Aramm (2017) Movie Script

WEBVT Advice regarding health.
Smoking causes cancer.
Smoking kills.
Smoking causes cancer and kills.
Liquor drinking is
injurious to health.
Liquor drinking is
injurious to health.
At present
I'm in Sriharikol of Andhra state.
India's space research organization..
..ISRO's from the space launching
station at Satish Kabal..
..this historical rocket
named as GSLV- F6.. being launched from here.
For that the scientists are ready.
Already the count down
for that has begun.
Do you know why rocket is being
launched from our country?
I don't know all that. India must become
a super power nation and become great.
India is going to launch a rocket.
Do you know why it is being launched?
I don't know. - Why is rocket launched?
- How will I know?
Do you know why rocket is being launched?
- I don't know all that.
Our country is launching rocket. Do
you know why? - No. I know only this.
I have decided to resign
my Collector post.
I don't believe in working
for just salary.
Through service I believe in living
for people and servicing them.
I think you haven't understood
the power politics.
Or are you refusing to accept it?
Is this also included in this enquiry?
As your senior and well wisher
I'm saying this.
You behave as
an enquiry officer to me.
I'm not worried about power politics.
I'm a democratic.
Because I think that way.
For the suspension letter that you
sent to me in the reply that I gave..
..I have clearly explained in No. 3.
I didn't misuse the power.
It would have been a
mistake if I had done so.
But it would have
been a bigger mistake.. not use the power given to me.
If you call that as power politics,
I would call it as anti-democracy.
What you term as democracy
and toil for the people.
But those people themselves
don't know anything about democracy.
I think it is a waste to talk
about that for them.
Whose mistake is that, sir?
Isn't it government's mistake that they
didn't teach democracy to the people?
Remaining as a government servant.. are talking against
the government. I don't understand.
Are you for the government
or against the government?
I think government means people.
What do you call as government?
That too now I'm not a
government servant.
I'm Ex-Collector subjected
to enquiry by you.
This is the problem with you.
Why are you becoming
unnecessarily emotional?
How you would have behaved and talked
in that place of incident..
..I can understand from the 3 minutes
conversation that we had.
Look here. When an accident
takes place in that spot..
..we need not unnecessarily
act emotional.
It is not necessary to take it as
a challenge or personal thing.
It is only because
you acted that way.. have been forced to attend enquiry
inspite of being a good officer.
Do you understand that?
'When a life was in danger in front of
my eyes, as an officer with humanity..'
'..I did my duty peacefully without
becoming emotional at all.'
Isn't there any petrol?
- The petrol has to be left.
You are to be blamed for pampering.
You are talking as
if I gave the vehicle.
To Saravanan. I'll tell him
to buy petrol and 2 bottles of water.
I feel thirsty.
You dial.
Let us see if he attends the call.
Idiot! I don't know what he is
doing without attending the call.
Where is the child?
- Dhansika!
Dhansi, where are you?
- Dhansika!
Dhansika! Dhansika!
- She is here.
Come on. Drop the stone and come.
Which is that vehicle?
- I don't know.
Let me go and ask
if there is any water.
Is there drinking water?
We have got only 2 bottles of water.
Here we'll get only salt water.
You have cool drinks.
- No need. I'll catch cold.
Who is that?
Is it your wife and child?
Yes that is my child.
How old is the child?
- 4 years old.
Have you given polio drops to her?
No, madam!
What sound is this? It is superb.
Which bird is this?
It can be heard but not seen.
It is a rare bird. It can
be seen only in Chithirai month.
It'll be usually roaming alone.
Even small boys can catch it.
It'll lay egg on the side
of the path.
While coming alone in the night,
If any animal or enemy comes from
opposite, it'll cry and give warning.
Not bad.
- Tell her.
Hi! What is your name?
- Sing a song.
"Danga Maari,
a waif you're awkwardly dead."
"I took a route and paved a line
paved a road on the line."
Hold this. - "Danced on the road
killed a man by game play."
"Dirty faced Meenakshi
long ago she took bath."
"Kamakshi ate food
without brushing."
I'll give chocolate to you.
Open your mouth.
From this native can rocket launch be seen?
- Yes.
There will be grand celebration
in the native.
That day nobody will go for job.
We'll distribute sweets.
In temple prayers will be conducted.
For rocket launch
why should you do all this?
It is a pride for us.
It is our country.
Can we give up our prestige?
It is a new thing.
- Madam, doctor is in line.
Why doctor is calling?
Tell me, sir!
Now you sent a photo. From
where did you click it? - Kontoor.
The photo is very different.
- Thank you!
If we make a poster of this,
our organization will earn fame.
- A motorbike is standing there, right?
Yes, sir!
- You are standing in dry land.
If the environment people see
that empty pot..
..they'll make a big issue.
Avoid those plastic pots.
Again you pose like giving polio
drops to that child and send a photo.
We'll design that as a poster.
- Okay, doctor!
Shall I take another photo?
- Okay.
Take it. Okay?
You come this side. You come here.
Ready, madam!
Madam, see in the back.
Hey, wait! If you have petrol
in vehicle, give me.
After filling petrol for Rs 30
I'm driving from 3 days.
I thought of asking you.
Are you asking me?
Go man!
What is nurse madam doing here?
- She is giving polio drops.
Let her to give.
Tell her to give drops
that will quench water thirst.
Hey, come on!
Instead of going to school..
..he is playing in water.
You remain in water. Let me see for
how long you remain inside.
Is he inside water?
You leave this place.
He won't come out till you are here.
I'm telling you to leave.
Muthu! Muthu!
- Buffalo!
Did daddy leave?
- From how long I'm shouting?
Saravanan, are you also with him?
Muthu, come here.
Hey, stop!
Oh God!
Wait. I feel short of breathe.
- You!
Instead of going to school
why are you diving in water?
Go to school. Else you'll have to
suffer like your uncle without education.
See how he is standing.
Last week while working with the
welding fellow he got beaten.
Like that you also don't suffer.
- Don't they beat in school?
They are sure to beat
if you don't study properly.
On studying will he spare me?
Do you know how that idiot beats?
Why are you addressing the teacher
without respect? - Hey!
He'll abuse the teacher in worse
manner than this.
Why are you bothered
if I talk about master?
I'll talk as I feel like.
- Hey, what are you saying?
I'll say what I feel like.
- Didn't I tell you?
- See on top.
He'll cheat only like this.
Hey, stop!
When we yearn for shade
if there is not even a single tree.. to run the family?
- Yes, by cutting tree..
..they make door and
window and keep that open.
After that they say there is no air.
How will they get air?
Ekambaram, do you remember?
During childhood we have collected
left over paddy coming here..
..for buying top from Annachi shop.
Is it correct?
- Brother!
That time women used
to sell idly and jaggery dosa.
For the leftover food dogs used
to wander in groups.
Today we are roaming like dog
for eating.
Tell me, Sumathi!
- He is unable to hear from his left ear.
He is not allowing me to check.
On inserting finger.. is wet and stinking.
- Give the phone to him.
Take it.
- From when are you not able to hear?
From yesterday night.
- Give the phone to mother.
- Now what to do?
Evening we'll go to the doctor.
I'm unable to save even
a single day's wage.
Ear pain...
On going to Shanthi doctor's nursing
home totally Rs 1000 will get spent.
Is it Shanthi doctor?
Even for a thorn prick
she'll tell to come for 3 days.
You are saying it is ear pain.
She is sure to grab
whatever you have.
What is it? - For whom are
you spending?
You are getting irritated as if you
are spending for my brothers.
Sumathi, come and stand
in this sunlight. You'll know.
I have drunk 4 bottles of water
till now. I couldn't pee even a drop.
Okay. Don't get tensed.
We need not take him to doctor.
You get medicine from medical store.
If that doesn't work, we'll go to doctor.
No, we'll go to ENT doctor.
No. We have to give cake order
for daughter.
There is no time for that.
Hold this. I'll get medicine
for Muthu's ear pain.
Is there medicine for ear pain?
- For whom?
For my son.
- Is there discharge from ear?
There is wetness in ear.
On inserting finger and smelling it
is stinking. - Which is your native?
- Katoor...
There is no pond or lake there.
Only salt field is there, right?
He is playing only in that.
- Salt water will always create trouble.
Get that ear drops.
Put three drops for three times a day.
- How much, sir?
Give Rs 25.
Give the phone.
You are always playing with this.
Don't sleep. Ear drops has to be put.
Remember that.
See how this Muthu is swimming
in water.
Go away.
Why are you getting irritated?
The one who doesn't allow him to play
kabaddi, will he allow him to swim?
Tell him to study.
If the leg gets trapped in the hands,
and if it is a proper lock trap,
the leg won't budge even an inch.
It'll be like the
grip of monitor lizard.
The hands were strong
but the mind was not.
Did kabaddi give a livelihood?
Think of agriculture,
don't have a bit of land.
Unaccustomed painting
job is now our livelihood.
If even that was not there...
Tell him to study.
The one who didn't allow you to play
kabaddi and who didn't allow him to swim...
..will he allow him to study?
It is a belief.
Education will earn money to the
one who wants to earn money.
If it earns respect for us,
it is enough.
Your story is different
and his story is different.
Don't repeat your old story and
stop his wish.
If you want, you see video one
more time.
What will you tell? I saw
When he was inside water my
mind counted more than 300.
Others know that he
is not a child but fish.
I'm telling such a talented
boy to leave all this and study.
It is not because I'm a fool.
I'm not jealous of him.
I do love him.
If so let this mouth burn.
Why are you so fed up?
You are awake, right?
Shall I show it to father?
- What?
It looks like helmet.
Get this for me.
- Is it a helmet?
Is it to stop the water entering
the ears while swimming, right? - Yes.
Don't ask for note and bag.
If you continue to take bath in lake..
..and stream your other ear
will also get infected.
You go and get the curry.
It is all due to you.
- Only in night I told.
Don't scold the children. Don't
keep scolding them unnecessarily.
You mind your business.
Do you have more concern than me?
The salt is too much.
You rub.
Muthu, it is enough
if you know how to swim..
..and save yourself
if you fall in water.
Swimming alone is not life.
Do you understand?
You are going on nagging.
I'll say something.
You come here.
You keep scolding the children.
You are also not ordinary.
Till your ear gets cured
you must bathe only like this. Come.
In future you must bathe only in this.
This is what is pond, lake and sea
for you. If you bathe somewhere else..
..and incur ear pain,
I myself will stamp you.
Look at the cake. See this.
This is for me.
What are you seeing there?
See here.
That is vanilla. It is Rs 500.
This is Rs 600.
That is strawberry costing Rs 650.
- This one...
This is Rs 350.
- Give this one.
Should I write the name?
What is the name?
- Should I write in Tamil or English?
Take it.
Write in English.
Don't you know English?
Is it government school?
- Don't you know Tamil?
Only if you write in English,
they'll write in Tamil.
What is your connection
with that family?
We'll fight. We'll fight!
- We'll fight. We'll fight!
We'll fight till we get water!
- We'll fight till we get water!
Give water... give water!
- Give water... give water!
Give drinking water!
- Give drinking water!
Sir! Collector on the way.
Greetings, madam!
We need not go this way.
- Knowing that you are coming this way..
..Thevampatti people are waiting
to block the path.
For what are they protesting?
- Water problem.
Isn't there any water tank or drinking
water plan?
There are 2 tanks, madam!
Ground water descended
and turned as salt water.
Okay you sit in vehicle.
We'll meet the Thevampatti
people and go.
Madam, you need to reach
the function by 10 o'clock.
You cancel that.
Only on meeting the public we'll know what
work the officers have done. Come.
We'll fight. We'll fight!
- We'll fight. We'll fight!
We'll fight. We'll fight!
- We'll fight. We'll fight!
We'll fight till we get water!
- We'll fight till we get water!
Give water... give water!
- Give water... give water!
Don't you know how to give respect
when a big officer comes?
We gave respect to all officers.
But no officer gave respect
to our problem.
- Madam, it is very hot.
They are also standing in heat. Go.
First you listen to what I'm saying.
Your rightful problem shouldn't
turn as a nuisance to others.
See there,
how many vehicles are waiting.
In that school going
and office going..
..why even hospital going people
will be there.
Please disperse!
- It is not possible.
We won't disperse till we get water.
You can attack us
by keeping your police.
We'll fight. We'll fight!
- We'll fight. We'll fight!
We'll fight. We'll fight! - Stop! You can
fight if I don't hear your problem.
I'm going to talk
only with you, right?
See there. School bus is waiting.
Please come this way!
Go that side. Go.
First give way to school bus.
- Madam!
You talked about their going
to school.
We also need to go to school.
If we don't get water,
not only me.. girl around this native
can go to school.
In today's circumstances water
problem is not an ordinary one.
To be frank it's a planned conspiracy.
There is no permanent
solution to that.
But I can solve your problem
for the time being.
How do you expect us to believe you?
Because we know that there is no water
anywhere in this land.
The only place where water
is available is shops that sell water.
The secret is how they get water.
If we crush the leaves of the trees
here, it is like crushing dry leaves.
It'll get powdered. To that extent
there is no moisture in the air.
Now we have become the fish on land.
When one fish jumps the other fish
thinks that it is alive.
But it doesn't know
that it is the last jump.
At one time the way people died
of typhoid, cholera and diarrhea..
..the people now are going to die
of thirst in bunches.
There is medicine for
typhoid and diarrhea.
But to stop people from dying
of water thirst..
..what medicine is
there in this world?
Water is the medicine.
It is many years since that
medicine got over in this earth.
I'm telling this like telling
to my daughter.
As an officer you do whatever
you can do for us.
Do that.
Till you all get water
I won't drink water.
Give me some time. Please!
'From last 5-6 years
there is no rain.'
'That time also there was no
water scarcity.'
'The day this water bottle came..'
'..that day this
water problem started.'
- A water lorry crossed my car now.
Check where it is going.
- Okay, madam!
Tell me.
- Madam, I have checked properly.
Some 45 lorries are standing here.
They are supplying water to big hotels
and apartments.
Whichever villages are not
having water..
..first send these lorries
to those villages.
Wait. One minute.
You seized the water tankers that
took water without permission. Okay.
But you distributed that same water to
all the villages. How is that right?
In what power did you do that?
Sir, whatever is the necessity of the
people should be made as law.
Instead of that we shouldn't make
law and cover the people in that.
I didn't ask that.
Who gave you
the rights to distribute water?
Yamuna, 1100...
Yamuna, 1100...
Sister, 1200.
Sumathi, 1200... 1200.
Sister, 1300.
- Raji, 1300. Raji, 1300...
Sister, 1400.
Sumathi, 1400. Sumathi, 1400.
Sister, 1500.
Yamuna, 1500. 1500...
Yamuna, sister! Be silent. I
need to pay my daughter's school fees.
For Rs 10,000 chit
how much will you bid?
Yamuna, she is suffering a lot
to pay fees for her children.
You give up.
- Then next time I should get the chance.
Sumathi, you take it.
Tea has come. Come all of you.
Tea is here. Come.
Santhosh, come. Come.
- Sister, give a cup of tea to her.
Where is Dhansika?
- She has gone to bathroom.
Give biscuit.
- All of you take one by one.
Give tea for me also.
- Sumathi, take your tea.
I'll come.
- Give to me.
Give me.
- Wait.
Dhansika! Dhansika!
- Where has this girl gone?
She is shouting.
- Dhansika!
Dhansika! Dhansika!
- Sumathi...
Your child is here.
Sumathi, don't run. Stop there.
Don't come. Stop there.
Don't come.
- What happened?
What happened?
- Nothing. Don't go there.
What happened to my daughter?
My daughter...
My daughter...
- Nothing!
Sumathi! Sumathi!
Come fast.
- Sumathi!
Uncle is in line. You talk.
Tell the correct place.
- Periyandur place.
Katoor village. Come soon, sir!
Did you phone fire service?
- Yes. They attended the call.
But now they are not attending.
- Come on.
Hey, move!
Move aside.
Dhansika, can you hear?
All of you remain silent.
Go back. Quick.
He is rotating like lifting the child.
Kumaresa, tell Kumar to get the phone.
Kumar, get the phone.
Nanda, how much feet it is?
- 31 feet. - 31 feet?
Call the ambulance immediately.
What happened?
- I don't know. Let me see.
Go fast and see what it is.
- I'll see.
Give the necessary tools.
Hello! Hello!
I'm going to put the phone inside
to record the voice of the child.
Nobody should make noise.
Put it inside.
Descend more.
- Call her mother Let her talk.
You talk without crying.
What will I tell your father?
Tell that lady to go. The child
will get frightened. - Dhansika!
Aunty, you talk.
Aunty is talking.
Can you hear me?
Don't be afraid.
Soon they'll get you out.
Father has bought samosa.
Let us go home and eat.
All of you don't make noise.
Be silent.
- First you be silent.
Dhansika! Dhansika!
Aunty is talking.
Can you hear me?
Don't be afraid.
Soon they'll get you out.
Father has bought samosa.
Let us go home and eat.
Mother, it is dark.
I feel scared.
Take me out.
Shift that woman.
Lift her.
- Go fast.
Go away. Go.
Give that spanner to him.
What are you doing?
It is getting late.
Ambulance has arrived.
- Work fast.
Dhansika, can you hear?
I'll put the rope inside.
Will you climb and come?
Then only you can come out.
Dhansika, I'm putting the rope inside.
You hold it.
Dhansika, the rope is coming.
- Nothing is heard.
As it is down I think
it can't be heard.
Greetings! In Katoor village
farmer labourer's daughter...
Stop it!
There is no rain.
What agriculture in that?
Today morning at 9 o'clock
a sad incident happened.. Katoor village, where Pulenthiran
and Sumathi couple's daughter..
..Dhansika, who is 4 1/2 years old..
..fell in bore well.
- I'm Dhandapani speaking.
I'm going to Katoor village now.
We have got information that
a 4 years old child fell in bore well.
Oh no! Did you inform
the medical team?
Tell the fire service to arrive there.
Tell the D.O, Tahsildar
and everyone to come there.
I'll also reach there.
- Is it Kumbidigundi Tahsildar?
Yes, madam!
- Where are you now?
I'm on the way to the Katoor village.
- On the way?
On the way, madam!
I'll reach in 10 minutes time.
I don't hear your car sound at all.
There is no signal.
So I have got down to talk to you.
Make it fast. Please!
Who is the VAO of that place?
- Dhanapal, madam!
Where is he?
- He is in the spot.
Tell him to come in line immediately.
Okay, madam!
- Sir, your brand cigarette is not there.
Now itself I'll tell
him to talk to you.
It is the Collector.
Dhanapal sir!
Tahsildar sir is online. If I talk,
he'll keep talking non-stop.
Tell that I'm driving vehicle.
You attend the call. Okay?
- Give it to me.
Sir, greetings!
I'm VAO Danapal speaking.
RI sir is driving vehicle.
- Where are you?
Sir, we are going to only that village.
We'll reach within ten minutes.
But it doesn't look as if you
are riding vehicle.
Sir, we are going in vehicle.
- Okay. Collector told you to contact her.
Talk urgently.
That madam is in tension.
I'll talk now itself.
- Give water.
Sir, that Tahsildar is very sharp.
He found out that we are not
travelling in vehicle. - What sharp?
He is an idiot.
Parking his car in road he must be
taking a puff.
You are calling him as sharp.
- Did 108 come?
Neither 108 or fire force has arrived.
Start the vehicle.
You contact the 108 first.
Why hasn't the fire
service reached there?
Fire service and 108 has been
informed, madam!
Keep updating me.
- Okay, madam!
In Thirunallur district
near Katoor village..
..a 4 year old girl has fallen
in bore well.
In this deep well of 140 feet..
..we have news that Dhansika is stuck
at 36 feet depth.
In Councillor Balan's own land this bore
well was built and it was left unclosed.
- I'm DSP Thamaraikannan speaking. - Yes.
It is 2 years since that
bore well was built.
Councillor has built
it in his own land.
As there was no water
he left it uncovered.
On enquiring I came to know that there
are 2-3 more bore wells like that..
..which has been left uncovered.
Media people are making
a news out of it.
Where is that councillor?
He went missing.
- Find him.
Cover all the uncovered bore wells.
File FIR.
Don't take any pity.
You update me whatever it is.
Lift that up.
Give it here.
Take it.
- I don't know what is the problem.
Not that. This one.
Make it fast.
- It is over. Wait.
Give that inside. Move.
What are they doing?
- Sir, tell us.
Move away.
- Sir!
They are seeing. Can't you see?
Let us see what we can do.
Move away.
We are from media.
- So what?
You don't know what to do
at which time.
Allow us to do the work.
Give us answer.
- Go away.
We are irritated that
the vehicle is in repair.
You have no sense.
- Wait.
Remain silent.
Collector madam is arriving.
Collector is coming.
Make it fast.
Yes, madam! Vehicle has had
a break down. We are attending.
When will the vehicle be okay?
The vehicle can be repaired only
if the mechanic comes. - Madam!
Kondiyeri fire station.
- Madam!
Send all the fire services that you
have immediately to Katoor village.
The vehicles have gone to
Minister's house function.
- As soon as it comes, I'll send.
Okay. Make it fast.
Do one thing.
Turn all the vehicles and go this way.
It is not possible.
The incident spot is 20 km from here.
In that road itself
we can go only till 1/2 km.
A bridge is broken.
It'll take one hour minimum.
What are you saying?
It is one hour since the phone call came.
From a long time the child is inside.
Did any medical team go from the
nearest hospital?
Two nurses have gone.
From hospital there was call.
There is no oxygen cylinder stock.
Is the child without
oxygen all this while?
Sir, why didn't you
repair that bridge?
Madam, it is local politics.
Politics in everything.
'The officers don't have the guilty
conscience that..'
'..they are playing with a life.'
In the middle of that how will this
country progress?
Do one thing. Clean this bush
and push the vehicle this side.
Oh God!
Save my child!
Oh God!
My child is in danger.
I'm unable to tolerate.
Go... Go... Go that side.
Leave... leave...
Turn a bit.
Go... go...
Move a bit.
We can't keep waiting thinking that
this fellow or that fellow will come.
Nobody will come here.
The child that has fell in hole.. not Minister's child
or officer's child. It is our child.
To lift our child only we must work.
All of you come.
Let us go as a group and sit.
You block the road. You block the bus.
You block the train.
After that you see what happens.
They'll surely come.
Wait. You don't get tensed
and make the others also tensed.
On the way the fire brigade
had a break down.
It is nearly 1 - 1 1/2 hours
since the child fell in hole.
All the media has arrived.
Is there problem only for you?
- You have no concern for us.
Don't talk like that.
I'm also one among you.
Have patience. The vehicle had a break
down on the way. What can we do?
Is there only one vehicle in Tamilnadu?
- Wait.
What are you talking?
Is this the way to talk to officers?
If all of you ask question,
don't we need to answer?
Listen to this. They'll give sweet.
All of you take it and put it in pocket.
Is this the way to talk?
- How dare you talk like this?
He is telling you, right?
Go away. Go.
What is this?
- They don't know how to talk.
Are you scolding us?
- You talk properly.
How can we remain without questioning?
- Move back. Go.
Councillor Balan belongs to
Thiruvallur district Katoor village.
In his land a bore well has been
constructed in 146 feet depth.
As there was no water it wasn't
taken care of properly.
Child Dhansika fell in this well as it
was kept uncovered.
Oh God!
- Sumathi!
- Madam...
It is so long since the child fell.
Till now no action has been taken.
What action are you going
to take for this?
Till now no fire service
or ambulance has arrived.
What have you got to say
regarding that? Why this delay?
Will you take action on councillor
Balan, who didn't cover the bore well?
Madam, please answer to us!
- Madam, I will handle this.
Officers won't say anything openly.
Surely madam will talk. Be silent.
Madam, you are leaving
without answering.
I have only one answer
to all your questions.
First I must save the child alive.
Please, co-operate for that!
Madam! Will you take action on the
higher officers, who came late?
Nobody will do this kind of
mistake by planning.
This village is in a remote area.
So all the officials got delayed.
Please try to understand.
Doesn't the people in the remote areas
have any protection?
We'll die. All those in
the remote places should die.
Once they come for asking vote
they don't know the distance.
Once the voting is over
you take the box in total.
That time also you don't think
about remote area.
Only when there is a problem
you talk about distance.
Madam... my daughter!
I'm asking you thinking of
you as God.
Save my child.
God! In what way didn't I fulfill you?
Don't be afraid. So many are working
only to save your child, right?
Be confident. Don't cry.
Officer! Take her from here.
- Yes, madam!
Lift slowly.
- What happened?
We are checking, madam.
- What is the condition?
There is no gas inside.
The child is alive.
In how much depth is the child?
- She is in 36 feet depth.
How long will it take to rescue her?
We can do it in 2-3 hours, madam!
Will it take so long?
- The hole is too small.
So it'll take that long.
Will there be any problem
to child's life till that time?
There won't be any problem.
We have given oxygen now.
We can get her out in 2-3 hours time.
Make it fast.
- Do it quickly.
Nurse, after giving oxygen try to
give water to the child. Make it fast.
What is this? - We'll insert this camera
and mic inside the hole.
Through this camera we can see in
that monitor what is happening.
Through this mic we'll know
the child's breathe..
..other movements and position.
Move away. Move back.
Show the position of the child.
There is no fear in child's eyes.
She is confident.
She is okay.
She shouldn't feel that she is alone.
Someone should keep conversing with her.
Let us tell her father to talk.
- Sure, madam!
I'll talk.
Pulenthiran, get up!
- Get up!
Sir, give that mic.
Talk to your child.
Talk without crying.
Else the child will become afraid.
- Don't cry. The child will get scared.
Father, when will you get me out?
I'll get you out soon.
Madam, please!
- Father, who is that?
It is Collector madam.
What is her name?
- Madhivadhani.
today is your birthday, right?
Not today but tomorrow.
What chocolate do you want?
- My uncle has bought cake for me.
On top of the cake
my name is written.
Saravana, my daughter is
talking about you.
I'm unable to move this hand.
Which hand, dear?
My right hand.
Dhansika, is there air circulation?
It is stinking.
It'll be okay soon.
Are you sweating?
Do you feel hot?
I want to pee.
Pee that way.
Oh God! I have to remove the
under wear. Else mother will scold me.
I won't scold you, dear!
I have pissed.
What kind of underwear
is the child wearing? - Why?
We are going to tie the
rope in her hand and lift her.
By chance if the underwear is thick,
we can put the hook in that and lift.
Oh No! It won't hold.
I bought that for
Rs 10 in church festival.
If we make butterfly knot in this rope..
..and lock it in child's hand,
it'll be secure.
Like this we can
safely lift the child.
Won't the child's hand get
There are chances, madam!
- Then?
Compared to child's
life this is better.
Before this we have lifted by
inserting wire.
But that wire made scratches
in the body and incurred injury.
So we don't follow that now.
Doctor, what do you say?
There is no other alternative.
The child's life is important.
We'll take care. - Are you sure?
- Sure, Ma'am!
Okay proceed!
- Yes, madam!
Hey, new machine.
They have brought a machine that
we haven't seen at all.
I think this is the first machine..
..that has been bought after India
became super nation. Come and see.
Careful! Machine might incur scratch
or get damaged.
Then India will have a loss of
1400 crores.
Isn't one person
enough to drop the rope?
Why a Collector.. SP and 9 doctors?
Be silent. - Did it take so long
to get only this rope?
You are descending this rope.
There is no machine to save the child.
Idiots are standing.
- Come this way.
Hello! 1, 2, 3, 4...
"Buddy got a one feet rope."
"They struck all of us
who questioned them."
Hold him.
A child is stuck in a bore well.
It is a very big question whether that
child will be saved or not.
In a country where more than
100 crores of people are living..
..village and city are together.
A different form of approach for
the villages.
The value for those
lives is different.
The value of those who live in city
is different. Should it be differentiated?
As far as India is concerned..
..the value that we have to pay for
carelessness is too much.
Carelessness is always
seen as a civil case.
It is not treated as a criminal offence
in our country like in foreign countries.
In this particular case if that child
is fighting..
..for life by falling,
whose mistake is this?
Is it that child's carelessness or
somebody else?
This child didn't go and fall purposely.
Nothing like that happened.
There is a hole which is uncovered.
Who is responsible for that
uncovered hole? It is the government.
Or else it is the owner of that hole.
We are not talking about
this issue for the first time.
We are talking after 381 incidents.
If we had talked on the first incident..
..this carelessness can be
rectified after that, we can say.
If even after 381 days you are talking
the same thing, whose mistake is this?
It is only government's carelessness.
Descend it slowly, Bala Murugan!
Come to the left a bit.
Slowly... Slowly, Bala Murugan!
Descend slowly.
Dhansika, insert your hand inside
the circle of that rope.
Lord mighty! Protect the child!
Jesus won't give you up!
Lord mighty! Protect the child!
- Bala Murugan!
The child is not inserting
her hand inside the circle..
..but she is holding the rope tightly.
We need not waste time.
You lock it like that.
Jesus won't give you up!
Jesus won't give you up!
He won't give you up.
He won't give you up.
Jesus won't give you up!
Bala Murugan, lift slowly.
Slowly, Bala Murugan!
The child is holding tightly.
Slowly... slowly.
- Father.
Slowly. The child is ascending.
You lift the same way.
Raman, help from the side.
Come to the centre.
Now you lift.
Continue the same way. Slowly.
My hand is paining.
My hand is paining.
Dhansika, hold the rope tightly.
Don't leave it.
It is paining.
It is paining.
Dhansika! - Oh God!
- Mother...
Go and see what it is. Go fast.
Save my child!
Move. Move aside.
First you take them away.
I'm unable to save my child.
Dr. Ravi, lengthen the oxygen
cable and send inside.
The child has gone deeper.
This cable is not enough.
First all of you move away.
Join with additional cable and descend
It is taking so long.
I'll finish it soon.
- Make it fast.
Go fast. Go.
At present the mission of
saving Dhansika..
..who fell in the bore well,
has become a failure.
Fire service people tried to
save her with the help of rope.
As the rope got tied the child Dhansika
again fell into the bore well.
Stop! The child can be seen.
In what depth is she?
- The child is in 93 feet depth.
The child is feeling short of breathe.
Go and attend. - I'll see.
All these time the child
was without oxygen.
Due to that also
she might feel suffocated.
Now only we have given oxygen.
So soon she'll be alright.
Doctor, there is no improvement.
She is still the same.
Ravi, reduce the oxygen level now.
- Okay, sir!
You increase as and when I say.
- Okay, sir!
Go to 3 litres.
- 3 litres, sir!
- Increase 4 litres.
Increase 4 litres.
- Okay, sir!
No, doctor!
There is no change in the child.
Please find a solution quickly.
Do something about it. - I'll see, Ma'am!
Move! Give way.
Dhansika, can you hear my voice?
Doctor, we gave oxygen
when she was in 36 feet depth.
That time the child was normal.
When we are giving oxygen at 93
feet depth she is feeling suffocated.
I'm unable to justify
the oxygen level.
Madam! This is sea shore land.
There is lot of chance
for methane gas to be inside.
How much ever oxygen we pump inside..'ll get released,
is what senior doctors are saying.
I don't want any explanation.
As a doctor I'm asking a question.
Can you stop this
short of breathe or not?
If you can stop, how long will it take?
Sir, give me an answer quickly.
I'm asking you openly.
If she is short of breathe like this,
how long can she...
She can withstand
for 8-9 hours, Ma'am!
After that it is difficult. Sorry!
But seeing the will
power of that child..
..I feel she'll get adapted to the
condition soon.
Consistently keep maintaining
the same level oxygen.
Keep pumping non-stop.
Do you understand?
My child, sir! My child!
- Hey!
Stop! Stop there!
Listen to me. Stop!
- Stop.
Descend her.
- We are giving drips to the patient.
Move away. What are you doing?
- You can't save my child.
Will you save my wife?
- Go man!
Sumathi! Hold her. Sumathi!
- Go man!
- Careful! She might bang her head.
I'm going on saying.
- Go man! You come.
Here after I won't believe you.
Pulenthira! Come immediately.
Come on.
Go and call them.
- Yes, madam!
Pulenthira! Come fast.
Come fast. Come fast.
They won't save the child.
They don't have anything
other than rope with them.
Think that your child died of cholera
or diarrhea.
Atleast save your wife.
Save her.
She'll get heart attack
by crying and die.
Come away.
Come, sir!
- Careful!
- Give way, please!
Madam is coming. Get up.
Pulenthira, why are you creating
confusion like this? Be confident.
Only at this time you should
be hopeful.
You can see how much madam is
taking trouble for your sake.
Knowing that is it right for you to
carry your wife and run away?
Try to understand.
- No, sir! Leave us.
If my wife remains here,
she'll die immediately.
I and my child will become destitute.
- Don't talk like that.
Be patient.
Did you eat anything?
- Arrange for food.
Sir! - Why can't we go inside?
- What is happening there?
We must go there, sir!
- No, madam!
- Come on.
Where are you going?
Are you from media?
I'm also from media.
- You are from which media?
Srilankan radio.
If you talk too much, I'll slap you.
- Will you strike him?
Go away. - Every year you come to collect
house tax and water tax, right?
Do you have the capacity to
lift a child?
Listen to me. Don't push.
Madam! Madam!
- Go away. Go.
Madam, we are not public.
We are reporters.
Why are the policemen
stopping us there?
What is happening here and
what are you hiding?
Do you wish that we shouldn't know
anything about that child? Tell us, madam!
Madam, even though the government..
..has formulated many acts regarding
the rights of bore wells..
..they are refusing to follow them.
Children are continuing to fall
in bore well.
What do you have to say for this?
Inspite of knowing that there is danger for
children in putting bore well..
..what precaution did you take as
District Collector?
Madam, you are the District Collector
of this place, right?
Will you take action
on this area Councillor..
..or will you leave this matter
also carelessly like other matters?
Till now there is no equipment
with us to save the children..
..who have fallen in bore well.
Isn't that a truth?
Don't say that we have, madam!
Then how will you save the child?
Tell the truth.
Is the child alive or dead?
Please switch off your cameras and mic.
I haven't come to talk
in front of your camera or mic.
All the answers that I give for your
questions are just news to you.
Your question
and the anger of these people..
..has made me realize that
the child must be saved..
..and that councillor must be arrested.
My fight is this realization.
One of you here asked
whether I'll arrest the councillor.
It is me, madam!
I'll surely arrest him.
Same way by today evening that
child Dhansika will be rescued.
Try to understand.
Till then co-operate as friends.
Okay? - Okay, madam!
- Thanks!
An aeroplane is being hijacked
by someone.
In that situation the total government,
all the Ministers, Prime Minister..
..and everyone sees
what happens in that.
But when a agriculture
labourer's 4 year old child.. in danger of life, none of the
higher authorities take notice of it.
How to understand
this differentiation?
This differentiation
is there continuously.
When it is a matter
concerning aeroplane.. turns into an international news.
The matters that take place in
the villages of our country..
..go unnoticed.
In Delhi when a student was raped,
it became a big issue.
But here in Madurai,
Tuticorin, Nagercoil..
..and in many places when it
is taking place regularly.. is not talked about.
So the value of life
in a place also becomes important.
Arrest him... arrest him!
Arrest the Councillor!
Arrest him... arrest him!
Arrest the Councillor!
Arrest him... arrest him!
Arrest the Councillor!
Arrest him... arrest him!
Arrest the Councillor!
Madam MLA has arrived.
I'll call after talking.
Greetings, madam!
- Hello, sir!
I went to the place where fire
service vehicle had a breakdown..
..thinking you'll be there.
I was told that you are here.
The vehicle has been shifted by our men.
Arrest the Councillor!
- One minute, madam!
I heard that Councillor Balan is
going to be arrested.
Calling the press you told.
I'm not worried about that.
I'll convince the public.
They are giving pressure to DSP.
He is from ruling party. He is mainly
responsible for making me an MLA.
If you arrest a ruling party member,
it an insult to the government, right?
Think and act.
I was told that the child's
father belongs to your party.
Arrest him... arrest him!
Arrest the Councillor!
- Tell me.
Is that lady mad?
She is talking arrogantly.
Don't talk to that woman like talking to
your party people. She is a strict lady.
You give the phone to that woman.
I'll talk to her.
You tell her. Madam!
Minister is in line.
- Tell me, sir!
Don't search for
Councillor Balan here and there.
He is in my house.
If possible, you arrest him.
Sir! Hello!
Arrest him... arrest him!
Arrest the Councillor!
Before I could answer the Minister the
call got disconnected.
Tell sir that...
..surely by evening Councillor
will be arrested.
You have challenged the MLA saying
you'll surely arrest the Councillor.
In the time that you took to convince
the public.. should have convinced the MLA
and Minister.
As an officer you should
have done only that.
Public elect MLA and Minister
to fulfill their needs.
They have made that democracy a joke.
How many ever mistakes the politicians
make, public will believe only them.
Public will never the understand
good officers like you..
..who think about their welfare.
I don't know how to blame public.
Like a communist who talks on the road
side holding mic and carrying flag.. have talked to
the police officers.
Do you want to hear?
Listen to this.
Why should they give respect to us?
Should common public be afraid of you?
Has any influential person got
frightened seeing us?
Have you become angry for that? If we give
respect, they'll give respect to us.
Madam! Thevampatti people got water.
The people of that village are online
to thank you. I'll put it in speaker.
Madam! You did as you told.
We have got water now.
We are very happy.
We'll never forget you.
Thanks a lot!
If you don't get the child out,
I'll kill you.
If you are drunk, you leave silently.
Don't make unnecessary trouble.
Are we drinking recently?
- Child drank water only now. It is okay.
Don't create confusion.
Soon we'll rescue the child.
Have you decided who should do
the pelting of stones on public?
Use helmet and strike.
Everything is ready.
Soon a riot will break out here.
In that pretext you send the madam
from here somehow.
Sitting here she is torturing.
What is happening?
- They are pelting stones.
They are public. Unorganized.
They'll be like that.
Will you also pelt stone like them?
If they are pelting stone..
..won't you ask them why they are doing so?
Will you also react only like them?
First ask them to stop. - Madam, in this
village every house has got a rowdy.
They won't listen to whatever we say.
- I'll go and talk to them.
Madam, don't go now.
We'll send the VAO of this place and
ask him to talk on our behalf.
No, sir! It won't work out. I'll go
myself and talk to them. - Madam!
They are not important enough
for you to go and talk.
They don't know what respect is.
- Why should they give respect to us?
Should common public be afraid of you?
Has any influential person got
frightened seeing us?
Have you become angry for that?
If we give respect,
they'll give respect to us.
Who is that?
Don't be afraid.
I have come to talk to you.
Please come out.
Police hasn't come.
She has come alone.
Greetings, madam!
- Why did police pelt stone at you?
It is that MLA and Councillor who
are responsible for all this.
For how long should we take beating?
By finding the police who pelted
stone at that child..
..I'll surely take action on him.
Please all of you remain calm.
Will you arrest that Councillor?
Surely I'll arrest that Councillor
and rescue the child too.
That is if you co-operate with us.
- I swear both this won't take place.
You are telling in TV that
you'll arrest Councillor.
And to us also.
Keeping whom will you arrest him?
Last month Councillor's daughter
attained age.
All the officers here came there.
They consumed beer and biryani
and had a jolly time.
Will they arrest him?
How will they arrest him?
We told him so many times to cover
that hole.
Last month a bull of a cart fell in that
and got its leg broken.
That time also he didn't take pity.
We thought you'll rescue that child.
You are using rope and wire for that.
What else is there with you?
You can neither save that child
nor can you arrest that Councillor.
Respecting us also as humans you
came to meet us for the first time.
We feel happy.
Take this, madam!
Madam, was the water like tender
coconut water?
We are drinking urine.
The days are gone when man, woman and
children used to wander for gruel.
Now we are roaming around for water.
Rescue that child somehow.
Among the 7 virgins that we worship
we'll worship you as one virgin.
Inspite of knowing that it can't be saved.. have tried to save the child
again and again.
Due to that the public
have become emotional.
Instead of chasing away the
reacting public by doing lathi charge.. are trying to convince them.
Other than these 2 methods, isn't there
any other method to rescue the child?
It is there. A college student called
Manikandan in Madurai..
..has invented a robot for this.
Why didn't you discuss
to me about him?
After trying from the morning only
now we got the number.
On calling it is coming as
either switched off or non reachable.
We have traced the address.
- Then why didn't you follow?
We have done it, madam! Near Usulampatti
a village called Karmathur.
I have sent the VAO to his house.
Make the arrangements to bring
him here immediately. - Okay, madam!
- Mahajan. Captain G. Mahajan.
- Good afternoon, Ma'am!
Please come.
- Yes, Ma'am!
I can understand.
I'm an irrigation engineer.
Seeing the quality of the
soil I can say that it is very loose.
For a depth of 30-40 feet
I'll create a bypass.
Through that I'll build a tunnel for
for 100 feet depth.
From there directly to the place
where the child is we'll fix a pipe.
Our rescue team will go through
the pipe and get the child safely.
Okay, make it quickly. Go ahead!
- Sure, Ma'am!
Vacate everyone.
Nobody should be here.
Vacate everyone. - Okay.
- I want the entire area clear.
Get the equipments here.
I want everyone out of this area.
I don't want anyone in this area.
- Move... Move.
Make it fast. Quick.
Stop! Stop! Stop it!
Sir is unable to hear.
We can't hear what you are saying.
Come out immediately.
There is a crack on top.
We are coming out, sir!
We are coming out, sir!
- Come out fast. Come out.
Move back. Move back.
I won't leave this place.
Leave me, sir!
I won't go from here.
I won't go.
- Leave.
Leave me, sir! Leave.
Leave me, sir! Leave.
What happened? - Ma'am, there
is a crack leading towards the child.
If the crack increases further,
we'll all be in great danger.
The faster we evacuate,
it'll be better for all of us.
But we are in the middle of the process.
How to you expect us to...
Ma'am, there is no time to panic.
We have to stop the
process immediately.
You should give me the permission.
- But the child?
Ma'am, there is no choice.
For just one life we'll be losing
the life of the others.
No, I can't!
For safety you can send the
other workers out.
But I'm not willing to stop
this child rescue mission.
Ma'am! I was just addressing the facts.
Please don't misunderstand me.
Okay. Do whatever you have to do.
But we can't stop this.
This has to continue.
Sure, Ma'am!
In the mission of digging a hole nearby
bore well and rescuing the child..
..when the National disaster rescue team
was engaged in retrieving the child..
..unexpectedly a crack
appeared in the soil.
Due to that this
mission was abandoned.
Nearby this village where
this sad incident is going on..
..a rocket has been launched in
space some kilometres away.
8 crores is being spent
and rocket is launched.
They say that it'll give
benefit to this whole world.
Not even some thousands of money
will be required to.. a child from deep bore well.
The total cost of this robot machine
is only Rs 30,000.
The inventor of this robot,
Manikandan has said so.
Why those thousands were also
not spent?
It is seen as a machine
for the pathetic..
..need of an ignorant India.
By making or inventing that machine
by a person..
..he won't get any name.
The condition of the inventor of this
machine, Manikandan is also only that.
None of us know who he is.
The way we know a cricket player or
cinema star..
..why we didn't recognize this inventor?
Why wasn't he identified to
this society?
People like him are
the guide of this society.
Else we must show them as the
role models.
But many people like
him who makes inventions..
..are not recognized.
I see this as the drawback here.
To reach the orbit of a rocket,
which is 600 km away it travels..
..7 kms per second.
But we are fighting
for many hour to retrieve..
..Dhansika from just
93 feet deep bore well.
Even though we tried for many hours
the fact is we couldn't rescue her.
Even though methane and hydro carbon..
..are present in thousands of
kilometres underneath..
..we have the technology to extract that.
Due to the apathy
of the government and..
..the inability to use the knowledge
and efficiency of the youth..
..the government has confronted a huge
setback in retrieving Dhansika.
I'll talk to you frankly.
You also talk to me frankly.
The robot engineer
might be able to reach.. only by mid night. In that time
why can't we make some kind of a try?
Madam, it is not that we
are reluctant to do anything.
Whatever was possible by us..
..we did that with full effort.
To be frank we have got nothing with us.
If we tell this openly outside..
..we'll lose our job
and honour in front of the public.
In front of the eyes a child is dying.
In the afternoon itself
I had this question in my mind.
Why are we waiting here?
If this itself was a well..
..even if it was a poisonous..
..well I would have saved that
child by pledging my life.
That is what I'm also saying.
Who don't we tie a child
and descend that inside and lift it?
Machine is also going t do only that.
Machine won't have pain.
But this is a child.
I also understand, sir!
The child that is going to rescue
won't have any harm.
For that we'll take
precautions and try.
Not that, madam!
The child which we'll descend...
I have decided.
Nothing will happen to this child and
the child that is going to be rescued.
Let us think positively.
Already the life of the child that
has fallen in bore well is in danger.
All the villagers
are tensed and excited.
In that time you have
taken such a decision..
..were another child's life
is being put in danger.
The MLA and others stopped
you by saying no.
You didn't take into
account their words.
There is continuous hurdles in the
effort of rescuing Dhansika..
..who fell inside bore well.
Suddenly crack appeared on the soil.
So the effort of rescuing was given up.
Due to this in that area
unusual atmosphere is prevailing.
But the effort of rescuing
the child alive is continuing.. what the District Collector said.
In this condition the land
owner Councillor Balan..
..has been arrest by the police.
Get up and leave. Leave all of you.
Get up. Fire!
I have some work, sir!
- What you have done is enough. Go out.
Do you wish to become the leader of
this constituency in one night?
Are you doing all this after thinking?
If the child dies inside the hole,
it is accident.
If the child that you are descending
inside the hole dies, it is murder.
Tomorrow morning in all the channels
this will come as the head news.
This is my constituency.
In Parliament the opposition party
will question me.
Only I'll have to answer him.
The media people hanging
around with camera around the neck..
..will come around my house
tomorrow morning.
Doctor, come here. Come.
How long will that child remain alive?
Don't mistake me.
In your experience how many deaths
you must have seen?
Sir, if this child was fated to die,
it would have died long back.
It is fated to live on this earth.
That is why it is struggling.
- Is it for sure or doubt?
That is what I'm also saying.
Collector madam is looking at me
like a murderer.
Fire, come here!
What method do you have to save
that child?
There is only one method, sir!
What method?
- I'll continue my effort again.
Will you leave it like that
and go home?
If you go,
will you get peaceful sleep?
The villagers will be hopeful
that we'll rescue her for sure.
Shouldn't we be
faithful to their trust?
Let anyone believe me or not.
I'll be straightforward towards my duty.
For that I'll take any decision.
- That is not possible.
This is my constituency problem.
If the child dies,
only I'll be questioned.
Government will give an amount
to that family.
The party will give an amount.
I'll give an amount.
Keeping that money..
..they'll think about what to do.
They'll forget the child's death.
Fire, let us do one thing.
Let us act like rescuing the child
for 4 hours.
After that we'll inform that the child
died in the hospital.
What do you say?
Bhupathi! There is an urgent matter.
Arrange for 5 lakhs money.
I'm coming. Yes.
In countries like India there are
two masters.
One is politicians
and the other is officers.
Whatever is the need of the public
they come to officers like us.
But they cast their vote and give the
power to the politicians.
It is not only the child
that has fallen in hole.
It is even the innocent people who have
given vote thinking as democratic nation.
The underground drainages like him,
who are in front of the public..
..should be first closed.
In India 2 matters..
..have appeared in front
of our eyes, I think.
One is rocket India.
The other one is bore well India.
Rocket India is a symbol of growth.
Bore well India is the symbol of
those Indians who have been ignored.
Should we see both
this as only against?
First you must make
the intention clear.
Rocket is launched for what?
The intention must be made clear.
What the government is doing is.. is using it for finding mines.
Or else...
There are minerals...
- Used for finding valuable minerals.
It is using it to find that.
But how to make water
available for people?
How to construct cities
and how to make plans?
Many countries are using it for that.
But India is not doing it.
Rocket technology is the victory of
a particular branch.
It is a science field.
It is the victory of a particular
branch. But in the next stage.. to change this as the victory
of the people?
It is in the hands
of the government form.
But the government
form is only taking the..
..satellite photos of the
area where it has its attention.
The government has
fully ignored the area..
..where it should keep its attention.
That is what we can see.
When will you get me out, father?
I and your father have died.
See what has happened.
Why the vision is not appearing?
- My child!
What has happened, sir?
Check immediately.
Okay, madam!
- My child is trapped inside.
Oh God!
My child!
You control him.
Be silent. Be silent.
- Don't worry. Check the wire.
Check the wire at once.
Be silent! Madam!
Madam, there is no problem.
There is no problem here.
The problem is with the camera.
Nothing has happened.
Madam! The picture has come.
Dhansika! Dhansika!
Can you hear me? - There is nothing
wrong with your daughter.
She is fine.
Nothing has happened to her.
Don't be afraid.
Nothing will happen to your child.
Don't shout. If you do so,
it'll become a problem.
Water... Go and pour
water on the baby. Go.
Nothing has happened to your child.
Don't shout.
Nothing has happened to your child.
My child has died.
She has died.
My child died!
- Madam, is it true that the child died?
Tell me, madam!
- Pulenthiran!
Nanda, the child died.
Come on. Come fast.
Leave me... leave me.
My child is inside.
Won't you give even the body?
Leave me. Leave.
Won't you give the body too?
Leave me.
You couldn't save my child. Now are
you refusing to give the body too?
Allow me to go.
Instead of rescuing the child
are you beating us?
Madam, please! Come urgently.
Madam, you must come on top.
Leave me. I need to go immediately.
- Sir!
Send madam immediately.
- Pulenthiran!
Madam, a small movement was
seen with the child.
I saw. You come and see, madam!
First you tell that to her parents.
Tell Pulenthiran.
The child is alive. Don't fight.
The child is alive.
The child is alive. Come and see.
The child is still alive.
Nanda, my child is alive.
She is alive.
The child is alive.
I'll do as you say.
- As madam told..
..we'll lift the
child keeping our child.
Madam, that place is dangerous.
If so many of them go,
I don't know what will happen.
Please control them, madam!
The Councillor,
who dug that bore well..
..could we control him?
Due to him only the child fell.
Let us get the child out ourself.
Public said that
he should be arrested.
Could we do that easily?
When all that I couldn't do,
how can I do this?
If something happens
to the child's life..
..there is nothing more shameful than
so many of us remaining alive.
Madam, how can you
also talk like this?
Madam, God won't give us up.
We'll rescue our child.
We don't have any fear of life.
But I can't live without my child.
Why are you crying?
Why are you all crying?
Did the child die? It is alive.
The child, who fell in that bore well,
is till now alive with self confidence.
Why we don't have
that self confidence?
Let us rescue our child.
None of these will rescue our child.
Let us rescue our child.
- We must only rescue our child.
Let anything happen.
- Come.
After that we must not allow even
a single party flag in this village.
Nanda, you are doing unnecessary
problem inside the village.
It is only because of people like
you that this country didn't progress.
From the morning
I have been seeing.
You are creating confusion.
- Stop! Let us go and rescue the child.
In total the decision
that can put the.. of two children in danger.. are responsible for that.
Do you understand this?
Now I'm telling you.
You are the one who is anti-government.
Descend slowly.
Descend him with care.
Do it slowly.
Descend slowly.
I feel scared, father!
I feel suffocated.
Father, lift me.
I feel scared, father!
Lift me. It is fully dark.
I feel suffocated. I feel suffocated.
Save me... Father...
Lift me.
My child! He'll die.
Lift him. - Do it slowly.
- Lift.
Come away. Come.
- Lift me. I feel scared.
Lift quickly. My son is shouting.
Father... lift me.
When we don't have any equipment..
..I didn't know any
other alternative other than..
..lifting the child keeping
another child.
In that place I didn't
think as an officer.
I could think only as an ordinary
human who has concern for their life.
The boy who lifted the child knows
swimming also.
He has the talent of holding
his breath for a long time.
Knowing that only,
I came to this decision.
Lift... lift..
Lift my child. Lift him.
Muthu... Muthu...
- Put him down.
Muthu... Muthu.
- Move aside.
Father is here.
- Muthu, look at us.
Muthu, drink water.
Open your eyes.
Madam, that boy's pulse
rate is already low.
Inspite of that if we send him, I'm afraid
what that MLA said might come true.
Already their one child is suffering
inside for life.
In that if their other child is also...
When a child is progressing
towards death..
..will the parents
wish to remain alive?
You people can see only her travelling
towards death.
But I feel that.. is only now for the first time that
they are standing on their own legs.
They'll surely win.
They have got all the strength for that.
If you wish you help.
But one thing.
Don't do it as an officer.
Do it as public.
Because from the morning we couldn't
do anything as officers.
But these people have
given me the confidence..
..that I can do anything as public.
I'm standing in front
of you as a woman.
It is an ordinary thing for a woman
to become a Collector.
But in this country
how difficult it is..
..for a woman to live as a woman..
..on her own in-between so many men..
..I understood only after
becoming a Collector.
Forgetting my post, as a human..
..I'm going to take the effort
to rescue Dhansika.
I won't worry whoever opposes me.
Muthu, you can surely rescue Dhansika.
You are afraid that inside it is dark.
You became afraid
for a second's darkness.
Think about your sister, who has
remained today whole day in darkness.
It is that thought
which will give you light.
There is a history behind
rescuing Dhansika.
In countries like India where the
..who fell inside bore well
couldn't be saved.. are standing as a single person
in front of the retreated challenges.
In this victory not
only your sister's life..
..but the defeat of the growth
of science in this country..
..will be marked behind your effort.
Only few more minutes are there for
you to recognize yourself.
More than the person
who went to moon..
..the one who entered deep bore well
and came back is significant.
You are going to that place.
Take my child.
I'll give my child.
- Take my child.
I'll give my child.
- I'll give my child.
I'll rescue my sister.
The rope is getting loose.
Come fast. We'll lift.
- Lift.
Lift... lift...
Pull... Pull.
Hey! Dhansika!
Lift them out.
Thank God! That child got saved.
If that child had got into danger..
..a big riot would have
broken out.
Do you understand the implication
of what you could have caused?
From top there is pressure that..
..action should be taken against you.
I have nothing personal in this.
You talk to the Minister.
My job is not to
convince the politicians.
It is to service the public.
Democracy is not merely a form
of government.
It's essentially and attitude of respect
and reveres towards our fellowmen.
This was said by
the one who wrote law.
This is not for me alone.
It is for everyone in India.
don't resign your post in a hurry.
How can a slave work
for another slave?
We write service exam and come with
a big dream of serving the public.
But due to the nuisance of
these politicians...
..we are unable to serve the people.
My education or my power.. not helpful to me in any manner.
In that case what is the use of
remaining as an officer?
I think that the post of
serving people is what is permanent.
Here after if I want
to be one among the public..
..this post will be a hindrance to me.
I think that the power given by public is
greater than the power given by this post.
The service that I couldn't do
by remaining in this post..
..I know remaining where I can do it.
I'll do it from there.
I think you haven't understood that
power politics.
Rescue that child somehow!
Among the 7 virgins whom we worship,
we'll worship you as one.
Do you wish to become the leader
of this constituency in one night?
I'm telling you this thinking
of you as my daughter.
Whatever you can do for us you do.
I, N. Madhivadhani,
promises to remain unbiased..
..and do good deeds and serve people.