Aquarium of the Dead (2021) Movie Script

I don't understand!
It was supposed to be
a routine telemetry implant.
Standard tag and monitor, then
weighed, sexed and measured!
Apparently, behavioral
patterns are highly erratic.
Banging into the side of
the tank, tearing off pieces
of her own skin, could be an
allergic reaction to the tag.
Bacterial infection maybe?
We might have to run
bloodwork on glucose, cortisol
and lactate to gauge levels
on medium term consequences.
She's going into convulsions!
I have pulses and electrical
activity in the systemic heart!
What do you need?
We have to initiate
cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
100 micrograms epinephrine!
Anything else?
Prep one dose lidocaine,
one magnesium chloride in case
we have to remove the tag!
The IE injectors are
in the supply!
There should be a
whole new batch in there!
The stuff from Eden Zoo
had to be destroyed.
100 micrograms now!
10 seconds!
15! No response!
20 seconds!
Still no response!
I think we lost her!
Counting down to
one-half minute!
Welcome to a world of wonder.
Nearly 72% of our planet
is covered in water,
home to one million
different species of life.
Even now, humankind
continues to unlock
the extraordinary secrets
that lurk beneath the surface.
There is a place where
these mysteries of the deep
are explored and celebrated.
That place is the Shining Sea
We strive to educate,
protect, and inspire
through our many innovative
exhibits and learning programs
that bring you face to face
with our planet's most
exotic creatures.
So come, step into
that world of wonder.
Immerse yourself in imagination
and observe our oceans
like never before...
at Shining Sea Aquarium.
The vets did an ultrasound
on our dolphin, Hannah,
last week and nothing
came back abnormal.
But on closer examination,
I have found
lesions on the hearts
and the tissues
in the surrounding areas
that are consistent
with heart failure.
I'm not really
gonna be satisfied
until I do some more tests.
But I have never
seen a dolphin's condition
deteriorate so quickly
unless it was something viral.
Oh! Um...
Am I too early?
I can come back.
No. Hi, Joe.
You're... You're fine.
I think I'm all done here.
I've got everything I need.
What do you want me
to do about disposal?
We have to recycle her
per the new company policy
from the people up above.
Not a fan of that choice myself.
Me neither.
Hannah deserves better.
Hey, Joe, would you hold off
for a little while
rolling her out?
We've got a VIP experience
at the shark exhibit
and I would rather the guest
see the sharks eat mackerel
instead of Hannah.
- Sure thing.
- Thanks, Joe.
It's too bad.
Hey, Ellen.
I've got a morning feed.
What's up?
Daniel, I'm checking
to make sure that
all of those medications
that you received
from our facility
were destroyed.
Yeah, I handled it myself.
Our logistics firm moved
all the doses
out of the veterinary wing.
You need to make sure
that they were destroyed!
Do you hear me?
No worries, Ellen.
I am sure that it is handled.
Anytime one of our team
members is called out,
they must submit and
execute a disposal form.
What's with the urgency?
I mean, none of
that product has expired.
There was an incident!
We had an animal that
had a severe adverse reaction
to the dosage
and I cannot take a
chance of something like that
happening at your facility.
The best thing for you to do
is just destroy the shipment.
Burn it and use whatever
you have on reserve.
But you need to call
and confirm now.
No, it is confirmed.
We use an outside logistics firm
that has no storage
space at their facility.
They only perform a disposal
of anything they pick
up at our lab.
I got the paperwork
somewhere here in the office.
You're sure?
Yeah, yeah.
It's all good.
Everything's taken care of.
I don't want to put anyone
at your park in danger.
No, and I appreciate that and
we do not want that either.
Thank you for
confirming, Daniel.
You are welcome.
I gotta go.
Morning feed, VIP, As you always
say, I can't be late.
Hey, good morning!
And welcome to what I think
is the best part of
the Shining Sea Aquarium,
the Shark Encounter.
My name is Daniel and you are...
- Skylar.
- Skylar.
Did not know that
was also a dude's name.
I'm one of
the senior aquarists here.
And I will be your guide
on your meet and greet
with some of the best
the park has to offer.
Hey, man, this is pretty cool.
Look, I've never done
anything like this.
But, hey, it's my birthday,
so I said let's try
something new today, right?
- So it's your birthday?
- Yeah.
Oh, it's your birthday,
it's your birthday.
No, no, I'm kidding.
Hey, this is for you.
Got a couple of t-shirts
in there, some aquarium swag,
a birthday gift
from your friends here
at the Shining Sea Aquarium.
Thank you.
I also have some fish here
that our sharks like to eat,
a little bonito, some cod,
some mackerel...
Hey, a little broth,
some garlic and tomatoes,
you got yourself
a bouillabaisse there.
A dude named Skylar
who also cooks?
It's a diverse world, man.
Oh, it is now.
But I'm in my second year
of nursing school.
So I don't have time
for a love life,
let alone a hot cooked meal.
Well, you're in luck.
You don't have to cook this.
They like to eat it raw.
So do I.
And here we are!
The best shark experience
you'll ever experience.
Now in this tank is
one of the fastest
and most powerful sharks
in the ocean, the Maco.
We work on a tunnel system here.
So they have to swim through
that portal in order to feed.
It also gives us a front
row seat to the feast.
Hey, they're pretty quick.
Oh, yeah. They are amazing.
They have 12 serrated teeth on
the upper jaw, 11 on the lower.
You definitely don't want these
bad boys taken up in a tornado.
Why would a shark
be in a tornado?
You know... 'cause of the...
Yeah, never mind.
It's a boomer joke.
I think sharks are some of the
coolest creatures in the ocean.
But I'm a fan
favorite of the walrus.
- Get out!
- Yeah.
You know, they're like
gentle giants, you know?
Like those tusks? Man!
Hey, would a shark
ever attack a walrus?
No, no, no. They're never
in the same habitat.
Macos like, uh,
sea turtles and other sharks.
The tusks of a walrus and
the serrated teeth of a Maco...
pretty good matchup.
I got my money on a walrus.
I think you'd lose that bet.
- Daniel, what is your 20?
- Oh, I'm sorry. One second.
Dan here on that
VIP feed like I told you.
Okay. I just wanted to know
if you'd taken care
of that Eden Zoo supply.
Miranda, I took care of it.
I've been here a while.
You gotta trust me.
No, no, no.
It's not that I don't trust you.
It's just...
I want this Senator Blackburn
meeting to just
go perfectly.
Anything for you, beautiful.
Get back to work, Daniel.
She's got a thing for me.
All right, when we get in there,
don't let me get caught up
in a debate with Miranda.
If the conversation starts going
nowhere, get me out of there.
I don't care what you tell her.
- Understood?
- Yep, understood.
I don't want to spend all day
in here with her,
she'll complain constantly.
All right, what else
have you got?
That guy from the Picayune
Herald paper called again.
He wants to know if you're
planning on running for Governor
after your tenure in the
State Senate comes to an end.
Well, he's assuming
I am now, isn't he?
Well, aren't you?
My poll numbers are
through the roof.
I'm not gonna give
that clown
at the Picayune-Herald
an exclusive.
- Okay.
- Just tell him "no comment".
- Do that.
- Mm-hm.
All right, what else?
Uh, tomorrow, meeting with
the historic landmarks board.
- Get that for me.
- Mm-hmm.
No. Change that.
Reschedule it.
There's no reason that
a barn built in 1903
should stand in the way
of low-income housing
for 32 families.
All right.
Senator Blackburn, good morning.
- Good morning.
- Right on time, as usual.
The senator has
a very tight schedule.
We can't afford to fall behind.
I had Beth pencil you
in so that we could listen
to your concerns,
your complaints.
And we're gonna come up
with solutions today, okay?
Well, I really appreciate that.
We have a lot to talk about.
Hello? Hello?
Come in?
Clu? Miranda?
This is Dr. James!
I need you both to
the veterinary wing now!
Come in!
This is Dr. James!
Come in!
Come in...
No... No. No!
Come in! Come in!
Clu? Miranda?
I'm on my way.
Christie, meet me
at the Veterinary.
I'm on it.
I'll be down in a second.
Hey, Clu, can you
see what Karen needs?
I'm with the senator right now.
- Okay, will do.
- Thanks.
I am so sorry.
Where was I?
Oh, right.
Our facility is in need
of some major
technological infrastructure
upgrades for over a decade now.
I mean, our connection
network is so antiquated,
we could put
the components on display
at the Maritime History Wing.
Look, we need a new heating
and cooling system
for all of the enclosures,
upgraded water toxicity sensors.
Our animal safety mechanisms
are so inadequate
because we don't even have a
high-speed network connection.
What about some of
the local supportive initiatives
that we discussed?
Direct and in-kind donations,
ticket sales?
I mean, they might keep the
lights on and the animals fed.
But gift shop sales
aren't going to cut it.
What about an online store?
There you go.
That'll generate some revenue.
Write that down.
Get me the funding.
I need financing, the kind
of financing that you can get.
corporate partnerships,
one of those black tie galas
that we can bring in
new sponsors and donors.
You might be the CEO and
president of this facility,
but I am the one who is keeping
these animals safe and healthy.
And you're very
much appreciated for it.
Look, for all the talk
of conservation
we do for this facility,
we need so many upgrades to
get this place to go green.
Look, I can...
I can ask for funding,
but it's gonna have
to be after the first
of the fiscal year, okay?
Doing great here.
Every penny that goes
into this facility
goes back to these amazing
and incredible creatures!
So... So let me
get this straight.
You're saying
this was an octopus?
The duct.
It's in the duct!
It killed Hyde and Price and
then it went into the...
Slow down, slow down.
What happened, Dr. James?
It killed them.
We must close the duct
before it gets out!
This animal has
become reanimated.
And there's no telling
the level of toxic bacteria
growing in its body or
if it will attack again!
Okay, we gotta move fast.
But we can't close
all the ducts down at once.
Unfortunately, every vent
has to be shut down manually
in every room, hall and
exhibit in the building.
We also got to let
Miranda know
that we got to go
on lockdown now.
Do you hear me, Miranda?
Miranda, do you copy?
- She's with the senator, right?
- Yes.
She may have turned
off her radio.
- I'll go find her.
- Okay.
Christie, come in!
Hey Clu, go for Christie.
Christie, we have an
animal on the loose,
possibly inside of the ducts.
It killed two of
our vet techs.
Conduct a sweep of every room in
the wing in case it slipped out.
Do not approach.
You radio me if you see it.
Copy that.
So, for example,
on Tuesdays and Fridays,
we have started
doing a VIP Experience
before the aquarium opens.
If we started to do more of
this, then maybe we could...
Karen, what's wrong?
What happened?
Sorry about this, Hannah.
I know Miranda's devastated...
And, uh...
Dr. James, what happened?
It killed them and
it almost killed me...
- What?
- Wait.
Who is dead?
What is she talking about?
The octopus.
We brought it in for
a tagging blend.
There were
post-op complications.
It went into cardiac arrest.
I administered the standard IE
and now it's crawled
into the duct.
For all we know, it's already
managed to escape the building.
Okay, we are officially
closing for the day
and we're going on the lockdown.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna contact the police.
Clu, can you come in?
Miranda, what's your 20?
I've been trying to reach you!
We're in the main concourse.
This animal has
become reanimated.
Did you...
did you say reanimated?
Oh, come on!
That is impossible.
- Karen...
- Yeah?
Tell me what happened.
We may have a viral outbreak
on our hands
that could infect and kill every
living thing in this facility.
- What?
- I know, I know.
What... was that?
That is extreme pacing behavior
and they're doing it
at the same time.
Oh, my God, they're trying
to compromise the tank!
Run! Run!
Miranda! Come in! Miranda!
What's going on?
I'm calling 911 now.
That's water.
One of the tanks
has been compromised.
We're officially
going into lockdown.
I'm not getting trapped in here!
I'll get on the boat
and get help!
Christie... Christie, wait!
Oh, my purse!
Just leave it!
The water pressure
will kill you!
Christie, if you can hear me,
radio back when you reach help.
I'll try to override the
lockdown and let you in.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Hey, what's going on?
This normal?
Could be a variety of things.
Hang on a second.
Like what?
Miranda, this is Daniel.
Can you tell me
the source of the alarm?
Miranda, Daniel.
Come in.
I'm just gonna call 911.
Yes, 911?
I think there's a fire
at the Shining Sea Aquarium!
Can you send someone?
Yes, that's my current location!
Can you send someone?
Thank you, thank you.
We gotta go through
the other way.
Why isn't the door opening?
Because the door is locked.
We are on lockdown.
One of the tanks must
have breached or something.
What do you mean?
- We're stuck here?
- Don't worry about it.
There's no fire or anything.
Otherwise, the sprinklers
would have gone off.
But I just told 911
there's a fire!
Dude, it doesn't matter
what you told them.
They can't get in
and we can't get out
until the lockdown is over.
So chill out.
Follow the leader.
We've got to go through
the Sea Otter Exhibit, okay?
We're already here.
My purse got swept away
in the water!
You lost my phone?
I had everything in
there, mine and yours.
Dr. James?
I left mine charging
in my office
when I went in to surgery
on the octopus!
The fire doors close
each quadrant.
The alarm is going.
Help is on the way!
Will this thing every turn off?
Yeah, it'll turn off
in a second.
So, basically, each quadrant
works independently.
When there's a fire,
they all shut
so it doesn't spread
to protect the animals.
It should
do the same for flooding
and keep the animals contained.
But we need to get
out of here, so why...
Would you stop!
Please, just stay calm.
- I'm sorry.
- No, no.
Don't be sorry.
Just stay calm.
We won't be in here very long.
We'll be out of here soon.
Just relax.
Just as long as we can get
the failsafe protocols released.
Clu, are you there?
Are you okay?
Yes, but Christie
didn't make it.
Where are you?
I'm headed to the Central Access
to see
if all that water
shorted the breakers
and find out what's online
and what's down.
If I can reboot the system,
I can get us out of here.
For now, the only contact
we have with the outside world
is through cellphones.
And if the surveillance
systems are down,
we're pretty much moving blind
through this place.
Brother, come on, man.
You survived Tahoe,
60 miles an hour
down a black slope
with a busted boot.
You can't handle this?
Come on, man!
Marry the girl!
- You're right, you're right.
- Of course, I'm right!
Nearby units?
Reports of activated 1070
at Shining Sea Aquarium.
This is 19.
Copy that.
We are about 30 minutes out,
but we're on our way.
Copy that, 19.
Proceed with caution.
You got it.
Copy that.
Let's talk about the ring.
Miranda, come in.
Miranda, I think
the octopus was here.
It might be on the move.
Copy, Clu.
Be careful.
Stay alert.
Copy. You too.
Okay, I'm gonna check in
to see if the coast is clear.
It's clear. Come on, let's go.
Hurry, hurry.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Give me something.
Come on.
Can anybody hear me?
Is anybody there?
Don't touch the fence!
It's electrified!
What was that, man?
I ain't never seen
otters act like that!
I don't know.
I haven't either.
Something is up
with the animals.
What you trying to do?
I thought I could
turn off the fence.
But I don't have a key
and we're surrounded by it.
Okay, well, we need
to figure something out.
Like we can get
a ladder or something!
Well, let's stack
some tables up!
Bolted to the ground!
Okay, we need to figure out
something, okay?
We're smarter than the fish!
We got hands!
All right, number one,
dude, that is speciest.
Two, otters are mammals.
We just need to get
inside the aquarium.
You wanna go back...
back inside there
with the rest of those mammals?
There's just fish tanks,
there's no mammals.
Okay, but what
about them sharks?
I remember how fast they were!
Last time I checked,
they don't walk, hop or skip.
I think we'll be fine.
Yeah, but they
got teeth, remember?
Yes, behind two feet
of transparent acrylic!
They're not gonna
break through that!
So... but how do
we get back in?
We're locked out, remember?
There are tunnels
under the aquarium.
Yes, yes, with offices.
Okay, with offices.
- And telephones!
- Okay. They got a restroom?
Yeah, and a candy machine too.
Good. You need a candy bar.
You're a little hangry.
Just a little stressed.
Okay, everything is locked down,
so we need to find another
option other than the doors.
Clu is working on a way out,
but I don't think
she's going get us out in time.
Okay, everyone just stay quiet
and stay behind me.
What? What's that?
Just keep moving.
Miranda, what is it?
Sounds like crocodiles.
Just stay quiet and follow.
I knew it!
Get down.
Okay, I think it's gone.
Let's move.
There it is.
Oh, Jesus, go!
Quick! In here!
The nearest water is at the
front entrance of the place.
I don't see any smoke.
Well, maybe they got it under
control and didn't cancel.
It's a fire until
we find out it's not.
It's also locked.
I thought this place was open.
Dispatch, this is 19.
We're on the property.
Not seeing anyone on site
nor am I seeing any
kind of emergency.
Caller didn't cancel?
Negative. No cancel.
We'll do a lap around the
property, confirm false alarm.
In the meantime,
can you get us information
on maybe head of security
or someone on site?
Copy that.
Be careful.
Let's check it out.
I got the number.
I'll give 'em a call.
Keep getting a message.
It's the main switchboard.
Hours of Operation.
They're not open 'til 11 a.m.
Let's check around back.
I think we need to find
some armor or something.
Armor, dude?
What are you gonna do?
Lay down and let
'em roll you around?
What we need is this.
What about me?
I need one!
I need an ax for this creepy
pirate ship you got me on!
It's Pirate's Bay!
Okay. Now a pirate fish
gonna come attack me now?
Relax. It's a kid's area.
Oh, ain't no skeletons
or Krakens gonna come?
No. That was last season.
- Damn it!
- Damn, it won't open?
It won't open!
- Why not?
- It's locked!
So what do we do?
What do we do?
Whatever we can!
Whatever we can?
Whatever you can!
You're the one with the ax!
Oh, damn.
Come and get it!
What do I do? Oh! Ah!
- What do I do?
- Get it off me!
- How?
- The ax!
Oh, God, no!
No, no, no, no, no!
Whack it!
Don't crack it!
Take that, bitch!
Oh, God!
That was not fun!
Where's the first aid kit?
Gimme that.
You know, maybe
I should hold the ax.
Oh! Oh!
Should have got that armor
when I had the chance!
You're fixing my face!
We can't stay here forever!
Let's see if it wandered off.
I think it's gone.
I'll go first.
Listen, we need to
find the nearest door
and smash our way
through the glass.
That won't work.
Why? It worked for the fish.
There are 100 species
of wildlife
propelling through thousands
of pounds of weight,
through hundreds of thousands
of gallons of water.
There's got to be a way
to smash through it!
It's reinforced with Lucite
and then coated with
a commercial window tint.
Even if you were to crack it,
it's engineered not to break.
You can't cut it
and you can't tear it.
Well, the fish figured it out,
and I can't accept that
fish are smarter than us.
There has to be a release
latch or a mechanism
of some sort that
can open these doors.
It won't work.
The only way the doors are open
is from the Central Access
so the surveillance
cameras can see
what's behind them
before they're open.
We are not getting into
the next quadrant through here.
We're gonna have to double back.
Oh, God.
Uh... Guys, look.
Crush them! That's the only
way to stop them!
Ah! Help!
Ah! Help me!
Help get this off me!
Help, help me!
- Come on, get up! Get up!
- They're still coming!
Hurry! Hurry!
Quick! Back in the theater!
God Damn it!
Everyone get back!
- Oh!
- Ah!
- Karen!
- Get back!
Oh, God, okay.
Karen, Karen, just stop!
You have to crush
their radial nerve
along that ambulacral region.
Destroying the
central nervous
seems like the only thing
that stops them.
That is crazy.
That kind of starfish
isn't supposed
to survive outside of the water
for more than a couple minutes.
Water pumps through
its body, not blood.
They don't have any blood?
No, nor a brain,
not in the typical sense.
That species emits
a toxin usually harmless.
You get stung, there's some
minor vomiting at the worst,
but we can't take that risk.
With this lockdown,
no one will be able
to get here on time
to save your life!
That octopus that escaped...
Also secretes a venom.
All octopi do.
They're mostly non-toxic,
except for the blue-ringed,
which is lethal.
Is that a blue-ringed one?
And that's what worries me.
Dr. Hyde was bitten and
died from acute paralysis,
probably within minutes.
Whatever's happening
to these animals
is also making
their secretions more potent.
Okay, what is happening to them?
They're dead.
But not dead.
The toxicity of the octopus
must have been spread across
the aquarium like a virus.
Look, I don't think
we're gonna have enough time.
We just need to keep moving.
But Clu is trying to get us
out of here, right?
Yeah, but after
the last three times,
I don't think
it's gonna be quick enough.
We could try the roof.
There is a door...
There's an access door there.
Yeah. Yeah, we go
where there's no water, right?
We go to the roof
and we call for help.
And maybe somebody
from the street will see us.
Maybe, yeah.
There it is.
I'm pretty sure it's locked.
No, no.
I come down here all the time.
It just needs
a little elbow grease.
- Need some help?
- I got it.
You sure about that?
Dude, I work out all the time.
Okay, He-man.
Hey, what's that over there?
I loosened it for you.
Sometimes it takes brains,
not always brawn.
Dude, so uncalled for.
Those crabs had it out for you.
I think they know they're
not my favorite exhibit.
I guess I'm getting
the real tour now, huh?
Dude, I think you
are getting a refund.
Hey, this doesn't
lead outside, does it?
No, no.
It's like a bunker.
Half the park and
the aquarium are above us.
Great. We can stay
down here, right?
Good. Where's the bathroom?
I'm about to piss my pants.
I think I already did.
It's down to your left.
I'm still not seeing anything.
I still get the same recording.
Maybe the phones
are down in there.
Well, what do you want to do?
Dispatch just sent me
a number for
the security manager for
this place...
I'll give her a call.
Let's go.
Let's go check it out.
Well, let's do one more
sweep and we'll call it.
- Let's do it.
- All right.
Clu, hello?
Are you there?
Clu, talk to me.
Miranda, I'm here.
Are you okay?
You're not hurt, are you?
Clu, what is your status?
How bad is it up there?
It's bad.
The whole top of the desk
is covered with grease
or slime, I guess.
I think the octopus
left it here.
Okay, Clu, be very,
very careful if it comes back.
There's something
happening to the animals.
They're everywhere
and they're attacking.
Ask her how to get out of here.
Listen, Clu, we're in
the Theater Box Office.
Do you know the quickest
way to get out of here?
And what's
working and what isn't?
At the moment, no, I don't.
It's gonna take maybe
half an hour at the least,
maybe more, to repair the desk.
But at the time, I have
no operational capability.
A half hour?
Would somebody please
tell me why this desk
means so much to us
getting out of the aquarium?
Because without it,
we're not getting out of here.
That console monitors
all of the security
and all of the surveillance
on the entire property
which regulates and
overrides anything
that is triggered
in the unlikely event
a tank is breached.
Clu, do we have any roof access?
What about getting
out from there?
Uh, no go.
Access to the roof
is on the same locking mechanism
as the steel doors.
In the meantime,
if you all are in the theater,
that puts you in Quad Two.
Now those doors
aren't designed
to keep out flooding,
only fires.
So I wouldn't go back
in the Box Office
because if the water
gets through, you're all
going to keep on moving
until it's safely to do so.
- Copy?
- Copy that.
Be careful out there.
- Marvelous.
- We'll keep moving
and check back with you later.
Oh, yeah.
This scar's gonna get me laid.
Man, this place is rank.
Pretty sure you guys
didn't pass health code.
So why a nurse?
Why not doctor,
you know, make the cash?
Why a middle-aged tour guide
and not the executive
running the joint?
I am younger than I look.
Besides, management
just isn't for me.
The Shining Sea Aquarium
is not my life.
I got plans.
Plans, huh? Really?
Aw, damn!
Not those spider crabs again!
Okay, okay. I think we need
to move up into the aquarium.
Up in the aquarium?
Look, I can't swim.
The aquarium,
not the fish tanks.
What's the difference?
Okay, get your phone out.
Why? You trying to
take a picture?
We can use it
as a flashlight.
Look, I know!
I was making a joke!
Your humor is
really dry sometimes.
Look, man, this better not
be leading back outside.
This is gonna lead us
to the aquarium.
With the sharks?
Yes, with the sharks!
They're in tanks!
Will you hold still?
Look, I'm trying!
Go, go.
Okay, look.
All we have to do is
go down this hall
and there's a staircase,
all right?
So we're just gonna
move to this real fast.
And then we're gonna climb up
and we're gonna be
in the aquarium.
In the aquarium
with the shark tanks?
Yes, that are in tanks.
After you.
Let's just go, let's just go,
let's go, go, go, go, go.
- Did you hear it?
- Yes, of course I heard it!
You are freaking me out, buddy!
Just keep it together!
What you scared for?
You got the ax!
Will you please?
I'm behind you with nothing!
No armor, you already
messed up my face!
I am a professional!
We go at this slowly!
And be smart out there, too.
Copy that.
Miranda, come look at this.
This starfish has
cutaneous abrasions
and tissue decay consistent
with the onset
of marine epizootic
similar to SSWS.
But there's nothing
to presently support
any possibility
of densovirus infection.
Well, I haven't noticed
any limb impairment
or limited mobility.
But I'm not ruling out
bacterial contamination.
You said that was dead!
You crushed its nervous system!
Dead, but not dead.
We're dealing with
a reanimated specimen.
Hey, Clu? Clu?
If you can hear me, stay clear.
And I mean,
stay clear of any wildlife.
And do not touch
any of the slime.
No. No way am I touching
that slime.
And I'm not going anywhere.
We need to find a way out.
If anything pops its head up
in here that doesn't belong,
it's gonna wish that it hadn't.
We might be dealing
with something viral,
something reanimated.
We've never seen
anything like this
and it could be contagious.
And we really don't
know what's causing it.
I'm gonna try to get
these cameras up and running
so that can get you a
little bit more visibility.
I don't like you all
running around blindly
without knowing
what's around the corner.
Especially because
we're not exactly sure
what we're up against.
Thank you, Clu.
We'll keep moving.
I'll check back with you later.
Copy that.
Let's see what we got.
Come on.
Give me something!
Okay, I'm gonna get
you guys out of here,
but I need to find a map.
Come help me find one.
Oh, I found some!
Okay, there's gotta be
another way
that I haven't thought of to get
out of here or crawl out of.
I didn't realize
how huge this place was.
Hey man, are you
feeling all right?
Yes, I just need to...
sit down for a moment.
Oh... oh, yeah.
What are you smiling at?
Oh, I don't feel so good.
Hey! Focus!
I really feel like
I'm gonna pass out.
Hey, you lost
a lot of blood, man.
Hey, hey, hey!
Stay with me now.
Hey, I'll be right back.
Where'd he go?
Hey. Here.
You gotta drink this.
Drink, you got to drink it!
You... You saved
my life back there.
Yeah. Don't mention it.
I gotta bandage you up.
Hey, hey.
Thank you for not
leaving me behind, man.
You're a tour guide.
How else am I gonna
get out of this place?
Hey, I just remembered!
There's another door
hidden from the public.
Is that one locked, too?
Go find out.
You wanna show me?
No. I want to wait for the crabs
to come back, of course.
Jacked up my knee.
You're a tough guy.
You can shake it off.
Gimme that.
For what?
I'm still the tour guide.
Yeah, Dispatch.
No hot spots, no people.
Place is empty.
There's another
outage at the aquarium.
Something's gotta
be going on.
10-4. Copy that.
You hear that?
- What?
- Shh!
You wanna feed the sharks?
- Oh!
- What?
That's a crocodile!
Dispatch! We got people
running around in there!
Animals are loose!
We gotta get them out!
No. Stay where you are.
Wait for Animal Control. Copy?
Negative! No!
We need to get them
out right now!
We have a citywide grid outage.
- How long?
- 60 minutes.
With any luck,
we can get there in 45.
We've gotta find a way in there!
This is not how I planned
to spend my birthday.
You should have
gotten a girlfriend.
Well, maybe I thought the tour
guide was gonna be a girl.
Says the guy named Skylar.
You know what...
What was that?
Okay, so the sea lion habitat
is both indoor and outdoor.
There is a chute that we can go
down and kind of glob back up.
It's about 15 feet.
So then we climb out?
Well, the only problem
is that sea lion habitat
is in Quadrant One.
We are in Quadrant Two
and the fire doors
are shut very tight.
So if we can figure out a way
to get through the quadrant,
we can get out.
So is that it?
Is that our plan?
That's the plan.
But we can't let any of these
animals get out to the public.
We can't even imagine the damage
and destruction that
would occur as a result.
Well, we can barricade them.
We can wedge it
from the outside.
I just hope the octopus
doesn't get the same idea.
It's already killed two people
and it's probably still
on the move in the ducts.
Does the octopus still
have the telemetry tag?
Is it still in there?
Is it still active?
We never had a chance
to bring it online.
But I could log on to the
network and initiate the signal.
Okay, yes.
Oh, damn it!
I don't have my phone.
That's the only way to track it.
Everything else is down.
So we'll go get your phone.
We'll call 911, we'll turn
on and activate the tag.
And we'll make sure that
it's not going anywhere.
And then we will get to
the sea lion habitat.
We have to hurry or we'll
be doing this in the dark.
The only reason some of
the lights are still on
is because of our
backup generators.
But who knows how long
that will last.
That's the plan.
Now what?
Well, we have two options.
We can either go this way
or that way.
And that way is flooded, so...
So that's not an option,
so we're going this way.
I have an idea.
I have an idea, I have an idea.
This is the Educational Lab.
It's been under construction
for a few weeks.
There's been flooding
in here, too.
You weren't kidding.
We have to crawl through the
ceiling to get to the fire door.
It's the only way we'll get
to the sea lion habitat.
There you go.
I got it.
Thank you.
Okay, so you guys
need to go first.
And then Dr. James and
I will follow behind you.
Careful, Bailey.
So how far are
we supposed to go?
The Marine Science Gallery, it's
got a different color carpet.
So when you
look down through the panel,
you'll be able to see that.
And then just
drop down in there.
Different color carpet.
Got it.
Uh, I don't know
about this...
Okay, well,
it's the only
option that we have, okay?
Just give me your hand.
Okay, okay, okay. Okay.
Do you want me
to hold your binder?
Oh, no, no.
I have this.
Okay, Karen, let's go.
I cannot believe you
lost our phones!
I don't like this.
I don't like this at all.
Oh, God.
Oh, I want to get down.
I really...
Okay, I've got to get down.
Beth, it's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Just look for another vent.
Are you guys okay?
Where's Dr. James?
She took a different route.
She's gonna meet us there.
She's gonna meet us there!
Oh, my God.
Just keep going.
Just a little bit
more to the left.
This is insane.
I cancelled a 12 PM lunch
for this.
Actually sir, they had
already cancelled last week.
I just felt like you needed
something that was
giving back to the community.
We do appreciate your support.
Beth, remind me to fire you
when we get out of this mess.
Okay, come on.
It's safe down here.
I went.
Oh! Okay.
Okay, is anything down there?
- No! You're fine.
- Are you sure?
- You're fine.
- Okay.
Come on.
Take this.
Stand right here.
Got it?
I guess you got it.
All right.
This way.
What is that?
Crabs! Run!
- Sorry.
- Crabs!
Crabs, crabs!
You're alive!
Crab legs, anyone?
Uh, we're not far
from the Veterinary.
I can go get my phone.
I'll go with you.
Wait, wait, wait!
Be careful!
There was a crocodile
coming after us!
We have no idea where he is.
We should probably go with them.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Oh my God!
No. He's gone.
Oh my God.
This is just like the syringe
I used on the octopus!
Whatever is in there needs
to be out of the lab
into quarantine to study.
Oh, my God, E.Z.
Eden Zoo!
I thought that was destroyed.
There was a disposal order.
Daniel told me he burned them.
That theory is totally
wacked, Miranda.
There has to be a
normal, logical,
scientific reason
why this happened.
Then why did Dr. Rogers tell us
to get rid of the injectors?
Bad lots happen all the time.
And I told you
I got rid of them.
I don't know.
Maybe Logistics screwed up
and one of them mixed in
with the stable lot.
My phone, the signal
isn't coming through.
I mean, I can't even
open the app
to register the telemetry tag
on the octopus.
It may be this
fiberglass insulation.
We get dead spots all the time
at the hospital.
Happens a lot in
these older buildings.
Okay, well, we just need
to keep moving, okay?
I need to talk to you right now.
You told me that you
burned the Eden supply.
You told me you destroyed it.
I did. I had it arranged
and everything.
So how do you explain
these syringes?
I don't know, Miranda.
I did my job, though.
There's a disposal order
in the office.
You want me to risk my life
and go there
and bring it back for you?
After this is all over,
I will find out what happened.
So if you want to talk to me
about anything that you know,
you tell me right now.
I'm telling you
I don't know anything.
This is an aquarium!
What if one of the animals got
loose 'cause a tank got busted?
It would kill the phone lines.
It'd kill the power.
Hell, it even triggered
the alarm
without a fire being around!
How many gallons
are in this place?
Hundreds of thousands.
If just one of those tanks
sprung a small leak,
they could be up
to their knees in it!
Forget that! Come on!
Let's take the stairs!
Forget the stairs!
I got this!
Hey! I got it!
Oh, shit!
Oh, sh...
Oh, my God!
Oh my God!
Are you okay?
What was that thing?
I don't know.
Next time, I'm taking
the stairs.
Come on.
Almost there...
What in the hell
were you thinking?
Rigging that tank to break
while Beth and I
were in the premises?
What's gotten into you?
It wasn't me!
What do you mean?
I only lied about burning
the bad doses
to sabotage the
Veterinary clinic.
I was waiting to rig the tank
until you two left.
I'm not an idiot!
Uh, Daniel.
Is that what I think it is?
Oh, my God.
Okay, we can just
turn back and...
- Oh!
- Oh, shit.
Now what?
I think they're communicating!
Yeah, but it's different.
It's new, it's louder
and more urgent.
It's a strange signal.
It's like they
can't see each other,
like they're blind or something.
No. Not today, not today!
I'm not dying today!
- Skylar!
- Skylar, no, no, no!
Skylar, no!
Ooh, look at all this!
Come back.
Checking in.
How's everyone doing out there?
Come in!
Everyone, stay completely quiet.
Oh, God.
That was close.
Everybody, quick. Hide!
Stay out of its path
and stay quiet.
What are you gonna do, Karen?
Just shut up and go.
Everybody go. Go.
No, Karen! No!
Come on, work! Record!
Species showing evidence
of complete blindness,
eyes milky white.
Exhibiting behaviors consistent
with complete loss of vision
through form of improvised
with one another.
Hunting patterns dependent
on locating its prey
through sound!
eyes milky white.
Exhibiting behaviors consistent
with total loss of vision
through form of improvised
communication with one another.
Hunting patterns
dependent solely
upon locating their
prey through sound!"
...of complete blindness,
eyes milky white.
Exhibiting behaviors consistent
with total loss of vision
through form of imp...
A door.
Come on, come on, come on!
Damn it!
It's locked!
You there?
Go ahead, Clu.
The desk is back online.
I've got some cameras
up as well.
So it's a good news
and bad news situation.
What news do you want first?
I think we could all use
a little good news right now.
Okay, good news it is.
The desk is allowing me
to override the lockdown
and I've released
some of the exits.
And the bad?
And the bad news is
the failsafe locking
mechanisms are electronic
and absolutely none
of them are responding.
So nothing or no
one is getting out of here
unless those locks are powered.
Now I can override
those locks all day long.
But if there ain't no juice
getting to those electronics,
we are stuck like chuck.
So all the doors are
still locked.
How is she working
on the console
if this whole place
is out of power?
Because the console
has a backup battery.
It was the last thing
to get upgraded six years ago.
Everything is under water
in this place.
I've tried to reroute the power
to the alternate generator.
But it just won't cycle over.
It needs to
be switched on manually?
Yeah. If we don't do that,
then we're not gonna get out.
Hey, Clu.
We're in the sea lion habitat.
Good. Then you're not far
from the breaker box,
but it's located
in the basement.
The basement?
Does she even know
what we went through to
get from the fire door to here?
Who cares?
We know where we're going.
Let's get there.
The only way through
is the basement
and it's right by the stairs.
But we have to go through
the next exhibit next to us.
Because all the doors
are still locked! Jesus!
So wait, wait.
What exhibit are
we talking about?
Shark Cove.
You gotta be kidding.
- Come on, stay close.
- Oh, Jesus.
- Oh, shit.
- Everyone hide!
It's clear.
Let's go.
Come on.
Are they dead?
They're not moving, but they
are definitely not dead.
This is the only way out.
Okay, these...
These are Macos.
There's only two of them.
Where are the others?
What do you mean, the rest?
Hey, Miranda, there's the
on the other end of the Gallery.
Maybe we go back that way.
Fuck this.
I am going through to the other
side with or without you guys.
And then I'm having
this place condemned!
Wait. What?
I am getting to the other side
of this exhibit.
I am faster on my feet than
they are out of the water,
I'll tell you that.
No, you can't just do that.
You can't just march
over there
and expect everything
to go well.
Okay, we should go
one by one, okay?
Okay, I'll go first.
Make sure it's safe.
Oh, da...
Okay, come on, guys.
Come on, guys.
Do I have a fever?
Are you okay?
Are you sick?
I'm feeling really, really cold.
Feels like you're burning up.
She's burning up.
- All right, watch me.
- Okay.
Watch me do it.
Oh my... oh!
Okay, good job.
Okay, come on back, come on.
You gotta go.
But you gotta go now.
- Come on!
- I can't, I can't.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
- You guys, I can't, I'm sorry.
- Yes, you can.
Look in my eyes.
Look in my eyes.
Follow the leader, okay?
We can do this.
Follow the leader.
Come on.
Come on over.
Follow the leader.
Follow the leader.
There you go.
There you go.
See? See?
You did it, you did it.
Okay, one more.
One more to go.
Come on, come on.
There you go.
There. There you go.
There you go.
Okay, come on, Karen.
Your turn.
- Oh, I don't know.
- You got it.
Come on.
I gotta get out of here.
Okay, okay.
Yes, yes, okay!
Oh, my God!
Just one more.
Just one more.
- You can do it, come on!
- You got it.
Behind you!
The other shark, it's moving!
Watch out!
- Move!
- Jesus!
Help me!
Go, go, go!
Run, run!
Give me your tie!
Give me your tie!
It's okay, I got you.
- Hold on, hold on.
- Okay, okay, okay.
There you go.
Can you walk?
I'm not gonna let you leave me
behind, that's for damn sure.
Okay, good.
Whoa! Whoa!
You okay?
Yeah, thank you.
I'm so cold, I'm so cold.
Oh, my gosh, she's burning up.
Are you okay?
Can you help me?
I didn't want to say anything
as we had to go and move...
Oh, my God!
We need to get that
thing off of her now!
- Get her back.
- I got you. I got you.
Okay, thank you.
- We got you.
- Thank you.
Oh, my God, it's
drinking her blood source.
- Okay.
- Beth, stay with us.
- Okay.
- Stay with me.
Look at me.
Hey, hey, hey.
Beth, stay with us!
Stay with us!
Look at me!
Beth, look at me.
It's in there so deep!
Guys, I don't think
she's breathing.
- Oh, no.
- No, no, no, no.
- Beth, no, no, no.
- She's not breathing.
Beth, no!
I can get this off!
- I can get it off!
- I'm not getting a pulse!
Miranda, we lost her.
No, no, no,
no, no, no, Beth.
No, no, no, no!
I can do this!
I can get it out!
I can get it out!
Miranda, she's gone.
There was no saving her
at this point.
That thing has been
feeding off of her
even with the central nervous
system destroyed.
It still managed
to get sustenance.
Who knows how long that
thing's been stuck there?
Did you know about this?
No. She didn't say anything.
We gotta keep moving.
Let's go!
No, no!
Jack, you don't understand!
This thing was at least 15 feet!
We don't have the resources
to bag something like this!
That's why we call you guys in!
Well, I've got to tie
this up, first.
Yeah, you do that and, as soon
as you're done, you get here!
I will! You just have no idea
how bad it is
at Eden zoo right now.
We can't get in.
It's electrified.
What'd he say?
Homicide says they got
two dead bodies
in what they're calling an
extreme hoarding situation.
They got about 30 cats
and 12 dogs.
They need to get out of there
before CSI can even move in.
Something about
the Eden Zoo Sanctuary.
Call the Sheriff's Department!
We can't do that!
They don't deal with animals!
Can we call the Animal Control
next county over?
No, no, no.
They'll take too long.
We gotta get them out of here!
Let's go!
- Let's check it out.
- All right.
Where is it?
Where's the breaker box?
It's flooded!
I think the breaker box
is over there, right?
We're never gonna
get out of here.
I have an idea!
Daniel, come with me.
The generator's
over there.
- What are you doing?
- I'm gonna go get it.
You're gonna what?
Gonna go turn it on.
Be careful.
Almost there...
No! No!
Get off me!
Deep-fried calamari...
my favorite.
No! Clu!
No, Clu!
You gotta keep going, Miranda!
Get to the breaker box!
You gotta keep going!
You can do this!
That's right.
Almost there.
I can't get to
the breakers from here.
You have to!
But I can get to the generator!
I'm gonna go this way
to the generator!
Stay right there!
Just don't get eaten, all right?
Just keep moving,
keep moving, keep moving.
It should be around
here somewhere.
Oh, God.
Where is this thing?
Oh, God!
Oh, God... oh!
Come on! We need to get
you all to the truck!
No, I'm fine.
Dr. James needs
medical attention.
Not you, Daniel.
We're going to your office.
The disposal order
from the Eden Zoo supply?
You told me that we could
get that from your office.
So let's do that.
I'll follow.
We've just been through
hell and back, all right?
You need to give me a
day to clean up my wounds.
Let's make one thing clear.
You show me that disposal order
or you tell me
what really happened.
I'm waiting.
All right.
It's Blackburn.
It's all his idea.
He wants to sell the aquarium
because he can get top dollar.
And he told me if
I didn't destroy the injectors
to switch them,
he was gonna cut me in.
I just thought a few animals
were gonna get hurt.
I didn't know
this was gonna happen!
Why did you think
was gonna happen?
There are innocent people
dead because of you!
Okay, okay.
Whoa, whoa, easy, easy now!
Take him into custody!
Ma'am, I don't have
that kind of authority.
I'm only administered
to save lives
and take the necessary
precautions on site.
And bring badly injured patients
to the nearest medical hospital.
- God!
- Ow!
That'll do it.
Not cool!
Come on, buddy.
Thank you!