Aravindha Sametha (2018) Movie Script

Aravindha Sametha
'Your steps may not falter,
but danger can take any form.'
'You may be travelling
to meet your loved ones.'
'But your destination
may change anytime.'
'Your family's tears will
neither bring your life back..'
'..nor lessen the
pain of your absence.'
'Our only wish is that
no one should experience..'
'..the heartache we went through.'
'Drive safely.'
'May your only
destination be your home.'
'We pray that your
destination doesn't change.'
'Our father may not be here in person,
but he's always with us.'
'Our heartfelt prayer
is that the souls of..'
' father late Shree
Nandamuri Harikrishna..'
'..and our brother late
Shree Nandamuri Janaki Ram..'
'..should rest in peace.'
One tea, please.
It's been three months
since I slept peacefully.
The moment I close my
eyes I hear someone screaming..
..and someone banging on the door..
You hear that?
I hear all those noises.
Do you believe in ghosts, sir?
I don't think anything can
be more dangerous than humans.
I'm Sudarshan, sir.
Mr. Sudarshan, people normally
chant Lord Anjaneya's prayers..
..when they want to
overcome fear of ghosts.
Yes, sir.
But if you want to overcome
the fear of ghosts in this building.. need to hear the
story of one Lord Anjaneya..
..who is five feet eight inches tall.
'Not more than ten thousand
people live in these two villages.'
'And yet, they've been fighting
for over the past thirty years.'
'Narappa Reddy ruled over Kommaddi.'
'And Basi Reddy lorded
over Nallagudi.'
'They divided the twenty five
families in that constituency..'
' two opposing factions.'
'A 5 rupee faction started
in Kommaddi 30 years ago..'
'..turned that area
into a wilderness.'
'A dispute arose when
some were playing cards..'
' a temple near the big banyan
tree in the outskirts of Kommaddi.'
'Basi Reddy lost the
game and owed a man 5 rupees.'
Nallagudi people are
headstrong and stubborn.
They never win and
always refuse to pay up.
Mind your language.
Is it hurting your ego?
Then why don't you pay up?
Hey! Get him! Don't let him get away!
Basi Reddy! Please!
'That's how the faction group
got its name '5-rupee faction.'
'And in revenge, Narappa Reddy killed
Basi Reddy's men with a stone weight.'
'An enraged Basi Reddy murdered..'
'..Narappa Reddy's
father Thimma Reddy.'
Stop that!
Everyone not from Nallagudi village,
get off the bus.
'Narappa Reddy slit Basi Reddy's
father Lakshma Reddy's throat.'
I'm like your father, Reddy.
Then go and talk to my father.
'People keep killing each
other every year or two..'
'..just like they buy
new clothes for a festival.'
'Later, Basi Reddy earned
a fortune through his business..'
'..and entered into politics.'
'He's been ruling as a
dictator for the past 20 years.'
Come forward guys. Come forward.
'Opposition party could
think of only Narappa Reddy..'
'.. to stand up against
him for the first time.'
'They even sent their
constituency in charge..'
' his house to convince him.'
They say that Narappa Reddy
has high chances of winning.
And someone even ventured into poetry.
Will Nallagudi stand up
to the strong winds of Kommaddi?
There, it is standing. Right?
'Narappa Reddy's son
Veera Raghava Reddy..'
'..was returning home from
London after twelve years..'
'..after completing his education.'
'But along with his parents..'
'..even Basi Reddy's son
Bala Reddy was waiting for him.'
My son! Come on out!
What's this, dad?
Did you want to check if
this train has brakes or not?
Why did your man get in and
pull the chain before the station?
I couldn't wait to see you, son.
Is that so?
Let's go.
What happened, uncle?
Is something wrong?
It's election time.
We need to be careful for two months.
Basi Reddy is a powerful man.
Basi Reddy's strength is in his money.
Our strength is our people.
So, don't praise him.
What happened?
Dad, get off the car!
Hey! Go and save sir.
Looks like an amateur.
Is he Narappa Reddy's son?
Where is Narappa Reddy's son?
Look! He is fighting back!
Where are our men and
where are our weapons?
Suri Reddy! Crow bar!
Sir! Basi Reddy is here!
Where are bullets?
Dad, nothing will happen to you! Hey!
Leave me! Dad!
Hey! What are we supposed
to do if you keep killing each other?
- Hey! I'll kill him!
- Calm down!
I'll talk to him! Calm down!
Hey! Hey!
Calm down!
I'll kill you!
Dad! How can you leave me alone?
Rami Reddy! Everyone, come out!
They killed sir!
It was all so horrible!
Come here!
My God! How could you do this?
You take away so many and
gave us so few tears to shed.
There is much to be done, sir.
Sir! Sir! Get up, sir.
Sir! Get up, sir!
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Leave this, sir! We have to
arrange for your father's funeral.
Leave this, sir!
At least you tell him, madam.
Your father taught you how to walk.
Now you have to walk him to the grave.
Veera! It's time you let it go, child!
Mr. Sudarshan Reddy
from Hyderabad is on line.
Veera sir is on line, sir.
Sorry, son. I couldn't make it.
We're quite shocked
about what happened.
Your father's absence will
leave a big void in the party.
And I think only you can fill that.
I'll come and meet you
as soon as I wrap up things here.
See you.
This is our chance, sir.
This is the only way
we can end Basi Reddy's son.
All villages should
be under our control.
He was feeling proud
about having guns.
We should show him
who has an upper hand.
Is our house in the village
or is the village in our house?
Will it quench your thirst
if you kill Basi Reddy's son..
..or do you also want to
kill his grandson in Bengaluru?
Get out!
She 19 years old when she eloped
with your father and got married.
He would always be around her,
every minute of the day.
Her name Suguna was
always on his lips.
Maybe he thought he won her
over when she got pregnant with you.
He left her in the kitchen,
went out to the courtyard..
..and started to win
over the village people.
She waited 25 years for him to return.
Now he will never return.
30 years ago,
your grandfather picked up a weapon..
..because it was necessary.
Your father did the same thing,
you could call it hereditary.
If you're picking up the same knife,
it shows it's your habit.
Will it turn into a weakness
for your next generation?
I am worried, Veera.
Our men were saying that the sickle..
..looked like it grew out of
your hand, not like you picked it up.
This is enough.
You've suffered enough.
Don't get into this quicksand, child.
Greetings, sir.
Who is this lady?
Nagamani, sir. Shivaiah's wife.
Looks like you're
almost due for delivery.
What made you come
so far in this heat?
Police filed a complaint
about the fighting..
..and arrested my husband.
I don't think he'll
be able to come home today.
I'll talk to the lawyer
and get him out on bail.
You can go home.
No, Veera sir. Don't bail him out.
Oh, no.
Rami Reddy, go get some water.
Sir, I heard our
people talking outside.
They're planning to kill Basi Reddy.
If you get my husband released now..
..he'll pick up a sickle
and go after Nallagudi people.
What if enemies kill him?
He won't even know what baby was born.
No, sir. Please don't bail him out.
I can at least show him
our child after it's born..
..if he stays in prison.
He has to fight for you
anyway once he comes out.
I won't be able to stop that.
I beg of you, sir.
Please don't get him released.
Please don't.
'Everyone looks at
victories and failures.'
But when everything is said and done.. one remembers
the tears that were shed.
People who win cry as
well as the people who lose.
Anyone can win if he is fortunate.
But, Veera,
the one who stops the wars is a hero.
A real hero.
Let's go from here.
They were all excited to
bring us here. All for nothing.
You never got married and
they turned me into a widow.
That's it. I had enough.
It's better for me to
tie a rock around her neck..
..and push her into a river
rather than sending her here.
At least she'll go to heaven.
What are you waiting for?
Are you thinking that someone
will put vermillion on you?
Who'll do that?
All we have in this house are widows.
Go and do it yourself
in the prayers house. Go.
Veera! Your dad left me alone.
Are you leaving me too?
Mom, if I stay here I
will either mourn his death..
..or feel enraged at his murder.
Let me find another way.
Let me go.
I killed for our family.
I can also quit for my family.
Let me go.
What are you doing with
a camera so early in the morning?
Why don't you get me married?
I'll play with my kids.
You should've told me earlier.
You wasted a hundred
thousand on that camera..
..for some documentary
or some such thing.
I wonder how that'll be.
That is practicing for that.
So just stop pestering me.
Is that how you speak
with your mother? Shame on you.
Mom, dad is asking for coffee.
How many are there?
I don't think they're
paying him enough.
He was very sure he
wanted only one coffee.
Hey, why don't you
learn how to make coffee?
Can you make?
You see people screaming
'we want sixer' in a stadium.
Does that mean they all know cricket?
People watching do know the game.
And you were born a year before me.
You're one-year senior to me.
What's the use?
You're useless.
Exactly. Tell her.
Showing her index finger
in a threatening way.
Radhika aunty called from America.
Go give this to your dad.
What? You want steamed pancakes?
You won't get any here. Eat this.
Tell me,
who is the murderer among you?
This isn't a wedding to record.
We're talking about
murders and burglaries.
My clients will be uneasy.
Stop the recording. Stop it.
My elder daughter, Aravinda.
Hello, madam.
So, what's the case?
- Attempt to murder, sir.
- Oh.
Fine, how did you stab him?
We didn't ask you to
show what weapon you used.
I mean who, who, who was the stabber?
Then we don't need him here.
Sir, he is our boss.
He committed murder on his orders.
Then we don't need him.
He told police about our boss.
Then we don't need you.
Sir, I take care of all our financing.
Why didn't you tell before?
Then we need only you.
The rest can go. You both can leave.
He will tell who
can stay and who can go.
Since you're the boss,
would you like to say anything?
Eat leaf.
Eat leaf?
- Dad!
- Yes, dear.
I have to go to college.
Where do you live?
Kukatpally, sir.
My daughter needs
to go to Jubilee Hills.
You can drop her
since it's on your way.
Bro, why did lawyer
say that it's on the way?
Yes. Kukatpally is this way.
Jubilee Hills is that way.
But your case is with me.
Madam, do you want
me to move the seat back?
- No, this is fine.
- Okay.
Madam, do you want
us to crank up the ac?
No, this is fine.
Do you want to eat a leaf?
Leaf. Leaf.
No, I'm not used to it.
Areca? Eat areca.
- Areca.
- Give.
- My seat is fine.
- Okay.
No, ac is fine too.
Areca nut please.
Thank you.
Thanks, madam. Selfie is awesome.
- Okay, ma'am. Show it to me.
- Bye.
Boys will never look at you if
you come to college with these guys.
- Yes.
- My dad!
Go and tell that to my dad.
- Ma'am!
- He's calling you.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
You remember Kommaddi Narappa Reddy?
His mother is old and weak.
His wife cannot speak in public.
His son is not interested in politics.
- But he has a sister..
- Mrs. Varalakshmi.
Yes, let her stand
up for elections this time.
We'll also get sympathy votes.
Sir, Mr. Raghava Reddy is calling.
It's true that we have six months.
But that doesn't mean you
can come up with new tactics.
I'll give you the solution.
Don't think you can fight me, Mr.
Sudarshan Reddy.
I still haven't washed the
sickle I cut up Basi Reddy with.
What's going on?
This car stopped thrice
while taking it to my garage.
This is a very good vehicle, bro.
And I guarantee that.
Excuse me? This car..
I'm buying it.
Oh, don't buy it.
There's a dent on the fuel tank.
Mirrors, lights, bonnet and
even top and seats have been replaced.
Just the company logo is original.
Is that true?
Buyer, seller and the mechanic
in agreement. What's your problem?
Who are you?
Who are you, sir?
Hello? I'm getting a call.
Hello. Yes, I'm coming.
- Hello? Yes, tell me.
- Such rogues!
They would've robbed
half a million from me..
..if you had arrived
five minutes later.
Sir, my garage is just close by.
Please come and have some tea.
- You don't have to.
- Just for my satisfaction, sir.
Come with me.
Kiddo, get some tea for sir.
Okay, boss.
My mechanic checked
the car last night.
Even he couldn't tell it was fake.
You told each detail
as if you actually saw it.
How's that possible?
That was our car. It broke
down during a fight 20 days ago.
I get it. You must have
sold it after the fight.
I was inside the car when it happened.
I thought as much.
I knew that car wasn't
from around here..
..when I saw the registration number.
Yes, it's from a far-away village.
You said that there's
a dent on fuel tank.
It must've been a bad
accident or something.
A rock hit it.
How could such a big
rock hit fly in the air?
It flew when a bomb exploded.
Bomb? Were you hurt?
But my father died.
Sorry, sir.
That's what the election
commission people told me..
..and postponed the
elections for six months.
So, what should you do now?
Pour water after the milk boils.
What should I do till then?
That's what I should
be doing too. Wait.
Silly me, I didn't even ask your name.
Tea, sir.
I'm Neelambari.
My parents gave me that name..
..since they lost
many babies before me.
Don't let the name confuse you, sir.
I'm perfectly normal.
Some quotations never get old,
you know.
For example, there are many
victories worse than a defeat.
Failure is not fatal.
Also, a simple can make
you forget a hundred problems.
What do you say?
He lost your case.
Court will pass judgement tomorrow.
You're going in for
at least three years.
Don't be silly.
Half of the days are holidays.
One for New year, two for Christmas.
And nine days for Dussehra.
Come on, sir.
Now they've reduced it to three.
And you get almost
a month during Summer.
That's for the court not
for criminals like these, sir.
Why are you being so negative?
Sorry, sir.
Look at him. He'll look decent
if he grows a beard and a mustache.
They might even release him
early on the basis of good conduct.
We can file a petition that both
his kidneys have completely failed..
..and get him out.
And about him..
He doesn't need to depend on anyone.
He can run down a wall
and get out by himself.
- No worries.
- Dad!
I'm going out to a party.
Where is it?
Banjara Hills.
Banjara Hills is..
On the way.
Should we drop her?
No need. She'll take her car.
You can go, dear.
"Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!"
Hey! Get her!
She's getting away!
Oh, God!
How did she manage
to get away so quickly?
They're six of them.
Why do you need to
fight for everything?
Anyone can fight
and win if he's lucky.
But they guy who can stop a
fight from happening is a real hero.
What's wrong in backing off, dude?
Bheem and Arjun can kill
a hundred people with bare hands.
But all five of them
have only one wife, Draupadi.
Think about Lord Krishna.
Do you ever see him holding a sword?
But eight women love him.
Do you understand
who women like the most?
Sorry. Sorry, very sorry.
I'm saying sorry in
behalf of my father. Please.
Leaf. Let's leave
the matter here. Okay?
Areca nut, please?
He's not giving anything.
Your father used us badly
in the last three months.
He treated us worse
than drivers and cleaners.
He not only lost our case..
..but tried to fool us by saying
that we'll get holidays in prison.
Never mind that he lost the case.
But do we look like fools?
Forget about what he did.
You! Just come with us. We'll
finish the job and send you back.
We've got to attend
court tomorrow morning.
We don't have much time. So, please.
Even I have to catch a train tonight.
So, I have less time than you.
I'm fine as long as I don't know.
But I get very upset if
I don't understand what I know.
I'll tear the seats if
they show me only half the movie.
I will tell you what I understood.
You can complete
the rest of the story.
A single..
..on one full moon night..
..came to hide in a car garage.
Six goons like you
came in looking for her.
What are you doing, bro?
You are six. I'm trying
to bend this into the number 6.
There are 6 wrenches here.
Can't you use these six?
I'm not sure these will
last till the end of the story.
The story is not as long as you think.
I'll tell you.
Six big men came into the garage.
Because they found an earring.
What will they do with that earring?
Man, he's tough!
This is the girl, right?
They came to return it to this girl.
Is that all?
Yes, it is. Eat a leaf. Leaf.
Eat areca nut. Nut.
I don't think he has
any bad habits, boss.
Maybe we'll eat it ourselves
and leave. Come, boss.
They have a word in English.
It's just at the tip of my tongue.
Thanks, right?
But I'm not thanking you.
In fact, you should
be thanking me instead.
You would've got into a
big fight if I hadn't stopped you.
Your name?
Will that do? Or do you need
my address and phone number too?
I just asked casually.
I don't tell my name to strangers.
Can you please step aside?
I need some space.
A little.
This whole space is for you.
You came to Hyderabad in the morning..
..and going away to
Mumbai in the evening.
Why can't you stay here for a day?
The only hideouts our people
know are Hyderabad and Bengaluru.
And that's why I cannot stay here.
Hey, stop there! Stop the bike!
I don't want to hear anything,
take it aside.
What happened, sir?
Reckless drive checking, sir.
Do we look like people
who drink and drive?
They why don't you
give the breath test, sir?
Was that an attempt to scare us?
It didn't work.
- Mr. Neelambari!
- Yes?
Just do it.
That's not a trumpet
or a saxophone to blow away.
Just take a look.
I'd rather kill myself
than put my mouth to it.
That's a rule.
But you don't understand.
Do you even remember who you are?
- Veera Raghava Reddy.
- So?
You just need half
a sickle to kill someone.
And you just need one
man to handle such situations.
- There's a long queue behind
you, sir. Blow into it. - I'll do it.
- Mr. Neelambari!
- Just wait, sir.
Okay, if I breathe into
it and it shows negative..
..will you apologize to me?
Will you buy us a flight
ticket if we miss our train?
We have an appointment with Mr.
Amitabh Bachchan tomorrow.
Will you arrange another
one if we miss it?
- Mr. Neelambari!
- No, sir.
Let me speak, don't try to stop me.
Answer me.
Is it enough if I just blow into it?
Or do you want to check
my luggage, ticket..
..Aadhaar card and passport too?
Constable, that's okay.
Just send them away.
We don't need any special favors, sir.
Who knows?
We maybe carrying alcohol in our bags.
What if we get into the
train and start drinking?
Why don't you check our luggage?
That's much better.
- No, please.
- Go ahead, check it.
Sir, I think he's
some sort of criminal.
I don't understand.
That mechanic ran away
when you gave him angry looks.
I got inspiration from
you and yelled at the police.
But they're arresting me.
You cannot find logic in everything,
Mr. Neelambari.
That's why our ancestors
found the concept of Karma.
They had loads of time
to think and find such concepts.
Don't leave my fate to Karma.
Do arrange for a bail
before they take me to jail.
Who is this Neelambari?
Is he your relative?
No, sir.
A friend?
We met yesterday morning.
And he was arrested last night.
They found a pistol in his bag.
Great. Then why are
you worried about him?
Because that was my bag.
Then why didn't you tell the police?
Because there was a pistol in it.
Then why bother about him?
Forget him and go your way.
I don't believe in
betraying my friends.
I need to get him out.
I came to you because I heard
that you're a famous criminal lawyer.
Then you should've confessed
and got arrested yourself.
It's very important that
I stay out of jail, sir.
And so is his coming out.
This is a little complicated case.
- Note down details carefully.
- Okay, sir.
What happened, child?
- Why are you getting hiccups?
- One minute..
Do you want water?
Take coffee. Drink some coffee.
What happened, dear?
Is it dehydration?
What is it, child?
I'll be back in a minute.
Madam has stirrups.
No, not that.
What do they call them? One minute.
- Hiccups.
- Correct, sir. Hiccups.
That's true, hiccups.
- Balu!
- Yes, sir. I'll be back in a minute.
- Yeah.
- Sir.
We can even charge him
a hundred thousand for the case.
He needs the bail that bad.
Tell him that we'll get his
friend out, and without any fee.
- But there is a clause.
- Of course.
He has to stay here and take
care of my children and wife..
Work as a security guard, right?
Why? Why give him such names?
Ask him to stay here
as a part of the family.
- Saradhi!
- Okay, I won't yell.
Learn to speak with tact, Balu.
How will you make law your
career if you act like this?
What do lawyers normally
charge for taking up a case?
- Fees.
- But my sir asks for unusual favors.
That's what he did
with the 'Leaf' batch too.
He would send them to
drop his daughter to college.. bring vegetables for his wife
and to take his son to exhibition..
There was nothing he
wouldn't ask them to do.
And even after all that,
he lost their case.
Now they're out of revenge.
They approached another lawyer,
applied for a bail.
They appealed to high court.
Now they're going around with
their family photo in their pockets.
They can't even step out
of the house if don't help them.
I heard that you were
bending wrenches yesterday.
Madam was narrating great
stories about you to her family.
Be strict if you have any conditions,
don't let him negotiate.
I want to know her name.
Is that all?
She didn't tell me yesterday.
I'll even give you her
PAN card number if you want.
Her name is Aravinda.
She's doing MA in Anthropology.
What do you call groups
of people fighting each other?
No, people with white shirts,
who go around with long swords..
..and sickles and whatever weapons..
- Faction.
- Yes!
She's doing thesis
on how these spring up..
..and what is the
solution to that problem.
So, what do you say?
'One minute,
I'm still talking to him.'
What do you say?
- I'm okay with it.
- Okay?
- Then you'll get coffee.
- Coffee!
There you go.
"Down in a green and shady bed.
A modest violet grew."
"It hung its head.
As if to hide from view."
"Down in a green and shady bed.."
- Coffee for you.
- Oh, thank you.
I'll manage to drink
it if you can cooperate.
- You are?
- Sunanda.
- 2.0, updated version.
- I see.
- She's holding it at the top.
- Hands off.
They remove their hands
and the problem is solved.
Just maintain a little
space when it comes to boys.
Sure. Come with me.
She's always interfering.
Did Balu give you any trouble?
- Did you feel obligated somehow?
- No such thing.
Then why did you agree to stay?
Because no one dreams
of being a driver..
..or make a success
out of a security guard job.
- Because you refused to tell
me your name yesterday. - So?
I agreed because I
thought you'd tell me..
.. if I do something like this,
Miss Aravinda.
'Take care man, take care.'
Can you please move away?
I need a little space.
A little space.
They make awesome
sandwiches over there.
They give more sauce
and charge you less.
And you put on airs.
Hey, Aravinda! I'm talking to you.
People do get wild when you
don't even let them walk beside you..
..and treat them like
watchmen at the gate.
I've been after you
for a year and a half now.
All you say is you need space
whenever I try to talk to you.
I'll commit suicide and write
your name in my suicide note..
..if you don't give
me an answer by tomorrow.
Why are you angry?
Yes, why?
I am laughing, you are angry.
No, you're upset. I can see that.
Miss Aravinda,
I'm as cool as a cucumber.
But you're spitting fire.
I'm perfectly happy.
It's you who is angry.
What are you upset about?
What's wrong with you?
I'm not angry. You're yelling at me.
I'm good.
That's what I'm talking about.
What's the reason?
How did you know I was
upset even when I was smiling?
We're not what we look on the outside.
Enjoyed the sandwich, right?
You may look tough but
you do listen to others.
Not bad.
You can keep this copy.
Mr. Raghava! Thank you so much!
Don't take it easy
just because he is out now.
Make sure the 'Leaf'
batch is behind bars.
I heard that Basi Reddy's
son is absconding from Nallagudi.
And Raghava sir is still missing.
Bala Reddy is out in
the open looking for him.
Did he come home when you people..
..went to that village
and slayed their men?
Don't pay attention to her words.
I think we should
go to Hyderabad once..
..and meet Mr. Sudarshan Reddy.
That's the only way
to know where sir is.
I'm out now. I can take care
of the court case. You can leave, sir.
Someone hacked an ax into my
back when my father died, Neelambari.
That pain wouldn't go away,
no matter how many I killed..
..and no matter how much I cried.
It didn't go away even
when I left my village.
But, after many days I smiled
for the first time when I met her.
And I could feel the pain going away.
You know what's strange?
She's studying about
the same problem I'm facing.
Maybe that's why I find a solution
in whatever she says casually.
Words take on a whole new meaning..
..when the time and person
saying it are right, Neelambari.
The time has arrived for me to listen.
And Aravinda is the
right person to tell me.
Okay, guys. This house
neither belongs to you or you.
Court has seized the property.
Look! Look at this!
You are responsible for all this!
70th hearing? Great,
that's your lucky number anyway.
Balu! What's the commotion there?
I'd better sit down,
it's a long story.
You always stir up trouble.
See what you've done now!
The man in a jacket is Amanullah.
And the one in Sherwani is Subanallah.
They're brothers.
They own one bungalow in Puranapool.
They had a dispute
when dividing the property.
They couldn't decide on
who should take one square yard.
And they've been fighting ever since.
- Fighting for a square yard?
- Yes.
Let's go and solve the issue.
There's no need for a court case.
Don't be absurd.
My boss bought this
land of 1000 square yards.. fighting that one case.
This was the first and
last civil case he ever took up.
It never got solved and never will.
Then why are they here?
The court passed a
notice that the bungalow..
..belongs to no one
till the case is resolved.
They're here to take that notice.
How sad. Where will they
stay if their house has been seized?
Don't worry about that.
They've rented two tiny
shacks opposite their bungalow..
..before they could come here.
- On rent?
- Yes.
This is such a sad situation.
What have they got now apart
from that old car and dented scooter?
You people looted them.
Not everything is about money.
That case has sentimental
value to my boss.
He will keep fighting
it till the day he retires.
And they will keep
fighting among themselves.
Amanullah! Vacate that house.
Or police will arrest you.
- You can go now!
- Okay.
Shame on you! Will you never change?
Talk to the concerned department
and get the documents ready.
Okay, sir.
Miss Aravinda,
don't look at us separately.
You might get the wrong idea.
Look at the whole picture,
you'll get the right understanding.
I'm going out. Are you coming with me?
Or do you have any other pending jobs?
She's been like this
since childhood, Raghava.
She takes away any guy
who shows interest in me.
Go. Or she'll start lecturing me. Go!
- 'Are you done?'
- Go! Go!
Let's take a right.
Shouldn't we be going left?
No, traffic is more in this route.
- Okay.
- Let's take a right.
That's Raghava sir!
Yes. Sir! Sir!
Sir! Sir! Stop, sir!
Avi, I need to take
care of a small errand.
Can you take the car?
I'll be back soon.
Don't make sudden changes
in our schedule, Raghava.
I don't like all this.
Just this once, Avi. Please.
- Fine, you can go.
- Okay, thanks.
- Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, sir.
Greetings, sir.
Sir, order please.
They won't understand that
and I don't have the energy.
So, just get something.
Okay, sir.
The villagers are saying that
you disappeared because you're scared.
Let them say.
If a dog barks at a mountain,..
.. it doesn't mean
that mountain is weak.
What's wrong with backing off?
Basi Reddy's son
Bala Reddy is boasting..
..that he'll kill you
the moment he sees you.
Reddy, we're not what
we look on the outside.
Hey, can't you see, you dog!
Sorry, sir.
Bala Reddy is not angry, he is scared.
He's threatening to kill me just
to show his villagers that he's brave.
You need another person
either to love or to hate.
That's why I moved out of there.
How long will they try to
fight when there's no opponent?
Grandma said that killing
has become my habit.
At least she didn't call it a vice.
Maybe because I'm her grandson.
I want to change that habit.
I left my home and
my widowed mother alone..
..thinking that you'll learn
to live with your wives and children.
I expect you to understand
that not get upset.
Eat, please eat.
Please forgive us.
- Yes, sir.
- Come.
Sorry, brother.
Every human is like a bomb, Oosanna.
Don't blow them unnecessarily.
Stand up.
I don't think you liked the food here.
Eat something on the way.
How is mom?
I'm sure grandma is fine.
She's a tough nut.
Yes, sir.
Don't speed at 120-30 kms
per hour when you see wide roads.
Go at a speed of 50-60 kms per hour.
Okay, sir.
We can live with confidence..
..if we have such
a strong man beside us.
Every man no matter how strong
makes mistakes, Mr. Sudarshan.
Even Raghava Reddy made a mistake.
Mom, I need a good story
for my school magazine. Tell me one.
- I don't know any stories.
- Please.
Your father tells many stories
to the judge in the court every day.
When I ask how much commission
he took from the client..
..balu immediately tells me a story.
He'll tell you a story.
As soon as your dad asks
why the college is open on Sunday..
..your sister starts the story
with the excuse of private classes..
..and ends with how important
it is for her to attend those.
People like me can never
think of such amazing stories.
Go and ask your Sunanda sister.
She'll kill it.
When I ask to borrow
her dress for a party..
..Avi says that she forgot where
she kept it with an innocent face.
Those are great stories.
Go and ask her.
People with lots of free
time can tell great stories.
Who is free enough
to bite their finger nails?
My brother needs a story
for his school magazine.
Will you tell him one?
- Me?
- Please.
One cute family.
A father, mother and two daughters.
Elder daughter falls
in love with a guy.
But there was great chemistry
between that guy and her sister.
But that younger sister
got physical with some other guy.
Can you tell some story
which doesn't involve..
..chemistry or physics?
When you relate a story, it
should sound like it's your own story.
Own story.
Write down this story.
Title is 'Blunt Sword.'
- Blunt Sword.
- Once upon a time..
..there was a kingdom called Kosala.
A king named Nagarjuna
used to rule that kingdom.
There was another neighboring kingdom.
And that kingdom was called Panchala.
- Okay.
- That kingdom was ruled by..
Basi Reddy.
A king named Basaveswara.
These two kingdoms have
been at war for the last 30 years.
One day, King Nagarjuna
was returning home..
..along with his son who
finished his schooling under Gurus.
There was a river
between two kingdoms.
While crossing the
bridge on Tapati river..
Panchala kingdom soldiers
attacked on them.
Raghava's father Nagarjuna
died in that attack.
But Raghava broke the
enemy's sword into half..
..crossed the Tapati
river with that blunt sword..
..and stabbed that
into the throat of..
..King Basaveswara who
was hiding in the bushes.
Blood, dead bodies, wailing.
These are all that
you see after a war.
Raghava didn't want his future
generations to face the same fate.
He spoke to the party lea..
..I mean he spoke
to the royal minister..
..and left the kingdom and the sword.
No, no, no, no.
Shouldn't he try talking to
the minister of the other kingdom..
..if he really wants to stop the war?
We don't need to convince
the ones who love us.
And there's no need to
like the ones who oppose us.
So, the hero in this story
should learn to love his own people..
..and to convince the opposing people.
Are you taking honey?
Police are checking every
vehicle at the checkpost.
They won't catch me.
I know how to how to fool
them and take this safely.
Hey! Stop the bus! Come to the side.
Where are you coming from?
Bukkaraya sea.
What do you have?
Corn, sir.
You can go.
Sir, this..
Bala Reddy!
Sir! Sir!
Bala Reddy!
What happened?
What happened, dad?
Bring in Yangamani and
Sidappa from Basivamu..
..Sobu and Lalappa from Guvvalacheru..
..Seenaiah and Venkaiah
from Porumallu..
..and Hussain and Basha from Pandavur.
Why do we need all these men now, dad?
I want to cut the throat
of Narappa Reddy's son.
Where is he, dad?
I want him.
He knows our story.
He knows where Narappa Reddy's son is.
Why do we need so many
just to get a child, dad?
He will come into light
as soon as we get him, Bala Reddy.
Aren't not enough?
We were fifty that day.
Were we enough?
He slashed every
man and made them bleed.
When I saw him that day.. looked like death was walking
around without a shirt, Bala Reddy.
That's why we need people
who he never saw at Thadikaleru.
We should send one
man to recognize him..
..and the others to end him.
I thought Anthropology would be easy.
It's worse than Biology,
not to mention Psychology.
Worse than having a husband.
You won't have that problem,
you'll turn him into a slave.
Remind me in the evening again,
I'll laugh then.
Raghava, my specialization
is ethnocentric struggles.
You didn't get it, right?
Then ask.
Don't give me such cute looks.
Did you ever hear about factionism?
They wipe out whole
villages at a time.
I need to visit a village
where factionism is prevalent..
..and interview the villagers.
And also shoot a documentary.
And I need to submit
it within a month.
I've got a solution.
Didn't get it, right?
Then ask.
Don't give me such cute looks.
A tomato in Italian language.
This is a time management technique.
I'm setting it at 25 minutes.
It'll ring on time.
Avoid looking around
in these 25 minutes..
..and make a schedule
with complete focus.
Plan what to study, when to study..
..and where you want to
go to shoot this documentary.
It isn't enough to plan,
write it down.
Pomodoro worked.
What did you study?
Not Anthropology for sure.
Your father must have been very strong
mentally to deal with you every day.
You know what?
My dad was very timid person.
He would apply henna to my
mum's hands when he was in a good mood.
And when he went out the next day,
people would ask him..
'Reddy, how come
your hands are all red?'
He'd lie to them and say,
'I ate rice with red chilli powder..'
'..and didn't wash my hands properly.'
Reddy, where exactly are you from?
Not from around here.
You're smart, a tough nut.
I'll see you after college tomorrow.
Same place.
But like this.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.'
Why did you stop here, sir?
College is that way. You'll
reach a school if you go this way.
You can go there after
you get married and have kids.
Everything starts with love, Mr.
And love starts with flowers.
Didn't you say there
was a school that way?
- Where is 6 'C'?
- Last block.
You're such a wuss. Stand up!
I found the prey, Oba!
Come on! Come on!
Don't think I can't aim.
I missed it on purpose.
I may still spare you
if you come out in the open.
But I'll definitely kill
you if I have to hunt you down, Oba.
Come out!
Come on out!
Sir! Sir!
Sir! He'll die, sir. He'll die!
Sir, he stopped breathing. He..
I'm living away from home
because I don't care for revenge.
And you had to come all
the way here to remind me of that?
Why would you involve a
child in all this meaningless war?
Oba! Was it Basi Reddy's son?
No, Basi Reddy himself.
5 minutes.
Why didn't you show up?
Give me a valid explanation.
I won't say traffic was heavy
or that my friend met with an accident.
I don't like lying.
And you won't understand
if I told you the truth, Avi.
You know what?
Girls are very careful when
it comes to choosing a guy, Raghava.
They reject ten guys before
they end up with the one guy.
They embrace the one guy,
close their eyes..
.. and shut down the whole world.
But men are not like that.
They just stop at
the first girl they see.
They say that they'll
die if we don't love them.
They cut themselves
and fall at our feet.
They torture them day and
night till the girl says yes.
And the moment she says yes,
he embraces her..
..and starts looking at the
rest of the world over her shoulder.
Yesterday you could
sense I started liking you.
And that's why I no longer
hold any charm for you.
20 missed calls, 40 minutes late.
That's all.
It's not about being late.
You forgot about me
for those forty minutes.
Something more important
than me was holding you back.
I'm not your first priority.
I don't like it.
Avi, just hear what I have to say.
One right incident
is enough to like someone.
Like yesterday.
And so is true about breaking up too.
Like today.
May all the evil eyes,
no evil eyes in the village..
..and no evil eyes in
our house have no hold on you.
Enough, move aside.
Bala Reddy, what did you
do about Veera Raghava Reddy?
I sent men, dad.
How did you send them?
I sent them in our cars.
Which car?
Double 2 double 2.
- What?
- Four 2's.
Four 2's.
Who all did you send?
The ones you told me to.
Veera, Basha and others.
I don't like this patch on my neck,
it's irritating.
Call Veera's home.
Okay, dad.
Hello? Wait. Dad..
Is your husband at home?
No, sir. Bala Reddy sir sent
him to Hyderabad on some work.
What happened, sir?
Don't worry, he will be safe.
Bala Reddy,
maybe we should call Hussain once.
His phone is switched off, dad.
Do you know how it feels
to swallow midsummer's heart?
Do you know how it feels
if a tiger roars in your face?
Do you know how it feels
if a sandstorm rings in your ears?
That is how it felt when
he stabbed me in the throat.
How can you casually tell
me that his phone is switched off..
..when we're talking about
the guy who tried to kill me?
How can you be such a coward?
How could I have such
a weakling as my son?
His phone being switched
off can mean only one thing.
He's winning there!
I'll go there myself.
- Dad!
- Hey!
I'll at least get his blood
on my sickle if I can't kill him.
Don't go, dad. Stop! Stop! Stop!
Dad, I won't let you go!
Someone has to die today!
- No, dad! No, you can't go! I'll go!
- Leave me! Leave me!
- Leave me!
- I'll go! I'll go! I'll go!
I'll go!
I'll go!
I'll search till I find him!
Behead him right there!
No, sir. Basi Reddy knows you're here.
It isn't safe for you to
be here anymore. You should go.
These people cannot fight
Basi Reddy if I go away.
Today they went to his school,
tomorrow they'll come home.
You're thinking about this family..
..and I'm worried about
people in that house.
No need to worry, Neelambari.
They'll try to escape
from there at the most.
I can kill them all.
But here we have women and children.
No amount of killing
is going to compensate..
..if anything were
to happen to this family.
I stayed here all these
days because I liked it here.
But now this has turned
into an obligation.
Raghava! Congratulations!
'Leaf' gang has been condemned.
Just got news about the court judgement.
Their new lawyer was no good after all.
They were supposed
to go in for three years..
..but now they're
going in for five years.
So, when are you leaving?
I agreed to stay here
because I wanted to..
..not because you asked.
I won't leave when you ask me to.
I'll leave when I want to.
Do you understand?
Great! I love it when people
are very clear about what they want.
You have all rights
to stay where you like it.
Okay. Come home for coffee tomorrow.
Let's invite Raghava
for lunch day after tomorrow.
It's his birthday.
I'm responsible for his birth.
So, why does that
guy get to eat Biryani?
Shall I cook Mutton Biryani?
He loves that.
Hey, that's a good choice.
Go ahead and feed him Mutton,
beef and pork.
Then don't start crying
when he takes advantage of you.
Why are you pulling out grandpa's
earpiece again and again?
Because everyone else loves
Raghava except for the two of us.
We don't need Raghava.
No, we don't. Let's stick to that.
I can go to college by myself.
By yourself? Great, you should.
I'll take care of anyone who objects.
He's very proud, dad.
True, abnormally proud.
Where's your sister?
She's gone to drop him.
Drop him?
Great. He drops you
to college every day.
Then she drops him at the garage.
And this old man supports her.
I'm her father. No one informs me.
There's no respect
for headship in this house.
How long have you been listening, dad?
Narappa Reddy's son?
- Send him in.
- Okay, sir.
He's asked you to come in.
Hey, look at that, Prateek. Wow!
- No, no, no.
- Isn't that beautiful?
Not this one. Look at the next one.
But I think the other
one is more beautiful.
And when I wear that with the..
Prateek! Prateek!
Tell me, how can I help you?
Arrange a meeting with Bala Reddy.
I need a solution for all this fighting.
We need peace in our villages.
Excuse me! Have you seen a small boy?
- He's in school uniform.
- No, ma'am.
People drink tea in
saucers in our villages.
But they serve tea in glasses.
We drink tea in cups.
And yet they give saucers.
That's also true about
peace in your village.
Those who need it don't get it.
And those who get it,
don't make use of it.
Call Raghava.
Come on, pick up.
I've been a political in charge
for your villages for the past 30 years.
Imagine how many times I
must have tired to bring in peace.
You people shake hands in front of me..
..and yet go out and blow bombs.
Mr. Raghava Reddy,
violence is in your DNA.
We can't change that.
That's okay,
you can take the call. Please.
Sorry, sir.
Hello? Why weren't you taking my calls?
I was in a small meeting. Tell me.
We came to the mall to get
a new school uniform for my brother.
But he went missing.
Sister! Sister!
Hey! Get her too!
Hey! Shut your mouth! Drive!
Sit silent or I'll kill you!
Maranna, drive on.
Maranna, drive fast.
We need to get out of this town.
I understood what happened.
Just stay silent and
listen to what I'm saying.
Is the guy sitting
next to you missing a hand?
Say 'uh' if that is right.
Basi Reddy!
Go and kill each other.
That's what you're used to.
We'll rule over whoever is left.
That's our duty anyway.
Please ask for another tea for me, sir.
Avi, just listen to me carefully.
I'm in one part of the
city and you're in another.
So, I won't promise that
I'll chase that care and save you.
That would be a lie.
You're in danger right now.
That's a fact.
They may threaten you,
beat you and even kill you.
And if that happens..
..I'll cry for you all my life,
I'll live only to cry for you.
Put me on speaker.
Hey, she was talking on the phone.
Take these out!
I don't know who you are.
But I'll find out. That isn't difficult.
The girl you kidnapped is close to me.
You may be able to harm her today.
But tomorrow will be mine.
You can only think of harming her.
But you cannot even begin to imagine
how miserable I can make you.
Every time a leaf
quivers in your village..
..every time a cow moos..
..and every time a bird flies away.. would be because of
the Veera Raghava Reddy's sword.
I will torture every one
of you till you fall at my feet..
..and beg me to end your life.
Death will haunt you from now on.
It will shadow you.
And you will yearn for death.
Would it sound just like
this if death were to have a voice?
Bala Reddy! Did you recognize my voice?
Go ahead and kill
that boy if you want to.
I'll chase you and behead
you before you reach your village.
No, Bengaluru is much closer to me.
I'll go there first.
I'll kill your son
who is studying there.
You'll hear about his death
before you reach your village.
But I won't even give you time to mourn,
Bala Reddy.
I'll overshadow Nallagudi
village like a big black cloud.
But if you don't care
for all the fighting..
..leave the kid right there and leave.
I'll show you what peace is.
I'll show you how beautiful it can be.
Avi, stay right there. I'm coming.
Even enemies respond to reasoning, sir.
And you saw that right now.
Violence is not in our DNA, sir.
We choose that because
we can't find another way.
What will you call a guy
who digs up to ninety-nine feet..
..when he knows that he'll
find water hundred feet below?
I'll leave it to your discernment, sir.
My one-foot is equal to a hundred, sir.
Dig and you'll see.
- 'I'm fine, mom.'
- Then how come you're so late?
- Where is your sister?
- Don't worry, she's coming.
- Don't lie to me.
- Stop scolding him.
Avi! What happened, dear?
Are you alright?
- Avi.
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
- Look at me, Avi.
- I'm fine, mom!
- What do you mean you're fine?
- What's wrong with her?
- I don't know, dad.
- This is outrageous! You!
- Stop! Stop hitting him.
- Mom!
Why are you hitting him?
What did he do wrong?
Because I cannot hit you.
- Stop it!
- Mom, don't hit him.
I was stupid enough
to practice from home..
..since I didn't want to
spend 20 or 30 grand outside.
- That's my mistake.
- Yes.
We asked you to stay here
so that you can protect us.
But now we're in danger because of you.
Go inside, son.
I begged you to stay at my home.
Just tell me what I
should do to make you leave.
- I'm talking to you.
- I will go, sir.
Something precious to me is in there.
I'm going in only to see it.
I'll come back later to take it.
Avi, I thought I would
find solutions to my problems..
..when I saw you for the first time.
But, somewhere along the line..
..I started believing that
you yourself were my solution.
I was wrong.
You said that a man
embraces the girl he loves..
..and then starts looking
at the world over her shoulder.
You were wrong too, Avi.
Every man sets out
to conquer the world.. me.
But somewhere along the
way he finds a woman like you.
He's so scared of losing
her that he decides win her first..
..and win the world later.
But women wonder why he's
thinking about the world..
..when he's already got her.
But I'm not going to do that, Avi.
I'll come to you
only after I win my war.
On that day,
just a moment before you hug me..
..I'll close my eyes.
You'll only see the
man you want me to be.
Men think that money,
jewelry or a comfortable lifestyle..
.. are all that are
needed to make women happy.
But we don't need any of that, Raghava.
All we need is time.
Even my dad never spent
any time with my mom.
For 25 years..
..she spent many sleepless nights..
..sitting at the doorstep
with my head in her lap.
She would always sing a song for me.
I thought it was a lullaby.
Now I know that she was
singing her heart out for my dad.
How could you do that, Narappa Reddy?
Do you know how
much you hurt your wife?
You wouldn't have
been able to stay away..
Krishna Reddy here.
I've convinced Bala
Reddy with great difficulty.
Even your party leader Mr.
Sudarshan Reddy will be here.
So, the meeting is on.
Thank you, sir.
I dug up just the one
foot ground you told me about.
I'm curious to see if I'll
find two zeros beside the one..
..or if I'll be left
with just the zeroes.
Best of luck.
What war was he talking about?
What could be worth more
than winning over Aravinda?
Did you think we'll let him get away..
..if he just fights with her
instead of telling her his problems?
You came here to threaten
me just because I'm a nobody.
Since he is Raghava,
I had to be more respectful.
But I did confront him.
You can control ten villages
with just a single gesture.
But that girl is
pointing fingers at you.
Why are you even tolerating such people?
Every day we would take
the left road to reach college.
But that day she asked
me to take a right.
That is when I saw my villagers.
I dread to imagine what they
would have done if I had not met them.
That's why.
I found out that Basi Reddy is alive..
..because I related
my story to her brother.
That's why.
She's the one who told
me that I need to convince..
.. the opposing people
in order to establish peace.
That's the reason I met and
spoke to opposition party leader.
That's why.
Also, the house in which we're
holding Basi Reddy's men captive..
..belongs to one
of her father's clients.
Do you need more reasons?
I've always benefited from them,
But I've put them in danger.
I was the reason she was kidnapped.
They say that a man feels
high when he saves a woman.
But it's disgusting when
you throw her into danger..
..and then save her.
And even your life will be
at risk if I stay here, Neelambari.
I just don't understand men.
They discuss their problems
with everyone else..
..apart from the ones close to him.
Is it because we are dumb or ignorant?
Who has more knowledge
when it comes to factionism?
Is it you or me?
- Definitely you.
- Aren't I?
Okay, what is Raghava's native place?
This is not some fun trip
to pack your bags and leave.
Shooting a documentary is tough.
We need cameras,
mics, tents to sleep, biscuits to eat..
..and many other arrangements.
Where is everything?
Oh, at least that.
What's the pin number?
You should know.
That's yours.
Excuse me! Which way is Kommaddi?
Go straight.
Okay, thank you.
He seems to have more free time than us.
- So what?
- Why don't we start with him?
'Basi Reddy chopped off a man's head..'
'..because he had an
argument about paying up..'
'..five rupees that
he lost in a card game.'
'He brought it and threw it
in front of Kommaddi police station.'
Name is Siddhi Reddy,
native of Kommaddi.
He's good at playing cards.
You still find the cards on
the dead body, you can go and check.
That's how it all started.
Now I know why it's
called a 5-rupee faction.
Then what did Raghava Reddy do?
That's later. Let me first
tell you what his father did.
Basi Reddy killed one but
you killed two of our people.
Then what's the use of these talks,
Thimma Reddy?
Father, look at his face.
You don't see the slightest remorse
in his face even though so many died.
What? Why are you shouting?
Narappa Reddy!
Stop pointing fingers at my son.
Black clouds are looming over Nallagudi,
Lakshma Reddy.
Bad days are ahead of you.
Get lost! I don't care.
'Basi Reddy out of spite,
stabbed Thimma Reddy..'
'..right in the middle
of a market place.'
Did they not file a case on them?
Case? We don't do cases here.
Looks like madam doesn't
know how things work here.
Basi Reddy killed his father.
In return..
Narappa Reddy killed
Basi Reddy's father.
That's it. A life for a life.
Stop crying.
We have to take him to the
grave before the blood dries up.
Where is he?
Where is Yenugumalla Subbadu?
I need him, call him here.
I want Kommaddi to go up in flames..
..before my father's body is cremated.
We thought that things
cooled down over the years.
But recently when Narappa
Reddy stood up in elections..
..they shot him ruthlessly.
Raghava Reddy didn't
let them get away with it.
He was Thimma Reddy's
grandson after all.
He's got his grandfather's
blood running through him.
He filled the whole
place with dead bodies.
Every villager had tears in their eyes..
..when he brought his father's
and uncle's dead bodies home in a car.
- And then?
- We don't know.
We haven't seen him in six months.
Hey, excuse me!
Excuse me!
Stop! Please! Please stop.
Why did you walk away when
he spoke about Raghava Reddy?
I think sir left the village
after what I said to him that day.
Is there no way to stop this fighting?
No one listen to reason here.
They even murdered
Narappa Reddy's grandson..
..near a hotel in Anantapuram
because he tried to hold peace talks.
His name too was Raghava Reddy.
He tried to urge them
to live peacefully 7 years ago.
They killed him in a truck accident.
Let's go.
What happened?
I'll explain later. We need to go now.
Can't you see I'm talking to her?
What will you ask her?
Raghava Reddy is set to
meet Basi Reddy's son today.
- Come. Meet Mr. Sudarshan Reddy.
- Hello.
Come inside.
There's no network.
Come, Raghava Reddy.
Hey! Hey, you! Go out!
What's going on, Raghava Reddy?
What's the point of this meeting?
Election was in your favor
even when your father was alive.
Why are you trying
to compromise with him?
This is not about winning or losing,
Sudarshan Reddy.
This is about living.
It's high time they stopped fighting.
- Come on! You can do it!
- Come on!
He's taking initiative.
How can you say that this
meeting will serve no purpose..
..instead of trying to encourage him?
Does Basi Reddy know about this meeting?
Not yet.
If they come to an agreement..
Why should I talk to him, Krishna Reddy?
He stabbed my father!
He threatened to kill my son!
- Bala Reddy..
- Hey!
I'll kill him right now!
I don't care if I go to jail!
I'll come out on bail
when my dad becomes a minister.
- Sailappa!
- Yes, sir.
Give me the sickle!
I'll kill you and go to jail.
And I'll come out on bail
when my aunt becomes a minister.
It's not just your option,
it's mine too.
Let me tell you a story.
A farmer had two acres of land.
But he couldn't afford
to hire farmhands.
So, he went out to the
farm along with his wife.
Their six year old
daughter stays at home..
..and takes care of
her one year old brother.
Maybe it was too sunny
when she took him out to play.
He got fever by evening.
Our villages are always at war
in the name of politics and revenge.
Who runs buses after dark, Bala Reddy?
Hospital is ten miles away.
They walked all the way and
yet doctor said that it was too late.
Mother wailed out loud.
Now, let me reverse the story.
A farmer with two acres of land.
He has no difficulty obtaining
electricity and water.
He went out to the
filed with his farmhands..
..leaving his wife at home.
Mother stayed back home
and looked after their son.
Daughter went to school.
Maybe she played out in the sun.
She got fever by evening.
That village had no political
problems or revenge stories.
So, there were plenty of buses,
Bala Reddy.
They took their daughter
to the hospital.
Doctor administered
saline and sent her home.
Next day she went back to school.
And her mother was happy.
The first story was
written by your father.
And second one is
the one I want to write.
What do we do, Bala Reddy? You tell me.
I agree that my father made a mistake.
It was wrong to chop
off one's head for 5 rupees.
Then what about your father?
He went out and killed two people.
What about that?
I agree that we started it.
But did you try to stop it?
I agree that we killed people,
but did you back off?
You sought out revenge.
Answer me, Raghava Reddy.
Why don't you say something?
I'm sorry.
I'm apologizing in behalf of
my father who is not present here.. your father who didn't come here.
I wish my father had
talked to your father..
..immediately after
he had beheaded that man.
Had he done so, the life of people.. these twenty villages
would've been different.
Let's at least give that
opportunity to our children.
If bringing in peace means
only losing five years of ruling.. MLA post and a minister post
I'm willing to give them up.
I won't stand up in the elections.
You can win.
Why didn't say all this before,
Raghava Reddy?
You came in two vehicles the last time.
Yet, I spoke to you.
Now you came in four vehicles.
That's why I had to thrash
your guys before I could speak.
One doesn't have the
right to request for peace..
..when he doesn't
have the power to fight.
He has my phone number. Send a message.
If your answer is yes,
we'll go and meet your father..
..after you win the elections
and celebrate your success.
And if it's a no,
there's no sparing you.
Hide anywhere from Pulivendula
market to Kadapa Kotireddy Circle..
..from Kurnool Konda Reddy
Fort to Anantapur Clock Tower Centre.
Hide in Bellary mines
or in Belagavi caves.
But I'll hunt you down and kill you!
Krishna Reddy!
In all the years
of my political career..
..I've never seen a factionist
from that area ever say sorry.
First time!
This is first time.
Once in every 30 years
human thinking undergoes changes.
Film industry call that trend,
businessmen call it fashion..
..political leaders call it an
era and common man call it generation.
But in every generation,
you'll find only man..
..who will promote new thinking.
That man is called a torch bearer.
Do you see that man walking away,
Bala Reddy?
That man there is a torch bearer.
He will decide whether you
will grow corn in your fields..
..or manufacture weapons.
Don't take advantage of him
just because he backed off, Bala Reddy.
He's not a milking cow, he's a tiger.
He drinks blood.
It's up to you.
- Hello?
- Raghava!
- Yes, Avi.
- How are you?
I'm fine, why?
- Yes! He's fine, he's fine.
- How is he? Is he okay?
He is perfectly fine.
Nothing happened to him.
- I knew he'd be safe. - I told her
that you were meeting Basi Reddy's son.
She was quite worried.
- Okay. Where are you guys anyway?
- We're in Kommaddi.
Why did you go there?
This is my mother-in-law's village.
Why shouldn't I come?
Avi, this isn't a joke. Now,
listen carefully to what I'm saying.
Go to my home immediately.
I'll be there by tomorrow morning.
My family will be there,
ask them to call me once you reach.
Do you understand?
Avi, don't you.. Did you even..
'These villages are so beautiful.'
'And the people seem so innocent.'
'But all this fighting
has made their lives miserable.'
'That's true, Neelambari. Very sad.'
Start it now. Come on.
Why is she stopping here?
- Come inside.
- Thank you very much.
- Can our car be repaired by tomorrow?
- By the way, do you'll eat meat?
We do, madam.
Please feel free to make
as many dishes as you want to.
Their car broke down.
I thought she could stay
at our home since she's a girl.
Hello, sir.
Who is he?
Doesn't she know his name? That's sad.
You're funny.
She knows his name, alright.
Women here don't mention
their husband's name.
Don't call him Veera or Raghava
or Reddy after you're married.
They consider it disrespectful.
He's my husband, right?
So, I'll call him what I want.
Full control.
What's this? Are you not done yet?
Careful, or you'll choke.
Enough guys, come to eat food.
He was literally shivering.
- How would death sound if it had a voice?
- Shut up.
Will it sound like this?
Or like this?
See Raghava Reddy!
He's such a coward.
He's a wuss.
Don't provoke me.
It won't do you any good to provoke me.
Really? Really? Really?
Subba! Shut up!
- Yes, yes, yes.
- Really?
Yes, yes, yes.
Yes, you bastard.
- Yes, yes.
- No, don't!
What happened?
How come you came at night?
Do you need any money?
I'm drunk, sir.
I can't look into your eyes.
What happened?
Was I not the one who fought
with Obulreddy's men singlehandedly..
..near the Goddess temple?
Who said otherwise?
Subba and others!
They're making fun of me from
the time we came back from town.
- They're calling me a wuss and a coward.
- Why?
- When I hear his voice..
- Whose voice?
They're saying that I wet my pants..
.. when I hear that
Raghava Reddy's voice.
As if they're brave.
It is true that I got scared
and let his future wife go free..
..when I heard his voice.
But what did the other's do?
They just sat in the
car and enjoyed the show.
Are they not cowards themselves?
- Your son..
- Hey!
Your son lied to you about
not meeting Raghava Reddy.
He let that girl's brother go free.
- Is your son Bala Reddy not a coward?
- Hey! Don't talk nonsense, you're drunk!
And today, he went behind your back..
..and joined hands with that fellow.
None of them are brave.
I'm a human too.
I have feelings, I get angry.
I got drunk in the evening..
.. and thrashed Subbadu.
I know he looks up to you.
And you'll kill me if
he complains to you about me.
That's why I came
here to plead for mercy.
Please forgive me, sir.
Forgive me, sir.
I didn't mean to disrespect you, dad.
He said I could stand in the elections.
Party leader said that I could even
become a minister after I win as an MLA.
It wasn't about that too, dad.
Raghava Reddy threatened
to kill you if I didn't agree.
I was scared, dad.
Let him kill! It's okay to die.
- This is how it feels when you're dying.
- Dad!
You won't feel any
pain after a few minutes.
But, Bala Reddy,
the pain of killing you..
..will haunt me for the rest of my life.
I'll feel it till the day I die.
It's better to die, Bala Reddy.
But fear is a bad thing.
Living in fear is even worse.
What a stupid deal that was, Bala Reddy?
You may become a minister
but he'll be treated as God.
You may be enthroned
here but he'll rule as king.
Bala Reddy, I don't like change.
Everything should be old,
remain the same.. it a wife, children or revenge.
Die! Die!
You said that you
were scared of his voice.
Does this give you enough courage?
Bala Reddy!
Madam, don't come here.
Bala Reddy!
- How could you kill your own son,
you murderer? - Madam! Madam!
- God will curse you! You will die too!
- Madam!
Why didn't you kill yourself?
Why did you kill my son?
How could you do this to me?
Leave me!
How many more are you going to kill?
My son! My son!
Oh, God!
He killed my son!
Hello, Avi.
'Raghava Reddy!'
Going to Kommaddi?
I heard you promised
to make my son an MLA?
What's there anyway?
I spread a rumor that you killed my son.
My people are burning down your village.
Kommaddi is going down in flames.
Want to know something?
I killed my own son.
You thought you could
change and bring in peace?
That peace no longer exists.
What will you change now? Go away.
I can change, Basi Reddy.
You know what's strange?
I'm exactly where you
started it all 30 years ago.
Maybe I'll change everything right here.
Is that so? Then stay there.
I'll come and see what
you're going to change.
So, you want to change.
What will you change?
How will you change?
I never knew I could kill
so many until my dad died.
But I did.
I didn't know I had so much
pent-up anger in me till I stabbed you.
But I did stab you.
I had no idea I would give
up killing when my grandma asked.
But I did.
You see that girl beside you?
I never knew you could stop
a war without fighting till she told me.
And I did hold off
fighting all these days.
I don't know how to bring about..
.. the change you're talking about,
Basi Reddy.
But I will bring it. That's for sure.
Kommaddi hospital
is just two miles away.
Two lives are at stake.
Kill us and take them.
Remember him?
You chopped his hand off. He's Subbadu.
That's Marappa, he wets his
pants the moment he hears your voice.
And me, the one you
stabbed once already.
It may take just three minutes.
Come! Come and kill us!
But you won't be returning
back as the old Raghava Reddy.
You'll be Veera Raghava Reddy
who killed Basi Reddy's son..
..and also the one who killed
his father for fighting back.
You'll be the greatest factionist
our village has ever knows.
How will you change that, Reddy?
But on the 13th day
of my funeral services..
..10 year old Subba's son
will come to my home for a meal.
And five years later, he'll make bombs..
.. with the very hands
he ate that meal with.
He'll drop that bomb on your car.
How will you change that?
It's a 5-rupee faction.
I never watered this tree, Reddy.
But I watered it
with blood 30 years ago.
It'll keep drying up.
Someone or the other will
keep dying in every family.
How will you change that?
How will you change that, Reddy?
Come on!
Even the land wants you to fight back.
Pick it up! Pick it up!
Neelu! Neelambari!
This isn't like the last time.
You right next to me this time.
I'm right here.
And yet you're not trying to save me.
I know all about your past.
But the future is in your hands,
Write something new.
What do you want me to write, Avi?
We're in a place where two are dying..
.. and two are standing
right there watching the fun.
What new can I write?
He has already decided what
his 10-year-old son will be doing.
He wants him to make bombs,
go to jail and come out on bail.
What if that bomb explodes
while he's making it?
Disabled Subba will have a disabled son.
What can I write about these people?
Tears flow like rivers here.
Homes here look like deserted islands.
Death and pain reigns over our villages.
They've written down our
fate in blood and sealed it.
What else can I write over it, Avi?
I want flowers to bloom
in this land defiled by blood.
But he wants weapons
to spring out of it.
What is left to write?
I don't even know who this guy is.
Some Marappa.
And he wants me to kill him.
Why should I kill three to save two?
I didn't ask for this.
And yet, I have no choice.
What do I write, Avi?
Hey, Marappa!
What are you looking at?
I killed his father.
And yet he's shedding tears for me.
Our lives will have no meaning
if we stand up against him.
Help them!
Hey, Marappa! You're like my own sons.
How can you stand up against me?
You killed your own
son without any mercy.
We're like your sons.
Why would you care?
Sir, no harm will come to your people.
I give my word.
And I'll give my life to keep my word.
You can ask him if you want.
Hey, Subba!
I've raised you like
my own sons for 30 years.
How can you leave me? How?
Basi Reddy!
You asked me how I can bring a change.
This is how.
This is exactly how.
I'm not Bala Reddy to
fall for your clever words.
I'm not Subba to melt
away if you shed a few tears.
You're looking at Basi Reddy,
I crave for blood.
How will you change me? Tell me. How?
Like this.
This is the only way.
I hoped out of hope that you
would change when I spoke to your son.
You killed that hope.
But it came back when
I saw what Subba did.
I won't let you end that, Basi Reddy.
That's why I'm killing you.
There will be no
peace till you're alive.
There won't be peace even
if people find out that you're dead.
You should live and yet die.
And that's why I won't even
tell anyone that you're dead.
I'm not killing you because
you killed my dad, Basi Reddy.
This is a punishment
for killing your son.
I'm killing you because
I'm afraid you'll kill others too.
I brought someone whose
words you'll believe.
My husband killed my
son and fled from home.
That's my complaint. Register it.
- Let's go.
- Where to?
To file a nomination.
Raghava Reddy,
don't take emotional decisions.
What does she know anyway?
What do we know compared to them, sir?
Look at my grandma.
She saw her own husband and son die.
And yet she only asked God why
he gave so many deaths and so few tears.
But she never wished
for Basi Reddy's death.
My mom. She sat in the
kitchen and cried when dad died.
But she never cried that
other's husbands were still alive.
My aunt.
She criticized that all
women in our home were widows.
But she never asked
us to kill other's husbands.
So is true about her.
Even though she's mourning,
she came here to tell the truth..
..and stop the fighting.
She didn't wonder why she
should care about this village.
What do we know compared to them, sir?
All we can do is boast and take pride.
They are mother's, sir.
Ruling is a very small job for them.
She's the new MLA.
No one from my family, village
or district will stand up against her.
Any objections?
'So, those aren't ghosts
inside that house?'
'Are those the men that
Basi Reddy sent to the school?'
'We left a door that could
easily break to give them hope..'
'..but another indestructible
strong door to create fear in them.'
'We left enough food
in three refrigerators.'
'He even left a clue right in front
of their eyes to help them get out.'
'Today we saw them solving the clue.
That's why we're here.'
What if they do something
when they come out?
People who learn to
survive don't like killing.
Those aren't my words, they're his.
You can come to this
address with your weapons..
..after you regain your stamina.
- Is he Veera Raghava Reddy?
- For sure.
The End