Aravindante Athidhikal (2018) Movie Script

1996 October 20
Kollur Mookambika
Go straight.
Just 400..
450.. 500!!
" My dear..
My mother, as beautiful as a flower"
I want to go to my mom!
I want to see my mom!
I want to see my mom!
Mad havetta,
What's his name?
"You are my mother"
" O Goddess Mookambika"
" Hold me tight"
2015 July 18
Dude, there are 2 roads.
It's confusing.
Someone get down and
check that board.
Oh no! It's in Kannada!
Can't they write it in English?
Can't understand anything!
I have the number of someone I know in
Mookambika. Let me try calling him.
Dude, this is a tiger zone.
Don't ask for trouble.
It will eat up
everything we have!
Is it Mookambika guest house?
'Aravindante Athithikal'
(Aravindan's Guests)
Red Salute!
(Singing a Kannada song)
O Mother Goddess Mookambika!
O Mystical Goddess,
The All Powerful!
O Mother of the world,
The Goddess of the world!
The names for the Devi (Goddess) is
increasing day by day, huh?
Even my age is
increasing, right?
I feel that the age is
decreasing though.
Devi's blessings!
(Singing a devotional song)
It's not wrong to read the
newspaper once in a while.
No need!
If I read once, I'll have to read daily.
Then it will be a habit.
This has been going on for long!
Someone go and check.
If he rings the bell
again, I'll hit him!
You'll only hit him, right?
I will kill him!
You devil!
You know me, right?
You know me, right?
What's there to know?
I know!
Loser! A bloody loser!
Good for nothing!
I'll throw this on you...
- Get lost, you good for nothing!
You won't do shit!
I am Vettikkavala Suni's sister!
You know, right?
- I know!
I know! Vettikkavala Bindu!
Shady Bind u!
Oh my God!
I lost my breath!
- Let it go!
Oh God!
Come fast!
What happened, Chetta?
- She broke my ribs!
What is it, Chechi?
Hey! Isn't this a temple?
Temple, it seems! It's a lodge!
You don't even know that, stupid!
It's the temple premises..
- Compound!
That's rig ht!
What have we come here for?
To pray for a child, right?
So shouldn't he pray to the
Devi decently or not?
You tell me!
But even here, he's fondling on
WhatsApp, this good for nothing loser!
It's a group of my
friends from Parasshala.
It's a friends' group, Chechi..
- Friends, it seems..
Do you know what the
name of that group is?
Is it named after your daddy?
You bloody..
'Blue Sparrow'
- We should have had
breakfast from here.
Oh! You're leaving?
Dude, awesome place, right?
Kudajadri is the best
trekking spot in the south.
The extreme for off-roading.
Go ahead!
Is the Jeep ready?
Well.. Just a minute!
The ogler is busy at work!
Aren't you ready yet?
- I am ready.. And ya,
I must get 1000
Rupees per person!
Five Hundred.
- 700..
Five Hundred.
Five Hundred..
- 500!
You'll be late for school.
Go fast!
How is he?
Good guy. Half of what he asks for.
That's his rate.
I'll give that.
- You guys have fun!
Come. Let's go!
You'll be late!
Give me the flowers..
I'll give you!
Don't shout!
(speaking in Kannada)
- Hey!
You came in the morning itself?
Since that aunty asked us to,
we bought all the flowers!
I have enough and more money;
so thought I'll spend it!
Hey! Red Swamy!
For the 'Enemy-Destruction' Pooja, should
we write down the name & horoscope,
or should I just wish in my mind
that he should be damned?
There's no 'Enemy-Destruction'
Pooja here.
Then what kind of a temple is this?
Let's go in.
Come on.
You also come.
You cam; an, Chem.
- Come, give us company.
I'm telling you, rig ht?
- No, son.
Why? - He won't come.
- He doesn't like praying to the Goddess?
Don't force him.
He won't come, son.
- You carry on, Chetta.
Then you come!
Oh Lord!
Shucks! Oh Goddess!
" My dear"
" My mother, as beautiful as a flower"
I told you to bring flowers.
Didn't you bring them?
He's the one who promised
the flowers, not me.
What is it, aunty?
He said he didn't
get the flowers.
Don't make a fuss now, aunty.
I got them!
Grandma, are you happy now?
- Yes.
Namaste sir.
" Srilakshmi, the merciful...
Yellamma, the auspiciousness herself"
" Srilakshmi, the merciful...
Yellamma, the auspiciousness herself"
"The Shivashankari who resides in all
four directions where the words bloom"
" The Devi who teaches us
all the Vedas and chants"
" I have come in search of you,
trembling with the pain in my heart"
"When I'm before you with folded hands,
won't you kiss me on my forehead,
and hold me closer?"
"0 Devi, the merciful"
"0 Devi, the merciful"
O Mother Goddess!
" O Merciful Mookambika Devi"
"0 Devi, the merciful"
Hey darling!
One selfie!
" O Merciful Mookambika Devi"
'Mother, please!'
Bloody beggar!
Look at him!
He looks like Kottayam
Naseer, right?
- What?
Why have you worn the 'Tilak' like that?
Latest fashion?
Get lost!
" Srilakshmi, the merciful...
Yellamma, the auspiciousness herself"
" Srilakshmi, the merciful...
Yellamma, the auspiciousness herself"
Look at the blue sheets.
Come on!
Give me..
Give me 500 more.
- Enough?
Give me!
Give me..
- You brought the foreigners, fine!
- So the Kudajadri trip?
- We'll have a blast!
- You idiot!
- Oh my God!
Please! Don't hit me!
I'm not the owner.
It's him!
I'm not the owner either.
- Where's my money?
This is your rest-room?
This is shit-hole!
We'll change the room.
- Give me my money back!
I won't give it..
- Give the money..
Just give the money!
- Give it back!
He's really powerful.
But sir..
- Bye!
Haven't we told you
to keep it clean?
Yes. Come on!
Come. Get in!
"Kudajadri, where the mist embraced after
wandering endlessly, to continue chanting"
"The sun has come after a bath,
to light the lamp of the dawn"
" On the shores of the Holy Souparnika
river, there's a golden cloud chariot"
" Even in the breeze of this wilderness,
the mantra of Shankaracharya resonates"
I'll go to Murudeshwara &
then to the hotel. - Okay.
Shall I click a photo?
- Yes. Please.
Okay, Madhavan.
See you.
- Bye, sir.
Who was it?
MT Vasudevan Nair..
The one who wrote Pulimurugan?
- That's his elder brother.
"The Shivashankari who resides in all
four directions where the words bloom"
" The Devi who teaches us
all the Vedas and chants"
" I have come in search of you,
trembling with the pain in my heart"
Look at the poster!
How is it?
You've kept the board upside down.
Keep it straight.
Oh no! My CD!
"0 Devi, the merciful"
"0 Devi, the merciful"
" O Merciful Mookambika Devi"
" Srilakshmi, the merciful...
Yellamma, the auspiciousness herself"
" Srilakshmi, the merciful...
Yellamma, the auspiciousness herself"
(Chanting prayers)
(Chanting prayers)
What the hell is he saying?
Keep quiet. It's a prayer for
you to be blessed with a child.
I thought he was
cussing at her dad.
Pray, Chetta!
Son or daughter?
Sir, son or daughter?
Whom do you want?
- Daughter!
- Daughter!
- Daughter, Swamy!
She'll end up eloping with someone.
I won't pay any dowry!
Will your daddy pay?
Chetta, decide on something.. - Son!
- Daughter!
Okay. Daughter!
(Praying for a daughter)
Tying a cradle alone
is not enough, Chetta.
God proposes,
Man disposes, right?
Don't laugh!
Chechi is here.
First night is when any loser
would get a glass of milk!
She is someone who didn't even
give me that. Do you know?
And what you said..
- Chetta!
God proposes,
Man disposes!
Chechi, give him the milk.
I'm closing the door & leaving.
Okay! Good night!
Good night!
See you next time!
(Singing a popular Malayalam film song)
(Singing together)
How come you're alone, Raghavetta?
There's nobody here?
No, man!
No one has any devotion!
It's all right.
Let the season start.
Everything will be all right.
- Let's see.
Everything will be all right.
(Singing another popular
Malayalam film song 'Chandanamani')
(singing together)
Not Chandamanani..
Have the 'Vada'.
Something to bite into!
That's not new, rig ht?
You always do it, right?
Rag havetta, one tea.
Didn't you get to
kill anyone today?
No scoundrel wants to knowthe future.
What should I do?
You're laughing?
2016 March 23
'Utram' day of 'Meenam' Month.
Great place to stay, 24 hours
security, hot water, homely food!
A home away from home!
Only 1500 metres from Mookambika stand!
Thankaraj, go to the back-door.
Sir, rooms!
Cheap rooms available, sir.
Well.. the back door.. I... -You take
the back door. I'll take the guests.
Rooms available..
Rooms with cradles available, madam.
Hot water, homely food,
a home away from home!
Only 1500 metres from Mookambika stand.
- Hey brother!
Brother, sing that song again!
Which song, sir?
- That 'Room Available' song.
24 hours security"
- Not necessary.
Homely food..
- I like hotel food!
- No need of heritage, man!
Then what else do you want, sir?
- Discount!
We'll do it, sir..
No problem at all!
Sorry, brother.
He's very short-tempered.
If someone touches his
face, he will hit them.
It's all right, sir.
2 rooms would be enough for
a small family, right?
It will be enough, sir.
- Confirmed?
Confirmed, sir.
Hey children! Come on!
We got the room!
Grandma! Uncle!
Come on!
Come on! We got rooms.
- Oh Goddess! Not 2 rooms;
they would need at
least 2 lodges.
H my
Are you here on a
school tour, sir?
Hold him. Whatever we do, we
should do it big, brother!
All these are my
own productions!
Come on!
Chechi, Kudajadri..
I'll take you without shaking.
Kud ajad ri..
- We already went there.
Go and fool them!
I'm taking an orange.
Shouldn't you arrange it properly?
Keep them back correctly.
(shouting in Kannada)
There are enough people for a procession.
Did they ban 'Jallikkattu' again?
Hold this.
Keep it back yourself.
I've heard about Souparnika.
That bald kid is his weakness!
What is this?
What's that?
A little devil?
I thought of telling you.
Then I thought I
needn't say it.
Sir, please come.
- Coming, brother.
This moustache-less fellow didn't
feel bad for getting slapped, right?
No. He's used to getting
beaten up, sir.
That's Malayalam
actor Babu Antony.
Oh God! Babu Antony?
Who is that?
Your father in law?
Hey! It's not a crime to not know
AKG in Tamil Nadu. Calm down!
Name, address, advance..
No writing!
Only speaking!
Reception uncle, writing is your job!
- Make way!
- Name?
Oh God!
So that's the secret?
That's quite a powerful name!
Come on in!
- Write!
Reception uncle, you're
going on writing?
I asked for only two
rooms in total, brother.
Did you say that 2 rooms would
be enough for all of them?
There's the population
of an entire district.
They are naive people, Madhavetta.
He called me uncle as soon as he
came, and you're saying he's naive?
I gave him my word.
Didn't you teach me that
we have to keep our word?
You learned everything that I
taught you, to the dot? Good!
The room is downstairs, right?
All are old people. Didn't you see?
- We'll get it done. You come, sir.
Aravindan, didn't they
book the room downstairs?
Brother, the room is downstairs, right?
- Then come. Let's go.
But on top, there's an MGR...
MGR stayed here?
- No.
Not MGR..
His mentor used to stay here.
So for his remembrance, we've
put a huge photo there.
Sir, I want that room!
It's all right?
- Ya.
Then you proceed.
I'll come.
- Come fast.
How was that?
I didn't teach this. -I learned
this on my own for our survival.
Mr. Sumesh, shift
MGR from 8 to 14,
and NTR from 14 to 8.
Make it fast.
Well Aravindan, for Tamilians, there's MGR;
forAndhra people, there's NTR;
for Karnataka people,
there's Rajkumar.
So who is it for us Malayalis?
- Thomas Chandy.
Oh! That's correct.
- Correct, right?
Bathe properly.
Uncle, use the soap and bathe!
Dad, if I apply the soap & bathe
like this, will I become fair?
Why do you want to be fair?
Black is the original Indian colour!
Even our Super Star is dark skinned!
Bathe properly!
Apply n well!
Look, it's God!
Oh God!
Bless us!
Oh God!
Com e.
Doing good?
- Yes.
This is the address and phone
number of the Devasthana.
And here's the advance.
- Okay.
Okay? Happy?
- Very happy!
I brought 3 of them.
What about its commission?
It's off-season, right?
Let those poor things make a living.
Do you want to snatch from that too?
- A little.
- What?
I was saying that the
bathing here was superb.
That's because it's
your first time!
Not just bathing, even the
food at the temple is amazing.
Is that so?
Will it be so good?
Yes. That too, for free.
Free? Where do I get
it inside the temple?
Once you enter the temple,
when you come around,
there's an offering counter on the left
side, right? -Yes. - Behind that.
Then you also join us!
- I eat Chappathi at night.
No sir. You've come with your family.
You carry on.
- Very happy!
You don't have this
affection towards me!
He's a poor chap.
You're a fraud!
- Yes. Fraud!
Wipe your head properly!
What's going on?
Are you watching porn,
Mr. Madhavan sir?
Your dad's the one
who watches porn!
"24 hour hot water, 24 hour security,
room service"
You should stop chasing
people saying all that.
And then?
Let's start online booking.
That's nice..
- First...
we should paint it well and
make it look very good.
We should change all
the old furniture!
AC and TV in all rooms...
Water heater, shower, bath tub...
We should get a good cook,
and make lots of food..
North Indian, Chinese and so on..
We should charge extra rent
and have a great time!
Such a beautiful dream that's
never going to happen!
Try to paint it before
the next season!
Reception uncle, doing good?
Brother, the free food was amazing!
Tell him that they can sleep
there for free as well.
Is this Reception Uncle a fool?
He's always getting angry!
I'll take care of this fool.
You go to sleep, sir.
- Let it happen as per your fate!
Let it be, Madhavetta.
Poor chap!
You know how many of them are there?
- Most are kids, right?
A little sambar, a few ldlys, a
little Chutney! That's enough!
Is he eating for his mother as well?
Pour it, man!
I'll pour.
Don't hit me.
Pour it, man!
Hey! Pour it, man!
Bathe in it!
This is Sam bar & Pulisshery.
Pour it!
I think this will go on till night.
This is the last serving.
Don't ask again. It's over. Enough!
Is this fine?
I have only Sam bar
with me, old man!
Ask for whatever you need.
We shouldn't cheat our tummies!
Grandma, the Sam bar was
absolutely amazing!
It's not grandma, but Aravindan
who prepared the Sam bar.
Brother, you cooked the Sam bar?
It was really good!
Rasheed, what do we do now?
There are many more
people left to eat.
There are some firecrackers in the Jeep.
Shall I light & throw it on them?
- Hey Sambar! Come here!
- Eat from the next plate, you...
Brother, lift it carefully.
That suitcase has only 3 wheels.
Dust allergy.
What do you want?
- Well..
Keep m
You're always looking at Babu Antony's
photo! Give me the bill, uncle!
Move, dear..
How was your stay, sir?
Very nice!
- Thank you very much.
Check if all the children have left.
- I've tried my best.
After all the discounts,
just 700 Rupees.
Clean both the rooms quickly.
- That will take some time.
Here, uncle.
700 Rupees for you.
And then..
Brother, 1000 Rupees tip for you!
1000 Rupees?
- Sir, bag...
Brother, your service is superb.
I liked you very much.
Well.. You're educated,
intelligent and a hard-worker;
why are you still working with
this stupid uncle? Come to me!
I'll give you a superb job!
What do you do, sir?
- I just have 4-5 ships.
2000 people work for me.
I have 10-15 companies.
That's all!
Here's my visiting card.
Any help you need, come to me.
- Okay sir.
Sir, your cloth..
Here. 10 Rupees!
Spend it carefully!
Get down!
You go walking!
Come here, son.
My darling, come on!
You got more money, rig ht?
Carry it!
Aravindan, thank you so much!
See you!
Aren't you coming?
- My dog will come for 10 Rupees!
Bye sir.
I need to go to the market.
Get the bike.
What all did you do?
Discount, free breakfast!
Don't judge people just like that.
That's not my mistake.
I have learned only what you taught me.
Got it?
I'm coming. Wait!
2016 November 14
Children's Day
Mookambika, last stop.
Come on, Madam. Get down!
Good morning Madam!
Good morning sir!
Standing in the way?
Good morning Madam.
Welcome to Mookambika.
Welcome to M...
- 24 Hours security,
running hot water, very
hygienic homely food, discount,
internet facility,
everything available, madam!
Can you repeat what you
just said, in Malayalam?
Are you a Malayali?
I thought you would be
okay with English, madam.
Did you feel so?
- Yes.
Many have told me that.
Get down
- Sir..
Did we reach Guruvayur?
- Not Guruvayur..
It's Mookambika, you fool!
He's my brother.
He's accompanying us.
I'll take the suitcase, sir.
I'll take it, sir.
It's okay.
You can carry it, but we have
booked the room earlier.
Who? When?
- My Brother-in-law Prabhakaran booked it.
I'll give it for a lower rent, sir.
We're not at all interested
to stay for lower rent.
I'll give you a
good discount, sir.
Go! Go!
Go, man! Go!
If Prabhakaran knows this,
I'll be in trouble.
Who is this Prabhakaran sir?
'Bull' Prabhakaran.
My brother-in-law, Prabhakaran.
Is he with you, sir?
I'll talk to him!
Go, boy!
Go! Go!
Mom, come.
Let's go!
Coming, girl.
Let me tell you something. Come!
- Or no need. I'll come there.
Shall we stay in that boy's lodge?
No. Dad has booked a room, right?
That's enough.
He's giving it on a lower rent.
Son, come here.
Tell her whatever you
told me about your lodge.
A great place to stay, 24 hours security,
hot water, homely food;
a heritage of 150 years,
only 1500 metres from Mookambika stand,
you can't find it anywhere else.
So many facilities! Isn't that enough?
- No. Let's stay where dad booked.
It's a much lower rent.
Look at his face. Such a graceful fellow.
He looks innocent.
Shall I call my brother in law?
- I'll call right away.
I'll also call your wife.
I have to tell her certain things.
I'll tell her what all you did since
you got into this bus yesterday.
Him & his brother in law!
Come here.
- Son, hold this suitcase.
- Let him stay there!
- Listen to me!
You get lost!
Come here.
- I'll take the suitcase.
Okay! Okay!
I'll talk to brother-in-law
and compromise things.
But you need to treat me well!
- Of course!
Take a deep breath!
What do you feel?
- Local stuff?
You said it!
Is it so?
- Smart boy!
Thank you.
- I am proud of you!
- Daily!
- AIWay!
This place also has all this?
What's written there? What language is it?
- Kannada, madam.
Hey Chacha Nehru!
Is it Gandhiji's birth
anniversary today?
It's Children's day, sir.
Then bottles must
be available today!
Will there be any problem if
Prabhakaran sir knows that?
My sister is a 'Bharthrumathifi
- What does that mean?
That means, she's fed up of her husband!
There are many in
Kerala like that now.
Well, she is one among them.
I'll tell you something. It's my husband
who pays for all your expenses!
I thought you were
a decent chap..
But what all do you
say about him?
don't talk unnecessary things.
- Nothing like that, Chechi.
When will we reach?
We're almost there.
Tell me the truth.
Where are you taking us?
There's something
unnatural about this..
No way!
When will we reach?
- We've reached.
- Seems like she's really serious!
That's just her throwing attitude.
Don't mind!
She came here for her debut performance
after her course in Kalamandalam.
Is it?
- Yes.
All the best!
You can buy the stuff you need from here!
It's in here.
- Over here?
- Why do you care?
Watch your head.
I sense a fraud set-up.
If I don't get the bottle by 7
PM, you'll see my true colours.
What bottle?
We'll sort it out, Chetta.
Chechi, come.
The room is upstairs.
- Who's that? Is he your father?
- No?
Your face looks the same.
Well, we've been living together for so
many years, right? Must be because of that.
But how can that be?
Where is the water?
- Coming, sir!
Running hot water!
24 hours!
'Oru Murai Vanthu Panhaya'?
Get the water.
Why are you burning outside?
Go inside.
So much smoke!
Couldn't you do it earlier?
Why are you crying for that?
I'm not crying.
My eyes are watering.
Isn't that called crying?
Good morning!
Mom! Here's your running hot water.
24 hours!
See if it's hot enough!
- Very good.
It's not to fry.
It's to bathe!
Just mix a little cold water.
Don't fight with him.
Hows the stay, madam?
Should I say the truth, son?
- No!
Thank you.
Will it become cold
with that wind, Chetta?
The tap is faulty.
I'll son it out now.
- Don't just say that. Repair it.
I will.
- Very soon.
Keep quiet, dear.
Repair it by the time we
got out and come back.
The performance is at 9.30, right?
So there's a lot of time left.
The box that's used to press...
I'll say it in Kannada..
(tries to say it in broken Kannada)
Here's the box.
Go ahead.
What is this?
- Iron box.
- Yes.
I didn't ask for a rat-trap!
This dirty cloth can
be pressed with this.
With this?
With this, I can burn it!
It's a shin that
costs 1000 Rupees.
Then it's better that you get
it pressed from a shop outside.
Turn it!
Oh my God!
I asked you to turn it
clockwise, not to break it.
Him & his clockwise!
Which side?
Ya. Try that side.
You can do it, man!
I've done this so many times!
Oh my God!
I've told you not to keep yapping
while I'm doing something.
The pipe broke because of you!
- No!
It broke because of you!
There's no proper plumbing or
wiring in this 150 year old lodge.
And you're blaming me?
Wow! Shower!
Didn't you close the
main tap, you fool?
If I close it there,
would water come here?
Oh my God!
Go & close it.
- What?
Go close it!
Oh my God!
Oh no!
Stop it, man!
Ip; not stopping!
- 0h my God!
Oh God!
The attire for her performance.
Go & buy this attire
from somewhere, man!
Thousand Rupees!
Five Hundred!
- 1000!
Everything is wet and ruined.
Oh God! The 'Vada' is also wet.
Move away!
- Get lost!
Rashid, buy 2 'Vada's
when you come.
That's all? Need anything else?
Nothing else!
- Oh God!
I'll son it out now!
It's okay now.
Hey Aravindan!
Who's that?
- Sumesh!
The water stopped.
Who closed the pipe?
Oh! It was you?
- I can't see!
I'll son that out now.
Isn't it okay now?
Oh no!
Where are you going, Swamy?
- Toilet.
To the toilet?
Don't go today.
I won't let you go. Please don't go!
Please give me some way.
Let me go.
Hey! Go and get the iron box!
Then I should go downstairs, right?
Oh God!
Iron box!
Leave it, dear.
Don't take it.
- Move away, I say!
Whatever you say, I
won't give this back.
Oh God!
- Where's the water?
- I'll come now!
See if you need anything else!
- Got it?
Okay. rig ht?
What happened?
What is this?
Attire for the performance!
Why? Is it loose?
She's not performing cabaret.
It's Bharatnatyam!
Rest she can adjust
with a saree, rig ht?
Is it a honeymoon room
to cover with a saree?
We don't have time, right?
What about the 'Vada'?
- Yes.
- Careful.
Wow. Rasavada.
Is it too much?
You bloody dog, scoundrel, fool, idiot!
Here's your 'Vada'.
Eat it!
Eat it. Don't waste it.
You're all betraying me!
What explanation
do I give her now!
Bloody dog!
- Giving Vada is a problem now?
Take him away!
- Come on!
Take this 'Vada' as well.
Him & his damn 'Vada'.
- The attire & iron box.
Oh! My bloody brother
in law is calling.
What is it, brother?
Everything is ready!
Video, stills, percussion;
everything is ready!
You've spoiled everything!
Bloody scoundrel!
How do I face her
with this attire?
The girl is here.
Give her the dress.
Wearing the attire;
decked up in all the jewellery,
To see your daughter like that.
...Is like 500 Kalamandalams rushing
to the shore together, like waves...
The side got burnt a bit..
Wear this on top with
pants below it.
It won't be noticeable.
It will look like a new design.
Oh! It was her mother's?
Then it's fine!
It's my daughter!
-It's from upstairs.
Someone called 'Mom'!
I'll also come.
Oh no!
My dear..
My daughterfell down..
Is she sitting or
lying down on the steps?
She fell down the stairs.
I won't go down.
- I won't go down at all.
I won't go down.
- Pour water on her face.
Where is he?
Call my damn brother!
- Please move.
What happened?
She slipped from the
stairs & fell down.
- Take her to the hospital.
Where is Aravindan?
- I am here.
Brother in law is calling again.
- Pick up, Chetta.
Pick up!
Howdol pick up?
- Give it.
Just pick up like this.
Brother, I...
Don't curse me like this!
he's counting all the nerves one by one.
I'm getting scared.
She will be fine.
(speaking in Kannada)
She will have to rest for 2 weeks.
What did he say?
- No. Nothing wrong.
Nothing wrong!
But he spoke for a long time!
Is the bone broken?
In medical language,
it's a muscle - fiber - cracking.
In our language?
In our language, below the
knee, just above the ankle,
there's a severe problem!
In his medical language,
he said crack, rig ht?
I thought my girl fell down,
hit her head & became crazy!
You already are a little crazy, rig ht?
Well, mom just thought about it.
There's no major problem.
You have to rest for some time.
And she can't travel or walk!
Oh! That's all?
What about my debut then?
It won't happen soon, dear.
It's not your wedding,
but your debut, right?
Now we can stay here
peacefully for 2 weeks.
Let me go arrange a wheel chair.
Get a good one!
Get rid of this scary
expression & calm down, girl.
And shut those scary round
eyes of yours!
This is the first time that I'm bringing
a guest of ours to the hospital.
That's all right.
It will become a habit soon.
Is Prabhakaran sir coming here?
- No.
His leg is also broken.
- What happened?
He fell from the top of a wall.
Adog chased him up there.
- Oh no!
What oh no?
If you throw stones at a poor
dog, will it leave you alone?
Anyway, I'm disappointed that
the dog didn't bite him.
- What is it?
Brother-in-law is cussing
at me like anything!
You're used to it, rig ht?
It's not new!
Oh no!
No need to stay here, Madam.
- Then?
It will be difficult for Varada
to climb steps, right? -Yes.
Madhavettan &I stay in the room
downstairs. We'll vacate that.
Won't that be troublesome for you?
It's not bigger than the
trouble we caused for Varada.
Ras heed..
Call Sumesh and ask him
set up our room for them.
I will talk to Madhavettan.
And take this prescription to the
pharmacy & buy the medicines too.
Go fast!
Shall we leave?
Let him turn it.
Slowly, dear.
Hold tight.
- There's a step there.
This is a nice room!
Nice, rig ht?
Don't stress your leg too much.
Sit there.
Please m ove, Am m a.
That plastered leg should be kept up.
- I have back pain. Should I lift it?
Why can't you do it?
Your husband's 18 missed calls.
Call him back!
Take that shady fellow away!
Irritating fellow!
Feels so good.
Hey girl!
Click a photo of mine on your phone.
This is a good pose.
Send it to that family group.
And say 'Mom relaxing at Mookambika'.
Let me shine!
Let everyone see it.
Let them see and get jealous.
Look at you!
Your dad's same frown!
You're as envious as him!
I'll call those who are
not in the group myself.
I don't need your help for that!
It's me!
How are you?
I'm at a big resort in Mookambika.
What's the name, dear?
- Ya. Heritage!
It's a luxury resort!
Even though it's expensive,
can we change our habits?
The debut performance
didn't happen.
She fell down from the
stairs & broke her leg.
Why wouldn't she?
She walks looking at the sky!
Artist, it seems!
Oh.. The resort's MD is here.
He's a really busy person.
I'll call you back.
Why should I make it any lesser?
Tell me if you need anything.
- Okay.
Hey son..
Are Malayalam magazines available here?
Is it?
- Yes.
Then buy any one, or buy all the
ones that came out this month.
Do you want anything?
Can I get the DVD of Janaki
Subramaniam's latest dance programme?
Janaki Subramaniam, it seems.
Hey! Janaki Subramaniam's..
- Krishnaleela, right?
I have it.
I'll give you.
And son,
buy 2 packets of Lays
also when you come.
The green one!
Good boy!
- Oh God!
Which colour Lays does she want?
If anyone upstairs is left to fall,
make arrangements for that quickly.
My room is there for
them to sleep, right?
Who drew all these?
(studying Kannada)
You won't listen when I tell you not to
stand for long with that leg of yours.
Don't listen how many
ever times I tell you!
Hey Ras heed,
O Devi!
Here. Keep it there.
- It's wrong!
It's not like that.
(recites in Kannada)
(recites in Kannada)
"My princess,
don't go away from me!"
"You should sing while
basking at the fireplace"
"Oh my princess!"
"Why did you come this way?"
"Why did you perch on a
branch of my heart?"
"My princess,
don't go away from me!"
"You should sing while
basking at the fireplace"
Come, dear..
Oh! Madhavettan?
I wanted to take a
couple of books.
Please take them.
I thought it was the boy..
What have you done?
We've arranged our clothes.
See if it's lying there.
Over there.
Instead of piling up these
books & other waste,
if you sell it as scrap, you'll get money.
Why have you kept them like this?
Reading is good to acquire at
least a little common sense.
Let's go there.
You reached?
- You have guests.
I'm yet to go up on stage.
Shall we keep him in the museum?
Wow! Couldn't
recognize you at all!
Don't laug h.
Ask her not to laugh.
I'm going to go up on stage.
- There's still time.
This is why your leg broke!
Aren't you an artist? Is it right
to insult another artist like this?
But are you an artist?
- Dude!
Got it?
Are you a big fan of
Janaki Subramaniam?
Die-hard fan!
"My princess,
don't go away from me!"
"You should sing while
basking at the fireplace"
"Hey Princess"
"Hey Princess"
"Why did you come this way?"
Look at you!
I've been waiting for
you for so long!
Shall we go?
"My princess,
don't go away from me!"
"You should sing while
basking at the fireplace"
How come you have a
'Tilak' on your forehead?
I haven't seen this earlier.
Well.. When that girl...
You're past that age!
To the market?
No. To Keezhattoor.
So no one has come looking
forAravindan yet?
Who's going to come?
That mother who left her child in
between such a humongous crowd?
Fooling that she will
show him the Devi,
she left that little child in between
the commotion of Navratri festival,
and disappeared.
Lucky that Mad havan
found him then.
Do you know, dear?
He has never stepped inside
this temple, till date.
When this entire town celebrates
the Navratri festival every year,
he will be there for everything,
laughing & smiling, during the day.
But once it gets dark,
he will be all alone.
His own mother abandoning him.. Will that
disappear from the mind of any child?
There are many people like me who
have been deserted by our families,
in Mookambika.
But he might be the
only one who's living,
not knowing the reason
for being abandoned.
" My dear..
My mother, as beautiful as a flower"
I was waiting to see you.
When you draw people,
you should draw them well.
Especially girls.
What's wrong with this?
It's just like a snake
which swallowed its prey.
You are an artist, man!
You will reach great heights!
Your leg is all
right now, rig ht?
Before your debut, shall we
go for an adventure trip?
- Yes.
In Mookambika?
Ad venture trip?
Let's go!
So that you can see
my driving skills!
What if you see that, feel admiration
for me &want to marry me?
Mom is not here, right?
No. She's not here.
Is that necessary?
But let's go for the trip.
Shall we go?
- That's it!
"0 Devi, the merciful"
Didn't the Devi kill the demon
Mookasuran at Kudajadri?
Which Devi?
When did she kill?
She's talking about
Mookambika Devi, man.
Is that so?
What's the name of
the demon who died?
Moo kasuran?
Couldn't they give
him a simple name?
Then you suggest a simple name.
Like Hemanth..
Babu or Sajeesh...
Sajees hasuran..
Simple, right?
Ya right! That's a perfect
name for a demon!
Even after coming here on
trips for so many years,
you don't know anything
about Kudajadri?
Don't say that.
I know many things!
I know that it's 4406
feet above sea level,
and we can go there
only on a Mahindra Jeep;
and that once we reach the top, we'll
keep bumping into Malayalis.
I know all that!
- Oh no! Watch out!
Another Jeep!
I saw it, girl.
-Are you planning to kill us?
No. To raise you!
Even 90 year old grandmas
climb up the hill so easily!
For that you need devotion!
Oh my God!
"0 Devi, the merciful"
Phew! It's flat again.
Who? You?
- No. The road.
Shall we get down?
Oh God!
Aren't you coming?
- No.
What happened?
- You carry on.
You'll understand
after some time.
Dude, come give us company.
Company! Ya right!
Go ahead!
"The bird who opens the
door to a beautiful night"
" Get going, my dear bird"
How is it?
Reserve some of that wonder.
There's more?
- Com e.
" I shall travel far away
distances with you"
" We're joining each other
unknowingly, like clouds"
Nam aste Swami.
- Namaste.
He's the priest here.
This hill that we climbed now?
He climbs it 4 times daily.
He doesn't have any
other job or what?
This is his job.
Performing the rituals here.
The place where he meditated?
Sarvanja Peetha..
(The throne of wisdom)
Go and sit there
for ten minutes.
" I shall travel far away
distances with you"
" We're joining each other
unknowingly, like clouds"
" There's joy all around..
There's joy in everything..."
" There's joy all around..
There's joy in everything..."
" There's joy all around..
There's joy in everything..."
" There's joy all around..
There's joy in everything..."
Yes. 'Mother, please'
is a great hit.
2nd pan is coming soon.
'Mother, please give something'
I'll call you back.
Geo rgetta, three cups of tea.
- Okay.
How are you, Dada?
I'm all right.
How was my drive?
Superb for those who watch.
- Aravindan!
I told you about the song, right?
Did you tell her?
I'll tell now.
- Please.
Have you brought the CD?
- Who's this guy?
A mam
Va rad a,
that's Srikrishnan.
He's a Malayali who composes
songs and sells CD's here.
Innocent chap.
He came to know that you're
from Kalamandalam somehow.
He has composed a song.
So he told me to ask you if you can do
dance choreography for that song video.
Can you do it?
Will I get money?
I've told him that you're the
best choreographer in Kerala.
You'll get good money.
What if he checks the internet &
find out that I'm not famous?
Look at his face!
Do you think he knows that
something called internet exists?
"O. right?
- No way!
So let's listen to it?
- Of course!
Then let's listen to it.
Here you go, madam.
Can you recognize the person?
- No.
Aravindan, come fast.
- What happened?
Someone pushed this
lady down here.
Someone snatched my
bag & ran away, son.
They took everything!
Shall we take her to the hospital?
Not the hospital, let's take
her to the guest house.
Then let's check the surveillance
camera of the temple.
Then let's enquire.
Don't worry at all, aunty.
We'll see.
Com e.
What kind of children are you?
You brought your mother to
pray & left her at the temple?
Poor thing.
She got really scared.
Did you like this place, Varada?
- Yes.
What hurts us the most is a long
wait for something or someone.
Isn't it?
Have you ever felt angry
towards your mother?
She left me at everyone's
mother's courtyard, right?
It's all right!
To see you stepping inside the
temple, holding your mother's hand...
All those who love you, are
wishing for it to happen.
You're looking gorgeous!
Turn this side..
A mam
Didn't you tie your hair yet?
Don't you have to keep flowers?
Hey! Don't you want jasmine flowers?
- No Chechi.
I'll get reminded
of my wedding day!
I didn't see Aravindan yet.
He will reach there when it's
time for the performance.
He won't step inside
the temple, dear.
Didn't I tell you?
Poor thing.
Come here..
- What is it?
Come here.
- What's the matter?
It's urgent!
Mallika, I'll be right back.
Com e.
- What's the matter?
I'll tell you..
It's from this..
'Bull' Chet-ta
Oh no!
He was reading a newspaper &
drinking tea in the morning at 6 AM.
And that was it.
That's all our lives are!
You drink your tea!
No need to book tickets on
today's bus itself urgently.
Take your time.
Us, from Kottayam-Pathanamthitta
NRI districts,
If someone dies,
we keep the dead body in the morgue
for 5-6 days minimum, just like that.
Why is that?
Just for a show off!
For show off, you can
keep wreaths, rig ht?
No. That's not enough!
It's a trick to make the town realize that
this dead body has many relatives abroad.
Oh! Show off during death!
- Exactly!
It's not that.
Prabhetta, l..
Won't let me say anything.
He talks like an announcement.
Varada really liked
her uncle, huh?
Ya rig m!
She's the one who cursed &
killed that bloody old bloke!
You're wondering why she's crying?
That's because her debut
got cancelled again.
She can enter the temple only after
the 16th day ritual now, rig ht?
That's why she's crying.
Anyway, we will also
pray for uncle's soul.
My dear children, please don't!
We sent him up somehow.
He was 96 not out!
- Just miss!
A century, I mean!
Yes. We're relieved now.
Move. Let me go check on
her, if she's crying.
What is this, man?
There will be vacancy, sir.
I'll give you your regular room.
I should cut this hair &take
a stylish photo for this.
Aravindan, where are you coming from?
- I had to go to Baindur.
Oh! The DVD is ready?
Editing is over.
- Great!
make it fast!
Can't you change this chair, Shankaretta?
It's been so long!
Let the season start.
I'll change everything.
Season, it seems!
As if people come here on Navratri to
get hair-cuts! Stop kidding, brother.
Oh! You're about to reach?
Okay. I'll come.
Shankaranna, not today.
I'll come tomorrow
See you later.
- You're leaving?
Came, sat and left.
That's a nice title.
I'll name my next album that.
What did you pray for?
What I pray for all the time.
To learn dance under the
person I admire the most.
Who's that?
Prabhu Deva?
Not Prabhu Deva.
The renowned classical dancer,
Janaki Subramaniam.
2016 November 29
" There's joy all around..
There's joy in everything..."
" There's joy all around..
There's joy in everything..."
" There's joy all around..
There's joy in everything..."
" There's joy all around..
There's joy in everything..."
Varada, right?
Aravindan told me that
you're really depressed!
Once your debut
performance is over,
you'll do a lot of programmes
as Kalamandalam Varada.
Once you're fed up with
that, you'll get married.
Is that your plan?
No Madam.
I want to learn dance from you.
Whom you study from,
is not important.
We should always keep studying.
That's what is important.
Rig ht Aravindan?
That's correct, mad am.
Come here.
Com e.
You're bringing a girl
and trying to trap me?
She asked me to
give this to you.
Open & see!
Have you been to Kumbakonam?
It's quite far from Kerala.
But without travelling that far,
you won't be able to join Janaki
Subramaniam's dance academy.
What do we do then?
Are you interested?
" There's joy all around..
There's joy in everything..."
Send me a lot of photos of my
daughter and grandchildren.
Didn't you say that they stay near you?
- Yes.
I badly want to see all of them!
I wonder how big my children would be now.
- I'll click and send.
- Shall I put this in?
No. Inside the bag..
I'll come.
Well, well!
You came here like a tiger!
Now you've become like a rabbit.
There's another tiger at home.
I'll bring him next time I come.
You should turn him
also into a rabbit.
Did you mean my brother
in law Prabhakaran?
He's not a tiger. He's a bull!
- Shut up!
You're always speaking
ill about him!
Oh! Respect!
Here, son. The hospital expense,
rent, everything is there.
That wasn't necessary.
- Then give that money to me.
Isn't that sad?
- For whom?
That's it!
Learn from the kids!
- I'll go get the luggage.
Mad havetta"
To be frank..
When I stayed here for
some time with you people,
I doubt if I've become
slightly decent now.
That's just a doubt of yours!
Mad havetta, we' re leaving.
So we'll get our room back.
- Yes.
We'll come again though.
- You should.
Okay then.
Mad havetta, see you.
Shall we click a selfie, Madhavetta?
I'm used to giving autographs
to girls who come here.
But selfie is more comfortable.
You can delete it anytime.
I'm not going to
delete it, Madhavetta.
Wow! I look really good!
Varada, you should
improve a little more.
Mad havetta"
Have you ever wished that someone
should come looking for Aravindan?
"Why did you come this way?"
"Why did you perch on a
branch of my heart?"
Hey Thangavelu..
Keep this bag.
Bye, son.
Next time we come, you should
take us to the temple.
You sit here, Chechi.
Okay then.
"My princess,
don't go away from me!"
"You should sing while
basking at the fireplace"
A great place to stay, 24 hours
security, hot water, homely food..
"Why did you come this way?"
'An interval for the guests'
'Prabhakar House'
Chetta, don't irritate anyone on the way.
Come back soon.
'Bull' Prabhakaran!
Here's the bull!
I should have worn a mundu.
Who has thrown
waste on the road?
Which scoundrel threw
waste on my courtyard?
Tomorrow I'll let the
dog loose, you dog!
Did he steal anything?
- He didn't steal anything.
She saw him.
Are you sure it was a thief?
Don't misunderstand me.
He started his session!
- The thunder has struck.
The newspaper has only shady news,
right in the morning.
If it doesn't reach him before the
rain, there will be destruction!
Sadly he's my son.
If he was my husband,
I'd have poisoned him.
If you had thought this 50 years back,
me & my child would have escaped.
And you had this revelation
only when you're old?
And you had this revelation
only when you're old?
201 7 April 14
Instead of getting 'Kaineettam'
(gifts) from people for Vishu,
Janaki Subramanian!
You &your stupid"
Oh Lord Krishna!
Bless us!
Oh Lord!
- Girija..
It's time. Come!
They want to burst crackers
in the middle of the road?
Oh no! They'll destroy my eardrum!
201 7 April 14
Tamil New Year
I'll check right away.
Sir, the bus is here!
Hey! Go and receive them!
Sir, I am here.
Give the garland, man.
Welcome to Kumbakonam.
- What the hell!
Greetings, brother.
Greetings, madam.
Greetings, sister.
Aravindan is like a
younger brother to me.
So you're like family to me!
- Girija!
Enough. Leave him.
Brother, please come.
Hey! Move!
You please come.
- Careful.
Madam, don't be scared.
Come on!
I'm not scared.
- Please sit.
We'll go to my house, have lunch and
only then we'll go elsewhere.
Is it Onam in Tamil Nadu today?
- Madam, careful.
Please come, brother.
Namaste, madam.
- What is it here? Is it some festival?
Tamil New Year, Madam.
That's why all these festivities.
Please com e, father.
- Dad!
The 'Kolam' (sacred graffiti).
A {mash
It's some function like our Vishu..
Brother, how's our Noopura?
Very nice.
Nam aste.
- Welcome to Noopura.
Welcome, Madam.
- Sir, Greetings.
Didn't I tell you about guests
from Kerala? It's them!
Madam has told us everything.
Madam has told you?
Even Madam told them about us, sir.
Madam, how was the
food at my house?
The food was great!
There was a red curry with brinjal
in it, rig ht? What was its name?
Sam bar?
It's not Sam bar.
- How was it?
Brinjal Curry.
It's superb when my wife coo ks it.
Single Tabla.
- Isn't it?
Whatever it is, why do you care?
They are all great musicians!
This is the one who plays Tabla
like a hurricane, right? - Dad!
Ustad Zakir Hussain!
Is he a Muslim?
Then it must be Duffm uttu..
That's rig ht.
What's the name of the uncle
hugging the Nadaswaram?
Nam aste.
I just wanted to introduce someone.
Please come.
She is Varada.
And she's from Kalamandalam.
And she's a very
good dancer also.
So please welcome her to Noopura.
Thank you Ma'am.
For the 40th Annual San
Fransisco Ethnic Festival,
we're going to present a
new com position this time.
Before the Mahabharata
war began,
at the shore of the Holy Ganga,
while Kama was performing
his prayers to the Sun God,
The episode in which his mother
Kunti comes to meet him there.
This is going to be
my new composition.
Son, Kama...
the reason for all the humiliation
that you're experiencing now,
is this mother of yours, son.
Please forgive me, son.
The scene where she yearns
to say that to him.
It's a performance in which
expressions are really important.
Motherhood is a language.
It's an international language.
Good evening Ma'am.
In all your compositions so far, you had
concentrated on devotion and love..
Why did you choose such
a subject this time?
She's doing it good.
You are really graceful.
Shiv ram . .
I wanna try out something
different this time.
Madam is unmarried, right?
Madam got married when
she was really young.
She has a son as well.
When did she come here?
It's been many years since
Madam settled in Kumbakonam.
Okay. The next session
is at 3 o'clock.
See you later.
What about Madam's husband?
I don't know why.
No one here knows much
about her husband.
Why did they separate then?
Her husband told her
not to dance ever again.
And then?
Madam left everything
and came here.
So what about her son?
I don't know.
Where is Madam's husband now?
I don't know that.
He's a Kannadiga.
And Madam is an Udupi
Tullu Brahmin.
So she's not that connected
to her family, is it?
I don't know all that.
But she keeps going to Kollur
Mookambika temple frequently.
Right, Aravindan?
That's correct, Madam.
Come here.
Can I get the DVD of Janaki
Subramaniam's latest dance programme?
Krishna-Leela, right?
I have it with me.
Surya Cultural Society,
He's a Kannadiga.
And Madam is an Udupi Tullu Brahmin.
I don't know all that.
But she keeps going to Kollur
Mookambika temple frequently.
Madam got married when
she was really young.
She has a son as well.
2017 August 14
5244th Krishna Birth Anniversary
2017 August 14
5244th Krishna Birth Anniversary
Varada, I've reached.
At Udupi stand.
Can you talk loudly?
I can't hear you.
Com e.
- Where?
I'll tell you.
So this is Aravindan.
This is Reenu,
Res hm a, As hwi ni.
She's from Udupi.
- Hi.
So I'll see you later?
- Okay.
Here. Hold this.
This has a brake, right?
- See for yourself.
You all go to the hostel then.
Come when I call you.
Com e.
Where to?
There's a surprise.
Com e.
Hop on!
See you!
This is where you grew up
till you were 5 years old.
Don't you want to see someone
whom you were waiting to see,
for all these years?
Com e.
What are you thinking?
Have you had the famous
Udupi Masala Dosa?
Sweets from Ud up I?
- You haven't?
Com e.
Awesome, right?
Do you want to see Janaki
Subramaniam's son?
Vwek wet.
llT Kanpur.
He's in the US now.
She hasn't disowned her son.
Personal life..
She just doesn't discuss her
personal life anywhere.
She doesn't have to, right?
You feel like saying
a sorry, rig ht?
It's all right.
Have some more sweets.
It's amazing.
You won't get it anywhere else.
You'll get it only here.
Apart from waiting like this,
have you ever felt like going
in search of your mother?
I still don't know why
my mother abandoned me.
I may be able to find her,
if I go searching for her.
But once I search and find her,
and finally when I confront her,
my mother..
What if my mother says
that she doesn't know me?
What if my mother is living,
in a condition that no son in the
world would wish to see her in?
Didn't you say once...
...that what hurts us the most is a
long wait for something or someone?
What hurts more
than a long wait,
is when that wait
comes to an end.
Wearing the only
old Saree she had,
With a beautiful smile on her face,
My mother used to call me
'Aravinda' and hug me!
I won't go in search
of that mother.
If she is alive,
she will come searching for me.
" Aren't you somewhere far away in the sky,
blinking your eyes like a star?"
"Come! Come!"
"Those calls of yours"
"This breeze is spreading
them in my ears"
Oh God!
Who gave you permission to
do all this investigation?
We don't know who his father is.
His mother abandoned him.
Did you consider the pain
that boy is going through?
I'll tell you something!
Don't interfere in any of
his matters hereafter.
Let him live at least with the hope
that his mother would return someday.
His very own mother
abandoning him..
Will it ever disappear
from any child's mind?
No one has come in search
ofAravindan so far?
Who's going to come?
I want to go to my mom!
I want to see my mom!
That mother who left her child in
between such a humongous crowd?
My mother used to call me
'Aravinda' and hug me!
I won't go in search of that mother.
As far as I know, Aravindan reached
Mookambika when he was 5-6 years old.
Those pictures must be his memories
from his past before that.
As your friends said,
if these places are in Udupi..
We'll definitely be
able to find them.
We will find them!
Anyway, it's not Kerala.
There are no coconut trees
in any of those pictures.
Kids from Kerala .. The first
things they draw are a house,
a coconut tree in the courtyard,
and a hill behind, right?
All those pictures are
of Udupi drawings.
Aren't we going to the street
in Aravindan's drawing?
Let's go there and enquire.
- Okay.
I don't know.
Let's check there as well.
What if we find something?
Chetta, a centre called Surya?
- Go straight and turn right.
Surya Cultural Centre.
This is the place.
The emblem is the same.
- Check the pin code on your mobile.
It's 101..
Aadhi Udupi Post Office.
Aadhi Udupi Post Office.
With his name and age, let's enquire
at the municipal office as well.
What if his birth was registered?
Come fast.
It's 5 o'clock.
Sir, we need some
information urgently.
Please help us.
- Look.
It's 5 o'clock.
Office time over.
Come tomorrow
Sir, keep this.
Please, sir.
Sir, in the period from '88 to '92,
if there was a birth registered
with the name 'Aravindan'.
It's very difficult
to find all that.
Can you give us
the details, sir?
I'll do whatever I can
for the money you gave.
Okay. Let me try.
Wait a minute.
I've found this with
so much difficulty.
Father: Balakrishna Adiga..
- And mother?
Mother: Geet ha La ks hm i.
Majestic press, Udupi.
Hey! They used to stay in a
portion of this building.
The house owner was
some Narayana Shetty.
But he sold this and moved
to some other place.
That's all they know.
Isn't this the one?
- Our route is correct.
Pin code is also correct.
Let's catch hold of
some old postmen.
They might be able to give
us much more details.
Aunty, is this Postman
Appanna's house?
Yes. Come in.
This is the one.
- See Varada,
you're a professional dancer.
You cannot do these kind of things.
Ma'am, I was..
- No. I hate excuses!
Balakrishna Adiga was a doctor.
Geetha Lakshmi was
a nursing student.
When their son was 5 years old,
the doctor left this town.
According to what he said,
his father Balakrishna
Adiga was a doctor.
His mother Geetha Lakshmi
was a nursing student.
When Aravindan turned 5,
his father left this town.
And after 5-6 months,
Geetha Lakshmi and
son also left Udupi.
The outstanding rent and
money she had borrowed,
she sent it after a few days to
Narayana Shetty, the house owner,
as money order.
I'll tell you something!
Don't interfere in any of
his matters, hereafter.
If you can find the
money order details,
you can get the 'From Address'
from that.
He's saying that the 'From
Address' would be saved.
Will it still be there?
- It might be.
Sir, will it still be there?
Mad am,
unlike what you think, this is
not any random courier service.
Indian Postal Service!
Britishers started it, right?
Must be there!
Geetha Lakshmi, General Hospital,
Ananthanarayanapuram, Alappuzha.
How m uch, Chet-ta?
- 20 Rupees.
Chem. .
Nursing Superintendent Geetha Lakshmi?
- Over there. C Block.
Who are you?
I am Aravindan's friend.
There's no patient in that
name in this block, dear.
He's not a patient.
He is Dr. Balakrishna Adiga's,
and Geetha Lakshmi's son.
Do you know him?
No. I don't know.
So I must be mistaken then.
If there's someone here who abandoned
her 5-6 year old son at Mookambika..
Give this number to her.
1996 October 20
I fell in love with someone.
We lived together.
But I was betrayed.
I desperately needed to
find a solution for that.
Abandoning your own son
at the temple courtyard...
Was that the solution you found?
Very good!
I didn't leave him at
the temple courtyard.
Balakrishnan, who left saying
that he's going to his home-town,
never returned.
I went there to study"
How could I go back
home with a child?
I had 3 younger sisters.
I didn't have any other
option in front of me,
other than leaving him at
the Adiga Children's home.
Don't say that, Swamy.
I will come!
Rig ht now, I don't have
any other option, Swami.
I confessed everything at home
and fell at their feet crying.
My father threatened that I'll
have to see their dead bodies,
if I brought my son home.
I have a husband now.
I have children as well.
I'm leading a peaceful
family life now.
No need to be scared, Madam.
However much he wishes for it,
Aravindan won't come
searching for you.
You can continue to
live peacefully.
Do you have...
...his photo with you?
But you needn't see that.
" My dear..
My mother, as beautiful as a flower"
"Where did you go,
leaving me alone?"
Who's this?
I am Aravindan.
Who's speaking?
Hello Madam..
Tell me.
What happened?
I have a head-ache.
Then you rest for some time.
Are you a big fan of
Janaki Subramaniam?
Die-hard fan!
Without travelling to Kumbakonam,
you can't join Janaki
Subramaniam's dance academy.
Are you interested?
2017 September 29
Did you see Kousu Chechi?
- Only one basket is here.
Kousu darling..
Girija dear..
-You know where all I looked for you!
Today's Navratri, rig ht?
There's a huge rush in the temple.
Flowers are running out.
I came to get flowers.
- You came back?
Yes. Came back!
What did you tell me when I left?
- To come for the festival.
No! You forgot!
I'll show you something.
See what this is..
Did you recognize them?
Aww! !
My grandchildren!
I have taken a video too.
See the video.
My grandchildren
are all grown up!
If Prabhettan doesn't have
tea, he'll get a head-ache.
Malli, one cup of tea!
To shout 'Tea' in different
tunes and modulations,
this is not your own house!
Idiotic fellow!
Who is this?
- This is 'Bull' Prabhakaran.
Hows the item?
Has Prabhakaran
brought the bull?
Bull is on its way; will
reach in the evening.
No need for a separate room, right?
- No. They will adjust in the same room.
I have a husband now.
I have children as well.
I'm leading a peaceful
family life now.
Aravindan won't come in search of you.
You can continue to
live peacefully.
Good evening sir.
Welcome to Mookambika.
Shall we go?
No. I'll take it.
- Come, dear.
Mom could also have come
with us, right dear?
He studied till 12th grade in
a Government school nearby.
He completed all his studies here itself,
including post graduation.
Not just drawing..
He writes well..
He sings quite well too..
All the guests who come here,
become really fond of him!
he used to shout 'Mom' in his
sleep and wake up, shocked.
Even after living on the shore of
Souparnika for all these years,
he hasn't seen the
Goddess Mookambika Devi.
He hasn't stepped
inside the temple.
That's not because a
Communist raised him.
" My dear..
My mother, as beautiful as a flower"
"Where did you go,
leaving me alone?"
" For you to follow me as my shadow
" I kept waiting"
"Aren't you somewhere
far away in the sky?"
" Blinking your eyes, like a star?"
"Come! Come!"
"Those calls of yours"
"This breeze is spreading
them in my ears"
"Come! Come!"
"Those calls of yours"
"This breeze is spreading
them in my ears"
"You are my mother"
" O Janani (Mother),
hold me closer to you"
"You are my mother"
" I waited my entire life for you"
" My dear..
My mother, as beautiful as a flower"
Something that all of us
have been waiting to see..
It's going to happen now.
Com e.
O Devi!
Hey! Take care of the shop.
"0 Devi, the merciful"
" There's joy all around..
There's joy in everything..."
" There's joy all around..
There's joy in everything..."
"You were flowing within my soul,
as the river Souparnika until today"
"You flowed like the river Souparnika"
" Here I am, today"
"Before you,
for the first time"
"Before you,
for the first time"
"You are my mother"
" O Janani (Mother),
hold me closer to you"
"You are my mother"
" I waited my entire life for you"