Aranmanai 2 (2016) Movie Script

Guru Ji, we have reached the temple.
Tell us what to do now.
Take the car to the left.
Hey brother, take the car to the left.
Listen, increase the speed of work.
Is it necessary to shift the idol?
Otherwise the frame
of the temple will fall.
This has happened for the first time.
Goddess has always helped us.
That is why it is our duty
to take care of the temple properly.
What if the paranormal
experts know about it?
That is why we have to
keep Tantrics away from this?
And I have given this
responsibility to Laxman.
You have given duty
to the right person.
Not only Tantrics but I will not
even let ghosts come near the temple.
Listen people, work properly.
Listen, pick up the idol carefully.
No scratch should come on it.
Okay master, we will take care of it.
Anyways, for how many days
we will have to be away from Goddess?
On the 10th day we will establish
the idol here with all the rituals.
Hail to Goddess.
What is the matter Baba?
Why did you call for goats in hurry?
After so many years the
idol of Goddess is being removed.
This is the last opportunity
we have to rule the world.
Not only people from
our village but from far..
..people come here to get
rid of ghosts and evil spirits.
Today while removing the idol of Goddess
in the temple she will be consecrated.
Goddess will be kept in a treasure
box full of grains for 10 days.
For these 10 days the Goddess
will lose all her powers.
This is the opportunity to get control
of evil spirits that are in slumber.
By having control over them we can get
the black magic and rule the world.
Oh my God,
this is a very powerful evil spirit.
Come on run ..hurry up.
From tomorrow the carpenters
will start their work.
You get the work done under
your supervision. - Yes.
You do not worry.
Hail to Goddess.
Only 10 days are left
for temple's great offering.
So much work is left.
We will have to do all this work.
We cannot have faith on anyone else.
Hey, he is the dumb priest.
He is always calm but
why is he so restless today.
He is behaving in a strange manner.
Maybe he is hungry.
Give him the bananas.
Take this.
He must be a mad beggar..
Go away.
What is this?
Who has put a lock on the gate?
I think Komal must have again
gone to sleep after locking the gate.
Call her.
- You have some misunderstanding.
She will not come. For last
23 years she is not talking to me.
That means for so many years
you both have still not compromised.
It can happen in Pakistan but..
Why did you put a lock on the gate?
I did not put.
Then did it come on its own?
Put one lock on your mouth as well.
Neither I want to see
your face nor talk to you.
I don't know when
will you become better.
She doesn't even look
good nor has a sweet voice.
How many times will
you say the same thing?
Hold my hand.
Hold my hand.
Hold my hand.
He is not from our caste.
You can't marry him.
- Leave. Leave me.
Let me go. Leave me.
- no. quiet.
I will die without him.
He belongs to a lower caste.
- I want to go.
He will bring disgrace
for us in the society.
Stop, stop..
Who is there?
Save me..Kali, Kali..
Where are you Kali?
Hey Kali..
When I reached the hall I saw that sir
was lying unconscious on the floor.
Because of being hurt on
the head he has gone into coma.
But doctor says that
he is out of danger.
Did you call up Murali?
I called him many times
but cannot get through his number.
How will you get through?
To roam around before
marriage like this is a sin.
I will message him.
It's really nice.
What happened?
Father is in coma. Come soon.
Murali.. don't worry.
Uncle will be fine soon.
Doctor has advised to keep
him at home instead in the hospital.
He might gain consciousness
soon if is at home.
She is a nurse and has
come to take care of father.
She will stay in the guest room.
I have to go to Allahabad
for some important work.
You stay here and look after uncle.
Keep his luggage in the car.
- Okay.
Suresh, come.
Look, someone is there.
Hey, there is no one there.
- Let's go.
Come on.
You just keep saying anything.
Many years ago he got
deeply hurt on his backbone.
He could neither walk nor lie down.
In such a situation a
physician came and treated him.
The physician did what
doctors could not do.
If we call him then your
father will be cured soon.
There is no problem of money.
You just call that physician.
I remember I had noted
his name and address in a diary.
I will write a letter
to him immediately.
We have to take account
of it so that is why.
The idli should be sold and the
business prospers and I should earn.
Whose order is this?
It is from government hospital
and it is order of 10 plate's idli.
I am going there.
You take care here.
- Whose order is it.
Tell him that idli is over.
Why are you rejecting the order?
- Stay away.
I made that doctor eat Dosa
yesterday and he got food poisoning.
Give one more plate idli.
- Take this and concentrate on work.
Come inspector, eat dosa and then go.
- It is so hot.
It is his hearing today so
if I eat and go then will get late.
..and there will be
problem in the stomach.
He will escape if I sit to eat.
- Look at his innocent face.
He is very soft like idli.
Release him.
Tie him with the cart. Eat and then go.
- Okay fine.
Don't even think of escaping.
Bring the idli that
was lying in the mud.
Don't move.
I think he has been
trapped in wrong case.
Thinking about this is not our work.
Come on put water.
Stop him. He took my cart.
What are you doing?
Hey, he is running with my cart.
Someone stop him.
Does anyone run like this?
Give my handcuffs back otherwise the
money will be deducted from my salary.
Hey, that hooligan destroyed
my business of idli sambhar.
And you are worried
about the handcuffs.
Master, all utensils are broken.
Everything that was
round has become square.
Dogs took away the utensils
because there was spicy paste on it.
The photograph of you sinner
father has remained. Take it.
Hey, I have not hung this inauspicious
frame because of love for my father.
Someone said that by hanging photo
of donkey good luck comes to business.
My shop is totally destroyed
now what the use of this photo is.
Throw it.
- Sir..our luck is going to shine.
This is not a letter
but lottery's ticket.
Are you mad?
- Sir, that landlord is seriously ill.
They are ready to give any amount.
My father is in hell.
Look carefully.
There is only one difference
between you and your sinner father.
If you have a bath properly
then you will look like him.
But I am not a doctor.
- They do not know.
We will go as false doctor
and get the real money.
Hey, why have you come here?
Go and sleep.
There is someone on the bed.
There is someone on my bed.
- I don't know.
Come with me.
Murali, have you come to see Suresh?
Who is with grandfather?
How did this happen?
Who would not have heard your name?
You have treated so many diseases.
- You are right.
The life of the person is
over whomsoever I have treated.
Komal, Komal..
Sir, why did that man
run away saying coma, coma..
He was not saying coma but Komal..
Do one thing.
You stay here and I will be back soon.
Komal, today you will
see your brother again.
The physician who has
come for sir's treatment.. none other than your lover
who was separated at the platform.
- Yes sister.
He is the same. Your old lover.
I gave you such good news
and give me something sweet to eat.
I can hear sound of dog, cat and
frog but cannot hear the heartbeat.
It is easy to save someone
from the jaws of death..
..but difficult to
save someone from coma.
Everyone says that you will
cure my father but I do not know how.
Even I do not know.
- What?
I want to check his pulse.
I want silence as
silence zone in hospital.
Go, go..
Sir, why all this
in front of everyone?
I have never seen
any landlord so closely.
He is in coma but his
face is glowing so much.
Come, come..
Hold my hand.
Come quickly
I miss you.
Sir, since long that
old woman is staring at you.
She is trying to woo you.
You have become old but
you are still stylish and sexy.
This old woman is
not talking about me.
I am talking about you, dear.
That day also you
were looking so smart.
Which day are you talking about?
- Don't trouble her. Tell her the truth.
Now I will never intervene
in matter of your romance.
Now hurry up marry
her and make me uncle.
I will be back.
Why is he trapping me to become uncle?
Did you see she has become
so active all of a sudden?
You came like the season
of love for her, brother-in-law.
Season of love..are you drunk?
I know you are also annoyed with me.
But you both are made for each other.
I have separated two lovers so that
is why I have been very unfortunate.
Marry my sister and now it
is time for you to get destroyed.
Sir, that old woman is
you sinner father's lover.
And this rascal is thinking
of getting you married to her.
I will get you married immediately.
All my sins will be washed
when my nephew will be
born and will urinate on me.
Hey stupid, just to wash away
your sins you will make me a fool.
Where is it? Where is it?
- I did not mean that.
Hey, you are unnecessarily
getting annoyed.
Hey, save me.
Your Sari..not Sari but sorry..
I will help you.
- It is okay grandfather.
I want to become grandfather
of her grandchildren.
And she made me grandfather.
Even the taste of
my idli was not so bad.
Enough, enough..stop it.
Who became mischievous first?
So this is the reward for that.
Murali, enough.
Are you mad?
You made my entire Sari wet.
Hello, what are you looking at?
Go away from here and do your work.
I was trying to work
but you came in between.
Hey, what did you say?
I heard what you said.
Say it again.
I did not say anything.
- Murali, leave it.
You do not know what he said.
I am saying let him go.
If she does not have
any problem in me seeing her..
..then what problem do you have?
Leave him. Murali..
- Leave me Anita.
You are doing wrong.
- Rascal.
Wait, Murali..
Wait, wait
Have you gone mad?
- I will not spare him.
Why are you beating him?
What has happened to him?
Tell me.
First ask him to leave.
Hey, go away from here.
Didn't you hear? Go.
Have patience Murali.
Why are you being so angry?
If you are seen here again then..
- Murali..
My dear, my darling..
My dear..
- What are you doing?
I have just found
this way of treatment.
Love, massage..
You are doing massage and
I am waiting in the passage.
What has happened to your voice?
How come your sweet voice
changed to like that of a witch?
It is not my voice but that of aunty.
- Aunty..
Who allowed you to come inside?
No one is allowed
unnecessarily near the patient.
Go away from here.
I just want to watch
you doing massage.
Hey, where are you going?
Sit here and learn
how to do treatment.
Boss, today you are in trouble.
I am not in trouble but the
landlord is going to be in trouble.
Try it out.
Do you know what is it called?
This is called dosa massage.
So the old woman came to know.
How did she come to know that you are
massaging in the way of making dosa.
Did she have any doubt?
This is a treatment.
Now see what I do.
What next?
- Next is fried bread and vegetable.
This is called Pao Bhaji massage.
Am I right?
Either she is an astrologer or mad?
How does she know so much?
My father must have treated her.
Do the special massage
which you used do to me.
Make her a fool.
How? That is what I am making her.
Do the beat massage dance.
- Okay.
I think the time has come
to call his family members.
Either he will be cured or will die.
Hey yellow, dirty fellow..
You were doing Surya Namaskar by
standing on him. What if he had died?
You know how to do
acupressure of fingers.
You tried it so many times on me.
I hope your back is not hurt.
My back is not hurt
but the beautiful girl went.
By mistake I handed
over groundnut oil to you.
What is going on?
After treatment the massage
oil becomes cooking oil.
Why did she go away
laughing like a witch?
Instead of telling you her
feelings she wrote it on his back.
She wrote with powder
on the back and if..
..she would have written with
blood then his back would have gone.
I am feeling very scared.
I will sleep in your room today.
Okay, fine.
You will beat me.
Now I will have to
show you your position.
Let me see who is
awake so late at night.
Who is it?
Who are you?
Hey, answer me.
Save me.
Who is there?
Hey, what has happened to you?
Who killed you?
Murali, this house is
not worth staying anymore.
Take away everyone from
here otherwise all will be killed.
Hey Muthu..
Murali, what happened?
What happened to Muthu?
-What happened?
Who was shouting,
Yes sir. Okay sir I will see.
He had a fight with
the landlord's son.
He had threatened to kill him.
And he was found near the dead body.
Okay sir.
I also don't know..
I am sorry but I
will have to arrest you.
Tomorrow is Sunday so
the court will be closed.
His bail will be done on Monday.
- What nonsense is this?
Will my brother stay in
jail for two days? - Brother..
..let me go.
For such a small matter
he killed the driver.
So just think what will
happen of a fraud doctor like you.
Stupid, only those
are killed who attack.
I will bring peace
before the fight starts.
You do not know that
I am very intelligent.
One more thing. Look at my hand.
My life line is very long.
Longer than the highway.
I will live long.
Do you tell destiny
after looking at the lines?
Yes, you are right.
After seeing the line of my hand.. seems that I am
going to go in flashback soon.
My hair is going to become black.
Why are you saying lies?
Understand that the girl is trapped.
How is my hand?
It is very soft. It seems that you
wash it with cream instead of soap.
I am not talking about
my hand but my line.
When will I get married?
If you agree then you will
get married on next full moon day.
What? I have still not found the boy.
There is no need to find a boy.
God has set everything.
How will he look like?
He is 5 ft tall and mixture
of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.
When will I be able to see him?
- You are already seeing him.
When you take 3 rounds with eyes closed
till then your super hero will come.
One more thing. He must be
different but you have to accept him.
I think I am in need of massage now.
Sir, why did you delay
the matter till evening?
You should have said
that you are the groom.
How could I go in
front of her as old man?
I will get time till
evening to become a hero.
If you are caught
then you will be killed.
Stupid, father and
son look alike and..
..if the matter goes wrong
then straight away grandfather.
Look at the entry of the hero.
Hey stupid,
am I not looking like a hero?
You were looking smart
in the get up of father.
Shall I hit you?
Don't forget that at this
time I am not a comedian but a hero.
Come on.
She has burnt the lamp for offering.
The lawyer has told me
that there is nothing to worry.
Is that you physician?
After hair cut you
have even dyed your hair.
At the time of having bath by mistake
instead of shampoo I applied dye.. I have become young.
Am I not looking cute?
Okay. You are just looking okay.
Why did he speak behind my back
instead of saying it directly to me?
Is there mirror behind me?
My dear
Look, I have worn your
favorite floral Sari.
And have also put artificial flower.
Come and hug me dear.
I can do anything but
will never hug this old woman.
This get up is not
for her but for Pari.
She has already taken one round.
My dear brother-in-law,
my sister is ready for marriage
and so are you after dyeing your hair.
You will die for each other.
He is talking of dying before living.
He has taken the third round.
Let me go.
Your super hero is
standing in front of you.
Why are you showing your body to her?
Let's take a selfie.
After seeing your face
even the mobile has got hanged.
How can you take a selfie?
Oh, God!
- Hi, I am Manju.
You just talk to anyone.
Who are you?
He is Anita's brother.
He shoots wild animals
and show on Junglee TV.
Supali Rao.
- He is the one who is treating sir.
Physician. Murali praised you a lot.
You are very young in age.
That is why I talked to you like that.
Sorry grandfather.
It was better if you had cursed me.
Ravi, Anita told
me that you were coming.
When did you reach?
- I just reached.
Then come inside.
- I really liked him.
Thank you.
- For what?
You had said that after finishing
rounds around basil plants.. future husband will
be face to face with me.
Thank you.
- I had said 5 ft but he is 6 ft.
I am not bothered. I have
not got less but have got extra.
Girls like extra.
Oh no, God has given
me extra sadness in bonus.
God has given me extra pain.
Look at Manju.
She fell in love so soon.
But our love is so old
but still we could not meet.
I do not like you so spare me.
I had really seen someone there.
Don't talk nonsense.
I had seen him.
I took a leave so that I could
make arrangements for your marriage..
..but everything went wrong.
Something strange is
happening here, brother.
I am scared that something
wrong might happen.
All this happening before
marriage is not auspicious.
You don't worry.
Everything would be fine.
Nothing will happen to Murali.
Uncle is there.
Come on, meeting time is over.
You go and I am coming.
When I reached father's
room I saw that he was in air.
After hearing screaming
at night I came towards the well.
Driver was lying in injured
condition under the tree.
When I went closer to him to
talk he was trying to say something.
But he could not tell
me anything completely.
Before that he..
There is a ghost here and
everyone's life is in danger.
I am not worried about myself..
..but some problem might befall
on people staying in that house.
Why didn't you tell
this to anyone else?
Will anyone believe me?
I just know one thing.
There is something
very scary in that house.
The moment you reach his room,
close the door from inside.
I will scream and gather
the family members.
And in next 10 months you
will guaranteed get married to him.
But if people come to know that he has
raped me then he will get insulted.
Come out after getting disgraced.
I will try my best.
- All the best.
My dear, beautiful beloved is here.
The floor has been swept and if
we rub more, then dents will be made.
What do you want?
I will do special cleaning for you.
It is okay if you come to
clean the room when there is no one.
But I am having doubt on you
that you have to clean the room ..
..especially when a man
is there alone at night. Go now.
I will teach you
love in half a minute.
What will you do in half a minute?
Do you have lice in your hair?
Why are you doing this?
Wait and watch.
Old woman, I have come
to know your real intentions.
I am not going to
get trapped in your plan.
Go. Go. Leave my hand.
-No, no I will not go.
No, I will not go.
- I should be saying that.
All of you come here.
- Leave me.
Leave my hand.
- What are you doing? Hug me.
What are you doing?
- Come on.
Who stole the glass from here?
- You are tickling me.
Brother, look here.
- If you do not go..
..then I will scream
and gather everyone.
My brother had to do this work.
If you do not go then
I will have to throw you out.
Come on. Come on.
Brother, scream.
- Old woman.
His eyes are open wide
as if he has seen a ghost.
- Hey..
Don't shake him
otherwise he will freeze.
She is talking as if she is VIP.
'Sanskrit chant'
'Sanskrit chant'
'Sanskrit chant'
Take this and eat something.
If you give him money then
he will throw it in the gutter.
Hey, why are you throwing the mud?
Are you mad?
I will kill you if I
see you again near this house.
Go away from here. Get out.
..what has happened Suresh?
How did you come inside water?
Tell me Suresh. Tell me.
What has happened to you?
- What were you doing in water?
Be careful.
- Suresh..
Are you fine?
Nothing will happen to you.
Today God saved him.
How many times have I told
you to play inside the house?
Why did you go out?
It is entirely your fault.
You can't take care of a child.
Servants cannot take
place of a father. Understood.
I was a fool to marry you.
I always take care of him.
Suresh, why did you
leave that toy there?
And how did it reach water?
It came to me on its own.
When it fell in water then you should
have called someone to take it out.
Why did you go in water?
- It pulled me in water.
- The one who lives in our house.
She always troubles me.
Did you tell this to your mother?
If I tell her then
the nurse will get annoyed.
How does it look?
Tell me how it looks.
What happened?
Throwing flowers in water, red color
on the wall, giving toy to the child..
What is the secret behind all this?
Tell me why did you kill that driver.
What did you say?
You are the reason behind
whatever is happening in the house.
Tell me the truth.
- No, I have not done anything.
The entire fault is of my horoscope.
My uncle had said that if
I perform this ritual for 19 days..
..then I will get married soon.
That night when I sat
down for the ritual then..
..I heard the sound
of bike from outside.
I hid this secret from everyone.. that no one comes
to know about my ritual.
Don't misunderstand me.
You said that you had heard the sound
of bike. From which side did it come?
From this side.
When Murali had beaten the driver
then his hand get got fractured.
In such condition he
could not ride the bike.
Then who was with him.
What is this?
- Measurement tape.
Our first carpenter
was crazy about facebook.
One day while seeing facebook..
..he was working on the cupboard
and instead he hit his face.
After that he never
came face to face with me.
The second carpenter had
the habit of ringing the bell.
So I send him to temple.
Why are you asking about this?
You are finding him.
He has not come today.
He has gone on leave from today.
Till when he will come back.
He will be back in 1-2 weeks.
Hey Ram, why did you lie to him?
You know that he is relative
of landlord. Why did you do like this?
There is something
that I cannot tell you now.
I told you that he is on leave.
Then why have you come again.
Don't you understand?
Go away quietly from here otherwise..
..the legs with which
you have walked and come..
Sir, don't hit. I will tell you.
I just know that Murali
has not committed any murder.
Then who has done it?
Are you telling?
- I will tell you, sir. Don't hit me.
That night Muthu and
I were heavily drunk.
Turn the bike towards the palace.
What you have work
there at late night?
I have some work. Let's go.
Why is the beggar screaming so much?
There is no use of
making you understand.
You wait and I will
set him right. Wait.
What is the use of fighting again?
For last 20 years I have
hidden all their secrets within me..
..and that young boy insulted
me in front of everyone.
He slapped me. I won't spare him.
- Come on, don't do like this.
In just two minutes
I will set him right.
I tried to make him understand
but he did not agree.
After waiting for long
I peeped inside the palace.
After seeing that scary
scene I ran away from there.
Next day police arrested
Murali for killing Muthu.
If I had talked about ghost then
people would think that I am a fool.
That is why I kept quiet, sir.
I really saw a lady there.
When I reached father's
room then he was in the air.
She always troubles me.
I wanted to tell you
another important thing sir.
Hey, what is going on?
- This is tradition.
That is why before the
festival the folk dancers..
..come and dance
in front of our palace.
If they are really interested
then send them to Dance India Dance.
Don't stop them.
Sir is in come so it would
be auspicious if they dance here.
May be sir become swell
because of their dance.
She is right.
Then ask them to do break dance.
Your dance is over so now
you will get your money. Okay.
Give the money.
- Okay. I have put cameras everywhere.
What is this?
This is a thermo scanner.
Look there.
You cannot see in dark.
But look in the monitor.
Look, everything can be seen clearly.
This detects all those temperatures.
Due to which we can see
minute insects also clearly.
What happened?
- Someone was there.
- There. I saw it myself.
Suresh is not to be seen anywhere.
He cannot be found.
What are you saying?
- He was lying next to me.
But when I opened
my eyes he was not there.
You will not be spared
if you do not take care of him.
Oh God, the light had to go now only.
Come on, come on..
We tried to find him everywhere
and the light had to go now.
Come on I will go this side
and you go and see that side.
Come on Anita.
Whenever he shouts something happens.
What are you saying?
The day uncle went into coma..
..when the driver was killed and
when Suresh fell in the water tank.
It seems that there is
some secret behind his screaming.
We should find that boy.
Where are you?
- Suresh..
Where are you, son?
- Where are you?
- Suresh.
Suresh, where are you son?
Are you playing hide and seek?
Ramesh.. Ramesh..
Suresh is found. He is here.
Come out.
Did you find this place to hide?
Uncle, aunt and everyone
else is finding you. Come out.
We are finding you in the entire
house and you are sitting here.
Come out. I will not spare you today.
You have troubled me a lot.
How many times have I told
you not to scare the child and smile?
But that fool does not understand.
Where has Ravi gone?
Ravi, Ravi..
- Where are you?
- I am here.
I got scared when I couldn't see you.
I am fine but your
brother is in problem.
What are you saying?
This blood..
Someone dragged your
brother from here.
I could not see the face
but whatever I had seen..
..must be recorded
in any of the cameras.
What was that?
Someone crossed from there.
- Even I felt the same.
Ravi, play again
and check every frame.
Zoom it.
Do you know her?
She is my sister.
Get up quickly. Suresh's father
is lost somewhere in the house.
Usually women lose lipstick
and other make up things..
..but the women of this house
lose their children and husbands.
I was dreaming about Sunny Leone..
- What are you doing Komal?
Don't you know?
After coming back from America
he has gone out for the first time.
You all sleep. Come on.
Did you see? Her husband
is lost and she is not bothered.
Ramesh had an affair here.
When sir came to know then
he got him married to this woman.
But still that woman
did not leave him.
He must have gone there.
Sleep now.
Brother, there is everything
nice within the house..
..then why should a man go out.
Stupid, the fun that
is available outside..
..cannot be enjoyed within the house.
Just go out and enjoy once.
My sister was dear to all of us.
She was princess of this house.
In other words she was world to us.
After her birth my
father's life changed.
He became very prosperous.
From that day every
business is named after her.
We all loved her a lot.
Both the brothers were
ready to give our life for her.
Wait, I will show you. Wait..
Thank you..
He is my son and wants a job.
Sorry, sorry..
When talks about Maya's
marriage proposal was going on..
..then we came to know that..
..Maya ran away with the
manager who takes care of our farms.
Father was heartbroken.
We tried to find Maya everywhere..
..but inspite of our
efforts we could not find her.
Then three years later I had
to go to Bangalore for a presentation.
And there..
So to summarize this machine combines
IMRT and CT scanning technology.
It helps us scan deeper and find those
hard to reach tumors and treat them.
Thank you.
very nice demo Murali.
Thank you sir. With your
support everything will go on well.
He really did a nice job.
Very nice, excellent.
Sir, one second.
Have you called for a taxi?
- We will go by Ola.
You both sit and I will see.
I saw you in the
hospital today morning.
Do you know where
all I tried to find you?
Don't tell this to father.
If he comes to know
then he will kill us.
If you had told us..
..that you love this boy I would have
got you married with pomp and show.
All my desires remained unfulfilled.
Thank you, father.
Forgive me, sir.
- Stand up son.
Why are you calling me sir?
Now you can call me father.
First time I am eating food made
by my daughter. It is very delicious.
- You have just put a little more salt.
Is it?
- Make preparations to move.
I want my daughter to stay
in front of my eyes always.
It is different if you
are feeling bad to stay with us.
Actually I want to name half
of my property in Maya's name.
When you did not think so
much while running from the house..
..then why are you thinking
so much to return back?
Come on brother-in-law.
I am not thinking but
I have some important work.
I will come later.
You take Maya with you.
Okay then you come with us.
After marriage I am coming
home for the first time..
And I am pregnant also.
It is just a matter of two days.
Once the work is over we will come.
Maya, Maya..
Child Maya..
Maya, station has came.
- Child Maya.
- Child Maya..
Child Maya..
Maya, Maya..
The train will go so get down.
Maya. Maya.
- The train is going.
They were supposed to come by
this train then why haven't they come.
Yes father but I don't
know why they haven't come.
- Just call her.
What happened? Ask her.
Oh, God!
- The phone is not reachable.
She had said that she
would come but she didn't come.
I went to house in Bangalore again.
But they had shifted from there.
First I thought that she might have..
..gone somewhere because
of father's fear.
Then I just prayed that she
should be fine wherever she is.
But today I saw her
in this condition..
She had not gone because
of your father's fear.
They both had come here.
But they were asked to
get down one station before.
Come on get down here.
why did you come on this station?
Get down. I will tell you.
Relatives can get
annoyed on your arrival.
That is why father asked me to
make you get down one station before.
And our house is not far from here.
We will reach in just one hour.
What happened?
It is a second hand car
so I think it needs to be pushed.
Wait, I will push.
Brother, stop the car. Let him come.
Come inside.
What are you doing, brother?
Brother, why aren't you
letting him sit in the car?
He is a dog. He has the
habit of running behind the car.
I was just showing him his position.
What did you say?
What is it, brother?
Did you forget to put the break?
Did you forget your position?
- What?
What did you do?
- What did you both think?
That we will make you both meet
our relatives and get disgraced again.
What are you doing? Kill him.
- I will see to her.
Maya go from here.
- Leave, leave me.
It is time for you to die.
- Maya, don't worry about me.
Run away from here. Save your life.
No, leave him.
Maya, go..
Go away Maya..
Don't spare him.
Don't spare that rascal.
Maya, Maya..
Where has he gone?
I will find and kill him.
He will not remain alive.
No brother, don't beat me.
It is really paining.
No brother, don't beat me.
It is really paining.
Brother, don't beat me.
- No.
Don't come out.
I am pregnant.
Don't beat me, brother.
This is not my voice. That is not me.
Don't do like this.
- No, Krishna..
No brother, it is really paining.
Krishna, please save me.
Where is Maya?
Hey, where are you?
Come out Maya.
If you do not come out then
I will chop him off into pieces.
If you do not come
out then I will kill him.
Maya, don't come out.
They will kill you.
Don't come out.
Don't come out.
What are you both doing?
- Father.
- Father, please stop brother.
He is my husband, father.
Stop them, father. Father, look..
Now forget that man, child.
You made a big mistake
so you have to repent for it.
Father, how can you do like this?
I request you.
- Maya.
Maybe you forgotten that we have
dignity and position in the village.
Sir, kill me if you
wish but let Maya go.
How can I let her go, son?
First, she was alone but
now she is carrying your child.
Yes father, not for us but
at least spare us for our child.
That is the cause of
the entire problem, child.
I have brought you up with
so much love and pampering.
That it is why it is difficult
to kill you with my hands.
I have brought poison for you.
Drink this and do me a favor, child.
I request you to drink this, child.
Drink this child.
No Maya that is our love.
Don't do like this.
You promise me that
you will spare Krishna.
He had refused for
marriage but I was adamant.
The entire fault is mine.
I am ready to drink this poison.
But in return you will have
to let him go from here. Please.
Maya, you are my daughter
and I will fulfill your last wish.
No Maya, for the sake of our child
to be born. Don't drink this poison.
They will kill me as well.
No Maya.
Maya, don't do like this.
They are saying lies to you.
Maya..leave me.
Maya, Maya..
Maya child, forgive me.
Kill him also.
He has dared to love my daughter.
No, no father..
..leave him.
Father you had promised
that you will not kill him.
If I have not spared
you then how can I spare him?
Stop it.
- Leave me.
I am telling you top leave me.
I believed you but you cheated me.
I will not spare you.
I will kill your entire family.
Hasn't she died yet?
Maybe a child of low caste
is being brought up in his womb.
But the blood of high
caste runs in Maya's blood..
..that is why she is still alive.
Take both of them and bury them in
a lonely place. I cannot see all that.
I am going.
Under the effect of intoxication..
..driver revealed
the secret to carpenter.
I came to know this from him.
And Maya considers
you as the biggest culprit.
But I have not harmed her at all.
Now you and Suresh are
the heir of this family.
And Maya wants to kill you both.
If you don't mind then
I can talk to my uncle.
He is a great priest.
He can control the spirits.
It will just take half an hour.
Everyone come here. Some
people from the village have come.
Greetings, son.
- Greetings.
Actually the thing that there is
prayer offering in Goddess's temple.
Your father is head of this village.
And he had to perform this offering.
But since he is unwell.. his elder son will
have to perform this offering.
But he has gone to city
for some important work.
But how can I do this?
- Brother, you go.
Now we will take your leave. Everyone
will be waiting in the temple.
Okay I will come.
But listen to me.
Let me meet him.
- Try to understand madam.
He has heart problem..
..and he has been just discharged
from hospital yesterday.
Doctor has advised
him to rest for few days.
Under such condition
how can he offer prayers?
No problem. We will leave.
Make preparations for the offering.
But priest, your health is not good.
These people have
come with great hope.
We will have to help them.
For this ritual you will have to
take the sacred water of this river..
..and take it to the middle
of the temple and make it flow.
Now it is fine.
Now you can move towards the temple.
I agree that injustice
happened with Maya but..
..will she kill her
brother and nephew.
Till the anger of her
revenge does not cool down..
..she will keep killing people.
She was pregnant when she was killed.
Because of this she
became all the more angry.
[Religious chants]
[Religious chants]
[Religious chants]
[Religious chants]
[Religious chants]
This offering is being
made after many years.
That is why it has its
special importance this time.
People from neighboring villages
have come here in different outfits.
In some time there will
be a crowd of people here.
[Religious chants]
[Religious chants]
Religious chants.
Religious chants.
Because of this offering
to fire all spirits are coming here.
They are the ones who
were killed forcefully.
Wait. You are not the
one whom we are waiting for.
We can only call those
spirits that are not in peace.
I did not understand.
Spirits may be very strong
but cannot do anything on its own.
Human body is very
necessary to control it.
Maya has also entered
body of any one of you.
Priest Acharay has finalized
sunrise as an auspicious time.
At that time great offering
to fire will start.
He has also said that everything
should happen in this auspicious time.
At that time great offering
to fire will also begin.
The flame of offering
will go quite high.
When the flame of offering
will reach very high..
..then people from the top
of the temple will throw water.
With that water Goddess
will be consecrated.
Then the power of
Goddess will be awakened.
Tomorrow a great offering to
fire will be done in Goddess's temple.
Before the offering to fire is
over that spirit will remain powerful.
And tomorrow she will
try to take revenge.
We have to find out the
body in which she is residing.
What will we have to do?
First find out and
then I will come myself.
After so many days we are drinking.
There is no fragrance in alcohol.
If you want fragrance then
you can drink my body spray.
We have got it after so
many days so enjoy drinking.
What is sister doing there?
Has ring fallen down in the well?
You killed, you killed..
Did you kill him?
For so many days
you are killing people.
Come on call everyone.
Why are you opening
your mouth to eat Idli?
Scream and call everyone.
You will not be able
to do it as you are drunk.
She is standing draped in red Sari.. if she has to perform role
of a bride and has come for shooting.
I am running but why
aren't I going ahead.
Who is she?
- She might be her friend.
Is she a friend or a riddle?
She should be staying in
her house and not in her body.
- She is coming, master.
- Stay there.
Otherwise after seven rounds
we would have been married to her.
I will remain unmarried all my life.
Stop. Tell us the
reason for slapping us.
He has gone mad.
We have not done anything
and still we are being slapped.
If you are really a witch..
..and have been brought
up among ghosts then beat him.
I am gone. I trusted him
for so many years and he cheated me.
By beating me your value
in the market will be reduced.
You made a mitake.
- Child.
Maya, forgive me. I made
a big mistake, child. Forgive me.
Because of your false
pomp show and dignity.. killed my husband
and my child mercilessly.
And now you are begging for kindness.
Beg for kindness from
those who serve you.
They will save you.
Save me, child.
I beg for kindness from you.
With this poison I saw a father
destroying the child of his daughter.
Today I am making you
drink the same poison.
It is daughter's duty
to repay what father has done..
..and I will fulfill that duty.
Master I don't know why but.. body is really aching.
- You are right.
After drinking cheap alcohol
head should be paining.
But why is the body paining.
Now I know the reason.
- What?
Under the effect of intoxication
we have beaten someone badly.
We beat someone and
our body is paining.
And how much would be his
body paining, whom we have beaten.
The lemon will tell about the spirit.
How can this happen?
- This is a very powerful lemon.
If uncle has said
then it must be true.
Did you see Murali,
your brother has still not returned.
Yes, sister-in-law.
From the time he has returned from
America, he is not bothered anyone.
Only waiting is there in my destiny.
That means the spirit
is in sister-in-law's body.
Whose? That of Maya.
I will tell you when
the time is right.
For now stay away from sister-in-law.
I will tell about this
to rest of the family members.
The spirit is not in
your sister-in-law's body..
..but in the body of my sister.
What do you mean?
This did not turn black
from the side sister-in-law came.
But it became black from
the side my sister Anita came.
I have made the matter
more complicated.
Good that she knows
we doubt sister-in-law.
Within next one hour we will have
to take Anita away from this house.
Why so?
What are you saying?
There is ghost in sister-in-law's
body. This cannot happen.
If you do not believe then
look at the marks of her feet.
Oh God. One foot straight
and one backward.
How would she be wearing slippers?
I am dead. She is calling me.
Go, she is calling you.
Why is this witch taking
attendance like school teacher?
Physician, come quickly.
Come with me if you wish to.
I will have to go
if she is calling me.
The ghost is calling.
- Come on let's go.
Come on.
[Religious chants]
Why are you saying it wrong?
[Religious chants]
The ghost is chanting the
chant that keeps the ghost away.
It is difficult to escape from her.
Your disciple had given me
medicine for hair. - Okay.
But from the time
I have started applying.. hair are falling
at a great speed.
Then we will have
to call her bald ghost.
Did you find this
ghost to sell fake oil?
Which is the oil?
I do not know the name
but it seems to be groundnut oil.
Groundnut oil? I will change it.
The disciple?
- No, I will change the oil.
Who are you?
I am Manju's uncle.
I have come for the
festival of the temple.
She said she was doing duty
here so that is we came to meet you.
We are already not feeling well
because of entry of witch in the house.
Tell Manju that her uncle has come.
Okay madam. Please come.
What happened?
Don't misbehave in the restaurant.
Come on.
- Be careful while going.
Aren't you coming, sister-in-law?
- No, I have a head ache.
From the time you have come
you have not moved out of the house.
Come on,
let's go have dinner out today.
If she is refusing then
you do not be persistent.
Take us along.
- We will also come with you.
We cannot stay alone in
this big house with sister-in-law.
Okay, you also come along.
Come on let's go.
- Come on.
They have come, priest.
Let's go.
Come on.
Isn't your uncle coming for dinner?
He has already finished his dinner.
Today she must have eaten all of us.
Bus without a conductor.
Hey..come back. It will be breezy.
Not cool breeze but I will feel giddy.
I feel giddy in the bus.
Wait, I am coming.
What will I do alone in the house?
Now you will kill us mercilessly.
By sitting in AC hotel
you will not spare us.
What should I do?
- Now you will not be spared.
Muthu had said that they
were buried somewhere here.
But even I do not
know the exact place.
Sister-in-law I request
you to sit behind.. is very breezy and comfortable.
Why should I sit there?
I will sit here and gossip with you.
It will be real fun.
While gossiping with
me she will kill me.
I am not sitting with
my boyfriend but with a ghost.
What happened?
Nothing, the seat is small for me.
What nonsense is this?
The size of the seat is the same.
It has become smaller
after you sat on it.
You are my favorite sister.
Shall I sit with you?
Religious Chants.
With the help of this coconut
we will be able to find the place..
I am dead.
- What happened?
..and is pressing my neck
with her long sharp nails.
Does the witch have extra time?
Let me see.
It is a nail whom this old
man is thinking to be her nails.
I should take advantage
of the situation.
Uncle, if you want to be
saved from death then promise me..
What promise?
That you will not get
your sister married to me.
This old man changed his decision.
The fear of death can
cause change in decisions.
I will get another
sister but not life.
Fine, fine. Hold my hand tightly.
- Okay.
First I will recite a chant..
..and then will blow air and
then as soon as I do that you jump.
The moment you blew that hand left me.
You seem to be a specialist
to make the ghosts run away.
Let's together make the ghost
run away rather than only her hand.
The chant for making the ghost
run is just like one time password.
Are you feeling hungry?
Anita, cut an apple for her.
I am sorry Anita. Suddenly
the hotel came so I had to put break.
You all go inside and give order.
Suresh and I will park the car and come.
- Okay.
Take me along.
- You too go and I will come with them.
You are my safety guard.
I will not go without you.
Come on.
Let's go.
I think she will eat
both of us for dinner.
What did you say?
I said that I have
come here many times.
What will you take, madam?
Get all the non veg
that is there in the hotel.
Okay madam.
Let's go.
- Where?
You go alone.
Come quickly. I cannot control.
Let's go.
I am dead.
You all are thinking
that the spirit is in me..
..but it is actually in Anita's body.
She is saying the truth.
Maya's ghost is in Anita.
She should not come to
know that we all know about it.
Uncle at home is a great priest.
He has come here to
make this ghost vanish.
On his saying Murali
has gone to him to hand over..
..the handkerchief
stained with Anita's blood.
We will have to put this magical
ink on Anita's head at any cost.
Are you there?
Now I am at ease.
What was the need to hold the Sari?
What if you had left?
I feel scared alone.
That is why I had
caught hold of your Sari.
Madam, soup.
Some people urinate
because of fear of ghost
but your sister took
ghost for going to toilet.
It is good that the
ghost went and sat there.
Where are you going?
Why hasn't Murali come?
- He will not go anywhere.
But you sit here with
me as you are my safety guard.
Sit and give me company.
My sister is innocent.
Without knowing the
truth she might say..
..something to the ghost
and get trapped in some problem.
If you call her then
she will die of heart attack.
Look, that ghost is proposing me.
She still thinks that you are a ghost.
Wait, I will call you.
You leave it.
Let me handle this case.
I am trying to save
her life and she is.. me expression
like a secret heroine.
I think my patience has paid.
He is calling me out.
You wait here for two minutes
and I will be back in half an hour.
Without any interruption we
have got a romantic opportunity today.
Give me a long kiss.
Stop talking nonsense.
You are sitting with Anita and
there is ghost of Maya in her body.
Don't scream like this
otherwise I will die of fear.
Not only this.
You have to do one more thing.
You have to put this
magical ink on her head.
- No, no.
You want me to put this
ink in her parting of hair.
Old woman..
- No, I will not do this.
You will have to.
You start it and
I will remain with you.
Okay, then I will do.
I will stay but you will not remain.
Oh God save me from the trouble.
What happened?
-There was a fly.
I did not see.
He is not Rajnikant that
he will come and stand in front.
Now will not be spared.
My brother's head has got stuck.
I think he is dead
because of your stunt.
- What is it?
Another ghost is ready.
No, no her soul has vanished.
Did you see the man who was
driving this van and came here?
I do not know.
He left with the child long back.
Hurry up, she is leaving.
Wait, the soul of this
old man is in our hands.
Start digging here.
She is driving very fast.
She flies faster than the soul.
Don't waste time.
Go and put the ink on her head.
How can I go?
- Hurry up and go.
Thank you.
Who put chili sauce on my cheek?
- I hope you enjoyed.
I waited 25 years for this.
I will sleep if you do this.
What are you talking?
- Go and sit back. You are stinking.
Madam, stop the car for a minute.
I want to urinate.
Sister, he stinks even
after applying perfume.. think how much he
will stink after urinating.
Save me. I am dead.
Go, go quickly.
Hey, don't come back before one hour.
Take your time.
Why has the breeze stopped?
Why did the car stop?
He seems to be a nonsense driver.
Whose turn is it now?
- What turn?
To put this ink.
You have still not
been able to do this work.
As if it is very easy for you.
I have put, I have put it.
Why are you staring at me, fool?
Did you think we will get scared?
I have already set
right 36 ghosts like you.
Last warning.
It is a good opportunity to
run away otherwise you will repent.
Do you know who is sitting behind me?
He is a hopeless
doctor for human beings.
But he is a great surgeon
for ghosts and witches.
Show her your face.
Where has everyone gone?
Till now you must have
seen a ghost slapping a man.
But today she is kicking in WWF style.
- He is gone.
Brother is gone. Brother is gone..
I am dead.
Aren't you scared of me?
Tell me the name of the
person who told you this.
Don't beat me so much
otherwise I will urinate.
Hug me. I am feeling very scared.
And on seeing you
I feel like vomiting.
Did you call me fool?
I was just joking.
In fact I am a fool.
I am moving round and round.
What condition has
she done of my brother?
He is looking like number 8
The soul has come to know about this.
She will not come here.
And she will go straight
home to find them.
[Religious chants]
[Religious chants]
[Religious chants]
This child is not at all at fault.
Spare him. Do not do like this.
[Religious chants]
You wait here and I will be back soon.
[Religious chants]
At last the sin has ended, priest.
This is not the end but the beginning.
There is only one
remedy to free that soul.
I will give you a Trishul..
..and you will have to
attack with that on Maya's body.
But Maya will attack with her hand.
How is this possible?
- Any spirit can control anybody.
And then to fulfill her
goal it enters that body.
But it is not possible
that the spirit always wins.
A time comes when that spirit loses.
The soul of your sister
is not that powerful..
..that it can defeat Maya's soul.
When this good and bad soul unites..
..then destruction of a living
or a dead person is for sure.
That means even if the good soul
wins there is always a possibility..
..that the living body
will be completely destroyed.
That means someone will
have to put his body at stake.
There is no option other than this.
Is there any human being who
is ready to take such a big risk?
I am ready.
Now pray to God that
whatever happens is good.
[Religious chants]
Her soul has entered your body.
Try to control it.
Now with that Trishul
attack the dead body.
Do not delay.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
Pick up the Trishul and attack.
Come, don't let that bad
soul become powerful than you.
[Religious chants]
Don't delay. The security
of that family is in your hands.
Religious chants.
Come quickly.
Hail to Lord Shiva.
Call the ambulance
and take him home quickly.
Hurry up.
The moment the soul enters
the body burn it. Take it.
Hail to Lord Shiva.
- Priest, priest..
What happened?
- What will we do now?
What happened? Are you okay?
Why are you quiet?
Why aren't you talking?
Say something.
Now I cannot do anything.
God will help you. Reach the temple.
What will I do without you?
Go. Goddess will help you.
'Sanksrit chants.'
'Sanksrit chants.'
Uncle, uncle..
- Are you fine?
Hey Murali has come. Where were you?
I am late in coming.
Let's start the offering.
Still 10 minutes remain
for the auspicious time.
We cannot start the
offering before that.
Only some time is left your
good soul will control the bad soul.
And then you can get
whatever done from it.
'Sanksrit chants.'
'Sanksrit chants.'
'Sanksrit chants.'
'Sanksrit chants.'
Go, go..
'Sanksrit chants.'
Come here.
He will sit ahead.
No problem. Come in front.
- So Ravi, when will we meet again?
I will have to go to
Kerala for an urgent shoot.
Once the shooting is over I will come.
I promise.
- Okay.
Take care. Bye, Anita.
- Bye, brother.
Take care of yourself.
How come you are here?
How will you cover
such a long distance alone?
I thought of giving you company.
Manju, Manju..
There is no girl in my destiny
and no money in my pocket.
I am at loss.
My dear brother-in-law,
shall I send my sister with you?
Hey, old man your sister cheated
and my father married someone else.
I was born after that marriage.
I am leaving.
Before leaving drink
sweet milk from my hand.
She will not spare me.
Here, I drank it. Now go.
Good bye.
He drank it.
I waited for you for 25 years.
And you got married
and gave birth to a child.
What did you think
that I will forget easily?
To take revenge for that cheating
I had added poison in your milk.
Hey, old woman if you were
married on the right time then..
..your child would be as old as mine.
If you are ready to marry my sister
then I have a remedy for this poison.
Make me drink another
cup but I will not marry her.
I will keep following
you till you die.
I will stay with you.
- Yes, great idea.