Aquaman (2018) Movie Script

He lay on the rocks.
Being in the open sea
Without windows and shelter.
That's how my parents met.
As fate would have for each other.
It is okay.
Quiet, quiet, quiet.
You were not breathing.
They are from different worlds.
But life, like the ocean, has a
way of bringing people together.
I'll cook eggs for you.
Do not eat the dog, okay.
It is okay. I make tea.
Try. It will make you feel better.
Who are you.
Queen of Atlantis.
Wow. I'm Tom. Lighthouse keeper.
Mother escape from an arranged marriage.
And in the lighthouse of my
father, mother find something
And my father found the love of her life.
How Arthur.
Following King Arthur.
After all, he is the king, not.
He was more than that.
He is living proof that
our nation can coexist.
You can put together our world someday.
And can only be owned
Atlantean trident strongest.
And he will dominate the
government in the seven seas.
Make it very strong. And
oceans so very jealous,
and sends a bad earthquake
to destroy Atlantis.
Sending it to the seabed.
But legend says that someday
The new king will come
And use the power of the trident
To reunite Atlantis again.
Tom, take him!
Queen Atlan.
On the authority of King Orvax,
You were ordered to return to Atlantis.
Tom! Packin! This!
There are two worlds that
never meant to meet.
And I was the result of a love
that should never happen.
You do not need to do this, Atlanna.
Tom. I will always find you.
I had to go back.
It's the only way to save him.
To save you.
Where I come from,
The sea takes away our tears.
Not here. You can feel it.
I will return to you when it is safe
One day!
Wait here, at sunrise.
We will be together again.
Stay strong, my little prince.
Mom will always be with you.
Do not ever forget me.
Today we will learn them all.
Come here. Let's all.
Hi, fish.
My name is Arthur. What is your name.
You're hungry.
See. Arthur spoke on the fish.
Arthur weak.
Stop! Damn you weirdow!
Stop! Let go of me!
Street! Quick!
Sir, we have secured the captain.
Turn off the alarm. We're
going without navigation.
If they are hurt, I will not help.
I'll make a deal with you.
I'm not going to tell you how you work,
And you do not tell me how my work.
Where are they. Confined.
Our reputation precedes us.
Not reputation. This is your victory.
You're taking junk, throw away your life.
I never told you the story behind this.
It had a grandfather.
He is one of the first black
frog soldiers in World War II.
He is very great.
The unit he gave her the nickname Manta.
But after the war, a forgotten him
so he returned to the
sea, pawing with this.
And this knife he gave
me when I was your age.
And now, it's yours.
We hit something.
Not. Something hit us. Sir,
there's something out there.
Another submarine. No.
I think a human being.
It was not human.
Check the right side.
Permits rose.
I've been waiting a long time for this.
Am I supposed to know who you are.
I scavenge the ocean.
You are Aquaman.
We will meet at one point.
Let's make it not happen.
That's your son.
You're a disgrace.
Until found.
Do not!
Wait! Help me save her!
You can not leave him like that!
You're killing innocent people.
Have mercy on the sea.
Go on!
I will not leave you.
You go and kill the bastard.
Now, go!
Damn you!
I always know where to find you.
Old habits.
Come on, I'll buy breakfast.
Mau I put it into a sippy cup.
How can parents like a very strong drink.
That strength superku.
The same virus, suspected
of links with the loss
Prototype stealth Navy
submarine highly confidential.
And in a further development,
we can more reports
merpeople called Aquaman by social media
responsible for the rescue of the crew...
That is not me.
Gosh. You did, did not you.
What Vulco teach you.
You can not stand aside forever.
Your mother always knew you were special.
Do not start.
She believed you would be the one that
brings together two of our world.
Please stop.
They killed my mother.
You do not know that for sure. Yes, I know.
They kill for love and gave birth mother.
And you know it.
Son, one day you'll have
to stop blaming yourself.
You're a fish that are on TV.
What do you want.
Would I say what I want.
Take pictures with you.
You're like a local hero.
It will be fast.
Whatever. OK. Let's do this.
Do not touch me. Well.
Let a smile.
He understood the importance of this.
He will come.
King Orm. King Nereus.
The meeting place we were a
little too close to the surface.
You do not recognize this place.
Since then the place is never used.
Xebel always beside us.
Brine, Fishermen, Deserter, Trench.
Together we are the greatest
empire the world had ever seen.
Now, everything is broken because of
the loss of archeology and politics.
But the threat from above
we can not be denied.
Surface is always filled with plague.
They will destroy themselves.
Not before we advance.
We've been hiding for a long time.
The time has come to Atlantis rise again.
You and your kingdom...
will be the first government
to join King Orm.
Like I had a choice, Vulco.
You already consider everything.
Nation lost unreliable.
Trench could not help.
Brine will not join, and
Fishermen are cowards.
Without me and my men,
Plan still succeed.
But I know what you're dealing with.
Unless you get the promise
of four governments,
You will be in danger.
Almost true. Do not fool me.
A peaceful solution should be
sought for the good of the planet.
I had no choice.
I've heard rumors.
Atlanna have another child
A man who is not of the royal family.
You may sit on the throne of Atlantis.
But what he might be
able to lead the empire.
An illegitimate child she
never went to Atlantis.
He will not...
Orm! Go!
King hurt!
I'm not trying to start a war.
War has already begun.
It is time to send a message to them.
This car keys.
Let us go home.
If your grandfather was alive,
he would not let me drink.
I'll think of. There is still
plenty of time for that.
Wear a seat belt.
I've been looking for you.
Not for a long time.
I need you to come with
me to Atlantis. Hear.
Keep only your tongue.
Thanks to meet you, Miss
Thanks to meet you, Miss.
But no thanks. I'm not interested.
You beat Steppenwolf and save Atlantis.
I had nothing to do with Atlantis.
Your half brother, King
Orm, will declare war
To the surface world.
Millions of people will die.
People as your people.
We have to stop him.
And how to do it.
You are the first son of Queen Atlanna.
Throne is yours from birth right.
The only way to stop this war
And save the world
Is that you take your
place as a worthy king.
You think about you appears,
Orm will hand over his throne.
I was the illegitimate son of
Queen that you put to death.
Trust me. I'm not a king. I agree.
Extraordinary. Go.
But, Vulko teach for a reason.
That's why I'm here.
Vulko know the location
Trident is missing from Atlantis.
It was a fairy tale.
That is a myth. That is not myth.
With a holy trident, people will listen.
Then you can claim a right of birth
And lowering Orm of the throne.
Birth rights. He killed my mother.
But I promise you this.
If Orm attack, I will treat him the same as
you treat my mother.
Without mercy.
You failed.
One disturbing your man.
He's not one of us. He killed my father.
The transaction we are done.
Save money.
I want Aquaman.
He's not breathing. Move! Let me help you.
I do not even know your name.
You can call me Mera.
Thanks, Mera.
This act of Orm.
Xang worst is yet to come.
The whole building was destroyed...
Attacking from all over the world today.
This is the part that is
swept away by huge waves.
Millions gather trash in the ocean.
Pollution decades thrown back to earth.
Many are asking, what is
this natural disaster
or anything else.
No. This is not a natural disaster.
They throw back our garbage.
This is the first contact
with the Atlantis.
There you go again. Talk about Atlantean.
You have no proof.
Open your eyes.
We've got the Atlanteans live among us
and her name Aquaman.
What is wrong.
This is where Vulko gave me
my first swimming lesson.
You have to forget all the
teachings of the world's surface.
Go deeper to uncover the
Atlantean instinct of yours.
But I already know how to swim.
Not even close.
Like that.
Maybe it was for the best.
The flow of water will help.
Wait. You can talk in the water.
I could also speak in the water!
This is incredible!
Not. We can do more than talk.
Being Atlantean means more than
being able to breathe underwater.
Your body is set to survive the
extreme cold, and pressure.
And your eyes adjust to
seeing in kegepalan.
When can I meet my mother.
Soon, my prince.
When you're ready, I'll bring you
to Atlantis to meet the Queen.
I hide my ship here.
Hear. I will not get into it.
If we want to our goals,
we have to use this.
This thing is small. I kinda
do not like small places.
That would be an increase.
We have arrived.
The place is secure. Nothing was ever here.
We have arrived.
We use this as an additional precaution.
Only royalty can breathe in air.
Plus, it prevents other animals enter.
They kind of made a mess.
Vulko. Hei...
After all this time, I'll beat you.
Arthur, I hope we meet
in a better situation.
I can not believe he attacked.
It was not an attack.
Legally, he is not permitted.
But he destroy surface warships.
It was just a warning. What provoked.
Your father was ambushed by the surface.
By surface. I do not think so.
It was a fairy tale. I was there.
Submarines against us.
Now, several governments follow Atlantis.
Orm give force large enough to force the
two other governments to follow him.
To prevent this war, you have
to put him on the throne now.
I told you, I do not want to be king.
After he called the Master of
the Sea, it will be too late.
The power that he had not like
anything you've ever seen.
I'm from the surface. No one
would take me seriously.
I do not even know where to start.
By winning the hearts and
minds of the people.
By proving to them that you deserve.
I already have.
Not like this one.
This is a trident missing from Atlantis.
I know the story. This
is more than a story.
This is real.
It was forged by a master of weapons
greatest that ever existed in history.
Formed from the best steel
Atlan's king, the first ruler of Atlantis.
It said anyone who has this trident
has the power to govern the sea.
What happened to him.
To explain, let's go back to
the time before the Fall.
When King Atlantis have it,
Atlantis government grow.
It was a time of peace, prosperity
and technological advancement has.
We unlock the secrets of boundless energy
during the rest of the world
still depend on the earth.
And we become a new species
To hunt for power.
Then Atlantis sank.
But the power of the trident
also gave hope for the future.
It gave us the ability
to breathe underwater.
Some evolved.
Another setback,
become wild.
And the king live the rest
of his life in seclusion.
With him, trident was never seen again.
One team of archaeologists we
found this a few months ago.
It is a data record of the first dynasty.
I believe it contains the last
message Atlan for his people
and the presence of a holy trident.
What was in it.
We do not know.
The technology is too old.
It has signs of the Kingdom Deserter.
You have to take it in there
and take the message.
Instructions to the grave is in this Atlan.
You're under arrest for entering
without permission. Not.
You do not get caught.
You do not want to talk about it, yes.
I also did not want.
On behalf of King Orm, I arrest you.
Welcome to Atlantis,
Finally we meet.
I hear so many stories about you.
During this time, I heard the story
of my brother on the surface.
Too bad I can not see you.
Then finally you're here, in front of me.
I must admit...
I kind of felt conflict.
If it makes you feel better,
I dare you to his throne.
Yes. Taking the brother properties.
That goal came here after all this time.
To kill me.
It was not me who started the war.
I understand.
You still want to protect
the surface world.
Although for centuries
they've fouled our water
and poison our children.
Kill all the creatures in the sea.
You've come all this way just for that.
I do not want to be like this.
You come here to challenge
me to get the throne.
I'm going to stop you.
You came to be king.
I call it a smash.
Maybe we'll do it.
Honourable! Honourable.
My brother came to challenge
me in front of everybody.
Then we will know
Who actually king.
Your Honour. No victory of feeding
people who do not know anything.
Your brother does not seem clear.
Xang Honor. He did not know how we are.
He will soon begin his education.
Are you challenging me. Yes, I dare you.
If you win, I'll quit.
I will stop the attack. The war was over.
And if I win,
You end up.
Lets do it. OK.
The challenge has been
made, and I accepted.
Get him!
Wait. What.
How could you be so stupid
challenge Orm fight.
It looked like a great idea.
We've been practicing.
You're terrific fight on land.
But here, you're out of your element.
Orm had spent her entire life in the water
And train to become the best.
You taught me how to fight.
Let's see what you remember.
What's up. Shut up.
Now hang on!
What is this. I change the speed
of the wind with a trident.
The sea is so great. I can not do.
It trident mother.
Traditional weapon for the kingdom.
You'll never be king to hang.
How come he never came to see me.
I told you, when you're ready...
Stop lying to me!
I did everything you asked for.
And every time I pass the test,
you create another test again.
When am I going pretty well.
What she did not love me.
Your mother loves you more
than anything in this world.
But he had to return to
Atlantis to keep you safe.
Wedding mother with King Orvax has long set
so your mother to marry him
and gave birth to a child
for him, the King Orm.
But in the end Orvax know about you.
He was filled with jealousy and
killed your mother to Trench.
You mean he executed the mother.
Because the mother gave birth to me.
I remember everything.
I have something for you.
It belonged to my mother.
Orm, you think he'd love to see
his son to kill each other.
I understand the fear
and keenggananmu, Mera.
I do not want to do this.
Do not look down. I know you.
You destroyed the peace and all that
your mother fighting for her son.
If he was here... But
he's not here, is not it.
That my mother did was treason.
Do not follow her act.
Ring of fire, yes.
How does it work. I can beat you here.
Vulko, could take my fiance to his seat.
Let's go, Mera.
You've heard the legend of Karathen.
Legend says he's keeping
the trident of Atlan.
So he was arrested. He retreated.
And there, being the greatest of
all time waiting to rise again.
Atlantis had another Karathen.
He is risen.
You know, ever present
where I want to see you more than anything.
Getting to know my sister.
Tells him that he is not alone.
How do I want us to grow together.
I do not know anything.
You are the reason our
mother sentenced to death.
I hated you since the beginning.
But I do not want to kill you, Arthur.
I'll give you one chance.
Go home. Do not ever go back to Atlantis.
You're not going to win this.
The war will come to the
surface, you like it or not.
And I brought the wrath of
the seven seas with me.
You know I can not let that happen.
I know.
What is that.
Ring of fire.
People Atlantis, my brother
came out of the surface
Challenged for the throne!
Let's settle this the old fashioned way.
With the fight until one of us wins.
Never thought I'd see the day
My own father joined the King of Atlantis.
They will be waiting to see
who the first blood shed.
Do you want us to do anything.
Help surface.
I hate the surface of yourselves
But I do not feel this need.
You also do not want it, yes.
You want this to an end, not.
Are increasingly damaging
the surface of the sea.
If this were to be done, all right.
It trident mother.
I wear my father's trident.
And this is not lost!
I promised Atlanna will keep him.
This is not a competition.
It is a death sentence.
I am the true king!
You're waiting for an invitation. Get in!
What's the plan. The plan
is to find a trident Atlan.
Okay. It's a little too fast.
Some came from clockwise 6.
What does that mean it.
Behind us. You can say that's it.
It's semantics.
Lift the ship. I can not.
What do you mean I can not.
I can not! Shut up!
We're going to crash! We fell too fast!
Let's get out of here! Jump!
What are you doing. Log in to Pinnochio.
Who. Forget it. Come in.
Great. So he's male.
How did you do this. I have no idea.
Sometimes I can do it. Right.
We are in an animal.
Hey, I just saved you.
I saved you first.
He says the journey is still far.
At sea, the people can
not see you like this.
Thanks for the ride.
You do not have anything.
I've never been very high before.
We are very far from home.
At least you've got a home.
No longer. I can never go home.
I betrayed everything to save you.
Then I have to take you home.
Atlantis is a lot of things.
But forgive not included. But you
members of the royal family.
So is your mother.
If you return, I will be
sacrificed for the Trench.
Just you and your father will have me.
Look on the bright side. You do not
need to undergo a loveless marriage.
The obligation is not love.
This is my family and my people.
I betrayed them.
Sometimes we have to do what is right,
even though it hurt.
It's a tracking device on Princess Mera.
In the desert.
You said he was killed was not.
Your brother is still alive.
Not for a long time.
Captain, immediately send troops. Not!
Hold Mera and return him to me safely.
He betrayed us...
She is my daughter.
If he is injured, our cooperation is void.
Xang Honor, now we are negotiating
with the Government Fisherman.
Securing the cooperation of the two
kingdoms should be our ultimate goal.
Right all along.
And also think.
Hold and bring back the
daughter of Nereus unharmed.
We're already here.
Hey, there is something near here.
No, nothing. But...
Come on!
Mera, no!
He was not wearing a parachute.
Red hair. You have to love them.
You're crazier than I thought.
Come here.
The last time you failed because
permukaanmu weapon failed.
Our weapons will not fail.
This prototype for the next
generation Atlantean warrior.
Revenge is something we both understand.
Submit a problem fiance in private soldier,
and the children rush that mix.
I can not touch them, but you could.
He escaped to your world.
Kill him and stuff is yours,
and you will be rewarded.
Killing him is a gift.
It's still experimental.
Turning water into plasma energy.
I think I need a bigger helmet.
One of the kingdom of Atlantis
broke away and settled here.
After that they disappeared
with his kingdom.
Vanish. It was great.
We're close now. Close to anything.
Dinosaur. Punching you in the face.
Hear. You know there's nothing here.
Why do not you look around. We are lost.
See there. What is that. No, nothing.
The place is vacant.
You'll be what I call 'empty land' at home.
This is not my house.
None of these kinds of shops.
Oh no. Of course not.
You live in a city that is
disgusting, and did a tour at sea.
A mountain of garbage.
You've got factories, and
shops filled with...
Okay, okay. Hear.
Yes, there are some fools. But there
are some good things too, right.
We got the green forest, large mountain,
and the beautiful sea.
You're like a baby that small sea.
You try memprovokasiku.
I'm just saying you can
not vote without proof.
You judge Atlantis worse than that.
No, no, no. Could stop it.
GPS stupid making us jump out of plane
in the middle of the desert.
Now we are lost.
He was actually the next king or a fool.
That was incredible.
Look what I found.
You found. yes.
Look at this place.
This is incredible!
This is the place where legend
says his trident forged.
I guess it's not a legend anymore.
I am right.
This is real.
No, nothing.
Of course, to no avail. It's already here
collect dust before Sahara is desert.
Before the Sahara is desert.
Thank you to repeat what I said.
It dried up completely.
You make the best current
thinking did not think.
Do not move.
What are you doing. We need water.
You are the closest source. Do not move.
We could just piss on it.
Inside this trident staying
power of Atlantis.
In the wrong hands, it
will bring destruction.
In the hands of the actual
ruler, it will unite all
our government that are above and below.
If you are looking for strength,
you have to prove kelayakanmu.
The journey through the ancient
world to the hidden sea.
Look into the bottle for the course.
Only in the hands of the king the truth,
it will be visible.
We can not let Orm found this.
Hey, wait!
Should not we write it first.
I remember it. You do not.
What he said.
Something about the trident.
If that is I understand.
You're starting to like the surface.
It would be wrong to judge a place
that has never been seen before.
I will be right back. Wait here.
Turns out there was a palace there.
I just found something very interesting.
You know the species written
in children's books.
It was a book. I do not know about it.
We have to go. Come on.
I had to tell my people
we will fight with the surface.
Fishermen's vision is never show ourselves
in humans on the surface.
We defend the government,
instead of destroying them.
I admired this royal aspirations.
But I suspect you're just a coward.
How dare you!
I beg you please.
Your kingdom has been separated
for so long with us.
You do not experience any improvement.
The King is dead.
There's only heir.
Princess. Prepare your forces, Xang Honor.
Do it if it does not...
What he said.
The journey through the ancient
world to the hidden sea.
Look into the bottle for the course.
Only in the hands of the king the truth,
it will be visible.
Look into the bottle for the course.
Gosh. What.
But how do you know which one...
Let me see.
What is the last sentence.
Only in the hands of the king the truth,
it will be visible.
He was a great general, but not the king.
You know all these things. My father.
He made sure I knew the history.
They are all not the king,
unless this person.
The first Roman king.
Only in the hands of the king the truth,
it will be visible.
There. We're there. What. Let me see.
Not bad, right.
Not at all bad.
Who are you.
I would do him like an animal yourself.
Mera. They track you down. What.
They track you down.
Arthur! Stay with me.
Get up.
You steal the ship.
Boats in the harbor is not public.
Not. It got people.
It is an elite team that you opponent Orm
not Atlantean. I've never seen him before.
I have ever.
He's a pirate.
He blamed me for the death of his father.
He chose a dangerous occupation.
It was not your fault.
I do not feel so.
If it depends on me, on that night,
I could not save my father.
I know he is the enemy.
But I understand him.
But he is behind us now.
He headed where none of our business.
The road to the Kingdom of Trench.
It's the same thing that killed my mother.
Xa. He was taken there
as a sacrifice for them.
It is a place to die.
No nothing but death down there.
We have to turn back.
We can still save face. Let's go.
U-turn. Hear. I learned from a young age
for not to show weakness.
It's not my problem.
Because I killed my mother.
I did not do anything. I kept a close eye
and assured it was true.
I'm not a leader. I'm not a king.
I do not deserve to rule others.
And I can not let die
turn me into something I'm not.
You think you do not deserve to lead
because it comes from two worlds.
But that's why you're worthy.
You are the bridge between land and sea.
I can see it now.
You know that, right.
Trackers in Mera daughter
missing, Xang Honor.
Vulco, trusted advisor.
You're on my side since the father
abdicated the throne to me.
But you do not advise
me since the war began.
Sorry, King.
But I'm still on my
decision to keep the peace.
To protect...
You will be betrayed.
You think I do not know you are a traitor.
You've always been faithful
to her illegitimate child.
That you spent years training
him to take the throne from me.
Right, right.
Not. Lie.
I thoroughbred.
I've devoted my life to Atlantis.
You do not have anything to do with this.
You've sworn to serve the royal family.
I did it.
Arthur may be only half the Atlantean,
but she is twice better
than you to be king.
Take him.
And make sure he can scenery
What is this creature. Trench!
We have arrived!
They are too many! Now!
They are afraid of the light.
Ready to jump.
Over there!
That entrance.
Hold my hand!
My! My!
Arthur. Mother.
I sacrificed for Trench.
I survived, along the road
that you are going through,
and ends here. You're
here alone for two years.
Yes. Ayo. Terima love.
You must be mad at me. I'm
sorry for everything.
This happened because you gave birth to me.
Not because it had you.
This is not your fault.
I made a choice.
I must go to save.
To save your father.
Tell me about him. What he...
He still goes to the end of the pier...
Can you hear me.
Every day.
Waiting for you.
Why do not you come back.
Because the portal that brought
you here will not let us back in.
Trident is the only way home.
But it was guarded by Karathen.
Our native creatures of legend.
It is behind the waterfall.
I'm coming with you. We
shared opponents. Not.
He's too strong.
I tried many times over the years.
The creature was only allows
the king actually passing.
You're scared.
You're ready.
Atlantis has always had a king.
Now it takes something more.
What is more powerful than a king.
A hero.
King fought for his nation.
You're fighting for everything.
You do not belong here.
I've been keeping the first
king during this trident.
I've seen a lot of great people try,
and failed.
But I never felt like someone
who does not deserve.
You dare come here with blood campuranmu
to claim the greatest treasure of Atlantis.
All right.
Let's see.
You're weak.
You're a bad king.
You do not respect this
place with treachery.
You are right. I do not
deserve to be in this place.
But I came here because
they felt I deserved.
You understand me. yes.
No man ever spoken to me
since the King of Atlan.
Who are you.
I am a nobody.
I came because I had no choice.
I came to save my house,
and the people I love.
I came because this test still has hope.
But it's not enough.
I shall destroy you.
No one who ever picked up his trident.
If it thinks appropriate,
I'll leave it to you
so am I.
King Arthur is actually.
Brine team is ready. All
will obey your commands.
Then you will rule the greatest
military on the planet.
Today we unite our government.
Tomorrow we destroy the surface!
Beware, man!
You expect me to call you Xang Honor.
Xang not noble.
Call me Master Ocean.
You beat my troops, you're killing us,
but you'll never have my loyalty!
Alright then.
King is already here.
We can stop messing around now
I'm going to find my father.
You have to beat Orm.
What if I can not. You can.
Next time, make him cry.
Could do it again. Please
do not get killed.
Yes. Do not worry. I will not be killed.
Cancel attack. yes!
Hold! Let him through.
Please, dad.
He has a trident.
I know you feel this is not so necessary.
But Arthur is king.
If you turn back now,
your troops will be safe.
Team Atlantis is dead. What was true.
She had a trident King Atlan.
He is the ruler of the seas.
Children of mixed
parentage, it is the king.
Vulco! Come on, she needs our help.
I can not. See.
He must do it yourself.
Trident did not change who you are.
Illegitimate child of mixed blood.
I will never accept you as king.
You're making me angry.
Create your new testaments.
Come on!
Complete. No.
Compassion is not our way.
You may be so.
But I do not like you. Do it!
Kill me! Not!
It is enough!
Orm, my son.
Long story. I'll tell you later.
Come on.
I do not understand. Arthur rescue.
Mother with her. Yes.
You two are my son, and I love you.
But you're going the wrong way.
Your father taught you about
the two worlds. He was wrong.
Land and sea are one.
Take him. But make sure
he's got a great view.
After this... let's talk.
The people of Atlantis, the legend is true.
I give you, the King Arthur legend.
Praise the King!
I have to do anything. Become their king.
This will be great.
I love you. I love you too.
You're home. yes.
My father was the lighthouse keeper.
My mother used to be a queen.
They were never meant to meet.
But their love conquers all.
They make me be me today.
Humans on land, at sea hero.
I was a patron in the sea.