Aquarela (2018) Movie Script

I can't see anything.
Turn a bit.
Try pulling it again.
Wait a second.
There it is, Valera.
There it is.
Yes, there it is!
Try to catch it.
Try again.
Faster, faster! Pull your rope!
Pull it faster!
Hurry up! Help!
Break the ice!
Stop! Serioga, hurry!
Stop, Serioga!
The other Serioga, pull the main rope!
What shall I do?
I said, stop!
Try to open the doors on that side.
I tried. They're locked too.
How did you guys get out?
We swam out through the trunk.
We just need to fix the front.
Catch the bumper. Don't let it sink.
Let's do this. It's a good bumper.
Tolya, come on.
Look, another one.
Where are they going?
They're going to sink.
Why the hell are you driving here?
Can't you see the ice is
melting earlier this year?
Usually, it melts three
weeks later than this.
Get over here.
Kolyan's drowned!
- Kolyan's drowned!
- Look over there.
Did he get out of the car?
Kolyan's drowned!
- Valera, get him over here.
- There he is!
Break the ice! He's right under you!
Hold him back!
Stop! Where are you going?
- We need a spear!
- We don't have it.
Stay back, I'm telling you!
Thank you!
Search over there.