Arcadian (2024) Movie Script

-Yeah, it's okay.
It's okay.
No, it's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
-Over the line!
You're late!
-I'm sorry!
I'm sorry I lost track of time.
-All right.
Come on.
-You all right, big boy?
I left one for you.
-Second floor.
Are we safe?
-Are we secure?
-That was a good one.
-Yeah, after you.
Thank you for this food
we were about to receive
to nourish
and strengthen our bodies.
Thank you
for this beautiful day.
-It's ready.
-Thank you for bringing
us together as a family.
-If you're late again,
you can't go
past the boundaries.
-I was helping Mr. Rose.
-I know what you were doing.
Do you understand?
-All right.
-Why'd you do it?
-That's not helping.
-Yeah. Shut up.
-That's not helping either.
-Hey, Tom, what's so special
about the Rose farm?
-You're not there.
Hey! Hey! Stop!
Stop it, stop it!
What are you -- animals?
You want to be animals?
Are we not men?
-Are we not men?
-Are we not men?
-Joseph's playing chess
against himself.
-This is
Tal versus Koblents, 1961.
-And, um...
Why are you doing that?
-Because it's interesting
to me.
-All right, who's who?
Tal's white.
But that's a bishop.
I'm missing a few pieces.
-It's a gutsy move.
I like it.
-You want to play?
- Yeah.
-All right.
- Thomas.
-We'll double check the door
in the morning.
-Yeah, a lot of good those do.
-Where were you when
Dad and I ran down to the door?
-You could have walked down
to the door.
The door was solid.
Dad locked it, I checked it.
-Yeah, but we have
to stay vigilant.
-When you were running down
the stairs,
did you happen to notice how
many times they shook the door?
And for how long?
-Well, I listened
and I counted.
There were three.
The first was 10 seconds,
the second attempt was 20,
and the last one was one.
-Well, so the first was a test,
and the second I think was
an actual attempt
to break through the door.
-The third?
All right, both of you,
grab hold
of some of those roots.
Get on either side of it.
And on the count of three,
pull as hard as you can.
Okay? One. Two. Three.
There it is!
-Well, is it, uh --
Is it okay if I go now?
-Yeah, um, cut up the bush
and stack the wood by the house.
-Then can I go?
Why do you always let him
do what he wants?
-You can't stop the grass
from growing.
-Actually, you can.
-You want to show me
what you've been working on?
-Uh, no, it's --
it's nothing.
-Oh, come on, you don't
wanna show your old dad
what you've been up to?
-Ah, well,
I can't get it to start.
But once it starts working,
I think it'll be a big help
with work around here.
-Is that why you built this?
I don't know.
I don't want to hide
from them anymore.
I don't want to be scared.
-"There are those who believe
they came after
the pollution people caused,
and they're here to cleanse
the planet of the virus,
of the human race.
So we'll all become extinct."
I believe the earth
is past the worst.
I think the air and the water
are getting cleaner,
and I think there are
more people than we know about.
And some of those people,
might as well just
call them heroes,
will come over the hills
and save us.
That's what I believe.
-What happened?
What'd you do?
-I just swapped the relays.
-Oh, I'm an idiot.
-I think you're probably
a genius.
Slow -- Slow down
when you get towards the hill.
Yeah -- Okay.
Stop, stop, stop.
Left pedal.
Hit the brake. Okay.
Let's try again.
-I don't feel safe.
-That's not helping.
Okay, there's two pedals.
All right, left pedal
is the brake,
right pedal is the gas.
You use your right foot
for both.
So take your right foot off
the brake and put it on the gas.
Just press down very gently.
Good. Little more.
Little more gas. You got it.
A little more gas.
Press down evenly.
Press a little more.
Give it more, more, more.
Good. Good.
-You know, I take it back.
I feel safe.
-Please -- Oh, my --
-Don't -- Don't --
Just don't listen to him,
pay attention
to what you're doing.
Let's turn around up there
by that hill.
-A little more gas.
You got it.
Okay. Okay.
A little less gas.
Up here, coming up on
the hill,
A little less gas on the hill.
Take your foot off
the gas a little bit.
Okay, good. Okay. All right.
-You all right?
One more time.
-Okay. Let's go.
A little more --
Okay, you're rolling back.
Hit the gas.
Hit the gas.
-I'm heading out.
-Yeah, uh,
Thomas, I need you
to go down to the river
with your brother and salvage.
-What? But you said
that if I--
-Right, right, right,
but the window covers
need to be reinforced, so.
You can go to
the Rose farm tomorrow.
- Love it.
-I'll have your dinner
-It's your fault I'm here,
you know?
-My fault, how?
How do you figure that?
-Well, if you hadn't nearly
crashed this thing,
Dad would let you
go on your own.
And I wouldn't be stuck
taking care of you.
-So you're taking care of me?
-That's right.
-You know, you --
you can go wherever you want.
I don't need your help.
-You know what, stop right here.
You're right.
You don't need me.
Hey, I'll meet you right here
before the sun sets
behind that hill that way
we can go back together.
-Back for more, huh?
-I still got
some more work to do.
-All right. Love to hear it.
Let's go.
Come on.
-My legs are tired.
Ran all the way here.
-Hi, Thomas.
We were wondering if we
were gonna see you today.
-I had some work to do with
my father and brother
this morning, but --
but I wanted to come back
and finish up from yesterday.
-Well, we appreciate it.
-At least have a drink of water
before you start up again.
-It's broken.
-You scared me.
So what are you doing here?
-Uh, well, I didn't finish
fixing the lambing stalls
from yesterday.
-It's fixed.
Pops did it.
-Oh, okay.
-It was good to see you.
It's good to see you, too.
-My dad wants your help
with something else, though.
-My dad wants your help
with something else.
Follow me.
Oh, sh--
-Didn't you say your dad
needed my help?
-With what?
I'm confused.
When I was little,
this was the furthest
my parents would let me go.
They said as long as I was
touching the tree, I'd be okay.
-No, think about it. You got
so much space to walk around.
-I mean, I was eight, so.
-Look at this!
This is really smart
for an eight year old.
Really smart
for an eight year old.
I wish I had come up with this.
-Do you want to play
crappy apocalypse?
What's that?
So you have to explain
what happened
at the end of the world
in 10 seconds.
-10 seconds?
-For the entire
end of the world?
-You go first.
-Okay, fine.
-I'm really good at it, so.
-Let's see. Ready?
-Yeah, count me in.
Two. One.
-So there was this bug...
-10, 9...
-...and it got this infection
and it bit tons of people
and they all got
the infection too.
-And then they died
and the machines took over
and they took advantage...
-...and the only people
that were left...
-...were us.
-That's pretty good.
You were ready.
You had that ready to go.
-No, I didn't.
Okay. Your turn.
-I need to warm up.
-I need to warm up.
-Hold on, hold on.
-Hold on, hold on.
-1, tag.
-Once upon a time,
all the humans
were living happy
in their houses.
And in the distance,
this purple haze shows up.
And it covers the entire sky.
They all breathe it in...
-...and they turn into wolves
and run...
-...into the forest and we
haven't seen them since.
-You're done.
-I still have a little bit
more to go.
For all you know,
it could be real.
-It could be.
-You could have
a long lost wolf brother.
-Maybe you cracked it.
Maybe that's what happened.
It's getting late.
I should go.
-I'll come back soon, though.
I-If that's okay with you.
-Yeah, that's fine with me.
-Uh, do you have 10
more seconds to spare?
-10 seconds?
-Yeah, sure.
-Where's your brother?
-He's not here?
-No. Where is he?
-I don't know,
he, um --
He said he was gonna
go to the Rose farm
and said he'd meet him
before sunset.
He wasn't there.
You'll lock down the house
on your own tonight.
I'll be back with your brother
in the morning.
-No, I'll come with you.
-I need you
to secure the house.
You know what to do.
-I'm sorry, Dad.
-This isn't your fault.
This is my fault.
Keep watch this lock.
It's okay.
Oh. Ah.
Thomas, are you down there?
-How'd you get down there?
-I-I-I fell.
-I'll find a way in.
Are you hurt?
-I slipped when I was running,
I hit my head, um...
-You probably have a concussion.
Looks like we'll be staying
right here until dawn.
All right, let's try
and close up this entrance.
- Oh, I got you.
-What -- What are they doing?
Dad. Dad.
-When I say go,
pull that rock.
-What's going on?
-They're coming out
from underneath us!
-We gotta get out of here.
Dad, they trapped us in.
-Get back against the wall!
-What are you doing?!
-Stay back! Go back! Go back!
-What happened?
-I slipped on a rock
when I was running home
and I fell into a cave!
I got out and hid,
but those things found me.
-How'd he get like this?
-He blew up his arm
in the middle of --
in the middle of 'em.
And he's been unconscious since?
-Hold his head up for me.
Put his arms up. Careful.
-Yep. Give me one sec.
-Yeah, I got him.
-Why don't you focus on driving?
-Do you, um --
Do you think he'll be okay
if he gets some rest?
I just...
What should we do?
-I don't know.
-Don't touch that.
-What is it?
I caught one of them
last night.
-You're not serious.
-Set a trap
using myself as bait.
-You're crazy.
-It worked.
Thomas, don't.
Stop. The light hurts it.
-What is it? Your pet.
-It was eight minutes
last night.
That's the least amount of time
they've ever spent
trying to get in.
And there were only two of them.
We captured one.
We have one in here.
I don't know.
Something's not right.
-Maybe they're scared.
-They're smart.
-Dad and I killed a bunch
of them last night,
and Mr. and Mrs. Rose
said they hardly ever go
to the Rose farm.
-You killed them, not Dad?
-Yeah. I did.
I killed a bunch of them.
-I could kill the one in there
right now.
-You ready?
-Go ahead.
- No. Are you crazy?
I'm not opening that.
-Come on. Do it.
-Just -- Just do it.
-No! No!
-Just do it!
-Just a sec. Shh.
-Where are you going?
Where are you going?
-Rocco! No! Rocco! No!
-I got it.
-Hey. You alright?
-I was gonna study.
I was gonna learn from it.
-Think we can eat it?
-No. Get down. Down. Down.
-We need to take Dad
to the Rose farm.
They have better medicine,
better care.
-It's a waste of time.
They're not gonna help us.
-Well, how do you know that?
-Because I wouldn't help us.
-We're taking Dad
to the Rose farm. Now.
-Scooch him in more.
-Push him towards you.
-Ah. Okay.
-What happened?
-I got caught out after dark,
and my dad had to come get me.
I slipped and fell
when I was running home.
We need help.
If you have any medicine
or if --
If we could just stay here.
At least until he gets better?
-I'm sorry, boys.
We don't have any medicine
to spare, and --
We can't take in anyone
injured so badly.
-Your father's strong.
He'll pull through.
-We have room.
Thomas can stay.
That'll leave more supplies back
at your farm for your father.
-Where are you going?
-You can stay.
That's what you want, yeah?
-Of course it is.
I mean, look at this place.
Who wouldn't want to stay here?
-What do you want from me?
-I don't want anything from you.
You don't take responsibility,
and you do what you want
and you don't care what happens.
-That's not true.
-Of course it is!
Dad would never say it.
But look at him!
He's gonna die!
-Shut up!
That's not --
-You're okay, son.
-I'm sorry
it has to be this way.
-I understand.
show Thomas to his quarters.
Give him something to eat.
I'm not sure how
I feel about that.
-It's the best thing
for everyone.
-Nothing's the best thing
for everyone.
Someone always suffers.
-I think you should eat.
You need to keep
your strength up.
-It's a rocking horse.
It's a toy.
-Glad you told me
because, um...
...where I come from, all we
have are stones and sticks
and bugs to play with.
-Okay. I'm sorry if I act like
you don't know things.
It's a...
-Nervous habit.
-Why would I be nervous?
I don't know.
-You're the one
that seems nervous.
-It's, um, a trick
that Joseph taught me.
Read it in a book.
-Are you sure
you're not nervous?
-Yeah. Yeah. It's just, um...
Being with you is the only thing
that makes me happy.
-Charlotte, did you manage --
-I-I was just showing --
I know what you were doing.
Get over here right now.
-I will not ask you again.
-What's going on?
-I can't stay.
-Well, you can't go now.
It's too late.
My -- My dad didn't mean it.
-Do you have medicine?
Charlotte, listen to me.
My dad will die.
I'll come back.
Hold on a second there.
Don't do it.
You're stealing.
-No. No.
-Then why you runnin'?
-Cause I don't have much time.
Look. I-I didn't steal, okay?
I -- Charlotte gave it to me.
Y-You can ask her.
Come on.
-See what they try
and replace me with?
A liar and a thief.
You know we used to have
things called laws?
You know?
This was before your time.
And if you broke the law,
you'd be punished.
Just like how I'm gonna
punish you right now.
Grab his legs...
-I'm telling you!
I didn't steal!
-You're not gonna be
so fast now.
-Take a nice deep breath.
-No! No!
-That's it.
-No! Please! No!
-Don't sweat it, kid.
-God, please! Please, God!
-It's just life.
-Please! Charlotte!
-What is it?
-I'm not sure.
I'd better go and take a look.
- No!
-Please let me up.
Please untie me. Please!
Wait! Untie me!
-Come on.
-Hang on.
-No. No. They're gone.
They're gone.
We need to go now.
-Joseph. Joseph. It's me.
-Get on that side.
How the hell
did you get up here?
-What happened?
-We ran here.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine.
-Hey. Um...
I, uh...
...brought these for Dad.
-Did, uh, anyone else make it?
What I did, um...
I, uh...
-I can't, um...
I can't do this alone.
I can't.
-Dad? Dad!
-Dad, they've, um...
They've dug under the house.
They're gonna come up
through the floors.
What do we do?
- Fight.
-Hey! Wait! Where are you going?
-Were they in here?
-Uh, no. This was me.
-Get that wheelbarrow
from the back there.
Hey. Take this, please.
-Rocco. Come here.
Come here, boy.
Stay here, okay? Be good.
Stay. It's too dangerous.
Okay? Be good, okay?
Stay, stay, stay.
Stay here.
Uh, okay. We need to
move this inside.
-You need to trust me. Okay?
Now. Please. Please.
Yeah. Okay. Ready?
Got it? Up!
-Okay. Okay.
-Uh, I need more time.
-How much time do you need?
We can help.
-Uh, I need 10 minutes.
-Yeah. Okay.
-What is it?
-He'll break in any second!
-That's fine.
We want them in the house.
-He has a plan.
-Alright, Tom, help me.
-Is it a good plan?
Put it down.
-Dad, I set a trap.
There's no time.
-Go! Dad! Hey.
-Joseph, we gotta go.
Joe. We gotta go.
-It's okay. It's okay.
-Now! We have to go!
Pull it.
-Unh! Hold on! No!
-Dad! Dad!
-Tom, just -- Tom, over here.
-Get back, Joe!
Get to the truck!
Right. Right.
-How do I start it?!
-You turn the key
when I tell you.
Wait, wait, wait. Go.
Turn it, turn it, turn it.
-We've got one left.
-Are you okay?
-Look at that.
-We'll rebuild it.
-I don't want to rebuild it.
I want to build something now.
-You taught me so much.
Everything I know.
He gave his life
in a world of death.
Love in a world of violence.
A future in a world without one.
We'll carry you with us
wherever we go.
-You, uh --
You handled it pretty well.
So...where are we going?
-Well, there's six farms
in the valley.
That's 23 people, including us.
-What if they got to them?
-Let's just hope someone
made it through the night.
We did.
- "We."
- Yeah, "we."
I shot, like, a hundred
of those things.
You just blew up your house.
Anyone can blow up their house.
She's cool.
-Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
Okay. Try it now.