Arbor Demon (2016) Movie Script

You're doing it again.
You're interrupting.
Dana: You woke me up
twice last night.
I don't know how the guys
are gonna put up with
you for three months.
Was I good?
Think you're getting nervous
about going on the road.
Come here.
Dana: You guys are gonna
be great.
Don't worry about it.
I know what I'm getting into,
You're gonna stick with "nails,"
You can't call me something
more traditional,
like "babe" or "sweetheart"
or something?
I don't know.
I'm not traditional.
Neither are you.
Come back to bed if you want
something traditional.
Oh, god, oh!
You call me nails
one more time...
It's an amazing name.
Do you know how awesome it is
to have a nickname like that?
You would like
"dickface," et cetera?
Oh, really?
You don't like "dickface"?
Mm, I like "nails."
I like "dickface."
I'll stop for now.
I'm gonna miss you.
You'd better.
I had that dream
again last night.
Oh! About the woods?
The woods. The far woods.
It was special.
It was peaceful.
We could stay in bed
the weekend instead.
Come on, you love camping.
We can connect to our inner
caveman and cavewoman.
Oh, god. Sorry.
Give me a second.
You ok?
Yeah, I just need
to take a shower.
These are really good.
Dana: Hi, this is Dana Baker
calling to confirm
her appointment for Monday.
Right, I need a ride.
Right, of course.
Um, and if I change my mind...
Uh, yes, I have.
Yes, I do understand.
Ok, yeah.
Ok, thank you.
Who was that?
Oh, I just double-booked
myself for Tuesday.
You overpack?
Whatever it takes.
Happy anniversary.
I thought we said no presents.
Well, I can't take it back.
Is it a compass?
I love it, it's perfect.
You're always such a shit.
Thank you, baby.
We could just pitch
a tent here instead.
Where's the fun in that?
Don't forget anything.
Wait, wait, wait.
You're so weird.
Think you love that camera
more than you love me.
Did you reach out to Jenny?
No, but I will.
Nails, you need
to make more friends.
I don't want you moping
around the house
for six months all alone.
It's sweet that you're worried about me.
I'm fine.
That bad?
You're so fuckin' photogenic.
You know, maybe
when you come back,
we can have a conversation about
having a little rock star.
You could teach him how
to play guitar.
Dana, we're not that couple.
What couple?
Double deep in poop
and preschools.
I don't know, you love
your brother's kids.
Because I'm the cool uncle
and you're the cool aunt.
We're the exciting couple
that travels and has adventures.
Well, having a family
is an adventure.
Dana, we talked about this
when we got married.
You were always the one
that said no kids.
"Nails" suits you.
"Mommy" doesn't.
Sorry, I just...
I don't know why you're
bringing this up now.
Let's just enjoy the time
we have together, ok?
All right.
No stress?
Did you make
the boat reservation?
Hey. You ok?
You got it?
Let's do it.
It's overgrown.
Charles: You ok?
You ok?
Yeah. Just gimme a sec.
We can stop.
You remember the echo?
Man, it's beautiful up here
all alone.
We're not alone.
Dana: What is that,
a four-Wheeler?
I guess.
They got a shitty taste in beer.
Let's head this way.
Come on.
Come on!
The guys... If we went down
to your studio for like an hour,
just got a group shot
in the Van,
we could put it on a t-shirt.
Each venue, I don't know,
the guys are saying we could
make a couple hundred bucks.
Might come in handy.
Dana: Yeah. Yeah,
i could do that. Sure.
Watch out.
I don't know
what is wrong with me.
Never used to stop.
You're getting old.
Charles: Watch the water.
All right?
Dana: Yeah.
You good?
Yeah, I'm good, babe.
I'm good.
Damn it.
Are you sure you don't
want any help?
I got it.
There's instructions.
I am the tent wizard.
It's ready.
Charles: Arrggh!
Charles: Gotcha!
Stop it.
Don't look at me.
I wanna see what I'll be
missing the next few days.
I'll send you pictures.
Dirty ones?
Dana: It's nice we're so
disconnected from cell phones.
Disconnect to reconnect, right?
I guess.
It's a great name
for an album cover.
I love this.
I think you need it
more than I do, though.
I have a great sense
of direction.
Yeah, sure you do.
Maybe we'll get lost together.
Ah, you're safe with me.
Unless a snake slithers into the tent.
Then you're on your own.
What about a bear?
I can handle a bear.
Or you could beat up
a little bear.
That's true. I could.
You know, nothing's
getting into this tent.
Unless it's my snake
ready for round two.
You dork!
Oh, god, stop, go to sleep!
I don't feel well, babe.
Sweet dreams.
I love you.
Good night.
Good night.
Love you.
Hey, Charles.
What is that?
It's your thumb.
It's not my thumb,
I'm a professional.
Charles: Go to sleep.
One minute!
The neighbors were
horrible last night.
I guess I didn't hear 'em.
Too many years next to
a bass and drum man.
Never understood why people
shoot guns into the air.
It's like, "look at me,
I'm so masculine."
Come on, let's go deeper in.
Wanna go deeper in?
Wait up!
It's peaceful up here.
May just come out here
on my own.
That's why I keep telling
you to make friends.
No, thank you.
I thought you liked
You packed 'em.
You know what this
reminds me of?
Our first night out here.
When I convinced you
to marry me?
Oh, smoke.
You know, you could stay
if you wanted.
John would take you back.
You're a great paramedic.
Look, I'm not changing
my mind, ok?
Something I've always wanted
to do, just go on tour.
You're not taking that
away from me.
I get it, you're right.
I'm sorry I brought it up.
Charles: Do you have to be
such a fucking buzz kill?
Dana: Hello?
What the hell is that?
Charles, don't.
Just leave it alone.
Charles: Probably locals.
They have a campfire
about 200 yards away.
How many of them?
Ten or so.
They like their gunfire
and booze.
Hey, great combination.
I'm gonna kill 'em!
They're crazy.
Charles, you brought a gun?
I'm not gonna let 'em go
all crazy redneck on our ass.
- Dana: Charles, are you crazy?
- Charles: Goddamn it!
What is that?
What is that?
What is that?
I don't know.
Dana: Oh, shit! What the fuck!
Charles: Shh!
Help me!
Help me!
Charles, what are you doing?
We can't just leave him
out there.
Yes, we can!
He's close.
Are you crazy?
I'm gonna go with you.
No, I'll be right back.
Charles, you're crazy.
Stop fucking with me!
Oh, shit.
Dana: Charles?
Dana: Shh!
You're gonna be ok. Shh!
Keep him still.
It's ok, it's ok.
Hold him down!
I'm trying!
I can't stop the bleeding.
Whatever it takes, ok?
Uggh! Fuck! Fuck!
That hurt.
Hold him right here.
I mean...
You think it could be
like a black bear?
They're normally not
that aggressive.
I just... I wonder.
I don't know.
That's tight enough.
What the...?
What is it?
Is it a claw?
Looks like a fingernail.
We just need to get out of here.
We can't save him.
Ok? Look at him.
He's getting worse, but we do
need to get him out of here.
We need to get us out of here.
One of those four-wheelers
might be our only way.
Good, let's...
Go get on one now.
The trick is not injuring him
more on the way back down.
Look, look, maybe we can
just go and get help back.
The ranger station's not far.
Ok. It's ok.
That thing is gone.
Don't even start.
I don't need to be right, ok?
I just...
I think we need
to get out of here.
- Dana: Charles. Look.
- Charles: What?
- You have an open fracture.
Movement of the broken bone
will increase pain.
Listen to me, you've lost
a lot of blood.
Dana, whispering:
Please! Please be quiet.
Hey! Sorry. Listen to me.
I know you're in pain
but you really need
to be quiet for me.
- Relax, we're gonna help you.
- Man: We gotta get out of here.
I know.
Charles: What's your name?
Sean. Sean Ramsey.
Charles: My name is Charles,
and this is my wife, Dana.
I need you to take these.
They're gonna help
with the pain.
It's the strongest thing I got.
Dana: I'd take 'em
if I were you.
You're lucky he's a paramedic.
Now, tell us what happened.
What attacked you?
We can't be here.
Charles: Just...
Tell us what happened.
A week or so ago...
My brother and some them boys
were coming up...
They come up here, just hunting.
I was supposed to be
with 'em, but I wasn't.
After about a week,
we started thinking
maybe they...
Stayed to hunt
for another few days.
Then a week turned into two...
We started worrying about 'em.
Then, uh...
Then they found my boy Kevin...
He was stumbling down
the middle of the street.
He'd been attacked...
Something attacked him.
He couldn't talk,
he was so scared.
Then what happened?
What about your brother?
He never came back.
Kevin said he got attacked
by whatever it was.
The folks around town...
Started saying that
it was Kevin.
I knew better.
We came up here and we thought
we'd get retribution.
Get some payback on whatever
the hell it was
that did that to him.
It was a stupid idea.
Sounded more like a party.
We were blowing off some steam.
What happened to your brother?
Oh, can I get some more
of that water?
What was that?
Did you hear something?
I heard something.
Is it out there?
Charles: We can wait till
morning, get him out of here.
Dana: I think we should make
a run for it now.
That's it, that's your plan?
You got a better one?
Yeah, go ahead and shoot me now!
It's the best plan I got.
Just stop humming, ok?
Been doing it since I was
a little kid.
I might as well die
with a sweet tune in my mind.
You're not gonna die.
Brother hated it, too.
Don't move.
It's a bear.
Just kill us, already.
Shut up!
Sean: Know how to use that?
You're better off letting me.
I know how to use a firearm.
Dana: Did you hit it?
I don't know.
Might as well save your bullets.
Baby, turn the light off!
Oh, my god!
Big bad wolf.
Did you see that?
It saved us.
Sean: No...
It's just more patient
than a bear.
You oughta save some
of them for better use.
What do you mean, better use?
Turn the light off.
Sean: I mean...
Save one bullet for each of us.
In case we don't make it
till the morning.
You think we'll be safer
when we get to daylight?
It's just easier to run from it
when you can see it
comin' at ya.
Whatever it takes,
we'll beat it.
Whatever it takes.
Whatever it takes.
I'm sorry.
But you don't have
what it takes.
Nobody does.
What are you smiling about?
Think that thing wants
to finish you off.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Could have ripped this tent
to shreds and it didn't.
Maybe it's scared.
Sean: It's just messing with us.
Like a cat.
A cat messing with a little bug.
Can you please just stop?
He's just waiting to see
what our next move is.
Are we gonna do next?
We're gonna just
wait till the morning.
Get one of those
four-wheelers out there.
God, good luck with that.
Are any drivable?
- Charles, scoffing: Maybe?
- I don't know.
Do you think one of them
can still drive?
Four-Wheeler can only carry
two people.
So, what's your plan? Huh?
You gonna take off
and leave me here, huh?
I can do it.
You're gonna run halfway
to those four-wheelers,
and that thing
is gonna tear you in half.
Hey. Do you have
any more of those pills?
Charles: We need to save some.
Sean: Can I bum a smoke?
A cigarette?
They calm my nerves.
We don't smoke.
Do you guys have anything
to eat?
Chocolate or strawberry?
Oh, oh.
I'll take chocolate.
Oh, no, no, wait, wait.
Ha ha!
What are you guys,
like health nuts or something?
Yeah, something like that.
Sean: Healthy.
So, what brings you
up to the woods?
We might as well get
to know each other.
It's our anniversary.
No shit, huh?
Come out to the wilds
to get wild.
Answering the call of nature.
Jesus Christ.
God, you're a charmer.
Sex is natural.
Actually, this is...
Where I proposed to Dana.
No kidding?
Not a lot of romantic guys
walking around these days.
You know.
Never a dull moment
with this guy.
Me and my wife...
My ex-wife...
We never did anything romantic.
You got yourself one hell
of a decent guy there.
I know.
You ok?
You can sleep.
You take it.
Dana: Just relax.
It will soon be morning.
I'm sorry.
"Nails," huh?
It's a stupid nickname.
Tough as...
Oh. Tough as nails.
I suppose I owe you
a thank-you.
You shouldn't thank me,
you should thank my husband.
I was fine leaving a man behind.
Sean: Yeah,
he could have left me
out there to die, but he didn't.
He tries to do the right thing.
You, not so much.
He complained about
my singing, but...
I'm guessing you think
it's adorable.
How long have you two
been married?
Two years.
That's not very long.
No. We've been through
a lot, though.
That's about how long
my wife and I made it.
Look here. See that?
Right there,
she got a matching one.
Think hers might have been
a little deeper.
Marriage is complicated.
Mine was kind of simple, really.
She left me and took
my daughter with her.
Should have seen that coming.
You remind me of her.
Your wife?
My ex.
You're very pretty.
You have the same...
Blue eyes.
Wanna see a picture of her?
I got one in my wallet.
Help me out. It's...
My arm isn't working
all that good, really.
Could you just give me a hand?
Take a look at her.
I won't bite.
She's pretty.
You must still like her if you're
carrying around her picture,
wearing the ring.
Well, you know...
How old's your kid?
You ever see her?
They need a dad, right?
I mean...
They're supposed
to have a daddy.
Even if it's
a shitty one, you know?
Do you have any kids?
No. What are you doing?
Can't blame a guy
for trying, right?
Yes, you can.
Man: Help me!
Charles: One of your buddies.
Describe him to me.
Charles: Dressed like you.
He has a beard.
Oh, that's Howard.
- Howard: Help me!
- Charles: We have to get him.
Please wait!
Howard, we're coming for you!
Howard: Help!
Is it setting a trap?
Howard, hang on, buddy!
Howard was pretty high
all the time
so he probably didn't feel much.
Sounds like he felt everything.
Yeah, meth makes you fearless.
What do you know about it?
Tell me what you know about it.
I know you know something.
Why hasn't it attacked us?
Is it afraid of something?
Why is it waiting?
What the hell is it?
I guess you could say
I've heard about it.
My whole life growing up,
I heard tales
about what happened out here.
People not coming back.
My friends all thought
they were bullshit stories
just to keep us fools
from wandering off, but...
I had a crazy grandma, Millie.
Millie ray.
She used to tell
some crazy stories.
All kinds of crazy stories.
She said she knew the truth.
The truth about what happened
out here hundreds of years ago.
Before everything went white.
I believed her.
I mean, I was a kid.
I believed anything, but...
She told me a story
about a gullah woman.
These warriors went and captured
a teenage girl
from a rival village.
Course, she had to be beautiful.
But the young thing,
before she knew it,
was tied up to a...
Wooden frame stuck
in a bear den.
See, there was a drought.
The sacrifice was to cause
as much blood as possible
to rain down upon the earth
and fertilize it.
But this girl was pregnant.
She survived long enough
to deliver the baby.
But she didn't last very long
in that bear den.
And a few years later,
some women from that tribe,
some pregnant women...
Legend has it that anyone
who goes out there
and tries to find them
doesn't come back.
Grandma Millie says her spirit
still lives out here
and it still happens
to this day.
I know it sounds pretty crazy.
I mean, grandma Millie
was pretty nuts.
She convinced the taxidermist
to stuff grandpa.
Now, he sits
in the la-z-boy chair
watching reruns of jeopardy!
With her all the time.
I don't know.
So here we are.
Here we are.
Can you... Scratch my back?
I got an itch in my back.
Can you scratch it?
I can't reach it.
Right in the middle.
No, come up, get closer.
Yeah, there you go.
Not so hard. Yeah.
The book is not mine.
It's not your book.
And I suppose
those horse pills aren't...
mind your own business, ok?
So, does he...
Stop hitting on my wife.
Thank you.
It's all good.
We were just talking.
Just having a little
conversation about life.
Oh, nails, you're gonna
make a great...
oh, wife.
You're a lucky man, Charles,
to have such an honest,
compassionate woman.
Much better than mine.
Very rare.
- No one's trying to be a hero!
- Dana: Are you insane?
No. I'm just gettin'
out of here.
You son of a bitch,
we saved your life.
No, he saved my life, remember?
Come on.
What do you mean?
You think the tent is
some magical safe zone?
No. You're my ticket
out of here.
That thing's not attacking
us because it knows...
What are you talking about?
It's not the tent, you idiot.
The thing knows you're pregnant.
She's not fuckin' pregnant!
Are you?
Charles: Are you?
I'm sorry, baby,
i was gonna tell you.
I knew you didn't want it and...
Ok, good.
Now that everything's
out in the open...
You asshole.
We'll send somebody
back for him,
but right now, you're my
ticket to ride, mama.
Ok, look, I'll come with you,
but Charles has to come.
He can fit on the back.
He's only gonna slow us down.
Please! There's
safety in numbers.
Do you want me
to shoot him right now?
Good choice.
Get going.
Sean: Ow!
Dana: What do you
wanna do?
Dana: What do you
want to do?
We're gonna tie him up.
We're gonna use him as bait.
I'd be quiet if I were you.
You don't have
to do this, you know.
You left me no choice.
You always have a choice.
Why didn't you tell me?
We're not those people, right?
You made it very clear.
Just wasn't in the cards for us.
We're the cool ones, right?
So, you were just never
going to say anything?
I didn't know, Charles.
You know, I'm having it.
We can get out of here.
If you can just get to it.
And him?
That thing will have something
to chew on while you run for it.
Oh, shit, Charles.
Good, now I don't
have to feel bad.
You think he got...
no, we would have heard it.
He's on his own. Let him
protect himself out there.
You think he's gonna
come back for us?
He won't last long
in his condition.
Neither will I.
Oh, shit.
I'm gonna do it.
I can't let you do this.
I have to try.
We're no good to him.
That thing's staying
away from us.
We gotta try, baby.
I won't let you do this.
Baby, we have no choice.
Come on!
Come on.
Sean may still be out there.
Get to the four-Wheeler.
Come on!
Goddamn it!
Dana! Run!
Oh, my god.
What the fuck.
Dana, gasping: Oh, god!
I think something happened
when it touched me.
Are you ok?
No, I'm not ok!
We need to get out of here.
Yeah, we will...
Can we get out?
I don't know.
It was stuck in the dirt.
I think we need
two people to move it.
My leg and...
You mean our baby.
Your hand.
Oh, my god.
Oh, baby.
What's happening to me?
Oh, god! Fuck!
I'm so sorry.
I could be a good dad.
I could.
I'd figure out the whole
dad thing, you know?
Charles, please.
We're gonna get out of here.
Sean: Peekaboo.
Sorry. I hate to interrupt
a touching family moment.
But I need my ticket
out of here.
What the fuck?
Hey! Easy there, daddy.
We just wanna get out
of here alive, ok?
Come on, let's go
before it's too late.
Too late for what?
I think you know what, honey.
So let's go!
It wasn't a search party
for your brother,
that was for your wife.
One of those things
was wearing that ring.
Ah, so you met my old lady, huh?
What the fuck are you
talking about?
I bet she looked pretty pissed,
What happened to her?
She started hearing voices.
In her head.
Crazy voices.
Something calling her
out to the woods.
I called bullshit on it.
I told her to take care of it.
Take care of what?
The baby.
Jesus, wake the fuck up!
Go ahead, tell Charles.
You hearing the voices yet?
Yeah. You didn't pick
this spot,
your little romantic
honeymoon rendezvous.
This spot picked you.
I don't understand.
Grandma Millie wasn't full
of shit after all, huh?
Charles: Dana!
Enough of this bullshit,
let's go.
Hey! Hey, you!
I was thinking about killing you
and throwing your body outside
to use as a decoy,
but then I realized,
all this time
you've been thinking
it's you two against me.
Well, it's really you and me
against them.
All them bitches out there,
they don't like me very much.
You know what to do with that.
Now, mama, you're gonna
escort me out of here.
Now, let's go.
Do it.
Sean: That's right, good girl.
When this whole night is over,
I'm gonna let you go,
and we're just gonna pretend
this whole day never happened.
No, no. No!
No, you can take both of us.
All three can fit
on the four-Wheeler.
Just go with him. Save yourself.
Get up now or I'll shoot you
both, starting with him.
Good girl. There you go.
What are we doing?
We're gonna go reclaim
what's mine.
Sean: Help!
Oh, my god!
Looks like they want you
to finish me.
I guess I'm your initiation.
Come on, nails.
Don't call me nails.
Come on!
Come on, nails!
Don't call me that.
Let's show 'em some action.
Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she?
Where is she?
Clara, it's daddy.
Hi, sweetie.
Hi, baby. Hi, baby.
Hi, baby.
I love you.