number down.
I'll call you and tell you.
Take it down.
My name is Tara.
Tara Chand.
Remember what I said.
Pick up when I call.
It's very important.
Wait, mister.
How many times
are you going to call?
these people will kill me.
Apurva, where are you speaking from?
And how do you have Tara's phone?
They killed him.
He was with me in the village.
Siddharth, I killed a guy.
These people will kill me,
Please help me.
-Apurva, where are you speaking from?
-Do you have any idea where you are?
I don't know what place this is.
It's completely dilapidated.
There is no one here.
-Ask for a name! Their names.
-Yes, names.
Did you hear any names?
One is Sukkha
and the other is Chhota.
The one I killed.
Hello. Apurva.
The number you're trying
to call is currently not reachable.
Did you ask for the names?
Chhota and Sukkha.
Sukkha. Good God.
Ranga Gang.
Who is Ranga?
Ranga is dead.
Sukkha and Jugnu killed him.
And now they are running the gang.
-They must have a hideout.
-There are no hideouts.
Come with me.
If she calls again,
let me speak to her.
-Give me the number.
-Yes, sir.
Get the number traced
for a location.
-Yes, sir.
Get my tiffin.
Yes, sir.
I must eat.
If I take the food back,
I'll get a scolding.
Apurva is my daughter.
Sir, her phone is unreachable.
But we know she is in some village.
Why are we wasting time?
Where will we search for her?
In the air?
You have no clue.
See that map.
There are dozens of dilapidated
villages in that entire area.
And 36 active gangs.
It's night-time now.
Whatever action
needs to be taken
can only be done
in the morning.
All day, you said
you have no information.
And now you are saying you will
take action only in the morning.
It will be too late by morning,
See that.
I only have three rifles.
And they are held together
with bandages.
And they carry automatic guns.
If I carry out the search with these,
it will be a suicide mission.
We are doing our duty.
Wait till the morning.
He is a rascal.
He isn't going to help.
What do I do, Anshu?
-Who is it?
Siddharth, where are you?
Are you bringing the police?
The police are still waiting
for orders.
But I am coming.
Stay hidden wherever you are.
You cannot manage it alone.
-I am coming.
What do you mean
the police aren't coming?
You are coming alone?
I cannot hide here for too long.
I know, Apurva.
Any landmark?
Is anything unique that you saw
in the village?
There's a railway line
at a distance,
and there is a train coach parked here.
That's all.
-And nothing else.
-Can you...
Can you send me
your location using that phone?
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Please. Please.
Hello. Apurva.
The number you're trying
to call is currently switched off.
What happened?
Got disconnected.
What is it?
Are we doing the right thing?
Don't know.
But it has to be done.
I guess that's him.
Sir. Sir.
We have a flat tyre.
Can you give us a lift?
Now? You cannot find
a mechanic at this hour.
There are a couple
of hotels up ahead.
We might find one there.
Give us a minute.
We'll get the tyre out.
Hurry up. I have to get home.
What are you doing?
Get in the car!
Get in the car!
Do you know what you are doing?
Do as I say!
Get in the car!
Get inside.
Get in the car!
This is completely wrong.
Spare me the lecture.
I know what I am doing.
Get inside.
Come on.
Sit. Sit.
-Don't shoot.
Keep your hands up.
You are kidnapping a police officer.
Are you out of your mind?
-Do you think you can get away with this?
-Shut up.
Don't waste your time.
You leave.
I will deal with him.
You cannot take a service revolver.
Don't make things worse for yourself.
Talk some sense into him.
You will get in deep trouble.
Stop him...
You cannot take a service revolver.
What's up?
You made me run so much.
Please don't hurt me.
I'll do anything you want.
But please don't hurt me.
-Don't hurt me, please.
Then undress.
You don't understand?
Undress now.
Where are you going?
Come on.
Come on.
Bitch! She stabbed me!
What the hell were
you doing with your pants down?
-He is hurt.
-Look at him.
Trying to catch her
with his pants down.
I was the first in line.
You bloody...
Let's put him in the car.
Let him die.
Save me, man.
"Save me, man."
-Pick him up.
-Outsmarted by a girl.
It's very painful.
We will have to get him
to a hospital now.
Let's find the girl first.
If he survives,
then that's his fate.
What nonsense are you spewing?
Jugnu bhaiyya.
She is too gorgeous.
And not just beauty
without brains.
I will keep her.
Marry her.
What marry her?
We didn't come here
to chase after a girl.
We came here to rob a truck.
There were four of us.
One is dead.
If we don't take him to the hospital,
he too will be dead.
Forget it.
You always take stress.
Why don't you--
Don't ever touch me.
Just because you're older,
don't think you are my dad.
If you want to rob the truck,
then go alone.
I am not leaving without her.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Come, come.
Leave me.
Leave me. Leave me.
Hey, Pinky!
Let me see that pretty face!
Switch off the torch!
Bitch is playing us.
We are done running after this girl.
Balli needs a hospital.
I said I am not going.
Don't try to be a hero.
I have had enough of you.
I said don't touch me--
Try to think straight.
Okay, Jugnu bhaiyya.
We'll do as you say today.
Let's take Balli to the hospital.
Caught you!
Enough playing hide-and-seek.
Stop, bitch.
-Catch her. Catch her.
Don't shoot her, Jugnu bhaiyya.
I want to catch the bitch alive.
She killed two of our men.
Stop, bitch.
You fell.
Who runs like this?
We almost had her.
Stop lecturing me.
Get me out of here.
The steps are too high.
I cannot climb up.
Yes, I know.
I'll find a rope.
Don't drown.
Hurry up.
The water is too deep.
Throw the rope.
I am drowning.
Get me out of here.
Find that bitch later.
Hey... Where are you, Sukkha?
Catch her.
Jugnu bhaiyya.
Jugnu bhaiyya.
I must get her.
She's stolen my heart.
Balli is gone.
Chhota is gone.
Are you dead or still alive?
Tell me.
Kill the bitch.
Kill her.
I am here.
Pinky, look...
Pinky, look...
You will hurt me.
I will die.
That's going to hurt.
Do you want to kill me?
No, no.
I said it will hurt.
I said it will hurt.
Come on. Let's die together.
Pinky, let's die together.
We'll live together.
We will die together. Okay?
I am still alive.
Save me.
Save me.
I never touched you.
Jugnu did.
Chhota did.
And Balli as well.
But I never touched you.
Do you know why?
I respect you.
I want to marry you.
Sukkha weds Pinky.
Save me.
Where are you going?
Pinky, where are you going?
At least tell me your name.
What is your name?
What are you doing?
I am being polite.
Put it down.
Look, I am being polite.
I am being polite.
My name is Apurva.
My fate is what
I must change
I want to make a call.
Can I get a phone?
Within me, it dwells
Apurva, I am here.
Where are you, Apurva?
Don't worry.
Hello. Apurva.
Can you hear me?
Talk to me.
I am here.
Within me, it dwells
What we call God
The poison slowly mixes
With my breath
But my heart still says
This is the path to victory
The poison slowly mixes
With my breath
But my heart still says
This is the path to victory
If your mind's made up
Even the stars can be yours
This is my determination
It can conquer the world
I must keep my promise
Of conquering this world
My fate is what
I must change
Within me, it dwells
What we call God
Within me, it dwells
What we call God