Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2023) Movie Script

Stay there!
Do not move!
Mayday! Mayday! This is the Sawyer 2.
We have been boarded by pirates!
You say everybody's good at something.
Me? I talk to fish.
That's how I met my friend Storm.
He's always there when I need a lift.
Some people think that makes me a joke.
But I don't care. You know why?
Because I'm also good at something else.
And that's breaking heads.
Papa took out all the pirates.
I was like, what's
the pirate's keys? Take out all the pirates.
Those drummers just didn't stand a chance.
Papa kicked her ass and took them in.
Sorry, dad
My man. Oh yeah. This is my son Arthur Jr.
See, four years ago everything changed.
I met a woman. I fell in love.
The next thing I know, I'm
getting married and having a kid.
This little guy's the best thing
that ever happened to me.
This kid, he doesn't sleep.
And he never misses.
And then I'm about to cry
dumb because on top of
getting married and having
a kid, I finally got a job.
That's right. I'm the
king of frickin' Atlantis.
And I scored any rest. Well, just taught my
brother a warm from
attacking the surface world.
And in doing so, I claimed a throw from him.
At first, I was like, yeah!
But then, as it turned out, being
king wasn't all it's cracked up to be.
It's just meetings all day and politics.
I'm so bored. I don't even
know which end of the bride
king I'm supposed to be
looking at after the time.
That's not bad enough.
Turns out there's this whole
council of houses thing
that nobody told me about.
Which basically gets to shoot
down everything I want to do.
The only thing that
makes all the hard work and
sleepless nights worthwhile,
is hanging on my little man.
Of course, there are fun parts of the job.
I gotta keep the sea safe
the best way I know how.
This stuff's not gonna take
down the legal cage fighter, too.
But for everything I get right,
something else gets screwed up.
Oh, yeah.
Here you go.
he's gonna need a little
brother or sister to play with.
He's gotta talk.
Hey, I'm serious.
I saw how lonely it was for you growing up,
knowing me a child.
I always regretted I couldn't get you that.
Yeah, well, you'll be too hard on yourself.
Turns out I have a brother,
and he's a total dick bag.
Come on. Your relationship with Aum.
This is how it usually is.
Cheer siblings bicker and fight.
But at the end of the day, they found me.
You should be able to counter them for help.
Yeah, well, I'll still take
the dog over here any day.
What's that?
Holy crap.
Hi, baby boy.
Are you talking to the dishes?
Oh, man.
Pops is blowing my mind.
The whole life I wanted
to share this beautiful song.
Is she with me, Sam?
We're different.
We're special.
We're connected to the land and the sea.
I can't wait to introduce you
to all the majestic creatures
on our planet and show you
how awesome this world can be.
Yeah, you and me.
Cross-reference the
coordinates from Dr. Shin.
Nothing. Still no sign of a
cleansing remnants under the ice.
Looks like he's led us on
another wild goose chase.
Every day I don't fix my power suit.
It's another day Aquaman gets to live.
Check again.
We're close this time. I can feel it.
Expedition Log Day 463,
Dr. Steven Shin recording.
My quest for Atlantis has
brought me to the ends of the Earth.
David Kane is losing his Patience.
If I don't turn up the
Atlantean technology he's
looking for soon, they're
probably going to...
You know what, let's not even go
there. I'm sure everything will be fine.
Dr. Shin, take a look at this!
Please tell me you found something.
Besides, make a race going crazy.
Where's the episode?
We're standing on it.
-All right!
Was it an earthquake?
No, I think there's a piece
of ice sheet breaking off.
I must have broken my ankle
Get up! We have to go!
Don't stay there!
-Transmitting sign-
I'm sorry
What the hell happened to you?
The're something
This is how it is.
A reading shows
something's down here, and it's
definitely big enough
to be an Atlantean ship.
If it is, we might be able to scavenge
the tech you need to fit your suit.
How is this place even possible?
This was all probably solid ice
until we started hitting the planet.
Well, thank God for global
warming and random.
Uh, yeah, that's not exactly a good thing.
The tracks lead down there.
Wait, the tracks lead down there,
which means the monster's down there.
Okay, at least we're going down there.
I don't believe it
It's a structure of some kind.
And there's more buried in the ice.
You're a dumbass. Ah, we
were just going to find a ship.
Everyone, find out and search.
Yes, sir.
We started upon something big here, Doc.
This has to be a few thousand years old.
We're standing.
What is this place?
At last...
there you are
Released from my prison
and I will endow you with the necessary strength
to kill your father's murderer
Don't leave him like that
Ask the sea for mercy
Go outside!
You can't let him live!
You can kill that son of a bitch!
You will take from me what he stole from you.
His home will burn
and his kingdom will fall
facing my legions
His arm will burn and his
kingdom will fall before you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
David! David! David! David! David! It's okay.
You're all right.
What the hell is that thing?
Unbelievable footage coming
in from all around the world.
Good evening, folks.
In the past five months,
we've seen an extraordinary
rise in temperatures
reported around the world.
And that has resulted in some of
the wildest weather we've ever seen.
The council has called for
an emergency gathering.
There's been another plague outbreak.
And how much hotter is it going to get?
What did it hit this time?
The Ninth Tribe Atlantis.
And there are now reports of
outbreaks of fish in the kingdom as well.
There haven't been
outbreaks like this in centuries.
Why now?
Increased ocean acidity, decreased
oxygen levels, toxic
algal blooms take your big.
The surface has been poisoning
our atmosphere for over a century.
You can't expect them to care about what
happens to us if they
don't even know we exist.
If you want to be aware of the conversation,
we have to take our seat at the table.
It's time for Atlantis to
reveal itself to the surface.
Your Majesty is well aware
of the council's positionals.
Listen, we can talk to their scientists.
It can bind our technologies to reverse
the damage that they've already done.
And I know this is against our traditions.
The world is shrinking.
And the old days aren't
going to protect us anymore.
Times have changed.
Atlantis wants this.
There's a whole generation out
there that don't want to hide anymore.
Have you already forgotten
that this plague killed
your old beloved mental?
And you want to negotiate with them?
We gave your brother war powers
and made him motion master for a reason.
If we ever decide to make ourselves
known to the surface dwellers,
it will be to eradicate them, not to coexist.
That ain't not bad.
You used to take me twice as
long to get you to go to sleep.
Not bad how you do it, pops.
Mary and I have the whole kingdom helping us.
That little baby boy is
still kicking our asses.
And you,
taking care of me and raising me on your own,
You're the real superhero.
Do you single parents?
My job was a little less
stressful than yours.
Yeah, well, I just plain suck at my job.
Volko told me to bring the
lame to see you together.
Problem is, half of it lamest
still wants to destroy the surface.
You won't listen.
We can't bring shit together.
Volko believed in you.
-I know.
We can't save the losses.
I really want to know how I
raised you here by myself.
I just keep going.
Celebrate the wounds, mourn the losses,
and you wake up the next
day and you do it again.
Sometimes not giving up is
the most heroic thing you can do.
You'll go where you are.
We know that you're going to die.
Humans were not made to live at these depths.
Yeah, don't worry about that.
You just remember who built this ship.
I'm more worried about
how long ago they built it.
We're coming up on it. Engage cell phone.
Hey, John!
You're staying ready
with that big gun of yours.
Expedition log, day 613.
Kane is off on our most
dangerous mission yet.
A three-man octopod infiltration team.
It's incredible that these ancient machines
we found still function
after all these years.
All I did was retrofit them to our needs,
but they require a very specialized
fuel to keep them running.
Kane calls it Orykalka.
I don't know how he knows about this,
but it all started the
day he found that trident.
Suddenly, no secrets that
he couldn't possibly know,
including the only way
to obtain this Orykalka
is to steal it from highly
protected storage faults
when we're about to hit the
most dangerous one of them all.
Okay, you have 15 minutes to get in and out.
No margin for error.
And this should take you through.
You don't want any confrontation.
David, we can't fight their entire army.
Stay vigilant.
We have no idea what kind of
security measures they have down there.
Orichalcum Storage Vault
Be careful, it's highly volatile.
It's all right.
Loading the barge
Stay away.
Change of plans.
I need an extraction, now!
All rise to vital stations.
Go on!
Stop it.
Unknown ship, you leave the transit zone
Power up the Sonic battery.
-Illegal water crossing will be
met with dead weight for -Now!
Commencing charge.
Control, intruder approaching.
Form hydro Cannon and lock target.
Hydro Cannon at front border
gate, locking in on target.
Charger set to maximum power.
-Intruder in sight!
-Take them down!
What are you waiting for?
Sir; Atlantean enemies approaching
-Split up and go to the exfiltration point
You raided the storage fault.
We can't let them get away.
Don't worry, they won't.
I'm not this one.
Don't shoot in the night market
There are civilians
Intrusion in the hyper-tube
at a speed exceeding 600 knots
Slow down, immediately
David, we are her at the
exfiltration point with the orichalcum
Come on, lets go!
No! Not yet!
I treat myself to a bad mermaid murder
Don't touch my wife!
Your wife?
First you steal your brother's throne.
Then you steal his woman? I'm a man.
Shame on you!
Uh, David, you gotta go.
The entire Atlantean army is headed this way.
If we don't leave now, we're dead.
20 degrees port side!
Fire the sonic cannon!
Come on, Shin!
Lady Karshok has called an
emergency session at the High Council to
discuss a motion from the strip
of throne of its executive power.
The throne is the heart of Atlantis.
Too often now it stands empty
while our king spends half his time on land.
And now his circus world
enemies have followed him home.
This draft is merely a feast
of the havoc that will be
brought if Atlantis ever
becomes known to the circus.
Because if he cannot protect his own family,
how is he supposed to protect us?
He changed
He's stronger than before.
He can fight me without the power suit.
Where the hell did he
get all the new toys from?
The technology seems ancient,
but we've never seen anything like it.
A weapon he used fires some kind of...
ultrasonic energy that
disrupts the nourishes.
Do we know what was thrown?
He escaped with a large stockpile of...
My soul's in Atlantis.
Orococum is a power source
that was used in ancient times.
It emits tremendous
amounts of greenhouse gases
that are highly destructive to our planet.
In fact, we almost destroyed the oceans
ourselves before we
realized what we were doing.
It can't be disposed of safely,
so the remaining stockpile
has been buried in twelve
storage vaults deep underground.
No, we should warn the other
places that are storing the stuff.
It's already been there. It's all gone.
We think it's been launching
secret raids for at least five months.
This is just the time we got caught.
Well, this is spiking. The
local temperature says causing
disasters on the surface and
making the seat while they're sick.
That was five months ago.
He's using the stormwater
Calcum to heat the planet.
Why would he do that?
I don't know, but I'm gonna find out.
If he is using the water Calcum to
heat the planet, we don't have much time.
He is pushing us past the tipping point.
He must be stopped or a global
climate meltdown is imminent.
We need to find him, but he's
completely vanished off the radar.
I think I know someone on my bill to help us.
She's not gonna like it.
Your brother.
Believe me, he's the last
person I want to go begging
for help, but he's still
with Manta in the past.
He's the only one who might
know how to find him in time.
The fisherman will never
allow you to speak to him.
He killed her kid.
He wasn't exactly gonna ask for permission.
Arthur; Atlantis cannot extract form from
an allied nation. It would be an act of war.
Atlantis isn't gonna do it.
I'm gonna break him out myself.
Arthur Karshov is looking for
a reason to seize War Powers.
You will be nothing more than
a figurehead if she does that.
My place is out there. I belong.
I'm actually good at what I do.
I'm tired of nothing ever getting done.
I've got to do this.
If anyone finds you out,
if you're caught,
we'll tear the kingdoms apart.
Then help me not get caught.
Sibelium Intelligence has recently
learned that your brother is being
held on the surface in a secret
one-of-a-kind underground facility.
They're assuming no sea dweller
would ever dare cross the desert.
And here's a special outfit for you.
Is that a poiseque screen?
It's supposed to be tight.
The chroma to phores
change color and camouflage
you for up to a minute, making
you undetectable to no sessions.
They'll never see you come.
What are we doing for comms?
Open comms are too risky.
I'll be sending a cephalopod
with you to act as a messenger.
That's an octopus.
Tactical Operations and Pursuit Operative.
TOPO, for short.
Genetically engineered intelligence
for infiltration and espionage.
He also plays a variety
of musical instruments.
Just try and lay a level
we can get in there, okay?
You might be invisible, but your hectic colas
is starting to smell like warm chum butter.
Topo, you dumb squid!
Drop him, come on!
Is that a piss?
The prison is guarded by
fearsome tests of your remnants.
ascetics will survive when the
Samara will drive by turning
to blood or sustenance.
They can catch you, but we do drive.
When you find Orm, he'll be weak.
They're limiting his water supply
just enough to keep him alive.
If you manage to find
Orm, tell him that I love him
you tell him, and I think of him every day.
I don't know.
Look, I know he's family,
but you can't forget who
you're dealing with here.
Once you've broken Orm up,
you're not going to be
able to turn you back on him.
You need him, but you can never trust him.
You took dearly
What the hell are you doing here?
I'm going to break you out.
If you lost your mind,
you're the one who put me here.
Why don't you bring in a bullshit?
Well, we'll talk about it later.
If you can't break me out,
there's a treaty with the Fisherman Kingdom.
Look, I gotta stop David
Kane from destroying the
world, and you're the
only one that can help me.
So you do the math.
Come on, cast away.
Grab a little someone's roll.
Come on, let's go!
All right
This change is nothing.
Wouldn't have it any
other way, little brother.
Do not call me brother.
Hermanito`, trap my heart.
Come on, Topo, you stupid squid.
Wake up over the door.
The cephalopod?
Trust me, it wasn't my idea.
Did you?
Drink water?
Yeah; No, sorry.
I drank it all the way here.
Bro, it's hot up there.
You know how to ride these trucks?
Do you want to laugh?
I've never seen these critters!
All right, the water's right there.
Let's go skinny jeans.
All right.
Good job, little brother, high five.
All right, good job.
You know, I gotta watch that
kick shit to be around my ass,
so let's go.
Come on, bro!
This is worse than I could
have possibly imagined.
The safety and security
of Atlantis is a sacred trust.
No king has allowed the Great City Wall
to be breached in a hundred generations.
A hundred generations, really?
How many years is that?
About what you're watching,
what is that, like, a million years?
You call me one in a million?
How can you make jokes at a time like this?
It's undignified for a king to jest.
Oh, excuse me, your highness, if I use comedy
to mask my feelings and deal with stress.
Those that end up looking
like you, a very tight butthole.
Super tight.
You know, if the pressures
of leadership are too stressful,
perhaps you should leave and let someone
who knows what they're doing be king.
You know what?
I cannot wait to throw
your ass back in prison.
This is all over.
You won't have to.
Once I stop David Kane, I'll
surrender myself to the fisherman.
That is my honor to Atlantis.
So dramatic.
Whatever. Do somebody find this asshole?
My contact will at least know where to look.
What happened to him?
David Kane that I knew was
ruthless, but he wasn't insane.
This guy just put a gun to the
world's head and pulled the trigger.
Without even making any demands.
Congratulations, Dr. Shane.
That can of yours have worked
exactly how you said what.
Well, you found it.
All I did was figure out how it worked.
I didn't think we'd ever actually
have to use it on anyone.
Yeah, well, what can I say?
Things don't always go as planned.
That's what I'm afraid of.
David, this stuff
could reshape the entire planet.
Hey, Doc.
We are this close to
unlocking the greatest power
in human history.
Are you really telling me
you want to walk away now?
If I said yes, would you like me?
You want to see how
long you last in that jungle?
You my guest?
Yeah, stick around.
Welcome to the Last Frontier.
This guy mentioned ships from
around the world to build this place.
The Sunken Citadel.
It is the one place in the world where
the scum of the land and sea mangle.
It is where people come to disappear.
It's an impressive shithole.
How have I never heard of this place before?
It's not meant to be common knowledge.
It's a pirate haven.
Listen, I don't know if you know this,
but I'm able to not too popular with pirates.
Oh, I'm well aware.
It was the only way to get us both in.
You can please give me a hand, son.
Would you have gone along with it?
I don't know.
Then put a hook in it.
There; That's Kingfish.
He is the one who put me
in contact with David Kane.
He brokers deals with pirates,
mercenaries, slavers, you name it.
I'm going to break a fire.
Just let me handle this.
He's our best shot at finding
Manta, and he's not going to tell
us anything if you go in
there, flexing your muscles in it.
You were so lucky we didn't
grow up together, my brother.
But I call me Brother.
this is a bit of a surprise, isn't it?
I didn't realize you've
been released from prison.
It is a recent development.
Outlaws, aren't we all?
We need to find David Kane.
Bad news, I'm afraid.
David Kane is no longer on the market,
not for sale at any price.
He's fully running as
an e-dependent operator.
Where does he hold up now?
In exchange, I offer a favor
from the King of Atlantis.
You seriously expect me to play footsie with
someone with that kind
of blood on their hands?
I don't have hands...
or feet!
if the information checks out good,
I promise you that
I won't immediately come back
here and tear this place apart.
That's too bad.
Traditionally, the Kings of Atlantis
have turned a blind
eye to the sunken citadel.
Now, we have to blind it for you.
Defy the direction muscles.
Smack yours stupid heads
Take this oily fish
Ok, ok. We can settle it
I don't know where he is,
but there have been rumors.
A dormant volcano in the
South Pacific called Devil's Deep.
Talk faster.
It's been barren for years,
but travel is safe as you juggle there now.
Navigating gets scrambled as
soon as you start to get close.
And if you get too close,
you don't come back.
If I was a blind man, then believe me, I am.
I'd say that's where Kings is hiding out.
Now we need it. Let's go.
Guys, I'm coming! Guys, I'm coming!
Soon you'll be more powerful than he is,
but you're not ready yet.
And you're involved in far too soon.
I sense that closing in on us.
Do I see concern?
If anything, it's even easier now.
We couldn't have planned it any better then.
Um, hey.
I just wanted to tell you that the Orecchal
Furnace is now running at peak output.
-Somewhere in the South Pacific-
-The devil's mouth-
Go back to it, Lance,
and give our coordinates.
I offer you sight.
You know what would be
amazing right now? Reinforcements.
Great big greasy cheeseburger
and a pint of Guinness.
You gotta admit, this food
is so much better up here.
-Find that hard to believe?
-Hold up.
Are you telling me you're going
topside to have a cheeseburger?
Or a slice of the sauce? Pepperoni?
Or a thick, juicy, medium,
raw stick with fries and a shake?
Do you think the words that surface dwellers
give their food sound disgusting?
You've let your prejudice have
stopped you from enjoying half the world.
What'd you think about that?
It's your loss, dude.
Oh, yeah.
Isn't it rather one of these?
What is it?
It's a cockroach.
-Are you eating it?
-Oh, yeah.
It's from the land.
Here, take this.
Give me the first.
Did you see that?
That's not normal.
Definitely not normal.
Get out of here.
Do you see how dangerous
the old outcome can be?
I've had it mutated the flora and
fauna in a short amount of time.
I'm turning them once.
Look at this.
Come on!
What are you doing?
I'm not used to running!
Do like me.
Raise your arms and legs!
Like this?
-Oh shit!
We have to jump.
We'll survive before.
Are you crazy?
It's going to hurt.
So what do you want to do?
Stay here and fight the hopping demons?
What is that?
What does that say?
They're right against that chandelantean.
A true king builds Bridges.
What are you doing?
Got any more krill brain ideas?
True king builds Bridges.
Ha, ha, ha.
That's a metaphor!
I forgot to tell you.
One person loves you.
He's about to all die.
How the hell are you telling
me this now?
-I don't know. I was tired of waiting
for the right moment. Moment.
Come on!
Looks like my metaphor to save your ass.
David, this brand more testament
to David is really disturbing.
We have to stop hurting the oracle.
Okay, Doc.
You want to know my plan? It's okay.
Here it is.
I'm going to kill Aquaman and
destroy everything he holds dear.
I'm going to murder his family
and burn his kingdom to ass.
I will avenge my father.
Even if I have to make a
deal with the devil to do it.
David, you can't trust the trident.
I never draw this blade
unless it's going to taste blood.
Pray I never show it to you again.
We must be getting close
to the radiation source.
We should wait for Atlantis
to receive your message.
We can conduct promises in the meantime.
Yeah, look, Loki.
I'm not asking for your advice on this.
We've already lived up to the point.
See, going back to Azkaban for all I care.
So what's your plan?
I don't have one yet.
He came after my wife,
which means I'm going to
pull his tongue out of his butt.
Arthur, you're the king. You
cannot let this get personal.
This comes from the guy who turned the entire
nation of Atlantis into
his own private ego trip.
My ego?
You're the one who
swam through the front gate
and challenged my claim for the throne.
Only because you're trying
to destroy the surface world.
If you hold such an
asshole, you'd still be king.
Wait, wait, wait.
You took my throne and
you don't even want it?
Are you kidding me?
I hate this job.
The only reason I'm doing it is to
keep Atlantis from destroying the surface.
And I might even screw that up.
-You really had no ambition for it?
-Absolutely not.
And from the day my
father found out you existed,
he prepared me for the
moment that you would come
-and challenge me for the throne.
-Oh, that's really sad.
Especially when you think how easily I kicked
your ass with basically
no prep time whatsoever.
Most of it.
-That is not how it happened.
-Exactly how it happened.
The Ferris saved you. You didn't.
I kicked your ass though.
Made the little water tornado.
-I fell at it.
-Okay, shut up.
I think we're out of time.
Come on, let's do this.
What's up, man?
I'm trying to get you to Bury his ears.
Don't push it.
That one's a Tequila.
I don't even know those words.
Oh, bother.
It's an Oracalcum furnace.
All that's stolen Oracalcum.
They're just burning it up.
Easy in the atmosphere on purpose.
This is catastrophic.
This whole place must be heat shielded to
protect it from the
surface's thermal satellites.
Push it so we stop.
Gotta take out this reactor we
would have to crater the entire island.
Get away from there.
This blaster may be ancient, but
it was built for killing Atlanteans.
Okay, I am so sorry I did not mean that.
I just didn't want you to break
me in half before I could surrender.
Please take me with you.
I'll come out and help
you out with these bodies.
No, no, wait, please.
I didn't want any of this.
All I wanted was to see
Atlantis with my own eyes.
I thought I could share
its wonders with the world.
I'm a scientist.
I just wanted to be taken seriously.
David Kane said he could help
me, but now he won't let me leave.
You expect us to believe you
have nothing to do with this?
I know.
I've done things I'm not proud of.
But he would have killed me if I hadn't.
Knock him out.
No, knock him out.
You can come with us.
Oh, thank you.
But... You better start talking.
-Why don't you and Suss out?
-Okay, okay.
It's the Black Trident.
It's a direct link to some ancient evil.
It gives Kane great powers and in return
I hate.
What the hell happens?
Stop them!
No, no, no no.
Not the Oracalcum
Do you want us to explode?
-Does it explode?
Then stop using it!
Just shut up and let me clean your ass up!
He's going to fight us
without the power suit?
I told you he's throwing him out.
He's still just a surface dweller.
-Not bad.
I've never expected to see
you two fighting side by side.
We're making a special
reception just for you.
No one hits my brother.
But me.
My boy's going to kill you last.
But thanks for dropping by.
You're making this easy.
The killer king!
Sink the island
Fire at will!
We have to get out of here!
Shin let's go!
What are you waiting for?
Let the cannon fire!
I'm sorry to drag you all under this.
But the fishermen can't think
that the alliance was involved.
Advantis does not command
the armies of several. I do
And the Prime Kingdom has
not forgotten its debt deal to you
You may counter us always.
Something happened to me
when I touched that black trident.
Why is he even here?
He should be on his way back to prison.
You should hear what he has to say.
I made that mistake once.
That's why I know he can't be trusted.
And he cut off my claws.
This thing took a whole year to grow back.
Look, he wants to stop
me at the same as we do.
And just for the record,
the only reason we made
it this far is because of him.
I saw the Lost Kingdom.
Mom, I'm not knowledgeable on the subject;
That's possible?
All anyone knows for sure is
there was once a seventh kingdom,
and then one day,
just before the fall, every record of
it was stricken from the chronicles.
How do you know what you
saw was the Lost Kingdom?
No one even knows what it was called anymore.
It's called Nekris.
And I didn't just see it.
I knew it.
It's almost like I was remembering it.
The flashes of someone else's memories.
During King Atlan's time,
there were seven united kingdoms of Atlantis,
and the Black City was a curse upon them all.
By exploiting Oracalcum,
Nekris rapidly became a
superpower unlike any other.
But it came at a terrible price,
poisoning the land, the sea,
even the mind of the tyrant who ruled Nekris.
Atlan's own brother, Cordax.
Atlan pleaded with him to stop using it
before the world was irrevocably damaged.
However, Cordax resented Atlan,
thinking his own brother
was trying to steal his power.
So he resorted to dark magic
and crafted an instrument of evil.
That black trident.
He transformed his people
and himself into monsters.
To fight Atlantis.
So the two brothers went to war.
But Atlan defeated Cordax
and imprisoned him and
all of Nekris with a spell
cast with his own blood.
To ensure that Cordax's dark
power would never be found.
And that is why Nekris is
stricken from the Chronicles.
This evil was supposed to
remain frozen for eternity.
But David Cain has found it.
And it's slowly possessing him.
But even with the ice cap melting,
Cordax still can't be freed.
Atlan used blood magic
to seal Cordax in his prison.
Only Atlan himself could release him.
Manta doesn't need Atlan himself.
Manta needs Atlan's blood.
Blood magic isn't really magic.
It's DNA.
The key to Cordax's prison
is the royal... bloodline itself.
That means he needs blood
from either you, me, or Arthur.
We're the end of the bloodline.
No, we're not.
TV: These fires once made
headlines across the world
Now they are common currency
This climate change is
unprecedented and meteorologists
cannot explain its speed.
Catastrophic appearance of climatic phenomena
Record heat waves and droughts
What's going on?
Ain't there a million and one now?
I gotta get the fleshline.
I'm gonna leave you alive
so that you can watch you die.
Where is Junior?
-I'm sorry, son
Where is Junior?!
Manta took Junior
No! No!
-Transmitting coordinates-
The medics have stabilized his condition.
He will be okay.
We just pick up a signal.
It's faint.
There's broadcasting on an
old Atlantean sonar frequency.
Heading to Antarctica.
-We're going to look back.
-How long?
I've dreamed just this.
The two of you standing together as brothers.
Promise me you will protect each other.
Promise me, Orm
Great waves, nadiest.
Your warship is powerful,
but it's slower than a sea cow.
I say we control this dead
weight and travel light. Hum!
What are you going to do when
he turns on that Sonic Cannon?
Our only chance is to hit it
with total overwhelming
force from every direction.
Not when you knew the crossfire.
What choice do we have?
We have no defense against that Cannon.
Wait a minute.
So this Cannon sends out sound waves
that messes with the nervous system, right?
That's right; Ultrasonic echoes.
Well, what if we disrupt those echoes?
It's another sound wave
from the same frequency,
but just much, much louder.
You want to disrupt their disruption?
That's going to be the easy part.
Take your weapons!
They're ready for stage.
Yeah, really, it doesn't like you, does it?
Ha, ha, ha!
We're out of progress, doctor.
We destroyed the founders before we
finished the job, but we were damn close.
One well-placed missile should do the trick.
My God, what did we do?
Nothing the world wasn't already doing.
All we did was fast
forward things a few years.
The ice hasn't fully melted yet,
or as candy refills a weak spot.
Here, this will lead you straight to Cordax.
Power up the side again.
Bang the child and suit up!
Captain, enemies approaching
You're too late.
Start charging!
You are kidding me
It could be anywhere.
The throat of Necress
is in the heart of the city.
I sense something in the water.
Everyone, light it up.!
Didn't you say that Cordax turned his people
-into an army of monsters?
-Yes, I did.
So keep your eyes open.
Well, that'll be easy.
I know clothes.
Everyone stand ready.
Something is coming!
Fire at will!
-We've to get out of here!
-Here is a passage
I'm done, and I can deal with these worms.
Go now and save the prince.
Thank you, Yours.
Come on, you sightless worm!
Help me!
Give me the child.
Prepare the long day to roast my guns.
All behind the portcullis
You have to lower it!
Don't touch my son!
Your blood will do just fine
You want blood?
Come and get it!
You wear my brother's armor
and brandish his trident
but you are no match for him
How pathetic!
Deliver me!
And you will use my power as you see fit
Kill him and you will become
Master of the Oceans again
Well, now this is certainly an improvement.
Powerful Atlantean body.
And this one hates you
more than the other one did.
It's not true.
Come on, little brother,
I know you're in there.
Don't you see? You can't win.
Either you kill your brother, or you die.
Apart Atlant's blood,
this magic is broken.
My eternal night is ending
I'm done with finding your puppets, Cordax.
I'm coming for you.
Can I die now?
How can I get this? No, Atlantean.
Hasn't he taken it up already?
You can talk.
It's time for me to reclaim my destiny.
My goal is to make you an heritage.
I knew you were jealous.
You are the one true king.
Atlantis deserves its one true king.
I am the one, true king!
Once upon a time, I wanted to
meet you, more than anything
Tell you that you weren't alone,
that we were in the same trouble
Promise me you will protect each other.
Come on, little brother.
Let's end this mess.
I'm not what I said when I first met you.
No matter what, you are not alone.
We're in this together.
You are my brother.
Let go.
Orm, let go
I live... again!
I have waited come for centuries in the dark.
Follow me!
Oh, do I better get you?
Arthur, we've to go!
The magic is broken.
Get out of here!
That's right.
No, no, baby.
My love!
Hey, baby boy!
Thank you.
The staff did.
Oh, you're looking intact.
That's good. That's good.
But I'm not. I call or got cut off.
You went off first stage, you madness.
As far as I'm concerned, your debt is paid.
Not everybody's going
to see it that way, though.
It's too bad you went and
had yourself killed back then.
Yes. All this, guys?
It'd be impossible to find the body.
Just land on it for a while.
But don't go too far.
I may need to call you up for some advice.
You know, the whole running a kingdom thing.
Thank you.
You're not as mad at this as you think.
The people of Atlantis are lucky to have you.
You were everything I was not.
You do the right thing when doing
the wrong thing is much easier.
Then you're willing to ask for help.
Even from your worst enemy.
I know it may not feel like you
know what you're doing sometimes,
but, keep trusting your instincts.
If you lead, Atlantis will follow.
After all,
true King Bill of Bridges, right?
But that was just a metaphor.
Well, you're a metaphor.
I'd have just saved the world's ass.
You're witnessing a moment the ramifications
of which simply cannot be overstated.
A first contact with the
undersea nation of Atlantis.
An entire civilization hidden for
thousands of years about to be revealed.
I think it's safe to say it
will never be the same.
The King of Atlantis has
reached out to the United Nations.
We are quickly seeking
permission and is expected to
propose a joint effort to
reverse the climate issue.
We propose that this was the result of weeks
of secret negotiations
with the United Nations.
We now go live to Eleazar,
where the first official ambassador
from Atlantis is about to
address the United Nations.
I come here today as a
representative of two worlds.
The land and the sea.
And I stand here as proof
that change is coming to both.
And I'm calling for global unity,
for a global crisis.
To finally bring Harmony between us
and the natural balance of our world.
Atlanta stands ready to help
contribute its science and technology
with your knowledge of the air
and our knowledge of the seas.
Together we can write the
next chapter in our story,
not that that is ending.
Sometimes this can seem like
our differences are too extreme,
but all we have to
do is look beneath the surface.
To see that we're all here on this planet
with the same goals and aspirations.
Even when our customers
might seem strange and unfamiliar.
Here, sugar, Very fatty, as requested
And by overcoming our
prejudices, we'll become
stronger and learn more about ourselves.
We can seize this moment
to create a better, more
hopeful future for our
children and our families.
My name is Arthur Curry. I'm the rightful
sovereign of the Odyssey Nation of Atlantis.
I'm your father, a
brother, a warrior, a friend.
I'm the king of Atlantis.
I am Aquaman.